How tall is Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen's Height

4ft 11in (149.9 cm)

American actress, fashion designer and businesswoman. Both Mary Kate and Ashley stated their heights on Oprah as being around 5ft range.

How tall are the Olsen twins
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
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Average Guess (8 Votes)
4ft 11.34in (150.7cm)
Perfidia said on 20/Feb/17
Really liked the Full House show, but didn't care for the Olsen twins. Especially, now that they are all grown up. They aren't very attractive at all. They look like two big-eyed lemurs.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/17
...and now it's time for Ashley! I couldn't just leave her out - I didn't have the heart!
As the main write-up was on her twin Mary-Kate's page, I shall make it up to Ashley by giving her some pretty pictures, oh - and a guess of 4ft11.5, just a quarter of an inch taller than her sister! πŸ‘­ πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ πŸ’• πŸ’πŸ’
Meep said on 2/Dec/16
Mary Kate is 5'2" and Ashley is 5'3".
Meep said on 2/Dec/16
Mary Kate is 5'2" and Ashley is 5'3".
Narcism said on 16/Aug/16
They're relatively the same height&I'd say both are between 4'11" & 5'0, but Ashley does have up to a 1/2in. on Mary Kate. Although, when they pose for publicity&media shots all fashion week, or at runway shows, award shows, product &/or line launches, etc. you'll see (as you might expect) that they wear very stylish clothing&heels that quite often are equal in height. HOWEVER, as a matter of personal taste&when out on their own accord, you may ALSO notice Ashley is much more inspired by all things Bohemian, consignment recycling &/or the entire Greenwich Village look, scene& "affected" garb (prior to the hipster debacle)&therefore Ashley's also much more inclined to go with flats or the smallest possible heel while Mary Kate stays locked into her more traditional components within Haute Couture design&so, for this example I just mean heels, more heels, stiletto heels, suicide heels/pumps, 7 inch, etc.. So, when you consider all of these unusual factors together (identical twins who since birth have made a $1B dynasty based on being exact copies, but who are 1/2inch apart in height, yet both still likely between 4'11''&5' which is much shorter than the average female, yet they're ruling TWO industries that're anchored by height&beauty) I believe that's where the confusion develops&why there's always so much uncertainty. For yrs, I'd see both Olsen's at NY Fashion Wk&I KNEW they were near identical in height, but I also knew I always heard Ashley had the extra 1/2in., but anytime I saw them, they were doing a media promotion or ad&jacked up in heels with no way to tell. Although, whenever I'd catch a non-media ad, nor a promotional photo, like a personal friend's picture from a night out, Mary Kate was always taller&I never could find Ashley's 1/2 inch or how it could be right until SHE made the comment one year (regarding something totally different), "if it was my call I'd only make flip flops, sandals or slippers".
littlesue said on 29/Jul/16
They don't look under 4ft 11 to me, if anything more around 5ft
Eve said on 27/Jul/16
Here Click Here MK and Ashley are dwarfed by their sister Elizabeth who is listed here as 5'4.5", but appears at least 6 inches taller than the twins... while 5'9" Cat Deeley and Heidi Klum look gigantic next to them. They must be under 4'11".
Max said on 3/Nov/15
Given "Hollywood" math, they are probably really 4'9"
donna said on 10/Sep/15
And I always feel like the jolly green giant at 5'7". People always think I'm my older sister because we look alike but she's only 4'11".
Harper said on 9/Jul/15
I was walking past Ashley in CA a few years ago and stopped to say hi. She seemed shy but really nice. You could tell she was on her way somewhere so it was only 2 mins, but we were both in flat shoes, I am 5'2 and have a friend who is 4'10 and they are the exact same height. My friend also says she is 5', sounds better. She says when she says her exact height she gets awws and feels like a child lol.
LaurA Hodge said on 28/Nov/14
Actually they're 5'0 and 5'3" I heard an interview on Diggit when I was 6.
Gigi said on 4/Aug/14
I'm taller then her and I'm 10 not trying to be hate full cuz I love the twins but really
Realist said on 16/Jul/14
If a little man like Hunter Parrish can make you look tiny, u are small. 4'11 tops, spot on Rob, fist 5. Rob wats ur estimation for Hunter Parrish 169-170.
me said on 15/Sep/13
@Batman, I remember that interview. They said they were 5 & 5 ft. 1 with Ashley being the one inch taller of the two. They don't have any reason to lie. They are short regardless.
me said on 15/Sep/13
@natalie, I didn't see the heels of Nicole's pics in that picture. Her shoes must have a heel because without the bent leg, she looks like she would be close to the height of Emma R. in the pic.
me said on 15/Sep/13
@natalie, I didn't see the heels of Nicole's pics in that picture. Her shoes must have a heel because without the bent leg, she looks like she would be close to the height of Emma R. in the pic.
Batman TAS said on 11/Sep/13
Click Here On 17:45 they say that they are 5'1.
said on 12/Aug/13
Mary-kate is way more shorter than that. I saw her and Ashley when they was launching their Bik Bok collection in Stockholm and they were VERY short, maybe 4'7.
carly said on 18/Jul/13
I wish I could be this short! I am a 5'10" 17 year old girl...people look at me like I am some foreign creature. I guess it is all relative.
natalie said on 6/Jul/13
Rob check this out,

