How tall is Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American actor best known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Other notable films he has starred in have been Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Donnie Brasco and Sleepy Hollow. One interviewer clearly thought he wasn't the 5ft 10 Depp has always got listed at (and was listed here at that height): "Its strange because although Johnny Depp is actually only 5' 7", he gives the illusion of being really tall."

Johnny with Tom Cruise and Amber Heard
Photo by PR Photos
In Ed Wood, I think I'm the ugliest woman alive...I seem to be an Amazon. I'm not the biggest guy in the world by any means - I'm only five-foot-eleven - but as a woman I'm absolutely monstrous.

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Average Guess (479 Votes)
5ft 8.66in (174.4cm)
(Hicqs) said on 25/Nov/23
Ben - 186cm said on 22/Sep/23
Depp looks shorter compared to Dicaprio than Tom Hardy these days.

There’s a 0% chance he’s 5’9 anymore. 5’8 is fairer.

The 5’11 claim is bizarre to say the least.
Realist said on 19/Sep/23
I seen Johnny Depp barefoot in The Tourist running he looked 5'8 140-150 max definitely not a big guy. When he was younger he was probably somewhere around 130 in scissorhands.
5'7 and a fraction said on 8/Sep/23
viper said on 23/May/23
If he's lost anything it would be half an inch at the very most. I have my doubts on him losing anything

Me too.
7272 said on 1/Jun/23
Looked a little over 5'9 in his peak
pov said on 25/May/23
I think he’s the perfect example of a 174cm guy 5”8.5 for me
viper said on 23/May/23
If he's lost anything it would be half an inch at the very most. I have my doubts on him losing anything
Cher2202 said on 20/May/23
1.7m Ton Cruise is tragic. Depp is ok.
unkn0wn said on 1/May/23
175 makes the most sense, has looked 174 at worst and 176 at best
Meltdown said on 3/Apr/23
@ Caner y?lmaz said on 18/Feb/23

Well considering Depp was a fraction over 5ft 9 at his peak and is now turning 60 a fraction over 5ft 8, I'd say close to 5ft 8 flat evening height.
shoelifts said on 30/Mar/23
5ft8 1/2 for him
Sometimes he is wearing lifts in his shoes
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Mar/23
@Andrey Lykov

Could you link the site if possible? Just wondering

I do not deny 5’9 at all, at his lowest maybe a fraction under
Andrey Lykov said on 20/Mar/23
@Dante Ferraro

Saw great evidence from russian-speaking websites that he never was taller than 5.9 peak.
Dante Ferraro said on 7/Mar/23
Should be upgraded to 5’9.5 or 5’10 he doesn’t look short
Bilal said on 28/Feb/23
Rob, How do you see Depp's height? Click Here
Editor Rob
In that photo could seem 3 inches taller than her, though he does have thicker boots than her shoe.
Jacob Jackson said on 27/Feb/23
Rob, In his 20's with what height would Depp go to bed?
You had said "174 is argument though".
And secondly
How tall do you see Depp with Tom and the other man in first pic although he worn thick heel boots
5'7 and a fraction said on 23/Feb/23
I think in general Depp looks about 5'9. Can understand why some would guess him a fraction under or so but just 5'8 is lowballing him.
Caner y?lmaz said on 22/Feb/23
Rob, Would you say what Depp looks like in height in this pic?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looked a decent 5ft 9 that moment
Caner y?lmaz said on 18/Feb/23
If Depp wakes up at 9am on a day off, doesn't nap or stretch what will his height be at 11pm?
Editor Rob
Likely a fraction under 5ft 9
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Jan/23
His 5’11 claim is cringe. 5’8 more like.
Malcolm Oliver said on 22/Jan/23

I think when I say “match,” it’s more of a perception thing (I feel like I’m on level with them, if that makes sense). That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m dead on even as a measure of height.

Though they are a weak 5’11 and I can manage a strong 5’9 at times so maybe that accounts for something.
iLogic7 said on 21/Jan/23
@Malcom Oliver I have 5'9 friends I am like 5'11 and half (+/- 0.5cm) i agree 5'9 guys can look shorter and taller but to match your 5'11 friends seems kinda impossible. You sure they are 5'11 or you are taller than 5'9.
Malcolm Oliver said on 20/Jan/23
Yeah I can attest to this, am the same height as him and sometimes I feel as short as my 5’7 friends while at times, I can match other 5’11 guys on a good day.

5’9 is dead on average and it really makes for confusing yourself as shorter or taller. Depp seems no stranger to this.
Alanna said on 16/Jan/23
No way 5’7. He’s at least 5’9.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jan/23
Elene - If you haven’t seen it already, check out the ‘Johnny Depp Fast Show - Suit You Sir’ sketch on YouTube. I’ve just looked and yes, they sure do have it! It’s very funny and somewhat rude, and shows beautifully Johnny’s height. He looks 1” taller than Paul Whitehouse, who is 5ft8, and quite a bit shorter than Mark Williams’ 6ft.

Johnny wears an appealing white floppy hat, but it doesn’t interfere with our viewing of his height, and don’t forget to check those shoulders.

Cheers Elene! 😁👍🏼🥂

⭐️ Another fantastic film of Johnny’s is ‘Secret Window’, which is based on a Stephen King story. As is so typical of King, it’s about a writer, just the same as ‘The Shining’, ‘Room 1408’ and ‘Misery’.

It’s well worth seeing. 📺
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jan/23
Who on Earth could think that Johnny is just 5ft7, Elene? That’s ridiculous! 😂😂😂

5ft9. 😄👌🏼
Elene said on 12/Jan/23
5’7 is impossible, but I can see 174 cm
berta said on 10/Jan/23
JOhnny is hard ti guess. Beside orlando bloom he could pull of 176 alot But Orlando did look more than 2 cm shorter than DIcpario, eaisly 3 cm. Bhut i have dicaprio at 181,5 that makes Orlando around 178,5 ( listed at 179) thats a good listing but i think he falls a little under that in the afternoon. And that makes Depp 175,5. At worst depp have looked 174 and at best 176,5 if we go by the middle as usual he is a legit 175 guy. pretty mutch bang on 5´9
Sh0ckeh said on 4/Dec/22
I am 5'8 and I met Johnny Depp 5 years back, and he was legit 5'8.5, I could not tell any difference between his height and mine, nor in our photo, we look exactly the same height. I was wearing boots with a slight heel and so was he. So I assume he'd be 5'8.5 max. If it wasnt for all the votes saying he's 5'9, I'd have guessed 5'8.25.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Nov/22
@ Mr Stench - What a very funny name! 😂👍🏼😷
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Nov/22
I love Johnny’s advert for Sauvage aftershave, in which he plays Wild Thing on his guitar in the desert, with some wolves looking on. He’s an excellent guitarist, and plays onstage with Alice Cooper.

