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5ft 7.31in (171cm)
Eric said on 17/Jun/06
Britainy, they were wearing the same heals, that was the whole point the dress the same. Mariah even commented on it, Ill show you if I find it.
Denasha said on 16/Jun/06
Click Here

MC with versace, if versace is 5`4 , noway is mariah 5.8, a very good 5'6.5
~Nate~ said on 13/Jun/06
Ok that was a horrible angle, Mariahs only in small wedges and Ciara is in sneakers, reduce the wedges and Mariah will be a tad taller then Ciara, maybe half an inch to an inch? look...Click Here

[Editor Rob: With Latifah, both I think had similar heels, not huge things...

you could only argue 5ft 6 maybe if latifah was only 5ft 8, I dunno...]
Guadalupe said on 12/Jun/06
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Mariah is the same height as Ciara, only Ciara is in sneakers!!!!!, Mariahs 5'7 max!!!!!
Nate said on 11/Jun/06
First of all britainy you got me messed up to think your going to sit here and call me out like this. First of all I have met mc like a few times and yes I know my height is just over 6ft...thanks secondly I love how your an expert after reviewing pictures! Your ridiculous then you try to use this big words to make yourself seem like you know what your talking about, but in the end you haven't met her so I'm gonna need for you to get your facts straight before you start callin me out on the fashion gig, cause I intern for a lot of agencies here and I'm in school, Its sad that you know nothing about stilettos idiot. Anyways yes mariah is 5'8 to 5'9 look at the pic I posted with my friend and mariah never stands straight in her pics, thanks I'm so over you.
Britainy said on 10/Jun/06
At the MTV vid awards '98, they were not both wearing the exact same heels. Review the footage.
There's a discussion because in a democratic society, that is what people do. Certain contributors may want to be mindful that this is not a fansite. So blindly accepting ideology about a person in the face of strong conflicting evidence is fanatical and extreme. Firstly, people need to be objective and recognise that no tall woman would look short around other tall people, i.e) around Latifah, Michael Ealy, Diddy, or even K West. Secondly, stilettoes cannot compete with the extreme amount of height given to someone wearing huge platform wedges- Nate. Not to mention J.D wasn't in heels yet MC (allegedly 5'8) struggles to hit the 5'll mark next to him despite standing extra tall in the pic and despite having at least a 5 inch advantage by way of footwear. If you were really in fashion you would know this Nate. Re-examine the actual evidence. It is clear that from your statements and from your photos (that don't actually support your case) that you don't know what you're talking about.
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Nobody objective could view these pics and say that the maximum amount of height MC has got here is 3 inches, when she clearly has much more.
Rob downgrade MC. Her height here is a complete joke. Remember Glen said that when he met her she was 5'8/9 but he was n't sure how much heels played a part in this. By not downgrading her, the myth is perpetuated.
~Nate~ said on 9/Jun/06
I love how Britainy says "Mariah still doesnt hit the 6ft mark in heels" somehow she had a digital ruler on her computer that measures celebrities. Anyways Mariah is 5'9 in flats, my friend said it was ok to post her picture with Mariah. Here is the pic, and yes Britainy my friend stands just over 5'7 barefoot her she is with Mariah in four inch heels reduce the heels and Mariah is a minimum 5'8 notice Mariahs slouching to she puts one leg forward in every pic so she's never standing straight heres the pic...Click Here
Eric said on 9/Jun/06
Why is there even a discussion? She is EXACTLY the same height as Whitney Houston, this was proven at the MTV Video Awards in 1998, both wearing the same heels and standing straight. And Whitney is 5'8 which is pretty much a known fact.
Britainy said on 9/Jun/06
Rob I think you need to downgrade Mariah to 5'6. You saw both photos of MC with Janet and JD, and with the huge bricks she was walking around in. And she still didn't hit the 6' mark. And you saw her dwarfed next to Latifah. And if that's not enough, look at her in the music vid 'One Sweet Day' with Boys 2 Men. She was sharing mics with the shortest member of the group (Wayna) and still had to look up. And he's only just 5'8 if that. And notice she's in sneakers, standing straight, and he's in sneakers slouching.
Britainy said on 9/Jun/06
The WEDGES Mariah's in give her more than a 3 inches and that's just at the front.She's packing some serious height with those shoes. Any 5'8 woman would not only just hit 5'11 in those monstrosities.And Nate-even though you're obviously gay(nothing wrong there)and you probably think you know more about high heels than most women. But clearly for a man who doesn't even know his own height-you're hardly the most credible judge of height. Especially since the pics you posted of yourself and Mariah don't even support your argument. And for arguments sake, let's say that Janet was in stilletoes; firstly if you read the postings that you made earlier-you yourself in defending MC's height said that stilettoes don't actually give you the full height of that angle etc. Therefore, even if Janet is in stilettoes-her heel (and any woman out there knows this is true) can not compare to the extreme amount of height being given to MC who may as well be wearing stilts. Secondly, even if she is in heels, we know it's very unlikely that JD is in high heels too. And yet this woman who is allegedly 5'8 and has at least 5 inches advantage in those shoes is struggling to hit the 5'11 mark, and towers over this 5'4 man just because she's in enormous shoes. Tall women don't struggle to look tall because tall is what they are. They especially don't struggle to look tall whilst wearing 5 inches and standing at an angle that actually makes them look taller than what they are. When Glen said he met MC, he said she was 5'8 and that he doesn't remember how much shoes played a part in that judgement. Whenever she's around people who are actually tall, they make her look short. And she is the one who's always in heels that are high. Anyway, regardless of whatI post, you are always going to come up with some ridiculous statement to try to detract from the fact that this woman is not really tall, and that you and certain other people have been rounding up your height, or choosing not to notice her higher than most people's heels. Earlier you said you alluded to being a die-hard MC fan. That in itself is not a bad thing. However, when you allow your obsession to cloud over your judgement and shy away from being objective, short-sighted and deluded, it becomes apparent that any form of communicating with you is futile.
Nate said on 9/Jun/06
No actually britainy janets in stilettos all find the pic for you, but mariah is not wearing heels in that pic she's wearing wedges big big difference! I'd say it prolly gives her 3 inches since it does have a platform on on it. Jd and janet are both 5'4 so the heels she's wearing make her look that much taller then him. Mariah appears 5"9 easily in the pics provided...I have another friend who stands at 5'7 who has a pic wit mariah, my friend is in her usual 4 inchers while my friend is in sneakers, but it is obvious mariah a good 5 inches taller, ill ask my friend permission to post.
Britainy said on 8/Jun/06
Nate- we don't know what heels Janet was wearing. Most likely nothing too extreme that would dwarf poor JD. But here's the shoes that Mariah was wearing.
Click Here

[Editor Rob: now *that's* what I call a heel!]
Britainy said on 8/Jun/06
Just found a pic with MC and Queen Latifah. Both aren't standing at their best-Latifah's obviously trying not to be the tallest one in the photo(and trying to look a little slimmer-not that she doesn't look great). I think though there's quite a height difference between them. If MC is 5'8 we need to upgrade Latifah from 5'10 to 6'. I'm sure they're both in heels but I can't doubt Latifah's in 6 inches/gigantic wedges or platforms.
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~Nate~ said on 7/Jun/06
Here is Mariah standing next to 5'4 Jermaine and 5'4 Janet, Ya'll ready for this! This is the proof thats gonna prove all the haters wrong about Mariahs height..Click Here Pfft Now what?!
Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
P.P.S. Just came across this Mariah photo. Why did ppl have that weight issue about her. Here's proof that there's a difference between curvy and fat. She wasn't fat.
Click Here
and here's her next to Nick (I cheated on beautiful Christina Milian cos I'm a stupid jerk) Cannon. I hate that guy-he's living proof that some guys just are never satisfied.
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Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
P.S I don't think Puffy or Kanye are standing all that straight in the pic either. It's like they're leaning at a disadvantage in order for the photographer can get them all in a flattering shot.
Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
In her (best) video 'Can I get ur number'she's standing straight in front of Michael Ealy, and she's in at least 4 inch heels. But she's not towering over him and he's only wearing sneakers (plus he's flat-footed)and on this site he's listed as 5"10 which I kinda believe after seeing him next certain other guys-taller than him but not gigantic. Not that it matters cos he's so hot-although I'm not sure he's hotter than Gary D from C.S.I
~Nate~ said on 5/Jun/06
So we know Mariah never stands straight up thats why she doesnt look as tall as she should in those pics Brittainy.
Britainy said on 2/Jun/06
Ok if I'm so wrong why is she not taller than Kanye West in this photo? And why is she not eye level with Puffy? She's at a major party so I doubt she has on flats, especially with the dress she's in.
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Furonda said on 31/May/06
MAriah seemed at the most 2 inches taller than kelly ripa on the today show.
paleface said on 30/May/06
"Here is a pic of her standing up straighter next to her....Click Here and she's still leaning her head down. " As an FYI, the woman next to her is Allure editor Linda Wells (or is it Welles?). Ms. Welles describes herself as being 5'7.5 a few years back.
~Nate~ said on 30/May/06
First of all Britainy believe what you want but Mariah was exhausted, get over yourself. And secondly If I say she's 5'8ish and Glenn says the same thing who we both have met many times, there must be something there pfft.
Britainy said on 28/May/06
No way is she anything over 5'6. I can only go by what I've been told. But when she was doing a kind of publicity thing to meet some inner city youths to support the music that they were doing she met one of my friends and the only thing big about her I was told was her breasts. My friend is a max of 5'5 in heels (a real midge without her heels)was nervous when she hugged Mariah since they both have a lot going on in the chest department,and she thought it would feel awkward etc. She's just a regular chick, who isn't short or tall, and who doesn't wear much make-up in person. Her only tallness is the tales (aka lies) that she tells herself and us. For example, "I didn't have a breakdown...I was suffering from exhaustion.." I love Mariah but the exaggeration has got to stop:)
kurt said on 21/May/06
i think its like this: if you have a small thin face, you will look taller/bigger on TV and pictures. and if you have a slightly larger/chubby face or huge jawline, you would probably look smaller...its like that i think...thats why celebrities want to be supper skinny...
Glenn said on 15/May/06
6ft seems low.closer to 6-1,if Im wrong about 6-2.
~Nate~ said on 14/May/06
So Ol Dirty **** is listed here at 6'0 Even though Other sources claim 6'1 and Glenn claims 6'2, Well in any case here is Mariah and Ol Dirty ****...Click Here

