How tall is Oliver Phelps

Oliver Phelps Height

6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)

British Actor best known for playing George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. One is fractionally taller than the other. Oliver claimed "I am 6ft 3".

5ft 8 Rob and 5ft 8 Jenny with Phelps Twins.

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Average Guess (28 Votes)
6ft 2.53in (189.3cm)
Greg said on 13/Oct/20
@Christian I can see a bit over 6'2 they are not standing that well with Jenny I believe if they stood straighter they would look taller of course.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Sep/20
Yeah, the Phelps' could be more 6'2" flat than 6'2.5". They don't look anything over 6'2" with Rob or Jenny.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Feb/20
Kobe make them looking close to 6'1 1/4 on two IG picture and a group picture they look 6'2 range not quite over. Click Here here is James Phelps looking 186cm top if w/o hair with Kobe. Can be consider camera help Kobe on right side while James dropping posture but still hardly think if stand tall really hit 6'2 1/4-1/2. I did say Rob make a mistake for one of them being 6'2 1/2 it's more like 6'2 (low) and other one is 6'2 1/4 (low) as for Kobe 6'4 3/4 claim from his wife saying twice its a night height low for the legend Mamba.
shiznak said on 6/Jan/20
never would have thought these two were tall
Tunman said on 8/Nov/19
haha,thought about the swimmer for a second.Doesn't help that they're the same height with him.
As to the twins...maybe 189 for Oliver and 188-88,5 for James?
Nils2 said on 28/Oct/19
One of them is 6'2.5 range,i believe Oliver and James is 6'2 range. Rob one of them is noticeably taller on several occasions. If you are just confused about who is who i don't blame you!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Jan/19
They're both 188.5cm range if Kobe Bryant low is 195cm. Taller one 6'2 1/4 shorter one 6'2 1/8 (their lowest). My feeling on Brandon Routh hold through the end of the day at 188.8-189cm strong 1/8th on taller Phelps.
Littlelee168cm said on 19/Nov/18
In the photo with Jenny one looks noticeably taller than the other but guess one could be wearing thicker shoes than the other or have better posture
Editor Rob
Could also be the camera favouring the right side.
Myself said on 27/Jul/18
Rob, why would you have them at the same height since even they themselves say that they are not?
Editor Rob
It could be like 1/8th or so.
MAD SAM said on 10/Jul/18
He’s the taller one, 6’2.5” at 189.5 cm
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/May/18
@Jason 193cm It's funny you're like counted their hair as height. They're truely look 3" and up shorter and Kobe was standing a little behind. But one point is the pavement Kobe stand might be a little higher that given the extra edges. I did say without advantage of the ground Kobe is still over 6cm taller maybe 6.5cm. This two brothers could be more like 6'2 1/4 range. The taller one might be a flat 189cm and the shorter one 188.5cm. They're only fraction between each other not 1cm.
Jason 193cm said on 13/Apr/18
@Junior that's not 3 inches, more like 2.25 or 2.5 at most. Phelps twins are definitely in the 189cm range, though the shorter one is probably closer to 188.
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18

I'm sorry but you're not 6'3.5" barefoot guy. I'm pretty sure you mean it with shoes my guess. Kobe Bryant is a little weak 6'5 and edge Phelps twins by an easy 3" at worst 7cm. Check out my link below. They're 6'2 1/8 range hardly above it and Kobe is more like 6'4 7/8.

