How tall is Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen's Height

5ft 11.75in (182.2 cm)

Danish Actor best known for roles in Casino Royale (Le Chiffre), King Arthur, The Hunt, Clash of the Titans and The Three Musketeers. On tv he has a memorable role in the show Hannibal. This photo was taken at a Collectormania event in 2008 and a London Film Con in 2007.

5ft 8 Rob and Mads.

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5ft 11.8in (182.4cm)
Animus said on 13/Sep/17
A strong 182cm is the perfect listing for him, in my opinion. He stands up well to 6'1-6'2 guys, but he doesn't look hugely taller than a guy like Hugh Dancy, who is supposedly 5'9½. Incidentally, next to Rob he looks a lot like I look next to my strong 5'8 friend and I'm within a few milimeters of 183cm in the afternoon.
Slim said on 1/Sep/17
A 5'11.5" downgrade is necessary.
John said on 28/Aug/17
He looks exactly the same height as Laurence Fishburne in Hannibal
Ben said on 9/Aug/17
Would be perfect for Victor Doom a.k.a Dr. Doom in Fox's Dr. Doom solo movie which has recently been announced. Luckily everyone including himself wants to play the character.
Tom said on 7/Aug/17
He easily wakes up at 183
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Aug/17
He can pull off a solid 6ft. I wouldn't argue less than this mark
Stassy said on 2/Aug/17
The listing seems about right. Met him recently, he is a lovely guy, quite laid back but friendly. As a former dancer he has good posture to start with and being slim he looks taller but I think around 182cm is what he is.
Tom said on 15/Jul/17
K thanks rob I better start correcting my self and probably stretch every day like touching my toes or something
Editor Rob: no harm in developing a simple 5 minute daily routine to help your back as you grow older.
Slim 181 cm said on 14/Jul/17
181 or 181.6
Tom said on 11/Jul/17
I'm 21 and I really have a bad habit of slouching all the time. My question is, bad habits like slouching isn't particular bad at a young age because your still growing, or do you think it has a major effect still. Because it makes sense if your older and slouch, you can lose height but I would imagine that's not the case when your still young? Also what happened to your YouTube channel rob you stoped making videos.
Editor Rob: bad posture habits when young, can mean over time our body adapts to it...we forget our youthful posture. Many of us aren't standing at our potential, our spines are out of alignment and our core/back muscles weak.

My time is better spent working on this site than on youtube just now, but I haven't totally dismissed doing any more.
Tom said on 11/Jul/17
Hey rob, it's been a while. I just wanted to ask you a question about one of your comments on another page. Is it true that if you have bad posture and slouch a lot, that you can kind of get a hunchback around the neck area and loss height. I saw you right a comment about that where you said jenny has bad posture and has a curved neck or something. The question also is could t that just be genetics?
Editor Rob: Jenny has a bit upper spine curvature due to excessive craft work.

The nature of her work is spending hours at a desk in an unnatural position, mostly curved forward and this over times has contributed to her loss. Even though she's really only being doing it full time for about 4 years.

She has a sister a year younger who has barely lost anything.

as for Mads, his brother Lars is definitely a big 3 inches taller, I think his brother has lost a little height by his 50's.
Pierre said on 8/Jul/17
I think he's in 181 range,he seem to have an advantage of shoes in the picture number two(with the withe jacket).
Animus said on 16/Jun/17
How tall would you say Thure Lindhardt is? He is opposite Mikkelsen in 'Flame and Citron' and they seem to be about the same height. Lindhardt is listed as 182cm by his agency and it seems believeable - certainly no shorter than 181cm.
Editor Rob: I think he is probably similar range to Mads, worth an entry as he has popped up in films over the years.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jun/17
Mads has just come up on 'Random Celebs'... which was nice! (as Mark Williams used to say in 'The Fast Show!)
Did you know that Mads is a Danish knight? He looks extremely amiable and easy to get along with here, Rob!
I have seen him in a truly sensitive film, which is in Danish. He is wrongly accused of something and his life is made into a living hell.
It had me in tears, and showed me that Mads is capable of playing far more than just the best Hannibal ever!
I give this fantastic noble actor 6ft!
justbringit said on 5/Jun/17
182,5 might be a good call if you were to guess what he measures to the nearest cm i feel
World Citizen said on 24/May/17
He looks 5 ft 11 flat.
World Citizen said on 24/May/17
He looks 5 ft 11 flat.
King of the hill 91 said on 10/Apr/17
Nearly or is six foot
RVD said on 31/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

