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6ft 5.14in (195.9cm)
Anonymous said on 7/May/06
agree, see my comment in the iverson forum.
Quad-4 said on 5/May/06
I'll have to change my mind with jordan. This is the best picture you can ask for

Now there is at least a 1.5 inch difference and a maximum of 2 inches between JORDAN AND PIPPEN. Pippens barefoot height was measured by the olympics at 6'5.75 (Thus, add 1 inch for shoes and he's listed at 6'7 in the NBA). This makes Jordan at very most 6'4.25" and it also means Jordan could be a minimum of 6'3.75".

Look, Even if you asssume Pippen slouched 1/2 an inch at the olympics (BY the way... this is fairly difficult to do..Try it some time when measuring yourself) then that would make Jordan a maximum of 6'4.74" - and a minimum of 6'4.25"
lillo thomas said on 5/May/06
i am 6'5 barefoot . I can get away sayin that i am 6'6 but no if i say that i am 6'7 or 6'8 . nba players height are in shoes and basquetball tenis usually add 1 to 1.5 inches . 6'6 minus 1 or 1.5 inches is 6'4.5 to 6'5 . So jordan height must be about 6'5 minimum 6'4.5
ER. said on 5/May/06
When he and Charles Barkley was on the Oprah Winfrey Show he looked to have about a foot on Oprah, who was wearing high heels. Jordan is easily 6'6" if you ask me.
Viper652 said on 4/May/06
Im around 6-3 and I find it hard to beleive Jordan is barely taller then myself. Jordan looks an honest 6-4 1/2 to 6-5. And Im skeptical as hell when it comes to heights.
Quad-4 said on 4/May/06
Click Here

