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5ft 10.41in (178.8cm)
Jamieorr4 said on 4/Apr/14
ian he was probably wearing lifts
Jamieorr4 said on 4/Apr/14
5ft10.5 is a joke im 5ft10.5 myself and im pretty sure my body frame is bigger than his and he is always shorter than pitt in pictures he is no more than 5ft9 i wouldn't be surprise if he was 5ft7
Heylo said on 4/Apr/14
Could this be possible?

Johnny Depp: 5'8 (nearly 173cm)
Orlando Bloom: 5'8 1/2 (174cm)
Brad Pitt: 5'9 3/4 (177cm)

I think this is very likely but i wanna hear your opinions about it.
lelman said on 28/Jan/14
@Seahawks my dad is 5'9", 160lbs and not skinny at all.

Bloom looks like a decent 5'10" than me, and since Depp is 5'9" it's not too crazy that they look similar in height. A one inch difference can be almost unnoticeable at times.
truth said on 26/Jan/14
very skinny? that is normal weight lol
truth said on 6/Jan/14
I do not think he is strong average BUT I think 176cm would be plausible or 177cm. Not taller than that.
Mike T said on 23/Dec/13
I'd say no more than 5'9" and Johnny Depp is 5'8"
Mary said on 7/Dec/13
The claim that orlando is 180 is laughable. look at him next to Tom Cruise who is 5'7 or 5'8 Click Here
Lisa said on 15/Nov/13
i have pics of myself with Depp and Bloom- they ate everyday at my restaurant during the first pirates movie- they are both remarkably short. i was stunned at how thin and short they both were. I'm 5'5 and the most i would give them both is 5.75
Ian from Auckland said on 30/Oct/13
Walked past Orlando Bloom (or more precisely we walked around each other) earlier this year. I'm 5'10" (maybe a fraction under), he was definitely and noticeably taller than me - but not by a great amount. I would have though he was about 5'11".
Georgie said on 25/Aug/13
I've met Orlando and I would say he's 5.10
Conti said on 13/Aug/13
In Lord of the Rings trilogy films Orlando looked around 5'7.
Dan said on 11/Aug/13
Looks 0.5"-1" taller than Johnny Depp. No more than 1" though. So 5'10" MAX.
Elias said on 9/Jul/13
@LOL: LOL,in your photo it's rupert friend who is next to keira, and whatever rupert looks tall in this photo (not like 5.8). ;)
LOL said on 9/Jul/13
LOOK ORLANDO NEXT TO keira knightley (Who is 1.70 cm)

Click Here

He is around 5.8 no more...
Meltdown said on 8/Jul/13
Orlando Bloom is 5'10.5 (179 cm).
Johnny Depp is 5'9 (175 cm).
Celebheights is dead-on.
refresh said on 20/Jun/13
i dont see in that clip his height measured?
we all know holliwod 2 inch rule yes? why you thin it'd diferent with Waxwork?
let's just look at the facts ok?
Click Here
brad is in lifts probablu:) but eric bana 188cm and sean bean 178cm are not
Click Here with less then 180 viggo
Click Here 175 johnny
Click Here
GUK said on 7/Jun/13
The video is on Youtube Click Here @ 1:20 measured at 179.5
Editor Rob
the audio clip is spliced onto a different video of him simply being photographed (a guy is holding up a reference tool as the photographer is taking photos of him on a platform, obviously for photos for the waxwork designers to use)...there's no height measurement being done in the clip, to this day we still don't know don't how his measurement was done
truth178cm said on 25/May/13
5ft10 barefoot night max.
Clay said on 27/Apr/13
Eric Bana is 6'2'', Orlando Bloom I would give 5'9.5-5'10.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/13
orlandi bllom is not such tall ,, he is about 179cm
Louis said on 1/Mar/13
he looks 5'9 or 5'9.5 with D Monaghan
cole said on 31/Jan/13
5'10.25 at least.
truth said on 27/Jan/13
ok definately not bang on average like 179-180cm, but id say 5ft9 range.
refresh said on 18/Jan/13
c'mon he is shorter then Brad Pitt,barely taller then J.Deep! Waxwor got 2 inches rule just like everyone else
Steven said on 11/Dec/12
Most of the pics with his wife they look quite similar in height, Orlando being about 1 inch taller, or something. When she is in serious heels: Click Here
Editor Rob
kerr can at times (in heels) look taller than him, but then with other models she can look 5ft 8...
Nami said on 10/Dec/12
why is there no section for Miranda Kerr? *wondering* I would be curious about her height and if it is really 5 feet 9 inches:)
Josey Wales said on 6/Dec/12
Hi all, no i had the privilidge to work with him and saw him in barefoot and with shoes. I am 5'7" and he really had me with atleast 3". He is lanky framed as opposed to my rather boxie square frame. Sorry that i dont provide pics but its kinda not cool to work with this guys and then spread pics on the internet. I have no particular reason to "boost" his height. If people feel that its not substantiated i can see your point. So be it.
Sarah Connely said on 5/Dec/12
I've personally met Miranda Kerr , I'm 5'7 she was clearly an inch shorter than I am.
we were both wearing flat shoes.
Cingetorix said on 24/Oct/12
Sorry but have you seen him in Troy? He looks around 5'7-5'9 no higher, just look at him next to Eric bana who I wouldn't put much more than 6ft to 6'1
MaskDeMasque said on 20/Oct/12
Barely taller than Depp. 5'9.5 i think.
zzz said on 19/Oct/12
ok...first,when somebody say "i'm 5'something and i walked past him or met him..." bla bla bla... it doesent mean anything becaouse is that your barefoot height realy? or "him" maybe wears lifts?or not...? anyway,johnny depp is NOT taller then 174cm and that is a fact,orlando is MAYBE 1-2 cm taller,and can somebody please inlight me how is it posible that Brad Pitt,Orlando B,Matthew Mcc,George Cloney and many more are the same height (all from this site,1 cm give or take) when there is 1000 pic or movies where we can see they not?! Is it posible you think they are perfect becaouse they are big stars? they are just a normal people,short,tall,skiny,bild...
logan noll 1996 said on 7/Oct/12
Here's the heights for Orlando Bloom and other Pirates of the Caribbean actors:

Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow: 5'9.5" - 5'10"
Orlando Bloom/Will Turner: 5'10" - 5'10.5"
Bill Nighy/Davy Jones: 5'11.5" - 6'0" (peak height was 6'1" - 6'1.5")
Kiera Knightley/Elizabeth Swan: 5'7"

Bill Nighy(Davy Jones) seemed to have an inch or more on Orlando so maybe he's 6'0.5" nowadays or maybe even still the 6'1" he was because the Davy Jones character's posture wasn't perfect.
Bogie said on 25/Sep/12
Depp wears lifts, Bloom doesn't.
logan noll 1996 said on 22/Sep/12
Click Here

