How tall is Nonso Anozie

Nonso Anozie's Height

6ft 5 ¼ (196.2 cm)

English actor, best known for roles in movies like The Grey, Cass, Conan The Barbarian and TV shows Game of Thrones and Dracula.

How tall is Nonso Anozie
5ft 8 Rob and Nonso @ LFCC (8 Jul 2012)
As soon as I started acting in England, I got unusual roles. Although I'm 6 foot six and agents might standardly cast me in tough guy roles or the big guy in the back, I've been very blessed to do roles that makes them think twice about how they're gonna cast me. -- Ebony Magazine

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Average Guess (69 Votes)
6ft 5.13in (195.9cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Apr/23
Nonso was the tallest actor in The Grey - even taller than gigantic Liam Neeson!

184guy2 said on 9/Apr/23

what a joke of picture, the sames as the majority of Bo Burnham where the person in comparison is feets away. To bad to compare anything. The only thing you can say is that both are standouts in the crows
Jordan87 said on 15/Mar/23
@ Hyper,

Joshua is leaning badly dude, really bad picture to Judge.
Hyper said on 8/Mar/23

Click Here

Nonso is closer to the camera though but he does look taller.
Jordan87 said on 1/Mar/23

Can you provide that Picture with Joshua? Joshua is not 6'6 fyi.
Jdubbz 198.8cm said on 9/Dec/22

That's pretty weird, considering 6'7 is nowhere near 204cm. 6.7 feet is, but not 6'7.
Hyper said on 9/Aug/22
He looked significantly taller than Liam Neeson and Jason Momoa. Heck, he matched Anthony Joshua in height, when they had a picture together.

I think this listing is fine.
Dabe said on 8/Aug/22
In Zoo, his character Abraham Kenyatta is portrayed as 6'7" (2.04 m). Hollywood, the factory of dreams :)
Andrew Kensett said on 2/Aug/22
In Jack Ryan Shadow recruit Nonso doesn’t look 5 inches taller than Chris Pine. He looked about 6’4”, but it’s difficult to tell with camera angles and characters moving about.
Hyper said on 25/Feb/22
So he definitely beats out Kobe Bryant, Joe Manganiello, and Tom Hopper.

He did beat out Liam Neeson and Jason Momoa in height.
Hyper said on 24/Feb/22
Dumb question but did he ever look as short as 195 cm, the second time you saw him?
Editor Rob
Never under 6ft 5
Hyper said on 30/Jan/22
Rob, do you happen to have a picture with him, the second time you met him? I remember you said he didn’t look as tall as the first time you met him.
Editor Rob
Unfortunately I never got one
Hyper said on 15/Dec/21
I think Nonso definitely is taller than Hopper. He’s tilting his head down. He isn’t forcing his posture by any means.

If he stood straight, he would be definitely taller.

Looking at their shoulder levels alone, Nonso looks more imposing than say Tom Hopper.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/21
Rob between this and Tom Hopper who struck you as taller?

I get a taller impression from Tom but that might just be because he's slimmer than Nonso
Editor Rob
I think Nonso probably just measures a tad taller, both look very tall in person from my height range
slothee said on 2/Nov/21
I find it weird many 6’5” range guys claim 6’6”. To me, 6’5” sounds a lot better than 6’6”, not to mention it’s already tall enough so why inflate? The only reason I could think of is if they got measured in the morning close to 6’6” so go with that measurement, even though they settle closer to 6’5” in the afternoon/evening.
MichaelMyers said on 13/Sep/21
6'5.5". His large head and leaning into the photo makes him look a bit shorter.
Canson said on 10/Apr/21
@Hyper: agreed 100%. Not to mention there’s no way Rob would estimate him to be that tall in person. If Rob is going to overestimate him if he were really 6’4, he would’ve given him 194 or 195 not 196+
Hyper said on 9/Apr/21

6’4” is ridiculous, considering he is taller than Liam Neeson. He has a photo with Anthony Joshua and while Nonso was much closer to the camera, he looked a bit taller than Joshua.

Unless you can saw Nosno’s feet off, then at that point, he’s 6’4”!

Plus, looking at his tilting down posture and his shoulders, it’s obvious he’s at least 6’5”.
Canson said on 8/Apr/21
He looks 6’5 with Rob not 6’4”
Hyper said on 5/Apr/21

How come Nosno looked comfortably taller than Jasom Momoa, who is 6'3.75"-6'4"? Rob has met Momoa too.

Click Here

6'4" is ridiculous. Nonso is taller than Liam Neeson, who is taller than Conan.
Hyper said on 5/Apr/21

How come Nosno looked comfortably taller than Jasom Momoa, who is 6'3.75"-6'4"? Rob has met Momoa too.

