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Peak: 6ft 4.18in (193.5cm)
Current: 6ft 3.36in (191.4cm)
Canson said on 13/Apr/17
Peak height 193-194
Today he walks 6'3" range but if he straightened up may still be able to eek close to 6'4"
berta said on 10/Apr/17
i think he is 6 foot 3 flat now. kinnaman was only 2 cm shorter and adam driver also looks very close in height
RichardSpain said on 7/Apr/17
Liam always was a tall man. I think 192-193cm is his real height sure.
DuhFuq said on 4/Apr/17
He towers over Bradley and Sharlto in that picture and neither of them are short guys, in fact they're both tall, and Liam wasn't at his peak here.

I would say that Liam was very close to 6'5" at his peak but is closer to 6'3" now.
Dejavu said on 4/Apr/17
He looks 6'3 with bad posture
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
@Rampage: agreed about Liam! I believe he was 6'5 out of bed and his listed height here or even my height at his lowest. He has horrible posture today but I honestly feel if he stops straight he may still hit 6'4" or near it. He could've passed for 6'5" at peak to tell you the truth because he was much bigger than his contemporaries and back then there weren't a lot of guys his size other than maybe Rock Hudson or Howard stern who was an inch or so taller than him peak (possibly).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/17
Canson I could see Conan hitting 194-195cm zone straight out of bed peak. I think 6ft4 is still an ok listing but he may have been one of guys that dipped under slightly at the end of the day. Neeson though may very well have been a fraction over it at peak and woken up 195-196cm (like yourself)
Canson said on 17/Mar/17
I agree with Bobby3342. Liam was definitely at least a full 6'4" prime maybe even as high as Rob as him here but no way Conan was even close to solid 6'4". I'd go on the high end of Bobby's estimate for his peak height and maybe today he still holds onto 6'3". It's tough to tell because he has long hair but it's easy enough to tell that he was never 6'4" with David Hasselhoff and Liam and Selleck and Lithgow and the list goes on Haysbert Barkley Kobe etc etc etc. Conan often goes out of his way to ask people how tall they are then inflate them to make himself 6'4". Maybe he was measured wrong or in the morning but my suspicion is some of the legit 6'4"s mentioned could even fall below the mark which makes his claim even less credible and don't even get me started on 6'4 1/2 lol
S.J.H said on 16/Mar/17
Neeson could be 6'3 nowadays
Canson said on 6/Mar/17
That comment was for Conan not neeson
Canson said on 3/Mar/17
It's funny he was once 6'4.5 or claimed it because he never even reached 6'4 and also said I'm 6'4 but I'm not, yet Charles Barkley said 6'4.5/6'4.75/6'5 and 6'5.5 or 6'4 but he downplays his height don't understand what's so hard to comprehend about Conan overplaying his height instead
josh jeffords said on 24/Feb/17
Great actor though hollywood seems to like to kill him off such a waste.
He pretty much towers everyone sometimes like in the mission he looked like a giant! 6 4 +
Much later he was taller than thewlis and made bloom look 5 8 in kingdom of heaven. looked 6 3-6 4
He had bale but he and joe measured up well looked more 6 3 in that.
He was a Deity but looked a strong 6 4 in clash movies..
Very tall in k19 6 3 maybe a bit more weak 6 4.
I have noticed Liam often displays poor posture so peak he could have been bigger than Chris Lee!
I forgot he was huge in rob roy too, wasnt the legend 6 6 for roy, who was in fact short more like 5 6.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 12/Jan/17
Liam did edge out Adam Driver going by the the top of their heads and less hair than Driver.

Edit* this listing is fine, but Driver needs an upgrade to 189 cm.
Canson said on 30/Dec/16
@Christian: I love Conan as an entertainer and am not putting him down but I do not believe that he is over maybe 191cm. He never looks it. I bet if the hair were cut he'd be that. I doubt he was wearing a thinner shoe. He always wears dress shoes. It's a joke for him to even say he's 6'4.5. 6'4.5 is Jordan tall. It's very tall range and he looks low end of that, not almost 6'5. Him saying "I'm six four six four and a half" is another example. Funny when Charles Barkley has claimed many heights that people say he has no credibility when he was no diff than Conan. Conan is 6'4+ in dress shoes 6'3+ barefoot
Sam said on 30/Dec/16
The photos with Driver that I mentioned:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Thereel said on 30/Dec/16
@Christian-196.2cm. In my opinion Liam neeson back in 2010 when he came on Conan was 6'4 1/4" and Conan obrien was 6'3 1/2", however Conan in his mind wrongly believes that he is 6'4" or 6'4 1/2" (heights he has claimed) hence why he thought Liam neeson had to be 6'5" "I'm six-four you must be what six-five?" he said
Sam said on 29/Dec/16
Strange I just saw a set of premiere photos where Adam Driver appeared taller than Neeson, even edging him while slouching. Wonder about their footwear.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Dec/16
Canson said on 28/Dec/16
Thereel is correct! He was 193-194 prime 6'4 and a wee bit and always has edged Conan. Conan (like Bobby 3342 mentioned before) is a 6'3" guy always has been.


