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5ft 10.68in (179.5cm)
Legend said on 24/Jul/11
I wonder how much he weighs? He looks about 170 pounds usually.
Bouche said on 16/Jul/11
Looked a couple inches taller than 5'7 John Leguizamo in Lincoln Lawyer. I'd say 5'10 if he's lucky....
Lauren said on 30/Jun/11
@lieing makes youa liar!, Brad Pitt is 5'11, that's perfectly good height.
john said on 24/Jun/11
He has my build- short legs, long torso. Looks 5ft10 to me.
Marco said on 16/Jun/11
A perfect (maybe a hair under) 180cm (5'11)
truth said on 4/Jun/11
Gene- says on 10/Feb/11
Viper is right- Matt is in Brad Pitt territory- 5'9 thats it- no taller- have stood/worked beside them both
exactly and thats why 5ft9 gets donplayed.
lieing makes you a LIAR! said on 24/May/11
Lieing about your height makes you the worst kind of lier, because you are lieing to yourself, and also assuming that everyone around you is so stupid that they don't know what a 6' 0" person looks like! If you are under 6 feet I am sorry if it bothers you, but adding 2 or 3 inches to your height when people ask only makes you into a boat ful of jokes when you are not around. What differrence does it make anyway, some of the hottest women in the world are with average, or shortish guys. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Stallone, Phillipe, Rob Lowe, Vin Diesel, Justin Bieber etc.
Mann said on 27/Apr/11
He appeared his height with 5'10" George Lopez. They were eye to eye, Matt barely taller.
voiceless dental fricative said on 24/Apr/11
Again with Phillippe(in the same boots as before) this time wearing elevator shoes:
Click Here
Click Here
voicelessdentalfricative said on 24/Apr/11
looks 5'9.75 with Ryan Phlilipe here:
Click Here

In his defense, Philippe is wearing some very strong footwear.
meister said on 20/Apr/11
I saw him at a Dodgers/Astros game a few years ago. He was looking tan, fit and SHORT!! He's 5'8" give or take an inch. Most of the people who've seen him in person agree, as you can read.
TruebloodFan said on 16/Apr/11
5ft10 flat. when has he ever looked short? even @5ft9 he wouldn't be short, but he's 5ft10. wears lifts at premieres.
DMaN1528 said on 14/Apr/11
i would say 5'9.5"
shell said on 28/Mar/11
he appears short to me also....5'9 seems generous, as that's more average than short.
KR said on 11/Mar/11
I met him in Vegas, and he was roughly the same height as my wife in heels. So about 5-9 max.
al said on 4/Mar/11
aspen when did 5'9 become so short? Thats the average height of most men idiot. Id say matthew's around the 5'9 5'10 range, no more
Asd said on 2/Mar/11
In 'fool's gold' looked average.

Click Here

In this scene he is barefoot and Kate Hudson's sandals don't add anything (around 0.25 inches). Assuming Kate is 5'6 he must be around 5'9...
SAK said on 18/Feb/11
Toby says on 18/Feb/11
Short? He looks massive in his films. Probably because of his muscular build though, I would of thought he'd be 6'1 or something
I hardly would call him short as he's nearly 5ft11. C'mon he's above average.

But I am surprised you though he was tall, because to me he looks stumpy, because of his stumpy legs.
Toby said on 18/Feb/11
Short? He looks massive in his films. Probably because of his muscular build though, I would of thought he'd be 6'1 or something
Aspen said on 16/Feb/11
Matthew McConaughey looks like he's seriously short in reign of fire. Being bulked up seems to give away his short body legs and arms. He moves and runs like a small guy. I believe the comments below stating he's no more than 5'9" are correct. Good movie. But he looked so short that I was prompted to find this website trying to see how tall he really is.
Gene- said on 10/Feb/11
Viper is right- Matt is in Brad Pitt territory- 5'9 thats it- no taller- have stood/worked beside them both
excuseme said on 6/Feb/11
anything under 180 cm for matt is ridiculous, look at him next to doorways hes well on the 6 foot mark, he looked like 7 inches taller than 5'5 al pacino, hes a good looking guy with a good body, and an average height, dont downgrade what is obvious. nobody ever said he was tall

im a strong 6'2 barefoot and he was only a little shorter than me
James said on 2/Feb/11
Well i heard some people think he is 6'2. I think Matthew can defenintly pull of looking taller than he is.
Shaun said on 1/Feb/11
TruebloodFan says on 11/Nov/10
this guy wears lifts

Sorry but this guy lives down the beach and would probably walk around naked if you could. Very unlikely he is a lift wearer. He is always barefoot and does not seem to Stallone/Pitt type who are always in boots.
Shaun said on 1/Feb/11
Looks 5'10-5'11" range to me. He might hit 6' but only in chunky boots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jan/11
James said on 24/Jan/11
he's above average. 179cm at worst.
Givve said on 17/Jan/11
5'10 at best
paul86 said on 21/Dec/10
If Armstrong listed at 5'9.5'' than Matthew is 179 cm funny how his listed at 6ft in Men's Health.
Brad said on 14/Dec/10
No Kevin, you "seening him" (sic) is hilarious at 5' 8".
Kevin said on 12/Dec/10
This is definitely wrong hes no where near 5'11. I seen him and his wife once in Texas. Im 5'11 1/2 with shoes and when i walked by i had to look down on him. My best estimate is 5'8, maybe 5'9 with shoes on.
Random Person said on 11/Dec/10
5 ft 10.75 seems correct to me
Mike said on 8/Dec/10
I got a question.
If he is 5' 9''. What is the height of his wife Camila Alves?
meister said on 8/Dec/10
LOL - I saw him at a Dodgers/Astros game 2 years ago. He was sitting a few rows behind home plate and I was across the aisle from him. They put a camera on him to show that a celebrity was in attendance. I saw him arrive and leave and he's around 5'8 or 5'9 tops. Claiming that he is 5'10 or 5'11 is ridiculous. Believe me.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/10
C'mon he's a nice guy and good actor but he is not that tall! In surfer dude he is the same height as woody h. He's 175 cm.
Dural said on 25/Nov/10
Matt is obviously about the same height as 5'9.5" (rather generous) listed Lance Armstrong.
Click Here
Click Here
TruebloodFan said on 11/Nov/10
this guy wears lifts. saw him in some magazine the other day. in one photo he's on a red carpet event with that girl/wife of his. she's in heels, he's in lifts, and only 3cm taller. the other photo of them in the street, she's in flats, he's (again) in some suspicious Cruise-like sneakers, and 7 or 8 cm taller than her. 5ft10 is probably the truth, but he can pull of the 5ft10.75. and yes, he looked visibly shorter(4-5cm) than 6ft Bale in Reign of Fire fist fight scene, if I remember correctly, so one more indication of 5ft10.
Viper said on 4/Nov/10
5'11 is insane. Hes 5'9
jake said on 4/Nov/10
I think he's 5' 11" flat. The 5' 11 3/4" thing could be an early morning measurement
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/10
Matt Mc looked about an inch shorter than 5'10.5" Danny McBride face to face on Eastbound and Down...
Original said on 5/Jul/09
He looks 5'11.5 in my opinion.
OliTheMan said on 19/Jun/09
i thought he was almost 6ft. cus i just watched Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (i know, lame... but my gf made it pretty nice lol ;) and he was like 3 inches taller than Michael Douglas at least. and he was noticeable taller than Jennifer Garner and stuff.
kevans said on 18/Jun/09
5'11 sounds right... on a bad day, b/c of his obvious "slouch" he could be 5'10 1/2

