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5ft 7.41in (171.2cm)
RSlan said on 8/Nov/11
@Dom That is NOT the reason I even mentioned the platform heels. Once again, I proved how convenient you bitches are. Oh.
Why any of you would even THINK that Selita, who is resting her head on Tyra's weave/face in that pic, is 3 inches shorter....ooops! Y'all don't think!

Now onto the subject of platforms....if you were as clever as you thought you were, you'd know how tall someone in platforms is in regards to someone else depends MOSTLY on the posture of said people. Of course, you only like to bring up posture when it suits you. Have a seat.
RSlan said on 8/Nov/11
@Dom NONE of the pics you posted of Jay-Z and MC showed her footwear. Oooops bitch. Try again.
Valerie said on 8/Nov/11
mc is the same height as selita in heels next to nick! Please dont
come here with that nonsense!!! I dont believe under 5'8 for MC!!!
Dom said on 8/Nov/11
@Valerie Here is a video of wise girls showing that Sorvino is at least 2 inches taller than MC
Click Here from 10:30 to 11:20
joewhite31 said on 8/Nov/11
She can't be 5'9" barefoot. She's shorter than 5'9" Steffi Graf and Martha Stewart. I have to go with my instinct after seeing her with other celebrities and that's why common sense is required. Even in her platform shoes she's barely taller than Whitney in boots. Click Here Get over this 5'9" stuff.
Dom said on 8/Nov/11
@RSIan I already did post pics of MC wearing big ass heels looking at least 4 inches shorter than JayZ, not because you don't have them right in the middle of your screen that she's not wearing them you idiot. There are other pics of these events and she's wearing them. Like I said COMMON SENSE. A kid in kinder garden wouldn't be that dumb.
Dom said on 8/Nov/11
@Valerie, yes this case is closed, Mariah is 5'7" if her listing here ever changes, it's most likely gonna be 5'6,5". I can see none of your pics with 5'9" Sorvino but I've seen some before and Mariah always seemed shorter than her. And I don't get your logic about the Ebanks pics, Selita appears to be taller than MC next to Nick Canon and she's not even a full 5'8", That still makes Mariah 5'7" Maybe you should look through this page, there has been a zillion pics of MC next to 5'8" women and they were ALWAYS clearly taller than her.
Dom said on 8/Nov/11
@RSIan hmm I seem to remember someone saying platform heels hardly give more heights... oh yah that was you LMAO God it'S so easy to pick on you. Just the sheer amount of mistakes you make and dumb stuff you say. I feel sorry for you.
jersey said on 8/Nov/11
Valerie says on 8/Nov/11
Lisa Kudrow can be 5'8.. But Mira Sorvino is taller then her, . I said Mira sorvino was 5'9. Isn't 5'9 taller than 5'8? Get it?
jersey said on 8/Nov/11
If selita is 5'9 1/2 how come she is close to 5'7 brandy's height? Click Here
jersey said on 8/Nov/11
Anyone who thinks this girls is 5'9 1/2 like serena williams needs their head examined. Click Here
Valerie said on 8/Nov/11
Lisa Kudrow can be 5'8.. But Mira Sorvino is taller then her, i can see in that movie Lisa is wearing bigger heels all the time!

And Jersey i know which photo ur posting even though its not able to click on it anymore, Mariah was wearing snow boots in that picture, while the rest had heels on! She;s the same height as Mira Sorvino both wearing the same kinda cowboy boots!
Case Closeddd
Valerie said on 8/Nov/11
Michelle = Lisa..!
Valerie said on 8/Nov/11
yeah right! If ur lookin @ the shoe wear of michelle, u see she has a higher platform already so! And if u check on celebheights u can see that the people mostly can see her as a 5'10 lady!!!
I saw the movie wise girls, and sorvino and carey have no to maybe liiiiittle height difference!!!
Dom said on 8/Nov/11
@Valerie I can't see your pic with Sorvino but she's maximum 5'9" and that's generous (she looks pretty much the same height as 5'8" Lisa Kudrow in Romi & Michele)
Dom said on 8/Nov/11
@Valerie Selita Ebanks looks maximum 5'7,5" next to Serena Williams, Serena is slouching and looks to have 1,5 inch on Selita who is standing very straight (even though she's on one leg she's not losing any height at all in that position, her leg and upper body are as straight as can be)
jersey said on 7/Nov/11
Valerie says on 7/Nov/11
Selita 5'8 okay.. but NO WAY 5'7, Its not realistic! If you read my post it says that Selita said on Tyra banks show that she was 5'7 and 3/4. Is there a big difference between 5'7 3/4 and 5'8? Just remember you said Selita was 5'9-5'10. Who is not being realistic?
jersey said on 7/Nov/11
Mira sorvino and Mariah in casual clothing on the set of wise girls. Click Here
jersey said on 7/Nov/11
Mira Sorvino is not 5'10 she is 5'9. Let's keep our facts straight. Here she is with 5'8 lisa kudrow wearing the exact same heels. Click Here
RSlan said on 7/Nov/11
BTW, regarding THIS picture: Click Here
Tyra was wearing PLATFORMS on the day of this shoot: Click Here
Click Here

Selita was NOT: Click Here

It's funny how the convenient bitches weren't asking questions about footwear
RSlan said on 7/Nov/11
@Jersey E-Notes is NOT a model card....
Here is Selita's model card: Click Here
RSlan said on 7/Nov/11
@Dom "you're prooving my points once again LMAO. When have you seen Mariah at a public event in a dress (not sure about the third pic) not wearing heels!??- It's one thing to wear heels, it's another thing to say you've seen pictures of Jay-Z and Mariah with Mariah wearing BIG heels and still being 4-5 inches under him. Your point hasn't been proven at ALL. Try again.

"Buy a freaking common sense and come back."- Buy a common sense? BUY A common sense? Oh child, you're in no place to be speaking about common sense at all, esp. after this #FAIL of a sentence.

You made the claim, you prove it. I'm waiting for the many pics of Mariah and Jay-Z in which Mariah was wearing big heels. You said you saw them, so post them. Not that hard.
joewhite31 said on 7/Nov/11
She's not as tall as Martha Stewart and neither is she as tall as Steffi Graf. If's she's 5'9" as you've already said countless times, she'd be the height of these ladies. She isn't. She's also shorter than Whitney H., Rihanna, Naomi C., etc. She's just not 5 feet 9 barefoot.
Valerie said on 7/Nov/11
So Selita is 5'8... I knew it, Mariah's also minimum 5'8 !!!
Valerie said on 7/Nov/11

The supermodel hasn't always lived such a charmed life of celeb-packed pool parties, bubbly and shopping sprees at The Forum Shops. As a child, she spent some time in foster care, and her mother has been on welfare. But Selita always persevered. In high school in New York, she was a star on the debate team and at one point was trying to decide between careers in law or journalism.

