How tall is LiAngelo Ball

LiAngelo Ball's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

American basketball player, who plays as a Shooting Guard. He was measured in 2018 at 6ft 5 ¼ in sneakers.

LiAngelo Ball Vytautas

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6ft 3.63in (192.1cm)
Erik C. said on 17/Oct/19

Could you please make a page for lamelo ball? He's 18 now and he's almost certainly done growing.
Canson said on 9/Oct/19
@Questioner: that’s the way I think. laMelo is max 6’5”.
Questioner said on 17/Aug/19
@canson look at melos footwear... Click Here
maybe people were right there are 2+ inch basketball shoes and maybe thats how hes pulling off 6'6" occasionally even though im pretty sure hes 6'5" max generously in the pic I linked melos not even 2 inches taller and has a footwear advantage of at least half an inch
Canson said on 10/Aug/19
That’s interesting. Explains a lot of things
Questioner said on 2/Aug/19
we may have been overestimating lamelo Click Here
Canson said on 30/Jul/19
@Ellis: I agree that you do measure it at some point. However if you are still claiming that height in the afternoon, it would be off since you’re only 6’7” flat by that point. I’m sure you’re not called out much since other people claim even worse but if an honest person saw you they would guess you at 6’7”
Ellis 6'8 said on 25/Jun/19
@NBAfan: Come on man, that's not short, you are above average!
NBAfan said on 23/Jun/19
@ellis nah I'm short, about 5'9 and a half
Ellis 6'8 said on 22/Jun/19
@NBAfan: Nah I don't lol, it was more of a hobby, became a passion a bit late in life. I can ball out but I'm not college basketball good especially considering the college I attend is a D1, but I got in because of my grades not my sports ability. I used to only really fence and play video games, but then after my massive growth spurt I felt like every week I was getting closer to dunking, at 15 I could grab the rim, I was 6'1 probably not that impressive and I kept improving. Basketball became a really fun sport to me, something I excelled in, and as I grew in stature I became better and better at basketball, doing a dunk in game was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I'm 6'9 in sneakers btw, I grew an entire foot since 14. How tall are you?
NBAfan said on 20/Jun/19
@ellis, do you play college ball?
cmillzz said on 4/Jun/19
Being 6’8 at a low would suck big time
Canson said on 19/May/19
@Ellis: you’re still extremely tall at a solid 6’7”.
Ellis 6'8 said on 17/May/19
@Canson: Yep, I was a height liar lmao, that to me is a really bad claim, but me claiming 6'8 when I'm 6'8 at one point in the day is not so bad. I had a monster growth spurt so I became insecure when I started to fall behind, but I caught up lmao.
9th grade: 5'8-9, 5'9 in the morning
10th grade: 6'1
11th grade: 6'3-4
12th grade: The 6'5.25 in the morning
12th grade year I ended up at 6'6.25 at night I think or 6'6 flat I can't remember
Now I'm 6'7 at night and 6'8 in the morning. Crazy how much a foot of height can do for you, at 5'9 I could barely touch the net, now the rim is my ______.
cmillzz said on 16/May/19
I don’t see why anyone 6’0+ would want to inflate their height tbh, but yet so many do.
Canson said on 15/May/19
@Ellis: lol you were really claiming 6’7” at a morning height of 6’5.25? Why do you want to be taller than you actually are?
Ellis said on 20/Apr/19
@Christian: I get it, I've been claiming 6'7 since I was 6'5.25 in the morning which was probably around a year an a half ago. Now I claim 6'8, but I've grown a lot since that time, and I'm actually 6'8 one point in the day. I remember my gym teacher said I was 6'7 with shoes, I had my hair fluffed up and big shoes on, crazy to think how much I've grown since then. How tall is your dad?, my dad is 6'3, my mother is over a foot shorter than me, so me being 6'8 is kinda crazy.
Canson said on 20/Apr/19
@Christian: luckily my family never does that. They describe me at my actual height that I claim. I could see your dad saying you’re 6’6” if you claim 6’5 1/2 but 6’7” is a bit much. If that were me I would just tell them that you’re content at your current height and tell them you don’t want to be taller than 6’5” since you do measure closer to 6’5 than 6’6” at a low. I’ve said that before to someone who told me I should claim 6’6 when I claimed 6’4 1/2. Then it became well you should at least say 6’5” before I finally asked the guy if he was insecure about his own height. He was and gave me an excuse for him to claim 6’0” when he was 5’10”. He came back with well everyone else does it before I said I don’t do what everyone else does. That’s one of the reasons why I claim 6’4” since I’m only 1/4” over that Mark at a low along with being asked by people before (one of which stands out) why do you bother with the half? I would just say 6’4” and leave it at that. This guy was honest and it was in response to a debate his wife who wasn’t all there was having with me regarding height when I told her 6’4 and she said I was taller than that. I said 6’4 1/2 then the guy interjected and said he is 6’4” to her because he could tell. Not sure if I had footwear advantage on him or not
Canson said on 20/Apr/19
@Christian: luckily my family never does that. They describe me at my actual height that I claim. I could see your dad saying you’re 6’6” if you claim 6’5 1/2 but 6’7” is a bit much. If that were me I would just tell them that you’re content at your current height and tell them you don’t want to be taller than 6’5”. I’ve said that before to someone who told me I should claim 6’6 when I claimed 6’4 1/2. Then it became well you should at least say 6’5” before I finally asked the guy if he was insecure about his own height. He came back with well everyone else does it before I said I don’t do what everyone else does
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Apr/19
What's next, Lavar's going to claim that Lamelo's 7 feet tall? Lol. I get that he likes to brag about his sons, but the height thing is overkill. My dad often likes to tell people that I'm 6'7", even though I've never claimed that in my life. I've told him time and time again that I'm not that tall, but he still does it sometimes.
Erik C. said on 18/Apr/19