Mathis is also listed "HEIGHT: 5' 11½" (1.81m)" on IMDB Pro.
Click Here

So is 181cm possible as well?
Editor Rob: his page on imdb has 181cm on the 'trivia' section, which anybody can submit. There is no resume page, the data is simply copied and displayed on the imdbpro page.

It becomes confusing for people, because on purpose I entered 5 feet 8 for my resume page...I never added my height to the imdb trivia page, someone from this site added 5ft 8.25.

Then in the imdbPro page the data got taken from the trivia page and displayed as 5ft 8.5.

So imdb can't even get uniformity to their fractions and end up displaying different heights on the trivia and pro page.
Neilsberg said on 25/Mar/17
Hello Rob!
Is it possible that Mads mikkelsen is 6ftOin?
Editor Rob: not impossible, I think he's close to it...but I would say that I have measured people bang on 6ft who seemed taller...
RVD said on 24/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

How tall do u think Mathis Landwehr is or looks in these pics?

with Mads Mikkelsen
Click Here

with Tom Wlaschiha
Click Here
Click Here

with Marc Dacascos
Click Here
Click Here

with Eskindir Tesfay (who also has 180cm in his agency)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

with Stephan Luca (listed 6'0.5" on other sites, but might b around 6' range)
Click Here

He’s a popular Martial Arts German Actor who does stunts for Hollywood films. He's listed 180cm on his own website profile, while he’s listed 181cm on other sites. He’s quite Tall, i'd say he’s a tad taller than his own listed height, so i believe he’s more 181 range. He's a bit taller than his co-worker Eskindir.