someone said earlier that 5'11 can easily pass for 6' and that is VERY true, especially if you're lean, muscular...
Midget said on 18/Jun/09
I agree with Brad on this, looks close to 5'11" in his movies and the pics of him that I have seen. His build and poor posture can be deceptive but he isn't under 5'10" that's for sure.
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/09
I would bet he is right around the height listed give or take half an inch. a weak 5'11 guy can easily pass for being 6'. especially a lean guy like Matthew McC.
Brad said on 10/Jun/09
5' 11". Dude abides bro.
kevans said on 10/Jun/09
idk i think you guys got this one, 5'10 and a half seems about right...
Matt isn't "short" obviously but he isn't "tall" which is generally considered to be 6' or taller...
For instance and having met/seen him before and i stand a solid 5'11 and a half... i measured, and 6' with boots on, and he's about BARELY(which would be an inch) shorter than me

someone said it right earlier, depending on bone structure, build, yada yada you can actually LOOK taller b/c your body is proportioned that way, Matt is like that but his arms are too short for a guy that would be "6 feet"

*bottom line: he's most likely 5'10.5, 5'11 too a little over on a good night's rest
kevin said on 1/Jun/09
i always thought he was taller than 179cm but i just watched sahara and he looks even shorter than that. i dont know why he just looked short in that movie.
leonari said on 14/May/09
I agree...Could be a real 5'11". But he has the shortest arms I have ever seen on a such a well built guy. I even read he is aware of it.
TELLEM said on 14/May/09
i think he's a lift wearer. i'd put him at 5'10.5 the same as rob has him listed at. he looks the same height as 5'10.5 woody: Click Here
Brad said on 14/May/09
1 foot from me, similar footwear: 5' 11". Hair implants is correct. His Texan accent is kinda water'd down.
anonymous said on 14/May/09
I'm a solid 5 foot 10 and he looks taller than me. His girlfriend is 5 foot 8 and he is taller by a few inches. He is taller than all his leading ladies by a conseiderable amount. The shortest costar was sarah jessica parker in family stone and he towered over her. He always looked 5 foot 11 leonari. No leonari you should get a life, he is 5 foot 11.
RisingForce said on 13/May/09
he really does look the 5-11.75 that he claims quite often. i think he might hit that out of bed.

here he's not much shorter than 6-2.5 listed ashton kutcher. Click Here though he was wearing these boots Click Here that still points to him not being a hair under 5-11.

i see less than 4 inches between matthew and brendan fraser who claims and looks 6-3.5 to me. Click Here and mcconaughey is slouching, though i couldn't find a picture of his shoes.

he's taller than 6-0 jake gyllenhaal here. Click Here though, again he was wearing boots. Click Here

for now i'll buy his 5-11.75 claim as his height out of bed.
RisingForce said on 12/May/09
he has a good 3 inches on 5-8.5 anthony hopkins. Click Here

now the question is if he wears lifts or not. i still wouldn't bet on him being under 5-11.
bam said on 12/May/09
he looks 5'10 in stills of fools gold. But he jumps to nearly 6ft in a few premiere pics.
gilipollas said on 12/May/09
Did this guy do 'roids? He was skinny and suddenly he became massive...also hair implants. Pretty sure he wears lifts too on premiers and movies. He's seen barefoot and in sandals very often though.
leonari said on 11/May/09
anonymous: what a pile of bull. " I know a lot about height". You should get a life. Mathew is not 5'11 but very close
anonymous said on 11/May/09
He is definately 5 foot 11. Who actually measures themself in the morning and before they sleep. Not everyone has a measuring tape next to their bed. Get a life. I'm just making a generalisation. He is taller than you think. I know a lot about height. That's why i'm in this forum.
Anonymous said on 10/May/09
He also looked 5'10 flat in U571 compared to Bill Paxon who is 5'11.5. oddly enough though he looked 5'11 in that same movie next to 5'9 Jon Bon Jovi so anything between 5'10-5'11 seems legit.
RisingForce said on 9/May/09
i never said that 5-10 was short, Realme2008. i said that matthew isn't that short. looking at him alongside other celebrities, he's clearly atleast 5-11.
Crystal said on 8/May/09
I just saw him in Vegas a couple weeks ago and I thought he was a 12-year old boy. He is small. I don't think he could possibly be over 5'10". I was standing right next to him.
Anonymous said on 4/May/09
Exactly Jack. There is one shot that is a full body shot and they both are in flip flops and he looks to be a flat 5'10. He has looked that height on occasion with Lance Armstrong as well.
Jack said on 3/May/09
I always thought he was 5'11 because he was shorter than 6 footers whenever I saw him on a tv show or something. But he looked REALLY 5'10 in Fool's Gold with Kate Hudson.

He's not short; I'm not trying to say that. I'm just saying his height sure does fluctuate.
Anonymous said on 3/May/09
Wow anonymous. I can only speak for myself, but I am 5'11 out of bed, 5'10.5 most of the day and 5'10.25 at night before bed. For the record I consider my height 5'10.5 and usually just round it to 5'11 when asked.
Ace said on 1/May/09
You have a lot to learn about height anonymous.
anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
Solid 5 foot 11. In his new movie ghosts of girlfriends past, he has 2 inches on 5 foot 9 michael douglas and 3 inches on 5 foot 7 jennifer garner. There is no such thing thing as morning height or night height. You are the same height throughout the day no matter what.
Realme2008 said on 21/Apr/09
"He'd be the tallest looking 5'10" guy I've ever seen if he was that short."