I know they're both young, but do you think you could make a page for lamelo ball and barron trump? Or do you only do pagee for adults who are done growing? Lol
Editor Rob
Well I never added many of the young guys from stranger things, though they are getting to an age 16-17 now in which they might not grow much, so I will probably consider them...lamelo is 17, could he grow? Maybe a bit more.
Erik C. said on 17/Apr/19

I agree with you on the height you pegged for melo. I've seen recent pics of him and he actually does look legit 6'5. I think he is now indeed the tallest of the ball family and he very well could still be growing for a while longer.

Btw i posted two pics to provide evidence for my claim on the andre thread.👍🏻 You should look at the one that has my full body.
Canson said on 15/Apr/19
@Ellis: a guy who is 6’4.75 at a low isn’t a strong 6’5 that’s weak 6’5
Ellis said on 14/Apr/19
@Keiz: Hmmm, don't believe what the media puts out, because that is probably coming right from Lavar's mouth. Lamelo Ball is a tricky one, he has bad photos and he is always wearing big shoes, I would consider him a strong 6'5, he gets up at 6'5.5 and at a low around 6'4.75, which would mean he slightly edges out his brother Lonzo.
Ellis said on 13/Apr/19
@Canson: Agreed, and Lonzo at an afternoon height, not night height is around 6'4.6, I've been saying this since the beginning of time lol. This is how I view it,
Gets up at: 6'5.25, near the morning he is 6'5, in the afternoon he is 6'4.6, and at his low just about 6'4.25
Gets up at: a bit over 6'3.25, near the morning he is 6'3, in the afternoon he is 6'2.75, and at his low I'd say 6'2.5
Lamelo is pretty much identical to Lonzo, every time they are seen together he is wearing huge shoes, and Lonzo is in shorter footwear, honestly if one is taller, more likely Lamelo, it is within a quarter inch so it doesn't really matter.
Keiz said on 13/Apr/19
@Ellis you must have not seen Lamelo lately. He a good 2 if not 3 or more inches taller than Lonzo.
Canson said on 12/Apr/19
LiAngelo is said to only be 6’2” by one reporter. I don’t see him that low but 6’2-6’3 I could believe. Lonzo looks about 2” taller and he’s 194ish
Ellis said on 9/Apr/19
Recently Lavar claimed Liangelo is 6'6, this has gotten out of hand, according to his logic I might as well be 6'11.
If he received a 6'5.25 measurement, he probably had huge shoes, so I got him as 6'3.75 in the very morning, he is actually more like 6'3 or a tad bit shorter at night. Nowhere near 6'6.

Lonzo does claim 6'7, it's not as bad as Liangelo as he probably gives of the impression as being a 6'5, while Liangelo is a 6'3 guy. Lonzo at a basketball height is 6'5, and at a low is 6'4.25.

Lamelo, doesn't look much taller than his brother Liangelo, and he wears monster shoes, but he has got a few inches on him, Lonzo and Lamelo are very similar in height, honestly if one edges each other out it is barely noticeable. I remember one time I saw him being listed at 6'7.75, and people are calling him 6'7, he is no taller than Lonzo.

