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6ft 5.14in (195.9cm)
Canson said on 23/Apr/18
@Junior: that’s probably fair since they would measure it at some point in the day but if I had to guess the only one who would measure it properly (at a low) is Kobe. MJ and Barkley most likely dip to 194-194.5cm
Canson said on 22/Apr/18
@Rob: I agree with Micky. You really should list that quote as it is relevant to his height
Editor Rob
I'll mention the Flynn line.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Apr/18
Kobe, Barkley and Jordan leaving them barefoot in a room with a 10 audience they might all see them looking the same height without a differences. They're all 6'4 3/4 and 6'6 with leather shoes on.
Canson said on 20/Apr/18
@Micky: Well said!!!!!!!!!
And that’s how tall he is often described by people who meet him as 6’4 and change or 6’4 1/2 or 6’4/6’5.
Micky said on 19/Apr/18
The description above should mention that Pat Riley said: "Did you know that when Jordan was measured he was only 6-4 and a half, not 6-6 the way he's listed?"
Canson said on 14/Apr/18
@Viper: I see several people years back (10 or so) that have met Jordan on this page and say 6’4.5 or 6’4 and change or 6’4. That’s exactly how he looked to the people I’ve known that have met him. One of them is your height a mm or two under 6’3 at a low and He specifically had both about 1.5” taller than him. Another one that met him is a scout and he’s a straight 6’2 and said Jordan looked about 2.5” taller (2-3” is what he said). He said Barkley was about the same. He also has met Kobe and said that Kobe appeared taller than both Jordan and Barkley and that Kobe looked slightly taller than Jordan in person. He pegged Bean at 6’5”. But a 6’4.75 guy and a 6’5 guy won’t appear any different in person so it’s possible that because Kobe is closer to 6’5” than Jordan that he saw that or there was a footwear advantage. Another friend met Kobe as well and he said “at best 6’5” but looked standing next to him 6’4.5-6’5

Jordan has long legs and broad shoulders and is built like I am. I have the same being 6’4 and a tad. That’s why he looks 6’6” to so many people and a 6’4.5 range guy and 6’5 esp if the 6’5 isn’t a full 6’5 at a low or if Jordan is wearing his thick sneakers will easily pass for 6’5 if he’s 6’5.5-6’6 in sneaks. Half the time people don’t pay attention to footwear from what I’ve noticed and that applies even on this very specific site as the guy that was a bouncer who claimed he met Barkley said Barkley was 6’6”. I think he was full of crap tho and either never met him or he himself isn’t 6’4 like he claims because Barkley isn’t even 6’5”. Or Barkley was wearing some thicker shoes (lift like). Maybe that’s why he appears taller at times. Because in pics where he is right next to Dan Majerle (outside of the all star pic), he is clearly shorter than Majerle and even looks shorter than MJ at times. His own teammates like Dan Majerle Danny Ainge and Mo Cheeks and Joe Klein have all said that. Not to mention a 6’9” Danny Manning towered him.
Gracian said on 12/Apr/18
Rob, or 6'5.25" (strong 6'5") is possible for Michael Jordan? Look how high it looks with Barack Obama: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Sometimes Jordan can pull off a strong 6ft 5, though I'm happy enough with giving him flat 6ft 5.
Canson said on 25/Mar/18
@Viper: correct and he claimed 6’8”. He’s not 6’9.5. Jordan is 6’4.5 and about 3.25-.5” shorter than him.
viper said on 23/Mar/18
Karl Malone was listed at 6-7 in high school. Measured at 6-8.
even said on 23/Mar/18
6 foot 5 solid
Canson said on 20/Mar/18
With Larry Bird, Bird looks about 206cm range Jordan 194 range

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Sal29 said on 20/Mar/18
Rob, please add Karl Malone. I believe he was at least 6'9 1/2" barefoot because he TOWERED over 6'8 1/2" barefoot measured Brian Grant.
Go to 47 seconds in this video to see Karl Malone and Brian Grant face to face.
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Warren said on 17/Mar/18
I'm the same opinion 195cm. He's the same height as Kobe
Jeffrey said on 5/Mar/18
195 cm tall
Canson said on 3/Mar/18
194-195 (6’4 1/2) barefoot. 6’5.25 out of bed
Josh9 said on 1/Mar/18
Wow for the longest time I had thought he was 6’6... kinda strange seeing him as only 6’5 now lol. He seems taller than 6’5 imo, but meh.
Canson said on 25/Feb/18
@Animus: good points. But then saying Barkley is 6’4” I think that’s them saying he’s 6’4 Range not just 6’4 flat. I also say I’m 6’4” and don’t come all the way down to 6’4” flat. I’m some days even 6’4.33 others 6’4.25. And even before I came to the site and realized I varied like I do I thought I was 6’4.5 and still claimed 6’4” some times. Now it’s justifiied but it’s also because I don’t see the benefit in being any taller at the height im at. However even if I were 6’0.25 and 6’1 out of bed I would still likely just say a hair over 6’0”. I just don’t believe in claims.

I believe Riley because Jordan looks the height. It’s hard to tell a diff beteeen 6’4.5 and 6’5 tho. Not to mention he has super long legs for his height sorta like me. I’m guessed taller from a distance all the time
Animus said on 24/Feb/18
I don't claim to know tall Jordan is to within a ½ inch contrary to a lot of people here, but let me play devil's advocate and refer to some evidence suggesting he is close to 6ft5. With Terrell Owens, Magic Johnson and Lawrence Taylor, I think he can look about 6ft5. I admit Jordan also can look closer to 6'4½, but his posture seems extremely variable. Dr. J is supposed to be 6'5½ (I haven't verified his height) and Jordan does seem nearly an inch shorter than him. With Pippen I think he can generally seem 2 inches shorter.

It's hard to pinpoint his height. 6'4½ is the absolute lowest he could be and 6'5 is probably the highest he could be. I wouldn't go below Barkley's listed height on the site of 6'4¾, so either 6'4¾ or 6'5 should be Jordan's height.

By the way, we have no grounds to think Riley is correct in stating that Jordan was measured at 6'4½. Lots of people claim Barkley is 6'4 flat, which is blatantly false.
Canson said on 24/Feb/18
Still agree with what Pat Riley said about him being 6’4.5 barefoot. Others who’ve met him have verified this. He likely is around that mark at night however and an easy 6’5”-6’5.25 out of bed
Canson said on 11/Feb/18
@Christian: agreed! I’ve heard him say he’s similar With Barkley before (6’4 range) but I think that was to show Barkley wasn’t really 6’6” as listed (which most players aren’t as they’re listed in shoes). That’s a lot of why people believe Barkley downplays his height because he makes it a point as do others to reference his barefoot height and possibly even round down a touch at times to 6’4”. Couple this with the fact a legit NBA power forward back then even was 6’8-6’10” usually and he was listed 6’6”. But yea other times Jordan will say he’s 6’6” which to me is a rounded shoe height. I can buy maybe 6’5.75 in a pair of his sneaks at a low and easily over 6’6” in shoes in the morning when he first wakes up. I saw once where he claimed 6’6 1/2. That’s gotta be a morning shoe height rounded up. Lol he basically gave it away tho when he said Dennis Rodman was “6’6 220” lol but maintained he’s only half inch taller than Jordan when it’s clear it’s at least 1.5-2”.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/Feb/18

He claims his basketball listed height, like most players do. Some even take it further and add more, like how Lonzo Ball claims 6’7” despite being listed 6’6”.
Canson said on 9/Feb/18
@Bobby: right not even 6’6” in sneaks. Prob 6’5.75 in a pair that adds 1.25” maybe in a higher pair he can reach it tho. 6’4.5 at his low in the afternoon
bobbyh33432 said on 8/Feb/18
jordan will never measure 6'6 barefoot at any time of the day ,,,i wonder why he still claims 6'6?
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
@Canson I think Jordan hold pretty well at 6'4.75" with 6'2 1/4 Westbrook.
Canson said on 27/Jan/18
Jordan with 6’2.25 Russell Westbrook

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Canson said on 27/Jan/18
@Animus: he’s 6’4.5 next to 6’9 Larry Bird. It doesn’t matter what Rob has either of these guys listed because if you look at Magic next to Kurt Rambis he isn’t just half inch shorter it’s a full inch there and that’s if Rambis is even a full 6’8”. Typically basketball players aren’t as tall as they are listed on paper
Canson said on 26/Jan/18
@Johnson: he was measured 6’4 7/8. It’s likley that the heels measured him earlier in the AM. Having played college ball I was measured at an early morning practice before myself like less than an hour out of bed. I don’t think the pre drafts were as early back then as they are now. Or maybe his 6’4.5 was a team workout and they did so in the afternoon. Here George gervin calls him 6’4/6’5 which is what Reggie Miller called Jordan as well as Patrick Ewing. Maybe he peaked at a 6’4 5/8 when he had some hair

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Animus said on 26/Jan/18
He looks 6ft5 next to 6f7½ Magic Johnson. He is not 6ft4½. Photographic evidence suggests he is 6ft5 range. It doesn't matter what Pat Riley said. Some people seem incapable of properly weighing the evidence. It's crazy.
Johnson said on 25/Jan/18
If he was 6'4.5 in draft, it is rare that at UNC was 6'4.9
Canson said on 23/Jan/18
@Tunman: Jordan had a thicker sneaker then Michael Jackson. That can account for the 1/4” or so. But the measurement Christian was talking about was actually said to be from UNC not the 92 Olympics. I’ve seen what he said too that it was at the Olympics and I’ve seen where it was at UNC before he graduated. I can buy MJ measuring 6’4 7/8 an hour or less out of bed but evening 6’4.5 normal walking height. I look at Jordan next to larry bird and can say the same as Michael Jackson being 5’9” next to him Bird isn’t just a solid 4” taller than Jordan that looks more. I can see Bird as a full 6’9” peak but MJ as 4.5” shorter. But to be fair a guy measuring 6’4.5 and 6’4.75 aren’t all that much different which is why it’s hard at times to tell Kobe is taller than MJ like he actually is. Phil Jackson also said Kobe was slightly taller when describing them which leads me to believe Kobe may have been a hair over 6’4.75 at one stage like 195.2 maybe or MJ could’ve been flat 194 at a low which is also possibly given I know people who met him and said he’s my height and a poster here Gonzalo’s cousin played pro ball in Europe and attended the 96 finals with Seattle and Chicago and said that all players were overlisted by a decent amount. He said that his cousin at 194cm, said that Jordan was his height.
Tunman said on 23/Jan/18
Yeah,that's why I said he looks not is 6'5.6'4 7/8 and 6'5 is virtually the same thing,I mean it's impossible to tell who is taller when 2 persons are that close.I reckon that a fraction under 6'5 is possible but if you look at footage of Jordan with 5'9 Michael Jackson I don't think there is much less than 8".For some reason the 1992 listings seem honest in many cases,could be that the dudes were measured in the evening.6'4.75" is still my opinion.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Jan/18
Whether he's 6'4.5" or 6'4.75", one thing for sure is that he was measured 6'4 7/8" so he's not gonna be 6'5" let alone above.
Canson said on 20/Jan/18
@Tunman: I don’t know. Barkley has said many times he was 6’4.75 and 6’4.5 both and came out 6’4 5/8. Barkley is shorter than Kobe these days and was said to be 6’4-6’5 during his playing days by teammates and coaches and even measured 6’4 5/8 at the Olympics. Knowing people who’ve met both Jordan and Barkley and Kobe too Kobe appears the tallest as they put him around 6’5. But only one person I know has met him. Jordan I know two that have both say 6’4 and change or about my height same with Barkley. 195cm is a bit high for someone to be 6’4-6’5 as they would look more 6’5 like Kobe does. As for pat riley I don’t see why he would undermine him in that way. He’s met him and interviewed him when he called games too. Magic at 6’7.5 is high for a peak height imho. See him next to Kurt Rambis who is listed 6’8 he is shorter than he is and only about an inch taller than Jamaal Wilkes assuming Wilkes really is 6’6 and not less like 6’5.5. My guesses are below:

Jordan 6’4.5
Barkley approximately 6’4.5-5/8
Kobe 6’4.75-6’5 peak
Magic 6’7-6’7.25 peak

