How tall is Nicole Polizzi

Nicole Polizzi's Height

4ft 8 (142.2 cm)

Snooki - The Reality TV Star of Jersey Shore. On InsideEdition she said "I'm 4'9, maybe with the poof 4'11.". She was 'measured by hand' at 4ft 8. In 2013 she mentioned her weight, claiming "I'm 4-foot-9, which is the size of a third grader, so weighing 96 pounds is normal for me".

How tall is Nicole Polizzi
Snookie with JWoow
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Average Guess (39 Votes)
4ft 7.78in (141.7cm)
Comentarista said on 14/Jun/22
Toby Barrett said on 22/Feb/22
i would be taller than her when i was 10 i bet
Yerra said on 11/Aug/21
im the same height as her tbh
heyyyyyyyy said on 24/Mar/21
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 9/Jan/21
I swear I would have been taller than her in like year 4
Hayden said on 3/Sep/20
Her height is fairly normal in places like Philippines and indonesia. She will even see girls shorter than her on a daily basis
Jorge Gutierrez said on 16/Jul/20
I love petite ladies....even in heels ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘  she does not reack Jenny's shoulder
Emm? said on 3/May/20
I would say 4โ€™8.5-4โ€™7 I met her before Iโ€™m 4โ€™11 and she was around 2-3 inches shorter than me!! I never thought she would be so smol! I was her height in the 6th grade!
Nik said on 27/Apr/20
@ abtube - Yes. I am delighted to give this smashing lady her 300th comment!
Nik Ashton said on 13/Dec/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Everything you have said in your comment from yesterday is so correct, sheโ€™s gorgeous and a real head-turner too! Rob isnโ€™t usually more than a quarter of an inch out so I think the average vote is too low!

Nicole is 4โ€™8โ€ and this is equal to 448 eighths of an inch, I love these number coincidences!

I also like the fact that this is Nicoleโ€™s 300th comment!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Dec/19
Poor little Nicole has been voted as below 4ft7.5! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ If Rob says she's 4ft8, then no way am I going any lower. She needs every last eighth of an inch, bless her! ๐Ÿค—

She's gorgeous and a real head-turner, so it's great to see Nicole has all the confidence of a girl much taller - and so she should have! Good things...., small packages....

Well, here's the proof! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ‘ธ

Editor Rob
She did seem to get a measurement in 4ft 8 range.
Nik Ashton said on 12/Dec/19
@ Mimi - Thatโ€™s interesting! Now you are nearly as tall as big Rob!

I like the name Snooki!
Littlelee168cm said on 28/Oct/18
Would she be about five foot tall in heels like this main photo Rob?
Editor Rob
I'd expect she'd hit that mark.
Tiemo said on 22/Aug/18
I had no idea she was that short
AverageJoe said on 30/Jun/18
Short dude here (5ft7 and a quarter). I think she's my type of woman *_*
MAD SAM said on 20/May/18
Nothing more than 135 cm
Mimi said on 6/May/18
I was this size when I was 8 1/2 years old.
Semidios said on 4/Feb/18
How much height do you think she will lose in her old age? Less than the average woman? Thanks in advance, Rob.
Editor Rob
Yes, I think because her spine is shorter than average, by a considerable amount, it lessens the potential amount of shrinkage compared to your average lady.
Ferd said on 10/Dec/17
Making fun of people's heights. Classic. Personally I don't think she is taller than 4 ft 7 inch, but that doesn't matter. Whenever someone's weight is brought up, it's suddenly the worst thing you can possibly think of. Weird double standard, that thing. It's ok to make fun of something people can't control but not ok to make fun of something people can.
even said on 6/Jul/17
she cant be over 4 foot 7 she just cant
Brad said on 26/Jun/17
"Rob, do you think her height is normal?" This has to be the post of the year.
abtube said on 4/Jun/17
rob do you think her height is normal ??
Editor Rob
well it's much rarer than seeing a 5ft women.
Usuario said on 6/Apr/17
She is a tiny girl already.How much height do she lose's during the day? Thanks in advance Rob.
Editor Rob
might be 0.5-0.75 range.
120 said on 3/Nov/15
Last time i was that tall, that was like back in the beginning of gr. 6. Holy, she is soooo short!!!. lol
Andrea said on 1/Nov/15
Would you add him, Rob? I'm sure many people would search his height! Also, he's listed at 6' on Google, which is crazy! As i said, i myself thought he was tall, but just look at him with CM Punk or Liam Hemsworth! He can look barely 5'8 with them...
Also, Ronnie is listed at 5'8 on Google, another BS! I can't buy him over 5'6!
Editor Rob
176cm is what I thought just now on looking at him...
Andrea said on 26/Oct/15
Rob, what would you list Pauly D and Mike The Situation at?
I've seen the "show" a few times and i actually thought they were tall, well at least taller than what they probably are... I'm a bit surprised to see they can look shortish in pictures with other celebrities!!!
You said Pauly has claimed 5'11? What about Mike (and maybe the other guys)? Would you do a page for Pauly? I've seen other people requested him in the past...
Editor Rob
he could be anywhere in 5ft 9-10 range Pauly that is.
TJE said on 26/Oct/15
Rob, without considering footwear, how much taller would Pauly D be than Snooki?

Click Here
Editor Rob
it depends on how much he is losing in posture. At least an inch, but 2 inches? It can be harder to tell, but I'd say anywhere in 11-12 inches taller without looking at how much more footwear she has.
Armandy said on 22/Jul/15
Pauly D 175cm
Mike 174cm
Vinny 171cm
Ronnie 167cm
Jack Cavarro said on 26/Feb/15
Pauly D 177 cm
Mike 175 cm
Vinny 171 cm
Ronnie 167 cm
zaq said on 10/Feb/15
ive seen pauly in person he's 5'7 3/4 maybe a weak 5'8
blink said on 30/Nov/14
Rob, how tall would you say Pauly D and Mike The Situation are? I'd guess 5'9 range or so, you?
Editor Rob
yes in the 5ft 9 is very likely.

I believe he measured himself and the stadiometer started touching his hair and he thought he better not mess it up, so just went with his 'unflattened hair' height, which is 5ft 11 (his claim).
Ado said on 22/Oct/14
Mike is 5`11 , Pauly is 6`0 , Snooki 4`2 , Jwoow is 5`7 , Vinny is 5`7 , Ronnie is 5.8 , Sam is 5`5 , Deena is 4`12
Clay said on 18/Aug/14
I think 5'9'' is legit for Pauly and he pulls off average looking easily, especially with that hair. He's not tall at all, he's just not really short kind of like me.