Hey, Rob, after seeing this pic, what would you list Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as? They look the same height here.
Editor Rob
it may be there's no more than an inch in difference and depp could be 5ft 9.5 range, but I think bloom is a bit taller
valdor said on 13/Sep/12
Had the privilige to meet him today. He definetly is the stated 5'10 1/2". I am 5'7" and he had easily 3 mebe 4 inches on me.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Sep/12
Pretty believable? He looks way shorter than Eric Bana, even than Brad Pitt whou should be slightly taller! And he looks pretty similar to Johnny Depp! If that's really believable, then give him 5'10.75 :)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Sep/12
Rob, you think he could be another Gordon Ramsay's case? If you were convinced about the measurement (179.5), you would have put him at 5'10.75 (which is closer), wouldnt you? He doesnt look 5'10.5, he looks similar to Johnny Depp, listed at 5'9!
Editor Rob
the measurement is pretty believable, although it was never seen, unless they done a laser measurement at distance, which I doubt.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Sep/12
Rob, you think he could be another Gordon Ramsay's case? If you were convinced about the measurement (179.5), you would have put him at 5'10.75 (which is closer), wouldnt you? He doesnt look 5'10.5, he looks similar to Johnny Depp, listed at 5'9!
Gigi said on 21/Aug/12
I believe Orlando Bloom is around 5'10 1/2", but I think Miranda Kerr's height is not 5'10" as several websites state but around 5'9". Look at this photo of them together where she's in flats: Click Here
Skyler said on 20/Aug/12
@dadang if Miranda is only 5'5" she would've never made it into Victorias Secret. The shorest they go for runways is 5'8" barefoot. She is definitely 5'9".
dadang said on 15/Aug/12
he's 5'8'' barefoot also miranda 5'5'' barefoot
w/shoes-5'10'' w/heels-5'9''

that's all...
ANDREA[ITA] said on 2/Aug/12
He looked very short next to Eric Bana (i think at least 4 inches) and also 2 inches shorter than Brad Pitt (i dont know how)... Maybe he's just 5'10. Is that possible, Rob?
maio said on 14/Feb/12
flat 5 ft 10.25 in/178 cm, i'd more...
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 5/Feb/12
what did you have Bloom at prior to the surfacing of this measurement video?
Editor Rob
in 2004 he started at 5ft 11
Dural said on 14/Jan/12

I only assume he was measured in footwear, because he doesn't look 179.5cm and even dmeyer said (before the supposed measurement) when he met him Bloom gave a 5'9.5" impression. He could have been measured in the morning as well. Barefoot he's at most a tiny bit taller than 175cm listed Miranda Kerr. If someone still has the barefoot pics please post them.
Tman said on 5/Jan/12
he was 5.5-6 inches taller than Kirsten Dunst in the mediocre Rom Com they did together,she was wearing flip flops and he was wearing boots throughout the Movie so he had about an inch footwear advantage on her. 1.795m is accurate!
the shredder said on 31/Dec/11
Van Damme and him are facts that it does not even care what celeb would measure that folk still are bias .
Vegas said on 29/Dec/11
Dural says on 29/Dec/11
They only say "179.5cm" in the video, but you can't see a measurement. I assume he was measured in his pirate boots

that would mean either
a. his waxwork is 179.5cm in footwear
b. his waxwork is 179.5cm barefoot and an inch taller when footwear is added

most likely "b" because "a" really makes no sense at least to me, why would they need to measure bloom in boots as the waxwork is barefoot and boots will be added, he is clearly shown barefoot a number of times in that video but yet you assume he was measured with his pirate boots....
Dural said on 29/Dec/11
They only say "179.5cm" in the video, but you can't see a measurement. I assume he was measured in his pirate boots and is about 176cm in reality.
Silent d said on 29/Dec/11
179cm. People say brad pitt is 5 foot 10. He must wear lifts.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Dec/11
Well if he was measured at 179.5 he's closer to 5'10.75! Is this height based on this vid, Rob? Was he barefoot? He's way shorter than Eric Bana and noticeably shorter than Brad Pitt, who's no more than 180!
Chris said on 13/Dec/11
If Depp is listed here 5'9, Bloom cannot be a 5'10.5 guy. He's barely tall than Johnny. So or Johnny he's 5'10 or Bloom is 5'9.5

Look at this pic with Viggo Mortensen Click Here

Clearly an inch shorter, and Viggo is listed here 5'10.75, Bloom is a 5'10 guy. Nothing more.
nick13 said on 10/Dec/11
check this he is propably 177cm Click Here
Đôn Nghĩa said on 1/Dec/11
Yes, I have the proof that Orlando as a same height as Brad Pitt
And here is it
Click Here
See ? , not too much different between them, and even Eric Bana not seem to 7cm taller than Pitt...
Dreamin said on 29/Nov/11
Miranda Kerr is 5'7.5-5'8.Check her out on chelsea lately! (chelsea is 5'6).As for orlando,judging from pictures and his ellen interview he look's 5'9.5-5'10.
P.S. You can still be a supermodel at 5'7.5-5'8.Kate Moss anyone?? (:
JohnnyRB said on 16/Nov/11
Me again :) Another pic with the Pirates gang.
Click Here
Orlando has some huge boots and a suit jacket and barely reaches Keira Knightley shoulder. If we look in the other side of Keira we find Johnny Depp with no boots, just some fancy shoes and no jacket and he definetly passes Keira shoulder. Orlando needs a downgrade.
JohnnyRB said on 16/Nov/11
Johnny Depp and Orlando. They are the same height, maybe Johnny its a little taller because he is slouching.

Click Here
Silent d said on 12/Nov/11
In troy he looked small. A lttle taller than diane kruger and at least 12cm shorter than 6 foot 3 bana. He did look 175 next to pitt but that was probably camera effects. 179cm and kerr is 175cm. She is a supermodel.
Physics Enemy said on 5/Nov/11
179.5 in footwear that is.
LAN Jiao said on 3/Nov/11
johnny depp could have dip into 172 min , so bloom is possible 176cm and brad pitt still dead's on 177cm , bana height had commented descibed by stan lee his 6'0-1/8 but i"ll be generous to gave bana 184cm.
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
bloom is between 176-177, brad pitt without activate his feet in heels he is 177cm firmly and eric banana is right dead on between 185-186cm.
Silent d said on 31/Oct/11
Miranda is 175cm and orlando is 179cm. What are you talking about elenoir regenfan? They are not that short.
elenoir regenfran said on 28/Oct/11
he's 173 tall and miranda is 165 that's all. i walked pass them and i'm a 175 tall :) THAT'S ALL.
Anonymous Auckland said on 16/Oct/11
I recently walked past Orlando Bloom in New Zealand. I am 177cm - he was definitely taller than me and we were both wearing casual shoes. I would say a flat 5'11" is about right
paul86 said on 9/Oct/11
179.5 cm or 5'10 3/4' and rounds up to 5'11' ^_^
Koalized said on 7/Oct/11
Look at the pictures of Bloom with Mortensen. I think than Bloom should be under 177 cm.
Sabre said on 25/Sep/11
I would think he would make Johnny Depp look rather small if this was accurate but he never seemed to... We could say it was special effects but in reality those can only be used as an excuse to whatever extent.
Vegas said on 9/Sep/11
Gaga says on 9/Sep/11
The wax measurement is a joke, if bana is 6'1 how can he be 180, it is insane.

well all these folk look right around the same height as their tussauds wax models
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

i would just guess that if tussauds fly someone around the world, take hundreds of measurements, pick the exact matching eye colour/hair colour/skin colour etc and have been doing this kind of stuff for nigh on 150 years now, that they can measure height pretty well..

who said bana was 6'1?? he looked an inch shorter than lou ferrigno 10 years ago
Gaga said on 9/Sep/11
The wax measurement is a joke, if bana is 6'1 how can he be 180, it is insane.
Dmeyer said on 8/Sep/11
Rob if you list him 179 cm it means hé could very well ne measured 179.5 cm by 11am that mesurment seems honest they could havé said 180.5
Tess said on 8/Sep/11
no ways. He is 5"9. I've seem him in the Canne Film Festival. I am 5"9.5, and he was no taller of course and neither was he shorter.
dmeyer said on 3/Sep/11
rob i do believe he could mesure 179.5cm he could be 181cm out of bed and 179 cm bed and 179.5 afternoon , they could have said 179 180 181 if they said 179.5 he could measure that at some point , i think he is similar height to pitt , pitt can look taller when in bigger footwear and posture 179cm fits the guy
Editor Rob
would have been interesting to actually see the measurement of him as we have no idea how the measurement of 179.5cm was done...
Koalized said on 30/Aug/11
[Editor Rob: the voiceover doesn't match the video. He's being photographed, not measured in that clip.