Keep in mind for Jordan that 6’4.5 barefoot would get him 6’5.75 min in sneaks so that makes him like he claims “a little under 6’6”. I know myself as I can come to about 197 or slightly over it in a pair of sneaks and my low is 6’4 1/4 at night.But to your credit he would easily clear 6’5” out of bed and would don’t see him under the 6’4.5 peak
Tunman said on 20/Jan/18
I don't know,Canson.He could often look the full 6'5 imo.Certainly 6'4.5" is arguable but here he is with Federer Click Here
If anything he's closer to 6'5 than 4 assuming footwear.I think there is always a chance for him to be 6'4.75".I know that Riley called him 6'4.5" but maybe he's trying to undermine him.The 1992 listing of the Olympics had him at 6'4 7/8" and Barkley at 6'4 5/8".I wouldn't argue anything less for Charles as he looks taller than most people listed at 6'5 on this site,so maybe that source was fair as even Magic Johnson at 6'7.5" is probably the lowest he was.
Canson said on 8/Jan/18
6’5.5-6’6” depending on the shoe. Hence why he mentioned he’s “a little under 6’6” before. But a peak Jordan was probably not much different than Jordan today. Likely was a guy who woke up anywhere between 6’5 1/8-3/8 and went to sleep 6’4 3/8-5/8. Hes always been right around 6’4.5 barefoot
Dingus said on 7/Jan/18
I think Michael Jordan was 6'06.00" in shoes. Barefoot he was between 6'04.75" and 6'05.25".
Canson said on 4/Jan/18
Rodman has Jordan by 2” in almost every pic their both in. If not two it’s awfully close. And Rodman admitted he’s 6’6” and change Scottie pippen backed this up saying 6’6” or so. Hard to see Jordan above 6’4.5 which would make him 6’5.75 in a pair of Nikes like he wears which is “a little under 6’6” like he claimed. A legit 6’5” or strong 6’5” wouldn’t look as Short next to Bird or him as he does
Johnson said on 4/Jan/18
@Soije Jordan in that picture is 6'1 if your friend is 5'6
Canson said on 1/Jan/18
A legit 6’7.5 would actually have 3” on Jordan. Jordan is 6’4.5 like it was mentioned when he was drafted
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 30/Dec/17
Rob, where would a 6’7.5” guy land compared to Michael Jordan?
Editor Rob: about 2.5 inches is quite a noticeable amount, he would be halfway between the eyes and top of the head of the 6ft 7.5 man
Lebron fan said on 30/Dec/17
I’d say a hair taller then Kobe
Canson said on 9/Dec/17
@Soije: MJ has never been anything close to 6’6” barefoot. I believe he’s around my height 6’4 and change. 194cm maybe 6’4 1/2 at his lowest but no higher. People don’t realize how much height his sneakers give. I come down in the afternoon (6’4.25-.3) and can still be 197cm if I put a pair of his shoes on. Most people don’t even pay attention to shoes and they assume if someone is 6’5 1/2 in a shoe that they’re 6’5 barefoot (maybe 6’4.75 and round up) esp if they’re in a lower shoe.
Canson said on 8/Dec/17
6’4 1/2 barefoot always has been
Soije said on 8/Dec/17
Click Here this is a friend with MJ at Madame Tussauds. He's only 5'6" and said MJ was nowhere near his listed 6'6", but maybe 6'4" at best. Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger were also nowhere near their listed heights according to him; more like 6'1"-2" and 5'10"ish, respectively, according to him, who is a shorty.

The only person who was larger than life was Shaq.
Brad said on 5/Dec/17
6-5 then and now. Get some golf shoes shots with celebs/sports dudes.
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@Jalen: he was 6’4 1/2 when he was drafted. He was never as tall as Reggie Miller who has admitted he’s himself 6’5/6’6. Jordan’s 6’6” is a shoe height rounded up
Jalen C Gilmer said on 29/Nov/17
6'6" Peak Height
6'5" Current Height
Ian C. said on 26/Nov/17
It's probably difficult to get a consistent measurement for the heights of basketball players. When they get out of bed he's as tall as they're going to be all day, and then they play a game where they jump in the air and land on a wooden floor for several hours. I'll bet they're taller before a game than they are in the middle of it.
Canson said on 25/Nov/17
Kareem has a longer than average face. Theres way more than just 14cm we can’t see the top of his head in the pic. If Kareem is 216cm even 214-215 that is 20cm he has on him
ncaa said on 24/Nov/17
Click Here Kareem looks about 14 cm taller than Jordan in this picture.
Canson said on 18/Nov/17
actually was 6’4 1/2 when he entered the league. That looks like his actual (afternoon height) too as he looks 6’4 to some 6’5 to others and looks right at that level with magic or bird or Rodman and is a hair shorter than kobe is

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Paul Jason said on 17/Nov/17
MJ is 6'4.75. That's his measurement when he entered the league.
Canson said on 16/Nov/17
@Bard: i think around 6’4.5 that he measured when drafted is fair for MJ. Maybe pat riley was assessing a few mm under but today he still looks around 6’4.5 at his lowest which in almost anyone’s eyes even a more honest person will say he looks 6’5 because he edges out a 192cm guy who maybclaim 6’4. Most will give the benefit of the doubt although we folks here look to the cm lol. People don’t realize how tall that actually is. I know because I’m about that size myself at 6’4 and 1/4-3/8
Bard said on 15/Nov/17
Looks 6'4 range today but prob closer to 6'5 in his prime. Around the same as Kobe.
Canson said on 10/Nov/17
Jordan didn’t lose an inch at 54 years old was never a full 6’5. He looked taller when he was young due to him being skinny
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/17
Peak height was 6'5" Now at age 55 looks a flat 6 foot 4
Canson said on 9/Nov/17
@Christian: well said because I’ve also met Vernon Davis and he’s a legit to strong 6’3”. He honestly didn’t look really noticeably taller than my 6’3” friend does but he’s younger and has better posture however if my buddy stands straight he looks about the same. Davis is 2.5 inches over obama in the pic they have. I’d have Obama at this age he’s at around 6’0.75. He isn’t much taller than trump honestly
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 8/Nov/17

And that's assuming if Obama's the full 6'1". And I question that because Darius Rucker who I met once who's 5'9" looked 3.5" shorter than Obama.
Canson said on 5/Nov/17
@Johnson: the only time it’s that high is when Jordan purposely jokes around with him. When he puts the medal on his back and at other times it looks actually 3”
Johnson said on 4/Nov/17
I mean this video. Obama and Jordan

Click Here
Canson said on 2/Nov/17
@Johnson: that’s 3.5” between Jordan and Obama best case 3.75”
Canson said on 1/Nov/17
@mamadon: I think anywhere 194-194.5 fits MJ for an evening height esp today he may only be 194 from 6’4.5
Johnson said on 31/Oct/17
In my opinion no less than solid 1.96 for Jordan

If not, Obama should be downgraded to 1.83

What do you think @Rob?
mamadon said on 30/Oct/17
Flat 194cm in the evening
Junior said on 30/Oct/17

Like i always suspect those celebrities look 1-2cm off on rob listed them in this site when i see them with Kobe Bryant look much proper legit 6'5 than those actors, musicians listed this site and even Barkley and Jordan give me impression of a flat 195cm or below sometimes when i think of Kobe. Anyway 6'4.5 is 194.4cm i would have believe it like you did for Barkley and Jordan lowest measurement and possible one of them had already drop a fraction off his peak now since they were both over 50.
Canson said on 28/Oct/17
@Junior: honestly could be 6’4.5 at his lowest. That won’t look any different than 6’4 5/8. Also could be Barkley’s lowest as he could’ve been 6’4 5/8 a couple hours earlier. I think the only one who looks legitimately 6’5” is Kobe Bryant out of those 3. He can look it almost always where he can make others look shorter at times
Junior said on 27/Oct/17
Jordan could be really a fraction taller than Charles Barkley. I remember i ever saw a link stated that Jordan measure 195.1cm - 6'4.8" w/o shoes and Barkley get announce in the Olympic that he was 194.6cm - 6'4.6" w/o shoes. Those height would have make Scottie Pippen a full 6'6.75" nothing more than that, it explain why Conan O'brien only look 192cm max with Pippen.

Click Here:

Click Here:

Click Here Pippen on Conan show.
Canson said on 27/Oct/17
@Pedro: he is close to 6’6 with sneaks even if I hadn’t seen the link but you have to remember that is a life sized cutout of him. A 6’6” list just typically means they measure at least 6’5.5 in sneaks but They have one of Magic Johnson that is only 6’4” as well that I’ve seen. So those aren’t necessarily accurate m
Junior said on 27/Oct/17
I don't think Jordan is under 6'4 5/8 by any chance.
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
Jordan with 6’7 George gervin. Looks 2.5” diff

Click Here
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
@MrTBlack: that’s fair. We differ on opinion here. But I have to disagree with you (especially being near 6’4 1/2) and being almost 6’6” in his sneaks and being mistaken for it and say he’s 6’4.5 tops.
MrTBlack said on 21/Oct/17

I'm going to agree to disagree and say that MJ is 6'5" and at the very worst 6'4 3/4".
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
@MrTBlack: yea we’re not gonna have one that far back of exact listings. They weren’t doing those in 80s. They always rounded up like saying Wilkins was 6’7” and Jordan 6’5. Dominique was more 6’6.5 (how he looked) and Jordan 6’4.5 (how he looked)
MrTBlack said on 20/Oct/17

Im not denying that that listing isn’t accurate, what I was saying is that it’s based on a forum post and not a copy of an NBA draft in a pdf document. I still think Jordan mostly looks 6’5” so 6’4 7/8ths is definitely believable, but if we could get an exact copy of NBA listings on a document (and not just a post on a forum board) it would be %100 official.
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@Christian: I agree with everything you said that’s a morning height but that wasn’t at the olympics really (I don’t believe) think was at UNC I’ve seen before. I think the only two who were actually measured at the Olympics were Barkley and magic. But I can see him 6’4 7/8 an hour out of bed maybe 2 and dip down to 6’4.5-.6 maybe as a best case. Worst case prob is 6’4 3/8 at his lowest. But I’d call him 6’4.5 still
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@MrTBlack: I agree with Rob that he isn’t a flat 6’4”. But people guessing him 6’4” range multiple ones prob have a better idea than rob does as rob hasn’t met him in person. And it’s no disrespect to rob but 1/2” difference 6’4.5 like Christian said isn’t easy to tell esp when it comes to Jordan having long proportions and being built like he is. Trust me I am guessed 6’5/6’6” regularly even in a casual shoe before I was. Jordan in a sneaker is gonna gain 1.2-1.4” in some cases so that’s putting him very near 6’6”. And that 6’4 7/8 was not at the olympics. Probably a perfectly legit measurement but two things to keep in mind height varies. He likely was measured in the morning. Two he could’ve been 6’4.75 or a hair over and rounded up. But I’ve seen the site Christian pulled from. That was at UNC when he measured that. Pat Riley said when he came in the league he was 6’4.5 which looks right. But I doubt he’s much below that. That’s prob his normal low for a day (possibly 6’4 3/8 but that’s pushing it). But He isn’t quite as tall as Kobe is. Also with a listed height some are reliable others way off. Tyreke evans was measured in the morning (6am combine) at 6’5.25 in shoes and is listed 6’6”. John Wall is really more like 6’1.5-6’2 and he’s listed 6’4”. I know two people who have met him and even SJh who is a poster here put him at 187cm in person. A listing in shoes means nothing. I played ball In college and was listed 6’6” and in the sneaks I wore when I played im a max 6’5.5 maybe even a tad less like 6’5 3/8. But They will round that number up tho to make it sound better and a 6’6” 2 guard that also played some point and also some small forward back then sounds better than a 6’5” 2 guard.
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@MrTBlack: I agree with Rob that he isn’t a flat 6’4”. But 6’4.5 like Christian said. And that 6’4 7/8 was actually not at the olympics. People make that mistake all of the time because people post that on sites. I’ve seen the site Christian pulled from. Someone listed that there on that site that this came from. That measurement was actually at UNC when he measured that. Pat Riley said when he came in the league he was 6’4.5 which looks right. He isn’t quite as tall as Kobe is. I believe Kobe as 6’4.75. Maybe at one point with some hair he was 6’5” or closer to it but in his early 30s I believe Vanessa measured him 6’4.75. Phil Jackson acknowledged that Kobe is taller than MJ as did Kobe once saying Jordan isn’t 6’6”. But I have to disagree with rob on him being a legit 6’5”. Rip Hamilton if you’ve seen pics is around 6’5” and taller than Jordan is as is a guy like Caron Butler. dsnny Ainge said he’s 6’4” and that Barkley was only 1/2” or so taller it’s the same with Jordan that’s half inch with Ainge max.
prince said on 20/Oct/17
Hlo Jordan I love you so much
MrTBlack said on 20/Oct/17

