How tall is Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson's Height

6ft 1in (185.4 cm)

American Rocker. His arrest sheet shows him at 6ft 1 and on the Howard Stern show mentioned he stood "Six One". He sometimes wears thick boots to give an illusion of being very tall.

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6ft 0.75in (184.8cm)
Colberto said on 24/Jul/17
Hey rob, what do you think he would measure at. I don't understand how he looks shorter than Skepta
A 188.5 186.5
B 188 186
C 187.5 185.5
D 187 185
E 186.5 184.5
F 186 184
Marilyn Manson said on 8/Jun/17
Same height as Count Dracula?
Bard said on 11/Mar/17
Big Lewis, they look the same height, even with the camera angle helping Skepta. Don't be fooled by the cap.
Big Lewis said on 18/Jan/17
Click Here 6 foot skepta with marilyn. try 5 10 for marilyn
Colberto said on 9/Jan/17
Hey rob what height do you think he is? IMO I think he is 6'1' exactly but looks taller because he has a slim build.
Editor Rob: Colberto, in the past I could understand 6ft 2 estimates for Manson, but his footwear certainly wasn't flat, at times it looked quite beefy.

I'd still go with 6ft 1 for him.
truth17 said on 7/Jan/17
Theres a picture if him on David Duchovnys Instagram looking close to 2" shorter than Duchovny?
Bean said on 17/Dec/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/16
More 186-187cm, IMO
Ally182 said on 28/Sep/16
This man is not even 183 cm. Go check Vitaly's latest vlog on his youtube channel. Vitaly is 178 cm and there is maximum 3 cm difference between them
Mat said on 13/Jul/16
Oh, is this why some of my comments aren't showing up? You know that I try to help you with the site, finding quotes, pictures etc. Sometimes I just want to write something silly, I tend to forget there's moderation, I think like I'm commenting on youtube. I'll just focus on the topic of heights, you are right.
Editor Rob: best we all try to be polite and remember that some youngsters do read comments and it's better if they are as clean as possible :)
Mat said on 11/Jul/16
Rob, Marilyn claims 6'1 on Howard Stern after Stern thinks they are about the same height. That also gives us a good idea about the heels he is wearing. Add it to the top

Click Here

Why does Stern always asks people how tall they are...
Editor Rob: this is a better comment than the one you had left on Dena Kaplan...please try to watch some words you use, I try to keep the site as clean as I can, thanks.
Hypado said on 4/Dec/14
Marilyn Manson is 184/185cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jan/14
"Marilyn Manson height: 6ft 1.5in (187cm)"

Possibly even 6ft2.
Billodawisp said on 30/Aug/13
No, he didn't Danimal. I've seen them together and with the platforms Manson was about as tall as Howard. Here's a pic: Click Here

I can't link to a source here because this is all from my memory, but I remember for sure that Manson was actually asked his height by Howard in an interview and Manson said something like "6'1 or so" or "about 6'1". Howard said he seemed taller but then Manson pointed to his boots. I would say 6'1 is reasonable if he looks about 6'5 in those platforms.

Actually in the last couple years he is not wearing the platforms anymore, just normal big boots, probably about 2 inch heel. He looked about an inch taller than Tarantino in those, so I guess he's still around 6'1.
Wtf said on 19/Jun/13
I've stood next to him too he's not even 6 feet
Tom said on 2/Nov/12
I belong to Phelps's swim club in Baltimore and have stood right next to him barefoot; he's about 6'4" and his lankiness makes him appear taller.
niconightmare said on 19/Aug/12
Manson totally wears ginormus boots on stage, part of his persona. He literally is the center of the universe while on stage. 6'1" sounds right.
avi said on 29/Jul/12
What the heck? So Michale Phelps is 6'3 flat? hmmm i guess. He is very skinny and lanky... Anyone know how tall Nathan Adrian is? he gets 6'6 to 6'7 listings but i think he is a weak 6'6.
Jack said on 9/Jan/12
looks in 6'3"-6'4" range with his massive boots on.
Mathew said on 8/Nov/11
LAN Jiao says on 22/Oct/11
Matthew, michael phelps is not even 6'2 in flats. He was 1.2"-1.4" shorter than 6'2 Liu Xiang in sneakers about 1inch. Phelps is 6''1.

