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5ft 7.41in (171.2cm)
Viper said on 19/May/08
J. Lee, are you blind to facts? The average female is 5-4. Hell it seems shorter where I live. And 5-7 is certaintly tallish.
2005 said on 16/May/08
Her new husband Nick Cannon is 5'11 and she is at least 2inches shorter than him while wearing heels. A 5'8 girl who wears such high heels would be at least 5'11 or taller. Again 5'7 is what I saw in person.
leonari said on 15/May/08
J.Lee: I hope that the heights you posted are WITH HEELS. Cause there is just no way that she is 5'10" or even 5'11" barefoot!! Everything over 5'9" is a joke for mariah. But she is way taller than Robs listing... I say 5'8.5".
2005 said on 12/May/08
Yes she is 5'10" in heels. Once she take them off, she is no more than 5'7. Just remember, I saw her in person when she was promoting the Prince of Egypt with Whitney(who is taller than Mariah for sure)
kk said on 9/May/08
mariah is 5'9" most websites say she's 5'9" and [some says 5'10"]
M.P. said on 7/May/08
Mariah Carey once even said she was 5'10". I'm guessing she meant in heels, because she does almost always wear heels. She could certainly pass for 5'10" because she has the body for it, but I'm guessing that's just wishful thinking, on her behalf. It's weird, because most all women I know don't care about their height if they're under 5'9". I guess she just wants to be even MORE supermodel-like.
ty said on 29/Apr/08
Sawyers has 2 inches on mariah check out the video on youtube. GMA Bye bye vid.
2005 said on 27/Apr/08
If you look at her shoes and Diane sawyer shoes, you will see that her heels are way higher than Diane's. That the reason she is the same height as Diane Sawyer. She did the same thing when she was promoting the prince of Egypt with Whitney Houston. The only way for her to match Whitney height was by wearing higher heels.
byrd said on 25/Apr/08
here she is with Robin Roberts & Diane Sawyer:
Click Here

She appears to be the same height as Sawyer, so I'm guessing she's at least 5'8.
Bruce said on 19/Apr/08
Any woman that is 5'7" and above is tall because they kind of stand out and could easily tower over so many men when wearing like 5-6" heels as well. Despite a 6" heels could probably make her about 4 inches tall... i mean 4 inches can make her nearly 6'0" so i think 5'7" or 5'7.5" is more like her.
josh said on 17/Apr/08
I saw her on idol and was about 1 inch taller than ryan seacrest, who's height is 5'8". MC had on at least 4 maybe 5 or 6 inch heels. She's 5'6" without her heels.
tallgirl1313 said on 16/Apr/08
I have always thought she looked more like 5'6 rather than the commonly reported 5'9... But last night on Idol I think it was obvious.. I mean how does a 5'9" woman end up being the same height or even shorter than almost the entire cast? She certainly didn't come off as someone who is as tall as many fashion models.. She didn't tower over anyone and looked more average height than tall -- AND she was wearing what looked like 4 inch stilettos.. I would never describe her as tall after seeing those comparisons -- sorry...
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/08
Frankly, I think that 5'7" is generous after seeing her stand next to the Idols. Even next to Archuleta with her sky-high heels she didn't eclipse him by much.
Hollie said on 15/Apr/08
Tonight, she stood next to 5ft. 8 in. Kristy Lee Cook and looked about 2-3 inches shorter than her even though she had on heels that were about 1-2 inches taller than Kristy's. 5ft. 7in. seems very accurate.
Linds said on 15/Apr/08
I saw her on american idol when they showed the conestants sessions with her. She certainly didn't tower over any of the girls like a 5'8"-5'9" girl should with MASSIVE heels on. They were ridiculously high and she still didn't look huge.
Deela said on 29/Mar/08
She's the same height as me, 5'6.5" MAX. She wears extremely high heals...3 to 4 inches. That's what puts her to 5'9, up.
kikichanelconspiracy said on 29/Mar/08
There's a new Macy's commercial with her, Martha Stewart and Halle Berry's boyfriend (Gabriel whatever). Stewart and Carey are standing next to each other and Martha Stewart easily has two inches on her. IF not more.
2005 said on 28/Mar/08
Again what I saw in person was not 5'9 girl. Like I said before Whitney was taller than she was when I saw them in person. So It either Mariah is shorter than 5'8 or Whitney is taller than 5'8. One of them is not telling the truth. You tell me
gigi said on 28/Mar/08
She is on the cover of Allure April 2008, the interview states she is 5'9" in barefeet.
2005 said on 26/Mar/08
You said your sister is slightly under 5'8, which means she is not 5'8. And you also said Mariah was about your sister size.You just comfirmed that Mariah might be slightly under 5'8 but she is definitely not 5'8. That is the reason Whitney{true 5'8} was taller than her while wearing same size heels. Again the only way Mariah can match Whitney height is by wearing higher heels. Than her.Thank you for confirming that statement.
sam said on 25/Mar/08
Mariah was about the same size as my sister who is slightly under 5'8. We were standing next to her barefoot so there was no heel height confusion.
2005 said on 24/Mar/08
Again I saw Mariah and Whitney in person wearing same size heels and Whitney was an inch to an inch and half taller. So if Whitney is 5'8 how can Mariah be more than 5'7. I know for sure Whitney is not 5'9
sam said on 24/Mar/08
I am 6 feet even and having stood next to her in the Bahamas without her usual high heels on I would say she is taller than 5'7 but shorter than 5'9
2005 said on 19/Mar/08
You are right Mariah is around 5'7 and Whitney is 5'8 for sure. One thing I know is that when I saw the two of them together Whitney was at least 1 inch to 1 1/2 taller and her heels were the same as Mariah's
Paul said on 14/Mar/08
I think she's around 5-7", whitney seems taller as her legs are very long!
Anyway, does it matter much? When we get old, we will be 4 feet something as our backs bend and we'll all be six feet under after we're dead! By the way, to John below, who cares how tall you're?
2005 said on 4/Mar/08
There is no way Mariah is 5'9. I have seen both Whitney and Mariah in person when promoting The prince of egypt. Whitney is 1 inch to 1/2 inch taller. Mariah only matches whitney height by wearing higher heels than her. So if whitney is taller how can Mariah be 5'9?
john said on 24/Feb/08
I don't mind what she is, it's all rubbish anyway when these chicks take their shoes off. I am 6ft 1.5 without shoes. Plenty tall enough!
marvin said on 19/Feb/08
and mariah is taller than celine dion.
marvin said on 19/Feb/08
i saw mariah and whitney way back in 1998. i can say that mariah is not shorter than whitney. mariah is like 5'8 - 5'8.5
paul said on 11/Feb/08
if beyonce is 5'6, then mariah will be 5'8 at least, and mira sorvino will be 5'10.
photo of mariah and beyonce
Click Here

photo of mariah and mira sorvino
Click Here
Leo said on 1/Feb/08
Mariah is 5 foot 9. I've had the pleasure of meeting her several times, I am 6 foot 1, and with her heels on she is 6'1 we were same height. also she has super long legs, and very toned, shes not a small lady, very lean and toned, but muscular
mon said on 22/Jan/08
shes taller than 5'7...she just looks short cause she always hanging around taller ppl..on da cribs episode with naomi campbell, she was basically the same height as her. I say 5'9 is right
sw said on 5/Jan/08
Mariah is not more than 170cm because she did a video with Pharrell (175cm) and there she had pumps with 8cm or more and was as tall as Pharrell was.
C. said on 31/Dec/07
As much as I dislike Mariah Carey, the woman is taller than 5'7". Either a weak 5'9" or 5'8" 3/4 or something very close.
Jen said on 24/Dec/07
Cosmopolitan, December 1997:
"Carey pours herself a glass of red wine, kicks off her size 9 1/2 shoes, and stretches out her surprisingly tall 5 foot 8 1/2-inch frame on a couch."

Rolling Stone, Feb 23rd 2006:
"Though not a Zellwegerian stick figure by any stretch of the matte jersey, the five foot eight Mariah is considerably leaner than you might expect: not so much full figured as sturdy."

Mirabella, May 1999:
"She lays all five-feet-9 of her down on a white antique couch."
(5'8 1/2" could conceivably be rounded to 5'9".)

People, November 22nd 1993:
"Tall-5'9 and striking with her mahogany-colored hair and ebony eyes, she seems unaffected by her fame."

QX Magazine, April 2005:
"She's surprisingly tall."

