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5ft 5.54in (166.5cm)
Frank2 said on 5/Apr/06
Marilyn doesn't look merely a couple of inches shorter than 5'8" Lauren Bacall: Click Here
More like a five inch difference. Like I said, in How to Marry a Millionaire, of the three female leads, Marilyn wore the highest heels.

Check out the plastic platforms she wore: Click Here

Look how short Marilyn is next to Bacall on the right and Cameron Mitchell on the left: Click Here
FYI Mitchell who was about 5'9" wore huge lifts in that film. With them he became the same height as 5'11" William Powell. In the photo she's not much taller than Grable who was about 5'3".

Marilyn with Alan Ladd who was no more than 5'6". I'd bet the farm that Marilyn wore heels in this shot.

Here she is with Bette Davis who was teeny tiny and 6'3" George Sanders: Click Here

Here's Marilyn with Davis, Sanders and Eve herself, 5'3" Anne Baxter: Click Here
Bette Davis was so small that by the time I saw her in person she came up to below my shoulder. I'd say in her prime she was only about 5'1".

Here's Marilyn sans heels on the beach with Jack Lemmon: Click Here
In Some Like it Hot, Lemmon is much taller than Marilyn. And I met Jack several times and believe me, he was short.

Frank2 said on 5/Apr/06
Check out this photo: Click Here
Gable was just under 6' when he made The Misfits. I met several people at Fox who knew and worked with him and told me by the fifties he was about 5'11-3/4". Tell me that Marilyn is just under 5'6". If she had been she'd have come up to just below Gable's eye level. In this shot she's wearing cowboy boots with two inch heels and Gable is wearing boots with about the same heel height and he's at least seven inches taller. In the film she came up to his mouth level when in cowboy boots. Here's a wider shot showing the boots they wore: Click Here

Here's a shot of Marilyn relaxing on a slant board during a break in filming Some Like it Hot: Click Here
Notice that she's wearing four inch stiletto heels.

Now here she is with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis: Click Here
Jack and Tony were 5'8" and 5'9" respectively and both were wearing heels in this shot. Lemmon is still taller by about three inches. Had Marilyn been nearly 5'6" she'd have been closer to Lemmon's height with him wearing what looked like 2-1/2" heels.

Here's Marilyn wearing at least three inch heels standing next to Tony Curtis who's wearing slippers and look how much taller 5'9" Cutis happens to be in this photo: Click Here
Frank2 said on 5/Apr/06
Vivian Lee was tiny. I doubt she was taller than 5'2". Over the years I met several big name female stars from the thirties and forties including Gloria Swanson, Irene Dunne and Laraine Day and all of them were quite small. Marilyn was no way close to 5'6". Doris Day was 5'6" which is half an inch taller than Marilyn's official height and just look how tall she appeared in her films. And remember that Marilyn usually wore the highest heels possible. I have shots taken on the set of How to Marry a Millionaire and during the fashion show sequence she's wearing not only high heels, but platforms! Time to wake up and realize that she was not 5'5-1/2". No way. Did you check out all the photos I included? Look how short she is next to actors who are not even 6' tall. Come on! Enough!
Viv said on 5/Apr/06
Hmm...Vivien Leigh was closer to 5'3". Vivien was Natalie Wood's idol and Natalie once wore a gown of Vivien's (I believe from Streetcar Named Desire) because it "fit her perfectly." Natalie was 5'2". Vivien is listed most places as 5'3" and that seems about correct if she and Natalie were the same size. Still, you're right Walter that Marilyn is noticeably taller than Vivien in the photos of them together.
S said on 5/Apr/06
Well anyway I believe Marilyn Monroe was 5'5 1/2", only because that is the only height going around and I don't think she would lie about her passport and if she was lying about her height their would be other hieghts going around because people who had access to her medical records would see the height measurments and stuff. By the way, Frank2 the people who you are mentioning having photos taken with her being certain heights, I think those people would have been taller 50 years ago. I am not having a go at you, I'm just expressingmy opinion.
walter said on 5/Apr/06
I am sure Marilyn height was between 5 5 1/2 and 6.It is very noticeable Marilyn is taller than Betty Grable 5 4 in "How to marry a millionaire".Also there is a photo of Marilyn with Gina Lollobrigida ( 5 5) visiting Marilyn in the shooting of "The seven year itch" and Marilyn is enough much taller than Gina.
Marilyn body was opulent that's way she seemed sometimes a bit shorter than 5 5 1/2 but her real height was 5 5 1/2.
There is another photo with Marilyn and Vivien Leigh ( 5 4) and Marilyn looks truly quite taller than Vivien Leigh
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/06
To Frank2: Hmmm, I figured around 5'6. Thanks for respononding.
ice said on 2/Apr/06
Hey, Frank2 after I read your comment on the ellen degeneres page, I came over here to see what was going on on Marilyn's page. I really don't know what to think about here, but what about ellen. You said 5'7 over there, and then said 5'6 here. Which one is it? I was thinking 5'6-5'6.5.
Tiger said on 2/Apr/06
Frank2: you are talking down to us. That is the work of a politician. Show us where Grant is 6 feet even and Benny is 5-7. Wait a minute, isn't that back to debating a small margin. You are absolutely sure you can pinpoint Benny to 5-7 and not 5-8? That is pretty superhuman! The only way Egan could have been 6-2 is if you would have remembered him being 6-2? Wow! That is truly amazing! If Grant is only 6 feet as you say, how do you explain Monroe under 5-5 1/2 / 5-6 in that photo?
Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
Tiger, Cary Grant could be documented at 7'8"! I don't care. He was 6'. I met these people. Jack Benny was 5'7". They made his bronze statue at the TV Academy 5'7". Richard Egan was an inch taller than me. I stood and talked to the man for at least fifteen minutes! Had he been 6'2" I would have remembered. I love all your excuses. You come up with an excuse for any photo I place on this site. Ever thought about going into politics?