Neeson definitely edged out Conan, but I have a hard time seeing Conan at just 6ft3 flat. Do you think that he just had thinner footwear than Neeson?
Canson said on 28/Dec/16
Thereel is correct! He was 193-194 prime 6'4 and a wee bit and always has edged Conan. Conan (like Bobby 3342 mentioned before) is a 6'3" guy always has been.
Thereel said on 27/Dec/16
genuine six-four unlike all the others infact in his prime I think he was 6'4 1/2", in the 60s-70s he would of been massive in his youth equivalent to 6'5 1/2"+ today, nowadays I think he is a flat 6'4" he has horrendous posture, and say what you want but he was taller than Conan in 2010 even Conan said he was
jervis said on 25/Dec/16
looked about 1.5 inches taller than 6ft3 inch 58 year old Clint Eastwood in 1988.Peak 6ft4.5 now 6ft3.5.
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Dec/16
I fell in love with his character as Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List! I haven't met a single person for whom that film hasn't meant something to! After seeing him in that, nothing can live up to his heartbreaking, genuine performance. His crying at the end when he wonders how many more lives he could have saved if he had sold this and that has me in tears every time I see it. The end of the film couldn't be more fitting either, when the people he saved and the children who would never have been born had it not been for him, finally visit his grave while a well-known Jewish tune is playing - in colour, a beautiful and meaningful contrast to the appropriately black-and-white film.
Liam stood out a mile as a very tall man; I assumed he was a good, strong 6ft4. I haven't looked at the height that has been written up for him yet as I have been too busy writing about one of the best roles ever about one of the kindest men in history!
Imagine how many more people are going to be celebrating Honecker this season of good will with their children or Christmas if they have married into Christianity? What a fantastic thought for Christmas and one that is filling my eyes with tears of happiness!
Jervis said on 22/Dec/16
He has just said on the Lorraine show that a fellow actor in his latest movie is a big guy the same as himself around 6ft3.
spainmen191cm said on 18/Dec/16
Rob, maybe and upgrade to 6ft4.25 for his peak height? Himself has admitted to be a wee bit over 6ft4, and seems and honest guy
what!!!?!!! said on 10/Dec/16
i said it before and i will say it now. Liaaaaam is one of the tallest! and somehow he doesn't like it lol. He always slouches to appear shorter. That guy is a legit 1.94 guy even now!
shiva 181 cms said on 10/Dec/16
Liam neesons peak height was 6'4.25 since he claimed wee bit specifically and looked it today he might be 6'3.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Nov/16
Peak: 193.5-194cm
Today: 192-192.5cm
Canson said on 24/Nov/16
Agree with Berta. I'd go maybe 193.7 peak 191-192 today but then again don't know if he is hiding height with poor posture
berta said on 24/Nov/16
peak 193,5 height and now 192
Leonardo 1.73m said on 10/Oct/16
Time for a upgrade to 6'4.25 in his peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
I think Neeson could still be near 6ft4 today if measured. His posture isn't good.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/16
Editor Rob: Neeson's posture has got a bit worse as he reached 60's, but going back to 90's, see him in Rob Roy beside John Hurt and he looks a solid 6ft 4 guy

Not to mention Tim Roth who he really made a dwarf out of…
Mike said on 8/Sep/16
Neeson never edged out Conan, don't know where people are getting this from. If you look at recent pics of them together, Conan can look a full inch or more taller than him in some pics, but that's probably because of Neeson's posture. Bottom line, I think they were both legit 6ft 4ers at peak, and today Conan could've dropped a few mm, but likely still near 6ft 4, (6ft 3.75-6ft 4 range) while Neeson is more 6ft 3.25-.5in 191-192 cm...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/16
Conan O'Brien: 6ft3¾(192.4cm)
Liam Neeson: 6ft4¼(193.7cm)

That's how I see it.
Canson said on 5/Sep/16
@Bobby: very well said!!!!!!
bobbyh3342 said on 4/Sep/16
you guys have to remember posture plays a huge roll in height not many walk around at there measuring height, My dad is a legit 6'6 barefoot guy (and gets guessed at 6'8 all the time) and when standing next to him I am eye to eye with him and sometimes I think I'm taller(at 195 cm barefoot) till he stands up straight and reality sets in and then I'm smoked. But neeson may still be a flat 6'4 but in no way shape or form has conan ever measured 6'4 without shoes conan has great posture but lets face it a prime conan was never taller than 6'2.75 to 6'3.25
Editor Rob: Neeson's posture has got a bit worse as he reached 60's, but going back to 90's, see him in Rob Roy beside John Hurt and he looks a solid 6ft 4 guy
Johan said on 3/Sep/16
Peak Height is still 193cm - 6'4" ?

Not going to give him the "wee bit" that he claimed Rob? He was probably still giving his height from younger years. I would have said 194 cm was fair when you look back to Schindler's List.

Peak Height - 6'4.25" - 194 cm

Current - 6'3.5" - 192 cm.
Canson said on 1/Sep/16
@what!!!?!!!: I was referring to Conan being 6'3. Liam was a legit 194 prime. At worst he was 6'4.25 (193.7) like Rob has him above. I'm not challenging his listing. I'm challenging Conan's as every 6'4 guy edges him out and he overestimate how tall they are. Liam says he's 6'4 and a little bit that was his peak. Prob 6'4.25ish and doubt he fell below a flat 6'4 prime. Today maybe he's below but not by much. Next time read and comprehend before attacking. Thanks!
what!!!?!!! said on 31/Aug/16
Canson, really? arguing about liam being 6'4 now is acceptable...not. But Saying that liam was 6'3 in his prime is just crazy lol. That guys was and is still huge. One of the tallest in hwood.
Willes189 said on 31/Aug/16
And why would Neeson look 1-2cm taller then confirmed 193cm Conan O'brien?

Neeson is downplaying it a little bit just like Stern, Barkley and Skarsgård and many more

Liam Neeson 194.5cm peak

Conan O'brien 193cm peak (could be 193.5cm)
Canson said on 29/Aug/16
@Willes189: and you've just joined the insecure club: I'm sure Rick and Chris and others would be happy to have you. You sure love upgrading someone else to make a person you (fantasize over) taller. GTFOH with your garbage
Willes189 said on 25/Aug/16

Congratulations you just joined the celebheights troll club. I'm sure james and Johno will be happy to have a new member!
Canson said on 20/Aug/16
@Johan: lol he has done that many times. I remember with Neesum he said "you must be 6'5". And with Klitschko "what are you 6'6 6'7"? Then he said he's 6'4/6'4.5 before which both are in shoes. i think he's no more than a flat 6'3. I'd be curious if he didn't have hair how he would measure. Maybe at peak was a 6'3 1/4 but I could see as low without hair or shoes on today as 6'2.75 honestly.
Johan said on 19/Aug/16
Canson said on 2/Aug/16

@Johan: I believed Liam 6'4 or over but I never believed Conan to be 6'4" too many 6'4 guys on his show have edged him out.

