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Peak: 6ft 4.18in (193.5cm)
Current: 6ft 3.36in (191.4cm)
Paul said on 20/Mar/09
I always thought Liam Neeson was a little more than 6 ft 4 in. Standing next to Clint Eastwood in the film "The Dead Pool" he looked at least an inch taller.
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 19/Mar/09
Poor guy. I hope he and his sons will get through this difficult and unexpected stage in their lives.
Josh.J said on 19/Mar/09
He's a solid 6'4 although he's reaching 60 now and may drop a few cms in a few years. oh and my condolences to him and his sons for their tragic loss. RIP Natasha Richardson.
Doug said on 19/Mar/09
He's 6'4". Sad about his wife. I really feel for the guy.
yolanda rojas said on 16/Mar/09
I in my opinion do not believe that he lost height and that he may still be 6ft 4in tall.
Rusty said on 25/Feb/09
Actually Ewan McGregor is a little over 5'9" in reality and yes, Liam Neeson has always looked a solid and legit 6'4", except in Taken, i think he has lost height now.
Leung said on 23/Feb/09
Anonymous 2 says on 22/Feb/09
This guy towered over Ewan McGregor in Episode 1.

Anonymous 2 said on 22/Feb/09
This guy towered over Ewan McGregor in Episode 1.
yoyo said on 21/Feb/09
strong 6ft4 and 195pounds for Neeson.
adam said on 21/Feb/09
Hugh says on 10/Feb/09
194cm peak, 193cm now.

Pretty much so, yes. He was definitely a strong 6-4 prime.
Rusty said on 17/Feb/09
I think he weighed 200 in Michael Collins, but in Taken, maybe 185 or so.
Rusty said on 14/Feb/09
I would say he is 6'4 1/2" and 200 pounds.
Hugh said on 10/Feb/09
194cm peak, 193cm now.
Atoadaso said on 6/Feb/09
I just watched Taken. First off this movie is sick, great thriller and Neeson is a total badass in it! You can see in the long shots when he is moving amongst others that he has the presence of a 6'4" or 6'5" man, very large guy. Also, it is evident in close up dialog seens that there has been some apple boxes for the other actors and actresses to use so they can fit in the shot, lol.

Ed(1), you're right about the tall actors too, it must be a requirement for the film. However i did detect some trickery to make them seem closer in height.
Ed(1) said on 31/Jan/09
Neeson still looks quite tall in his new movie Taken! There are several scenes where he stands shoulder to shoulder with Famke Jannsen(5ft11.5) and Xander Berkley(6ft actor from Air Force One, who played the traitorous Secret Service Agent) and he had them both by a solid 4 inches or more. I couldn't make out her footwear, but he wore really modest casual heeled shoes 0.5-0.75" tops. This only reinforces my guesstimate of him being more like 6ft4.5 years ago, and now right around 6ft4 maybe a bit less. He does have horrible posture at times in the film, and can look 6ft2ish, but then when he straightens up it's obvious he's a lot taller. One thing is for sure they must have had a lot of tall extras in this movie because he was outsized several times, as well as evenly matched throughout the film.
David said on 30/Jan/09
I met Liam Neeson briefly, shook hands with him. I'm 6'5" and he looked to be about an inch shorter.
linebacker40 said on 17/Jan/09
Without a doubt, a solid 6'4" actor. Made McGregor look like a young teen in Episode 1.
Hugh said on 3/Jan/09
I always pictured Neeson as being taller than Seagal. Eastwood at 6ft4 I can see. Sutherland might've hit 6ft4 right out of bed? Goldblum I'd say was a weak 6ft5.
adam said on 1/Jan/09
Hugh says on 8/Dec/08
At peak Sutherland was every bit of 6ft4. These days not quite that tall.