She had just completed internships at Vibe and Spin magazines when, at age 17, a scout from the Elite modeling agency spotted her at Six Flags, and her life as she knew it got turned inside out. Just a few months prior, she'd been turned away from an agency's open call for being too short. ("I'm only five-eight," she explains. "I just have long legs. It's almost an illusion."). To be rejected one moment and sought out another was humbling, she says. "I learned very quickly that whatever you're doing in life, it's important to have people behind you who believe in you."
Valerie said on 7/Nov/11
Click Here
Selita & Serena Williams =)! They DONT have height difference maybe half cm or something!
Brad said on 7/Nov/11
Why don't you stand by her and make a height estimate. Nate & I did....she's not lying.
Valerie said on 7/Nov/11
Mariah and Mira Sorvino (Who's 5'10)
Both Wearing the same kinda cowboy boots

Click Here
Valerie said on 7/Nov/11
Selita 5'8 okay.. but NO WAY 5'7, Its not realistic!
There's not much height difference with her and serena shoulders are the same, both slouching a bit so 5'8 minimum for Selita !!!

And Dom, the one pic with JayZ & MC in some kinda Yellow dress shes not wearing bigg asss heels i know for a fact!
Dom said on 6/Nov/11
@Brad if showing a pic of MC in big heels looking shorter than a 5'8" woman in smaller heels not good enough proof for you, what else can I do?? The only thing left is to advise you to go to an eyedoctor.
jersey said on 6/Nov/11
Selita ebanks model card from ny models clearly says 5'8.Click Here
Dom said on 6/Nov/11
@Nate that's because it's a modeling agency, they will list everyone taller. She looks MAXIMUM 5'7,5 next to Tyra.

All that tells me is that you have one idea stuck in your head and that you're stubborn even after seeing a zillion pics showing she's clearly shorter. She's shorter than 5'8" ppl, like Rihanna, Faith Hill, Whitney Houston etc. etc. etc. how much clearer can it get?
Dom said on 6/Nov/11
@RSIan you're prooving my points once again LMAO. When have you seen Mariah at a public event in a dress (not sure about the third pic) not wearing heels!?? Buy a freaking common sense and come back. If you go look for pics other pics of her at these events you will see that she had on big heels AS ALWAYS dufus.
jersey said on 6/Nov/11
Nate~ says on 5/Nov/11
ACTUALLY SELITA E BANKS Is not listed at 5'7.5 its soo funny how people make up lies to prove their point! She is listed at 5'9.5 according to the Victoria's Secret site. Here selita with 5'9 1/2 serena and 5'7 Brandy. 5'9 1/2 is just clearly a fantasy not a reality for some of us. Click Here
jersey said on 6/Nov/11
alerie says on 5/Nov/11
This Can go On & ON foreverrrr....
But im still Not everrr Changing MY opinion.. Mariah Minimum 5'8 =. Nobody is asking you to change your opinion. Just get the fact straight.
joewhite31 said on 6/Nov/11
Whitney isn't 5'10".
Valerie said on 6/Nov/11
i dont even know why Dom and all others tryin 2 prove that mariah is supposed 2 be 5'7...
Look mariah is in my eyes the best artist! So im a fan of hers and have seen her in person also when she was in amsterdam 2005! And seen many manyyy pics of her! And i know when someone is 5'7 and when not...!
Brad said on 6/Nov/11
Dom can proove anything. So did G, he prooved too. Laughter.
RSlan said on 5/Nov/11
@Dom Oh wow...aren't you BLIND! Where are the "big heels" in the pics you claimed Mariah was wearing?
You said ""I've seen other pics of Mariah and JayZ and in big heels she's like 4-5 inches shorter than him."
Oooops! Don't tell me that you're ASSUMING once again....
~Nate~ said on 5/Nov/11
ACTUALLY SELITA E BANKS Is not listed at 5'7.5 its soo funny how people make up lies to prove their point! She is listed at 5'9.5 according to the Victoria's Secret site. I say this all the time but for 2 years you ask me how tall Mariah is my answer never changes 5'9-5'9-5'9 I said Min 5'8.5. Other people on here have changed their story multiple times that try to discredit her height. GTFOH :) Brad and I who have met her multiple times have never changed our story...BOOM :)
Valerie said on 5/Nov/11
This Can go On & ON foreverrrr....
But im still Not everrr Changing MY opinion.. Mariah Minimum 5'8 =)!
joewhite31 said on 5/Nov/11
With 5'2.5" Kelly Ripa: Click Here
Dom said on 5/Nov/11
Mariah and JayZ
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In comparison here is 5'8 Rihanna next to him
Click Here
Dom said on 5/Nov/11
@Valerie Whitney is either 5'7" or 5'8" she said so herself. (IMO she's 5'8") In that video she's wearing smaller heels than Mariah and still looks about one inch taller. That would make Mariah 5'6,5",
jersey said on 5/Nov/11
Valerie says on 4/Nov/11 When i see Whitney, i see her more as a 5'9 woman. Whitney next to 5'9 Jennifer hudson.Even though she is not standing straight she is clearly a strong 5'8 but not 5'9 .Click Here
jersey said on 5/Nov/11
Valerie says on 4/Nov/11
I think Whitney & Mariah dont have difference in their heights 2 be honest!
Check this out.Click Here
Valerie said on 5/Nov/11
PLUS... I think Diddy is also taller then listed... Cuz look at 5'10 Adriana Lima in heels Next to Diddy

Click Here
RSlan said on 4/Nov/11
Celine wasn't even NEXT to Mariah at Divas Live...I can't....
RSlan said on 4/Nov/11
@Dom Your goal is quantify your opinion Mariah is 5'7" as FACT without proving it.
BTW, where are these pics of Mariah in large heels next to Jay-Z yet still 4-5 inches shorter? *waits*
Lily said on 4/Nov/11
Y'all need to watch MC next to Olivia Newton-John on youtube. See the heel difference! MC needs big hair, big heels to pull off her so-called tall image, hell no she's over 5'7, just open your eyes!!!
Valerie said on 4/Nov/11
I think Whitney & Mariah dont have difference in their heights 2 be honest!
MAybe one or 2 cm... When i see Whitney, i see her more as a 5'9 woman

Click Here

Check it out... U see they both wear small heels..
And Whitney is kinda hyper always jumping around and standing on her toes etc... But u see when they stand straight up, which Mariah almost never does.. Their just the same height!
Dom said on 4/Nov/11
@jic5292 At the VHI divas, Celine Dion (about 5'7,5") was every bit as tall as her when they were standing straigh and Celine had smaller heels on. That makes Mariah about 5'7" once again.
Dom said on 3/Nov/11
Valerie so you're saying Whitney is like 5'10" ?? Cause Mariah in her 4 inch heels looks about half an inch taller than Whitney in relatively flat footwear (maybe 1,5 inch)
jic5392 said on 3/Nov/11
Mariah Carey is 5'9"...there's no way she's shorter than 5'8". At the VHI Divas Live concert in '98 (YouTube it!) she towered over EVERY FEMALE. I've met her in person and I'm a solid 6'3". It's rare for a woman to line up with my neck (heels or no heels).