Yes, I agree with you Canson. I used to think Conan was 6'4" for sure but then I looked up some old interviews. From Tom Selleck onwards he always thinks that legit 6'4" guys are taller. He did the same with Goldblum and Neeson.
D said on 17/Aug/16
Liam is one huge very good looking **** 1.93 even now. Once more into the fray into the last good fight I'll ever now....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/16
I think generally Conan has looked a 6ft4 guy and I've no problem being listed that tall but I think he was more likely to have been a fraction under it than over whereas Neeson could genuinely look a bit over that mark
Canson said on 2/Aug/16
I agree with you Rampage. He was a legit 194 or very near. And out of he and Conan he's def taller. Liam still I'd say he's 192 at worst these days.

@Johan: I believed Liam 6'4 or over but I never believed Conan to be 6'4" too many 6'4 guys on his show have edged him out. I do believe that with his hair he would measure it barefoot but if he didn't have hair he wouldn't. I see someone like Kobe Bryant precisely 6'4.75 like Rob has him and that's more like 1.5"-2" he has on Conan when he was on. I don't put Conan below 6'3 flat but not above maybe 6'3.25
Johan said on 2/Aug/16
Conan is not taller. They stood up back to back on his show and compared. They BOTH agreed that Liam was taller. Don't take my word for it , the clip is still on Youtube.
Mike said on 2/Aug/16
Conan is taller than Neeson...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Aug/16
He still looked a solid 6ft4 in the first Taken movie. It's probably only in the last 5 years he's started to dip under it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/16
Conan O'Brien - 193cm
Liam Neeson - 194cm
Canson said on 16/Jul/16
@Pucko: he prob was 194 (6'4.25) but you're making him 6'4.5 just to make Conan 6'4. That's sad
Pucko said on 15/Jul/16
Then this guy has to have been 6'4.5 at peak!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/16
Pucko said on 6/Jul/16
I wonder who'd be taller at peak, this guy or Conan o'brien?

Neeson edged out Conan on his show...
Canson said on 11/Jul/16
He still looks near 192 maybe 191.5 don't know
truth said on 11/Jul/16
@Ice That tells you quite a lot, doesn't it? Mainly that 6'4 is not only tall but a very tall height.
truth said on 11/Jul/16
Cooper is 183 cm and Neeson 193 cm (194 cm peak).
Johan said on 11/Jul/16
jtm said on 9/Jul/16
the picture above makes me wonder about cooper's height.

jtm look for pics on the net of him barefoot next to Irina Shayk ( listed 5ft 9). He barely looks over 6ft .
Canson said on 11/Jul/16
@Pucko: he edged Conan when they were on his show. Like I was saying Conan is likely 6'3 and 6'4 shoes.
Johno said on 9/Jul/16
Listing looks right.
jtm said on 9/Jul/16
the picture above makes me wonder about cooper's height.
Pucko said on 6/Jul/16
I wonder who'd be taller at peak, this guy or Conan o'brien?
Canson said on 28/Jun/16
@Rampage: maybe in his peak but he doesn't look anything close to where he could measure 6'5 out of bed today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jun/16
He looks 194/195cm in that photo w/h Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley & Rampage Jackson...
Jake said on 27/Jun/16
Looked 6'4.25 next to Christian bale in batman begins nowadays a weak 6'4
Ice said on 31/May/16
Always had an impressive height in his movies . For example , the Rock sometimes gets listed as 6'5 " , yet Neeson always gave a much taller impression in his movies . Prob 6'4" was his minimum in his prime .
Canson said on 28/May/16
I love it. 6'4 and a wee bit!!! would be in his prime not now tho.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
6ft5 out of bed peak is believable…
Ice said on 17/Apr/16
ROB what would Neesons peak height right out of bed most likely have been ?
Editor Rob: peak I don't think he dipped under 6ft 4 much at all, probably held it most of the day so could have been 6ft 5 out of bed
Ice said on 14/Apr/16
Hes got a small head and looked very big in Schindlers List
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/16
He still looks near 6ft4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/16
berta, I think that mark is very possible for his peak. He just doesn't look any less than that in Rob Roy, Schindler's List or Michael Collins.

Peak: 6ft4¼(194cm)
Today: 6ft3¾(192cm)
berta said on 24/Mar/16
rampage im with you on that. Yesterday i looked at a Movie with him freom 1995 called Rob roy. I must say this. I live in sweden and i have tall friends one is 191 Another 192, 193, 190 and 194 and i am 196-7 so i see guys this size pretty mutch all the time. And let me tell you this liam looks like my 194 friend. Even with the bad posture!!!! ( when he was Young not now) And with that extremely poor posture you will lose almost an inch when youre this size atlest 1 cm. I Think he deserves 194. I remember when he was on conen and Conan is 193 absolutely lowest i can ever se for him is 192 and liam looked almost an ich taller. even Conan said " you must be 6 foot 5?" And he said that he was 6 foot 4 and a Little more. lets give him 6 foot 4 and 1/4 he really have looked it. Now 192 if he stand tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/16
A young Neeson I think would have been identical to Alexander Skarsgaard.
Ian C. said on 1/Mar/16
Yes, Adam, height is a critical statistic, but you can only infer so much about somebody's strength from it. Jimmy Stewart was very tall, but you can't imagine him winning a fistfight, except in the movies. Oliver Reed was not quite six feet tall, but you can't imagine him losing one. The NFL is peopled with gigant short men. You look at most of the linemen and they have the proportions of short men, even though they are usually well over six feet tall. That's probably the form you want if you're looking for extremely powerful men: thick, blunt and short-limbed, but also tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Feb/16
He can look barely 6ft3 today with a hunch but when he does stand at his tallest he can still look near 6ft4.
John said on 16/Jan/16
I don't quite see a 193cm in Liam today. Even in the first photo, he appears to be 191.5cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/16
Peak: 193-194cm
Today: 192-193cm
Adam said on 28/Dec/15
@Ian C honestly I don't think the amount of bone on the top of your skull should really count for height, but it does anyway for some reason. If I'm visibly looking down on you in the eyes but the top of your head happens to be long and pointy enough that it goes above mine, it honestly seems like cheating. For example people like ben affleck with a massive forehead shouldn't be seen as tall as they are, it's just a weird distinction to make especially considering how much weight and value people attribute to height. Like what if a guy was really top heavy with a short neck and broad shoulders, and a dude comes up to him with an extremely long neck, sloped shoulders and high forehead, looks up at him in the eyes and goes "wow dude you're exactly my height". Technically, according to how we define height, he'd be right, but he'd visibly look immensely shorter and smaller in stature due to his proportions. Height is a weird topic.
Ian C said on 6/Dec/15
A interesting phenomenon, Ron, is that it is not always possible to accurately judge somebody's height if you are standing next to them. You can be the same height as another man as measured from the ground to the top of his head, but it will seem to you that you are taller or shorter than he is, depending on the sizes of your heads. This is because we judge people's height when they are close, not by the top of their heads, but by the levels of their eyes. If you have a small head, your eyes will be higher than the eyes of a man who is the same height but has a larger head, and you will judge him to be shorter than he is.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/15
Even though he's 2in below Neeson and identical to Billy Baldwin.