I would consider myself generous towards my height, I stand 6'7.75 and 6'9 shoes for a basketball height, and with my fluffy hair I'm 6'10, I say I'm 6'8, I could just go Hollywood and say I'm 6'10 lmao, that is literally what the Ball's do.
Canson said on 21/Mar/19
@Erik C: think LaMelo is taller than Liangelo. LiAngelo looks the shortest of the 3 with Lonzo still appearing the tallest but maybe LaMelo has outgrown him. They’re heights are all over the place as their father has inflated all of them. Lonzo claims 6’7” but is listed everywhere at 6’6” and is really 6’4.5 tops
Erik C. said on 20/Mar/19

Well If Liangelo really indeed is in that range, than Lamelo seems like he is as well.

Look at this series of recent images. Click Here

It's seems soooo close between the two of them like rob said, even closer than I had previously anticipated. I really can't see more than a half-inch differential between the two of them.

The camera angle might favor one slightly over the other, their postural positions seem pretty much identical, however, lamelo's footwear is unknown and liangelo's hair is portruding slightly more-so then Melo's.

But I think that means lamelo is MAXXX 6-4. And im really pushing it there.
Canson said on 13/Mar/19
@Erik C: the one video I posted the commentator claims to have met Liangelo which he isn’t lying about as he said it to Dan Patrick and he said that he’s 6’2” and that Liangelo and he were eye to eye. Maybe it’s over 6’2” but he’s prob between 6’2-6’3 the way he looks with Lonzo. That’s a 2” difference between them still
Erik C. said on 12/Mar/19

Agreed dude. There's no way that Lamelo is anywhere over the 6'5 threshhold. And yes, the 6'7 and 8 stuff is such bs it's laughable.😂😂

Perhaps it's because the camera's tilted a lil bit in Melo's favor, but to me Liangelo even seems to be struggling at 6'3. He looks more 6'2.5 - 3/4 to me personally. And yeah, I'd indeed say lonzo's still the tallest. My prediction is that he always will be. Based simply on his body plan, i think lamelo is done growing.
Ellis said on 10/Mar/19
@Erik C.: I'm pretty sure Lonzo is still taller than Lamelo Ball, probably by like half an inch but still all the growing stuff is bs, I can't see Lamelo being more than a weak or solid 6'5 at the most, not the very least. I mean look at the picture you listed, they both look very close in height, and I get that it maybe be a camera angle but Liangelo is 6'3, so Melo ain't gonna be much more than 6'5, or maybe even 6'5 itself. I can't believe some people actually believe that he is 6'7, it's pretty ludicrous.
Liangelo: 6'3
Lonzo: Might be 6'4.75
Lamelo: Around 6'4.25-6'4.5
Erik C. said on 6/Mar/19
Click Here
If you're going to have Gelo listed at 6ft4, if you ever create a page for Lamelo I'm pretty sure you'd have to listed him at 6ft4 or 5 at the very least. Even if Gelo was 6ft2 i can see him being around that threshhold.
Editor Rob
They look quite close in height, I don't know if there's more than half between them.
viper said on 3/Mar/19
So the measurement is a total fraud
Canson said on 12/Jan/19
@Erik C: Liangelo looks around 2” shorter than Lonzo. Lonzo doesn’t look more than about 6’4.5 next to Magic or Lebron. Reporter may have been onto something when he said they were eye to eye at 6’2”. Maybe higher 6’2” tho for him or near 6’3” best case. I would say LaMelo has outgrown him now
Canson said on 12/Jan/19
@Erik C: Liangelo looks around 2” shorter than Lonzo. Lonzo doesn’t look more than about 6’4.5 next to Magic or Lebron
Erik C. said on 14/Dec/18
No, no, no @Canson that's super old material that's not what we're looking at. Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

We're looking at THESE very recently posted photos after he cut his hair. They're even a few more intriguing pics i should not for speculation and close examination..
Canson said on 12/Dec/18
@Christian: would you say he’s grown since this pic? He surely could look a bit under 6’3” here

Click Here
Canson said on 12/Dec/18
I’m not sure on his height. He looks 6’3” tops.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Dec/18

