How tall is Mackenzie Rosman

Mackenzie Rosman's Height

5ft 0 (152.4 cm)

American Actress from Seventh Heaven.

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4ft 11.88in (152.1cm)
Comentarista said on 21/Sep/22
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Dec/18
Rob, Perhaps Barry Watson deserved a page for a long time?
Bobby said on 26/Jun/17
I guessd her about 5ft when I saw her in Ghost Shark, she's small but really cute though.
Lucas said on 31/Aug/15
1.52-1.53 cm.
Sam said on 9/Jan/15
She looks prepared to pounce on the photographer!
grace said on 24/Dec/10
What's the big deal. Who's shorter who's taller. Height doesn't make you neither a good nor bad actress. So what if she's 5ft or 4ft11?
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/08
Are there any photos of Mackenzie and Beverley standing next to each other at Bev's wedding? Then we may be able to see who's taller.
aly said on 29/Sep/07
i doubt bev is only 5ft1. mack is probably around 5ft2
Adrianna said on 9/Jun/07
She is most likley 5'1 max. She is not 5'2, Bev Mitchell has said before that she was 5'1.5?
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
Definitely time for an upgrade...

Look at this picture from the series finale:
Click Here
In this, Beverly is, what, an inch or so taller than Mackenzie? But if you look at their shoes, you see that Beverly is wearing heeled boots, and Mackenzie (the blue shirt in the background) is wearing flat sneakers...
Click Here

Again, Mackenzie has gotta be at least the same height, not a 1.5" shorter...
aly said on 4/May/07
she looks 5ft2 in season 11
X said on 7/Mar/07
Perhaps it will take some sort of proof.
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/07
So what's it going to take for this girl to get an upgrade already?
X said on 1/Mar/07
Mackenzie does appear to have grown using the current episodes of "7th Heaven" as a reference. It's true that most girls don't grow too much after 14/15 but a gain of only an inch or two isn't uncommon.
Bev and Mack do now look about the same height yet have different builds because they are really 2 unrelated different individuals.
Pictures though can be deceiving and thus cannot always be used as a reference.
Observer said on 19/Jan/07
Or perhaps Bev should be downgraded in height? But something needs to be done.
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/06
No upgrade? Those photos look pretty convincing...
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/06
More photos of Mackenzie and Beverly standing next to each other, BOTH in heels:
Notice the footwear:
Click Here
Click Here
Standing side-by-side:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

They look about the same fact, in some shots, Mackenzie looks taller. I think she needs to be upgraded from 5', especially if Beverly is marked as 5'2"....
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/06
I disagree that there is a noticeable height difference between Mackenzie and Beverly Mitchell. In the episode that Ruthie returned home, she was wearing cowboy boots with very slight heels....and when she was standing next to Beverly (not sure what she was wearing, but she is often in heels or platforms of some sort) they were either eye to eye, or even at times Mack looked taller:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And, again, this is with Mackenzie wearing practically no heels.
VAVAVOOM said on 6/Dec/06
I like the way everyone keeps thinking Mackenzie will still grow a bit more!She hasn't grown in almost 2 years! The % of girls who are even still growing when they turn 16 is miniscule and Mackenzie is about to turn 17! Mackenzie is certainly not 5.0, but she's 4ft10.5 - 4ft11. There's always a noticeable height difference between her and Bev Mitchell who's barely even 5ft2, even when Mackenzie wears really high heals and Bev doesn't. Bev is only 5ft1.75. There's nothing bad about being small in itself, but you certainly get taken less seriously in life. It's just lucky Mackenzie isn't any smaller for her own quality of life
X said on 5/Oct/06
Frame size & shoe size has nothing to do with height. Some shorter people have fuller builds and sometimes taller people do. Lucy (Bev) sometimes wears heels while Ruthie (Mac) almost always wears platforms.

Bev is 5 ft. 2 and as of 7th Heaven's last show of the previous season, Mack is 5 ft. even.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/06
In recent pics Beverly Mitchell has been wearing sandals and her feet look pretty small (tough to tell, of course). My bet is that Mackenzie probably wears a half size bigger.
Sydney said on 30/Aug/06
I have seen Mack in person recently! yay like 6 months ago, my Uncle owns a resturant in so cal that Mack was at with 2 girls, one looked like her. Well anyway, I am 13 and 5' even, and I was wearing a 1" heel and she was wearing sandles and she was not even as tall as me. My guesstamate for Mack is about 4'10 to 4'11. People are like oh shes like 5'2, well yeah, when she wears heels. On 7th Heaven Bev Mitchell is 5'2 and no way is Mack that height yet without shoes...I'd say full grown, she'll be like 5' or 5'01. You can tell because shes not like a string bean like shes going to shoot up. Oh and to answer the person before guess a 6 or 6.5 shoe. Her feet arnt big, but they are not real small either.
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/06
Overall Mackenzie Rosman appears to have a bigger frame than Beverly Mitchell, which leads me to believe that before she stops growing, she will outgrow her. A lot of the time you can tell by who has a bigger shoe size....does anybody know either of their shoe sizes?
Anonymous said on 24/May/06
Mackenzie looked about eye-to-eye with Beverly Mitchell in the final few episodes of 7th Heaven, and Beverly is ALWAYS seen wearing stilts. I think it may be time to upgrade her at least an inch or so.
Krista said on 7/Jan/06
Mackenzie is 5' tall.
Stephenie said on 15/Dec/05
A girl who knows Katelyn Salmont, Mackenzie's stepsister, said Mackenzie is 4' 11"-5' even, most likely 5' on the nose. From recent pics, Mackenzie looks 5'. She's not 4' 10", though (nice exaggerating, exaggeratey!). Remember, Beverley wears heels! Subtract the height of the heels, though and Bev is 2" taller than Mackie.
Belle said on 22/Nov/05
I think she's shorter than 5 ft. 0.5 inches because Beverly Mitchelle is pretty short and she's shorter than her. She's the shortest girl in highschool on the show. I saw her once and she was just a little taller than me. I'm guessing she's no taller than 4' 10", not that that's a big difference.
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/05
FINALLY a full sized version of the photo below:
Okay, we know can see that both Beverly and Mackenzie are standing on the same level (as in, no stairs involved). Bev is wearing flat slipper-like shoes, while Mackenzie appears to have some slightly taller platforms on her shoes. Also, Bev is standing closer, and her posture is not as good.