Click Here

6'4" is ridiculous.
stiggles said on 2/Apr/21
No more than 6ft 4 flat.. i know Cass Pennant well & he is 6ft 3.. Nonso is an inch taller than Cass.
Vincent Caleb said on 2/Feb/21
Capaldi and Bernthal can also look taller in a few of their pictures with Rob than they really are.
Chowdhury Quaseed said on 18/Jan/21
I would give him a complete 6-6. In this picture if he would straighten up, rob would come just under the chin, a fair 10 to 10.5 inch.
Hyper said on 17/Jan/21

That is true too! It happens as well!

For Nonso, I think this listing is fine. I wouldn't go to a 6'5" flat because his ears are way too high up there. That's not even considering him tilting down. Rob did say Nonso is taller than Ken Kiriznger and George Hertzburg.
Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Hyper: then they’re are times with Mike Tyson where they look taller next to him. The same can be argued with Rosenbaum (to some at least) although I think other way around for him
Hyper said on 14/Jan/21
@Vincent Caleb

I agree. There’s are times where in Rob’s pictures, some listings can look shorter than what Rob sees. However, in this instance, it’s impossible to deny he’s an extremely tall man, going by his posture and how high his ear level is.
Vincent Caleb said on 10/Jan/21
Looks every bit of 6’5” in GoT. Next to Rob I could see him straighten to 6’5”.
Hyper said on 9/Dec/20
I don't think he's under 6'5". His ear level is way too high up there, despite him tilting down.

Definitely looks taller than Tom Hopper, going by ear level.
Dream said on 20/Jul/20
Actually, in person, the two times you saw him, how close is he to Rick Fox?
Editor Rob
I'd give Rick the greater chance of being near 6ft 6 than Nonso, but he's still a guy who can look over 6ft 5 though.
Dream said on 20/Jun/20
Rob, curiosity sake, what do you think of this weird picture with Nonso and Anthony Joshua? I know Nonso is closer to the camera, and they're far apart.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Nonso does look a fair bit closer, so it's hard to say. In person I feel Joshua's physique lends himself to appearing taller than Nonso, who is heavier and burlier.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/20
Rob, this guy or Rory McCrann in person as taller?
Editor Rob
It is tricky with them, they both fall above 6ft 5 flat I feel. I would still give Rory an edge.
Deathvalley99 said on 11/Feb/20
Why nonso looks 2 inches taller than Momoa in this pic
Click Here
Click Here
Dream said on 4/Feb/20
Rob, what would be the absolute lowest, you see for this gentleman?
Editor Rob
6ft 5 worst case, but generally a fraction over maybe up to 5.5 is possible, I feel 6ft 6 barefoot would be a surprising measurement.
184guy2 said on 28/Oct/19
Barkley and Hugh Jackman :
Click Here
Nonso and Hugh :
Click Here
Dream said on 2/Aug/19

I feel like he could edge out HC 15 (By maaybe two mm's or so), if he lost a little more weight. (Not that I'm making fun of him for weight. He's still a cool dude.) There's a lot of weight that makes him not retain height as well. Although Rob did say this guy had decent posture.

I'm surprised that, with a camera advantage, Nonso did look taller than Anthony Joshua. After seeing Nonso with Anthony Joshua, I can easily buy this listing. No less, really.
184guy2 said on 31/Jul/19
Nonso looked 6'5.5 with Hugh Jackman
And Rob also first thought he was taller than HC 15
Dream said on 29/Jul/19

Click Here

Although Nonso Anozie is much closer to the camera than Anthony Joshua, Nonso actually looked taller AJ.

Perhaps, this listing is fine. Easily this listing, for sure.
Dream said on 19/Jul/19
Rob, this is a strange comparison. I understand you met Anthony Joshua and Nonso Anozie, but here.


Nonso Anozie with Cara Delevingne (Who is very extremely big high heels) -- Click Here

Anthony Joshua with Cara Delevinge (Who was only wearing boots) -- Click Here


It's weird that Nonso looks taller, by comparison, but I think the best comparison is with you Rob. You have met both of them, and I do trust your judgement. At the same time, I just wanted to point this weird comparison out.

At the same time, I'm beginning to have a difficult time seeing Nonso under a strong 6'5".
Lee Froome said on 17/May/19
I went to school with Nonso and he was 6ft 2 at around 14. I think if he stood up straight in the pic he would look a lot taller. I do the same thing with pics with my brothers who are a lot shorter than me so they don't look tiny. Maybe it's an English thing? Really liked him at school. Nice lad.
James Brett said on 24/Jan/19
Rob who would win in a brawl between Nonso and height challenger 15?
Editor Rob
#15 was into MMA, though I've no idea if he had been doing it long, I certainly would say it might be a close match.
Dream said on 18/Jan/19
Rob, I think this listing is fine. He’s just tilting down a lot.