Apparently genetics aren't on his side. I'd feel a bit bad for him if he ends up playing second fiddle to his brothers by not ever getting drafted to the NBA.
Ellis said on 28/Nov/18
@Chase: Yep, that is a very good point. Nowadays, in the NBA, they don't only search for height and weight but they also look at a players wingspan and standing reach, essential for defense. He has a standing reach comparable to a guy that is about 6'2 I would say if it is 8'1.5, then again he is 6'3.
Chase said on 27/Nov/18
His standing reach is only 8’1.5 and hand length is only 8 inches. Both small measurements for a 6’4 guy who plays like he’s a forward lol. Not surprising at all that he didn’t come close to getting drafted.
Jackson said on 22/Nov/18
It’s hard for me to say Liangelo is 6’4” after seeing him next to lonzo

Click Here
Trevor Long said on 20/Nov/18
Jackson said on 20/Nov/18
Lamelo is now taller than lonzo! He’s the tallest ball brother and still growing... wow

Click Here
Ellis said on 16/Nov/18
My personal opinion is this,
Gelo: Either 6'3 or 6'3.25(6'3.25)
Melo: 6'4.25 maybe 6'4.5
Zo: 6'4.6
Lavar: I haven't looked into him that much but he is probably a high 6'3 or 6'4 flat
Ben Carpenter said on 15/Nov/18
Perfect listing!

W/O Shoes
Melo-6'4 1/2
Lavar 6'4 1/2
Erik C. said on 12/Nov/18
I think that liangelo on a bad day could come to be 6-2 7/8ths barefoot and 6ft3 in socks. But on a good day could come out to as much as 6-3 1/4 to even 6-3 3/8ths. But the more i see him in vids, 6-3 1/2 just seems too high for him. Im not saying its impossible, these are just my estimates, but i personally feel he deserves a downgrade i feel like 6-4 is near impossible for him. 6-3 1/2 absolute max i'd say.

Its so difficult to pinpoint melo bc he's kinda all over the place, but id give him a decent 6-3 5/8ths to 6-4. The most id currently argue for melo is 6f4 1/4.

Lavar looks somewhere between gelo and melo, so maybe he's 6-3 1/2 rn currently. Zo id say looks a solid 6ft4.5 or a very decent 6ft4.66. So like amywhere from 6-4 1/2 to 6-4 3/4 for zo. But personally id peg him in the middle at 6-4 5/8ths or 6-4.6. But i think alot of us can agree that certainly gelo needs a minor downgrade to say the least and zo might need one too. But id agree that zo can kind of look 6ft5 range in some instances.
Canson said on 11/Nov/18
@Jackson: it’s possible he wore them for the measurement only or wore extra socks

I think Liangelo is 6’3
Jackson said on 9/Nov/18
Take away Liangelos hair and Lamelo is easily taller than him. Lamelo has really been growing lately. Most recent videos I’ve seen of them playing together and Lamelo looked 2 inches taller than liangelo.

Click Here
Jackson said on 31/Oct/18
I suppose that’s true. It’s just hard for me to believe he’s wearing lifts during a pre draft workout. Seems uncomfortable and could hinder your athletic performance a bit. Anything’s possible though. I do definitely see him being visibly shorter than Lonzo.
Erik C. said on 31/Oct/18

Yea i was thinking about that and i thought it was at least probable that his bball sneaks might've given him 1.5-2 inch increments. I noticed bball sneaks and shoes such as nike and the shoes with the "Z" logo that i cant remember the name for the moment lol add decently thick and supportive insole. So he might be 6-3 - 6-3 1/2 in the morning at most and 6-2 1/2 - 6-3 ft at most at night. But even if gelo can be a tad under or over the 6ft 3, id say its not alot and id average him typically around the 6 foot 3 ranch on the dot. But yea i can understand if you are other ppl argue that he can clear the 6 ft 3 mark. But i cant see him being 6-4. Bc then you have to upgrade melo to like 6-4 -6-5 and lonzo to 6-5 1/2 - 6-6 which probably isnt the case given that lonzo was measured with a large fro and still barely made it to the 6 ft 6 mark

Gelo - 6 ft 3 1/8
Melo - 6ft 3 5/8thd - 6ft 3 3/4
Lonzo - 6ft 4.5 - 6 ft 4 5/8ths (maaybeee id generously give him a 6 ft 4 3/4 - 6ft 5 in on a good day)
Lavar - 6 ft 3 7/8ths - 6 ft 4 3/8ths
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Oct/18