5ft9. 🎸🐺🐺🐺🐺
SannaMarinlove said on 14/Oct/22
174 cm at best
Meltdown said on 9/Oct/22
5ft 9.25 peak height. 5ft 8.25 current height.
viper said on 6/Oct/22
Is he wearing lifts here?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Thick soled shoes, but I doubt there's anything inside them.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 30/Sep/22
Good old " I'm only *insert dream height* " to try to make his lie credible...

No you're not Johnny, and legit 5'11 is no " only " height
Steven Lee said on 22/Sep/22
I met him at Disneyland in 2017 while he was filming for Pirates of the Caribbean (Dead Men Tell No Tales). I'm 5'8.9 (175cm) and he was literally a hair shorter (We both had shoes). I'm guessing 174cm (5'8.5)
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 15/Sep/22
Can you add more films to his bio Rob? I'd suggest adding Donnie brasco and fear and loathing. Two big movies at the time.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 10/Sep/22
He can look 5'8.5 in some movies, others like Donnie brasco he can pull off 5'9.5. 5'9 is fair.
viper said on 8/Sep/22
He was never 5-10
Most Legit 6'3 said on 14/Aug/22
He was a weak 5’10 back in his prime. Now at almost 60, he’s looking about 5’9 or a little under it. I remember someone saying that he was 5’9.5 during the production of one of the Pirates movies so he was probably tgat height at one point.
John Ernesto said on 14/Aug/22
I think Johnny Depp is 5'5 and I will explain why. Stephen Smyer proved how Tom Cruise is 5'4.5.
Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise look close in height in photos. Johnny Depp also wears enhanced footwear to try to appear taller than he is.
I have seen photos of him with Connor McGregor and Johnny wearing enhanced footwear still looks a couple inches shorter than McGregor.
5'7 and a fraction said on 14/Aug/22
Barely 5'9
Rukmini Singh said on 10/Aug/22
Looks 174 cm These Days
agos said on 9/Aug/22
Click Here

viper said on 31/Jul/22
Back in the day when he was leaner he could certainly give off a 5-10 impression at times
Lawrence099 said on 30/Jul/22
5’9 flat is spot on, in his prime he probably didn’t go below it.Absolute lowest I’d guess is 5’8.75 but I think the full 5’9 is more likely.
Aratirion said on 29/Jul/22
Johnny with 5'8 Anthony Kiedis and 5'9.5 David Bowie, giving a strong 5'10 impression here: ... He truly is an enigma, can look anything between 5'8 and 5'10.

I think he might have been around 5'9.5 to 5'9.75 peak morning height in his twenties and probably lost half an inch up until now...
mnecro2602 said on 26/Jul/22
Can't see him over 5'8"

Click Here
viper said on 24/Jul/22
He looks a decent 5-9 in the pic with Amber above
viper said on 24/Jul/22
I still stick with 5-8.75-5-9
viper said on 24/Jul/22
He looks kinda tallish when he was arrested in 94

Click Here
viper said on 11/Jul/22
Nah, 5-9 1/4 is too much.

5-8 flat is too short.

He might be 5-8.5
JayJay said on 10/Jul/22
The more I look, the more I think 5’8” flat.
Yiing said on 9/Jul/22
Looks shorter than 5'8'' McGregor.
Sinclair said on 12/Jun/22
To think that I once had Al Pacino at 5’7” and hence, Johnny Depp three inches taller at 5’10”! It’s unthinkable today for me but a common trap others have probably fallen for too. I also believe 5’8.75” is more likely than 5’9.25” for Depp. Definitely 175 range.
Ryan karan said on 8/Jun/22
Rob, johhny doesn't seem to look 5'9" because he clearly looks 3.2 inches taller than his ex wife Amber Heard who used to wear 2 Inches heels that makes her close to johhny's height that means he may not be 5'9 but definitely he is 5'9.25 but 5'9.25 seems bit fair johhny depp is at least 5'9.25 as i mentioned. Rob, can you please upgrade him to 5'9.25 he clearly 3.25 inches taller than Amber Heard who is 5'7" please do it for me buddy
Vibram said on 7/Jun/22
I doubt a man of 59 has lost an inch! Only very tall or heavy men like Dolph Lundgren, Schwarzenegger and Eastwood look like they had lost an inch at 60.

Men under 6feet start losing 1 millimetre a year at around 55. He's probably lost half a centimeter. To me Depp is 174-175cm.

My dad was 176.5cm prime and 175cm today age 71.
Shivansh Dubey said on 5/Jun/22
5'8.5 conor McGregor looks taller than Johnny Depp in most of the pictures together you should check that out rob!!!
Jesica said on 4/Jun/22
Depp's thick soled shoes in the photos with 5'11.5" Cumberbatch give him 1/2" advantage. That said, Depp would be 3" shorter than Cumberbatch, so 5'8.5 for Depp. He might have hit 5'9 at his peak.
Bradley said on 4/Jun/22
Maybe our fearless leader could have asked him yesterday.
Adam Cornwell said on 3/Jun/22
Perhaps he's grown in stature since the court verdict yesterday.

On the other hand, when asked in court by Amber Heard's barrister that it was true that he is quite a lot bigger than Amber, isn't he? he said he didn't think so, which rather contradicts his 'monstrous' quote above, doesn't it?