I wouldn`t say so. I`d say he was slightly less. Goldblum and Neeson both claim 6-4 but they could have been taller when they were younger. Goldblum could have been nearly 6-5 and Neeson around 6-4
PW said on 26/Dec/08
At the start of gangs of new york, when the two gangs walk out to meet each other, he looks huge, way taller than everybody else.
Hugh said on 21/Dec/08
Goldblum at 195cm I can buy. Seagal and Neeson at 194cm. Neeson could look a bit taller than Seagal due to his slim frame. Eastwood was 6ft4. Sutherland was i'd say almost 6ft4. 6ft4 in the morning.
sarah said on 20/Dec/08
even though he does stoop abit,this guy is big.6'4 does sound accurate,good actor as well.he was good in Kensey.i've seen many of his films.:-]
Mister Lennon said on 10/Dec/08
I think that Sutherland was at peak almost the same than Clint Eastwood. An strong 6'3, but not a full 6'4. That is what he looks in his movies.

Liam was easily an strong 6'4 at peak. Goldlum is about the same,if not a little bit more.
Hugh said on 8/Dec/08
At peak Sutherland was every bit of 6ft4. These days not quite that tall.
adam said on 3/Dec/08
He was more than 6-4 peak. Wasn`t he taller than Clint Eastwood? Hugh, Sutherland was never a solid 6-4. Goldblum sure was.
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
Still looks 6ft4. 6ft4.5 peak is very possible.
Ed(1) said on 25/Nov/08
That's true he looked to have 2-3" on both Reily and Day Lewis in Gangs. Not to mention he was slouching as usual during that film, and they all were wearing big heeled period style boots. I'm starting to think that Neeson was more like 6ft4.5 back in the day and scraping 6ft4 now!
Sonny said on 12/Nov/08
In Gangs of New York he was much taller then Daniel Day-Lewis
Hugh said on 4/Nov/08
He looked 6ft4 in most of his movies. In love actually more 6ft3-6ft3.5 seeming he looked barely 2 inches taller than Colin Firth.
Zach # 2 said on 27/Oct/08
6ft 4" in Schindler's List, but a strong 6ft 3" in Taken
Page said on 9/Oct/08
This man looked huge in Schindler's List. 6ft4 is very believable.
Hugh said on 4/Oct/08
I agree with you James.
Mister Lennon said on 3/Oct/08
I think that this height is correct. He looked that and i think that he is that , 6'4.
Hugh said on 3/Oct/08
I find it unlikely that Liam is under 6ft4 even now.
Hugh said on 18/Sep/08
I think Conan is 6ft3.5 and Neeson is 6ft4. He looked about half an inch taller.
Hugh said on 16/Sep/08
Donald Sutherland at his peak was a legit 6ft4. Chevy Chase maybe not so.
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
Like David Hasselhoff and Daniel Stern, Liam Neeson is one 6'4" guy! It would interest me when he got measured.
Hugh said on 1/Sep/08
He's a legit 6ft4. As is the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Donald Sutherland, Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid etc.
Mr. R said on 6/Aug/08
I saw him at a Kinsey screening a few years ago. At least 6-3 if not a little taller.
Anamalech said on 4/Aug/08
He looked to be 6'3 beside Bale in a scene where they were standing straight beside each other. From batman begins.
AC said on 17/Jul/08
I think he's the best indicator of how short Hollywood actors tend to be; in his films he always looks like he's 7 feet tall, just because everyone else is so short.
Korben said on 3/Jul/08
Easily 194 peak in his youth, 192-193 min now from batman begins

