How tall is Matt Le Blanc

Matt Le Blanc's Height

5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)

American actor best known for playing Joey Tribbiani on sitcom Friends and Joey. He also appeared in Episodes and films Lost in Space, Ed and Charlie's Angels. As a TV presenter, he has hosted Top Gear. In NBC Dateline Matt mentions his height, saying that "I went to New York to see about modeling and realized I was just way too short...I'm like, you know, five ten and a half maybe."

How tall is Matt Le Blanc
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Average Guess (41 Votes)
5ft 9.09in (175.5cm)
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
Yeah, He was legit 1.75m or 5'9
But now he look 1.73/1.74m
Animus said on 25/Jul/17
He could often look about 5ft10 on Friends, but he was often in big boots.
even said on 18/Jul/17
5 foot 9 flat
Cameron said on 22/Jun/17
Not sure why but me lift detector is on fire with this one.
BlueHead said on 30/Apr/17
178 in the first seasons of Friends , 177 now.
RisingForce said on 29/Mar/17
If the shorter guy in the pic Lmeister posted is a full 5'7" then Matt can look 176-177 cm there, but he also has better posture and you seem to imply the shorter guy would be more 5'6.5" so either way Matt looks more 5'9" flat, which is what he really looked to me pre-Friends. But Joseph Bologna who played Le Blanc's father has both 5'11" and 6'1" listings on the internet: Click Here As you can see at 0:15 in that video and these stills: Click Here Click Here
he's quite a bit taller than Le Blanc. Here are stills of Le Blanc and 5'5" Christina Applegate: Click Here Of course it depends on how big Applegate's heels were and whether Le Blanc wore boots or sneakers (he wore both on MWC at different times)
Arch Stanton said on 28/Mar/17
I don't doubt he got measured at 5'10.5 in shoes, though if you think of him in Friends generally he seemed like a 5 ft 8-9 sort of guy than 5'10, but like Matt Damon, stocky builds make them look shorter.
Vibram said on 27/Mar/17
I nail Leblanc at 5ft9.3 / 176cm, possibly 177cm out of bed and easily 190lbs+ on Top Gear. He's overweight with a big waistline. This must make co-presenters Rory Reid 5'11 and the often 'height-discriminated' Chris Harris at around 5'7.75. Rob, will you make a page for the latter two?
Lmeister said on 27/Mar/17
This is a good picture to define Matts real height. the shortest guy in the pic Chris Harris is same height as Eddie Jordan(5ft5). Even, if we are generous and list Chris Harris 5ft6-5ft7 Matt doesn't really look taller than 5ft8.5-5ft9.25.

Click Here
RisingForce said on 25/Mar/17
LOL, this guy has the most awkward claims. "I'm 5-11...actually I'm not 5-11" and "I'm like, you know, 5-10.5, maybe" I don't think it's even a shoe measurement. I think he's just guessing or lying. Gives the impression of a stocky 5'10" guy, but doesn't look anything over 5'9" flat in that Friends promo barefoot and he looked a good 4 inches shorter than Ed O'Neill on Married With Children. I'd go with 5'9" but I at least think the 176 cm was closer. Thick boots make him look taller.
Yonkers said on 16/Mar/17
Rob why are you so stubborn to downgrade him?
I encountered him in 2007 and he was barely 5'7 yet alone 5''9 range.
Editor Rob: Yonkers, I've not seen enough to suggest he was anywhere near 5ft 7.
josh jeffords said on 12/Mar/17
He is under this we all assumed his room mate was 6 ft he is nearly an inch less with bad posture.
That puts his height about an inch under that claims 5 10 looks 5 9 in boots, could be as little as 5 7.
I would bet big money I am taller than him actually than he ever was.
Greg said on 8/Mar/17
HAHAHAHAHA 5'9?? This man is literally like 5'6 barefoot
JustClueless said on 2/Mar/17
Erm if you look at that banned commercial it is quite clear that he is struggling to reach Phoebe's height it seems. They are at opposite ends but you can still judge that he doesn't really look taller than her in any of the shots. What I don't understand is why your listing is above it so much, unless he is always in lifts which most wearers of his height would be, really. At 173 to 174cm (even that looks a stretch in that commercial), he only needs tiny 2cm lifts in average shoes to get to 5'10" which would look quite normal in any shoe.
typing... said on 10/Feb/17
5'10"5 is a joke, he looks 174 175 176 type of guy...
Arthur said on 25/Oct/16
Rob, how tall does Leblanc look here, have you seen it? It's really old. Click Here He looks kinda shorter than usual here...
Editor Rob: he certainly didn't look a huge amount taller than Jennifer and could look 2 inches shy of Matthew there.
Arthur said on 6/Oct/16
Here, I found an old claim (that had been mentioned here but without the source) of his back from 92: Click Here ''I'm 5'11 and you have to be 6'1... Actually, I'm not quite 5'11 but you can put that''.

I'll give him the 5'9.75, but I don't think he can be over that. Click Here He looks about the same as Paolo Costanzo who claimed 5-10 himself. But Leblanc is always in boots, so he has a little advantage, hence the 177 cm. I also struggle to see him under 5'9.5... 5'9.5-5'9.75 that's where he is.
Jb1987 said on 19/Sep/16
There are new pics with him and kevin james. He can not be more than 175 cm! He even has thicker shoes and a better posture!
Rei said on 7/Aug/16
176-177 cm must be his height, how much does he weight nowdays, like maybe 185-190 pounds, definitely less than 180 is a lie? What do you think Rob? Thanks..
Editor Rob: under 180 would be a surprise as he has a bit of more bulk to him than his youthful days.
Mat said on 16/Jul/16
With 5'9.75 listed Tyler Ferguson Le Blanc looks a little taller.. Click Here But here about the same Click Here

