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Peak: 6ft 1.42in (186.5cm)
Current: 6ft 0.74in (184.8cm)
Jason said on 12/Jan/06
Looks 6'0'' max next to Glenn.
MikeyT said on 10/Jan/06
I've met Pierce and he is a little taller than me, without shoes on and i'm 180cm (5'11)
tomking said on 10/Jan/06
Also she saw him at the time of his first james bond movie goldeneye. He was 6f 2in with shoes, and without 6f 1 in not more. And thats could be why he said on a good day 6 ft 2 in.
kroko said on 28/Dec/05
The best way to get Brosnan's height is to compare him to John Cleese. Cleese is 6'5", or 195 cm. Brosnan is about 10 cm (4") shorter than him. I agree that his height is about 6"1' in Bond movies.
Anonmoose said on 24/Dec/05
Pierce was in New Mexico making a film last week. If he was spotted shopping 5,000 miles away in London no wonder he looked short from that distance. Ha!
Dan said on 23/Dec/05
I quote Fleming. 'He stood 6ft' (183cm). James Bond is exactly 6 foot. Read any authoratitive Bond literature and you will find that Bond was exactly 6ft. Perceptions of what is considered tall has changed since flemings books were published, that, and all of the film James Bonds being played by actprs 6ft + has led to the perception that Bond is 6ft 2".
Picture said on 21/Dec/05
I believe that Lazenby said in that interview "I'm 6 ft 3 and Brosnan is no more than 6 ft, my Bond would kicks his Ass". It was in the 007 magazine if I'm right. But I believe that Lazenby and Brosnan don't saw each other in person until 2000, the fact is that they don't like each other for some strange reason...
Picture said on 20/Dec/05
I mean that poeple will think that Brosnan is really 6 ft 2.
Picture said on 20/Dec/05
Dalton is a shakespearian actor who doesn't care about Hollywood things, in fact he hates it to be famous.
Roger Moore is probably the nicest guy on earth.
Pierce Brosnan is tipical Hollywood guy who cares about his heigtht, in the AUDIO commentary of Die Another Day he is only talking about how tall Colin Salmon and John Cleese are, because if poeple think that Cleese and Salmon are almost giants, they will think that Brosnan is a Giant.
Brett said on 20/Dec/05
I have said there are photos that suggest otherwise, but there are just as many if not more that suggest he is 6'2", so thats why I say photos alone are not all that accurate. I put forward photos either in Michael Caine or Roger Moores page, showing one of them to be convincingly bigger then the other in one photo, and the reverse in another. For me photos alone just dont cut it, thats why I insist seeing a person in the flesh makes for easy judgement. I have put countless pics on this page that show Brosnan to be 6'2", perhaps you are the one ignoring all those pictures, but I suggest having alook down this page, because Im really not bothered to go and cut and paste everything back up here. Where has he listed himself as being 6'1" in the past? Seriously mate why would you bother arguing with a someone who has met the celebrity, you would have to be a rather stubborn person to do that.
Have you ever thought that maybe Dalton and Moore wear lifts? I mean why only Brosnan, as I can verify that the guy is 6'2" without them, noone can verify that the others are 6'2" without lifts. I mean this pic which Ive put up so many times suggests Moore could wear lifts.

When someone meets a celebrity it pretty much sets in stone the persons height, and the thing that goes through my mind alot is how many other celebs who have been around Brosnan in his career could have worn lifts. I said Brosnan seemed to be over 6'2" barefoot when I saw him, and at max would have had a 1cm sole in his shoe, so at very minimum he would be 6'2" even barefooted. I dont need you guys to tell me what I say does not cut it, as you have no ecounters under your belt, and are simply using photos as your means, and in your words J.J.F , that just doesnt cut it. May I suggest you go and look down this page at all the different photos I have pasted up here, I dont only say you guys are Brosnan haters, I back up my claims with pictures, and alot of them. If you choose to ignore the evidence I post , well then thats not my problem. all the photos ive posted show Brosnan to be 6'2". Im still laughing that so many people would argue with a real encounter, not a " oh I saw Brosnan in Picadilly and he was walking down the road, and I swear he was only 5'9" bit of rubbish. I mean J.J.F you took that John seriously when he said Brosnan looked 5'11", even though his attempt was rather weak, anyone would has met Brosnan would laugh at that kind of a comment, as he really is a suprisingly big guy.
One other thing, keep in mind I have met celebrities like Hugh Jackman, and Eric Bana ( both Aussie Icons) and both of them are roughly the same size ( 1-2cm diff) and they were no different in size to Brosnan when I saw him. And being 6'1" its quite easy to tell peoples heights whoes are within a couple inches of your own. I can tell you that I am 99percent sure that Brosnan is on the 6'2" mark, its just up to you if you choose to believe it.
J.J.F said on 19/Dec/05
"On his sight he claims to be 6'2", nothing less"

Brett, I appreciate you can stick to your guns, but you haven't reacted to my comment that he used to list himself as 6'1" a while ago (around the time of his first 007 outings - why on EARTH downgrade your own height? No actor ever has or ever will)
AND that picture ( re-posted a few weeks or so ago with him next to Moore & Dalton looking exactly the same height as Moore, and shorter than Dalton by about 1.5".

You go on about your encounter with Pierce and that he is a good 6'2" but fail to convincingly comment on strong evidence to the contrary.
You always sidestep the evidence with yet another useless rant about 'us' being petty Brosnan/celebrity haters. That just doesn't cut it.
Brett said on 19/Dec/05
On his sight he claims to be 6'2", nothing less. You guys have your points, but when you see an actor up close you can get a pretty good idea as to the guys height, especially when they are wearing low black dress shoes, with a normal heel of barely 2cm. Ive said this all before, it is impossible for the guy to have had lifts in those shoes, they were just too low cut, with a low heel.
Jason said on 16/Dec/05
Had a quick look at the pics of Edwards with Mathew McConaughey, as well as the one with Dalton. If McConaughey is really 5'11'' then Edwards looks 6'3'' and Dalton 6'2''.
Picture said on 16/Dec/05
One of the funny things is that poeple always agree with poeple who says that he saw a celeb and that he was short, and when a guy has seen a celeb and he was actually the same height has he is listed, noboby (wants) believe him.
Viper652 said on 16/Dec/05
Hey, I think Brosnan is at least 6-0, and not 5-11, for what its worth.
Brett said on 15/Dec/05
Do you honestly think Johns encounter is real, usually people go into detail about the whereabouts and the time etc of the occurence, plus look at Johns previous posts, they all say Brosnan is 5'11" ( that was on the 10th of december), now on the 14th of december he just so happens to walk past Brosnan ... how convenient. Not a very convincing lie, come on people, try a little harder, you should be able to come up with a more convincing effort. But after all the hogwash that you guys come up with, I still see his height published on here at 6'1.5", and although I think this is slightly underselling the man, its still a long way from 5'11", which is just laughable.
What is also laughable is that the so called spottings of Pierce Brosnan, I mean Im sure none of them occured. The only people who claim they have seen Brosnan and that hes 5'11" are the people on this forum, who are clearly just making it up, and there was another ridiculous sighting , who put him at 5'11" and Sean Connery at 6'5".
Everytime I see a comment about him being 5'11" I just crack up laughing, I can tell straight away that the encounter was a load of B/S, funny how people come on here and lie for the fun of it, people just dont want to believe that Brosnan actually is a big guy. Pictures just dont cut it guys, they can be so inaccurate, as Ive said 50 times before, just do a search on Michael Caine and Roger Moore pics, each photo shows a totally different result. Brosnan is no less then 6'2", initially I thought slightly more, thats why Ill settle for 6'2" as he may have had a 1cm sole in his shoe ( this would be so unlikely as to put anything in a flat dress shoe would make putting your foot inside so uncomfortable), but I cant see him being so pathetic, I seriously do not believe this man ever wore lifts, he really has no need to.
John said on 15/Dec/05
During Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign for Governor, many people were shocked at how the supposedly 6'2 star is really 5'10 off screen. Arnold and Pierce are simply members of Hollywood's Magic Shoe Club.
Viper652 said on 15/Dec/05
I think all the smart people can agree that he is probably struggling with 6 feet. Id like to beleive he is really 6-0 though.
J.J.F said on 14/Dec/05
Ah but John, you see BRETT here has also seen him and he says he was 6'2" at least. Funny ey, how a guy who claims to be 6'2" on a good day is often seen to be around 5'11"' by just as many people as those who claim he is quite a bit taller...

None of the legit 6'2" actors have ever been 'spotted' to be that short.
I mean have you EVER heard more than perhaps one loony claim that Jackman is 6'?? Nope. He just never, ever looks any less than 6'2" at least. Probably cos HE really is :)
John said on 14/Dec/05
I walked past Brosnan inside the Dorchester and he is honest to God only about 5'11, maybe 5'11.5. Just thought you should know. It shows how tall they can make actors look in the cinema!
Tubbs said on 13/Dec/05
Agassi is taller than you think, he seems a little guy when up against other tennis players, but he's not far off 6'0, about 5'11.5, I dont think Brett is making it up about Brosnan, he has always looked a big guy.
Brett said on 13/Dec/05
JJF, why dont you say, Brosnan maybe 6'2", but there are pics to suggest otherwise, instead of trying to be arguementative. Do you understand, for the 50th time, that I am 6'1", and I know it is not feasible, for Brosnan to be less then an inch taller then myself. The Andre Agassi and Brosnan pic does seem odd, as Agassi is shorter then Lleyton Hewitt, who I have seen several times in person, at the Australian Open and Nsw hardcourt tournaments, and he is barely 5'11" himself. I have seen photos that show the same two people next to each other ( like Michael Caine and Roger Moore) and in each, the one looks taller then the other ( noticably so) , and then in the next photo, its the reverse. I dont need to see your photos JJF, Ive met the guy, and all the photos in the world wouldnt change my mind.
J.J.F said on 11/Dec/05

Yet Another pic clearly showing Brosnan to be no taller than 6'0.5" when he isnt sporting those lifts of his. Agassi 5'10.5", remove Pierce's big hair and you have a 2" difference.
J.J.F said on 11/Dec/05

Brett, here is the age old pic of Dalton-Moore-Brosnan from '96, how d'you explain Brosnan looking no taller than Moore and almost 2" shorter than Dalton (he's clearly taller despite standing slightly closer tot he camera)??

C'mon you have to admit there is at least a POSSIBILITY that the man wears slight lifts these days. He is no more than 6'05" at the most in this pic.

As for Anthony Edwards/McConaughey/Dalton, yeah I think Edwards is slightly over 6'2" and Dalton slighty under perhaps, with McConaughey more like 5'11"

Editor Rob
there is a very slight effect in the Edwards pic, although one guy from Europe was adament when he was standing beside Edwards, he was 186cm. Anyway, edwards is marginally closer and is it possible he might have a snitch more in footwear.
Brett said on 10/Dec/05
yeh so I think If MCConaughey is 5'11" atleast, then what does that make Anthony Edwards in the photo I put up below? 6'3" atleast surely?
John said on 10/Dec/05
Connery was 6'1.5, Lazenby 5'8, Moore 5'10, Dalton is a good 6'0, Brosnan 5'11, Craig 5'9.
Mario Nariano said on 10/Dec/05
Dalton looks shorter than ussual in Hawks because of his posture. The comments about Dalton's 6 ft in Hawks are as silly as the comments that Kevin Spaceys 5 ft 6 based on what he looks in the ussual Suspects next to his co-stars. :S

the 5 ft 11 for Brosnan is silly as well.