huge dude
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/08
looks 2 inches taller than pierce brosnan i would say 6'3/190 cms nowdays
Euan said on 18/May/08
Cathy, of course he looked big in rob roy, he was playing a scot! :P
Arnie said on 15/May/08
Liam looks to be about 6'8 or 6,9, no more like a tad over 6,3
Eddie said on 24/Apr/08
Wow. I had thought he was around 6 feet 5 inches. But I guess he's 1 inch over me.
Viper said on 15/Apr/08
Yeah, and hes off on every one of them. Even with this site no less.
Cathy said on 15/Apr/08
I would definitly say 6'4", he towered over everyone in Rob Roy
Viper said on 15/Apr/08
Hugh, why do you think everyone is taller than their listed height? I agree that hes around 6-3 1/2 today.
BC88 said on 14/Apr/08
It used to be like 6' 4" and it might still be, but he can look 6ft3.5 to 6ft.3 because of his posture.
BC88 said on 13/Apr/08
Yeah, definitely 6' 4".
Hugh said on 2/Apr/08
I'd say 194cm peak.
dmeyer said on 25/Mar/08
looked about 191 cm in person like 4 in taller than me maybe 6'3.5 but not 6 ft 4 but i agree his posture aint the best he looked 4 in taller than famke jansen who looked 6 ft in person but she had 1 cm sleepers and he had 1.25 in heels so 6'3 to 6'3.5 6'4 peak noew 6'3.5 looking 6'3 without great posture he didnt seem 5 in taller than me more like 4 to 4.25
glenn said on 25/Mar/08
i dont trust dmeyers gauging always.sorry.he is good.but thinks he is an expert cause he does extra work on a few films and see a celeb once.i on the other hand have been out there for 20 years,many encounters.and many more the background usually.
Ray said on 25/Mar/08
Definately 6'4" in his prime. There's no doubt in that. Legit 6'4"s are Neeson, Fry, Robbins, Goldblum and Selleck.
glenn said on 25/Mar/08
6-3 is way too low.6-3.5 now.6-4 peak ill settle with.6-2.75 and 6-5 is absurd.
Anonymous KinG said on 25/Mar/08
his a huge guy.. 6ft4 no wrong.. he looks bigger than most co-star.. liam cant be lower 193 or more.. his a solid 6ft4 like jeff goldblum..
glenn said on 24/Mar/08
why wouldnt he look 6-4? of course.are there 6-3 claims? 6-5?
Joe said on 22/Mar/08
He looks massive in the main pic. 6'4 with ease, maybe some change on top? How was he, Glenn? He seems like a decent bloke, just like all the Irish.
Hugh said on 18/Mar/08
Your Right nate. He looks the spitting image of Conan. Anyway 6ft4 is his height.
Darren said on 8/Mar/08
At Schindlers list he looked pretty tall
nate said on 28/Feb/08
he kindof looks like conan obrien in the top picture.
Richie said on 17/Feb/08
6'3" plus!