You Magazine, November 10th 2002:
"She's also taller than I expected, above and beyond the precipitous heels she's sporting."

Blender, Jan/Feb 2003:
"A strapping five-foot-nine SANS stilettos, with huge chocolate eyes, tumbling locks and the type of stop-the-traffic curves that Blender can put down only to a slip of God's pen, the most expensive pop star in history is a whole lotta woman."

Rolling Stone, Feb 5th 1998:
"People are, for some reason, surprised to learn that she is a not-at-all petite 5 feet 9 inches. Also that she is smart."

Jen said on 24/Dec/07
She is 5'8 1/2 not 5'7". This is both according to her fan club and her personal stylist. All other sources can't be trusted. That is still tall though, and she is definitely tall...whoever thinks otherwise is nuts. She is 6'0" in heels according to everyone who has interviewed her. She also walked directly in front of me wearing 4-5 inch boots at Pure Nightclub and although she was shorter than me (I'm 5'10" and had on 5 inch wedges) she was not THAT much shorter.
Kieran said on 29/Nov/07
wha? why has she been put down to 5ft 7? she is a very tall women isnt anywhere close to that!
mia said on 26/Nov/07
i just saw her last week and i'm 6'1. i can really say that she's taller than 5'7 (without heels) because my sister is 5'7 1/2. i'm sure mariah is 5'8 - 5'9.
. said on 26/Nov/07
4 inch heels aren't sky high? I disagree with that. And she didn't look much taller than Ellen to me either. Again my opinion.
~Nate~ said on 24/Nov/07
Yes she was on Ellen, she was wearing about 4inch heels on not sky high!! Yes she was alot taller then Ellen!..I'll look for pics
. said on 22/Nov/07
She was just on Ellen. She had her typical sky-high heels on and she wasn't much taller than Ellen. I agree with 5'6". No way is she 5'8".
~Nate~ said on 21/Nov/07
SO I just got back from meeting Mariah at the Perfume signing at the Glendale Galleria Mall in Macys-So she was sitting down the whole time signing pics-didnt get to see her height this time, but I did see how thin and gorgeous she looked...good times
~Nate~ said on 20/Nov/07
Ok I'm going to meet Mariah tomorrow in LA at Macys Galleria Maybe I'll get a pic with her! We'll see! Stay tuned kids.....
~Nate~ said on 18/Nov/07
Lily,Lily,Lily....I bet this discussion is the highlight of your life I'll entertain you and give you a reason to exist for a few paragraphs, Anyways I believe and feel like I know in the real world that Mariah is really 5'8 min! You can think whatever you want since you'e never met her, thats fake sweety, just like you!
lily said on 17/Nov/07
@Nate: It's hard discussing real life things with people who are probably blind and never get out in the real world! We're moving on over here, stay in your fantasy MC world, in our world she's still not tall at all, so end of discussion.
~Nate~ said on 17/Nov/07
Were gonna keep it moving on Lily were gonna wish the haters well, anyways about Mc yes she is a few inches taller then Oprah and is about the same height as Whitney and is about two inches shorter then 6'2-ODB in stilettos
lily said on 15/Nov/07
Nate get a real life and stop living in a fantasy where you think you've met MC and know it all. Get your facts straight by observing (open your eyes!) and read: MC isn't taller than Oprah, isn't taller than Whitney Houston so no way tha gal is 5'9". And I do own mirrors, perhaps I should send you one and the next time you meet MC both of you can take a look at yourselves. Warning:Don't be surprise at the revealing truth of the real world!!!
~Nate~ said on 14/Nov/07
First of all Lily before you open your mouth about someone please look in the mirror...please sweety! lol ANyways I think we can all attest for those of us who met her that she is by no means fat and she was born in 1970...She is 5'9, and een if shes a fake your a genuine hater!!! Get a life please :D
lily said on 12/Nov/07
I think MC lives in a dreamworld where she would like to be younger(born in 1970 instead of 1969 *LOL*), thinner (pics on her website and album covers always depict her leaner than she actually is) and taller (no way she is 5'7", more like max 5'6"). Her voice is the only real thing but she doesn't know how to use that at best anymore, so keep on dreaming little, fat almost 40 MC!! Thanks to your voice your "make-believe-world" keeps on rockin'.
sweetchari said on 5/Nov/07
I think she is five eight like me and wears really high heels because she has always looked like she was near 6ft she always towers almost everyone it seems so I kind of don't buy 5'7" for her height.
Katie said on 27/Oct/07
She said she was 5'9? No way! She's not that tall.
~Nate~ said on 24/Oct/07
Well duh I have many pics from that event Mariah was wearing stiettos same as Paris same as Nicole
joy said on 21/Oct/07
Shes the same height as oprah, when she cam eon the oprah show after the legends ball.
~Nate~ said on 16/Oct/07
Ok Mariah is clearly not 5'7-here she is what 5'7-5'8 Paris Hilton-Mariah is clearly taller....look...
Click Here

Click Here
Kieran said on 16/Oct/07
shes definately over 5ft 7 due to la reid being like 5ft5 and when she stands beside him shes towering him, so maybe she is the 5ft 9.
myspace celebrity said on 12/Oct/07
i kinda agree with her quote, i would've never guessed 5'7 but with jermaine dupri and missy elliott next to her she does this tall
Viper said on 2/Oct/07
She really does look 5-6-5-7 in the one sweet day video.
Damone said on 2/Oct/07
I'm sorry, but she's nowhere near 5'9...have you watched the One Sweet Day video with Boyz 2 Men...she's standing next to one of the singer's, who's no more then 5'6 5'7..and she's not wearing heels..and the rest of the singers are towering over both of if she's 5'9 then the rest of Boyz 2 Men are well over 6'3 and up... pfft..
jody said on 29/Sep/07
it seems like mariah carey's 5'8'' minimum w/o heels. because she has a curve..and er robustness makes her that much suits her whole body with that height. probably with heels, she's tall about 5'10''
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/07
I saw her at the Dylan hotel in Amsterdam, in the summer of 2005 i guess &nd it was amazing... She wore high heels yes but not THAT high Maybe 3 inch heels. And she stood next 2 me.. I guess she was about 5'11 maybe 6 feet with heels
~Nate~ said on 19/Sep/07
LOL Mariah didnt have a date to the legends ball! how funny she never had one but u claim she did and u happen to know how tall he was....thats ok we love liars here! :D
Eduard24 said on 18/Sep/07
When I met her in the concert, I think she's just only 5'3 or 5'4 but when she stood beside me, we almost have the same height but she appears taller when she wear her very high heels.
Melanie said on 17/Sep/07
She's probably around 5'6 barefoot. I just watched Oprah's Legends Ball and Mariah's 6'6" date towered over her, and I'm sure she was wearing 3, 4 or maybe even 5 inch heels.
~Nate~ said on 12/Sep/07
Franco, nobody asked you to change your mind, because your wrong those of us who have met her all can say she's 5'8 Min...
Franco said on 9/Sep/07
Alessia Marcuzzi is not 180cm, she is 176cm

and i didn't change my mind about Mariah Carey, she's 171cm max.
Steve said on 20/Aug/07
When you see footage where she's performing "When you believe" on stage together with Whitney Houston, it's clear that she's somewhat shorter than Whitney - who's 5'7 herself..
~Nate~ said on 19/Aug/07
LOL Mariah 5'2? This is getting ridiculous Rob Please bring her up to 5'8 Min please....we've showed you evidence supporting this..
Dunken said on 18/Aug/07
Mariah at 5'2... i've heard it all now.
Anon said on 17/Aug/07
How true this is I don't know, but my old flat mate saw her fairly close up and reckons she is tiny as in not much over 5ft maybe 5'2. My flatmate is 5'6 and not the star struck type so I believe her. She may look bigger in concert because mostly you are either looking up or you are so high up it is hard to tell.
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/07
she's def taller than 5'7, saw her in concert and she was almost 6 ft in heels! yes, she wears high ones, but i'm 5'7 barefoot, and i only appear 5'9-5'10 in big heels. she's at least 5'8. upgrade???????
talker said on 12/Aug/07
Here's the link.......