Photo of Nicole Richie April 4th (check the shoes.): Click Here

Photo of Nicole Richie, same day, same shoes: Click Here

Both Nicole and Ashley are in flats. Standing next to a five foot Nicole, I would say Ashley is 4'10".

[Editor Rob: I think nicole is 5ft 1, she does have at least 2 inches on mary kate when both in heels aswell, so yeah you could have them barely 4ft 11.]
said on 2/Jul/13
She's shorter than 4'11.
K said on 23/Jun/13
Little Sue is correct. For American women, 20, 5'6 is at the 74th percentile and 5'3 is at the 30th percentile. Mary Kate is under the 3rd percentile, probably at around the 1st percentile. That means that 99% of American women, 20, are taller than her.
little sue said on 20/Jun/13
I would put 5ft 6 the start of tall and under 5ft 3 as short based on British women of all ages
kylie said on 18/Jun/13
Is 5'6" considered tall for a woman? What height is short and what height is tall for a woman?
O said on 22/May/13
On her drivers license it says 5'2
anonangel said on 23/Dec/12
Mary Kate is 5'1" and Ashley is 5'2" from what I read.
Mariposa said on 23/Oct/12
Jodie Sweetin I know is about 5'5, Lori Laughlin is about 5'6. Candace Cameron is only 5'2 but she towers over the Olsens,so they must be under 5'
Lindsay said on 14/Sep/12
brit - I agree with you! Her sister Lizzie Olsen (who is 5'5) towers her in pics. If you take her height against others like you did, I would say she is 4'9 too...4'10 is pushing it. I read Anon and Ashlyn's posts below who have actually seen her, it makes complete sense.
mina said on 12/Sep/12
5'2-5'0 I think
brit said on 19/Aug/12
Hey Guys,

