How tall is Peyton Roi List

Peyton Roi List's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in TV show Cobra Kai, Jessie, and movies like 27 Dresses and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. On her twitter account she mentioned how tall she thought she was, saying "Im 5'6"" and on another occasion gave her height as being "Around 5'6". She also once claimed 5ft 7.

How tall is Peyton Roi List
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Average Guess (133 Votes)
5ft 6.09in (167.9cm)
McDonald's Boy said on 25/Apr/24
Google listed her as 5'5 now but it doesn't sound accurate really
Majestic Butterfly said on 17/Sep/22
there's no way she's 5'8. she's noticeably shorter than Jacob and Courtney, and they're both solid 5'8 & 5'9.

i don't think she's a full 5'7 either because she's like a full inch shorter than 170 cm tanner.

i can't see 5'6 1/2 either since she doesn't look only a half inch shorter than tanner because if so, she'd look his exact height unless you look really close between them but this isn't the case since their difference is noticeable.

barefoot weak 5'6 is the most plausible. 3 inches shorter than Courtney, 2 inches shorter than Jacob, and 1 inch shorter than Tanner.

168cm (5'6.12), no more.
jimmyroberts88 said on 15/Sep/22
Dan da man said on 28/Jul/22
Rob in that clip with Jacob Bertrand she claimed 5’7
Skull crushing Final said on 28/May/22
Peyton list is a really tall woman I'd say she's between 5'7-5'8
REX03 said on 13/May/22
Solid 5'6" possibly 5'7" to 5'8" in shoes.
Jackie Lee said on 21/Feb/22
People on this site tend to have unrealistically high guesses for girls. I even see a female celeb who's 5'4 listed and people guess her as 5'10 and not under because of how long her legs are. People on this site guess height by proportion and give silly claims of meeting them saying they must be 5 inches taller than listed.
Seal said on 20/Jan/22
I don't know why so many people on this site keep inflating her height by saying she's 5'7" or taller. She's 5'6" no more, no less. She has claimed it herself. She looks shorter than Courtney Henggeler in Cobra Kai by at least 3 inches. 5'8" is absolutely ridiculous. Even Tanner Buchanan looked taller than her in cobra kai seasons 3 and 4.
Natalie said on 1/Jan/22
I wonder what age she claimed 5'6. If it was several years ago, she might've grown since then. She is noticeably shorter than 5'8 Jacob Bertrand and 5'9 Courtney Henggeler on Cobra Kai so 5'8 is out of the question, but I could definitely see her being 5'6.5 or 5'7. I think she needs an upgrade
Seal said on 19/Oct/21
Rob, You should add Cobra kai to her page. Also I think the listing seems correct given she's said 5'6" and she does look near it. But how come she looks barely shorter than Jacob bertrand who's listed as 5'8"?
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 22/Jul/21
She seems a solid 5’6 I’ll put 5’6.25
Infalible said on 27/Apr/21
170 cm
IntergenderWrestling102 said on 26/Apr/21
To me, she looks at least 5'6.75 in cobra kai. She doesn't look much shorter than Jacob Bertrand who is listed 5'8 here. Giving her a 5'8, average guess is a bit low.
Nik Ashton said on 7/Mar/21
I trust Rob and Peyton Roi List!
5'8 boy said on 2/Mar/21
Rob how much do you think she weighs?
Editor Rob
Near 125-128 I'd have said
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 18/Oct/20
@Rob , How likely she's 5'6.5" ?
Editor Rob
Can sometimes look near 169, but I think a decent 5ft 6 from recent few years
Victor Germann said on 22/Aug/20
Think 170 fits perfectly for her
The French Dude said on 10/Aug/20
5'6.5 to me, still don't understand why google has her listed as 5'8
Alanna said on 30/Jul/20
Why is she listed as 5’8” on google? 168cm is more accurate.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Jun/20
Infalible said on 17/May/20
169 cm
She herself said around 5ft6 and you claim 5ft6 1/2" , imo she's 5ft5 1/2"
Federico said on 24/May/20
During the last episode of Jessie peyton without heels was taller than debby with heels, so I think that peyton should be a bit taller
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Apr/20
Thought for a second that Rob changed the photo of him with Peyton List, but then I realized that it was a different Peyton List, lol.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 27/Apr/20
She's weak 5ft6 imo , listed as 172 cm in Google.
The hamburger said on 13/Mar/20
How tall is she with those ? Click Here
Editor Rob
Should be over 4 inches easily, around 4.5 is a possibility from them.