Here with Chris Evans, Rob, how tall does he look? 5'10 flat or a little less? Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob: with Evans he can look about 5ft 10 generally, although I wouldn't have said he was taller than Ferguson.
Mat said on 12/Jul/16
Rob, look at this clip, Matthew Perry in socks and Le blanc in boots, what do you think of their diffrence? Click Here
Editor Rob: there didn't look much difference, but they weren't standing perfectly
Questionaire said on 10/Jul/16
My problem with this listing is that on friends Matt looks over 3 inch difference with Perry and that's with ugly construction workers boots on still. has anyone else noticed that When the reunion on talk shows and sitting on a sofa he appears shorter than Lisa.. And another flaw with this is he is known to wear lifts and looks much taller nowadays compared to the 90s... If he was 5'9 tall and wears 3 inch lifts and ontop of high heeled footwear wouldnt he be 6 foot or 6'0 1/4?
My guess for his height is 5"6 1/2 and with footwear and lifts at 5"10 1/2

What are you thoughts on this Rob?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure he really looked 3 inches taller, but then it's 20 years since watching the show!
Gregor said on 29/Jun/16
He's 175cm my friend Harry is 173cn and Leblanc didn't look much different in height.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jun/16
Yes 5'10.5 is probably a shoe measurement, but still, you'd not think he was 177cm watching Friends!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jun/16
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jun/16
I mean look here Click Here !!
Editor Rob: while 5ft 10.5 barefoot I'm not sure about, he certainly can look a minimum 5ft 9.5, at times does look 5ft 10

I did watch a bit of it the other night and when Chris is stood his best I did think he looked 4-5 inches taller. Perhaps Chris's posture at times isn't great, but I know Le Blanc has the tendency to where clumpy shoes at times, but looks in sneakers in some of the photos. Strange but if you see him in Friends with Schimmer and Perry I thought at times he could even look 5 ft 8 range. He never looked 5 ft 10 on Friends, I'm sure most people would think he was short!
CS said on 27/Jun/16
Time to upgrade Matthew Perry
AJ said on 26/Jun/16
Ya this listing looks more reasonable.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jun/16
I mean look here Click Here !!
Editor Rob: while 5ft 10.5 barefoot I'm not sure about, he certainly can look a minimum 5ft 9.5, at times does look 5ft 10
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jun/16
@Rob, have you seen him with Chris Evans on Top Gear? I don't watch it but I caught a clip and strangely he does look "Like 5'10.5" with Chris Evans. No more than a 3 inch difference between them I don't think. It's difficult to see him under 5 ft 10 with him, he really does look noticeably taller than he did in Friends days which is odd.
Editor Rob: unless he wears a lift 5ft 9.5 might be the lowest.
Francis said on 9/Jun/16
5'8, but near 5'9 is acceptable since this guy never gets rid of his lifts
Mat said on 5/Jun/16
admin, maybe you should give him 177 cm then? because of the photo of him and matthew perry..
Editor Rob: 5ft 9.5 range for Matt isn't unbelievable, he could pull it off.
Damon said on 31/May/16
Awkward build but 5'9 3/4 makes more sense.
Yankee said on 30/May/16
Is it possible that he is 177cm morning and 175cm at lunch and 174cm late afternoon?
Dame said on 22/May/16
Highly doubt he is anywhere near 5''10 that is the biggest joke.
Height nazi said on 18/May/16
Lift wearer everyone knows this Rob
Mat said on 18/May/16
So Rob, are you confident that he won't be a flat 5'10 man at lunch time?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule out completely that chance, but I think overall he looks a bit shy of it.
Bruce said on 18/May/16
My friends seen him on set changing shoes and walking around in sandals he is barely 5ft 6
Dame said on 17/May/16
Leblanc is 5'8

End of story.
Charizard said on 17/May/16
Big down grade time Rob
Mat said on 16/May/16
Rob, what the hell is going on in this picture?? Click Here
Editor Rob: it shows LeBlanc at times can look 5ft 10 range, of course if Perry has dropped 3cm in posture and 1cm in footwear then it makes more sense.
Mat said on 15/May/16
Rob, what's the highest you could argue for him?
Editor Rob: he can look near 5ft 10 at times, with good posture and a thicker boot.
Eric said on 14/May/16
A very weak 5'9 174-175 mark my words
Oregon said on 10/May/16
Just found out about this site for being very accurate with celebrity heights even especially when Google is full of crap but this thread reading below is all over the place. The people below make very good points like Matts walk being odd and at times watching his latest stuff and interviews he does seem to be wearing lifts in my opinion with how all over the place he walks and it just doesn't look right. His build makes him look smaller than he actually is too. I am extremely undecided... Anyone here actually met him in the flesh? My input is 5''8 or very weak 5'9.
Greg said on 8/May/16
MD - we can see that their feet are on a shared flat surface, and they appear to be about the same distance from the camera. So what I said, that Le Blanc appeared taller than Perry in this photo, I think is correct. We can't tell from the photo whether the shoes are special ones.
Height nazi said on 8/May/16
Rob wouldn't he be 5'8 3/4?
Editor Rob: just not sure he looks that short
Charizard said on 6/May/16
Around 5"6 no more no less.
MD said on 4/May/16
First off, given the angle, I'm not sure you can say he's taller in that shot. And, of course, he has a significant footwear advantage. Let's not be ridiculous and offer photos without any context commentary.
Greg said on 2/May/16
Le Blanc is taller that Matthew Perry in this photo:
Click Here
Vaughn said on 25/Apr/16
Hi Admin.. I do not mean to sound like a know it all but it is extremely obvious that he is wearing 3 or yes even 4 inch shoe lifts and before that he had those high heeled working boots he wore during ''Friends'' the way he walks is quite clumpy too.. and if Matthew Perry is 5'11 then why is there such a big height difference showing a huge gap between the the two? My thoughts on his height is 5'6 or 5'7.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
I agree w/h Dmeyer. Remember, he's seen a lot of these guys in the flesh. I'd argue 5ft11½-11¾ range for Matthew Perry (edged Willis and Baldwin) and LeBlanc is not under this listing.
musket said on 2/Apr/16
Not even close to 5''9.
Brad said on 30/Mar/16
He's 5 foot 8. Wore block boots on Friends and got owned by everybody male. 5' 10.5" is laughing gas.
MD said on 28/Mar/16
I'd agree with the estimates between 5'8" and 5'9". He is just not a flat 5'9" guy.
Chris said on 25/Mar/16
174cm no more no less.
MrAverage said on 23/Mar/16
I would give him 5'7 to 5'9 due to his build making him look quite shorter.
TommyGunner said on 17/Mar/16
He looks 5'8 to me on friends.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Mar/16
@Simon, nah look at him with Chris Evans, he can look almost 5 ft 10. I think this is accurate, in Friends he could often seem on the short side though.
Simon said on 6/Mar/16
I think in the interview he was just over compensating because he was 5 foot 8 which is still respectful height and lets be honest here he does wear 3 inch lifts or when they weren't available yet thick combat or work boots.
Don Vito said on 5/Mar/16
5''9 claims are far off. 5''8 is more accurate.
Shoelifts said on 4/Mar/16
Only 5 foot 8.
Dmeyer said on 25/Feb/16
5 ft 9,5 in is closer And Perry is more 5ft 11,5
Pitch_Fork said on 24/Feb/16
There was an episode on Friends where he was barefoot and Ross was wearing shoes and Matt definitely looked like 5'8.5'' minimum. So anything under that height is real bs
Arch Stanton said on 22/Feb/16
@Rob, scroll down, see the photo of them sitting down, his shoes look sus don't they? Click Here
Editor Rob: probably slightly thicker heel than average type of shoe, but certainly not cut high like you'd have with an elevator.
Dame said on 27/Jan/16
Rob downgrade this actor already I am sorry but his lifts and his heigh heel shoes ontop of things are the reason why they consider him 5 foot 9 or 10.
Jetsrule said on 25/Jan/16
There is a lot of episodes where Matt looked tiny like 172-173cm. Many episodes where him and Phoebe sitting next to each other phoebe looking taller sitting down and quite similar height walking next to each other... and that episode where he is wearing sandles at the casino.
Dame said on 1/Jan/16
174.5 cm is the most.
Jen said on 25/Nov/15
He's 5'8.5 max. He needs a downgrade. Barefoot he looked exactly the same as Lisa Kudrow while she was in flats. He always wore big lifts on the show.
Heylo said on 29/Aug/15
If he was 5'10 and a half as he was stating, then he would have a realistic chance of being a model of some sort, he could easily stuck in some small lift and look 5'11-6ft.
Jane said on 28/Jun/15
i'm not really sure about his height.... was always wearing boots on Friends, prob with lifts inside them, and even then matt perry always had 1-2 in on him... i'm thinking that barefoot there's a 3 in difference so either perry needs an upgrade or leblanc needs a downgrade
Mat 5'10 said on 11/Jun/15
Rob, here's a recent video of Schwimmer and Leblanc, now I know their footwear is not visible, but how much would you say their difference is? In Friends it wasn't so striking as it is here!