I think that pic with CM punk just proves Punk is around 6'0'', no?
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jun/14
Pauly looks to be the tallest of the guys. Him and Mike look pretty close though. Here with Pauly with HHH and CM Punk. The one with CM Punk is better as its a full body pic. Rob has Punk at 5'11.75 but can look nearer 5'11. He can look 5'9-5'10 with HHH but with CM Punk 5'8 max

Click Here
Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jun/14
Rob, she had said she was measured at 4'8?
Editor Rob
there was a clip of it from the show, it looked like the nurse used her hand as a kind of guide to the measurement...certainly room for some error.
Clay said on 18/May/14
Ronnie being 5'4 was started by viper and it's complete and utter horse****, check him out in TNA wrestling next to ''Robbie E'' who's about 5'9.5-5'10 as we can see in his pic with Rob. Im thinking Ronnie is more like 5'7'' now.
Clay said on 7/May/14
5'2-5'3 guys look tiny to me.
Cnut the great said on 18/Jan/14
There is no way Ronnie is 5'4".. he is probably 5'6"
Pauly looks 5'9"
MPZ said on 2/Dec/13
@big galoot:

Organized sentence structures never hurt troll. Anyway, what Waybackmachine means by 'big galoots' is not everyone over 5'2", but foolish people like yourself. Why does it bother you that Waybackmachine says 5'2-5'3" can be way more attractive than....? Different strokes for different folks, ever heard of that? It's foolish that her (or small possibility his) opinion bothers you so much, which is why you are a big galoot, not because you're most likely over 5'2".
Deb said on 17/Sep/13
Yes, I saw that episode and she is only 4f8. She looks so good now and taller that she lost all that weight and is thinner but ya... in reality she's only 4f8 max.
zaq said on 15/Aug/13
Pauly d is 5'8 flat ive seen him in person a few times anything more is pushing it

ronnie is like 5'4 but he is really jacked
big galoot said on 13/Aug/13
5'2'' MEN and way more attractive than ???
we believed you
5'6,5'7'' maybe.not 5'2'' guy.this is 1.57 and it is uber short for a guy.and whoever isnt 5'2'' isnt big galoot.take care
Waybackmachine said on 7/Jul/13
Toby, nutrition has nothing to do with it; it's genetics. Americans have a skewed opinion of height, for example calling 5'4" women short when they're average. I know several men in the 5'2-3" range and they're not "frickin tiny"; they look like normal human beings and, in my opinion, way more attractive than big galoots. Sorry Snookie ticked you off by not growing taller! LOL.
cleovulos said on 28/May/13
Click Here
TRUE 4'8''LOOK VIDEO 11:00 measured SNOOKI...
marla singer said on 27/Mar/13
@c-mo she's incredibly short but it's clear she's not a dwarf, she's perfectly healthy and well-structured. I think she's this short because she's Peruvian, in her country she'd be the equivalent of a 5' woman in Europe maybe
Toby said on 19/Mar/13
I can't believe even with our medicine and nutrition there are women who still don't grow to be over 5 foot. The male equivalent would be like 5'3, frikkin tiny.
mrx said on 9/Mar/13
pauly 177,5
Mike 176
Vinny 174,5
Ronnie 171,5
mId said on 8/Jan/13
Snookie was measured 4'8 on the jersey shore in the morning. they went after waking up straight to the doctors office where she was measured. and pauly D is nowhere near 6'. Like someone said he's shorter than 50 and he's not 6' himself.. more 5'11. Look at the video where pauly and situation are meeting ~6'1 UFC fighter chuck liddell.. they are all wearing same shoes cause they are doing a commercial for them. And they look like kids next to the Iceman Liddell. They are pretty short and small compared to him even though they look pretty big on the show.
Duhon said on 7/Nov/12
Gary Coleman was 4'8" I believe as well but i suppose a 4'8" girl seems less tiny?
Anon said on 3/Nov/12
Why not list her as Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi?
Also, these cast is collectively surprisingly short in person.
Clay said on 2/Nov/12
Roger is easily 6'3''.
chris said on 31/Oct/12
What do you think about the situation?
Chris said on 27/Oct/12
Just saw this quote from Sammi's formspring:

"I'm 5'5, Pauly is 6'0, mike is 5'10, vinny is 5'9 , ronnie is 5'8, jenni is 5'6, snooki and deena are 4'9 .. I THINK! lol"

Click Here

What do you guys think? she doesn't seem to be off of Snooki's at the very least
SPR said on 22/Oct/12
yep Cynthia, Snooki is officially measured at 4'8 by doctors
Cynthia said on 22/Oct/12
Her boyfriend has said she's 4'8 and in a recent episode where she goes to the doctor with jwoww, snookie ask the doctor to measure her height and it's 4'8.
Bradi said on 21/Oct/12
Rob, in the last episode (season 6 episode 5) 11:00 minutes in she is measured at a clinic at 4'8''.

They start to joke about her height after the measurement.
Editor Rob
so her claim was an inch high than what the nurse said, which isn't much, you'd probably find some 4ft 8-9 girls trying to say 5ft!

