How tall is Patricia Tallman

Patricia Tallman's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American Actress and stuntwoman best known for playing Lyta Alexander on science fiction television series Babylon 5. In film she apeared in The Night of the Living Dead (1990). On twitter in 2013 she said "I'm 5'9" and on her acting resume, she had "Weight: 130" pounds.

How tall is Patricia Tallman
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I was auditioning for a Richard Dreyfuss film. There was a whole panel of people; I was going straight to producers. I was so excited, I was really well prepared, and I walked in and they went, "Oh, no." I go, "What is it?" They said, "You're over five four." I said, "Yes. It says so. See in the resume where it says, 'Height: Five nine'?" That was it. Yes, it's on the resume, and I only get hired with taller people.

How tall is Patricia Tallman
>Patricia, J. Michael Straczynski ["I'm 6ft 5...maybe in shoes"]
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Average Guess (8 Votes)
5ft 8.56in (174.1cm)
ChristianPerkins said on 28/May/22
Puns and jokes aside, 5'8" is tall for a woman.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/22
🐟🎣🐠🐑🎏 = small fry!

You talked about old comments! How’s this about a long-overdue reply?

Patricia TALLman indeed! She should be called TallWOMAN,
but in truth, she isn’t that tall at all! She’s a height which is downright convenient to be when you go to the shops and have the desire to reach things on the top shelves!

Well, notice all the exclamation marks; that takes us back, doesn’t it? Sometimes when I read my old comments, I squirm at the regularity of them. Eeeeeeeek! 🐁

5ft8.25. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’
Nik said on 10/Dec/17
@ Sandy Cowell

And you were blaming yourself at this time too, I think you have since become wise to that as you now know who is really to blame, it is that badly behaved autocorrect that just happens to live in your phone! That poor phone of yours is infested with demons from your autocorrect!
I wouldn't care but the mistake made by your autocorrect is small fry compared to some of the mistakes made more recently, maybe it is getting worse!
Yes, it is fun to look back at old comments, of which there are many, and it is ironic that Ms Tallman is the tallest Patricia with "tall" being in her name! It would be interesting to find out how many Patricia's there are and I will do that shortly, six and-a-half inches is not that great a height range for all the Patricia's on this great site, of which there must be a few! It is interesting that tshark thinks she is at least 5'9", and that the average vote is 5'8.71"!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, cheers!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Dec/17
@ Nik - So this is how it all started with noticing my badly behaved phone!πŸ“² Remember these conversations? I do! I remember them well! It's fun to look back at old comments, isn't it?

I have just been looking through all the Patricias and Ms TALLman is ironically the TALLest, at 5ft8, and my favourite blonde actress, Patricia Arquette, the smallest, at 5ft1.5. Six and-a-half inches is not that massive a difference really, considering the differences from the tallest to the smallest with some of the names featured on this great site!

Enjoy your day and have a great weekend! πŸ˜πŸ™‹πŸ‘
tshark said on 7/Sep/17
Solid 5'9" and maybe a touch more.
Nik said on 14/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Maybe phones are as bad as ipads, my Mums Ipad is always changing the words that she types in, mine does that too!
Sandy Cowell said on 14/May/17
@ Nik - Well, it was my phone of course! πŸ“±πŸ˜
Nik said on 12/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

One mistake isn't bad though is it!? I wonder if your phone changed it or is it just an error?
Nik said on 12/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

So do you think that male actors are on average taller than men in the general population? If so why do you think this is? Do you think that being tall often gives men the confidence to pursue careers like this and/or do you think that actors (and actresses) generally come from more affluent backgrounds than the average person in society?
You came up with a good example of a film that was suited for actresses of average or smaller than average heights, I also know that you are a big fan of "Black Swan" by the way! This is one of the many films that demands small or average height actors and actresses, and some may call for tall actors and actresses too. I don't believe there is any, or hardly any, height descrimination in the film industry, there may be certain factors which just happen to cause so many actors and actresses to be tall to begin with!
The soaps though seem to be made up of actors and actresses who are as diverse in height as people from the general public are, there are soap stars of all different heights and like you said this is something for everyone in society to celebrate! Not only that but the smaller than average or small characters are often given favourable storylines. Height is never a handicap for the soap characters and that's how it should be, you can see that height doesn't come into things on the soaps and you can find examples of this by considering the beautiful women that Mikey North's and Kevin Webster's characters have had relationships with on "Coronatiom Street". The women in the soaps also do not seem to be discriminated against in terms of height, this is really how it should be! It can be like this in general society but unfortunately quite a number of people find life tougher because of their height. The soaps can serve as inspiration for people and help everyone be happy with themselves as they are, in terms of height and many other things! This is how things should be.
Now onto my weight, yes calorie counting is the best thing for me to do! Thankfully I only had sandwiches for tea yesterday and I did not have much else for the rest of the evening, so that is a good way to proceed in terms of losing weight. It is not easy though, I went shopping with my Mum today and I saw some "Monster munch" crisps down one of the aisles, you have to exert self control and have a steely determination not to weaken in situations like that! Not only that but I feel that I even have to foresake cashew nuts due to the fact that they contain a lot of calories, and they are on of my "power" foods that I like to consume quite a lot in order to achieve optimum health, it's not easy this losing weight lark! Like you said the only way to success is through determination and self-belief! - and by doing it gradually and slowly as well!
I don't think that eating chocolate balls with sugary "corner" yoghurts is a bad thing in moderation as long as your diet is dominated by much more of the healthy things, which it is, you need to keep the "feel good" factor with you a lot don't you? You shouldn't always be too strict with yourself if you are eating so many of the healthiest types of foods should you!?