Click Here::
Shaun said on 9/Jan/18
I'm 6'3.5" and when I met them at a convention I couldn't slouch at all. Looking at the picture with them with James slightly slouching, and Oliver and I standing straight I had maybe a quarter inch on Oliver. So my guess is 6'3.25"
Dude 173 cm said on 3/Dec/17
Rob you put 6'2.5 but he looks a weak 6'3 and claim 6'3, I think is unfair for him
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 13/Nov/17
These guys looked really tall in Harry Potter because of how short the rest of the cast was.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/17
6'2.5" is so legit
World Citizen said on 31/May/17
Looks 6 ft 1.5
Aza said on 1/Oct/16
Looks 6' 2.5
S.J.H said on 26/Sep/16
I guess the one i've met in person on the right side picture above was 6'2.25 he was a little shorter than 6'2.5 liev schreiber whom i've met twice in real
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/16
6ft1 is a joke but maybe not quite an even 6ft3.
zoe said on 9/Sep/16
To be fair to rob the twins are leaning. James and Oliver do look around 6'1, but like i said they are leaning maybe that is why they look smaller.
Moke said on 26/Mar/16
I think the taller one is 6'2.75 and the shorter 6'2.25.
TJE said on 17/Feb/16
I'd put Oliver at 3.25 and James at 2.75
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 29/Dec/15
Robbie,maybe 6ft 2.5 is more fair ?
Thomas6ft1 said on 17/Dec/15
Rob, everyone says these guys are strong 6'2"s. Since pictures can lie sometimes, did they appear like 6'3" around you in person?
Editor Rob: I think they are over 6ft 2 in person.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 13/Nov/15
These guys are not how 6'3" looks next to 5'8"
Armandy said on 3/Aug/15
so, 189 and 190.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jun/15
Not quite 6ft3 but close enough to get away with claiming it.
pablo77bar said on 2/May/15
I loved their participate in HP
In the photos they obviously are dropping height
A see a difference of 1-1,5cm between them
So for the tallest one weak 6ft 3(190 on dot) and 188,5~189 for the ''smaller''
Narr said on 30/Apr/15
Both look around 188
TJE said on 23/Feb/15
Oliver's the one with the scarf in the top pic.
Andrea said on 17/Dec/14
Rob, do they really look 1.5 inches taller in person than the 6'1.5 plumber? In these pics they really don't look 6'3 to me!
[Editor Rob: they do look taller than 6ft 2.]
Lonestar said on 15/Dec/14
They only look in 6'2 range in and out of picture. I met one of them several years ago looked a solid 6'3 in shoe. Thought i couldn't recognise which one..
Alz said on 27/Sep/14
From these photos and seeing their height alongside their fellow actors in Harry Potter, I'd say 6'2".
Kostas said on 29/Aug/14
How these guys can be same height with this guy?
Click Here
Giulio said on 7/Apr/14
these guys look 6'1 and 6'2 next to Jenny, they are slouching with Rob
191 guy said on 11/Feb/14
Rob I think brandon routh looks taller than they do.
Bard said on 1/Feb/14
6'2 range imo
Blaze said on 18/Oct/13
190cm tops
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
They don't really pull off 6'3 to me. More like strong 6'2's !
locust hunter said on 6/Aug/13
rob was the footwear the same that day?
[Editor Rob: I can't be certain, possibly 1/4 inch less]
avi said on 18/Jul/13
@Editor Rob: I'm sure they are dropping height, whereas I wasn't]

Wow. They look so much taller there. Is it because they are closer to camera? Looks like they are leaning in towards the camera...Thank god for the Jenny picture which the 6.5 inches seems to shine accurately.
avi said on 15/Jul/13
My confusion came from the top pic? Are they slouching? They look 6'3 in top pic.I feel like they are holding back height or something cause of a slouch. I could be wrong though...
[Editor Rob: I'm sure they are dropping height, whereas I wasn't]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jul/13
189-190cm for both.
avi said on 11/Jul/13
@avi says on 4/Aug/12
Rob, Why do they look so tall on top with you and they look 6'2ish with Jenny??
@Hob says on 27/Jul/12
no they are same height or there maybe a .15 inch differnece but not a 1/4 inch!!
[Editor Rob: Can't see what you see]