In a lot of those pics you guys posted, she's not standing up straight. Trust me, the woman maxes out at 6'0 or 6'1 in heels.
jersey said on 3/Nov/11
nick and selita. Just remember Selita is 5'7 and 3/4 . Click Here
Valerie said on 3/Nov/11
Ooh yeah...
By the Way,
Some people said Beyonce is only 5'6... BUT look at this pic with Jessica White who's 5'10

Click Here

Both wearing small heels =)
Valerie said on 3/Nov/11
Im not going 2 argue or go into deep discussions...
If u think MC is 5'7 ... Then u think that way =)! I know for sure she's minimum 5'8!!! Leave it that way, Thaaaank you ;)
joewhite31 said on 3/Nov/11
Jersey makes sense a lot. Valerie, do you still think Mariah is 5'9" next to Whitney in that pic?
jersey said on 3/Nov/11
Selita ebanks next to 5'9 1/2 Serena williams Click Here
Dom said on 3/Nov/11
Selita Ebanks on this pic looks about 3 inches shorter than 5'10" Tyra so she might be only 5'7", The same height as Mariah
jersey said on 3/Nov/11
Ps Selita was not wearing flats in the earlier picture .Click Here
jersey said on 3/Nov/11
Selita Ebanks is 5'7 and 3/4 she said it herself on the Tyra banks show. Here she is next to 5'10 Tyra and she is also the shorter one of all the models even though some of them are only 5'9.Click Here
jersey said on 3/Nov/11
Valerie says on 2/Nov/11

When u post those pics, also show pics of the same event including the shoes please = Here is Mariah in huge platforms next to 5'8 whitney in manly boots. Mariah shoes are at least 3 times higher and they are platforms. A true 5'9 woman will be towering over 5'8 Whitney Click Here
RSlan said on 3/Nov/11
@Dom Come on DUMB! You still haven't posted these pics of Mariah in huge shoes w/ Jay-Z....*waits*
Valerie said on 3/Nov/11
Plus JayZ & Nick Cannon 2Gether =)

Click Here
Valerie said on 3/Nov/11
When u guys post pics, post ones with Shoes included..Cuz maybe someone isnt wearing heels or less higher heels then the other one!

Here's 5'5 Donatella Versace with always huuuge heels on platforms.. With Mariah in small heels!

Click Here

PLUS Nick Cannon with Model Selita Ebanks who's 5'9 till 5'10
Click Here
Dom said on 3/Nov/11
@Valerie I also think Rihanna and Cameron Diaz are the same height: 5'8"
jersey said on 2/Nov/11
Click Here
jersey said on 2/Nov/11
Rihanna with 5'9 Jennifer hudson.Click Here
RSlan said on 1/Nov/11
"I've seen other pics of Mariah and JayZ and in big heels she's like 4-5 inches shorter than him."- Really...really? Which ones? *waits*
joewhite31 said on 1/Nov/11
Valerie, Rihanna said she's 5'8", and also she looks taller than Mariah. Carey is stil considered tall at 5'7", she has the finest legs worth of billion $.
Valerie said on 1/Nov/11
Owh man its kinda pathetic really!
Ive watched this forum about MC's height, with a whole discussion about it,
and if ur not Liking what other people say etc, then dont come here on this page! If u think she's shorter then u think that way! Leave it that way...

And that pic of Rihanna and Cameron is weird, cuz Cameron is standing in front & Rihanna is in the back... Both wearing same heels! I think their the same height!
RSlan said on 1/Nov/11
@Dom Still spewing? Yawn......bitch, have a seat. Your responses are so WEAK.
Funnily enough, nowhere in my post did I say you were ugly. I said the mirror cracked up at the site of you, but that's because I think you're a JOKE, not that you're ugly (but I wouldn't be surprised if you were).
So once again, DUMB, HOW MANY TIMES have you claimed that it's FACT that Mariah is 5'7" or under? I'll wait.
Dom said on 31/Oct/11
Ok so basically Valerie you think everyone is taller than their listed height lol I've seen other pics of Mariah and JayZ and in big heels she's like 4-5 inches shorter than him. Rihanna in comparison is 2-3 inches shorter.
jersey said on 31/Oct/11
Valerie says on 31/Oct/11
i know that Rihanna is 5 ft 9, Really? Then how tall is Cameron Diaz since she is taller? Click Here
jersey said on 31/Oct/11
alerie says on 29/Oct/11
sooo funny all of this...
And i think rihanna isnt 5 ft 8 , but 5 ft 9.. Really? Here is Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.Click Here
Valerie said on 31/Oct/11
i know that Rihanna is 5 ft 9, and Ciara is probably the same or
a bit taller! Look at the pic of both rihanna n Mariah with JayZ... Bot
come up 2 his eyelevel! And ive seen pics of Mariah at that same event, shes wearing a normal heel!
Rihannas heel i dunno, but i know that she also wears heels n sometimes also bigg ones...!
Valerie said on 29/Oct/11
sooo funny all of this...
The one who posted the pic of rihanna nd jayZ, she comes 2 his eye level! Well, look at mariah and jayZ also eye level. In concert she had higher heels, although no platform or wedges! And in the pic with her in the yellow dress she has on smaller heels, saw more pics of the event!