Very interesting. I wonder where they got the 6'4 from.
Jake said on 4/May/06
sergyu: you could be listed at 6'8" because many players wear shoes when measured.
Anonymous said on 4/May/06
Jordan must be 6'5 because 2 inches or more is noticiable . Anyone who is 6'3 cont get saying is 6'6 but if jordan is 6'5 he can get away sayin that is 6'6 because one inch usually is not noticiable unless you compare him with a legit 6'6
sergyu said on 4/May/06
hy i am 199,7cm at mid day and in the morning i am at 201 c.i could be listed at 6'7 ?please answer me.
Quad-4 said on 3/May/06
Actually, I think people wouldn't notice. Only people about that tall would really see it. Average Us Male height is 5'9.1 inches and only 4.0% of the population is over 6'2. 6'3.5 actually makes sense. Morgan Freeman and Jordan. Freeman stands 6'1-maybe 6'1.5 today. And jordan seriously appears no more than 2-2.5 inches taller.
deepestvoice said on 3/May/06
I don't buy Jordan being 6'3.5. He might be 6'4.5 and with shoes close to 6'6. But there's no way people wouldn't notice that big of a difference in his listed height and his actual height.
Quad-4 said on 2/May/06
something's really weird with these b-ball heights. Players seem to get boosted up all the time. But Jordan's height seems well exaggerated. 6'6 is really hard to buy. I could accept 6'4 reluctantly.
Tannim said on 2/May/06
Obviously, players in the NBA would benefit from the league thinking they are taller than they really are.
Hoopster said on 2/May/06
Jordan, in any shot, looks a MINIMUM 2.5 inches shorter than Pippen, and 3 inches shorter seems way more likely. The distance from your eye to your lips is 3 inches. Look at the shots below (Olympic shot in particular) with Jordan and Pippen. Jordan's eyes look like they are right at Pippens lips. Jordan, therefore, is 3 inches shorter than Pippen. Pippen probably isn't quite a full 6'7 at peak (morning height). WHY, do i say this?. Because the NBA takes height measurements in the mornings AND ROUNDS UP, so 6'7 is likely rounded from Pippen's 6'6.5 morning height. The olympics measured Pippen at 6'5.75 , which is 'probably' a later in the day figure. Im guessing it's fair to say Pippen stands at an average of about 6'6 through the day. This puts Jordan at a surprisingly low 6'3.5 average as a maximum estimate and 6'3.0 average as a minimum estimate. Another piece of evidence to support this height is the photo with wayne gretzgy. Even if you assume Gretzgy is 6'0 even. Then Jordan would seem about 6'4 max. Truth is Gretzgy is probably like 5'11 and that makes jordan 6'3. Wow am I surprised :)
deepestvoice said on 1/May/06
I think a solid 6'4 or maybe 6'4.5 is right for him. I'm around 6'3.5 and I could never get away with saying I'm 6'6. Charles Barkley is probably right on 6'4 or a little over. They are both listed at that falsified height of 6'6 and Jordan is a tad taller than Barkley.
TallSolution said on 30/Apr/06
Obviously, the olympics in '92 got him right at 6'3.5. All player NBA heights that I personally know are downgraded on the olympic listings. Example, Pippen's measured well shy of the 6'7 NBA quote at 6'5.75.
deadman said on 30/Apr/06
hey jake, don't worry bro, i know you're right for sure buddy. i am from chicago, and during the second of the bulls 3peats, i went to every single preseason luncheon. mj was not much taller than steve kerr who actually is a legit 6'3....
knut said on 29/Apr/06
I met MJ last year in Barcelona in the Moto GP at Montmelo, I'm 1.91 m and he was like 1.97-8 for sure (we were both wearing similar sneakers).
Jake said on 28/Apr/06
I would no doubt beleive the Olympic listings if I could see proof. But in the mean time I'm going to keep with my theory of 6'7" for Pippen and a good 6'4.5" for Jordan. I have to admit I'm suprised he is still listed 6'5.5" here. I thought my pics showed that he was under 6'5".
Viper652 said on 28/Apr/06
Scottie Pippen is without a doubt 6-7. Its funny, when he was on TNT's NBA show he looked 7-0 with a low camera angle!!! I think Jordan is 6-5, maybe 6-4.5. No lower the that.
Ken said on 27/Apr/06
Im sorry. In that picture below (jordan giving peace sign - Olympics?) Jordan looks about 3 inches shorter than pippen. (This is a pretty good shot by the way.) If Pippen is 6'7 on the nose, jordan is 6'4 indeed. I still feel pippen isn't really 6'7. The olympics, as stated below, measured him at 6'5.75 - and the olympics would seem to be accurate. So, Yeah 6'3.5 (w/o shoes) for jordan is a possibility.
Ken said on 27/Apr/06
I agree w/most peeps on this site. Jordan was never 6'6. Personally, I think he was MAX 6'4. This is assuming Pippen is 6'7 even. There is good picture below(with jordan giving the peace sign). If Pippen is 6'7 Jordan might even be as low as 6'3.5".
sergyu said on 23/Apr/06
Hy i am 199,5 at midday and 201 in the morning. how could i heve been listed 6ft7 or 6ft6?
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/06
Hey Rob mask speaking look at these photos and tell me honestly MJ is a legit 6'6" or even 197 cm if you can come on Pippen is at least 5 cm taller than MJ and Bird has good 10 cm on him so if Scottie is 6'6" and Bird 6'9" as they were measured barefeet in Barcellona 1992 olympic games no way MJ is over 195 cm according to me 192-4 cm don't you think so?I mean Jordan is always the best but here we discuss about his height not about his talent personally I'd feel great if I could say I'm 6'3 1/2" and do the things that Jordan does don'y you?
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Anonymous said on 23/Apr/06
Still convinced Jordan is 6'6"!?Rob please you cannot say Mj is 197 cm he is 194 cm if not less look at him back to back with Pippen there are at least 6-8 cm differential and at least 10 cm with Bird come on please!
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Jake said on 22/Apr/06
Honestly I'm not convinced about Barkley being quite that tall. Jordan doesn't have much height on him, only .5" tops.
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J-Dog said on 21/Apr/06
I don't think Jordan can be lower than 6'5". Charles Barkley is 6'4.75" and Jordan always looked a good bit taller, by about an inch.
Lone said on 20/Apr/06
I agree with Jake, Jordan was never a full 6-6 without shoes.
Jake said on 20/Apr/06
Brett: if you look at the pictures & comments I've posted below, you will see that I think he was definantly not 6'6", and very likely not even a full 6'5". I think barefoot he was about 6'4.5" and with shoes near 6'6". I don't know if he has lost any height due to shrinkage now, I've basically assumed that this was about his peak height.
Gonzalo said on 19/Apr/06
My cousin was a basketball player and he was listed 1`94 cm (he looks huge to me). He was lucky enough to see the whole NBA Finals 1996. He saw jordan several times and he said they were the same height. It makes sense. Jordan was listed 6`6 with shoes on, so he as 1`95 barefoot, the same height as my cousin.
Jake said on 18/Apr/06
Jordan has to be under 6'5".
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sing said on 17/Apr/06
hey editor rob, if michael clarke duncan can say he's 6-5 when he's only 6-2ish, then sure rodman can claim he's 6-8. but pippen was taller than rodman and he's listed at 6-7, hmmmmm. rodman is 6-6, pippen 6-7, jordan 6-4.
deepestvoice said on 17/Apr/06
Seeing those pictures from Jake just confirmed what I already knew. That Jordan is not 6'6. He never looked it. I'll give him a good 6'4.5 or maybe 6'5. But I can't see anything over that for him.
Jake said on 14/Apr/06
Here are more pictures which suggest Jordan to not be as tall as he is listed:
Wayne Gretzky is 5'10" (first picture)
Pippen is 6'7" (second picture)
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sing said on 13/Apr/06
no, Dennis Rodman himself confirmed he's 6-6, and he's listed at that height at numerous places. He's no taller than 6-6.

Leung, Pippen is listed as 6-7, based on that photo, do you think there is only 1 inch separating him and Jordan??? Come on now.

[Editor Rob: he also still says he's 6ft 8, he said it a few months ago on big brother...but of course beside the guy who was 6ft 5 he didn't look it!]
Jason said on 13/Apr/06
Sing, I did convince Rob to downgrade Jordan from 6'6'' to 6'5'' a while back, but he's since been brought up a notch to 6'5 1/2''. I think because people were arguing Dennis Rodman was over 6'6'' based on his appearance on UK Big Brother.
sing said on 11/Apr/06
yeh, i think it's time for editor rob to change jordan's height???
Leung said on 11/Apr/06
I tend to think that Jordan was a legit 6'6" because during his playing days he was always distinctly taller than his opponents that were 6'4". . In fact, in terms of size MJ could match up with the oppositions team's SF most nights.