Damien Lillard measured 6'1.75" barefoot yet he looks around 6 feet tall. Some players wear lifts inside their shoes/socks, or some measurements are erroneous by an inch.
Jackson said on 27/Oct/18
He did measure 6’5 1/4” in shoes and proceeded to have a full pre draft workout afterwards so I don’t see how he could’ve worn lifts or anything suspicious... 6’4” seems believable because I’m not sure how he could be 6’3” range and reach 6’5 1/4” in shoes..
Erik C. said on 24/Oct/18

Yea, i mean, just look at Gwendoline Christie. Firstly she seems quite honest about her height, but, in addition to that, her structure makes her appear far taller than she realistically is to me personally. Like if she claimed 6-4 a person would prob believe. Gwendoline christie gives 6-3 a GOOD name. Ppl like the Rock or Liangelo ball do NOT give 6-3 a good name in my opinion. If they even are that, bc, to me at least, liangelo looks a tad bit undersized for 6 ft 3. Let alone the hysterical 6-6 his dad claimed for him. Lol, there's more of a chance of Zo being 6 ft 7 than there is Gelo being 6 ft 4 1/2😂😂
Ellis said on 24/Oct/18
@Erik C: I completely agree, Gelo doesn't look lanky or tall at all, and those heights you have pegged I completely agree with that, except Zo is 6'4 and 5/8th(which you said) I would say, 6'4 3/8s is a little low. Liangelo to me is a little under 6'3, but he is not 6'3 I don't think so.
Erik C. said on 22/Oct/18
How i have the 3 ball brothers currently pegged.

1. Lonzo ball - 6-4 3/8ths - 6-4 5/8ths
2. Lamelo ball - 6-3 1/2 - 6-3 3/4 (haven't seen enough evidence that he's 6-4 1/4 yet)
3. Liangelo ball - 6-2 7/8ths - 6-3 1/4 ( idk if im being too generous but i would give gelo a fairly decent 6 ft 3 personally)
Erik C. said on 21/Oct/18
Ik some might consider this comment fairly rhetorical and or redundant but nonetheless there's an observation iv've made in regards 2 Gelo. Has anyone else noticed that no matter how tall gelo is he always looks fairly short. That's how it seems to me. Like If he really is indeed a hair over 6-3 on many ppl i think it they'd visually appear or be perceived as "tall". But i think that body porportions really contribute to if a person looks tall or not. Gelo looks very robust, compacted, not very distributed (even though many would argue he is), and sort of retains short and stout legs. Whereas you have lamelo, lean af, very long legs, a small head and a kind of short torso. I just thought its kinda interesting how even if melo has not yet outgrown gelo he still frankly appears taller (at least to me) thanks to his lanky body porportions..idk if that made any sense. But if it did, and you've noticed that too, leave an input commentary.
Canson said on 11/Oct/18
@Eric C: apparently Liangelo may not be even that tall. See my post from yesterday when it comes through
Canson said on 10/Oct/18
@Rob: you should add what the beat writer said about his height. I’ve never believed he’s 6’4, but 6’2? Wow.

Click Here
Canson said on 10/Oct/18
Says right here combine was done in the morning. Likely no different from official NBA combine.

At a low: 6’3.5 barefoot 6’4.75 in shoes

Click Here
Erik C. said on 24/Sep/18
To me, its really funny yet moronic and ironic that at one point or another, Lavar has said that each of his three boys are the tallest😂He once called lonzo 6'7, than later on he stated and i quote, ( in reference to gelo) "6'6 240 lbs he can't be guarded" and now he's saying lamelos 6'6 which is proposterous. But it also suggests that when he called gelo 6'6 that HE was the tallest and retracting what he said bout lonzo being 6-7. Because if melo's the tallest like his father claimz, and he's saying hes 6'6 that means that none of the other brothers are over -6'6 (he gave gelo 6'6 and zo 6'7 respectively)

And its pretty funny that he seems fairly modest about his own height but not his sons i noticed.
Erik C. said on 24/Sep/18

I am curious to know, do you think that LaMelo has already outgrown Gelo? Because I saw a couple images where it's too close to call between the two of them. Liangelo looks like he edged him out by a fraction but that's because he's got long hair and melo cut his.