And to S, being a half an inch under 5'6" was tall back then. Doris Day was 5'6" and she looked tall! I met Doris and believe me she was taller than Marilyn.

As for Audrey wearing low heels, do you folks actually watch these films? Audrey always wore low heels. Sometimes such in Sabrina she wore flats. Come on! Wake up!
Viv said on 2/Apr/06
My goodness, that photo with Cary Grant really does lean Marilyn closer to 5'6". I initially ignored it without knowing Cary Grant's height. But, even leaving Cary Grant at 6', as Frank2 states for him, this photo shows an easily 5'5 1/2" Monroe. If they were both standing straight and Cary's head weren't tilted downwards, Marilyn would probably be just under Cary's eyes...which would be about 5"-6" shorter than him. Good photo that shows their posture, feet, proximity and the ground clearly.
Tiger said on 2/Apr/06
Actually: Cary Grant is documented all over and has stated his height as 6-1 1/2 (we'll give him 6-1), Jack Benny is 5-8, and Richard Egan is well-documented at 6-2. Now, in 'Love Me Tender', Elvis and Egan are very much the same height throughout and in photos; I have seen that film at least 40 times in my life. There are times when Egan appears taller in the film and there are times Elvis appears taller. Camera angles? Depth? Charles Coburn is closer to the camera than Grant, so that photo is hard to tell. The photo with Monroe and Grant definitely tends Monroe to be in the 5-6 range! It would be nice if Grant's head was up and straight. You know for a fact that Audrey Hepburn is wearing "low" heels? Come on! What is the definition of "low" heels and how can you tell in that photo anyway?
S said on 1/Apr/06
Well I found a picture of her (real) passport on a website showing Joe DiMaggios things up for auction and her passport says she is 5'5 1/2" here it is: Click Here
Anyway of course she never looked tall. She was 5'5 1/2", that is not tall, it's about average.

Editor Rob
nice find, she herself was saying 5ft 5.5...whether this was true...
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
Here's Marilyn with 5'7" Jack Benny: Click Here

With 6' Cary Grant and 5'10" Charles Coburn: Click Here
And for those wheo still belive Grant was over 6'1" please explain why he's two inches shorter than 6'2" Dick Sargent in Operation Petticoat? Hmmmmm? Tiger?

Marilyn standing barefoot next to a barefoot Grant: Click Here
So how many inches difference do you see Tiger?

Cary with 5'8" Sophia Loren: Click Here
Sophia's wearing at least three inch heels in that film. That's about how tall she looks next to Cary in the film. If Marilyn was truly nearly 5'6" barefoot then we'd see about a two inch difference between how tall she'd look wearing heels and how tall Sophia would look next to Grant.