And Ciara is taller then her 5 ft 9 listing so.... And i think rihanna isnt 5 ft 8 , but 5 ft 9....
RSlan said on 29/Oct/11
@Dom If you wanna laugh a little, take a look in the mirror. Actually, don't. I bet it's already cracked up at the site of you.
You can't even help yourself, so what makes you think that I would need YOUR help? Oh yeah, that's right. You don't think, but if I paid you to think, you'd still be broke. As you were.
joewhite31 said on 28/Oct/11
Jersey, since you asked, the one who claimed 5'9" is the shorter one. She's also shorter than Rihanna, Ciara, and Martha Stewart. RSlan, you said Mariah was taller than Whitney, so I guess using your own pic as a proof that she's taller than Whitney is rather worthless. She's NEVER taller than Whitney with or without her high heels.
jersey said on 28/Oct/11
Here is another video guess who is the shorter one? Mariah once again. Click Here
RSlan said on 28/Oct/11
joewhite There is no pic of them in the studio w/ a full body shot.
"You choose one when it is convenient"- Imitation isn't a form of flattery, it's ANNOYING. #DEAD at you posting a clip of Mariah with her head down and Whitney with her head up and thinking it debunks or refutes the pic I posted of them in the studio. DOESN'T, and this goes back to what I said about posting pics of people next to each other....oooops! On your way, Tweedledum!
RSlan said on 27/Oct/11
@Dom Yet HOW MANY TIMES have you claimed that it's FACT that Mariah is 5'7" or under? Oh ok. So if no one is proving anything, that means you have NO PROOF. And Facts are supported by PROOF! Therefore, you aren't in a position to be telling me ANYTHING about my opinion. Off you go.
jersey said on 27/Oct/11
Some people will not stop pulling tricks. At the end of the day they always get busted. It is so sad.
Dom said on 27/Oct/11
RSIan Dude the fact that you don't undesrtand that nobody prooves ANYTHING here even though I repeated it multiple times is comedic. This is not pure science, it's estimating and judging ppl's height according to pics and videos, and you need good judgement to do that, which is why you have no business posting here.
joewhite31 said on 26/Oct/11
5'9" is a joke. She's not even 5'8" to begin with. At RSlan, she is NEVER taller than Whitney barefoot in reality & that's why she's shorter than Martha Stewart. Your studio shot was baloney. You choose one when it is convenient: Click Here at around 3:19, I'm glad you didn't pick the one with a full-body shot otherwise she'd look shorter.
RSlan said on 26/Oct/11
Click Here
RSlan said on 26/Oct/11
@Dom Proof obsession? LMFAO only IDIOTS would say something as stupid as that. Usually, people WANT proof, either to QUANTIFY a claim or to see that someone else's claim is VALID. The fact that you're MAD because I continue to ask you for proof and you can't provide any is comedic.
jersey said on 26/Oct/11
Brad says on 24/Oct/11
Correct Valerie, I've met Jay-Z he's a big guy and no doubt (as I've seen) Mariah tops 6 feet in heels. Mariah slouches. I'm not loosing (sic a G thang), er losing it. Go meet her. This 5' 7" stuff is a joke. Really?Click Here
Dom said on 25/Oct/11
@RSIan Haven't you seen a psychiatrist yet, about that "proof" obession, it's getting out of hand here. I did see some pics now and Mariah never looks over 5'7".
joewhite31 said on 25/Oct/11
Good job Jersey, she is nowhere near the height of 6'1.5" Jay-Z on that pic. Valerie, she can't be at least 5'8" minimum because Rihanna and Whitney are taller than her. She can't be over 5'7". Here's 5'8" Rihanna next to Jay-Z: Click Here
RSlan said on 25/Oct/11
@Dom LOL stop with your excuses. Stating my pics are "godawful" doesn't PROVE they are.
You've never seen a pic of MC and Jay? Poor you. Go and look.
Brad said on 24/Oct/11
Correct Valerie, I've met Jay-Z he's a big guy and no doubt (as I've seen) Mariah tops 6 feet in heels. Mariah slouches. I'm not loosing (sic a G thang), er losing it. Go meet her. This 5' 7" stuff is a joke.
jersey said on 24/Oct/11
Click Here
Click Here
Dom said on 24/Oct/11
JayZ is listed as 6'1,5! here and looks more like 6'1", RSian your pics are godawful as usual, all of them. BTW all of this is insignificant as I've yet to see a pic of him and MC.
RSlan said on 22/Oct/11
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Yeah, Beyonce is a lot shorter than Jay, even in Louboutin pumps....
RSlan said on 22/Oct/11
#DEAD at Beyonce not being that much shorter than Jay-Z: Click Here
Dom said on 21/Oct/11
@Valerie, there is not way JayZ is 6'2, Beyonce in heels is not that much shorter than him and she's like 5'6". And nobody said Mariah was small, 5'7" for a woman is relatively tall.
joewhite31 said on 20/Oct/11
This woman can't be over 5'7".
Dom said on 20/Oct/11
@jersey, yeah I think some ppl are on the wrong page lol, Mariah is lucky to be 5'7"
Valerie said on 20/Oct/11
plus Here she is at her concert with JayZ who´s at least around 6´2...
Okay, she´s wearing higher heels but still she almost comes up at Jay Z´s height... so she cant be small or tiny REALLY...!

Click Here
Valerie said on 20/Oct/11
People need 2 stop discussing MC's height... She aint a short woman, she's at least 5'8 minimum and max 5'9!!
Here's a pic of her and Nick Cannon in small heels as u can see! So it wont give her that much height extra!

Click Here
jersey said on 19/Oct/11
Brad says on 18/Oct/11
"I'm 5 feet 9" Bee-Leave-It. I thought we were talking about Mariah .People are loosing their minds.
teddy89 said on 21/Jun/09
I would have guest for 5'5!
C'mon said on 10/Jun/09
The pics Mickey posted were so edited...You'll notice it on the Just Stand Up pic. You'll realize if you observe MJB's belt or waist and compare it to MC's. It really looks awkward. Most esp. that Beyonce turned out to be so tall...Very funny!
2005 said on 10/Jun/09
Nate I met her too and she was not taller than 5'7. Again she was with Whitney houston and she was the shorter one. Whitney is listed at 5'8, obviously Mariah is not taller than 5'7. Sorry that what I saw when I saw the two divas together.
Realme2008 said on 9/Jun/09
Mariah Carey is 5'7", but she is constantly wearing massive heels and wedge platforms. That is why people mistake her for much taller. Without the heels, and barefoot she is 5'7".
Brad said on 9/Jun/09
5' 8" right in front of me. She's way tall in person. I always thought she was a 5' 5"er.
~Nate~ said on 8/Jun/09
I will admit 2005 that she does look a lot shorter in these pics but Im 100% SURE after meeting her about 5 times now that she & eye look eye to eye in 4 inch heels! Without a platform in the front. I know alot about heels so I checked to see a platfom did not see one-a 5'7 woman cannot look eye to eye w/a 6'1 man in 4 inch stilettos-never My mom is 5'6 and in stilettos she's up to my chin-my 5'10 sister looks eye to eye w/me in stilettos
2005 said on 8/Jun/09
Nate again she is listed at 5'7 on this site and based on what I have seen it is dead on. I know for sure Whitney houston is not 5'9.

Editor Rob
she was photoed with steffi and andre
~Nate~ said on 8/Jun/09
I explain this because when my sister was with me who also had the opportunity to meet MC- My sister is 5'10 she was wearing about 2 inch heels & Mariah was a litle bit taller because of the 4 inchers Mariah was wearing it was obvious she is about 5'9....5'8 1/2 min
2005 said on 1/Jun/09
I guess that mean Whitney houston is over 5'9' since she is taller than Mariah right Nate? I have seen both of them together and Mariah was the shorter one, how do you explain that?
~Nate~ said on 31/May/09
I have said this many many times and even Glenn can agree that when I met her I was 6'1 in TIMBS In her standard four inch heels she looked eye to eye with me,,,,My guess is shes about 5'8-5'9 w/out heels because she was a good 6ft w.heels on case closed MC is 5'8-5'9
RisingForce said on 29/May/09
I agree with Leung and Brad.
2005 said on 27/May/09
No Mariah is not 5'4" she is 5'7", that what I saw when I met her and Whitney Houston. Case closed people
josh said on 25/May/09
why would she lie about being 5'9" that does not make sense at all. i place my bet that she is really 5'4" barefeet
Leung said on 22/May/09
MC is getting short-changed here. I see 5
Brad said on 21/May/09
She's 5' 8". Just look at her with Gloria. She had 7" on her.
Eli said on 20/May/09
Mariah cannot be 5'7"
My mom who is friends with Brenda K Starr was with her and Mariah in the studio and my mom says She was taller if not the same height as Mariah. I'm 5'8"
I tower over my mom who is 5'6". Mariah must be between 5'5" - 5'6" tops without heels.
kaled B said on 17/May/09
I saw mariah in a concert back to 2003 and 2006, and i can say that she's 5'7 at least, the perfect height for a diva...
2005 said on 2/May/09
Like I said many times before Mariah is 5'7 and that is a fact.
Jeremy said on 29/Apr/09
I think that she is 5'7 at most after seeing those pictures. She is probably 5'7 but appears to be shorter sometimes. She is probably taller in person than she looks in photos. 5'7.
Jeremy said on 22/Apr/09
Wow Mickey, she looks about 5'5 in all of those pictures! I thought that she was at least 5'7?! What's the deal?
Mickey said on 22/Apr/09
Click Here