Could you add him and his father, Rob?
Editor Rob: at this moment I'm not sure, I will keep him in mind on the never-shrinking pile to consider.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Nov/15
Click Here
Click Here
Looks a strong 6ft4 guy at least if not 6ft4½.

Out of curiosity Rob, how tall would you say RFK Jr. is?
Editor Rob: 6ft 1 was basically what he got called back in 90's
Ron said on 24/Oct/15
There was an occasion when I was standing along side Neesom. I'm 6'3" and he was not a milimeter taller. Period.
Grant said on 23/Oct/15
@Jason865 Lol I just did! But I think I would also be on my tippys next to him!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/15
Agreed. Even 6ft3 flat looks a bit low. He can still look 6ft4 at times.
Jason865 said on 8/Sep/15
Anybody notice how Natasha Richardson is on her tip toes IN her heels next to Neeson? Talk about insecure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/15
Rob, what are the chances of him measuring under 6ft3?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't be comfortable placing a bet on it...although I'd put a bet on 6ft 3.25-3.5 being quite possible this year.]
James B said on 31/Aug/15
But do you still think rob liam is over 6'3 flt?
[Editor Rob: I think he may well still measure over it.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/15
192-193cm today♨️
pataan19 said on 19/Aug/15
Hey Rob have you seen the photos of him with actor Dan Stevens on Google? He really doesn't seem anymore than 2-2.5 inches taller, and Stevens is no more than 6 feet flat! What you recon?
[Editor Rob: it's hard to argue Liam looks over 6ft 3 with Dan.]
Carlos said on 5/Aug/15
Come on Rob, 194 peak of course
179 Bill said on 27/Jul/15
Hey rob,
Liam has long legs.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jul/15
Peak: 195cm morning, 193cm evening
Today: 194cm morning, 192cm evening
an anonymous peach said on 12/Jun/15
He looks like he easily has 5 inches on Cooper in the left pic.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/15
He was taller than Conan.
OneNamePlease said on 25/May/15
I don't see to Liam 6'3. I see 6'4.
184.3cm (Night) said on 8/May/15
People also need to remember that Liam doesnt always stand at his tallest, in or out of films. When he does straighten out though like he did on Conan he does still look a good 6'3.
Sam said on 7/May/15
Yeah, the director was Rob Reiner for The Princess Bride and Andre the Giant got the part, I bet Reiner didn't dare give Andre any looks of disgust!
18 173CM said on 29/Apr/15
Rob. Liam Peak 194cm?
[Editor Rob: in the 80's he could look a strong 6ft 4]
Andrea said on 24/Apr/15
With Alexander Skarsgard at 6'4.25, Joel cannot be a millimeter over 6'2 and is very likely in the weak 6'2 range! Liam can look between 6'2 and 6'3 a lot in his latest movies but maybe if he stood straight he can still be a little over 6'3...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/15
Liam Neeson - 6ft3¾(192cm)
Joel Kinniman 6ft2¼(189cm)

Rob, could that be nearer?
[Editor Rob: a strong 6ft 2 isn't impossible but I've felt 6ft 2 was ok for Joel. At times he can look weak or strong 6ft 2! ]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/15
Bradley Cooper looks 5ft11 max in that picture!

I think Neeson could be 6ft3¾ currently
Rusty 190cm said on 9/Apr/15
I think he really has lost an inch in the last 5 years. Before that he was still at his peak height. Maybe 6'3.25" is the most I could buy for his current height. He looks no taller than that these days. I think Rob needs to downgrade his current height further.
diamonddave7 said on 29/Mar/15
Just read most of comments below: sounds like Liam is really 6'4.....That being said ...Rampage can't be anymore than 6'0.5" tops....MMA had him billed at 6'2".....I knew that was too short....Liam has about 4" on him in the A team picture....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Mar/15
Rob, could Kinnaman be a fraction over 6ft2?

He really doesn't look much shorter than Neeson
[Editor Rob: not impossible, at times he can pull it off, other times I think he just looked 6ft 2.]
Pataan19 said on 20/Mar/15
Yeah Rob, I definitely agree with Rusty 190, he really doesn't seem a strong 6'3" at the moment, any thoughts of a downgrade to 6'3" flat?
[Editor Rob: it's whether he has a more looser posture and looks 6ft 3, but actually can measure 6ft 3.5 range...for the moment I'd go with the latter.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/15
Kinnaman just might be fraction over 6ft2. He looks 6ft3 w/h Neeson, sometimes the same height.
Rusty 190cm said on 17/Mar/15
Based on recent pictures of Liam Neeson and after seeing run all night, I don't think he is over 6'3" today. He did look 6'4" 10 years ago though.

He only had an inch on Joel Kinnaman who you give 6'2" to.
six niner said on 15/Mar/15
I was in L.A. in 2010. Neeson happened to get on an elevator with me and my brother who is 6'10" and I am 6'9.5". Neeson is every bit of 6'4" or a bit taller. He said he felt normal standing next to us. We both way 330+
jtm said on 14/Mar/15
anozie is listed 6'5 here now and neeson is shorter than vincent d'onofrio.
Jim said on 11/Mar/15
Liam Neeson was actually taller than 6'4 at his peak. He was closer to 6'4.5" in the 80's-90's.