Sorry not ignoring you. I can’t seem to find any nba draft physicals, only posts on other forum boards which should be taken with a pinch of salt unless it’s a pdf document. But the 6’6” is the listed height and NBA heights are always in shoes.
MrTBlack said on 19/Oct/17
Hey Rob what do you think of the 6’4-6’4.5” listings for him? I think those sound a bit low but what do you think is the most for MJ and the least? (On his afternoon and evening height).
Editor Rob: I think 6ft 4 seems hard to believe, like Kobe, he seems nearer 6ft 5 than 4-4.5
Canson said on 19/Oct/17
@Johnson: I don’t think there is one. His 6’6” listing is a shoe height rounded up. That is all it is in the NBA doesn’t mean someone measures exactly that. Look up Tyreke Evans (measured in the morning in 2009 same as curry and Blake griffin etc). He was supposedly 6’4” and got 6’5.25 in shoes and was listed 6’6”. Jordan is 6’6” in shoes in the morning I won’t doubt that but at his lowest probably is 6’5.5-6’6” in his specific sneakers
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 19/Oct/17

What's not anecdotal is that Jordan was measured 6'4 7/8" during the 1992 Olympics Click Here And here's the full information:

Height: 6-4.88 (1992 U.S. Olympics at age 29)
Wingspan: 6-11.5
Standing Reach: 8-9.25 ( ¾ inch shoe adjusted)
Hand Length: 9.75"
Hand Spread: 11.375"
Playing Weight:
195 - rookie
198 - early-career
205 - 1st 3peat
216 - 2nd 3peat
223 - Washington Wizards
Shoes: U.S. size 13

Although we don't know exactly what time of day he was measured, it was most likely pretty early in the day because most NBA players get measured early, and were still about 1/4-1/2" taller than their lowest, similar to NFL players during Combine as well. So I can see Jordan at 6'4.5"-ish lowest.
Canson said on 18/Oct/17
My guess is like Rich said. I’m also 194cm (193.9 at my lowest) and know people close in height with me (+/- 1-2”) who have met him that say we are similar. My guess is he isn’t over maybe 194-194.3 afternoon height) but not any lower either.
Johnson said on 18/Oct/17
Do you have the link of measured 6'6 in shoes?
Canson said on 18/Oct/17
@MrTBlack: I see where you are coming from that people underguess people but when guys near him in height are the ones guessing him 6’4” and 6’4 and change such as Reggie miller George Gervin and Patrick Ewing that obviously has merit. As far as him being 6’6” listed doesn’t mean he is 6’6”. It just means in shoes he is rounded up to 6’6” or could be. The roundup could be from 6’5.25 like with tyreke Evans was. So for MJ 6’5.5 or .75 could mean that. And I saw once where you referred to the big clunky shoes he wears. His sneaks do make about 1.4” in some cases so 6’4.5 could be 6’5.9 in sneaks. In addition remember height varies through the day. He could be 6’4 7/8 an hour out of bed (6’5 1/8-1/4) directly out and be 6’4.5 afternoon. I say what I do based on the logic with the 6’4” guesses as I see more people guess him 6’4” range than 6’5” or 6’6” unless they are either morning measurers or assessing him a shoe height. I also say it because I am also the same height and was listed 6’6” when I played college ball as was Bobby3342 another poster here. He hits 6’4.25 afternoon and is 6’4 7/8 out of bed and still is listed at 6’6” on a roster where as I am 6’5 1/8 (roughly) and 6’4 3/8 at my lowest and got listed 6’6. In a pair of the Jordan 10s and others I can still reach 6’5.75 in them and would easily be listed at 6’6”.

Another example is draymond green. I saw where his former Assistant GM said he’s the 3rd shortest warrior and then after Steve Kerr and Alvin Gentry and Carmelo Anthony all called him 6’5” along with a couple posters who responded to the blog from the assistant GM. Both posters one 6’3 the other 6’5” said they met draymknd and one said “couple inches taller” the other said the same height. Draymond also doesn’t look taller than Peyton Manning or Kobe. So assuming draymond is 6’5” barefoot he is listed at 6’7” (two inches taller). Same case with tyreke Evans who got a 6’4” combine (early am that year and may really be 6’3.5) is listed 6’6”.
MrTBlack said on 18/Oct/17

I don’t know if I agree with that presumption on MJs height. Guessing someone a full inch less than they are isn’t unusual on and outside of celebheights. The 6’4.5” measurement seems more anecdotal that fact. And I just found out how that 6’4.7/8ths isn’t confirmed either. What is confirmed however is he was measured 6’6” with shoes on so my guess is still 6’5” solid maybe 6’4.75” at the very worst.
Brad said on 17/Oct/17
6-5 then 6-5 now.
Canson said on 16/Oct/17
@Johnson: my post must not have come through before you posted. My guess is 6’4 7/8 is a morning height for him. If he looks 6’4.5 to others. I will say Riley is very honest as he also said Magic was really 6’7” before and has met Jordan before. 6’4.5 is loose though and could be my height 6’4.33 at night up to maybe 6’4.6 as they’re all still around the 1/2” mark. I think 3/4 or 7/8 is too much for a guy commonly guessed at 6’4/6’5 or 6’4 and change. I would have him as maybe within half cm of me in height where I’m 195.8/193.9 he’s likely at least no lower than 194 at his lowest no higher than maybe 194.5 no lower than maybe 196 out of bed no higher than maybe 196.5 on a really good morning
Rich said on 16/Oct/17
My guess is a strong 6'4" without shoes
Johnson said on 15/Oct/17
here they talk about Jordan measured at 6'4.5
Click Here

I read some time ago 6'4 7/8 and they said it was from Barcelona 92 Olympics, but on this forum they said it was from University? Not sure
Canson said on 15/Oct/17
@Johnson: I have seen it mentioned both 6’4 7/8 like MrTBlack said as well as 6’4.5 by John Feinstein/Pat Riley and 6’5 at the 84 olympics which is likely just a round up. I just don’t see him being 6’5” at his lowest as he wouldn’t be guessed by guys near height with him as 6’4” range. I’m almost always guessed at minimum 6’5” if I’m in a pair of his sneakers. Sometimes get 6’6” when in reality a pair of his sneaks puts me at 6’5.5-.75 range which is likely the case for him as well. He would comfortably wake up as 196-196.5 tho imho and go to bed 194-194.5

@MrTBlack: yep I posted it a while back on this page I’ll get again and paste here but I also go off the sources on the internet and people I know who have met him most guys an inch or two taller or shorter saying he looked 6’4” or 6’4” and change. Two people I personally know said Jordan and Barkley are around my height whereas one of the two said Kobe appeared taller than me by a touch maybe 1/2”. Maybe Kobe was a full 6’5” peak and 6’4.75 at his lowest which I believe as his wife measured him there. Maybe he lost a fraction but that would mean maybe dipping from 194/195 to 193,5-194 or 194 flat. Maybe 6’4 5/8ish is his peak as there is virtually no difference between 6’4.5 and 6’4 5/8. I believe the 6’4 7/8 measurement is possible for a morning height which was mentioned when he was at UNC. I too played college ball and was measured in the morning. I was 6’4.75 one time according to our strength coach and 6’4.5 once according to him when I dip to 6’4.25-3/8 by evening. Jordan being 6’4 7/8 could be an hour or two or three out of bed and be 6’4.5 or 5/8 by evening. I say what I do because a guy who is 6’4 7/8 at his lowest wearing the shoes he does (I own several pairs of Jordan’s) would never be guessed under 6’5” especially in a world where people are inflated. My guess is he is marginally (at best) taller than I am and that there would be no really noticeable difference between us to where we would need to be back to back and have someone look extremely closely to see maybe 1/8-1/4”. On the other hand I bet if I stood by Kobe I bet he would be taller noticeably as he probably has me by a full cm minimum
Canson said on 15/Oct/17
@Johnson: I have seen it mentioned both 6’4 7/8 like MrTBlack said as well as 6’4.5 by John Feinstein/Pat Riley and 6’5 at the 84 olympics which is likely just a round up.

@MrTBlack: yep I posted it a while back on this page I’ll get again and paste here but I also go off the sources on the internet and people I know who have met him most guys an inch or two taller or shorter saying he looked 6’4” or 6’4” and change. Two people I personally know said Jordan and Barkley are around my height whereas one of the two said Kobe appeared taller than me by a touch maybe 1/2”. Maybe Kobe was a full 6’5” peak and 6’4.75 at his lowest which I believe as his wife measured him there. Maybe he lost a fraction but that would mean maybe dipping from 194/195 to 193,5-194 or 194 flat. Maybe 6’4 5/8ish is his peak as there is virtually no difference between 6’4.5 and 6’4 5/8. I believe the 6’4 7/8 measurement is possible for a morning height which was mentioned when he was at UNC. I too played college ball and was measured in the morning. I was 6’4.75 one time according to our strength coach and 6’4.5 once according to him when I dip to 6’4.25-3/8 by evening. Jordan being 6’4 7/8 could be an hour or two or three out of bed and be 6’4.5 or 5/8 by evening. I say what I do because a guy who is 6’4 7/8 at his lowest wearing the shoes he does (I own several pairs of Jordan’s) would never be guessed under 6’5” especially in a world where people are inflated. My guess is he is marginally (at best) taller than I am and that there would be no really noticeable difference between us to where we would need to be back to back and have someone look extremely closely to see maybe 1/8-1/4”. On the other hand I bet if I stood by Kobe I bet he would be taller noticeably as he probably has me by a full cm minimum
Johnson said on 14/Oct/17
@MrTBlack can you put the source of MJ measured at 6'4 7/8 ?
Canson said on 14/Oct/17
Out of bed 196-196.4
Before bed 194–194.5

With shoes 6’5.5-6’6
Without shoes 6’4.5
MrTBlack said on 13/Oct/17

Did he? I guess he could have lost a small fraction by now since he’s in his 50s. I personally think 6’4” flat sounds a bit low but don’t think 6’4.75 is completely out of the question (at least at his peak).
MrTBlack said on 13/Oct/17

Um no, he was measured at 6’4 7/8ths barefoot so he can’t be taller than that (well he may have been a fraction undermeasured but not by much if that was the case.) and this is a site for guessing celebs’ heights so the topic never ends.
TAN said on 12/Oct/17
I think is 6'6 more no less end of topic
Canson said on 7/Oct/17
@MrTBlack: he’s always pegged as 6’4/6’5 or 6’4 and change when people meet him that’s on the internet and by people I have actually seen who met him In person as well as guys like Reggie miller who have played with him. He’s 6’5” out of bed 6’4.5 or 194 at his lowest. People don’t realize that 6’4.5 barefoot or even 3/8 makes him 6’5.75 in his sneaks as they add a lot. I know because I’m 193.9 at my lowest and when I wear his sneaks I am 6’5.75 and would immediately get listed as 6’6. People assume I’m 6’5” at that point as well when I’m not
MrTBlack said on 5/Oct/17

He does look 6’6” in this photo above but I suspect he’s wearing Nike Airmax which adds 2”. I think the 6’4” description is a bit too small though but I would say probably 6’5” no more or less.
Canson said on 5/Oct/17
194-194.5 at night. Hence why he’s guessed as 6’4” by some close in height (presumably in a casual shoe) and 6’5” by others presumably in his sneakers that add 1.2-1.4”. That would put him at about 1/4” away from 6’6”. Anytime someone is 1/2” over a mark in shoes people assume that said mark is their actual barefoot height without paying attention to footwear. Hence a guy who is about 6’4 3/8 or 1/2 in bare stockings at night will still be near 6’6” in those types of sneaks and will easily get guessed as 6’5” especially if the person doing the judging is at a disadvantage of footwear.
Canson said on 5/Oct/17
@joe yes