However, I STILL don't quite believe that Beverly is a full inch and a half taller than Mack. Based on recent episodes of the show, I'd say Mackenzie has probably grown to be about the same height.

Editor Rob
yes, she could have grown, I've never seen the show so can't say, but at the time that photo was taken...and now seeing that Stults is in a slightly further forward plane...I still don't think she looks over 5ft 1...could have grown though. And Mack herself might not be fully 5ft 2, who knows
from someone who knows said on 11/Nov/05
Listed below is a link to a recent photoshoot in which you can see that she's wearing heels and how her small curvy frame doesn't 'appear' to be 5 ft. 2 or over.
from someone who knows said on 11/Nov/05
You can't see their shoes in that pic. Bev does wear heels on and off the show but mackenzie also wears heels and platforms on and off the show. Mackenzie seems taller than last season yet still not as tall as Bev.

Bev has a leaner build and Mack is curvier which may help to alter the perception.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/05
In an episode of 7th Heaven this past season, Beverly Mitchell was wearing heels, while Mackenzie was wearing regular shoes. The two were standing next to each other, and if Beverly is naturally an inch and a half taller, with heels she'd be practically five or six inches taller. However, she seemed may 4 inches taller tops....which would indicate that, barefoot, they're about the same height.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/05
I really have to believe that Mackenzie is at least the same height as Beverly Mitchell. In the season 10 promo below, Mackenzie is either the same height or slightly taller than Beverly, wearing similar sized shoes.
from someone who knows said on 14/Oct/05
Jessica was made to be the older sister because she looked older not because she was taller; the mom was shorter than Jessica.
Catherine is only about 5 ft. 3 to 5 ft. 4 herself and during this past week's episode when she & Mackenzie were in the Camden kitchen together while both were wearing the same soled shoes, Catherine appeared approx. 3 or 4 inches taller than Mackenzie.
David Gallagher doesn't look 6 ft. tall to me; esp. judging him by some of the other women now on the show.
anonymous said on 12/Oct/05
does anyone know how much mackenzie rosman weighs?
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/05
Actually, Beverly Mitchell is older than Jessica Biel in real life, but they made Jessica's character older because of the fact that Jessica is so much taller. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tedious measures were taken to make it appear as if Sarah Michelle Gellar was taller than Michelle Trachtenberg (her younger sister) until their height difference was so noticable that it was unavoidable (at which point it almost became a running joke).

In last week's episode we saw that Mackenzie was wearing regular sneakers/shoes, while Beverly was wearing heels. When the two stood next to each other in the kitchen, Beverly was in no way four inches (or however big the heels were) taller. I'd say that, barefoot, Mackenzie is slightly taller.
from someone who knows said on 9/Oct/05
Older sisters are often shorter than younger sisters and therefore they wouldn't make Bev appear taller if she wasn't just because she's older. Jessica Biel is older than Bev in reality and even as a teen Jessica's character Mary was taller than the mother.

On the Cosby show, they didn't put Lisa "Denise" Bonet in heels and Tampestt "Vanessa" Bledsoe in flats just because Denise is the older sister; they allowed nature to be & Vanessa was shown taller.
On the opeaning episode of the season, Mackenzie "Ruthie's" shoes were shown and she was wearing 2-3 inched platform flip-flops before she was in a scene with Beverley.
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/05
This is admittedly not the best picture (due to its small size), but it's one of the few shots we have of Mack and Beverly standing next to each other, where we know their footwear. Everybody is wearing the outfit they wore in the premiere, and everybody's height seems accurate (for the record, both girls were wearing flats). Here, you can see that Mackenzie is ever-so-slightly taller than Beverly (who, now that I think of it, may have been wearing small heels):
Does anybody have a bigger image of this picture?
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/05
My biggest problem with the argument that camera angles making Mackenzie appear taller than Beverly is that there is no probable reason why they would actively want Mackenzie to be taller than somebody who is supposed to be playing her big sister by many years.

If anything, they would do the opposite: Use camera angles to make it appear as if Beverly is still taller than Mackenzie. I believe that at the very least, the two are the same height....and the real indicator will be the season finale, to see if Mackenzie grew at all over the summer.
from someone who knows said on 14/Sep/05
Camera angles sometimes make a person appear taller/shorter than someone else. Bev & Mack both wear thick soled shoes on the show.

Bev is 5 ft. 2 and Mack if 5 ft. 0 (EVEN).
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/05
In the episode "First Date" where we actually get a footshot of Mackenzie, and she is not wearing heels, the two look at least the same height:

Then, in the season finale, at the airport scene Mackenzie was undoubtedly taller. We didn't get foot shots of either, so I don't know if one or both of them were wearing heels:

It should be noted, though, that Beverly almost always wears heels as well.

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