He's still a legitimate 6'4 though. I'm 6'5 and met him at the premier of the film Clash of the Titans a few years ago, and he was almost eye to eye with me. Still a legit 6'4, even at his age. Very tall bloke. He was very nice as well.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Mar/15
Still 192-193cm minimum, IMO. Wouldn't shock if he still measured 6ft4.
irshgrl500 said on 7/Mar/15
Based on the link provided by Pleb on 8/Dec/13, Liam looks about 2" (not 3")inches shorter than Nonso Anozie, who supposed to be 6'6". So, 6'4" would be accurate.
Also, as many have indicated here, Liam is a visibly tall and large man, and have stated that he actually may have been taller than 6'4", in his prime.
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/15
rough estimate him at 191.5cm through out the day. This explain why he look 191 and 192cm both
Darth Nihilus said on 25/Feb/15
I watched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace almost a week ago and in this movie, Neeson looked about 6'5"-6'6" tall. Very big guy. He absolutely dwarfed Ewan McGregor.
Dejavu said on 19/Feb/15
Looks an inch taller than Whitaker. 6'3 or a bit more.
James said on 16/Feb/15
If anything Neeson is some of his early films could give a slightly taller impresison than goldblum
S.J.H said on 7/Feb/15
The worse Liam could be fraction under 192cm. Strong 6ft3
Pierre said on 4/Feb/15
Excuse me i digress:on this Rob's picture,Bradley Cooper seem 3 or 4 cms shorter than Rampage Jackson and 1 or 2 cms shorter than Sharlto Copley(~similar shoes?) .Sharlto Copley has a relaxed posture.(Look at theirs eye's heights)
alex said on 29/Jan/15
In non-stop, near 186/187 Corey Stoll, he is clearly taller but he doesn't dwarf Stoll, I think 193 is the right call for him.
Adam said on 17/Jan/15
Peak is 194cm for Neeson of course
AlexMahone said on 16/Jan/15
Click Here

This is a promo photo from upcoming Neeson's thriller "Run all night" with co-star Joel Kinnaman. If Kinnaman 188cm than Neeson easly 193 if he stands absolutely straight. He's slouching in the photo again, he's a hard sloucher but his eye level is way higher than Kinnaman's.
[Editor Rob: it doesn't look like a single photo, but one joined to the other.]
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jan/15
Rob, would do you think for a 6'4.25 peak? He did say he was a bit over 6'4" didn't he?
[Editor Rob: for the moment I'm leaving him at 6ft 4.]
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/15
I always had Neeson and Goldblum at the same sort of height, I think both would have genuinely measured near that 194 mark peak.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/15
Rob I know it's a bit late for Christmas now but is there any chance you could give a him a 6'4.25 listing like Jeff Goldblum peak? I think he really looked it in his prime, you watch films like Schindler's List and Gangs of New York and he could look almost 6'5" at times I don't think 6'4.25 would be too unreasonable he looked about that with Clint Eastwood who was about 6'3" by then. I think he was being honest when he once said something like he was wee bit over 6'4 or something wasn't it?.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jan/15
James B says on 5/Jan/15
If goldblum was minimum 193cm then Neeson had to be as well.

Well, he don't have visual proof in the form of a photo of them together to really make that call. Personally I'd give Goldblum the 6ft4½ peak.
hal said on 9/Jan/15
"He has never been a full 6'4"...never..."

Of course, there always has to be that guy.

I believe that Liam was a strong 6'4" in his prime. But he's in his 60's, so he's probably lost a cm or two. Listing seems right.
James B said on 5/Jan/15
If goldblum was minimum 193cm then Neeson had to be as well.
Judd said on 26/Dec/14
Sorry, i wrote them wrong: 6'3.75" not 6'2.75"...
However that's my opinion: peak height was 6'3.75" (slightly under 6'4") and today 6,3.25"...
He has never been a full 6'4"...never...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/14
He looks near 6ft5 in Excalibur.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/14
Oh c'mon Judd he was easily 6 ft 4 peak... He's one of the few guys you cannot really dispute at a proper 6'4 guy in his prime.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/14
A peak Neeson would have been taller noticeably taller than the Hemsworths.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/14
Oh c'mon Judd he was easily 6 ft 4 peak... He;s one of the few guys you can really dispute at a proper 6'4 guy in his prime.
184.3cm said on 20/Dec/14
@Judd I think Liam is as legit a 6'4 as you will get certainly in his prime anyway. Maybe nowadays he dips under but i wouldnt bet on him being closer to 6'3 than 6'4 even now.
Judd said on 19/Dec/14
Actually now I recognize that he was very close to 6'4" in Schindler's List but I wouldn't put on he ever been that height in the afternoon...and regarding today, I am not sure about the fact he would appear taller next to a honest 6'3" guy like Liam Hemsworth or others...
I would put him at 6'2.75" when he was young and today 6'3.25". Just a quarter of inche shorter than Rob's estimate!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Dec/14
Sometimes this guy looks a little too tall on screen next to 6'1-6'2" guys to have only been 6'4" flat. Sometimes he can look near 6'5" actually. See him with John C Reilly in Gangs of New York for instance.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Dec/14
Actually in the graveyard scene I think Eastwood seemed taller but it was uneven ground and Neeson was on lower ground. It is the scene walking through the warehouse where they're level you can see Neeson had about an inch on him, never 2 though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Dec/14
Fenderdad says on 2/Dec/14
Liam looks shorter than Clint Eastwood in the dead pool.and he was standing next to him.