Rising Force, what the freak are you talking about? What do you mean by "That short"? 5'10" is in no way shape or form short it's clearly average height for a male, which he basically looks. Someone who is 5'9" or 5'10" could easily look 5'11" or 6 foot based on their build and bone structure.
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/09
He looked 5'10 flat in Fool's Gold next to Kate Hudson in a full body shot where both were clearly in flip flops.
RisingForce said on 20/Apr/09
He's no less than 5'11". He'd be the tallest looking 5'10" guy I've ever seen if he was that short.
Heightgirl said on 16/Apr/09
He looks 5f10 to me
MarcusTheSwede said on 2/Apr/09
I saw him with Matt Damon on serveral pictures and they look about same height.He didnt look taller then Matt.Strange..
Lenad said on 27/Mar/09
I'd have thought McConaughey was a solid 5ft11 but then again he did look a bit shorter than Christian Bale.
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/09
One year and two days = The length of time this has been argued -.-
RisingForce said on 10/Mar/09
I found it interesting that 5'11.75" was his actual claim too back in 2000 and not just a joke on his bathrobe. You're right, if anything that's his morning height.
glenn said on 10/Mar/09
i saw him a year ago.a hair over 5-11 was possible.maybe 5-11.75 is his morning height.i saw him around 1130pm.
RisingForce said on 9/Mar/09
Glenn, what would you say is more accurate? 5'11" flat or 5'11.75"? I ask because your initial estimate from when you met him in the mid 90's I believe was 5'11.5", but I don't know if you've seen him lately.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/09
He got downgraded when the video of him and Clinton Portis came up and he was shorter than Portis who is 5'10.5
bam said on 8/Mar/09
the weird thing with this guy is that 5'10.5 is ridiculous. But so is 5'11.75. He was listed at near 6ft at one point in time on this site (i think 5'11.5). So he either wears lifts, or has deceptive posture. 5'11 flat makes most sense.
anonymous said on 6/Mar/09
5 foot 11.
Hugo said on 2/Mar/09
He passed right beside me at Ipanema Beach during Carnaval last week. I'm 6'0 sharp. He's at least two inches smaller. I definitely put him at 5'10 tops.
RisingForce said on 2/Mar/09
I think you're reading too much into the bathrobe. I doubt he's trying hard top convince everyone he's that height. I think he's simply joking about not quite being 6 feet.

Now if he's 5'10.5" or 5'11.75" I don't know, but I'd bet he's in that range. Not under 5'10.5", but not over 5'11.75".
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/09
Yeah. I mean even guys who are measured at the NFL combine at 5'11-3/4" probably claim 6'0. If i remember correctly, when he first got going he was always listed as 5'11 and then it grew to 5'11-3/4. suspicious indeed!
meister said on 1/Mar/09
I sat across the aisle from him at a Dodgers/Astros game last year. Everyone was commenting how small he was. He and his wife/gf arrived late (and left early) and although I was sitting down I'd say he's definitely no taller than 5'9. Probably closer to 5'8.
Complex said on 27/Feb/09
And inscribing it on his bathrobe is even more suspicious cuz it's like he's tryin' hard to prove he's that height!
Complex said on 27/Feb/09
very suspicious!!
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/09
Right Complex. even if if were 5'11.75 out of bed, and he was going by that, he would most likely claim 6'. when someone is that precise with their height, especially around the 6' mark, it seems really suspicious.
Complex said on 25/Feb/09
lol brad
if he were 5'11 3/4 he would claim 6'0 in my opinion..
Brad said on 24/Feb/09
Somebody ask him about the transplants up front.
RisingForce said on 23/Feb/09
Rob, here's a direct quote from him. So that 5-11 3/4 figure is what he actually claims and not just a joke on his bathrobe.

"I'm 5-feet-113/4 , not 6 feet,"

Click Here
RisingForce said on 23/Feb/09
To be fair we'd have to see his picture to say that. Matthew McConaughey is tricky, I use to think he was 5'10" but the more I hear and see 5'11" sounds more accurate. But I've also thought 5'11.75" before because in the mid 90's I believe Glenn saw him and estimated him at 5'11.5" which adds up with the 5'11.75" figure. He's certainly not under 5'10" though and he's obviously not a full 6 ft.
Complex said on 22/Feb/09
anonymous agree with the part about ppl not knowing their own heights and using that as a scale, we've probably all done that at some point in our life just not knowing..
Are you kidding me? said on 22/Feb/09
Are you kidding me? this guy really looks like he's like 185-190 cm tall??
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/09
I think alot of people dont know their own height so they unintentionally exaggerate a celeb's height when they meet one. for ex, i used to think i was 6', so if i were to meet someone my height i would say they were definitely 6. when in reality i am 5'10.5. Jason, if you are 5'10 in shoes i totally buy Matt as 6' in shoes, possibly with help but possibly without. no way 6' barefoot though.
Complex said on 21/Feb/09
Jason if that's true then post it with your measured height, likely he was in lifts, if you're 5'10 you would barely see a difference between you & him barefoot, if any.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/09
Isn't it possible he wears lifts? he was at least an inch shorter than 5'11.5 Bill Paxon in 2000 in
jason said on 20/Feb/09
he is at least 6' - I am 5'10 with shoes and we took a picture together backstage at the roxy and he was at least 3 inches taller than me - I have the pic - its on facebook
Complex said on 19/Feb/09
I agree anonymous, 4 inches between him and hudson, he's prolly 5'10...
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/09
I think he wears lifts to look 5'11.5. The dude had a hair transplant so why would he not boost his height a little? He was 4 inches taller than 5'6 Kate Hudson (both in flip flops) in Fools Gold.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/09
Matthews girlfriend CANNOT be 5'9" and can certainly not be 5'11" as quotes in some places. A quick google images search reveals this pic:

Click Here

She looks about 5'2".
Brad said on 14/Feb/09
Bro, he's 5' 11", 1/2" ain't gonna rope this calf hoss, who gives a grape lollipop?
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/09
looked almost the same height as 6 foot 1 jimmy kimmel last night
Kevans said on 30/Jan/09
"Anonymous says on 14/Jan/09
Can people really tell the difference between 5'10.5 and 5'11? i'd say if you saw him at 5'11 then the listing here should suffice."
good point. I'm actually right around that height, but still growing my doctor says. The thing is that people get so uptight about half an inch that it is ridiculous.
No Word Of A Lie said on 28/Jan/09
I saw McC in the flesh just 3 weeks ago and I can honestly put an end to all this speculation and doubt. This was in London at about 7:32 in the evening but obviously if he'd just flown over he would have been on American - and therefore morning/early afternoon time. Anyway, he was no more than 3'2.5 and that is no word of a lie. I was, however, standing about 10 metres from him so that might have been to do with perspective. Hope this helps put an end to all the confusion.
TNTinCA said on 16/Jan/09
I still say 5'11". I didn't see more of than an inch of difference between him and Christian Bale in Reign of Fire.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/09
Can people really tell the difference between 5'10.5 and 5'11? i'd say if you saw him at 5'11 then the listing here should suffice.
Complex said on 14/Jan/09
The height listing here is his max!
Leung said on 13/Jan/09
Man up! 5
glenn said on 13/Jan/09
i agree jake.but rob does what he wants.its his site.some estimates i know are wrong on the site.nothing i can do.he is good overall though.
Brad said on 13/Jan/09
Dude, he was 5' 11" right next to me in Austin Texas, city of bats by the river. Who cares about 1/2". 5' 10.5" is okay. I'd rather eat a pickle than argue that.
RisingForce said on 12/Jan/09
Yeah Complex but the little ground advantage is why he looks about 4" taller instead of the 2-3" taller he is in reality. The ground is fairly solid so the only advantage is the slight slope.
The Ben said on 12/Jan/09
He never looks anything under 5'10. anyone know how much he weighs? he always shows up in shape!
Jake said on 12/Jan/09
If Glenn says he saw Matt and he is no shorter than 5-11, someone has to change the height that is at the top. What do you think Glenn?
glenn said on 12/Jan/09
i dont see him often.wasnt friendly in the 90s.saw him last year for the first time in a decade,and he was nicer,but photogs were in my way.he is what he claims.if not,he is no shorter than 5-11.
Complex said on 12/Jan/09
Rising you can clearly see he's on the higher end of that sloping beach. Just look at his feet how the slant down or the board. I've seen pictures of them where he is no more than an inch taller barefoot on what appears pretty level ground, but who knows how tall she really is anyways.
RisingForce said on 11/Jan/09
Woody is 5'11" so that would make Matthew the figure he claims.
Jake said on 11/Jan/09
It would be great if Glenn could get a picture with Matt. Is that possible?
RisingForce said on 10/Jan/09
Wasn't everyone here saying that his girlfriend is 5'9"?
Click Here

He sure does look 5-11.75 there in bare feet.
Jake said on 10/Jan/09
In Surfer dude beside Woody Harrelson looks 179 cm at most. He is a little bit taller than Woody. What do you say?
Complex said on 9/Jan/09
To me when I see him barefoot he looks like a struggling 5'10, but in lifts he looks upwards towards 6'0 or 5'11.5. He was alot shorter than Bradley Cooper.
RICHARD said on 9/Jan/09
He is 5' 11
Jake said on 8/Jan/09
Barefoot he looks 179 cm for sure. What do you think?
Midget said on 5/Jan/09
In Reign of Fire he looked no more than 178cm-179cm approx. Bale owned him in nearly every shared scene.
Neon Genesis said on 24/Dec/08
Bill Paxton is 5' 11
Complex said on 18/Dec/08
Yeah i could see that anonymous, personally I see nothing wrong with someone claiming their real height, say afternoon height yet wearing shoes and being thin to look taller. Looking taller and claiming their real height is fine, but looking taller and claiming taller is ridiculous.
yoyo said on 18/Dec/08
beside 5ft1ish Sarah Jessica Parker looks 178 179.
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
He didn't look anything more than average in Reign of Fire.
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
Complex, my night time height is actually 5'10.25. i give my mid afternoon height which is 5'10.5. but you are right, in shoes i am just at 6' and with hair close to 6'1. i think most inflate my height to inflate their own.
anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
5 foot 11.
Complex said on 17/Dec/08
That's right anonymous, ppl just don't know. It's not that they all inflate on purpose, they just prolly don't know. Like for instance you say 5'10.5, i'm assuming evening height, so in the morning you'd be a little over 5'11 and in decent shoes, add hair, and thin build, you'd easily look 6'0. Which is prolly why alot of ppl say you look 6. I get the same thing al the time, ppl always claiming i'm taller than I really say, sometimes I think they say that cuz some ppl look taller, but other times I think they might say it to support their own height inflation. Sometimes like "you must be 6 cuz i'm 5'10.5" when reallly they're prolly lower...
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/08
I agree with both of you complex and flippant. I really think that alot of people really believe they are the height they claim. If i hadn't measured myself I would believe my height was 1.5" more than it really is, mainly cuz people always guess my height as 6' but i am really 5'10.5. After i respond that i am 5'10.5 i always get the "no way i am such and such height so you must be 6'". People in general just dont know their true height.
Complex said on 15/Dec/08
Lol very very true flippant! Very! I mean alot do appear taller than they are, but stitching you're elevator/lift height on you're bathrobe....that's just classic, lol! I too always get ppl saying i'm taller than I actually am, consistently yet I still claim my legit height. One reason I think ppl think i'm taller than I am is I claim my evening height and i'm pretty thin, not too thin but somewhat and sometimes I wear timberlands. All of this contributes to me looking 2 inches or so taller than I am, so imagine celebs that are thin with a good build that wear elevators and lifts!! That's how ppl like Mcconaughey, Pitt, & Damon pull is off!

I mean I pull off a taller height than I am w/o trying, so these celebs who have the power and the money to look taller (lifts, elevators, etc) can easily look 3 to 4 inches taller than they really are.

Matthew is likely in the 5'9 region, 5'11.75 is a joke!
horacle said on 15/Dec/08
he is 5'11 no more no less
Anonymous said on 13/Dec/08
Good pic Dural. i think Matt is 5'10-5'10.5.
Dural said on 13/Dec/08
Matthew 5'11.3/4" and Lance 5'9.5" is hard to believe
Click Here
Viper said on 12/Dec/08
Its like the 5-11 3/4 is in lifts. Hell maybe boots with lifts. Mr R. said he looked no taller than 5-10 when he saw him.
Complex said on 11/Dec/08
Viper if you find it you should post it, i'm pretty positive 5'9 for him as well but that video sounds like it would confirm my belief. Especially if Portis's morning height is 5'10.5, what's funny is matt mc is as low as 5'9 yet claimed 5'11.75, that's 5'9 almost claiming 6'0! lol,hilarious...A-listers try to get away with anything they can!
Brad said on 11/Dec/08
Drinking some Midland water, the worst tasting water in the U.S..
Viper said on 11/Dec/08
Im pretty much 99 percent confident hes 5-9. Video realy lies and he was easily 1-1.5 inches shorter than 5-10.5 Clinton Portis. And thats a morning measurement for him as well. I wish I could find that video somewhere and post it again.