Jake said on 10/Apr/06
If we use Pippen as a point of reference, I can only draw the following conclusions: If Pippen was 6'8" as he was listed in his later days, Jordan would be about 6'5.5". If Pippen was 6'7" as he was listed for most of his career, Jordan would be about 6'4.5". If Pippen was really struggling with 6'6" as some people say, Jordan would be about 6'3.5". I personally tend to believe that Pippen was 6'7" like he was listed for most of his career, making Jordan about 6'4.5", give or take a little.
sing said on 9/Apr/06
agreed, 6-4 or 6-4.5 sounds about right for Jordan since he's obviously shorter than both Rodman and Pippen, who are both legit 6-6 guys barefooted.
Jason said on 9/Apr/06
Yes, Jordan's about 6'4 1/2''/194cm.
deadman said on 9/Apr/06
guys, mj is definitely 6'4.5. if he weren't, scottie would be like 6'9. scottie also had an inch on dennis. also, i am wearing a pair of jordan cross trainers. they give me almost as much height as my wolverine work boots. not saying that all jordan brand shoes give you that much height, but i do know that basketball shoes in general vary in the amount of height they give you. i wear and 1 shoes or new balance shoes to play ball and they only give me an inch. i wear some crappy reeboks sometimes too, and they give me an inch and a half. going further(i have a lot of basketball shoes if you couldn't tell!), i have a pair of cheapy shoes that give me an inch and three quarters and then i have a pair of nikes that give me an inch and a quarter. this can also be proven by looking at the official nba draft player measurements that someone linked in the allen iverson section. this shows some guys getting as much as an inch and three quarters from their shoes.
Jake said on 8/Apr/06
Jordan is 6'4.5" - 6'5". He was listed at 6'6" because that was in his shoes. He was listed as 6'5" in college.
sing iz da man said on 6/Apr/06
as much as I idolize the man, he's not 6-6. Dennis Rodman is a legit 6-6 (although listed as 6-8 for much of his NBA career), and he is visibly taller than Jordan (photo below). I would give Jordan 6-5, max, most likely less...

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Anonymous said on 3/Apr/06
very scientific reasoning????????????
ryan said on 3/Apr/06
ive worked for jordan a few times and he seemed every bit of 6'6. im a hair under 6 feet without shoes, he was a solid half foot taller. i dont think there is much debate
Ozzy said on 31/Mar/06
Agree. Pippen is dead on 6-7 (201 cm) I think (although I've heard claims that he is 6-5.5 bearfoot). Jordan at 194-96 cm seems right, as does:
Barkley at 193-95,
Clyde at 197-99,
Magic 202-204,
Ewing 209-11,
Shaq 212-15,
Lebron 200-202
Duncan 208-210
KG 210-212
I think an inch off the listed heights in most cases seems about right.
Jake said on 29/Mar/06
Everyone, I want you to know I am not the same Jake who said Jordan was 6'3".
But I still think he is a shade under 6'5".
Rodman is 6'6" - 6'6.5 Pippen is 6'7" (first picture)
Ewing is 6'10.5" (second picture)
Barkley is 6'4" - 6'4.5" (third picture)
Pippen is 6'7" Drexler is 6'5" - 6'5.5" (fourth picture)
Magic is 6'7.5" (fifth picture)
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I think he is nearly 6'5", however, not quite. 195cm is an accurate height for him.
Dazman said on 29/Mar/06
Wow. Can't believe this is being debated. I thought Jordan was the most famous 6'6" in the world!
aaa said on 27/Mar/06
jordan is no more than 6-5. 6-6 is his nba "with shoes on" height. If he woulld be 6-6 his nba height would be 6-7. its simple.
Jason said on 26/Mar/06
Lebron is 6'7'' minus shoes. 6'7 1/4'' is his measured height.
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/06
jordan is 6'6 because next to lebron at a charity game lebron looked exactly 2 incehes taller and they both had basketball shoes on, and lebron is 6'8 sooo?????
Alex said on 19/Mar/06
I don't see Jordan under 6'5. 6'5 to be exact he probably is plus shoes which makes the listing 6'6.
Jake said on 6/Mar/06
I see him more as a 195cm guy next to 6'6.5" Dennis Rodman and 6'4" - 6'4.5" Charles Barkley.
david said on 2/Mar/06
Hey u guys dont happen to know a 6.4 , 6.5 and a 6.6 persons inside leg measurement do u ?
AJ said on 17/Feb/06
My friend is 6-4 and when I saw them together, Jordan was obviously taller than him. I think he's 6-6.
Viper652 said on 14/Feb/06
Plus Pippen is no 6-8. He was listed at 6-7 for years until his final playing days.
Jason said on 11/Feb/06
Drexler was listed as 6'7'' which means he's most certainly 6'6''. Not many players are their listed heights. So it figures Pippen being an inch taller than him.
RJ said on 10/Feb/06
Hi guys! Y'all are correct that Rodman and Pippen are taller than Jordan. But Jordan's height IS 6'6"-- the other two are incorrectly listed in the stats. Rodman is at least 6'7", and Pippen is at least 6'8". I have a bunch of tapes where you can see them standing next to each other. Pippen is slightly taller than Dr. J and Clyde Drexler- both of whom are 6'7" (you can see clearly in the Dream Team's gold medal ceremony that Pippen is an inch over Drexler and a couple of inches over Jordan). Magic Johnson does not appear to be 6'9" because of his posture (head and neck are usually hunched forward) where as Larry Bird stands at his full height. If he stands with his back and head against the wall, he would be 6'9"
Jake said on 25/Jan/06
I used to think Jordan was actually his NBA height of 6'6" ", but there is just too much evidence against that.
Look at Magic Johnson next to a legit 6'9" Larry Bird. I estimate Magic to be 6'7.5".
6'7.5" Magic is way taller than Jordan.
And Jordan also doesn't measure up when compared to Pippen and Rodamn, each about 6'6" (Although Pippen could be 6'7" as he was billed, I don't know if this is in shoes or not.)
Fenny said on 17/Jan/06
He was always listed as 6ft 6ins during his playing days. He was twice the height of his co-star in Space Jam - Bugs Bunny. Bugs was only 3ft 3ins tall as stated in the film.
Leo is Tall! said on 3/Jan/06
He was much taller than Damon Wayans in his guest star appearance in "My wife and kids."
mask said on 30/Dec/05
hey guys look at this and tell me what you think:
Jason said on 29/Dec/05
I dunno, maybe Pippen slouches sometimes? Jordan's about 2 1/2 inches shorter, though.
Viper652 said on 29/Dec/05
How come Jordan only looked an inch shorter then 6-7 Pippen most of the time???
CoolJ said on 27/Dec/05
mask: I believe Shaq to be 214-215cm... Jordan is bigger than 192. T-Mac seems about 202cm to me.

