How tall is Paul Young

Paul Young's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

English Singer, known for songs "Everytime You Go Away" and "Love of the Common People". In this convention photo he cowboy boots, giving him 0.6 or 0.7 inches extra thickness compared to my sneakers.

How tall is Paul Young
5ft 8 Rob and Paul (age 51) @ MusicMania 2007
I'm 6ft 1in and somewhere between 13 and 14st now, although I feel I should be under 13 [stones]. - Paul Young (Daily Mail, 31/7/2012)

How tall is Paul Young
5ft 8 Rob and Paul @ MusicMania (Milton Keynes Shopping Centre) 2007

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Average Guess (19 Votes)
6ft 1.3in (186.2cm)
Mr G said on 3/Jun/23
I’ve seen Paul close up quite a few times and I’d say his peak height was more like 6’2”.
Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/23
I saw Paul singing in the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, which is still an excellent watch. It had so many stars, including Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant, as well as all three remaining members of Queen.

Paul Young gets 6ft1. It was lovely to see how effectively rock stars can raise money for good causes.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Nov/22
I watched the video of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ the other day and yes, Paul did seem as tall as 6ft1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/May/21
Weak 6ft1 today
Mikester said on 28/Mar/21
with the cowboy boots i'm struggling to give him the full 6ft1... might be the angle of the photo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/20
Strong 6ft1 range peak is very possible for Paul. Watching the Band Aid video he looked a good 2in taller than Sting and George Michael. Also not too dissimilar to Geldof and Lebon (both 6ft1½-2)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Oct/19
He atually look 6'0 with Rob. But i doubt a peak Paul below 6'1-6'1 1/4 and probably 6'0 3/4 in person now.
Onge said on 8/Jul/19
I’ve seen Paul Young a few times in the streets and he was in the 6’1” to 6’2” range in his prime.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/19
He’s over that Christian but maybe a little under 6ft1 today
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Mar/19
Looks max 6'0.25" in the photo.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Mar/19
I doubt that his head's that much longer than your's.
SnerhagAip777 said on 15/Mar/19
Rob, how long did his head look?
Editor Rob
Harder to say because he did have a bit of thick hairstyle, but I'd probably say in 9.5-10 range.
slothee said on 10/Jul/18
Maybe it’s the camera angle, but he doesn’t look much over 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/17
Peak: 186.3cm
Today: 184.7cm

May have lost a bit at 60...but I think he could have cleared 6ft1 in his prime
Andy said on 6/Nov/17
He's Either 6ft 1in Or 6ft 2in.
Victor Surratt said on 26/Jun/17
1.85-1.86 max
World Citizen said on 8/Jun/17
Looks 182 cm.
Rory said on 2/Apr/17
Only 51 here, hard to see him having lost much height at all. Claims 6ft1 and that's what he looks, I think on the whole he does like big footwear which means he looks 186-7 in them.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Oct/16
186-187cm peak
Peter 179cm said on 12/Jul/16
Max 183-184cm with footwear advantage,no more than ~182cm/5'11.5 range,imo.
Pierre said on 17/Jun/16
i see him around 5 inches taller than Rob in this picture,so without cow boy boots i think he would be around 3.5 inches taller than Rob so around 5"11.5.A little more because he seem have a strong forehead.Around 6"0' for me.
Editor Rob
remember I have an inch sneaker, he has a cowboy boot that looked 1.6-1.7 inch, not as big as 2 inches.
movieguy said on 30/Apr/16
Yeah, a celebrity who doesn't exaggerate their height which makes a change. At least 6'1'' perhaps a little more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/15
I'm shocked he's only 6ft1. He's listed 6ft3 in most places and I believed that he was. Probably in boots.