I'm a fan nonetheless and I'm happy with the verdict, and I reckon 5 ft 9 exactly
mnecro said on 20/May/22
5'9" is impossible next to Cumberbatch:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Like I've said before, he has thicker footwear too. Certainly not over 5'8" these days. Don't know if he's lost any height.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 20/May/22
@Miss Sandy Cowell

The average does seem a little harsh. Having seen a lot of his early stuff I struggle to see him below 5'9. 5'8.75 at absolute worst but 5'9 seems more likely to me.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/May/22
So Johnny has been the celebrity that people have been checking out the most this week! I’ve never spotted that before, but then, I’ve only been enthusiastic about the rundown comparatively recently.

No less than 5ft9. 😺👍🏼

His average is totally mean! 😾👎
Wehrmacht180 said on 14/May/22
174 cm
lord soshiant said on 9/May/22
i think this is wronge height for him he is 176 5feet9inche and one quarter
Meltdown said on 7/May/22
avi said on 29/Apr/22

No it's not. Clearly you have never studied height charts of men over time. One inch (2.5 cm) is the average height loss by age 58. You read that correctly. Average! Some lose a little more and some lose a little less.

Shamarr said on 6/May/22
5’9 back in the day probably 5’8 now he’s older gained weight probably 170-180 lbs I doubt his posture is good now
Malcolm Oliver said on 5/May/22
I’d actually argue that Depp has average proportions; definitely strikes me as a 5’8-5’9 guy just based on his frame. You are right though when it comes to face; a slimmer face like his carries a proportional illusion. Longer, more defined face. He hit the genetic lottery jackpot in this regard lol.
Alanna said on 5/May/22
I believe he’s 5’9”.
mnecro said on 2/May/22
Click Here

Doesn't look over 5'8" next to 5'11" Cumberbatch. He has thicker footwear too.
TorontoWoman said on 2/May/22
Hi, my comment disappeared before I could finish my last sentence. I’d like to finish the sentence, or Rob, you could fix it for me. It was obvious what I was saying. Thank you!
Editor Rob
"YOU just think..." ???

I may possess many talents, but mind reading ain't one of them :)
TorontoWoman said on 2/May/22
I’d say 5’8”. Beautiful man, no matter his height. I’m going by what he looks like standing next to other people whose heights are known. Responding to a couple comments…people in their late 50s have not shrunk much, unless they have serious arthritis or some other illness. I’m mid 50s, with osteopenia, and have only lost 1/4 inch. Otherwise, noticeable shrinking doesn’t happen until advanced old age. And, at most, it’s only about an inch, maybe and inch and a half, according to two doctors I’ve spoken with. And to Scott, who says women over 45 are almost never attractive….I can think of several (even if they’ve had help) JLO, almost 53, J. Aniston, 53, A. Jolie, 47. And that’s just a tiny sampling. It’s not that older women can’t be beautiful. YOU just think
Tony Romano said on 1/May/22
MOST people, when asked, will add AT LEAST 2” onto their actual height. It’s a thing.🤷🏼‍♂️
viper said on 1/May/22
Kate Beckinsale is the hottest woman on the planet at 48
Scott stone said on 1/May/22
Why would Johnny ever date a woman his 2, 3, years younger than Johnny and I find very very very few attractive woman over 45. It sucks I hate that I feel this way but I'm just not. Personally. I don't want a super young girl either.. 40 to 45. If they actually take care of them self but even then there's not much chance of finding it...i don't even bother now I just dwell on what I lost
Vick said on 29/Apr/22
You think Johnny could be at least 5’9.5 or is that pushing it?
Editor Rob
That's the kind of highest I think I'd attempt to argue.
avi said on 29/Apr/22
@Meltdown said on 28/Apr/22

I don't think so.
An inch is a lot to lose at that age.
Maybe 1/4 inch
In his case maybe .4 due to his unhealthy life style of drugs and alcohol
cklein05 said on 29/Apr/22
for some reason I always thought he gave off a solid 5’11 impression on Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Danman1 said on 29/Apr/22
5-8 barefoot, 5-10 in boots. Slim figure with really good proportions is what keeps him from appearing short. He also has one of those movie star long faces with huge bone structure.
Meltdown said on 28/Apr/22
I agree with a lot of people here. Depp is turning 59 and already at the age where most men have lost their first inch or at least 2 cm.

Here's my professional estimation...

Peak height: 5ft 9 ¼ (176 cm)
Current height: 5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

Ronaye said on 23/Apr/22
I knew Johnny Depp wasn't very tall but he's actually shorter than my man who's 5'8 & I'm 5'4 so he's a petite fella but he's huge on scree! U love Johnny Depp he's so down to earth & was always way too good for the likes of that guter trash Amber. Hopefully he'll date someone his age with class
Blasto said on 22/Apr/22
He’s not over 5’8”, the teased-up hair is deceptive.
acheros said on 17/Mar/22
5'9 is fair,
Rapha said on 16/Mar/22
Hi Rob

Your opinion is that he has not lost any height yet ?
Editor Rob
Nothing that is noticeable like 1cm, but guys of Depp's age could have lost their first few mm.
Jake Aughey said on 10/Mar/22
Would Depp have been anywhere near 5’10 in his early days ?
Editor Rob
From re-watching his peak 20's era (i.e. 21 Jump Street), I couldn't see him that all. 5ft 9.5 would be the highest I think I'd try to argue, but not under 5ft 9.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 27/Feb/22
176 out of bed
BoobleGooble said on 10/Feb/22
Around 5'9" peak is good,maybe slightly less.But i think he has lost some height since he is almost 60.And he seems to be 5'8.5 now
Heightist9999 said on 31/Jan/22
Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and Freddie Mercury. Imagine this stadiometer battle. Rob, would you have a fovorite?
Editor Rob
Depp maybe at peak for me has a decent chance of measuring tiny bit taller than other two.
Okidoki said on 18/Jan/22
Many celebs do that, i guess you can trick people into looking near 2 inches taller than you are with the right footwear, hair and posture. But when you show us you're phone in the videos, you expose them heheh. I like him too as an actor.
Okidoki said on 17/Jan/22
@Rob I saw you're Johnny Depp video, sometimes you seem satisfied after downgrading the height claims of these celebrities, heheh. Could it ever have been a chance of him being 174 range in his peak like many people here think? He might be around that today, but i think 5'9 or about 175.5 cm in his peak in my opinion too.
Editor Rob
I like Depp in film, he's a good actor 👌 However I do have to laugh at some celebs adding near 2 inches to their claim.
Jtm said on 28/Dec/21
I was rewatching Edward scissorhsnds recently and he’s no shorter than Alan Alda. If he’s not 5’9 then he’s very close to it
James Pe said on 25/Dec/21
Yeah a strong 5’9 in his younger days for sure maybe even a little taller. Probably lost a tiny bit of height with age.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Dec/21
⭐ I should have mentioned that Donnie Brasco had his incriminating recording equipment shoved down one of his boots, so to have taken them off would have been the end of more than just his career....😟
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Dec/21
Johnny is fantastic is 'Donnie Brasco', based on the real-life experiences of FBI agent, Joe Pistone, who started the venture in 1978.