Here's Cary with 5'7" Audrey Hepburn: Click Here
Audrey always wore low heels in her films. Look how tall she appears next to Cary.

And here: Click Here

Look how tall Cary looks next to another Hepburn, this time 5'6" Katharine: Click Here

Cary with 5'4" Ginger Rogers: Click Here

And next to 5'4" Monroe: Click Here

I threw this one in to show you folks that in Monkey Business, Cary was no taller than 6' Hugh Marlowe who I met one evening at the Hamburger Hamlet Restaurant in Brentwood sometime back the late sixties. At the time he was with 6'4" Michael Rennie star of Day the Earth Stood Still. I made it a point to say hello to both of them. Marlowe was an inch taller than me. Watch Monkey Business and you'll clearly see that he and Cary are the same height. And yes, Tiger, I do remember how tall these people were. I know that amazes you, but it's true. I once spent about ten minutes in a line waiting to go into a buffet at the Riviera Country Club in Brentwood and had a nice conversation with Richard Egan and yes, I remember that he was just 6' since I had always thought of him as being taller. He was only slightly taller than me. And in Love Me Tender he is most definitely taller than Elvis. I have the film and watched it. He's only slightly taller, but he's taller all the same. In a book I have on Elvis in Hollywood with photos taken on the set of that film it's clear that Egan is the taller of the two. No question about it. See what you want, but dismissing the truth doesn't get you anywhere, at least not with me.

Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
The only Cuban heels I ever knew treated their women poorly.
Tiger said on 1/Apr/06
Come on Frank2, it is supposed to be a debate and fun at the same time. Odd you mention Sinatra being 5-11. Click Here
Scroll down and see Sinatra's height for 1964 listed as 5-11. Stranger things have happened! :) The photos you have links to are not coming up; is there something that can be done?
Viv said on 1/Apr/06
Haylie, you are absolutely correct. The best we can do without actually seeing Marilyn measured, is weigh the best evidence we've got. Really, a star's height doesn't matter. But, it does make for interesting debate and gives an interesting insight into one way Hollywood works. :-)
Haylie said on 1/Apr/06
Everybodys peception of height is different- a woman who is 5'5" could look 5'4" or 5'6" to different people. I think to resolve this argument we would need to see Marilyn next to a height chart feet firmly on the floor!
Viv said on 1/Apr/06
Hi S. Great question. It's confusing for me, too. But, I have my height listings for when I am in my various heels (I'm obsessed with the amount of height I get from my various heels as I’m 5'1") and I'll write down my measured height results in the various heels for you to give you some idea of the varying heights one gets from various types of heels. Spike heels, standard heels, block heels, Cuban heels, platforms, etc. all give slightly varying heights because of the nature of the heel itself. I don't own any platform heels, so I don't know what they give me, but I've heard they give a woman more height for the heel than other heels of the same height (which makes sense because the entire foot is raised, not just the heel). Also, I don't own any 1" or 5" heels, but one can gauge appx. how much they might get in added height from the other various heel heights/styles from a 2" or 4" heel. Anyhow, here's what I get from my various heels:
4" standard heels/4" spike heels: yields 2 3/4" extra in height.
3" block heels: yields 2 1/2" extra in height.
3" wedge heels: yields 2 3/4" extra in height.
Vintage 3" block heels: yields 2" extra in height.
3" standard heel: yields 2" extra in height
2 1/2" tapered heels: yields 2" extra in height.
2" Cuban heels: yields 1 3/4" extra in height.
2" standard heels: yields 1 1/2" extra in height.
Chinese slippers: yields appx. 1/2" extra in height.
As you can see, different heel styles give more height than others (Cuban heels and wedge heels give more than standard heels of the same height). Also, the higher the heel, the less height that is usually gained from them (the exception is platforms) compared with other, shorter heels. But, none give the height of the heel (the exception, again, may be platforms). Every woman is different, though, so different woman will get slightly different heights from these various heels. But, it's typically about the same for most women. Also, wedding shoe heels are measured differently than regular heels. A wedding shoe heel is commonly measured from the inside of the heel and not the outside of the heel as other heels are typically measured. Too, some heels are hidden: I have a pair of what appear outwardly to be slippers (not listed here because I cannot gauge the exact height of the heel), but they give me almost an extra inch in height because the heel is "hidden." Really tricks the doctors who have measured me. ;-)
As far as being 2-3" taller (in heels) than someone who is usually only 1-2" taller than you could depend on several factors including: posture and both of your heel sizes/styles, etc. I've noticed the same thing with my mother and me. She is 5'4" and I'm 5'1". And, it all depends on the size of our respective heels and our posture, etc. Usually, I look about 3" shorter than her. But, sometimes I'm nearly her height even when not wearing tall heels. But, she sometimes wears "hidden" heels, as well, so, everyone gets a bit mixed up when comparing us. The only true way to accurately measure how much you get from various heels is to be measured while wearing them - not against other people, I've found.
Hope this helps, S. :)
That's why it's so important to see the feet of stars when comparing them to others as well as being able to see other factors such as posture, heel size/type, the proximity to others, the ground, etc. Stars and models are very much like me (measuring each particular heel; cutting one heel shorter, as Marilyn Monroe did, to enchance a "wiggle"; picking the heel that gives the most height or the least height to go along with their acting/modeling; etc.). Because all of those things can make a huge difference in trying to determine an accurate height for a star like Marilyn.
Tiger said on 1/Apr/06
Frank2: Not accurate at all! I look at the documentation (websites and written), the photos, the tv/movies, the interviews, and then form an opinion, based on ALL of that. I can very much see an "official" listing coming up true on the tv or movie screen for most of the people that I have observed. Of course, some don't fit; I never said all of them did. There is still room, though, for analysis, especially regarding small differences in opinions of height. Regarding Monroe: she is as tall as the 5-7 Gene Kelly is said picture. We have no idea what type of footwear she is wearing. How can you assume? Is it because you want to keep her at 5-4 because that's the height she looks to YOU? In the Sinatra photo, she is no way 4 inches shorter!
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
"Frank2 is just giving his OPINION! He is basing his OPINION on recollections that may or may not be accurate."

