How tall was Lou Reed

Lou Reed's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American singer, remembered for songs like "Perfect Day" and "Walk on the Wild Side".

How tall is Lou Reed
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5ft 8.13in (173cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jun/23
I think Andy Warhol was nearer 5ft11, Louview.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jun/23
I’ve only a moment ago finished playing some of my favourite Velvet Underground numbers, which went on numerous times apiece! 📀💿📀💿📀
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jun/23
After chatting about the Velvet Underground song ‘Sweet Jane’ on Lily Rabe’s page, I simply had to make my way over to Lou Reed’s page and sound off a little about his genius.

How about this for some clever lyrics?

…..Jane she’s in her vest
Me, I’m in a rock ‘n’ roll band

What a wonderful way to correlate what you’re into! I’m into all sorts of music, but didn’t seriously get into the Velvets until I was 22, which is perhaps just as well, as the lyrics can be a bit naughty and corruptive.

I still have their album with Andy Warhol’s illustration of a banana on the front and that recording has all their greatest hits included therein.

Lou’s solo stuff was equally addictive, and often pops up
in movies, Trainspotting to name but one, and we all know what THAT’S about, don’t we children? It’s obviously 18-rated, but I wouldn’t even play the Velvet Underground songs when there were young ears around, as I was doing a lot of babysitting at the time I got into this band. I don’t know how I’d have answered if 6-year-old Amelia had asked, “Why is he waiting for his man?” or 8-year-old Katie and her slightly older sister had enquired as to what ANY of their songs were about! No, I took them down to the duck pond and when I lay down to sunbathe, they covered me in the newly-mown grass! Now THAT’S what childhood is all about! 🦆👍🏼🦆👌🏼

It’s so short, after all…..

5ft8 for the late, great Lou Reed.
Louview76 said on 29/Mar/20
Rob, what do you think about Andy Warhol? In my opinion 5'9.5"
Editor Rob
That range might be possible.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Oct/19
....and some kisses! XXX
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Oct/19
My favourite track of the Velvet Underground HAS to be 'Venus in Furs'. I heard it first when I was 22 and was hooked. It's not often that I fall for a song straight away, but it happened with this one!

Lou gets 5ft8.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Aug/19
Listening to the man right now! He's so very original.
abcd said on 4/Nov/16
173 cm with metallica Click Here
johemoth the dog said on 5/Jun/16
Carroll looks to be sitting in that pic while Lou is standing.
Jim said on 6/Dec/15
Lou Reed with 6ft 2in Jim Carroll

Click Here

Either jim being 6'2 is BS or Lou being 5'8
Johemoth the dog said on 26/Jun/15
Was that his peak height you think? To me he looked anywhere from 5'8-5'10, google is claiming 5'10 (before his death he was listed as 5'5), and im not sure about that. Looked an inch or so shorter then Bowie, so 5'8 1/2 maybe?
Lou said on 26/Feb/15
There was one interview where he claimed to be 5'11 3/4" lol that cracked me up.
some idiot said on 5/Oct/14
Actually 165cm sounds about right..I know because i met him
Sam said on 21/Mar/14
Yeah, he's clearly taller than Iggy Pop and about 1 to 1.5 inches shorter than Bowie. This listing is right. In the song "Average Guy", Reed lists all the ways in which he's average, height being one of them.
TheVerve180cm said on 19/Apr/13
He is most likely 172-73cm. Some idiots want to make him super short so they put him at 165cm.
David said on 5/Jan/13
I seriously thought years ago that Lou Reed was 5ft 10 and a bit taller than David Bowie at 5ft 9. I don't know why but i thought Lou was taller than John Cale who is 5ft 11. What a suprise to firstly find on this site that Lou Reed is only 5ft 8!!
Matt said on 18/Sep/12
Why isn't Iggy Pop on here?
m said on 28/Oct/11
Actually, the surname "Osterberg" is from the Swedish family who adopted the father of Iggy Pop. However, this is kind of irrelevant as his father was not Jewish either, but rather English-Irish (and mother Scandanavian). Ashkenazi jews, the term for jews who inhabited the aforementioned Central and Eastern European countries, are not "short". Of course there are examples of famous short peoople of this heritage. I could just as easily list famous taller Ashkenazi jews - Gene Simmons from KISS, actor Eliott Gould, and actor Jeff Goldblum. All of them around 6'2-6'4 and of entirely Ashkenazi jewish heritage. I also wouldn't brag about the Punjabi thing while making disparaging comments about any Europeans. After all, where exactly do you think the light eyes found occasionally in Punjabi people come from? Probably the height too. Think about it.
Deb said on 17/Aug/11
Iggy Pop is NOT Jewish! Osterberg is a Swedish name, not a Jewish one! I am amazed at the totally uneducated people who post stupid things!
Theverve said on 5/Mar/11
Five eight is right looks noticablx shorter than bowie
thebad7 said on 24/Feb/11
He's the last of my celebrity encounters. I have loved this man's lyrics & music since I was 13 years old. Saw him live at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA in April 2008. He was on stage, and I was at the forefront of the stage--with no more than a distance of twenty feet between us. I wasn't standing right next to him, so I estimated as best I could: 5'7" or 5'8" sounds about right for him. He isn't a tall man, but he's an electrifying stage performer. In recent years, he's taken to a t-shirt/corduroy pants look. What I remember most was his Vans sneakers: he looked like an older version of Rivers Cuomo.