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could look over 3 inches I feel, maybe almost 4]
tilda said on 11/May/15
175-176cm seems right to me.

no more.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
Rob can you add a photo of him? Put it this way, I wouldn't be betting any money that he wouldn't measure a smidge under 5'9" on the stadio barefoot. Generally about 5 ft 9 is OK though.
Gabe said on 4/May/15
Rob, in the Friends TV show there is an epsiode that Matt and Lisa Kudrow are in flat shoes and he is almost at the same eye level she is

Couldnt 5'8.75" be a possibility?
[Editor Rob: I can't remember the episode, but I'd be surprised if he was that low.]
Thanasis said on 18/Dec/14
Rob, I've seen the interview you mention in the description. After LeBlanc said "5'10.5 maybe. I don't know", the interviewer, jokingly, said "What he really means is 5'8!" and they both laughed. Now, I'm not saying that he is 5'8", but it's worth mentioning that the interviewer might have felt he was exaggerating a bit.
MM said on 6/Dec/14
Rob, is there a chance Le Blanc's low be at 5'9 3/4?
[Editor Rob: he can look in the zone close to 5ft 10 yes.]
184.3cm said on 5/Oct/14
Yeah i think you are spot on there he can look Shortish at times because of his build. A guy who measured 179cm wouldnt project that. I thought even 175cm..just from watching Friends reruns.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/14
5ft9.5/177cm is fair. I remember when LeBlanc used to get described as 5ft11 and I'd automatically conclude that Perry was 6ft1-6ft2 and Schwimmer was near 6ft3!
Dmeyer said on 13/Aug/14
Click Here did a good looking looking close to 6'0.25in elle ballerina shoes on he has to be 5'11-11.25 shoes on his shoes or Max 1.8in
Dmeyer said on 5/Aug/14
Is a 5'9.5 listing possible that is Still just 176.5cm
[Editor Rob: there is a chance]
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/14
5'10.5 is probably his height in those clumpy shoes he wears.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/14
@Height181. Quite tall??? When?? He always looked like the stocky short guy on Friends next to Schwimmer. Matthew Perry could look quite tall, not Matt! He could look hshorter actually, like 5 ft 7 to 8 because of his build but I think about 5 ft 9 is accurate.
turgut178 said on 30/May/14
In the morning straight out of bed, could he be a full 5ft10?
[Editor Rob: I think that is pretty safe to assume]
dude said on 4/May/14
Could he be 5 ft 9.5 Rob?
[Editor Rob: yeah it's possible]
Realist said on 27/Apr/14
About 174 cm. He is not short but clearly less than Mathew Perry and David Schwimmer.
Mike T said on 6/Apr/14
I met him once and he was the same height as me. I'm nearly 5'9" (175cm) so I'd say that he's more like 175cm or 5'8.75 like me.
Lorne said on 28/Feb/14
Ed O Neill was more 186 range in MWC, a full inch taller than David Boreanez who had biker boots. I could even buy 6'1.5, considering he looked that height with poor posture. But Rob doesn't believe me:( But anyway, O Neil at say 186, fits with him at/around 176.( I've seen him on that show, he really does look 4 inches under him!!!
Nav said on 27/Feb/14
He was on "Married with Children" 1991, 3 years before "Friends", at least 4 in shorter than Ed O'Neill...5-8 1/2.
Angeles said on 14/Feb/14
Saw him on the late late show live. He looked really short and stocky. Definitely not a 5'10er. Could no way be taller than 5'9
Mike T said on 31/Jan/14
about the same height as me, 5'9". Met him once
MPinTense said on 21/Sep/13
I think Rob is right, in season 6 when Joey dates Elle McPherson (True 6 feet), they are eye to eye everytime they kiss. His boots give him 2 inches top so yeah 5'9.5 would be my guess. No way his boots give him 4 inches, sorry 5'8" believers !
Brad said on 5/Sep/13
Notorious boot wearer. 5' 8" is all you get. He's always looking up at everybody cept Court & Jen.
Cnut the Great said on 4/Sep/13
I love how when people are asked there height they act like they dont really know... everyone knows their height. when he have people who act like they dont know, they are lying
herber 185 said on 25/Aug/13
in a video with finn f1 driver kimi raikkonen (who's generously-174cm max) he looked around 176-177max considering also the shoes advantage - check in utube for yourself
truth178cm said on 24/Jul/13
174cm range
Petrolhead said on 25/Jun/13
He wore horrendously fitted clothes which made him look podgy and short. Rob has this one quite good his shoes were pretty big. BUT what do you think of this Rob Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can pass for 177cm range at times]
Balrog said on 4/Feb/13
No he can look 174-175 a lot in first episodes of Friends. Barely taller than Lisa Kudrow, legit 5'8''.
Dom said on 2/Feb/13
The only time LeBlanc wore lifts was on the Elle Macpherson episodes, it was obvious because suddenly he was eye level with David Schwimmer. Elle is supposed to be 6ft. As for the barefoot promo, he is leaning back at times, I still think 176cm is fine, Perry is 182. Def no less than 175cm. 5'7-5'8 range is completely absurd.