What’s ur estimation on him based on those pics?
Editor Rob: it's very unlikely if he has 180cm on his own site, he'd be any taller.
josh jeffords said on 10/Mar/17
Looks taller in photo than onscreen could have poor posture but Im guessing footwear.
From the various movies ive seen him in he looks 5 11 maybe 5 11 .5 his hair makes the photos a bit suspect.
He is a bit thin so that and an average posture gives a flat 5 11 appearance.
He is a good but underused actor seems to favor cheesy villains and the occasional hero support.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Mar/17
@ justbringit - Hello! It was in one of his films, 'Casino Royale' perhaps, though not definitely, that he was 6ft and an eighth of an inch! I found it totally believable.
justbringit said on 7/Mar/17
rob do you think that there is any chance he is just 6ft? to me he looks closer to 6'0 than 5'11.5" for sure.
Editor Rob: justbringit, I still see him as almost 6ft rather than a legit 183.
justbringit said on 2/Mar/17
tbh he gives me a 6ft impression at least a weak 6ft
DetroitMichigan said on 22/Feb/17
Click Here
it is possible Veruschka ever was 6'3 as listed by Google ?
Editor Rob: seems an optimistic listing.
Headman said on 12/Feb/17
What would you say his head length is rob? Looks to be just under 9 inches to me.
Editor Rob: headman, I wouldn't have said any less than a good 9 inches.
Felix said on 6/Feb/17
I would risk to said that he is a solid 6'0", if he takes care his good posture.
Donald Mc said on 3/Feb/17
No more than 6'0" but no less, in mi opinion. In the second picture he have a better posture and looks like a strong 1.83, however he is a guy with perfect proportions so he appear to be more tall than he is.
sumdude said on 19/Jan/17
Quite tall man. Amazing proportions. I'd argue 5ft 11.75in is close to perfect height, you can wear almost anything and look good. And you won't really be towered in 98% of the world. Average height in Denmark is 5'11", 181.4cm, according to a 100 year study recently released, and 180.4cm according to the military recruitment in Denmark as of 2016.
Victor Surratt said on 29/Dec/16
He looks like a solid 6'0", 1.83.
Giorgi said on 27/Dec/16
He looks kinda taller. Did he have a shoe advantage, Rob?
Editor Rob: no, I think within a small fraction each time.
Shredder said on 22/Dec/16
Rob , did he look taller than Biehn?
Editor Rob: shredder, hard to tell really, both comfortably over 5ft 11, but I'm not sure full six foot guys.
Animus said on 12/Dec/16
He was visibly taller than Jimmy Kimmel when he appeared with the Star Wars-cast the other night. He is definitely in the 6ft range.
Cherry said on 7/Dec/16
He looks tall in movies/pictures.. im like 4'7" (148cm) 😅 So im barely tall as his lower chest? Hahaha .. #sinceimasian
theonewiththecontacts said on 6/Dec/16
Walked past him and his son in a shopping centre in Denmark recently - this was from around a 10 feet distance, but Mads and I seemed quite close in height, but he was probably a bit shorter than me.. This was around lunchtime, which would put me at approximately 6' 0.75 - my estimate on his height was 182-183 cm range, this seems like a good listing!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/16
Looks 6ft1-2 w/h his brother but barely 5ft11 w/h Rob
Knyte said on 10/Nov/16
Looks 182-183cm.
Marquis said on 10/Nov/16
Not really seeing more than 3" of height difference between Mads and Rob in the photos... looks like Mads is 5'11", flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Nov/16
Rob, could he be an occasional lift wearer?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Not much shorter than his brother
Editor Rob: I doubt he's a lift wearer, but in person I wouldn't have said a big 6 foot guy. There's a solid 3-3.5 inches between them in person.
Animus said on 30/Oct/16
He has a tall presence on screen. He is definitely evidence that a slim six footer with an athletic frame looks tall.
easy e said on 19/Oct/16
He looks like a solid 6
Redwing said on 12/Oct/16
Hey rob, was he tilting his head down on the third picture?
Editor Rob: thumbs picture, yes maybe a cm
Aza said on 11/Oct/16
It a good listing
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Oct/16
The reply written by Animus on 2nd October'16 is not only interesting but incredibly good English was used throughout; I often feel this to be a dying art. Good on you Animus!
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Oct/16
I thought he was 6ft exactly! I couldn't help but find his seering intelligence in the series 'Hannibal' incredibly sexy! In comparison, his roll in Casino Royale was disappointing when you know he's capable of so much more!
Animus said on 2/Oct/16

Essentially, yes. The average height of 18-year-old Danish males as measured by the military is 5'11" (varying by at most 1/8th of an inch annually). However, second-generation immigrants are included and they average a lower height than natives. I don't know if they are a large enough proportion to drag down the overall average by a quarter of an inch or more.

The average *self-reported height* of Danish males is 6', so the real average must be somewhat below that.

I'd say the average Danish male is in the 5'11"-5'11.5" range (5'11.25" might be the single best estimate), so Mikkelsen has a rather common height in Denmark.
Willes189 said on 16/Sep/16
This is average in Scandinavia
josh b said on 6/Aug/16
Here is my photo with Mads from LFCC 2016, we had similar footwear but he dropped height. Click Here
Editor Rob: he can look very similar there.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
Out of bed: 184-185cm
Before bed: 182-183cm
Johno said on 15/Apr/16
Looks around his listing here.
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 19/Mar/16
I thought he was like 6'2" in Casino Royale, then I remembered Daniel Craig is only like 5'8"
NBAer said on 8/Mar/16
181 in my opinion, eye level difference looks around 7-8cm and Rob's atleast 1cm above Mikkelsen's eyebrows,so i see a solid 181 for Hannibal.
Tom said on 8/Jan/16
Hey rob if you lose 25 pounds or more weight, could you possibly measure taller then you original where when you where overweight. Or it does have any affect in height increase. If so how much u reckon???
Editor Rob: I think larger amounts that have effected the alignment of the spine, which is then able to recover through some simple exercise, could result in measuring a bit taller. 25 pounds isn't a huge amount, a couple of stone...
hal said on 1/Jan/16
@Emil 183 cm

