How tall is Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

English actor best known for playing Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series of movies. On TV he appeared in All Creatures Great and Small and Ripper Street. In this photo I had slightly more sneaker than Matthew.

How tall is Matthew Lewis
5ft 8 Rob and Matthew (age 19) @ Collectormania, 2008

How tall is Matthew Lewis
5ft 8 Rob and Matthew @ Collectormania Milton Keynes, 2008

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Average Guess (110 Votes)
5ft 11.22in (180.9cm)
Jordan87 said on 18/Apr/23
Rob, even with you Shoes being " Slightly" Thicker, he only looks maybe 3" tops on you there.
Darksol64 said on 15/Feb/23
Looks to have a slightly longish neck which means lower shoulders and smaller body may make him look shorter, but still looks a solid 3 inches over Rob. So factor in 1/4 in footwear that's pretty close to 5'11.5

Likely no less than 5'11 1/4-3/8 range.
Ice Tray aint 6 feet said on 27/Jun/22
Closer to 5'11.5 than 5'11.25. I have him the same as Chris Paul. Trae Young aint 6 feet btw, he's 5'11.75
5'7 and a bit said on 29/Apr/22
@Quis 5'10.75 is a joke. Either you didn't read the description or your just purposely downgrading, no offence. Either way it's your opinion.
Quis said on 15/Apr/22
6ft0 said on 7/Jul/21
Whatโ€™s his eye level? 169, 170?
Editor Rob
probably almost 170cm if measured standing tall
Jamie 1998 said on 9/May/21
Yeah when I met him in person I thought he looked more 5' 11" flat.
Ray ? Atikian said on 31/Aug/20
I think on most days heโ€™s about 5โ€™11 (182 cm) but on a good day he could be 6โ€™0 (183 cm)
Pena said on 16/Aug/20
Between 173cm guy and me 178,5cm guy there looks to be same difference than between you and Matthew. I think he is 180cm. Considering you have bit more footwear and you are strong 173cm?
Nick777 said on 21/Feb/20
About 180 cm, 182 max, so 181 is a good guess ...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Oct/19
@ Nik and Banaanas - So do my two tomcats, the Banana brothers!

๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ - Ironically, they actually ARE ginger-and-white cats, just as depicted in the emoji!

Young Matthew can have 5ft11.25. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
2toes said on 28/Sep/19
The listing is probably right.
Guest66 said on 5/Apr/19
Mugshot lines are definitely helpful but you have to take into consideration footwear and posture as well. He might look like heโ€™s only 5โ€™10.75โ€ according to the lines, but Rob is looking like heโ€™s barely 5โ€™8โ€ himself with a little more shoes even, then look at Matthewโ€™s posture and you will see that heโ€™s dropping at least a fraction in height. This man is 5โ€™11โ€ flat bare minimum, taller than Rob by 3 clean inches at least, 5โ€™11.25โ€ could be argued if heโ€™s loosing only about a fraction in posture.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 25/Feb/19
I can't see him almost 6'0, but somewhere around 5'11 seems believable.
Peter 180cm said on 2/Jan/19
Looks 180-181cm range more than about 182..Solid 5'11 for me.
Kapp said on 12/Oct/18
He looks huge in HP, makes you realize how short HP cast really is!
Mike5 said on 19/Sep/18
Listing is way too high
Zampo said on 25/Aug/18