Oh it looked like they slouched in 1st picture so it seemed they may have more height. Any way by you drawing lines only proves the difference is 6.5 inches over you guys not 7. Unless if they stand completely erect they scrape 6'3. To me closer to 6'2.5.
cd said on 10/Jul/13
I think the taller one (Oliver?) 6'2.75" (190 cm), and the shorter one 6'2.25-2.5" (189 cm)
Lo sgozzatore said on 12/Jun/13
Rob, do they really look big 6'3 guys in person? What's the worst you think they could be?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 2.5-3 range is believable at their tallest]
Emil said on 26/Apr/13
They are slouching a bit here so I guess the taller of the two is 6'3 and the other i 6'2.5. But they look nothing over that. They could be anything between 6'1.5-6'2.5 and 6'2-6'3
jimmy said on 13/Apr/13
Easily the shortest 6'3" guys I 've ever seen in my life.They look 6'1.5" in the photos.
JK said on 25/Jan/13
Joey I don't think that that's exactly how it works...The height difference between, say, 153 cm and 171 cm appears to be bigger than between 173 cm and 191 cm
Joey said on 10/Jan/13
the difference between 191 and 173cm is 21cm taller than my mom and with that gap the top of her head reaches my chin..jenny reaches their nose me the height difference in the photo looks about ~14,5cm for the dude in white and ~15,5cm for the one in I go with 188cm and 189cm ..191cm is a bit rouned up juding from the photos
SeanSalvatore said on 5/Jan/13
I met them last year. Easily 6'3
Maggie said on 23/Nov/12
Oliver 6 '4' so James is 6'3'.
LG69 said on 8/Nov/12
6'3" for the taller one...6'2.5" for the shorter one.
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
LOL at 6'1" or 6'2" for these, they look noticeably taller than Samuel L Jackson!!
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
The Colin Salmon photo makes it very doubtful they're under 6 ft 3. Salmon looks about an inch taller if stood up fully straight and one could argue he is a strong 6'4"..
avi said on 4/Aug/12
Rob, Why do they look so tall on top with you and they look 6'2ish with Jenny??
@Hob says on 27/Jul/12
no they are same height or there maybe a .15 inch differnece but not a 1/4 inch!!
Hob said on 27/Jul/12
definitely not 6'3 even oliver tilt up head with 5'8 jenny. oliver is taller one at 6'1.25-6'1.5 and james 6'1
shona said on 9/Jun/12
oliver is the one wearing the scarf!!
Chris said on 29/Jan/12
One of them looks a genuine 6'3 guy. The other looks half inch shorter. 6'2.5 for him.
Alex said on 24/Jan/12
In the top picture they both look equally tall but the one wearing the scarf leans a bit more to the site. Maybe half an inch taller, 6'2 vs 6'2.5
184 at bedtime said on 13/Jan/12
Shorter one appears about 185-186, taller one maybe 186-187 range
Godred said on 4/Jan/12
Hmmn, maybe 6`2 for one and 6`3 for the other.
short man syndrome said on 29/Dec/11
188cm and 189cm. Tall guys.
ChiasmataX said on 23/Dec/11
They both looking nearer 6'2 than 6'3 in these pictures. Maybe in person they looked 6'3. I am guessing them at a bit under 6'3 base on these picture; 188cm for the one in white, 190cm for the one in black. I just looked at the guys from height challenge # 5 (189cm) and height challenge # 13 (191.7) for the comparison.
george555 said on 19/Dec/11
I think 6'2.25-6'2.5 sounds better for them, the one on the right could easily be 191cm if he stood up very straight.
Godred said on 18/Dec/11
I`d go around the 6`2 mark for both of them.
LAN JIAO said on 16/Nov/11
paul bettany , david thewlis and phelps twins all are 6'2.
LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
"In that picture, no clear height difference between Colin Salmon and the Phelps (Weasley) twins. Oliver could very well be a full 6'3"... Maybe with some change (191cm)."