[Editor Rob: Mugshot beside height chart...]
Ad said on 8/May/06
2 years ago Mariah was doing a fashion show with Donatella and Beyonce.... both not short women.... and Mariah was towering over both of them . All thre women where in heels of about 4-5 inches and at side by side at the end of the runway.... so it was fair comparison.

Mariah is way tall.

Dont know her exact height though.... but i read somewhere that the interviewee commented that she's way tall ( and bigger ) in life than most would percieve her to be.
~Nate~ said on 8/May/06
I just wanted to show how much Mariah's posture effects her height...Here is a pic of Mariah doing her usual hip sway stance appearing shorter then the girl to her right...Click Here
Here is a pic of her standing up straighter next to her....Click Here and she's still leaning her head down. SO I believe her posture knocks her height down a good two inches.
J. said on 7/May/06
Bad picture of Mariah and Pharrell. Shot from a lower angle. One thing that I notice is Mariah's posture is very eh, coquettish and cutesy. She's not standing tall. So, that may be one of the reasons why the 5'8" listings can appear dubious.
Anonymous said on 6/May/06
Her height on here is a joke because pahrell is a inch taller and mariah is wearing heals copy and paste this address and see for yourselves: Click Here

[Editor Rob: posture, she ain't standing great, but then he's not great either...]
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
She'S size 9 &nd a half ( shoes ) :)
Tanjiv said on 14/Apr/06
I saw Mariah on the bet studios. she looked short and chubby. After he hugged the the girl for the countdown music videos she was taller than her. It was amazing. She's got to be at least 5'9" barefoot. I think shees 6'1"-6'4". Is it true she wears size 9 shoes. I wear size 10 and im not even in high school. I like girls with BIG feet. She's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Nate~ said on 6/Apr/06
Ok here is a picture of Mariah in flat boots at the Radio Music Awards Dec. 19 of last year. You have him listed at 5'7 and a lot of people seem to disagree. Even if he's really only 5'5 that still gives Mariah at least 5'8 in those flat boots look at the pic....Its on the very bottom row.......Click Here
Danny said on 5/Apr/06
Here is a picture of Mariah and Whitney Click Here
~Nate~ said on 5/Apr/06
I remember when I almost met Jay Z a few years back at the Beverly Center. He walked right past me, if thats what a 6'1 man is suppose to look like that makes no sense what so ever. He was a good 3 inches if not more taller then me. This kid is tall, and I was wearing my Aldo boots when I met him which made me a little taller prolly like 6'1. So If I was 6'1 in those boots theres no way Jay was 6'1, he was wearing sneakers and like I said was still at least 3 inches taller then me, this 6'1 stuff is BS.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
To add to the confusion or help it,JAY-Z always looked 6-3 to me and remember reading that years ago.I dont know why everyone is saying 6-1 the last couple of years.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
I agree with you NATE,but the biggest I ever saw her was 5-10 in heels,not 6ft.but she mightve had different heels when you saw her.
~Nate~ said on 4/Apr/06
Girl thats nice that your a 5'8 Woman, but Im a 6'.5 Man and when I met Mariah we were the same height, get it together please. I've met her more then once too, and alot of my friends have so please get it together, thats nice that your an expert on her height by looking at pics. Thats cute
ThetruthaboutMariah said on 3/Apr/06
Alright so if Mariah is 5'8 and 6 Feet in heels and Jay-Z a.k.a Hova is 6'1 then wouldn't Mariah and Jay-Z be only an inch apart therefore look real close in height...hmmmm somethings not right Click Here and with 6'0 foot Denzel Washington Click Here Oh and not lets forget 5'10.5 Sean Diddy Combs Click Here Come on Why do celebrities have to make themselves "Taller"? You need to down grade MARIAH ROB!!!!!! Im a 5 foot 8 woman and i wear heels no way I would look this short next to these men.
~Nate~ said on 31/Mar/06
Thank you Glenn! Someone else who met her as well Mariah is easily 5'8/5'9
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
She is tall.5-8,5-9.cant remember how much heels play a part in it.
ThetruthaboutMariah said on 31/Mar/06
mariah aint 5'8 more like 5'6 or 5'7 i will scan that pic i saw of mariah and pharrell tommorrow when i but the magazine. her and pharrell are the exact same height and if you list pharrell as 5'8 then there is no way she is 5'8 cause as you know mariah has on the big ass heels which is clear in this magazine. I'm 5'8 and i hover over almost everyone with heels. Thank you
~Nate~ said on 30/Mar/06
No Denise, Mariah's first foot is on the same level but her second foot, is standing on a lower platform, meaning she's not getting all the height she can. Meaning if both feet were on the same level she'd be more than an inch taller then Beyonce. If you don't believe me, or others who claim to have met her ask Glenn, he confirmed her height as well.
Denise said on 29/Mar/06
Mariahs foot futher away from the camera looks on the same level as beyonces and versaces. The pharell pics for me , confirm she is no taller than a good 5`7.
MeLiSsA said on 29/Mar/06
So the bigger your feet are, the taller the heel will make you?

[Editor Rob: we're talking fairly small amounts here, but a little yes. A size 9 girl vs size 3 girl would allow bigger foot more actual lift in a higher sized heel]
~nAtE~ said on 28/Mar/06
Denise if you really look at the pics with Versace and Beyonce you can see that Mariah is standing on a lower step then Beyonce and Versace are.....Click Here
MeLiSsA said on 28/Mar/06
Is that really true what Nate said about a 4 inch stiletto giving you only 2.5 inches of height? And what about a 3 inch heel or 2.5 inch heel?

[Editor Rob: you have heels do you? why not measure yourself barefoot, then in heels and you'll discover...

foot length plays a role. With a flat-shoe - i.e. it has 0.5cm max on the front part, there is a physical limit to how much you can raise yourself in a heel...hence why Nate is right in the part about you need the front platform to be 1, 1.5 inches to actually get a proper 4-inch type 'raise'...

that's not to say you can't get 3 inches from a 3.5 or 4-inch heel, assuming we are talking about the proper 'pivot point' of the shoe, and you have at least size 8 feet...]
Denise said on 28/Mar/06
Mariah is 5`7 , look at the pics with versace and beyonce.
~nATe~ said on 27/Mar/06
Ray a 4 inch heel will not give you 4 inches, it doesnt work that way. Unless its a 4 inch platform stiletto. A 4 inch Stiletto will give you maybe 2.5 inches Max tho.
Ray said on 27/Mar/06
Um, if you wear 4 inch heels you're not 2 inches taller, you're 4 inches taller...
Normal 6 Footer said on 19/Mar/06
Because of her BULK and PROPORTION, she looks small and chubby...but when she goes past near you, she is really about 6 feet tall in those 4" high heels!!! I am 6 feet even and she was as tall as me when she walked past the cashier!!
~Nate~ said on 16/Mar/06
Something with Pharrell and Mariahs heights dont match since I know for a fact Mariahs at least 5'8 Barefoot. We also know that Ciara is a very tall girl as well, and look at the pic of her and Pharrell Click Here

