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5ft 9.92in (177.6cm)
sf said on 3/Jun/06
People just don't seem to understand, get, or want to accept how movies can make ANYONE look taller. They can do anything in films. Ever see Star Wars? Yes, the dogfights in space were NOT real... Swayze is no taller than 5'9"....
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/06
Frank. I'll say it again - what about the Outsiders pic with Emilio? Emilio has heeled boots which would likely match Patrick's, so how could there be a 6 inch height difference if Patrick is 5'8 or 5'9. Almost every other pic posted has not been a full shot showing ground and shoes. That ones does. If Swayze is 5'8, Emilio is 5'2. If you can explain that pic, please do.
Frank2 said on 31/May/06
Swayze with 5'10" Minnie Driver: Click Here

6' tall Rowan "Bean" Atkinson, 5'6" Kristin Scott Thomas and Swayze: Click Here

5'9" Ben Miller with Atkinson: Click Here

Swayze is no more than 5'9". He usually wears boots with two inch heels with god knows what inside. In fact Swayze could even be 5'8".
Height Detective said on 31/May/06
Also, rob , Bauer look more like 6.1 or even near 6 ft in that photos with Garcia and Swayze.

[Editor Rob: yes, he doesn't look quite tall there in the other pics aswell]
Height Detective said on 31/May/06
Click Here Patrick Swaize, andy Garcia and Bauer , (swayze seems to stand more close to the camera than Garcia )


Patrick Swayze and Anthony LaPaglia Click Here

Thats confirm that Patrick is 1.78 cm and Garcia is 1.76 like I allways say
Height Detective said on 31/May/06
Click Here Patrick Swaize ,andy Garcia and Steven Bawer
the shredder said on 15/May/06
i was watching steel dawn tonight . now thats one ( and maybe a only ) film where i think anyone would get the impression that he can come off as being short.even though i always had the impression of him being a 6'footer for some dumb reason. now just say if steel dawn was the first film of his that i ever saw , i would have guessed him short, like 5'7. even though he is atleast 5'9-5'10.
Viper652 said on 13/May/06
That outsiders pic is insane. Eztevez looks like he could be as short as 5-4 there!!. I think Swayze is a solid 5-10 anyway.

[Editor Rob: the ground is likely a bit higher, but truly, estevez looks really short]
TJ said on 11/May/06
Swayze looks unusually tall against everyone in Roadhouse though. I think he was definitely wearing some serious lifts for that film.
HaRdCoRe said on 10/May/06
If you see Swayze in Road House he is about equal in height to Terry Funk, who is a documented 6'1 (funker has no need to embelish his height). So either Swayze is pack'n some heavy duty s*** kickers or he's pulling more than 5'10.
TJ said on 6/May/06
If Swayze is really only 5'9 and Estevez is 5'6, this pic is insane...Click Here To be only 3 inches shorter, the top of his head would need to be a good inch above Swayze's eyebrow. The pic shows a height difference nearer six inches and that's with Estevez wearing boots with good size heels. Either Estevez is considerably shorter than 5'6 or Swayze is taller than 5'9.
Frank2 said on 5/May/06
Estevez, much like his dad Martin Sheen, is a shrimp. He's about 5'6".
TJ said on 4/May/06
No Frank, I don't believe I know Swayze's height. I'm really not sure of his height, but I don't think it too improbable that he's the height you think he is. Pics don't tend to support that, but pics can be unreliable. Estevez must be shorter than most think though if Swayze is really 5'9.
Frank2 said on 4/May/06
Maybe Damon's like Toulouse-Lautrec! Only in Lautrec's case, lifts weren't available.
raj said on 4/May/06
TJ, post the one theyr walking 2gether after the fight we had with those radical surfers. in that scene we could clearly see what heigh the is.
Frank2 said on 4/May/06
Anything I post will be inconclusive to you. Period. And I'm not outraged. Just disappointed that some people have such closed minds. Your mind is already made up. You beleive Swayze is the height you see him in your mind. I try to tell you he's 5'9" and you just won't buy it. So continue to believe whatever you want. I'm finished with this particular thread. It's pointless to keep arguing with people who refuse to accept people's word for what they know to be fact.
sf said on 3/May/06
Frank2- you're going to have a heart attack soon trying to convince everyone of the heights you suggest! Maybe you should take a vacation?
Frank2 said on 3/May/06
Forget lifts. Explain why Swayze is so short next to Driver. If he's at least 5'10" he should be her height if she's wearing flat shoes. Matt Damon is short and look how tall he is next to Driver compared to Swayze. And it's clear that Driver is wearing heels in that shot with Damon. Lets just for argument's sake say that Damon is 5'10" which is what he claims to be. That still doesn't explain why Swayze is so short next to Driver. My god! What does it take to sink in?
The Horse of FUNK said on 3/May/06
This isn't Damon's thread, but I don't know what makes you sooooo confident he's wearing lifts in that pic, Frank2. I mean if that guy was wearing lifts in that pic with Driver, then he must have some dwarf legs and that does not make any sense.