McConaughey looks to me a strong 5 ft 11.
Gotxo said on 10/Dec/05
Jason: It's true, when an european converts 6'3" always tells of 190cm, never 191cm as 6'3" is in reality 190.5cm not 191cm, anyway both ciphers are whimsical enoug to round (down in this case) because the milestones in the metic system are the ones ending in --0 y --5. heights as 183cm(6') are offenly converted as 180cm.
Jason said on 10/Dec/05
The president of the French Bond fan club didn't necessarily convert his height wrong. He could be 190cm on the dot which is around 6'2 3/4'' and just not have rounded up or bothered mentioning the rest. 6'2'' is tall enough.
John said on 10/Dec/05
Dalton is clearly no more than 6'0. Brosnan is probably only 5'11 without the lifts he wears inside his shoes.
Brett said on 9/Dec/05
thats true tubbs, thats why I say photos are inconclusive evidence, you can get so many outcomes.I proved this by using photos of Roger Moore and Michael caine together, I showed how 3 different photos gave different results, in one Moore was convincingly taller then caine, and the other Caine was convingly taller then moore. I have read Dalton is 6'0" , 6'2" and 6'3", so I really would have no idea as to how tall he is, and unlike Brosnan who I have met, and am 98% percent sure hes atleast 6'2" and was not relying on lifts, Dalton may very well wear lifts, or he may not at all. There is really no way to know until you see him in person I think. I only really have good insight on Brosnans and connerys heights ( connery is in a photo with a friend of mine and his girlfriend as I previously mentioned) as I have had the ability to compare both to my own height, the others not.
Tubbs said on 9/Dec/05
Dalton with 6'2 Edwards in Hawks, there's no reason why Dalton cant be 6'2, when next to each other, not everyone stands as straight up as the next guy, so there is no reason why Dalton ain't 6'2, the same goes for Brosnan, who to me has always looked a tall guy, and also the other Bonds.
John said on 9/Dec/05
A picture of Dalton with Anthony Edwards in "Hawks" suggests he is only 6'0.
Mario Nariano said on 9/Dec/05
Timothy Dalton claims to be 188 cm, in some occasions he can look taller, but in the most movies he really looks no more than 188 cm. Why would a honest guy as Timothy downgrade his height?

Brosnan was in 1995 as tall as Moore and he was an inch shorter than Dalton.
Brett said on 8/Dec/05
One other thing to back up my arguement, here is 50 cents mugshot, and he is around 6'0", and in this pic his just about 6'1" in shoes ( not barefooted obviously) Mugshots/50centmug1.html

So one can see his eye level is between the 5'7.5" and 5'8" mark. Now as Julianne Moore is 5'7.5" to 5'8" in the pic with Brosnan, her head height would be the same as 50 cents eye level, so now compare that to where Brosnans eye level is..... several inches heigher, probably roughly 2.5 - 3 inches higher. Once again neither Brosnan or Moore are upright, but its really not hard to see what Im hinting at. So 50 cent would be around 3 inches shorter then Brosnan, making Brosnans eye height around 5'10.5". So if 50 cents eye level is 5'7.5" or just over, and his head height in shoes is 6'1" (5.5 inches apart), then assuming Brosnans head is similar, and not bigger then 50 cents, you could come to the conclusion that Brosnans head is 5'10.5" + 5.5 inches = 6'4" in shoes, or 6'3.5" if hes only 2.5 inches taller then . This 5.5 inch gap ( between 50s eyes and top of his head), also proves how the gap between ones lip and head cannot be 6 inches, and more like 8 inches, which you can see once again from 50 cents mug shot, as the 65 inch mark is above his mouth, and the top of his head is at 73 inches ... you do the maths. Youll come to see the gap between Julianne moores head and Brosnans head is 8 inches. No doubt 50 cent probably has seriously massive boots on, so he might be slightly under 6'0", maybe 5'11.5", but either way in shoes he is around 6'1" ( or a few milimetres under it) , and for this comparo, his barefoot height is irrelivant.
Brett said on 8/Dec/05
well you get anything from 6'0" for dalton to 6'3", but the guy who rob found who worked with Brosnan and Neeson etc.. claimed that Lazenby and Dalton were around an inch taller then Brosnan, and that connery and moore were an inch shorter, So I suppose Dalton is probably 6'2.5 plus. But in that photo I think in that photo, there is not too much between dalton and Brosnan, as Dalton is the furthest forward, hence his huge head, but close to an inch probably. I think Brosnan and Lazenby are roughly inline, and the other two are inline with each other, although half of brosnans body is behind Moore and the other half infront.I dont think that they are behind or infront of each other that much, that it makes working out who is the biggest and smallest particularily hard. I would say that Dalton is the biggest. But I have not met Dalton nor have I met Moore or Lazenby, so I would not pass my judgment on their heights, I mean I have a rough idea, but I could be way off. Brosnan I feel I am 99 percent sure of his height to the nearest 1/4 inch haha.
As for the Julianne Moore Pic, shes 5'5" plus say 2.5 inch heel or 3 ( just a guess) lots of actresses in hollywood wear larger heels then this, so I figured thats a fair guess so say shes 5'7.5"-5'8". She is barely past his mouth region ( the pic is badly angled, but its not too hard to tell). Now say I want to be conservative and measure the distance from the top of his top lip to the top of his head the distance should be around 8 inches (20cm) ( I measured it on myself and I was 21cm, but maybe my heads just big), as I remember rob said an average head is 10 inches, so just take off 2inches, or just measure it yourself like I did. So 5'7.5"-5'8" plus 8 inches = 6'3.5"-6'4" in shoes, take off an inch and you have 6'2.5"-6'3", and if hes head is slightly smaller then normal, to only get 7.5 inches, then you get 6'2"-6'2.5". But in order for him to be 6'1", hed have to have 6 inch gap, and seeing for me that only comes just past my eyes, I think Brosnan would not be the best looking guy in the world if these were his head dimensions, and I think his acting career would be non existent. Either way, I took off an inch for Brosnans dress shoes, which is fair, and It is obvious neither of them are standing upright. I think I am being quite conservative in this comparo, but 6'1" from that photo is not feasible. What you think Rob?
Mario Nariano said on 8/Dec/05
Gotxo, if Juliana Moore is woring heels Brosnan is 6 ft 1 in my eyes.

I noticed that Brosnan looks an inch taller than Robert Coltrane (6 ft 1) in Goldeneye, and that he looks pretty tall next to Llewelyn who was in the 80s 6 ft and at his peak between 6 ft 2 and 6 ft 3.

Brosnan looks also a little taller than Joe Don Baker in GE who is ussualy listed as 6 ft 3 but in Cape Fear he was only an inch taller than Nick Nolte. In Tommorow Never Dies Pierce is for a unknown reason shorter than Joe Don Baker. Pierce looks no more than 6 ft 1 next Michele Yeoh who is 5 ft 4.

He also shares some scenes with Jonathan Pryce who must be 6 ft 1 or 6 ft 2, but the scenes aren't really good.
Jason said on 8/Dec/05
We've all seen that pic before, Brett. Unless Dalton is 6'3'', it makes Brosnan look 6'1''. How tall do you think Dalton is?
Mario Nariano said on 8/Dec/05
Don't you see that Brosnan (and Dalton) is a lot closer to the camera?
Brett said on 8/Dec/05
The mark Hotel 77th and Madison New York city, Go to the concierge, and ask them if Mr Brosnan is there often, thats the only form of proof I can give you, I dont know photos unfortunately, so sure you dont have to take my word. I suppose you guys can believe what ever you want to believe.

Here is a photo which ive put on here many a time prove my point
if you dont agree with me then your biased after this pic

Mario Nariano said on 8/Dec/05
I believe that George Lazenby once said that Brosnan was short in an interview(but maybe he was just insulting him, they both don't like each other).
Mario Nariano said on 8/Dec/05
Jesus Christ! Brosnan comes over Cleese eyebrows? You are probably the one who needs some classes. And please stop insulting everyone.

Rob, do you renember the guy who was 190cm and was 5 cm taller than Brosnan? It was a good picture, wich certainly proofes that I'm right.

Editor Rob
yes, this guy who runs a Bond Fan Club...the thread is on the bond newsgroup. The guy had thought he was 6ft 2 and Brosnan 6ft...but I asked him what his cm height was, he said he/friend converted it wrong.

That's assuming he is 190cm. He could be more than that...
Gotxo said on 8/Dec/05
Yes pictures can be very deceitful, just check the scene of TMWGG duel and in some moore looks, 6' and in the closer ones 6'1" or so. Brett to me you sound sincere, but your only word is not enough, sorry. You could have been wrong, met an inpersonator, saw him on a slanted ground or could be right too. But we have no way to confirm that, just you all express your ideas without telling how wrong are the others.
Brett said on 7/Dec/05
Yes mario , you are proving to be a real worry, I did say that I saw his shoes , a long long time ago, if you only realised this now, well then you really are quite slow. Mario those heights are only according to you---> a slow thinking know it all,you dont read anything I post at all do you, nor do you look at any of the information I put up, you simply say what ever you feel. Your ability to compare heights is very poor, you are saying Cleese has 4.5 inches on brosnan, but Brosnans head is above cleeses eyebrows, he doesnt have more then 8cm on brosnan. Now that Rob has another claim, from someone who worked on a film with Pierce( who he claims is 6'2"), and has met Dalton and Lazenby ( who he claims are over 6'2") and both Moore and Connery who he claimst to be smaller ( connery has lost alot of height, and no doubt Moore has lost some too), who needs your uneducated waffle when he can rely on personal encounters. Mario, no matter what crap you put on here , you will never ever convince me that Brosnan is less then 6'2", I mean seriously I think my eyes are more accurate then your stupid inaccurate picture comparisons which can always be inaccurate. I posted pics on the Roger moore page which show Roger Moore to be taller then Michael Caine in one photo ( considerably taller) , and the other photo showed the reverse. This proves how unreliable photos are, thats why I am the only person on here who has any real idea as to Brosnans height. The rest of you need to go and meet the man, then come back here and apologize, you have no idea how far off the mark you are.
J.J.F said on 7/Dec/05
Really, Brett, stop nagging mate - if you are so unconcerned about celebs fibbing about their stats then why come on here?
And anyhow - Hell, it's just a bit of fun, don't take it so seriously and keep yer shirt on.

And yes, maybe I will reserve (some) judgement untill I actually meet Mr Brosnan, and no doubt he is an affable kind of guy, but it's perfectly reasonable for me to question his integrity when he appears 6' on one photo then 6'2" on the next, not to mention lying about his age!

I mean Eric Bana - whom contrary to your ravings of us 'bitter short people' never seeing celebs, I did see once, in Morocco - now HE looked a solid 6'2" or more, and was wearing sandals - also he doesn't have droves of people questioning his stats. He just looks like a tall guy on EVERY pic.

It's dead easy to add 2" by wearing tailor made and very subtle enhacing footwear and I have very little doubt that Pierce and plenty of other celebs do so on a regular basis. They have the cash for the best footwear and unless you are an impish 5 foot-something-George Lucas type who wears 4" lifts which OF COURSE you can easily spot, then a little bit of extra height in well made, expensive elevator shoes is not going to be noticed by you, Brett, standing next to a celeb wearing them. Surely that's not too difficult to accept?

Rant over :)
Viper652 said on 7/Dec/05
Brett, I have a hard time beleiving your 6-1 height or even you meeting Brosnan for that matter. And Im not the only one on here.
J.J.F said on 7/Dec/05
This pic provided by Mario is pretty good evidence that Brosso is no taller than 6' maybe 6'0.5" Roger Moore... unless there is shoe magic going on of course.

"Mario in that picture Moore still looks shorter then Brosnan, so go get some glasses"

Brett, sorry mate but that's just not the case. Look again.

It was taken in 1995, I think, and Goldeneye was the only Bond movie in which Brosnan looked his real height to me (no way of telling what shoes Famke Janssen had on by the way, she looks the same height in the casino scene despite the camera's best efforts).