Stranher things fan said on 9/Aug/19
Looks 5’6 or 5’7 tbh
Ndomingu said on 13/Jul/19
On Bunk’d, List does look tallish, but that may be because Brar and Jackson are pretty short themselves. I could believe that List is 5’7” at maximum, but more realistically that she is in the weak 5’6” or 5’6 1/2” range. Although List isn’t really all that much taller than 5’5” Miranda May either (ruling out her online 5’8” listing isn’t very credible), but she has quite a few inches on Brar and Jackson for sure.
khaled taban said on 18/Jun/19
@Trenton, 5'8"? No, she isn't that short, she is 6'0" 😂😂😂
khaled taban said on 26/May/19
Inflating someone's height isn't a great thing, In fact It affects negatively the website . I know there are many commenters who make celebrities (especially women) taller than they actually are.
I don't know what is the benefit from that. For instance this girl isn't more than 5'6", but some voters here made her directly 5'7", wait a little and they will make her 5'9" or 5'10".
That's BAD!
Michael Christman said on 28/Feb/19
She’s 5’6” and no taller, Peyton is slightly taller than Debby Ryan.
khaled taban said on 2/Feb/19
5'6" at best!
Nik said on 8/Nov/18
I like her name, she is nice and honest!
Trenton said on 29/Oct/18
She is 5'8
Keith Fallin said on 29/Jul/18
Alright everyone on here listen up she’s 5”6 nothing more she stood next to Madison Hu and she looked taller cause she was wearing heels she barely looks taller than Miranda May and she can’t go from 5”6 to 5”8 in just a year and plus girls stop growing at 15 or 16 so stop saying she’s taller than 5”6
5ft7Accountant said on 22/Mar/18
Now listed as 172 cm in Google.
robert for you said on 20/Mar/18
I never realized it before but there are a lot of short disney actresses out there, Debby, Olivia, Laura, kelli, selena, demi!!!!! I mean i'm 5 foot 11 inches
Marc the Rocker said on 2/Mar/18
Strong 5’6 range, Rob? She looks taller than 167cm. 168 minimum, I think she could probably pass for 169cm
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/17
Agree with Coz-This-the -truth.
Anonymous said on 24/Nov/17
@anyonmious, you must be clueless. 5'4 is ridiculous.
anyonmious said on 28/Oct/17
may be 5'6" including heels. 5'4" without heels
Coz-This-the-truth said on 21/Oct/17
Seriously??...She's 4 inch taller then Selena Gomez,nd 3.5 inch taller then Debby like obviously...Look at her photis..She's like one of the average tall ones....I'm guessing her height is in 169 .. 5"6.75" ft
Nocgam said on 18/Oct/17
Similar to Jacob Sartorious, claims 5'8 but is like 5'6 at best.
Peytonfan said on 8/Jul/17
Close to 5,7, but maybe a hair under. She has a large skeletal frame(broad shoulders, expansive ribcage, etc) relative to other girls her height, though, which may add to the illusion that she's taller than she is.
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
DtD you're wrong Jessie was stil way taller than Peyton in season 4 in the last episode Jessie and Peyton were the same height so a little bit after Peyton is now taller
Kelly said on 3/Jul/17
She is 5,6
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
She's tall taller then Debby but I think she should have stayed at 5'6 bc it fits her better
Kelly said on 17/Jun/17
Omg 😲 I looked at her a week ago she was 5,6 or 5 now she is 5,6 almost 7 I'm wrong she is taller than Jessie by almost two inches
DTD said on 30/May/17
Peyton has been taller than Debby Ryan since at least Season Two on Jessie, so while she insists she's still 5'6" she looks at least 5'7" even without heels. The big surprise if that she stood next to Madison Hu of "Bizaardvark" and was taller than her, and from what I've read, Hu is 5'8."
Jay said on 18/Apr/17
Peyton is taller than Victoria barefoot. I doubt Victoria is shorter than 5'5, but Peyton should be upgraded to 5'6 or higher.
Height Revealer said on 17/Apr/17
@Sharon that is not very realistic. Victoria is 5'4 at the least. Peyton might have 2.5 on her
Sharon said on 16/Apr/17
I can't believe that Peyton List is around 3 inches taller than Victoria Justice- both in heels attending the same event on 15/04/2017. If Peyton List is 168cm, Victoria Justice actually could be 160cm. Remember, she recently posed with 160cm Julianne Hough and clearly appeared shorter. Victoria Justice 158cm barefoot? Sounds ludacris, but the evidence is adding up.
Jay said on 10/Apr/17
5'6 or over
Height Revealer said on 2/Apr/17
Now it's 5'6.6! Lol, almost an inch higher than your guess Rob
Editor Rob
there's a few votes from the same person of course, using opera mini proxy.