No. Look at Phelps on Conan. They looked pretty much exactly the same height. I'd give Phelps 6'3" and Conan 6'3.5". I will give you though that Phelps can hold really poor posutre in pictures and look as short as a weak 6'2", ala Liu Xiang or Kobe Bryant. But unless he wore lifts on Conan he's not under 6'3", he looked as tall as Conan who is not under 6'3.5".
LAN Jiao said on 22/Oct/11
Matthew, michael phelps is not even 6'2 in flats. He was 1.2"-1.4" shorter than 6'2 Liu Xiang in sneakers about 1inch. Phelps is 6''1.
amateur said on 10/Oct/11
man, get it right...htf can a 'slim frame' add to the illusion of 'massiveness'?
GoldZOMBIE said on 4/Sep/11
Won backstage passes to Death Bunt back in '07 for me and my girl, chilled on same side of the buffet as Marilyn Manson, the dudes from Papa Roach, and Wischmaster, among others. Before the show I thought Marilyn was definitely the tallest of them all, but turned out he was just wearing major lifts--my girl thinks maybe even stilts--at that point before his opening number. We suspect this because we saw him again after his Bloodbath encore and he took off the huge shoes and was all of a sudden alarmingly ordinary. My girl still thinks he's hot but I told her "dude probably isn't even a loyal friend, all the fame and stuff." The dudes from Papa Roach were really mellow, they just don't like to be kept waiting, was what one of the assistant's told someone else when we were listening.
@DannyLynn10 said on 4/Jun/11
I Seen Marilyn in a Shopping Mall just a couple years back, I Am 5' 10 He is 6'4 OR TALLER, He did have some platform shoes on my friend said looking back at him, I Never looked back but we both noted are heads at each other WOW! He is a Great Musician
Cranberries said on 31/May/11
Arjen, no offense, but those are some wildly incorrect height estimates. Oliver is no more than 6'6" and Christian is lucky to be pinned at 6'4"... Not to mention, Till is 6'1.25" MAXIMUM. These are all substantial height differences.

As for Manson, he looked a little tall next to Joel McHale... Looked around 6'2". But Quentin Tarantino is 6'1", and Manson looks the same height or maybe a little shorter. Keep in mind Manson has the tendency to wear thick heels.
Manson and Tarantino:
Click Here
Chikatilo666 said on 29/Apr/11
so lets talk about Manson is he really 6 ft 1 or just 6 feet tall or smaller than that? i always had a feeling that he had a height complex,he wears his platform shoes all the time...
Dave said on 22/Apr/11
Marilyn Manson looks in 6'2" 6'3" range, he might be 187 cm without shoes.
JuhaP said on 16/Apr/11
Just saw him on The Soup with Joel McHale (6'4"), looked almost as tall. 6'3" sounds about right.
arjen said on 10/Apr/11
He's 6'3" and 90 kg. All the members are huge. Christian is 6 foot 6 and Oliver is 6 foot 7. They're of German decent, very tall people. Same with the Dutch. Tallest on earth.
Mathew said on 27/Feb/11
If Vin is actually 5'10" flat and not 5'11" like I thought he was, Till does look 181 - 182 there max. But that makes it awful hard to explain him looking like he's 6'2", maybe even pushing 6'3" against a legitimate 6'4" athlete. Munky is ~ 181 cm (5'11.25") and Till looks more about 184 - 185 cm next to him. 6'1" range isn't a bad estimate of his height, 184 to 187 cm.
kookie said on 25/Feb/11
6-1 seems right but even SOLID 6 foot is accurate for me