I'm sorry, I know some do wear them, but this whole lifts and magic shoes thing is getting carried away.
raj said on 3/May/06
theres the "point break" surf one movie with keanu reeves and u can check them both walking barefoot 2gether. this guy looks 5-9 to me. but u never know as some actors look taller than what they really are and some others like kevin costner are taller than what u expect.

can anyone post a pic of that scene with 6-1 reeves?
Frank2 said on 2/May/06
Well, if this doesn't prove it I don't know what will. Here's Swayze and Minnie Driver: Click Here

Driver with Matt Damon who's lifts are causing his feet to move outward: Click Here

Driver with another 5'9" guy: Click Here
It seems that Josh forgot his lifts. By the way, seeing him in person says to me he's probably about 5'8" and wears lifts to look 5'9".

Keep arguing about Swayze and I just might change my mind and claim he's 5'8".
The Horse of FUNK said on 2/May/06
lol the bricks thing is funny, because I've actually never seen anything like that before in a photo. They could've at least made an attempt to conceal the bricks, too.

However, even without the bricks, he still always looks like a 5'10 guy in his movies. Lowest I'd give him is 5'9.5, 177cm.
sf said on 2/May/06
Yes, 5'9" is on the mark. He was barely an inch taller than Chris Farley when he did that chippendales skit on SNL in the eighties. What made him look taller was the extra 6 inches he got from his eighties hair cut.
Frank2 said on 2/May/06
And pigs can fly!

I've seen him, stood right next to him when he wasn't wearing special footware and he's 5'9". That I would bet a million bucks on!
TJ said on 1/May/06
Even without the bricks, he looks around 6 inches taller than Emilio, which would make him around 5'11-6'0, depending on whether Emilio is 5'5 or 5'6. Now I don't think Swayze is 6'0 and would be surprised if he's 5'11, but it's tough to see how he could be shorter than 5'10 from that pic.
Frank2 said on 30/Apr/06
Check out how Swayze is standing on two sets of stacked bricks in order to make himself appear taller: Click Here

Something tells me that photo wasn't supposed to be seem full view. Somebody goofed!

Swayze without the aid of the bricks: Click Here
Frank2 said on 29/Apr/06
That said, he's still no more than 5'9".

Sue, you better get remeasured.
Sue said on 28/Apr/06
I met Patrick 25/Feb/06. I'm 5-9 and he was taller than I am.
TheMan said on 15/Apr/06
Yeah i agree he's no more than 5,9 i had the impression he was quite short.
Nelson Heights said on 6/Apr/06
Ive Met Pat Swayze.No way is he 5'10.5'8 id say.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
tgri- all due respect I see 4 inches with williams,not 6.and he looks 5-10 with Ali.true with williams he looks 5-11.he probably truly is 5-10,no shorter.but my friends saw 5-9,5-9.5.
TNTinCA said on 5/Apr/06
Patrick has a very slim, lanky physique which I think adds to the illusion of height. But when compared to most actors in films he has been part of, he is not that tall.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
In you defense Rob,my friends met him and all find him 5-9.5 ish.
tgri said on 4/Apr/06
pics proving that swayze can look tall .

here with his wife....

Click Here

here with robin williams looking about 6 inches taller ....