Cingetorix said on 23/Jan/13
I'd say 5'6/57 judging by the dressing gown scene and the barefoot promo, as he always wears boots with probable lifts inside it could easily give him a strong 5'9 to a weak 5'10.
I'd put Chandler at 5'11 barefoot and Ross at 6 barefoot do the figures kind of add up.
Josh said on 9/Jan/13
Well looking at that video that Rob G posted he looks about 5'8 , 5'9.25 is his shoe height .
SAK said on 5/Jan/13
After watching the video that Rob G posted, I think LeBlanc is 175cm. LeBlanc is not standing upright like Perry (so the difference looks bogger then it is). But as they are all barefoot, it is obvious that LeBlanc is always in boots/lifts in friends episodes.
Hellere said on 7/Nov/12
Has anyone seen that episode where chandler is towering over Ross for the first and only time. Chandler is standing like 6"3 in this scene
Cingetorix said on 24/Oct/12
Going from the barefoot promo and the scene where joey is in a dressing gown talking to Ross in the hall I have to put him at 5'7.5 or so, he wears boots a lot and I'm certain there will be a lift in there somewhere getting him to about 5'10 or slightly under. His build is quite heavy but it always seemed similar to a smaller guy than a 5'10 guy especially the length of his torso.
Shaun said on 24/Oct/12
5'10.5", yeah in his regular boots. 176cm is too high, 174-5cm looks nearer what he'd be barefoot. About 3 inches shorter than Matthew Perry barefoot, Perry is 182cm range.
RisingForce said on 11/Oct/12
Well, I'll defer to you on this one, Clay. Your estimates are always reasonable(among the best on the site, imo), and I'm guessing you watched the show more than me. But I will say that I'm not sure there was just a 3 inch difference with Ed O'Neill(Al Bundy) back when Matt used to be Married With Children in the early 90's. I'll have to find a clip or look closely for the height difference.

For what it's worth, in that same interview where he claimed 5'10 1/2", he said that Perry and Schwimmer were both "like an inch or two" taller than him.
Clay said on 8/Oct/12
Ross - 6'1
Chandler - 5'11.25
Joey - 5'9.25

Rising, he wore boots a lot of times in Friends. When he didn't, you could see a huge gap in height between him and the pretty tall David Schwimmer.
RisingForce said on 6/Oct/12
Never watched Friends that much, but when I did, he looked like a 5'10" guy to me. Not much shorter than Matthew Perry who is listed at a solid 5'11" here and David Schwimmer who is listed at 6'1" here certainly didn't have more than 3 inches on him. Didn't notice his shoes too much, but is he a guy who just wears boots, or is he a guy whose boots like unusual like potential elevator boots and does his height seem to vary a lot?

If he just wears boots than he's taller than a flat 5'9" and not much below 5'10", if at all. If he wears lifts, well, then I could see him at a flat 5'9".

Tommy, where did you see that 5'11" or "almost" claim? I searched, but couldn't find it, could you post a link? It's very similar to his 5'10 1/2" claim, so I believe you.
Mathew said on 16/Sep/12
176 cm as listed is fine. He's calling his height in a healthy dress shoe.
Guz said on 29/Aug/12
I think 176-177 is allright, no way less than that.
Tommy said on 10/Feb/12
I found another claim of his, just under 5'11 basically: I'm 5-11 . . . Actually, I'm not quite 5-11 . . ."

I think 5'8.5 is right. He was always in boots pushing 2 inches on Friends.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 27/Dec/11
I think he might be slightly less than 5'9 based on that barefoot friends promo
Silent d said on 13/Dec/11
No way he is 5 foot 10 and a half. He is a lift wearer. 5 foot 8 seems low. If perry is 182cm than le blanc is a weak 5 foot 9.
Rob G said on 5/Dec/11
Dmeyer says on 27/Nov/11
This Guy is 176 With a chance of 177


Watch this Click Here
btw I am curious, why some peoepl just plainly ignotre this vide? It has been posted few times now)

LeBlanc is about 3" shorter than Perry in this clip. All cast memebrs are barefoot. What more do you want?
So he is between 5'8" and 5'9". Period.
SAK said on 28/Nov/11
Yeah thats definately true. McPhereson is never standing upright, and LeBlanc has lift help,

But he alsways has lift help on Friends, as he is usually similar height to Perrey who is around 2" taller.
Dmeyer said on 27/Nov/11
This Guy is 176 With a chance of 177
Silent d said on 9/Nov/11
He always looked short to me until i watched the episodes with 6 foot elle macpherson. I think there is some trickery there and camera angles. They didn't want matt le blanc to be towered by macpherson. They made her look shorter on purpose. 176cm is right.
Mr. Tempus said on 25/Sep/11
5'8, 5'8.5 at much
Rob G said on 12/Sep/11
I think you may be spot on, Plump.
joooohn said on 5/Aug/11
Matt leblanc has around 2-3 inches max on jennifer aniston
in this promo they are all shown barefoot
Click Here
Dominic said on 26/Jul/11
Big T says on 13/Jul/11
If Elle Macpherson is 6 foot then Le Blanc + footwear is easily 6'1" in the scene when he introduces her on Friends. If he's 5'9" or less then what shoes was he wearing??