we don't see any actual measurement...]
stoodnext2 said on 30/Aug/11
no need for debate; he was measured BAREFOOT on video at 179.5 (I'm assuming the was an afternoon measurement so he's give or take); He's around 5'10-5'11 case closed. I say lets use him to compare the heights of the trickier ones.
@ naomii said on 26/Aug/11
he looks probably 5'9.5 next to pitt.but he just doesn't have as good posture as pitt has.if he was meaured 5'10.5 then i think it's right.but maybe 179.5 is just his height at noon.maybe he's 180.5 when he wakes up and 177.5 at evening.
naomii said on 14/Aug/11
orlando is not 5'10 because brad piit is "5'11" and ive seen pictures and orlando looks wayy shorter i think he is 5'8 - 5'9 and miranda kerr is 5'7 and he is like an inch or 2 taller then her (without shoes)
Koalized said on 9/Aug/11
I used to think Orlando Bloom was about 178 cm tall, but after seeing the pictures of him with Pitt and Bana posted below...I think that Bloom cannot be more tall than 177 cm, if even that.
Brad said on 4/Aug/11
dmeyer says on 26/Mar/11
he could mesure 179.5 cm late morning and be 178.5 night looked near enaught 5 ft 10.5 when i met him just a bit smaller than me

You seem to have met just about every celeb, do yourself a favour, and stop trolling.
Moke said on 30/Jul/11
You couldn't see a difference in height between him an Viggo Mortensen in L.O.T.R. at all. I doubt the gave him elevator shoes cause they're too close in height anyway. Bloom with 5'7 Dominic Monaghan: he's closer to the cam, sure, but it's still obvious he has about 3-4'' on Monaghan. No need for discussion whether he's under 5'10.
Cobain said on 29/Jul/11
@ orlando is TALL,

Clearly you didn't click on the second, third or even forth pictur in that show reel. One can clearly see that she is taller than him in heels. Look where their shoulders line up.

As for your "why would he go for one of the tallest super models who is around" comment. Errrr.....because shes attractive. I take it you never heard of Tom Cruise.
orlando is TALL said on 28/Jul/11
think about this while looking at the below picture: Orlando's wife, Miranda Kerr, is a SUPER MODEL who is AT LEAST 5'9 (maybe even 5'10)...and in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE of them together EVEN the ones with her in HIGH HEELS, he is taller or AT LEAST THE SAME as her in heels. that would mean he is AT LEASTT 5'11. look at this CANDID, VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD picture of Orlando and Miranda, she is wearing 3 inch HEELS and they are the SAME height, putting him at at LEAST 5'11 to 6 ft like he says:
Click Here

i think that settles it, unless you all want to claim that Orlando is wearing man heels in his shoes every picture of them together, hahaha. plus, if he was a short 5'9 guy why would he go for one of the tallest super models who is around 5'10? he is tall, which is why they look like a perfect match in all pics.

in "troy", they probably purposely tried to make eric bana and the others look a lot taller for effect of his character, thats what movies do.
Dominic said on 20/Jul/11
Rob do you think the difference between Pitt and Bloom is too big to ignore?
Click Here

We can't see feet but fair to say Pitt is dwarfing him every time.
Editor Rob
I can't see the photo, but I think I know the ones you refer too where he has appeared a few inches taller.

Bloom is supposed to have been measured 179.5cm, how can the guy be 5ft 9-10 if he's 'owning' a 5ft 10.6 guy?
Dominic said on 20/Jul/11
Tapia your links don't work but Im aware of the photos you're talking about. I definitely think Pitt was wearing lifts in that photo. Never thought he was a legit 180. But even so there's no way he should have that much height over Bloom. Bloom could really be 176 range, I never thought he was that much taller than Depp and these photos are proof. Click Here
Tapia said on 12/Jul/11
Pinky says on 26/Jun/11
Orlando usually has a friendly gesture to put the arm around other's neck, and that makes him lift while the other shrinks and appears shorter.
Here's an example with Eric Bana: Click Here

Photos from the Cannes premiere of "Troy" with Eric Bana (189) and Brad Pitt (180):Click Here

Photo (from Zimbio) expanded and with lines of perspective (the floor tiles are very useful): Click Here

I don't know if Brad is really 180 (looks to me right) or if he wears any "help", but Orlando is shorter than Brad and I don't think there is only 1 cm difference between Brad and Orlando. The wax museum hight in which they say he just needs half centimeters to reach 180 cm, seems unreal. I believe that are more than 10 cm difference between him and Eric. The "nearly 6 ft" coment, must be a joke.

Around 5'9 for Orlando, even 5'10 seem to much, although he has very poor posture so maybe he reaches that.

In these pictures, it is clear that Pitt is wearing his finest of lifts, because he is with Eric Bana. Bloom and Pitt is about the same height barefoot, 177-179 cm.
Josh B said on 30/Jun/11
DrJJ, although you seem to have taken specific notice of Bloom's footwear, you fail to see that Pitt is closer to the camera, has better posture and a footwear advantage of Bean.
DrJJ said on 28/Jun/11
Pinky, I love the first picture with Bloom headlocking Bana. Look closely at Bloom's feet and you can see he's on tiptoes with heels NOT in contact with the floor. Also, regardless of Pitt's true height, Sean Bean cannot be 5'10.5" inches as listed on this site. The lines of perspective show him to be a good 1.5" shorter than Pitt, making him 5'9.5" at very best.
Dasher said on 27/Jun/11
Good job Pinky!
You nailed him! Now it's impossible to mantain that he's nearly 5'11" anymore. Wether Brad Pitt is 5'11 or 5'10" it doesn't change barely a thing, he's closer to 5'9" than to 5'10". I would dare to say 5'9" on the dot. Time for a downgrade. Rob?
Pinky said on 26/Jun/11
Orlando usually has a friendly gesture to put the arm around other's neck, and that makes him lift while the other shrinks and appears shorter.
Here's an example with Eric Bana: Click Here

Photos from the Cannes premiere of "Troy" with Eric Bana (189) and Brad Pitt (180):Click Here

Photo (from Zimbio) expanded and with lines of perspective (the floor tiles are very useful): Click Here

I don't know if Brad is really 180 (looks to me right) or if he wears any "help", but Orlando is shorter than Brad and I don't think there is only 1 cm difference between Brad and Orlando. The wax museum hight in which they say he just needs half centimeters to reach 180 cm, seems unreal. I believe that are more than 10 cm difference between him and Eric. The "nearly 6 ft" coment, must be a joke.

Around 5'9 for Orlando, even 5'10 seem to much, although he has very poor posture so maybe he reaches that.
Tanya said on 17/Jun/11
Orlando is a legit 6footer. Ive seen him and stoood next to him.
Frankie said on 20/May/11
More proof that Bloom is not tall:
Click Here

He is shorter than both Bana 6'2" and Brad Pitt 5'11".
Frankie said on 20/May/11
There is no way Bloom is 5'10". Watch him in Troy next to a legit 6'2" Eric Bana. Bana makes Bloom look like a little boy. Most likely 5'9" or even less.
R said on 30/Apr/11
keirra knightly is only 1.70 idiot but e will never knw truly uless we go measure them
Sam said on 1/Apr/11
OMG I've met Bloom before and I swear he is my height (I'm 5'9.25" or 176cm)

He is average height, no where near 5'11.
Teach said on 1/Apr/11
He visited my school a couple years ago. He's not tall at all. I measure an even 5'7" and he was maybe two inches taller. I was wearing flats. If I had been wearing heels I would have bee taller than him.
dmeyer said on 26/Mar/11
he could mesure 179.5 cm late morning and be 178.5 night looked near enaught 5 ft 10.5 when i met him just a bit smaller than me
Godred said on 24/Mar/11
5`10 flat max.
Dean said on 23/Mar/11
Rob do you think he could be as low as 176-177? If hes 179.5 on the board surely he must be at least 177 barefoot and probably close to 176 nighttime barefoot? What do you think?