LOL.. look at how 6'4 Colin Salmon stand on his left knee and the grass patch ground disadvantage on colin and oliver was a hair still shorter than colin by close 2cm. colin waist level was almost 3inch higher than phelp twins. after brought up same posture and even ground colin is easily 2inch on him. this twins apear well 6'1 range in picture with rob,jenny. do anyone believe straight up they hit 191cm top here?
they were just 6'2 like david thewlis agency given him, 6'2 frame looks it and stand it. the taller one maybe 6'2.5 not over it. maybe 6'3 a hair.
if they were 6'3 i would argue colin salmon at 6'5 top. they were no match to 6'4 colin salmon.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 29/Sep/11
Click Here
In that picture, no clear height difference between Colin Salmon and the Phelps (Weasley) twins. Oliver could very well be a full 6'3"... Maybe with some change (191cm).
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 27/Sep/11
IMO, Oliver looks 6'2" minimum. My best guess is 190cm.
Sean said on 21/Sep/11
I don't see 6'3 at all. 6'2 max!
Darry said on 17/Sep/11
One on the right looks 6'2" and the one of the left 6'1"
Shaun said on 14/Sep/11
James says on 10/Jun/11
Both seem like 6'2 guys. I doubt 6'3

They are stooping with Rob and still look 6'2". Stood straight 6'3" looks about right, maybe just shy like 190cm.
Marie said on 9/Aug/11
James is slightly shorter. The way I tell them apart is that James' eyes are wider and also Oliver's smile is more crooked and slightly wider. :)
Hansen said on 28/Jul/11
sorry for correction. the shorter one looks easily 186cm and e taller one looks about 6"2
Hansen said on 19/Jul/11
latest harry potter i have watched dvd that were on e 6ft1 range. 185-186 for one, e other taller one look closer to 6ft2. both look a little or marginally under 6ft2 david thewlis.
Holli said on 18/Jul/11
I know Oliver is the taller one
Mathew said on 17/Jul/11
The taller of the two isn't even 6'3". I'd go 6'2.25" - 6'2.5" for the taller one.
avi said on 11/Jul/11
Moke says on 9/May/11
I say 6'2.5 for Oliver (right) and 6'2 for the other one. Together with 5'5 Bonnie Wright in heels: Click Here Click Here

Btw. Radcliffe looks dwarfish at 5'5, standing next to them: Click Here

holy crap. Mark Williams looks strong 6'1-6'1.5 next to them. i think they are inch taller than Mark Williams who could be 6'0 1/2-6'0 3/4.
xyz.reg(6 ft 0.5er) said on 28/Jun/11
hi the 1st pic both of them have their arms on your shoulder..hence u r dropping height..but then again they r also slouching so its not a conclusive pic.
The second pic both of them r standing relatively straight if u look at their chin,the right one(black t-shirt) has his chin level higher than the left i think he is taller..irrespective of their hairstyle...!!!
jane said on 14/Jun/11
Oliver (George, the one on the right) is 6 "3" I think or 6 "2.5" and James is probably half an inch shorter
Mohammed said on 11/Jun/11
He needs a downgrade to 6'2, or to stretch it out -- 6'2.25. He's straightening his back and leaning his head up, yet a 5'8.25 Jenny reaches his muzzle.

His brother is 6'1.75.
James said on 10/Jun/11
Both seem like 6'2 guys. I doubt 6'3
Lenad said on 9/Jun/11
I think both of them are 189cm
Lenad said on 13/May/11
Look more like strong 6'2's. I think there the same height.
Moke said on 9/May/11
I say 6'2.5 for Oliver (right) and 6'2 for the other one. Together with 5'5 Bonnie Wright in heels: Click Here Click Here

Btw. Radcliffe looks dwarfish at 5'5, standing next to them: Click Here
James said on 5/May/11
Aaron says on 4/Apr/11
6'3" isn't an especially tall height, but for ginger twins, it's unbeatable. These guys are genuinely cool; perfect Fred and George.