He wasn't taller than her in those scenes they were about the same height. But Im certain he was wearing huge lifts in those shoes because he looked about 2 inches shorter than Schwimmer than his normal 4. I'd say Mcpherson is more 5'11 range than a legit 6'0. Leblanc got a boost that day but I don't think it was a boost all the way to 6ft.
jake said on 25/Jul/11
He seems to be of absolutely average height
hfhdf said on 19/Jul/11
i'm 172 and he looks bigger than me. he's no less than 174cm and no bigger than 177
dmeyer said on 15/Jul/11
this guy pulls off5 5 ft 10-11 when in biker boots 1.7 in heels nothing less than 176cm
Big T said on 13/Jul/11
If Elle Macpherson is 6 foot then Le Blanc + footwear is easily 6'1" in the scene when he introduces her on Friends. If he's 5'9" or less then what shoes was he wearing??
Legend said on 23/May/11
Correction: I'm 5'10, disregard my last post. And I still think he's 5'9 flat.
edward said on 8/May/11
maybe 5ft9 barefoot in the morning and 5ft8 in the evening
Marcio said on 3/May/11
watch this: Click Here
Pause the video at 1:53 and you'll see all of them side by side. LeBlanc is the same size as Liza Kudrow, which is said to have 1,73m.
edward..... said on 13/Apr/11
i would say a weak 5 ft 9 .. he wears huuuge boots ...
Legend said on 10/Apr/11
5'9 isn't short, but it's a confusing height because you can at times see a few girls your height in public and it does bring you down a bit. I'm 5'9.5 midday and I know how it feels to be just shy of 5'10. It can get to you sometimes.
Dominic said on 23/Mar/11
Its funny how people bag 5'9ers for being short. Compare Leblanc to someone who is 179, the difference is barely noticeable yet the 5'9er is called short and the 5'10.75 guy is considered tall. 176cm isnt short at all imo, its just not tall, its average.
Clay said on 22/Mar/11
Brad says on 20/Mar/11
Chunkys fer Matt on every episode with the other guys, he's under 5' 9" and hates it.

Id say he is 5'9 and has a complex about being short, like plenty of 5'9ers do.
Brad said on 20/Mar/11
Chunkys fer Matt on every episode with the other guys, he's under 5' 9" and hates it.
DMan said on 19/Mar/11
5'8.5 MAX.
He always wore chunky boots. I've seen many eps where he's wearing those boots, and Perry is wearing flat shoes or socks, and is still slightly shorter.
Rob G said on 20/Feb/11
Well dmeyer, LeBlanc looks that height on the show. When he's standing barefoot next to Perry in that commercial he looks around 3 inches shorter, and Perry is not quite 6ft. Strong 5'9" for LeBlanc? Nah. IMO the guy is 5'8.5"
dmeyer said on 8/Feb/11
on friens e can look 5 ft 9 o 5 ft 11 to me he is aleast strong 5 ft 9
Ali said on 7/Feb/11
I give him 5'8 tops. He wears big shoes to
look taller.

176cm is complete nonsense
dennis said on 3/Feb/11
if he's 5'9" then chandler gotta be like 5'10" tops
AlexH said on 28/Jan/11
I'd say he's 5'9- 5'9 1/2. He isn't short, but not tall either, so that number seems about right. 5'10" is a bit tall, in my opinion, given that he is the shortest of the male "Friends" and Schwimmer, the tallest, is probably no more than 6'1" and he towers over LeBlanc.
Brad said on 13/Jan/11
Wears those chunky Priestley boots everywhere for good reason, he's 5' 8.5".
Rob G said on 13/Jan/11
CLay says on 12/Jan/11
At times you could see about 4 inches between him and the 6'1ish Ross, 5'9'' is correct.

I'd say Schwimmer is just shy of 6'1" and LeBlanc is just shy if 5'9".
leonari said on 12/Jan/11
Guy is 5'9. in the morning.
CLay said on 12/Jan/11
At times you could see about 4 inches between him and the 6'1ish Ross, 5'9'' is correct.
Franco said on 11/Jan/11
After seen that comercial i would say he is 1.73 or 1.72cm and 1.78 with heels
Rob G said on 5/Jan/11
Oh, finally a downgrade for him. Though, I must say he really seems to be no more than 5'9" flat.
Givve said on 31/Dec/10
5'9 at the most, probably more like 5'8.5
Clay said on 26/Dec/10
He has a decent build, but the thing that hid his height on the show was those huge boots he was always wearing.
Legend said on 28/Oct/10
This one is funny, He is at the most 5'9
Rampage(\-_-_-/)Clover said on 27/Oct/10
176cm tops....5"9 flat more likely
Adam Brennon said on 21/Sep/07
It's three quarters of an inch Rocker. I don't such a margin deserves so much controversy.
Bombay Rocker said on 31/Aug/07
Not more than 5 feet 9 for sure.....i am criticised for increasing the height of celebs on this site but he definitely needs a friends if chandley aka perry is 5 feet 11.5 then he was like 1 inch under him with a heel advantage of atleast 1 inch + he always had a rock solid posture and who knows maybe lifts cause his shoes always had this high top and bigger front and ugly so definitely not more than 5 feet 9, this listing is generous.
Big-T said on 30/Aug/07
maybe hes my height which is more than 5'9.75" but just under 5'10" i no its not much difference but he does usually look bout 5'10" imo
Rob G said on 19/Aug/07
He's 5'9 :-) If Matthew Perry is listed on this site as 5'11.25 so how can Matt be almost 5'10 when he was always wearing big boots to look close in height to Chandler and yet was a bit smaller. Of course Perry could also use some tricks but looking at their footwear it's obvious who was wearing lifts on Friends. I believe Matt Le Blanc is 5'9 :-)
leonari said on 14/Aug/07
you can't have Paulo Constanzo and Matt Leblanc at basically the same height. Sorry Rob. It's obvious that Constanzo has him by an inch. Matt Leblanc is 5'9" . He has the body of a 5'9" guy and he looks it. 5'10" is a joke or Paulo Constanzo (from the series Joey) is 5'11" which he is not! His claim is even more laughable: "five ten and a half...MAYBE"...he is acool actor and there is no one who could play Joey the way he did. Still he is only 5'9"
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/07
Yeah i think that Matt is quite right about that appearing smaller when surroundedby taller guys,but I about Le Blanc I have differrent opinion though, I've watched all seasons of Friends and must say he never looked like a genuine 5'10 guy more like 5'9 and even though hios a bit smaller than he claims he was great as Joey, I just loved the way he played that role :-)
Matt said on 30/Jun/07
I think these 5'9" claims are off. Look back to the Friends episodes where Le Blanc is playing opposite 6' Elle MacPherson. If we assume that MacPherson used flat sneakers giving her half an inch, Le Blanc would still have to muster a 3.5" boost in height. Are we really buying this?