Rob, is 186-187cm peak a possibility?
Charlie said on 22/Nov/14
"Hob" r u nuts? Ofc cowboy boots are not 2 inches...most likely 3 cm, 4 cm maximum, this dude i clearly not under 6ft1 but you are clearly short since u want him to only be 6 ft wich makes u feel better.
avi said on 29/Jun/13
Didn't notice he was cowboy boots! In that case he looks close to 6'2 but 6'1 is what he is.
Stephen said on 8/Jan/13
solid 6'1 yea tall man
Modorx said on 30/Sep/12
Rob does belly fact affect height and posture?
Editor Rob
very big belly might effect a bit more than just being a couple of stone overweight.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/12
Ok...he claims 6ft1. But there is always
that rare occasion where a celebrity may
round it down a wee bit. 185cm is fair. But I don't think we should
rule out the possibility that Paul Young may be 186cm.

I think at this point it can be accepted that he wears boots
that make him look 6ft2+.
Hob said on 7/Aug/12
cowboy boots was not under 2inches. if rob was 5'9 in sneakers which consider he bend a little up here, he should be a flat 6'0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/12
He's 185cm max in the picture with
the slouch, losing an inch. Since he has a
shoe advantage he'd be 188cm with better posture.
So chop off 1-2cm.

IMO, his true height is 6ft1.4(186.5cm)
ChiasmataX said on 16/Jan/12
Any guesses above 185cm for this guy are absurd. He's not taller than the guy from height challenge # 8. If we take away Paul's footwear advantage, he will be nearer to the guy from height challenge # 10. Rob got this guy bang on at 185cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jan/12
Rob do you Paul could be between 6ft1 and 6ft2?
Editor Rob
it's always possible to lose a fraction of height by 50's, but I didn't think he was 6ft 2.
fricanman said on 23/Dec/11
I toured the UK with Paul and his band in 1983 on the "No Parlez" tour. At that time I would suggest he was easily 6'2" possibly even 6'3". At the time he routinely wore very flat shoes because his stage show was very energetic, so heels would have been a major hazard!
Dmeyer said on 21/Dec/11
Did hé apear 187cm because of boots or how tall did hé look not counting footwear
Editor Rob
between 6ft 1 and 2 range
ANDREA[ITA] said on 7/Dec/11
if he had that advantage, he looks no more than 6'0 here!
LAN Jiao said on 29/Oct/11
In pic he came near 6'0. In person he is 6'1.
Josh B said on 18/Jul/11
He is in boots in the picture, and is nowhere near 6"3, he's pushing 6"1 with them on lol
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
Probably 6ft3 in boots
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/11
Now I see where the 6ft3 and 6ft4 came from...I still think he's near 6ft2
Ejel Khan said on 31/May/11
Paul is from my home town - Luton. I've seen him, when he's been visiting relatives in town, and performing with his Tex Mex band Los Pacaminos. He always wears cowboy boots, even when he's not performing with his band. Tall guy, but appears even taller because of the boots. 6'1", is a good estimate for him, however he has claimed up to 6'3" in the past.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/11
Up straight he'd look 187cm or 188cm
James said on 15/May/11
Actually he looks at least 6'1 with rob like maybe 186cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/May/11
I reckon he fluctuates between 187cm and 188cm
Lenad said on 1/May/11
I reckon he flactulates between 185 and 186cm
Chameleon said on 30/Apr/11
Absurd? Look at his footwear adventage and his height next to Rob int he pic now tell me this guy is 187??

Whats wrong with you ;/
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/11
The 5"11 and 6"0 claims are absurd

187cm(6"1.75) looks nearer...
Chameleon said on 29/Apr/11
Nah SAK was right this guy is 6'1 max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/11
Closer to 6"2...
Dave said on 20/Apr/11
186 cm was right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Apr/11
I actually don't rule out 6"2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/11
He's a weak 6ft2...looked around the same as Simon LeBon in the Band Aid music video
Chameleon said on 31/Mar/11
Yeah SAK I agree.
SAK said on 30/Mar/11
The difference here looks about 4 inches, ok I take into consideration that Young's posture is not great, but he also has shoe advantage.