Don't worry, you can continue submitting inflated votes if you like, it's a bit silly and a waste of time :)
Height Revealer said on 16/Feb/17
Rob you should upgrade based on community vote... 5'6.4 vs 5'5.75
Editor Rob
a few of those votes were a bit optimistic 😝

it's why when you have 100 different guesses it might remove the bias a bit.
Justine said on 15/Feb/17
She wasn't much shorter than Miranda Kerr, and Miranda had monster high heels.
Jp said on 9/Feb/17
Looks 5 ft 7 to me.
Mo said on 21/Jan/17
On instagram (Click Here) she looks about 2 inches taller than Neriah Fisher, who said she is "5'6 on a good day"... I would say a good 5'7 now...
jeff said on 27/Dec/16
5'6 minimum
Yo said on 8/Jun/16
It seems you have 2 identical pages for her, you need to fix that rob
Editor Rob
with two peyton lists acting, it can be confusing, but the page with roi is the current version of this page and the old one will get deleted.
Fgjk said on 10/Apr/16
She looks taller next to 5'5 Debby Ryan she is same when Debby wear heels
Jay said on 15/Mar/16
Definitely 5'6 next to Fey
Derp said on 11/Mar/16
Recent photos with 5'5 Tina Fey and others makes her look alteast 5'6
You said on 8/Jan/16
Rob pls add karan brar
Yo said on 23/Dec/15
Easily 5'6" never understood how you had her at 5'5"...
Yo said on 3/Nov/15
@Ellei Karan Brar is 5'2"...
Ellei said on 1/Nov/15
Rob, how tall would you say Karan Brar is? Peyton looks at least 7 inches taller than him
Yo said on 16/Oct/15
Rob, will you except that's she's 5'6" now? Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm not totally convinced she's a full 5ft 6, although at times yes she can appear that mark...
Yo said on 13/Oct/15
She has to be 5'6"... Click Here
Kojic said on 29/Sep/15
I go for 5'6" even peyton list herself is consistent being 5'6"
Jay said on 28/Sep/15
Need the upgrade
Yo said on 20/Sep/15
Still no upgrade??
Yo said on 13/Aug/15
Def think she is taller than 5'5.5 Nicola Peltz Click Here
Jay said on 13/Jul/15
Upgrade to 5'6
black and red said on 27/Jun/15
5'6" maybe a spot on rob she's consistent being that range
black and red said on 27/Jun/15
@To From Peyton List herself. 5'6" or Around 5'6" ask her on twitter sometimes
To said on 12/Jun/15
There is no way she is only 5'5 1/2. She's at least 5'6
Jay said on 5/Jun/15
Just saw the latest episode of Jessie. Peyton is clearly taller than Debby in heels while wearing flats. Upgrade to 5'6.5 Rob?
Sammy swift said on 5/Jun/15
Wow she is so good looking. But she would look way better if she woar a dress with less ruffles.
nature spring said on 31/May/15
She is consistent being 5'6" and around 5'6" or whatever she says on twitter. Im her follower and i always see her answer her fans about height questions so I think 5'5 and 1/2" or 5'6" is accurate
ikib said on 26/May/15
@Yo Debby is 5'5" only and from Peyton herself (on twitter), she said that she's "around 5'6") or 5'6"
Yo said on 24/May/15
She's certainly over 5'5.
Yo said on 16/May/15
She's certainly not 5'5. She's taller than 5'6 Debby Ryan.
Iwa said on 8/May/15
Rob, you should upgrade her height to a 5'5.75" (1.67 m). I know she used to be shorter than Debby Ryan but she have grown quite alot.In season 1 she was at least a 5' 1" (1.55 m), season 2 5'3.5" (1.60 m), Season 3 5'5" (1.65 m), Season 4 5'5.75" (1.67 m) Debby ryan usually wear taller heels on the tv show so it's kinda hard to compare
nebule said on 23/Apr/15
She just tweeted a fan Asking her height "Around 5'6"." 5'5 and 1/2" may be accurate. Maybe. I used the word maybe. Rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 5.5 is a possible yes.
Yo said on 19/Apr/15
Looks taller than Kesha with similar shoes. Click Here
Jay said on 5/Apr/15
Atleast 5'6.
Yo said on 25/Mar/15
Why is she labeled at 5'5 she is clearly taller than Debby Ryan
Jay said on 9/Mar/15
@Yo, exactly! I don't understand the downgrade from 5'6. She's taller than Debby by an inch.
Yo said on 8/Mar/15
Lol at 5'5 claims: her and Jason Earles. Click Here Easily taller than him with heels.
Jay said on 10/Feb/15
I honestly feel Peyton is at the most an inch taller than Debby, which would make her 5'6. I've noticed that Debby in heels, is barely taller than Peyon since she's grown.
Jay said on 5/Feb/15
Rob, why is she back down to 5'5? Debby Ryan is definitely the correct height now, but Peyton is taller then her. She always wears flats on the show.
Editor Rob
on looking at them both my impression was they might be a lot closer in height.
Yo said on 3/Feb/15
She is taller than Debby Ryan. Proof: Click Here
michael said on 5/Nov/14
She is 5'5 or 5'6, she would more.likeley be 5'6 which is really annoyin because im 5'5
Ivan Xavier said on 3/Nov/14
Well someone told me she's 5'7" but I believe she's more on 5'6" than 5'7". What do you think Rob? You agree with me?
Editor Rob
I believe her own claim, she looks around that range. Any women that height who then puts on heels can pull of looking 5ft 8-8.5 range beside a man in normal shoes.
Jay said on 25/Jun/14
Could she be over 5'6?
Koo guy said on 28/Nov/13
That's a perfect height for a girl like her I almost her height I'm like 5"4". She is like a really cute, and beautiful girl that's how I see her. I don't know about you guys but she is really really cute and beautiful that's my opinion but I don't think that's really a opinion I think that's a fact. That's what I'm saying nothing else.
Trent said on 26/Sep/13
Actually, ignore my previous post... there are TWO Peyton Lists who are working actresses.