The guy only appears small because he is surrounded by tallies on Friends -- 6'1" Schwimmer, 5'11.5" Perry and 5'8.5" Kudrow (nearer 5'10.5" in her heels). I know the feeling all too well. I am supposedly an "above average" 5'10" in height, but the four lads I used to walk home from college with all bested me by at least an inch and a half.

Le Blanc is a solid 5'10" IMHO.
Brad said on 30/Jun/07
5' 9" big block footwear. Somebody You Tube him on Leno saying he is 5' 8" and X out this debate. Just look at the boots he wears on Friends. He's always 3 "friends" away from Lisa in the master shots. I wonder why.
dmeyer said on 25/Jun/07
can loook 5'11 in boots so 5'10
Bad Radio said on 25/Jun/07
i think this guy is 5'9...he wears huge boots on friends which make him 5'10 - 5'11.
Aaron said on 12/Jun/07
I don't really see matthew perry at 6'0.5". He looks more 5'11, maybe a weak 6'0 with bad posture or something. I also think le blanc might be a smidgen shorter than 5'10 because I'm 5'10.5 and I don't really every look short. He looks short in a lot of scenes in friends and I know perry and schimmer are on the taller side of things, but regardless I still think le blanc is more 5'9/5'9.5.
david/ no1 friends fan said on 29/May/07
matt le blanc is 5'10 smack on. he wears lifts to make him leval with 6'0.5 matthew perry and 6'1.5 schwimmer. with 3 inch heals this makes him 6'1 leval with these guys.
l0ck n l0ad said on 26/May/07
Hey Mad Fan... damn I can't believe he said that, very nice of him to be honest and secure about admitting his real height, I respect him for that. Way to go LeBlanc!
Mad Fan said on 24/May/07
I think it was maybe 2 years ago Matt went on the Tonight Show and Jay Leno brought up height for some reason and said to Matt "You're what, 5'10?" Matt said, "No, I'm 5'8." !!!! Jay looked at him surprisingly and said, "Really". it seemed Leno was shocked because Matt just made everyone in Hollywood 2 inches shorter! I was shocked, too!
TheJerk said on 15/May/07
Im not sure if its been mentioned here, but, with Tom Selleck he looks 5-9 in an episode of Friends I saw last night. Don't rule out 5-9 Rob. He's from my city BTW.
Brad said on 18/Apr/07
He's always looking up at every male actor that ever came on "Friends".
6'2.5'' JK said on 7/Apr/07
All i know he is definetley not 5'10'', he also looked kinda 5'8'' to me Viper, but 5'9'' MAX
Viper said on 7/Apr/07
He really is 5-8.
Pete2 said on 5/Apr/07
In NBC Dateline the interviewer also responses "Oh, yeah. He really means five eight”.
Click Here
Brad said on 23/Mar/07
I've never understood how anybody could think this guy was over 5' 9". Just look at those shoes he wears, they smell big stealth height addition to get up to the taller "friends".
Marcel said on 21/Mar/07
Brad - you have it right. Its amazing how he can look only an inch shorter than Perry one episode and then 3 inches shorter the next. My barometer - the scene with Jeff Goldblum who is 6'4'', he looked like 8 inches taller or something. If it was proven Le Blanc is anything over 5'9'' barefoot I would sell my house.
Brad said on 16/Mar/07
Wears stealth footwear. He's 5' 9" in my opinion.
aj said on 7/Mar/07
Le Blanc has always looked a fair bit shorter than the other male cast members so I bet 5-10 is about. By the way Mr D Schiwmmer is definatly taller than 5-11 he's 6-1 at least
Jada Montega said on 5/Feb/07
That dude is about 5-10.5 i seen him one time at a show and he wasn't really that short cool guy only problem was he brushed me and didn't even acknowledge it. Wat a jerk!!!
Viper said on 22/Jan/07
Perry sure looks 5-10 to me.
Leung said on 21/Jan/07
Matthew Perry 5'10"? come on get real.
albi said on 20/Jan/07
I also invoke Paul Rudd :)
That guy has a big head that makes him look shorter, like Chris Benoit. When I first saw him at Friends, my first thought was "finally someone shorter than Joey." Well, it turned out they were the very same height. Joey does not look average in Friends, he looks terribly short. Mostly more than 10cm shorter than everyone he meets during the sitcom. Maybe 5'10" is very short nowadays. I am that height, and in many cases I am the shortest of the group.
hb45 said on 13/Jan/07
Matt LeBlanc 5'10" (178cm), Perry 6' (182cm), Schwimmer 6'1.5" or 6'2" (187/188cm). But it's possible that Matt LeBlanc wears lifts to reduce the difference in height compared to the other actors of Friends...
Mr D said on 20/Dec/06
Le Blanc is 5ft 9in; Perry 5ft 10in; & Schwimmer around the 5ft 11in - 6ft mark.
joey said on 20/Dec/06
yer because bruce willis is 6ft when i stand next to him because im 5ft 11 on the dot so matt must be about 5ft 10 which is tall anyway and perry tends to wear lifts at premiers and stuff when i have seen him in person
i have a photo with him and on the photo he is wearing lifts and is about an inch and a half off me so he is about 5ft 11.5
Glenn said on 1/Dec/06
Seemed 5-9.5,5-10 when I saw him 9 years ago.
G-unit said on 1/Dec/06
That guy isn't short. I'd say at least 5'10, but it is kind of obvious that he wear lifts.
TJ said on 12/Nov/06
Viper, if Perry is 5'10, Bruce Willis is 5'9. Not likely. I think Perry is between 5'11 and 6'0.
Chris said on 11/Nov/06
Matt Le Blanch is about 5'10'' Matthew Perry close to 6, Schwimmer 6'1''.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/06