I would say he is 184cm/6ft0.5 @ most.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/11
He looks 6ft0.75(185cm) with bad posture with Rob...

Upstraight I think he's 6ft1.5 or even 6ft2
James said on 26/Feb/11
184cm next to rob and would appear 182cm or 183cm if he did not have footware advantage
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jan/11
Almost 6"2
Prudence said on 26/Dec/10
In the video Do they know it's Christmas by Band Aid Click Here (If that doesnt work, type Band Aid-Do They Know It's Christmas 1984), It looks like Paul Young is 6'1 compared to 6'4 Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) on 2:52-2:53.
Jon 183cm said on 4/Nov/10
186cm fitted him better rob, even with the half inch-ish shoe advantage...
Lionel said on 27/Jun/09
I don't think cowboys boots give 1.6 inch taller.
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Jun/09
George Michael is almost 6ft. John Mayer does close to 6ft3. I'd say Paul Young is between 6ft1 and 6ft2 but closer to 6ft2.

Result: 6ft1.75.
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
He was maximum 6'1.75
Mark D. said on 30/May/09
6'1" - 6'2" seems accurate. He was in a picture next to the 6'2" John Taylor and seemed slightly shorter. Near the 6'0" George Michael (in the Band Aide Christmas video) he appeared about an inch taller. His bassist, Pino Palladino, is probably 6'6" as he towered over him, and the 6'2" - 6'3" John Mayer.
Anonymous said on 29/May/09
No Hugh 190cm, he look nowdays 186 cms.
Hugh 190cm said on 26/May/09
6ft1.75 at least.
Lionel said on 11/Mar/09
He was 6'2 younger but seems to lost few inches
Lionel said on 10/Mar/09
He mentioned 6'2
joe said on 16/Feb/09
i think he's 6'2. he does seem quite taller and it taller than 6'1.25
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/09
Kathy, I think he mentioned that he is 6'2.
Kathy W. said on 23/Jan/09
Paul's height was mentioned in the UK special "This is Your Life Paul Young". He is 6'3.
Hugh said on 17/Jan/09
Beacause you asked.
Lionel said on 12/Jan/09
Hugh, Why you tell me that.
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
I wouldn't be suprised if he was actually 6ft2. He looks tall everytime I see him in pictures or on TV.
Hugh said on 6/Jan/09
Lionel my brother is 6ft3.5 (192cm) berfoot.
Lionel said on 1/Jan/09
Lionel said on 26/Dec/08
He looks 187 cms tall or 6'1.75 at least.
Merry Xmas to all.
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/08
I see 7 inches differences beside Sandra so perhaps a tad under 6'2 tall.
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/08
Was he 6'2 foot tall ?
Lionel said on 15/Dec/08
He had approximately 15 cms taller than Rob if he stands straight.
AnonymousBergh said on 10/Dec/08
He looks a bit over 6'1 not a full or under.
Lenad said on 7/Dec/08
Looks a solid 6'1.
AnonymousBergh said on 7/Dec/08
The new picture is tricky, if we compared Sandra to Rob it had at least 2 inches differences between both of you even Paul Young were a 1 inch casual dress shoes against a 1.5 inch boots ???
Can someone explain that.
sandra said on 3/Dec/08
to be honest. i didnt ask him how tall he was, i saw he was tall and never thought much more than that. i only got a photo with someone i have liked as a teenager.
Lenad said on 3/Dec/08
Sandra was Paul closer to 6'1 or 6'2?
Lionel said on 2/Dec/08
Too bad, Sandra anyway thanks for those information you gived here
sandra said on 1/Dec/08
yes he is very tall isnt he. i was suprised how tall Paul was. sorry Lionel i only have pictures of paul onstage.
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/08
Wow he is really that tall ?
Anyway I like too see him much, he is tall, handsome and very elegant as well.
Lionel said on 28/Nov/08
He is really tall and very handsome too for his age.
Sandra, do you have another pictures with him please ?
Lionel said on 28/Nov/08
When did you take the picture, Sandra ?
Lenad said on 27/Nov/08
Looks like a solid 6ft1
sandra said on 27/Nov/08
it was at the zoo. he was dressed causualy. sneakers. i was wearing sneakers too.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/08
Rob, beside Paul it seems you look 5'9 if Sandra is 5'7, if we can try to enlarge the picture to the same level.
Lionel said on 27/Nov/08
There is a good difference between Rob and Sandra height comparing to Paul Young, so I would say to be 6'2 or perhaps 6'1.75.
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/08
Hugh, how tall is your brother ?
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/08
What kind of shoes did you and Paul weared, Sandra?
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
Yeah 6ft2 next to Sandra. Mr bro thought he was 6ft3. He saw him backstage at Live Aid. My bro worked as a roadie at the time.
sandra said on 26/Nov/08
NZ or New Zealand - south pacific. i met Paul young in AKLD NZ. and he is very tall. aparently our microphone stands were too short. im 5'7" and he is definetly over 6ft tall
Lionel said on 24/Nov/08
Where is NZ,Tracey.
Tracey said on 22/Nov/08
I met him in NZ 3 weeks ago, he's tall, very tall, very handsome and very friendly. He's a good height sitting next to you....I think I prefer him sitting next to me than standing....
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/08
Yeah Lionel, I saw that video too.
Lionel said on 15/Nov/08
I saw a concert with him few years ago and He had nearly a head taller than 5'3 Liane Foly, So I would say 6'2 at least.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/08
Young's Peak Height:6'1.5 or 187 cms.
Anonymous Bergh said on 12/Nov/08
Rob, Can you try to met Rick Astley, please.
Anonymous Bergh said on 11/Nov/08
Rob, when had you met him ?

