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5ft 4.72in (164.4cm)
lynsay said on 14/Dec/06
i grew after high school, 3 inches, high school i was 5'5, now i'm 5'8...
Viper said on 13/Dec/06
She must have been in heels.
Glenn said on 13/Dec/06
Well,my photo shows otherwise.unless she grew in the last 18 months,which is possible.she was 5-4 when I met her.
Alexa said on 12/Dec/06
Lindsay is NOT under 5'7. She was much taller than me and I'm 5'3.5. She was four inches over my boyfriends shoulder who is 6'4
carla said on 9/Dec/06
I met Lindz and I'd say she's 5"4.5-a bit shorter or the same height as me.
Alex said on 8/Dec/06
Glenn, is Lindsay a nice girl in person?
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/06
From all I have seen, probably 5'4" maybe 5'4.5" but not shorter. In 2003 she was what 16/17, she probably still wasn't growing then. Most girls I knew didn't grow after 14. You can write what ever height you want on a driver's license, and from my friends trust me people do. If you read the article which is debunking the e-mail (It is snopes, they call out urban legends) it says they don't know if the license or the amex pics are authentic.
Me said on 11/Nov/06
It's ridiculous to use dated pics to measure the height of a 20 y/o. I saw her on a new episode of Leno tonight, 11/10/06, and she had more than an inch on him standing. I'm sure she was wearing high-heels, but there's no way that she's 5'3", like some said.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/06
Longoria is an absolute shrimp. She makes 6-0 Tony Parker look 6-4.
Alex said on 24/Oct/06
She appears 5'5 to me.
leonari said on 22/Oct/06
she is 5'4". Those saying 5'6" are fools. Really there is no other words. Plain non-sense.
Ahsley said on 21/Oct/06
Anonymous says on 12/Jul/06
look here: Click Here
she's 5'6

'nuff said. 5'6''.
Dunken said on 10/Oct/06
here's one of the best line-up's from the movie Mean Girls:

Click Here

all the girl are wearing boots that give them at least 3 inches, so they're ll equal.

if you draw a line over their heads (i know they're not perfectly aligned, but it's close enough), you'll have:

- circa 5'3" Lacey Chabert
- slightly taller 5'4", maybe 5'4.5" Rachel McAdams
- Lindsay Lohan at what seems to be 5'5", maybe a rounded 5'5.5"
- Amanda Seyfried at circa 5'3", on par with Lacey Chabert

there's no way Lindsay is shorter than 5'4".
anonymous said on 30/Sep/06
Click Here
Lohan does look similar in height to Kate..maybe 5'5" or 5'6".
Brad said on 19/Sep/06
I "mite" "here" that people "beileve", er "beleive" this. Amazing. I might hear that people believe this.
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
You here 5-5 to 5-7.shes 5-4.
ken_hiroshi_ said on 12/Sep/06
in MEAN GIRL she looks 5ft2max(159cm).. can;t beleive shes 164cm.. she mite be shorter..
rose said on 9/Sep/06
lana kate is max 5-5.beileve me,its true.and lindsay 1 inches shorter than kate,and she is max 5-5
Lana said on 4/Sep/06
look at this Click Here
ThisGirl said on 31/Aug/06
Believe it or not Lindsay has a personal MySpace... and it's been posted in the internet before. It is obviously her REAL site where she posts stuff herself, and it says that she's 5'5". I think she'd know her own height, so that's probably how tall she actually is... I personally think she looks that tall.
Cloo said on 27/Aug/06
I think the only way to measure a person correctly is (barefooted and no huge hair) by standing by a height chart. And to know if you are taller than someone? Stand barefooted, straight, back to back with that person.
Chris said on 4/Aug/06
anon, you're right. Not sure how I came up with Stephen Dorff there. For some reason I remembered him as being in the movie - which he's not.
The guy in the picture is actually Matt Dillon who gets listed as 5'11
Viper652 said on 31/Jul/06
A 5-4 estimate for her could be right. Much more than say, Angelina Jolie.
hilz said on 30/Jul/06
hmm...she really does look 5'4.5". I mean, she can look really petite in some pictures so i wouldn't be surprised if Lohan was 5'4"!
Lo said on 27/Jul/06
she is DEF at least 5'5, i would say closer to 5'6 though, cuz look at her next to that guy
anon said on 26/Jul/06
Chris, that doesn't look like Stephen Dorff.
Glenn said on 22/Jul/06
For starts,she is 5-4.heels are tricky.I had girl that was 5-8.5 and if she wore heels I would still look her height in pics.even a hair more sometimes.2 girlfriends depends on the girls posture and foot placement.
Chris said on 21/Jul/06
Something's off here. If she's 5'5 and Stephen Dorff is 5'7 then how can Stephen be half a head bigger then her when she's in heels and he's in sneakers?