1/2” diff max between them
joe### said on 4/Oct/17
Tom brady 6´4 flat
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
I believe Kobe at that height is a low on the day or close to it but not an extreme low. He did claim 6'4.5 before too and 6'4". One could say it is downplaying but if he comes all the way down to 6'4.5 at an extreme low and rounds down it really isn't. It's no different than someone claiming an out of bed height or morning of some sort really. I doubt Kobe knows as much about height loss as we do here but If someone chooses to claim an absolute low I don't see it any more of an issue as someone who claims their out of bed max or even more so than shoes. At least the extreme low (even if not reached daily) is closer to the normal low that you walk around at than an out of bed height is.
Canson said on 18/Sep/17
@Rob: I think Kobe measuring 6'4.75 is similar to you at 5'8 1:8. An afternoon measurement that he can reach on a daily measurement. Jordan and Barkley maybe 6'4.5-5/8 . All three can clear 6'5" out of bed with Kobe the likeliest to be 197 out of bed
Canson said on 15/Sep/17
@Animus: Brady could well be 6'4.25 but id go with a solid 6'4 at his lowest. Jordan can look as tall at times but taller only with a camera angle. Because usually it's a significant difference I've seen in pics due to camera angle but one I did see is about 1/2". I agree tho that Jordan at 6'4.5 is exactly how I thought he was all along. I look at people who have met him both internet and people that I know as well as guys like George Gervin and Reggie Miller Patrick Ewing have called him 6'4 or 6'4-6'5. 195 cm at nigh is too high for someone to be guessed 6'4 range especially if you're talking in sneaks.
feez said on 15/Sep/17
Rob, do you really think he is one centimeters taller than Charles Barkley ? On most pictures it seems to be contrary.
Editor Rob: both are arguably exactly the same...but then we have Kobe's wife measuring him almost 6ft 5, I suppose you could say it was a night measurement!
Animus said on 13/Sep/17
6'4½ is not without the realm of possibility, but it's the absolute lowest I would go for Jordan. I have seen photos of him next to Tom Brady and on equal ground, Jordan is slightly taller. If Brady is 6'4¼, Jordan ought to be 6'4¾ or 6'5.
Canson said on 8/Sep/17
@Animus: don't forget he also wears higher footwear his sneaks having owned many of them are higher than a normal sneak maybe 1/4". But I agree I don't see him any less than 194cm (6'4 3/8) at night which is completely feasible as he would wake up to 6'5 1/8 (196). That would essentially make him a 6'4.5 guy for most purposes if he chose to claim or round but he claims 6'6" still. Remember the time of day is a variable as well. These guys you compare him to may not be claiming afternoon heights or listed at. I will open the range for evening height 6'4 3/8-5/8 likeliest right around 6'4.5 tho I agree. I don't see him as high as you have him tho because he would never be guessed 6'4" range if he were that tall even in flats he'd be 6'5.25-.5 range still and I don't see him in flats in any pics always Dress shoes or sneaks or casual shoes maybe
Animus said on 7/Sep/17
Anything below 6'4½ is virtually impossible. We also know he's not a strong 6'5, because the difference between him and 6'4 guys and weak 6'5 guys is not large enough to justify that. I'd say he's either 6'4¾ or 6'5.
Canson said on 31/Aug/17
@Spaniard: doubt 193. But he's likely about my height of roughly 194cm. I'd say maybe at absolute best he's 6'4.5 In the evening (194.3)
khelg said on 30/Aug/17
Spaniard_188 : you picture is garbage man, how can we compare anything with that ? we dont even see footwear or the ground.
Canson said on 22/Aug/17
@Christian: agreed! My impression on Kobe

196.5-197 out of bed (6'5 3/8-1/2)
194.5-195 before bed (6'4 5/8-3/4)

I would go prob closer to 195 too. He looks a real 195 in my opinion
cober said on 22/Aug/17
flat 194cm in the evening or after activities
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Aug/17

"We don't know the time his wife did take his measurement"

Common sense should tell you that if he was measured 6'4.75" at any time of the day, that means he can't possibly be any taller than that measurement at his low point. I believe the measurement took place late afternoon or night because he looks 6'4.75" at his low.
Canson said on 20/Aug/17
@Duhon: I see where you're coming from now. Based on how they're listed here
Spaniard_188 said on 20/Aug/17
This picture with Julio Salinas shows a different perspective.
Click Here

I think Jordan is 193 cm. No more, no less...
Duhon said on 19/Aug/17

That's because the 6'4.75" is his low point. Kobe wouldn't be strong 6'5", he would be considered 6'4.75" because on Celebheights we go by afternoon/evening heights.

We don't know the time his wife did take his measurement. Comparing Kobe to other celebheights listed people here like Michael Strahan and Michael Phelps he does look more full 6'5" than not.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 18/Aug/17

That's because the 6'4.75" is his low point. Kobe wouldn't be strong 6'5", he would be considered 6'4.75" because on Celebheights we go by afternoon/evening heights.
Canson said on 18/Aug/17
Duhon said on 17/Aug/17
His wife's supposed 6'4.75" measurement of him could easily be at his low point of the day.

Remember this comment, Right?

Duhon said on 17/Jan/16
Re:Morning height.

For myself If someone is measured barefoot at a certain height in the morning I have absolutely no problem with them claiming that height. I don't think it's any fairer for someone's height at 7pm for example to take precedence over 7 am when giving it out. If you measured it (barefoot of course) you measured it.
Duhon said on 17/Aug/17
Canson said on 16/Aug/17
He's definitely not taller than Kobe is and doesn't even look as tall honestly

Both wouldn't be guessed at less than 6'5" in person tbh. Kobe looks a strong 6'5" himself. His wife's supposed 6'4.75" measurement of him could easily be at his low point of the day.
Canson said on 16/Aug/17
He's definitely not taller than Kobe is and doesn't even look as tall honestly
Canson said on 13/Aug/17
Agree with Slim182 wholeheartedly. Jordan is 6'4.5ish.!wherher under a tad (6'4.4) or over it he's a weak 6'5!or strong 6'4
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
6'4.5 he's still very tall, but most of his votes are from his fans(no question about this).
My estimation comes of comparing him to usain bolt btw, they look similar height wise.
Canson said on 5/Aug/17
To be fair Jordan in socks at 194-194.5 in the afternoon is going to potentially put him at 197-198 in a pair of his sneakers if they add 1.2-1.4". So even an afternoon measurement for him will get him lat 6'6" shoe height. And even just using a 1" sneaker it's still around 6'5.5 in the afternoon which still rounds up to 6'6" for NBA standards. It really isn't all that easy to tell a difference between maybe 6'4.5 and 6'5 at the lowest especially when people he is being compared to we don't know when that person was measured either. Very many guys my height will claim 6'4 1/2 or 6'5 or even 6'4" and based on responses of people who have met Jordan appears to be the same that some say he's 6'4 or so (6'4 and change) whereas others say 6'4 or others 6'5. Jordan also has very long limbs which make him appear taller.
Brad said on 5/Aug/17
Strong 6-5 forever. Maybe I'll catch him later in the month at the fight and tables chucking cards.
S.J.H said on 4/Aug/17
Many 6'5 listed celebrities here just doesn't fit 6'5 or compare to be taller than both Charles Barkley and Kobe Bryant. It just makes me wonder they are 6'4 to 6'4.5 range not any higher. Jordan i still believe a strong 6'4.5 and maybe came close to 6'4.75" def not a proper 6'5 at all
Canson said on 2/Aug/17
@Johnson: a lot of celebs list themselves taller than they are or round up. Neyo may very well be doing the same. We have to think objectively not just taking what another person like Neyo claims and bell curving Michael Jordan around his claim
Canson said on 2/Aug/17
@Christian: yep Rob Said too Neyo is possibly 5'7" range which he looks (9" diff) with Jordan. While I don't believe Jordan is a Howard stern type of 6'5" or similar to you (not falling below it) he is out of bed like I am and dips to the same area I would give or take (194cm zone) which makes sense at 6'4.5ish. But Strong 6'5" for Jordan would make him your height and id bet $100k in Vegas that you would edge Jordan back to back by a noticeable amount (especially when a lot of people class MJ when they meet him as 6'4" or so). Safe to say had he been over 6'5" like that (especially if he was measured early in the day he'd be closer to 6'6"). he would have gotten a 6'7" listing like Reggie Miller did (although Miller is more Weak 6'6").
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 2/Aug/17

I don't think NeYo is 5'8".
Johnson said on 2/Aug/17
Because I think he is huge. NeYo is supposed to be 5'8 and he towers him a whole head minimum
Canson said on 1/Aug/17
@Johnson: uh no. Why are you always upgrading people?
Johnson said on 1/Aug/17
I guess the picture does not favour Salinas. He must have bad posture. He was quite tall at peak if yiu check pictures
Johnson said on 1/Aug/17
Julio Salinas was 188 peak. Jordan is 196 minimum

Here in 2007 Salinas was 44-45 years old. No less than solid 187

Click Here

Jordan is very solid 196 minimum
JKunk said on 28/Jul/17
Just gonna leave this here 6'6"
Canson said on 28/Jul/17
He was never 6'6". That was his listed height in sneakers slightly rounded up. 194-195 barefoot
Chase said on 26/Jul/17
His peak height was probably 6'6" ... 6 ft 5 or a little more now
Canson said on 21/Jul/17
@Brad: it's very rare that they ynderlist someone on a pre draft with money on the line. That was just his actual walking height where he would measure in the afternoon. for him to be 6'7" peak would mean he's lost close to an inch at 31 which he hasn't. Melo for sure is the height they have him at on his pre draft. Look at him with Kobe he's looking 1.5" more. I saw him about a year and a half ago and that was at 31 years old so likely still in his peak and he didn't look but his draft height st most. He was never taller than that. He wasn't as tall as Lebron who is 6'7". He would be likely a full 6'7" out of bed tho.

Look at him with carlos boozer he's about 1.5 shorter then he's about identical with 6'6.25 Kyle korver
Canson said on 21/Jul/17
@Brad: it's very rare that they ynderlist someone on a pre draft with money on the line. That was just his actual walking height where he would measure in the afternoon. for him to be 6'7" peak would mean he's lost close to an inch at 31 which he hasn't. Melo for sure is the height they have him at on his pre draft. Look at him with Kobe he's looking 1.5" more. I saw him about a year and a half ago and that was at 31 years old so likely still in his peak and he didn't look but his draft height st most. He was never taller than that. He wasn't as tall as Lebron who is 6'7". He would be likely a full 6'7" out of bed tho.
Brad said on 19/Jul/17
Those draft measures are all over the place. 6-7 for Melo early career.
Canson said on 14/Jul/17

Click Here

I don't always trust the draft measurements but his for sure I trust. That's exactly how he looked in person too. I'm 6'5-6'5 1/8 out of bed and 6'4 1/4-3/8 at night. I'd estimate him to be 1.5-2" taller than me. I'd give him 6'7" out of bed and between 6'6-6'6.25 at his lowest (he is a bit taller so may lose more height than me).