Editor Rob
2007, I tried to do a scale pic but didn't get the right angle when I checked, but I'll try another time.
Anonymous Bergh said on 11/Nov/08
Rob, how about said about this very popular singer that his peak was 6'1.5 and nowdays looks 6'1.25,agree.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
He easily toward George Michael by more than 2 inches.Even Phil Collins,Paul Young has nearly a head over him.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
Hard to measure him in the 80s if he is 6'1 or 6'2,he had usually long raise hair.
Anonymous Bergh said on 11/Nov/08
Compare to 5'9 Zucherro to Paul Young and Andrea Boccieli, They are 6'1.5 both.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
Okay Rob, could you put "the measures lines" near each heads please.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
Paul Young is clearly taller than Darryl Hall by a single inch.
Anonymous Bergh said on 11/Nov/08
Rob, does he had a good posture when compared ?

Editor Rob
I don't think it's much different
Anonymous Bergh said on 11/Nov/08
He is nearly 5 inches taller than 5'9(175 cms) Zucchero so 6'1.5 or possibly 6'2 seems right.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
6'1.25,I would say more at least an inch. He looked nearly 3 inches taller than 5'11 George Michael in the 1986 live aid.
Josh said on 10/Nov/08
yea I would say only 5'11.5 or 6'0 Amen.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 10/Nov/08
I finally confirmed that height, my 5'9 brother and I took pictures with that pose
and my eyes levels has been my brother 5'9 height even with 1.5 inch boots and my brother 1 inch sneakers,even a small doubt about if Paul had bend a bit or not.
I had a large forehead like Paul Young.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
I watch the aid concert in the mid 80s beside Darryl Hall and some camera show they was about the same height and others Young was a bit taller.
AnonymousBergh said on 10/Nov/08
Rob,Did he tell you his height or is your estimated.

Editor Rob
I estimated, I compared him aswell standing talking to a guy whose height I know.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
Yes Rob, there is another one with white line I saw with Routh and another 6'2 black guy.
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/08
Rob,What kind of sneakers you had.

