How tall is Leslie Easterbrook

Leslie Easterbrook's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American Actress best known for her role as Lt. Debbie Callahan in the Police Academy films. She has also had memorable parts in The Devil's Rejects and 1980's TV series Laverne & Shirley (as Rhonda). In this photo Leslie had about 1.5-1.75 inches more footwear than me.

How tall is Leslie Easterbrook
Marion Ramsey, 5ft 8 Rob and Leslie @ Memorabilia Birmingham (25 Mar 2006)
I didn't have a waistline till I was 25. And this chest . . . it was embarrassing when I was a kid. But then, I was fat all over. I'm almost 5-foot-9, real big bones, broad shoulders. And I have a big voice that really carries. I mean, I'd walk into a room and people would leave. - LA Times, 1989

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Average Guess (12 Votes)
5ft 8.31in (173.5cm)
mnecro said on 13/Apr/22
Looks 5'9" with the footwear advantage, so around 5'7.5" barefoot.
berta said on 27/Feb/21
rob maybe she is a little underlisted? i think closer to 174 at peak
Editor Rob
they definitely enhanced her height in this scene with Brian Tochi, you'd think if he was 5ft 5-6 range she could be nearer 6ft there, 5ft 8.5 peak is quite possible
JohnMoore-162cm said on 23/Apr/20
5ft8 1/4"
Sandy A Cowell said on 10/Apr/20
Ooh nice! A girl with an Easter-based name! Well, Easter is upon us once again, so Happy Easter to you all!

Leslie can have 5ft8.5 and an Easter egg! 🐣
BenB said on 27/Jun/19
With 6'2.5 Brendan Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/19
Yeah maybe 174cm peak, could pass for 5ft9
Peter 180cm said on 4/Jan/19
Is there a chance she might be nearer 174cm,Rob?Hence her 'almost 5'9' claim?
Editor Rob
It is possible she could have been 174cm in her youth.
Nik said on 13/Jun/18
R-A-N-D-O-M C-E-L-E-B! 5'8"!
Paul Wood said on 30/Mar/18
Are 5ft 8in ladies more likely to go into showbusiness? It is quite common to see 5ft 8in women on the pages of this site but that height is the 93rd percentile for women according to the CDC height percentile calculator for 20 year old women, so in older generations it would be at an even higher percentile. I can't really understand the mismatch between the relative rarity of that height according to the percentile calculators and the higher frequency with which it appears on this site.
Nik said on 30/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell

No it's just a very funny coincidence, if all the other books were displayed in exactly the same way then there is no reason why this book should have been displayed any differently! I wonder if the member of staff who postitioned it actually noticed this?
What sorts iof pranks have you got up to in shops? As long as the cops don't take you away (and you would never do anything to make this happen) then people should see the funny side of it.
I like to go in the WH Smith's in Pontefract when I get the chance, I have still a bit of money left on my gift voucher!
Interesting question Sandy, do you what Pontefract is in Latin?

Nik said on 30/Jun/17
she's Just popped up as a random celeb! - another coincidence!

She can have 5'8" from me, I am also toying whether to give her 5'8.25"!

In fact I will give her 5'8.25", a nice little bonus!

Nik said on 29/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I will reply to this message tomorrow when I have digested what you have said! It's bed time for me now! - 22:42 pm !
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/17
@ Nik - How about this piece of Leslie-based info?
I am in WH Smith's right now looking around. I have just seen the word 'Lesley' on a book and directly underneath is printed in capitals 'ARSΒ£'! I have walked over to look at the book, a paperback called 'Dead to Me'; charming title - the type that would put me right off buying it! It has a brown-haired woman in a jade green outfit on the front and when you pick up said book, you find the author's real name is 'Lesley Pearse', but the book is positioned in such a way that the plastic stand which keeps it upright and numbers it too, cuts the 'P' and the 'e' off, replacing them with the number 26!
I thought someone had done it as a wind-up, but it simply wouldn't be possible to place this book up like all the others are displayed without it looking the eye-catching way it does! It gave me a grin, and all the customers have had to walk round me while I've
been writing this! 😝 Just as well, then, that it's not too busy!
Now that's what I call a fairly weird coincidence; I pick up on funny names and I'm exactly the sort of person who wouldn't think twice about creating sights in shops I visit to create a giggle!* It really looks like someone's been having all the customers on, but not so - smashin'!

* Yes, I've done some very entertaining and prank-style things in shops before, all in the name of humour, but they're all well within the law, I might add!
Nik said on 25/Jun/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I noticed that Leslie Easterbrook and Leslie Ash have their Christian name spelt the more typically masculine way, I normally associate the female version of this name to be spelt "Lesley". However as I know now this is not always the case!

We had some good chats on this page over the Easter period!