I played against him when he was in high school (he went to Towson catholic) outside of Baltimore and to Oak Hill Academy. I'm a few years older but he was more like 6'5" later in high school. When I played him earlier on maybe 6'4" (he was about my height) then I saw him when he played up in the DC area when he went to Oak Hill and was definitely 6'5" his junior or senior year.
Brad said on 13/Jul/17
I hope Mr. Melo doesn't come back to Denver. I thought he was taller than 6' 6". Wonder if Spike has a going away party for the Melo Man. I still got my '70 Knicks knit cap. Cazzie from the corner "good" (Marv Albert call).
Canson said on 13/Jul/17
@Brad: as for Deandre Jordan I can see his NBA pre draft 6'9.75 maybe dipping to 6'9.5 as a low but not less. As for Melo I stood right next to Him at a restaurant about a year and a half ago and he look s exactly as listed on his pre draft 6'6.25 (worst case is maybe he's 6'6 1/8 at his lowest) best case max if I was off 199 flat. As My wife and a couple others near us said he's between 1.5-2" taller than I am. That's rare because I've seen other players and heard other players aren't as tall as the draft measurement claims. But guys I played with in high school such as Keith Bogans he looked around his listed barefoot height 6'4.25 (he's practically my height maybe a fraction shorter at most) Caron Butler (is 1/2"-1" taller than me and he's listed 6'5.25) Larry Johnson I didn't play with but he looked close to his 6'5.5 but I'd say he's confidently closer to 6'5 than he is 6'6" as he was 2cm to 1" taller taller than me and looked identical with my 6'5.25 friend in their pic with Starks. Looking at him when I shook hands with him I would've said right directly in between is fair. I'm a solid 194 cm in the afternoon (6'4 3/8). But That should put in perspective Melo is about the same with MJ he's more than just one inch taller. That is why I also mentioned Jordan is 6'4.5ish
Brad said on 12/Jul/17
Damn close to 60 looking 38. Carmelo tall is he?
Canson said on 10/Jul/17
@Brad: how old are you? I figured you were younger like 30s or 40s
S.J.H said on 10/Jul/17
Rob, i think Carmelo Anthony and DeAndre Jordan worth an adding here?
Canson said on 9/Jul/17
@Christian: he mentioned 6'6" somewhere whether it's at his lowest not sure but even if it is it makes sense because I doubt MJ was wearing the same shoe as him he likely had a footwear advantage on Brad which would account for the half inch or so. Brad in a worn pair of Chuck's even if they are new makes him 6'6 3/8-5/8 in shoes. I saw below that he said he had Jordan by an inch so pending shoes for MJ that would make Jordan probably around 6'5.5 or so in shoes That's where the difference is I bet. I am on the same page as you MJ is 6'4.5 barefoot
Brad said on 9/Jul/17
I was probably 1/2" inch taller than 6-6 a few decades ago. He's still 6-5.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 8/Jul/17

You never actually told us your height though. How else would we know exactly how tall you are when you're keep saying that Jordan's a strong 6'5"? It's likely that you're about 6'5.5" if you had an inch on Jordan.
Canson said on 8/Jul/17
@Brad: if it's less than 1/2" it means you're possibly 6'6 3/8. If you're an inch over Jordan that means he's 6'5 1/4-1/2 in shoes. meaning he's likely 6'4.5 barefoot, which makes more sense as he's a 6'6" listing in shoes.
Brad said on 7/Jul/17
Worn out Chucks I wear cause I hate my height. No 1/2", less, I feel pebbles. He was a gambler/golfer big time there for years, now he just stays in Martin County Florida golfing. Needs to dump that big crib in Illinois. Strong 6' 5", smirk smile.
Canson said on 7/Jul/17
If he were really 6'5" at his lowest he would be easily above 6'6" in his sneakers or dress shoes around 6'6.5 in some. and be above 6'7" in sneaks earlier in the day. Looks more like 197-198 in his sneaks hence a "rounded up" 6'6" NBA listing. 196-196.5 out of bed 194-194.5 at his lowest
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 22/Jun/17

Maybe you had footwear disadvantage. Chuck Taylors are pretty thin shoes, so that's maybe why you preceived him to be strong 6'5".
Canson said on 22/Jun/17
@Brad: assuming you're 6'6" at your lowest, means if he has more footwear on than you (1"+ and you have 1/2"), that you likely have more than an inch on him? More like 1.5"
Liberty183.3 said on 21/Jun/17
He looks 198.
Brad said on 21/Jun/17
Had him by an inch a few times in Vegas. I was in worn out Chuck Taylors each time. Always has been a strong 6-5 guy.
Canson said on 20/Jun/17
@Johnson: That's not the best pic. Salinas may actually be 184/185 in a diff pic not 187/188. As Christian highlighted Jordan in bare feet by celebheights standards is 194 range. The most I could see him after 5 hours would be maybe 194.5ish and that's assuming 194.3 is his lowest (anyone could lose a fraction thereafter). Christian is right if that were a clear pic I'd have said he's barely or almost 6' as well.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jun/17

Nowhere near 188 or 187. I see an easy 12cm difference (without knowing their shoes), so Jordan being 194.3 puts Salinas at 182.
Johnson said on 15/Jun/17
Michael Jordan with footballer Julio Salinas (listed 188, but I list him 187)

Click Here
Abhishek said on 13/Jun/17
It does not matter
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
@Height: Barkley with Magic. This picture doesn't have a lot of perspective but neither does Barkley Pique. This one favors Barkley more and he's still shorter

Click Here
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
@SJH: I can def see that. All I was saying was Pippen isn't over 6'7" and tbh can look 200cm range as well. He looks only around full 2" over Jordan at times but others it's 2.5".

@Height: I respect your opinions as well! Our estimates aren't that far off really. I don't think Boozer is that close to 6'8" tho. Most in the NBA have said he's closer to 6'7".

As for Durant they overplay his height. He is 6'9" range just with some change. He's near 6'11" in shoes

As for Barkley and Pique your picture is no good. You said it with my picture of Magic and Barkley which is totally accurate height difference of 2.5-3" it shows it on the HOF intro for Reggie miller (I posted it a while back). It lines up with their Olympic measurements. As I mentioned the pique Barkley shot anyone here who is unbiased will agree (SJH has said before on another occasion with another picture actually) that if you were to switch Barkley and pique that Pique would appear to be taller than Barkley.
Height said on 9/Jun/17
Canson, I respect your opinion, I think I have been one of the few unbiased posters who post good pictures, and as much as you say that the pictures I use favor certain players, sometimes they are the only ones available.

I do see the subtle differences from all that I have watched between Melo and Pippen and Rodman, not only from a couple of pictures or videos I use as an example.

The pictures of Magic and Pippen and the videos of Barkley, Pippen and Rodman, although not conclusive, they give you a general idea that:

1. Pippen and Magic are pretty much the same height
2. Pippen is noticeably taller than Rodman
3. Barkley is noticeably taller than Pique and Harden

They serve for the purpose of proving that there is more than 2.5 cm between Barley and Piqué, Harden and that Pippen has an evident advantage on Rodman.

I am not saying Pippen is close to 6'8" if you read my last messages, all I am saying is that he is pretty much the same height as Magic (over 6'7": between 201.5 cm / 6'7.3 - 201.75 cm/ 6'7.4'). Boozer is taller than Pippen on my list too, he is taller than what you mention, my estimate is more accurate as he has always been very similar in height to Malone.

Add to the Rodman videos these couple of videos vs Wilkins (who is about 199 cm):

Click Here

Click Here

I honestly don't think they're pretty much the same, I see significant advantage over Wilkins.

Kukoc is only a little more than and inch shorter than 212cm Vlade Divac, probably 4cm. That 6'9" height for him is what he said he was to scouts when trying out for NBA teams in 1990, because he wanted to play SF / Point Forward and not PF. His case was similar to what Happened to Kevin Durant. This comes straight from his own mouth:

"In NBA circles I am 6'9". I've always preferred to say that I am a 6'9" Small Forward, because it is a height that fits in that position. If I had said that I actually measured more, they would have started to say that I was a power forward. " (translated that from a Spanish interview.)

Kukoc can look as tall as 209cm, but I believe he is 208 cm (6'9.89) or 208.5 cm at his lowest.
S.J.H said on 9/Jun/17

You're right! But i atually think Pippen were more on 6'7 a chance
Canson said on 8/Jun/17

Carmelo I've met and he is 198-199 I agree (actually may be more like 198.5-199). Melo is taller than penny is. Penny measured a solid 6'6" barefoot I agree 197.75-198.25 prob for him not melo. I'll give him that only because he looks it with others. But Your video of rod man and Pippen is no good and your method of observing and throwing cms out of nowhere may work for some but not all players unless you have a good picture with them and that video is not a good picture of them. Or unless you've seen them. Pippen is not an inch taller than rodman is imho. Look at the hall of fame induction as well as them overseas they have about the same difference with Horace grant. Some pics rodman looks taller some pippen can look a lot taller if he is favored or some 1/2" or the same height. Pippen is not as tall as Magic imho. I don't think either is 202cm. Magic at 201 I can see maybe 201-202. But also Google the pic with Jeff sanders and Barack Obama Pippen is an shorter than Sanders who is 6'8 "NBA listed" so that tells me pippen is nowhere near 6'8" as well. As for Carmelo being taller than pippen or vice versa, how do you see a difference because I sure can't? And I don't mean a picture that favors pippen I mean one where they are on the playground they look almost identical if anything it can go either way. Lastly Boozer is not 202-202.5 tops he is closer to 202 barefoot. Boozer is taller than pippen. As for pippen and Lebron I think they're the same height. Both weak 6'7- full 6'7" at their lowest (meaning away from the combine) 6'6.75-6'7".

Lastly Kukoc: if he's 208? (We don't know). He was 6'9" overseas. I'd go 207 for him and 200-201 (tops) for Pippen. I've seen people comment that Pippen is 6'7" in shoes before so don't buy that he's 6'7.5 barefoot. They wouldn't list a guy that tall at only 6'7" for 75% of his career like they did him (he didn't become 6'8" until after a year or so in Portland). In some pics with pippen and kukoc both retired it's 3" in some maybe 2.5" But I doubt he's 208 if he was listed 6'9" overseas.

Here are my estimates below and I agree with you in some tho! Im actually extremely close on others to be honest and chances are we're prob both close to accurate.

Kukoc: 207cm 6'9.5
Grant: 205.5-206 6'9solid
Pippen: 200 imho 6'6.75
Malone: 202.5-203 6'7.75-6'8
Rodman: 198.8-199.3 6'6.25-6'6.5
Boozer: 202cm 6'7.5
Lebron: agreed 200 6'6.75
Melo: 198.5-199cm 6'6.25 (looked about that).
Penny: 198cm (6'6")
Miller: 197-198 (6'5 5/8-6'6)
Harper: 6'5.25 196-196.5
Kobe: 195 (6'4.77)
Barkley: 194.5-195cm 6'4 5/8
Jordan: 194-194.5 6'4.5
Height said on 7/Jun/17

Pippen has always been taller than Penny, Carmelo, LeBron and Rodman. If there is someone he doesn't edge by much in that list is LeBron.

Kukoc was always about 6 cm-7 cm taller than Scottie, not 3 full inches...

Pippen has always edged Rodman by seemingly 1 inch:

Click Here

Click Here

All the players you've listed from taller to shorter:

Toni Kukoc (208 cm)
Horace Grant (205 cm)
Karl Malone (203 cm- 203.5 cm)
Carlos Boozer (202.5 cm - 203 cm)
Scottie Pippen (201.5 cm -201.75 cm)
LeBron James (200 cm)
Dennis Rodman (199 cm -199.5 cm)
Anfernee Hardaway (198 cm -198.5 cm)
Carmelo Anthony (198 cm - 198.25 cm)
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
Pippen doesn't look noticeably taller than Penny Hardaway, Height. And with Rodman in many pics can go either way. Depends on who the camera favors. Rod man looks taller at times than him and next to Horace grant there is no visible difference in how pippen measures against a legit 6'9" guy barefoot than Rodman at 199cm peak measures next to Grant. Look at Pippen next to Kukoc. Kukoc was only listed 6'9-6'10 overseas and he looks at good 3" taller than Scottie. I'd say kukoc is closer to 6'10 since he looks taller than grant does too a bit. But not 6'11. He was 24-25 when he crossed the Atlantic and doubt this side of the water made him Amat taller it's just that he's in shoes listed like the rest of the NBA players are. I agree Pippen is fraction taller than Penny or Rodman I'd imagine but at most it's maybe a couple cm and that's on Hardaway not Rodman. 6'7.5 would easily make pippen 6'9" in shoes. People that comment on his YouTube video where he dunked on Ewing say he's 6'7 in shoes (I take that to be 6'7.5 in shoes however if that's as low as he is). Had he really been that tall he'd have been listed like Magic is. With rod man it's max 1/2. He isn't as tall as Magic prime (it's close I agree) but pippen at 202 would make him as tall as Carlos boozer when Boozer is about dead even or very close with Karl Malone and Malone edged pippen well. pippen also was listed 6'7" prime on the bulls and rockets he would've been 6'8" from the get go (not when he went to Portland) if he were that tall. Pippen really doesn't look taller than Lebron and not much different with Carmelo Anthony the same 1/2" or maybe 2cm difference Lebron has on melo
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
@Rising force: no sweat! Height and I argue that way too but I respect him the same and enjoy debating with him as well as you!
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
@Rising force: hill is 6'7" barefoot and he's taller than pippen is by a hair. Pippen is not any taller than penny in the all star pic and penny is at most a solid 6'6" that's what he measured at the combine if it were higher he would've been listed 6'6.5 they didn't do 1/4 or 3/4 back then. Pippen at most is a solid 6'7. Looks more 200cm tho
Height said on 3/Jun/17
Canson, the 6'6.5" for Pippen (nonsense by the way) is just part of that same poor olympic article which knocked off 2 inches from players and had Bird at 6'7", David Robinson at 6'11", etc.