And Tiger is giving his opinions based on reading official listings and not particularly observing these people accurately when they appear in movies and on TV. They're not based on being up close and personal as they are in my case.

Tiger, try taking off your rose colored glasses. Try comprehending that I've seen many of these folks in the flesh and I'd bet my life on the fact that in most cases they're not as tall as their official heights list them as being.
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
Look at all the photos. Marilyn is standing next to people who aren't that tall and she's obviously a lot shorter. Come on. Now you're just arguing for the sake of arguing.
S said on 1/Apr/06
Viv, I'm not really sure about the heel thing. I measured myself in four inch heels and I was only 2.5 inches taller (I was quite surprised because I didn't believe you) but then what would happen if you wore 1inch heels? and flats make you taller aswell. Also, when I wear four inch heels I am about 2-3 inches taller than someone who is usually about 1-2 inches taller than me! I don't know how to explain it, what do you think?
Viv said on 1/Apr/06
I agree with Tiger on this. Unless a photo shows the shoes, ground, heel size posture, etc. we cannot get a good perspective from it. We also need the real height of the person standing next to Marilyn to give an accurate height for her. I'm seeing a lot of guessing without a lot of proof on many of the photos from Opera I looked at the page (great page, by the way - wonderful and unique photos of Monroe) and, I saw quite a few photos that lead me to believe Marilyn to be 5'5" or a bit over (although, there were precious few, that I saw, that showed the factors I've listed above). Some make her look shorter. It's all in perspective. But, without considering the above factors, it's impossible to really tell without guessing. The photos, movies, stills, etc. that I've seen of Marilyn that show the above factors lead me to believe she is at least 5'5". Sorry, but unless I can really see all the factors for myself, I'm going to go on what I've found to be good evidence. And, that all leads me to believe Marilyn was just over 5'5".
Too, I'm just a hair shy of 5'1" - I only get 2 3/4" from regular 4" heels (without a platform - platforms can give a woman more height, I've heard). I've heard the same from many people. I can't even make it to 5'4" with any of my 4" heels.
Good debate, though. I'm enjoying myself immensely. :-)
Tiger said on 1/Apr/06
Frank2: how on earth can you tell that Monroe is 4 inches shorter than Sintra in that photo? They are both incredibly slouched and leaning over; even beyond that, there is no way she is 4 inches shorter. How do you know that Monroe is "likely wearing flats"? There is absolutely no way to tell. How do you know that Monroe is wearing "at least 3 inch heels" in the Kelly photo? Maybe Kelly and Monroe are "shoeless" in that photo. How would we know?
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
Here's Marilyn next to Sinatra: Click Here
She's most likely wearing flats and is about four inches shorter than Frank. Now think how short she'd be next to a guy that's my height. No way was she close to being 5'5-1/2". My wife is 5'4" and with her highest heels is 5'8". I know since I just measured her so to Viv, nice try, but women do get more height wearing heels than you've stated.