You may need to watch The Dead Pool again because Neeson had more than 1in, possibly 2in on Eastwood in that graveyard scene...
Fenderdad said on 2/Dec/14
Liam looks shorter than Clint Eastwood in the dead pool.and he was standing next to him.
Jonah Maslow said on 29/Nov/14
Im sure
Liam is 6'4 (193cm)
But his peak was 194 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/14
Rob, have you seen that picture of him Skarsgaard?
[Editor Rob: Neeson at times doesn't stand as tall, I'm sure if you looked at a few photos you could find a bunch he looks 6ft 2-3 range.]
Balrog said on 16/Nov/14
Agree with that, Rampage. Neeson standing well in that pic, showing his true height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Nov/14
Damn! Cooper looks 5ft11 max in that picture!
John said on 10/Nov/14
I don't understand, alexander skarsgard is 1,94 right? Why does Liam Neeson look like he was 1,80 on this image ''Click Here''

And he's suppost to be 1,93 and that would be only 1 cm shorter than Alaxender.
Darren510 said on 10/Nov/14
He actually could be 6'4 flat. If not he is dangerously close.
Natalie said on 8/Nov/14
194cm now maybe 193cm.5 aprox
jessman said on 2/Nov/14
Before becoming a big name in movies, Neeson was listed as 6'5 in Ireland in the early eighties.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Nov/14
Rob, can you add a photo of him standing tall? Looks a solid 6'4" in Batman Begins.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/14
At least 192-193cm range today.
Realist said on 25/Oct/14
This guy is atleast 192 today. My foot 6'2.5. I would give him 6'3.75 actually and 6'4.25 peak.
Darren510 said on 24/Oct/14
Neeson is a big man, and always looks it. Strong 6'4 peak 6'3.5 - 6'3.75 today.
mike said on 22/Oct/14
Peak: 6ft 4-4.25in 193-194
Today: 6ft 3.25-3.5in 191-192
Jakob said on 20/Oct/14
I don't know, he can still look 6'4" in his recent films. He has pretty loose posture too. Of course at 62 he could have dropped a cm or two due to wear and tear, but I wonder if at his peak he was more 194cm; he often looked much taller than other tall actors. In Battleship, I never really saw any scenes where he was near Alexander Skarsgard, so I don't know how they would shape up, but Skarsgard always looks taller than he is for some reason to me.
184.3cm said on 16/Oct/14
6'2.5 hahahaha hohoho dear oh dear. Theres more chance of him being his peak 193cm than that.
Lebensdorf said on 16/Oct/14
I would say 6 2.5 today. Does not look much taller than Bradley Cooper.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/14
Not a hair less than 6ft4 peak.
Realist said on 13/Oct/14
Rob his younger son looks the same height as Steve Guttenberg, who is 5'10.5 . So max his son could be is 5'11. At 18 he is probably done. Is that because of his mother who was 5'7. So 5'11 like an equivalent to 5'7 instead of getting 6'4 genes, remember that his mother's family is also very tall.

Click Here
Tod said on 12/Oct/14
People do shrink as they when they hit s certain age. He does seem a legit 6'4" guy
candyman said on 11/Oct/14
6'3.25"-6'3.75" with n without slouch today.
jtm said on 6/Oct/14
go look at the recent pictures. he is clearly shorter than conan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Oct/14
That's another thing. If Neeson is 192cm tops, Conan cannot be more than 6ft3. Neeson edged him out on his show just a couple of years back and even onan admitted Neeson was taller.
mike said on 2/Oct/14
Doesn't look over 192 today 6ft 3.25 might be better but minimum 6ft 4 prime. Conan looks an inch taller in pics with him.
badboy said on 2/Oct/14
Just watched battleship he was 2 inch shorter than 6.4 Alexander skarsgard so he might even shrunk to 6.2 nowadays
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/14
Taken 3 is coming out next year and I find it very hard to believe that he'll only be 1-1.5in taller than Forest Whitaker. He might still be 6ft4. I don't the fact that he makes action movies is an indicator that he's lost height
judd said on 30/Sep/14
peak 6'4", now 6'3.5"...he was very tall in schindler's list (1993)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
If Neeson is below 6ft4 now then so is about half of the other guys listed here at that height.
Jonathan said on 29/Sep/14
Peak 194cm
Now 193cm
Kevin said on 29/Sep/14
Not that he's Hunchback of course, sometimes has a bad position. maximum height was 194cm and now he could measure minimum is 193cm (6'4) I'm sure
Sam said on 6/Aug/14
When I saw him onstage in The Crucible opposite Laura Linney I thought she was closer to 5'6" range because it looked like Neeson was considerably taller (maybe 10 inches). That was about 12 years ago but he was quite big, still full height and looked solid in person, muscular and looking 220 lbs.+ I'd guess.
Sean said on 27/Jul/14
[Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Jan/14
Rob, Neeson looks 194-195cm in these next to Clint Eastwood]

LOL. Some of you are comical. Those are the worst pics for comparing their heights.
Guy said on 18/Jul/14
190 people says they are 193, i think he os a solid 193 but he has a very bad posture so he looks like 190
James B said on 9/Jul/14
6'2 and 6'3 are not gigantic just tall.

Rob maybe give liam 6'4.5 peak? He did look 1 inch taller in the early 90s for sure
Realist said on 6/Jul/14
6'2 and above is not just tall its huge but not gigantic. 6'5 and above is hulk. 5'6 and below is small. 5'7 to 5'9 normal but shortish. 5'9.5 absolute average.
Lenad said on 25/Jun/14
there were times in batman begins he only looked like 2 inches taller than Christian bale but that's probably just camera angles
Rockstar said on 25/Jun/14
6'4 is correct.
6'4.5'' (194cm) said on 24/Jun/14
Imposible. He is 6'4 (193) now. Is Hunchback
mike said on 22/Jun/14
in his prime he can look 193-194.
nowadays 192-193.
James B said on 20/Jun/14
6ft3.5 is virtually very tall
unknown said on 18/Jun/14
i think he was very close to 6'4 when he played Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List (1993). Today he looks to me a strong 6'3. I would say:

Peak Height: 6'3.75 (1,92 m), with a small chance of full 6'4
Today: 6'3.25 (1,91 m)
john said on 13/Jun/14
is 6 foot 3.5 still tall rob
[Editor Rob: of course, it's still a pretty noticeable height in a crowd.]
Mr. R said on 10/Jun/14
Yeah, I met him maybe 6 years ago, and he was about 6-3. Very nice guy though.
berta said on 8/Jun/14
yeah he is 62 years old so he probably have lost 1 cm. but still think 194 peak.
The Exorcist said on 25/May/14
There's no doubting he was a really huge guy at his peak.
Click Here
Click Here

But looking at recent stuff, it's evident he's lost quite a bit. It's such a shame he has to get old...I wanted him to be 6'4" forever! lol
Dmeyer said on 25/May/14
6 ft 3.5 is wath hé looked when i met him
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/14
Good call.
Balrog said on 24/May/14
I think 6'4" at peak and now 6'3.5", I think it is time for a peak height.
[Editor Rob: I think with wear and tear and from his more action type roles in last 5 years, that could have pushed him a bit under the mark now.]
dmeyer said on 23/May/14
at 61 plus the fact that he is very tall , he could have lost noticable , back in 2005 i met him he was only 53 he looked about 4in on me 6 ft 3.5 maybe his posture wasnt great , so from i saw in person 191-193cm is possible 6 ft 3.25-4 in
James B said on 21/May/14
Arch Stanton says on 16/May/14
Yeah I think he's lost an inch nowadays, he's looking 6'3" tops next to Conan.