It doesn't make sense that Pippen has always looked the same height as Magic (as in the pictures I posted), yet some insist it's impossible for him to be in the 6'7-6'7.5" range.
RisingForce said on 2/Jun/17
Thanks, Canson, I appreciate it and if I've crossed any lines then I apologize as well. Neither of us can say at all what's in the other person's head or why they believe what they believe. When either of us do it, it's probably arrogant on both of our parts. In Selleck's case, we're talking 1/2", which has no bearing on his career and isn't much to shave off if he had some sort of height complex. For Barkley, I posted a quote where he even talked about how his accomplishments were more impressive at 6'4". And the fact that he ever claimed a plain old 6'4" shows he will downgrade himself, but in his case, the motive is obvious and it's a bigger downgrade than Selleck's potential one. I don't rule out Selleck being 6'4", btw, but unlike Barkley who I never see actually looking under 6'5", I have seen Selleck look no taller than 6'3.5", even in the 80s and early 90s. There's not really the same discrepancy with Selleck. I just assume he's a man who when precise said 6'3.5", but then other times rounded to a full number like everyone else.

As for Pippen, he looks taller than just an NBA 6'7" to me. But even if they only did have halves then why give him a 1/2" if he were 6'7" flat. Pippen looks almost identical to Grant Hill in the '96 all-star photo side by side. It looks spot on, imo. Some people might call a 6'7.5" just 6-foot-7. Maybe his nephew is guessing or maybe Pippen has shrunk half an inch. A survey done years ago showed the average man lost 0.4" by age 50 and Pippen is 51 now(sounds weird, doesn't it?!) With that back surgery of his, plus knee surgery and that nasty ankle injury that f*cked up what was looking like his best season in '96, I wouldn't doubt a half inch loss at all. It's unlikely we'll settle this definitively since a half inch is tough to spot and can easily look to vary in photos, but either way, that would still make Barkley 6'5"-6'5.5" as I saw 1.5" or 2" depending on the photo.

Btw, for home measurements, I have seen obvious errors. Jean-Claude Van Damme's mother apparently measured him 177 cm on TV, but there's no way. He's a 174-175 cm guy, especially by that time. I don't buy the supposed 179.5 cm measurement for Orlando Bloom's wax figure either. He looks no more than about 178 to me. So you see in general, I mostly go by what I think they look. It's always just my opinion, I never delude myself into thinking otherwise, well, not on this subject anyway! If I think it could go either way, then I may make an assumption like Selleck rounding up from 6'3.5" to 6'4" sometimes or stating the precise figure other times. I do have a hard time believing 5'10" Swayze can look as close as he did to a legit 6'4" man even with a slouch. I look at John Lithgow with Michael C. Hall on Dexter and the difference is quite striking, though Hall isn't a boot guy like Swayze. But even 6'3" Jimmy Smits could look not too far off.

The one I could see you being right on is Kobe, 6'4.75"-6'5" seems a pretty good range, but I still have problems with some of his taller appearances like the 2008 Olympic pic with 195 cm Redd, with Magic at Michael Jackson's memorial service and Obama. I think Jordan is basically identical to Kobe and you know my estimate for Barkley. I think he's likely the tallest of the 3.
Canson said on 30/May/17
Agreed rising force. I apologize as well. But I must say I agree with robs estimate for Barkley more so. I don't say he's a flat 6'4 but I'm between 6'4/6'5. I agree with Christian that he walks at 194.5-.6 like his olympic measurement. Meaning he could be 6'4.5 at his lowest but for continuity I'll keep him 6'4 5/8 and Jordan 6'4.5 tops. Kobe looks the full 195 if any of them do next to butler and from what someone else who has met Kobe said he's 6'5. Same person met Jordan and had him a little shorter same with Barkley. He said those two were closer with me so maybe Kobe was in more footwear. I make my comparisons tho (not what you accused me of making people my own height) but based off logic. I know the pre drafts aren't accurate in all cases. Think if you are a prospect and you list yourself taller to make money or they lost you taller . The Olympic measurements have no bearing that Barkley received because he was just that an Olympian who already had a hall of fame career even in 92. You also made a comment about selleck saying why would he downgrade himself? Same goes for Barkley why would he when the NBA and players etc know how tall he is they would've called him out and said he's downplaying most say he's closer to 6'4 than 6'5 but I can also dare to say the solid 6'4" is just then saying he isn't really 6'6". Most people who were older would call themselves 6'4 at 6'4.5 or 6'2 at 6'2.5 but today height skewing doesn't afford for that.

However looking at your numbers Scottie pippen I've seen that number before 6'6.5 never 6'7.75. Pippen isn't significantly taller than rodman is if at all (maybe 1/2" or so). If pippen was 6'7.5 he would've been listed at 6'8" minimum. He was 6'7" on a rockets or bulls roster and 6'8 with Portland in his shoes. Pippen's nephew even called him 6'7" not 6'8" when he was comparing him to himself (he's 6'4" btw). But Look closely at pics. Blake griffin is noticeably taller than pippen is in a pic. Having met Caron butler more than once and played against him, and him standing at most at 196cm in person, I can say Blake next to him or a 6'9.75 deandre Jordan he isn't anything remotely close to 6'8.5 or .75. Caron has been 6'5 since he was in high school as he once said on twitter I believe and five or six years back when he played in DC he still is. Blake looks 202cm and looking at when he was measured (less than 20 minutes after waking) and with thick hair (remember he was guessed by the lady training him 6'5/6'6). Nobody guesses a legit 6'9 like he calls himself that low. He looks 2" shorter than DJ and about an inch taller than matt Barnes (6'6.5/.75). Not to mention they posted a pic on a website of Blake next to a 6'10 female and he was 2-3" shorter. And in pics Blake is no taller than Kevin love either. So pippen unfortunately isn't 6'7.5 like he was listed in his draft. Also remember when you look at those draft listings that you only see 1/2" or full inch maybe prior to 2000. Do you think every person measures perfectly half or full when they are measured? With stake in the game they would likely boost a 6'7.1 or to .5 regardless of what time of the day it is so that could easily put pippen a bit lower at evening not to mention puppet has had multiple surgeries. Remember Pippen didn't go to a very prestigious school or wasn't highly touted yet managed a 5th pick still. The listings and degree of inflation are based on what position they play. So a guy who is a small power forward like Barkley is would get more benefit than a normal sized 6'4.5 2guard like Jordan who also got listed 6'6" yet they came out the same height which leads me to believe if Barkley were really 6'5.5 he'd have easily been 6'7. Clarence weatherspoon was a 6'5-6'6 power forward listed 6'7. But for pippen He could've been a guy who was 6'7" or over then a lost a fraction but I'll give him 6'7 today tops no higher as he doesn't look much taller than Carmelo Anthony does in pics together. Melo is another properly listed player as he is 198-199 in person when I've seen him
RisingForce said on 29/May/17
The archive searches suck now, so I may not be able to find it anymore. I've certainly never seen a 6'6.5". As for Mullin, his 6'7" listing was probably in shoes. I give him 6'5.5"-6'6". You missed the point of what I'm saying, Canson. My point was that clearly you're trying to convince me since Rob still lists Barkley at your estimate instead of mine, yet you're not presenting any of the kind of evidence I find the least bit compelling. But that's not at all a valid argument for you being right on Barkley either since by that logic I'm right on Jordan and you're wrong on him as I tend to more or less agree with Rob's 6'5" listing for him. With no disrespect instead as I think Rob is excellent at what he does, I do maintain that Barkley at under 6'5" doesn't add up with the other listings on this site. So if you're trying to convince me, then you're wasting both our time if you don't present photographic or video evidence to support your assertions. Also, I think we started off some time back with generally nice, civil discussions, but I think it's drifting lately, so let's try to keep this friendly, respectful and light since it's really unimportant whether Barkley is 6'5.5" or 6'4.75". Just avoid anything personal, telling my what is in my head or that I'm bad at estimating height and I'll show you the same respect.
Height said on 29/May/17
Scottie Pippen is pretty much the same height as Magic Johnson (somewhere in the 201.3 cm-201.9 cm range). He even "towers" Chris Mullin who is a little taller than a flat 6'5" (196cm-196.2 cm probably)

Click Here

Also a god friend of mine met Scottie at the airport last year and told me he was well over the 200 cm mark:
Canson said on 29/May/17
@Rising force: that should tell you something it rob's estimates are closer. That the numbers you put out are higher than what they are.
Canson said on 29/May/17
Rising force: I've never seen a 6'7.75. I've seen 6'7.5 and 6'6.5 for pippen but if you know where it is please let me know
Bard said on 29/May/17
How the hell is his brother below average height while he's 6'5 lol
RisingForce said on 28/May/17
Canson, as Ronald Reagan would say "there ya go again." Maybe Pippen is 6'7.25", but your case is not strong at all, your comparing him to a whole group of guys who weren't measured and are using that to somehow invalidate Pippen's measurement? Actually, I've seen 6'7.75" listings for Pippen in old '87 newspapers. You're often just giving your estimates for other players and assuming I agree. Pippen looks every bit his measured height here: Click Here Noticeably taller than Glen Rice who is around 6'7", possibly slightly under. And an even stronger advantage over a roughly 6'6" Drexler, and he always looks like that with Drexler. In fact, even if Drexler is only 6'5.5", Pippen still looks comfortably over 6'7" whenever I've seen them together. Chris Mullin, also listed 6'7" was undobutedly an easy 1.5"-2" shorter than Pippen. Instead of declaring things, back up your case. Otherwise, this is getting tedious. I'm not even sure who your trying to convince either. Rob's listings on these NBA players are typically in line with your estimate, not mine.
Canson said on 27/May/17
Rising force: There is no way pippen is really 6'7.5 barefoot. Look at him next to Karl Malone Larry bird or magic. He's not as tall as Magic is let alone the other two. Look at the pic with president Obama and Jeff sanders and sanders himself is a listed 6'8". Even if both stood straight pip is still shorter than sanders. He may be 6'7" that's at absolute most and he's at least full 2" taller than Jordan is if you see other pics. A 1987 pre draft measurement when they didn't measure anything but 1/2 or a full inch isn't that reliable. Anything over 6'7" would've been pushed up to 1/2". Keep in mind pippen has had multiple surgeries like Peyton manning has like knee back (herniated discs). Keep in mind Horace grant is 6'9" and toni kukoc barefoot 6'9-6'10 and both are more than 1.5 or 2" taller than pippen. Kukoc overseas was listed 6'9 and 6'10.?he got his 6'11 in the NBA in shoes and came here as a fully grown adult
oke said on 24/May/17
imo he is physically more similar to lebron than Kobe except maybe in length one of the most legitimate 6"6 maybe adding an inch while being bald
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17

I still won't put Jordan at over 195, much less 196 or 197. 6'4.5"-6'4.75" is very possible.
Spencer said on 21/May/17
Solid 6'5 peak. 6'5.5
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
Jordan can indeed look near 6'5.5" with Obama, much like Kobe did and a height Jordan looked near with Dwyane Wade. But Jordan is basically identical in height to Kobe, but no taller: Click Here There should at least be a 1/4" upgrade or downgrade with one or the other. Really, I think it's more likely Kobe is a 6'5" guy who might drop to 6'4.75" at his lowest, or Vanessa undermeasured him a bit. Also, Jordan is definitely not taller than Barkley, really, he's shorter as you can see the majority of the time they're together, including the '92 Dream Team photo, but evening them up would at least be better. Jordan usually looked around 6'5"-6'5.5" with 6'7.5" Pippen such as back to back here: Click Here and 6'6.5"-6'7" Rodman. The average guess looks about right in the back to back pic with Pippen.
Canson said on 8/May/17
Don't know What to tell you Johnson. Vernon Davis also at 6'3.25 looks very tall next to Obama surprisingly so maybe more Obama isn't a full 6'1" and the angle with Jordan as he's 194/195
Johnson said on 7/May/17
@Canson @Rob and company

Why does Jordan look so tall compared with Obama who is legit 6'1??. If Obama is solid 185 MJ appears rather 197 than 196. Look when he is putting him the medal

Click Here
Canson said on 18/Apr/17
@Duhon: to be fair and honest I cannot tell how much is between them now I would've thought a full inch may not be but isn't more than an inch either. I also saw a pic with Karl Malone and Jordan where they're next to each other and they look almost the same minus the obvious shoulder difference and we know Malone is taller than Scottie pippen and Rodman are both and at least 3" taller than Jordan if not more. I would've posted the pic but the link is no good anymore. The angles will make people close in height especially an inch or less diff appear similar just like it did Malone and Jordan in that pic. If you google Michael jordan Karl Malone you'll see it. The pic below with MJ and Dr J looks maybe an inch worst maybe 2cm.