Mario Nariano said on 7/Dec/05
So when you saw Pierce you looked at his shoes? Why din't you tell it us first?
Still if you 6 ft 2 for Brosnan is right:
John Cleese would be then 6 ft 6.5
Famke Jansen would be then 6 ft 1
Colin Salmon would be then 6 ft 5
Patrick Swayze would be then 5 ft 11.25
Roger Moore would have been in 95' 6 ft 2 (and he looked in the 6 ft 1 range in the 80s)
Timothy Dalton would be then 6 ft 3 etc

Ehm I have my doubts Brett!
Brett said on 7/Dec/05
Haha Viper tells me to get a clue, funny comming from someone who is 6'2" but when he measures himself hes 6'5"? good one, and then he has the cheek to question my height, and integrity, when hes clearly lieing. Explain to me why I am bitter Viper? Im not a short person pretending to be 6'2" like you are haha, and I play for 1st division club rugby, so Im really pretty happy with my body thanks mate.
Brett said on 6/Dec/05
haha Im bitter? but im defending Brosnan, your all bringing him down, go figure... You guys are pathetic, go take some HGH and buy a nice pair of lits maybe it will make you feel better about yourselves so you dont have to come on here and insult and belittle celebs just to ease the pain. When you see a person in person, it is flipping easy to tell if they have lifts on, ie Stallone, George lucas, you can tell even in pics that they have lifts on, do you know how pathetic it is to argue with someone who has met an actor, when you simply have nothing but anger and ego fueling your arguement. Mario in that picture Moore still looks shorter then Brosnan, so go get some glasses, geez your so biased its pathetic. Mcfly you realise that Rob believes my encounter, and actually ignores everything you and the others say, if you dont believe me then go ask him. Every comment you guys make about a celebrity is negative, and none of you have ever met any, its just a matter of time before all your comments are disallowed from this site. Viper your comments are purely negative, you dont add anything useful to this site at all, you simply say what you want , rather then what is factual. Seriously I cannot believe how pathetic this is, people bother to come and argue about something they simply have no knowledge about, as they say " assumptions are the mother of all f... ups", definitely the case for you guys. Now I think all your arguements are just in spite, I say black, you say white.
Viper652 said on 6/Dec/05
Brett, you sound like the most bitter one of them all. There is sooooo much evidence that suggests Brosnan is in the 6-0 range. Have you given even the slightest possibility that he wears lifts in his shoes?? Get a clue
Mario Nariano said on 6/Dec/05
Poeple watch Die Another Day and we will see who is the liar here.
There are also a few scenes in wich Brosnan is barefoot, and it's funny that is legs look shorter than ussual.

Here Brosnan and Moore who was in 1995, 6 ft 1.

Moore isn't even full straight and he taller than Brosnan.
Jason said on 6/Dec/05
Christopher Lee is 83 years old ... he is no more than 6'4'' these days, which he has said himself he is. Brosnan only looks 6'1'' next to him in the formal setting pic.
Brett said on 6/Dec/05
Sorry I know what I saw. Schwarzenegger I think maybe be 6ft or under, because Ive seen enough pics to hint this maybe the case, Ie the pic of him next to a H2 hummer in like 2inch heels ( I to have stood next to H2 hummers and can definitely see that Arnold really is not that big ), and the height of the hummer was given, and he clearly didnt look like anything more then 5'11 or 6'0" at max. Brosnan I will argue all the way to the end that hes ATLEAST a legit 6'2", Im 100 percent sure, the governator I really doubt is a legit 6'0" let alone 6'2", but I wouldnt bet my house on it, Brosnan I would. As for Magic shoes, Ive seen what they look like, and most of them you can tell are a lift, as they have room for a large sole, his dress shoes definitely did not. In the unlikely case he may have had a 1/2 inch sole inside his shoes aswell it would explain why he did look over 6'2", which is what I said in the first place, but there is no way on this earth that he is less then 6'2" even.... impossible. I have seen Jackman and Bana before, as Ive said many times , both are close to 6'3".
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/05
"Brosnan doesnt look shorter then lee by more then 2 inches in any of those pics I put in, so open you eyes, in the one hes shoulder to shoulder with Lee."

Erm, Brett - please provide the full picture in which both Brosnan and Lee are BAREFOOT. If you don't have that, then that pic is completely futile.

As is your encounter with Brosso, unless you were both sporting only a pair of socks then there is just no way of telling what kind of tricks ol' Pierce is up to! C'mon, the guy even lies about his age.

You're a big Brosnan fan, am I correct?

Editor Rob
I don't think Brett's a fan of Brosnan, no. He's just giving his personal encounter.
J.J.F said on 6/Dec/05
It is interesting to note (though again, nothing very scientific) that all the 'legit' 6'2"ish (think Jackman, Hartnett, Bana...) and up celebs have not had an army of 'detractors' claim they were only 6' or even 5'11" over the years - whereas folks like Brosnan, Schwarzenegger, and quite a few others, seem to struggle to convince...

The Magic Shoe Club curse, you might say.
Brett said on 6/Dec/05
Picture, did you read what I said, or are you just marios other name when he gets flustered? What is "woring" haha? Moore was a 4-5 inches shorter then Lee in that photo, but due to your obvious need to be biased, you claim the gap is smaller then that of Cleese and Brosnan, what sad little man you are. Brosnan doesnt look shorter then lee by more then 2 inches in any of those pics I put in, so open you eyes, in the one hes shoulder to shoulder with Lee. 183cm for Brosnan hahaha, the only case that is closed, is your inability to say anything meaninful and logical. Go ahead and post rubbish, you just lose more and more credibility.
J.J.F said on 6/Dec/05
Not a liar per se, Mario, just a rather short fuse. Don't get riled so fast, this isn't Question Time.

Let's say, for statistic's sake, that you have measured yourself correctly. So Brosso was a good inch taller next to you. Unless you two were both barefoot the encounter just doesn't cut it. Sorry.
Magic Shoes work wonders and, quite frankly, I wouldn't trust a guy who lies about his age (sure, plenty of actors do, but then why trust ANY actor?) to tell the truth about pretty much anything. Least of all his height or footwear.

The guy has 'altered his height' so many times via his publicist - who knows anymore?
And you're right, why do we care? Maybe we all have a little devil inside that is jealous of celebs... so I say let's get EM!! :D

The truth is out there....
Picture said on 6/Dec/05
Brosnan is woring lifts in that Picture with Lee because there other picture in wich Brosnan looks 3.5 inches shorter than Lee. Cleese head is 26 cm big, Brosnan comes to his eyes so he is 13 cm shorter than cleese who is 196, so brosnan is 183 cm.

Moore was 8 or 9 cm shorter than Lee in the man with the golden gun. Lee was in that Movie probably 196 or 195 cm. Moore was 186 cm, Connery 188 cm, Lazenby 189 cm, Dalton 188 cm and Brosnan 183 cm. Case closed
Brett said on 5/Dec/05
Ah the peanut gallery are back in force
J.J.F said on 5/Dec/05
This is of course very unscientific - but it's common sense nonetheless:

Cleese (6'4.5" at best these days) literally towers over Brosnan... my 6'3" training partner doesn't 'tower' over my 6'0.5, he is just very obviously taller. Brosso is obviously lying about his height having 'boosted' himself to 6'2" after 007-dom, even if he isn't 6'and a bit (as I personally think he is...)

It's a moot point, but still...
Mario Nariano said on 5/Dec/05
That picture of Brosnan and Cleese is the same that I saw on gettyimages (you watch him there and bigger). As I said, Cleese posture is bad in that picture and Brosnan is closer to the camera. There is deffinetly not a 8 cm difference between Brosnan and Cleese. Let's also not forget that Salmon is 3 inches bigger than Brosnan who is 6 ft 4.
Brett said on 4/Dec/05
Mario he said Brosnan was 3 inches shorter then him, and Connery "towered over me and dwarfed me", which means Connery would have to have been substantially bigger then him to do that, ie atleast 6'5" or more, as the guy claims to be 6'2". Either way I know that encounter is a load of hogwash, as if he claims brosnan was 5'11" then I would be 5'10". And if the guy claims to be 3 inches taller then Brosnan according to my encounter that makes him 6'5", and Connery around 6'8". The guy who has worked with both Brosnan and Neeson, and who claims connery and moore are only 6'1" definitely makes sense in my eyes, as I know connery ( from my friends pictures with him) is no bigger then myself ( nowadays).The guys claim is definitely sounding on the money. Dalton I definitely think is the tallest bond at PRESENT, maybe not so when comparing ex bonds peak heights and perhaps lazenby was the tallest in his peak. I do believe that all the bonds, maybe excluding Roger Moore were atleast 6'2" in their peak, and Moore was atleast 6'1".
Mario Nariano said on 4/Dec/05
Brett nobody has claimed that Connery is 6 ft 5, I believe that the guy claimed that Connery was taller than him and Brosnan shorter (wich sounds reasonable)
Mario Nariano said on 4/Dec/05
Rob, do you have watched Die Another Day. This movie will probably chance your mind about Brosnan. If Brosnan is 6 ft 2, Cleese is 6 ft 6 nowedays.
Brett said on 4/Dec/05
Neeson in Batman looks atleast 4 inches taller then chris bale ( they are side to side in Raz al ghuls layer where bale has to decapitate a criminal), what does neeson claim to be? I thought he is 6'4"?

Editor Rob
he is, although sometimes does kinda stoop down...he's always maintained this height, I think one time saying 6ft 4 'and a quarter'
Brett said on 4/Dec/05
Do you mean the guy who claims brosnans 5'11" and connerys 6'5" or the guy who claims brosnans 6'2" and connery and moore are smaller ( while dalton lazenby are taller) ?

Editor Rob
I mean the guy who claims 6ft 2 brosnan, lazenby/dalton tad taller and Neeson 6ft 4-5. This guy has worked with brosnan/neeson on their recent film together...
Mario Nariano said on 3/Dec/05
I watched Die Another Day last day again.
Brosnan doesn't look 2 inches shorter than Colin Salmon. It's just a brief moment in wich you can compare the two but I would say that Brosnan is 3 inches shorter than Salmon. The Cleese scene is better to compare the two and Brosnan comes to Cleese eyes.

Shame that we can compare Brosnan and Madsen in the movie.
Brett said on 1/Dec/05
hahaha its like Lettermans old section " hair piece, not a hair piece" that would actually be quite funny, but im sure all of hollywood has hair transplants, someone told me Ben affleck has one, so they obviously start young
John said on 1/Dec/05
Rob, I think that would be an excellent idea! Start off with Connery and Brosnan and then we can find out who else wears a wig. Btw, I saw Brosnan's appearence on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" in November 2004, when he confirmed he wouldn't be playing Bond for a fifth time, and he did have a big gap in his hair at the front.
Gotxo said on 30/Nov/05
That of the partial hairpiece can be valid if it's to establish a comparison: The height might be improved to depict a hero as some other features are, as hair in e.g. That didn't stopped Connery's portray of Bond anyway.
But the point is, are we going to start a new site? CelebWigs? Find out wich actors wear Wigs!! XD
Jason said on 30/Nov/05
I don't think his hair's doing too bad, either ... but he did say that he wore a partial hairpiece in The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day to restore his hairline. You can google it if interested.
Brett said on 29/Nov/05
Yes Mcfly, my hero blah blah blah, another meaningless comment from the peanut gallery, wouldnt really matter what you "reckon", reckoning doesnt get you very far. He answered the question posed to him, in the order it was given, and added on a good day at the end, which really means nothing. Mcfly, you know why I am still adding my input to this forum, but why are you? as you have nothing constructive to add, you make bold factless statements, and have no encounters under your belt to back you up. Where did you get the hair piece info from? Ive never heard that, he is receeding alittle, but hes not that bad, infact pretty good for a man of his age.
fan said on 28/Nov/05
I just met pierce a couple days ago.. . he is tall.. nice guy too
Brett said on 28/Nov/05
So if hes not quite 6'2", then he would have to be atleast 6'1.75" right? I think perhaps you guys are looking at his wording too deeply, I do know he is well over 200lbs these days,one other thing, he is simply answering the question in the order it was posed to him. It asks for real weight & height, so he said 195lbs, 6'2" .... So I wouldnt be so sure as to what he is reffering to. But I can tell you, people do tend to worry more about their weight then height, especially a guy who is obviously not going to care if hes 6'2" or 6'2.25" or 6'1.75", hes just going to say 6'2", I have yet to meet a guy who when asked how tall he is goes, ah Im 5'9 and 3/4s I think youd just say 5'10" just comes off the tongue easier, and Im sure noone could be bothered to know whether your give or take a 1/4 inch on either side of it. But I do believe he is on the 6'2" claim he gives, although I did think he was on the higher side of this mark ( up to 1/2 an inch), due to my encounter, but he does have hair, which my father doesnt ( when they stood next to each other, it would have given brosnan a 1cm or so, so I will settle for 6'2".
Brett said on 28/Nov/05
I mean as I said earlier, I thought he appeared over 6'2", as I had seen guys like Diedrach Bader , Hugh jackman, on the same trip, and they all seemed to be the same size, So I dont know if he could put a 1/2 inch sole in his dress shoe, to put him up and over 6'2", just from what I saw, it seemed they would not have fit in the shoes he was wearing. When I mean above 6'2" I mean barefooted, I mean im over 6'2" with shoes on, so I dont mean like that.
Jason said on 28/Nov/05
Or he could have meant 6'2'' on a good day in regular shoes. ;) That answer is an admission from Brosnan that he isn't quite a full 6'2'', though. If he somehow really is 6'1 1/2'', a well-heeled pair of dress shoes could take him to 6'3'' and make him appear 6'2'' sans shoes.
Jason said on 28/Nov/05
Well, you could be right. He had a bit of a weight problem towards the time of Die Another Day. But, the quote at the top of the page here has him saying 6'2'' last which would mean he's talking about his height with that comment to me ... Rob, is that the actual wording?