Click Here
D. Ray Morton said on 16/Jul/06
"you aren't measured at the dmv, so you are as tall as you wanna be"

I shoulda put down 6'2"!
Haylie said on 15/Jul/06
Oh yes, I'm gonna be 6ft on my drivers license lol!
I'm sorry, I'm stcking with my 5'4 estimate on La Lohan, that's what she looks like to me!
Glenn said on 15/Jul/06
Aint that the truth.
himom! said on 14/Jul/06
you aren't measured at the dmv, so you are as tall as you wanna be
cluedin said on 13/Jul/06
i don't know about you guys, but i was never measured for my driver's license. so it says the height i want to be : )
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/06
look here: Click Here
she's 5'6
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/06
she's definetly 5'6 looking at the picture!!!!!NO WAY she's 5'4. that's way to short for her. my cousin met her and she's about my height,5'4 and lindsay was wearing flats and she said she's at least two inches taller.
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/06
I think 5'6'' is rouded up a bit...5'5''-5'5.5'' seems most accurate. Though I guess Lindsay goes with 5'6'' on her driver's license>Click Here
ayushi said on 12/Jul/06
she is 5-4 it's on lohanonline .and when i saw her shopping she seemed about my height im 5-4 and she was wearin boots and i was in flats.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/06
I would have to agree with Shannon being that everyone usually says that the person is taller than they acually are, but I think this time Its accurate. 5'5 seems right..but on other celebrities they do make them shorter than they acually are..lke Hilary Duff being 5'0? common shes 5'4..5'3 least.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/06
Go with Glenn on this one. 5'4" and time for a downgrade.
marium said on 30/Jun/06
i think that she's not even 5'5"she looks a lot shorter than that.i am definiteley sure u guys r lying!
RentGirl said on 29/Jun/06
I have the famous "height chart" that i got from a magazine and below the picture it says she's "pint-sized, but full of trouble."
Steve Miller said on 28/Jun/06
Everyone lists Lacey Chabert, the famous "little one" from mean girls, as five three. Lindsay's taller so that makes her a solid five five. Plus the whole jingle bell rock song was sung with "the tallest in the middle" which was Lindsay. Clearly no shorter than five five.
becca said on 26/Jun/06
saw lindsay on roberston blvd. she was wearing high heels but putting the heels into consideration i would say her true height is about 5'5"-5'6".
she is clearly not a short person! her legs are quite sturdy
nyccelebstalker said on 23/Jun/06
Shannon, I have to strongly disagree with you. I've seen many of these people and was excited to find a site that actually quoted them accurately. If anything would say they are slightly under as listed here, but very close. But I do agree that some of the random comments are just absurd, like Jessica Alba being 5'0.
Glenn said on 22/Jun/06
I must be 5-11!
Shannon said on 21/Jun/06
if you guys are saying 5'5 then she must be like 5'6 or 5'7. you guys always say that someone is shorter than they acually are.
RentGirl said on 21/Jun/06
Here's a pic of Lindsay and Samarie(5'4). There both wearing flats. Click Here

[Editor Rob:

we used to always joke about a big event on a football forum I was involved in a while ago, we referred to it as 'Nike Friday' when all manner of new players would be unveiled...

well, Celeb Sunday is coming...all manner of 1/2 inches will be 'revealed' to have vanished...maybe Lindsay could be one of em!
RentGirl said on 19/Jun/06
When are you going to downgrade her?
Stephanie said on 13/Jun/06
It said 5' 5.5" but that was when she first said the "I'm 5-05 or 5-06" comment. She looks 5' 3"-5' 4" to me, especially in Just My Luck next to the 5' 11" Missi Pyle. A 5' 6" person, with 3" heels, does not look half a foot shorter than a 5' 11" person!
Leah said on 13/Jun/06
Okay um about that Mugshot thing again in the movie. I know someone says she was in heels but in the scene in the movie one of her heels breaks off when she suddenly gets "unlucky" So yeah. This confuses me. Hmm. I don't know whether her knee was bent because of the missing heel or if she was standing with the broken heeled foot on her tip toes. I'm not sure if they showed it.
May said on 10/Jun/06
I'm 5'4" and i met saw her at newport beach, she was exactly my height
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
Rob, didn't you just have Lindsay at 5'5.5 a few weeks ago? I think you could take her down to 5'4.5 but really nothing under that.
Neezzzie said on 7/Jun/06
she could be about 5'6
Denise said on 5/Jun/06
Look at this. She is next to Meryl Streep.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

[Editor Rob:

->.<- the dot is getting even closer for downgrade now,
Hi said on 5/Jun/06
I read somewhere that she was 5'8 . I dont know if thats true.