I just looked at the clip and it was a hand placed on head type measurement, so more chance of error than if it were say a proper stadiometer one.
Chris said on 20/Oct/12
Rob, do you have any thoughts on the height of the jersey shore guys? How tall do you see them to be?
Editor Rob
I am not a fan of the reality shows so don't add many heights from this area of celebrity.
Haze said on 2/Feb/12
After checking out some more photos I gotta agree that Pauly is a little taller than I previously thought. Could see him 5'8.75 so 5'9 isn't out of the question. So using him as the base I think I could add .5" to my estimates.
C said on 1/Feb/12
The Situation's 5'11'' claim may not be far off, if you look at him next to 6'3'' John Mayer. The height difference is 4 inches, tops!
mish said on 25/Jan/12
Pauly d interview with 5'6 chelsea handler-Click Here
5'9-5'9.5 is about right for him! Hmm I know ronnie is short but 5'3-5'4? LOL I think clay is close to accurate for the guys.
Snookie 4'9
Denna 4'10-4'10.5
Jenni looks tall,but shes not 5'8.5.Maybe 5'6.5-5'7
Sammi 5'6
Haze said on 20/Jan/12
I'd say Snooki is 4'8-8.5" tops. Pauly 5'8.25", Mike 5'7.25", Vinny 5'6 and Ronnie I'd peg him at 5'3.5 - 5'4. All these people are talentless clowns with egos to match the polar opposite of their statures. Lifts are almost a definite with the personalities they have. And to think this batch of people were the fastest swimmers. Makes me really think their parents were winners. They are a disgrace to human beings, let alone Italians. Staten Island should be held responsible for raping New Jerseys image.
Chameleon said on 11/Jan/12
heather: Jwoww is the tallest girl at 5'6 I believe..
heather said on 10/Jan/12
Pauly interviewed Kim Kardashian and she was about 3 inches shorter than him with 4 inch heels. Shes 5'2, with those heels shes around 5'6. Pauly had three inches on her, you do the math. Hes a 5'9 guy..average. All the guys on this show are short. The height that i want to know is Jwoww.
the AMAZING Babushka said on 3/Jan/12
5'9" 5'9.5 on a good day seems right on for pauly. In the pic with Ochostinkhole he is leaning a little. he looks 5'9.5" in that pic
Clay said on 30/Dec/11
Sean says on 16/Dec/11
LOL Ron 5'5.75. Hes not a centimeter above 5'4. And LOL at Sitch being 5'9. Hes a short guy at 5'7.

You're a downgrading self-loathing asswipe at whatever height you are...(probably like 5'3).
Editor Rob
viper claims 6ft 3 although you can be any height you want.
matt said on 23/Dec/11

no way is ronnie 5'4, hes at least 5'6, lets be realistic here.

dude situation is not short, if you check out the interview on ellen with sitch and pauly d standing next to eachother, they are almost identical in height, pauly having a very slight edge on him. also a bodybuilding site that supports him have listed his height at 5'9 , so im leaving him there.

none of them are tall guys, but they are not short apart from ronnie.
Sean said on 16/Dec/11
LOL Ron 5'5.75. Hes not a centimeter above 5'4. And LOL at Sitch being 5'9. Hes a short guy at 5'7.
Clay said on 15/Dec/11
Pauly - 5'9.25
Situation - 5'8.25
Vinny - 5'7.5
Ronnie - 5'5.75
matt said on 7/Dec/11
@Chameleon and lolliee and Enigma

actually 5'9-5'9.5 , taking into consideration paul Delvecchios big blowout hairstyle and also his thick soled Nikes that hes always in, giving him an extra 1-2inches in height on most days. this together with his slim build, gives him that 5'11-6'0 look that most people are getting confused with.

Also i have been looking at interviews with situation and pauly d standing side by side. they are almost identical in height, pauly d just looks about 1/4inch taller. probably about the same taking into consideration his hairstyle and shoes. and Mike The situation is listed as 5'9 on a bodybuilding website that is sponsoring him. i will try and find that website again later on.

so with all this information:

Pauly D - between 5'9 and 5'9.5 no shorter.
Mike the Situation - 5'9
Vinny - between 5'8 and 5'8.5 , his shaved head makes him look shorter. but he is not far off of mike and pauly.
Ronnie -between 5'6 and 5'7 - the guy is dead on with 5'6 sammi most days.

Sammi and Jwoww - both 5'6 - they look the same height most days, maybe jwoww is very very slightly taller maybe 5'6.5.

Snooki - 4'9 i think all agreed there.

Deena - 4'11? maybe 4'11.5.
Enigma said on 2/Dec/11
Pauly looking 5'9 max with 50 Cent : Click Here
Estrella said on 30/Nov/11
OMG ily Snooki ive always been the short one two but im 4ft 8....;P Blahh shes taller than me lmfao
lolliee said on 30/Nov/11
Matt, look at enrique's legs they are bent..
Chameleon said on 30/Nov/11
lol, Enrique is clearly slouching.

Pauly is 5'9 flat no more.
Jershey411 said on 30/Nov/11
@toby She is from Chile, the women there are mostly petite so 4'9 may have just been her biological adult height.
toby said on 29/Nov/11
how does a woman even grow to 4'9 these days? That just astounds me. Bad nutrition?
matt said on 29/Nov/11
I gotta agree with Jackfromjersey

most sites list Pauly D as 5'9.5" (177cm), and if you look at pauly D next to enrique Iglesias who is 6'1.5" . 5'9.5 is pretty much spot on for Pauly D

Click Here
Jackfromjersey said on 28/Nov/11
I saw Pauly D to the gym he is 5'10 with flat shoes
Enigma said on 24/Nov/11
Ronnie was on TNA wrestling and looked tiny. 5'5 max
Clay said on 17/Nov/11
Physics Enemy says on 13/Nov/11
If Ronnie backed up into that height chart he'd be 5' 6". But in footwear! That means he's 5' 5" assuming he's not using a lift. 5' 4" is on the low side, but possible. No more than 5' 5" though.

Hahah you just love chopping people down as well dont you? If he backed up onto the chart he wouldn't be as low as 5'6'', thats crazy. He's near 5'6'' barefoot - which is still short as hell mind you.
Tipjar said on 14/Nov/11
"50 Cent is 6'1 in his."

...With shoes.
Physics Enemy said on 13/Nov/11
Alex I agree with your heights for those guys, bang on.
Physics Enemy said on 13/Nov/11
If Ronnie backed up into that height chart he'd be 5' 6". But in footwear! That means he's 5' 5" assuming he's not using a lift. 5' 4" is on the low side, but possible. No more than 5' 5" though.
Jack said on 11/Nov/11
Yeah, and Steve Austin is 6'4 in his Mugshot and 50 Cent is 6'1 in his.

Mugshots are very reliable, imo.
Clay said on 10/Nov/11
He's in shoes for the mugshot, still a solid near 5'6 barefoot.

Tipjar said on 9/Nov/11
Click Here

^^^ lol wow, wondering what you have to say about that Viper. He's obviously not quite 5'8", as he is a little bit more towards the camera than the height chart...but if he backed up into it, he'd be 5'6" on the chart
the shredder said on 9/Nov/11
LOL ... that Ronnie Mugshot blows Viper's 5'4 out of the water ... He looks 5'8 there ... He could be 5'6 to 5'7 minimum .
Gracien said on 9/Nov/11
@Duke of Earl

I think you need a reminder about Pauly:
Pauly with 6'1 Chad Ochocinco Click Here Click Here
Pauly with 5'8.5 Michael Cera Click Here

He's 5'9" MAX.
Duke of Earl said on 30/Oct/11
Correction after looking at J-wow again I must say she is a about 5'9.
Duke of Earl said on 28/Oct/11
Check this Ellen visit that they made.