Arch Stanton said on 16/May/14
Yeah I think he's lost an inch nowadays, he's looking 6'3" tops next to Conan.
jtm said on 13/May/14
looks like my recent post didn't go through. i was looking at recent pictures and he surprisingly looks 6'2 range now. he is clearly shorter than Conan O' Brien and looks shorter than chris pratt but pratt was closer to the camera and had a footwear advantage. his current height is definitely no more than 6'3.
jtm said on 11/May/14
rob have you seen the recent pictures with conan o brien? neeson is clearly no more than 6'3 now.
IosuLM said on 22/Mar/14
in deadpool Liam seems high because he walks on tiptoes.
James B said on 12/Mar/14
Did not look that much taller than clint eastwood in deadpool
Lillo Thomas said on 2/Mar/14
Liam neesom was a bit taller than 6'4 in his peak 6'4.25. Today he is about 6'3.75 close to 6'4. He can look like 6'3 flat because of poor posture.
Balrog said on 3/Feb/14
6'4.25" peak. 6'3.75" now. Lost already half inch due bad posture, Neeson is a sloucher.
176,2Tunman said on 2/Feb/14
Solid 6'4-4.25 at peak.He really looked huge in Schindler's List definitely gives the impression of a 6'5, he towered Fiennes and dwarfed almost all the assistance.However many of them ranged from 5'4 to 5'6 which was probably intentional .Easy 7in taller than 5'9 Maggie Grace in Taken but today his posture started to get poorer and looks more 6'3 than 6'4 though I think he still could measure a good 6'3.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jan/14
Rob, Neeson looks 194-195cm in these next to Clint Eastwood

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/14
"Liam Neeson height: 5ft 11in (180cm)"

Now confined to a wheelchair. The man can only stand when using one of his favourite walking sticks.

Only messing
Pleb said on 31/Dec/13
@avi, The top down camera perspective cancel out the disadvantage of them appearing smaller, it help those who are standing further back to appear higher up the picture.

Better pic, but still a top down perspective: Click Here
OGAnon said on 29/Dec/13
194-195 cm peak
193-194 cm today

loose and often poor posture with this guy really gives the illusion of smaller stature. still a large man regardless.
The Exorcist said on 26/Dec/13
With (5'11" listed) James Nesbitt.
Click Here

With (5'11.5" listed) Harrison Ford.
Click Here
Click Here

Neeson stands with a relaxed posture in lots of his photos, often making him appear shorter, like 6'3" - 6'3.5" range. But I do believe he'd be a full 6'4" (or at least just shy of it) on a stadiometer.
Robert said on 24/Dec/13
Can't see him as 6 4 anymore, 6 3 today...
avi said on 21/Dec/13
@Pleb says on 8/Dec/13
With 6ft6 Nonso Anozie, doesn't look the full 6ft4: Click Here

Nope! Liam is further from camera than Anozie so he'd have a disadvantage so he probably would look about 6'4 next to anozie. Could neeson be 6'3.75? Sure but no lower.
jordydecke said on 11/Dec/13
any pictures of Neeson with Eastwood (when he was younger)? I'd be intrigued to see how close they were in height.
Pleb said on 10/Dec/13
I'm seeing more than 2 inches, thats about the tallest you're going to see Neeson stand, Anozie kind of has his head lowered, tilted forward. Neeson has more hair to give him the illusion of extra height, when you're looking at the top of Anozie's head, that's practically the top of his head.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Dec/13
He actually looks 6ft4.5-6ft5 in that pic.
Pleb said on 8/Dec/13
With 6ft6 Nonso Anozie, doesn't look the full 6ft4: Click Here
learn2proxy said on 8/Dec/13
6'4.5 peak

current height a little up in the air due to perpetually poor posture, but very likely still 6'4 even in his early 60's.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/13
Neeson, Hasselhoff, Goldblum and Seagal are all roughly the same age.

Rob, out of all of them who would you consider bringing down slightly or giving a peak height?
[Editor Rob: of course all being slap on 6ft 4 on the nose would be remarkable. I've watched early Seagal, well he was like 36 when he started movies really, but I think he was nearer 6ft 4 than 5. Hoff there's always a chance he was a little over 6ft 4 flat because he still looks near 6ft 4 today.]
jtm said on 7/Dec/13
he was 2 inches taller than platt in a movie they did together but i think platt is closer to 6'2. neeson's peak height was 5'4 but now he is no more than 6'3.5.
Jamie said on 5/Dec/13
No silent d. 193 cm suits him fine
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/13
Yeah, he could be heading toward 6ft3.5 now. His posture is not doing him any favours. But, 6ft3 flat? Not a chance.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Oct/13
Yeah he looks like he's lost nearly two inches in some of those pics. Freeman is struggling with 6'2" today I think.
miko said on 26/Oct/13
Rob I think we may have a case for a small current height downgrade with Liam, I think he's lost a bit looking at recent photos, doesn't quite give off that 6'4 appearance he once did.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And with 6'3 listed Oliver Platt: Click Here