[Editor Rob:

I am -> . <- this close to taking her down 1cm...]
Alex said on 3/Jun/06
Shortest I could see Lindsay at is 5'4.5. I don't give her anything over 5'5 either.
anonymous said on 3/Jun/06
vanessa minnillo is not 5'8. she is more like 5'6 barefeet.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/06
no way she is 5'5. Just saw a picture of her the last time she was on TRL with Vanessa Minnillo--Vanessa is listed as 5'8 and TOWERS over lindsay (more than 3 inches!). To top it all off, while Vanessa appears to be in heels, Lindsay is in huge platforms! And there is still a height difference that is arguably way more than 3 inches.

See Click Here
Jove said on 2/Jun/06
In the photo she looks to be around 5 feet and 6 inches since glenn is 8
Glenn said on 31/May/06
Correct Rob.
Anonymous said on 31/May/06
To Alex and Leah: Yes, but she's in heels when the mugshot is taken so She ends up at around 5'4". The only way she can be shorter (or taller) is if the crew rigged the scene or something.
Glenn said on 31/May/06
My photo was taken during the filming of Herbie.

[Editor Rob: so, stopped growing at that time then, her max height you'd seen...]
Wicked Kid said on 29/May/06
Wait, when did Glenn said she could be 5'3"?? Though I would say it's possible. She certainly looked that in Herbie.
SH said on 27/May/06
to ice: the actor was chris pine who imdb puts at 6 foot and half an inch (6' 0.5'')
ice said on 23/May/06
How tall is her co-star in that movie "just my luck?" From the behind the scenes clips they showed on E, he towered over her. So, I'm curious about that guys height.
Alex said on 21/May/06
Back to the mugshot with Lindsay that is posted way below here, she looks a bit over 5'6, like 5'6.5 but thats with footwear I'd bet. Unless she is wearing 4 inch heels then she really can't be under 5'4.5. Assuming she is wearing normal sneakers it would put her at 5'5 flat barefoot.
Alex said on 21/May/06
She doesn't appear as short as 5'4, especially 5'3. If shes that short then she wears heels just about all the time because she looks 5'5 to me.
UNK said on 17/May/06
I think she really needs to come down a bit, she's not 5'5". Rachel McAdams needs to drop down too. Both these girls are easly a 1/2 inch shorter than you have them.

This quote you have up top.. "I'm still growing a little. My doctor says I have an inch or maybe two inches to go — now I'm 5'5" or 5'6".

Sounds like a typical confused teenager.. give me a break, she doesn't have a clue what's coming out of her mouth.
ice said on 14/May/06
I have to say i believe Glenn over a movie prop. He saw 5'4, and then went on to say 5'3 was a possibility. If 5'3 was a possibility, I doubt he would be a full two inches off. Two inches sounds small, but when it comes to height, that's a lot. If he would have said 5'4, 5'4.5 i wouldn't argue as much because that might be an error on his part. but saying 5'3-5'4, and then all of the pics other posters linked showing her looking short leads me to give her 5'4.
Leah said on 14/May/06
Take a look at her the trailer for her new movie "Just my Luck" There's a part in the trailer where she'es infront of a height chart(taking a mug shot in one of the scenes or something" Well she reaches about to the 5'5 1/2 or 5'6 mark. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this.