It's also lighter now for longer at night too. The weather has been more "Eastery" in the last day or 2 up in Yorkshire after very warm weather lately!

Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/17
@ Nik - Everything in moderation is the order of the day!
Blimey! Over two months have gone by since we were chatting on this page! We've gone from Easter, a Spring festival, to midsummer! Now our days are getting shorter; I tend to really notice that come late August!
Furthermore, it is time to cast another vote for Leslie, and she can have a supercool 5ft8!

* Ms Easterbrook, like Ms Ash, is another Leslie who spells her name the way most people regard as the masculine version! Well, not anymore!
Nik said on 19/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Absolutely! It has been a pleasure to find out about this celebrity.

Also I like your use of the word "Police girl" to refer to female Police Officers!

Now onto your Easter indulgence, there is nothing wrong with over indulging a few times a year! You will probably know what caused your sickness and you will be careful not to let it happen again, you live and learn don't you?

Not eating too much and eating the right things is the best combination for health.

Sandy Cowell said on 19/Apr/17
@ Nik - You have done your homework on Leslie, haven't you? If she was in the remake of 'Halloween', there is every chance that I'll come across her in the not-too-distant future! As you doubtless know, I have a penchant for films of the horror genre!
I'm feeling a little better today after my Easter indulgence. I was still feeling iffy yesterday! That'll teach me! 😑
Nik said on 18/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy,

There is no harm in having some treats a few times a year! I can't take junk fund as much as I could when I was younger but that is not the main reason why I try to eat the most healthy things, it's to live as long as I possibly can! I think grapes are about the best thing to eat with regards to longetivity and I read a scientific report on the interney which informed me of its powerful age defying properties.
I think Leslie Easterbrook would love to see Easter messages on her page, all the comments have been in good spirit. I have also found out a bit about this actress and it is visiting her page that has sparked this interest.
I read your comment from the 16th of April in which you said that the "Police Academy" were comedies, I have not watched them either but you are right! I mentioned to my Mum about the "Police Academy" series after visiting this page over Easter and she told me that she thought that it was as a comedy, then I read your message and you said that you thought it was a comedy.
Yes I think that Leslie Easterbrook did play a police girl or policewoman (whichever term you choose to use) in the "Police academy" series and she also played the role of a security guard in the 2007 remake of "Halloween". I wonder if Rob (sorry Rob!) could add this to her credits? She was also a keen trumpet player too! Also her father was a University Professor who specialised in music.
I had a good Easter thanks Sandy, I hope you had a good one too. Cheers!
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Apr/17
@ Nik - Hello Nik! It is Tuesday morning and Easter is officially over, but I've just polished off another creme egg! I had one yesterday and one in the early hours of the morning! I am stopping NOW!

I was sick last night! I couldn't believe it! I didn't eat overly much, but I did eat rubbish, including neat peanut butter - followed by satsumas, which are good, but the mixture didn't agree with me and that is why I threw up!
You wrote recently about not being able to tolerate junk food as you get older! Well, I should have taken heed! I didn't like the consequences!

I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter and I hope Leslie Easterbrook did too and doesn't mind us exchanging Easter pleasantries on her page! πŸ‘ πŸ£πŸ‡πŸ£
Nik said on 17/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yes it would be nice for Leslie Easterbrook to one day visit this page and read the comments, it may not happen any time soon, but who knows she may do just that at some point in the future!

At least by missing your dinner you avoided consuming all the excess calories from BOTH the Creme Eggs and your dinner, it would have been better doing it the other way round though! However you can aim for redemption by getting back on track today, do you think that you may afford yourself the odd Easter treat today though? Yes salads are sensible meals to have, I think you may have to pass on having one today, but you may be able to have the broccoli with something else. I have as many salads and grapes as I can and I also eat plenty apples and oranges. I do eat quite a bit of broccoli and my brother Mark takes the **** out of me for eating it, he says it is awful!

Yes I have enjoyed my Easter Sandy, I hope you have too!

Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - Yes, that would indeed be nice, though unlikely that she finds it today! She might find it one day though, which is still a very satisfying thought, isn't it?
Late yesterday night/early this morning, I ate 2 Creme Eggs and missed my dinner as I then went to sleep! How very healthful is that? Ha ha ha! Then this morning I had some granola which I had an allergic reaction to, 😭 so I've stuck to fruit for the rest of the day! There are a couple more Easter eggs, but I think I'd better opt for something sensible next time I eat! Now salads ARE sensible, but I don't have any lettuce, or cucumber, or beetroot, or radishes....well I have zilch! I have some broccoli though, so that will be one item of choice!
I hope you're enjoying your Easter, Nik! πŸ‡πŸ‘πŸ°
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - I have no idea whether she's played a Police girl. The only thing of hers that I've seen is 'The Devil's Rejects', which is only for the strong-stomached! I haven't seen any of the 'Police Academy' series. I think they might be comedies!
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Let's hope so! Well I would like to think someone who she knows found out about my message and as a result she then eagerly navigated this site and visited her page to see the comment.