Click Here
talker said on 12/Aug/07
she's taller than 5'7".Check this link with 5'9" Mira Sorvino.Except in the first photos where Mariah wears small healed boots and Sorvino high heels,they look about the same height.
TheDarkCountry said on 23/Jul/07
i dont agree that shes 5ft7in she is 5'8.5"
MHouillon said on 20/Jul/07
Some months ago I thought "What has happened here...? Some time ago I visited here she was on 173cm, now she is on 170cm ?? That's not very realistic. Okay, she is not the 5'9" she claims, but 172cm-173cm is realistic. She walked past me during her concert, and minding her 3-4 inches heels she was certainly not shorter than 5'8 !" Then I wrote

"Rob, bring her back to 5'8 or give her at least the 172cm (5'7.75) (that Tom Cruise has on this site and give HIM the 5'7 (170cm), because this is his actual height.)"

Nothing has happened since then, many people think the same as I do,
no 170cm or 175cm either, just a realistic 172cm-173cm !!

When do we get closer to the truth ? I mean come on! Mariah is 170, but Tom Cruise is 172cm... rrriiight....
mh said on 4/Jul/07
i was in paris on june 29th 2007 and saw mariah carey outside of hotel de crillon where she stayed..and she was about an arms length away from me..she was wearing 4" heels cuz my sister has the exact same heels..and i am 5'10 and she seems about an inch or two taller than she is prolly about 172~173..she is also super gorgeous in person
xy said on 3/Jul/07
she did not want cos alessia marcuzzi was too tall!
Brad said on 3/Jul/07
"want" or "won't"? Non capisco. Lo ripeta per favore. Capisce?
xy said on 1/Jul/07
in an italian program she told to alessia marcuzzi (180 cm) that she won't her to introduce her cos she would appear too short
~Nate~ said on 1/Jul/07
new pics from the Lil Love Video Mariah standing next to Bow Wow and Jd Towering them!..Click Here
Franco said on 27/Jun/07
you guys can say what you want but she's for me she was and will always be 171cm or 5'7.5 and with heels about 5'9.5 to 5'10

makes sense, she does look tallish with heels but thanks to her rounded body you get the impression she's 5'6 or so, not true, she' not 5'7 flat but not 5'8 either.

i have a theory...

maybe she used to be 5'8 years ago before gaining weight, infact i never doubted GLENN being 5'8 at all, i think glenn from the moment he gained all that weight lost at least 1cm and is 5'7.75 pretty noticeble in some of the latest pix, sometimes looks 5'8 sometimes shorter and being closer to the cam or slouching got nothing to do, when he stood straight in some pix he looked 5'7ish. :)

so for me TODAY mariah carey is 171cm and she used to be 173cm, my guess?
**** heels shrinked her spine a bit. :)
LD said on 24/Jun/07
Nate, no need to argue. I just told you a fact about me and my heels-- accept it or not. I noticed you didn't respond my point about the photographic evidence of Mariah standing with women who actually are tall.
glenn said on 22/Jun/07
i couldve sworn she was short when i saw her in 1990 to 1992.did she grow? i agree on 5-7 to 5-8 now.
Brad said on 22/Jun/07
We all who have met the pride of Nassau County know she's 5' 8". Girl rode my favorite roller coaster in Rye New York in a video. She does look short in the rare sneakers.
~Nate~ said on 21/Jun/07
So Rob how about we finally put Mc back at 5'8 where she belongs
titch said on 20/Jun/07
no idea how tall she is. just out of curiosity why is everyone here so Obsessed With Height?
and what did brad say????
~Nate~ said on 19/Jun/07
LD your a woman you should know this 4"inch heels dont make you four inchers taller maybe 2.5 inches I mean my sister is 5'8 and in four inchers she's about 5'10-5'11 never 6ft and shes exactly 5'8 come on
Brad said on 15/Jun/07
We've met Long Island's finest. Campbell is a building compared to most females.She's a hair under 5' 10". MC rarely stands straight, she throws out one of her legs much like a model pose. She's 5' 8".
LD said on 15/Jun/07
Nate, you are making that statement to a woman. Since I wear them, I can tell you with absolute certainty that my 3" heels make this 5'6 1/2 inch woman as tall as my 5'9" man. Wow, this place is incredible! The photos are right here. Mariah was DWARFED standing next to 5'9" Naomi Cambell. Whitney Houston is standing right next to her in video and is taller. This woman is 5'9 only in heels-- just like me.
Brad said on 14/Jun/07
Word up Nate.
~Nate~ said on 13/Jun/07
Realme we're all entitled to our own oppinion but Brad Glenn Mhoulion and a few others have all met her I dont think you can argue that much
Brad said on 13/Jun/07
Makes Cent$ now.
glenn said on 13/Jun/07
exactly you get me and ill explain in almost full detail.and you will be amazed at how much trouble you didnt think of.much more than you think.better me being paranoid,than sorry.
Realme said on 12/Jun/07
More like 5'6"-5'6 1/2. 5'7" is not really believable.
Brad said on 12/Jun/07
I'll use your personal email to make sense, er "make cent$". Now I know. Have to use a secure computer to do so.
glenn said on 12/Jun/07
i understand brad.its better that alot of different kind of people of all departments in my life,dont know.understand? and the funny thing is,im not involved anyway.
Brad said on 12/Jun/07
I had no idea.
glenn said on 12/Jun/07
email me if youd like brad.or ill call you.its that serious.or we can just drop the whole thing.but you shouldve had common sense with that thing you posted.
Brad said on 11/Jun/07
Clueless is an understatement.
glenn said on 11/Jun/07
let brad have fun.just dont submit personal info again.he had no clue the ramifications that couldve happened against mistake,he is out for good.brad can email me if he is still clueless.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
she is about 5'8.5, i met her in tomes square last year. i'm 5'7, and i was wearing heels, and she was a few inches taller than me in sneakers.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
Mariah could be 5'9", she is very curvy (big hips) and has short legs ,so doesnt look it at all.
~Nate~ said on 10/Jun/07
LD I'm not sure if you read what I posted about heels as well as the article written specifically about heels on this website. A Four Inch heel will only give you about 2 inches little over of height Meaning if Mariah 5'9 wears 4 inch stiletto heels that would make her a little over 5'11 wouldnt make her over 6' unless she wore bigger ones like the ones she wore when I met her.
LD said on 9/Jun/07
Nate, I see that you are aware that Mariah wears fantastically high heels all the time. If a 5'9" woman were to wear 3" (let alone 4" heels) all the time, that would make her 6' tall and therefore a couple of inches taller than the average man. There are a lot of photo links of her here and you sure don't see that in them. Naomi Campbell is 5'9 or 5'10 and she TOWERS over Mariah in the photos of them together.
LD said on 9/Jun/07
I don't know why some people want to believe Mariah is 5'8" or even taller. She is on video singing with 5'7" or 5'8" Whitney Houston and is clearly shorter. So she can't be 5'8". That is impossible.
Jen said on 6/Jun/07
Okay, I read all the comments. Actually, I do have an article that says 5'7" so that's not true about what's been reported. But that's irrelevant. Her stylist said she was 5'8 1/2" and all I know is, I was EXPECTING her to be tall since I've mostly read that she is 5'9". I am 5'10", we both had on heels, and when she walked past me at Pure, I couldn't believe how much shorter she was than me...I was like wtf...But yeah, 5'8 1/2 is a safe estimate.
Click Here
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
5'7 is a bit too low. Not going to even comment on 5'5. 5'9 is a bit too high. 5'8 seems most accurate.
Anonymous said on 30/May/07
She looks almost as tall as Kimora Lee.
Click Here
~Nate~ said on 24/May/07
For real thats what I been sayin forever Rob really needs to put her back at 5'8 Min
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Oh come on....please, she's a legit 5' 8", 5' 11" in heels easy!!
Brad said on 14/May/07
Oh cut it out, I met her years ago, she was an amazing 5' 8". Nate/Glenn/Brad all have had her 5' 8" in our faces from a foot away. Look at her with Mira who is in heels. Mira is a tall person.
~Nate~ said on 13/May/07
LD you cant believe anyone would believe she's over 5'5 because your not one of the lucky few to have met her. She does wear four inch stiletto heels everyday of her life but the woman is tall. Back in the day she did wear the highest heels* but not anymore and by the way there spelt *Heels* not *Heals* Bottom line homegirl is 5'8 Min just ask Glenn or MHouillon or the other few who have pics with her who met her.
LD said on 12/May/07
The tallest she could possibly be is 5'6". As I said before, at 5'7" wearing the heels she wears, she wouldn't be shorter than Whitney. At 5'6 in 3 in heels (she wears at least that at all times), she'd be 5'9. She isn't any taller.
ice said on 11/May/07
LMAO at the 5'5 comment! No offense, you are entitled to your opinion, but I think 5'5 is downgrading too much. I can see 5'7, but not 5'5.
LD said on 27/Apr/07
I can't believe anyone would really think this woman is anywhere near 5'9" tall. She wears the highest heals possible all the times! If she were really 5'9", she would tower over most men. But she never looks taller than any man. And one quick check of youtube and you can see her singing live on Oprah next to a 5'8" inch Whitney wearing the highest heels possible and is still a couple of inches shorter than Whitney. Whitney was wearing heels also, just not high heels. She's probably about 5'5".
~Nate~ said on 20/Apr/07
Franco dont act like you know sh** please I already posted the Pic w/ 5'6.5 Beyonce and 6'2 ODB there is no way a girl who is 5'7 can wear four inch stiletto heels and look an inch shorter then a 6'2 man thats impossible unless there platforms Mariah are not Franco putting her at 5'8 min. Period thanks ;)
Franco said on 20/Apr/07
MARIAH CAREY is max 5'7 and dont come telling me anything above that. period.

these last 2 pix especially with beyonce and Chris O Donnell are her nail in the coffin.