Disagree 6'3 is esspecially tall but these guys are not that tall for sure.
Chameleon said on 3/May/11
Im with Legend.
Mathew said on 17/Apr/11
Calling them 6'3" is making 6'3" look shorter than it is. The taller of two seems no more than 189 cm, the shorter is struggling with 188.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Apr/11
They look 186-187cm slouching with Jenny and Rob

189-190cm less than 6"2 though
mohammad said on 10/Apr/11
No way he's 6'3, looks like a solid 6'2, no more no less.
Aaron said on 4/Apr/11
6'3" isn't an especially tall height, but for ginger twins, it's unbeatable. These guys are genuinely cool; perfect Fred and George.
avi said on 13/Mar/11
Rupert must be 5'7 flat which would make sense being he is 3 inches taller than Radcliffe who has to be 5'4. If these guys are a full 6'3 then maybe Grint is almost 5'8. there a 7- 7.5 difference.
Moke said on 5/Mar/11
they both towering big time over 5'7.5ish Rupert Grint: Click Here
ikbtops said on 4/Mar/11
Weird. They look much taller-even with bad posture on the top pic.
I'd still say somewhere in the 6'2 area.
James said on 26/Feb/11
with rob the twin on the left looks 6'1 (185cm) with lose posture. the twin to the right of rob looks 6'1 (185cm) or at worst 6ft.75 (185cm).

With Jenny the twin on the left looks 185cm with jenny and the twin on the right looks 6'1.25 (186cm).

With jenny they look 2 inches under the 6'3 mark. With rob possibly 6'2 or between 6'2-6'3 if they improve there posture.
Autumn said on 22/Feb/11
Oliver (right of the pic) is probably 6'3, but not James. James is shorter, and he has great posture. Oliver is the taller one, but keep in mind that Oliver is a sloucher, which means if he stood up straight, he might be even taller. Or maybe he is 6'3 when he isn't slouching. In which case, James would probably be 2 inches shorter. (And yes, I can tell the difference between them). Even in the movies, Oliver slouches and James walks upright, and Oliver is still taller.
James said on 20/Feb/11
the one on the left looks no more than 185cm with jenny (losing posture? and thin trainers could be to blame) the one on the right looks the 6'1.5 (187cm). i think though jenny is standing better than both of them and uneven footware etc.....still though neither of them are proper 6'3 guys.
Mathew said on 17/Feb/11
I think the taller one is only 6'2.5".
Truthman 6 ft 4.5 in said on 12/Feb/11
Daniel short sompared to everyone. Except Justin Bieber
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/11
No way 6ft3 sort it out rob
Mathew said on 25/Jan/11
Push him own to 6'2.5" max.
James said on 23/Jan/11
One of them is 6'2.5 (189cm) and the other 6'2.75 (190cm).
Goliath of Gath said on 20/Jan/11
woah. British Giants.
6 ft 3 sounds correct.
Pamco said on 9/Jan/11
I'm 6'3 with an average to large head and I'm almost a head taller than my bro who's 5'9.5, the one to the right is definitely not 6'3.
Lenad said on 6/Jan/11
I doubt neither of them measure at a full 6'3
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
They have big foreheads, tho I would say they are 6'2.125 max, wasn't Ron supposed to be taller than his brothers in Harry Potter???
Pamco said on 27/Dec/10
The tallest one of them is 6'2 max. Needs a downgrade.
Matt said on 22/Nov/10
theyre both barely 6ft 2, I bet in reality they would measure solid 6ft 1 and strong 6ft 1
xyz.reg said on 4/Nov/10
Maximum of 0.5 inches difference in height b/w the twins..
Moke said on 3/Nov/10
But Rob in the pic below the left one wouldn't even be 6'3 standing barefoot. 6'2 suits him much better. The right one may be a weak 6'3.
J.J. said on 2/Jul/09
I change my mind I'll give the one on the left a maximum of 6'1.75" and the one in the right a maximum of 6'2.5" if fully standing straight.
J.J. said on 29/Jun/09
both look nothing more than 6'2.5"(one on the right) in this picture but i'll give the one on the left 6'2.25"
MAMUN said on 2/May/09
My picture over here too ROB !