What do you think?
Editor Rob
A fraction over 6ft 5 I think suits him from the 2 events I seen him at.
Canson said on 5/Oct/18
@Christian: I could see 6’7” for you since you don’t come to 6’5” flat and if you’re In thicker footwear you would be 6’6.5 or .75 some days. I get guessed 6’6” on a round up tip as well if I’m 6’5.5 in shoes but rarely 6’6.5 or 6’7”. Im thinking it’s that people where he is inflate more or that those guys he mentioned at his job that add 2 full inches. I have some like that who I know but most do a shoe height that I see. Then again I did see a guy say he was 6’5 a few weeks back at 6’3 tops. I called him and then said I’d get a tape measure and it changed quickly. This guy was possibly even 6’2.5. My 6’3 Friend appears taller imho but maybe ground level is what it was. It’s always guys that lie who effectuate the lie or conversation. He brought it up to me and said man you’re taller than me trying to get me to lie just for him to claim 6’5”. He actually walked up and said that and I carried him
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Oct/18

When I weighed 245, which was my heaviest, I didn't really look that thin. (250 was a round up from 245, sorry) I looked average. Now I'm currently about 220-225, and I look a bit on the thinner side, even though according to the BMI chart, I'm borderline "overweight", lol.


Maybe the reason why Bobby often gets guessed a bit taller than you, is because he has "taller" proportions or build than you, but I don't know for sure. But I doubt it since he's heavier than you and therefore has a heavier build. Or maybe people in his area exaggerate height to a larger degree than yours, so the perception of height is more skewed where he lives. Where I live, I'd say the perception is pretty skewed, and I get guessed as 6'7" even more often than 6'6".
Canson said on 2/Oct/18
@Bobby3342: you and I are just about identical in height. Maybe a mm or so diff. I’m surprised you get guessed at 6’6.5 as often as you do. I usually only get 6’5-6’6 or 6’6” guesses when I’m in higher cut sneaks like Jordan’s or in boots. I’ve been called 6’7” or guessed it but rarely. If I’m inflated it’s usually my shoe height at the time or shoe height rounded up a bit. You wouldn’t be 6’6.5 in shoes except in boots first thing out of bed for maybe 10 minutes. I know for me I drop to 6’4.75 after a full hour of being awake (when I measured accurately) and 6’4.5 after 3+ hours. I’m usually 6’4 3/8 after 5-6 but have even seen 6’4.25 after that amount of time if I’m active like when I helped someone move out of their place one day
Canson said on 1/Oct/18
@Bobby: I wake up at 6’5” myself and am around 6’4.25 at a low now a days. Swore it was 6’4 3/8 (194flat) but maybe it was hair or the way I measured because now I’m 193.7-.8 daily. I’m about 218-221 myself and I don’t lose mine that easily but my 6’4 friend is 330 lbs and loses an inch himself. He’s 6’5 out of bed possibly and has even been 6’3 7/8 once. He looks shorter than he measures all the time
Batistataker said on 30/Sep/18
6ft 4 ¾ (194.9 cm)
Dream(5'9.5 said on 19/Sep/18
Actually Rob, would you say he might be nearer 6’5 1/8ths” than 6’5 3/8ths”?
Editor Rob
That might be a good range to estimate him within.

A wider range might be 6ft 5 up to 5.5, anywhere amongst that I could see a case for.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 14/Sep/18
Rob, I know you've met both of them, but how tall does Nonso Anozie look with Jason Momoa in this weird picture?

Click Here

That looks much more than just a big inch. :O :O
Editor Rob
In person there is a difference of at least 3cm, but not 5cm.
Nik said on 31/Jul/18
At his tallest I have no doubt that he is at least said height!
Dream(5'9.5 said on 27/Jul/18
Solid 6'6" in the morning, Rob?
Editor Rob
quite likely hits that range
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jun/18
Nonso Anozie - what a smashing name!

This big fellow can have 6ft5.25 from me while I am watching England versus Tunisia in the very first FIFA World Cup England game! Good luck England!
Dream(5'9.5 said on 6/Jun/18
Rob, this is only a 'what if scenario,' but if Nonso Anozie (not making fun of his weight. He looks awesome and bad@$$ the way he is) lost enough weight to look fit, do you think he could stretch up close to 6'5.5"?
Editor Rob
I doubt his height would be effected much...I think he walks about in person quite tall with decent posture from the 2 occasions I saw him.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 10/May/18
Rob, silly question, but who out of the five (do you believe) would measure similar to Nonso Anozie?

Tom Noonan, Bo Burnham, Peak John Cleese, Wade Barrett, and Adam Mckay.
Editor Rob
Noona might have a chance in the 80's of nonso range, cleese always had a chance of a little bit over 6ft 5 too.
Yht said on 16/Apr/18
His head shape makes you think he has gigantism but he's not that tall
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
I think 6’6 out of bed
6’5.25 at his lowest is best case otherwise 1/4” less
Oanh said on 11/Oct/17
even said on 16/Aug/17
6 foot 5 , around 370 pounds

370 pounds? Not even close. He's listed at 280lbs, which looks accurate.
Nik said on 11/Oct/17
I like this gentlemans name!
even said on 16/Aug/17
6 foot 5 , around 370 pounds
even said on 22/Jul/17
strong 6'5"
S.J.H said on 27/Jun/17
@Bard said on 26/Jun/17