[Editor Rob: the video was poor for height comparison. Lots of barrel distortion when shooting that close.]
Complex said on 10/Dec/08
Click Here
McConaughey (likely in lifts) next to 6'0-6'1 Bradley Cooper....
Complex said on 10/Dec/08
Wow, I believe that too flippant, I always thought that but enough ppl argued with me that they had me convinced he might be a legit 5'10, 5'9 seems right barefoot, in lifts who knows, but barefoot 5'9 region, i'd agree with that!
Complex said on 9/Dec/08
Wierd thing is he looked a good 2.5-3 inches shorter than Bradley Cooper who's listed 6'1 although, i'm skeptical, I think Cooper is maybe more 6'0 even, he was the same height as Walken maybe a tad taller in Wedding Crashers (Alot say 5'11 for Walken) and he was shorter than 6'1 Dax Shepherd in the comebacks, so if Cooper is 6'1, 5'9 range would definately be a possibility for MM. This legit 5'11 stuff for MM is pretty insane, again I say this height here is the most I would buy although I think the tip of his head barefoot really ends up in the 5'9 range. In lifts who knows. But for those in doubt, watch Failure to Launch, Cooper who is likely 6'0 I guess had a good few inches on MM, so 5'11 or 5'11 3/4 is out, 5'10.5 is generous as well ;)

Flippant Matt's on brother said 5'9??? or did I read wrong..
Brad said on 9/Dec/08
Rooster musta been drinking some of Sammy Hagar's tequila. I'd even go 5' 10.5". Anything less is doin the batusi upside down with Joan Collins.
bam said on 8/Dec/08
Click Here
Viper said on 8/Dec/08
Flippant, he sure looked 5-9 with 5-10.5 clinton portis.
Complex said on 7/Dec/08
Some do Rising Force, some don't.

Quick question around the board, when ppl are arguing heights here, are you guys arguing morning, mid-day, or evening height??? Cuz i'm arguing evening height. Just curious.

Flippant I have always thought that, like in that range, I really have, but to be a tad generous I say 5'10 max, lol! I've always figured in the 5'9 range, I mean next to Lance, Alves, Hudson, he looks no more than this. Unless thy are all taller than they claim, lol! Lance prolly falls below 5'9 if I had to guess!
glenn said on 7/Dec/08
exactly brad.did you see him too?
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
There's nothing wrong with morning height Complex and I haven't been measured by a doctor in atleast 5-6 years but last time I was measured by a doctor I took off my shoes.
Complex said on 6/Dec/08
Click Here
Djimon Hounsou (listed 6'1-6'2, 6'2 max or slightly under)
Bill Clinton (Listed here @ 6'2)
And others such as Morgan Freeman, The top of Matt's head comes to Djimon's eyes and this is all assuming Matthews is not in lifts. Personally I think Djimon is 6'1.5 but even at 6'2 he's well over Mcconaughey, especially if you took out mcc's poofy hair and if he's wearing lifts that would be even more crazy, no way the almost 6'0 he as on his bathrobe, 179 is the absolute most i'd buy although I think 5'9.75-5'10 legit would be more accurate in the evening.

The thing is, alot of ppl go by their measurements at the doctor's office, here's the flaws about that, for one you generally go to the doctor in the morning, rare that your gonna go in the evening when your at your lowest and two the i've been several times when they measure with shoes on. It's almost as if it's too much of a hassle to take off your shoes and plus maybe they think itll build self-esteem if ppl are measured higher than they are. Last time I went I was getting measured and offered to take off my shoes and she was like "nah that's ok, i'll measure you as you are." Which is ultimately unaccurate!
Brad said on 6/Dec/08
Stop babbling....he's 5' 11" straight up.
JJ said on 6/Dec/08
he's at least 5'11... he has bulkier frame which makes him look shorter
Complex said on 5/Dec/08
I could buy a solid 5'10 for him assuming that he's not a lift wearer, his height is kinda hard to pin down cuz he's in shoes alot and he's also barefoot alot. But yeah, if he were 5'9 3/4 which Ikinda think, that's virtually 5'10, so I could buy a quarter to a half inch more than that, but I really think he doesn't go over the height listd here barefoot!
Lenad said on 4/Dec/08
Glenn has seen the guy several times and said he was no less than 5ft11.
Dural said on 4/Dec/08
I believe Frank2 when he says "he looked to be a solid 5'10"". I could see 5'11" too but unlikely. 5'9" is too low for McC. 5'9" flat for Lance is possible. I can't see 2.5in between them. Matthew does look 5'10.5" in your pic with Fox Complex, but who knows about his footwear.
Complex said on 2/Dec/08
Instead of claiming 5-11 3/4 as his offical height on his bathrobe, he should try to save face and embarrassment and make the numbers stand for something else.
5(how old he was when he first got abs)-11(old football jersey or something) 3/4 (could mean on the scale ranging from 5 foot to 6 foot, his height is three quarters of the way to the journey of 6'0)

Or max 1 inch of 3/4, I still think barefoot he's in the 5'9 region, 5'9 3/4, maybe 5'10...the height listed here max morning height for him.
Complex said on 1/Dec/08
Nice pics Dural, there are several of him and lance barely an inch apart, and personally I think lance is a flat 5'9.
Click Here
(another with him & fox) without his hair, i'm not sure he'd even reach fox's eyes with the top of his head...
Viper said on 1/Dec/08
Would be funny IF the 5-11 3/4 on his bathrobe is in his lifts.
glenn said on 30/Nov/08
some of those pics are bad to judge pic he looks 5-9 and thats silly.he is 5-11 min.
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/08
I watched reign of fire last night. he looked 5'10.5 compared to 6' Bale. 5'10.5 is not short. it just sounds short cuz you have lots of 5'8-5'9 guys claiming 5'10. not that 5'8-5'9 is short either.
Dural said on 30/Nov/08
He doesn't look 5'11.3/4" beside Matthew Fox who is 6'2"
Click Here