[Editor Rob: yes, this was commented upon a few months ago...]
ice said on 12/May/06
Wow. i was watching her interview on E yesterday. They were showing scenes from her movie. And all i can say is wow. i never seen her look so tiny. Granted i never paid much attention to her in the past, but i was yesterday because of this site. She really looked small compared to her co-stars. 5'4 at the most. Did anybody else catch that?
Alex said on 12/May/06
Ok Glenn in sneakers is going to be 5'9-5'9.5 and Lohan is in slippers. You can see its only 4 inches between them in the picture. 4.5 inches tops! I'd say that makes Lohan 5'5. Those 5'7 listings of her are bunk.
Wicked Kid said on 4/May/06
Can we listen to Glenn and have her down at 5'4"?
Haylie said on 29/Apr/06
I thought Ann Margret is 5'4 - can't remember where I heard it, anyways Lindsay is definately between 5'4 and 5'5
Maria said on 28/Apr/06
I think Lindsay IS 5'5 because in the picture where she is next to ann margret (that is 5'5) they look exactly the same height, and they are also wearing very similar heels. Id say 5'5 to the dot and no more.
I agree that by saying shes 5'7 is pretty lame, if its not true, why say it!!

Heres the link Click Here
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/06
After hearing from Glenn and seeing her in pictures, Lindsay is NOT 5'5". I'd give her 5'4" right on the nose.
del Mar said on 28/Apr/06
Looks no more than 5'4" next to 5'9" Jared Leto :Click Here
Glenn said on 27/Apr/06
Thanks Haylie!
Haylie said on 27/Apr/06
Glenn estimates her at 5'4 and we actually have proof he has met her and we can see by the photo he's bending a lot. So I'm inclined to trust Glenn
Steve Miller said on 27/Apr/06
I met lindsay at a theater conference in may of 2005, and seemed to me about 5'6. I'm six feet, so I'd guess her height to be about that. She wasn't wearing much in the way of high heels either so she's a good height, trust me.
Kats said on 19/Apr/06
All these 5'7 listings are bogus. One week Star as her at 5'5, then the next 5'7! Not kidding. They usually stick with 5'7, and Star like the other sources are exaggerating. When she was one of "People's 50 Most Beautiful People" and she said she was 5'5 or 5'6 and had more to grow, she was exaggerating. Even if she did grow more (which I have no idea right now), she looks 5'4 RIGHT NOW. Sometimes she appears more because of her build, but I'm sticking with 5'4. Glenn's got it right.
Glenn said on 17/Apr/06
She's 5-4.take a look at my photo.Im bending alot.
kendra said on 16/Apr/06
in US weekly this week, they were comparing her to Jessica Simpson, and they stated that she was 5'7

[Editor Rob: were did they get that height from?

wait, don't tell me, I can guess...the official bible]
anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
In an US Weekly magazine they stated Lohan as 5'5 and in the most recent one they put her at 5'7! I think 5'6--at the most, but more likely that she is 5'5..
nicole said on 14/Apr/06
No, i heard she is 5'6
Haylie said on 13/Apr/06
Oh and btw could someone please try to fix Lindsay's height on IMDb it says she is 5'7"! I have no idea where that came from. . . . very soon she'll be up to 5'9 or something
Haylie said on 13/Apr/06
on his page Glenn estimates Lindsay at 5'4 which I would agree with I think 5'3 is a little too low as she was about an inch taller than Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried (both 5'3) in Mean Girls.
RentGirl said on 12/Apr/06
What does Glenn say about her height? Is she 5'3 or 5'5?
RentGirl said on 12/Apr/06
Look at her next to Missi Pyle Click Here and she's wearing 3 inch heels!