5'7 max and she looks it.
Brad said on 5/Apr/07
She's 5' 8" at the lowest. She's in heels 24/7 & 365. She holds her own with ODB.
~Nate~ said on 2/Apr/07
What do we think about this pic kids Beyonce Mariah Kelly Click Here
and does the pic of Mariah and 6'2 ODB that Glenn has met hold no merit ?Click Here
redcat said on 29/Mar/07
In the Bachelor, there's a scene with her and Chris O'Donell (who is listed as 5'9" here). She looks about the same height (maybe 1/2 an inch shorter) although you can't see their feet. For anyone who saw this movie, was she wearing heels? Anyway, here's the pic: Click Here
sarah said on 22/Mar/07
she looks about 5'6 here's a pic of her and gladys knight which you have listed as 5'3.5 Click Here
~Nate~ said on 9/Mar/07
Yeah I saw those pics Glenn she does look a lot shorter then Naomi! But Im not sure her heels dont look nearly as high as Naomi's but its a huge height diff. I'm no expert on Mariah I just have met her and have had many friends too and having a sister that is 5'9 that loves heels when we both met Mariah together we were eye to eye I know this is all he said she said but just my oppinion and Glenn's of course who claims 5'8-5'9 when he met her too. But hey you never know Ill let you know next time I meet her
ice said on 8/Mar/07
I don't know, Nate. You're right about her not wearing heels, but they look really thick. Do you have any clue how much height you get from those? It's clear she would get more than the standard one-inch a tennis shoe would give. Also, she looks even shorter in that pic than the one anonymous posted. I would say she looks about 2-2.5 inches shorter than Mira. Mira says she's 5'9, and it looks like she's wearing standard heels, so she's probably standing at about 5'11.5" This means Mariah would be about 5'9-5'9.5" in her boots. this makes me guess 5'7.5"-5'8" barefoot.

Editor Rob
there was some playfull pics of Mariah Carey and Naomi campbell,

like this but then Reality, kicks in

really, seeing her with that ian wright fellow who I know isn't much taller than myself in person, its harder to argue 170+ for the lady. That and she's a few inches shy of latifah who can be seen with the glenn
~Nate~ said on 5/Mar/07
Ok here is that picture anonymous posted of Mira and Mariah, Mariah is wearing snow boots that have no heel and Mira is wearing heels look....
Click Here
Kerra said on 4/Mar/07
I met Mariah back in 2001. I am regular height, 5'6, and I met her when she was coming out of a limo with hundreds of other fans swarming around. Her bodygaurds backed us off, but she came over and met me!!!! I didn't get a picture, however, I was in flat sandals and she was in 2-3 inch heels, I must agree that she stood about 5'9 or 5'10. But definetely with lifts!
cioco said on 22/Feb/07
tom cruise is not 170, that`s imposible. penelope looks at least 2-3 inchees shorter and she is tall. she can`t be shorter that 5'5 and that makes tom at least 174 because penelope wears heels. katie is 175 and she is 5 cm taller with heels and that makes tom at least 175
anonymous said on 20/Feb/07
She appears to be only an inch shorter than 5'10" Mira Sorvino in this pic...

Click Here
com said on 20/Feb/07
Mariah is 5'9. Her height here is definitely just based on mass feedback. No veracity!
MHouillon said on 17/Feb/07
Some weeks ago I thought "What has happened here...? Last time I visited here she was on 173cm, now she is on 170cm ?? That's not very realistic. Okay, she is not the 5'9" she claims, but 172cm-173cm is realistic. She walked past me during her concert, and minding her 3-4 inches heels she was certainly not shorter than 5'8 !" Then I wrote

"Rob, bring her back to 5'8 or give her at least the 172cm (5'7.75) (that Tom Cruise has on this site and give HIM the 5'7 (170cm), because this is his actual height.)"

Nothing has happened since then, many people think the same as I do,
no 170cm or 175cm either, just a realistic 172cm-173cm !!

When do we get closer to the truth ? I mean come on! Mariah is 170, but Tom Cruise is 172cm... rrriiight....
jason said on 14/Feb/07
170 seams to short! at least 172-173 cm for her,peak 5ft-8.
J. said on 12/Feb/07
It's crazy. About a year or two ago, I was saying that M.C. struck me as a regular 5'6"-5'7" woman (with a penchant for thick heels) and seemingly most of the other posters argued "No! She's 5'8"-5'9!; her heels aren't that big!". Now, it's the opposite! Funny how people sway.
Viper said on 10/Feb/07
Shes closer to 5-6 than 5-9, thats for sure.
paul said on 10/Feb/07
try watching divas live at youtube back in 2001 i think, a finale with destiny's child, you'll see how short beyonce is compared to mariah.
~Nate~ said on 10/Feb/07
LOL Earl Yes Mariah was in a cafeteria, I bet you saw her at Walmart after that huh?
Earl said on 9/Feb/07
Met her in Cafeteria in NYC.Shook her hand. I stand by my 2/1/07 comment.
paul said on 5/Feb/07
hey! mariah is 5'9", she looks short because she's not as skinny as the others. i'm 5'9" too and i've seen her face to face. She is taller for about inches or more, realy big woman, in all aspect. tom cruise is 5'8.5 by te way" if you did not change these, you're nothing better than a cheap fake tabloid.
~Nate~ said on 5/Feb/07
Wow thats a different encounter Earl, not to say that your lying cause I'm sure your not its just your oppinion but Mariah is in no way 5'6 in stiletto's and she NEVER wears sneakers or flats, ESPECIALLY not out about in NYC at a restaurant.
Earl said on 1/Feb/07
Stood face to face with her in NYC restaurant. She's 5'6".
~Nate~ said on 1/Feb/07
Oh Im very sorry Ice I had no idea you were a male, secondly this is totally the wrong place for the Bush arguement even though I'm sure we disagree there as well. I know the Mariah height thing isn't that serious but I always get very arguemenative whether I'm talking about Bush, Onions and Apples or even Mariah.
ice said on 1/Feb/07
To bikagyura: ???
bikagyura said on 31/Jan/07
ice ---> -_-'
Nina said on 29/Jan/07
I saw her on a concert in Germany. Already in the beginning of the concert I wondered why her background dancers all looked so small even up on stage. At the end of the concert she went off the stage and came down for a handshaking while singing one of the last songs for the evening (behind the security barrier of course). As there weren't that many people there I was able to stand in the first row. I was wearing sneakers and she high heels and I still was two inches taller than her and I am 5'7 tall.
~Nate~ said on 28/Jan/07
LOL Thats cute actually Ice I have, I have all the articles saved of her in a huge 3 ring binder including every magazine so yes and she was never presented at 5'7, dont call me on this bro dont even play.
MHouillon said on 27/Jan/07
Wow, what has happened here...? Last time I visited here she was on 173cm, now she is on 170cm ?? That's not very realistic. Okay, she is not the 5'9" she claims, but 172cm-173cm is realistic. She walked past me during her concert, and minding her 3-4 inches heels she was certainly not shorter than 5'8 !