Her and Mariah come up to the same point on him. And check out Ciara's heels....Click Here
~Nate~ said on 14/Mar/06
Well if you wear a four inch heel just like Rob said, your whole foot has to be raised four inches, a four incher will give u a good 2 inches nothing more. So when I met Mariah and we were the same height and she had a bout a 4 inch heel on and we were the same height she is without a doubt 5'9 barefoot if Im 6 and a half ft tall so she is
anon said on 14/Mar/06
Yeah Anonymous, I posted those pics on Saturday.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/06
It's time we realize that Mariah Carey is not 5'8"-5'9". Here is a picture of her and Pharrell William (5'8.5"). In the picture, Pharrell is wearing these sandals/flip-flop thingy and Mariah is in her usual 3-4" heels yet she's not taller than him. She should be if she were 5'8"-5'9".
Click Here
Brittany said on 14/Mar/06
yeah that confuses me too Melissa... i am at exactly 68 inches tall which is 5'8 and I wear heels....these 3 inch heels and I am tall sometimes. I am taller than most women with them on. Can someone please inlighten us with the whole shoe inch thing?
MeLiSsA said on 13/Mar/06
I have a ? about heels. If you wear four inch heels are you four inches taller? or less? cuz you would think if a 5'7 girl wore 2 inch heels she'd be 5'9, 3 inch 5'10 4 inch 5'11 and so on, but some ppl seem to think that if you wear 4 inch heels and they're not platforms you might only be something like 2 inches taller or around there.

[Editor Rob: the size of the foot plays a role in it. There's a basic limit to the angle you can raise your foot without getting into ballerina territory, which means when the heel size approaches 3.5 inch heels, to realistically actually get 3.5 or 4 inches over your barefoot height, your needing to raise the front portion of the shoe and make it into a platformer.

I mean, measure yourself barefoot, then measure yourself on your highest tip-toes to get an idea.]
~Nate~ said on 12/Mar/06
In this pic it appears as shes maybe an inch or two depending on how shes standing taller in the heels. Shes not standing straight in this pic....Click Here
~Nate~ said on 12/Mar/06
Good lookin out Anon!! I didn't notice the pavement, they are about the same height it looks to me, or she may be a hair taller. Hmm thats weird if he's 5'8 and shes the same height as him in heels, thats weird I dont know how tall he is. But I know for a fact that Mariah and I looked eye to eye she stood maybe a hair taller then him and I'm just under 6'1. So I know she has to be 5'9 without heels because me and my homies love her and met her many times and have many observations of her height, all the homies say shes at least 5'9 barefoot but this Pharrell pic is strange, maybe he can be wearing some sort of lifts? Who knows
anon said on 11/Mar/06

The pavement she's standing on gives her an extra inch. Here's another pic where they are on even pavement.

Click Here
jon said on 11/Mar/06
I was lucky enough to get a autograph-she was quite nice and gracious by the way. I'm 5'9-she had on her regulation 4 or 5 inch heel so that makes it hard to judge. She seem about 6'3 to me:so at least 5'9,maybe 5'10 in barefeet.
~Nate~ said on 11/Mar/06
Wow I dont know what to say about those pics, they are bad pics here is a better one Mariah stands about 3 inches taller and Pharell is wearing boots...Click Here If Pharell is 5'9 then Mariah has to be at least 5'8 without those heels.
anon said on 10/Mar/06
I agree with Z2. She's 5'5". Here are pics of her IN HEELS with the supposedly 5'8"/9" Pharrell Williams. They're the same height.

Click Here
MsGumbo said on 7/Mar/06
Mariah is about 5'7.. there is no way she's 5'9.. I look at pictures of her on her websites and if thats the case then she would be hovering over everyone with those big ass heels she wears and shes always under the 6ft mark with heels. I am 5'9 and I don't wear heels cause they make me too tall. I'm 5'11 tp 6 Ft with em.NO WAY MARIAH IS 5'9. I give her 5'7.
~Nate~ said on 3/Mar/06
Here is a shot of Barbara Walters and Mariah on their Tv special Weds. Night on Abc both are in heels and it is clear Mariah is 5'8 Min...
Alex said on 2/Mar/06
I agree with you Nate. Mariah isn't under 5'8. She's 5'8 exactly I think.
Monica said on 22/Feb/06
I met Mariah in Dallas back in 2003 for her Charmbracelet Tour. We are both about the same height. I am 5'9 and she is about 5'9 or 5'8. She always wears stilettos or heels, she wont wear anything with less than 3 inches. That day I met her I was wearing shoes that had 3 inch heels and I had to have been like 6 foot tall. She looked like about 6 foot to 6' a matter of fact, the first thing she said to me when I met her was "Wow, I love your shoes! And we're both the same height!"... She is very statuesque...definitely an Amazon woman. In real life she is about 5'8 to 5'9" tall.
~Nate~ said on 14/Feb/06
Ok here is a better pic of her and Kanye Mariah is actually standing straight in this pic and Kanye is leaning for height...
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/06
Her Shoe size is 9 &nd a half...

And i personally think she's no shorter then 5'8 ... But everybody has their own opinion..!
Bopcolarry said on 13/Feb/06
I don't know exactly how tall she is, but she is less then five foot nine. My guess is she is no taller then 5 foot seven and one half.... When her father was ill and in North Shore Hospital, my wife, at one point, was standing right next to her, I was on the other side... she is taller then me and I'm five foot six. She is shorter then my wife, who is five foot nine and was wearing sneakers. Mariah was wearing boots with about a three inch heel. So far as I know, a three inch heel makes a person stand about two inches taller then flat footed... But who really cares??? I'd just like to know her shoe size, becasue she's got really sexy looking feet, as well as those shapely legs and full breasts!!!
~Nate~ said on 12/Feb/06
Thats funny that Caity and I have met her and both agree that she's 5'9 however judging from pics Katie and Marissa are experts. Ok I'll stop the bitchyness but for real Mariah rarely ever stands straight up and in those pics with her Paul Jay Z and Kanye shes not even standing straight. Homegirl is 5'8 Min.
Katie said on 12/Feb/06
Hey Marissa, totally agree with you. But your Kanye West and Jay-Z pic didn't download so here's the pic.
Marissa said on 10/Feb/06
Mariah Carey is not 5'8" or 5'9". She is at most 5'7".
Here is a picture of her with Paul McCartney (5'10) and a picture of her with Jay-Z(6'1") and Kanye West (5'8.5"). You people need to get over the fact that she's not 5'8"-5'9". But why does it matter anyway. 5'8"-5'9' or not, she's still a great singer.

~Nate~ said on 27/Jan/06
Like I said many times LOL Mariah has to be at the bare min 5'8 because I've met her twice and when she was wearing heels she was the exact same height as me and im just a tad over 6. But when I was wearing my timbs Im 6'1 and she was in sneakers one occasion and she wasnt that much shorter then me. Plus my friends who have met her all claim she is 5'9. But 5'8-5'9 looks right to me from my own experience. And it is also hard to compare pics because she never really stands straight, especially in the view pic.
Caity said on 27/Jan/06
I've met Mariah carey. She is most definitely 5'9 because I am too and when I met her we were comparing heights and she took off her heels and stood next to me and we were exactly the same size. Hope that helps.
Tim said on 26/Jan/06
She's not 5'9". Here she is standing next to 6'1" Jay-Z looking 5" shorter than him in heels. If she were this height, she would be 6'-6'1" in heels and she would be closer to Jay-Z's height even if his shoes does give him 1-2".

Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
She's taller then 5'7 .. She is 5'9.. &nd the last picture she's not standing straight she never does really:) &nd you dont see their foot wear..!!
A said on 25/Jan/06
Here she is with the ladies of The View. She's standing next to Star Jones (5'5") and looks a good 2" or so taller. So, she's 5'7".
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
And look her.. Mariah's shoes aint High or whatever...

&nd look her with the 6' Wyclef Jean... So i really think that if she puts out those heels she would Most Deffenately be 5'9 !!
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
The lying Mariah: a whole lot of Mariah at once. She is about 6'1" tall.

Also From an recent Intervieuw...!!
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/06

Ol dirrty **** on the left... Who is 1.84 cm!!
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/06
& here is a picture of ol dirty **** ( 1.84 cm ) & mariah
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/06
Here is an recent intervieuw from Mariah ...
It was like 50 Questions... They also asked about her height!