Barely taller than 5'7" Seacrest, Mariah is standing closer to the camera also. And wearing MASSIVE heels as usual:

Click Here

Heres 5'9.5" Naomi Cambell bending her knees and slouching her whole body and neck, and yet still an easy 2 inches taller minimum(look at the top of their heads):

Click Here

Heres Mariah with Alicia Keys looking almost eye to eye, and Alicia is not even standing as straight as Mariah. They are the same distance from the camera not like that other pic floating around:

Click Here

I guess we have to upgrade 5'4.5" Mary J Blidge to 5'7" and upgrade 5'6" Beyonce to 5'9.5" now because Mariah is 5'9"? Sense my sarcasm?

Click Here

Some of these pics may have been shown before, im not sure. But the above listing of 5'7" fits perfectly.
don said on 21/Apr/09
in "you don't mess with the zohan" standing next to john turturro (who is listed at 6' 1/2") with at least 4 inch heels, she was still about 2 inches shorter than him
Jeremy said on 17/Apr/09
As much as I would like to believe that Mariah is 5'8, she clearly seems to be closer to 5'7. It is clear that if Whitney Houston is 5'8 then Mariah is 5'7. Unless if someone can prove that Mariah is as tall as Whitney Houston then Mariah must really be 5'7. The fact is that Mariah is an inch shorter than Whitney Houston and there is no way that Whitney Houston can be over 5'8.
lemme said on 4/Apr/09
Whitney Houston said in an interview with Diane Sawyer that she is 5'7". Mariah Carey is obviously an inch or two shorter than Whitney Houston as indicated during the promo for the song "when you believe". Mariah is around the same height as Celine Dion. Both ladies were on the same stage back in 1998 for Diva's Live and Mariah was wearing higher heals than Celine.
RisingForce said on 20/Mar/09
She's 5'8.5".
Brad said on 17/Mar/09
On VH1 Divas she absolutely eats up Gloria Estefan by what looks like 7". 5' 8" minimum.
2005 said on 17/Mar/09
Nathan again in case you have noticed she is listed at 5'7 on this site. By the way this site does not belong to me. I am just confirming that she is 5'7. You are barking at the wrong tree.
Matt said on 16/Mar/09
5'8 seems to ba a good ballpark since the estimates seem to be around there

christy, dumbass, when people talk about long thegs, they are refering to porportion. just because you're man-height doesn't mean you have to go talking **** about cute, pettite women who, by the way, are favored by most men. accept the fact and stick to flats ;)
~Nathan~ said on 16/Mar/09
There 2005 goes with all the "case closed" BS...anyways yea I definitely say 5'8 BARE min
Julie said on 16/Mar/09
She was on American Idol last year and standing in heels next to Ryan Seacrest, they were the same height so I doubt she's taller than 5'7. Even if he was wearing lifts in his shoes, she'd still be taller. I'm thinking she's more like 5'6.
Mur97 said on 12/Mar/09
Hello, i'm french, and last year, during her french conference/promo of E=MC
2005 said on 8/Mar/09
In case nobody has noticed, Mariah is listed at 5'7 on this site. I guess this webstite and I are wrong. Yeah right she is 5'7 case closed.
Frockmonster said on 8/Mar/09
I think shes 5-8
Brad said on 8/Mar/09
Mariah is 5' 8". 5' 7" is incorrect. Grab a Nathan's hot dog and get another witness. Glenn loves those Nathan's hot dogs and Stage Deli cornbeef sandwiches headin up to Central Park South for some scribbles. Sliwa won the Nathan's contest years back.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/09
All I have to say is I met her while she was promoting the Prince of Egypt with Whitney Houston. Whitney was a inch taller. This site says Whitney is 5'8. How can Mariah be more than 5'7 while 5'8 whitney houston was an inch taller than her?
Nathan please explain your statement. Ps the only time Mariah matched Whitney height was when she wearing platforms while Whitney was wearing standard heels.
~Nathan~ said on 5/Mar/09
2005 I love your condescending comment "Some people have trouble accepting that" You talk a lot of sh*t for someone who has only met her one time. Maybe your the dillusional one sweety.
2005 said on 26/Feb/09
Like I said many times she is 5'7. Some people have trouble accepting that. Unfortunately that is the truth.
Jeremy said on 25/Feb/09
How can Mariah look so many different heights to everyone? You people are saying that Mariah is anywhere between 5'3-5'11. What is the deal? The only height that really sounds correct for Mariah is 5'7 or 5'8.
jen said on 25/Feb/09
i met mariah carey in person and she is a really tall girl,im 5'9.5 and she was bare foot and she really 5'10 (178),or 5'11 (180).
Jeremy said on 20/Feb/09
5'7 sounds correct to me. 5'7 1/2 at the most.
Jeremy said on 30/Jan/09
I believe what 2005 says. I think that what 2005 says is true.
Christy said on 30/Jan/09
she is a tall girl, I think she is 5'8'' or 5'9''...
short girl can't have such beautiful long legs ===)))

I agree with ~Nate~ , my height is 5'9'' (175) but when I wear heels 4 inches (10cm)I'm 5'11' (181cm) lol strange thing))))))

I think Nick CAnnon's height is 182cm + 2 cm heels=))))- 184 cm... she reached him.... so she is 5'7'' -5'9'' not less)
B said on 29/Jan/09
Well, she never appears that short because all her dancers are very short, none of the male background dancers were taller than 5'7 max. I had read that she was 5'9 or so before, that's why I really wondered about her actual height. I am a bit taller than 5'6, maybe 5'6 and a half, but Mariah definitely is not taller than 5'3. And she did not have a big bottom. Well, at least not back then, her weight seems to fluctuate quite a bit.
Jeremy said on 28/Jan/09
I would say 5'7 1/4 is her height. She looks tall sometimes but she is not very towering in height.
J. said on 28/Jan/09
I'm not sure about the big bottom, fellas ....
2005 said on 28/Jan/09
I guess that means Whitney houston is 5'9 since she was obviously taller when I saw her and Mariah together. One of them is not telling the truth. Who?
JJmac21 said on 28/Jan/09
I would say she's 5ft 8.5ft but when she gets her physical from the doctors she'll be certain.
glenn said on 28/Jan/09
emphasis on big bottom.
Brad said on 28/Jan/09
She just makes Jackie Chan look short in heels. If that photo doesn't make her 5' 8" or more I give up. She isn't petite. She's tall with a big bottom.
Jeremy said on 27/Jan/09
B, that does not sound right at all. lol! You are 5'6 and Mariah was wearing heels and she was STILL two inches shorter than you? That would mean that she is only 5'2. Then that would mean she is only 5'4 in heels. That CAN'T be right! LOL!
B said on 27/Jan/09
I saw her on a concert in Germany and she walked off the stage to greet fans in the first row while singing. So I was like 5 metres away from her, me wearing sneakers and her high heels. I (5'6") was still AT LEAST 2 inches taller than her! All her background dancers are very short so she appears to be a lot taller than she actually is. She is very petite, a lot thinner than she looks in magazines. And very beautiful.
AC said on 26/Jan/09
I'm 6'1" and from what I see from our pic that I took with her back in 2003, she appears to be 1 inch shorter than I - yet again, she's wearing her classic stilletos...5'8 sounds about right. BTW, she's amazingly beautiful.
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/09
Guys how can Mariah be 5'8-5'9 when she is clearly shorter than Whitney Houston who is 5'8. Can someone explain that?
~Nathan~ said on 26/Jan/09
So felix thank you sooo much for helping me out on this! "Glenn" who has met Jackie Chan multiple times claims he is about 5' in this pic Mariah is wearing her standard four inches and appears about 3 inches taller then jackie