Editor Rob

That's what it says on his site in the question page:
"Real weight & height ... 195 lbs, 6’ 2” on a good day"
Brett said on 28/Nov/05
I do believe when he said Im 6'2" 195lbs on a good day, he was referring to the fluxtuation of his weight, as one does not fluxuate, height wise, and Im sure he probably wouldnt go and measure his height every day haha, but more then likely he would measure his weight on a regular basis.
Jason said on 27/Nov/05
I won't throw your encounter back in your face ... it's just weird given all the conflicting evidence he's closer to 6'0'' than 6'2''. Even the man himself claims he's 6'2'' on a good day, meaning he's a little under that, i.e around the 187cm mark. I suppose he could be underestimating his height, though ... if he is somehow really that tall. Anyway, don't worry about it. The vast majority here don't believe me that the pro wrestler the Big Show (who I've seen close up in person twice) is more like 6'7'' or so than 7'0'', but I could give a rat's ass.

Editor Rob
I think Jason pointed out the 'on a good day' can be taken as either height or weight...
Brett said on 27/Nov/05
That guy off the bond site is very suss, he gives a mixed statement and sounds abit like mario
Brett said on 27/Nov/05
Yeh but arnold does wear those visualy huge heels, like that pic with him and the H2 hummer, the heels he had on were like over 2 inches haha, he does no hiding. But I saw a recent pic with Arnold and George Bush, and Arnold look alot bigger then him, so I dont know if some pics and angles made Arnie look the same size as George dubbya
Brett said on 27/Nov/05
Rob I can prove that statement is false, as I have mentioned my friend had photos with connery and his girlfriend , and my friend is only 5'7" to 5'8", and conney is smaller compared to my friend then I am. That source is a rather pathetic one if then claims Brosnan was 3 inches shorter then him ( and hes 6'2") while connery was 3 inches taller, so effectively he is saying that Brosnan is 5'11" and Connery is 6'5", omg thats seriously laughable. As for that photo I showed, if you can argue that Moore is larger then Brosnan, then you would argue with me on just about anything. Rob that photo I put in with the four bonds, can you honestly agree with them that Moore is larger then brosnan, I mean Seriously it seems like Im arguing against people who see what they want to see. Jason as Ive said before, Im only getting frustrated as you guys are throwing my encounter back in my face, and every time you guys say hes 6'0" or 5'11" or 6'1", it just makes me that much more determined to carry on arguing my point, because I know what I saw. As for that sighting below, I mean 6'5" and 5'11" haha it just doesnt add up rob, just shows you how much a person can use their imagination.

Editor Rob
the 4 bond picture, the 2 guys on the end look closer to the camera so I honestly wouldn't say just how much taller pierce looks than moore. But I posted that other 'encounter' to show how people can see different things...I think the guy meant he met Connery many years back in his 'peak height' days though...
Jason said on 26/Nov/05
Cigar Aficionado also said Arnie is 6'2''(in 1999).
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Nov/05
From a 1997 Cigar Aficionado interview: "Brosnan has put on weight and muscle. He's a tall man, six foot two"
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Nov/05
From Bond Talk forum, I don't know what this suggests: "I've seen Pierce Brosnan up close at an end of shoot party, and I was surprised that he wasn't taller, and also how slight he appeared. I'm 6',2" and pretty broad, and I'd say Pierce was a good 3 inches shorter than me. Many years earlier, I literally bumped into Sean Connery (when I was a runner working at Pinewood Studios) and he seemed to tower over me and dwarf me"

Doesn't add up though.
Jason said on 26/Nov/05
Ok Rob, I'll just ignore any disagreeable remarks from Brett from now on. But, please do put a stop to them. I mean, nobody can state their opinion as to Brosnan being under 6'2'' without being met with an insulting response from him. Also, he seems to think that those who have not met a celebrity have no right to comment on their height ... which conflicts with the whole idea and intention of your site.

Back on topic, the pic with of the Bonds together ... Moore is standing further back and Dalton, having been 6'2'' at his peak, is noticeably taller than Brosnan. Brett, this pic doesn't show Brosnan to be as tall as you say. He looks 6'1ish there ... and most likely with lifts at that.

Editor Rob
you are right, everybody can share their opinions, that's the point. My own opinion changes on many of the heights on this site.

As for Brosnan - I see someone has managed to get him down to 6ft 1 in the 'other place'. Maybe this is our same friend who recently posted this message ;)
Brett said on 26/Nov/05
You realise I only come onhere because Ive met the celebrity, not to speculate, I only comment on peoples heights whom I have met, or those who are in photos with celebs that I have met. What kind of arrogant ( no doubt small) idiot would come on here and make claims on peoples heights based on NOTHING? Not an intelligent person?sure some of my posts waffle on, and are not well thought through, simply because Im doing work at the same time, and I dont really think of this site as a means to showcase ones english skills ( im not sure if Jason thinks that people that come on here really care about such things, although most people who come on here, simply do so to cause arguements).
(look I used a paragraph for you Jason)
Mclfy In a recent photo with Daniel Craig and Brosnan, Craig was 3-4 inches shorter then Brosnan, so why come on here and say craigs 5'11" and Brosnans 6'0". One thing that fascinates me is, why would you guys assume that I would come on here, and rant and rave about the size of Pierce Brosnan ( of all people, I mean I would have chosen someone else If I were going to make up a b/s story) and continually claim hes 6'2", If I had never met him. I am not so much a fan of his, I dont so much care for the bond series, and if anything Id be biased towards old Lazenby (being a fellow Aussie). Im only doing it, because its a truthful encounter, and I do believe this site wants to publish an actors/actresses true height. So you can take my word , that Pierce Brosnan is no less then 188cm, unless he can fit a 3 inch lift sole, inside a slim black dress shoe with a pointy toe.

Or...for those of you who are anal, I suggest taking a trip to New York, checking into the Mark hotel ( I hope you like spending 500 Us per room per night), on 77th and Madison. Speak to concierge, ask them how often Mr Brosnan comes here, and then camp out , and wait till he next arrives. Then on arrival, insist that he takes his shoes off ( with so called 3 inch lifts) and measure him. For those of you who arent willing to do this, take my word and shut up.
Mario Nariano said on 26/Nov/05
Rob had Cleese a couple of months ago Cleese at 6 ft 4.5. And he sayd that Cleese had losed a 1 cm or 2 (correct if i'm wrong). Cleese was at his peak 6 ft 5 because he was 7 cm taller than Connery. But even if Cleese is nowedays still 6 ft 5. Brosnan can't be more than 6 ft 1 next to him.

In that picture Brosnan and Dalton are the closest to the camera, so...
Compare this picture of Brosnan and Moore. Moore isn't even full straight and Brosnan's hair makes him bigger, but take a good look.

Editor Rob
yes, I do give Cleese the full 6ft 5 may be more his posture at times made it appear he might not be that. I'm sure he made a joke about his height as 6ft 4 and 3/4's once, but he has consistantly stated 6ft 5...back in Python Days he used it in a few sketches.
Jason said on 26/Nov/05
Sorry Brett, I don't believe what you say and neither does anyone else here. I find it amusing you expect everyone just to take your word for it that Brosnan is 6'2'' and lose control of yourself and start insulting people when that isn't the case. You're becoming completely obsessed and losing it here, over something as trivial as Pierce Brosnan's real height lol.

BTW, please learn to use paragraphs, it makes trying to read what you say quite tedious otherwise. And for crying out loud ... it's YOU'RE, not your! Please, don't be calling anyone here uneducated when you don't even have a good grasp of your own language...

Editor Rob
re, your other post Jason - I'm trying to clean up this page a bit and get rid of any insulting stuff both ways really. Please, this argument could go back and forth forever and it just degenerates into name-calling and the sightings/quotations about this guy get forgotten in the mix.
Brett said on 25/Nov/05
Ill just keep putting up this pic, till you guys see, the light, Dont tell me that Moore is taller then Brosnan, only Dalton is taller then him ( and lazenby could have been in his peak), but moore is not close. Judge for yourself, that is the Brosnan I saw, A big Mofo, who is considerably over 6ft, and the shoes he had on were a normal dress shoe, now if he can cram a 3inch heel into something like that, and still fit his foot in there, when then hes harry Houdini...

Brett said on 25/Nov/05
Jason, why should I shut up, and let you talk crap, you have no proof at all, and when you angry, you insult people. So either add something solid, or leave. Insulting people on the internet is petty, usually those who do such things, are too timid to do so in person, so thanks for showing me how many inadequacies you do have, you really must be an unhappy person. Even though you insulted me, Im not going to bother returning the favour, I really do not care what plebs like you think. But in all honesty, do you expect me to listen or believe any heights that you guys put forward as Brosnans, when I have personally met him? Trust me, if he was 5'11" or shorter, I would have come on here and said that he really was not a big guy, and stated my point. But he is and was a big guy, do you think I say this because I have an infatuation with old ex Bonds, who have grey stuble and a receeding hairline? Ah no.
Brett said on 25/Nov/05
keep talking rubbish all you know it alls, yeh im shorter then 6'1" blah blah blah, most people who meet me think im more then 6'1", as I have a big frame ( 95kg) , infact most people think im 6'2". But I dont really care if you guys agree or disagree, you havent met anyone, and you know didly squat, im not mistaken you are, and Rob knows that Brosnan is atleast 187cm no less, so talk all the crap you want. Cleese is not 6'4.5" he is 6'5", some say more. Do you know how seriously dumb you guys are arguing with someone whoes met the man. That quote that Rob put in about Brosnan being 6'2" and the dalton/Lazenby being more, backs my claim up. I know how tall I am, YOU JUST SPECULATING!! I hope you run into Brosnan one day and you see how wrong you are. Im 185-186cm tall and he was atleast an inch bigger, so if he is 6'0" or 5'11" like you say im like 176cm haha, and for one I wouldnt be in my rugby team if I were that small. The shortest guy in our team is 182cm and hes our fly half. I know what I saw, 6'0" is smaller then me, and he was comfortably bigger, so dont read what I write if you dont want, your WRONG and IM RIGHT, you have nothing mate, except a chip on your shoulder. Seriously Rob these guys are soo bitter and angry, they just want to bring this guy down.
Mario Nariano said on 25/Nov/05
Well in Goldeneye he looks a strong 6 ft 1 next to famke Janssen. But maybe Brosnan wasn't in 2002 at his full height. I believe he was then 50 or 51`years (Brosnan is so stupid that he has gived three different birth years to the media) so it's possible that he had lost a cm or two. If cleese is nowedays really 6 ft 4.5, Brosnan isn't more than 6 ft tall.
Jason said on 25/Nov/05
Exactly about that tidbit about Brosnan and Cleese, Mario. Cleese is only 6'4 1/2'' these days and he towered over Brosnan in Die Another Day.
Mario Nariano said on 24/Nov/05
Sean Connery
Sean was measured for the Mr Universe contest. He was in the tall man devision. To be putted in tall man devision you must be at least 6 ft tall. There are pictures in wich we see Connery next to other Mr Universe candidates and he is two inches taller than some guys who are at least 6 ft tall. Connery was measured at 6 ft 2.4. They could easily say that Connery is 6 ft 2.5, but they want to be as accurate as possible, even by 0.1 inch. Even in the 90s Connery looked close to 6 ft 2. Watch for Example The Hunt of red October in wich he looks 2 inches taller 6 ft Scott Glenn and Sam Neill. We have also some pictures of Connery and Laurence Fishburne in wich Connery looks 1.5 inches taller than Fishburne who is 6 ft 0.5 (slighty shorter than Keanu Reeves).

George Lazenby
I'm still unsure on him. I have seen him listed from 6 ft 1.5 to 6 ft 3. I have heard that he was listed in his model days at 6 ft 3. EON promoted Lazenby just like the other Bonds as 6 ft2 (wich is the height of the Bond of the movies. The Bond of the books is 6 ft tall). Nowedays he looks 6 ft 1.5 and Rob thinks that he was 6 ft 2.5 at his peak. (wich would make him by 0.1 inch the tallest Bond).