Yh I read it. I don't doubt he may look near to 5'11.5 in person but in this photo (where Matthew and Rob are standing reasonably well in my opinion) he isn't close 5'11.5.
MAD SAM said on 10/Jul/18
If you guys havenโ€™t read Rob has typed he was wearing a thicker sneaker to Mat .... anyway 5โ€™11.5โ€ at 181.5 cm is accurate
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 22/May/18
5'11" flat, the 5'11.5" listing is too high.
Zampo said on 22/May/18
Quite a interesting listing, one of the few that I think could be up to 1/2 inch off personally. Think he more a 5'11 flat.
Jordan87 said on 13/Apr/18
5'11 Tops as per his pic
Bard said on 13/Apr/18
5'11 flat seems more reasonable
ConnorS said on 28/Mar/18
A friend of mine met him years ago and he took a picture with him. My friend is exact 178 like me and he was the same height as him. He was surprised because on screen he seemed much taller. Max height 179-180 but no more.
Faza said on 6/Dec/17
Looks maybe 2.5 inches taller than rob in that picture ? And less footwear he must be a good 3 inches taller so he has to be at least 5ft11 range
CD said on 15/Nov/17
Doesn't look 5'10 of course but probably a weak 5'11. Add on a bit for footwear and an honest 5'11 seems more accurate. 5'11.5 is just too high.
Chase said on 14/Nov/17
He's 182 lmao y'all keep forgetting that rob has a slight footwear advantage
Johnson said on 9/Nov/17
@Rob how long is your head?? Is 10 inches as it looks in the pic??
Editor Rob
technically it is around 9.6 inches, but in photos if you have a slight tilt of eyes down it would look 10 inches, but if you tilt your head up, then it will shorten a bit nearer 9 inches.
Johnson said on 8/Nov/17
Textbook 5'11 according to the pic with Rob and considering shoes
Andrea said on 8/Nov/17
5'10??? He doesn't quite look as tall as listed here, but he looks comfortably taller than 5'10 and no less than 5'11 in fact, all things considered.
Bobby said on 7/Nov/17
He looks 5'10 next to Rob, but minus the footwear advantage, I can see 5'10.5 for this guy.
Editor Rob
he does look well over 5ft 10 up close I feel.
Csimpson 6ft said on 22/Oct/17
He looks closer to 5ft 11.25 to me than 5ft 11.5
Tom said on 11/Oct/17
Looks 5'11" flat in the picture.
Canson said on 31/Jul/17
Avg 5'11.25 looks good. Looks roughly 3" taller than rob
Mark(5'9.5 said on 4/Jul/17
I wouldn't be surprised if he claimed 6'0".

This listing is fine. No need for a downgrade
noname said on 11/Jun/17
Look at him here with Ruta Gedmintas:
Click Here