but with lifts he does
Click Here

he doesn't look 2in taller than Lance Armstrong (5'9.5")
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I think 5'10"-5'11" is correct
Lenad said on 29/Nov/08
Well Complex Those guys are shorter guys but a 5ft10-5ft10.5 guy wouldnt stand out by that much. However I will admit he does give the impression of wearing lifts at times.
glenn said on 29/Nov/08
cause he is 5-11.3/4 like he says he is.morning height.bad posture he can look under 5-11.
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/08
He didn't look much taller than Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. I'm assuming Cruise wore lifts, but Matthew still only had an inch or two at most on him.
RisingForce said on 28/Nov/08
Downey is 5'8" minimum and Cruise is about the same(maybe a hair shorter).
Complex said on 27/Nov/08
Lenad he stands out with them because those guys range from 5'5-5'7.5!
Click Here
He's obviously a lift wearer - check out the pic!!!
Brad2 said on 27/Nov/08
his is min 5"11 no way under 5"ll
Lenad said on 27/Nov/08
You know I am beginning to wonder if he really is 5'11.5-6'0 because amongst Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr he stands out by a damn good amount!
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/08
It's been my experience that almost no one tells their true height, especially to the quarter inch. Why should we take a celeb at their word? Glenn's seen him and says 5'11. I can buy that, but 5'11.75? I'm not saying it's out of the question, but I can't see it. He looked an inch less than 6' Christian Bale in Reign of Fire as well.
RisingForce said on 25/Nov/08
Anonymous, how about all of the other pictures that show him 4-5 inches taller than her? She's probably 5'8" and he's 5'11.75".
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
Click Here
Yeah 5'11 is way too hard to buy, i'm not sure whether is g/f is 5'7 or 5'9 but even if she's 5'9, that puts him 5'10 tops here and his sandles are thicker than hers and she's leaning. I'd put good money that his head never goes above 5'10.5 in the barefeet. Maybe that's his morning height, I dunno. But he's not a full 5'11. Most likely, he's 5'9 evening height or maybe a tad over, 5'10 at best!
glenn said on 20/Nov/08
thanks jon.
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/08
He did look an inch shorter than 5'11ish Bill Paxton in U571. I think he is 5'10.5"-5'11, with 5'10.5 being my guess. I can buy 5'11 too since that's what Glenn saw, but I can't get the image of him shorter than Clinton Portis out of my head. Portis was measured at 5'10-7/8 at the combine and that is early in the morning too.
jon said on 20/Nov/08
If you watch his advert he looks tall. Also my sister and her friends have seen him at a premiere with penelope cruz and said he looked 6 ft and very tall next to her. Will Smith was there who they put at 6'2" The same people saw vin diesel who you have at 6ft and said he looked short so they have perspective. He is easily 5'11" and does look taller than brad pitt because of his great structure. By the way glad Glens here to stay because he makes this site.
glenn said on 19/Nov/08
how does he look the height he claims next to 5-9,5-10 jon bon jovi? if he isnt near 6ft,he is 5-11 cause i saw him a plenty.
leonari said on 19/Nov/08
Viper: why is it hard to buy? he was 4-5 inches taller than Kate Hudson who is 5'6"
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/08
If he is 5'11.75 than Bradley Cooper is pushing 6'3 and he didn't look close to that in Wedding Crashers. Also, there is a scene in "fool's gold" where Kate Hudson and Matt are in flip flops right after their divorce hearing, he is 4" taller than her. If he is 5'11.75, then she is 5'8.
glenn said on 19/Nov/08
i love bats.
Viper said on 19/Nov/08
5-11 is extremely hard to buy.
Brad said on 19/Nov/08
Me in Chuck Taylors, he in nuthin much more, I added. Downtown Austin club. I think he lived outside of there then. Music city, big time. Lotsa bats by the river.
RisingForce said on 19/Nov/08
How is it that his girlfriend who is listed 5-9, 5-10 or 5-11 everywhere magically becomes 5-7? Why because even if she was 5-8 that'd put him at 5-11.75. She's probably 5-8 and he's 5-11 minimum and there's a good chance that he's 5-11.75.
glenn said on 18/Nov/08
when one actually sees a celeb,they see the truth.
leonari said on 17/Nov/08
Brad: We agree on a height!!! incredible. I never thought the day will come but here it is. Gotta put it down in my calendar...done.
KamiChii said on 17/Nov/08
How did you saw it Brad? =/
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/08
I have no idea how tall his girlfriend is, but by looking at those pictures I would guess her to be about 5'7, maybe a tad less. Either way, I think McConaughey about what he's listed at here. He did look 2-3 inches under 6'1 Bradley Cooper in Failure to Launch and as Viper said, he was definitely shorter than 5'10.5-5'11 Clinton Portis on that video on a few years ago.
Brad said on 17/Nov/08
5' 11" is what I saw in Austin. Nuthin more or less.
Viper said on 16/Nov/08
The man was clearly shorter than 5-10.5 Clinton Portis by 1-1-5 inches. So 5-9 is certaintly not out of reach. 5-10 the most I could buy for him.
KamiChii said on 15/Nov/08
I agree with complex and I think that he is 5'9" (or at least he was) look here: Click Here
The guy is using stretching exercises, so guess the rest =]
The Horse of FUNK said on 14/Nov/08
He's got a long torso with short arms and legs. I think that contributes to the illusion of him being shorter than he is.
RisingForce said on 14/Nov/08
I agree, as I said, I'm not even a fan of his but his height is obvious to me. 5'11" minimum, probably 5'11.75".
glenn said on 14/Nov/08
a website like this is full of people who downgrade celebs out of jealousy,their own shortcomings,wrong perceptions,etc.
RisingForce said on 14/Nov/08
Matthew with his girlfriend who you all say is 5'9"(she's listed 5'11" some places but must be 5'9".)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In every picture there he's barefoot or in sandals and in every picture he looks every bit of the 5'11.75" he claims, if not more.

Glenn is right, 5'11" minimum, most likely 5'11.75". There are pictures of him where it looks like he's reaching atleast 6'2" in lifts. His proportions look like a near 6 foot guys proportions too.