Editor Rob
1 inch.
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/08
Not convince about this height pictures, if Paul Young is 6'1.25 with boots so Rob
with his sneakers might be 5'10 tall.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 2/Nov/08
This boots like mines had also 1.75 inch and 1.5 inch heels however as I fit in,
I am 0.25 inch shorter than the heels are so as I mentioned earlier.
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/08
This is exactly the same boots I saw him in the restaurant as I describe earlier.
So it might be a 1.25 Cowboys boots
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 31/Oct/08
Rob,What kind of boots he wears(brown or black).

Editor Rob
his heel looked the similar size like this one.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 31/Oct/08
Anonymous,you right to said about Paul Young's boots heels,I had 2 different cowboy boots: the first give me 1.25 inch taller the other 1.5 inch taller.
Let's admits that I have 1 inch shorter(6'1.25)and my 5'9 young brother(or Rob height)peak are in my nose tip level.So if Rob is 5'8, he might be 6'0.25 or 184 cms as Gary had mentioned earlier.Paul Young had at least 1 inch shorter
than mentioned.He might have a inch taller Younger,at least 6'1 whatever "TALL".
By the way, He is one of my favorite singer.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/08
I don't think his boots had 0.6 inch than Rob sneakers(if he had a normal 1 inch sneakers).There are no big difference than Sneakers inch and Boots.
Young's boots had between 1.25 inch(3.5 cms)and 1.5 inch(4cms)heels.

Editor Rob
he had a cowboy heel which gave about 1.6 inch. I think I have more knowledge of this than you, as I was there :)
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
He looks in this pictures with this boots 5'11.5 or 182 cms, his eyes level had Rob height in that posture and a large 3.5 inches Forehead.
I am 6 foot tall and my brother 5'8, we do lots of similar picture from this.
My eyebrows level are 5'8, similar to Paul Young had.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 18/Oct/08
Even if he is under a tad under 6'2 he is really tall (6'1 even he wears boots look to be near 6'2 flat)as well as Stylish too.
Lenad said on 15/Oct/08
looks about 6'1.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/08
He Claimed to be near 6'3 in the 80s
janice said on 13/Oct/08
Just 0.6 inches footweardifference? That surprises me! I always thought typical heeled cowboyboots (for men) give at least 1.5 inches or more!

Editor Rob
I'm in 1 inch, he's in about 1.6 inch

Anonymous said on 10/Oct/08
I saw him a couples of weeks ago in a London restaurant with his family, I am 6'1.25 and I had measured my self with boots similar Paul Young had and I am 6'2.5
When I was towered him in the toilet mirror I saw I was slightly taller than him so I would say 6'1 in good posture and 6'2.25 in boots. So Younger he was 6'1.5 tall or 187 cms like some sources describe him in the early 80s.
AnonymousBergh said on 10/Oct/08
even with sneakers comparing to boots there is 1 to 1.5 cm difference so in this pictures he looks like a flat 6'0 feet tall.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/08
He is nearly 53 years old and he might lost nearly a inch so look now 6'1 tall.
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/08
he is surprisingly tall
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/08
I saw the photo. Paul Young is 6'0" .. Daryl Hall is 6'1"......Simon Lebon is 6'1" and 1/2
Brad said on 8/Jul/08
Has he aged!!!
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/08
Mark D. says on 15/Feb/08
"In a pic of him on stage near Darryl Hall, who's 6'1", he was about the same
I think there is strong evidence that Hall is over 6-1
Marcel said on 6/Jul/08
With good posture ==>187cm
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
he told in an old british newspaper that "I'am between 6'1 and 6'2 or 186 cms it's seems correct beside rob with boots might lost some inches,looks 6 foot tall.
H said on 15/Jun/08
I saw him in the mid 80's outside the orpheum in Boston. He looked about 6'3" - both my brothers are 6'5" and he seemed pretty close to them in height.
Hugh said on 24/Apr/08
He claims 6ft4 as his height. I'd almost beleive that claim. But I think I legit 6ft2 could be possible.
Hugh said on 18/Apr/08
Much taller than this. 6ft2.25 is what I saw. My brother was working backstage at Live Aid. He's 6ft3.5 and he claimed that Paul was almost as tall as him.