So, hear me out. I think it is obvious that Rachel Bilson is 5 feet tall because she looks it and she says in a rap written about her that she is, "five feet nothing". Okay so then look at a pic of five foot rachel with Karl Lagerfield and you will see where she hits his face and then compare that to a picture of MKA with Karl and you will see that there is at least a two inch difference between where they hit him and where rachel hits him. I would say that Mary-Kate is 4'9" and Ashley is 4'10". What do you guys think? Do you think that my conclusion makes sense?
Rach said on 16/Aug/12
4 11 is about right, maybe 5ft. I'm 5 6 and I'm not 13 yet. I like being tall, but at times, it gets on my nerves! My mum brought me a maxi dress. It was xtra long length. It's still above my ankles!
luigi said on 22/Sep/11
height is a + if you know how to handle it and a - if you dont.@Very Tall you are kind of ridiculous by saying that being tall has absolutely no benefits,cause you are best friends sister is 6 ft tall and super gorgeous and i would date her but my friend doesnt trust me.ana ivanovic,stacy keibler,keren gilian,petra nemkova mandy moore etc are tall celebrities and look how pretty they are.if you dont like yourself nobody is going to like you.
Ashlyn said on 24/Jun/11
I am so glad I found this site! I want to share what I know. I met MK 5 years ago passing by on the street. I stopped and said hi, she was gracious and shyly said hi back. I complimented her and we went on our way. I am 5'2. She was a little taller than my shoulder (we were both in flats). My young cousin is 4'9, and that is exactly what she looked like to me. I would say 4'10 is pushing it. Just FYI, I know MK said she was 5' on Oprah, but people a little less than 5 feet can pull that off, especially if they wear heels. My friend is 4'11 and always tells people she is 5'1 lol. Also, sorry to say, a driver's license doesn't mean diddley squat. I got my permit at about 15 and noted my height at 5'4 hoping I would grow--well I didn't lol I am 27, and to this day my license says 5'4 haha...the DMV should really measure 15/16 year olds--but oh well. Either way, she was and is gorgeous. Still to this day, I am a fan.
Very Tall said on 7/May/11
I don't think it matters if you're small! I'm 15 and six foot tall, so thats like 183cm or something and I would love to be small. You shouldn't want to be tall, trust me, there are absolutely no benefits and besides there not all celebrities are that tall. Take a look and Ashley and MK, thats my point proven :)
IHY said on 12/Apr/11
Youre so rude andie, btw "sorry to say this" but you with your mouth like this "gross me out"
nadine said on 8/Apr/11
i think height of a woman doesnt matter if she has nice body (nice legs...)im 160cm and i hate when my friends say im short but then i think about ashley and marykate and other celebreties and myself confidence is back :D
andie said on 6/Apr/11
Your driver's license says whatever YOU want it to say. %F@ and 85lbs is not true. MK can't be taller than 5feet and weigh 85lbs. I know she is very skinny, but 85lbs at 5f2 would make her look much skinnier and sick.
Sorry to say this, but women this small gross me out.
Anon said on 26/Feb/11
I was at NYU when they were there. One of them, I think it was MK, had a class next to mine. I'm about 5'2.5 and she came up to my shoulder at best. I don't know how tall either are, and they might've had a growth spurt, but they are seriously tiny in person. 5' is the most generous I would be, and I think 4'10 might be right. Again I don't know for sure and this was years ago, but she's nowhere near my height.
tall said on 23/Jan/11
looks pretty short compared to the other full house girls Click Here
Jessica said on 13/Jan/11
Why are people in here guessing and telling us their opinions, when their personal opinions have absolutely nothing to do with the reality? "I think (want this person to be) blabla feet tall" that's just ridiculous. Get some information first. Mary kate is 5'2, as you can see here Click Here
Riley Ray said on 11/Jan/11
wat????????.....only way........mayb 5'2" will ppl r startin 2 freak me out..
Shaun said on 8/Jan/11
Very weak 5'. These twins used to be adorable as little girls. Funny how they now embrace the "rock chic" lifestyle...
Ryan said on 7/Jan/11
she's 4'10
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/11
Unless any of you people have seen them in person with measuring tape, stop naysaying. How someone looks in a photo or on TV has nothing to do with actual height. It's called depth perception, angles, and various shoe heights. Idiots.