Id say Leblanc is 5-8 1/2 at best. Perry 5-10 and Schwimmer 6-0-6-0 1/2.
Viper652 said on 8/Nov/06
I think Schwimmer is 6-0. Maybe 6-0 1/2 at best.
dmeyer said on 1/Nov/06
it is true that he wears 1.5 in to 1.75 in most of the time in friends but i dont think he is less than 5'10 since he lookes 6 ft in shoes
Brad said on 1/Nov/06
Le Blanc wears boots/thick soled shoes in most everything he is in. He's about 5 feet 9.5 inches. He's always looking up at the other male actors on Friends.
MOF said on 31/Oct/06
Damian Lewis is listed as 6 feet on CB not 6'1". And yes, Schwimmer did look taller, but no taller than 6'1" in comparison.
Josh said on 26/Oct/06
In Joey sometimes he looks shorter than his co star Paulo Costanzo who is 5'10 so hes not a solid 5'10 also look at pictures of them toguther hes a bit shorter than Paulo hes 176cm 177cm max he always wear boots and stuff i wouldnt give him more than 176cm 5'9.
Friends Fan said on 2/Sep/06
Was watching an episode of Married With Children with Matt Le Blanc in it last night. He was standing next to Al bundy alias Ed O' Neil and looked 5'9 because O' Neil is 6'1 or was back then when it was filmed.
pussy_baba said on 1/Sep/06
c mon editor rob this guy i say is no more than 5 feet 8.5. even u know it i bet but i dont know why u dont downgrade heights of some people who r clearly shoeter than their listed height even here.this guy i know for sure is 5 feet 8 inches maybe 5 feet 9 max to max not a whisker above it.u might have seen him barefoot many times in joey sitcom and everyone knows he wears lifts inside shoes and his shoes too are special which can accomodate lifts. heis still a lot shorter than 6 feet david schwimmer.a lil short than perry and perry for sure is 5 feet 11 at max he cud even be 5 feet 10.75 or 5 feet 10.5
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/06
i think he is a strong 178 like 5 10.25
Conner Iannone said on 10/Aug/06
Le Blanc looked the same height (nearly) as Schwimmer and Perry in the show and in other scenes he looked a good 3 inches or 4 shorter! Don't tell me TV stars wear massive lifts too.
Nelson Heights said on 17/Jul/06
If Le Blanc is over 5'9 id be mega shocked!
dmeyer said on 26/May/06
5'10.25 is possible
Anonymous said on 25/May/06
ofcourse the point is : matt is wearing lifts.
On friends you must look at the scenes where his height is minimum not the max!
You see matt about a couple cm shorter than perry but I've also seen him (compared to perry who is min max 5ft11.5) as 5ft9.
Height Expert said on 11/Apr/06
Leung...i dont know which standards your'e talking about because 5'10 is not short...5'10 can only be short if the average guy is 6 feet tall .. so i guess 5'10 is a perfectly normal height for a guy .
Leung said on 9/Apr/06
The reason why many people think Le Blanc looks short is because by today’s standards 5’10” is short.
Height Expert said on 8/Apr/06
All those people who think LeBlanc is less than 5'10 have no idea what they're talking about...i have watched all episodes of friends and it is very obvious that LeBlanc is no less than 5'10 ...the guy is about an inch shorter than Mattew Perry whose close to 6 ..Even if he hasw lifts he cannot look so tall all the time. I dont know what satisfaction people derive by downgrading ppl's heights.
rwfender said on 18/Mar/06
I saw an episode of Friends with Paul Rudd as the guest. Paul Rudd was talking to Matt LeBlanc and they looked right around the same height. Paul Rudd is listed as 5'9 on here. LeBlanc is hard to tell...he looks anywhere from 5'9-5'10
TJ said on 24/Feb/06
Look again rW. If Matt's head was straight, there would be an inch difference, max. See the height of the shoulders. That pic doesn't prove much though as it's a publicity still that's likely doctored.
dmeyer said on 8/Feb/06
when he wears boots he looks close to 6' so he is aleast 5'10 i cant buy anithing under 5'10
No_name said on 4/Feb/06
I just saw the episode in which Friends are in Las Vegas and Joy works in a casino dressed as a gladiator.He was wearing the flatest sandals in the world and was clearly 1-1,5 inch taller than 5' 9"-175cm Liza Cudrow.And no one can be suspicious of Cudrow,she always looks tall in flat.So,that makes him 5' 10" "and a half maybe". End of story.-
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/05
Matt LeBlanc ALWAYS had boots or thick soled Docker type shoes on in Friends, the few scenes where he is barefoot next to Schimmer and Perry show a clear height difference - I'd say:

Leblanc - 5'9.5"
Perry - 5"11.5"
Schimmer - 6'0.5"

Neither of these three is more than that. Willis looked 5'11" in Friends, Selleck 6'4" and Bradd Pitt 5'11"
levi said on 6/Dec/05
yeah but who cares because youre so fit and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Betel said on 29/Nov/05
I think he is fairly tall at 5'9.5 - 5'10.5 but looks shorter due to his proportions. Plenty of people who are 5'10 look short even if they are 5'11 in shoes.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/05
this pic with leno is weird because leno looks taller than schwimmer
Rien said on 7/Oct/05
I am 5'10.5". I think that Matt is surely between 5'9" and 5'10" He doesnt seem big, All of the actors usually change their true height, besides, one thing is to be measured with shoes and anotherthing is without shoes.

