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5ft 11.39in (181.3cm)
James said on 7/May/11
Looks no more than 10 cm taller than Ellen (168-169cm), plus he is wearing lifts, so who know how tall he really is. I would say he is between 178 and 180 cm.
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Andrew6ft2 said on 30/Apr/11
Im telling you, he´s not more than 5´11", i´d say 5´10.5".
Alongside John Lithgow Click Here he looks the same height as John C Hall (5´9.75"-5´10") is when he is standing next to John Lithgow in dexter. Click Here
Djimi184 said on 30/Apr/11
Click Here NPH is not 6 foot. At this clip NPH is on his bare feet, while Segel, with his bad posture, wears +1-2cm shoes. From this picture, i would say NPH looks more 5´10" or 5´11" than 6 foot.
KK.12 said on 29/Apr/11
From the cast of 'how i met your mother', I'd say NPH ≈ 6ft, Segal, who is said to be 6'4" on the show, Radnor ≈ 5'11", Smulders ≈ 5'8", and Hannigan ≈ 5'4".
Gerrard189 said on 27/Apr/11
I can agree that - on occation, he can look 6ft1 WITH shoes. He's getting older, so his height today might just be around the 5'11" mark on his bare feet, with an honest pose, not that pose he allways does when he streches his upper body...
Jesse said on 26/Apr/11
6ft is just rediculous Rob, downgrade him now! A flat 5´11" tops, cuz 5´10.75" is his actual height ;)
Jesse said on 25/Apr/11
I know Neil Patrick Harris has issues with his height. He looks different heightwise alongside David Burtka, whom im guessing is about 5´9". Anyway, when you see pictures of them walking alongside each other, or standing next to each other, you can see that the height difference between those two varies a lot, it can be everything from a 3 to 1 inch difference. Click Here
So i seriously think that NPH is closer to 5´10" than 5´11".
Jeremy said on 25/Apr/11
He looks a weak or flat 5´11, not 6 foot.
Jordanne said on 25/Apr/11
he looks way shorter
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/11
He looks 184cm to me...
Pastore6foot1 said on 19/Apr/11
I am a legit 6'1" (186cm) guy, but because of my terrible posture, and small head, people don't believe me when i tell them. I cant say that I am sceptical towards the 6'1" claims of NPH, his posture is great, but he has also got a tiny head. I don't think screencaps from HIMYM will tell you anything about measurments, because og the various camera angels etc. I also don't think Jason Segel is a flat 6'4", he looks more 6'3"ish. I might give NPH a solid 5'11" and Radnor a weak 5'11", Smulders 5'7.5" and Hannigan 5'5.5".
Anthony said on 4/Apr/11
I don't think NPH is a flat 6'0", 5'11.25" is more likely, and 5'11" for radnor, might be 5'10.75"...
Jimminybillybob said on 12/Mar/11
In this scene from How I Met your Mother,
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NPH is standing barefoot next to Segel who's 6'4" and wearing sneakers (about an inch extra?). And there isn't more than a 4 inch height difference.. so he's got to be about 6'1". Or at least 184-185 cms.
What do you think, Rob?
Legend said on 21/Feb/11
Efi A says on 19/Jan/11
Personally I think NPH is 6'0.25, Radnor 5'11.25, Segal 6'4, Smulders 5'8.5, Hannigan 5'3.5
Smulders has a listing on this site of 5'7.75.
Efi A said on 19/Jan/11
Personally I think NPH is 6'0.25, Radnor 5'11.25, Segal 6'4, Smulders 5'8.5, Hannigan 5'3.5
jasper said on 11/Jan/11
Luca says on 17/Dec/10
Episode 16 season 1 of How I met your mother (cupcake). NPH takes Segel to get suited up for a job interview. They go to NPH's tailor and in the scene NPH and Segal are stood side by side. Segel is a good eight to ten inches taller. In Segal's own words he is six four which would make NPH five eight. Here's the catch though, NPH is wearing lifts. I work in film and there is no perspective distortion going on the shot that could confuse things. NPH is around five seven, you only have to look at his facial proportions and you would see that if this guy was six one, then he would have a shrunken head like the guy at the end of Beetlejuice.

