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5ft 10.41in (178.8cm)
sebastian said on 26/Mar/06
will some body answer me back on this. Is it posible that he is 5.8 or maybe a lil under
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/06
In Elizabeth he looked about 4-5inches taller than Dunst, and there's a scene with them standing exactly next to each other, and Dunst is wearing flats.
sebastian said on 15/Mar/06
i think hes a lot shorter then people think
dan said on 15/Mar/06
Just saw Elizabethtown. This guy can't be 179 cm. Watch the scene with Alec Baldwin. They walk together and Baldwin is 2 inches taller... Maybe is Alec Baldwin 6'1''(???!). I'll give Bloom 177 at the most.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
He looked the same height as Johnny Depp who is 5'9. He looked two inches shorter than Mortenson who's 5'11" and there was no camera work on them like on the Hobbits.
rwfender said on 4/Mar/06
yeah, you are right, I guess Orlando is leaning in a little but I would still only give him 5'10 max
M.Jorgensen said on 3/Mar/06
There's more than an inch difference on that pic between Wahlberg and Bloom. Sure, Wahlberg is not standing straight, but he is closer to the camera than Bloom.
rwfender said on 3/Mar/06
yeah, unless wahlberg is in sandles (and if he is 5'8) it looks like orlando is dead on 5'9
sebastian said on 2/Mar/06
that is an awesome picture. I think whalberg is under 5'8
John said on 28/Feb/06
Ok, Im saying Bloom is 5'9. Look at this pic with 5'8 Mark Walbergh.
Glenn said on 24/Feb/06
looked 5-11 to me.any hidden footwear tricks is possible.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/06
i stood beside him b4 at the golden globe awards ;) i was the curtain man and i think he is not a whisker taller then 5'9
Marc said on 22/Feb/06
Look at him next to 6'2" Eric Bana. Bana is about 4 inches taller. 5'10" seems accurate.
dmeyer said on 16/Feb/06
i met hin on the set he looked 1 inch smaller than me closo to 5'11 maybe 5'10.5 but he was wearing high cut shoes so lift are possible since a bunch of my friend met him and told me he was 5'10 and also his stand in was 5'10 but 5'11 is possible
Glenn said on 15/Feb/06
no.Orlando is arrogant.
rW said on 14/Feb/06
Hey you have a pic with Orlando? He is an inch shorter than Brad Pitt who is listed at 5'11". Must be the shoes and the hair that makes him look 5'11" perhaps.
Glenn said on 8/Feb/06
have any of you guys seen him in person? I have and he looked 5-11.unless he wears lifts.his body looked long too.
Kswiss said on 7/Feb/06
Dude you guys gotta be kiddin me! For the most Bloom is 5'9.5", Pitt's 5'11" tops, and Bana is 6'2". Nothin more nothin less. Besides Pitt does were lifts and without the extra 3 inches he's probably 5'10" barefoot. Now thats reasonable.
rW said on 6/Feb/06
Bloom's shorter than Pitt by an inch or more. He is between 5'9" and 5'10"
San said on 3/Feb/06 Sean Bean (5'10.5") is about an inch taller than Orlando. Don't be fooled by orlando's hair.
Grace said on 31/Jan/06
I ended up here because I just saw Orlando Bloom on Oprah. I also thought he was probably a 6ft tall guy but Oprah was wearing high heels and he was barely as tall as her. And I saw Jon Bon Jovi last week next to Oprah and he was taller than her and I know Jon Bon Jovi is about 5'9". It's a mystery but it makes me wonder how tall is Keira Knightly? She must be petite.
Becky said on 28/Jan/06
i think Orlando Bloom is about my dad's height except a lil bit taller than him! I mean, it's kinda possible that if Uma Thurman stood next to him she would a few inches taller than him!
stAs said on 16/Jan/06
I think this guy's height is correct, maybe he can be 180cm.
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
If Liv stands up straight, she might be taller than Bloom. I think he's closer to 5'9".
JUSTMATT said on 6/Jan/06
What do you think about the photo I post Rob?
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/06
Wow, Bloom looks at least 3.5 inches smaller than Norton. And if Norton is 184cm, than Bloom, according to that photo is about 176cm... And I don't think that's too far from the truth, Orlando doesn't look any taller.
JUSTMATT said on 4/Jan/06
175cm16andgrowing said on 2/Jan/06
Orlando Bloom: Listed as 5'11'' and 148lbs... Something is wrong there... 5'10.5'' seems to be right, 148lbs not... more like 168.
elio said on 1/Jan/06
I can't believe his PR people tried to let him get away with being listed 6'0. The miracle of actors growing 1 1/2 inches when they become a household name.