But i myself peg lamelo at a strong 6'3.25 and liangelo at anywhere from 6-3 3/8ths - 6-3 5/8ths
James said on 23/Sep/18
He’s slightly shorter or same height as Melo-6’3.25-6’3.5”
Canson said on 9/Sep/18
@Junior: Lavar may have tho. He’s fat and doesn’t walk all that well. Prob from injuries.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Sep/18
@Canson I don't think LaVar lost over a small fraction. Hes not that old yet. LaVar turn 51 on Oct. Maybe a morning height 6'5 and lowest 6'4 1/2 like his elder one Lonzo.
Canson said on 4/Jul/18
@Junior: I think Lavar was 6’5 or more likely, slightly higher peak
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/18
Click Here LaVar must be 6'5?
Canson said on 24/Jun/18
6’3 1/4-1/2 barefoot at a low
Canson said on 8/Jun/18
@Christian: I used to think 197 too but I agree 6’5” max. Lonzo is probably around my height or slightly taller like 1/8” or 1/4”
Nik said on 7/Jun/18
@ Canson

Well they are a jolly tall family then!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 7/Jun/18

I believe Lavar edges out Lonzo. I used to think Lavar's 6'5.5" but the more I see him I think 6'5" max.
Canson said on 6/Jun/18
@Jason: I still think Lavar would edge him slightly. He’s taller even in the pic but probably half inch
Jason193 said on 5/Jun/18
@Canson given that pic, do you still think Lavar is taller than Lonzo?
Canson said on 1/Jun/18
@Christian: interesting? I’ve never seen this pic. That doesn’t surprise me though if he is because Lavar called Lonzo 6’7” as well
Canson said on 1/Jun/18
@Christian: interesting? I’ve never seen this pic
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 30/May/18

Are you sure about that? This is the most recent pic I could find of the 3 brothers standing together, and Lamelo's the shortest of the 3 (even though he might outgrow Liangelo soon) Click Here
5ft7Accountant said on 30/May/18
Rob, please add Kyle Korver and Richard Jefferson and Jimmy Butler, they are more famous than this guy right now!
Canson said on 30/May/18
I doubt it’s more than an inch between he and Zo. But a solid inch is feasible. Figure he’s 6’5.25 in shoes in the morning then he would be 6’4.75 in the afternoon meaning 6’3.5ish barefoot. So Rob had his listing but it’s a morning height. He’d be 6’3.5 by CH standards where as Zo would be 6’4.5 (6’5 morning height).
JKE 168cm said on 30/May/18
I'm not convinced that Melo is taller than Gelo yet.
Sandy Cowell said on 30/May/18
He's a big guy, but then he would be - he's a basketball player! I can believe 6ft4.

If my surname was 'Ball', I wouldn't half be tempted to stick an 's' on the end!
190cm said on 29/May/18
I think lavar said lamelo is 6'6 but meant in sneakers
So gelo is 6'5.25
Lonzo 6'6
And lamelo is probably along those but his actualy heighg is about a inch less without sneakers
Canson said on 29/May/18
I think he’s the shortest of the 3 brothers
Johnson said on 29/May/18
@Joakim put the pictures where Lonzo is more than 1 inch on LiAngelo
Canson said on 29/May/18
It’s funny that Lavar now says Lamelo is 6’6” and makes a reference to him being the tallest and youngest. Lavar also once said that Lonzo was 6’7”. He’s very inconsistent
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 28/May/18

Canson said on 28/May/18
Agree with Junior he’s 6’3.5. The 6’4 would be a morning height
MD said on 28/May/18

Could you posted the link to where he was measured? I know he declared for the NBA, but he didn't take part in the combines, did he?
Editor Rob
There was a link on Lonzo page, here it Is.
Nick92 said on 28/May/18
Melo also recently had another growthspurt. his dad was quoted saying "Melo is now 6ft6" apparently according to his dad Melo is the tallest brother now...
Click Here
Nick92 said on 28/May/18
Good listing rob I still think he is taller than this. The measurement took place after he got his hair cut. I'll say he must be 6ft4.25-6ft4.5 barefoot
Joakim said on 28/May/18
Lonzo deserves an upgrade in this case, he is more than 1 inch taller than LiAngelo
Joakim said on 28/May/18
Lonzo is more than an inch taller Then liangelo
Anon636365 said on 28/May/18
Surely his hair would’ve affected the measurement Rob ?
Editor Rob
There's a chance of that.

The time of day too could mean he is somewhere in 6ft 3.5-4 range, probably 6ft 4 is the top end of it.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/May/18
6'3 5/8 might be closer than 6'4. Lonzo is probably 6'4 1/2 to 6'4 5/8 compare with LiAngelo.

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