Actually, last I checked, the average height in Denmark is 181 cm (5'11.5").
Emil 183 cm said on 26/Dec/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/15
He's just above average height in Denmark

True. Average is 178-179 cm
teatea said on 14/Dec/15
always think this man is over 6'1
S.J.H said on 12/Nov/15
Look 181ish to me. Maybe 182cm in reality
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/15
He's just above average height in Denmark
Tom said on 26/Oct/15
Rob u said mads is rough around 6 foo1 out of bed, does that make people that are 6 feet tall roughly around 6 foot1 or 2 out of bed ??
[Editor Rob: shrinking 3/4 or 1 inch when you are near 6ft - 6ft 2 is quite common, so being nearly 6ft 1 and shrinking to just under 6ft wouldn't be abnormal.]
Tom said on 24/Oct/15
So rob mads height at 5 foot 11.75 would be his low height right, that's what u list celebrities heights at, there low height at the end of the day.
[Editor Rob: it could be afternoon/evening, I'm thinking of nearer their low than nearer their out of bed.]
Tom said on 18/Oct/15
K thanks rob, I also was walking outside for an hour or 2 and came home sat on chair than about 15 mins later my friend measured my height, also it was around 4 or 5 pm is it safe to to say I'm 6 feet tall or no.
[Editor Rob: that's good activity to get near your low]
Tom said on 16/Oct/15
Hey rob what's the best way to measure your height in your opinion, tape measure, stadimoeter, etc. also is it always wise to walk around for at least 20 mins before u measure your height. So it's more accurerate to your height. Also I'm half a mm under 6feet, do I just say I'm 6 feet or no. Or I'm over I don't know.
[Editor Rob: anybody a couple mm under a mark is perfectly fine to round up...when it's 15mm, maybe not so much.

a tape measure is quite cheap. A dollar and most people have an object and some type of hard floor in their house to get a rough idea (within 1/4 inch) of their true height.]
Jaime said on 28/Sep/15
Oh and just one more thing Rob did you get to talk to him, if so what was he like in person.
[Editor Rob: didn't get to say much really to him.]
Jaime said on 26/Sep/15
Hey Rob at what height would you say he wakes up and at what height would you say he goes to bed, just wondering
[Editor Rob: he might be nearly 185cm out of bed and somewhere aroudn 182 range at night.]
Sam said on 23/Sep/15
Funnily enough Mikkelsen doesn't look taller in The Hunt than Danish character actor Thomas Bo Larsen but in stills can look nearly 2 inches taller than the guy at Cannes, although in those Larsen is slouching.
Tom said on 25/Aug/15
Hey rob a question, do you think it's possible that the average heights in the uk and u.s. And rest of the world are actually lower than it is because a lot of people tend to lie about their height and give them selfs a couple inches????
[Editor Rob: just from casual observation, in the UK I do feel the average really is in the 5ft 9 range, I can believe the statistics for it, at 5ft 8 it feels that range is average.]
184.3cm (Night) said on 21/Aug/15

Dont take this the wrong way but we are a very healthy nation, i get the impression Canada is not. Cycling is preferred over taking the car places and we eat a diet high in vegetables and fruit. You dont see many fat people here in The Netherlands.
WAF said on 19/Aug/15
@Emil 182-183 cm

I'm from Denmark myself and I think 5'10.5" is too low. I think 5'11" or 5'11.25" is more like it, at least among the younger generation. In fact, the average height of enlisted full grown men is usually 5'11" on the money.