It's got to be among my favourite gangster movies, if not my number one of all time, followed by Casino and the Godfather trilogy, though not necessarily in that order.

A strong 5ft9. 😋👍👢👢 "These shoes are NOT coming off! Forget about it!" 😂
Mary78 said on 12/Dec/21
172-173 max this one should be downgraded.
Malcolm Oliver said on 12/Dec/21
JD seems a legit 5’9 to me. Not sure about now, but definitely was in his prime. Edges out Cruise by an inch in that first picture and has the frame of a 5’9 guy.

Tangent, but his filmography has to be one of my favorites out there of anyone. Dude’s such an anomaly in the roles he takes and it really brings out an acquired taste that’s normalized these days. Solid actor.
Hong said on 5/Dec/21
Click Here Sorry about the mix up,this is actually Johnny with 5ft8 Paul Whitehouse and 6ft Mark Williams.
miko said on 21/Nov/21
Depp is pushing 60 now, he's certainly at the age where he's likely lost a little bit.

Possibly 5'9 peak down to 5'8.5 range.
Rising174cm said on 20/Nov/21
I have to go lower than viper's guess with Depp. I have a friend who has a side by photo with Johnny from the 90s and Johnny looks maybe 5'8" flat with him. I say this because I saw a photo of myself and my friend from a few years ago where we're positioned similarly side by side and Johnny definitely doesn't look taller than me in comparison. If anything, he's shorter, but I'll grant that I appear to be standing a bit better. Fwiw, my friend said Johnny was a very nice guy.

Also, Johnny and 5'3.5" Heather Langenkamp both wore sneakers in Nightmare' and Johnny did not look more than 5" taller: Click Here Similarly, here's a full photo with Al Pacino who was very lucky if he ever scraped 5'6": Click Here

Also, Jerry Bruckheimer is listed at 5'7.25" and was 70 in the above photo. Johnny has cowboy boots giving him more than half an inch footwear advantage, yet he only looked 2" taller at that event. Btw, based on the angle and height of knees, Cruise has elevator boots that add more than Depp's cowboy boots casting doubt on whether Cruise was much taller than Bruckheimer barefoot, if at all. Cruise looks to have about 1.25" more footwear yet he's definitely not more than 1.25" taller. If Bruckheimer is about 173 cm in those dress shoes then Depp is only about 178 cm in those cowboy boots which should add at least 4 cm actual height.

Also, honest 5'9.25" Casper Van Dien looked clearly taller: Click Here He does not look taller with Casper than Stephen Baldwin did and I know Stephen is about 5'8.5". Btw, Johnny had those Apollo Creeper platforms he often wears at the event with Casper.

I think people are fooled by his build and thick footwear. He's probably a 5'8.5" guy claiming 5'11" like Mario Lopez. I'll even give him a better chance of 5'8.75" than Lopez, but I don't think he's any taller than that.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Nov/21
Aha - the product Johnny advertises is Sauvage aftershave. I feel almost compelled to try some, if only to find out what Mr Depp smells like!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Nov/21
I love Johnny's new advert, but what he's actually advertising I don't have the faintest idea! 🤷‍♀️

You see him playing the song 🎶Wild Thing🎶 on his electric guitar and then he strolls off into the wilderness accompanied by some beautiful, tame wolves. What a visually arresting bit of TV!


Johnny does tend to look little short of 5ft10.5/11 at times, but I'm fully aware that he's partial to Cuban heels, which obviously are going to up his height; check out his 'Suit You Sir' sketch in 'The Last Fast Show Ever', Part One. It's part of his look and I find it a whole lot more appealing than secretly built-in height boosters! Women wear high heels 👠👠 and can even be considered dowdy if they don't. It's high time that guys have the same option, without being judged.

I find Johnny's statement eye make-up attractive too, though my opinion is doubtless influenced by growing up in the Glam Rock era. 🎧


MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 15/Nov/21
Average guess is too low. Minimum he could be is 5'8.75 and 5'9 flat is more likely.
Hong said on 15/Nov/21
Click Here Here's Johnny with 5ft11 range Bruce Willis.
Robbie piper said on 6/Nov/21
Rob , Click Here hwre with depp
second photo along looks an inch or so taller ?
Hong said on 6/Nov/21
Click Here Here's Johnny with 5ft9 listed Michael Jackson.
Drewpip112 said on 4/Nov/21
Hey Rob, what you think about video of him and Conor, how much difference can you see between them?
Editor Rob
From the brief clip there wasn't much in it
johnhanker said on 3/Nov/21
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

McGregor and Johnny Depp. Depp looks legit 3-inch shorter than McGregor but Depp is listed as 5'9" but McGregor is listead as 5'8.5".

Editor Rob
there was a brief clip of them together.
Chris Jordan said on 3/Nov/21
Conor mcgregor posted a few pics recently with Depp, looks to have him by at least an inch and a half. Conor always were loafer or low heeled dress shoes to Depps cowboy boots.
Toby Barrett said on 1/Nov/21
He Deserved To Win The Court Case
berta said on 30/Oct/21
174-176 is possible. I dont really know if he look closer to 174 or 176. the listed height is probably the best. i guess if i would have to bet money then i would guess closer to 176 than 174. Mybe 175,5 ish guy.
Cjcjcj said on 18/Oct/21
@Ian C 5.9. 5 is different from 5 ft 7 you will die of cancer your mother has a chemio
Cjcjcj said on 18/Oct/21
@Ian C Johnny Depp is not five foot seven idiot
Cjcjcj said on 14/Oct/21
@syam 5 ft 9. 5 average idiot
Ian C. said on 14/Oct/21
John Dillinger was five foot seven, so Depp was approximately the right size to play him. That's about all the resemblance there is between Dillinger and Depp.