since he is VERY skinny even if he is just 6-0
he still looks pretty tall
jtm said on 18/Feb/11
vin diesal is 178cm. look at him with chuck norris.
Frankstein said on 18/Feb/11
Ben Becker is over (REMOVING the lean) the middle eye level of Till, so Till has Ben of 8-9cm = 181-182... without taking in consideration the fact that Till often wears tall shoes and that Ben Becker is a celeb and may very well lie about his height..
Elis said on 17/Feb/11
Till with the German actor Ben Becker who's listed as 173 cm: Click Here
Mathew said on 16/Feb/11
Per picture I'd estimate Till at:
183 - 184 cm next to Vin Diesel (181 cm)
185 cm next to Munky (181 cm)
186 cm next to the 175 fan
187 cm next to Claude Oliver Rudolph (175 cm)
188 cm next to Paul Biedermann (193 cm)
*Proof Paul Biedermann is 193 cm check him next to 6'3" Michael Phelps: Click Here
Mathew said on 16/Feb/11
Per picture I'd estimate:
184 cm next to Vin Diesel (181 cm)
185 cm next to Munky (181 cm)
186 cm next to the 175 cm fan
187 cm next to Claude Oliver Rudolph (175 cm)
188 cm next to Paul Biedermann (193 cm) -- Paul is a legitimate 6'4", check him next to 6'3" Michael Phelps.
Mathew said on 16/Feb/11
I'd go 6'0.5" min for Till. Personally I still think he's taller than 184 cm but it seems like that's about where the people who think he's taller and people who think he's shorter draw the line at so I guess that's our best collective estimate on this board even if I still think he looks taller.
Frankstein said on 15/Feb/11
1 inch max, 6ft
Mathew said on 14/Feb/11
Till is taller than Vin for sure.
Frankstein said on 11/Feb/11
karen, vin diesel is 5'11"
somebody new said on 11/Feb/11
does anybody notice this is Manson's page ?
Frankstein said on 10/Feb/11
I think that too, i said i see 10-11 cms of difference which is 4", but he has at leas 1,5 inches advantage, remove MAYBE 0,5 of lean difference and he is 3" more than 5'9 that is 6, maybe 6'05"
Karen said on 10/Feb/11
I'm 5'7 (170 cm) - I'd be the same height as Paul. I will let you all know of their heights when I meet them later this year (I'll friggin measure them ffs). Till and Vin Diesel are about the same height so that brings Till around 6'1 or 6'2.
Mathew said on 9/Feb/11
I think Till definitely looked more than 3" taller than the 5'9" girl in that picture.
Frankstein said on 7/Feb/11
Click Here Paul who claims 171 or 172 on sites is 9/10 cms shorter than Till, he hits Till's eyetop, both standing straight with no leaks and similar footwear
Frankstein said on 7/Feb/11
I mean she is over till's eyeline, assume he removes his lean and she might get AT LEAST to the middle of his eyes which is 10 cms.
Frankstein said on 7/Feb/11
that's a very weak lean, and she has a weak lean too, i see 10-11 cms difference and 2.5-3 of more shoes. I'm still on 181-182, 6ft
Mathew said on 6/Feb/11
She does have flat shoes but he's giving up height on the lean and he still looks 6'1". It's becoming pretty apparent Till is roughly 6'1.5".
Frankstein said on 4/Feb/11
anyway, who told she is 175?
Frankstein said on 4/Feb/11
till looks 10cms taller than her-> 184/185, but she is wearing the thinest footwear in the world, almost like barefoot and he has I think 2,5/3 cms advantage downgrading him to 182
Eliot said on 3/Feb/11
Two interesting new pics about Rammstein (she is 1,75)

With Paul
Click Here

With Till:
Click Here
Frankstein said on 23/Jan/11
weak 6'1" at most...
Mathew said on 23/Jan/11
Yeah the pic with Munky (~181 cm) destroys the 190 - 193 cm Till rumors. He looks 184 - 185 cm with Munky, although I still think 187 cm is certainly a very plausible height for him, as he looked 187 cm next to BOTH 5'9" Claude-Oliver Rudolph and Ryan Shuck. Till is undoubtedly taller than 181 - 182 cm next to all three of Munky, Claude-Oliver Rudolph and Ryan Shuck, the question is now if he is a strong 6'1" or a weak 6'1". Personally, I'm leaning towards strong.
Frankstein said on 23/Jan/11
in that pic with martin gore he shows 5 inches MAX cause in this site we all know that from eyeline to upper forehead there is about 4 inches so we are also assuming that gore were wearing lifts or till was in a leak or wathever because it would make 5'11 which is improbable, so 6ft is fair. Here we also have him with a guy that CLAIMS 180 Click Here 6ft, maybe 6.05 is more than fair.
Mathew said on 21/Jan/11
Frankstein says on 21/Jan/11
I will post this pic with 5'6" Martin Gore until you recognize Till can not be more than 182 Click Here

That pic does not prove your statement. No, he's not 6'3.5" - 6'4" like some websites say. I'd estimate Till at 6'1.5". Anything 6' or lower is laughable. He looks 6'1.5".
Mathew said on 21/Jan/11
Frankstein says on 21/Jan/11
I will post this pic with 5'6" Martin Gore until you recognize Till can not be more than 182 Click Here

