How tall was Patrick MacNee

Patrick MacNee's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

English actor best remembered for playing John Steed on TV series The Avengers. In film he has appeared in The Howling, Waxwork and A View to a Kill. In a 1948 Spotlight Page, he listed himself as "Height: 5 feet 11 inches", although in latter years changed it to "6 feet".

How tall is Patrick MacNee
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Average Guess (28 Votes)
5ft 11.19in (180.8cm)
Gerald S said on 28/Feb/23
Rob, could MacNee please join the Bond Actors tag as Sir Godfrey Tibbett?
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jan/23
I remember Patrick in the original Avengers, and that’s going back some!

5ft11.5, peak.
Rory said on 31/Jul/22
6ft is more likely than his former listing of 5ft11, but I still don't think I'd go that high for Macnee. With solid 6ft1 men like Charles Gray,Roger Moore and Allan Cuthberton he did look around 1.5 inches shorter. I think 5ft11.75 or 11.5 either/or, is arguable.
Sinclair said on 29/Jul/22
Rob, I believe MacNee needs an upgrade to six feet and Geoffrey Bayldon a downgrade to 5’11.5”.

Please see 5:06 to understand my reasoning.

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Editor Rob
If their footwear was equal then McNee could look a bit taller than Geoffrey.
Rory said on 9/Apr/22
I'd say now actually he's quite a good barometer of other actors height who acted with him because Im quite sure he was near 182cm zone,frequently looked that range so it's interesting to see others with him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/22
Could really look 182-183cm zone in The Avengers...
Rory said on 10/Dec/21
Rob, how tall do you think Patrick looks next to Charles Gray in this clip? I'd say not too far off six foot when he stands well.

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Editor Rob
Would have said he fluctuated from 5ft 11-11.5 range
Arch Stanton said on 8/Dec/21
He didn't look a full 6 ft next to Quayle, who himself looked a good inch shorter than Henry Fonda. 5'11.5 is the best shout IMO.
Rory said on 8/Dec/21
Nice one Rob, I think he did look near six foot Peak. I thought 5ft11.75, but then the fact he listed himself 5ft11 and 6ft may well indicate he measured 11.5 and once rounded down for 5ft11 and then later rounded up to six foot, that sounds plausible.
Editor Rob
I did see Patrick pop up in a Galactica episode and also managed to look taller than 5ft 11 flat.
Rory said on 6/Dec/21
His six foot claim is nearer to the truth tbh. I've watched now most episodes of the Avengers and I'd completely rule out 5ft11 flat. If you compare him to anyone of known height in that show from Christopher Lee to Peter Cushing to Brian Blessed to Peter Bowles or Nigel Green and the list goes on, he basically looked six foot. I used to think because that 5ft11 listing was there it must be true but really I Can't think of any instance of him looking just 180cm in fact.

Needs to get back his former listing of 5ft11.75,it was surely more accurate. No chance he was shorter than Cushing, he was about an inch taller than him throughout the episode on even ground lol.

182cm peak for Macnee.
Editor Rob
I have been considering 5ft 11.5 for Patrick, it is a figure which he could pull off.
Rory said on 22/Aug/21
In Sherlock Holmes with Gig Young and Roger Moore when he stood well I think he did look 5ft11.5,also in Columbo could look up to 6 inches taller than Peter Falk at times. I remember he looked a similar size to Ian Ogilvy in the avengers too, even though there wasnt any ideal opportunities to compare them. I wouldn't say 5ft11.5 is impossible for a peak McNee, but id certainly give him 5ft11.25,looked minimum 5ft11 by any comparison.
Rory said on 30/Jul/21
Watching a bit more of the avengers and I think this flat 5ft11 is a bit stingy tbh. He can fairly often pull off near six foot on that show,usually looks over 5ft11. Next to solid 6ft2 Nicholas Smith I felt 5ft11.5 wasnt impossible. I think he was a 5ft11-11.5 man who dropped the fraction in the casting directory.

5ft11.25 I think is the best listing for him, any chance of an upgrade Rob?
Editor Rob
I did consider it, and he is a possible for that mark.
Rory said on 19/Jul/21
Id rule out six foot completely imo, but there is a strong case for 5ft11.25 I think, not a guy who ever looked under 5ft11 and could frequently look 5ft11-6ft.