Editor Rob
the voiceover doesn't match the video. He's being photographed, not measured in that clip.

we don't see any actual measurement...
A said on 19/Mar/11
I'd say he is 176-178!
because he looks few cm taller than miranda kerr...and she is 174-175 maybe even taller)
Mathew said on 17/Mar/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Jan/11
179.5cm is 5"10.75

Actually it's 5'10.669"
DrJJ said on 15/Mar/11
By the way. That's 3 inches difference between Bloom and Pitt in the pic with Bana (unless y'all got 4 inch weiners!)
Leo said on 8/Mar/11
This will clear up the argument:

Click Here
Sweeney said on 24/Feb/11
another blatant 176cm guy.
biggy said on 15/Feb/11
looks 2 inches shorter than Heath ledger in NED KELLY
Gregorovich said on 16/Jan/11
Anonymous, I come to this site and post occasionally, but it does not mean that I don't have a life. Isn't it OK to be curious about certain things as long as you don't go overboard with that curiosity? For example, how much money certain people make....where certain celebrities live.....and yes, how tall they are. The key, like most things in life, is moderation.
Gregorovich said on 16/Jan/11
If you take the Getty image from Vegas below and do a cut and past on Orlando Blom and put him directly next to Pitt, Bloom is cleary 2 inches shorter than Pit (assuming neither are wearing lifts). If we accept Pit is 5.11, Bloom is around 5.9"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/11
179.5cm is 5"10.75
anonymous said on 21/Dec/10
LOL you people are so on this site to win a bet...but reading some posts I am surprised to see so many people who have such a life that makes them give a sh*t how tall Orlando or Brad are??? are you guys kidding? get a life? to those making them shorter I say jealousy is a personality killer...and to those making them taller, trust me they are not better than you so don't suck up...
Larry said on 18/Dec/10
That's a good pick of a liftless Bloom next to a Lift wearing Pitt. In reality Bloom is only slightly shorter than Pitt, I'd give Bloom legitimately 5 9 no more than 9 5.5, he is in fact slightly taller than his supermodel wife Miranda Kerr who claims 5 9 herself ( but we all know models tend to lie about their height by at least a half an inch), and then a liftless Pitt would be somewhere from 5 9.25 and 5 10, as is proven by the barefoot pic of him and Paltrow. And we don't really know if Bana wears lifts or not, but either way he does seem to be a strong 6 2
Zzz said on 7/Dec/10
Ha ha! He's almoust the same height as 174 cm J.Deep in pirates...
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/09
He is at at least 1.5-2 inches shorter than Brad. I think he is 177 cm max, since it is widely believed Brad is 180 cm max.

5 ft 10.5 inches is a little generous for him.
SoReal said on 27/Jun/09
I always thought he is about the same as Johnny Depp in Priates of Carribean
Will said on 25/Jun/09
Orlando bloom could be 5ft 9.5in cause having Brad pitt next to him, who does seem to almost have 2in on Orlando. Brad = 5ft11 Orlando = 5ft9.5
? said on 5/Jun/09
Brad pitt is 2-3 cm taller then orlando bloom, and he is 180 cm?
Leung said on 25/May/09
elly says on 10/Apr/09
Miranda Kerr is supposed to be 1.75 cm

Kerr closer to 173cm
unknown said on 25/May/09
gilipollas...I'm with you, bloom as never seemed a 5-11 guy no more than 5-10 just like Depp should be no more than 5-9,lol!
gilipollas said on 23/May/09
no way orlando taller than 5-9. He never looked a 5-11 guy not even with shoes on.
Del Mar said on 22/May/09
I don't want to sound arrogant, but I have yet to see a pic with bloom looking above 5-9. is there one? I think he was dwarfed by Trump and Pitt seemed a lot taller too. only reason i believe he could be 5-10 is because of the comments below here
Miles said on 30/Apr/09
min 5'9 max 5'10
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
Well 179.5cm is 5ft10.75. So Rob upgrade??
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/09
Shorter than Brad, not that taller from 5"6-7 Keira. Brad is 180cm - nothing more. Bloom: very lean physique, big hair and long and skinny legs. Shorter than Liv Tyler. 177-178 cm is a good number, which is 5ft 10 at most.

PS: LotR movies can not be a reference for anything, since they played with heights and lighting so much, everyone looked different from what they actually are.
Ian said on 26/Apr/09
Looks only 178cm to me. Brad Pitt has 3cm on him.

Click Here
Damo said on 18/Apr/09
I guess you don't know until you stand next to them. I'm 178.5 which is a good height i think. The actors usually always seem to add more height than what they are. I was shocked to hear Brad Pitt was about the same as me even though its a good height. When he stand next to Angelina you'd think he was 6'1 or something.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
Looks around 4 inches shorter than Donald Trump. Looks a similar height to Brad Pitt to me, I'd say 179cm is about right.
elly said on 10/Apr/09
Miranda Kerr is supposed to be 1.75 cm, Orlando about 1.80..but it really doesn't appear that he is just 5 cm taller than Miranda! ( I mean, she's a supermodel, could she be smaller than 1.75??) Pheraps Orlando is more than 1.80..?
RisingForce said on 17/Mar/09
I have Depp at 5'9.5" and Bloom at more like 5'10.75".
Bo said on 9/Mar/09
He is no more than 1.76 cm believe me. a few months ago i stood almost next to him, didnt get a picture, but i'm 1.74cm and he was not much longer than me!
Complex said on 8/Mar/09
I never see more than an inch difference between him and depp, so who knows, depp is argued anywhere from 5'7-5'9, personally I say 5'9 tops for Depp and Bloom is likely 5'9.75, virtually 5'10 but 5'11 seems a stretch..
dani said on 2/Mar/09
he looks 179cm as Rob has him here.
Comets said on 24/Feb/09
yeah he is definitely over 5'11 (180cm)
italian boy said on 23/Feb/09
he looks 180 cm moro or less it's very difficult to say he is 179.5 cm or 180.0 or 179 and in every photo we don't know so much about shoes so he can wear 1.5 cm converse or 5 cm cowboy boots
Complex said on 30/Jan/09
That tells me nothing Vegas, except that Pitt lies about his height cuz he's really more 5'10.
Vegas said on 30/Jan/09
Complex says on 26/Jan/09
I'm sure Pitt's wax figure would be measured at 6'4 or something,lol!