which would leave her at about 5'8-5'9 without her heels! thanks again Felix!
Click Here
Jeremy said on 24/Jan/09
I think that she is somewhere between 5'7-5'8.
Jlee said on 23/Jan/09
rob. based on how she said she's taller in person, do you think SHE thinks she is five nine? do u think she believes it?

Editor Rob
maybe she measured in some sneakers?
Felix said on 23/Jan/09
Sun Ming Ming is 235cm! If MARIAH CAREY is 170, Chan is 170 Max! Click Here
Nathan said on 6/Jan/09
20005 is right,mariah is 5ft7.5 and whitney 5ft8-5ft8.5
20005 said on 2/Jan/09
Mariah is 5'7 and Whitney is 5'8. Some people are just delusional.
miles said on 2/Jan/09
whitney houston is 5'8,not 5'10
annie said on 30/Dec/08
mariah is 5'9". whitney houston is said to be 5"10 and they have almost the same height, both are wearing almost identical heels
glenn said on 29/Dec/08
imagine we had crazy eddie on here saying "his estimates are innsaaaane!" everytime he disagreed.?if i was rich i'd hire him(didnt he pass?),soupy sales(?),rip torn,gary coleman and maybe a few others just to say lines when needed.have them drive with me in same cars or seperate vehicles.ive been discussing that with friends for a decade.they love"whatchu talkin bout willis?",,whenever someone said something torn(am i saying that right? and not confusining him with the other rip?)whenever some guy gets in your way when your trying to talk to a girl.flamboyantly(sp)
Brad said on 29/Dec/08
Nathan wins a Nathan's hot dog. KC met Daffy Duck. 5' 5" is like Crazy Eddie said fer years in NYC: insaaane. Rising got one.
Nathan said on 29/Dec/08
i am a straight 5 9.5 with sneakers 5 10-5 10.5 and met mariah carey in N.Y.C,i was wearing sneakers and she was wearing fairly tall heels maybe 4 inches,and she was a good 1 inch 1.5 inches taller than me...5 foot 8 sounds about right
l.taylor said on 17/Dec/08
i am only 5'8. mariah looks kinda tall but maybe the same height as me..
kc said on 13/Dec/08
I am only 5'4 and when i met and hugged mariah at madison sq she was only like 1 or 2 inches taller than heels were 2 inches and she looked like she was wearing 4ins so i think she is between 5'5 and 5'7 but definately not taller and i would notice being her number 1 fan for life!
RisingForce said on 5/Dec/08
5-8, 5-8.5. She still looks great too. How anyone could think she's short for a woman is beyond me. Average height for a woman is 5-3.75 I think.
Jeremy said on 3/Dec/08
So I guess when they said 5'9 was her height they meant that she is 5'9 in heels.She is a good height.It's not like she is short.Sometimes I think that she wants to be taller because of the huge platforms that she wears.
2005 said on 3/Dec/08
Just remember she can only reach 5'10 with platforms. She will be 5'9 with standard heels. That is the reason why she is always wearing platforms.
Jeremy said on 2/Dec/08
That sounds about right.Mariah does look 5'10 in her platforms.So she is really probably no more than 5'7.When I think about Whitney she is 5'8 so Mariah can't be more than 5'7.But if Mariah can reach 5'10 in platforms that is really tall for a woman.
2005 said on 1/Dec/08
I met her while she was promoting the prince of Egypt with Whitney houston. She was about 5'10 while wearing platforms, Whitney was about 5'11 while wearing standard heels. If Whitney is 5'8 and she was obviously taller then that makes Mariah 5'7 or less.
Jeremy said on 1/Dec/08
2005,did mariah not have on heels when you met her?If she did not have on heels,how did you catch her without her heels on?I thought that she never went out without her heels on.Anyway,I believe 5'7 now.2005,how did you meet her?
2005 said on 29/Nov/08
I have been saying all along that she is 5'7, at least that was what I saw when I met her in person.
Jeremy said on 28/Nov/08
She looks tall when she is by herself.But when she is next to other people she does not look really tall.She still looks above average height for a woman though.I would say 5'7 is correct.
anonymous said on 26/Nov/08
I thought she was short. I would say between 5 foot 7-8.
Jeremy said on 18/Nov/08
I'm starting to believe 5'7.
leonari said on 17/Nov/08
seb:short height? Even if she is only 5'6 and that is the lowest that may be a lot of things but not short for a woman. The press has nothing bad on her so they invent bull.
Rose said on 17/Nov/08
After see that video B posted, I'm thinking she's more like 5'6". I really thought she was way taller than that.
seb said on 15/Nov/08
Press says she has a great complex about her short height and is affraid that everyone knows it exactly.
B said on 15/Nov/08
Like the other guy said - She's always in platforms when pictured with her 5'11 husband - but she's never taller than him! Wth!! In most of the pictures with him - She still isn't the same height as the guy - and she's the one in platforms!!!

Even here on Regis and Kelly. Both her and Kelly have huge platforms on - why is she not dwarfing Kelly if she's allegedly so tall? There's a height difference but not the kind you'd expect from someone tall - I'm thinking she's no more than 5'6 but I'd even go as low as 5'5. It's the platform thing -she's always in them but they don't seem to affect her height like they do with other tall women.