Not the bad posture. It's his head tilting facing down minimize about 2' face level. This guy is just 6'5
Bard said on 26/Jun/17
Bad posture here, could definitely measure 6'5+
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 26/Jun/17
@Bobby and Canson

Weight had no effect on my height for me though. In the past I weighed anywhere from 190 to 250lbs, but my typical afternoon and night were always 6'5.38" and 6'5.25" respectively.
John said on 25/Jun/17
Jesus, there are a lot of tall actors in got. Looks 6'6 to me.
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
@Bobby: I thought it was the other way around. I felt taller when I weighed more honestly. I think at one point I was right at 6'4.5 at night maybe a couple years back. Now I can come down to 6'4.25 at night as well if I go to the gym other days 6'4 3/8 or a mm under that. What's your out of bed height? Are you bang on 6'5? Or 6'4 7/8?
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Apr/17
Between 6'5" and 6'6"
Canson said on 6/Mar/17
A 6'5 guy on the heavier side claiming 6'6
Jordan87 said on 16/Feb/17
Rob I do think his head is a bit more tilted than yours. I would Give him 6'5". Manganeillo is 6'4-6'4.5" with Rob if you ask me. His hair props him Up. Nonso is is a bit Taller than Joe.
berta said on 29/Jan/17
with chris pine he didnt look mutch over 194. but i think he can manage to measure 195-96. he is clearly shorter than me thought. so i would say.
197 10 %
196 50
195 40 %
S.J.H said on 21/Jan/17
Just saying maybe its hard to say if he slipped into 6'5 but standing well he maybe still 196cm?
Mark(5'9.25 said on 12/Dec/16
Anozie would very well measure taller than Hopper and Joe Manganiello.

Rob, did this guy have a slight footwear advantage or was there no real difference for footwear?
Editor Rob
both around 1 inch that day.
Canson said on 10/Dec/16
He looks 195/196 either range fits
Peter175 said on 12/Nov/16
Rob, do you ever find it harder to gauge heights (in person that is) Of people who are significantly shorter or taller than you? Whenever I see someone who's close to my height (Within 2 inches or so) I can pretty much get them bang on to at least the half inch of their actual height and many times the quarter inch like ur site, whereas with people who are shorter than me or taller by a significant margin (7+ inches) I find that I can barely get into a 1 inch range of their true height, and sometimes I need to use too full inches as a range. and when people are far shorter than me I underestimate their shortness (and likewise for tall people, I gauge them as being taller eg i have a 6ft5.25 friend and always thought he was weak 6ft7 range )
Editor Rob
yes Peter, the further away the harder it can become. But if you get to recognise how tall various heights look from your perspective, it can help. Plus, comparing against people in person whose height you know is useful.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Nov/16
Editor Rob: the second time I seen Nonso, he didn't look as tall, I would have said he was no taller than tom hopper...the first time up close I would have said he was over a 6ft 5 flat.


Rob, does that mean Nonso lost a bit of height? Hard to believe for a 37 year old person.
Editor Rob
not that he lost height, he just didn't seem as tall when I seen him a few more times up close, much nearer 6ft 5 flat than a full 6ft 6 guy I'd have said.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/16
He's heavier so might give a shorter impression but I think back to back may edge out Hopper.

Anonzie: 196-197cm
Hopper: 195-196cm
184guy said on 25/Jun/16
Who looked taller Rob ? This guy or Tom Hopper ?
Editor Rob
the second time I seen Nonso, he didn't look as tall, I would have said he was no taller than tom hopper...the first time up close I would have said he was over a 6ft 5 flat.
Peter 179cm said on 21/Jun/16
Yeah,near 6'5 without the lean.I'd give him 195cm,but thing is he would pass as 192 because of his bigger head,if Rob didn't put the height lines.
mrtguy said on 11/Jun/16
Rob, would you say his head is bigger than Mountain and has wider proportions up close??
Editor Rob
the Mountain is certainly wider and more muscular, but it is hard to tell whose head is really bigger because I think Nonso tilting his eyes down makes his head appear longer than it really is.
berta said on 9/Jun/16
Rob your head looks as big as guys who are well over 6 foot. Got a bodybuilder chin!!! Is your head 25 cm? My head is 26 cm but i am well over 6 foot and people Always tell me that my head is big. They must say the same to you?
Damian said on 14/May/16
How are you able to tell how much footwear advantage a person has?
Editor Rob
by examining and measuring lots of different styles. It is easier if the model is known. But if you can see a shoe with a heel you still get an idea.