Editor Rob
I'll go with my own estimate, 6ft 2 he was close to that...except, he was wearing cowboy boots and me in 1-inch trainer.
Gary said on 6/Mar/08
I amm 6-2.25 and flat foot my eye level is 5-9.75 and with shoes im 6'3,25 and eye level is 5'10.75

he looks 6'0.50
Mark D. said on 15/Feb/08
In a pic of him on stage near Darryl Hall, who's 6'1", he was about the same
hight. His bass player, Pino Palladino (w/ John Mayer now) towered over both
of them in pictures. I'd say Pino's got to be at least 6'6" or 6'7" I think.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 13/Jan/08
he is really tall 186 cms is correct.
RussellBrandRocks said on 30/Dec/07
6.1 No doubt about it.
maximus said on 29/Dec/07
6'1 to 6'2 sound about right.....especially if he stands up straight.
Tony said on 28/Dec/07
Paul is 6"1" flat. He's 1/2 shorter than Simon Lebon
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/07
yea I would say only 5'11.5 or 6 ft.
Anthony said on 28/Dec/07
Looks close to 6'2.
dmeyer said on 28/Dec/07
cowboy give 1.7 to 1.8 over barefeet
Skinhead said on 28/Dec/07
6ft to me on this picture
Rut said on 28/Dec/07
where did you meet him, Rob?

Editor Rob
that was in milton keynes
Kevin Durant said on 28/Dec/07
Certainly he looks like a legit 6'1.25" in this picture with Editor Rob...
glenn said on 28/Dec/07
good one rob.finally got one im interested.what was his peak though? i would never be able to spot this guy on the street.had no idea what he looks like now.any idea whats he been up to?

Editor Rob
not sure on his peak, I don't think he'll have lost much he looked near to the 6ft 2 but had cowboy heel. Still does fair amount of touring, his day was the 80's though.
hb45 said on 25/Sep/07
I watched the video of the Live Aid concert(1985). He looks very tall, with long long legs. For me, he's around 6'3" (191cm).
marco said on 22/Aug/07
I walked right by him in London years ago; he's taller than 6'1; i would say a solid 6'2
Franco said on 22/Aug/07
[Editor Rob: 1/4 inches are sometimes given for a reason.]

wanna play the game of the 1/4 inch? it's very easy you add i substract. :D i win automatically though otherwise the game wont count. LOL

lets start......i take 1/4 off Eddie Van Halen and off Paul Young height.
both look like they lost 1cm. ;)
Franco said on 22/Aug/07
[Editor Rob: when folk do compare by height, maybe you'll cotton on why I have some 1/4 inches here and there. There's eventual rhyme behind reason.]***

sorry, i didn't get the last 60 words.

Editor Rob
1/4 inches are sometimes given for a reason.
Raph said on 16/Aug/07
On I.M.D.B. it is said that he is 6' 3" (1.91 m).
glenn said on 13/Aug/07
me too raj.glad im not the only one.then again i dont know him well.
raj said on 12/Aug/07
i always thought he was tiny
Melvin said on 12/Aug/07
Always looked tall to me.
Franco said on 11/Aug/07
he is 185cm

Editor Rob
when folk do compare by height, maybe you'll cotton on why I have some 1/4 inches here and there. There's eventual rhyme behind reason.
TJ said on 8/Aug/07
I think he's claimed 6'4.
dmeyer said on 7/Aug/07
i dont know who he is but that is the height i wish i was 6 ft 1.25 before bed 6 ft 2 morning
glenn said on 7/Aug/07
no clue on this guy.i wouldve thought was i wrong.
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/07
really i thought he was taller like 188
the shredder said on 6/Aug/07
186cm ??? ... WOW ! I thought he was like 5'11 .

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