Roger Moore
Roger Moore has sayd in the past, during his days as the saint, that he was 6 ft 2. I think that this might have been possible! In the movie Live and Let Die, he doesn't much shorter than Yaphet Kotto, i can't give an exact of the difference between the two but it isn't more than 1.5-2 inch. Yaphet Kotto has been listed from 6 ft 3 to 6 ft 5. In Midnight Run he dwarfs De Niro who doesn't even comes to Kotto's mouth. In the movie The Wild Geese Moore looks 0.5 inch taller Richard Harris who was probably 6 ft 1. In A view to a Kill he is about the same height as Christopher Walken who was 6 ft 1 at his peak and was that still in the 90s. I have also to say that Moore was back then in 1976 shorter than Michael Caine. Moore was in 1976, 49 years. The most males lose there first cm when they are close to her 50s. I 'm still unsure on Moore but I think that he was at least 186cm when he played Bond.

Timothy Dalton
Tim Dalton has always been listed as 6 ft 2, in some occasions 6 ft but that was just a joke of the fans that every Bonds gets shorter. He really looked 6 ft 2 during is whole carreer. He looks an half inch taller than Peter O´Toole in The Lion Winter, but maybe his shoes are a little more heeled. Dalton claims to be 6 ft 2, and as I have says in the past, he seems to be an honest guy who isn´t interested in Hollywood things. In fact he prefers to work in the Theather. I think that everyone will agree that he was a 6 ft 2.

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan did claim that he was 6 ft 1 during the 80s. In the 90s when started to become more a star, he claimed to be 6 ft 2. Just like all the other Bonds, Pierce Brosnan was promoted at 6 ft 2. There are some pictures of Brosnan and Moore, and they basicly look the same height, my guess is that Moore was in the 90s 6 ft 1. In Goldeneye Brosnan looks an inch taller than Robert Coltrane who is according to himself 6 ft 1, and he really looks that to me. In Goldeneye there is a scene in wich Brosnan is barefoot and Famke Jansen who is 5 ft 11.5 is also barefoot. Pierce looks an inch taller than Famke. This is the only moment in wich we see Brosnan barefoot in a Bond movie if I´m right. In Die Another Day he comes too John Cleese eyes (maybe Rob could find out how Big John Cleese head is). Brosnan probably forgetted to wore his lifts in his scene with Cleese. Brosnan has also a movie in wich he looks 3 inches taller than Patrick Swayze who is according to me 5 ft 10. I agree that he looks in 90 percent of the pictures 6 ft 2. I just don´t trust his footwear.
Viper652 said on 24/Nov/05
Jason, that article is pretty close to being accurate. Nice find.
Brett said on 24/Nov/05
All these anonymous entries are just probably yao from another computer hahaha, by saying someone is 6'1" in their special shoes you are effectively say thing they around 5'10-5'11" barefoot, ah please be serious here, or just dont waste your time typing. Mario there is nothing clearly pointing Brosnan as the shortest bond, it is obvious besides Craig that Moore is the smallest bond, and Dalton probably is the biggest, I think Lazenby by the sounds of things is about the same as Dalton, Brosnan is 6'2", and Connery was around that height in his peak, so Dalton and Lazenby must have been the biggest bonds ( I dont know about Lazenby at all, but in the pic of all four of them, Lazenby really didnt look to be as big as brosnan or dalton) but I dont know much about Lazenby, so I wont be a Yao, and act like I do.
Gotxo said on 23/Nov/05
Guys lets stop that, wether Brett is right or wrong to me sounds like a guy who is telling what he belives, not only that, but also mantaining it against the grain.Let's respect that, wich is not incompatible with opposite opinion on the subject.
Jason said on 23/Nov/05

Here's an article about the new MI5 height restrictions that mentions the heights of all the Bonds. It claims Sean Connery was 6'1'', George Lazenby 6'2'', Roger Moore 6'0'', Timothy Dalton 6'2'' ... and Pierce Brosnan 6'0''.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/05
Yes...IMO Mario, Viper, Yao and previously Rob seem to have it accurate at 6'1"(186cm) with special shoes. No taller than any other Bond except for Craig.
Mario Nariano said on 23/Nov/05
Lol Brett, Connery looks clearly 4 inches taller than Snipes in Rising Sun. But I don't trust snipes shoes. :) Brosnan is clearly the shortest Bond at 6 ft 1.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Nov/05
Looking for some credible post on the bond forums, I saw one guy who has met him a few times recently on the set of Seraphim Falls. He mentioned on this thread

"He's 6'2" as he and I stand eye-to-eye. In terms of height Brosnan is the third tallest Bond behind Lazenby and Dalton who I recall stand about an inch taller than me. And Moore and Connery must be 6'1"...
Brett said on 23/Nov/05
Whats funny about this is that, as you guys have run out of grounds to argue concerning Pierces height, you have taken a new angle...... questioning my integrity, and occusing me of not being able to measure my height properly. Saying that Im a groupie fan, obsessed with Brosnan, seriously, I might be from sydney, but Im not that way inclined ( if you know what I mean haha), I just want to see the man get the reported height that he deserves, as if I stopped posting, im sure you guys would try your damdest to see his height all the way down to 5'10".
Brett said on 23/Nov/05
Mario Viper and Miss Yao, Im the only one here who can argue, your all just speculating garbage, Im the only one here who is being truthful about my height, the rest of you are not, Im the only one here to have met Brosnan, the rest of you, have not, So im the only one that should be commenting on his height, and the rest of you, should shut your uneducated mouths, and go back to bidding on ebay, as all your claims are outraegous and inconsistent. Mario as I have said before, I am not a Brosnan fan, sure hes a nice guy, but thats where I draw the line, Mario, explain to me this, preferably in english, what grounds do you have to comment? what do you have? no encounters, nothing, nothing at all, your just up for an arguement, but your english is so poor, half the time I have to sit and think about what your trying to say. 6'2.4" wow these facts just keep getting more and more random, garbage once again. Yao, I know your a chick, so stop wasting your breath, your probably 5'2" so leave it be, haha and if when you measure yourself you go from 5'2" to 6'5" then you must get off those 5 boxes that you are standing on, that ought to fix your problem. Viper--> interesting comments from the peanut gallery once again, you just state things " brosnan is clearly in the 6-0 range" and "Brett is clearly not the 6-1 he thinks he is". I think you an Yao are probably the same person, and just love to state things which you claim to be Gospell, but in actually fact you just pull out the lower end of your anatomy. You could be a politician. So ive come to the decision that im the only person on here who is being serious, the rest are just out to cause feud. Anonymous, you say Yao is more accurate? what based on your opinions? well that means nothing, as we all have opinions, but we want cold hard facts here.
Brett said on 22/Nov/05
Yao has no credibility, and has claimed TO not have met, and TO have met soo many people. People like anonymous, why come on and add your random 2 cents when its based on nothing haha. Have you seen rising sun with Wesley snipes and Sean connery, Wesley is around 2.5 inches shorter then Connery, and snipes is a couple inches shorter then Woody Harrylson in white men cant jump, who is subsequently 3 inches plus shorter then Brosnan in After the sunset. Viper and Yao, seriously, getting 6'4" or 6'5" when you use a tape measure haha when your 6'2", you guys need to be serious what a joke thats like 7.5cm difference, and utter crap, you could realistically only get 1cm max variance,unless you were as I said earlier drunk while trying to do it. Viper you havent met Brosnan, so you cant say Im "clearly not 6'1" , your just making yourself "clearly" sound like an idiot, backed up by you claims of getting 3 inch height variances when measuring yourself wahaha. Rob are Viper and Yao the same person, just trying to be a menace? Aswell as this, Brosnan claims that he was 6ft tall as an 11 or 12 year old, and use to get picked on at school for being from Ireland, so I dont know where you get these scewed facts from Mario. I will stick positively to Brosnan being 6'2" atleast, and do not doubt this even 1 percent. Pierce had dress shoes on that were low and thin, now as I said earlier my father had these snow plowing Saloman shoes on that are over an inch thick (3-4cm), so him plus the shoe would be 186-187cm, and brosnan was easy 5-6cm taller in his 2-2.5cm heel, so I know on the day of sighting him, that Brosnan in his shoes was around 191cm tall, and without them, easy 188-189cm, Ive said this all before, and its 100percent accurate. If brosnan were 6'0.5" he would have looked the same height as my father on that day ( as my dad had the heel advantage for sure), but he was 5cm taller. Seems the answer is clear to me, and not clear to the haters out there. I am not a huge Brosnan fan, I only care as I get irritated seeing rubbish claims being made by those who have nothing to base their rubbish claims on, and I know better, and dont want to sell this man short.
Mario Nariano said on 22/Nov/05
Timothy Dalton claims to 6 ft 2, even before is Bond carreer and he is an inch taller than Brosnan.
Pierce Brosnan claims to be 6 ft 1, he becomes Bond and he says 6 ft 2 (probably because he doesn't to be shorter than is precesors).

Mario Nariano said on 22/Nov/05
I'm not saying that Connery was 190cm in his 70s, thats what uncle, aunt and nephew say, and as I have said they probably round him a little up. I Think that Connery is nowedays 6 ft 1.5.

They are pretty accurate for Mr Universe contest and the 6 ft 2.4 measuring for Connery makes perfectly sense if we compare him to other actors. Brett you are just a Brosnan fan who wants that Brosnan is the tallest Bond, but he isn't! He is the shortest after Craig!
Jason said on 22/Nov/05
Robb, I've only ever been measured by a stadiometre myself once before, and it was 3cm off my true measured against a wall many times height.
Brett said on 22/Nov/05
Another thing, Yao, you claim Smith is 6'0.5", while I claim he looked my height, but never really stood up tall, and was simply having photos taken in a casual way, and in reality he is 6'2" comfortably. Now heres something to back up Wills height, he was taller then Jason lee, in enemy of the state, who is actually taller then Bennifer who claims to be 6'3.5" but is atleast 6'2". As well as this many a celebrity have thought Will was a ridiculous 6'4", so I think your claims are off. He does look over 2 inches taller then ricky martin in pics too. You claim your like 3 different heights, and thus have no credibility, and you have claimed brosnan to be anywhere from 5'11" up to 6'1" and then back down again. You have claimed that If I (as in myself) met Will smith and thought that he was 6'0.5" , then you believe Brosnan is the 6'2" that I claim as you thought smith was 6'0.5" when you met him, but then you come on now and say you met Brosnan ages ago and hes only 6'0.5", I think you caught yourself out there buddy boy. So you obviously never met Brosnan, or more then likely anyone, and I have no idea what your height really is, as you have claimed 6'2" or was it 6'2.5" and then 6'3" , but then inaccurately 6'4.5", which is no small difference haha, are you using the phony growth products advertised above. One thing I can recommend is, get someone to measure you with your back against a wall, like I do, its accurate, but I have had it done by stadiometre aswell, as that is what the rugby club use, and every measurement is within 1/2 a cm of each other.
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
Even if Im underestimating the height of my friend, say he is 5'9" ( in his dreams but anyhow), I still compared how he looked next to connery, versus how he looks next to me, so Im using that as my basis for connerys analysis. Honestly I do think that Dalton was easy 6'2" plus ( maybe 6'3"), Connery was a good 6'2", Lazenby also, Brosnan just over 6'2", Moore Id say was 6'1" or so, now maybe half an inch under, as he still has exceptional posture for his age, and Daniel Craig, easily the smallest at somewhere around 5'11".
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
someone who is 5'9" is 5cm shorter then you haha, that means the top of his head is somewhere inline with the top of your forehead or hairline, or even higher, so its not a big diff. Your saying Connery was 190cm in his 70s haha, when he was meant to be 6'1.5" in his prime, and only 6'2.5" in body building competitions which always overstate, look at Arnie, hes probably not even 6ft tall. So if he was 187 or 188cm at max in his youth ( after seeing the pic and doing my comparisons, I do think that is the limit) how could he be 190cm now in his 70s haha. Nowadays he is probably 6'1 or 6'2" in some chunky shoes, a man of his age is going to have spinal curvature to some extent, so thats probably about right, and without shoes, id say hes 184cm tall, he would have lost an inch to an inch and a half at his age easy.
Mario Nariano said on 21/Nov/05
I have family who lives in Marbella, where Connery lived a couple of years ago, and they have seen Sir Connery a lot of times. They all say that he is 190cm (of course they round up, but still). If a 182 cm guy says to me that Connery is 190cm, connery can't be 183 cm as yiy say. Maybe your are underestamating the height of your friend. I'm 5 ft 11 and 5 ft 9 poeple look sshort in my eyes, a lot shorter!
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
I do think aswell getting measured at the end of the day is not perhaps the best Idea, as you do shrink during the course of the day, so I would say during the morning sometime is a better indication then late at night.
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
So because you guys forced me to I remeasured myself and found im actually on 170cm hahaha ah no, Im 186.3cm in the morning and 185.6cm at night, and that was with my tape measure, which is probably more inaccurate then the stadiometre. So im 6'1" , as most people who claim to be 6'1" are around 184 cm, but im actually on the 186cm mark, so Im definitely not overstating my height. I have met several actors as I said earlier, Hugh Jackman, Eric bana, Will smith, matthew perry, seen guys like Hayden christiansen at premieres, the william sisters, Jim courier, charles barkley at sporting events and hotels. And ofcourse I saw Pierce Brosnan too. I see Russel crowe occasionally around eastern sydney as he lives there too. I recently saw Australian Cricket player Brett Lee, who is meant to be 187cm , and he was exactly the same height as me, so usually when I meet someone who Im surprised by their height, Its because I can notice that are notably taller then myself, and or taller then my previous expectation. As for Perry, I thought he was around 5'11" to 6ft tall but he did have some chunky shoes on, so Id say more like 180-181cm. Russel Crowe Im really not sure of, because I think he could wear some dodgy shoes, so he looked around 5'11ish. Will smith as Rob says does tend to slouch, but I think when he is upright he probably would be 188cm, but when I saw him he didnt seem more then my height, although he really never stood upright. Jim courier was around my height maybe slightly under, but I think he is 6'1" in his profile, hayden I didnt think was more at most then 6ft, and Bana, Brosnan and Hugh I thought were all 6'2" plus. And for Mario " meeted" is not a word mate, not in english atleast, but I do think I have a better grasp of both Brosnans and Connerys height then you, as I have had an encounter with the one, and my friend had a photo with the other, so I could compare myself to myfriend, and then use the picture to gauge Connerys height against my friends height, which I thought could give me a very good ideas as to his height( now ofcourse,I dont know about 50 years ago when he was a so called body builder). To jason, Im not saying 6ft is small, obviously not, but its really only tallish for my generation ( ie people in their 20s or younger), not monsterous, you certainly dont stick out, I see guys bigger then me all the time, I think once your around 190cm or more, then you start to feel bigger then 95 percent or more of people.
Mario Nariano said on 20/Nov/05
Of course Connery was never 6 ft 2.5! He would be then taller than Brosnan!
Brett i'm starting to think that your are a Brosnan fan who has never meeted him.