I had about 3/5 of a large Easter egg and one small Cadbury's Creme Egg, and then a poxy salad for tea! - (It was poxy because there was not much of it! There is nothing poxy about salads in general.) - they help you live longer!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - I'm sure Leslie Easterbrook will appreciate your Easter wishes sent out to her on this Easter Sunday! Let's hope she has a good Easter Monday as well so she can look back to this Easter - Easter 2017 - with great fondness and happy Easter memories!
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Did she ever play the role of a Policewoman? It's great to go on her page on Easter Day, she has got an Easter like name and her page hadn't been commented on much, Yes there will certainly have been plenty of "baddies" about in the programs and films that she had starred in, like you said she doesn't give you the impression she would play the part of one very well.
Have a great Eastet Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - Yes it is very satisfying to leave a comment for a person who hasn't yet had any! A page with no comments looks so lonely and sad, so it's good to find something nice to kick-start hopefully some more interest.
I didn't know Ms Easterbrook was in 'The Devil's Rejects'! I can look out for her now next time I watch it, though it does contain a lot of unpleasantness. I did once stop the DVD because I wasn't in the mood to watch violence like that. I bet Leslie doesn't play one of the baddies as she hasn't got 'that look' about her!
Happy Easter Nik!
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
I hope that Leslie Easterbrook has a good Easter Sunday!
Nik said on 16/Apr/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yes it is good to make a comment on a page that has not been commented on for a while and it is even better to comment on a celeb that hasn't had one at all! It's nice to post on this page on Easter Day too!
It would be easier to work out Leslie Easterbrook's height if she wasn't stood in front of Rob'. Nevertheless I suspect that 5ft 8 could be right for her!

Enjoy your day!
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/17
@ Nik - I like doing that too - making a comment when a celeb hasn't had one for ages!
I also like to do a comment for somebody who has never had one yet!
5ft8 for the girl with the 'Eastery' name seems spot-on!
Nik said on 15/Apr/17
A very appropriate name to come up as a random celebrity on this Easter weekend! What a coincidence! It's good to make a comment on this page as there have been no postings on it for over 3 years.
Bakura said on 4/Jan/14
Who's the other woman in the photo, Rob, and how tall did you estimate her? Looks 5 ft 1 here but there's no indication of footwear
Editor Rob
one of the other cops from police academy (Laverne), marion ramsey is her real name...I can't now remember exactly what she had
hurricane brat said on 9/Jul/13
why did she say that Rob? Did she recognize you? Do you sometimes tell the celebs (the non insecure ones) that you run a website about heights?
Editor Rob
because she was tall on police academy maybe?
thorterr said on 14/Oct/12
rob ,,u have the right to tell her to stand straight ,,your paying for the pic and ur the owner of the biggest ,,,er i mean highest site on the planet
Editor Rob
actually she said 'I better be tall' or something along those lines.
ChiasmataX said on 17/Jan/12
lol, she's trying as hard as possible to look 5'10-5'11 in this picture. You got her right on at 5'8.
Shaun said on 3/Sep/11
Is she standing behind that Green Door? I gather she has footwear advantage..
Editor Rob
yeah a heel that day
Mr. Tempus said on 18/Jul/11
5'8.5 for leslie, btw her friend has such a big pair o.O
Shaun said on 8/Apr/11
I'm waiting for Johnny Keyes to enter.. Does look 5 ft 8 though.
Larc186-188cm said on 7/Jan/11
Looked 5'8 next to David Graf (who looked around 6'3 to me) in Police Academy.
Ian said on 28/Apr/09
Looks 5ft9
Alexander said on 12/Apr/09
How do you explain the 1-inch difference between her and you, accounting for her head tilt--where she is still taller! And you Rob are taller than a flat 5-8, even close to 5-9 I read when you wake. So if you're 5-8.5 or a little lower, then she would have to be AT LEAST 5-9, perhaps 5-9.5

Editor Rob
she has heels and is nearer the camera, I was up 4-5am that morning and carry my bag around with me, so I'm going to be near 5ft 8 flat than 5tf 8.5!
J.Lee said on 11/Apr/09
wait Rob you say 173, but now 172. Im confused.
Sid said on 13/Mar/08
If you've measured her up Rob, then I should believe you, could have been closer to her 5-9 claim in prime.She's still gorgeous, where's Police Academy 8 already?
Editor Rob said on 5/May/06
'You're gonna be on celebheights, stand tall!'
Actually she was joking that because her police academy character is supposed to be tall she better stand as tall, military posture...she had heels and my guess is 171-2cm.

Leslie Stalloned me!

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