Towers over everyone else! I wouldnt hav had him in my movie if im Christian Bale and i claim to be 6'2" :) it'll shatter my claim!
Chris said on 2/Feb/08
Liam is one of hollywood's tallest actors. He regularly bumped his head against the ceiling of the submarine set during filming K-19 and the sets of Star Wars had to be added an extra 15 cm (originally they were built 180 cm for Ewan McGregor) to reach Liam's height. 193 cm is correct.
Sorry for not using feet and inches, I'm European, not so keen in english metric system.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 30/Jan/08
a couple of years he look to be 6'3
dmeyer said on 28/Dec/07
he is only 55 years old he didnt look a full 6'4 in person more like 190 possibly 191 cm ,at that age he should have lost 0.5 max 0.75 in ,
haha said on 26/Oct/07
lol glenn, you always got the same smiley " like :o| WTF ". lol i like it
JayDee de Escocia said on 15/Sep/07
Yeah - met him in Dublin 3 years ago - this looks about right. He had pretty flat shoes on as well.
b-nn said on 13/Sep/07
I believe Liam is 6'4 ! He's extremely tall in movies like Star Wars and Batman Begins...! Towering figure!!!
cantstop25 said on 7/Sep/07
plus if you guys saw schindlers list, there was a scene where hes walking with a large group of people, adn he towers over all of them! not sure if they put him in lifts so he would be more easily seen, But I was amazed at how tall he looked there.
cantstop25 said on 7/Sep/07
I must say if this guy claimed he was 6'5" id believe him, his posture is bad in his pictures with glenn if hed straighten up hed look a lot taller
dmeyer said on 20/Aug/07
looked more 6'3.5 in person
18,181 said on 19/Aug/07
clint eastwood isnt 6'4 mate,hes 6'1 now.besides,dont doubt the mans own woeds.
deustch said on 31/Jul/07
he was taller than 6ft4 Clint Eastwood in dead pool, and considerably. I would have to list him around 6ft5-6ft6
anonymous said on 20/Jun/07
he was looking pretty 6`4ish in suspect. he genuinely looks like a 6`4 tall man.
Tanya Cagnina said on 7/Jun/07
He did look pretty tall in Les Miserables as well!
RobertJ said on 30/May/07
Hey Glenn, did Reeve look taller or Neeson because there both listed the 6'4''? Or was it pretty much the same?
Jack said on 16/May/07
Glenn is way closer to the camera OutBenchThis!
OutBenchThis said on 28/Apr/07
In the bottom pic (with Glenn in casual shoes) he looks like a genuine 6'3.5" guy..not a full 6'4" or or 6'5"
Viper said on 26/Apr/07
I wish I could see somebody as famous as Liam at Arbys. :(
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/07
Saw him at my local Arby's. He's 6-4.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/07
I saw Gangs of New York the other day and I gotta say, he still looked 6'4 in that. He is never standing tall in real life, but in the opening seen he has good posture and he is clearly the biggest guy on the street. I think he still may be a true 6'4 if he stood tall and straight. BTW, he had the hands of a gorilla in that movie. Look when he grabs the kids face when he dies. Sausage fingers
Matt Thomas said on 12/Apr/07
Link your comments are kinda stupid 6'4'' not that tall?... Im 6'3'' and id consider 6'3'' and up to be tall even some 6'2s can pull off looking tall. I also dont get why your trying to brag about your familys height my dads 6'4'' his brother is 6'5'' and theyre dad is 6'11'' Now i could say your familys not very tall but im not
patrick said on 14/Mar/07
Once more, i agree AAAA: a huge dude and visibly tall; When did you see someone who towered him or if only, was taller than him in a movie?
Only very tall men give that "impression"; It is possible that along with time, he slightly shri=unk but i would favour he is always slouching; He does that by nature and as so many very tall men, just to be at median people height.
A small or average man try often to stretch himself, to never loose if only a cm from his height; a tall man does often, not always (J. Wayne, just leaning his head; C. Heston, very proudly standing), the contrary;
In addition, a very tall man has often back bones problems as he goes along life. Look Clint Eastwood!
And Viper put him at 6'-3 1/2 which is enough to me to think he is 7 foot tall ! That's a joke Viper; Don't take it personaly (confess it's funny, no?)
Viper said on 1/Mar/07
Neeson could be bang on 6-3 1/2
dmeyer said on 28/Feb/07
you were right with good posture he did look easy 4 in on me s 6'3.5 with good posture
dmeyer said on 27/Feb/07
he does have awful posture in person i met him today he seemed 3.5 inches taller than me maybe 4 but that steel only 6'3 could be 6'3 to 6'3.5 and looks only 190 cm with bad posture he loked wick 6'3er today i doubt a full 6'4 xander bercley and famke were both 182 cm and he barely looked 3 to 3.5 inches on them closer to 6'3ish but he has awful posture but i doubt over 191 nowadays