pitts waxwork is 6ft "in shoes" so about 5'11 barefoot, clooneys is 5'11 in shoes so about 5'10 barefoot
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/09
Ahhhhh this photo makes more sense, must of been the angle of the other photo
Click Here
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/09
On that photo complex gave further down the page, either orlando bloom is a lot shorter than I thought or donald trump is taller than 6'2 because there looks about 6 inches between them. Unless its just a dodgy photo making bloom look a bit shorter,
Complex said on 26/Jan/09
Really when you think about it, waxfigures don't have to be exact, i'm sure shorter actors try to get their waxfigure measurements higher as not to appear short. I'm sure Pitt's wax figure would be measured at 6'4 or something,lol! Heck they prolly even gave cruise a 5'9-5'10 wax figure instead of the 5'6-5'7 that he is. Personally I think Bloom is anywhere between 5'9.75 to the 5'10.5 we have him at here, i think 179 is max for him tho!
Aratirion said on 25/Jan/09
As far as I can remember he had no puffy hair at all in that video. And what sense would it make to include the platform? They have to measure him closely so that they can make an accurate waxfigure. I guess it wouldn't be helpfull if they included "senseless cm's". 179.5 for Bloom is exactly what he is looking on most pictures and what he looks all the time next to other people. Fits perfectly with a 1.76,77 Johnny Depp by the way.
Complex said on 24/Jan/09
Vegas i'm not saying everything must go through me, my opinion shouldn't make any difference. But when someone is trying to convince me of something, they should show me proof. That's why I said "when I see it I believe it" in response to "Complex, he was measured on video at 179". So if a post is directed towards me then yes something should be verified if they want ME to believe it, but if we're discussing height in general and most have seen this video, then it's not an issue but if ya'll want me to believe it, show me proof. Actually the more everyone keeps sayin it the less I believe it happened, makes me wonder if ya'll aren't just teaming up to support ya'lls claims. So if ya'll want me to believe it, show me proof, if not, then don't use the whole "bloom was measured" thing to run down my claims.
GUK said on 22/Jan/09
>The question is were they including the approx 1 inch platform he was stood on.
I don't know, they just took the measurement to the top of his head and said "179.5" if that was measured from the floor they would need to deduct the height of the platform to give his real height, but I would expect they measured from the platform. They were taking lots of measurements, if they were really inaccurate the waxwork wouldn't look right. The platform revolves so they can take quick measurements. I've tried to look for the video but it's no longer on youtube. It looked like a DVD extra from a pirates film
miser said on 22/Jan/09
...or do you think they gave out his height with the platform included? Do these statues stand on the very same platform?
miser said on 22/Jan/09
>The question is were they including the approx 1 inch platform he was stood on.

Why do you think he wasn't supposed to be on the platform? Isn't Salman Khan also standing on a platform in the video posted below?
GUK said on 21/Jan/09
Lots of people on this site saw it. The question is were they including the approx 1 inch platform he was stood on. Whichever way he's minimum an inch less than 179.5 which means 177 absolute minimum. So almost 5ft 10 to almost 5ft 11 is his height 179 seems the fairest compromise
Vegas said on 21/Jan/09
complex you are acting like everything must go through you to be verified lol

we can't post the link because the video has since been removed, mee posted it the video on 3/Aug/08 on this page, as you can see the video has been removed from youtube, it was posted on numerous pages on this website between august and september, loads of people saw it
Leung said on 19/Jan/09
Complex says on 19/Jan/09
When I see it...I believe it, but i've never seen it....

Forget about it because even if you did see it you wouldn
GUK said on 19/Jan/09
I remember the clip, the measured him stood on a pedestle using a digital device. There was some debate if it were measured from the pedestle or inaccurately from the floor. I'd imagine they know what they are doing.
Complex said on 19/Jan/09
When I see it...I believe it, but i've never seen it....
Leung said on 18/Jan/09
The link to the video was on here a while back and many of us saw it, if you missed out then tough. I recall that it was footage taken from LOTR bonus DVD stuff so if you are so keen to see it then look for it yourself.

The guy measured Bloom (barefoot) and clearly states 179.5cm but I think that the measurement included Bloom
Complex said on 18/Jan/09
Rising I know, i've heard that is what i'm saying but never seen it. Just like i've heard Bloom was measured but i've never seen any link to that either. W/o a video sayin Bloom got measured at 5'11 is pointless, cuz with that mentality we could say he was measured at 6'2 but we don't know where the vid is, lol! Doesn't make sense til we see it.
Vegas said on 18/Jan/09
Aratirion says on 18/Jan/09
The video has been deleted on youtube, I fear. But quite a time ago it was there and a couple of people saw it back then. He was measured barefoot.
Maybe anyone finds it ...

i saw it, he was in his socks, the video was up long enough here before being deleted, madame tussauds measure people in their socks NOT their shoes just like Salman Khan here Click Here

bloom was measured at 179.5cm in socks
Aratirion said on 18/Jan/09
The video has been deleted on youtube, I fear. But quite a time ago it was there and a couple of people saw it back then. He was measured barefoot.
Maybe anyone finds it ...
RisingForce said on 17/Jan/09
How do we know Cruise was measured at 5'6.75"? I've never seen any link to that.
Complex said on 16/Jan/09
Rising Cruise was measured at 5'6.75, doesn't mean much til we see it, does anyone have the vid of him getting measured and i'll believe. Coulda been measured in shoes. Everyone always mentions he was measured but I never see proof. I've heard on numerous accounts cruise was measured as 5'6.75 but i've never seen proof, proof is what we need ppl :)
RisingForce said on 16/Jan/09
Bloom was measured 179.5 cm so 5'10.5"/5'10.75". Depp is a legit 5'9.5" barefoot.
Complex said on 15/Jan/09
I don't think he's over 5'10, 5'11-6'0 barefoot would seem a stretch. Here he is with 6'2 donald trump and Bloom is in boots:
Click Here
glenn said on 5/Jan/09
i saw bloom look 5-10.25 to 6ft.
Lenad said on 4/Jan/09
That nearly 6feet claim is more than likely in shoes.
dicky curtis said on 1/Jan/09
if he was measured at 179,5 why not give him 5ft10.75 ?
it sounds like some evidence were all looking for.
Vibram said on 17/Dec/08
He might of been 176cm in his youth.
miser said on 17/Dec/08
"And you've measured him yourself and know he's 5ft10, miser?"

No. I havn't claimed his height had "been proven - not theorized based on assumption" like you did, lol.

"I base knowledge that Depp is 175cm / 5ft9 from the Astronauts Wife where he's barefoot with a lady of 177cm / 5ft9.75 and he be 2cm shorter."

It didn't really show that he is "2cm shorter", it could be 1cm or zero cm shorter... they appeared the same as far as one can accuratelly tell. If she is about 5-10 so is he.

"Now, female models are more accurate listings than their male co-stars, "

Lol, this is a totally misguided conception that is responsible for screwing up many listings in this website, which tends to under-list leading male actors and over-list "tallish" actresses and models. Pretty much every "tallish" women are over-rated in this website, look up the Charlie Sheen - Brooke Shields example I posted below. Truth is women lie about their height just as much as they lie about weight...

"these women rarely 'fudge' height if they're over that 5ft7 minimum requirement to become a model."

Honestly I think this is another totally misguided conception of yours. I don't know a whole lot about models but I heard 5-10 is minimum for "runway" models. Maybe our friend "C." could comment on this, she is a tall girl.
DMEYER said on 17/Dec/08
i walked by him i had a lidl floor advantage and he seemed 5 ft 9.5 i had 1 IN shoes so 6 ft then i wore high cut dress boots he looked nearly my height i would say 5 ft 10.25 to 5 ft 10.5 if he had lifts then he is 5 ft10 or under if they were normal 1.3 in dress boots then he is solid 5 ft 10
Vibram said on 17/Dec/08
And you've measured him yourself and know he's 5ft10, miser? I base knowledge that Depp is 175cm / 5ft9 from the Astronauts Wife where he's barefoot with a lady of 177cm / 5ft9.75 and he be 2cm shorter. Thanks to Risingforce's pics (see Depps page and 8/Dec/08). That lady is Charlize Theron, a former model. Now, female models are more accurate listings than their male co-stars, these women rarely 'fudge' height if they're over that 5ft7 minimum requirement to become a model.
Complex said on 17/Dec/08
Depp gets listed as low as 5'7 and as high as 5'9. Assuming Depp is 5'9 then Bloom would be max 5'10. I think Bloom is 5'9.5 or 5'9.75 but not a full 5'10 in the evening!!
jim12 said on 16/Dec/08
thats cause a lot of actors usually get listed taller than they are...and im pretty sure it takes 24 hrs for comments to show...or is it 12?
miser said on 15/Dec/08
"Vibram says on 15/Dec/08
Depp IS 5ft9: it's been proven - not theorized based on assumption."