35. Your height in centimeters?
I am 5 foot and 9 inches tall. You’ll have to translate that.

(5 foot, 9 inches are 175cm/1.75m)

Of course I’m taller when I’m wearing shoes.
People always think I’m tiny until they meet me for the first time. They’ll be like “Huh! You’re tall!”
Danny said on 17/Jan/06
Rob do you know how tall Nancy O'Nell is? She was an inch taller than Mariah Carey on the Golden Globe red carpet presentation.
~Nate~ said on 16/Jan/06
No Jake Mariah is standing on a lower level then Beyonce and Versace, look at a picture where you can really see their feet....
~Nate~ said on 13/Jan/06
In that pic look at Ushers feet! I believe its obvious he has lifts on as well as Mariah isnt standing is another pic of Mariah and Usher.. another... Mariah is 5'8 Min.
Marc said on 10/Jan/06
Mariah is always wearing big ass heels, so she can be up around 6'0" when she is.
preston Mui said on 27/Dec/05
At the Charmabracelet tour she had a check up with the doctor and they said she was 5'8.5. i am the dancer that was at her tour.
Danny said on 19/Dec/05
MAriah looked 3 inches shorter than Terence in four inches. So with heels she was around 178-179 and sinches four inches heels make you about 2.5 inches taller 5'8 for mariah seems right on the nose.
~Nate~ said on 15/Dec/05
Ok Mariah in her standard four inchers standing beside 6'1-6'2 Terrence Howard.....
Tall Girl said on 30/Nov/05
I happen to have met Mariah recently and i'm 5'8"....yes, she was wearin heels but they really weren't that high.....and she was definitely about 6ft on heals cos she was almost my boyfriends height, which is 6'1.5" i'm guessin she probably is 5'8"'s hard to tell someone's height from a picture...especially when ur tryna compare it to someone else's due to the fact that the two people might now be standin properly...well, i seen her in person and she's def no shorter than 5'7.5" at the VERY least.
Danny said on 21/Nov/05
I still believe she's 172cm don't you Rob???//
Michelle said on 17/Nov/05
She 173cm for sure when I met her she was only 2 inches shorter than me. We were in the same heels. I'm a fairly tall girl at 5'10 178cm. Sorry I don't have a picture of it. But I knew she was 2 inches shorter because I know for sure I'm exactly 5'10!!! yay
~Nate~ said on 16/Nov/05
Ok when Mariah was presented with the award for album of the year Shannon Elizabeth presented it and her and Mariah were about the same height, shannon had maybe a 1/4 inch on Mariah but thats all.
~Nate~ said on 13/Nov/05
So this Tuesday Nov 15 is the Vibe awards and Mariah will be presented with an award from Shannon Elizabeth, Mariah won all four awards and Ill see if I can compare her heights to the other people.
Lorelle said on 9/Nov/05
Mariah is 5'9 12 because iam 5'9 12 and she was the same height as me
~Nate~ said on 5/Nov/05
Mariah next to Damon
~Nate~ said on 5/Nov/05
Carey pours herself a glass of red wine, kicks off her 9 1/2 shoes, stretches her suprisinlgy tall 5 - foot - 8 1/2 inch frame on a couch, and pulls up a blanket... Thats what the magazine says, I know there is another magazine from Blender Claiming she is 5'9, I'll try to find that one as well.
J. said on 4/Nov/05
This 1997 Cosmopolitan cover story( says that Mariah is 5'8 1/2". Sounds pretty specific. True, though?

[Editor Rob: It's the 5ft 8.5 she has said to fan club...]
Chloee said on 3/Nov/05
What has my spelling got to do with it ? It was obvz readable if u jst read it ? And I said that because you then said to the replay 'Am no expert' ? That sounds to me like u were changing storys, thanks.
~Nate~ said on 2/Nov/05
Hmm what about this pic I forgot to post of Victoria standing straight and Mariah not standing straight, what do u make of this Rob? I do agree the other pic Mariah is standing a tad straighter but this one Mariah isnt and Victoria is...

[Editor Rob: they're postures are closer in that hip 'swaying' by big the difference...not enough to raise her 2cm ;) yet...]
~Nate~ said on 2/Nov/05
Ok before you start attacking me Chloee I'm going to need for you to learn how to spell, and construct a sentence correctly was that even English you were speaking? Anyways I said I was a fashion designer because I am, I am a student at the Fashion Arts school here in San Diego California. I design clothing for projects and have a book of them, that makes me a designer maybe nobody's wearing my clothes yet but nevertheless I am a designer, thanks.
~Nate~ said on 1/Nov/05
Hmm Victoria is said to be 5'6-5'6.5 in every other site could she be taller? Anyways if Victoria is taller then her listed then I'd put Mariah even higher hmm I say Mariah is 5'9.25 MAX hmm interesting tho

[Editor Rob: as for the pic, well man, whilst mariah's posture isn't good, is victoria's even the same as her? doesn't look it to me???

Just using her and david, I estimated her as 166cm assuming beckham's real madrid listing of 182cm is accurate...and it does appear so compared to his real team-mates.

remember baby spice used to get listed 5ft 3 back in late 90's, then 5ft 2...well she did say herself she was 5ft 1...
~Nate~ said on 1/Nov/05
Here is a pic of 5'5 Victoria Beckham standing straight while Mariah is doing her usual hip sway stance post and not standing striaght, this must prove shes 5'8.
Chloee said on 1/Nov/05
~Nate~ said on 31/Oct/05
Sorry here is the pic with Victoria Beckham.... And Mariah will be on TRL Tomorrow Tuesday so Ill tell you her height comparrisons with the hosts. Peace
~Nate~ said on 30/Oct/05
Mariah standing next to Victoria Beckham who you have listed at 5'5.5 both are slanting, Mariah is definitely 5'8 Min.
~Nate~ said on 19/Oct/05
Wow your pretty tall, if you wear 4 inch heels with a platform on them you will be like 6ft...However if you wear regular 4 inch heels you'd prolly top out at about 5'10-5'11. LOL I'm no expert really but a few of my friends who model are about 5'8-5'9 and in four inch heels they are still shorter then me, and I'm just about 6'1.
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/05
Is it ture nate that if u wear 4 inch heels u dont achuly increase ur height by 4 inches .. Iam practly 5'8 so if i was to wear them a'd be wot ? 5'11 ?
~Nate~ said on 10/Oct/05
Ok here is a good pic from the Oprah Luncheon, Mariah stands next to 5'6 Alicia Keys, 5'6 Mary J Blige...all of which are in heels....
anonymous said on 10/Oct/05
I really think the name of Patricia Carey is a fake post
Patricia Carey said on 9/Oct/05
My daughter is 5'9" I should know I'm her mother!
~Nate~ said on 3/Oct/05
Thats funny Crystal because all of my other die hard Mariah fan friends asked her and she told them all 5' funny she told you a totally different number then everyone else. This is a joke rob I have the proof in my pic so does the other girl who posted her pic.
Michael said on 3/Oct/05
Crystal, you're on crack. The national average for women is 5'4", and there is simply no way Mariah is that short. She's *at least* three inches above that, if not more.
Crystal said on 3/Oct/05
MARIAH IS NOT 5'8 SHE TOLD ME she WAS 5'7 1/2 171cm like whitney houston what rubbish 5'8 maybe with certain heels she doesn't look that tall to me she doesn't appear above the national average.
~Nate~ said on 2/Oct/05
Ok here is the pic of me and Mariah, now I recently had a physical and my exact height is 6ft and 3/4 so a smidge away from 6'1. With my shoes on 6'1.5. NOW in this pic I am standing in the back on a higher level then Mariah as you can tell by looking at our feet, also Mariah has her hip sway stance knocking her down some inches. Here is the pic..I am the darkest one in the pic on the rightside of MC. here is a more close up shot of us that I cropped.... I am standing straight Mariah is not and is also standing on a lower level ground then I am, take a look at our feet in the first pic you can see my white sneaker while you cant see Mariahs feet because she is standing lower then me even though she's in 4 inch heels. When I hugged her we were standing on the same level and she was about my height we looked eye to eye. Putting Mariah at 5'8.5 Min. THE END
~Nate~ said on 1/Oct/05
Yeah to the girl who has the pic with her and met her, thank you!! We peeps that actually had the chance to meet her know that she is really 5'8-5'9! Hey rob I'll upload my pic of me and Mariah I have a few so Im trying to choose a good one!
jcdorz said on 1/Oct/05
No tall woman wears heels constantly, never photographed without them and if she is, she's standing on her tiptoes, if she's really 5'9". Here heels in some of those pictures look even higher than 4 inches, how do we know they are 4 inches. She looks like she's 5'6" or maybe a tad more. No woman who is 5'9" has the need to appear tall because they are tall.
*Miss Jae* said on 28/Sep/05
I met Mariah and stood next to her, in the picture below Mariah stands about 2-3 inches taller than me in about 2 inch heels and I am 5'8(sorry its not a good pic of me) Mariah is definitely about 5'8-5'9