observer said on 11/Oct/07
I once saw pictures in People magazine of Mary Kate and Ashley wearing floor length formal gowns which seemed unusually long. It looked as if the parts of their dresses from the waist down were way too long compared to the upper parts of their dresses. I think that both of the Olsen twins stood on boxes... then a dress designer measured the distance from their waists to the bottom of the boxes, to measure the length of material needed for the dresses. After the pictures were taken with the twins standing on boxes, the dresses could have been shortened to floor length.
iiLiikeBeiingTall :D said on 3/Oct/07
I heard that Jason Earles(he plays Jackson in Hannah Montana) is 30 years old and because of his height he plays someone half his age and he seems ok about that as he is such a good actor. So people that think that being short is not exactly "good" then I hope that I have proved you wrong. As for the tall people like myself(I am 5'6..I know you're thinking not very tall but to my friends, I am!)being tall is great because people look up to you and they will have a different message when they see you! [[sorry about the whole essay thing]] =]
FiveOne said on 2/Oct/07
Yeah, it doesn't matter how tall you are. I like being short. As you can see, I'm 5'1". When people meet me, they think I'm 15 or 16 and I'm really 21!
kate said on 19/Sep/07
hi iam 13 and 5ft 6 eap! iam scared i dont wanna be tall but i look about 16 tho!!! iam worried will i stay this hight????
Ash said on 25/Aug/07
I am 14 and 5' 1" also, Its true, beauty is all about confidence. I know some drop dead gorgeous boys who only like there girls small and tiny because they look young, and I know some darling boys who love tall stronger leggy girls. It all about opinion, because there is someone out there for everyone. :) You are beautiful just the way you are.
Nina said on 9/Aug/07
I'm 4'11 and it's such a relief knowing that even stars aren't that tall either, but are still beautiful like eva longoria, tila tequila, lil' kim, mary kate, nicole richie, hilary duff, etc..anyone is beautiful as long as they're confident and it doesn't matter what height they they say good things comes in small packages =]
meeeee said on 16/Jul/07
yeah i totally agree with Amy. I'm 14 and 5ft 1in. It really doesnt bother me! i will probs grow to around 5'5 though, my mum's height -she didnt stop growing until she was 17! But in the mean time i'm enjoying being the little cute one of my friends. Occasionally they can patronize me and pat me on the head and stuff but i dont let that bother me -its their problem not mine! i think all heights a beautiful. Tall people look graceful and statuesque and short people look cute.
stef said on 14/Jul/07
boo im 4'10!! and you know lil kim is short and shakira too. they say here she is 5'1 but she is shorter I saw her and we were looking eye to eye
boo said on 21/Jun/07
Oh YAY, I was beginning to give up searching for celebrities shorter than 5'. I'm 4'9 and I've always wanted to know if there is ANYONE in Hollywood who isn't 5'7.
Brynn said on 19/Jun/07
I have never met MK however compared to her costars who are 5-1 or 5-2 there is no way she is are 5-0. MK is definatly in the four feet range somewhere. I think its time for a downgrade. I believe theres enough information.
Adrianna said on 8/Jun/07
anonymous, I never said that them being tiny wasn't beautiful. However, this is a celebrity height site. People want to know their height. Noone was putting them down.
anonymous said on 6/Jun/07
Amy, I love your attitude :). You are probably the only healthy one on this site!
Adrianna said on 1/Jun/07
I live in Santa Monica CA and have met many stars. I have run into MK more than Ash and no way is she is 5'00. That should probably be updated. I would say she is 4'9 or 4'10, she is a tiny girl. I am 5'1 and she is approx 4 inches shorter.
Amy said on 30/May/07
I'm a teeny 5'1". I love being this small and so does my 6'2" boyfriend. Some people think I'm around 5'4" and others have thought I was 4'11" so it just depends on a person's perception of you. I once met a girl who I could have sworn was shorter than me, and it turned out she was 5'2'. I think it's pretty unfair when other people go on and on about how small someone is although I figure it mustn't be a bad thing because they probably wouldn't say it to your face if it was (ever hear someone go on and on about how fat someone is to their face?) Tiny people - you're gorgeous just like Kylie Minogue, Rachel Bilson and Eva Longoria and don't you ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