[Editor Rob: shoulders/neck kind of hunched forward?]
glenn said on 17/Feb/07
shannon looked 6-3 to me.cant remember the pavement.
Jordan said on 17/Feb/07
Speaking of curb elevation Glenn, in the Shannon Sharpe Pic, did Shannon have a higher elevation then you did? Because he appears 6'3.5 when i know he is 6'2.So was Sharpe on a curb or something??
Glenn said on 16/Feb/07
Either he is 6-5,which is possible,but I dont think,or the pavement is to his the bottom pic Im wearing,Timbs.not the classic look Timbs.thanks G unit.5-9.5 in my shoes.
G-unit said on 16/Feb/07
I don't know why, but glenn has always given me the impression of being taller than 5'8 on every picture he's in
Ed said on 16/Feb/07
Glenn it's safe to assume than that you are anywhere between 5ft9-5ft9.5 in your casual boots? If that's the case from the top of your head to the top of Neeson's hunched over head he's at the 6ft4plus mark, and he's not even standing up straight. Is it possible Neeson is 6ft5, and taller in shoes, because he looks it?
Jordan said on 16/Feb/07
So yes I agree a def. 6'4
Glenn said on 16/Feb/07
Every 4 months I have a different casual or boots on.the footwear doesnt make a difference on someone that tall.8 inches would make him 6-4.correct.
Ed said on 15/Feb/07
Glenn in the first pic he's standing behind you a bit, it's dark and hard to make out clearly. Yeah Neeson looks tall, but in the newer brighter,clearer photo you can see that he's standing right next to you, not even standing up straight and he still has you by 8 inches. How about the shoes you were wearing?
AAAA said on 15/Feb/07
He is right next to you, as opposed to however far behind in the first one. Plus both your shoulders are much clearer in visibility, in the first one the lines are barley visible
Jordan said on 15/Feb/07
What is different to me is that in the new pic Neeson is leaning and towers Glenn but in the old pic he looks as if he is standing straight but doesnt tower glenn as much. I honesly would peg this guy at 6'4, the reason I asked Glenn is becasue he meet him in person.
Glenn said on 15/Feb/07
Of course he is 6-4.what is so different this time? instead of the first pic?
Ed said on 15/Feb/07
Neeson looks an easy 8 inches taller than Glenn, and he's slouching. Glenn, I can't remember if you said before, but what kind of shoes do you usually wear, and how tall are you in them? I second Jordan's question, because he looks if he stood up perfectly straight he'd be 6ft6 next to you.
Jordan said on 15/Feb/07
Wow he really is a giant. Glenn would you say he looked 6'4?
Anthony said on 15/Feb/07
Liam Neeson is an easy 6'4.
AAAA said on 15/Feb/07
He has gotta be at least 6'4. He is slouching obviously and his eyes are still above glenns head. HUGE dude
Korben said on 15/Feb/07
Hes gotta be 6'4, looks huge in batman begins next to bale sometimes
Viper said on 20/Jan/07
Ric Ocasek shorter than Liam and only 6-3? Ric looks 6-4 bare minimum and could be 6-5.
TERRAEVIR said on 19/Jan/07
Liam Neeson is definitely 6'4". He lives in my hometown in New York State and I've seen him up close at a local store. I've also seen Ric Ocasek at the same store and he appears to be about 6'3"
Korben said on 13/Oct/06
Definatly 6'4
Click Here

shes wearing heels and listed as 5'7.5, heels add about 3-4 id say, and hes got 5-6 inches on her
john said on 9/Oct/06
I met Lou Ferrigno at the Chicago comic con and I hate to say it but he acted like a dick. Even though we payed him his $20 he was still unfriendly.It wasn't just me either, other people were complaining as well.
Jordan said on 28/Jun/06
D. Ray Morton
I think you and I both agree that Brandon Routh( new Superman) will not even be half of what Reeve as superman was, is, forever.
Glenn said on 28/Jun/06
He is known to be a dick.its not about catching him on a bad day.its about catching him on a good day.
Glenn said on 28/Jun/06
He has an attitude and charges ridiculous prices for everything.
D. Ray Morton said on 28/Jun/06
Jordan - I've heard several times now from fans that he's not the nicest person, especially for someone with the good fortune he's enjoyed recently. A friend of mine worked on SR and said the same. I was a little surprised, as he's come off as an okay chap in interviews - humble and whatnot. Maybe he really is a good guy in private - I have no idea. I do know firsthand that Reeve was princely.

As for Ferrigno, I'm actually shocked at the comments here. I always thought Lou'd be a cool guy. Just goes to show. How was he a dick, Glenn?
Jordan said on 28/Jun/06
I heard somewhere that Lou charges 60$ for a pic even when he not at a charity event. When you say the old hulk was a dick what kind of impression did he leave on you.
Glenn said on 27/Jun/06
Yeah,the old Hulk is a major dick.
supes78 said on 27/Jun/06
I met Ferrigno, so has the Rob actually, and I can honestly say the guy was super nice. He posed for a ton of pics with his fans and I even had a 5 minute conversation with him. Your friend probably caught Lou on a bad day.