[Editor Rob: thanks for showing your pic... my finger is twitching towards the 174cm mark. I've looked at way too many pics of this lady. One thing I will say - she does do a hip sway stance.]
~Nate~ said on 28/Sep/05
Here's a pic with Mira Sorvino in Boots with a heel and Mariah with snow boots. I used to live in Aspen and I'm not sure who else has worn snow boots but they do nothing for your height like at all, lol. Anyways heres Mariah in snow boots and Mira in heels. Mariah still looks tall without her trusty four inchers....
~Nate~ said on 28/Sep/05
Mariah standing next to Mira Sorvino listed anywhere from 5'9-5'11
Danny said on 27/Sep/05
Rob take a look at another Mariah Carey picture
Could she be shorter than 5'8
look closely at her heel it has a big platform which makes her look tall when she isn't
~Nate~ said on 25/Sep/05
Mariah posing next to 5'3 Brittany Murphy at Versace's Store opening and Mariah has her head down and is not standing straight while Brittany is look at the difference between them.... there is also a pic of Brittany standing next to 5'6 1/2 Jessica Alba here....
How come Brittany's head comes up to about Jessica Alba's Eyebrow who stands at 5'6.5' but she doesnt even come up to Mariahs eyebrow while she is standing straight and Mariah isn't with her head down? Hmm maybe because she is 5'8-5'9.
~Nate~ said on 20/Sep/05
Ok Beyonce is listed anywhere from 5'6/5'7 and Mariah is a little bit taller then her in this pic and Mariah is standing on a lower platform..
Here is the pic of their feet showing Mariah standing Lower then Beyonce and Versace is 5'8/5'9
~Nate~ said on 19/Sep/05
Ok so I just watched the show its good to be Mariah Carey on E! And Her stylist had this to say "Mariah is about 5'8/5'9 And with her stiletto's she's about 6ft, and she refuses to wear heels less then four inches". I also just asked my friend Derrick who met her, he said that Mariah is short probably about 5'9/5'10, Granted Derrick is 6'4. I don't think she's as tall as 5'10 personally but not as short as 5'7 or 5'6, 5'5 as some are claiming on this site, I'd say Rob has it right 5'8/5'9.
TheMan said on 18/Sep/05
I think shes more like 5,6 i do notice she trys to look really tall usually with massive heels i can usually tell tall people and i think although above average in height shes no more than 5,6. Basicly anyone could look tall with heals on fact she just wears massive ones. Im just not going to credit someone whos not actually all that tall lol.
anonymous said on 18/Sep/05
If Whitney houston and Mariah are 173cm then Bobby brown will be near the 180cm range and he doesn't appear that even to your opinion Rob, so don't you think Mariah and whitney are 171cm. I do agree they have very same heights and also very same singing diva voices, they got a lot in common.
~Nate~ said on 17/Sep/05
OOps Forgot to post it but here is the pic of Mariah Carey and 5'8.5 Randy Jackson
~Nate~ said on 14/Sep/05
Mariah standing next to Randy Jackson who you have listed as 5'8.5' also he is wearing boots. Mariah is still a few inches taller and she's wearing heels, you take off the heels, you take off his boots and I think she'll still be taller. then him, if not the same height.
~Nate~ said on 14/Sep/05
Ok, here is a pic of Bono and Mariah, now you have Bono listed on this site at 5'6.5' and in this pic Mariah is wearing flats and still appears two or three inches taller then him.

*Take a look at her footwear, Flat-
So Rob I agree with you Mariah is anywhere between 5'8 and 5'9, thanks ;)
anonymous said on 13/Sep/05
Rob do you think Mariah is more like 172cm in reality like you said before.

[Editor Rob: I'm leaving her 173cm for the moment...]
~Nate~ said on 13/Sep/05
Anon, I'm about to prove you wrong, yet again which is fairly easy for me,, here is an even better pic Mariah is even slouched over in the pic, everyone knows Mariah never stands straight, even Rob said this. AND FYI Usher is not 5'7, look on this site Rob has him listed at 5'8.5 which is exactly what my friend said when I asked how tall Usher is, shes completly obsessed with him shes met like twice dude. So anyways Rob also has Ciara listed at 5'7.5 and even when she wears heels she is just about the same height as Usher at the VMAs maybe a half an inch taller. So Mariah has to be at least 5'8, alright no more arguing with anyone I believe it, obviously Rob believes and I met her so if you don't believe she's 5'8 you dont have to because I know the truth. ;)
anon said on 13/Sep/05
Um, Nate, take another look at the second pic you posted. Mariah is standing on HIGHER GROUND. She's not towering over Usher, unless his legs are stumps - you'll see that their knees are WAY out of alignment. This picture is far more accurate:

Mariah is about an inch taller in that photo, and has better posture than the slightly slouching Usher. They're standing at the podium, which as you can see from the pic you posted is level ground.

Now, since Usher is 5'7.5'' MAX, this confirms Mariah is anywhere between 5'6.5''-5'7''. I personally think she's 5'7''.

On another note, why is she completely obsessed with wanting people to think she's taller, what with all her fabricated heights? Pure vanity.
~Nate~ said on 8/Sep/05
Ok let me ask ya'll a question, if Mariah is 5'5-5'7 like you guys THINK. Then how come Beyonce who is anywhere from 5'6-5'7 is shorter then Usher. And Michelle in Destiny's Child is taller then Beyonce is also shorter then Usher. They all wear outrageous heels and they're still smaller. Look at this pic from the World Music Awards-
*Now Mariah is a lot taller then Usher meaning she has to be taller then 5'7, look at this pic with Mariah and Usher-
And do not say anything about the heels because Destiny's Child wears heels just as big as Mariah. So Rob, I think your right on with the 5'8 height for Mariah I say 5'8 Minimum so this works for me I wont protest anymore! lol
Danny said on 7/Sep/05
Here is the evidence that Mariah carey is just slightly taller than Oprah and Oprah was leaning
I think she 171cm about 5'7 like Whitney Houston
~Nate~ said on 6/Sep/05
Hey Rob, Ive seen Brandy listed anywhere from 5'7-5'9 and although shes tall I think 5'7-5'8 is the right height for her I saw her in concert once and she looked this height. Anyways I found a pic with Mariah and Brandy and Mariah appears to be about an inch or two taller then brandy even though Brandy is leaning in and has big hair! LOL anyways let me know what you think Rob
Danny said on 6/Sep/05
Rob just change her back to 171cm she deserve being that tall she just tippy toes
Hani said on 5/Sep/05
Are you guys sure she is even 5'8,she was 2_3 inches shorter than Jay Leno and she had heels on..!!!
~Nate~ said on 5/Sep/05
Mariah standing next to Kelly Preston listed anywhere from 5'7-5'8, Mariahs about an inch or two on Preston, both in heels..

[Editor Rob: Travolta is a self-admitted '6 foot, little over', so 184 max]
~Nate~ said on 5/Sep/05
Mariah is by no means 5'11 barefoot, I highly doubt this, but I do believe she's about 5'8.5-5'9 without heels, that sounds about right. But she was a tad taller then me, she could've been wearing bigger heels then usual but when I hugged her she was a little taller then me.
anon said on 5/Sep/05
Nate, if you were 6'1.5'' in your shoes, and Mariah is 5'9'' in heels that, as you say, give her 2.5 inches MAX, she should've only been 5'11.5'. She should not have been a "tad taller" than you as you claim.

For your claim to hold merit she'd need to be about 5'11.5'' barefoot, and I highly doubt that's the case.
Danny said on 5/Sep/05
After seeing those photos I think she might be 5'8. But she might be standing next to short people so I still think she's 172cm
~Nate~ said on 4/Sep/05
Ok David thats sad Rob called you out and knows ur a fake! Anyways you know absolutely nothing about Heels, a four inch heel will not give you four inches, it will give you about 2.5 inches MAX, get over it Buddy. How come she was wearing four inch heels when she met me and was a tad taller then me when I was wearing my Timbs that made me 6'1.5 However when you met her she was wearing four inch heels and she was only 5'9? Your such a fake dude, move on.

Mariah standing next to 5'1 Nicole Richie

Ok I found a pic of Faith Hill who is listed at 5'8 standing close to Mariah, now Mariah has her head down and she's still almost as tall with her head down, so if it was up Im guessing Mariah would be taller. I think the reason Mariah doesnt look like a 5'9er is because she's not as skinny as the average girl in Hollywood, I mean she's skinny but she's also got a gorgeous curvy figure that might make her look shorter then she actually is, heres the pic.

Mariah standing next to 5'6 Mary J Blige, I really do think Mary J.Blige is at least 5'6 because on an episode of Moesha she was a tad smaller then 5'7 Brandy, anyways heres the pic...
J. said on 4/Sep/05
Okay, I don't want to get caught in the crossfires of the 'Mariah-ain't-5'9"-YES-she-is-I-met-her" wars! :-) BUT ... the World Music Awards were held a few nights ago in Hollywood. Mariah and Snoop Dogg were on stage together. Mariah had on her 4-inchers as usual, Snoop had on his trademark Converse All-Stars which barely give you an inch. Needless to say, Snoop still towered over Mariah like it was nothing. I've seen Snoop in person and he without a doubt AT LEAST 6'4" (his laidback posture may give the impression that he's a tad shorter). So, with that in mind, would a 5'8"- 5'9" woman, who likes 4" heels (this would put her in the 6'0"- 6'1" range) really get towered over like that by a 6'4" guy???
J. said on 4/Sep/05
Hey Rob, how do you know that the 'Blue' person wrote the 'David' post?