People are beautiful at any shape, size or height as long as they are healthy and happy in themselves. Stop putting people down, and you might actually find you love yourself a little more.
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
if she underwent a new non invasive surgical technique to grow, then why didn't you opgrade her? how tall is she now..?
Jon Doe said on 6/May/07
On MTV Video Music Awards 2003 they made David Spade look tall, they only came up to his ears.
Ellie said on 29/Apr/07
also, and this is just a theory, but maybe since mk had an eating disorder and wasn't getting proper nutrients, she didn't grow to her maximum height.
Krystal said on 28/Apr/07
They're fraternal twins, not identical. So their heights are different.
twins said on 15/Apr/07
why did one grow taller than the other ?
X said on 4/Apr/07
No, they aren't "mean". They just aren't the usual publicity hound type of celebs many are used to encountering.
FiveOne said on 19/Dec/06
Hey Glenn, is it true that they are both mean? I've read in magazines that they are both anti-social and usually in a bad mood!
Emma said on 15/Dec/06
Hahaha ohhhhh okay. I thought she had height increse surgery or something. Lol. Yeah, that would clear it up. Thankyou.
Jason said on 15/Dec/06
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/06
The 'Stallonoscopy' is a joke on Sylvester Stallone, as he seemed to 'grow' after becoming famous.
Emma said on 14/Dec/06
Is this Stallonoscopy thing a joke? And how much did it make her grow? So shouldn't she be upgraded?
Ellie said on 5/Dec/06
I am a model and travel to LA often and have ran into both twins a few times. I have to say, There is no way is Marykate 5. Tallest 4'10 shortest 4'09. Every wonder why all of the sudden hey wernt from flip flop freaks to platform divas? They would tell every one that they are 5'1 or 5'2. People who saw them knew instatly then that they were not as they said. I even overheard them saying it in a conversation with someone a little taller then them. The fact is, in platforms shoes they are 5'1 or 5'2 in flip flops she is 4'9 or 4'10. I have seen her recently too. I can not phathom how short she would have been before a Stallonoscopy?
Stewart said on 16/Nov/06
Lovely B - please, when did you last measure them?
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
Hard to say.I see them every week.both very mean.5ft tops.could be a hair smaller.
Lovely B said on 12/Nov/06
How can anyone believe they are really 5'2 and 5'3 or even 5'0 and 5'1????????? They are VERY SHORT girls. 5'2 and 5'3 first of all aren't even really short, just a little bit below average. Hasn't anyone noticed that they don't only just appear like petite women with their costars but rather like little children. If they were really only 5'2 and 5'3, they wouldn't constantly get referred to as pint-sized. You don't hear Salma Hayek or Jessica Simpson get referred to as little all the time and they only appear minimally shorter than their average height costars. MK and Ash always come across as little girls playing dress-up in adult clothes. Also if Mk was really 5 ft, then her new bf would have to be about 6'4 but he isn't, he is only 6. I'm in the 5 ft- 5'2 range (With all the lies of other people of their own heights and inconstistent measures of my height, I don't know) but I am honestly not all that short. Below average sure but no one comments on my height and I look minimally shorter than the average people I know. The same is not true for the Olsen's though, they are noticeably little and judging by what all the other short people have said, who are taller than they are, I give them 4'10 and 4'11 MAX. MK may even be 4'9.
MK and Ashley Fan said on 12/Nov/06
In their website they now are selling mobile backgrounds and you can clearly see if you maximize it that they put Mary-Kate as 5"0 because they have one that looks like a driving liscense.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/06
look, they are definitely 5'0! and ash might be just a tiny bit taller, heres proof, Click Here
X said on 5/Oct/06
That Oprah show was filmed before they were 18 and is why their father had to be there. MK had agreed to something like being 5, 5 ft. 1 or so just prior to Oprah having Ashley that because she is about one inch taller, she is 5 ft. 2.