However, hal is not wrong to say that 6'0" is a very common height in Denmark and that you are considered of rather average height at 6'0". At 6'1" or 6'1.5" people will start to call you tall in Denmark, in my experience.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 5/Aug/15
Average height in Denmark is 5'10.5 so no
Tom said on 3/Aug/15
Hey rob a question, why are Dutch and Iceland people so tall. I thought food and stuff was a reason. But if so why aren't Canadian people as tall.
[Editor Rob: better Cows...

I think a lot of elements can account for it, the diet, the environment and maybe even a slightly greater preference for taller partners through the last generation?]
Sam said on 28/Jul/15
I doubt he's lost height at his age but yeah the listing is accurate IMO and he is near average for his country.
I admire his version of Hannibal but for two reason, he's too superhuman, I know they want him to be like a fallen angel but I've grown tired of him always having the upper-hand (they didn't even let Will Graham catch him, he just turns himself in to toy with the other characters) and makes wish at times for Hopkins (only in Silence of the Lambs) and Cox in Manhunter who were savage, brilliant monsters but still human. The other is that sometimes I have trouble understanding his lines through his accent.
hal said on 12/Jun/15
5'11.75" sounds right. He was probably a 6'0" in his prime. Which, unfortunately, is only average height in his home country. Love him in Hannibal.
Tom said on 5/Jun/15
So do you lose a lot of amount doing so, or just a very little amount?
[Editor Rob: some people are genetically suspectible to more height loss. Look at a guy like Dolph Lundgren who has done a lot of action roles and stunts, he's actually quite a fit man but it seems he's lost over an inch by 50's.]
Tom said on 4/Jun/15
Rob this is a follow up question, if so how much height can be lost. It just doesn't make sense??
[Editor Rob: look at some wrestlers who in 50's and 60's lose more than normal.
Exercise and impact on a smaller scale isn't that bad, loading with weight on limbs is fine, it's excessive weight bearing and loads that can do long term damage. Also some people might be more genetically susceptible to losing bone density and their discs degenerate faster than others.]
Tom said on 4/Jun/15
Hey Rob I wanted to ask you this question, I see you writing on coments saying how actors lose height when they do action flims etc. How can you lose height by being active. It doesn't make sense at all. I thought you said the more active and healthy life style you have the better it is. To keep height. Like moving your back muscles etc??????
[Editor Rob: being active is good, being supple is great.
Overdoing it may cause problems. If you do something long-term, involving physical impacts (like stunts or like wrestlers who are involved in a sport with impacts) then your discs over time may degenerate faster.]
Sam said on 2/Jun/15
Pictured above, the Danish version of a wide, beaming smile.
Tom said on 27/Apr/15
So 1.9cm is straight out of bed.
[Editor Rob: around that, from straight out till teatime/evening range.]
Tom said on 23/Apr/15
Hey rob, also how much does a person gain in height straight out of bed usually. And how long does it take threw out the day to get a good measurement of your height without any extra gaining, from laying around.
[Editor Rob: from the research, reading this site and what I know other people shrink, I think nearly 1.9cm is close to the average.]
Tom said on 23/Apr/15
Hey rob, I Also wanted to ask what is the common age when a man stops growing, and also is it still possible on growing when your past 19. Or do you still grow in frame but not actually height. I'm just curious. Wanted to know from the height master big rob.
[Editor Rob: there is potential to still grow till about 21, and in a very small minority even in 21-4 range...but you are talking tiny amount. Most will be done at 18, with a minority still gaining between 18 and 21.]
delvin said on 11/Apr/15
He like looks 179 cm in here
Judd said on 29/Mar/15
Honest 182 cms guy! 5'11.75" is fair!
Tom said on 26/Nov/14
Rob why do you think people slough is it because my back is weak or something or is it just a habit. Also I'm 19 if I slough when I walk it's okay right. But if I was I was like 30 it would be bad for height loss right.
[Editor Rob: it can be a bad habit, but also weak back muscles or pain/spine problems can lead to it.