Sandy Cowell said on 11/May/17
⭐Correction Time!⭐

That should have read 'calorie counting IS pretty much a guaranteed method' rather than 'in'! Silly me! 😝
Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/17
@ Nik - I guess in Hollywood, they need a fair few tall actresses to complement the taller-than-average actors, but you get the tiny ones too! Who could have been better in 'Black Swan' than Natalie Portman, 5ft2, and Mila Kunis, 5ft4? Tall ones wouldn't have been able to pass for ballet dancers!
Of course, I've noticed that our soaps contain a far more realistic representation of heights, male and female alike, and for people like us, that is something to celebrate!
I am taking in heights now like never before, looking for the exceptional, but most of all, I am always delighted to see the people who are happy with what Mother Nature gave them! There's a lesson in there for all of us!
If you are intent on shedding a few pounds Nik, calorie counting in pretty much a guaranteed method! Guys can get away with a carefully counted 1,700 or so a day, and even more if they're very active! There doesn't seem much a miss with your choice of foods or your exercise routine at present, so good luck with that! The best way is slowly, but 1 - 2 pounds a week is, in my opinion, a healthy rate and fast enough to give you the encouragement you need to keep going! Connor did it! Remember how pleased he was?
And on that subject, I have been incredibly silly of late, eating the sugary 'corner' yogurts with chocolate balls! That isn't the only naughty thing, so my diet needs a bit of revision as well!
So however you decide to proceed Nik, and with whatever method, remember that luck doesn't come into it as much as steely determination and self-belief! πŸ˜€πŸ‘
Nik said on 9/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I get what you say about why models often have to be tall but I don't understand your explanation on why you think so many actresses are tall.
I am small but no so thin! - I wish I could shift that extra stone so that I would be down to Rob's weight! You made a good point when you said that there is a need for actors and actresses of all different heights in order to reflect real life situations, true that is just how it should be! I wonder why there are so many short or fairly short girls on the soaps then? It's fascinating isn't it?!
Also whenever I look through my Mum's mail order catalogues the females and males always seem to be tall and have model looks!

Cheers a Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 7/May/17
@ Nik - I can understand why models have to be tall. Clothes hang so much better on the tall, skinny, 'clothes-horse' type! 😝
But I can say from my own experience that they can hang just as well on the small and skinny!
If the catwalks or runways or whatever they wish to call them had short girls though, they wouldn't have quite the same impact, so it is better for the purpose of showing off the clothes to use tall and lean as the standard size!
Where actresses are concerned, the reason there might be so many tall ones is because actors also come in small, medium and tall, and each very tall actor will probably be partnered off with an actress of Patricia's height or taller! I would have to think long and hard for an example in film of a romance between a very tall man and a short woman, though the Eastwood/Locke coupling does spring to mind, but it did look unusual!
There will always be a call for actors and actresses of all heights in order to reflect real-life situations and beyond, which is how it should be! From ballet dancers to Draculas, Jasons and Candymen - they are all height-based roles! Cheers Nik!
Nik said on 6/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

I went on to Tony Todd's page just a few minutes ago and I read your comment where you said that you thought he may have been about 6ft 6 or 6ft 7!
Yes it's strange why so many actresses are tall, the same is true of female TV presenters and fashion models. When I went shopping with my Mum yesterday I am not sure if I saw a single women who was as tall as myself! Usually I do see a few women who are my height or taller although women so ttall are usually on the minority, (10-15 % maybe!) but every other actress seems 5ft 7 or 5ft 8!

Sandy Cowell said on 5/May/17
Nik - Todd played 'Candyman' and I was hankering to know his height ever since! I would have believed taller! Funnily enough, heights of 5ft7 or 8, can often look distinctly average on actresses!
Nik said on 4/May/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yes I will found out when this film is on the "Horror" channel and watch it! It will be interesting to see her in this film. No she wouldn't be able to get away from the Zombies with 5" heels on, she will be a "very tall woman" with those heels on but she certainly wouldn't stand out as much as Tony Todd!

Cheers Sandy!
Sandy Cowell said on 3/May/17
@ Nik - Yes! I thought that myself (Tallwoman!) for her!
I didn't realize she was in 'Night of the Living Dead', until I read it here, so that is where I know her from! It shows on the good old trusty 'Horror' channel from time to time, if you want to see her yourself! I'm certainly going to watch out for her next time it's on!
It is hardly a very glamorous film, so Patricia won't be wearing 5" heels or she wouldn't be able to run away from the Zombies! Also, I believe 6ft5 Tony Todd is also in the film, so if anyone stands out for being tall, it sure won't be her!
Cheers Nik! πŸ˜‰
Sandy Cowell said on 1/May/17
@ Nik - Hi! I have certainly heard of Patricia Tallman, but I don't know much about her. I didn't know she was a stuntwoman for a start!
Yes, 5ft8 is tall for a woman, so her parents are highly likely to be tall, making a whole family of Tallmans!
Yes, her name is perfectly apt, as you say!
Editor Rob
she was married at one point, though, naturally with such a commanding name, I'm glad she never changed it.
Nik said on 29/Apr/17
I think that she has got an apt name!
Pedro said on 5/Jan/14
In her current resume she is listed at 5'8".
Erin said on 23/Apr/11
I love tall women! Doubt I'd get into a film though, I'm even taller at 5-11...
WantingToBe6FT said on 5/Oct/08
Patricia "Tall"man
lol, wow
phantom_freak101 said on 28/May/08
lol I watched her in the Night of the Living Dead remake and didn't realize she's that tall.
footballed28 said on 7/Feb/07
the name suits her well...

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