182. 5 out of bed
180.5 lowest
Alan mctavish said on 10/Jun/21
Tavy@ patricks height was really hard to tell in the avengers. But he was about 2 inches shorter than 6'1" roger moore in a view to a kill. So he was at least 5'11 next to roger moore in 1985 so in his avengers days i would put him at 6ft.
James Harris said on 29/May/21
5.11 is too low for his peak height.
In the new avengers ep COMPLEX steeds height is given at over 6 feet. Can't remember exactly. Haven't seen it in years
Alan mctavish said on 26/Feb/21
i am watching the avengers now from 1969 and i have noticed its quite hard to guess patricks height. with his broad build, and suit and that round bowlers hat on. and when he takes the hat off you very rarely see him standing next to an actor of wich you know of there height. but i wasnt born till 1973 so there is only a few that stand next to patrick that i know. but i would put him at 5'11" 05. to a weak 6ft tall flat footed. but i have just saw his shoes there and there at least 2 inch heels on them wich i have seen a few times. so he could be 5'11" tops. but hes never over 6ft flat footed. no way is he 6'1" or 2" some people must watch a diffrent avengers than me lol haha. in a view to a kill next to 6'1" roger moore patrick looks a weak 5'11" put it this way a dont thinck roger moore by then was 6'1" 6ft yes but i might be wrong. but if am right then patrick would be 5'10" wich wouldnt suprise me. but patrick gets a weak 6ft from me at hes peak. he was such a smoothy lol.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Sep/20
Arch Stanton said on 18/Dec/13
Rob I saw him stand close to Anthony Quayle in Battle of River Plate on the deck of ship and he looked more 182 than 180 in comparison, he looked close to an inch shorter than 2. Can you upgrade him a tad to 5'11.5" I think that makes more sense than 5'10.75 anyway?
[Editor Rob: yeah 182 peak is probably fair, since he's 90's now I don't even know what he's shrunk to.]

We now know Quayle was shorter than we thought so the downgrade makes sense!
Editor Rob
McNee can still pull off over 5ft 11 in some shows, he may well have been a bit over it and just went with flat 5ft 11.
Sinclair said on 10/Sep/20
MacNee struck me as a full 6'0" in The Avengers tv series. I'd go with a flat 6'0" for MacNee's peak height. By the time of A View To a Kill, I thought MacNee may have been struggling with 5'11", Roger Moore was at least one inch (perhaps two inches) taller than MacNee in that film.
Rory said on 7/Nov/18
I feel as though 5ft11 flat is a bit low for him. He could pull off looking 6ft besides many actors in The Avengers. I feel 5ft11.5-11.75 might well have been fair.
Michael Voisinet said on 29/Jan/18
I say that he is 6'1.
James said on 26/Nov/17
He looked 5'10" in "A View to a Kill".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/17
Hey Rob, what happened to 182cm?
Editor Rob
he's only ever claimed the 5ft 11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Sep/17
In A View To A Kill he looked 2in under Moore. Probably 5ft11 by that time and Moore 6ft1 flat
Jug said on 6/Jul/17
Don't forget "Sherlock Holmes in New York," a made-for-TV movie made in the 70s. MacNee's Dr. Watson was two inches shorter than Roger Moore's Sherlock Holmes. A strong 5'11 at peak. Whereas a lot of shorter actors claim 5'11, MacNee really was this height. A big frame made him look taller, same with Geoffrey Palmer.
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Apr/17
I never saw Patrick MacNee as above average height for some reason! Maybe I didn't take it in when I watched 'the Avengers' in the 60's, though it's far more likely that it hardly bothered me at so young an age! I think its a combination of both.
OK, OK, he can have 5ft11.5!
PAUL said on 28/Apr/17
You only have to look at him with Peter Bowles (Who is 6FT 2)in THE AVENGERS to know that despite him making out in two avengers episodes that he was 6FT 2 he was actually 5ft 11. He was also in an episode of ALIAS SMITH AND JONES and he only looked half an inch taller than Pete Duel who was 5ft 10 and a half.
Chaz said on 16/Feb/17
I think this is about right,he was about 2.5''taller than Brian two
Avengers episodes.
Larry said on 10/Sep/15
Arch, Macnee was ill with liver disease and arthritis when he made "A View to a Kill" so this may have made him appear shorter than his real height.
Sean5 said on 26/Jun/15
RIP great actor. another star who passed away this June aged 93
Wayne's Lifts said on 9/Feb/15
In Magnum PI, I thought he looked 182 next to John Hillerman. He was in his 60s then so perhaps could have been slightly taller at peak.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/13
Thanks, spot on now I think. He looked similar height to Niven on screen I think, between 5'11 and 6 ft, although Niven often leaves me with a flat 5'11 impression. Quayle has consistently looked a proper 185cm in everything I've seen him in and seeing MacNee stand right next to him there wasn't much in it, 182 definitely looked more accurate than 180. By 1985 in View to a Kill he looked as if he'd already lost a bit of height, and now at what 93 or so he's probably nearer 5 ft 8 today!!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Dec/13
Rob I saw him stand close to Anthony Quayle in Battle of River Plate on the deck of ship and he looked more 182 than 180 in comparison, he looked close to an inch shorter than 2. Can you upgrade him a tad to 5'11.5" I think that makes more sense than 5'10.75 anyway?
Editor Rob
yeah 182 peak is probably fair, since he's 90's now I don't even know what he's shrunk to.
Gordon said on 15/Aug/13
definitely over six feet tall in August (last week) 1981
Ace said on 5/Aug/13
I was watching some old Avengers episodes. He really did appear closer to 6'0 than 5'11.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
Yey you added him, I hadn't noticed. Yes he's one of those guys which is difficult to figure out. He did look 6'-6.0.5" next to Rigg in some episodes, 6'1" is a bit high I think, but next to Roger Moore didn't look much more than 5'11 in View to a Kill. Peak height "around 6ft" I think is about right. He is of course in his 90s now.. I read he's a bit of a joker and nudist and once invited Honor Blackman to watch him play naked tennis. The very thought of a wrinky old man in the buff prancing around a tennis court, eeeessshhh.
patrick said on 28/Aug/12
still 6 foot tall in the 60ties. no doubt.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 11/Feb/12
182 cm peak.
Patrick said on 15/Dec/11
Evidently 6' when shooting the Avengers. He was a strong guy, typically British and not really slender without ever loooking fat. Remarkably conserve for hi age anyway.
Bill said on 17/Oct/11
How Tall is fenella Fielding? she was in an episode of the avengers called the charmers, and she had excelent posture. She stands right next to Patrick in many of the scenes.
Martyr said on 16/Sep/11
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I don't see the two inches you're talking about Avi