Marilyn dancing with 5'7" Gene Kelly while 6'1" Yves Montand looks on: Click Here
Marilyn was most likely wearing at least three inch heels and she's still only Kelly's height.

S said on 31/Mar/06
Sorry to tell you Frank2 but Arthur Miller was much taller than 6ft1, Joe DiMaggio was 6ft1 and Miller looked much taller next to Monroe than DiMaggio did. Miller may have been 6ft1 in his old age.
Tiger said on 31/Mar/06
Frank2 is just giving his OPINION! He is basing his OPINION on recollections that may or may not be accurate. I would say some are very accurate, some are somewhat accurate, and most probably are not. The only response we get when someone contradicts him is that he was in the business, therefore he must know. I don't think it works like that. There is no way that one person can see and meet all these people and know for sure exactly how tall they were. That's alot of people over a long period of time. To downgrade actors 2 inches under six feet and actresses 2 inches under 5-8 is ridiculous! What kind of rule of thumb is that? My perception of one's height is just as valid as Frank2's, whether I was in the business or not. Most of the debates come down to 1.5 to 2 inches, hardly enough for one to pinpoint exactly, not even Frank2.Photos are, at best, a rough estimate of height. There has to be other documentation and most documentation presented is thrown out by Frank2 because he was in the business, therefore he knows. Well, I am sure that there is someone out there who has done alot more in the industry and has truly "known" alot of these people and would probably give a much different account than Frank2. Frank2: can you really, for sure, say for a fact that Marilyn Monroe was 5-4 and not 5-5 1/2? Can you really? Looking at photos: do you take into consideration angles, is there level ground, can we see what footwear is being worn, is everyone standing as upright as they should? Most photos never show the celebs' feet! Remember your point of view on height: it is subjective. Yes, even yours!
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
Please explain why Marilyn was no taller than 5'6" Donald O'Conner? And she was wearing heels. And pleeeeezzze don't try to make me believe O'Conner was 5'9" 'cause it doesn't wash. By the way, all the links seem to be working so go and check out all the various photos, especially the ones with actors who are about 5'10" like Widmark. And please notice she's much shorter than Brando. And I guarantee you, she was wearing high heels in all those photos.
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
I just checked and all the links and they worked for me. Look at how short she is next to Monty Clift. There's no way she was any taller than 5'4". Monty was close to 5'10" when that photo was taken. Marilyn always wore high heels and usually the highest around. To give you a comparison, Doris Day was 5'6" and just look how much taller she appeared in all of her films. And Doris tended to wear flatter shoes, usually two inch heels. I met Doris a number of times. I saw her in flats and she was 5'6". No question in my mind about it. That was tall back then. Try applying some logic to the argument.
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
Sorry about all the links not working. Try going to Click Here and then check out all the Monroe photos. I belive they're around forty seperate galleries, but some pictures are duplicated. It's clear in all of them when she's standing next to shorter actors she's not 5'5-1/2". I found this terrific site for celeb photos just from Googling in "images" after typing in "Marilyn Monroe." They have other famous actresses there as well. If you can't access the galleries directly, try typing in Monroe in the search bar. That'll get you there.