It's also comfirmed that McCregor was never considered for Bond, it were rumors by the media. Paul Newman has also been considered Bond and he was 5 ft 9 short! I don't think that Bond producers really care about the height of Bond.
Viper652 said on 20/Nov/05
Brett, dude, have you ever heard a thing called lifts in shoes?? Also are you really the height you state anyway?
Brett said on 20/Nov/05
I wouldnt bother arguing on here, and wasting my time speculating over Brosnans height if I had never met the guy, its kind of pointless and subjective, Im only doing so as Im the only one to have met him, and can't watch you guys give your rubbish speculative opinions on a persons height based on nothing, and sell him well short. every time someone says hes 5'11" or 6ft I just laugh my head off, knowing how far off the truth it really is. To be honest if I had never met Brosnan I would have argued that he is not more then 6'0"-6'1" aswell.
Brett said on 20/Nov/05
As for 6ft being tall, nowadays it really isnt, the majority of my friends are around 6ft or more, and my whole Rugby team are above 6ft. I think maybe 50 years ago being 6ft is tall, but nowadays you really need to be over 190cm to stick out.
Brett said on 19/Nov/05
I said earlier my friend who stayed in the the Beverley Hilton met and had photos with Sean Connery, and from the photo he looks barely 6ft nowadays, so I do think that he never was near 6'2.5" I think thats rubbish. Plus this whole lifts idea , I personally think is rubbish, if the bonds used Lifts, then why would they have said actors like Ewen Mcgregor were too short to play the role, after all hes 5'10" and with lifts could easily be 6ft, so they obviously dont use them as readily as you guys seem to think.
Brett said on 19/Nov/05
Im 185-186cm tall, and he was taller then me by over an inch, as I said earlier he had normal dress shoes on, with smallish heels, maybe 2cm high like a normal office shoe. haha why would you argue with someone who has met him? haha you guys are hilarious, I dont need to speculate, I know the answer to his height. Simple as that, Ive met him, you havent, so why argue. Jason I have been measured using a Stadiometer, and am of last week 186cm ( I previously thought I was 185cm), so I know exactly how tall I am pal, but its funny that you should know better about my height, or Brosnans height without meeting neither myself or him. I mean everyone of these pics can show distortion of the truth, so why speculate based on pictures? seeing you have no evidence to back up that he is 185cm why bother listing heights you believe are true.
Mario Nariano said on 19/Nov/05
Well Brosnan is at least an half inch shorter than Timothy Dalton(he looks to me an inch shorter but lets be generous), Dalton himself claims to be 6ft 2, and was that probably still in the pictures of 1996.

Brosnan also isn't also much taller than a Moore who is close to his 80s and is 6 ft or a little over it. Brosnan is also barefoot (watch Goldeneye) an inch taller than Famke Jansen who is according to herself 5 ft 11, but the most here agree that she is 182/183 cm. An 186 guy can easily look 188 in some occasions.

I think that 6 ft comments about Brosnan are silly, because he simply doesn't look it, but I think that 187/ 188 cm is too tall for Brosnan. The 186 was good in my eyes, although I think that he 185 cm.

My current Bond heights
Sean Connery 6 ft 2.5 --> 6 ft 1.5
George Lazenby 6 ft 2.5 --> 6 ft 1.5
Roger Moore 6 ft 2 --> 6 ft
Timothy Dalton 6 ft 2 --> 6 ft 1.5
Pierce Brosnan 6 ft 1 --> 6 ft 2 (Lifts!)

And lets not forget that Brosnan claimed in the 80s to be 6 ft 1.

Editor Rob

didn't Colin Salmon and Pierce share a few scenes together in one Bond?

Salmon gives his height as 6ft 4/93kg on his cv. I can't recall how Pierce looked near him though...?
Brett said on 19/Nov/05
Rob you might aswell put Hugh and Eric down to 6'1.5" aswell because they are no bigger then Brosnan.
Brett said on 19/Nov/05
Mario, do you know for a fact that Brosnan is not 6'2"? no you dont, youve never met the man. Im 185-186cm, and he was easily over an inch taller then me, so he is over 6'2", whether this site recognises it , who gives a toss, when you finally meet the guy, and your forehead hits his chin, youll see what I am talking about. My friend did a programming competition In LA, and stayed at the beverly hilton, he managed to meet several stars, one of which was a tired Bedragled old Sean Connery. Now he managed to get a picture of him and his girlfriend with Sean, and was amazed at how frail Sean was, my friend is only 5'7-8" and in this pic, seans Eye level is not over my friends head. I can see over his head by 2 odd inches, so no I dont think sean Connery is all that tall anymore if ever. My friends words to me was, he really is not that big at all. When I saw Pierce Brosnan, I was in utter shock, as I have met stars like Hugh Jackman ( fellow Australians as a relative of mine is well known producer) and Eric Bana many a time, Both of which are no bigger then Brosnan, although Hugh is slightly bigger then Eric.
Jason said on 19/Nov/05
Pierce has long legs, but the effect is exaggerated due to his footware, which happens when tall guys wear lifts. And 6'0 1/2'' is tall, maybe you're not as tall as you think you are, Brett. Yes, Brosnan does appear 6'2'' in some pics, but others he does not - - being one. Agassi is only 5'10 1/2''...

I don't agree that Brosnan's frame seems overall longer than Caine's BTW, as it's obvious the man is some big ass shoes. Maybe his legs are slightly, but Caine's torso seems lengthier...
Mario Nariano said on 19/Nov/05
Brett, Lazenby is 65 years in that pic of course he isn't as tall as what he was at his peak. Connery and Lazenby where the tallest Bond. And Brosnan can't be 6 ft 2 if Dalton is 6 ft 2.
Brett said on 19/Nov/05
I think that the only one that would be truthful would be my pic as Kinnear would be looking for the height boost not Brosnan, so I think the pics you have show Kinnear wearing lifts, as in the pic I showed he didnt look much taller then Halle Berry, and then all of a sudden hes a couple inches closer to Pierce in other pics. And if you watch Die another day you can see how much of a big difference between brosnan and berry, so its not brosnan whoes on the lift its Kinnear. There you go Rob
Brett said on 19/Nov/05
thought Id bring back this pic, it shows the four bonds ( no Connery), and Dalton seems closest to the camera, either that or his head is massive, Brosnan seems alittle behind Moore. Either way Dalton and Brosnan are the biggest, Moore looks alot smaller and Lazenby slightly less then brosnan and Dalton. So no Lazenby is no ways the tallest bond, I think thats just rubbish.
heres the pic again
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/05
I agree with Jason. Those boots are esentially platforms on the inside. Rotate the pic clockwise a few degrees, move Pierce a bit to the background, remove the shoes and I can see him being shorter than Caine. In general, photos are a poor method of comparing or judging height. Barefoot eyewitness encouters are the only reliable method.
Jason said on 17/Nov/05
Ok, regarding the Pierce/Michael Caine pic: the angle is bad, Pierce is a little closer to the camera ... and most importantly, Pierce's army boots look like something a WWE wrestler would be propped up in lol! Seriously. Something looks off with the length of his legs there, too. Look how unnaturally long they are in relation to his torso - that sure looks like a man in lifts to me. Army boots (Australian army boots at least...) add 1 1/2'' to your height on top of that. No doubt Pierce is a legitimately tall man ... but I don't see him being over 6'0 1/2''.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/05
I am indeed off with my GoldenEye recollection (Q being as tall as Brosnan) so I'll retract that comment gracefully.

This is the only pic submitted (cheers Rob) on this page that shows Brosnan and Alexandra Paul standing up straight, next to each other - BOTH with proper posture:
If she's 5'10 then Brosso ain't 6'2...

And by the way - Caine, unlike Brosnan, isn't wearing enormous military boots in that pic...
Jason said on 17/Nov/05
Wow, Pierce needed a downgrade, not an upgrade. I believe this guy to be 6'0 1/2'' at best. Where's this Michael Caine pic?
Brett said on 17/Nov/05
Alf Im an investment banker, what are you pal haha, dont add you mindless input here.I Think shes around 6 feet mario. Mario how can you be sure hes wearing lifts? have you met him? And by saying hes wearing lifts means you never looked at the pic properly, even rob will agree in the pic with caine that you can physically see brosnans frame is bigger then caines, the height gap doesnt come from the shoes, plus look how far apart Brosnans legs are apart, like he is getting a cavity search. Rob why dont you filter pointless comments like Alfs out, no positive input at all.
Mario Nariano said on 16/Nov/05
Brett, Caine was at his peak 6 ft 2 and is nowedays 6 ft 1 or margely over it.
Brosnan is just woring lifts in that pic.
Brett how tall you think that Famke Jansen is?
Brett said on 15/Nov/05
I think the whole lift thing is rubbish, afterall, think about this, they never took Ewen Mcgregor into consideration for Bond as he was too short, being around 5'10, when they could use lifts on him and make him 6-6'1". Obviously they didnt want to.Daniel Craig however is 5'11" according to this site and 6'0" according to him, and he never had this problem, as he was evidently accepted. So if Craig were only like 1 inch to 1/2 an inch taller then McGregor why would they have made the whole fuss about Mcgregor, as hes clearly a more accomplished actor and about 10 times more presentable then Craig. So Im beginning to think Craig is near 6ft, and they have said he was the smallest bond, So I really do think all the bonds have been near 6'2", as to say he is the smallest bond, usually means that he is noticably smaller then the rest of them, which he is as you can see in that pic, with him and Brosnan which was circulating this site ( like 3 inch difference). Rob what do you think about McGregor at like 5'10 or 5'10.5 being claimed to be too small, while Craig whoes apparently 5'11" is given the go ahead? 1/2 and inch isnt much is it
Brett said on 15/Nov/05
you can see brosnans body in the pic with cane, and you can see his body is physically longer then caines, so unless they stretched him in the pic ( haha not likely) then its obvious he isnt wearing lifts. Plus I really dont think Caine ever was a legit 6'2", maybe 185-186cm, and now maybe just under, as hes hardly taller then christian bale whoes somewhere between 182 and 183cm tall.
Gotxo said on 15/Nov/05
Be honest mario, in that shot we don't see their feet ! ;)
Post a pic like this one:
Brit Ekland is 5'5" in his own words, she's wearing an about 4" heel.
She's still a bit more than 4" smaller than Maud Adams, so maybe she was 176-178cm. But in that pic she has no footwear and in spite of this Moore (who has their shoes on) is not 10cm taller than her. He never has been 6'2".
He was 6'1" at the very best
Mr. R said on 14/Nov/05
Clearly Pierce looks 6-2 in the pics. However, from the time he started Remington Steele, he usually claimed 6-1. Also, we cannot discount the possibility of lifts, especially in that pic with Michael Caine. Even six foot actors are given lifts sometimes, i.e. Denzel in "Cry Freedom" which made him taller than 6-1.5 Kevin Kline.
Mario Nariano said on 14/Nov/05
4 inches of difference?