[Editor Rob: it would be a great coincidence if Z2/Blue/David were all sharing the same computer. I wish this person would just stick to the one name, I have no problem with that :)]
~Nate~ said on 4/Sep/05
OMG! Rob you are so right! now they are guessing my height! Yes because I lie about my height! Get a life Blue and Z2 sheesh! LOL Anyways yes I'm 6.05 barefoot and 6'1 and change with my timberlands on which I was wearing at the ecounter with Mariah
David said on 4/Sep/05
Mariah is 5'5". I met her a year ago in New York City and got her autograph. I am 5'8" and when I get into shoe I am 5'9". Mariah was wearing 4 inch heels, putting her at 5'9", we were eye to eye. So that's how I know Mariah is 5'5" barefooted.

[Editor Rob: all I say is, please there's absolutely no need to make up fake posts :) The above post is from 'Blue'.]
~Nate~ said on 4/Sep/05
Also I'm not sure how many people watched "Access Granted" Making the video of "Shake It Off". Mariah's best friend Rapper Dabrat has always claimed in her songs that she is 5'5. In the scene where Mariah took off her heels and stood next to Dabrat who not only was she wearing shoes had a hat on and puffy hair, Mariah was still very much taller then her. You can DL The segment on, Click the archives "Media" and you will find it there, Trust Mariah's 5'9. On the show "Its Good To Be Mariah Carey" Which aired earlier this year on E!, her stylist said and I quote "Mariah stands at about 5'8 and refuses to wear a heel less then 4 inches, so she stands at about 6ft tall" Now as for Whitney claiming that she is 5'7 I wouldn't trust anything someone says that uses the slogan "Crack is whack" but enters rehab for a drug problem. Really Even if Mariah is 5'5, which she is not it really doesnt matter cause at the end of the day shes still the best selling female recording artist in history with more #1's then any other female artist so I'm pretty sure its not that big of a deal, even though she is 5'9! LOL
~Nate~ said on 4/Sep/05
LOL Thank you Rob! I'm just over 6ft barefoot and 6'1.5 in my timberlands which I was wearing when I met Mariah, now if I was 6'1.5 at the time of meeting Mariah, and she was wearing four inch heels and she was standing a little taller then me, less then a half inch taller then me, this means without the shoes she's 5'9 Max, 5'8.5 Min. When I met her while she was wearing sandals and I was wearing my old school adidas, she was only a little bit shorter then me. maybe 2.5 inches shorter then me because the top of her head met just above my cheekbone, which is exactly where my sister meets me when we stand next to eachother, my sister is exactly 5'9 she just measured for me. When she is wearing a four inch J.Lo heels she is exactly as tall as me (My sister). In the pic Im about to send Rob, all us tall guys in the back of Mariah are standing on a top ledge behind her as Rob will be able to tell. Mariah and the girls are standing lower then us, considerably and Mariah is up to my eye, but thats only because of the difference in the platforms we are standing on.
Danny said on 3/Sep/05
Rob,take a look at this picture of Mariah Carey barefoot but on tippy toes

[Editor Rob: from 15 years of wearing heels, she seems to have invisible heels when barefoot!]
comment said on 3/Sep/05
Rob when are you going to change her back to 171 172cm 1 think it's more accurate she doesn't look like a 5'9 girl with heels on
Blue said on 3/Sep/05
Editor...It's unlikely, very unlikely he remeasured himself, and 'properly' no less. He's 6' and that's that.
Blue said on 3/Sep/05
Nate...also you lied to Z2 about your height. You said you were exactly 6'1" which is wrong because on the "Naomi Campbell" page you admit you are 6'. Z2 was right that you rounded your height. You contradicted yourself. Mariah Carey lives in high heel and you said yourself she "claimed" to be 5'9". Doesn't sound like hard evidence to me. You cannot believe Mariah is shorter than 5'9". With you being shorter, that now puts Mariah shorter. Mariah is definitely 5'6".

[Editor Rob: to clear this up...Nate said first email to me he was '6ft 1.5 in shoes'. Maybe he remeasured himself properly, and is in fact 185cm barefoot.]
~Nate~ said on 3/Sep/05
Like I said before, my friends are in modeling and fashion and wear stiletto's all the time. Im sorry that some of you dont know this but Mariah has said in many interviews that ever since she was a little girl she's walked on her tippy toes and her feet repel flats. She refuses to wear a heel less then four inches. Anyways, a four inch stiletto heel will give you just about 2.5 inches to your height it would by no means make you four inches taller unless your standing on a platform. Didn't I also say before that I've met Mariah while she had sandals on and she was at best 5'10, at the minimum 5'8.5, because my sister is 5'9 and change and when we stand together she hits my cheekbone as did Mariah when I met her the time she was wearing FLAT sandals. If Mariah is not 5'9, at the bare minimum she can be 5'8.5, I know you agree with me Rob! You should meet her Rob then we can stop all this! haha
comment said on 3/Sep/05
I think Mariah and Whitney are more like 172cm don't you agree Rob? maybe 171cm
Mariah always wears big heels which makes her look 5'9 but she more like 171 172cm. One day when you meet her Nate ask her to take off her shoe and I guarantee she is shorter than what you expect because high heels make girl's legs look longer than they really are. If she really is 5'9 then with those outrageous heels she would look like a giant. Nate I think you give photo evidence with her barefoot. She's never 5'9 not even 5'8

[Editor Rob: at the very beginning I think I had her 174, then the whitney quotes etc made me think this girl is shorter so she went down to 171, but then she's been creeping up again. Lol, I've looked at too many photos of this lady and still can't fathom it...175cm still seems to be a tad too high, but then you never know!!!
Blue said on 2/Sep/05
Nate...I've been reading this forum's entire page. Z2 said some very wise things. I agree with Z2 and anonymous. You said something to Z2 about how he should keep his comments to himself unless he's met Mariah. That's bull. Because some people on this site have met Mariah and that's still not good enough for you. Also, this site isn't about you, so you get over yourself. Also, I read your debate with Z2 and I agree with Z2. Where in his post was he giving you attitude. Z2 put it best, it is in your head. And another thing half the people on this site agree that Mariah is not 5'9", she doesn't even look it. On a MTV Cribs about her house, Mariah spent half the time tip-toeing throught the entire filming. Only a short person would do this, and don't say it's because she's used to heels. She's tip-toeing because she wants to be taller. Anyways, I agree with Z2. And don't forget to write me back to yell at me. Oh, wait, you can't, you promised the editor you wouldn't argue anymore.
~Nate~ said on 2/Sep/05
My friend Justine is exactly 5'10, she is standing next to Mariah in the red dress. She and Mariah are about the same she told me, however, Justine was wearing about a 3 inch heel comparable to Mariahs four inch heel. In the pic Mariah is standing straight up but Justine is. Justine said Mariah was just a tad shorter then her and believes Mariah is Max 5'9, bare minimum 5'8.5 Check it out for yourself....
And Z2 your right, I shouldnt jump down everyone's throats for their oppinions Im sorry about that. You and everyone else are entitled to your own oppinion, even though you are wrong. ;)
~Nate~ said on 2/Sep/05
Z2, please get over yourself and move on, it aint about you. Anyways yes, I'm 6'1 exactly I just measured myself yet again and Mariah is taller then me by maybe 1/4 inch. I showed Rob my pics I've met her a few times now so yes Mariah is 5'9, 5 of my friends who met her also had the opportunity to ask her how tall she is and what do you know! She said she was 5'9! How funny that she didnt say she wa 5'6.5, even on her MTV Special for "Shining Through The Rain" She claimed she was 5'9, thats remarkable.
Z2 said on 2/Sep/05
~Nate~ I read what you wrote and like I said before, "It's all in your head." You believe I was giving you attitude. You could show my "post"(the one you think I'm giving you attitude), to any psychologist, the public, or any other group and they would not conclude what you've concluded(the attitude). Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Like I said before, I'll make an opinion on someones height, and someone else will be quick to "question" my opinion. A few people on this site agree that Mariah is NOT 5'9" and is more likely 5'6" - 5'7". I believe Mariah is closer to 5'5". And I will add, people on this "Mariah Carey" site post their opinions of Mariah and you SLAM them. You won't even let them have their own opinion, and then you "tell them off." So, then I come along and call you out and now you don't like it. Those other people don't like it when you call them out on their Mariah height opinion. You live on this page and when someone new comes here trying to give thier opinion, you call them out. You are in DENIAL. You are VERY SENSITIVE. When someone calls you out, you slam them and their opinion. "anonymous" met Mariah Carey and Mariah told "anonymous" that she was 5'6.5" You then don't believe "anonymous." Why do you insist on slamming everyones "celebrity sighting encounter?" Just because you claim you've met Mariah, what makes people believe your encounter? Because you met her? That's not proof. Just don't go around telling everyone their "encounters" are wrong. You are saying everyones encounter(Mariah telling these people her height) is wrong and yours is the correct one--and yours is NOT. And as for your own height, you claim you're 6'1"(that's "code" for 6'). If you were a true 6'1" you'd say 6'2". This debate back and forth is pointless because it's like having a debate with a child(pre-schooler).
annoying said on 1/Sep/05
Mariah Carey is not 5'8. She 5'6.5 standing next to olivia Newton John. She could be 5'7 like whitney houston. 5'8-9 for both of them is definitely impossible
~Nate~ said on 31/Aug/05
Also I would like to say that just because someone wears 4 inch stiletto's it doesn't make them 4 inches taller. I would know about this because my friend is in the modeling business and I have a lot of friends in fashion. A 4 inch heel will you give you about 2 inches, the only way a 4 inch heel would give u 4 inches is if they're platforms.
~Nate~ said on 31/Aug/05
Ok hers one Mariah next to Jackie Chan who you have listed anywhere from 5'8-5'11....