She's supposed to be 178cm, yet looks taller than him despite wearing really flat shoes and slouching a little bit. And compared to that Matt's shoes look rather bulky. Might be a bad angle but in this pic he looks no taller than 5'10 at best.
Editor Rob
he doesn't look under 5ft 11 in person, certainly I would put him over it in fact...
World Citizen said on 25/May/17
Looks 5 ft 10.75
berta said on 19/Feb/17
maybe more in the 180-181 range?
Lily Jarvis said on 13/Feb/17
he is 6'0" tall and i can promise that.
Evanna Lynch said on 9/Jan/17
I can guess how tall Alan Rickman is. I'll put in a guess even though i already know
josef said on 6/Dec/16
5ft 11.25 for sure.
king said on 13/Oct/16
He looks 179 to 180cm here
S.J.H said on 30/Apr/16
Up here 5'10.5 but slightly less heel than rob which make him 5'10.75 at least. I'll say he could be 5'11
marc said on 20/Mar/16
ok took a look on those Mugshots still not taller 5'11
marc said on 11/Mar/16
rob why does he looks much shorter on the pic than your listed height?looks like 178 cm there...
Editor Rob
I don't think he looked that short, I have added those mugshot lines to the photo now.
NBAer said on 6/May/15
Flat 180 guy,maybe 182cm with shoes on...atleast that's what he looks in the photo
truth2 said on 10/Mar/15
at least 5ft11 but not over 5ft11.5
lelman said on 9/Dec/14
He looks 180cm here to me, but otherwise always gave the impression of a 6 footer.
Emil 183 cm said on 22/Sep/14
Looks 5'11.25 at worst. No way is he shorter than that
Dylan said on 19/Sep/14
sorry i looks 182cm.
Dylan said on 21/Aug/14
179cm - 181cm
avi said on 10/Jun/14
Isn't this looking like more of a 3 inch difference than 3.5?
Editor Rob
he was shorter than my six foot friend that much I wasn't as sure on though, but close to 5ft 11.5 I think is ok for him
Kourosh177cm said on 30/Apr/14
looks no more than 5'11
avi said on 17/Jan/14
5'11 flat possible?
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 31/Dec/13
Looks 5'11.5 assuming same footwear
Emily said on 22/Dec/13
Does his head look around 9,25 inches? I'm terrible at guessing head length.
Editor Rob
probably around that
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 3/Oct/13
Always thought this guy was like 6ft 2+ growing up watching the films, until I learned how short most of the rest of the cast was :P
Thinker said on 28/Aug/13
5 11 at its best
avi said on 17/Jun/13
The Phelps twins aren't a full three inches taller than him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
"Matthew Lewis's height is 6ft 0in (183cm)"
Hew said on 17/Jan/13
He's definitely 5'11.25 - 5'11.75 range.
John D said on 12/Feb/12
Looks 5'11" to me. How is he pulling exactly the same face and pose in each picture? He could be the best human statue ever.
Godred said on 22/Jan/12
@Alexandre - only you would say, 186 is rediculous, I wouldn`t say he was anything under 5`11,but he`s nothing over 6 ft flat absoloute max,I think Rob`s 182 listing is a fair one.
Alexandre said on 20/Jan/12
186 cm I'd say. He needs an upgrade!!
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 5/Dec/11
He was on soccer Am the other day and looked to just edge out 5'9 Lee Clark. So suprised about this either Lee Clark is taller than listed, different footware or This guy is not taller than 5'10-5'10.5?
Yaspaa said on 19/Oct/11
He seemed significantly larger in the final Potter, I would have guessed 6'2, they do use odd angles in the movie though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Aug/11
Still a chance of growth after 19.
adriana said on 6/Aug/11
When was this picture taken? I mean, he's surely grown some since then? Maybe 6'0 now Rob?
Editor Rob
he was 19 there.
Peter said on 24/Jul/11
I'm straight I measure 6 feet 2 in (188 cm) and when I met him (2009) and was quite a lot smaller, I would say about 3 inches. So it will have a maximum of 181 cm and not more
jake said on 27/Jun/11
5"11.5 is correct.
meeple said on 17/May/11
I'd say 5'10.5-5'11.
Godred said on 1/May/11
@USYD - personally don`t think he`s over 5`11 - the movies aren`t the best way to determine his height - they can and do cheat when it suits them - lifts,different ground levels etc. - probably why Matt Smith is so hard to gauge in Dr, Who.
James said on 8/Apr/11
Does not appear over 5'11 (180cm) with rob and jenny.
Rikashiku said on 13/Jan/11
In the pics with Rob and Jenny, he looks about 5'10" ish. I dont see any slouching in the pictures and if he was it'd only be by a cm or 2.

Maybe im not looking properly to see 5'11".

I thought one of the Phelps twins was 6'1" and the other 6'2" Anyway. It looks like theres 4 inches between Matt and whoever that twin is.

Editor Rob
I saw a photo of Matthew with Tyson the other day, he is a couple of inches nearer the camera though.
maddison said on 27/Nov/10
Click Here look at this picture of Matthew Lewis at the premere of HP7 standing next to Oliver Phelps, who is 6'3. there is NO WAY Matthew is 5'11"!!
Hugh 190cm said on 19/Jun/09
Why did you downgrade him rob? You've downgraded all the harry potter actors!