Brosnan is like an inch shorter than Dalton and slighty taller than Moore, so I just don't see that 6 ft 2 possible.

Gotxo, I would say that Maid is closer to 5 ft 11.
Brett said on 14/Nov/05
Roger Moore looked more like 4-5 inches shorter then Lee in his movies there was a photo on Moores page ( on this site that proves it)
Brett said on 14/Nov/05
I think that Pic of Brosnan and Caine, you can physically see Brosnans frame is longer then that of Caine, The length is definitely not hidden, its not like he looks smaller then caine and his being taller then him looks very suss, he genuinely looked 1.5 inches at minimum taller
Mario Nariano said on 14/Nov/05
Roger Moore looked 3 or 3.5 inches shorter than Lee (probably 6 ft 5 then) in the early 70s. It doesn't say nothing because the movie that Brosnan did with Lee was in the 90s when Lee had lost a bit of height.

The Pictures of Brosnan are interesthing, I would say that Brosnan is 2 inches taller than Llewelyn (his bad posture makes him shorter). Dalton was also 2 inches taller than Llewelyn but Llewelyn was then younger and his posture was also better at the end of the 80s.

I think that Brosnan is probably woring lifts in the Picture with 6 ft 2 Caine and Lee (probably 6 ft 4 then) there are a lot of pictures wich proofe that he is in the 6 ft 1 range.
Brett said on 14/Nov/05
yeh well I reckon that guy looks more then 190cm tall, I know a guy whoes 193cm tall ( he was measured for rugby) and he use to think he was 188cm for about 5 years, hed always say I couldnt be 6'1" because he was only 6'2", meanwhile when he got measured he was shocked to see that he was 6'4". Rob there is more then 4.5 inches between him and cindy, he looks like 15 cm taller then her in the one Anonmoose put up. See Rob your slowly working out that hes atleast 6'2" haha, atleast.
J.J.F said on 13/Nov/05
Now that I'm on a roll...

Watch the 'Q' scene in GoldenEye. Brosnan barely measures up to Desmond Llewlyn slouched frame - Q used to be a solid 6'2" but with age and that awful slouch he can't be more than 6'1, and thats pushing it. Brosnan is not a centimeter taller than him in that film, both wearing shoes. YOU DO THE MATH ROB!

He's got a good publicist, and shoemaker these days though.
J.J.F said on 13/Nov/05
Hmm, yes... funny then how he was stuggling to stand 2" taller than Alexandra 'bay watch' Paul (5'10") in Death Train when they both had cargo boots on (Hey - maybe Alexandra Paul wears lifts...:)

Pierce has em all fooled. For more 6 foot Brosnan, watch 'Live Wire'.
Brett said on 13/Nov/05
yep he didnt, I was standing right next to him, and his shoes were not the lift type shoes which could house a sole, just a black dress shoe. Pierce Brosnan stated that he was nearly 6ft tall at 11 years old, but still use to get picked on by bullys. Now unless youve met him, why argue. Stallone is a small guy, a friend of mine has worked around him in L.A and he is 5'9" he said stallone was shorter then him, so yes he definitely wears enormous shoes, but Pierce nup, sorry, hes 6'2". When you meet him, get back to me
Seb said on 12/Nov/05
And according to the tailors in London who have measured every Bond actor without shoes, Brosnan is 6'0. Brosnan was photographed wherever he went in real life because he was a celebrity and playing James Bond. Stallone wears elevator shoes everywhere he goes, do you seriously think others don't?
Brett said on 2/Nov/05
I say hes atleast 6'2" he personally claims his 6'2" 195lbs ( although he can go up to like 215), the guy who claims to be 190cm, looks more then that, so I still stick by my guns.anyone who sees the pic below ( I pasted it 2 down) with 5'10 Greg Kinnear and Brosnan would agree Pierce is atleast 6'2"
TJ said on 1/Nov/05
Colin, 5'10 is way off. I spent some time around him on set - rather than just walking past him while shopping - and he's easily 6ft. I think Rob's estimate seems pretty accurate.
Brett said on 1/Nov/05
Haha Colin thats quite funny, Pierce is 5'10" I can tell you never met him.
Jason said on 1/Nov/05
It's weird estimates of the man's height vary this much. I reckon Pierce is right around 6'0'' and, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a member of the magic shoe club...
colin said on 1/Nov/05
My wife and I walked past Pierce in New Bond Street in London recently.My wife is 5ft 9. Pierce was no bigger than my wife and he was wearing very dodgy looking cowboy boots. I would say he is realistically about 5ft 10
Brett said on 1/Nov/05
well I can help you out, my dad walked right past him and stood up right right next to him so that I could see the difference between him and Pierce. My father is 183cm and he had big saloman snow shoes on, and pierce still looked 5-6cm taller then him and I looked really closely to see how close they were. I was actually shocked because I honestly didnt really think previously that Pierce was big at all. So I didnt really need to see his eye level compared to myself as I could use my fathers height more accurately, although his eye level was still above mine. Now those salomans are like atleast 3cm thick maybe 4cm. So with shoes on, Pierce would have been atleast 191cm on that day easily ( which I derived from 183cm ( my fathers height) + 3-4cm salomans =186 to 187cm + around 5cm =191cm minimum with shoes on. So without shoes probably 188 or 189cm as his shoes didnt really look big, but i suppose he could have had a sole in them. So I cant see Pierce on a bad day being under 187cm, maybe at night he is haha, but in the morning id say hes easy 188cm or more. I can tell you that none of those sightings claiming him to be under 6'1" are credible encounters as if he doesnt even stand tall hes still agood 186cm or so barefooted. 5'9" is just a joke im sorry, and no more then 6ft is also stupid as im more then that and he was taller then me. I just thought my encounter would be informative as I am of similar height to him, and could tell automatically that he was over 6'1" as I am that height and I noticed his size immediately.
Mario Nariano said on 31/Oct/05
I think that the pictures that he has with Dalton are the proof that he isn't 6 ft 2 or 6 ft 1.5. Sometimes Dalton looks taller than 6 ft 2, but he claims to be 6 ft 2 and he seems to me an honest guy. The 186 cm for Pierce is possible but only if Famke Jansen is 6 ft.
Anonmoose said on 31/Oct/05
The "on a good day" probably had more to do with Brosnan's weight being 195lbs than his height being 6'2. Hah.

I'd believe anything between 6'1 and 6'2. Shorter than that seems like wishful thinking by some. Also this idea that he suddenly just became taller than 6 ft with Bond is silly.

This site has James Read listed as 6'2. Pierce was about the same height as him when they were both on Remington Steele in early 1980s. One & Two
Mario Nariano said on 30/Oct/05
Ehm Brosnan did look a strong 6 ft 1 beside 5 ft 7 Williams. I can't talk about the movie that he has with Caine but he looks taller than him in pictures. To me pierce looked even before his Bond career 6 ft 1. I don't understand why poeple claim that he looked 5 ft 11 or 6 ft in his pre bond carreer. Ow well they probably want too think that he is short...
J.J.F said on 29/Oct/05
Nope peeps, i still don't buy it.

Brosnan was not 6'+ next to Robin Williams, Sally Fields, that woman from baywatch who was in Death Train, Stephanie Zimbalist, Michael Caine or ANY of the actors he starred with before Goldeneye in '95. He just isn't taller than 6 foot as that linkedphoto at the bottom of this page with nearly 5'10.5" Agassi shows quite well...

"Just watched a re-run of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, with guests Peter Kay and Pierce Brosnan. When Pierce walked on there was little difference between him and Jonathan - so 6'1/6'2 very probable for this guy."

The walkway to the guest's sofa on Jonathan Ross' show is slightly elevated so as no to 'minimize' celebrities shorter than 6'1.5" Ross
Brett said on 16/Oct/05
I found something from leo dicaprios page on this site that author randy barnett wrote "Most of the males actors are much smaller, not just shorter, than you expect--especially Banderas--except DiCaprio who you'd expect to be small, but is really normal size and height. Alex Baldwin is a bit bulky of course, and Pierce Brosnan is a remarkably big guy, who is not shy about wearing gray stubble. The tallest was probably Tim Robbins, but taller than you'd expect were Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey. Not surprisingly on the tall side were Ted Turner, Donald Trump, Will Smith, Bruce Dern, and Clint Eastwood."
He considered supposed 5'11.5" dicaprio to be of normal size, people like will smith to be " on the tall side" and Pierce Brosnan to be a " remarkably big guy" so that would surely say something about pierces size
Brett said on 15/Oct/05
The thing about Johnothan ross is he must wear seriously huge lifts sometimes, as Ive seen him where he was next to Jim carrey and he was like 2 inches taller then Jim, whoes like 6'1.5", and someone else on this site said he was nearly as tall as lennox lewis whoes like 6'5". So I dont know whether Ross is a good base point as he clearly wears lifts.
Brett said on 14/Oct/05
Ive come on here before to argue over pierces height. I saw him in the marc hotel New york a couple years ago. I was wearing snow shoes which give an inch or so id say, and im 185cm tall barefoot (6'1"), and mr brosnan was an inch and a half or so taller then me, and seemed to have normal black shoes on. So please explain how on earth this guy could be less then 6'2"?. Hes a tall man, I was honestly quite shocked as I thought he would not have been even my height. So you can put what ever height you like on here, and argue that hes 5'11" or what not, but I know that he is no less then 6'2"
Mario Nariano said on 14/Oct/05
Viper, Lazenby was lsited as 6 ft 2.5 in his model days and when he become Bond they downgraded him to 6 ft 2(just like every actor who become bond) because it's easier to say i suppose. And why do you always suppose that the shortest height is the right height. A lot of stars are actually taller than what they are ussually listed.
Parker said on 14/Oct/05
Just watched a re-run of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, with guests Peter Kay and Pierce Brosnan. When Pierce walked on there was little difference between him and Jonathan - so 6'1/6'2 very probable for this guy.
Viper652 said on 14/Oct/05
Ive seen 6-1 listings for Lazenby on the net. Also read a disucssion where Lazenby was listed at 6-1.5 when he was a model way back when.
Mario Nariano said on 13/Oct/05
J.J.F, Pierce Brosnan looks 3/ 3.5 inches taller than Patrick Swayze in Deat Train. Brosnan looks in Remington Steele taller than 6 ft 1 and in his other pre Bond movie's he also looked between 6 ft 1 and 6 ft 2. Dalton has never wored lifts and Moore looked in his first two bond movie's close to 6 ft 2.
J.J.F said on 13/Oct/05
Oh dear, Rob - you have let your standards slip.
Brosnan has used lifts ever since he got the 007 gig in '94. He's no taller than 6 foot really (possible even slightly less), as any of his earlier films show quite clearly... he's about 2" taller than 5'10 Patrick Stewart in Death Train.
Never trust a Bond actors height. Usually 'enhanced', be it on paper or in the footwear department!