I think i'll hold back my biased judgement on this guy in future. If you haven't guessed, I don't like the guy and I think that he can't act and has zero screen presence. Just my humble opinion. :)
Josh said on 1/Dec/05
This is pretty acurate he looks 5'10 1/2 just under 5'11 .
San said on 25/Nov/05
Hey...isn't Brad Pitt 5'11"? Orlando stands an inch or two shorter than Pitt in Troy. Then how can this guy be listed just half an inch shorter? Plz. explain. Don't tell me that only Pitt wears lifts and not this guy. He is not tall enough to avoid wearing lifts. And that puffy hair of his!
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/05
i met him he was wearing fat shoes he looked 178 but then i met him the same day he was wearing boots and he looked 5'11 so so it is a good guess rob
fabrizio said on 15/Oct/05
in my opinion bloom is max 1,78
John said on 14/Sep/05
He would be near 6ft, as in troy, he doesnt look much off Eric Bana who is 6"2.5 or 6"3. 5"9 pffft haha what a joke, you guys obviously want to make yourself feel better by saying that, go and get yourselves a pair of lift shoes to make you feel better
Anshelm said on 30/Aug/05
Having said that, I actually got a second look: I'd say 9–11 cm/c. 4" for Bloom's favor, with Dunst wearing low, maybe 4–5 cm/1½–2" heels. With the (in)accuracy of my visual perception of course ;)

I guess I should now check out what this site has to say about Dunst...
CelebHeights Editor said on 28/Aug/05
Someone commented that bloom was supposed to have said he was '5ft 9.5'. I can't find the article where he has supposed to have said this...

Although, US Weekend magazine did mention::
"has dark hair and eyes and, at 5-foot-9 1/2, is shorter than the 6-foot-plus Elf he plays"

National Post - "And he's a rather tender-looking 5-feet-9"
Bleemo said on 4/Aug/05
I'm starting to become suspicious of this guy purely because of the fact that they keep saying he is tall. Sounds crazy but look at it like this, is 5ft11 really that tall? it's not worth the mention from where I'm standing.

I remember a time when they tried to push Di caprio as 6ft2 and they had people that had met him say, "oh he's really tall, like 6ft2" when clearly the guy is lucky if he's 6ft. As far as I'm concerned if you're 5ft8-5ft10 you're average height, an inch either way and your a little taller or shorter then average and after that you're either tall or short.