I'm not even a fan of him but it's obvious to me that he's around the figure he claims.
dulce said on 14/Nov/08
Bajeezus, i'm not trying to be funny. Trust me, i was disappointed - and kinda freaked out. I looked into his scalp when he stood next to me.
Leung said on 13/Nov/08
Yeah I think 5
glenn said on 13/Nov/08
he is 5-11 min.
leonari said on 13/Nov/08
Sorry Dulce but I can not believe that. If you try to be funny like Letterman did with SLy when calling him "tiny" thats Ok. But Matthew is a bit over average and looks it. Like I already mentioned before: except for his arms. The are somewhat short for a guy of his size.
Viper said on 13/Nov/08
5-9 is the shortest I could buy for him.
dulce said on 13/Nov/08
hey guys, you can talk about what he LOOKS like on screen till the cows come home. I'm telling you, I hung out with him & his buddies in Cabo for a week. I towered over him - i;m 5'7" + 3" heels = me topping out at 5'10" and he was visibly TINY next to me.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/08
speaking for myself, it seems that whatever height a celeb looks like to me on TV, they are really 1-2 inches under that. I remember thinking Brad Pitt looked 6' to me, but if you go to his page he is listed at 5'11 and most think he is around 5'10.5. I thought the same thing about Matthew MCC. Willis I thought was 6'1, turns out he is 5'11 and change; same thing for DiCaprio and Timberlake.
anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
He looks 6 foot. He looks tall. In wedding planner, he was taller than jennifer lopez by 12cm but she was wearin heels and she's 165cm.
Chan Man said on 9/Nov/08
He does have the muscle mass to compensate for his 5'10" to 5'11 and
Anonymous3 said on 8/Nov/08
Mr. G says on 27/Jun/07
More proof. I saw him at a bar in DC several years back. I am 6'1. I walked right past him and was towering over him. I'd say he is 5'9.5-5'10 tops.
3 inches is not really towering, 4 or more inches is a more notable amount of difference. You only tower someone if you can see over or almost see over somebody's head IMO.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/08
I don't think he's sniffing 6' at 5'11-3/4", but I also dont see him less than 5'10. I would bet money that he is no less than 5'10 and no more than 5'10-3/4".
Lmeister said on 30/Oct/08
What are you guys smoking??? Matthew is clearly around 5ft10-5ft11 maybe even 5ft11.75 like he said...
dulce said on 28/Oct/08
I've hung out with him, and he is very small. He came up to my shoulders while i was in my 3" heels. I'm 5'7".
Complex said on 28/Oct/08
Exactly Anonymous, Cooper had him by a good bit, and that's also assuming Matt Mc wasn't in lifts.

Oh & Woody Harrelson is 5'9 or less!
aram x said on 27/Oct/08
Just curious but have any of you guys noticed that McConaughey has very short arms relative to his height and torso length? His arms look especially short because of their muscularity.
MIKE said on 19/Oct/08
I always thought he was around 6'0"
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
He looked about 3 inches shorter than 6'1 Bradley Cooper in Failure to Launch. No way he is over 5'11.
RisingForce said on 16/Oct/08
Who knows he could be 5'11 3/4" like he says but then again I've seen him in some chunky shoes and he does often look 5-10ish.
don said on 14/Oct/08
in EDtv matthew mcconaughey is the same height if not a little bit shorter than woody harrellson who this site has listed at 5' 10''
sori said on 13/Oct/08
yes, is look like shoorter than 6,1
Deb said on 25/Sep/08
He looks 5f10 at the most
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/08
keep in mind Richard that most people look taller on screen. someone who appears 6' onscreen is most likely 5'10-5'11 or so. I think 5'10.5 is correct for MM.
RICHARD said on 15/Sep/08
I was watching Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Matt appears to me as a skinny 5'11-6' guy since he was only 25 in that movie. He has good posture and basically towered over everyone including 5'4 Renee Zellwegger. He's an above-average dude. He also looked this height in Dazed and Confused. 5'9-10 is too low for him. 511'-6' is more his range.
Complex said on 13/Sep/08
I totally agree Viper. That's why 5'9 and 5'10 get bad reps is from ppl who really are 5'7 and or 5'6 something even claiming them as heights.

Therefore someone here sees someone who's actually 5'7 claiming 5'9 and they say, 5'9 is small, lol! Wen really they're judging a 5'7 guy, I get that. And Ed Harris is a good example!

Ppl who area legit 5'9 generally don't look short on screen unless around someone really tall. To this day I can't understand how ppl say 5'9 is short but 5'10 is tall.

Put a 5'9 and 5'10 guy barefoot beside each other and you'll barely see a difference. But i'm telling yall someone in the 5'9 range, say 5'9.5 or 5'9.75 can with a good set of boots or shoes,thin build, can easily pull of 6'0. The right shoes can do alot for ppl :)

Most 5'9 guys look normal on screen, not usually short unless they're lying about their height.

But when ppl like t.i. claim 5'9 and are really around 5'6, that gives 5'9 a bad name, cuz then ppl say, 5'9 is short, just look at ti, haha, when really they'r judging a 5'6-5'7 guy!
Hugh said on 13/Sep/08
I might be 5ft11.
Lenad said on 13/Sep/08
In reign of fire you can tell he's shorter than Christian Bale...
Viper said on 12/Sep/08
5-9 guys usually look average on screen, or even tallish. Look at Ed Harris for example. Its 5-9 listed guys in hollywood who are really closer to 5-7 that look short onn screen.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/08
yeah, he definitely had a hair job done. He was barely 30 and almost bald. Piven too. Jamie Foxx had some plugs done, but I'm not sure why, his hair line wasnt that bad. Now it is 2 inches off his eyebrows. Anyway, I just find some of the 5'9 stuff a bit difficult to buy, because 5'9 guys tend to look little on the screen and I don't think McConaughey ever looks little.
Complex said on 11/Sep/08
Well when I say 5'9 and change, im not calling them 5'9. 5'9 and change could be 5'9.5 or 5'9.25. I don't think everyone is 5'9, but I think alot of them are in that range (average) and they don't want that so they add a few inches or so! But anonymous I can't comment on how tall you think they are cuz you post anonymously, lol! But just look at it, you see Matthew next to 5'9 something Lance looking the same height, you see Pitt side-by side with many smaller actors looking the same height if not a little higher (Paltrow, Damon, Clooney, Mulroney, Redford, Simmons) yet no one explains that, they judge by the ones of him in his lifts. But to answer your question, "yes they are plenty of ppl I don't think are 5'9, lemme name a few: Pacino, Cruise, Wahlberg, Cage, Connery, Gibson, Stiller, Black, Andre the Giant etc etc." But why do you ppl find it hard to believe. We have Matthew at 5'10.5, i'm suggesting 5'9.5 so you're telling me it's impossible for him to be one inch shorter???????? I mean explain the Woody thing. I find it hard to believe that all the ppl can look and say for certain "Matthew can't be an inch shorter than we have him listed" Are ya'lls eyes that good that you can tell down to the closest inch from looking at pics and watching a movie at how tall the celebrities are. Matthew Mcc was known as a shorte actor til his name got big, same with Pitt. Some of Matthews old pics show him extremely baldin, type in Matthew Mcconaughey Mug Shot on Google and look at the pic of him gettin arrested in Austin, he looks to have super thin extremely receding hair, well last night I saw him on Leno, he was loaded with hair, perfect hairline tons of thick hair, so likely he has plugs, so why would he any different about his height
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
Complex, is there anyone out there that you aren't convinced is 5'9?????
Complex said on 11/Sep/08
Click Here
Also read the first article about Matt Mcc