It's the same with ladies heels. I've measured a lot of different styles to try to get a good idea.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
I think Cudmore could be 200cm.
S.J.H said on 2/Apr/16
Nonso Anozie look about 5" taller than chris pine who claim 6'0 if so he should be 6'5 if pine was really 6'0.5 like rob listed then 6'5.25 would be a correct for Nonso
James B said on 29/Mar/16
Looks 6'4.5 with rob but probably due to posture
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 14/Nov/15
Rob,now that Cudmore said that his height is 199,maybe Anonso is just 194,by your point of view
Editor Rob
anonso still looks 6ft 5 range up close
Emil 182-183 cm said on 30/Aug/15
He's not dropping 7 cm at all. Maybe 3-4 at the most if even that.
But he's lowering his eye level quite a lot and that might have tricked you a bit
Editor Rob
tilt eyelevel down and his eyelevel has become 6 inches in that photo.
Tarinator said on 24/Aug/15
Looks 188 cm (6'2") with the slouch and may be dropping 7 cm or so. So 6'5" or so is a fine listing.
BigLittleDude said on 23/Jul/15
This dude just totally dwarfed the rest of the cast on the Tut miniseries. He played a general, but he looked like a one-man army. I think he's a legit 6'6".
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 20/Jul/15
If he would edge the big C ,maybe 6ft 5.5 is a better idea no ?
Editor Rob
I think they would be very similar if nonso measured.
Tunman said on 6/Jun/15
Looks quite a large man on this pic.How much does he weigh here,around 290?
Editor Rob
he could be near 300 pounds
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Feb/15
Maybe 6ft5 flat, Rob?
MrTBlack said on 23/Dec/14
I still don't think he's under 6'5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/14
Rob, is 197cm possible?
Editor Rob
up close I'm not convinced he's quite that tall the more I seen of him.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 25/Nov/14
In the movie Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit,he clearly towers Chris Pine who is a legit 6'1(185cm),6'5 plus definitely.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/14
6ft6 out of bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
This looks closer...
Lonestar said on 12/Sep/14
Rob had cut him by a cm. He can't be under 197cm
Andrea said on 15/Aug/14
With the 188-189 congoer he definitely looks 6'5 range, Rob... This pic probably doesn't show his "real" height!
Big Grandma Atkinson said on 23/Jul/14
He definitely looked way bigger than Liam Neeson in The Grey. Just look at them standing next to eachother in this screenshot. I see 2 inches between them. Anozie is for sure over 6'5".
Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 26/Jun/14
In this pic he looks 6'4-6'4.5 range. Not saying that's his height but here it can appear that.
MrTBlack said on 20/Jun/14

Do you believe my theory on anozie below?
Editor Rob
this is like the big challenger guy from height challenge, he thought he'd be 6ft 5.5 but measured earlier in the day he would be, by 6pm or so he was down at his low. Nonso might wake up near 6ft 6 mark.
MrTBlack said on 17/Jun/14
Hey Rob, I'm guessing he was probably measured during the mid day as 6'5.5" so he decided to claim the upper half of the inch(6'6") but doesn't realize his spine will compress near the end of the day?
mike said on 11/Jun/14
knew he wasn't 6ft6.
Astaroth said on 1/Jun/14
A strong 6'5 for this imposing gentleman.
Andrea said on 29/May/14
Balrog, i doubt you can feel the difference on the screen between a 196 and a 197 guy... Remember the last challenger is a smidge over 6'5 and does look huge...
Balrog said on 27/May/14
I really think Nonso is taller than Rory, but yeah maybe the bigger head makes McCann look shorter. I really thought Nonso wasn't under 197cm, in GOT he looked massive and also in The Grey. But of course on the screen many actors look taller...
Andrea said on 26/May/14
So, you think a Jensen Ackles could measure a hair above 6' (at his lowest)? He gets listed at 6' too... I'd be shocked in that case, to be honest!
Editor Rob
his range is 5ft 11.75-6ft, I think he would measure within that.

If you have the benefit of seeing an actor standing beside someone of known height, like a friend, it can also help a bit more with guessing.
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/14
Rob do you actually see Cudmore as Peter Crouch height and likely over 6 ft 8 out of bed and a strong 6'7"? He doesn't look as tall to me, I see Cudmore as more a 6'6.5-6'7" guy than above, but I think Crouch could even be near 6'9" out of bed.
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/14
Ah in looking he's wearing sneakers and Jenny in slippers so looks like he has footwear advantage in that photo. If he was 6 ft flat barefoot he'd have been nearer 6'1" in sneakers anyway as I guessed.
Editor Rob
his sneakers are thin, Jenny has slipper boots that are a little bit thicker! See here. His are lo adidas like These.
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/14
That's interesting Rob as I'd have guessed him at 184-5 actually in that Jenny picture.

I had thought this guy really looked a proper 6'6", but if you saw him walking about you're in a good place to judge better than us! Cudmore is definitely downgrading himself claiming 6'6" as you say, I suspect it might be work related, not wanting to seem too freaky.
Andrea said on 24/May/14
Be honest, if this guy was a celebrity and you met him, would you have listed him at 6' or 6'0.25?? Of course without measuring him ;) As i said sometime ago, i think that when you list somebody at 6' (or any other height), that means they're not over 6'... Just think about a Jensen Ackles, i'd be surprised if he was even a mm over 6' at his low and you'd probably measure him at least 1 cm under 183, but he still gets listed at 6'. Same thing with Cumberbatch and many other celebrities...
Editor Rob
I would have given him 6 foot.
Andrea said on 24/May/14
To be fair, this downgrade doesn't suprise me at all. I always said he doesn't look a big 6'6 guy, i just said i trusted Rob when he said he was close to 6'6... Sometimes he downgrades people after 1-2 years from the meeting, i remember he did the same with Kellan Lutz... It would be interesting to measure people he meets because i'm quite sure nobody would be taller than their listing and we'd see big "surprises".
Editor Rob
some people will get benefit of doubt, but sometimes a second look can help.