do you have mental issues? in that scene segal is clearly standing on a box so the tailor can measure his crotch area... theres even a joke about it. NPH at 5'7 biggest joke ive seen on this site so far
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/11
182 cm tops. No way he is between 184-187 cm.
Shomo said on 26/Dec/10
NPH has great posture, both Radnor and Segel has horrible postures. There is no secret that as a man, you would allways claim to be 6'0" or more, eventhough youre everything from 5'6-511". Since NPH always suits up in HIMYM, probably also wearing lifts, and got an amazing posture, i Think NPH is 5'10", Radnor 5'9.5", and Segel 6'3.5". Hannigan 5'3.5", Smulders 5'8".
linke said on 16/Dec/10
legit 6 footer but no more than that.
Nathaniel said on 30/Nov/10
Radnor is listed as 6' but he's actually 5'10" compare him to Smulders(listed as 5'8") anywhere you see them together in HIMYM he looks about 3 inches taller than her, now if u minus that hairdo which gives him about an inch u get 5'10" and NPH looks about the same height as Radnor except he doesnt have a hairdo like Radnors so he's basically 5'11"
Roy21 said on 11/Nov/10
Looks 5'11".U should remember that he suits up in almost every episode of HIMYM and the shoes definitely makes him put on a few inches(if anybody has put on leather shoes ,they would know wat I was talking about).
Legend said on 1/Nov/10
He is 5'11, no more. Not ever over 6 feet.
Del Mar said on 20/May/09
wow just by looking at his face, I just thought he had the typical 5-10 look. or the 5-10 face to be more specific. but seeing him with other ppl makes me think that 6-1 could really be right!
mikec said on 14/Apr/09
yet here he looks 6'0.5" Click Here

and on the barney stinson myspace page(character he plays on how i met your mother) it says he is 184 cm
Big T said on 21/Feb/09
Well, he's exactly eye to eye with Wayne Brady. This would certainly make Brady taller than many thought.
glenn said on 21/Feb/09
rob needs to change is right.he is at least 6-1.kal penn is 5-10.25,5-10.5.some say 5-11.and look at that other pic with neil.neil towers him.
Josh.J said on 21/Feb/09
he's the same height as wayne brady who is dead on 6ft.
Mr. R. said on 20/Feb/09
I saw Neil last year at 6-1 and maybe a little taller than that.
Josh.J said on 20/Feb/09
i think alot of people make the mistake of thinking he's 6'1 barefoot. i think he just about reaches 185 with shoes. with 5'10 kal penn, he looks around 5'11 1/2 and 6'0.