Bloom fits the type that would get a benefit from extra height i.e. he's a typical pretty boy leading man ala Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Leo di caprio. Nobody really cares if Hoffman or Pacino are short because they aren't heart-throbs for women. I have no doubt Bloom could really be about 5ft9 and taking Russell crowe's 5ft11.5 listing into account when he's really 5ft9 at best, Bloom could even be under this.
Mike said on 10/Jul/05
Mortensen is having is arm round Bloom, which makes his shoulders positioned higher than Bloom's. Plus 1 cm isn't really that much in difference. So there's a proof that Bloom is actually between 5'10
San said on 3/Jul/05
See the rushes of Elizabethtown. Bloom is atleast an inch shorter than Alec Baldwin whose is listed at 5'11". Bloom is between 5'9" and 5'10" atmost
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/05
Bloom is probabley between 5'10" and 5'11". He is definately not taller than 5'11" nor is he exactley 5'11". he is probabley almost 5'10.5" but most people dont go around saying im five-foot ten and a half. Most people round up and in his case he says 5'11".
San said on 9/Jun/05
Bottom Brad Pitt just 5'10" based on the pic with Gwenyth Paltrow? If that is correct then, its time to change this height listed for Orlando Bloom. No way is he the same height as Brad Pitt. Its all with that curly hair of his.In the publicity pics for Troy on the red carpet, Orlando has neatly combed back hair versus Pitt's almost shaven head. Desipte that he is an inch shorter-slouching or no slouching.
I am sure you have all noticed in the movie Troy where Brad, Eric and Orlando are just wearing some flat-footed combat shoes/sandals. Right through the movie,there is not a single scene where Brad and Orlando are together in the same frame and same floor level...smartly done in Orlando's favor. He is certainly shorter than Pitt and doesn't just appear shorter due to slouching.
San said on 6/Jun/05
Based on the frequent comments about Brad Pitt's height on this site, it is clear that he is no less than 178 (5'10") and no more than 182 (5'11.5"). Based on the publicity pics for Troy, it is evident that Bloom is 2 inches shorter than Pitt. Hence, he can't be more than 5'9"
Lawrence said on 4/Jun/05
Orlando Bloom just does not have the body frame of a 5'10.5-5'11 man. He is NOT 5'7" thats for sure, but I believe through various investigations that he is and should be no more than 5'9.5-5'9 3/4". His forearms are short and his frame (his ribcage is too narrow)to be 5'10.5-5'11". NO WAY, NICE TRY ORLANDO!!
Eugenio From Argentina said on 21/May/05
Hello there.Well , en the photo of Cannes if you pay attention you will see that Orlando Bloom is inclined towards ,so that may be produce that he looks a little more shorter than Pitt who is standig straight. But , no doubt that Brad is more taller than Orlando Bloom , I think that Pitt is 6.0 and bloom im not sure ,even in the case of Brad , Because , in the movie Fight Club ,Brad looks more thaller than Eduard Norton standing in front of him who is impossible because Norton is 6.1 !! height. as you said before , the only way to measure each actor height is face to face and barefoot , because the cameras had tricks to make actors look taller , for example Tom Cruise is the perfect example of the magic effects of the camera that possiblites an actor who is 1.70 cm look almost five cm taller.
Ricardo said on 17/May/05
Yeah... what i find strange was that in LOTR he looked like exactly 6'0" but in every movie i saw him in after that he looks to be fighting up to reach 5'10". Must have been the long hair in LOTR that made him look taller.
Issheuhboy said on 14/May/05
Anyone seen Orly in Kingdom of Heaven? I wouldn't bother...but still, he's with Jeremy Irons in that (who's a definite 6'1, right?), and looks at least three inches shorter. There's some interesting stuff at the start with the sexy Mr. Bloom and Liam Neeson (and there's a bit later where they explain that Neeson is definately taller than Orly), where the camera angle is jazzed, or they're not together in the same shot, all our old Tom Cruise favourites, just to minimise the fact that theres a (probably) 8 inch height difference between the two.