Maybe Depp will be the new James Bond., but he's probably applied.
Meltdown said on 28/Sep/21
I think Johnny might have been 176cm in his prime, but now is 173.5-174. Remember he is pushing 60 now and his height has never really been updated. 5ft 8 ½ for today.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Sep/21
Johnny was fully grown when he made 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?' It's sometimes shown in the early hours of the morning on Great Movies, and you'll be able to see the little boy who was to become Leonardo DiCaprio!

5ft9. 😺
Okidoki said on 8/Aug/21
@Rob is there a better chance that he was in his peak 175-176 cm range or 174-175 cm range? Is 5'9 and a half also the tallest you would argue for his peak height?
Editor Rob
From watching some 80's stuff again like Jump Street, I can't see him less than 5ft 9 really...but not as tall as 5ft 9.5-10
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Judging by his body proportions,looks like 176 cm.
syam said on 29/Jul/21
What I think is Depp is 178-179.I belive he is no lesser than 177cm .I his fan and maybe i cant accept he is 175.3cm .
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 21/Jul/21
I think 5'8.75 is the shortest he could be.
177cm said on 19/Jul/21
Weak 5’9” IMO. 5’8.5” - 5’8.75”
J welling said on 12/Jul/21
I'd say now he's 5'8 Max if you look at him and Donnie Brasco he's not too much taller than Al Pacino Al Pacino and maybe 5'6 and Weight Wise I would say he's probably about a hundred and sixty pounds
viper said on 26/May/21
I'd bet a decent amount of money there is only about an inch difference between Depp and Pitt
MaskDeMasque said on 25/May/21
Does Johnny Depp have a big heel in the first pic Rob? He makes Tom Cruise look like a flat 5'7 there.
Editor Rob
It's a style that could be 1.3-1.4 range
MaskDeMasque said on 25/May/21
@Slim 6'1.5

Sometimes he can look around that 5'8.75 mark but have you seen his earlier films like ed wood and dead man, he looks full 5'9 in those.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/21
In the TOP picture only, I reckon Johnny could actually pass for a strong 5ft10, if not 5ft10.5.

I'll never forget the sketch on The Last Fast Show Ever, when Johnny walks into the gentleman's outfitters to be measured up for a suit, and Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams simply can't embarrass him, as he joins in! 👏

It was then that I came to the statistics as written above.

Today he can have 5ft9.25. He says he's 5ft11, but I find it difficult to believe that a guy like him would give his shoe height! He has everything going for him so why wish for more height? 🤔
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/May/21
There was a girl on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' last night who wanted to travel round the World and take with her Johnny Depp.... and someone else for conversational purposes.

Chris Tarrant said to the 26-year-old, "Wouldn't you talk to Johnny?" "Eh, I'd save him for other things....!" she replied. 😯

Chris replied, "Be careful - Mummy's watching!"

Don't underestimate Johnny Depp in the interlect department. He's fluent in French and very amusing and clever, AND he plays in the Alice Cooper band. Decorative he may be, but I think he'd make a great conversation buddy.

5ft9. 😁👌🎸🎶
Slim 6'1.5 said on 23/May/21
More than an inch difference between Depp and Pitt
viper said on 17/May/21
Depp is 5-9

Cruise is 5-7

Pitt is 5-10
Slim 6'1.5 said on 14/May/21
Rampage, true it is kinda boring
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/21
Slim 6'1.5 said on 13/May/21
I agree with rampage, the big star height guessing is like a hamster on a wheel

Ok, I think Depp at 5ft8 flat, Cruise at 5ft7 flat and Pitt at 5ft10 flat are unfeasible...there's my two cents...other than that...boring...blandsville...not interesting
Slim 6'1.5 said on 13/May/21
I agree with rampage, the big star height guessing is like a hamster on a wheel
Cjcjcj said on 12/May/21
Median height in many country, not only in usa
Depend on regions, in Italy in North Italy or Nord est average is likely to 5 ft 10-5 ft 11, but in 16 regions, as Liguria or Tuscany average is more reastocally for younger 1 75-1 76
In French, Spain, Portugal I think exactly the same
In Svizerland a bit more taller
Only in Nord Europe or in Jugoslavia average is very high
Cjcjcj said on 12/May/21
@Slim Tom Cruise is short or little short, Johnny Depp in afternoon is in the middle height
Cjcjcj said on 12/May/21
@Slim I troll you, but your analysis is correct, Depp is 5 ft 9 for me, Tom cruise is kinda short yes I agree friends and sorry for a stupidity
Slim 6'1.5 said on 11/May/21
I can’t see Depp over 174.5 and Pitt nothing under 179
Meltdown said on 10/May/21
The agency hiring JD's stand-in for "POTC 4" listed him as 5ft 9, 160 lbs. This was around 2010. Now he's turning 58 and likely under 5ft 8 ½.
Cjcjcj said on 10/May/21
Strong 1 75.5 cm, not less not more
viper said on 9/May/21
Slim, Depp is taller and Pitt is shorter
Slim 6'1.5 said on 8/May/21
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
I tend to stay clear of the big stars
That’s why you’re never on the big pages…. Fair enough 👍

Depp: 174
Cruise: 171-172
viper said on 8/May/21
Don't think I can buy weak 5-9

5-9-5-9 1/4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
With the tier of stars below, at least there's some basis of truth in photos/movies and just overall appearances...and there's always a better chance Rob could end up meeting them
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
I tend to stay clear of the big stars like Depp, Pitt and's just us chasing our own tails 99% of the time with guesswork. These guys are mazes when it comes to guesswork. Depp has honestly managed to look anywhere from 5ft8-5ft11 in the same way Pitt has managed to appear 5ft10-6ft1 and Cruise 5ft7-5ft10...
Slim 6'1.5 said on 8/May/21
He’s only a weak 5’9” but sometimes he does give off a 5’9-5’10” impression 👍
JustJoey said on 1/May/21
5’ 8.5” at most. Gets some mileage out of poofed-up hair or hats.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 29/Apr/21
I doubt he’s shrunk a full inch, more a quarter to half an inch, but I do agree he kinda deserves a peak & current. So does Brad Pitt
Meltdown said on 28/Apr/21
He's pushing 60 and definitely lost an inch by now. Time for an update! I'd say 176 cm peak, now 174 cm. Possibly 173.
meezemaker said on 10/Mar/21
Jakey is right...5'7 was average in 19th, and lower in countries where wars were on...
My gran gran father was 6'1, it was very rare at this time.