I just found a pic of the Teen Choice Awards Mariah is standing in Sandals no heel next to Ashlee Simpson who you have described anywhere from 5'5-5'7, who is wearing rather big heels, and Nick Cannon who you have listed anywhere from 5'11-6'0 while Mariah is in her sandals she stands tall against the two take a look......first look at Mariahs footwear Flat sandals maybe have a one inch platform on them...
Now ashlee and Mariah and Nick while Mariahs flat sandals, and Ashlee's huge heels... If you actually watched the show Mariah had a good two inches on Ashlee still

[Editor Rob: the jackie one actually doesn't do her 175 case much favor ;)

I had another look at her on some other photo agencies (aswell as whitney) and only those pics where she isn't doing a hip-sway type stance. In those I think the 5ft 8 is realistic...I will give her that, but 174cm, I honestly don't know - your photo you showed may support that though...]
~Nate~ said on 31/Aug/05
Your very right about that one Rob! LOL They would tell me that I'm really not 6'1, even though I played Highschool Basketball as a center! LOL Its not a big deal to me, I'm a nobody so I dont feel that I need to lie about my height! :D
~Nate~ said on 31/Aug/05
Ok Z2 I'm a little bit over you now so I'm moving on, and I am Calm and I'm not sensitive you were giving me attitude in that post and I didn't appreciate it. And don't even try to act like your calling me out this is the internet kid, I'm going to need for you to get over yourself real quick, thanks. Anyways Yes I still believe Mariah is 5'9 after meeting her twice and also asking her how tall she was but it's cool. I also don't believe whoever said they have met her and she told them that she was "5 6.5" All of my friends have also got the chance to meet her and she told them all she was 5'9 so I'm gonna need for you to get this together. Anyways I'm sorry for the arguing Rob, I just don't appreciate people almost calling me a liar and giving me attitude, it wont happen again I promise. But I'm over Z whatever their name is, but yeah I still say 5'9. I'll post some pics of me and my friends meeting her if you want.

[Editor Rob: pics are always fun sure. But then people would question your own height no doubt ;)]
anonymous said on 31/Aug/05
I agree with Z2 she is always in outrageous heels so in my opinion is no more than 5ft 6.5. She told me when I asked her her height. Nate if you argue that she 5'9 I don't think Rob is going to give her 5'9 anyway so who cares
Z2 said on 30/Aug/05
~Nate~I DON'T know where you got the "attitude" out of my post. You NEED to CALM down! This is exactly what I'm talking about. Many people poke fun at my comments, but the minute I do people(meaning you) get all up tight. Geez! Go take a chill pill. I will NOT keep my comments to myself because this is an "opinion thread," a place to talk about heights, as well recieve some criticism. Many people comment about my posts, but we converse back and forth very adulty. I can't believe you are a dude because it was like getting yelled at by a 13 year old girl. Secondly, I DON'T have to meet Mariah to give a guess at her height. If you don't like people calling you out(you are VERY SENSITIVE)you should leave this forum. To call me ridiculous is very childish. You're the one getting your panties in a twist. My last post has my opinions and you "ran with my comment the wrong way." It's all in your head.
J. said on 30/Aug/05
Now Rob, the only qualm I have with this listing is that you're saying Mariah's taller than Whitney. And that's proven not to be true. So if Whitney claims 5'7", Mariah MUST be under. And note, that Mariah is never out of heels so this just doesn't claim true in my opinion.

[Editor Rob: on whitney's page I put up a quote where she says she's 5ft 8.]
~Nate~ said on 30/Aug/05
Oh No Z2, first of all you don't need to give me attitude, unless you've met Mariah you need to keep your comments to yourself. I'm sure if you were a teacher your class would be speculation 101. And Secondly I've met Paris as well as Mariah both are about 5'8 and change. I have pictures of me standing next to Mariah, I was wearing my timberland boots which gave me about a 2 inch advantage while Mariah was wearing her 4 inch stiletto's. I'm just over 6ft tall and Mariah even with my boots was standing slightly taller then me. Mariah is 5'9. 5'5? Are you serious, you are ridiculous dude.
Z2 said on 30/Aug/05
~Nate~, First if all, Rosie O'Donnell isn't 5'7", she's 5'6". Paris Hilton is nowhere near 5'8". Mariah Carey was standing next to 5'6" Whitney Houston at a MTV show(same outfit, same heels). The two were about the same height. Mariah Carey is closer to 5'5" and Whitney is closer to 5'6".
~Nate~ said on 30/Aug/05
Alright, my absolute last chance! Mariah standing next to 5'7 Rosie O'Donnell, Granted Rosie is in shoes and Mariah is in heels but Mariah is a noticeable head and a half taller then Rosie!

Mariah standing next to 5'8 Paris Hilton and you know Paris wears big ass heels as well, Nicole is standing on a table thats why she looks so big! lol

And my final piece of evidence Mariah standing next to 5'9 Usher

Usher standing next to 5'6 Beyonce While beyonce is in heels

Usher standing next to 5'7 Ciara while Ciara is in heels

Mariah standing next to 5'7 Oprah Winfrey

Mariah standing next to 5'4 Jermaine Dupri

And Finally folks Mariah standing in Flat shoes mind you next to Justin Timberlake who is quoted anywhere from 5'11-6'2
Check out her footwear! FLAT

Mariah is without a doubt a solid 5'9, Minimum...Peace!

[Editor Rob: I knew you'd return ;) I did give her another cm and I've put up what Mariah has told to her own fanclub, namely being 174cm.]
~Nate~ said on 29/Aug/05
Thanks Rob! Now what dod I have to do to get a couple more CM!!! LOL
~Nate~ said on 23/Aug/05
Ok and as for the person who said "I wouldn't call her tall, I'm taller than her and I'm only average height". What you need to take an account for is what is average to this person? And is this person male or female? I just researched this on Google and it says The average female is 5'4, Obviously Mariah cannot be under that. The Average male is 5'10, Obviously Mariah can be shorter then this.
~Nate~ said on 23/Aug/05
Ok I'm not the only one who has met her and said that she is tall, I say 5'9. When my friend Christina also had the opportunity to meet Mariah, my friend Christina is a model and she likes to wear about 4 inch stiletto's like everyday! lol Anyways when she met her she was wearing the 4 inchers and said her and Mariah were exactly the same exact height, as Mariah was wearing 4 inchers as well.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From Mariah's fanclub, she has supposedly stated her height as 5ft 8.5 and weight of 130lbs.

From Gossip newsgroup:
"I've met Mariah Carey several times. She's about 5'8", 135 pounds."
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From female Observer Reporter - "What you don't realise about Mariah Carey, if you've only seen her on television, is how big she is -nearly 6ft, with breasts that look as though she's taken a football pump to them"...."She is Amazonian, an impressive specimen of corn-fed humanity"
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
On a forum there was a quote from popbitch where the person was describing mariah as bonkers, and had also mentioned::
"She is also the tallest woman I have ever met"
but somebody chimes in:
"This was at the album launch party and is a complete lie! I didnt hear her say anything about "Mariah time". She isnt bonkers at all - shes completely normal....But she is normal as can be for someone who has done all she has!
And I wouldnt call her tall. I'm taller than her and i'm only average height"
~Nate said on 9/Aug/05
Alright Rob I give up! LOL Its no big deal, everyone will think what they want, Im just sayin that I met the woman so I think she's 5'9, thats all. :D

[Editor Rob: Nathan, your opinion is as valid as others. It's just opinions really ;) Looking at all the pics of her 172cm is what I would say appears close to the truth...]
anonymous said on 5/Aug/05
Rob, how tall do you think Mariah is in your opinion? Could she be 5'9 bare foot? or about 5'7

[Editor Rob: there's the person who says he met her and estimates she's close to 5ft 9. But then looking at her beside Whitney Houston she doesn't look that.