Today in fact I measured a young standing with Jenny...before measuring him and looking at him with Jenny I thought he'd be around 6ft mark and lo and behold he ended up being an exact six footer, literally 6ft and 2mm on the device (measured in socks)! Jenny was a couple mm under 5ft 8 this day...
Balrog said on 24/May/14
Rob I think 6'5.5" is better, if Nonson is just 196cm then McCann is 6'5" tops and Neeson a strong 6'3" since Nonso edge out him by two inches
Editor Rob
I saw Nonso a fair bit walking about an event, I think a fraction over 6ft 5 is what he'd measure, Rory does have a bigger head i feel
jtm said on 24/May/14
rob, shouldn't you downgrade liam neeson? anozie is more than 1.25 taller than neeson.
Editor Rob
neeson today at 6ft 3.5 is quite possible.

I mean see in person a guy like Cudmore looks noticeably taller than nonso, both now claiming 6ft 6, but near 2 inches apart!
Andrea said on 23/May/14
And a Rory Mccann or Dan Yeager, do they look taller than the challenger? Clive Russell must, i guess, even if the picture doesn't show that...
Editor Rob
clive is near to 6ft 6, mccann can look a bit under that mark
Andrea said on 22/May/14
Wtf, Rob? You almost convinced me he was really near 6'6 (just a bit shy) and now you give him a strong 6'5?? I remember you saying he would have edged out the last challenger in a stare off!!!
Editor Rob
seeing him a few more times I can believe 6ft 6 in a sneaker...I'd seen the challenger a few times in last months about town and thought nah, he doesn't look much different.
Balrog said on 17/Mar/14
You can't judge for one pic, look at him in GOT and The Grey, could be 197cm but not under, dude is huge.
Lillo thomas said on 16/Mar/14
Andrea I agree with you. 5'8 guys reach my chin level at 6'5 and 5'8 guys reach the start of the neck level to 6'6 guys. Nonso look about 2 inches taller than liam neeson. He is between 6'5.5 and 6'6. The pic with rob really doesn't show his actual height.
Andrea said on 15/Mar/14
Rob, how tall you think he looks in this single pic? If you say he is near 6'6 in person i believe you but he just doesnt look that tall on here... My friend who is a solid 6'6 guy (a real one) makes 5'8 guys look much shorter than this...
Editor Rob
to be fair he could be rounding up a wee bit, would you mess with him though ;)
thorterr said on 7/Feb/14
hes leaning ,,hes defo 6ft 6
Balrog said on 6/Feb/14
No, 5in on Firth. No less than 197cm for Anozie
sigge said on 5/Feb/14
I think he is a flat 6'5 but maybe a few mm over it, he has like 4 inches on 6'1 colin firth.
ben said on 16/Jan/14
6ft 5 bang on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/13
Actually, one could argue that he looks a strong 6ft6 next to Colin Firth.
Sarah said on 3/Dec/13
He looks very tall on Dracula... 6'5+ easily
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Nov/13
Firth really doesn't look much over 6ft in that pic. Definitely a good chance he's about 6ft1in flat now. Either that, or this here is a 200cm guy for sure.