Click Here

Pauly D and Mike are about 3-4 inches taller than Ellen.

In this video, Pauly is at least 3.5 inches taller than her here.

Click Here

If Ellen is 5'7 as she is listed here, then that means that Pauly D is 5'10-5'10.5.

I would even consider Pauly 5'10 in the pic that Tipjar posted with Terry Richardson. Pauly is defintely no more than 2 inches shorter than this 6 foot man. Based on all the photos I have seen so far here are their real heights:

Pauly D 5'10.4
Mike 5'9.5
Vinny 5'8.3
Ronnie 5'6.4
Sammie 5'5
Jenny 5'7
Deena 5'0
Snooks 4'9
and Good old cast mate Angie is about 5'2.

Further, in that pic with Terry Richardson, there's no way that a 5'9 man would be that close in height to a 6 footer.I am just below 5'9 and a 6 foot man would have more height on me than Pauly.

Also, I think that Pauly looks so tall on the show because in 1.4 sneakers he would would be 5'11.8 or so. Therefore, with thick sneakers he can give off the appearance of a 6 foot man, that along with how this show is shot is what makes them all appear taller than they really are.

It's just like the Rev Run show. I thought that Rev Ron was maybe 6' feet before I looked him up and found out he was no more than 5'8 flat.
scs said on 28/Oct/11
Click Here

Ronnies mugshot with height chart in the back
rick said on 19/Oct/11
ronnie is self admitted 5'6" and Deena is 4'11`4'11 1/2 in.
the AMAZING Babushka said on 17/Oct/11
No, but seiously.. snooki admits 4'9" , so thats not even debatable, how could she be any shorter. Deena is really short, she is 4'11"... Vinny 5'8" Pauly 5'9", and Ronnie is short, but he is like 5'6" short.. no way is 5'4" like some claim
the AMAZING Babushka said on 17/Oct/11
Snooki 4 feet even
Deena 4'2"
Ronnie 5'
Snitch 5'3"
Pauly 5'9"
Donald Duck 4'11"
Jwoww 5'1"
Chameleon said on 8/Oct/11
Jwoww is 5'6 and in heels owns all except Pauly.
Clay said on 7/Oct/11
Jwoww is definitely a tallish chick, get real. She's 5'7 (maybe more).
Enigma said on 7/Oct/11
LOL Jenni is lucky to be 5'6. Mike is no taller than 5'8 and is probably under that
Tipjar said on 5/Oct/11
Jenni is not 5'8.5" in the least, I don't even think she hits 5'7" to be honest...
Karl said on 5/Oct/11
danii, jenni isnt taller that mike and mike is known to be 5'8,5.
danii said on 4/Oct/11
Here are the heights from the Internet Moive Database: Jenni-5'8.5, Vinny-5'7.5, Roonie-5'8, Nicole-4'9, PaulyD-5'9.5, Sammi-5'6, Deena-5'0.Mikes page didn't have his height listed..I can definitely see all these heights as accurate for all,EXCEPT roonie.I see him being 5'5-5'6.5 at most.He is only taller than sam when hes got those thick soled sneakers on.
the shredder said on 3/Oct/11
A 5'7 guy with boots can look average .
A said on 3/Oct/11
Viper says on 29/Sep/11
Uhh, 5-9 is average dummy.
Sorry, but the 5'9" average is outdated. The average is now 5'10"!

@Klas: Italians tend to be on the short side. White Europeans are taller and make up the majorty of the US and my town. Come to my town and I can assure you that the people here do not average below 5'10" and there are times where it feels like the average could be pushing 5'11"!

@grga2121: Dinaric Alps, Scandinavia, Croatia, Bosnia, etc. are tall countries. US really isn't short compared to the rest of the world.
Shane said on 3/Oct/11
What, Klas? You want to shrink everyone in America so you can be average? You need some serious help, little man!
rich said on 30/Sep/11
@viper, you just corrected yourself lol!
klas said on 30/Sep/11
@viper; IM 5'9 and when im with my 6'2 friend i have to look up, he is has almost a whole head on me.

Im just saying that average needs to be lowered in America, to around 5'9.
Viper said on 29/Sep/11
. Remember that average height for a man in the US is 5'10" but the tallest guy on Jersey Shore, Pauly D, isn't over 5'9", so that means the tallest guy on the show is below average height.

Uhh, 5-9 is average dummy.
klas said on 29/Sep/11

I still have not seen Pauly d get "towered" in any episode so far. It might be that the Production team is taking away that footage though.

And them being below average height; the girls on the whole shore must be around 5'1,5'2 at MAX? since the under average malecast towers them?
Clay said on 28/Sep/11
Actually Rob someone hijacked my name as well. What ''Clay'' wrote on the 26th wasn't me.
A said on 28/Sep/11
@klas: People in America aren't short, it's just that the cast of Jersey Shore is short and don't really represent the heights of the general public. Remember that average height for a man in the US is 5'10" but the tallest guy on Jersey Shore, Pauly D, isn't over 5'9", so that means the tallest guy on the show is below average height.
klas said on 28/Sep/11
This is my list of the male cast:

Pauly D 5'9.5 ,noon 5'8.5 in shoes 5.10ish

Mike 5'8.5 ,noon 5'7.5. Use those Reebok shoes alot, They seem to add around 1 inch in height.

Click Here

Vinnie 5'7.5 ,noon 5'6.5

Ronnie 5'6.5 ,noon 5'5.5

To me thats the most accurate so far..