Just gentle exercise/stretching every few days can help.]
Tom said on 25/Nov/14
Rob thanks for the help man. So my habit of sloughing is okay if I stop now right.
[Editor Rob: I'd try to correct yourself if you find that you are stooping. As I say, maybe do some very simple stretching, like touching toes, rotating, just to help your back muscles and maybe improving your stance a little.]
Tom said on 24/Nov/14
And rob I'm 19 and I have a bad habit of sloughing over when I walk is that bad for my back or no. I don't think it will effect my back because I'm only 19. If I fix that habit now I should be good hey. And when you mean healthy life style, what do you exactly mean. Like eat healthy and excerise a lot.
[Editor Rob: I'd try to maybe do some simple stretches just to help your back muscles and try to maintain an upright posture as much as possible. These bad habits can cause problems as you age and might contribute to more loss of height.]
Tom said on 24/Nov/14
Thanks rob. Also can't it be a genetics thing as well or no. Is just based on a healthy living style. Also there are people that think stretching helps you to grow, I don't believe that's what's your opinion on that.
[Editor Rob: I think if you are young and want to try to maximise or even say beat what your potential might be, then get active, get your body producing as much GH. Of course as I always say, a combination of exercise/sleeping well/eating and destressing yourself might all be little factors to gaining as much as possible. Stretching could help a bit (how much exactly is always debatable and unknown really), but in all things, be careful and don't overdo things.]
Tom said on 24/Nov/14
Hey rob is there a possibility that mads has shrink because he is 49 now. Also is it possible that some people don't shrink or do you think every one does????
[Editor Rob: some people will make it to 70 and only lose a small fraction. It's a small percentage though and it helps if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your back muscles working and avoid injuries and too much wear and tear. I don't think mads will have lost anything.]
Tom said on 12/Nov/14
Hey rob do people appear to look taller if they are lean and skinny, then being more full and chubby?
[Editor Rob: I think it can help a bit at times, but also a smaller head size always helps aswell.]
Sam said on 31/Oct/14
When standing upright, he looks about 1.5 inches taller than Daniel Craig.
Click Here
Chris said on 17/Oct/14
His cheekbones are 6ft tall
InLA said on 9/Oct/14
I watch Valhalla Rising monthly just so I can stare at this guy. He's beautiful. I would have thought a bit taller, but maybe because he's so perfectly proportioned. He looks like someone half his age.
Tom said on 8/Sep/14
Rob can you tell the difference between a person that is 5'11".75 to 6' feet. Isn't it hard to tell because it's so close to one another??????????
[Editor Rob: the 182cm is a height fromover 10 years ago from his agency, it's about what he looked in person aswell, near enough to 6ft.]
cole said on 22/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: Was your listing 6ft before you met him?
[Editor Rob: I think it was on the almost 6ft mark since being added]
Sam said on 24/Jul/14
I guess he was in good shape but you must like a man w/ a missing eyeball...something about his face, there's no way this guy could be anything but any rate, a helluva actor.
LAnative said on 24/Jul/14
He was beautiful in Valhalla Rising. I'd believe 6' from the pics above.
Sam said on 21/Jul/14
He's pretty close to six feet IMO. If he's a sub-six footer as listed, I'd guess Laurence Fishburne is as much as a quarter-inch under that, Fishburne never looked taller IMO and sometimes Mikkelsen seemed to edge him out.
Balrog said on 9/Feb/13
Rob, he looks the full 6'0'' on these pics.
[Editor Rob: to me he looks a good couple cm shorter than a 184 guy looks...]
Hew said on 14/Jan/13
I thought he looked near 10 cm taller than you in that top photo Rob? Did he have a slight footwear-advantage perhaps? 182,5 cm at least for Mads Mikkelsen, good height.
Stephen said on 8/Jan/13
classic 182 cm guy...weak tall...good height to be, girls love 181-185cm range.
Elijah said on 30/Dec/12
@Dolkite: that is just you. Maybe you don't consider him tall but it is definitely tall to the vast majority of people, being around 85th percentile.
Original said on 23/Dec/12
Looks 6' in pics.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/12
Looks 5ft11.25(181cm) in the pics
Connor said on 29/Aug/12
Rob what about 181cm, maybe that is around just above coming into the start of the tall range perhaps?
[Editor Rob: I think 182 is still a good enough fit for him]
Connor said on 26/Aug/12
Yeah Rob Mads definatley does look a weak 6ft especially with Daniel Craig in Casino royale who is a strong 5ft 10, fine example of an 182cm man that would appear like with a 5ft 8 man, 182cm seems dead on accurate for him he has pretty good posture in the left picture, what do you think Rob, maybe 5ft11.75 is classed as tall?
[Editor Rob: yes he's getting into start of tall range]
Hob said on 27/Jul/12
look 8cm max taller than rob
Rikashiku said on 13/Jun/12
Most girls aren't exactly tall Dolkite ;).