Great to know that his career is not being plagued by typecasting. Awesome in Game of Thrones.
Mathew said on 21/Oct/13
Looks less than 6'6" with Rob, but that doesn't mean that he isn't 6'6".
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 3/Oct/13
kind of doesnt look the full 6ft 6 here but his head is angled downward a bit, 6ft 6 would look enormous with 5ft 8
Arch Stanton said on 6/Aug/13
If they did a remake of Live and Let Die this guy could play Kananga instead of Kotto!!
Cameron murray said on 27/Jul/13
Out of bed this guy is 6'6 by far but since taller people loose more height he could have been 6ft 5 or 6ft 5 1/2 in this picture by mid day or evening must remember that.
wiltonstilts said on 29/Jun/13
Id say 6'5
J-Dog said on 17/Jun/13
Legit 6'6"
Emil said on 14/May/13
Geez, careful he doesnt swallow you
Ash Navarre said on 8/May/13
Mainly mesomorph, if you ask me, and fairly handsome. I bet he's a nice guy as well. He's fairly close to 200cm but not quite there - 197-98cm sound alright but he's losing height in the picture so it's difficult to tell (still, Rob, you look like a tweenie next to him!)
jimmy said on 26/Apr/13
Who looks taller in person? Nonso or Bruce Spence?
Editor Rob
bruce is much skinnier so can give a taller impression for sure.
Mark said on 15/Apr/13
I would like to see a pic with him and Penn Jillette I am pretty sure they are the same height Rob.
Mark said on 11/Apr/13
That's a very interesting pic Jimmy.I think Colin Firth needs downgrade.6'1" flat.What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
Firth I think is still 6ft 1 range
jimmy said on 8/Apr/13
He looks extremely tall.Definitely has 10" on Rob.And he looks 5' taller than legit 6'1" Colin Firth.
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TNTinFL said on 1/Apr/13
The guy was massive in Game of Thrones. Most of the characters didn't scratch his shoulder height.
James said on 22/Feb/13
6'5.5 is possible as well as 6'6
Alex said on 27/Jan/13
He looked huge in Game of Thrones. 197-198 guy for sure.
Balrog said on 22/Jan/13
Rob, who standout more, Daniel Cudmore or Nonso?
Editor Rob
cudmore is much more a standout, he is likely a guy who shrinks from over 6ft 8 morning to 6ft 7 night
Balrog said on 9/Jan/13
Legit 6'6'' man in Game of Thrones he looked huge. He looks like he could rip a door off.
Peyman said on 9/Dec/12
Nonso anozie VS # 15 ???
I think the apear at the same range
Rob ,don't you think 6' 5.5'' is closer , It also makes Liam neeson around 6' 3.5''
isn't it more acceptable rob ?
Editor Rob
I think he looks near his claim, the challenger is a little over 6ft 5 flat and is very tall aswell.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/12
witchdoctor says on 2/Oct/12

Shaquile oneal would tower over this guy and a certain video vixen wrote a book and mentioned that his weiner is quite below average!

Maybe, but this guy surely rivals the guy in Anger Management in the trouser department, just look at the guy, its obvious. If there was any guy you'd suspect of having a 12 inch tool it would be this guy! Or as Stifler from American Pie would say "11 inches ladies, "around" " LOL.

This guy is built like Harold Sakata (Oddjob) but is like virtually a foot taller and Sakata was supposed to have weighed like 270-280 pounds!
Tall Joey said on 19/Nov/12
Wow, this guy is huge in not only height but also in weight. Rob, how tall do you think he was at age 16-17?
Editor Rob
no idea
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/12
Click Here

This is an odd one. 5'9" range Dermot Mulroney isn't too dwarfed by him and doesn't look that much shorter than 6'4" Liam Neeson but its camera angle and position playing tricks!! But compare Neeson and this guy and he looks an easy 6'6".
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 6/Nov/12
He's dropping height in the pic, he's an huge 6'6 if standing straight.
matt678 said on 20/Oct/12
looks more like 6ft4.5 in this photo
witchdoctor said on 2/Oct/12
Shaun says on 21/Sep/12
Yeah about that Zero, I'd say roughly 19 stone odd. He's not stood straight here so seems more 6'4" though. I bet he's hungs like a donkey!

Shaquile oneal would tower over this guy and a certain video vixen wrote a book and mentioned that his weiner is quite below average!
Lillo Thomas said on 25/Sep/12
He don't look 6-6 at all with rob in the pic . 6-3 max . He is clearly taller than liam neeson in the grey movie . Nonso is really a legit 6-6 guy but the pic above doesn't show it .
Editor Rob
if you tilt your eyelevel down like him then your eyes might look about 6 inches to top of head by doing that.
Shaun said on 21/Sep/12
Yeah about that Zero, I'd say roughly 19 stone odd. He's not stood straight here so seems more 6'4" though. I bet he's hungs like a donkey!
zero said on 10/Sep/12
Legit 6'6'', what about his weight, Rob? 260-270 pounds perhaps?
The Exorcist said on 7/Sep/12
A solid 6'6". He's not even standing up straight and he still dwarfs 5'8" Rob.
CaptainSpaulding said on 16/Aug/12
Huge guy. I think if he stood straighter and didn't bow his head down as much he'd appear to be 6 and a half feet tall easily.
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 14/Aug/12
he seems 195-6 cm to me next to you Rob
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
Did he look taller than the last challenger?
Editor Rob
I think he would edge challenger 15 out in a stare off.
Reality said on 10/Aug/12
His head is not straight so with this posture he can look 6'3 next to Rob but staying straight is 6'6 pretty possible.
Red said on 10/Aug/12
Looks 6´5" to me, 6´6" maybe in shoes
Hob said on 8/Aug/12
he should had 0.5' shoe on rob. by measure a line from rob's tip head to anozie lower face level up to anozie head it does't apear over 9inches. it shows well he is 6'4.75-6'5 as tall as tony todd with rob.
ice said on 8/Aug/12
Cant believe someone actually claims that this guy is 6'3 . But guess thats what going on here since im one of the only guys that isnt height obsessed and is just interested sometimes. Everyone downgrades everyone , so that most of you short guys can feel taller
ali said on 7/Aug/12
easliy 6'6
avi said on 4/Aug/12
@Ajax says on 13/Jun/12
6'6". Noticeably taller than Neeson.
if Neeson is 6'3.5 maybe this guy is 6'5.5. Also he has the advantage is the picture with Neeson.
Witchdoctor said on 3/Aug/12
I'll settle with Endo-meso and I agree that the three somatotypes are a lod of bullsh*t most of the time,he seems like a pleasant fella.
Cranberries said on 3/Aug/12
The "three body types" are a load of crap anyway, but Anozie is simply not endo.
Endomorphs are typically stocky (read: short sometimes tapering limbs, long torso), and concentrate their body fat in the torso/stomach.