[Editor Rob: maybe if he's doing paid events he's is a great motivator. I would agree at that event, he did seem friendly with the folk who he was talking to, including me, but then...out of these type of things the story might be different...]
Glenn said on 27/Jun/06
When Cream played here last year,Bruce was the only one signing and posing.
Glenn said on 26/Jun/06
Jordan-16 years ago out of boredom and depression I was walking the streets of midtown Manhattan,when I stumbled upon an event,COMEDY RELIEF,to be exact.funny,the first person I saw was a 6-1 looking Stallone.I eventually snuck into an after party at a different location.sans I went home telling my stories to friends with puzzled looks on their I said to myself,f**k this,Im bringing a camera with me to the city and sneak into another event.and it snowballed from there.then I tried paparrazi,work on film sets,security,and for pretty much 12 years,off and on again, autograph seller.
Glenn said on 25/Jun/06
Madonna is #1.honerable mentions go out to Mel Gibson,Jaouqin pheonix,all of RUSH,all of CHICAGO,Bruce Willis,Russel Crowe(nice all of a sudden),Robert Redford,Eric Clapton,Elton John etc.nicest-Tom Cruise,Dustin Hoffman,George Clooney,Christopher Reeve,Christian Slater.
Jordan said on 23/Jun/06
liam towers over Ewan Mcgregor who is 5'10 or so by at least 5 inches. Liam is a passible 6'4, no shorter then 6'3
MOF said on 12/May/06
Morgan Freeman isn't quite 6'3, DiCaprio is just about 5'11 and Bale is 6'0...
jake said on 10/May/06
Definitely 6ft 4. He is taller than 6ft 3 Morgan freeman and towers over 6 ft or 6ft 1 Leonardo dicaprio and also 6ft 1 Christian Bale.
Jason said on 27/Mar/06
Yeah, Liam is no 6'2''. I would say he's about 6'3 1/2'', too. He just doesn't appear it with Glenn because Glenn is closer to the camera. But the guy is real tall like people say.
Ed said on 25/Mar/06
He always seems to slouch in the majority of photos taken of him. I think he just has poor posture, or maybe he feels the need to come down a little in stature when he's surrounded by shorter co stars. I agree with Rob that he's probably 6ft3.5, 6ft4 plus in his younger days. I think he's a legitmately tall guy. No tricks , like so many actors. There's no way he's just 6ft2 though. Every film he's been in from Darkman, to Michael Collins, The Phantom Menace, Next of Kin, Rob Roy, Excalibur,Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, you name it, he's always way taller than everyone else, by a considerable margin. Also that photo of Glenn and Liam doesn't really put a good perspective on his height since Glenn is so close to the picture taker. They aren't standing shoulder to shoulder at all. That's pretty cool though Glenn got to meet him, he's one of my favorite actors, and I'd definitely get a kick out of meeting him. One last comment, last time I checked 6ft4 is a pretty above average height, I don't know why one would say that's not even tall. If 5ft9 to 5ft10 is the national average, a 6 to 7 inch diffeence is pretty big. 6ft2 for that matter is pretty tall, if you are talking averages. Also people shrink with age that's a fact. Our cartilage diminshes and that along with osteoporosis, causes most people to lose about an inch, sometimes more.
Cycklops said on 24/Mar/06
It was a joke, Glenn. Every human being takes strange-pictures. You have a funny-look on your face. It's not a comment on your quality as a person. Geez.
sf said on 24/Mar/06
Actually - I think Neeson looks more like HE's on meth!
Cycklops said on 23/Mar/06
That might be my favorite pic on this site. Neeson looks like a wax skeleton.
Link said on 20/Mar/06
Actually, I measured myself again, i now know why people say "no way you look 6-6'1 ish, i appear to have grown a tad to 6' 1/4", lucky me, i still stand by my 6'4 mark for neeson
Brett said on 1/Mar/06
another interesting pic, he really doesnt look 6'4" there at all
6' & 18 said on 25/Feb/06
Yes agreed, a fair height. Spot on.
Frank P said on 2/Feb/06
You know what's funny about Neeson? He's one of those actors I used to think was actually TALLER than his listing. I picture of him Rob Roy, Darkman, The Big Man, and that Steve Guttenberg comedy where Liam plays a ghost in love Bev D'Angelo, and he towers over the cast in each one. I used to think 6"6 for him. BUT,in Mutiny on the Bounty, which I just re-watched last month, he appeared to be more 6"4 next to his co-stars.
Link said on 25/Jan/06
Age means s***, My dad measured himself aged 18 at 6'2", i measured him few months back and hes now 55 (and a builder meaning he uses his back LOADS and bends over to pick things up all the time and puts strain on his body) and he was DEAD on 6'2"
clint eastwood couldnt have shrunk by 2 inches, that has to be bad posture