I won't comment on Malone or Jones as I haven't really studied them before.

mask said on 26/Dec/05
Excuse me guys but the photos are the only way I have at the moment to establish
the real height of these guys so here you are:
To me:
1)Shaq 213 cm, Wade 192 cm and Jones 195 cm;
2)Yao 226 cm and T-Mac 203 cm;
3)Yao 226 cm and MJ 192 cm;
4)Malone 203 cm and Shaq 213 cm.
Obviously barefoot.
what do you think Rob?
Jason said on 24/Dec/05
Rod was being honest. Scottie Pippen (the other player in the pic) is only 6'7'' (was *billed* as that by the Bulls) and is clearly taller than him ... oddly enough as that is. Jordan's universally listed height of 6'6'' is doubtless in shoes (he was listed as 6'5'' in college, BTW). The vast majority of NBA players' listed heights are.
Jason said on 24/Dec/05
Rob, don't you think it's time for a downgrade for Mike?

You have Dennis Rodman (quite correctly) listed at 6'6'', yet Jordan here is listed as 6'6'', as well, when he's at least an inch and a half below Rodman:

[Editor Rob: yes, they aren't same height. The only question is Rodman saying truth, and is the 6ft 6 for Jordan like many, a height in shoes?]
phast said on 6/Dec/05
Good math pookie, 1 1/2 inch taller than 6'2" is 6'4" 1/2. At least we know who never went to school.
Pookie said on 6/Dec/05
Jordan is 6'4" 1/2. He is the same height as Jason Richardson, and J Rich is no way 6'6". J Rich was a 1 1/2 taller then Mike Irvin, who's listed @ 6'2". This is when Mike Irvin was on the best damn show.
mika said on 4/Dec/05
Who cares how tall a giant piece of wax is? If Michael says he is 6' 6" who cares? He probably grew since college. It's not a world record, so it doesn't matter if he's rounding up by 1/4"-1/2"...
CoolJ said on 2/Dec/05
Pippen does have some serious height on Jordan in that picture. I'd have to say Jordan is closer to 6'4.5" - 6'5" (Like he was listed in college).
mask said on 2/Dec/05
Please downgrade Jordan to 192 cm there is at least 2 inch between them.
phast said on 19/Nov/05
Hey DDan, so basically you're saying that Jordan is 6'3 based on a wax statue while the same place has a statue of Arnold being over 6'3? That's really good logic dude.
DDann said on 17/Nov/05
I have no idea how accurate the wax statue of MJ is outside the Wax Museum in Vegas, but I would doubt they'd make him any less tall than he is. I was eye to eye with the statue and am precisely 6'3" currently (used to be exactly 6'4 1/4, but with age...) The biggest joke was me having to, ever so slightly, look up to Gov. Arnold's wax figure. In real life he is dead on at 5'10" according to several friends who stood beside him.
phast said on 14/Nov/05
This is just crazy that all these people here state that Jordan is under 6'6. I've work for the UCSB Thunderdome, where he hosts his summer camps usually around early to mid August. I'm 6'3 and my best friend from my high school basketball team was 6'5. So I know what someone 2 inches taller than me feels like and Jordan was definitely 3 inches taller than me. I've only talked to him a couple of seconds during the last 3 years but I've stood next to him or walked by countless times and I can confirm he is 6'6.

He will often play with the college and pro players he invites to the camp as a show for the campers at the end of the day, so I doubt he's wearing lifts. A lot of people say they've "met" Jordan but will not give an exact you decide who you want to believe.