Oh no crap lol... so you have measured him Vibram?

My last post here didn't show up. Why? Lagged?
Vibram said on 15/Dec/08
Depp IS 5ft9: it's been proven - not theorized based on assumption.
miser said on 15/Dec/08
It is the case _almost_ everywhere here, Moke. Most leading male actors are under-listed, but pretty much all of the "tallish" female actresses like Brooke Shields are over-listed. Charlie Sheen for example is listed as 5-9 here yet he is about the same height as Brooke, who's listed as 5'11:

Click Here
Moke said on 14/Dec/08
Right miser. You`re so right. But it`s the case everywhere here on celebheights. Always the minimum of height and often less than that.
miser said on 14/Dec/08
Lol, it's pretty hilarious how some folks are downgrading everybody by association... first you assume depp is 5-9... then since bloom does not look a whole lot taller he's about 5-10. i think you're taking an inch off both. they are about 5-10 and 5-11 respectively.
Vibram said on 13/Dec/08
Check this out: Click Here Next to 5ft9 Depp he looks no taller. Most experts on here calculate Depp to be between 174cm-176cm (5ft8.75 - 5ft9.5), so lets say 175cm / 5ft9 flat for Depp. From that picture alone Bloom is tops 177cm / 5ft9.75 and looks more 176cm.

Click Here = Depp and Bloom again yet Bloom dominates, indicating lifts or cowboy boots and/or Depp in flats, or floor abnormalities.

Click Here Bloom and Depp again with 5ft7.5 Jerry Bruckheimer on the left. There is about 2" max Between Jerry and Bloom indicating Bloom is struggling to be 5ft10 and more of a strong 5ft9 guy. 5ft10.75 / 179cm is way too generous = downgrade him from this evidence! What else do you need?
Complex said on 6/Dec/08
Click Here
No way he's 6'0 or 5'11, 5'10.5 maybe, 5'9.75-5'10 more likely, in lifts who knows...
anonymous said on 4/Dec/08
I know he's tall. He is a couple of inches taller than mirranda kerr who is reportedly 5 foot 9 with heels on. That would make him at least 6 foot. I would say 5 foot 11.
Leung said on 24/Nov/08
Your early afternoon height is more accurate than your morning height, based on what you have told us I would guess you are about 5
glenn said on 22/Nov/08
thats exact id say gf.
GF said on 20/Nov/08
I am exactly 5'10" morning height (almost 5'9" at night) and Orlando Bloom was AT LEAST 1/2 inch taller than me when I filmed with him on Pirates 3. 5'10.5" is about right. Maybe 5'10.75"

179.5cm is probably dead-on.
GUK said on 20/Nov/08
"Which according to my dad people in England don't usually grow to be that tall."

LOL He is average for a guy of his age. Many younger people are over 6ft in the UK. I'm Blooms height and feel short a lot of the time
Kelsey said on 14/Nov/08
I read everywhere that he's 5' 11" tall, and besides he's my absolout favorite actor so I know for a fact that he's 5' 11" tall. Which according to my dad people in England don't usually grow to be that tall.
Leung said on 30/Oct/08
Complex, someone did linked a video where a guy measures Bloom and clearly states 179.5cm, unfortunately none of us are completely sure what measuring instrument or device was used. But I believe it
Complex said on 28/Oct/08
Well mee if that's true, then show us the video and i'll believe...

You can't say I downgrade every celeb by an inch, that's not true, some I downgrade more, lol, haha! Nah, I dont downgrade everybody, mee seems to me you upgrade everyone.

We have to keep in mind that celebs are naturally gonna be downgraded, not just because they wre lifts but because ppl claim their max height, so if they're ever caught looking shorter then they'll be more likely to get downgraded.

They have a pic down a little wys of a guy (5'9.5) perfectly even with Bloom. Besides have we forgotten he played a hobbit, lol! 5'10 MAX but he never looks that!
mee said on 22/Oct/08
Complex is trying to downgrade every celebrity for one inch. There is clear video where he has been measured for Waxword and man who is measuring him said :"179,5cm".
Anna said on 15/Oct/08
I heard on tv that hes 5'11 though to me 5'10 sounds more accurate.
Complex said on 14/Oct/08
5'9.5 seems right, i'd agree with that, maybe 5'9.25, he never looks tall and never really looks short, so this seems about right...
mee said on 20/Sep/08
Anonymous, look that video,and youu will se that he is 179,5
Antron said on 19/Sep/08
Not taller than 5'10. Slightly taller than Depp who is 5'9."
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/08
this guy is def. 5'9.5 ive seen him with jack black and ive seen the donald trump pics with him and i remember a reporter sayin he was 5'9.5 also so there is no doubt in my mind he is 5'9.5
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/08
You can tell mirander kerr isn't 5'9 because her body is so small, thats why she never made it as a big model in europe she's probably 5'7 - 5'8 and told to lie by her agency.
mee said on 3/Aug/08
Click Here

He is measured here barefeet, and he is 179,5 cm...
Rikashiku said on 31/Jul/08
Dang Chow yun is tall.

its hard to tell between him and Depp because of his hair.
but with bloom it almost looks 2 inches.

idk. when i look at bloom with other actors he always gives a 5'9 look.

on kingdom of heaven he did give a 5'10 look next to 6'3 actors(whos names i have forgotten sorry. one was from starwars the other was baldish)
VSFan said on 30/Jul/08
Miranda is a good 5'7 1/2-5'8. She's not as tall as they make her out to be saying she's 5'9. I love the VS angels but they usually always lie about their height making them taller or shorter if they're too tall.
Alessandra Ambrosio: 5'8 (according to VS: 5'10)
Miranda Kerr: 5'7 1/2 (according to VS: 5'9)
Tyra Banks: 5'10 (According to her: 5'9)
Adriana Lima: 5'9 1/2 (According to VS: 5'10)
Gisele Bundchen: 5'9-5'9 1/2 (According to VS: 5'10)
Selita Ebanks: 5'5-5'6 (according to VS: 5'7-5'8)
Izabel Goulart: 5'8 1/2 (according to VS: 5'10)
Marissa Miller: 5'5-5'6 (According to VS: 5'8)
Karolina Kurkovia: 5'11-6'0 (According to VS: 5'10-5'11)
Ana Beatriz Barros: 5'10-5'11 (According to VS: 5'10)
Heidi Klum: 5'7-5'8 (According to VS: 5'9)
Brah said on 9/Jul/08
Chow is actually a little taller than Rush:

Click Here
GSP said on 9/Jul/08
I guess bloom a strong 5'10 (as in never drops lower than that) and Depp 5'8.5 at his lowest. Maybe 5'9.
Aratirion said on 8/Jul/08
So, what's your estimate? Chow and Rush both 5'11, Bloom 5'10 and Depp 5'9? Hmm ... yeah, could be, but I still think you should add half an inch to all of them.
Leung said on 8/Jul/08
Anonymous says on 7/Jul/08
leung,i think Megan Gale is more 178 cms unlike 5'10.75 billed height?ur say?