Click Here
Jeremy said on 14/Nov/08
Some say 5'7 and some say 5'8.The truth may be 5'7.5.Her husband is 5'11 without shoes.He could be 6' with his shoes on.Nate,I can see in your picture that Mariah IS taller than Deniro and Phylisha.Mariah is an inch taller than them.It is possible that Mariah is 5'8.I'm not trying to take anyones side on this.I'm just going by what I see.
Aaron said on 14/Nov/08
She looked really tall on the X Factor last week, although she did admit to wearing really high heels, I would still have guessed her height at 5'8 or 5'9"
2005 said on 12/Nov/08
Do you have a picture to prove that? How do you explain that her husband is 5'11 and he is always taller than her(while she is wearing her usual platforms)?
2005 said on 12/Nov/08
Her husband is 5'11 she is never taller than him. how do you explain that?
~Nate~ said on 12/Nov/08
Ok then how come I've met her 3x looked eye to eye with her and I'm almost 6'1...while she's in 4 inch heels..hmm
2005 said on 12/Nov/08
Nate I am not a hater. You provided a picture that shows that she is not taller than De niro or Phylisha. Maybe you are looking at a different picture. Ps I 've met her too and just like this site says she is 5'7 that is a fact.
~Nate~ said on 11/Nov/08
Aww 2005 is such a hater I love it soo cute! Anyways Mariah is taller then Robert and Phylisha...5'8 for Mimi for sure!
2005 said on 10/Nov/08
Sorry but based on your picture she is not taller than De niro or phylisha.
beatlefan said on 10/Nov/08
Ha Ha, I read a magazine article a couple of years ago and they referred to her as 'Diminutive' a word journalists are fond of when referring to famous people who are under 6'5". Wonder how tall the journalist was, probably not very is my guess.....
~Nate~ said on 10/Nov/08
Mariah & 5'8 Faith Hill...
Click Here
~Nate~ said on 10/Nov/08
Ok SO what is this about Mariah not being taller then Robert Deniro or the Phylisha? In this Pic Mariah is taller then both while leaning even!!..

Click Here
~Nate~ said on 10/Nov/08
FINALLY!!!!! We have put the Nailed this case closed for Mariahs height and Im going to prove it!!! She was @ THE World Music Awards and took a pic with Alicia Keys who is listed on this site @ 5'5 (Glenn Says 5'6-5'7) ANYWAYS! Mariah had her by About 2.5-3.0 Inches! ANd before U say ANYTHING about her heels U should know that Alicia Had higher ones on heres the proof Mariah is 5'8! Case CLOSED Cant argue with this!!!!

Alicia Keys & Mariah-Click Here

Alicia Keys Heels-Click Here

Mariahs Heels-Click Here (although we cant tell its easy to see her heels are not any higher then alicia's look @ the way her feet are arched)
~Mariah is 5'8 Minimum!~
Caleb said on 9/Nov/08
Towered over supposedly 5'8" Dermot O'Leary on last night's X Factor, although she was in big heels. I'm usually campaigning to downgrade people here(!), but I think possibly an upgrade here!
Alex said on 4/Nov/08
Normally I dont think Rob is downgrading anyone listed here but Mariah I would think is at least 5'8.
seb said on 29/Oct/08
She speaks with journalists only lying on the sofa and never stands up.They say, she extreamly lies about her height and truely she even shorter then 5'7
2005 said on 26/Oct/08
If she stands 6'0 in heels, how come she is not taller than De niro and phylicia Rashaad? Is De niro over 6'0 ? Please tell me Briggie.
Briggie said on 25/Oct/08
shes about 5'9, and stands about 6'0 in heels, CASE CLOSED
2005 said on 20/Oct/08
Jojo you met Mariah and she was in no shoes. Yeah right. You must have met somebody else. Mariah is always wearing extremely high heels. I met her too and she is 5'7.
mclover said on 20/Oct/08
jojo, if mariah is 5 foot 10, then what does this make Kimora?
Click Here
They are both in heels but we cant see who has the heel advantage. One can clearly see that Kimora has at least a 4 inch height advantage if not more. I will say 5'7'' for sure for my girl Mariah.
Jojo said on 17/Oct/08
Shes 5'10" I have met her and im 5'7.5" and she was in no shoes and she was a good 3" taller than me and she even told me she was 5'10". I dont see any reason she would lie
runt said on 17/Oct/08
Hey Nate, your link is broken
Jeremy said on 14/Oct/08
I would also believe 5'7 for her height.But I would not believe that she is under 5'7.She is not 5'6 and she is not 5'9.So she is either 5'7 or 5'8.
2005 said on 14/Oct/08
She is 5'7 case closed people. Look at the picture with De niro she is the same height as felicia Rasha.
Jeremy said on 13/Oct/08
I believe that Mariah is 5'8.At times she looks shorter because of her curbs.Also when she takes pictures she always has one leg infront of the other and that takes away from her height.
~Nate~ said on 12/Oct/08
Like I said before..Ive met Mariah 3 times and Nick twice before they were married. I'm 6'1 and The day I met Mariah I was in timbs I was about maybe 6'2ish that day. Anyways she had on her usual 4inchers and I looked eye to eye with her, not to say she was as tall as me but she was close. The top of her head hit the bottom of my eyebrows...I have pics to prove this...In this pic we were standing on a higher platform then Mariah and the fans in the front...Im on the right of her next to her shoulder...or her left....(the mixed black guy) lol...This pic was 5yrs ago [IMG]Click Here
mclover said on 9/Oct/08
I thought this photo was a bit interesting. Although it really dosnt prove a specific height, i think this photo shows that she really is not all that tall. Tall enough, but not "tall" where one would have to comment on it. If you look at her proportions, they really dont look all that long for someone to be over 5 foot 7 like say...Rihanna. Sometimes, i really think mariah is like 5 foot 6.5 or so. Just my opinion.

Click Here
Brah said on 7/Oct/08
There is a good height comparison scene in "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" where she is standing next to 6'0.5" John Turturro in huge heels. She looked 3 inches shorter than him.
He was probably 6'1.5" with shoes on, so she was 5'10.5" with those huge heels on.
christ said on 4/Oct/08
Nate look at the picture with De niro. She is not even taller than him. A 5'8 girl with heels should be have been taller. Again this site seems to agree with me. 5'7 is dead on.
christ said on 4/Oct/08
Nate don't take it personal. I have seen Mariah in person and she is 5'7 just like this site says. I guess this site is also wrong. Just so that you know Nick is 5'11 and she is never taller than him when wearing platforms. Ps how come when i saw her and Whitney Houston together, Whitney was an inch taller when they were both wearing same size heels?
christ said on 29/Sep/08
I have recently seen her in person at Fashion rocks and she was much shorter than I expected. She is about 5'7 no shorter or taller than that.
2005 said on 28/Sep/08
She is no more than 5'7. The picture with De niro felicia Rashad says it all. She is the same size as felicia.
2005 said on 27/Sep/08
Nate take a look at what king of hooker shoes she was wearing on Ophrah. They are more than 5 inches,more like 7inches. I know it is hard for you to accept the fact that she is 5'7, however it is the truth. I saw her in person and she is no more than 5'7.
2005 said on 27/Sep/08
Like I said it before I saw her with whitney houston while promoting the Prince of Egypt. Whitney was taller. The only time she matched Whitney height was she was wearing platforms while whitney was wearing 3-4 inch heels. We all know Whitney is 5'8 and she is taller. How can Mariah be more than 5'7? By the way her husband is 5'11 and she is never taller than him while wearing those massive heels. Again whitney is 5'8 and taller.
~Nate~ said on 22/Sep/08
2005...Please educate yourself..I've met Mariah a few times and have seen just about every picture she has..and let me tell you she never wears 7inch stilettos your ridiculous 3 to 5in is very realistic but no higher then 5 lol ur ridiculous!
Nicky said on 22/Sep/08
I think she's somewhere around 5'8" to 5'9". Nothing lower than that. I know she does wear a lot of high heels,but she is pretty tall
Tami said on 22/Sep/08
I'm weirded out so many of you think she's not tall!!! I think she's 5'8 1/2. It's true that she's constantly in heels, but a LOT of women who are of more average heights run around in heels every day, but it doesn't have the same effect as when a tall woman (like Mariah) does it. She's already tall, and that 's why there's this sort of "drag" element to her look lol. Jen, thanks for posting those quotes from all those articles instead of speculating from a few pictures where she is turned at an odd angle or hunched over!
fiona said on 15/Sep/08
i've been reading on the net that Mariah is 5"9- NOT POSSIBLE
now i'm reading she's 5"7-that sounds more realistic-but still not true
2005 said on 12/Sep/08
This picture says it all. 5'8 yeah right more like 5'6 1/2 . If she really was 5'8 she would have been much taller than Bob de Niro. She is almost the same height as felicia Rashad.
runt said on 3/Sep/08
She's an inch taller than Robert DeNiro's current shrunken height in this pic and she probably has quite an advantage in footwear...