During their 007 tenures:

Connery 6'1.5"
Lazenby 6'2"
Moore 6'0.5"
Dalton 6'2" (with lifts)
Brosnan 6'1" (with lifts)

Trust me, these are all accurate to within a half-inch

Anonymous said on 12/Oct/05
thanks Mr. R you just proved brosnans 6'2" as Geoffry rush is 5'11", and thats listed on this site too, and you said he was atleast 3 inches taller. So hes 6'2" claim is plausable now.
Mr. R said on 10/Oct/05
I was watching the Tailor of Panama last night, and he was at least 3 inches taller than Geoffrey Rush, who I met in August, and who is at best 5-9. My guess is that he is between 6-0 and 6-1.
ER. said on 10/Oct/05
This is pretty much correct. He's deffinitly not 6'2", but I do think he's in the 6'1"-range. Under 6' is nonsense. I mean, why would they even have someone UNDER 6' play James Bond?! James Bond is supposed to fit the stereotype of a tall, dark and handsome man.
Viper652 said on 9/Oct/05
To say Pierce is 6-2 should put anybody in the loony bin. Most actors fudge their height by a couple of inches at least, and sometimes more. Pierce is no exception. Im 100 percent sure he is struggling with 6-0 when he takes his shoes off.
Mario Nariano said on 6/Oct/05
Pierce doesn't even come close in height with Dalton.
Renember that Pierce is only 1 inch taller than Famke Jansen. Is it possible that Famke is 6 footer?
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/05
Yao im sorry but lazenby just doesnt look taller in that pic, maybe you have a thing for sexy old lazenby hahaha
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/05
Anybody who actually thinks Pierce is 6-2 in his barefeet is the one who is in fantasy land. Hes struggling with 6 feet without the shoes.
Matthew said on 28/Sep/05
Anyone who claims Pierce being over 6ft is a fantasy clearly hasnt met the man, I know him very well and he is 6ft 2 and abit inches. Its funny how so many people argue over something they are speculating over
Sam said on 23/Sep/05
I reckon pierce is 6'2" atleast , or he has the worlds most well hidden lifts. Personally I think hes not the one wearing lifts. Ive seen him a couple times and both times he had flat shoes, and looked me in the eye and im 190cm. So I dont know if they can have a flat shoe which can still give him a 2" plus height advantage? To me he really looked a good 6"2.5 , and his hair is amazingly salt and pepper grey. from all these recent photos that are on here, it seems to show exactly what im saying, he looks way bigger then moore, and lazenby, and similar to dalton. Now surely they would all wear heels, or atleast they would want to portray who is actually the tallest and smallest when all 4 stand next to each other? So i reckon that pic is the best guide so far to see who is the tallest/shortest, and it is clear that dalton and brosnan are the tallest
Mario Nariano said on 22/Sep/05
Pierce is closer to the camera than Caine so it's normal that he looks taller than Caine. He looks 2 inches shorter than Christopher Lee who looks those days still looks around the 6 ft 4 zone. In Die Another Day Pierce looks almost as tall as Lawrence Makoare who is 6 ft 4. But in Goldeneye he is barefoot only an inch taller than Famke Jansen who 5 ft 11 1/2.

I know almost for 100% sure that Pierce wores lifts in some of his movies.
Brett said on 22/Sep/05
well both those pics, ( the one where hes like 3 inches taller then moore and the rest, and the one where hes nearly as tall as the 6'4" lee) confirm that when I saw pierce he clearly was well over 6"2, so now all thats left to work out is wether he has serious heels or hes bigger then you guys give him credit. In my opinion he must be 6"2' atleast , because with heels on, hes nearly as big as lee, someone whoes 6'1" would need more then pure heels to get them up into that region. And hes clearly taller by an inch then michael cane in that pic, who happens to be atleast an inch taller then just over 6ft tall christian bale, so its blatently obvious pierce is 6"2 atleast. Ive met pierce, it is obvious he is atleast 6"2, and from those pics he looks more like 6'3".
Who Is Tallest said on 21/Sep/05
Brosnan aint 6-2, I just asked the dude that bond heights he has "gone over his info again" he contacted Dalton, Dalton is "6-1" at time of that image in 96, there is no way Brosnan is 6-2 or 6-1, he also said, "he will update the site soon to the "final numbers" of Dalton 6-1, Connery 6-2.5 (6-1 now) Moore 6-1 (6-0 now) Brosnan 6-0 Lazenby 6-2.5 (6-1 now)

he also said he went back and got specifics on Connery's 1953 body building contest and it was without shoes on.

Brosnan over 6 feet is a fantasy
Matter of Persepective said on 18/Sep/05
1996: The sidewalk in the Dalton/Moore/Brosnan shots is signifcantly slanted up toward the Dalton side hence the diference in the heights.{120c76a6-dd30-49d7-9a4a-c8b4bf248082}

Brosnan/Moore (Jan 1995)-- the sidewalk is slanted in Moore's favor and Brosnan is still taller (though he looks a bit closer to the camera).{649db49e-df8b-4a83-9fe7-18a1624c7a83}

Brosnan/Moore/Lazenby/Dalton (Nov 2002 BAFTAs): Four Bonds at the BAFTAs- Dalton is closest to the camera (notice the larger head) then Lazenby, with Moore and Brosnan slightly further backstage.

Mario Nariano said on 17/Sep/05
I think that pierce wored in some scenes of his Bond movie's lifts.
In Goldeneye there is at the begining a scene with him and Famke Jansen and he looks like 5 cm taller than her. Later in the movie they are both barefoot and Pierce is only 2 or 3 cm taller than her.

I say that Pierce is 184/ 185 cm barefoot and he wores sometimes lifts too look taller.
Viper652 said on 16/Sep/05
It looks like Dalton is wearing elevator shoes in that pic. He literally TOWERS over Brosnan and Moore. I think all 3 are 6-0 barefoot, to be honest.
Brett said on 16/Sep/05
I noticed they increased Rick yunes height to 6"1.5, this helps prove the point that brosnan as I saw him is atleast 6"2 , as he is bigger then rick yune in the movie die another day, and in all the premiere photos for the movie.
Brett said on 13/Sep/05
well there is no way to know if Brosnan magically grew due to special shoes, but as I saw him, he was an easy 6"2, hes shoes didnt look big, but as ive seen these special shoes can conciel the extra 2 odd inches inside the shoe itself. so I suppose theres no real way to know unless you make him stand up barefooted and measure him hahaha
Brett said on 13/Sep/05
as I said, when I saw will smith he was no bigger then me ( if a little shorter) and im 185cm, but Pierce brosnan was taller then me. so why would I have my height wrong, if smith is 6"0.5 then hes pretty close to my height. I get measured often as I play club rugby, so Im agreeing with will smith not being 6"2
CoolJ said on 12/Sep/05
I must agree with Yao.. I dont think Smith looks a full 6'2".. although I'm not sure he's shorter than 6'1 either.
Brett said on 6/Sep/05
He isnt 6"1, Ive met him, im 6"1 and he was taller then me, so until youve met him why would you even waste your breath. Im just over 185cm as I said, and he was taller then me, so unless he has some seriously smart shoes which give him an extra couple inches, hes 6"2. He was bigger then me when I saw him, so explain that
TheMan said on 5/Sep/05
Bronsnan is deffently 6,1 no evidence to prove it but im sure he is.
Brett said on 5/Sep/05
Perhaps Pierce puts things in his shoes to look taller, but when I saw he was taller then me and im 185cm with no shoes on ( and im conservative ). Ive met actors like will smith and matthew perry, both of which were not taller then me ( will was a similar size mathew was shorter)and will smith is quoted at 6"2. so how can will be 6"2 if hes no bigger then myself and brosnan be 6"1 or 6"0 when he was clearly taller then me
John said on 5/Sep/05
If rick yune is 6"1 then Brosnan is 6"2 as he is taller then Yune
Brett said on 5/Sep/05
Ive personally stood next to Pierce Brosnan in the Mark hotel in new york city, and he was little taller then me, say one inch or so, and Im 185cm tall, so I would say he is atleast 188cm.
Mario Nariano said on 3/Sep/05
Lazenby looks those days no more than 186cm really.
Lazenby himself claims to be 188cm and in his model days he was listed as 6 ft 2 188 cm. There are also rumors that Lazenby started woring elevator shoes when he become Bond because he was a lot shorter than Connery. But I don´t think that is so.

This are the Bond peak heights that I think
1. Sean Connery - 6 ft 2.4 (There to much connected to Connery to be shorter than this)
2. Timothy Dalton 6 ft 2 (But i´m unsure about him sometimes he looks like he taller than 6 ft 3!)
3. Goerge Lazenby 6 ft 2
4. Roger Moore 6 ft 0.50
5. Pierce Brosnan 6 ft 0.50
J.J said on 29/Aug/05
Then why was he only one-and-half inch taller than 5'10" Patrick Stewart in 'Death Train'?? BECAUSE HE STARTED WEARING LIFTS AFTER BECOMING 007. I cannot believe people havent realized this yet...
Mario Nariano said on 27/Aug/05
That pic comfirms that Pierce is 6 ft 1. Not taller, not shorter.
Parker said on 27/Aug/05
Pierce's eyes are level with the guy's nose thus 2 inches shorter - certainly not 3 inches even allowing for the guy leaning in slightly - if their heels are the same I'd put Pierce between 6 and 6'1, 183/184.
CelebHeights Editor said on 27/Aug/05
From Bond newsgroup: "Pierce is really 6'0 you can see photo of him with me (I'm 6'2) at Link"

Follow up - I asked the person in the photo his height again. He is in fact 190cm or 6ft 2 3/4, so the Brosnan height of 185 still looks right to me. Anyone think he's shorter from the picture above?
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Aug/05
From uk newsgroup (maybe this is Sticks cousin ;) ): "Pierce Brosnan is about my height -- I passed him in the street prior to the release of "Tomorrow Never Dies", so I have empirical evidence to support this. I'm about 5'9."
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/05
Moore, Brosnan, Connery on stage. Lazenby, Dalton, Moore together. All about the same height.
Mr. Klaus said on 20/Aug/05
Some poeple say that Lazenby was only an inch taller than Brosnan at the Die Another Day premiere and other poeple say that Lazenby was 4 inches taller than Brosnan. I can't find pictures of Lazenby and Brosnan, but I saw a picture of Lazenby and Dalton and both looked the same height. I think that the guy's who say that Lazenby is 4 inches taller than brosnan, want to think that Brosnan is a short guy.
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From 1996 thread on James Bond newsgroup: "When I met him, I thought he looked taller in person than in film. I believe he is 6.2" He definitely does not look wimpy in person. Kees"
Amy said on 10/Jul/05
I watched GoldenEye recently to try and get a handle on Brosnan's height. I noticed that in the scene where he is in the swimming pool, he appears to look to the naked eye to be about 5-11, possibly 6-0 without shoes on. He looks as what you might call normal to slightly tall.

However in the REST of the film where he has shoes on, I noticed that he looks quite tall, at least 6-1, more like 6-2 probably without shoes, like 6-2 with shoes easily.

In other words I think with shoes he is EASILY 6-2, which WOULD certainly make him a legit 6-1 without shoes as listed here......

BUT I think his REAL height is more like 5-11 to 6 feet, indeed I think he is wearing magic shoes.

So I think this site is correct with the 6-1 listing, but in all likelyhood only because he wears the magic shoes.
J.J said on 30/Jun/05
Lol, Pierce really has managed to fool everbody, including the so called sceptics on this site, hasn't he?
Look at any of his pre-95 photo's besides other celebs and you'll see he barely hits 6' (1.83m) He is part of the magic-shoe club, people!
Dancer said on 27/Jun/05
I met Pierce (pre-Bond) at a photo-signing thing at a mall in Phoenix (tough times for Pierce, but was helping a friend promote his clothing line at Dillard's). Three things 1) He is better looking in person 2) He is incredibly gracious and down-to-earth and 3)I am 5'10 - he was no more than 6 ft.
J.J said on 25/May/05
And why, I wonder, did he list his height as being 5'11" back in the early 80's? I'll have a look and see if I can find proof of this...
Anonymous said on 9/May/05
Exactly - you met him and he looked 6'1" - which makes him 6' without shoes. When are you lot going to realize this?
TJ said on 8/May/05
I met Pierce a few yrs back on the set of Goldeneye and I'd say the 6'1 is accurate. Seriously firm handshake too :-D
10 said on 2/Mar/05
I met him and he's no more than 6.
malejj said on 27/Feb/05
Trust me, Brosnan is 6ft(1.83m), most actors 'up' their height for statistics. That would make him 4cm taller than agassi (who is actually 1.79m) which fits perfectly with that photo

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