paulina said on 21/Feb/09
oliver is a bit taller than james, that's what i see... anyway they're tall and really cute twins
Rose said on 6/Feb/09
I think their 6'3 frames are perfect for them. They suit that height.
Really good looking guys too ;)
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/09
Looks nearer 6'3 actually.
Big King said on 17/Dec/08
There is 1/4 or 1/2" inch difference between these two twin brothers.
Arikado said on 17/Dec/08
If I'm 6 '1 1/4 I'm probably be as tall as their top forehead.But i think one is a full 6'3 and the other is probably a very strong 6 '2 I'd say about 6'2.75 almost 6'3.
el toppo said on 27/Nov/08
I wouldn't have said 6 foot 3 going by these pics. I would have said 6 foot 2 at the max!
Gary said on 13/Nov/08
I am 6-2 barefoot and 6-3 with shoes and when I measure in the mirrow 5-8 comes to my top lip when im in shoes
Anthony David said on 13/Nov/08
I give the shorter 6'1 and the tallest 6'2... hardly more
Anonymous Bergh said on 12/Nov/08
It seems that a twin is slightely taller than the other.
Catherine said on 12/Aug/08
I think their heights are perfect for them and they suit them.
Heightwatcher said on 28/Apr/08
Kenneth this people look near 6feet 3
clearlyyy said on 9/Feb/08
The one on the left is James and the one on the right is Oliver. James plays Fred and Oliver plays Georger. Oliver is slightly taller than James but it's a very small difference.
Millinda Phelps! said on 8/Dec/07
I'm 5'9". they both 6'3". trust me. I asked them. they were at dragon*con this year ^,^ they're such cool folks. they aren't like all weird. lol.
kenneth said on 23/Nov/07
pics above both them looks only 186 ~ 187cm.. 6ft3 i guess not.. maybe 6ft2 barefoot.. im 190.5cm count as 6ft3.. whenever i take pic with my 5ft8 wife she always looks slightly taller my nose or slight lower when i stand a posture above as like phelps brothers..
blackbeaut said on 12/Nov/07
Nah i dont think Dans only 5
onimus said on 11/Nov/07
i think it just how his hair is that day and that they look exactly alike-
all most-
the one wearing the scarf(i can't tell them apart) smiles weird.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/07
I can't belive that Oliver Phelps height is 6 ft 3 in.That was the taller as I thought.Before I guest Oliver height is 5ft 7 in,my answer is wrong,so that was true Oliver height is 6ft 3 in.
umad80 said on 29/Sep/07
In 2005, Dan definitely looked closer to 5'4" when I saw him. But I think he is definitely 5'5" now. Possibly shrinking in the evening hours? The NMA's last night he looked dwarfed by everyone. But I think Matt Lewis is closer to 6'. Possible even over especially from the pics Evanna posted. He was even behind them and still looked a legit 6'. But the twins are definitely 6'3" and several twins fans have said that one is taller than the other. I think it's James that is taller than Oliver.

As for the stills with Melling and Dan... I think Melling has the shoe advantage, so you have to account for that imo. But it does look a definite 4 inches at least.
Evanna said on 16/Sep/07
I agree completely JK, I just think that Radcliffe could be closer to 5'4" actually.
JK said on 16/Sep/07
Matt looks a solid 5'11'' close enough to 6'0'', I wouldn't say Melling is over 5'9'', he looks average and Rob said he is just a little bit taller than him
Evanna said on 15/Sep/07
JK, if Radcliffe only comes up to Melling's eyes, that's more than 4 inches, possibly 5. As for Lewis, if he's in the mid-forehead area of the twin on the left (ignore the other twin as they are slightly behind him), that's appr. 3 in. difference, especially because Lewis is leaning considerably. He does look close to 6 ft, and in OotP he's a head taller than Radcliffe. As for Radcliffe beside the twins, in the scene in the corridor, just before Fred and George escape from school, he only comes up to the brothers' shoulders.
JK said on 14/Sep/07
Harry Melling does indeed look 5'9'', he looks to have a clear 4 inches on Radcliffe, and Matthew Lewis does really look 5'11''
Evanna said on 13/Sep/07
Rob, you haven't missed anything by not seeing the latest Potter movie. As for the Dudley vs. Radcliffe, it's a mystery most puzzling...
Evanna said on 13/Sep/07
Yeah, the Dudley guy (his name is Harry Melling) is "officially" 5'9", at least he does not lie about his height. But he did look considerably bigger than Radcliffe in OotP Click Here Click Here Could it be that Radcliffe is even shorter than 5'5"?!