And WOW is the people in America SHORT!. Me living in Scandinavia (sweden,norway,danmark) i get TOWERED by 80 % of the Males and 45% of the females is taller then me. and im 5'9, 5'10 in boots.
Chameleon said on 28/Sep/11
Dont post under my frigging name.

and I said, pretty much towering, either way, Pauly is always easily taller as is always obvious when they stand next to each other on the show.
Editor Rob
I think that was clay trying to respond to you with the , or at least the comment before that was clay
Clay said on 27/Sep/11
Thats not me who wrote that on the 26th...
Chameleon, said on 27/Sep/11
i wouldnt exactly call this towering

Click Here
the shredder said on 26/Sep/11
Mike 5'8.75 , Pauly 5'9 , Vinnie 5'8 , Ronnie 5'6.5 .
Chameleon said on 26/Sep/11
Are you joking? Pauly pretty much towers Ronnie

And dude, Pauly D is more than 2 cm taller than Mike.... No way is Mike 5'8, come on mna.
Clay said on 26/Sep/11
The distance between pauly and ronnie is not that huge, either ronnie is bigger or Pauly d shorter
Clay said on 25/Sep/11
Pauly - 5'9.25
The Sitch - 5'8.25
Vinny - 5'7.25
Ron - 5'5.5
accurate said on 25/Sep/11
it appears most of them are shorter than i had expected

updates to the most accurate so far

snooki - 4'9"
deena - 4'10.5"
sammi - 5'5.25"
ronnie - 5'6.25"
jenni - 5'6.25"
vinny - 5'7.25"
mike - 5'8.5"
pauly - 5'9.5"
Veyepur said on 24/Sep/11
Vipers estimates are too high...more like this...

Snooki is 4'9"
Deena is 4'11"
Sammi is 5'2"
Ronnie is 5'2"
Jwoww is 5'3"
Vinny is 5'4"
Mike is 5'4.5"
Pauly is 5'6"

the shredder said on 22/Sep/11
5'11 for Mike is bad , He is most likely struggling with 5'9 and 5'4 is a joke for Ronnie , More like 5'6 to 5'7 ... 5'7 for Mike and 5'4 for Ronnie is pure Viper downgrading out of the norm !
Chameleon said on 22/Sep/11
LOL, pause the vid where they have equal posture in that video and see that Pauly D is clearly taller.

Pauly D is 5'9 not below it, so 5'9
Mike is below 5'8 without shoes.
Viper said on 21/Sep/11
LOL Mike is 5-7 and change maybe. Pauly is just under 5-9
Clay said on 21/Sep/11
Click Here

Situation and Pauly both in sandals on a grass field - height difference hardly noticable.

LMAO@5'7'' for Situation. He's a jackass but lets get his height right for god sakes.
Chameleon said on 21/Sep/11
LOL, Mike has never seen 5'9.5.
Clay said on 20/Sep/11
Howard would have called him out with that 5'11 claim if he really was just some 5'7'' smurf walking into the studio. But Howard didn't say a thing, he just said ''Ahh, you're 5'11 ok''.

Thats because Sitch is 5'8 and change barefoot and walked in there at 5'9.5 at least in his shoes so he could get away with a 5'11 claim without Howard picking him apart.
Alex said on 19/Sep/11
5'10.5 Santonio holmes is I meant to say, not 5'10 flat. He had over an inch on Pauly and even more on Mike
Alex said on 19/Sep/11
Pauly and Mike were both shorter than 5'10 Santonio Holmes too
Alex said on 19/Sep/11
Mike claiming 5'11 is funny but Howard Stern is like I thought you looked physically taller like 6'3 LMAO. He looks a legit 5'8 guy though but 5'8 claiming 5'11 is just silly.
Clay said on 17/Sep/11
ron says on 14/Sep/11
How come Pauly d looks so tall?

Pauly is average, but he is seen completely dwarfing trolls like Snooki and Deena all the time, and even Ronnie so he looks taller than he is I suppose.
Dave said on 16/Sep/11
@the shredder

Considering he lied about his height, we can also safely assume he lied about the size of his package later on. I find it funny how he couldn't answer right away when Stern asked how many inches his "Situation" is. Every guy knows how many inches he is off the top of his head.
Clay said on 16/Sep/11
Pauly - 5'9.25
Situation - 5'8.25
Vinny - 5'7.5
Ronnie - 5'5.75

Sitch claiming 5'11 is no worse than Viper claiming he's 5'7...haha.
ron said on 14/Sep/11
How come Pauly d looks so tall?
the shredder said on 14/Sep/11
LOL , Mike claims 5'11 on this video ... Go to 1:01 ... Click Here
Alex said on 9/Sep/11
Ronnie is short but as short as 5'4 I dont see. Looks more like 5'6 than 5'4. Most agree that Vinny is 5'7. Pauly at 5'9 looks right though he could appear a bit taller and Mike is an inch or so shorter than Pauly so hes in the 5'8 range
JPP said on 8/Sep/11
I think Tipjar's listings are the closest to the real thing.
Clay said on 7/Sep/11
Situation is a 5'8'' evening guy. Pauly is 5'9 and change, again evening height.

Theres where your estimates got out of whack in the first place, Vipe.
Viper said on 7/Sep/11
If Ronnie is taller than 5-4, Id love to see good evidence for it. He looks it with 5-7 Sitch and 5-8.5 Pauly D
Tipjar said on 6/Sep/11
lol @ Ronnie being 5'4". Ridiculously laughable. Yes, he's short, but he is taller than Sam in most pictures (when she's not in heels)...what's next, you gonna tell me Sam is 5'3"? Get real.
Clay said on 5/Sep/11
LOL@a 5'4'' Ronnie.

He's a short stocky little **** but he isn't THAT short. He's not a borderline dwarf at 5'4''. You're the only one who visions that Im afraid Viper.
Clay said on 4/Sep/11
Clay, please dont act so blind. It is clear to me that before the fight that Ronnie removes his shoes and possibly his watch before heading over for a chat with mike. While its possible that Mike Still has his shoes on
Clay said on 3/Sep/11
Chameleon says on 2/Sep/11
Pauly 5'9
Mike 5'7
Ronnie 5'6 range
Vinnie 5'7

HAHA you're horrendous. Watch the fight between Situation and Ronnie from Italy and then come back and tell me Ron is only an inch shorter than Mike.

Unbelievable how bad some of you are.
Enigma said on 3/Sep/11
Guys : Pauly 5'9,Mike 5'7.5,Vinny 5'6.5,Ronnie 5'5
Girls : Nicole 4'9,Deena 4'10,Jenni 5'6,Sammi 5'4.5
Chameleon said on 2/Sep/11
Pauly 5'9
Mike 5'7
Ronnie 5'6 range
Vinnie 5'7
the shredder said on 1/Sep/11
Viper says on 31/Aug/11
Sitch is 5-7, Pauly 5-8.5, Ronnie 5-4.

Viper is off , Viper off , Viper off
Chameleon said on 31/Aug/11
LOL, Ellen isnt 5'7 shes shorter than 5'7ish Cameron Diaz and had a footwear adventage.
Viper said on 31/Aug/11
Sitch is 5-7, Pauly 5-8.5, Ronnie 5-4.
Clay said on 30/Aug/11
Chameleon says on 23/Aug/11
Ye Situation isnt far off Pauly, but he's easily shorter, no more than 5'7 really Clay

LOL, or not.