TGD3 said on 9/Feb/11
Tall Person: Iggy Pop isn't Jewish. Both his parents are of Northern European, ostensibly Christian background. His given surname, Osterberg (Swedish, not Jewish), comes from the adoptive family of his father, who himself is of Irish/English extraction. His mother is Danish/Norwegian. And while Reed, Dylan, and Simon are indeed short Jews, there are clearly quite a few tall ones around.
J said on 1/Feb/11
David Bowie and Lou Reed:
Click Here
Cole said on 18/Jan/11
Shut your ****ing mouth @tall person. Lou Reed and Bob Dylan are nowhere near 5'4". Anyone who claims that is delusional!
tall person said on 1/Dec/10
lou reed, bob dylan , paul simon, Iggy pop(a.k.a jim Osterberg) and others are all tiny 5" 4 kind of guys [with Jewish parentage]. Those Polish,German and Russian Jews were/are never tall people whereas we Punjabis and Pathans in Pakistan are often very tall.
Charlie said on 11/Apr/09
There's an old pic with Bowie, Reed and Iggy Pop together. If Bowie is a 5'9" (I think when he was younger looks around 5'10"), 5'8" for Lou seems the right height, cause looks 1 inch shorter than Bowie, and Iggy looks 5'5" at most, maybe less.
Jd said on 28/Mar/09
Just walked by him today in SOHO and I was going guess 5'8"
F. said on 22/Nov/08
He was about, or almost, the same size as Bowie in the 70's. I'd give him a 5'9'' at his peak... good guess.
Major fan of the Velvets and Lou :)
Anonymous -15 said on 22/Sep/08
In my opinion he's around 5'9" , nevr thought of him being any shorter than this.
Brad said on 13/Aug/08
Glenn said 5' 9" & 5' 10" next to him. Gee, I met him in '78 and he was 5' 8" and he wears chunky boots. Glad Rob didn't change this chunk of Glenn doing it again.
glenn said on 20/May/08
rob-im still seeing reed very often and he is 5-9.
Dan said on 19/May/08
Click Here