Rob, bring her back to 5'8 or give her at least the 172cm (5'7.75) (that Tom Cruise has on this site and give HIM the 5'7 (170cm), because this is his actual height.)
~Nate~ said on 25/Jan/07
Actually every article ever written about MC has had her height anywhere from 5'8-5'9, never 5'7.
anonymous said on 16/Jan/07
She's 5' 8" at minimum.
Mxycell said on 14/Jan/07
The picture with Pharrell Williams closes the case on Mariah's height. If he is 5 foot 8 she is about the same height as him when he is wearing flip flops. There are dozens of picture of the both of them walking out of that hotel holding hands from several angels. Take 2 to 3 inches off Mariah's height because she is wearing heels and he is let say 5 foot 9 inches the picture makes Mariah Carey 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 7. Also who says Mariah might not be wearing 6 inch heels some of the time so if your 6 foot tall and you ment Mariah maybe she was wearing higher heels. Pharrell is 5 foot 8 the pictures don't lie people do.
maraih27 said on 13/Jan/07
SHE'S 176cm!!!!!
Steph said on 11/Jan/07
wow i think she looks well smaller thn 5 ft 7. i would have thoght she was shorter than that!
Alex said on 11/Jan/07
This 5'7 listing seems too short. 5'8 at least she looks to me.
A said on 8/Jan/07
I think she is 5'7". As for her being fat, I wouldn't be suprised if she is only a size 8(US). It is when the rest of Hollywood is size 0, you just look fat in comparison. She is just average sized and curvy.
skull said on 12/Dec/06
i was scamming through this and i'm guessing shes 5'6 to 5'7 cause she doesn't look that tall beyonce look taller than her and shes only 5'7 i don't know why you guys are even comparing her to guys height cause they lie about their height... i say everybody lie about their their height espicially celebrities. everybody wants to be taller and stuff... but with mariah case i don't know if shes telling the truth cause she kinda fat and fatter people looks shorter, while slimmer figures look taller than what they really are.
alyrose said on 10/Dec/06
Definitely taller than 5'7". She's only about 3-3.5" shorter, in heels, than Luther Vandross (6'3") when they did the Endless Love duet. She really is probably 5'8.5"-5'9".
Brad said on 7/Dec/06
Where did Mariah get that sad a$$ dress? Looks like she pulled down the curtains at a lobster restaurant and made a dress. Mariah: Versace 24/7/365.
Brad said on 7/Dec/06
Nate is correct. She rarely stands straight up tall. She does that leg out height loss. 5' 8" in front of me 10 years ago. She loves stiletto heels.
~Nate~ said on 4/Dec/06
Argh! Where is Glenn their doing it to me again rob?! LOL Ok as I recently told Glenn as well my last MC sighting was at Pure night club in Las vegas right after her show on Sept 30 2006. She was wearing about a four inch boot heel stiletto and I was wearing my timbs that put me about 6'1. When she walked infront of us and hugged my friend we were standing on the same level and when I said hi to her she looked me dead on in the eyes she could've been maybe half inch shorter then me, an inch at the most but she definitely was very tall. Like I said at the min Rob we should put her at 5'8.5, I'm going to ask my friends to make some eye witness accounts see what they say I'm not sure about them but for me she's 5'8.5 MIN.
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/06
here's the vid link
Click Here
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/06
Mariah 5'8? I don't think so. Here she is standing next to Ian Wright who is listed around 5'8 officially but is closer to 5'7 in real life. Anyway, even if he is really 5'8, she only looks taller than him when he bends forward and dances like a clown, even though she's in her huge high heeled shoes. If she was really over 5'5/5'6 she would have towered over him, or at least been significantly taller. Here's the clip from YouTube

Click Here
shikira said on 3/Dec/06
No, Mariah Carey is not tall! - she is airbrushed to look tall but her height is 5ft6-7 maximum and have seen celebrity pictures of her standing next to very tall women and she comes to their shoulders so they must be 7ft tall if she is 6ft tall. All celebrities lie about their height and you can tell how tall they are by looking how far away their knees are from their calves (they have small lower legs that tell you the height of a person even if they have a taller back, it has to be in proportion to the rest of their body.
Brad said on 2/Dec/06
I know somebody who saw her in Aspen recently. She was closing in on 6' in ski boots. She IS 5' 8".
Alex said on 29/Nov/06
5'6 for Mariah? She looks at least 5'8 to me. Who knows.
Phil said on 16/Sep/06
Having seen a live video of "Against all odds" where Mariah is singing with the Irish band Westlife, she did not seem that tall. She was wearing heels close to 4 inches I'd say and should have towered over some of the shortish/average guys. That was not the case. She's at least 5'7 though imo, maybe a tad over.
Emil said on 7/Sep/06

Click Here
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
I saw her ex at Springsteen show years ago. I'm sure he demanded her to wear no heels next to him.
Teeth said on 3/Aug/06
I'm 5'11'' I think Mariah Carey is tall women 5'8''. My Friends name Pete shorter than Mariah Carey! (He's 5'7'') I think my friend name Pete is someguy that very tall in my group.
Brad said on 31/Jul/06
Mariah is a legit 5'8". She is constantly standing with her leg out pulling her height down. She towers over most people she stands next to for good reason: she's tall. I'm 6'5" with no judge of height towering over people, but, I met her at a Sony party years ago and she IS 5'8" without heels!
SweetCharity said on 30/Jul/06
I would jus say if you notice in the video with Pharell she is actually taller than Pharell by a good couple inches. I know she probably has on heels but she is definitely taller than him or his height without heels. I am 5'8''-5'9'' myself and I always wear heels just like Mariah. Mariah is clearly the same height as Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston is like 5'8'' or so. All you people saying Ciara is only five-seven are definitely lying because she towered Bow Wow who claimed himself to be five eight she is at least five nine. Paris is only 5'8'' it is listed in her compcard for Ford Models which I do not think would lie. Beyonce is about 5'5'' or 5'6'' and only appears tall because of her five-inch stiletto heels. Mariah also took an award from WMAs it was presented to her by Howie D. and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. Howie is 5'6'' and AJ is 5'9'' and both of them were way shorter than her. Howie has a pic with her in his home and she clearly a good 2-3inches taller.
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
Serious Los?
Los said on 27/Jul/06
Mariah Carey at the Grammys ..she towered over Kanye and Paul Mccartney.
Anonymous said on 22/Jul/06
I though the celebs height was measured with no footwear on, or is Mariahs case different, because theres no way she's 5'8 without her height enhanching heels. Nate is just defending her because he's obviously got a thing for her
~Nate~ said on 20/Jul/06
LOL Mariah is nobody's 5'3 and she didn't admit she was either, they presented her with the celebrity legs of a goddess cause she does got some bangin legs on her. Mariah is not 5'3 or 5'9 in heels...Shes 5'9 without I mean just look at her and Vanessa Minillo who is also a tall girl standing next to Mariah in heels...Click Here Mariah at least 5'8 barefoot
Nelly said on 20/Jul/06
I heared in a tv-program for some time ago, that this year Mariah got the price for "Best celeb legs", and in the program they were saying that Mariah was 5'3, so it was possible for small girls to have very nice legs, and Mariah agreed... I have always thought that she was taller than 5'3, but after that, well I'm confused ... haha ..
Viper652 said on 19/Jul/06
Shes 5-9 in heels.
Nate said on 18/Jul/06
Oh my god! Maja ur right mariah isn't 5'8 she's 5'9 plus pharell can't wear lifts god forbid to make him look taller next to be a big girl...I've met mariah a few times and have posted pics of my friends who have she's 5'9 and unless you've met her you would know this, but I do agree that in pics she looks shorter then 5'9 prolly cause of horrible posture and she never stands straight
Maja said on 18/Jul/06
Look.. Mariah is not at all 5 ft 8 in. Just look at her in her video "Say something" togehter with Snoop and Pharrell Williams. Pharrell Wiliams is 5 ft 8,5 in. and Mariah Carey is standing right beside him in the video and she wears very high heels, still she is NOT taller than Pharrell Williams. She is 160 cm. that's it. If she was 5 ft 8 in. with those high heels on standing beside at Pharrell Williams she was ought to towering over Pharrell, but she's NOT. Look after it yuorself when you see the video next time.
Maja J├Ârgensen said on 18/Jul/06
Look.. Mariah is not at all 5 ft 8 in. Just look at her in her video "Say something" togehter with Snoop and Pharrell Williams. Pharrell Wiliams is 5 ft 8,5 in. and Mariah Carey is standing right beside him in the video and she wears very high heels, still she is NOT taller than Pharrell Williams. She is 160 cm. that's it. If she was 5 ft 8 in. with that high heels on standing beside at Pharrell Williams she was ought to towers beside him, but she's not.
abe said on 18/Jul/06
I also saw the espy's she was same height as lance 5'10 she was in high heels so that makes her 5'6
5-10chick said on 17/Jul/06
i think she is 5'6 she sometime look 5'8 I dont know
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/06
Hmmm. 5'8"?. I don't know. Here's Mariah with the Editor-in-chief of Allure magazine Linda Well who has stated in a previous issue of the magazine that she's 5'7".
Click Here
Variant said on 14/Jul/06
Pics from the ESPY's with Lance Armstrong are interesting. We know he's not that tall and have to assume she's wearing big heels right? I haven't seen a good full body pic though so it's hard to tell. You'd think she'd tower over him though if she was really 5'8...
Viper652 said on 7/Jul/06
5-6 looks to be correct.
Giselle said on 7/Jul/06
I am so confused about all these celebs heights. i mean mariah doesn't seem to be a 5'8 woman. those heels are huge. rob how tall do you think mariah is juding from the pics. i think we should downgrade her..
~Nate~ said on 6/Jul/06
Rob I think Mariah she be kept up at 5'8 Min....Look my friend who is a Mariah fanatical is 5'7 and here she is with mariah while Mariah is in her standard four inchers....Click Here proof? Here is my friend on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show with mariah on stage...Click Here Friday June 23, 2006, go to youtube go to Jimmy Kimmels website or even Mariah daily and you will find it. Also I would have you know that in the pic with Sean Paul who is supposedly 5'8..? LOL He was just at MTV TRL here in San Diego at the Wavehouse he was like 8 feet away from me, he was like 5'10 maybe and he had on timbs. Im not sure how tall he is without them but with them on hes 5'10 and in the pic you provided with Mariah...LOL Mariah had no maybe a one inch heel!!! She was tired Look..Click Here here she is with Ciara, Mariah is in small wedges while Ciara is in sneakers, take off those wedges and mariah still got an inch on her...Click Here in the Beyonce pic notice Mariah is standing on a lower level then Beyonce one step down...Mariahs 5'8.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/06
ok i want answers.. why has'nt mariah been put on ....5'6' i mean com on she is always wearing hugh heels..this lady dosnt even go out without heels shes clearly not that height bare foot ..even taking her dog out shes wearing heel ..Click Here .. Click Here .. hear she is with beyonce ..i guess beyonce is wearing same amount of heals cuz i guess they dont make any bigger then this.. Click Here .. Click Here here she is with 5''10' P.diddy sure shes in heels its im possible if she not even then shes to short compared to 5'8 person in fornt of a 5'10 .. like i said shes 5'6 most 5'6.5 she always has Click Here Click Here Click Here this much heel on .. i mean plzz for the sake of this site ..its just hilarious u people call her 5'8 tellin u Rob shes gettin away with the heels..:) here she is with sean pual (5'8) Click Here in 3 inch heel shes still 5'8' i think thats poff enough ..if u still dont downgarde her ,then wat can i say ..
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/06
Here's the picture of Mariah with Nancy O'Dell. O'Dell is 5'9" and Mariah is obviously not 5'8" or 5'9". She is like 3" shorter than O'Dell. Click Here
~Nate~ said on 30/Jun/06
Here's another shot of Whitney and Mariah and the MTV Awards....both are the same exact height..Click Here
Eric said on 29/Jun/06
Here we go. Whitney Houston is 5'8 standing next to Mariah and check out the shoes. And dont mind what shes doing to her lol.