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tom87 said on 14/Feb/09
Come on, how could he be 6'1? He's the same heigth as Josh Radnor(who is 6) and, on top of that, he always wears "suit shoes" - i mean with little heels.
jon said on 12/Feb/09
He is 6 foot 1 or 185 cm, he can look a tad smaller though to be fair, he is either 6;0 or 6'1 for me, nph is a legend too, love im in how i met your mother, he rocks
Tom said on 28/Jan/09
I saw him at the Williamstown Theatre Festival a couple of years ago. I'm 5-11 and he seemed at least 6-1.
glenn said on 18/Jan/09
6-1 it is.i was suprised at these 6ft claims.a hair taller than 6-1 im all up for too.
Mr. R. said on 18/Jan/09
Neil Patrick Harris stated on a Doogie Houser episode that he was 6-1. I met him last year, and he was much taller than I suspected. He is at least 6-1 and maybe a little taller.
Derrick said on 17/Jan/09
He said he's 6ft.
Martin said on 13/Jan/09
Looks taller than 6 feet. Closer to 6'1 probably.
glenn said on 2/Jan/09
i have this guy.i wouldve guessed he has to be 6ft.
Randy said on 31/Dec/08
This guy is probably a little under 6 feet tall.
richinkle said on 25/Dec/08
No way I would have estimated him at over 5'-11"
anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
After watching how i met ur mother i dont see the difference between josh radyor and neil patrick harris. I would say he is close to 6 foot but not quite there.
tom87 said on 11/Dec/08
He's definitely 6'. On "how i met your mother" he looks very small when he stands near 6'4 Jason Segel.
Alucard said on 10/Dec/08
He looks a little over 6 ft.
Austrian said on 7/Dec/08
hahaha without thinking much i would have estimated him to be 5'8
anonymous said on 12/Nov/08
He is actually pretty tall. David letterman was taller than him by a few inches but neil was crouching a bit. I would say 6 foot 1max no taller.
anonymous said on 8/Nov/08
Mybe he's one of those short looking tall guys. I thinks he's close to 6 foot 2.
mikec said on 27/Oct/08
he looks like a 6fter on how i met your mother a lot. he is taller than josh radnor by a least an inch, radnor is an average height guy around 5'11ish he just constantly looks 6ft around him, and not 6'1 ... like some people think he is... he just doesn't look that tall.
anonymous said on 22/Oct/08
He doesn't look that tall in how i met your mother maybe because his co stars are tall. I would say he's just under 6 foot. I remember when he was standing next to heidi klum and he was about 5cm taller than her and she's 177cm. I guess he's 182cm at most. He was about 18cm taller than ellen who is 164cm. Good actor.
Bob said on 20/Oct/08
I've met him multiple times and he is 6'0 at the most...anyone who says he is higher is wrong.
the boom said on 8/Oct/08
he looks closer to 6'1 than 6'1 in most cases, like in harold and kumar. he is quite charming and goodlooking as well =)
nate said on 22/Sep/08
he's probably 6'1 flat. on the show how i met your mother, he always looked at least 1- 2 inches taller than the main guy who is 5'11.5 or so
Mr. R said on 29/Jul/08
I met him in April at The Pasadena Playhouse. We hung with him during intermission and my students took pictures with him. He is one of the few actors that I have met who are taller than advertised. He was for sure 6-1 and maybe a little over that.
Bence said on 18/Jul/08
"glenn thought Dr Horrible was 6ft 2...]" in that case, Fillion is around 6'4-6'5 tall and not 6'1.5 (maybe lifts or camera angel ?). By the way I like to watch " How i met your mother" too, and I always thought that NPHs height is under 6feet, looks like a guy between 5'10 and 6'.Maybe in Shoes a bit over six feet.(But I also saw him in Starship Troopers, and in that Movie, look like a really tall i dont know, maybe your're right.I never met with Harris in person so its really hard to estimate his correct height).
Bence said on 17/Jul/08
I just saw a video with NPH & Nathan Filion , so when Fillion is really 6'1 and a half tall, then this guys height must be under 6'0, maybe 5' 11.5!

Editor Rob
glenn thought Dr Horrible was 6ft 2...
soulfires40 said on 16/May/08
Hey Guys!

Its been awhile, but I think that I am coming back! I am too busy teaching to do any acting, but most of the people I see are at the theater. I saw NPH about a month ago, and my students spent time with him and got pictures. Without a doubt, Doogie is 6'1".
Yaspaa said on 15/Apr/08
With 6'4 Rupert Everett Click Here
nate said on 9/Jan/08
is that Pete townshed back there?
Caesar said on 1/Jan/08
This listing doesn't make sense. NPH is taller than Radnor who is listed at 6'0 and 1/2 here. My guess is NPH is 6'1, Radnor 6'0 or a little more.