He looks like a weak 6'0" which is surprising because in the movies he always looks like the tall mean fighter. Does this guy ever smile?
Dolkite said on 31/Jan/12
Just under six feet tall isn't what I'd call "tall."
Daniel said on 6/Jan/12
Same height as my dad 182,5cm and my mother is 157,5cm

my mother at this point in Rob's nose and

and compared to my father, this chin-length, where the head begins.
this guy is really 182cm, depending on the shoe that he uses can be 181cm
only fanatics say he's under 180cm
Shaun said on 26/Dec/11
Ivana Milicevic was the Croatian actress I was thinking of, not Czech. She's listed at 5'9" and did look about an inch taller than him in big heels.
Shaun said on 26/Dec/11
I watched Casino Royale yesterday on DVD and I must admit I thought he looked 6'1" range I'd probably have guessed 185cm. He definitely looked tall compared to the bald weird looking bodyguard in it and the other cast except the blond girl in it, Czech I think she is who looks very tall range probably near 5'10" legit and was wearing heels. So on film I'd say generally people can look taller than they really are. But I was also looking at Daniel Craig in the film and in the whipping naked scene he looked bang on average in size. I'd guessed he was 5'9.5"-5'10" barefoot. Somebody said they though Craig looked six foot as Bond, couldn't see it myself. I think he did look taller in Quantum of Solace though as I think he was wearing lifts and Gemma Anderton is near his height so might have looked like a legit 5'11" in that film.
jake, 1.82-1.83 m said on 11/Dec/11
Actually he does look a solid 3-3.5 inches taller than Rob here. 1.82 m could be right on the mark.
Henrik said on 26/Nov/11

No, far from all Scandinavians look like Dolph Lundgren. I'd say we are mostly brown/ash blond-haired. A Spaniard once got chocked over how Swedes actually looked, and remarked that "we looked like the French". LOL.
Emilia-Italy said on 21/Nov/11
He's a very handsome man regardless of his height.
Shaun said on 20/Nov/11
Average height for a Danish guy. But he doesn't exactly look Nordic now does he. Looks more like he is from Greece or the Balkans like Croatia/Bulgaria/Montenegro than Denmark. Although I guess not all Danish men look like the Aryan stereotype like Peter Schmeicel.
Josh B said on 17/Nov/11
Looked above average/weak tall in King Arthur.
anonim said on 15/Nov/11
It seems to be very flat 180 cm
Joe257 said on 4/Nov/11
I like his hair!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 29/Oct/11
Rob, how can he be so close to Stellan Skarsgard that you listed at 6'3? :O Stellan is probably 6'1?
[Editor Rob: stellan looks a guy who has poorer posture these days]
Balthier said on 20/Oct/11
Re: thorterr