Click Here
Nate said on 21/Jun/06
Ok in her new video say somethin she did not have on wedges she had on 3 3/4 stiletto heels by louis but not wedges, also they put homeboy in boots if you look at his footwear that is why they appear the same height
5-'10chick said on 19/Jun/06
i think she short because in her new video say something with pharell she had on like 4 inch wedges and was the same size as pharell who is 5'8 and a half or 5'9
Mah said on 17/Jun/06
im sorry but all these girls paris , maraih n etc ..r no more then 5'6.5 they were heels tht make them look taller ..i think 5'6 would be rite ..if u see her with pharrel shes looks same height wit abt 3.5 heal ..n hes wearing flip flops soo...even if he 5'9 which hes not clearly 5'8 then add the most half in for those flip flops..makes him 5'9 the most ok ..then mariah whos wearing 3 inch heels even more then tht but forget tht ..makes her 5'6 no more im tellin u its all abt the heels ..n people dont even kwn wat a 5 '6 is becuz they all ways call them 5'8 ..n a 5'4 ..5'6 thst the reality ..u should chop down 1.5 inch of every celeb ..becuz they always r wearing tht much ..heel ..but in the case mariah shes always in 3 or 4 ...shes most 5;6....
Eric said on 17/Jun/06
Britainy, they were wearing the same heals, that was the whole point the dress the same. Mariah even commented on it, Ill show you if I find it.
Denasha said on 16/Jun/06
Click Here

MC with versace, if versace is 5`4 , noway is mariah 5.8, a very good 5'6.5
~Nate~ said on 13/Jun/06
Ok that was a horrible angle, Mariahs only in small wedges and Ciara is in sneakers, reduce the wedges and Mariah will be a tad taller then Ciara, maybe half an inch to an inch? look...Click Here

Editor Rob
With Latifah, both I think had similar heels, not huge things...

you could only argue 5ft 6 maybe if latifah was only 5ft 8, I dunno...
Guadalupe said on 12/Jun/06
Click Here

Mariah is the same height as Ciara, only Ciara is in sneakers!!!!!, Mariahs 5'7 max!!!!!
Nate said on 11/Jun/06
First of all britainy you got me messed up to think your going to sit here and call me out like this. First of all I have met mc like a few times and yes I know my height is just over 6ft...thanks secondly I love how your an expert after reviewing pictures! Your ridiculous then you try to use this big words to make yourself seem like you know what your talking about, but in the end you haven't met her so I'm gonna need for you to get your facts straight before you start callin me out on the fashion gig, cause I intern for a lot of agencies here and I'm in school, Its sad that you know nothing about stilettos idiot. Anyways yes mariah is 5'8 to 5'9 look at the pic I posted with my friend and mariah never stands straight in her pics, thanks I'm so over you.
Britainy said on 10/Jun/06
At the MTV vid awards '98, they were not both wearing the exact same heels. Review the footage.
There's a discussion because in a democratic society, that is what people do. Certain contributors may want to be mindful that this is not a fansite. So blindly accepting ideology about a person in the face of strong conflicting evidence is fanatical and extreme. Firstly, people need to be objective and recognise that no tall woman would look short around other tall people, i.e) around Latifah, Michael Ealy, Diddy, or even K West. Secondly, stilettoes cannot compete with the extreme amount of height given to someone wearing huge platform wedges- Nate. Not to mention J.D wasn't in heels yet MC (allegedly 5'8) struggles to hit the 5'll mark next to him despite standing extra tall in the pic and despite having at least a 5 inch advantage by way of footwear. If you were really in fashion you would know this Nate. Re-examine the actual evidence. It is clear that from your statements and from your photos (that don't actually support your case) that you don't know what you're talking about.
Click Here
Click Here
Nobody objective could view these pics and say that the maximum amount of height MC has got here is 3 inches, when she clearly has much more.
Rob downgrade MC. Her height here is a complete joke. Remember Glen said that when he met her she was 5'8/9 but he was n't sure how much heels played a part in this. By not downgrading her, the myth is perpetuated.
~Nate~ said on 9/Jun/06
I love how Britainy says "Mariah still doesnt hit the 6ft mark in heels" somehow she had a digital ruler on her computer that measures celebrities. Anyways Mariah is 5'9 in flats, my friend said it was ok to post her picture with Mariah. Here is the pic, and yes Britainy my friend stands just over 5'7 barefoot her she is with Mariah in four inch heels reduce the heels and Mariah is a minimum 5'8 notice Mariahs slouching to she puts one leg forward in every pic so she's never standing straight heres the pic...Click Here
Eric said on 9/Jun/06
Why is there even a discussion? She is EXACTLY the same height as Whitney Houston, this was proven at the MTV Video Awards in 1998, both wearing the same heels and standing straight. And Whitney is 5'8 which is pretty much a known fact.
Britainy said on 9/Jun/06
Rob I think you need to downgrade Mariah to 5'6. You saw both photos of MC with Janet and JD, and with the huge bricks she was walking around in. And she still didn't hit the 6' mark. And you saw her dwarfed next to Latifah. And if that's not enough, look at her in the music vid 'One Sweet Day' with Boys 2 Men. She was sharing mics with the shortest member of the group (Wayna) and still had to look up. And he's only just 5'8 if that. And notice she's in sneakers, standing straight, and he's in sneakers slouching.
Britainy said on 9/Jun/06
The WEDGES Mariah's in give her more than a 3 inches and that's just at the front.She's packing some serious height with those shoes. Any 5'8 woman would not only just hit 5'11 in those monstrosities.And Nate-even though you're obviously gay(nothing wrong there)and you probably think you know more about high heels than most women. But clearly for a man who doesn't even know his own height-you're hardly the most credible judge of height. Especially since the pics you posted of yourself and Mariah don't even support your argument. And for arguments sake, let's say that Janet was in stilletoes; firstly if you read the postings that you made earlier-you yourself in defending MC's height said that stilettoes don't actually give you the full height of that angle etc. Therefore, even if Janet is in stilettoes-her heel (and any woman out there knows this is true) can not compare to the extreme amount of height being given to MC who may as well be wearing stilts. Secondly, even if she is in heels, we know it's very unlikely that JD is in high heels too. And yet this woman who is allegedly 5'8 and has at least 5 inches advantage in those shoes is struggling to hit the 5'11 mark, and towers over this 5'4 man just because she's in enormous shoes. Tall women don't struggle to look tall because tall is what they are. They especially don't struggle to look tall whilst wearing 5 inches and standing at an angle that actually makes them look taller than what they are. When Glen said he met MC, he said she was 5'8 and that he doesn't remember how much shoes played a part in that judgement. Whenever she's around people who are actually tall, they make her look short. And she is the one who's always in heels that are high. Anyway, regardless of whatI post, you are always going to come up with some ridiculous statement to try to detract from the fact that this woman is not really tall, and that you and certain other people have been rounding up your height, or choosing not to notice her higher than most people's heels. Earlier you said you alluded to being a die-hard MC fan. That in itself is not a bad thing. However, when you allow your obsession to cloud over your judgement and shy away from being objective, short-sighted and deluded, it becomes apparent that any form of communicating with you is futile.
Nate said on 9/Jun/06
No actually britainy janets in stilettos all find the pic for you, but mariah is not wearing heels in that pic she's wearing wedges big big difference! I'd say it prolly gives her 3 inches since it does have a platform on on it. Jd and janet are both 5'4 so the heels she's wearing make her look that much taller then him. Mariah appears 5"9 easily in the pics provided...I have another friend who stands at 5'7 who has a pic wit mariah, my friend is in her usual 4 inchers while my friend is in sneakers, but it is obvious mariah a good 5 inches taller, ill ask my friend permission to post.
Britainy said on 8/Jun/06
Nate- we don't know what heels Janet was wearing. Most likely nothing too extreme that would dwarf poor JD. But here's the shoes that Mariah was wearing.
Click Here