We can drag out old Prince Monaco...I would agree with the other comments that he very well could be 6ft on the nose - although looking at the pics of him and 174cm Schumacher...hmm Schu and Albert in football boots. In any case giving him 6ft:

Mariah 1 Mariah 2.

178cm Rolland and 5ft 10 Rolland. Like Mariah they both maybe don't have full 100% posture.

I do think I should give Mariah an extra cm, what do you think?]
MHouillon said on 2/Aug/05
No, 5'9 isn't very realistic. And 5'7.5 isn't , too. She's a 173cm maximum. See my last posting down here...
Nate said on 26/Jul/05
Ok LOL I have one more try to get the Editor to change Mariah's height to 5'9! LOL Ellen is 5'8 and when Mariah was on the show wearing 4 inch heels she TOWERED over Ellen, and heres a pic of Jackie Chan (Who is listed anywhere from 5'8-5'11) standing next to Mariah again she towers over him in 4 inch heels. Hopes this helps kids.......
Standing Next to 5'8 Faith Hill, Mariahs head is also down...
Nate said on 21/Jul/05
Ummm, by the way "Heightfreek" I'm going to need for you to leave your speculations at the door buddy unless you've met her. Thanks

PS Since your so smart those are not flats Serena is wearing, if you look closer thats about a 1.5-2inch heel. Thanks
Heightfreek said on 20/Jul/05
Ummm, by the way Nate, Serena is clearly wearing flat shoes in the pic you provided, while Mariah is clearly wearing 2-3 inch heels. Serena is therefore much taller. Serena's height is probalbly 5-9. Mariah can not be more than 5-8, 5-7 would be more accurate.
Nate said on 20/Jul/05
Heres a good pic of Mariah with Brett Rattner, you can see both their feet More importantly here is 5'10 Serena Williams standing next to Brett Rattner with heels

[Editor Rob: I don't think the mariah height will ever be agreed upon ;) I would say that really she doesn't look shorter than 171...and could be in the 173cm range. On one hand we have your own judgement (I think it was you who met her)...then there's the comparisons of her and whitney houston. If Whitney is truly 5ft 8 then mariah looks the same. I would say Mr R estimates Bobby Brown to not be over 5ft 10, and going by that then whitney wouldn't be more than the 171cm she claims she is...Armani is getting old and says he is 170cm...]
Nate said on 20/Jul/05
LOL Issheuhboy, I agree with you 110% about the "Height issues". I agree with you on when she wears heels her accuracy is a little off...looking at the pic with me and Mariah once more I'm going to say Mariah is at the bare minimun 5'8.5" I have another picture with her standing next to a 5'8 Paris Hilton and they are exactly the same height, Mariah seems a tad taller but you be the judge. Thanks for the info Kid!

The angles are a little weird in the pics but you get the idea!

[Editor Rob: I wish I could get more footage of this event
Issheuhboy said on 19/Jul/05
Well, it was actually Rob who posted that pic, mine was just to show Carey has height "issues", leading to getting herself insectised on her album cover. And that Ratner pic you posted looks a little funny, with the posture etc. - I don't mean to be pedantic (ped - feet, geddit? No. OK) but you can't see their shoes etc. But if you've met her, well...that's different and more conclusive. But she does seem to always wear heels, fudging her height accuracy a lot.
Nate said on 18/Jul/05
And the person Issheuhboy who posted the pic of Brett Rattner towering over Mariah in the link, that was a bad pic Mariah was standing straight up and the angle was off, I have a straight on shot right here that proves my theory that Mariah is 5'9...
Nate said on 15/Jul/05
Sorry to burst your bubbles everybody but your wrong on this one. I recently got the opportunity to meet Mariah on two occasions and have pics for proof. The first time she was wearing about 4 inch heels and I'm exactly 6'1 in shoes and she was maybe a tiny bit shorter then me. Let me also add that I'm a designer so when people say 4 inch heels make you 4 inches taller thats entirely wrong they make you maybe 2-3 inches taller max. I also met her while she was wearing sandals and she appeared a little taller then 5'9.
Nathan said on 14/Jul/05
I have pictures with Mariah if anyone cares to see..I'm about 6'1 and when I met Mariah she had on about 3-4 inch heels and we looked eye to eye with eachother..I also met her during the trl taping two years ago and she seemed to be at the least 5'9 because I'm 6'1. Shes pretty tall.
Issheuhboy said on 9/Jul/05
OK, I know this iwsn't sourced etc., but I know 90% that Carey had her leg's digitally extended by six inches in this pic:

5'9? Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

[Editor Rob: yeah, if I was a betting man I'd bet maybe some photoshop fiddling went on with that pic.

As I said, Mariah is frustratingly hard to pin down ;)

Here is some evidence for that 5ft 6.5 inch the commenter claimed:

In 3 inch heels beside Brett Ratner. Looking at all of ratner's pics on Getty this guy looks about 173.

Beside Olivia newton John.

Mariah and Whitney and Mariah's footwear in that photo.

Whitney has said she's '5ft 7', although some claim 5ft 8. Mr R has said Bobby Brown is closer to 5ft 9 than his '5ft 11' which would make sense with the 170cm height for whitney.]
Danny said on 9/Jul/05
I got to ask her a question about her height. Mariah said she was 5'6.5 which looks more right than 5'8 where did you get that from.

[Editor Rob: I think I've changed Mariah's height about 5 times. I always come back to 171cm though...when did you alledgedly ask her this ;)]
MHouillon said on 7/Apr/05
Okay, who was on the concert? I knew, I should have added that she did not wear "massive looking 4 inch heels". When she was on stage, we were pretty close to her, her heels were about normal 3 inches. Mrs Carey is definitely wrong with her 5´9" claiming. But I think she should be a solid 5´8". Oh, I´m listening to the radio and guess which song is played right now... "It´s like that" by Mariah... strange...very strange....Scully? Yes, Mulder?....

Best wishes to everyone.
jimbo said on 5/Apr/05
If mariah is 5'9 then how come she is always shoter than 5'7 whitney houston when ever they are standing together and when she was standing on stage with 5'8 and a half cate blachett she was over an inch shorter than kate.

[Editor Rob: Mr R said Bobby Brown was under 5ft 11 and that would confirm Whitney wasn't lying when she said 5ft 7 is my height. Mariah has been known to wear some outrageous heels...]
J. said on 5/Apr/05
Yeah, that proves that Mariah's around 5'7". With her massive looking 4 inch heels, she is 5'11".
MHouillon said on 5/Apr/05
Nonsense, jimbo ! Me and my girlfriend (she´s 5´11.25",181cm) were on a concert in Hamburg and in the beginning Mariah was walking thru the audience lines (ofcourse, guided by bodyguards). She was almost as tall as my girlfriend (I´d say, she was 5´11" -180cm-). Okay, Mariah´s high heels were really high, but reduce them and she should be at minimum 5´7.5-5´8" (172cm-173cm). Never ever 5´6" (168cm)!!!!
J. said on 31/Mar/05
I was looking at Mariah on TV the other night and you know what, there's no way in hell that she is the 5'9" that she always has said she was. If you notice, she's ALWAYS in giant heels and publicity photos of her always have her looking like a giantress! (The magic of airbrushing). In reality, Mariah's in the 5'6"- 5'7" range. If she really were 5'9" barefoot like she has said, she'd be 6'1"- 6'2" with her mega heels on but she's defintely not.
Jimbo said on 24/Mar/05
I saw a photograph of mariah carey standing beside 5'8 and a half cate blanchet cate was about an inch and a half taller than mariah . No way is mariah 5'9, 5'7 looks about right .
Flavia said on 14/Mar/05
She's not 5'9" ??
she looks SO tall on her #1s CD. wow..
Mr. R said on 10/Mar/05
Uh, I hate to tell you, but Bobby Brown is not 5'11", but he is 5'9". I crashed the HBO party after Whitney's concert, and spoke with him for awhile! I am 5'11.05".
Ricardo said on 4/Mar/05
Mariah is not 5'9" saw her on TRL yesterday, more like 5'6" or 5'7". she was a niticeable 4 inches shorter than damien fahey who is about 6'1" or 6'2" even though she was wearing 3 inch heels.
jimbo said on 16/Feb/05
I dont believe she is 5'9 , whitney houston is only 5'7 she said so herself but when ever I see whitney and mariah standing together , whitney is always an inch taller than mariah , I would say mariah carey is about 5'6 .

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