[Editor Rob: yes, last year on here there was some argument about her beside missi. I think someone had thought lohan really was 5ft 7 so those pics were dragged up!]
MeLiSsA said on 30/Mar/06
Fergie looks tall in the pic compared to Lindsay. She's sloucjing over and her knees are bent
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/06
Rob, judging this pic with her and Fergie (5'3.5"). She looks like a 5'4" girl to me.
Click Here
Morgan said on 23/Mar/06
Lindsay actually looks smaller in that pic about 5'4" or 5'4.5" and we can't see Sharon's foot wear she could have lower heels on which is probable as Lindsay's are massive
Teri said on 22/Mar/06
5'5" seems right. Here she is with 5'8" Sharon Stone.
Click Here
tybor said on 22/Mar/06
That pic from anonymous is from the Mean Girls premier. That was 2-3 years ago I think. She MAY have grown since then but I doubt it.
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/06
I think Lindsay is more 5'4"-5'4.5". She doesn't look any taller than 5'4.5" Tina Fey in this pic and you can see both their heels.
Click Here
Rebecca said on 19/Mar/06
When she was standing next to Fergie from the Black eyed Peas who is 5'2", she was just a smidge taller.
anonymous said on 19/Mar/06
in imdb it says she is 5'7 but in reality she is around 5'4 5'5
Amanda said on 11/Mar/06
I think it's time to downgrade her to 5' 4.5" (164 cm)...
Dan said on 10/Mar/06
Yes i have to Agree shes about 5'4.5 to 5'5
if You look at some pictures with Meryl Streep
who is 5'6 by thie site
You can sorta tell i think anyway
Amanda said on 9/Mar/06
Lindsay is taller than Nicole Richie but not by much. I think Glenn's first estimate of 5' 4" is correct. 5' 3" might be downgrading a bit...
anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
unbelievable... imdb states her as 170cm in her biography.
i have seen countless photos of her and nicole richie and they are the SAME height. Therefore demoting her to 155 cm because that is the height of nicole.
if Lindsay was really the assumed 165 or 170cm height she would be towering over nicole. which is clearly not evident in recent paparazzi photos.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/06
Yeah, I think she's 5'3" or 5'4" from many photos I've been seeing. But considering Rob doesn't like to chop off a lot of height at once, I think Lindsay should be put down to 5'4" and we can go from there.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/06
Look at this. Karolina Kurkova is 5'11.
Glenn said on 7/Mar/06
Im bending alot in my of her being 5-7 or 5-5 are are correct at 5-3.
Amanda said on 7/Mar/06
Lindsay is about 5' 4". She hasn't grown since March 2001 and she's going on 20 so she's not growing anymore. If you want to see pics from this month, go to and look at her next to Sharon Stone, who is listed at 5' 7.5". There is about three to four inches difference. I'd put Lindsay at 5' 4", 5' 4.5" at the most.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
I met Lindsay at the Vanity Fair party in L.A. last night. She even gave my sister and autograph. She was shockingly short in platform heels. Not at all above 5'3". I would say 5'3". Even her gown looked tailored to a very short body. I am 5'7.5" and my sister is 5'5" and we were in Vans and she came up to my nose and my sister's lower eye area (whatever). I mean, she was so so tiny and delicate.
Jessica said on 4/Mar/06
I think in Wicked kid's pic lindsay is at a bad angle to judge but she only looks to be 2-3 inches taller than Nicole which puts lindsay at 5'3" or 5'4". BTW you can see Nicole has bare feet in the picture.
abbie said on 4/Mar/06
Glenn says on his page he thinks Lindsay is 5'4" and I would have to agree!
Wicked Kid said on 3/Mar/06
I was thinking Lindsay had the advantage in ; Anyhow, Unless Nicole is wearing heels, Lindsay isn't 5'5".
MeLiSsA said on 2/Mar/06
If Glenn is 5'8 (barefoot im assuming)then he must be 5'8 or 5'9 in shoes and slippers wouldn't really add to a person's height so I can see like a 3 or 3.5 inch difference even though they were both slouching.
sunbeame said on 27/Feb/06
Hi, sorry if this has already been posted but just thought this might be of interest, copied from a website which can be viewed on:

it says (regarding Lindsay Lohan:)
"LL was dressed in black and was racing through the lobby to the reception desk with an unrecognizable guy in tow. Having never seen her in person before, I couldn’t believe how tiny she is (meaning both skinny and short)."
Nikki said on 26/Feb/06
Glenn, what height do you estimate Lindsay as? (you know you should put height estimations under the pics)
Kats said on 25/Feb/06
Anonymous, I'm wondering if that ground with Lindsay and Nicole is slopping a bit, giving Lindsay a slight disadvantage. I must say, I have compared these two together before, because I think Nicole is honestly 5'1. In the two comparisons I have done in the past, Lindsay was definitely not 4 inches taller. 2 1/2 - 3 inches looked more like it.
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/06
look at this. Nicole is 5'1 and Lindsay doesn't look 5'5.
Justine said on 20/Feb/06
everybody seems to want to make celebritys shorter than they are, Lindsay Lohan is, in fact, 5'5" you can tell by her comparisons in Mean Girls to Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert who are 5'3"
ice said on 15/Feb/06
you know, in that pic with glenn it really looks like she's the claimed 5'5, maybe somemore. But, then I noticed glenn was leaning. not sure how much, but he is, so yeah...
Kats said on 14/Feb/06
I'm starting to get this feeling that just about everybody exaggerates their height by 1-2 inches (sometimes more). And since most everyone is doing it, you usually can't judge what someone's height is. Because when you rely on a comparison and everybody in the comparison is off by about 2 inches, it looks like they are actually truthful.