For exemple german average in 1920 was 169 cm whereas french about 170cm... small or not, height it was
John Moore-162cm said on 3/Mar/21
He's weak 5ft9..simple.. sometimes he even looks 174.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 28/Feb/21
Jakey, your comment is really confusing. It isn’t the 19th or 20th century and lemme tell you 5’9” is dead average and just isn’t tall...
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
In the 19th to begging of 20th century the averege male height in the Europe and North America was 5.7 so nowadays 5.9 is considered tall!
MaskDeMasque said on 19/Feb/21
He generally looks 5'9 in films. 5'9 or 5'8.75 at the worst.
MJKoP said on 18/Feb/21
Jakey said on 31/Jan/21
Tall but not full 5'9

What? Even a "full 5'9" isn't tall.
Jakey said on 31/Jan/21
Tall but not full 5'9
slim 6'1 said on 30/Jan/21
I think he’ll be the next joker 🃏
Walking Failure said on 14/Jan/21
Textbook 174 guy
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
176 out of bed 👍
Rising174cm said on 30/Dec/20
@Rob: I think on 21 Jump Street, he looked anywhere in that range. I became convinced of the 174 cm after seeing my friend's picture. I noticed that in a picture of me standing side by side with this same friend a few years ago, Depp was definitely not taller than me. Prior to that and the Bruckheimer pics/videos, I did think Depp was a full 5'9". Likewise, I'm considering your picture with Langenkamp, but that depends on what you weigh more significantly.
Rising174cm said on 28/Dec/20
That 21 photo is one more reason I think he's 5'8.5" max. He did not look more than 5" taller than 5'3.5" Heather Langenkamp with both in sneakers back in Nightmare on Elm Street: Click Here Also looked more 5'8" than 5'9" (in boots) with Al Pacino, whom I doubt was a full 5'6": Click Here I became convinced after seeing Depp look 5'8" in a side by side pic with my friend in the 90s. He simply developed a fondness for boots, though Depp in cowboy boots is only about 2" taller than 5'7" Bruckheimer above.
Editor Rob
I did watch 21 Jump Street and overall still felt Depp was pretty near 5ft 9, I can see at times 174 argument though
Slim 6'1" said on 18/Dec/20
174.5 is likelier than this current listing
meezemaker said on 13/Dec/20
Watching on the 21 photo serie with Holly Robinson Peete (5'5), Deep looks with big veel 5'7....

Very weird.

Click Here

ROB? Can u explain that?
Editor Rob
Peete possibly could have been nearer 5ft 6, she used to have 5ft 5 on her resume but went as high as 5ft 7 for a claim...
meezemaker said on 13/Dec/20
Watching Donny brasc s scenes it iq hard to qee him over 5'8 movie
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Dec/20
Johnny looks gorgeous in 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?' with his long, auburn hair, but he can withstand any hairstyle with his perfect face!

The talented actor is on again tonight, starring in 'The Ninth Gate', which is being shown on the Horror Channel at 9, just in case anyone is interested. It's directed by Roman Polanski and is well worth a watch, of that I promise you. Six years separate the two movies.

5ft9. 😄👌🎄🎅🎁
ttdi said on 11/Dec/20
Johnny with Shane MacGowan who is most commonly listed online as 176cm.

Click Here

Click Here
Partizan said on 10/Dec/20
Click Here

Click Here

How tall do you think the girl next to johnny depp is and how tall are others in second photo (the one with johnny depp is the right one)
There shouldnt be footwear difference more than 1cm with her and johnny depp and I think there's not footwear difference between them because they wear same heels
Editor Rob
she could pass for 5ft 8 there
FrankR1 said on 9/Dec/20
Johnny Depp appears to be all of 5'10" in A Nightmare On Elm Street and 21 Jump Street. He was likely a solid 5'10" for all of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Dec/20
174 range, below average but not short
Patm said on 8/Dec/20
Barely 5ft9 guy who wears lifts in his boots to appear 5ft11, he's 5ft8.5
Genau said on 8/Dec/20
tom cruise is 5ft6 3/4 depp is 5ft8 1/2 maybe 5ft9 flat
Morgan Kaye said on 4/Dec/20
Tom is around 5'8, and Johnny only looks an inch taller than him in this photo. Johnny also has slightly more heel height than Tom, so I'm going with Johnny being around 3/4 of an inch taller than Tom, which is much closer to 5'9 than 5'8. I predict him to be 174.5cm or so.

I think he can legitimately call himself 5'9.
BenSolooo said on 30/Nov/20
Saw a picture of him next to Andrew Scott and they looked quite similar in height. I don’t think that Depp is taller than 175cm. I would go with 174cm or maybe 174 and 1/2 cm. Cause I believe Scott is 172-173cm.
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 25/Nov/20
If Tom Hiddleston is 6ft 2 then Johnny Depp is clearly 6ft 3 if not more: Click Here
Yvng sk said on 24/Nov/20
Rob how tall do you think Johnny depp was in Charlie and the chocolate factory?????
Jake Gordon said on 24/Nov/20
Rob how tall do u think Johnny depp was in Charlie and the children factory meaning his early 40s?????
Editor Rob
don't think depp has lost any big amount like half inch...from 80's to 2000's I think he held steady near 5ft 9.
Laura Azarowicz said on 23/Nov/20
Johnny Depp is 5’10’ not 5’7”, took a picture with him I am 5’6” and he was clearly much taller than me and he had low heels! FACT
David G said on 22/Nov/20
@Khaled @Canson
Even more, the 5'8.75" is not short for an US male. Personally I think a short man would be someone that is towered (a difference of more than 3 inches or 8 cm) by and average one. The US average is between 175-177 on the internet, so a short (in the US) would be 169 and below. Between 170-173 is medium short (or below the average) and 174-177 average.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 17/Nov/20
@David G, Depp never was the full 5'9" , he was 5'8.75" at his peak and these days he is probably shorter.
Canson said on 5/Nov/20
@David G: I’d say an afternoon 5’9” is average height for a male here in the US
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Nov/20
174 not actually the full 5’9” time for a slight downgrade just a quarter inch
cmillz said on 19/Oct/20
1 standard deviation from normal is where short starts, so 5’6.5” would be the start of short in the US, assuming 50th percentile is a solid 176cm.