And since when do woman wearing four inch heels not gain four inches in height? If I measure my wife's four inchers from the back to where her foot rests downward to the tip of the heel it's four inches. When she wears them she's four inches taller.
Haylie said on 31/Mar/06
Wow Frank2 you are really adament about gettin Marilyn downgraded lol However I gotta agree with Viv that she was 5'5" at least
Viv said on 30/Mar/06
Frank2: almost none of your links link to a picture. The few that did either did not show the feet of Marilyn and who she was standing next to, showed Marilyn sitting or showed Marilyn standing next to people of unknown height. The picture of her with Huston is interesting but difficult to guage because they are walking, walking apart and Marilyn is slightly behind Huston.
I'd really like to see the pictures, though.
Also, women do not get 4" out of 4" heels, most likely around 2 1/2". So, Marilyn, if 5'5 1/2", would stand about 5'8" when wearing 4" heels. I've already commented on the Grable picture having seen other pictures of that same premier with Betty and Marilyn standing together and Marilyn appears a good inch taller than Betty. Different angles and posture lead to various height-perceptions.
I'm not saying Marilyn wasn't 5'4", I'm saying that everything that I've seen that is clear to me shows Marilyn to be at least 5'5". If people were basing heights on emotion, we wouldn't be coming to this site and reading all the different comments and trying to find evidence to make a logical conclusion.

Editor Rob
I don't have time to try to fix the links, many sites will not allow you direct linking to an image, so its always best to link to the html page where the image is displayed if possible...
Frank2 said on 30/Mar/06
From Prince and the Showgirl: Click Here

maybe Olivier was 6'2"!
Frank2 said on 30/Mar/06
Marilyn with Bogie and Bacall: Click Here

Here's Marilyn with 5'10' Milton Berle: Click Here

With Monty Clift: Click Here

With 5'10" Billy Wilder: Click Here

With Clift: Click Here

With 5'9" Tony Curtis: Click Here

With 5'8-1/2" Marlon Brando: Click Here
Or maybe Marlon is six feet!

With Richard Widmark: Click Here

Frank2 said on 30/Mar/06
Here's Marilyn next to David Wayne in How to Marry a Millionaire: Click Here
I met him and he was about 5'7". Marilyn wore high heels in that film. If she was 5'5-1/2" she would have towered over him. It's nonsense since she was no more that 5'4".

It's time for everyone on this forum to realize that the heights listed officialy are mostly bogus. A good rule of thumb for actors who are listed at under six feet is to subtract at least two inches. The same goes for actresses who are listed under 5'8". Joan Crawford was tiny! So was Bette Davis. I doubt either were that much over 5'1". Gloria Swanson was so short that when I met here she only came up to my shoulder. And she was wearing heels! Gloria frequented a health foods store that I also went to. They had a lunch counter and she'd sit there and eat healthy foods and lecture people how important their diet was to living a long life. I saw her several times and we always had a nice chat. Lovely woman and when I met here she was well into her seventies. Had I been Joe Gillis in Sunset Blvd. I'd have remained with Norma and not ended up shot dead in her pool. No question about it.

here's a candid shot showing that Bogie was short next to his wife and on the extreme right we see that Marilyn isn't nearly 5'10" in heels. My word! I sometimes think I'm talking to the wall!
S said on 30/Mar/06
Everywhere you look it says she's 5'5 1/2" and I believe this. There are records from when she was a model in the late 40s that say she was 5'6" and they didn't care so much about height then (in models) as they do now.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/06
I believe she is 5'5 1/2" because they have records from when she was a model, and the modelling agencies didn't really care about how tall a person was back then.
Viv said on 27/Mar/06
I agree with Haylie on the Grable pic. That was taken at the premier of "How to Marry a Millionaire". First, we can't see their shoes in the picture. Second, I've seen other shots from that premier and Marilyn appears to be at least an inch taller than Betty. So, pictures without seeing the footwear and complete posture can be misleading. Third, I've watched "Millionaire" dozens of times and recently began studying the height difference between Marilyn, Betty and Lauren Bacall from the film and stills. Considering posture and footwear in the movie (many clear shots), Marilyn was at least an inch taller than Betty and about 2" shorter than Bacall. I purposefully don't compare female actresses with male actors because men's heights, lifts, shoes, etc. are all hard to guage - plus, men's heights seem far more shifty and covered-up than the women's heights. I'd need good, solid proof of a male actor's height before I'd consider "measuring" him against a female actor. And, I've rarely found it. So, I try to measure the women against other women (of known height).
Haylie said on 27/Mar/06
In the pic with Queen Elizabeth Marilyn looks to be bending a little so it is not really good to judge and she also looks to have an inch on Grable who's hair is also adding height. Also three inch heels do not always make you three inches taller it depends on foot size etc... I believe what Marilyn has stated her height to be why would she lie about such a trivial thing height didn't matter to her she is the most attractive woman the world has ever known!
Frank2 said on 22/Mar/06
Here's Marilyne next to 5'10" Tom Ewell: Click Here
She doesn't look over 5'8" in those heels to me.
Or here: Click Here
With 5'10" Richard Widmark: Click Here
Here's she's not that much taller than Queen Elizabeth and is about seven inches shorter than 6'1-1/2" Victor Mature:
Click Here
Here she is with Gable who by then wasn't 6'1": Click Here
With 5'4" Betty Grable: Click Here
Betty with 5'10" Phil Silvers, 6'3" John Payne and 5'8" James Gleason: Click Here