It's like 5'3 is the new 5'5! 5'6 is the new 5'8! And it's hard to know when it's fake or not. I used to think Lindsay was 5'5, and her 5'7 listings were the exaggeration by two inches. Now I am thinking a 5'7 listing for her is 4 inches off! I'll give her 5'4 at the most though. When you compare her to Fergie and Nelly Furtado, who's heights are probably pretty close to true, Lindsay can't be 5'5. And the comparison with David Spade. Even thought her posture is bad, she looks like she is probably about 5'6 with heels.
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/06
Look at this pics. Fergie is 5'3 and Nelly Furtado 5'1.(and have same boots.)
Serene said on 5/Feb/06
I am feeling that Lindsay is not that tall most pictures she looks so small that I feel her younger sister,Ali is going to be more taller than she is.

But when I analys some pictures taken from a source with other actress who are shorter than her.. she is really 5'5"..
Alex said on 1/Feb/06
I've seen her listed as 5'7 before, which isn't true. 5'5 seems right, but she can appear closer to 5'6 at times. Also going by that mugshot she is actually a bit over 5'6 like 5'6.5 so take into account footwear she could possibly be 5'5.5 but no more than that.
Wicked Kid said on 31/Jan/06
What movie was the "Mugshot" taken from?

[Editor Rob: its just from trailer of her new movie, just my luck]
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/06
she has two inch heels on in the mugshot. so take off an inch or so. I think she is just 5'5".
Lil D said on 28/Jan/06
Was that mugshot real or for a movie. What is that stuff on her face?? She looks 5-6 even according to the mugshot.

[Editor Rob: it's just a snapshot I took of trailer for movie...she breaks her heel I think but no idea about what she's wearing on feet, could be half a heel on one take it for what its worth ;-)]
f said on 27/Jan/06
i think she is 5'6 because in the just my luck trailer she stands in one of those jail things and it indicates that she is 5'6. Hope that helps
Wicked Kid said on 25/Jan/06
Cos she about reaches up to the top of his ear. The height difference would be like 4" already. But she really looks short in all her movies. Oh and I calculated wrongly. I think she's 5'4". 5'3" is like way too short.
Wicked Kid said on 20/Jan/06
Yeah, I feel that Lindsay's more 5'3". In this pic provided, Glenn already has 3 inches on her at least. So plus he's leaning in, we'll deduct another inch but add it on cos she's wearing slippers. So more 5'3"-5'4".
Glenn said on 18/Jan/06
she had slippers on.this is herbie set.
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
I saw a glimpse of Just My Luck and in the movie, she breaks a two or three inch heel she is wearing and winds up in jail. The shot they show has Lohan just scraping the 5'6" mark, making her around 5'3" or 5'4". I really think she looks more 5'4" than 5'5". I could easily see her being 5'3.5" or 5'3.75"
175cm16andgrowing said on 2/Jan/06
@Blogger: KASEY could be right. I mean a friend of mine -remember, I live in Germany- who is 13 is nearly 5'9''. I am less then 2 months away from being 17 and I'm 5'9''. The 13-year-old-guy is very skiny, like 109lbs or something and he grows!
But there is another thing: Smoking. It doesn't affect your height if you are a boy or a man but if you are a girl or a woman it does. There is something, yes. Man, I'm glad I'm male :D.
And Lohan...either she lied about her height or her weight. To me she looks 5'6'' or 5'5.5'', more like 5'6'' but she said she weighs 110lbs -and that was when she was skinny. I guess she lied about her weight :D.
ester said on 2/Jan/06
kasey, you can still grow even at 19, i'm 19 now and i grew 1cm just recently, and besides, she said that in people mag back when she was still 16/17, so she definately had potential to grow
ester said on 2/Jan/06
carl, you're really bad at calculating. 5"11.5 - 1" - 4" - 2.5" like you claim isn't 5"3.5, it's 5"4, and because i can't really take your estimations by sight as 100% accurate, there is a good chance that you're 1" off and that she really IS 5"5
Blogger said on 23/Dec/05
What the hell? Smoking has NO effects on your height whatsoever.
KASEY said on 23/Dec/05
Lindsay is 5' 5". I don't know what she's talking about her growing more, because that quote was from Teen People in Spring 2004 when she was almost 18! Maybe she thinks she'll get taller because her mom is 5' 7", but her dad is like 5' 9" or 5' 10" (average male height), so Lindsay is supposed to be 5' 5.5" to 5' 6", but she smoked and had an unhealthy diet, so 5' 5" is as tall as she'll get. Plus, she's 19!
Stephenie said on 15/Dec/05
Lindsay is 5' 5" she just has bad posture.
mika said on 4/Dec/05
Lindsay is 5' 5" even. She just looks shorter sometimes because she has bad posture.
Wicked Kid said on 2/Dec/05
Shoot I forgot to add the link. Here: ; But we CAN'T see Linds' heels!!
BritPop said on 30/Nov/05
Lindsay with my blog buddy: He is 5'9.5", the one with the mohawk.
She is in heels. Lokks like she's a solid 5'4" (maybe shorter).
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/05
I mean that Lindsay is 5'3-5'4.
Lindsay said on 20/Nov/05
Firstly no I'm NOT Lindsay Lohan!! Secondly since you've downgraded Tara Reid Shouldn't you do the same to Lohan cos they look about the same height in many pics I say 5"4-5"4.5 for her.
Wicked Kid said on 20/Nov/05
To refer to a female as "short", she has to be below 5'4" as that's the average US women height. So all in favour of downgrading Lindsay Lohan's height say "I"! To side track a lil, L.Lo looks horrid with blonde hair. She should just stick to flaming red.
Robinz. said on 14/Nov/05
Robinz. said on 14/Nov/05
I think she is 5'3" . People who see her / meet her say she is uber short. Someone 5'5" isn't referred to as very very short. ANd I think the David Spade one is perfect. She does look about 5'3". (and most say Spade is under 5'6" anyway).
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/05
Anybody know if Lindsay is taller than her mother? I saw a pic of them in 2003 where they looked pretty close in height, but I haven't seen any particularly recently. Anybody know?
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/05
Lindsay Lohan is 5'5" in 3 inch heels. She is only about 5'3" in reality. Check her out next to the tiny David Spade (who I just saw in Vegas and is under 5'6"). No room for doubt that she is under 5'4".
lookalike said on 15/Oct/05
lohan is definetly just between 5'5 to 5'6! she was wearing mayb 3 inch high shoes when she was slightly taller than the 5'7 hilary swank putting her at 5'5.5
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/05
Lohan is not 4 inches taller than Richie, guys. I would put her at 5'4" (and just at 5'4", maybe 5'3").