There's him next to Brandon Flowers, who is about 5'11", so between 5'8" and 10" is about right for Lou.
glenn said on 8/Feb/08
rob-ive been examining reed in his sneakers lately,and he was 5-9 peak and i said all along.5-10 not impossible too.he is still close to 5-9.
Mrs E said on 1/Oct/07
I saw him yesterday- he was just a few inches away from me. 5'5' or 5'6 at best. Short guy. Big muscles though.
glenn said on 26/Aug/07
i dont understand why reed looked 5-9,5-10 to me.
Mr. T said on 25/Aug/07
Then again, he does look 5'7" these days next to Wainwright. Maybe he was 5'8" at peak.
Remi said on 15/Apr/07
I don't think Jack Wyatt is over 6'1"" or so, and have always thought Lou was more like 5'7", so that I think that math works out no? BTW, met Lou once and he was decidedtly shorter than I would have thought (I'm am 6-3+ and he was at least 7-8 inches shorter). Cheers, out.
Dee said on 1/Apr/07
About that photo of Lou Reed with Jack White: I just noticed from the angle of the top part of the microphone stands that it looks like the photo was taken more from Jack White's side. If he's closer to the camera, that could be part of the reason he looks so much bigger. It's possible that the height difference there is really only six inches instead of seven. In that case, 5'8" for Lou Reed and the 6'2" for Jack White would be about right. I don't think it's too much less than that, and the microphone stands are another clue here. At this awards show there were various performers, while the Raconteurs were the "house band" for the night. Lou Reed just joined them for one number. So his microphone stand height (the vertical portion) probably would have been set at some generic height, so that the height of the microphone itself could have been easily adjusted with one hand, merely by tilting the angled part. (Adjusting the vertical part requires two hands.) From the photo it looks like the top of the vertical part -- where it joins to the angled part -- is about at the same height for both LR's mike stand and JW's mike stand. But the angled part is clearly angled a lot lower on Lou Reed's mike than on Jack White's. So I would guess there's at least a six inch height difference between them.
Dee said on 31/Mar/07
Here's Lou Reed with Jack White, on stage at the Video Music Awards a few months back: Click Here

The top of Lou Reed's head comes to just above JW's mouth, and that's a height difference of about seven (7) inches, according to the page here on "How to Measure a Celebrity's Height." (And no, Jack White was not wearing big heels.)

But Lou Reed is listed at 5'8" while Jack White is listed at 6'1.5". So one of those listed heights has to be off, maybe both. Either Jack White is 6'2" and Lou Reed is only around 5'7", or if Lou Reed is 5'8" then Jack White must be around 6'3". Maybe it's in between those two. I can't see Lou Reed being 5'9", because that would put Jack White at 6'4" and I don't think he's quite that tall.
Maximiliano said on 20/Mar/07
He couldn`t be that short, we`been together once, by the way mine is 17,3cm long.
Great lyricist
Roger said on 28/Feb/07
Watched him on In the Attic from Joe's Pub in NY from the other night, he looks to be about 5-8 or so compared to Townshend's 5-11.75 when they stand together at the end. BTW, Pete is definitely looking under 6 ft these days.
glenn said on 23/Feb/07
he was nice to me.i saw him snotty with others.saw him many times in the early 90s.not since.
Dex said on 22/Feb/07
I agree with 5"8 or 5"9. Glenn, is he a cool guy? He's always come off to me as a cool, laid back kind of guy.
Robert.R said on 19/Jan/07
I have never met him but I seem to recall reading somewhere that he was 5'5" though I could be wrong. Anyway, Glenn would know if he was shorter than him.
Glenn said on 24/Sep/06
One pic he looks 5-10 next to me.the next pic 5-9.
Tom T. said on 24/Sep/06
Shoot em down Glen - he ain't that small I don't think.
Glenn said on 16/Sep/06
My pics with him will shoot you down.
Robert said on 15/Sep/06
Have met him and he's definitely below average height - the 5'5" to 5'6" range (like Roger Daltrey)is accurate (as with lots of musicians, they can be surprisinglty diminutive in person). I'm 6'3" and he was certainly 8-10 in. shorter. Great songwriter and lyricist.
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Thank you ano.thats what he always looked to me.
ano said on 27/Jul/06
at mad tus in new york he looks 5'10"
Mr. T said on 13/Jul/06
I met him once when I was much younger (and I'm quite young now). Probably sometime in the late 90s. I do remember that he and my father were about the same size (and he barely scrapes 5'5"). Maybe he slouches.
Glenn said on 11/Jul/06
You ever met him mr.t? I did many times in the early 90s,and in fact he would look slightly under Im not saying he is 5-10,but he isnt smaller than 5-8.
Mr. T said on 10/Jul/06
Definitely not 5'8". I don't know how that number got out. Always looked closer to 5' than 6', now and in the 70s.
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Feb/06
Sunday Herald interviewer described him: "Reed enters the room, 62 years old, five foot five"

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