He looks more than 182 even there. He's 184 min, 188 max.
Frankstein said on 21/Jan/11
I will post this pic with 5'6" Martin Gore until you recognize Till can not be more than 182 Click Here
z89 said on 20/Jan/11
Till is 6'1 max, he has Mel Gibson's body type which make him appear shorter than he really is Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/11
Till 188
Richard 176
Paul 172
Cristoph 186
Flake 191
Oliver 198
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/11
Till 187
Richard 179
Paul 174
Christoph 186
Flake 191
Oliver 197
Some Guy said on 16/Jan/11
I think it's time Rammstein members get their own page on here.
Frankstein said on 12/Jan/11
Again watch to 5'6" martin gore and till lindemann.. 181-182 is fair for till, 6 ft is fair, 5'9" guys hit his mid forehead as you can see Click Here (and the guy doesn't have a really good posture too). Then watch this live performance Click Here pause at 4:22, there is barely 4 inches difference between till and paul standing straight side by side, since Paul can not be more than 173 Till must be 182 max, then, notice in the beginning of the video, pause at 00:04 and see(of course richard has big boots) that ther is a really noticeable difference between 175 richard and paul, making him more likely 172 than 173. He claims 173 himself, so 171 is really likely to be his real height more than 172. Add 4 inches (10 cms) and you have 181 as Till's Height.. Till has long head and spine but not tall-men legs.
Roman said on 11/Jan/11
No Paul is not 171, but somewhere 174 cm, probably 173 cm.'s photo where he is a girl growing 178 cm Click Here;9тм4ж can assure you that it is exactly 178 cm
A Flake of 4-5 cm above the Till, then 188-189 cm's photo Flake and Till Click Here
What about Richard agree, he mozhit and 175 cm If the analogy between the difference in the growth of Paul and this girl, and Paul and Till then Till about 183 - 184 cm (most likely 184 cm).
Frankstein said on 11/Jan/11
for till 181 may be fair too with christoph at 184 too, i mean watch till lindemann near martin gore, 181 or 182 no doubt.
Frankstein said on 11/Jan/11
Wait Roman, Paul 5'7" and Richard 5'9", he ALWAYS wears MEGA lifts, in the eraliest of their career he always used kiss-stile heeled shoes, he has a little complex and claims 176, so you have to remove half an inch at least, and richard always looked 5,9ish. Also when I saw them live in verona on 1st july 2010, we saw Richard in casual look while the opening band was playing and he looked very average. Schneider 6'1,5" at most. So this is my listing in CMs:
Till 182
Richard 175
Paul 171
Christoph 185
Flake 190
Oliver 199.. May be right..
Roman said on 11/Jan/11
Judging from this we can conclude:
Till 6'0, 5 "
Richard-5'10 "
Paul 5'8 .5 "
With Schneider difficult me.He with Till like a growth.
Flake 6'2 "
Olliver-6Judging from this we can conclude:
Till 6'0, 5 "
Richard-5'10 "
Paul 5'8 .5 "
With Schneider difficult me.He with Till like a growth.
Flake 6'2 "
Frankstein said on 10/Jan/11
and munky is like 5'11". Another proof Till isn't more than 6'0,5"
Roman said on 9/Jan/11
Here's an interesting photo Thursday - October 07, 2010

Till Lindemann and Munky (Korn) backstage in Berlin, Germany.
Click Here
Louise said on 6/Jan/11
Who is the guy on the right??