Anozie is definitely not "pure endomorph" like Witchdoctor claims because he is NOT "stocky" and actually has extremely large limbs (clavicle, legs, hands, forearms, and correspondingly a large jaw as well) and a frame made for physicality and built by testosterone. His bodyfat is actually evenly distributed too. Just because he has a high bodyfat doesn't make him naturally endo. Eating a lot does not change your somatotype.

Click Here
Click Here
His arm is the size of a tall woman's leg:
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/12
He's broad in the shoulder/neck area but at the same
time quite heavy around the middle. A combination of
endo and meso...

Regardless of that, he's certainly not the type you'd want
to piss off.
rochester said on 2/Aug/12
Easily 6'6 If he stands straight. 6'7 is too much.
Witchdoctor said on 1/Aug/12
Sorry cranberries but I really can't see any mesormorphic traits on him!
Brad said on 1/Aug/12
Look at his hand, it is massive.
Cranberries said on 1/Aug/12
@Witchdoctor: Endomorph? This guy is mesomorph by frame. He looks like an American football player. He is extremely long-boned (at the very least has a 7-foot wingspan) and has loads of muscle mass. Despite his massive size, he also has a v-shaped torso.
Ali Baba said on 31/Jul/12
I would have to see him standing straighter to make a judgement on this one. Looking at the height of his shoulders in this pic though I don't see the 6'6" measurement. Standing straight perhaps.
satchy said on 31/Jul/12
he will look 6ft 7 with hair
witchdoctor said on 31/Jul/12
1.96m is too low there's no way Rob woulb be 2cm off after meeting the guy 1.98m it is.He's face is handsome but he's body is just too stocky,he must be a pure endormorph!
Mathew said on 29/Jul/12
Looks about 6'4" - 6'4.5" while dropping some height here. Straight up 6'5" - 6'6" is believable.
avi said on 29/Jul/12
Actually it looks to be a solid 9.5 inches as is if he straightens it may be close to 10.5 or 11. Rob he could be a weak 6'7... He more than chin touches you (if stood up straight) and he has a 9.5 inch head minimum. So it must be over 10 inch difference.
Jake T. said on 28/Jul/12
With the posture in the picture he looks 6'4.5 or 6'5 but I guess if he stands totally straight 6'6 is just fine for him.
Cranberries said on 28/Jul/12
@Witchdoctor: Really? I'd love to be that big. He's decent-looking too.

@Danimal: Hard to tell if he's crouching. He naturally has a short neck and high shoulders.
Editor Rob
he's tilting his head down maybe an inch to the camera
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 28/Jul/12
Legit 6"6 guy
avi said on 28/Jul/12
yeah 6'6 or so.
jasperwazup said on 28/Jul/12
Biggie Smalls 'Notorious BIG was always mentioned as 6'7'' in his songs. but i guess he was 6'6'' and 400 pounds
Witchdoctor said on 28/Jul/12
he's a poster boy for "I would n't wanna be that big" lol
Danimal said on 28/Jul/12
Everyone, it is obvious he is crouching down in the frame, so not to completely tower over Rob. If that man stood straight, all your 6'4"-6'5" claims would be thrown out the window. Then again, being on here for 7.5 years, I've come to expect people to downgrade everyone. That's what height obsessed people do, to make themselves feel larger.
Danimal said on 28/Jul/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Jul/12
I think 6ft5.5(197cm) might be nearer.

Oh come on. You can't tell the difference between .5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jul/12
I think 6ft5.5(197cm) might be nearer.
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
height challenge 15 guy is a tap bit taller than him even thought he did't stand straight up here. weak 6'5 and 6'6 iin footwear.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 28/Jul/12
Rob, you still think he's that big? You neither look so much short next to him!
SAK said on 14/Jun/12
He is no lower then 6f5 and most likely higher like the listing here suggests.
Hob said on 13/Jun/12
think he is 6'4.75-'6'5
josh b said on 11/Jun/12
Click Here
Big bloke, maybe 6'5
Hob said on 11/Jun/12
seriously this frame does't help look 6'5 or 6'6. he look 6'3 but i believe 6'4 closer to truth
jtm said on 10/Jun/12
he was clearly taller than liam neeson in the grey.
Martin said on 10/Jun/12
Weird proportions if he is 198 cms...

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