[Editor Rob: now *that's* what I call a heel!]
Britainy said on 8/Jun/06
Just found a pic with MC and Queen Latifah. Both aren't standing at their best-Latifah's obviously trying not to be the tallest one in the photo(and trying to look a little slimmer-not that she doesn't look great). I think though there's quite a height difference between them. If MC is 5'8 we need to upgrade Latifah from 5'10 to 6'. I'm sure they're both in heels but I can't doubt Latifah's in 6 inches/gigantic wedges or platforms.
Click Here
~Nate~ said on 7/Jun/06
Here is Mariah standing next to 5'4 Jermaine and 5'4 Janet, Ya'll ready for this! This is the proof thats gonna prove all the haters wrong about Mariahs height..Click Here Pfft Now what?!
Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
P.P.S. Just came across this Mariah photo. Why did ppl have that weight issue about her. Here's proof that there's a difference between curvy and fat. She wasn't fat.
Click Here
and here's her next to Nick (I cheated on beautiful Christina Milian cos I'm a stupid jerk) Cannon. I hate that guy-he's living proof that some guys just are never satisfied.
Click Here
Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
P.S I don't think Puffy or Kanye are standing all that straight in the pic either. It's like they're leaning at a disadvantage in order for the photographer can get them all in a flattering shot.
Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
In her (best) video 'Can I get ur number'she's standing straight in front of Michael Ealy, and she's in at least 4 inch heels. But she's not towering over him and he's only wearing sneakers (plus he's flat-footed)and on this site he's listed as 5"10 which I kinda believe after seeing him next certain other guys-taller than him but not gigantic. Not that it matters cos he's so hot-although I'm not sure he's hotter than Gary D from C.S.I
~Nate~ said on 5/Jun/06
So we know Mariah never stands straight up thats why she doesnt look as tall as she should in those pics Brittainy.
Britainy said on 2/Jun/06
Ok if I'm so wrong why is she not taller than Kanye West in this photo? And why is she not eye level with Puffy? She's at a major party so I doubt she has on flats, especially with the dress she's in.
Click Here
Furonda said on 31/May/06
MAriah seemed at the most 2 inches taller than kelly ripa on the today show.
paleface said on 30/May/06
"Here is a pic of her standing up straighter next to her....Click Here and she's still leaning her head down. " As an FYI, the woman next to her is Allure editor Linda Wells (or is it Welles?). Ms. Welles describes herself as being 5'7.5 a few years back.
~Nate~ said on 30/May/06
First of all Britainy believe what you want but Mariah was exhausted, get over yourself. And secondly If I say she's 5'8ish and Glenn says the same thing who we both have met many times, there must be something there pfft.
Britainy said on 28/May/06
No way is she anything over 5'6. I can only go by what I've been told. But when she was doing a kind of publicity thing to meet some inner city youths to support the music that they were doing she met one of my friends and the only thing big about her I was told was her breasts. My friend is a max of 5'5 in heels (a real midge without her heels)was nervous when she hugged Mariah since they both have a lot going on in the chest department,and she thought it would feel awkward etc. She's just a regular chick, who isn't short or tall, and who doesn't wear much make-up in person. Her only tallness is the tales (aka lies) that she tells herself and us. For example, "I didn't have a breakdown...I was suffering from exhaustion.." I love Mariah but the exaggeration has got to stop:)
kurt said on 21/May/06
i think its like this: if you have a small thin face, you will look taller/bigger on TV and pictures. and if you have a slightly larger/chubby face or huge jawline, you would probably look smaller...its like that i think...thats why celebrities want to be supper skinny...
Glenn said on 15/May/06
6ft seems low.closer to 6-1,if Im wrong about 6-2.
Ad said on 8/May/06
2 years ago Mariah was doing a fashion show with Donatella and Beyonce.... both not short women.... and Mariah was towering over both of them . All thre women where in heels of about 4-5 inches and at side by side at the end of the runway.... so it was fair comparison.

Mariah is way tall.

Dont know her exact height though.... but i read somewhere that the interviewee commented that she's way tall ( and bigger ) in life than most would percieve her to be.
~Nate~ said on 8/May/06
I just wanted to show how much Mariah's posture effects her height...Here is a pic of Mariah doing her usual hip sway stance appearing shorter then the girl to her right...Click Here
Here is a pic of her standing up straighter next to her....Click Here and she's still leaning her head down. SO I believe her posture knocks her height down a good two inches.
J. said on 7/May/06
Bad picture of Mariah and Pharrell. Shot from a lower angle. One thing that I notice is Mariah's posture is very eh, coquettish and cutesy. She's not standing tall. So, that may be one of the reasons why the 5'8" listings can appear dubious.
Anonymous said on 6/May/06
Her height on here is a joke because pahrell is a inch taller and mariah is wearing heals copy and paste this address and see for yourselves: Click Here