5'9.5" (176cm)
Dwayne said on 26/Apr/05
Ian McKellen is 5ft11...Orlando 5ft10???
Marty McFly said on 7/Mar/05
Bloom is def. around 178 cm there is no way that he'd be shorter. He just happens to be a terrible sloucher.
dmeyer said on 28/Feb/05
hes at least 179 cm
JUSTMATT said on 26/Feb/05
I don't deviate because what I tried to tell you is that even if Orlando in the photo had no sneakers we cannot know if Brad's shoes were or not elevator shoes or if Orlando has elevator shoes or if both have elevator shoes so in order to say that one is taller than the other we have to see them barefoot. Do you understand what the problem is? So i'm agree with you that in all photos of Cannes Premiere Orlando is 5cm shorter than Brad but who can tell us that Orlando hasn't elevator shoes and by contrast Brad has ones? the answer is nobody. Anyway I don't think Orlando is 5.9 because if you look at him near Deep he is at least 2 inches taller so or Deep is less than 5.7 (and I don't believe that!) or Orlando is 5.10 more or less. Come on we have to be honest: I don't think that all actors are a family of dwarfs, do you? If in USA and also in Italy medium height for men is 5.9 why it can't be also for actors? Anyway between 5.9 and 5.10 there's not so a great difference and unfortunately we have not here the means to make a perfect height's measure...for the moment. This is what I really think. Maybe the only solution would be to see Brad Pitt and Robert Redford barefoot and face to face because we know that Redford is surely no more than 177cm so if we can determine exactly Pitt's height we could also determine Clooney, Bloom, Damon & CO height but do you hope to find a photo where Redford and Pitt are togheter and barefoot? I don't. :-)
Palladium said on 26/Feb/05
Hi, sorry that we deviate from the fundamental but i think we have a misunderstanding, what i mean is only that i can't see sneakers on that photo, or do you really see sneakers there. If not, in that case: "we can see also that Brad is at least 5 cm taller than Orlando. So Brad is at max 5.11! IF SO. This give us to think about that Mr. Bloom may be a shade under 5'9!!! What do you mean?" Farewell! Palla.
JUSTMATT (important) said on 26/Feb/05
I Palladium I don't know, maybe you have reason. Anyway for us it's quite impossible to understood an height's actor and do you now why? Go to or to and you will see how many elevator shoes are so well done that is impossible to recognize if someone have normal or elevator shoes. There are also sneaker which can have within 2 inch heels and seems like the others sneakers because the lift is inside and not outside the shoes. So I think that we have always to consider 2 inch of fluctuation. Our only possibility to know actors real height would be to see them barefoot but this is quite impossible (iven if for instance we have a photo of Damon and Clooney in socks). The other problem is that although we could have a photo of actors in barefoot we need also a point of reference for our measurement. Therefore an actor barefoot won't be enough for us in order to determinate his height and this is the reason cause I say that is very hard our work. I think that the only point of reference that is always present and that we can exactly measure is the height of a single eye. I think that in all humans the pupil has the same measure which is, I think, about 1,5 cm. Now if we could in a photo report the height of the eye for all the body of the actor we could determine his height! But it's a very very very complex calculation and moreover we couldn't have the certainty of her precision...that's all.
JUSTMATT said on 24/Feb/05
Hey Palladium open better you eyes: Brad shoes are elegant shoes with 1 inch heels instead Orlando has sneakers without heels and I'm sure about this! Anyway me too I noticed that orlando maybe is 5 cm shorter than Brad so for Brad I propose 181 cm and for Orlando max 178cm. There are also many pics of Orlando with Deep and he seems 5 cm taller than him so I think Depp is no more than 173cm.
JUSTMATT said on 24/Feb/05 there are two photos with Dominic Monaghan that is, as you wrote in this site, 5.7 tall. Now here Bloom is his same height or max 2 inch taller so my opinion is that Orlando is 5.9
Mariana said on 24/Feb/05
He says everywhere that he's 180cm (5ft 11) and thats what Im going to believe!!!
JUSTMATT said on 21/Feb/05
The photo you take for comparison between Pitt and Bloom is not good and I explain you why: surely the photograper is an high emplacement. What I try to say is that the point of view of the photo is from up to down and this is no my opinion if we want to do a good analysis we have always and only to take photos where the photographer stay more or less at the same height of actors and also quite near to them. This is only my opinion! :-D
JUSTMATT said on 21/Feb/05
But Orlando is also quite taller than Deep!! Look at I think Orlando is AT LEAST 5 cm taller than Deep (remember that Deep hat increase is height!)
JUSTMATT said on 21/Feb/05
Now the problem is: Brad 182 and Orlando 180 is IMPOSSIBLE! Or Brad is taller than 6 or Orlando is shorter than 5.11. Why? Look in general at and in particular at photos number 29 and 49. In all, and I say all, these photos Orlando is surely shorter than Pitt at least 5 cm! So if Pitt (IF) is 182 Orlando is no more than 176 cm.

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