Editor Rob
I'm estimating the potter actors I've seen to what they looked in person.
Stacy said on 13/Mar/09
I love the third pic, that chubby cute kid turned into a pretty handsome man! He's quite adorable
\\\\ -_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 25/Feb/09
I thought he could look about 6ft1 next to the twins.
yoyo said on 22/Feb/09
beside the 6ft3 twins he does look 5ft11.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/09
hes axtually pretty good looking on that last picture:)) not my type at all but still
Lenad said on 17/Jan/09
Looks 5'11 at best to me but I suppose its not too easy to judge cause I've never seen him in the flesh.
Alex said on 16/Jan/09
Actually Katie was only wearing sandals in the picture too because she did post a picture of her in line with sandals on. That comes into play.
Alex said on 16/Jan/09
With the 2 6'3 twins I wouldn't go over 5'11 since he is a bit further from the camera. Looks no more than 5'11 with Rob as well. With Katie claiming 5'10 it may this guy look 5'11 1/2-6'0. She def looks more 5'9 but I wouldn't say shes under that though because Matthew is still 2 inches taller than her and about 3 inches taller than Rob.
Hugh said on 16/Jan/09
Well I think he's a solid 6ft. The Phelps do look 6ft3.
miko said on 16/Jan/09
Would 181cm be closer to the mark Rob?

Still a solid 5"11 guy at that, he's probably a legit 6"0 out of bed anyway.

Editor Rob
he could be 181.
Josh said on 16/Jan/09
Katie is not 5'10 , 5'9 tops and that guy looks 5'10.5 - 5'11 tops
Alex said on 15/Jan/09
Shes closer in height to Matthew than Rob is though. But wait wasn't Katie in sandals while he had on sneakers if I remember right? If anything she may be like 5'9 1/2 or at the very lowest 5'9. Shes an inch taller than Rob at least.
xyzblast said on 15/Jan/09
Alex no she would struggle to 5'9.
Brah said on 15/Jan/09
I think Katie just overestimated his height. Maybe because of his combed up hair.
Alex said on 14/Jan/09
Katie could still be 5'10 if not a a little under it.
Alex said on 14/Jan/09
Rob is wearing shoes 1/4 inch bigger which is not much. Katie may have overestimated her height but she'd still be at least an inch taller than Rob based on these pictures.

Editor Rob
0.15 inch.
xyzblast said on 13/Jan/09
He looks exactly 5'11 with Rob. Looks like Katie overestimated her height. She seems to struggle with 5'9 there.
Alex said on 13/Jan/09
With Katie he looks closer to 6'0, like 5'11 1/2.
linebacker40 said on 13/Jan/09
He looks 5'11" in the photos above, but he looked 6'1" in Harry Potter 5, especially near the twins.
bradjamin said on 13/Jan/09
rob,why have u taken off katie's pic with matthew.Matthew did look 6'0 with her.she said she saw him at 6'0-6'1?But with u he's looking barely 5'11

Editor Rob
I saved over hers without cropping it in, but I have added it again.
Realme2008 said on 12/Jan/09
Good height listen Rob. He looks to be about 3 and a half inches taller then you. Not 4 and not 3. I'm glad he grew into a tall man. It's nice to see a tall fellow.
Pik said on 12/Jan/09
To me he looks only 5ft10.25 flat, or about two inches taller than you, Rob.
Brian said on 12/Jan/09
Nice, the first time I truly believe didn`t shorten someone. He really seems to be 5ft11.5 in the pics. Good job!
Alex said on 11/Jan/09
I see 5'11 flat in both pictures.
MD said on 11/Jan/09
Definitely not 6'0". Great photos Rob and Jenny.
rob89 said on 11/Jan/09
He doesn't look anywhere near 6' in those pics to me. 5'10,5'10.5 tops. If he were really 6', his eyes should be roughly inline with the top of their heads. His posture looks decent too.