6'4" isnt very tall anyway, My dads side family are crazily tall, my dad is considered on the lower side of height in my family and he's at 6'2", my grandad is 6'4" (and still is aged 80 something) my uncle stands nearly 6' damn 8" tall, my aunty is 6ft tall, my female cousin is 6'1"...

And i get the crap genes and end up peaking only just 5'11"

trust me to get the rubbish part of the genes *rolls eyes*

Ive seen liam in many films, hes definitely 6'4", and quite frankly 1/2" means s**t, Hulk holgan got away with billing his height to 6'9 for like a decade, until someone finally realised he was shorter than people who were actually 6'6"

hulk is only 6'5"

and even today his official site states he is 6'7", which merely isn't true, yet he gets away with it, people sometimes say to me "No way are you 5'11 youre more like 6ft 6'1" ish

people can get away with an inch maximum, if i ever tell people im 6ft when im only 5'11 they look me up and down and say "yeah you are around that"
Viper652 said on 18/Jan/06
Neeson is 6-3.5 at the very least, how tall was Conan in relation to him??
Brett said on 17/Jan/06
Rob do you think Conan is not a real 6'4" if he suggested that Neeson is 6'5"? or that perhaps Neeson rounds down alittle?

[Editor Rob: considering Neeson'ss wife is 5ft 7 range, I think he is 193, maybe pushing 194 in 30's]
Ed said on 3/Jan/06
One of my absolute favorite actors, and I gotta say he has to be at least 6ft4 in his earlier days, but I think 6ft3 to 6ft3 1/2 is more accurate these days. He is in his 50's so I think it is safe to say he shrunk a bit. I just watched Rob Roy recently and he looks pretty huge in that film. He is a lanky guy which adds to the appearance of height, but he dwarfed Tim Roth and the 5ft7 listed Brian Cox. That was 10 years ago now.
kennethz said on 19/Nov/05
in k19 ford stand near neeson looks like his only 5"11.5 tall about 181cm.. as neeson 193cm tall..
CelebHeights Editor said on 5/Oct/05
He did say on Conan, "I’m Six Four and a wee bit" but Conan was leading him with "You must be 6 foot 5"
mcfan said on 29/Aug/05
If Daniel Day-Lewis is 6'1.5 then Neeson can't be 6'3.5. There was a bigger variation between the two actors height than just two inches. I think he's no less than 6' more than 6'4.25.
sam said on 17/Aug/05
I saw him on stage in The Crucible and got the impression that he was no less than 6'4" tall. He dwarfed Laura Linney, who was also in the play.
McFan said on 20/Jul/05
Tim Roth said Neeson is 6'5 because he laughed when saying it on Letterman because apparently the real Rob Roy was 5'6.
Walter said on 28/May/05
I saw him in the Clint Eastwood Film circa 1989, "The Dead Pool". He looked like he had an inch over Eastwood, who was about 6'3" at the time (now he is closer to 6'1"). I would guess he is about 6'4" tall, since Eastwood has shrunk lot over the years.
cantstop25 said on 10/May/05
he looks like a really tall guy. i have never met him but I believe he was above 6'4" at his peak and minimum 6'4" now.
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/05
Met him a few years ago...I'm 5'10" and was wearing heels and he was much taller than me. Also, my friend who was with me is 6'1" and Neeson was at least 2 inches taller than him, probably closer to 3. I'd say 6'4", but I'd also say he stoops a lot.
eyowell said on 2/Feb/05
In a Harrison Ford's picture in front of a somewhat bent Liam Neeson, I think there's a difference greater than 5 inches. Liam is taller than 6-4, or Harrison is smaller than 6-0,5
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