Anyone saying 5’8 is short is trolling.

Click Here
Tall Sam said on 18/Oct/20
I think 5'8" is low average height for a man in western countries, 5'9" and change being median height in the US still, 5"8" (Spain) up to 6'1" (Dinaric Alps) in Europe.
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Oct/20
174cm for Depp
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Oct/20
@ Xxxxx
Ooh I’m so scared
Xxxxx said on 9/Oct/20
@Slim Tom Cruise is 5 ft 8, is not kinda short(short is below 5 ft 8), you are more arrogant and stupid because you're 6 ft 1,very good, I'm happy for you, but stop bull
uglybro said on 8/Oct/20
I wish I could be this attractive to be valuable for other humans..

he looks like a weak type of 5'9
xdheight said on 5/Oct/20
In my opinion he is a 5'8.5 but sometimes looks like a 5'9 or 5'9.5
Nik said on 29/Sep/20
@ TheDon1528 - 5'8.5" is hardly tiny!
Rickie said on 26/Sep/20
In the main picture both Tom and Johnny are wearing lifts. Look at the size of their footwear.
Buvs said on 25/Sep/20
Anser to rob:there he look 5'9 but never 5'7
Bavs said on 24/Sep/20
Every man who think he is 5'7 is insane he never looked less then 5'9 and i going to give him 5'9.5 when he was young he allways looked 5'9.5
Editor Rob
For those who forgot how Depp looked with 5ft 7ish Big G, Click Here.
TheDon1528 said on 24/Sep/20
5'8.5" he looked pretty tiny in a nightmare on elm street
Peter Sun said on 23/Sep/20
Definitely 5'10, don't really see how he is below that height. In movies he always appears to be 5'10. He doesn't really appear smaller than that
cmillz said on 20/Sep/20
5’8.5, similar to Hardy.
TheBat said on 18/Sep/20
Depp’s definitely 5’9“. Though I can understand why people think he’s a bit shorter than that. His 5’11” claim though is absolutely ridiculous.
JCBS said on 15/Sep/20
I think with his slim frame his 5'9" stature looks a little taller. He could round off to 5'10 easy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Sep/20
Strong 5ft9 I wouldn’t dispute
Editor Rob
in his 20's, at times when he stood well, never seemed to look less than 5ft 9.
Neo said on 2/Sep/20
Rob, what do you think his peak height was? Is 5.10 possible?
Editor Rob
If you go back to 21 Jump Street, 5ft 9-9.5 I think is possible in that era.
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Aug/20
actually of average height unlike tom cruise who is kinda short
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
173-173.5 is underselling him but 174-174.5 is perfect.

strong 5'8 but closer to 5'9 than 5'8
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Aug/20
Will despite being below average height he can look a solid to strong average
6footTom said on 23/Jul/20
@James roy

What does your dream have to do with Johnny Depp's real height?
Kebapsever said on 17/Jul/20
Peak 5’10 now 5’9.
James roy said on 17/Jul/20
I remember I had a dream about Johnny Depp in his Captain Jack Sparrow suit and he looked 5'6" in my dream.
James roy said on 16/Jul/20
I think Johnny Depp is a celebrity that is shorter than you realize, I think that he can give an allusion to look taller and also wears lifts I think he's more like 5'7", he has a small frame.
OriginalAnon said on 8/Jul/20
No way 5'7''. He could be anywhere between 5'8.5" to 5'9.25" I think. I think 5'9'' is about right. His 5'11'' claim is laughable. I didn't have him down as someone who would exaggerate their height as much as that.
Sean95 said on 7/Jul/20
People sometimes underestimate someone's height either intentionally or just judging by a quick glance. For example a mystery shopper guessed a colleagues height 'around 5'9"' when he was actually 5'10.5-5'11 (he claimed 6'). Solid 5'9 for Depp
James roy said on 15/Jun/20
5 foot 7 for Johnny depp
Blanc said on 14/Jun/20
How tall is the guy in the middle, like 171?
Editor Rob
Somewhere between 5ft 7 to 8 range, I gave Jerry 171cm
JohnMoore-162cm said on 11/Jun/20
imo Depp is 5ft8 1/2" in his prime , no chance of the full 5ft9 or 5ft10
Keith Bacchus said on 9/Jun/20
5 foot 9
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jun/20
🎁🎊🎶🎂 Happy Birthday Johnny 🎂🎶🎊🎁

Would you believe it? Johnny is 57 today! He could have fooled me!

I have so many favourite movies of his, including 'Donnie Brasco' and 'Secret Window" plus many more. I love this guy and wish him a very happy birthday! XXX

How about his appearance in 'The Fast Show'? Suit you Sir! And Paul Whitehouse said Johnny "ARSED!" at him! Ha ha ha! I wish I'd been there! ARSE!

Have a very jolly day, Johnny! Love ya!


Angus said on 23/May/20
why does he look just about 10-12 cm than armie hammer
Alice Bennett said on 17/May/20
Rob is it true that the measuring machine at the doctors are usually not accurate by 1-2 cm? Is it possible to get more accurate results with a measuring tape at home?
Editor Rob
It can depend on whether it's attached to the wall or if it's been used and abused.