But maybe there's just something weird with these pics that make him look shorter,as i remember he did look about 6' in the pic with Katie.
Umar said on 11/Jan/09
Hugh, he does NOT look 6'.
Bouncer said on 11/Jan/09
I only see 5'11 in both pics.
miko said on 11/Jan/09
Struggling to get over 5"11 in both of these pics.
Hugh said on 11/Jan/09
ROb why have you downgraded him. He looks at least 6ft.
Hugh said on 14/Dec/08
At least 6ft.
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
He looks about 5'11, I don't think he's 6' I mean his eye line is only an inch above this Katie person's.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
How tall is the girl to his right?
Anna said on 5/Sep/08
Wow ... he's grown up nicely. Wish he was abit older! *hehe* Yeah, he looks like he's around 6'
carl said on 5/Jun/08
alfie,s 6,3 now.matt looks 6ft here.i agree with you chip alfie,s turned into a giant.
Green said on 29/May/08
I agree with you Chip, Alfie really has gotten tall over a short period of time. He's gotten to be a giant!
Hugh said on 26/Apr/08
When was that photo taken. Matt may have grown since.
houra said on 23/Apr/08
Hi ! I met Matthew two days ago in Leeds (where he is from) and can tell you that he is a bit less than 6ft as my boyfriend is 6ft and was slighlty taller
Hugh said on 22/Apr/08
Yeah 6ft and pretty cool guy unlike the rest of the Harry Potter kids. Spoiled Brats!
umad80 said on 27/Mar/08
Yes, but she is also closer to the camera. And I don't think Matt is standing as straight as you think. Not as bad as Katie in the picture, but you can tell he's leaning forward and his head is pointed downwards a bit.
Max said on 27/Mar/08
If Katie is 5'10, Matthew should be 5'11, because he is standing straight, while Katie is not, and her head is bowed a little bit.
Chip said on 17/Feb/08
6 feet certainly makes sense for Matt. It was PoA where he really started growing. He was about 5'8" or so in PoA, since he looked about 3 inches taller than Dan. Then he grew some more right before filming GoF. If you want a HP actor that grew a lot in a REALLY short amount of time, then it's Alfie Enoch.
Amazing Grace said on 14/Feb/08
To Lucian-Ro
I grew from 5
Lucian-Ro said on 10/Jan/08
Can somebody answer me please ...
Lucian-Ro said on 7/Jan/08
And Jason please tell me if you have done something to sustain that growth(some special exercises or sport) or you've grown simply without doing anything...
Lucian-Ro said on 7/Jan/08
I read the previous comments about jason,lewis and rodman, And remained very suprised so i asked my father the age that he stopped growing and to my surprise he said that he grew several centimetres between 19 and 20.5 years.
May that mean that i will have a late growth to??? ... because I'm 17.5 years old and only 5ft 7.75 when i go to sleep and 5ft 8.5 when i wake up ... though and i'm half an inch taller than my father ... please give an answer ..
Alex said on 22/Dec/07
Either way, he grew 7-8 inches after 18.
Jason said on 21/Dec/07
I remember reading 5'11'' at 18 at a few places. David Robinson was another - he was only 6'6'' at 20ish.
JohnP said on 21/Dec/07
According to Rodmans trivia on I M D B, he was 5-9 at age 17, I think. So he might have been 5-11 at 18. But shouldn't he have grown a lot at age 18? I don't think he grew just 2 inches between 17 and 18, I think he was growing more. But he seemed to have stopped late. Didn't he start playing basketball really late also, just because he "wasn't tall from the beginning"?
Jason said on 21/Dec/07
I was 5'11 1/4'' at 13, too. Weird growth runs in my family. Dennis Rodman grew more than me late ... I think he was 5'11'' at 18, too.
Jason said on 20/Dec/07
I was only 181cm on my 18th birthday. Yeah - hands, feet, arms, etc. grew correspondingly. Sounds like we're kinda similar...
Derek said on 20/Dec/07
I had a moustache around 13-14, and at 19, I can grow chin straps in 3 days.
JohnP said on 20/Dec/07
Btw, I started getting chest hair at 15, I think. :)

I had a mustache at 11 years old, and beard growth started at around 13 years old.
JohnP said on 20/Dec/07
LOL, Jason. You almost described myself there, lol.