He was only a hair shorter than Seth Macfarlane at the Trump roast, and had a decent amount of height over the 5'7-5'7.5 Ellen Degenerous.

Bradi - those are the best estimated I've seen yet.
scs said on 30/Aug/11
vinny was in a episode of rj berger on mtv the main actor in it paul iacono is know to be 5'6 and vinny looked about the same height as him give or take a inch
Bradi said on 30/Aug/11
It probably goes like this looking at all the photos and videos:

Pauly D - 5'9.5''
The Situation - 5'8.5''
Vinny - 5'7''
Ronnie - 5'5.5''
accurate said on 27/Aug/11
updates to the most accurate so far

can anyone disagree that pauly is at least or around 5'10" from this single video?
Click Here
how about these?
Click Here
Click Here

can anyone disagree that mike is around 5'9" or at least 5'8.5" from this single video? btw mike tends to bend/lean a lot
Click Here
how about this?
Click Here

Click Here

a new update
snooki - 4'9"
deena - 4'10"
sammi - 5'5.5"
ronnie - 5'6.5"
jenni - 5'6.5"
vinny - 5'8.25"
mike - 5'9"
pauly - 5'10.25"
Chameleon said on 24/Aug/11
Where can I see his 180cm claim?
Enigma said on 23/Aug/11
I bet Mike and Tom Cruise would be the same exact height. I can't believe he claims 5'11 lol
Chameleon said on 23/Aug/11
Ye Situation isnt far off Pauly, but he's easily shorter, no more than 5'7 really Clay
Clay said on 22/Aug/11
Situation isn't far off Pauly, and Pauly is a solid 5'9 evening guy IMO.
Alex said on 21/Aug/11
Ronnie is short but as short as 5'4 I dont see. 5'5 range, maybe 5'6 tops.
Mike is a bit taller than Vinny I think so if Vinny is 5'7 then Mike is 5'7.5-5'8 and Pauly is 5'9.
Clay said on 21/Aug/11
And lol@Situation being just 5'7. He's 5'8-5'8.5 easy.
Liz said on 21/Aug/11
jdog: even if you can't control something, you can still be proud of it in a way like being thankful if you have a lot of things about you to like
Clay said on 20/Aug/11
Viper gives downgrading a new meaning.

Pauly is a little over 5'9, Ronnie is 5'5-5'5.5.
Scott said on 14/Aug/11
Snookie looks much better now that she has lost some weight. I think she is around 105 pounds now which is suitable for somebody 4'9". I respect her for losing the weight.....lets hope she can keep it off through this season!!!!!
Chameleon said on 14/Aug/11
Yes he is, 5'9 is fair for Pauly
Ronnie 5'4 im not buying, he looks small but not THAT small.
Viper said on 14/Aug/11
Pauly isnt any taller than 5-8.5
MD said on 13/Aug/11
Enigma, Pauly is clearly a bit more in the foreground which gives the appearance of a height advantage as I'm sure you know. In reality, he's probably not even taller than Ben.
adz said on 13/Aug/11
I agree with accurates estimates. Pauly D looks around 179-180. These 5ft 7 estimates for Mike and Vinny are nuts they both look average height around the 5ft 9 mark. Can't b assed to argue with the downgrading on this site anymore.
Enigma said on 13/Aug/11
here's a pic of Mike & Pauly with Ben Savage who's listed as 5'8.5 on this site

Click Here

I'd say Mike is 5'7.75 and Pauly is 5'9.5
Viper said on 13/Aug/11
Mike is for sure 5-7. Pauly is 5-8.5. He didnt look taller than that with 6-1 Chad Johnson.

Ronnie is 5-4.
accurate said on 13/Aug/11
updates to the most accurate so far

sammi 5'5.5"
jwoww 5'6.5"

Click Here
Chameleon said on 12/Aug/11
Omg dude
Situation 5'7
Vinnie 5'7
Ronnie 5'5 - 5'6 max
Pauly D 5'9
Lebensdorf said on 12/Aug/11
Snookie is probably 4'7'' or 4'8'' and none of the guys are over 5'10''. Pauly D is probably the tallest, somewhere near that height.
adz said on 12/Aug/11
Chameleon, Just seen your estimates and they are ridiculous. Mike and Vinny 5ft 7? get off the site!!
accurate said on 12/Aug/11
the most accurate so far

snooki - 4'9"
deena - 4'10"
sammi sweetheart - 5'6.5"
ronnie - 5'6.5"
jwoww - 5'7"
vinny - 5'8"
mike the situation - 5'9"
pauly d - 5'10.75"

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Chameleon said on 11/Aug/11
John my estimates are pretty darn accurate.
JPP said on 11/Aug/11
Pauly D was on the George Lopez show and he looked to be the same height as George Lopez who is listed at 5'10" on this site. Check it out.

Click Here
John said on 10/Aug/11
M , are you serious? cus im sick and tired of this lame ass comments.. i really want to know their true height or atleast something CLOSE to their real heights? im been following this thread almost a year now, So could PLEASE someone give an honest answer of the cast! Btw: pauly d season 4 is wearing lifts its so obvious :)
M said on 9/Aug/11
I have a friend who works in the recording studio in the Palms in Vegas who has met Pauly D (since he DJ's there) & he's said that Pauly D is def only around 5'7", with Ronnie being only 5'5" at the MOST.
Chameleon said on 6/Aug/11
Great, you are also off.
A star said on 4/Aug/11
@adz says on 1/Aug/11
pauly d is not 5ft11 he is in the range of 5ft9.5-5ft10
the situation is in the 5ft8.5-5ft9 range
vinie 5ft7-5ft7.5
ronnie 5ft5.5-5ft6
Chameleon said on 2/Aug/11
Lmfao adz you couldnt be more off.
adz said on 1/Aug/11
Heres what I reckon:

Snooki 4ft 9
Pauly 5ft 11.25-5
Situation 5ft9-9.5
Vinny 5ft9 doesn't look anything below 5ft 8
Ronnie 5ft6.5-7
Jwow 5ft 6
Chameleon said on 27/Jul/11
More like:

Pauly 5'9
Mike 5'7
Vinnie 5'7
Ronnie 5'5 - 5'6
C said on 26/Jul/11
Based on Sammi's roster from her college soccer playing where she is listed as 5'6'', I say that:

Mike The Situation is probably 5'9.5" (though he said he was around 5'11'' on Howard Stern)
Pauly D is probably 5'10.5''
Vinny is probably 5'8.5''
Ronnie is probably 5'7.5''
Jwoww is probably 5'7''
Angelina is probably 5'2''

and Snooki has always said she was 4'9'' and Deena is probably an even 5'.
Alex said on 24/Jul/11
Ronnie- 5'5
A star said on 19/Jul/11
pauly d 5ft9.5-5ft10
the situation(mike) 5ft8.5-5ft9
vinie 5ft7
look at these photos of mike tyson and a few of the jersey shore cast Click Here Click Here Click Here
Clay said on 16/Jul/11
Yeah Ronnie is 5'5-5'6.
Chameleon said on 13/Jul/11
Ronnie looks 5'6 to me, not under 5'5

Nicole 4'9 allright lol
Scott said on 10/Jul/11
She is fat which makes her appear shorter....5 pounds on somebody 4'9 is like 15 pounds on a 6 foot guy
LG69 said on 30/Jun/11
There is a couple of photos of "Snooki" after being arrested in New Jersey. She was coming out of the jail with her entourage, and she was barefoot. She looked pretty short; I would say 4'9" tops.
Matt said on 27/Jun/11
@kush, those listings are laughable. All are inflated by at least 3-4 inches. Ronnie at 5'8? I could even see him as low as 5'4, not taller than 5'5/
iejwiej said on 21/Jun/11
so im only 3 inches shorter then Pauly d? with footwear im almost taller then him?
just dont see it
wanna be shorter said on 15/May/11
I do not think Snooki looks like 4`9 (145) and
rather between 5`3-5`5 (160-165) ..
I think she looks as tall as me is 5`5 :)
J-Dog said on 12/May/11
JD89, who cares? How can you be proud of something you have no control over anyhow? That's like me saying I am proud of being 6'2", what did I actually do to incur it? Did I have any input? LOL. There are plenty of "great" countries and people out there, the stupidity is when one thinks they are somehow better than all, lol.
marko said on 11/May/11
pauly looks tallest in the show.
hola said on 22/Apr/11
snooki has got to be 4'8
JD89 said on 20/Apr/11
i don't care about his height , she's chilean (NOT ITALIAN),i'm an italian boy(FULL BLOODED)from a great country called Italy ,the JERSEY SHORE guys are only a bunch of wiggers ,italians who act like rappers ???? come on ... get a life,the only REAL italians are from Italy .
i'm an F.B.I. and proud to be italian.
Guidette617 said on 7/Apr/11
She is really short compared to Jwoww & she's overweight which makes her look even more shorter.
MrX said on 1/Apr/11
Finally male cast:
Pauly solid 176 maybe 177 but his hair does not help to understand!
Situation 174
Vinny 173
Ronnie 170/171
Clay said on 26/Mar/11
Pauly isn't as tall as the general public would think (nowhere near 6'0), but under 5'9 is also a joke.

Here he is with 6'4/6'5 Eric Fehr of the Washington Capitals. Click Here
Desmond said on 25/Mar/11
here is a funny video from when she was a kid Click Here
Vegas said on 20/Mar/11
arnold skaaland was short but not anywhere near as short as snookie, here @5mins 40secs on with ~6'7 sid and ~6'3.5-6'4 gorilla monsoon he looks about ~5'7 Click Here
neil-thA-HEEL said on 18/Mar/11
at least she is somewhat taller than WWE male wrestler, the now deceased "golden boy," arnold skaaland as the only current memory I have of his height is that former WWE commentator and minnesota governor, jesse "the body" ventura stated of "golden boy" danny spivey who stands 6'7" that spivey is "everthing skaaland would like to be, two feet taller and much better looking"
linke said on 18/Mar/11
snooki in wwe?Who is she wrestling?
Matt said on 15/Mar/11
I could believe The Situation at 5' 10'', he looked about the same height as Seth MacFarlane in the Trump Roast (which he sucked in)
Jai said on 15/Mar/11
I am 4'10" and I think I am a bit taller than SNOOKI. I mean even with her Heels on WWE RAW on Monday 3/14/2011... she is shorter than me!
tana said on 15/Mar/11
im 4'11" snooki looked mighty small next to all the pple at wwe last night on raw but i enjoyed it and cant wait to wrestlmania lol
Clay said on 14/Mar/11
Sitch - 5'8
Pauly - 5'9.5
Vinny - 5'7.5
Ronnie - 5'5
Bobby said on 14/Mar/11
Is Mike the Situation is 5'8?
Scatvar said on 12/Mar/11
I am 5'10,female, why does it seem like everyone at the clubs are short? Are they handpicked?
scs said on 12/Mar/11
clay you do know both those girls are 4'9 a dude who is 5'4 would look like a giant next to them also with the shoes his got on
Clay said on 12/Mar/11
Click Here

Ronnie looks like a giant next to Snooki and some other chick here. I think it's a little harsh to say he's 5'4 Viper.
p wall said on 8/Mar/11
Saw Pauly D on George Lopez. They stood side by side and looked about the same height. George is in the 5'9-10" range so I would assume Pauly D is the same. The rest of the guys are shorter than him.
g said on 7/Mar/11
@dan: were did you get this info
Dan said on 6/Mar/11
Haha funny gang of haters there it goes : pauly D is 182 the situation is 179 vinny is 177 ronnie is 174 jwow is 175 sammy is 171-172 snooki and angelina both short girls
Viper said on 1/Mar/11
LOL at Ronnie being 5-6. Hes 5-4
Dennis said on 28/Feb/11
Pauly is 5'9''
Mike is 5'8''
Vinny is 5'7''
Ronnie is 5'6''
Jwoww and Sam are both 5'6''
Angelina is 5'
Snooki is 4'9''
Clay said on 12/Feb/11
Ronnie is a little monkey.
Mathew said on 7/Feb/11
I could see it going:
Pauly: 5'9"
Mike: 5'8"
Vinny: 5'7.5"
Ronnie: 5'4.5"
Viper said on 5/Feb/11
Chad Ocho Cinco might actually be in the 6-0 range, 6-1 measured Dhani Jones looks taller than him here. Click Here Either way Pauly is struggling with 5-9
Anonymous said on 5/Feb/11
Justin Bieber is 5'4" MAX same with Selena Gomez. Mike the Situation is 5'7" tops.
scs said on 3/Feb/11
yeee the usher pics with justin bieber were from early last year he couldove grown couple of inches
who knows more recent pictures come with them 2 or him and 5'6 selena gomez then we can see
Viper said on 2/Feb/11
Pauly also looked the same height as 5-8.5 Michael Cera, which makes me think he could be in the 5-8 range.