[Editor Rob: he looks bigger than expected against the Rad there. I saw dudley early when he was going into the venue by the doors, level ground and all. He really didn't appear much taller than myself. I was expecting maybe for some bizarre reason a big jamie hewlett type guy, but he wasn't as wide either. You see I haven't seen latest potter, I'd no clue if he even was seen in the film or not...]
Evanna said on 13/Sep/07
Rob, how tall is Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) then? This is him next to the twins, I assume they're all in dress shoes: Click Here Click Here
The twin on the right is closer to the camera, and Lewis is leaning quite a bit, although none of them is standing completely straight. If we compare Lewis to the twin on the left, he does look like a six footer, doesn't he?

[Editor Rob: he looks near it. I ignored this guy and a few other potters at events, like tom felton, I kick myself for not bothering with, I'm sure he'll eventually do another event though.

I saw that dudley dursley character, he is a little taller than myself.]
Anna said on 5/Aug/07
They're attractive.
laine said on 28/Jul/07
thanks nanna ^^
nanna said on 26/Jul/07
did some research, and i'm convinced that oliveris the one on the right. He's the one who plays George in Harry Potter, and is a bit taller than his brother. take a look at this site Click Here
laine said on 25/Jul/07
who's oliver and who's james?
thekiddd said on 24/Jul/07
Ok fine, my user name is now the kiddd. And no, I will not make new user names to so called "back up my opinion" got it? But the site I named is terrible.

[Editor Rob: its nothing about different names, just choosing a better name.]
imdb sucks said on 24/Jul/07
One looks about 6'2 1/2" the other a full 6'3". The other would probably have said 6'2 1/2" if Rob asked him.

[Editor Rob: can you change your username please.]
Franco said on 23/Jul/07
they look 192cm with shoes i think they're 190cm flat.
Gary said on 21/Jul/07
yeah they look bout 6'3 to me
gina said on 29/Jun/07
omg they are so cute, anyone who says they aren't are just jealous!!
carla said on 11/Jun/07
Very tall and gangly! This must be true.
venus said on 10/Jun/07
They're 6'3 allright, look at the Oliver's neck and posture.
WOOHOOO said on 10/Jun/07
rob i have suggestion.... why dont u stick someone elses head on ur photos....oh yeah that would skew all the height calculations :P
Josh said on 4/May/07
they look more around 6'2.
nanna said on 31/Mar/07
which twin is oliver?

[Editor Rob: I am unsure...sorry :/]
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/07
They're leaning over! Of course they're 6' 3"!
Arjun said on 11/Jan/07
Rob, surely they are slouching? They look more 6'1" next to you The top of your head reaches upto their eye level, so about 4.5 - 5 inches.
S.J said on 25/Dec/06
the one in the Black Shirt seems like he's bend over a bit wich makes him seem smaller then his brother

[Editor Rob: yes, about 1.5 inches lost through posture lean]
ralph said on 23/Dec/06
5'8" guy? haha ... He isnt Rob?
Derek said on 22/Dec/06
Jordan is right. He looks about 6'2 1/2"-3".
Jordan said on 22/Dec/06
They have at least 6.5 inches on the 5'8 guy.
paolo said on 21/Dec/06
its not 6 3

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