I stopped growing at 13 also, but then I managed to grow an inch more at 16 years old. Had all your other body parts stopped growing or did they grow too afterwards (like hands, feet, arms)?

I'm sure you have written this a million times, but what was your height before your "late growth spurt"?
Anonymous said on 15/Dec/07
I think everybody who is out and about during the day loses a little bit of height from morning to evening. I'm 5'10.25" in the morning, but by the end of the day, I'm an even 5'10" (but I'm barely 16, so I'll keep growing anyway). As for Matt Lewis, I'd say a solid 6'.
Alex said on 11/Dec/07
Danius, see I actually lose height kinda fast. Not sure who else is like that. I'll go from 6'0.75 out of bed, sometimes I may hit 6'1 out of bed though. But I am down to 6'0-6'0 1/4 in 4-5 hours then maintain that height for the rest of the day pretty much. 6'0 on the nose before I go to bed.
Viper said on 10/Dec/07
I cant even grow that much facial hair in my 20s.
Alex said on 10/Dec/07
I do sometimes feel a bit taller but I still get measured at the same height.I've been told I am one of the taller looking 6'0 guys they've seen, but also a fair amount of guys who claim 6'0 are 5'10-5'11 anyway.
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
I had as much as he does in the pic at 14. The average age for that amount? Hmmm ... maybe 18? He's still a bit sparse on the chin and doesn't have much of a moustache.
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
Maybe you are. I sure didn't think I was gonna grow again when I turned 18 & hadn't grown a fraction since I was 13.
Danius said on 9/Dec/07
5'9.5 is my mid height, I wake up at about 5'9.9- really close to 5'10 and I go to sleep at 5'9.1 so I average it out, 4-5 pm height is 5'9.5 so.. :)
R.G said on 9/Dec/07
I see that Matthew Lewis has got a full beard, what age do people normally have a full beard at, i am just asking this because it is interesting that some people his age don't have full beard's like him
Alex said on 9/Dec/07
Jason, my friend's dad who I saw last week who I haven't see in some months told me are you getting taller and I said I doubt it. Maybe he's shrinking because I did feel a little shorter next to him last I saw him. I highly doubt I'd grow anymore at 23.5 years old. People tell me sometimes I am growing but I measure and don't get any difference. That or I just come across taller than I really am.
Alex said on 9/Dec/07
Danius, 5'5.5 at 12.5 is tall. I wasn't that tall as that age, more like 5'1-5'2. Now you say you're 5'9.5 at about 15 years old, I was 5'9 flat the time I turned 15. I turned out to be 6'0 or a shade over but I think you'll be at least 6'1, maybe 6'2.
Alex said on 9/Dec/07
Danius, 5'9.5 is that your morning or evening height or in between?
Jason said on 8/Dec/07
That happens, yeah. I didn't grow a single cm from a few months before turning 14 to a couple months after turning 18.
Wesley said on 8/Dec/07
I hope I'm a very late bloomer because im 19 and only 5'9 :)
Danius said on 8/Dec/07
I don't shave although i got a bit of a moustache? no hair on my cheeks though, and no chest hair, and im pretty skinny, weird though..

i was measured at 5'5.5 at 12.5 5'7.25 at 13.5. 5'8.5 at 14.25 and 5'9.5 at 14.75, steady growth,
R.G said on 8/Dec/07
damquesive radnerson i am the same as you, when i was 14 i was 5'6 now at 17 i'm only 5'9 i never had a growth spurt either in my mid-teens, i just grew steadily
Derek said on 8/Dec/07
My dad was 6'3 1/2" at 14 and didn't grow a centimeter after that.
Jason said on 8/Dec/07
I was an early bloomer as well as a late bloomer (was 5'11'', size 14 shoes, shaving, and chest hair at 13!). Go figure...? lol
JohnP said on 8/Dec/07
I guess I was just an early bloomer (kind of like the opposite of Viper and Jason, lol).