Editor Rob
posture, she ain't standing great, but then he's not great either...
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
She'S size 9 &nd a half ( shoes ) :)
Tanjiv said on 14/Apr/06
I saw Mariah on the bet studios. she looked short and chubby. After he hugged the the girl for the countdown music videos she was taller than her. It was amazing. She's got to be at least 5'9" barefoot. I think shees 6'1"-6'4". Is it true she wears size 9 shoes. I wear size 10 and im not even in high school. I like girls with BIG feet. She's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Nate~ said on 6/Apr/06
Ok here is a picture of Mariah in flat boots at the Radio Music Awards Dec. 19 of last year. You have him listed at 5'7 and a lot of people seem to disagree. Even if he's really only 5'5 that still gives Mariah at least 5'8 in those flat boots look at the pic....Its on the very bottom row.......Click Here
~Nate~ said on 5/Apr/06
I remember when I almost met Jay Z a few years back at the Beverly Center. He walked right past me, if thats what a 6'1 man is suppose to look like that makes no sense what so ever. He was a good 3 inches if not more taller then me. This kid is tall, and I was wearing my Aldo boots when I met him which made me a little taller prolly like 6'1. So If I was 6'1 in those boots theres no way Jay was 6'1, he was wearing sneakers and like I said was still at least 3 inches taller then me, this 6'1 stuff is BS.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
To add to the confusion or help it,JAY-Z always looked 6-3 to me and remember reading that years ago.I dont know why everyone is saying 6-1 the last couple of years.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
I agree with you NATE,but the biggest I ever saw her was 5-10 in heels,not 6ft.but she mightve had different heels when you saw her.
~Nate~ said on 4/Apr/06
Girl thats nice that your a 5'8 Woman, but Im a 6'.5 Man and when I met Mariah we were the same height, get it together please. I've met her more then once too, and alot of my friends have so please get it together, thats nice that your an expert on her height by looking at pics. Thats cute
ThetruthaboutMariah said on 3/Apr/06
Alright so if Mariah is 5'8 and 6 Feet in heels and Jay-Z a.k.a Hova is 6'1 then wouldn't Mariah and Jay-Z be only an inch apart therefore look real close in height...hmmmm somethings not right Click Here and with 6'0 foot Denzel Washington Click Here Oh and not lets forget 5'10.5 Sean Diddy Combs Click Here Come on Why do celebrities have to make themselves "Taller"? You need to down grade MARIAH ROB!!!!!! Im a 5 foot 8 woman and i wear heels no way I would look this short next to these men.
~Nate~ said on 31/Mar/06
Thank you Glenn! Someone else who met her as well Mariah is easily 5'8/5'9
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
She is tall.5-8,5-9.cant remember how much heels play a part in it.
ThetruthaboutMariah said on 31/Mar/06
mariah aint 5'8 more like 5'6 or 5'7 i will scan that pic i saw of mariah and pharrell tommorrow when i but the magazine. her and pharrell are the exact same height and if you list pharrell as 5'8 then there is no way she is 5'8 cause as you know mariah has on the big ass heels which is clear in this magazine. I'm 5'8 and i hover over almost everyone with heels. Thank you
~Nate~ said on 30/Mar/06
No Denise, Mariah's first foot is on the same level but her second foot, is standing on a lower platform, meaning she's not getting all the height she can. Meaning if both feet were on the same level she'd be more than an inch taller then Beyonce. If you don't believe me, or others who claim to have met her ask Glenn, he confirmed her height as well.
Denise said on 29/Mar/06
Mariahs foot futher away from the camera looks on the same level as beyonces and versaces. The pharell pics for me , confirm she is no taller than a good 5`7.
MeLiSsA said on 29/Mar/06
So the bigger your feet are, the taller the heel will make you?

Editor Rob
we're talking fairly small amounts here, but a little yes. A size 9 girl vs size 3 girl would allow bigger foot more actual lift in a higher sized heel
~nAtE~ said on 28/Mar/06
Denise if you really look at the pics with Versace and Beyonce you can see that Mariah is standing on a lower step then Beyonce and Versace are.....Click Here
MeLiSsA said on 28/Mar/06
Is that really true what Nate said about a 4 inch stiletto giving you only 2.5 inches of height? And what about a 3 inch heel or 2.5 inch heel?

Editor Rob
you have heels do you? why not measure yourself barefoot, then in heels and you'll discover...

foot length plays a role. With a flat-shoe - i.e. it has 0.5cm max on the front part, there is a physical limit to how much you can raise yourself in a heel...hence why Nate is right in the part about you need the front platform to be 1, 1.5 inches to actually get a proper 4-inch type 'raise'...

that's not to say you can't get 3 inches from a 3.5 or 4-inch heel, assuming we are talking about the proper 'pivot point' of the shoe, and you have at least size 8 feet...
Denise said on 28/Mar/06
Mariah is 5`7 , look at the pics with versace and beyonce.
~nATe~ said on 27/Mar/06
Ray a 4 inch heel will not give you 4 inches, it doesnt work that way. Unless its a 4 inch platform stiletto. A 4 inch Stiletto will give you maybe 2.5 inches Max tho.
Ray said on 27/Mar/06
Um, if you wear 4 inch heels you're not 2 inches taller, you're 4 inches taller...
Normal 6 Footer said on 19/Mar/06
Because of her BULK and PROPORTION, she looks small and chubby...but when she goes past near you, she is really about 6 feet tall in those 4" high heels!!! I am 6 feet even and she was as tall as me when she walked past the cashier!!
~Nate~ said on 14/Mar/06
Well if you wear a four inch heel just like Rob said, your whole foot has to be raised four inches, a four incher will give u a good 2 inches nothing more. So when I met Mariah and we were the same height and she had a bout a 4 inch heel on and we were the same height she is without a doubt 5'9 barefoot if Im 6 and a half ft tall so she is
anon said on 14/Mar/06
Yeah Anonymous, I posted those pics on Saturday.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
It's time we realize that Mariah Carey is not 5'8"-5'9". Here is a picture of her and Pharrell William (5'8.5"). In the picture, Pharrell is wearing these sandals/flip-flop thingy and Mariah is in her usual 3-4" heels yet she's not taller than him. She should be if she were 5'8"-5'9".
Click Here
Brittany said on 14/Mar/06
yeah that confuses me too Melissa... i am at exactly 68 inches tall which is 5'8 and I wear heels....these 3 inch heels and I am tall sometimes. I am taller than most women with them on. Can someone please inlighten us with the whole shoe inch thing?
MeLiSsA said on 13/Mar/06
I have a ? about heels. If you wear four inch heels are you four inches taller? or less? cuz you would think if a 5'7 girl wore 2 inch heels she'd be 5'9, 3 inch 5'10 4 inch 5'11 and so on, but some ppl seem to think that if you wear 4 inch heels and they're not platforms you might only be something like 2 inches taller or around there.

Editor Rob
the size of the foot plays a role in it. There's a basic limit to the angle you can raise your foot without getting into ballerina territory, which means when the heel size approaches 3.5 inch heels, to realistically actually get 3.5 or 4 inches over your barefoot height, your needing to raise the front portion of the shoe and make it into a platformer.

I mean, measure yourself barefoot, then measure yourself on your highest tip-toes to get an idea.
~Nate~ said on 12/Mar/06
In this pic it appears as shes maybe an inch or two depending on how shes standing taller in the heels. Shes not standing straight in this pic....Click Here
~Nate~ said on 12/Mar/06
Good lookin out Anon!! I didn't notice the pavement, they are about the same height it looks to me, or she may be a hair taller. Hmm thats weird if he's 5'8 and shes the same height as him in heels, thats weird I dont know how tall he is. But I know for a fact that Mariah and I looked eye to eye she stood maybe a hair taller then him and I'm just under 6'1. So I know she has to be 5'9 without heels because me and my homies love her and met her many times and have many observations of her height, all the homies say shes at least 5'9 barefoot but this Pharrell pic is strange, maybe he can be wearing some sort of lifts? Who knows
anon said on 11/Mar/06

The pavement she's standing on gives her an extra inch. Here's another pic where they are on even pavement.

Click Here
jon said on 11/Mar/06
I was lucky enough to get a autograph-she was quite nice and gracious by the way. I'm 5'9-she had on her regulation 4 or 5 inch heel so that makes it hard to judge. She seem about 6'3 to me:so at least 5'9,maybe 5'10 in barefeet.
~Nate~ said on 11/Mar/06
Wow I dont know what to say about those pics, they are bad pics here is a better one Mariah stands about 3 inches taller and Pharell is wearing boots...Click Here If Pharell is 5'9 then Mariah has to be at least 5'8 without those heels.
anon said on 10/Mar/06
I agree with Z2. She's 5'5". Here are pics of her IN HEELS with the supposedly 5'8"/9" Pharrell Williams. They're the same height.

Click Here
MsGumbo said on 7/Mar/06
Mariah is about 5'7.. there is no way she's 5'9.. I look at pictures of her on her websites and if thats the case then she would be hovering over everyone with those big ass heels she wears and shes always under the 6ft mark with heels. I am 5'9 and I don't wear heels cause they make me too tall. I'm 5'11 tp 6 Ft with em.NO WAY MARIAH IS 5'9. I give her 5'7.

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