Also you are relying on the person taking the measurement to do it right. I've witnessed a nurse take a reading of somebody before they stood tall, and it was almost 3/4 inch less than what i measured them...
JohnMoore-162cm said on 11/May/20
@Jkiller- Agreed
Jkiller said on 7/May/20
5'8.75 max, but I'd say 5'8.5 (174cm) is more accurate
Fezz123 said on 6/May/20
Has never looked over 5’8”.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/20
This quote is indeed trolling or could have say is strange:
"Its strange because although Johnny Depp is actually only 5' 7", he gives the illusion of being really tall."

I have never doubt he is below 5'8, usually see him as legit 174cm.
Beau Dare said on 1/May/20
I once worked with Johnny Depp on a film in Hollywood, as an actor, on a film called "Private Resort". Depp was a very casual, modest guy who stood a shade under 5'9", with a great sense of humour about himself. A real gentleman.
5ft7 midget said on 29/Apr/20
Hi Rob,

Can you explain why Depp looks way taller than most of the cast in Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald. Do you think it’s possible that he has lifts inside his boots or is it like some sort of camera magic?

Editor Rob
I can't remember thinking he seemed much taller than he normally does, but then maybe I was paying more attention to the film than height 😲 There were a couple of shorter than 5ft 7 male cast members I remember though!
random reply99 said on 29/Apr/20
@Xoxo56: you are illogical. usually people with long torso, or tall people decrase 3 cm a day. a "really small guy" how could do that?
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Apr/20
5ft8 1/2" is Spot on
Nussias said on 23/Apr/20
5’11 claim is ridiculous. Amazing actor and a cool guy, but he is really, really short. Maybe 5’8.
Xoxo56 said on 21/Apr/20
wouldn’t be shocked if he’s like 5’8. I really don’t trust his footwear in a lot of pictures. I think he is a REALLY small guy. Camera angels and footwear can make you look 2-3 inches taller. He is using elevators and has got a frame which makes him look taller than he is, because he is a small guy in terms of build. I wouldn’t be surprised if he struggles for 5’8 on a stadiometer in the middle of the day, for instance 2pm. Would guess him at

top morning height: 173,9 cm

after 2 hours: 172,6 cm

Absolute low height: 170,8 cm / a bit over 5’7
Nik said on 20/Apr/20
"only five-foot-eleven" is pretty tall! 😂😂😂
Lawrence099 said on 2/Apr/20
Average guess has him a full cm under 5’9 a 5’8.5 or 5’8.75 listing might be nearer.
6james94 said on 18/Mar/20
A little less that's as in as in 3/4ths or a 1/2 inch?
6james94 said on 16/Mar/20
How much do adidas sneakers give the ones Depp had in Secret Window?
Editor Rob
A little less than an inch
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Mar/20
Rob, what is the chance Depp being 5'8 1/2?
Editor Rob
Well I've met 2 people now who did pay money. One did think he was taller than me, the other wasn't sure. Both are shorter than myself and know I'm 5ft 8.
Jkiller said on 11/Mar/20
Very close to 5'9, always has been. 5'8.75 is dead on
Jonas Henriksen said on 28/Feb/20
Looks 174 to me
TheBat said on 16/Feb/20
Johnny is as average height as you can get, he's 5'9" flat.
Panchsfhool said on 16/Feb/20
Johny wished he was 5"11 as he claimed short back in the day. Good job Rob. 1.75cm is very accurate
6james94 said on 10/Feb/20
At Rob
Thank you.
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
Tom Cruise gives the illusion of being really tall too!
Wolf24 said on 9/Feb/20
Why is it all written he's 178 cm tall?
Is his maximum height always 175.3 cm?
Editor Rob
I don't think he ever looked as tall as his 5ft 11 claim, but 5ft 10? On the odd occasion he might have looked it, but I'd still go with him typically looking nearer 5ft 9 than 10 through his career.
6james94 said on 8/Feb/20
Random question what kind of footwear did he wear in secret window?
Editor Rob
I don't know about indoors, but at one point outdoors he had Adidas sneakers which aren't huge or anything. He held up well with Timothy Hutton.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
He looks at least 5’9” compared to Amber Heard!
6james94 said on 8/Feb/20
Is it possible that Johnny Depp is 5'8 1/2 or a little under 5'9?
Editor Rob
I think he was around 5ft 9, is he still that mark? I think very close to it
Nik Ashton said on 20/Jan/20
@ Rob - How tall is the other guy?
Editor Rob
Perry is 5ft 8 at most these days (looks lower there with thinner shoes of course), he generally looks 5ft 7.5-8 with Depp when they tour.
Nik Ashton said on 20/Jan/20
He gives Rob the illusion of being really average!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Jan/20
It looks like Tom Cruise has got bags of height! 🚢💼!
Bin1 said on 8/Jan/20
in this photo with Doug Stanhope (5ft7) they seem the same height Click Here
Tibo said on 5/Jan/20
Hello @Rob, i think he is a little bit shorter than 5 ft 9. If you compare him to Cillian Murphy in the movie Transcendence they are almost the same height. Cillian is listed here as 5 ft 8 so i guess Depp is like 5 ft 8 1/4. What do you think?
TheBat said on 24/Nov/19
5'9"flat is perfect for Johnny.
George89 said on 19/Nov/19
Hi @Rob, there's a recent picture on Joe Mangiello's instagram with Johnny and Morgan Freeman. I'd say he's struggling to look above 5ft8 there. What do you think?
Editor Rob
Click Here - he could be 5ft 8-9 range there, no more, although I can't make out what size of heel Joe has, but I doubt it's much more than depp's which are decent boots.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Nov/19
I still can't absorb the "only 5'7" Depp by the quote from random interviewer mention. That would leave Tom Cruise down to 5'5 and 3/4 base on Rob listing. The worst low i wouldn't think of under 5'8 for Depp and not below 5'6 3/4 for Tom.
Preeme said on 30/Oct/19
Funny thing is that both Mr. Cruise and Mr. Depp are probably wearing lifts in this picture above
Nik said on 16/Oct/19
It's amazing that an interviewer thought he was 5'7"!
Aaron Rosales said on 19/Sep/19
My dad has a resemblance with him. I can't upload pics here idk how. Seeing him in old movies he looks 5'9-5'10

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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