US erm 'It Girl'. Richie also weighs in the 95lbs range. She did say "I'm 5 feet 1 inches, so even losing 5 pounds on my frame looks like a lot."
Mr. R said on 11/Jul/05
Actually Anonymous, I have met both Wilmer and Olmos, and both are shorter than you think. Wilmer is 5-7 at the tallest point of the day, and Olmos, is not much taller, maybe 5-8 at the tallest point of the day. The only way that he was looking a 5-9 person in the eye Rob is with a little lift support!
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/05
u guys gotta be kidding cuz wilmer is like 5'8 and in pics wilmer was much taller than lindsay and she was wearing heels!

[Editor Rob: If you watch battlestar galactica you'd probably see a few scenes of Edward James Olmos looking eye to eye with Grace 5ft 9 Park (i.e. last episode of the season). Olmos is for sure in the 175-6 range although a few might not agree because he can slouch ;) In any case here is Olmos and Wilmer. Lindsay in thinner soles than wilmer.]
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/05
Lol. That's gotta be the funniest thing ever. Lindsay Lohan 5'8". So doesn't that prove further more that she's no 5'5", given that she's taller than Hilary Swank by barely 0.5inch in that photo while wearing 3 inches heels and Hilary Swank was practically wearing flats which couldn't even have given her an inch? I think it's time to downgrade her height.
trueheight said on 29/Jun/05
she looked taller than Hillary Swank at the MTV movie awards.

[Editor Rob: Yes, here is the evidence that shows without doubt Lindsay is 5ft 8. Of course the truth is that a dress can hide the real truth: Lohans Footwear and Swank's Footwear]
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/05
She can't be more than 5'4, she looks tiny, especially after losing all that weight! In my opinion, that was a bad move cos she looks so unhealthy now! She looked a lot better when she was "normal," like in Mean Girls.
raider said on 21/Jun/05
This article says she's 5'5:

" recent pictures show, the 5'5" starlet is looking terrifyingly skeletal at around 102 lbs., a loss of up to 40 lbs."
Kats said on 21/Jun/05
Yes, Star magazine has said recently that she is 5'7 (which of course I don't believe). What's crazy is THIS week's Star Magazine has put her at 5'5 again. That seems right to me.