For all you people who say he's 6'4 or some other mindless estimate, here's a way to met Jordan in person: During Fiesta week (8/3-8/7 this year) here in Santa Barbara, CA Jordan will bartend at O'Malley's Bar on State Street. I would check w/ them for the exact dates he will be there. There's a rumor that he owns the bar while others say he doesn't, whatever the case, he is always there during Fiesta Week. Fiesta is a really good time here, so you'll have fun and get to meet Jordan. And stop determining a person height by photos, as there can be many factors that may distort the person's height. People who say he's 6'3.5 is out of their minds. I'm sure we all have pictures where we look much taller or shorter than me actually are. Again, the only sure way to find out how tall someone is, is to meet them in person.
J. said on 10/Nov/05
I find all the sightings of Jordan being under 6'6" a little hard to believe. He was on Oprah, along with Charles Barkley, not too long ago and at the show's end, when the guests stand up and shake Oprah's hand, Jordan totally TOWERED over her and she had heels on. And Oprah's not that short, so Jordan should still be a solid 6'6". (Unless he wears lifts, which you can never discount)
Ozzie said on 7/Nov/05
My old b-ball sneakers lifted me from 6'3 to just under 6'4. in my new ones i'm even over 6'4. (so if I was an NBA player I would probably be listed at 6'5 if I wanted to)...
Jason said on 6/Nov/05
I don't know about basketball shoes giving you more height, deadman. My last pair of trainers gave me more height than my last two pairs of b-ball shoes. My Dad's trainers give more height, too.
deadman said on 6/Nov/05
michael jordan is absolutely not 6'6. during the bulls second championship run, when you look at mj standing next to pip or rodman(who is 6'7, he even says so himself), they tower over him. plus, mj is shorter than ron harper who is 6'6. also, look at footage from the '92 olympics. he is only a tad bit taller than the chuckwagon(barkley). i'd say mj is about 6'4 and a half. plus, ball players get measured with their shoes off and on. generally the height given is with shoes on(obviously). when i played ball in high school, they took my height with my shoes on and then added and inch and a half(i went from a 5'10 small forward to a much more intimidating 6'1). and also, basketball shoes tend to give you more height. i am currently 6'0 and a half, and in trainers a little over 6'1, but in basketball shoes am pushing 6'1 and 3/4
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/05
GB - you basically said nothing in your post. If you have no idea how tall he is when you "encountered" him, then don't say anything.
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/05
I just saw a hanes commercial w/ jordan and matthew perry. They're playing pool and there was only 1 shot of both of them standing straight but he looked at least 7 inches taller than perry, who's at least 5'11. Top of perry's head did not reach the bottom of jordan's ear.
GB said on 30/Oct/05
I am 6'4", and about 10 years ago I encountered Jordan in a hotel. I am sure that he is no taller than 6'5", and possibly as short as 6'3.5"
gfffdfsa said on 27/Oct/05
You really think Charles Barkley is 6'4 nooooway he's atleast 6'6 or over and jordan is 6'6 no doubt. it seems like everyone wants him to be shorter :S ?
T-B said on 26/Oct/05
But so does 6'4 NYPD Blue star Henry Simmons. Don't judge by TV appearance. All I'm saying is that it is obvious that so many are padding their heights that it is impossible to say who does or doesn't unless they say it themselves. And with Pippen (my all-time favourite player) it is kind of suspicious that he at 34 grew an inch... and if he was say 6'7 in shoes to begin with, he might well be close to 6'6 without shoes... just thinking.
Viper652 said on 25/Oct/05
There is no way Pippen is in the 6-5 range. That guy always looked a legit 6-7. He always looked 1.5-2 inches taller then Jordan, who I think is a minimum of 6-5. On the TNT NBA show, he would be on it sometimes and he would look like a 7 foot giant in some of the camera shots.
CoolJ said on 25/Oct/05
I'm quite skeptical about that NBAGiants website. How are they privvy to such information?
CoolJ said on 25/Oct/05
Jordan does look a little taller than Barkley.. He's probably about 6'5". He was listed at 6'5" in college too I believe.. at least in his first few years there.
Ozzie said on 25/Oct/05
Ozzie said on 25/Oct/05
"These days, the difference between 'with shoes' and 'without shoes' is running an inch and a half," says Chris Ekstrand, who works as a consultant to the NBA for the draft. "The schools almost always go with the higher, shoes-on measurement."
Check out:
Ozzie said on 25/Oct/05
Hey, mask. I couldn't find the websiteso you'll just have to trust me;) I don't know myself if I believe the Olympics listings, however this is what i found out:
Olympics 92:
Ewing: 210 (6'10.5)
Robinson: 211 (6'11)
Jordan: 192 (6'3.5)
Pippen: 197 (6'5.75)
Magic: 202 (6'7.5)
Bird: 206 (6'9)
Drexler: 199 (6'6.5)
Mullin: 198 (6'6)
Stockton: 184 (6'0.5)
Malone: 205 (6'8.75)
Laettner: 211 (6'11)
Barkley: 194 (6'4.5)

I don't think all of these seem accurate. Jordan seems taller, around 6'5, but appearance can fool you, Long arms, stature, proportions, might make a person seem taller than he is, and he does look taller or at least the same height as Chuck.
CoolJ said on 24/Oct/05
MJ is taller than 6'4.. I can tell you that.
mask said on 24/Oct/05
hey Ozzie, could you give me the complete listing of 1992 dream team? Anyway 2 months ago I went to see a basket match in Pesaro and I met Federico Buffa, a famous italian basketball commentator and nba expert: I asked him what was the real height barefoot of MJ and Shaq and he answered:MJ is 192-3cm while Shaq is 214cm. So MJ is 6'4" and Shaq 7'1/2" acoording to himself and I can assure he met them several times for interviews.
Mike$ said on 20/Oct/05
I've met MJ a couple of times and we are the same height. I'm a couple of "hairs" under 6'5".
Ozzie said on 20/Oct/05
Check also and compare these NBA measurements with the official player measurements on
Ozzie said on 20/Oct/05
I've seen Jordan listed at 6'5 and 6'6 in the US. However, in connection with the '92 Olympics, the Olympic listings varied from 1.92m (approx. 6'3.5) to 1.95 (6'4.75). In my opinion, having seen Jordan standing next to Barkley I'm guessing Barkley at his self claimed 6'4.5 (1.94m) and Jordan a shade taller. So 195cm, or a hair under 6'5... The same listings had Pippen at 6'5.75, David Robinson at 6'11 and Magic at 6'7.5. NBA had them respectively at 6'7 (later in Pippen's career, with the Blazers, he suddenly, at the age of 34, was 6'8(!?)), 7'1 and 6'9. The NBA are, for some strange reason, boosting the players heights. Just look at Warriors rookie Deji Akindele. At the Chicago Pre Draft camp he was measured at 6'9.5 (207cm) without shoes, and 6'11 (211cm) with shoes. The warriors have him at 7'1 (216cm). Two(!) inches added to the WITH shoes height! ref.:

Ewing admitted that he is just short of 6'10, not the 7' the NBA had him at.
CoolJ said on 12/Oct/05

I'd bet if they stood up straight.. Jordan'd have the slight edge.