Ashley usually tries to play up the shortness while MK usually likes to add height. MK is just a bit over 5 ft. 0 and Ashley is a bit over 5 ft. 1.

Esp. in the DisneyWorld pics with John Stamos, they don't appear to be shorter than that, judging by the shoes they are wearing and the people with them in the photos.
Jillian said on 26/Sep/06
They both look pretty short, But it's reported everywhere that marykate is 5'2 and ashley is 5'3 It looks about right if you look at a picture of them in solid 3 inch heels. It makes marykate 5'5 and ashley 5'6 It looks right on the money if you ask me, I saw 5'2 & 5'3

[Editor Rob: it doesn't matter if 99% of the sites report it as 5ft 2 or 3.

What matters is that they themselves - *as reported here* - have said they are barely 5ft 1 and not even 5ft 2]
TNTinCA said on 25/Sep/06
Just because they are twins does not mean they have to be the same height. Judging by their physiques, it appears they are anorexic. So if malnutrition is taken into account due to bad eating habits to stay thin, its very possible one is shorter than the other.
Emma W said on 24/Sep/06
I hate how everywhere it says the twins are the SAME HEIGHT! MK is definitely like 2 inches shorter. About 5ft id say. But she's so skinny so that may make her look even smaller
Alex said on 14/Aug/06
I remember for a while one was listed at 5'2 and the other 5'3. Mary Kate is def not over 5'0. The guy does look over 6'0 though for sure. 6'2-6'3 though so that would put mary Kate at 5'0 and no more. Ashley would be 5'1 then.
Wicked Kid said on 10/Aug/06
Whoaaaaa. Have you seen that guy and Mary-Kate?!! She looks 4'10"!!!
Anonymous said on 22/Jul/06
I remember reading in magazine about those two.They wrote that the guy was 6'3 and mary kate 5'0.
Lexi said on 23/Jun/06
Okay so I will tell you from seeing MK in real life (plus by cuz and my aunt have also seen BOTH). Well my cuz and my aunt met MK & ASH when they were filming ny min b/c they were in NYC vacationing. At that time my cousin was 5' even and she was wearing flats, mk and ash were wearing heels and ash was a little taller than her (b/c mk and ash were wearing heels) and she said mk was slightly shorter. Now from being an Olsen fan for so many years I didnt beleive that MK & ASH were that short. UNTIL I went in to Starbucks last summer in the hollywood hills and saw her in person! I was so excited Well at first this big guy took her into the back of the place because she was overwhenmed by people. But, when I left the store I went theough that ally in the back of the store (because I was going to meet my friend shopping) I saw her inches from me! We even said hello. But anywayz getting to my point I am 5'01 and I was wearing flats and MK was wearing flats. I just want to say I dont even this she is 5' She was like prob up to my nose which is the same as my 11 year old sister is now and shes 4'9. My height est for mk is 4'9- 4'11. You can deny it but I saw her up close. Just wanted to share :)
Bella said on 22/Jun/06
Theres a pick of MK and Ashley next to Salma Hayek who says shes 5'2" and these Olsen twins were at least 2-3 inches shorter than Salma. They do not look like they are over 5 ft. They all had heels on.
ice said on 2/Jun/06
If that guy is 6 feet flat, then she's much shorter than 5'0. More like 4'9 LOL
faiza said on 31/May/06
just to make her look even shorter in public...she goes out with a 30 year old who's 6'! he dwarfs her!!!
Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/06
you mean 4'11"?
ds said on 14/Apr/06
I was on a modeling site and the people were talking about whether it's better to be short or tall. And they listed a list of short girls that had MK at 5'2" and 2 girls claimed to have met them and both said they were really short. Like 5'11".
Lucy said on 12/Feb/06
I saw mary-kate last year and i'm 5'7 and I Towered over her!
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/06
I saw her last year in NYC at a coffee shop. Im 5'1 and 1/2 and when i stood near her we were the exact same height.If it matters,we were both wearing flat shoes(she was wearing converse and i was wearing ballet flats) so for the record,she's 5'1" and a 1/2
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Oct/05
Ok, I just watched the actual clip (as opposed to just audio), so one last time here is what they said:
And if you want to view the short clip click here

Oprah: "Cause you guys are what, five, you're 5' 1, five..."

Ashley: "Five......Five, Five One"

[it seems because oprah said 'you guys', Ashley appears to be stating both of their heights, hence the 5 and '5ft 1']

Oprah: "5'1, ok. So that means if you're 5' 1 [pointing to MK], then you're [pointing to ashley] 5' 2."

Ashley (shaking her head): "Yeah, except for that I'm not 5' 2."
Mary Kate: "No, yeah...And I don't even think I'm 5' 1, so"
from someone who knows said on 4/Oct/05
Everything I've seen on Amy Davidson, even directly out of her mouth, states that she is 5 ft. even. She is the red haired actress on "8 Simple Rules" and was their best girl friend on their "So Little Time" show.

They were 15ish during that show and Amy was already a grown adult. Anyway, Ashley was already then taller than Amy & MK was about the same height; that was then. They appear to have grown a little in height since that show.

It isn't unusual for a female to grow another .5 or so around 15-16 yet most have the bulk of their height by 17-18. Notice that I never speak in absolutes; I do not use "all" & "never", so I know exceptions do exist.
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Aug/05
From, "saw mary kate olsen today (11/4) coming out of 27 w 20th - a random office building that apparently houses some masseuse to the stars (as my elevator companion and fellow mk stalker let me know). mk looked ridiculously tiny - i'm 5'3'' and literally TOWERED over her."

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Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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