And he was over 60 in a view to a kill, he could have lost an inch over the years, easily

So 6ft sounds right to me. Might have been 6'1 in his youth
Avi said on 24/Apr/11
No!! Dont listen to them Rob. He was indeed no more than 6'. In the bond movie A View to a Kill he stood a strong 5'11 next to 6'1 Roger Moore. Its soooo obvious to see. Haha Macnee at almost 6'2. He'd be taller than Moore and as tall as Connery!
Gordon McGinn said on 21/Feb/11
Patrick MacNee was over 6 feet tall in August 1981. Probably 6 feet 1 inch.
MHouillon said on 17/Jun/09
Rob, he needs to be upgraded. Around 6' (183cm) during hies 60s and 70s Avengers-era, even maybe 185cm (6'1), nowadays 181cm. (5'11.25)
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
180 CM? LOL! after 65 maybe but closer to 182 or even 6' before that. He is very strapping!
Anonymous said on 22/May/09
In the New Avengers episode, "Complex: Agent X41," his height is given as 1.85 metres. Seems accurate to me as Joanna Lumley's height is given as 1.73metres. No mention for Gareth Hunt though.
tubbs said on 13/May/09
looked atleast 6ft next to 6'5" Chris Lee in a Sherlock Holmes movie, upgrade required.
ikbtops said on 21/Apr/09
I'm a huge Avengers fan and this blows my mind. I always figured about 6'1.5/6'2"- relative to other characters on the show. He didn't seem all that tall in "Spinal Tap" or "View to a Kill" however.
bill said on 23/Feb/09
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6'ish seems about right
and I think Diana Rigg was probably taller than 5-8 1/2 check OHMSS next to
6-2 Lazenby
anonymous said on 21/Jan/08
he could have been near 6`1 in his prime. i doubt a full 6`1, but 183-4 sounds fair.
Marcelo C. said on 5/Oct/07
Me again (I´ve been going through the whole Celebrities´ List in a couple of days). In this case, I guess it´s O.K.. Half an inch more would be right also.
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/07
just seen an episode of the avengers which costars 6' geoffrey bayldon and 6'2 peter bowles. macnee looked to be of similar height to bayldon and an inch or two shorter than bowles
patrick said on 16/Apr/07
Great man and nice actor, the type of "irreplaceabel" as being an icon like James West - Bob Conrad was; He was tall but look probably less than he was because of being typically british built: bulky, solid and quite "thick"; I vote 6' in Avengers and one inch less after.
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
I thought John was 5-9 or so compared to Vincent Price(6-4).John had a bad slouch.apparently he was 6-1 in his youth!
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
same height as john carradine in the howling. not sure how tall he was though
Filou said on 1/Aug/06
I know that Diana Rigg was 175cm. And Patrick Macnee next to her seemed not very much taller... Don't you think ? To my mind, 5 ft 11 in must be the right height. I remember that episode where his height was mentionned. But he can't be one foot taller than Diana... Absolutely impossible. Unless I have to change my glasses...
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
theres an episode of the avengers where he is described as 6'2" 180lbs, although this could just be the characters description
MHouillon said on 1/May/06
Patrick MacNee's current height is 181-182, and was 184cm at least during "The Avengers".

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