I've heard Barkley say he's 6'4.75" .. I think that might leave Jordan a shade under 6'6".. but not much under..
mask said on 11/Oct/05
Hey Rob MJ is clearly under 6'6" he is a tad shorter than Barkley who is 6'4 1/2" so please downgrade him to 6'3 1/2" woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
CoolJ said on 29/Sep/05
Barkley is supposedly 6'4 3/4"
JCS said on 29/Sep/05
Check this out.. Something I did a while back.. All "IN SHOES" Measurements so deduct like 1.25".

Check out the difference between Kobe and Amare

Amare can see over his head.. That suggests a difference of 4" minimum... Maybe 5" I even adjusted the lines for stance differences, alignment, etc.

deadman said on 25/Sep/05
there is a video about the '92 dream team, and mj and barkley are the same height. barkley is a little shorter than danny ainge who is 6'5. i've met mj on quite a few occasions, and he is only about an inch and a half taller than steve kerr(who actually is a lot taller than you would imagine) and he is a legit 6'3
phast said on 24/Sep/05
I actually don't like Kobe so I didn't try to talk to him when he showed up at camp. I did stand next to him once, mainly to compare size. I would say he's really close 6'6 is not that, but he wasn't all that built (he looks bigger on tv).
Ball-A-Hallic said on 23/Sep/05
Yea i dont think kobe's 6'7 or 6'6 wat eva his listin is I'd say he's 6'4.5 or maybe 6'5 but not any bigger.
Viper652 said on 23/Sep/05
Ive always thought that Michael was one of the very true 6-6 guys from the NBA.
CoolJ said on 23/Sep/05
phast: I dont know about Kobe.. I'm convinced he's less than 6'6".. 6'5ish I think.
phast said on 22/Sep/05
I work for the ucsb bball gym and jordan's summer bball camp has been held here the 3 yrs I've been here. I'm almost positive he's 6'6. I'm 6'3 and he's way taller than me so definitely not 6'4 like people here say. I've only talked to him for a few seconds but have stood next to him many times. He is at least more than 2.5 inches taller than me and I'm 6'3 on the dot. I've also met many other players at his camp and the laker camp (held here once). I can confirm some players' heights:
Quentin Richardson is 6'4.5 max (not 6'6)
Richard Hamilton is 6'5 (not 6'7)
Ray Allen is 6'5
Kobe is 6'6

Klemen said on 3/Sep/05
Nba stated his height at 6-6 but this is his height with shoes..Every height in Nbais with shoes on and basketbal shoes makes you at least an inch taller..I think jordan is 6-5 or a bit shorter.
mask said on 3/Sep/05
Rob, how many times have I to say that Michael Jordan issn't 6'6"(198 cm)tall?He is 6'3 1/2"(192 cm).If you don't believe that look at this is written in italian but I'm sure you 'll understand anyway)

[Editor Rob: This old Pic, if Jordan is 192cm would suggest all the back row 2-3 inches shorter than they're published height? Now, if Rodman was honest when he said he was '6ft 6' then the 192-4cm range looks plausible for Michael.]
Massimo said on 14/Aug/05
Dennis Rodman admitted he is 6'6". There's a picture on Internet, which I can't post in this very moment showing Rodman in front of Jordan and Dennis is about 2 inches taller than MJ. So, MJ is about 6'4".
longrob said on 5/Aug/05
I visited Madam Tousaads(spell check)wax museum here in Vegas at the Venatian hotel. When I noticed that Jordan's wax figure was shorter than me I questioned
the Curator and she pulled all of his stats and measurements. He is only 6'4. The problem is that they make the wax figure at 6'4 but that includes his wax shoes. They had shaq also which was 7'0.5 and Muhammad Ali at 6'2
Ball-A-Hallic said on 23/Jul/05
GP's always looked 6'1 or 6'2 2 me but I'd never b-leaved he was 6'4 or 6'3.5 nowadays but He jus doesnt look it
Jason said on 20/Jul/05
Payton was listed as 190cm (6'3'') at the 2000 Olympics. I don't know what his real height is, but it can't be above that.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jul/05
I cant get the page 2 come up but I dont think Payton is 6'4 he's boosted up like Nash I think hes really 6'2 or 6'1.5 but he never looked 6'4
JS said on 19/Jul/05
Its obvious Shaq is way over 6'11 1/2" My good look at the picture. Robinson was about a legit 7' himself.
JS said on 19/Jul/05
if Shaq is 6'11 1/2" barefeet, Yao is nowhere closer to the 7'6+ you put him at Sing.
Sing said on 18/Jul/05
Woe, Jordan does look short in that pic, if Pippen is 6-6 legit, then MJ looks no taller than 6-4 barefeet, wow!