I think 5
GSP said on 6/Jul/08
He didnt really look short in Troy even against his brother. I think hes a legit 5'10.
Authority said on 5/Jul/08
Aratirion, that pic is not very good given the fact that Orlando is closer to the Camera and has an obvious shoe heel advantage to the flats Depp is wearing. His stance is a little awkward which could suggest a lift as well. I think Orlando and Depp are the same height as they look the same in the films. Also, the Camera angle is down low as all three guys are looking down in this photo. I would say they're both taller than Jerry Bruckheimer though who looks 5' 7" here.

See this photo here for comparison of Depp, Orlando, Chow.
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Also note Geoffrey Rush looks almost the same as Chow but is quoted as an inch shorter here. There are also other pics on here and elsewhere that show Chow and Geoffrey together, hard to tell if there's any height difference...
matt said on 2/Jun/08
miranda kerr isn't quite 5'7. She appeared once on Kerri Anne, which is a morning show in australia and she quoted that she wasn't quite 5'7 after being asked whether it was intimidating modelling next to such tall women. Besides Bloom always wears thick heels next to her. And although it cant be completely proven its hard not to argue that heels specifically are worn for a reason.
Aratirion said on 24/May/08
Oh, about 5'9? What is Depp then? As tall as Glenn? Doesn't appear to be as tall as Glenn if you look at the two pictures on the Johnny Depp page. So 5'9 is minimum for Depp. Which makes Bloom at least 5'10. Orlando Bloom is no way shorter than 1.78cm. Unless he got lifts in his socks, lol ...

What about that: Click Here Does he look close to 5'9?
Authority said on 23/May/08
I agree with rinky below, he's about 5'9", not "close to 6ft." He's clearly 2" shorter than Chow Yun Fat who is 5'11" as Chow is the same height as Sean William Scott in Bulletproof Monk. (See pic below)
sam said on 10/May/08
strange, i always thought he was small, but looking more closely here, he's actually a little tall!
Aratirion said on 30/Apr/08
Hmm, true, but are you sure there is no pavement-difference on the girls pics? I can't really tell, but it wouldn't be the first time that a model is officially taller than in reality. (Kate Moss' official height is sometimes 5'8)
But if she's 1.73/74, Bloom is probably about 1.78/79 what I always thought. More 1.79 if you ask me. Anyway, another proof, thanks.
Leung said on 28/Apr/08
I'm not sure because there are only photos of Miranda posing with Megan. I originally thought that Miranda Kerr was a legit 5'9" (175cm) but now I'm convinced that she's less than that.
Click Here
Click Here

It's more tricky making a comparison between Miranda and Orlando because of the high heel factor but I think Miranda Kerr is 173cm and Orlando Bloom 178cm.
Click Here
Aratirion said on 28/Apr/08
And what was the difference between Bloom and the girls like? Gale must be within his height-range (+- 1,2 cm). With a bit taller heel she must have been taller than Bloom if he ain't 5`11.
Leung said on 27/Apr/08
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr attended Randwick Horse Races on the weekend for their first public outing as a couple. Miranda Kerr is officially 5
Aratirion said on 26/Apr/08
Yeah, she's probably 5'8 in that heels and he is 5'10.5 (I think I know what pics you mean) in shoes that give 1cm at the most. Always the same estimate. 1.78/79 for Bloom.
Aratirion said on 12/Apr/08
He looks about 5'10 here if you ask me: Click Here
Orlando's wearing bigger heels but Kate seems to have a little pavement advantage so you can't really tell the exact difference. If she's 5'5, Orlando seems to be about 5 inches taller (with heel + and pavement -)
Aratirion said on 11/Apr/08
He looks about 5'10 here: Click Here
His heel is probably a bit taller, but she seems to have pavement advantage. If Kate is 1,65 he could be about 1.78 here.
Leung said on 6/Apr/08
yes I think 178 as well.
Dmeyer when you met him you would have 1.5 inch over him right?
dmeyer said on 5/Apr/08
looks max 178 with gf
dmeyer said on 4/Apr/08
in person he didnt look over 5 ft 10.25 and he hadweired high cut shoes
Leung said on 4/Apr/08
Nice one GF, yeah he does look slightly taller than you, so Bloom looks 178cm or 5
brother_h said on 1/Apr/08
on POTC pitt looked the same height as bloom. i still sat he is 5'8 or so. he never gives off a 5'10 look
Leung said on 1/Apr/08
The Horse of Funk!! Yeeeahhh!!! Hey it
jay_d said on 30/Mar/08
Pitt is taller than Bloom(obviously) by maybe 1.5 inches or more. If Pitt is listed here as 5'10.5, how can Bloom be 5'10? I think Bloom is 5'9 or 5'9.5 max...
The Horse of FUNK said on 29/Mar/08
"Anonymous says on 4/Feb/08
I bet that Bloom is 181 cm and Depp is 175 cm. I have met them both in the same day. While Brad Pitt for sure is 180 cm"

Bloom taller than Pitt... Wow. That's like saying Bob Hoskins is taller than Tom Cruise.
brother_h said on 25/Mar/08
i knew he wasnt 5'10! wtf? didnt this list him at 5'11.5?? YAY! i was right the whole time! =D! cept i said he was 5'9. but close enuff
Boxing Fighter said on 25/Mar/08
He looks a little bit taller than Tom Cruise here:
Click Here
nick said on 21/Mar/08
Click Here
depp and bloom are the same height
peli said on 7/Mar/08
he's more like 5'10" to me
Johnny Boy said on 3/Mar/08
He's 5'10 flat, he is marginally taller than Miranda Kerr in a photo on Flickr. He has pretty thick heels. There's another one where he has his arm over her shoulders, she is standing straight and he is kind of slouching so he looks shorter but she has big boots and he has thick heels again so hard to tell - I still think he is 5'10.
the shredder said on 27/Feb/08
Rob , if he was measured at 179.5cm , that would make him 5'10.75 right ???
anonymous said on 26/Feb/08
Leung that will be the key to knowing Bloom's height range. I found a photo that was taken from a distance. As you can see Bloom is about to step down to the next step but it doesn't appear that it slouches his height. Kerr is walking (knees are bent) and looking down. They pretty much look the same height or atleast in the same height range. They are both wearing boots but the problem is I can't see Kerr's heels. In the second photo he looks shorter. More photos and research is needed. I still somewhat doubt that he is taller than 5'9-5'10". If you google web "Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr photos" you can find an image of them. If you google image "Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr" you can find another image.
Leung said on 25/Feb/08
Bloom is dating 5
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/08
I agree with everything you said Aratirion but I believe Depp is in the 5'8 - 5'9" range and not the 5'9"-5'10" range. In other words I would say Depp is not smaller than Humphrey Bogart and not taller than Marlon Brando. I believe Orlando Bloom is in the 5'9"-5'10" range and not the 5'10"-5'11" range. A camera can create the illusion that you look heavy or thin and tall and short.
GSP said on 22/Feb/08
Yeah Bloom strikes me as a guy who is over 5'10 out of bed and under 5'10 at night yeah 5'10 suits him well even though he might dip under it at night.
Aratirion said on 22/Feb/08
@Anonymus; Yeah, 5'10.5 might be a little too much for an evening height but in the morning Bloom is no shorter than that; Compare, as LittleLee said, him and Liam Neeson; There ain't that much difference ... (4 to 5 inches)
LittleLee said on 21/Feb/08
I saw a pic of bloom and Liam neeson together. There was a four inch gap and Neeson is 6'4" inch. Defo no smaller than that so obviously bloom is 6 foot tall
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/08
Aratirion, that photo proves nothing. How do we know Jerry is 5'8". How do we know Bloom and Jerry aren't wearing lifts. There is no way Bloom is 5'10.5" in the evening. Why does someone 5'6" say Blooom is small. It makes no sense. "Hollywood" is what this person told me in simple terms. Hollywood.
Ashley said on 8/Feb/08
Met him in Chicago walking his dog- he is at least 5'10... and larger than life. When my dog saw him- she rolled onto her back so he would pet her. I think he has that affect on most women- great guy!
Jojo said on 4/Feb/08
I can't imagine him being much taller then 5'9" or 5'10". I was lucky enough to meet him and sir Ian after a performance of King Lear and Bloom was rather short in comparison
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/08
I bet that Bloom is 181 cm and Depp is 175 cm. I have met them both in the same day. While Brad Pitt for sure is 180 cm
Aratirion said on 28/Jan/08
Bloom is definitely over 5'10 and far away from 5'9: Click Here
If Jerry Bruckheimer is 5'8 tops then this pretty much proves Johnny Depp being 5'9 and Bloom at least 5'10.5 (evening heights of course) Bloom and Bruckheimer are not even standing straight.
Aratirion said on 18/Jan/08
He can seem very tall too; not only in the 5'9 region ...
Shoe advantage, basement advantage, ..., indeed but nevertheless he's looking about 6ft there: Click Here
Aratirion said on 18/Jan/08
Orlando slouches all the time, whereas you can hardly see Pitt doing that. Excluding the massive lifts isn't the only thing. You have to be careful with the angle in those pictures. Pitt is the same height as Orlando Bloom, maybe 1cm difference.
Cincy said on 17/Jan/08
Does that mean that Brad Pitt only has a 1,252 cm advantage on Bloom, because on the pics we saw from Troy's release, Pitt looks much more taller, even if you exclude the lifts.
Aratirion said on 14/Jan/08
Yeah, never thought about that, but maybe 1,79.5 was what the figure had to be about (hair included); So maybe just under 1.79 in the morning (I guess it was morning height), which would explain why he can look 5'10 in the evening.
GSP said on 13/Jan/08
Editor Rob,