[Editor Rob: remember the episode where Jeff Goldblum was doing a scene. When that guy straightened up he made leblanc look in that range!]
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/05
i saw evey episode of friends and i think le blanc look aroud 179 or a minimum of 178 cm
Josh said on 2/Aug/05
I agree with jack there´s no way this guy is 5'10 (178cm)without shoes he must be 5'9 (175cm) barefoot tops in a good day hehe.
leonari said on 29/Jun/05
Yeah JOEY is alwys wearing the ugliest shoes, boots...makes you wonder...The guy is never ever 5'10.5...5'8.5 max
Mr. R said on 27/Jun/05
I love that line - that Schwimmer and Perry are only an inch taller than him. That counts as the funniest thing I have heard today! (Look closely at his footwear in the Friends shows - he is always in big heeled boots, and is still way shorter than his male co-stars.)
Mr. R said on 27/Jun/05
Raj, remember that Matt may have been skinnier when he first got to Hollywood. I agree that he does not now have the model body type, but he had that fresh scrubbed look that was popular a while back.
Ricardo said on 27/Jun/05
Yeah Rob i think its about time to downgrade this guy... you know a new month is around the corner so its time to tell the truth. Those of us who have watched band of brothers know that schwimmer aint no 6'2" because he stood next to Damian Lewis who is 6'0" and they were the same height. My brother is 6'0" and my father is 6'2" and my father is taller than my brother, so i know how 6'2" looks compared to 6'0". If Schwimmer isn't 6'2" then Perry cannot be the 6'1" he claims because he is SHORTER than Schwimmer... do the math. Thus Perry must be about 5'11", our dear friend Rob managed to get that correct at least... Now those of us who watch this show (not the earlier version when leblanc used to wear lifts and was only a little shorter than Perry) will know that both Perry an Scwimmer shrimp Leblanc. My best friend is 5'9" my other friend is 5'11" i KNOW how a 5'11" person looks next to a 5'9" person. Well Leblanc doesn't look that tall next to Perry. I have another friend who is 5'7". And Leblanc doesn't look that short compared to Perry. Thus the only conclusion i can come up with is that he MUST be between 5'7" and 5'9" so... there is only one number and that is 5'8" and that is how tall he is, he might be half an inch more but he still doesn't make it to 5'9" maybe in his morning height he does i dunno. At least put him at 5'9" Rob.
San said on 26/Jun/05
Editor Rob, Mathew Perry is listed at 5'11" on this website and LeBlanc is 2 inches shorter than him. (see the pic I had posted earlier). How can you still have him listed at 5'10.25"?
leonari said on 6/Jun/05
My best Friend met Matt LeBlanc while he was filming this strange transvestite Film in Austria and Hungary. My Friend is a solid 5'10"(1m78cm), I measured him myself. He said Leblanc was at least 2 inches shorter than him and maybe a good inch taller than me (5'7"). Matt is 5'8", maybe a tad above and if anybody is a friends or joey sitcom fan he would realize that Matt is ALWAYS wearing very ugly shoes with a bit of a heel ,never sneakers...Now why do you think that is?????? I don't understand how people can think he is above 5'10". Even on TV he never looks tall but always average. Please dear editor do us all a favor and downgrade this guy.thanks
J. said on 1/May/05
The transcript below is more proof that he is the 5'8" that he appears to be. I know from experience that if a person who is shorter than you questions the height you tell them, then you're most likely lying. For instance, a buddy of mine wrote 6'3" on his driver's license. We all were like "You're 6'3?! More like 6'0!!!". So, yeah, LeBlanc got busted in a white lie, the Hollywood way.
Mr. R said on 29/Apr/05
While I think that Matt is exaggerating about his height (there are lots of shots with him in thick soled boots), I do want to give him a little slack on this modeling thing. I used to work in downtown LA near the Fashion District. I would go over to the showroom building for lunch sometimes, and the models would be prepping for shows. Without a doubt, the majority of the male models that I would see were from 6-0 to 6-3. Most of the women were from 5-9 to 6-0 in their heels. They prefer long and lean bodies for modeling, so while Matt was not completely excluded from the pool, he was a long shot. Also, my first audition in LA was for the Lion King, and I was stunned when I got there and all the men were 6-2 to 6-4, which made my 5'11.5" body feel like a shrimp! I do understand how Matt felt intimidated!
Ricardo said on 28/Apr/05
How the hell can he be too short for a modelling agency at 5'10 1/2" ? 5'10 1/2" is pretty tall only 1 and a half inches under 6'0' and i here to be a male model you have to be 5'9" and over, he is not making any sense. He looks dead on 5'8.5" to me, and as for his Co stars Perry looks like about 5'11" to me and Schwimmer 6'0". watch band of brothers, Scwimmer is the same height as 6'0" Damian Lewis, he might be 6'0.5" but 6'1" seems a little too tall.
Issheuhboy said on 22/Apr/05
AS I wrote on Matthew Perry, LeBlanc is suspicuious. Now, I know this is kinda vague, but did you see Jeff Golblum on Friends? Compare Jeff to LeBlanc, then Goldblum to his Will and Grace appearance with the 5'10 Eric McCormack and 5'11 Sean Hayes. Golblum was at least half a foot taller than LeBlanc. It's the old Hollywood tape measure + 2 trick - 5'8/9 I think.
Tom said on 3/Apr/05
A while ago I saw Le Blanc on The tonight show and he was wearing sneekers. He was about 1 inch shorter than Leno. Maybe Jay is wearing lifts. I´s really hard to tell.
John said on 1/Apr/05
Jay leno is not 5 11". He's 5 10" max.
Ricardo said on 28/Mar/05
Hmm but u have to remember bothe perry and schwimmer are a full two inches shorter than what they are listed as, that would make him a full two inches shorter.
tommy said on 20/Feb/05
Matt stood 1 full inch shorter than Jay Leno so i would say he's more like 5 9". There's no way he is 5 10".

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