Click Here
Duhon said on 17/Apr/17
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
See his retirement year with the Wiz against Philly in 03. Doc was an inch taller just about and that's a well aged Doc so makes Jordan 6'4" range. Yes out of bed Jordan I believe is over 6'5" maybe 6'5.25

In their respective primes there wasn't a full inch between Jordan and Dr.J. Click Here

If not for Doc's significantly thicker hair there you'd be hard pressed to estimate the difference.
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
@Shiva: no I have not met the man. I'm going off how he looks on camera against others and from multiple people who have met him on the internet who have said 6'4ish as well as two people who I know have met him say 6'4/6'5. Yes all of that could be true. However what if I had met him and he were the relaxed one and I had been on my feet or vice versa? It works both ways. He was described by pat Riley who had also met and coached against him that said he's 6'4.5 when drafted. Not to mention looks close to an inch shorter than Julius Erving most of the time. See his retirement year with the Wiz against Philly in 03. Doc was an inch taller just about and that's a well aged Doc so makes Jordan 6'4" range. Yes out of bed Jordan I believe is over 6'5" maybe 6'5.25
shiva 181 cms said on 16/Apr/17
@canson, how could you particularly tell Michael Jordan's height even up to an mm ,did you meet him, even meeting him we couldnt tell properly (i mean he could have been relaxed and you could be standing all day) or is he measured accurately up to an mm ,well you did use 1/8" increase or decrease , imo we can't judge 1/8" just by looking,heck even a pimple over your head could contribute to 1/8" increase or even excess weight could knock off a fraction , my conclusion is 1/8" or even higher accurate measurement are not at all reliable I mean same person could measre a1/8" lower or higher at his low
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
@Christian: yes. I was saying what I did in response to Shane saying that someone can lose (as he does on occasion) a full inch in a day. I myself have lost over an inch before but it's not typical. I don't believe Jordan does regularly either. Jordan at 196.2 out of bed 194.3 at his lowest maybe an 1/8" in either direction makes the most sense to me
Christian-196.9cm(6ft5.5)Noon said on 15/Apr/17
Canson's partially correct. I don't think Jordan loses a full inch on a normal day, however he may if after a long day of strenuous excercise.
Canson said on 14/Apr/17
@Butt Checker: that comment makes no sense. Who are you referring to or what are you referring to?
Butt checker 6'3 said on 14/Apr/17
Canson,you don't know anything about 1/4 or 1/3 inches until you measure them at their low
Canson said on 14/Apr/17
@Shane: who do you think would be taller between MJ and Kobe? I'd say the latter imho. I can see Kobe the full or near 195 at his low whereas Jordan is my height imho or maybe only a small fraction taller like 2-3mm. Both 6'5 plus out of bed tho
Canson said on 14/Apr/17
Shane you're correct and I didn't phrase it correctly. I meant in a normal day. If you are height out of bed is 6'2" you're true height shouldn't be below 6'1 should be about 6'1.25. The sub 6'1" is prob an extreme low for you. The most I've lost in a day is maybe 1.05" as I wake to 6'5.08 and have gotten to a whisker above 6'4" on an absolute low day. My "true" height is 6'4.33. I can see Jordan going down to 6'4.25 after a longer day too.
Shane said on 13/Apr/17
@Canson have to disagree with you saying no guy his size loses a full inch. As you know I'm 6'2" barefoot and sometimes lose a full inch or slightly over unfortunately. So people 3 inches taller than me certainly can lose as much.
Canson said on 13/Apr/17
@KH: I agree. Hence below where I mentioned what I did about Kobe and MJ if they had sneakers on most would assume to be 6'5" as is. I think the reason for the debate is how people are listed here 1/4 1/2 3/4 increments. If someone measures like 6'4.5 at their lowest they may claim either truthfully. Have seen it work both ways. 1/4" is not hard to tell it's impossible almost but 1/2" is easy back to back
KH said on 12/Apr/17
6'5 is pretty close. I dont get arguing about half and quarter inches. Stand next to someone a quarter to half inch taller or shorter then you unless you stand back to back it will be very hard for someone to say who is taller definitively using the naked eye.
Canson said on 12/Apr/17
Out of bed 196.2 (6'5.25)
Before bed 194.3 (6'4.5)

No guy his size loses a full inch
shiva182cms said on 11/Apr/17
Michael Jordan's height

6'5.75 (197-198cms) out of bed
6'4.75(195cms) before bed
Borats Chicken said on 10/Apr/17
how tall was he at 16? 5'10 or 5'11?
Duhon said on 9/Apr/17
Michael next to 6'2.5" Steve Franchis Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 8/Apr/17

Click Here
Canson said on 5/Apr/17
@Christian: I agree also based on how Pat Riley said MJ was measured when he was drafted. My best guesses are

Kobe 196.5-197 out of bed/ 194.75-195 evening (similar likely to Cam newton)

Jordan 196-196.5 out of bed/ 194.25-194.5 evening (similar to Colin kapernick but maybe a hair taller)

Conceivably If either said 6'5" esp in their sneaks adding around 1.2-1.4" they'd both look it in person
Duhon said on 4/Apr/17
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
@Borats: 6'4.75 is what he was initially listed until someone pleaded with Rob to changing it saying "oh he's only the greatest athlete of all time". He was measured 6'4.5 when he came in the league (afternoon height likely) and still is

Do you have a source for that height measurement claim?

Also that's quite the slight at Rob for assuming he'd change a height listing due to the pleading of one site user. There are many pages here where fans plead for Rob to change the height listing and he won't unless he himself believes in that height.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 4/Apr/17
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
@Borats: 6'4.75 is what he was initially listed until someone pleaded with Rob to changing it saying "oh he's only the greatest athlete of all time". He was measured 6'4.5 when he came in the league (afternoon height likely) and still is


Yes. Rob still has Jordan listed taller than Kobe, when it should be the opposite.
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
@Borats: 6'4.75 is what he was initially listed until someone pleaded with Rob to changing it saying "oh he's only the greatest athlete of all time". He was measured 6'4.5 when he came in the league (afternoon height likely) and still is
Borats Chicken said on 4/Apr/17
rob, what was the height before he was 6'5?
Chris said on 3/Apr/17
I saw a documentary saying his dad was only 5"8, mum 5"5 , brother 5"8/9 but a maternal grandfather over 6 feet. I personally think Jordan could look easily 6"5 next to the likes of federer even now but next to some real big 7 foot guys he could look near 8 inches shorter. I think 6"5 is good though probably no more.
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
Out of bed 196-196.5
Before bed 194-194.5
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
I'd say that Pat Riley was correct in that he's 6'4 1/2 barefoot. He doesn't look taller than Kobe and in pics can look a hair shorter. Maybe Kobe is a full 195cm or 195.1 and MJ 6'4.5 )194.3-194.5
Borats Chicken said on 26/Mar/17
Rob, could you check out nba david robinson who was 5'9 in junior high school, then 6 feet, 6 inches tall senior year in high school who then grew in naval military days to 7'0-1
Canson said on 25/Mar/17
He doesn't look like he's lost any height honestly. Just got heavier over the years
Borats Chicken said on 19/Mar/17
rob, how tall would his father be in this picture?
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Editor Rob: might be 5ft 10-11
Canson said on 11/Mar/17
Dillon: that's what I think as well that Kobe is about 6'4.75 and Jordan 6'4.5. Approximately. Both could be a mm over or under as well
Dillon said on 10/Mar/17
@Canson: Well if that's true then Kobe is 6'4 and 3/4 cause he's slightly taller than Jordan.
S.J.H said on 9/Mar/17

Sorry for some of my typo i mean one time my lowest i measure 200.2cm and my usual normal day lowest is 200.4cm , carter height can be confuse like kobe sometimes he look big 6'6 next to some celebrities i know he is not and i've heard quite number of people mention carter was about 6'5 or a little lower when they meet him in the nba game court. Atually if you claim 6'5 and wear some 0.8-1" footwear most of time nobody would suspect you're under it and just like alot of honest people standard they just claim morning height but by the time you see them in the afternoon they're about half inch gone under the height they mention so you're solid 194cm i've know only one solid 194cm he edge you by a few mm before bed which is my younger brother who was still growing at 17 this year just two months back i saw him and honestly he look taller than how many 6'5 actors apear on screen. my brother is right at 6'5 on morning medical (9-10am) and he gives a strong impression of kobe bryant range 194.5-195cm and i can relate how some shorter women being fool by taller guys being 6'0-6'1 they think was 6'2-6'3. My mom only brother, my uncle who was solid 6'1 he always have have high volume of hair also have short neck higher shoulder level than most 6'1 guys he give impression that he is easy 6'2-6'3 to most lady in his family and friends. My mom was 5'8.5 and she even get fool all the time thought that he was little over 6'2 untill we measure him in a tradition way he was not over 185.4cm which is 6'1 and i always thought he was close to 6'2
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
SJH I think carter may have been given that because he played both forward and guard. I see that being out of bed for him and dipping to 195 at night. Or maybe shoes as I did hear one person also say he was eye level with them at 6'4.5. He isn't as tall as Dr J even and he was a confirmed 6'5.5 more than likely prime a friend of mine who is near my height maybe 6'4 flat met him and thought he was 6'6"
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
@S.J.H: I've done the same. I got 6'5.25 before out of bed but was after longer sleep. Now I'm consistently when I measure right under 6'5 1/8 at 195.8cm and come down to 193.9 at night. I can give the impression of being 6'5 or 6'6" as well because of my build (broad shoulders and decent muscle) and good posture and length and have even been told 6'8" once and 6'7" a couple times. I claim 6'4 all the time and may go 6'4" and change if someone else is close with me that says they're 6'4 (if they're a morning measured I can tell immediately in most cases) because they usually wouldn't even hit 6'4" after 1 hr and I'd be an entire inch taller. But in general People have no idea if they are far away and women are the worst especially older ones. They take what a liar guy has told them, sometimes even not and they automatically try to guess. Then some women I see (we have a friend who does it) inflates their fiancée. When I first met them and even after almost a year we've known them she asked what are you 6'7"? And I told her no 6'4 and change. Oh well my fiancée (who I also know) is 6'3". Now I had never discussed height with her fiancée but had seen him before and said he's about 6'0-6'1. Sure enough to her surprise "I'm not 6'3, I'm 6'0" he's about 6'0.5 he said to me but he just like I, doesn't round up either. And he guessed me at 6'3-6'4" when he first looked at me I guess because I had been on my feet and was in flat shoes which made me probably around 6'4.5 or so if it was my absolute low of 193.1. Of course he's seen me since then and he's 4" shorter nearly after looking. A strong 6'
Canson said on 8/Mar/17
Dillon: take a look at Google and enter Pat Riley and John Feinstein. It will bring the article up. It has to Do with why Jordan wasn't picked over Bowie or Dream. Riley says right there that he's 6'4 1/2 not 6'6". He could be 6'4 5/8 because there is no difference in appearance between that and 1/2 but when Riley mentions that he isn't far off him (around 6'2).however a 195 cm guy will look a full 6'5
S.J.H said on 8/Mar/17

I have a friend who was from my high school volleyball team he came at his lowest 199.5cm and he get a full 6'7 from his medical and even at his lowest he still gives impression of 6'7 (despite his bald) and i can see lebron may dip into my friend range and i'm not under 200.4cm before bed so far and only that one time i measure 202.2cm that was ever my lowest and the only time i can be 6'8.1 out of bed when i got a good sleep for 10 - 11 hours upon waking straight away measure with half a minute between morning 6-8am and still go down my lowest 204.4cm 6'6.9 , but i don't consider this is atual out of bed height to my lowest because most adult sleep between 7-9 hours a day for the world standard while i usually sleep 6-8 hours and lost significant 2.3cm a day maybe because i'm a skinny guy i weigh in only 182lb so i don't lost that much of height. NBA not just inflate players height but also weight as well. My 6'0 cousin was a big NBA fan he weigh about 205lbs himself and he met matt barnes a few times say barnes leave a remarkable impression how skinny he was not impossible the weight NBA list him at 6'7 and 226lbs but only around 200lb in real and 6'6 just like he claim in instagram and he mention kevin durant was right about 6'9 and look every bite below 220lb no way any near to 240lb nba listed and i buy both and they just don't fit the weight they get listed