No, but he is not american so he would give his height in centimeters...
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 11/Oct/11
Looks 181 in the left photo. He may to have been standing too well.
Tobie said on 6/Oct/11
apparently, his brother Lars is 6'4", and you can really tell when they're standing side by side.
jake, 1.82 m said on 4/Oct/11
Looks 3 inches taller than Rob, he's 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)
carnegie said on 20/Sep/11
5ft11 looks cool for the guy
Alex said on 9/Aug/11
5'11.5 max.
5'8.56784 said on 27/Jul/11
He's 181cm Rob, your head is considerably over his eye level by more than half an inch, he can look tall for sure, but he's not 182cm
Hansen said on 19/Jul/11
he atually look 5ft11 here with rob. despite he have good posture. 5ft11.25 to 6ft in real. he can also look the tallest at 6ft1 in a film which i could't remember the movie title.
Martin said on 16/Jul/11
Re Gerry: Uhm, no. 182 is actually one or two centimeters over average height for danish males which is pretty much the same average height as in Sweden and Norway.
thorterr said on 21/Jun/11
a guy at 5ft 11.75 will never say hes that height,,,go on rob make him a 6FOOTER!!!
Lenad is sexy said on 11/Jun/11
the top of Robs head is just a wee bit over Mads eyes. 3.5-4 inches taller. solid 182cm i think
James said on 10/Jun/11
LOL how in the hell is 182-183cm short for a danish man?

In the Denmark 6ft is considered too be the start of 'tall'
MD said on 31/May/11

He's average height (maybe a tiny bit more, in fact) for a Danish male. I don't know what you're talking about.
littlesue said on 31/May/11
I'm surprised you thought he had 5 inches on Craig, when they square up to each other at the poker table they are almost identical, obviously Craig may have had lifts on which would have lifted him to Mads height
Gerry said on 31/May/11
A bit under 6 feet tall? Wow for a Dane he is short, I really thought he had 5 inches on 5 10ish Daniel Craig in Casino Royal, thought he was 6'3".
James said on 29/Apr/11
For a Danish guy he's around average height.
SAK said on 2/Apr/11
Menace 195cm says on 25/Mar/11
In the photo with Rob, he looks more like 180cm than 182cm. Maybe he is 180cm.
I would say he looks 181cm in the photo. But overall i have seen other photos of him where he does usually look 182cm,
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/11
Height fluctuates between 180cm-181cm

He's 182cm in the morning most likely...
Menace 195cm said on 25/Mar/11
In the photo with Rob, he looks more like 180cm than 182cm. Maybe he is 180cm.
Observant said on 11/Mar/11
Has anyone looked at the height chart? hes 181cm end of story.
DrJJ said on 20/Feb/11
Never realised this guy was tall. But hey, he's Danish. 6'0".
James said on 14/Feb/11
For some reason in the pic there really does not look to me as much as 3.5 inches? An illusion perhaps? But anyway i think 5'11.75 is just a few mmm too much so maybe just 5'11.5 (182cm) for this guy. his hairstlye is prorbably also adding a just tiny fraction to his height.

This is how tall i think he measures during the day

6ft (183cm) morning.
5'11.75 (182cm) lunchtime
5'11.5 (182cm) afternoon
possibly 5'11.25 (181cm) before bed after a long day on his feet????????

I think at night he could fluctuate between 181-182cm?
5'8 said on 29/Jan/11
He's a solid 6', Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/11
Shantal said on 28/Nov/10
182cm seems to be his real height
linke said on 26/Nov/10
His brother lars looks around 6'4.Infact his resume says 6'4 too.
E said on 19/Nov/10
Great actor... looks an inch or two taller then daniel craig but craig wears lifts in the movie and admits to it... probably 5'11" or 6'
DF said on 6/Nov/10
179cm , with shoe may 182cm
Editor Rob said on 9/Sep/07
I heard a few girls comment they never realised Mads was tall. This was when he had came toa photoshoot. Strange to hear, I mean in person this guy is a cool fellow, don't think much would faze him. And he looked near 6ft.
Ellen said on 9/Sep/07
wow first one!! Mads Mikkelsen is a great actor. I think he has got a huge potentiale - you know, he got one of the leading parts in Casino Royale, and of course, he is from Denmark! I think 182 cm is right - i once saw him in the airport. His brother (lars Mikkelsen), who also is a danish actor, is 192 cm, and standing side by side he lookes 10 cm higher than Mads. Bare fortsæt det gode arbejde Mads, for du kan virkelige det du laver!! Bare husk hvor du kommer fra!!

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