I also read John Cleese had reached his final adult height at age 13.
saga said on 8/Dec/07
Farzaan, yeah i was 5'6 at 14..though i was aready 6'2.25 at 17.
Usually guys are about 85-90% done at 17, you'll likely end up being 6'0-6'1 but everything is possible.
Back to Matthew and Katie, it'd be also interesting to know what kind of shoes he was wearing in order to determine how much footwear advantage he had. Do you remember Kat?
Katie said on 8/Dec/07
Alright, to clear up a few things about my posture, I am actually standing pretty straight in this picture, I'm only leaning in towards Matthew a bit. The proof is in this photo of myself and Mary with Elisabeth Rohm (who was sitting on a stool, thus the picture is unusable for celebheights):
Click Here
Note that Mary only looks about an inch shorter than I am- THAT'S my "low standing height," if there is such a thing. I also believe that Matthew wasn't standing at his full height, as I clearly remember looking UP at him (and thinking, "he probably breaks 6-foot!") as we tapped him on the shoulder to ask for a picture.

So I STILL say 6'0 to 6'1".
saga said on 7/Dec/07
Danius 6'1 is possible for you. I was shorter than you at 14 (just 5'6), and now i'm 6'3.
Anyway the shoes of Katie are very flat, she's basically barefoot in the pic above, giving him a slight advantage. Taking also into account her posture i think he's 6'0 tops.
Danius said on 7/Dec/07
Jason says on 7/Dec/07
Danius says on 6/Dec/07
''I will make it, another 3.5 inches''

A number of tall guys I knew at your age only ended up growing another 1-2''. Some not even that. Hopefully, you'll reach your desired height ... but I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch, mister. ;)

I've had docs check me and tests done so I'm fairly confident I'll reach atleast 6'-6'1.
Dave said on 7/Dec/07
guys leave the poor girl alone!!!!!!, this is mad!

on topic, in the pic matthew looks a legit 6'
Evanna said on 2/Dec/07
Yeah, Anthony, kids grow. Plus Matt is only 18, he might still be growing.
Btw a couple of days ago I saw Richard Fleeshman (kid-soap-star-turned-singer) in Arndale Centre, here in Manchester, and boy, has he grown! I swear I don't watch Coronation Street, I just happen to know who he is, and back in his Corrie days he was just a kid... but now he's almost 6'2"! Really tall, I was surprised. I think he's 18 too, so there's a fair chance he's not done growing yet.
Anthony said on 2/Dec/07
This is Neville?! I stopped watching Potter films awhile ago
Alex said on 2/Dec/07
Katie, you do look 5'10 in the picture you posted right below standing in line. Those shoes seem to give you no more than 1/2 inch. It does put Lewis at 6'0 or just under.
You got a model body too.
Katie said on 2/Dec/07
The only reason I know what shoes I was wearing is because a congoer actually took a picture of the line at an ATM machine. ^^;;

Click Here
Flats don't get much flatter than these. lol Anyway, this picture shows the awkward way that I tend to stand while I'm wearing this shirt. I can't have fully erect posture because it makes my bra show above the neckline, thus I curve my shoulders a bit, but I'm still standing pretty close to straight. I might be half an inch shy of my full height in the picture above.
JB said on 2/Dec/07
screw Lewis...I'm too busy peeping 5-10 Katie.
Alex said on 30/Nov/07
Danius, I agree big time.
Danius said on 30/Nov/07
Katie is hawt.
umad80 said on 29/Nov/07
I was wondering about shoes too. I also think people need to remember that the girls are closer to the camera than Matt is. Seems everyone forgets that. I think it's obvious he is a strong 6" and possibly a weak 6'1".
Alex said on 29/Nov/07
He looks about the same height I do next to 5'10 people. Though I think I may edge him out by a hair.
brother_h said on 29/Nov/07
HA! even catsman agrees, i think?
Brah said on 28/Nov/07
You can't always go by eyeline. He has a bigger forehead than her.
saga said on 28/Nov/07
If you shave Matt's hair he'd be not much taller than Katie looking at this pic. She's not even standing fully straight.
What kind of footwear was she wearing that day?
Maybe she has some heel which gives her a little bit of advantage making him a solid 6'0, possibly 6'0.5..but right now i'd say just 6'0 flat.
mofo said on 28/Nov/07
robby rob was katie their wearing heels?
Cause if she is hes alot taller than 6ft.