Do you think he could be more 6'3.25/6'3.5 in 2013? He is 60+.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Oct/13
Yeah I think he was around 6'5" out of bed peak.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Oct/13
Could pass for 6 ft 5 in Schindler's List. He looks extremely tall compared to the rest of the cast. This is as legit a 6'4" guy as you can get.
Robert said on 6/Oct/13
193 peak
191 today
DB Cooper said on 21/Sep/13

camera angles. perspective. that's why!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/13
He's standing a good few feet behind Eastwood in all three pictures.
If you watch that scene, you'll notice that Neeson had a good inch or so on Eastwood.
Neeson really did look 6ft4-5 in that movie
Silent d said on 19/Sep/13
He has this bad posture and a slouch that makes him look shorter but i know he is a big guy. Average joe he doesn't look that much taller than morgan freeman. 6 foot 3 at most next to him in that photo. That asian guy in that photo is huge for an asian. Who is he? I know he is japanese. 192cm.
Jesse said on 9/Sep/13
@mumaieb, it's because of the camera angles.
mumaieb said on 25/Aug/13
Just check these pictures and imagine how could he be taller than 6"3...
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
mumaieb said on 25/Aug/13
He looked tad shorter than Clint eastwood(who is 6'4) in 1988 movie dirty harry dead pool, Clint was 60 years old in that movie and Liam was only 36 years old in that film, so i wonder how could he be 6'4.... I think my guess he is not taller than 6"2.5"
lazybear said on 24/Aug/13
Damn he'd have been a great choice for reacher, I was thinkin mark strong as another possibility. Anythings better then cruise.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/13
Is 194cm peak possible, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure in the morning he was near 6ft 5 out of bed]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/13
Rob, do you make of these?
Click Here
Click Here

Liam Neeson - 6"4.25"(194cm)
Kevin Nealon 6"4"(193cm)
DB Cooper said on 11/Jul/13
Gave an equivalent, if not bigger impression than jeff goldblum and stephen fry (both over 6'4) next to 6'1.5 jonathan ross. Still a strong 6'4, but remarkably loose posture makes him seem significantly shorter. All claims of anything under 6'4 are totally understandable, but still bogus.
cd said on 10/Jul/13
At age 61 he's probably lost about 0.5" or a bit more by now. He certain wasn't near 6'5" at his peak, and is therefore probably slightly under 6'4" now. I'm going to go for 6'4.25" (194 cm) peak, and now 6'3.75" (192 cm).
rick said on 7/Jul/13
I second the notion that Liam should play Jack Reacher.
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
He is an imposing figure. I think 192cm. People saying he is shorter than 6 foot 3 are out of their mind. He looks quite tall in taken. Towering maggie grace who is 5 foot 9 and over ten cm taller than famke janssen. 192cm.
Val said on 19/Jun/13
I think Liam should played Jack Reacher, maybe next time.
Putte said on 26/May/13
He's always hunched and still looks 6'4. 6'3 good posture is a minimun.
Lenad said on 25/Apr/13
I saw 6'4ish in the dead pool next to Jim Carrey. He can give a 6'3ish impression because he slouches though
Average Joe said on 5/Apr/13
Click Here Liam Neeson with Morgan Freeman.

Click Here Jeff Goldblum with Morgan Freeman.

DB Cooper said on 3/Apr/13
6'4 today. Anything less is a joke. He's a big time huncher.
Average Joe said on 1/Apr/13
No more than 6'3 today with good posture. Around 6'2 with his hunch. Skarsgard has a good inch or two on him. If Neeson is still 6'4 then Skarsgard is in the 6'6 range...
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/13
Just watched Taken for the first time in a while. Caught the scene where liam stands next to 6'4.75 g. hertzburg at the party. liam's standing straight, though not quite as straight as hertzburg. Regardless, he's nothing short of 6'4.25, and is most likely slightly taller. liam neeson IS 6'4.
James said on 2/Mar/13
i think a peak neeson may have been very close in height too tim robbins.

in the deadpool
clint eastwood 6'3 (191cm)
Liam Neeson 6'4.5 (194cm) or 6'4.25 (194cm)

Neeson could have been anywhere from 6'4.25-6'4.5 peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
Ok maybe 6ft4.25 peak. Did look at least 1in taller than Clint in The Dead Pool
Corrigan said on 24/Feb/13
He walked right passed me once, he was slightly hunched and he was maybe half an inch or an inch taller than me. I'm 6'2".
Nerfherder said on 23/Feb/13
Every bit of 6'4 as of today. might've been 6'4.5 earlier in his career before middle-age. He tends to look shorter due to poor posture.
James said on 8/Feb/13
He looks at least 6'4 in pics of him with then 6'2.5 Clint Eastwood in 1996.

Just go on Getty images and have a look for yourself.
Balrog said on 8/Feb/13
Yes at peak I'm sure he was 6'4'' and could be a little over and now he's under 6'4''. 6'3.5'' is a possibility. Look at him next to Nonso Anozie who Rob met and is a legit 6'6''. Also in Taken next to Maggie Grace (who Rob met aswell) he looks easily over 6'3''. Neeson when stand up well he towers over Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, both of them are around 6'0''.
Lo sgozzatore said on 7/Feb/13
Balrog, i havent seen him when he was young. I've just seen his last movies and yeah, he looks pretty tall but i've never thought a big 6'4. In the last Taken, there's a scene with Famke Jansen, who's not over 182-183. She's wearing ballerina and he's wearing quite thick shoes, no less than 1.25 inches! Well he does look 11-12 cms taller than her, no more and considering he also has 3 cms and more advantage over her, he really doesnt look over 191, maybe 192. You really think he was a big 193-194 guy at peak?
Balrog said on 6/Feb/13
Peak 193-194 Today 191-192. I repeat he's a terrible sloucher and could easily lost a few cm already because of that.
James said on 5/Feb/13
6'4 1/2 peak is possible and today 6'3.75.
Balrog said on 2/Feb/13
Neeson is a terrible sloucher but I think he's still over 6'3''. Skarsgard didn't own him.
Jamesy said on 24/Jan/13
At his peak 6'4 looked very much belivable
Lo sgozzatore said on 22/Jan/13
If he's really 6'4, he's one of the shortest 6'4 i've ever seen. Legit 6'4 are guys like Jared Padalecki, Alexander Skarsgard, Jeff Goldblum, David Hasselhoff, Luca Toni. (In fact he was owned by Skarsgard).
balrog said on 27/Dec/12
Neeson 6'4'' at peak and now 6'3.5'' perhaps. He hasn't good posture but still think he is over 6'3'' nowdays.

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