Click Here carter was report to be 6'5.5 without shoes and if KROC mention was reliable this measurement really came in an early morning
Dillon said on 7/Mar/17
@Canson: Do you have the link to Pat Riley making the comment on Jordan's height? Can't seem to find it.
Canson said on 7/Mar/17
@S.J.H: Lebron may dip down to around 6'6 5/8 that's possible or maybe after a hard day 6'6.5. Jordan dips to 6'4.5 regularly but looks 2" shorter than Lebron maybe 2.25 while Lebron looks about 2" taller than Kobe or Vince carter so as well Vince I'd reckon is the tallest of the 3. I saw KROC mention once (KROC is 6'5-6'5.25) that Vince is the full 6'5 but no more than that and heard RJ say before that Vince is 6'4.5 (6'5 on a good day). My suspicion is that the Nba as I can easily see inflated when they measure and a guy who measures a hair over 6'4 gets boosted to 6'4.5 at least before they started doing 1/4" increments. And Jordan was boosted to 6'5 on his when he is for sure under that even when he was measured. With no hair like he's had since he's been 2-3 years in he'd be around 6'4.5. I've heard 6'4 7/8 but believe that to be an earlier measurement in the day maybe 2-3 hours or even 1 hour if the former maybe his low was 6'4.5-5/8 and because he was in the middle he was rounded down
Canson said on 7/Mar/17
@S.J.H: I've heard for Lebron he wasn't measured but I'd see him waking at maybe your height and being similar to you. Maybe if you get to 6'6 7/8 roughly he's 6'6 5/8 at his lowest. He looks 1/2" or cm taller than Melo is and Melo in person looked the height on his pre draft inmho and that is correlating to me at 194cm (he was between 4-5cm taller). I know when KROC met Lebron he said he looked 6'7" in person but that could've been footwear diff as well but I'd put him in aggregate at 200cm or near it afternoon and maybe a hair below evening. He can look 6'7 with Love still but that could also mean love is 6'7.25 or .5 not 6'7.75
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17

Honestly Yao ming 7'3-3/4 self confess making lebron look between 6'6-6'6.5 (Yao head length vary 0.5 longer than lebron) so i doubt 200cm you think he could just be morning and 6'7.25 if was measure 6-7am with thick socks 2-3mm he did be right at 6'7.25 or close enough. I try wake up at 6am and measure before 7am i can hit 6'7.7 with thick socks but i still go down my everyday lowest 6'6.9 without socks. I start to believe Yao could hit 7'5 in the draftcamp measurement since it's between 6-7am and players all wear their socks get measure and although yao answer a china host silly question on out of bed height he mention 7'5 not 7'6.5 the host ask i think he round down his out of bed height maybe he reach 7'5.5 out of bed since draft measurement was 7'5 and losing 1.5-1.75" is assurd for a giant like him.

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Canson said on 2/Mar/17
@Mark: people are saying he's a full 6'5 because he's Michael Jordan. Rob had him listed 6'4.75 until someone said "gosh Rob he's only the greatest athlete of all time can you just give him 6'5?" From people who I know one of which is around the league he is about the same height as me (I'm 194cm). I would say he wakes 6'5.25 and gets down to 6'4.5 (of which a person like this will call themselves 6'5 automatically) but he isn't as tall as a guy like Howard Stern and wouldn't noticeably in person be as tall who is a true 6'5 guy who doesn't drop below. But for stern it's always that he's 6'5.5 or 6'6 because people don't want to accept it (even after two people who met stern on his page said he's 6'5) in person
Canson said on 1/Mar/17
@S.J.H: Lebron at 6'6" range I can see but more 200cm at his lowest than 198-199. He looks near 6'7". MJ 6'4.5 I see
Canson said on 1/Mar/17
@Rob: barkley measured 6'4 5/8 at the 92 olympics so it must not be a "bad day". That's his height according to his teammates who all say he's closer to 6'4 than 6'5 or 6'6
Mark(5'9.25 said on 28/Feb/17
Rob, would you put Jordan as a legit 6'5", weak 6'5", or strong 6'5"? I notice some tend to put him down at 6'4.5".
Editor Rob: to be fair Mark, Barkley/Jordan/Kobe are all arguably 6ft 5, but if you notice I recently added a quote to Barkley's page where he said he measured 6ft 5-4.75, so maybe on a bad day he dipped under the 6ft 5 mark...

Jordan typically looked 6ft 5.
S.J.H said on 27/Feb/17

Remember lebron james prank the joke saying dwyane wade is only 6'2 and he is only 6'6 and a coach even joke about wade being 6'1, in fact the lowest they got by half inch more than lebron prank. Lol. Wade is at least 189cm to 190cm like he look 1.75 shorter than jordan and we both agree jordan is legit 6'4.5 let alone those voting even got mj at 6'5.21 he was bang on 6'4.5 for every evidence it means it
Canson said on 26/Feb/17
Lol his height is going up every day. He's now at his out of bed height almost 6'5.25 with the average vote of 6'5.21. His peak before bed was 6'4.5-.6. No more. No way a guy who is 6'5.25 has his peers say he's 6'4/6'5. That's a guy who is 6'4.5-:6 who's almost right in the middle
Canson said on 26/Feb/17
@S.J.H: I could even see Jordan being taller than Barkley possibly. In some pics he is taller others same or the opposite. Barkley looks every bit of 6'4.5 no more not much less (maybe 194cm). However remember last weekend (all star weekend), when the skills challenge occurred and the guys were commenting on the bigs vs the guards. Kenny smith said "charles isn't a Big he's only 6'4". It's funny how he has always called Barkley 6'4" as has Danny Ainge (calls him 6'4.5) and says he's half inch taller than he is same with Moses Malone he used to call him 6'4 joe Klein called him 6'4 Dan majerle also says even today he was "maybe 6'5" more likely 6'4" and I also notice majerle calls himself 6'6 when he isn't clearly (looks 6'5-6'5.5). Jordan and magic have also said Charles is only 6'4" range and Jordan said they're the same height. I firmly believe that Jordan at peak was maybe 6'4 5/8 as well or 6'4.5. Pat Riley made the comment once that he was 6'4 1/2 when he was measured and he has seen, interviewed, and spent time with him to know how tall he is. People compare Jordan to guys like nick Anderson or stackhouse etc and assume he's taller because of his build when in reality we don't know who is. There is no conceiveable way that we can tell those height differences within 1/2" on distorted tv angles and in pics they can even be misleading
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17

Both charles barkley and mj might had lost a fraction height since few years ago as they're both turn 54 this year. At age 50 is like 90% men will lost a few mm shorter some even lost up 0.5". If you look back jordan video in the 90s to early 2000s i don't think kobe bryant could be any taller than a younger mj and barkley. Putting it now mj lowest 194.0cm zone and barkley few mm over 194cm and kobe hover 194.5cm would be accurate
Canson said on 17/Feb/17
I would say Kobe will likely edge him by 1/2cm. MJ 194.25-194.5 at his lowest Kobe 194.75-195 at his. Barkley prob right in between at 194-4-194.6
Chuck said on 10/Feb/17
6'5.5" back in the 90s
berta said on 30/Jan/17
to me jordan can look 6 foot 5 ore 1/4 over. the 195 listing was to low. strong 196 sound good
Canson said on 17/Jan/17
George Gervin here calls him 6'4/6'5 as has Reggie Miller and Patrick Ewing in the past. That safely rules anything above 195cm out 197 or 196 even a full 195. Nobody is going to notice .23" (195 is 6'4.77), he would automatically get 6'5" especially if that is his lowest height. Now 194-195 range is what 6'4/6'5 refers to. He likely is 6'4.5-.6 at his lowest (not a full 6'5 but not a total lie as most people half or over regardless of what time of day they measure will round up). At least he's in the zone at his lowest

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S.J.H said on 15/Jan/17
I always felt jordan is a real 195cm guy than kobe and charles barkley who always easily look more like solid 6'5er
Canson said on 12/Jan/17
@Christian: to your question you posted while back before about my listed height when I played was both 6'5" and then 6'6". You're right typically someone my size or Jordan's Kobe's or Michael Redd etc will get a 6'6" listing especially in the league they would. I got 6'6" because I was measured around 6'5.5-.75 in sneaks and I played forward. I used to personally claim 6'5" when I played but just go 6'4" now unless a legit 6'4 or 6'5" is right next to me I say I'm almost 6'4.5 sometimes or 6'4" and change now. Truthfully, When you're this height and I'm sure you see it the same way since you're about an inch taller, there's no real reward to lying up as is the case with any height truthfully. For me not really any reward to saying 6'5 over 6'4" (I never got that whole thing either because it's not like people lying an inch don't go unnoticed eventually and don't know why they think they won't eventually be exposed). Even less benefit for you as 6'5" is more desirable in my honest opinion than being 6'6" and that's what you really are and hold majority of the day. I've always looked at the inflation someone attributes to me when lying about their height or not knowing how tall I am, as why would I claim a height I would have no desire to be. Now 6'5" if I were maybe a cm taller I'd claim and because I essentially am out of bed at least but since I fall closer to 6'4 (even get down to 6'4 1/8 when on my feet all day), never see a reason to claim more than 6'4". But it'd be a cold day down there before I claimed 6'6" or 6'7" when I'm nowhere near either and no benefits to them, only doorways and more problems fitting in cars airplanes etc (6'5" guys tell me this all the time that they don't lie either).
berta said on 10/Jan/17
the strange this was than tom hnks looked 5 cm shoter than abam and michael jordan looked 12 cm taller. he cant really be shorter than this when he was ythat miutch taller than obama who always in photos with celebrities looks in 186 range exept from phootos with basketvball players
Chris said on 9/Jan/17
I don't completely dismiss his claim or being 6"6 or near or can look 4.5 inch on federer and Bill Murray.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 24/Dec/16
Animus said on 16/Dec/16

I just think it's very bizarre to claim that Jordan, a man more than half a foot taller than the average American man, is wearing lifts or elevator shoes. That's an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence, and I just don't see it.

Small sources of error can easily distort the apparent difference between two individuals varying wildly in height. And apart from purely technical aspects of the taking of the photo, it's also possible Jordan had a nap before the event, is better hydrated or anything else that could give him a small artificial advantage.

By the way, it's not true that I don't believe anything you say. I value your input and was very impressed with your humility and honesty in our last exchange on this page.


Staying hydrated won't give you any significant advantage, maybe 1/8th of an inch, but not more than that. Neither will a nap, because it takes at least 6-7 hours of lying down to fully decompress your spine by 3/4th inches, and I've never heard of anyone who takes a nap for more than 3 hours. So even if Jordan did those two things, it still won't be enough to make him an inch taller than his normal height.
German said on 22/Dec/16
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With Tom Brady... I see minimum two inches between them
Animus said on 16/Dec/16

I just think it's very bizarre to claim that Jordan, a man more than half a foot taller than the average American man, is wearing lifts or elevator shoes. That's an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence, and I just don't see it.

Small sources of error can easily distort the apparent difference between two individuals varying wildly in height. And apart from purely technical aspects of the taking of the photo, it's also possible Jordan had a nap before the event, is better hydrated or anything else that could give him a small artificial advantage.

By the way, it's not true that I don't believe anything you say. I value your input and was very impressed with your humility and honesty in our last exchange on this page.
Canson said on 15/Dec/16
@Danimal: yes agreed!
Canson said on 14/Dec/16
Sorry meant to say the former.
Canson said on 13/Dec/16
Weak 6'5" between 194.5-195 barefoot more likely toward the latter
Height said on 13/Dec/16
Here's a better picture with Larry Johnson:

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Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 13/Dec/16
Animus said on 9/Dec/16

That makes no sense. It's extremely difficult to distinguish a height difference of 9" and 10" from each other, especially if the picture is taken at an angle.


Ok, here's a picture without any angle advantage, since you don't seem to believe a word I say. Click Here Jordan is bending his back MORE than NeYo, yet he's STILL a full head taller than him (ignore the hat) And the average man's head size is about 9.5 inches, so Jordan looks a good 6ft6 here, even though in reality he's not. So he must be wearing lifts or elevators.
Animus said on 9/Dec/16

That makes no sense. It's extremely difficult to distinguish a height difference of 9" and 10" from each other, especially if the picture is taken at an angle.
Dingus said on 8/Dec/16
Borats Chicken, in an interview with David Letterman I believe Jordan mentioned his father as being about 5'10. He also stated that his mother and all his brothers and sisters are about 5'06"-5'07".

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