[maybe more on the downgrade of radnor.
dmeyer said on 23/Sep/07
does look closer to 6'0.5 in in that pic
Meimi132 said on 23/Sep/07
*nods* Same height as me and a couple of friends. He looks it.
Al said on 23/Jul/07
I swear Glenn has the same expression in every picture
Mr. R said on 20/Jul/07
There was an episode of Doogie, when his friend, Max Casella, made a comment about Doogie being 6 foot tall. Doogie corrects him and says 6-1.
6'3'' JK said on 19/Jul/07
He looks like a real solid 6'0'' guy with Glenn
Josh said on 19/Jul/07
Yeah he looks 6'0 .
schnitzelferk said on 23/Jun/07
in how i met your mother marshal is 6'4" and i believe that as he is looking 4" shorter than them beefy 6'8" doorframes, then at other times looks 2" off doorframes-the regular 6'6" ones.

Unless doorframes over there are 6'6 and 6'4 and hes 6'2"

I agree with glenn, he is 6'1" ish.

if you really think christopher walken is 6ft in the pic here, then neil is DEFINITELY more than 4" taller than glenn

in CW pic, glenn comes to midforehead, in this pic-eye level, that is in general 4'5" from top of head depending, and slouching makes up .5"-1" max...I might not say quite 6'2", but 6'1" sounds reasonable.

remember neils in foreground too
glenn said on 26/Apr/07
im saying he is 6-1 or 6-2.he isnt standing as straight as he should.he isnt 6ft.
TheJerk said on 25/Apr/07
The difference looks every bit of four inches here Glenn. Are you saying you were 5-9-5-10 that day?
TheJerk said on 23/Apr/07
Well leonari you could have been less harsh. Colton, visit the How to Measure a Celebrities Height page you will see that the difference is not 6 inches.
glenn said on 23/Apr/07
rob-seriously,he was 6-1 or 6-2.
leonari said on 22/Apr/07
Colton: nice...obvious that its a 3-4 inch difference but you see 6 inches: congrats fool: great eye.
Colton said on 21/Apr/07
well if this glen fellow is 5 8 neil looks about 6 2 there.
TheJerk said on 17/Apr/07
Maybe he is as tall as 6-0. Yet, I've always though of him as "slight". And more 5-10. He shouldn't be more than this since he claims 6-0 himself.
bikagyura said on 17/Apr/07
I agree... never heard him described as that "small" before
glenn said on 17/Apr/07
glenn said on 17/Apr/07
getty images never pop up on my phone.anyway rob,he was around 6-2 rob.or 6-1.
Puff said on 17/Apr/07
Wasn't this guy billed as nearly 6'2"?

Editor Rob
yeah, at one point...this photo is very disturbing to 6ft 2 claim though ;)
D. Ray Morton said on 17/Apr/07
"Doogie ****ing howser Md."


The guy definitely looks 6', maybe slightly more.
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
He looked tall because he was young and thin, which gave him the illusion of being taller than he actually was.
Derek said on 12/Sep/06
He looked tall on Doogie Howser. Maybe he wears lifts?
Editor Rob said on 12/Sep/06
Found a quote from 1993, The North Hills News talking about a character on Quantum Leap:
"I'm 6 tall but I'm just not 250" in reference to original script character being varsity footballer
Ned said on 2/Aug/06
ya everyone seems to think josh radnor roughly 5'10 on how i met your mother and he seems to only have an inch on him to the most so id say 5'11
Mr. R said on 21/Feb/06
During his Doogie days, he claimed to be 6-1. There was one show where his little friend, speaks of Doogie being 6 foot tall, and Doogie corrects him by saying "6-1".
sal said on 20/Feb/06
Yeah, i am sayin this sounds a little tall for him, i was thinkin bout a solid 6'...could be wrong but i just don't see it...

Editor Rob
yes, he might not be quite as tall...
Observer said on 31/Jan/06
In a episode of "Will & Grace" there was a scene in which 5'11" Sean Hayes looked as tall as Neil Patrick Harris. Was Hayes wearing lifts?

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