Frank said on 21/Mar/06
My dad was no more than 5'9-1/2" in his prime and his autopsy gave him an extra inch! Go figure! JFK's autopsy was a botched up job and he was President! Just because something is printed officially doesn't automatically make it the absolute truth. As you get older you'll come to realize this to be the case.
TJ said on 21/Mar/06
Frank, how do you explain Marilyn being measured at 65 1/2 inches at her autopsy if she was only 5'4. Did she grow an inch and a half in death?
Viv said on 20/Mar/06
Marilyn was at least 1" taller than Betty Grable who is commonly listed as 5'4," just barely 2" shorter than 5'7" Jane Russell, and about 2" shorter than 5'7"-5'8" Lauren Bacall (I think I saw where Lauren was quoted as saying she, herself, was 5'7"?). All of these heights were estimated using photos and movie scenes where one can clearly guage their heel heights and posture. Marilyn's height does appear to be slightly shifty at times and she can look as short as 5'4". However, the clearest pictures I have seen show her to be no less than 5'5" and probably closer to the 5'5 1/2" that Rob has listed here and what I have always heard as Marilyn’s height.
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
Malilyn was about 5'4".
Nikki said on 19/Mar/06
I have to agree with you there, I didn't know Marilyn stated this herself. She was quite tall for a movie star of the 50's era
Viv said on 18/Mar/06
You're right, Nikki. The size measurments for Marilyn did vary because she had problems with her weight fluctuating. She was at her heaviest during "Some Like It Hot" because she was pregnant (miscarried, later on). She was probably her thinnest either at the time of her death or early in her career when she was literally starving.
Marilyn stated herself that her height was 5'5 1/2". I really tend to believe this as she never struck me as the kind of person who would lie about her height - she was too focused on breaking out of the "bombshell" role and trying to find her true self.
nikki said on 18/Mar/06
Yeah I really did believe she was 5'5.5" until I saw those photos I'm really not sure now as the publicity around her was mega and the public rarely got any info that they didn't want us to hear. If her publisists say she is 5'5.5" that's what we believe also there are about 6 different sets of measurments going around for her in her prime -I don't think we will ever know the whole truth about anything in Marilyn's life!
Viv said on 17/Mar/06
Hmm, interesting Nikki. Thanks for pointing those photos out. Ladd appears to have about 2", maybe 2 1/2", on Marilyn. I've never heard of Marilyn referred to as any other height but 5'5 1/2", though. Ladd's height is rather "up in the air." He could be taller than 5'6" or wearing lifts, etc. Or, there could have been some sort of set-up with those photos to make Ladd appear taller, although, that seems quite unlikely as it looks as the photos were more candid and at some event, than publicity. But, who knows? Marilyn's 5'5 1/2" is one height I've rarely heard disputed so I would believe that, if the photos are not "tricked" in some way (Ladd wearing lifts, Marilyn out of heels, etc.), that Ladd's height is probably a bit taller than his 5'6" listing. If he were about 5'7", the photos with Marilyn would make more sense.
Nikki said on 10/Mar/06
On the Alan Ladd page there are 2 pics of monroe being several inches shorter than 5'6" Ladd and in these shots she is very dressed up and is more than likely wearing heels how can this be? either ladd is significantly taller or Monroe smaller I'm not sure!
ice said on 30/Jan/06
wow! I never would have guessed her at this height, but I guess so. I mean I've heard of short celebs looking tall, but never tasll celebs looking short. At least not the women. LOL

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