The one I was talking about has been on Smallville, Mad Men, Flash Forward, the new 90210, etc. etc.

I barely glanced at the photo above, just assuming she'd gotten a bad dye job... went 'ugh' and looked away. =\

Which is strange, since it's not a terribly common first or last name, much less both.
Trent said on 26/Sep/13
Sheeeeeee's... 5'5 1/2."

Srsly, check her out on Smallville (she was Lois Lane's younger sister).... consistently was standing about 1 1/2 inches shorter than 5'7" Erica Durance, and 1 1/2 inches taller than 5'4" Ally Mack.

Mid-sized gal, terrific smile, big blue eyes.
cool dude said on 20/Jun/13
she's 5'6
cool dude said on 19/Jun/13
Rob you shouldn't put all these adds.
Editor Rob
2 ads isn't a lot, well you only see the second square ad if there is at least a comment...

if there's no ads the site wouldn't exist!
Pedro said on 13/Jun/13
She confirmed yesterday on her twitter that she is 5'6": Click Here
Editor Rob
I'll put that at the top thanks
Victorian said on 28/May/13
Rob, which Peyton List do you mean? The girl pictured above (Peyton Roi List) indeed appeared in Jessie, 27 Dresses and Sorcerer's Apprentice, but not Flashfoward. That would be the other Peyton List, a brunette - who also played Jane Siegel on Mad Men.

While I don't know much about Peyton Roi List (the blond one), the actress from Mad Men (the brunette) indeed seems to be about 5ft6.
Editor Rob
this is the younger one in the photo, I don't have a listing for the FlashForward one, although I typed that as my mind was probably thinking about the other similarly named actress and what I remembered her from :)
Pedro said on 4/May/13
She should have a picture.
Jake T. said on 28/Nov/11
Peyton seems to be this tall, in an episode of Smallville she looked almost the same with 5'7 Erica Durance.5'6 sounds right.

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