Editor Rob
best ask her...Katie, u still reading this page? What footwear have you got? And your friend is just wearing sneakers?
Catsman said on 28/Nov/07
Katie -he doesn't look much more than an inch taller than you in this pic, going by your eyeline rather than the hair.
Alex said on 28/Nov/07
Also Katie is closer to the camera. It would be 2 inches if they were at the same level. The other girl looks closer to 5'7 with Katie at 5'10.
brother_h said on 28/Nov/07
he looks 6'0 or under.
he doesnt seem that much taller than the girls and the tallest girl is 5'10.
i mean im 6'1 and my dad is 5'9 and his eyes are like around my chin. the taller lady's eyes are under his. so that would be 1 inch maybe?
help before i embarrass myself =D
Kevin Durant said on 27/Nov/07
Katie, are you a model or something because you really look pretty in this picture, and I think you can absolutely turn out to become a stunner in holywood.
Alex said on 27/Nov/07
Katie, you're a good looking 5'10 girl. Tall and leanish. Its working for you.
umad80 said on 27/Nov/07
I still think 6'1" is accurate. Maybe not a strong one? But nothing under 6'. It's laughable to even suggest that. He never looked anything under 6' with the 6'3" twins. And in the photo I posted below, he could easily pass for 6'1".

I remember 5'10" was floating around for him back during PoA days... I think it was what he gave himself so growing 2-3 more inches since makes a lot of sense.

Also anonymous, guys are suppose to stop growing at 18 while girls are suppose to stop at 16. You have that a bit wrong. lol But guys will very often grow beyond 18. It's been known for a lot of guys to grow into their 20s.
6' said on 27/Nov/07
I'll say he looks about 6' but I don't know about your friend Mary
Katie said on 27/Nov/07
Anonymous: Mary (on the left) is 5'8, and I probably could stand up about half an inch taller, but believe me, I am 5'10 and Matt was definitely at the very least two inches taller than me. I pay REALLY close attention to height in guys and I was impressed by "little" Neville! :)
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/07
if hes 18 then hes stopped growing, most people on average stop when there 16. And tell you something is no way he's 6ft ! not even with that 2 inch of hair stuck up on his head, he looks 5'9 - 5'10 max. no way hes 6 ft the woman next to him is the same size stood up straight and the women on the left is clearly no bigger than 5'6 id say 5'5.
Alex said on 27/Nov/07
What did Katie estimate him as?
Looking at him again he may be just shy of 6'0.
I'm 6'0 myself and look a bit taller next to 5'10 guys then he does.

Editor Rob
she thought 6-6ft1 maybe.
Nicola said on 27/Nov/07
Yes, that's his exactly height. But maybe he will be taller. He is 18 and i think his peak height will be 6'1'' (1m85)
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/07
omg he's sooo much bigger and aged compared to the first Harry Potter movie!!
Kevin Durant said on 27/Nov/07
He looks barely 6'0, and i agree with Alex that Katie is beautiful!!1
myspace celebrity said on 26/Nov/07
wow, i didnt even recognize him lol i agree with umad80; he is easily 6 feet tall at the least
umad80 said on 26/Nov/07
Only 6'? He looks 6'1"ish with the twins. Click Here Although yes, I always thought he was definitely a legit 6' and nothing under.
Alex said on 26/Nov/07
He looks 6'0 if they would be the same distance from the camera.
Yea, Katie is pretty I agree.
snrub said on 26/Nov/07
Much thinner than he looked in the films. Looks a decent height.

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