Click Here
Brad said on 27/Aug/08
5' 8" 4 real.
~nATE~ said on 25/Aug/08
When I saw her at Jimmy Kimmel she wasnt that much shorter then him in heels right under him! She walked past us in the audience! My friend who is 5'7 1/2 was with me and she had 4inch wedges type sandles on..Mariah had on about 4 inch heels and was noticeably taller! shes no shorter then 5'8~ for sure!
2005 said on 12/Aug/08
She always wears those hookers shoes. Go on you tube she was wearing them when she came to mtv to promote her cd. Hsrd to believe huh MHouillon ?
MHouillon said on 12/Aug/08
7 inches heels....
That are almost 18cms !
2005 said on 9/Aug/08
Mariah heel aren't 3-4 inches, 5-7inches will be more accurate.
Brad said on 6/Aug/08
She's 5' 8". She's gonna get a huge deal at Planet Hollywood Casino in Vegas that will force Michael Jackson to ink a deal at MGM down the street. He can't pass on the cheese offer.
ashley said on 5/Aug/08
i think maiah carey is 5
2005 said on 21/Jul/08
A lot of celebrity lie about their heights. They because they want to be taller than they are. Again I saw her and whitney houston together. Whitney was 1 to 1 1/2 inch taller. The only time when they were both the same height was when mariah was wearing higher heels. Again whitney is 5'8 how can mariah be more than 5'7 while she was clearly shorter than whitney?
Mike said on 21/Jul/08
Why would she lie about her height? She is 176 cm
2005 said on 20/Jul/08
A girl whos is 5'8 wearing platform heels should not be shorter than a 5'11 guy even if he is wearing Timbs. I saw her and Whitney Houston years ago while promoting the Prince of Egypt. Whitney was taller and she is listed at 5'8. 5'7 is dead on.
Brad said on 18/Jul/08
Yesterday's photo of them together shopping has him 2" taller. He's in Timbs and she's in mid-range heels. She's 5' 8".
2005 said on 17/Jul/08
Her husband Nick Cannon is 5'11 and Mariah while wearing her usual platforms is always at least 2" shorter than him. A 5'8 girl wearing such high shoes should be at be somewhere between 5'11 or 6'. Obviously Mariah is not close to that because she is always shorter than her 5'11 husband.
Brad said on 17/Jul/08
Beyonce brought out the big ones with Mariah. Texas couldn't beat Long Island there.
2005 said on 17/Jul/08
Again I saw her in person She is 5'7. She appears tall because she always wears extremely high shoes. Beyonce is 5'6. Mariah wears higher shoes than her, of course she is going to be 2" taller.
Brad said on 16/Jul/08
Nate is correct. She's 5' 8" easy. She owned Beyonce by 2" standing side by side.
Bee said on 15/Jul/08
Sorry but Mariah is not 5"7. 5"6-5"6 1/2 max. When she first hugs Oprah, she isn't standing straight, but then she does and she does a twirl. They both have on heels but Mariah's is higher and has the platform front. There is no way she'd be taller than Oprah without those heels.
Click Here
Nate said on 13/Jul/08
I most definitely agree with brad on this still...Mariah is about 5'8 to 5'9 max! There's no way a 5'6 or 5'7 chick could stand next to me with 4 to 5 inch heels and be taller then me. My sister is 5'8 and in stilettos she almost matches me in height but mc was taller and im 6ft
K9 said on 13/Jul/08
okay, so Mariah came to st. louis, mo several years ago. my daughter went back stage to meet her and take pictures, my daughter is 4'11" and in the picture she is standing right next to MC. MC still had heals on, and appeared to be 5 or 6 inches taller than my daughter; do the math. Besides, it does not matter how tall she is, she towers above all because she is a true superstar.
Realme2008 said on 9/Jul/08
Yeah, I'm really tired of hearing that Mariah is 5'8" or 5'9. She obviously isn't if you look at her pictures. Of course she's going to look tall if she is wearing huge heels, and is above average height for a women. I mean, it's common sense. 5'7" is a correct height listing for her.
2005 said on 7/Jul/08
She came to Oprah to promote her cd. She and Oprah were wearing same size heels and both of them were the same height? Does that mean Oprah is 5'8 or 5'9 ? Yeah right. Oprah is 5'61/2. Now explain that
Brad said on 6/Jul/08
5' 8" is what I saw right in front of my eyes. Puts on the 5"ers and she owns guys, except me.
~Nate~ said on 29/Jun/08
Ok on American Idol she was taller then all the chicks and some of the guys...she was about 2inches taller then Kristy Lee Cook who is reported to be 5'8-Never was she shorter then her! My homegirl is 5'8.5 she posted her pic on her before..Showing Mariah is taller then her by about an inch check it out kids
Realme2008 said on 25/Jun/08
I'm so mad at E! News, because today they called her the 5'9" beauty. They should get their facts straight. She obviously is not 5'9", and is 5'7". You can really tell this, because when she is standing next to her husband Nick Cannon who is 5'10.5-5'11" she is constantly shorter than him. If she were 5'9" that obviously wouldn't be the case. God, people really need to learn how to properly tell height.
vera said on 13/Jun/08
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she can't be 5'7 she is the same height as britney and j lo -5'5 max!
JenDoe said on 5/Jun/08
Marissa, Did she wore heels? Mariah always wear those big could never exactly guess her true height.But she has these long legs that would make her appear taller. I think 5Ft7 is right..or maybe 5'8 Max.
Marissa said on 30/May/08
Ive met her at a party down here in miami. She is tall. Im 5'7 and she is taller than me. At least 2 inches
Boss said on 29/May/08
She looks so short on stage but is much taller in person.
Larry said on 29/May/08
I stood right next to her in a hospital elevator. I am exactly 5'6" and she is definately not taller then I am. She was wearing running shoes. I looked becasue I have a foot fetish and would like to see her bare feet

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