Shaq has said he's actually 6-11.5 barefeet, so how tall does that make Robinson and Olajuwon? Olajuwon was actually 6-10 so without shoes he could be 6-9, just like Patrick Ewing.
mask said on 17/Jul/05
hey guys, take a look:
I would say:
Barkley 6'4.5"(194-5 cm)
Hardaway 6'6"(198 cm)
Stockton 5'11.5"(182 cm)
Malone 6'8.5"(205 cm)
Miller 6'7"(201 cm)
Payton 6'4"(193 cm)
Shaq 7'0.25"(214 cm)
Pippen 6'7"(200 cm)
Olajuwon 6'9"(206 cm)
Robinson 6'11"(210 cm)
Hill 6'8"(203 cm)
Richmond 6'3"(190 cm)
now please don't tell me MJ is 6'6" Rob you see he is at least 6'4"(maybe it is also too much)
Mike said on 8/Jul/05
He is 6'4.5 / 195 cm. He is same height as Charles Barkley. Charles Barkley admits his real height is 6'4.5. Back in 84 when he was drafted, his height was 6'4". Teams always add one inch at least to their real height. But he is still really tall.
NBA Scout said on 7/Jul/05
MJ is 6'5 1/2
leonari said on 6/Jul/05
COL what?? that still makes Jordan 6'4" or 6'5"...where is your problem with that pic MAN???
CoolJ said on 6/Jul/05

That's at least a 5" difference. Notice the slumping.
Mr. R said on 5/Jul/05
Actually, Gretzky is on record as claiming 5'11". They inflated his height and weight - he was about 170 pounds, but officially he was 185!
leonari said on 5/Jul/05
Cool J whats the problem with that pic?? He looks 4 to 5 iches taler than Gretzky which makes Jordan 6'5" and thats his real height...Strange comment if you ask me.
CoolJ said on 5/Jul/05
I dunno guys, Jordan looking pretty tall next to Gretzky (6' supposedly)

How about some photos with Jordan next to people whose heights we are more sure of?
Jordan said on 5/Jul/05
He is 6ft6 with basketball sneakers, without 6-4 to 6-5.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 29/Jun/05
Those pics that MASK provided r good but the best 1 is the last 1 it shows Larry Bird is a solid 6'9, Magic Johnson looks about 6'7 possiblly 6'6.5 and MJ looks two possiblly 3 inches smaller than Magic so MJ's probally 6'4 or 6'4.5 tops i'd say, but every1 should look at those pics also the 1st pic of MJ wit Scottie Pippen shows if Scottie was 6'6 or 6'7 than MJ was like 6'4 cuz u can see about 2 to a 3 inch difference in their heights
Sing said on 22/Jun/05
Jordan is not 6-6. Scottie Pippen is 6-6, and Jordan was shorter than Scottie. 6-5 max, probably more like 6-4 or 6-4.5.
mask said on 22/Jun/05
hey guys look at these photos:
(from left:MJ,Bird,Magic,etc.)
now tell me Jordan is 6'6"!!!!!
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jun/05
Yea I'll agree wit MJ b-in 6'5 or 6'4.5 but I always figured Bird n Magic 2 be the same height 6'9 depiste possiblly 2 or 1.5 addin they probally were 6'8 or even 6'7.5 each I think
mask said on 18/Jun/05
No way MJ is 6'6".I saw a photo of 1992 dream team where he was standing next to Larry Bird who was next to Magic Johnson.There is 2 inch difference between Bird and Magic and 2 inch between MJ and Magic.I'd say:Bird 6-9(207cm),Magic 6-7(201cm),MJ 6-5(194cm)and that's all.
AndrĂ¡s said on 3/Jun/05
I've met him and hi was shorter than me. (I'am 203cm)
Mr. R said on 24/May/05
Jake, the problem with Madame Tossaud's measurements is that they get them from the celebrities or their publicists. For example, the museum makes copies of all US Presidents, and when George Bush came to power, they asked his people for his measurements, including his suit, shirt, and shoe size. Therefore, he stands 6 foot tall in the museum, which seems to be inaccurate.
nba fan said on 23/May/05
you guys obviously know nothing about the NBA. Jordan is 6'6". You see a few skewed photos and make your claim, but I've follow his entire career, and he's always been 6'6". To the guy who said he was 6'2", wow, you're an idiot.
Jake said on 23/May/05
You guys know the Madame Toussaud's Wax Museums? Well I went to the one in Las Vegas last winter, and they are supposed to be *EXACT* replicas with precise dimensions, aren't they? I had a pic taken with a Micheal Jordan wax figure. He had his feet about 1 foot apart, and had his hands on his hips, so I struck the exact same pose to ham it for the cam. I was surprised when I had it developed - the dude wasn't very tall. I'm 5'9.5" in shoes, and he had about the length of my hand/palm on me. My hand is exactly 7 inches long. So yeah - that comes out to about 6'4" or 6'5" - with shoes. I say ol' Mike is about 6'3-6'3.5" in his bare feet.
Mr. R said on 19/May/05
But Joe, he SAYS he is 6-6, and his publicist says the same thing. Just because it is stated and written does not mean it to be true. That's why we have this site - to expose the truth!
Joe said on 18/May/05
He is 6' 6". Haven't you watched Space Jam or seen any tv interviews or biographies on MJ?
DaddyFatSaxxx said on 1/May/05
Yeah, basketball players add 1.5-2 inches onto their height because they are measured at court height (with sneakers on). Jordan never appeared over 6'5" to me and I had always thought of him as 6'4.5" or so.
JCS said on 1/May/05
He's about 6'4 1/2."