Click Here

and here with ali....

Click Here

rob, i like to know why you use to think he was shorter then his 5'10 listing ?
did you watch road house to many times lol?

[Editor Rob: probably too many times! some guys you just get an impression sometimes of not being tall as you think...]
sebastian said on 27/Mar/06
Click Here
there is a good photo.
Nelson Heights said on 24/Mar/06
Down grade Swayze.He is 5'8 tops.5'10 is ludicrous
Kelly said on 11/Mar/06
I know Patrick Swayze. I've shown horses with him years ago. He's about 5'9". He wears heeled cowboy boots a lot, so that adds some to his height. Anyways, he makes up for it in heart because he is an amazing man and so down to Earth!
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/06
He's 5'10". In Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn and Ghost, he looks that height. If he looked shorter in Roadhouse that only because some of the baddies were really tall.
tgri said on 23/Feb/06
the few films i saw with him he looked pretty tall . if you look at pics from getty he looks roughly 5'10 . i can't see how rob and others took him as being a short guy . ive heard people say as low as 5'6/5'7.
Wcstats said on 12/Feb/06
Anyone remember the chippendale gig on Saturday Night Live Swayze did with Chris Farley (I think that's his name). Farley in his death report listed him as 5'8 and swayze did appear quite a bit taller. Swayze is definately tough to pin down. I'd Say he is 5'10 at the least or so it seems.
Sakanna said on 9/Jan/06
Well, I've read somewhere that he was 6'. Just check one of the scenes in "Point Break" where he walks along side Keanu (who's 6'1") and he's not that much shorter than Keanu.
the real raw truth said on 9/Jan/06
he looks tiny on his movies. a tiny body, big head and short legs
JohnG said on 8/Jan/06
I always thought that he looked shorter than 5'10"
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/06
he looks easily 1" shorter than theron
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/05
He looks a solid 5-10 to me.
George said on 29/Nov/05
Swayze? From his movies he looks 5'8.5'' to me
matt said on 9/Nov/05
He's standing on bricks.
wcstats said on 30/Oct/05
I saw him in roadhouse and yeah maybe he is less than the height i put him at. 5'10 seems right.
TJ said on 22/Oct/05
Anonymous, I can't imagine Tom Cruise growing any more after the Outsiders. He was 20/21 when it was filmed. It's possible that Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe did, as I believe both were 17 during shooting.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/05
no tgri, evryone else in the outsiders are/were shorter than you think.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/05
One thing to consider about "the outsiders" is the fact that Swayze was the only member of the cast beyond late teens, hence the only one fully grown. Lowe, Dillion and even Cruise may have grown another inch after the filming back in 1982 or whatever.
sf said on 11/Oct/05
Okay, you guys, I think you are confusing tall hair with height! Remember, in the eighties, where Patrick's hair, alone, must have added 4 inches to his height. What makes me suspect Swayze is in the 5'8-9" range, at most, was an old Saturday night live skit where he played a Chippendale dancer, competing with Chris Farley (usually listed at 5'8"). I remember Swayze was barely taller, but has a big head, and had huge hair, so he looked a lot taller. As far as the Outsiders, some of those guys might have still been growing. Swayze was easily the oldest of the bunch. I think Patrick, like many Hollywood Stars, might have something inside those shoes most of the time...
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Aug/05
From a newsgroup: "met Patrick and his wife Lisa twice in Kentucky at the Straight Egyptian Event! He is SHORT!! I am about 5' 7 1/2" and I swear I was taller than him!"
wcstat said on 19/Jun/05
i'd say he's a bit taller than 5'10. If you look at an old movie "Red dawn" he was with charlie sheen. Charlie Sheen is at least 5'9" and Swayze was taller by 2 inches i would say so i'd say he's 5'll to 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/05
Okay, I was watching Ghost last night. Y'know, maybe I'm being fooled by the way the camera angles but Patrick seemed taller than 5'10" in many instances in that film. I always thought Patrick was a six footer, to be honest with you. Maybe because of this?:
Anyhow, I also recant the comments I made about Demi Moore being taller. She looks 5'4"-ish in that movie. Didn't realize she was that petite.

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