I read somewhere about a guy saying he was 5'6 but now uses shoe lifts, now don't get me wrong, I know Matthew Mcc is not as low as 5'6, but he was on Leno just now and the same size as Leno and trust me, Leno isn't much over 5'9! Also this article mentions the 5'6 thing, there's a few places i've heard this and i'm not saying it's true but it's obvious he's not a tall guy!
Complex said on 11/Sep/08
Click Here
Matthew & Woody, if you don't count matt'shair, they look the same! Personally I think Woody isn't 5'10!
Click Here
Woody is listed here at 5'9, which is why I always say alot of Celebs like Mcconaughey and Pitt may be in the 5'9-5'10 range!
JD said on 10/Sep/08
james its a joke that hes not quite 6ft
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/08
This a tremendous surprise to me. I always thought he'd be at least 5' 11.5" and 6' 1" wouldn't have shocked me but I never would have imagined he'd be this height.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/08
I was referring to McConaughey when I said he's probably 5'10.25 below.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/08
sounds bout right Frank2. Also Viper, Clinton Portis was measured at 5'10-7/8" at the combine. He's probalby 5'10.25.
Viper said on 21/Aug/08
He looked blatantly shorter than 5-10 1/2 Clinton Portis on video.
Frank2 said on 20/Aug/08
I saw him in person and he looked to be a solid 5'10".
Brad said on 20/Aug/08
Probably right, or even higher. Not this one.
Anonymous said on 20/Aug/08
A good rule of thumb is so subtract 0.5"-1" from whatever Glenn thought someone's height was. He though 5'11, so that means 5'10-5'10.5 for McConaughey.
Brad said on 20/Aug/08
I agree with Glenn,Leung & Leonari: 5' 11". Met him in Austin. Had nothing on for any type of special lift. He was just groovin' to music.
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/08
He didn't look much taller than Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.
B S said on 14/Aug/08
Matty is under 5'10 and is fooling some of you guys.
I like how some of you insist you are right and others are absolutely wrong.. his upper body proportions are similar to mine and I am a shade under 5'7.
Paul 29 M London said on 12/Aug/08
This is an interesting one. I walked straight past him a few years ago when he was in London for the Premier of Sahara. I had no idea who he was because I don't watch television. It was late at night and he was going to the paki shop on Kensington high Street, with that other useless female actress 'Penelope Cruz' (You know that actress with the face that 'you just want to smash'). I recognized Penelope straight away because she was checking me out. And I do remember the man next to her being somewhat 'Tall'. Now I 5"8.5 barefoot. So, with Nike trainers on, I hover around the 5'9 mark. Not much more than that though. I do recall him being taller than me by at least an inch, perhaps more. He was a 'tall guy' as I like to put it. But the thing is, I didn't see what shoes he was wearing. He may have been wearing some limited edition 'Spice Girls' platform-moonboots (it was dark, I couldn't see, and not only that, I was too busy trying to count his 15-pack, beneath his ridiculous looking tropical coloured shirt. I would say 5" 10' barefoot, standing like a soldier, not slouching forward to enhance the ripples of his 15-pack.
xyzblast said on 2/Aug/08
He usually looks tall in movies. I would have guessed him at 5'11. 5'10 to the least.
Complex said on 31/Jul/08
Click Here
Complex said on 11/Jul/08
Here with 5'0 Sarah Jessica Parker....
Click Here
Complex said on 11/Jul/08
No taller than 5'9/5'9.5 max, he looks tall but his barefoot pictures reveal a lot, looks same size or smaller as lance armstrong, those old pics of him and his 5'9 girlfriend, he almost looks a little smaller than her, at best same size! Shoes with lift do a lot for average height people!
Vanessa said on 4/Jul/08
I thought he was over 6' until I saw pics of him next to Lance Armstrong, who appears to be short. He seems so much taller in movies next to a lot of actors. Guess a lot of them smaller than I thought.
Brad said on 4/Jul/08
Met him, 5' 11" solid. Has hair implants around his forehead!
Csigns said on 1/Jul/08
I actually went to college with this guy and we had mutual friends. I hung out with him several times and he is 5' 9". He also said recently he weighed 177 lbs.
norma said on 24/Jun/08
ok. but he didnt say he met him . unless i missed something while reading posts on this page.i told u i saw him and he looked small. maybe cuz i didnt get near to him. but i didnt see a 5.10. of that im sure.
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
Norma, I believe Glenn said he is 5'11. If Kate Hudson is 5'6, McConaughey is 5'10-5'10.5 almost certainly.
norma said on 24/Jun/08
i so him at the beatch in calfornia. he looked so small and musclurized to. i would not buy anything above 5.9 for this guy. i think if glenn met him he can give a good estimaite.but for me , i see 5.9 or abit less.
brent said on 23/Jun/08
Jay, if anything that picture shows matt being a strong 5-11, taking into account there both wearing dress shoes with a good inch in them.
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/08
I think this height is pretty close. I just watched Fool's Gold yesterday and there is a part where he is clearly barefoot talking to Kate Hudson who is also shown in very flat sandals (probably giving her .25 inches). He looked 4 inches taller than her. His eyes weren't quite at the top of her head. Since she is 5'6 I would give him 5'10-5'10.5 but not more or less.
Linda said on 19/Jun/08
I just saw hi at the Ralphs grocery store in Malibu where I live and he is not very tall 5'10" is it. Not that impressive in size either.... oh well!!
Steve said on 19/Jun/08
Life long Errol Flynn biogrqpher here. In 1930 in New Guinea barefoot at age 21 Flynn was 6' 2 1/2" tall. In period costume boots of course he appeared taller.
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/08
jay that picture makes him look over 6-ft assuming there both wearing dress shoes.
tone said on 11/Jun/08
Wasn't he the skateboarding stoner in "Clueless"? If so, he didn't look very tall there. I think 5 foot 10 inches is wishful thinking on his part.

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