"Till next to the german actor Claude-Oliver Rudolph who's 5-9 (the guy in the middle)."
Frankstein said on 4/Jan/11
Happy B-day to Till Lindemann btw, today (4Jan) is his Birthday!
Frankstein said on 4/Jan/11
Mathew says on 3/Jan/11
Till really is about 6'2". 181 - 184 cm is downgrading him for downgrading sake.
Click Here this is Till next to 5'6" Martin Gore.......... :/
Mathew said on 3/Jan/11
Till really is about 6'2". 181 - 184 cm is downgrading him for downgrading sake.
Frankstein said on 2/Jan/11
Elis says on 1/Jan/11
Not sure guys, not sure ... Here we have Till next to a 6-2 listed Ryan Shuck, judge yourself ...
Click Here
Its frustrating (maybe his shoes?) ...
actually Ryan seems the same height as Till, maybe even a cm more, assuming that being Ryan a celeb he may very well have a faked listing, add the inches on till's boots (he always wears them especially after a concert.. I thit that video is taped after a concert). This doesn't change the fact that till must be inside 181-184
Elis said on 1/Jan/11
Not sure guys, not sure ... Here we have Till next to a 6-2 listed Ryan Shuck, judge yourself ...
Click Here
Its frustrating (maybe his shoes?) ...
Pete said on 31/Dec/10
Summing up, Lindemann is NOT over 6-1. Those listings 190+ all over the internet need to be put to sleep... Rob, you Be the judge.
Frankstein said on 23/Dec/10
Elis says on 23/Dec/10
Till next to the german actor Claude-Oliver Rudolph who's 5-9 (the guy in the middle).
Click Here
This makes Till solid 6ft (I think there are 3inches difference, they have the same little leak and 5'9 Claude hits Till's mid forehead). So Till must be 6ft, maybe 6'0,5... weak 6'1" if you want, anywhere between 181-184 (as we don't know what shoes they are wearing, but Till often wears industrial boots)
Elis said on 23/Dec/10
Till next to the german actor Claude-Oliver Rudolph who's 5-9 (the guy in the middle).
Click Here
somebody new said on 10/Nov/10
he doesent look that big with Evan Rachel Wood I think.
tv viewer said on 9/Sep/07
Oliver the bass player of Rammstein is 6"7
glenn said on 11/Aug/07
hi ezequiel.i met all of mansons members.dont remember well.i remember ginger fish being very unfriendly and maybe 5-10.john 5 is 5-9.twiggy is 5-8.the rest are tall.manson is 6-1.never met rammstein.heard they were very tall and mean.
Ezequiel said on 9/Aug/07
Im from Lanus (Buenos Aires)Glenn...
I think... they are talls, especially the Bassist Oliver and the keyborad guy "flake", and wy not, de drummer "Doom" and Till Lindemann... Kruspe the Guitarist is a mystery, and Landers is a little short...
Jack Daniels said on 26/Jul/07
No SJ only 2 members of rammstein are over 6'3": oliver and flake. The overs are between 5'7" or 5'8", and 6'1.5"...
S.J said on 4/Jul/07
Almost all members of rammstein are over 6,3 the shortest member is 5,9.5 and the tallest is somewhere between 6.6 3/4 -6,8 and i think that till lindemann is about 6,3
glenn said on 1/Jul/07
no clue on rammstein.i heard they were dicks and tall.what part of argentina?
Ezequiel (from argentina) said on 30/Jun/07
Ok, what about the Till Lindemann height? (the Rammstein singer)
ImetMM said on 19/Jun/07
i met marilyn manson before in 04' and he was so tall and he stood too close to me and put his arms around me and pulled me really close to him and kissed me by my mouth and he looked even taller and had really bad body odor......
BadGirl69 said on 19/Jun/07
marilyn manson is pretty tall, 69ing him is hard because he is so tall, he fcked me and it felt so good and hard, he's pretty good in bed
glenn said on 10/Jun/07
manson is actually pretty nice.he didnt pose for pics between 1996 to 2004 though.
Jenny said on 9/Jun/07
I have a pair of the boots he wears, there called new rocks and they do add a good few inches to your height, i'm 5'9 without and 6' with them.
Arth said on 30/May/07
Glenn, what was manson like?
Pete said on 30/May/07
glenn, what was manson like?
Lord Stonepaw said on 16/Apr/07
Glenn, what was manson like?
kelly said on 24/Jan/07
glenn what was manson like?
Alex said on 5/Jan/07
I seen him listed at 6'5 before. That his height in those 4 inch playform shoes I can bet.
S.J said on 25/Dec/06
the guy is tall i mean he looks allot taller then 6'1 on a Site there was a Picture of him with the guy From smashing pumpkins (forgot his name) the Singer and they were about the same height so i looked up the guys height and he was 6,3 and this was in the early days of MM so i dont know if he was wearing his platform boots coz i heard that if he wears those he looks 6,3 or something but he may just look tall coz he's also Very thin
Aussie Bloke said on 13/Dec/06
not sure bout this one, he was 5-6 inches taller than Johnny Depp in a picture of the 2, and he wasn't wearing his massive boots.
wilbur said on 17/Oct/06
His book says he's 6'3, Id say 6'2. He possibly said 6'1 being modest or mabye thats his nightime barefoot height.
D. Ray Morton said on 16/Mar/06
Glenn, I have to ask: Was Manson a nice guy?
Sarah said on 13/Feb/06
Yeah, he said he is 6'1''.
Alex said on 7/Feb/06
This guy wears those big platform shoes that are going to put on 3-4 inches. I'd say 6'1 looks right if he were barefoot.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/06
I remember a few years back when Manson was on the Howard Stern E! show Howard even asked him "You're pretty tall, how tall are you?" because Howard's about 6'5" and Manson was as tall as him and Manson himself said "Well I'm about 6 foot 1 or so" and Howard didn't believe him and Manson said "I do like to wear these platform shoes" There you have it, from the man himself.
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/05
ive seen him in person and he's freakin huge! he looked about 6'7" but it was because he was wearing 5 inch platform i'd say he's 6'2" without the boots
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Dec/05
From hotpress article, "6ft 4" well able to take care of himself"
hani said on 3/Jun/05
he is just 6'1 but with boots he is 6'3

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