It looked like some kind of laser measurement tool. Thats the impression I got. So it would have included the hair but he had it slicked back so it was maybe 1/2 inch. I wondered if it included that white circle elevation though. Also it didnt seem like he was straining posture or anything.

He didnt look short barefoot either so I could definatly buy 179 for Bloom. Would have been better if they used a stadiometer though.
dmeyer said on 13/Jan/08
rob did you upgreat him because of mesurment ,because i got mesured 183 cm barefeet because i had a lidl hair he has mush more hair

Editor Rob
I still not sure how he actually got measured, the clip just shows a guy holding a face reference. But I did give him 179cm.
GSP said on 12/Jan/08
Just saw the wax work clip. So assuming that those laser things are accurate and also assuming it didnt somehow include the 1-1.5 inch white circle he was standing on than it seems fairly conclusive he is indeed 179.5.

We should get more of these clips lol.
horacle said on 12/Jan/08
@Leungs pics; in many pics he looks 5'9 maybe he is liftless and the others have lift on but i think 5'10 is a good estimation but no more. Don't forget he sometimes wear lift recently.
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/08
she had heels on so 6'2 to 6'2.5 for her
Katie said on 10/Jan/08
Here he is with 6' Saffron Burrows, who is probably wearing about 3" heels.

Click Here

I say he could be 5'11. I like to dream. ;D
Aratirion said on 4/Jan/08
@Leungs pics; most of them fit pretty well to a 1.79 Bloom in my opinion. The difference to Norton is normal, Hartnett has about 10,11,12 cm on Bloom, and the ones with Dom. Monaghan aren't good because Monaghan is standing on a higher level; but what makes me really wondering are the ones with Kevin Spacey and Ian McKellen. Spacey is obviously taller although he should be about 2cm smaller, and McKellen is quite a lot taller ...
the problem is, we don't know footwear and these are just some examples for a 5'9.5/5'10 Bloom. I guess he is 5'10.5 in the morning and 5'10 in the evening.
bam said on 4/Jan/08
dmeyers got bloom right on the money
"i think bloom is 5'10.75 morning and 5'10 to 5'10.25 night ,he seemed shorter than me in person and he had funny boots"

That would explain his 5'10.66 listing, and his lows of 5'10 flat in pics. His posture is relaxed, no doubt about it.
Leung said on 3/Jan/08
Below are some gallery links.

Click Here
you will find the pics with Norton

Click Here
a couple of pics on the bottom two rows where he looks nearly the same as Froddo

Click Here
see him get absolutely dominated by Josh Hartnett

Click Here
Ian McKellen appears to have a solid height advantage over Bloom

Click Here
not much taller than Dominic Monaghan

Click Here
It's very close but I think Kevin Spacey has a slight edge on Bloom (4th row)

I'm not saying that Bloom is short because he isn't, I just don't see him being close to 5'11". When he is next to legit 5'11" people there is nearly always about an inch difference, sometimes more.
A 179cm person with a slender frame should often give the illusion of being close to 6' but Bloom never does. He's 5'10" flat, and maybe 5'11" when you include an inch of puffy hairstyle.
Aratirion said on 3/Jan/08
Please, could you link the gallery, because linking directly to the pictures isn't possible ...
Leung said on 3/Jan/08
I just noticed that my links didn
Leung said on 2/Jan/08
The following photos are some shockers, in my opinion a legit 179cm will not look this short. I think Bloom is 5
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/08
If Brad Pitt is 5'11" there is no way Bloom is even close to 5'10.5". That video of the wax place isn't necessarily proof that Bloom is close to 5'11". I know someone who worked on the Elizabeth soundtrack and they said Bloom didn't look very tall. I believe Bloom is a maximum of 5'9.5", and Depp is a max of 5'8.25". If he looks 6ft it is because he is wearing lifts.

an anonymous commenter.... I was within 5 feet of Orlando Bloom when he was promoting the movie "Elizabethtown" in my home town of Louisville, Kentucky. He ain't no 179. I'm 5' 9" barefoot and he was noticably shorter than me. I'll give him 5' 8". My sister swears he looked more 5' 7"ish. This is how a 5' 10" Pitt can tower over Bloom by a few inches in some pics...especially with lifts. Bloom is just another classic example of the "2 inch rule" for shortish actors. He's about 5' 8", so claims 5' 10" and is lean enough to look it in pictures. Just as a lean 5' 10" Pitt looks 6 feet in pics and 6' 1' with the full lift package.
Leung said on 1/Jan/08
People, have a look at the following Bloom fansite which has lots of photos,
Click Here
After browsing the photos I get the impression he is 5
Etep said on 1/Jan/08
hes shorter than 5-11 viggo mortensen in lord of the ****ing rings. 5-10 max for orlando.
Aratirion said on 1/Jan/08
Sure is the angle bad in the picture with Sean Bean, but there is definitely a difference of about half an inch (and Bean is given 5'10.5 here) which would make Bloom 5'10. But we don't know the shoes and judging someones height just because of one picture doesn't work, indeed. I just wanted to show that Bloom can appear 5'10 without slouching. But, as Glenn said, there are numerous pictures where he seems 6feet ... it's strange.
But in the gettyimages pic the angle is in favour of no one. It would be pretty good for judging if they were all standing there barefoot and without slouching. And again it's strange, because Blooms eye level is just under Rushs (who is slouching heavily), but the top of Blooms head is about an inch under his. I guess the difference between Geoffreys eye-level and the top of his head is more than the usual 4,5 inch.

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