NBA heights are USUALLY measured in b-ball shoes THEN rounded up. When you get up into the larger sizes they easily add 1 1/4" up to 1 3/4"
Shaun Nowland said on 27/Apr/05
I seen Jordan in Space Jam and he looked to be 6 inches shorter than Larry Bird which is 6'9. So i am going to leave Jordan at 6'3.
Smoke said on 27/Apr/05
Michael you're right on! I've never caught the Staubach-Jordan interview, but my in-person estimate has definately has Michael standing well short of his 6'6" listing. Granted he may have been slightly past his peak height when I last saw him, but I would say that he was no taller than 6'5" in his prime, he did seem a bit taller than 192 cm though, I would say 194/195ish in cms.
Michael said on 26/Apr/05
In the early 90s I saw a TV special on former Dallas Cowboys quaterback Roger Staubach, in which Michael Jordan interviewed Staubach while standing outdoors. (Does anyone else remember seeing this?) As they stood facing each other, I remember being stuck at how Staubach was practically eye-level with Jordan, even though Staubach was never listed any higher than 6'3" during his prime (and was often listed at 6'2" in pre-Internet football literature). Ever since then I've had the strong suspicion that Jordan is two to three inches shorter than his listed height. He's tall either way, but probably not quite as tall as his corporate sponsors would like everyone to believe. I would guess around 192 cm in his prime.
EJ said on 15/Apr/05
I might have heard he's really 6'2", but not sure on this one.
Smoke said on 15/Apr/05
Terve Lmeister!
I'm 185-186 cm, and I think Jari might be slightly over 6'0", I saw him a couple years ago and I was in tennis shoes (0.5 inch heal), while Jari was in slightly bulkier shoes and he was just about same height as me. In North America Jari was listed as tall as 6'2" at times, I really think he could be 184 cm, and maybe even 185 cm. I have also seen Wayne in person and I think he is atleast 182 cm, it is possible that Wayne is indeed 6'0" on the dot and Jari might be just slightly taller. I have pictures with both, and I think both are atleast 6'0", with Jari possibly slightly taller. Getting back to Jordan, he is significantly shorter than 6'8"-6'9" Phil Jackson, my personal estimate has him at 6'4"-6'5", he may have scraped 6'5" at his his peak. Also, on the topic of NHLers, one thing you won't find in the NBA that you will with NHL players is rounding down. Only one NBA guy I have ever met has rounded down, and that was Kenny Anderson, who is definately taller than his listed height of 6'1". There are guys in the NHL like Curtis Brown, who in reality are closer to 6'2" and are listed at 6'0". I think it all depends on the team, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are most guilty of lying about heights, no way is St. Louis 5'9", and no way Brad Richards is 6'1", same goes for Khabibulin and his 6'1" listing. The fact that Miikka Kiprusoff is actually about 184 cm, and gets listed at 6'2" does go a ways to proving your point Lmeister.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 14/Apr/05
MJ probally is 6'4 or 6'4.5 now but in his prime he had 2 be 6'5 tops. But also in the NBA they boost everyplayer up 2 or 3 inches just like Allen Iverson so truthfully MJ is probally 6'4.5 or 6'4.
Lmeister said on 14/Apr/05
I'm not that much into basketball, but mentioning the name Jari Kurri(I am also Finnish)got me interested. Jari Kurri is 6'0'' like he has always been listed by Finnish Hockey Association. I have also seen him and he does look like 6'0'' even. Wayne is little bit shorter than Kurri probably 5'11''. No way he'd be over 6'0''. BTW NHL players do add approximately 1 inch to their heights time to time especially, if the players real height is less than 6 feet of course there are these listing which are utter crap like Martin St. Louis being 5'10'' his real height is 5'7'' unless he grew 2 inches after 20 b-day...
mask said on 13/Apr/05
hey smoke I agree with you.MJ is no more than 6'4.5"
Ball-A-Hallic said on 13/Apr/05
I got a DVD on MJ and on it he says how his parents were under 6'0 and he grew to be 6'6.Now a days Jordan probaly looks 6'4 but in his prime he had to be 6'6. He stood by Karl Malone who's 6'9 and was about 2 or 3 inches under Malone.
Smoke said on 13/Apr/05
The interesting thing about Gretzky is that his height is actually rounded down somewhat. In reality he's actuality slightly over 6'0", he's somewhere in the 182-184 cm range, and like I've said in the past, NHL hockey heights are probably the most accurate of the major North American sports. Here's a pic of Gretzky with fellow hockey great Jari Kurri (6'0"-6'1"), they're both in skates, so that negates any heal advantage, they really do like almost the same height. I'm not sure how Jordan looks relative to Gretzky, but I'm pretty sure Jordan is not the full 6'6" he's been listed as.
J. said on 12/Apr/05
There was a photo of him standing next to Wanye Grestky, who's listed as 5'10" or 5'11" and Jordan did not exactly tower over him like a 6 foot 6 guy would. I think Smoke may be on to something. Also, heightwise, Jordan is intresting. He has said that he was only 5'10" during much of high school and would hang on long bars in an attempt to gain height. It should also be noted, like Wilt Chamberlain, both of Jordan's parents were under 6 feet.
Smoke said on 12/Apr/05
It's a been a couple of years since I've seen Air Jordan, but from what I recall of my last encounter, he didn't look this height. I truely think he's between 6'4"-6'5".

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