[Editor Rob: lol, they can't make their minds up! Reminds me of myself and a few of the heights on this site. Sometimes they go up and down an inch like yoyo's!]
Carl said on 16/Jun/05
In the pic with Missi Pyle Lindsay could NEVER be 5' 6'',even 5' 5'' is hard to believe.We know Missi is about 5' 11'' and she is wearing about 0.5 inch heels,so she looks about 5' 11.5''.Lindsay is standing on a black thing,which looks about 1 inch thick,she is wearing 4 inches boots and if her head was completely straight,she would look about 2.5- 3 inches shorter than Missi.So...
5' 11.5''
- 1''
- 4''
- 2.5''
= 5' 3.5''

My calculation probably isn't 100% correct,because I don't think she's that small either,but all I'm trying to say is that it is impossible she is taller than 5' 5''( 5'6'' or even more is a complete nonsense).I'd say,her height is somewhere about 164 cm (5' 4.5'').

[Editor Rob: if you imagine a horizontal line they look to be standing the same level...but yes the missi pictures (there's a few more on wireimage) are pretty hard to argue with]
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/05
In an SNL episode, named "Kaitlin's sleepover", Lindsay Lohan was standing beside Amy Poehler, who's listed at 5'2" at sites, and looked only an inch taller...Hmm...Maybe you should watch that episode?
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/05
Believe it or not, Linday looks barely 5'4" in the picture with Missi. Didn't you notice the black thing that she's standing on? It gives her about an inch already. And her boots are definately not shorter than 3 inches. And there's no way that Lindsay is going to have another growth spurt and grow to 5'7" or 5'8" at her age. Who is she trying to bluff? On screen all celebs are made to look taller than they are actually. And in the photo with Nicole Richie, as mentioned below, , Nicole's posture gave Lindsay a height advantage. And Nicole said she's 5'1", so that confirms Lindsay's height of 5'4". She CAN'T be 5'5" or taller. Most tabloids are not to be trusted, they always exaggerate the facts to get readers attention.

[Editor Rob: glad to see you understand that Lindsay being above 5ft 6 as our anonymous friend insisted she was is very hard to believe...]
holla said on 3/Jun/05
in a star magazine article, it stated that the 112lbs she is claimed to weigh looks scary on her 5'7 frame. but then again, it's star magazine we're talking much do you trust what a tabloid says.
Anonymous said on 5/May/05
lindsay was as tall as jimmi lee curtis on freaki friday

[Editor Rob: was there not a scene early in that film were both are barefeet? And you remembered them as being the same height?]
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/05
Lindsay and paris,%20Lindsay

[Editor Rob: this is a good example of different postures. Look at the stance of paris...]
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/05
Tara Reid is 165 and see how short she is compare to lindsay

[Editor Rob: Like this. Please point me to a site with good pics of them together if you can. Speaking of Reid here's a couple of images showing her beside 5ft 9 Darren Manning...there are some visual distortion effects with them Manning 1 and Manning 2. I still wouldn't rule out 164cm ;)]
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/05
Here is a pic of Lindsay with Nicole Richie who is about 5'1. She really is no taller than 5'5. By the way, Paris is about 5'6/5'7.
Smoke said on 25/Apr/05
I really think she's a rock solid 165 cm, here she looks dead on 2 inches shorter than Jessica Biel, who really is closer to 5'7" than the 5'8" she claims.
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/05
Lindsay is 5'8 or even taller.She is taller than paris hilton who is 5'8 when they had pic together and she is abit shorter than mandy moore.When you look at her pictures we see that she is very tall.

[Editor Rob: my opinion is that Lindsay is not quite 5ft 6...Certainly if you believe Wilmer Valderamma is 5ft 10+ then she could be close to 5ft 8 ;). Proof of her height. Beside Missi, their feet are near enough on the same level, yet Missi is in slippers, lohan 3-inch boots. And she's still a good 3-inch shorter...]
Raider said on 27/Mar/05
Definitely the most beautiful girl in the world, no discussion. Anyways, I have the the Mean Girls one-to-one standee at home, and she seems to be about 170cm in cardboard-size - minus the boots she's wearing. So I guess the information here could be pretty close.
Mischa said on 25/Mar/05
Lindsays suposedly 5'7" and anyways she's still growing in all places

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