And Bieber is no 5-4-5-5. Remember 5-8 Max Usher has more height on Bieber than Situation in that pic. Situation isnt taller than 5-7
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/11
Pauly D is looking as low as 5'8" in the picture with 6'1" Chad Ochocinco Johnson
Viper said on 1/Feb/11
LOL at Ronnie taller than Vinnie. No chance you have watched the show.

Ronnie is 5-4. Hes really, really short
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/11
Pauly: 59"
Mike "The Situation": 5'7"
Vinny: 5'6"
Ronnie: 5'7"
Jenni "Jwoww": 5'7"
Sammi: 5'5"
Deena: 4'10"
Nicole "Snooki": 4'9"
Clay said on 31/Jan/11
They do look short next to CHad Johnson.
Viper said on 29/Jan/11
Pauly is lucky to even hit 5-9. Click Here
Nohty said on 29/Jan/11
Pauly D is definitely a tall guy. like 5'11"/6'0" or somewhere near.

Snooks is like 4'10" probably...
Viper said on 25/Jan/11
LOL at Ronnie being 5-7
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/11
I think you're a bit off c-mo, Mike Tyson is just 5'10". Maybe Pauly D gets to 5'9.75" including his blow-out hairdo, minus his hair and he's no taller than 5'9" and could even be as low as 5'8.25" as seen with Michael Cera. 6'1" Chad Ochocinco had about 5 inches on Pauly D too in photo.
Alex said on 23/Jan/11
Situation could be 5'8 but no more than that. Tallest guy on the show is only 5'9 which is Pauly.
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/11
Wow, you guys don't know what you're talking about. I've seen the cast of "Jersey Shore" in person. Their heights are as follows...

Pauly: 6'0"
Mike "The Situation": 5'10"
Vinny: 5'8"
Ronnie: 5'7"
Jenni "Jwoww": 5'7"
Sammi: 5'6"
Deena: 4'11"
Nicole "Snooki": 4'9"
Clay said on 22/Jan/11
Ronnie looks 5'5'' to me which is still laughably short for a grown man and he physically looks like a gorilla too. Could be wrong, only catch the show the odd time.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/11
Viper says on 18/Jan/11
Sammi is 5-4

LOL c-mo. Situation is 5-7 at best. Hes a short dude. 6-1 Chad Johnson had Pauly by like 5 inches at least. Pauly looked about the same height as 5-8.5 Michael Cera, not to mention the fact that he was at least an inch shorter than 5-10 Mike Tyson

Anything above 5-9 for Pauly is crazy, and he could be 5-8 range.
Normally Viper is a off but this time he's right, I have to agree with him. Pauly D is not taller than 5'9".
Viper said on 20/Jan/11
Ronnie is 5-4, same height as 5-4 Sammi
Clay said on 20/Jan/11
Situation looked about 5'8'' next to Leno and Amy Poehler who was in massive heels tonight.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/11
based on the Reebok video
sitch 174
pauly d 177
Clay said on 19/Jan/11
Is Ronnie really just 5'4-5'5 Viper?
Viper said on 18/Jan/11
Sammi is 5-4

LOL c-mo. Situation is 5-7 at best. Hes a short dude. 6-1 Chad Johnson had Pauly by like 5 inches at least. Pauly looked about the same height as 5-8.5 Michael Cera, not to mention the fact that he was at least an inch shorter than 5-10 Mike Tyson

Anything above 5-9 for Pauly is crazy, and he could be 5-8 range.
Clay said on 17/Jan/11
The wild fluctuations people have of these people on this page is entertaining. So Situation is anywhere from 5'7 to 6'1 apparently.
Mikie91 said on 16/Jan/11
If anyone cares. According to Sammi's soccer profile she's 5'6
Click Here
PT said on 15/Jan/11
Just saw the Situation on new episode of Wendy Williams. She made a point of noticing his height, and saying he wasn't short. They stood side to side. Wendy admittedly was wearing 4 inch heels, which she said put her at 6'4. He claimed 5'11 in normal looking sneakers, buts seems like the type to lie about his height. I would peg him at 5'9-5'10 from what I saw.
Alex said on 11/Jan/11
Viper, funny how Ronnie at first came off to me as a 5'7 guy on the show but after sometime you can clearly tell hes only 5'4. I wouldn't go under 5'4 for him though.
MrX said on 9/Jan/11
Sorry...Pauly is 177 with his cockscomb :D without he is solid 175
mhmm said on 9/Jan/11
Based On What Ive Seen So Far .....
Pauly = 5'9".25
Situation = 5'8".25
Vinny = 5'7".75
Ronny = 5'6".5 ( he wears thick soled sneakers )
MrX said on 8/Jan/11
Male cast:
Pauly 177cm
Situation 174cm
Vinny 173cm
ronny 172 cm
Viper said on 8/Jan/11
LOL, people are overinflating the hell out of these people.

Pauly isnt taller than 5-9 and could be in the 5-8 range. And hes the tallest.
Forrest said on 8/Jan/11
Here is what the male cast appears to be:
Pauly 5'10"
Mike 5'9.25"
Vinny 5'8.5"
Ronnie 5'5.5"
Mathew said on 8/Jan/11
The Reebok video indicates the Situation is 5'8" and Pauly D is a good 5'9". Vinny is probably a weak 5'8", Ronnie ~ 5'5", he's short.
Viper said on 7/Jan/11
Pauly is more 5-8 1/2 than 5-9 1/2

Ronnie is 5-4 tops
Kush said on 7/Jan/11
You're right JMS, I was way off. Just watched the Reebok YT video with a bunch of famous athletes and it's pretty obvious that none of the JS guys reach 5'10.

Pauly 5'9 1/2
Mike 5'8
Vinny 5'7 1/2
Ronnie 5'5-5'6?
Clay said on 6/Jan/11
Wow this chick is really short. Borderline dwarf?
james said on 2/Jan/11

No she's not. She's part Italian.
creations said on 31/Dec/10
Whats with all the talk about italian girls being shorter than 5'0? i guess that would apply, if snooki was even italian. shes 100% chilean.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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