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Peak: 6ft 1.42in (186.5cm)
Current: 6ft 0.74in (184.8cm)
Arjun said on 1/Mar/07
Yeah Unknown. Brosnan seriously towered Williams, by probably 7 inches or so. Lifts?
Unknown said on 1/Mar/07
In Mrs. Doubtfire, Brosnan towered over Robin Williams.
I know that Robin Williams is short, but Brosnan was much taller than him.
Therefore, I think that Brosnan might be around 6 feet.
Arjun said on 28/Feb/07
JDB and Pierce look basically the same height in that pic minus hair and caps, JDB MAX 1 cm taller, and that's being generous.
Arjun said on 28/Feb/07
In the old pic, he looks only 5'11.5", not even 6'0" as Glenn is well above his eye level. Draw a line from Brosnan's eye level - it meets Glenn well below his hairline, so Glenn is easy 1.5" above eye level in that pic. However in the new one Glenn just barely reaches Brosnan's eye level, definitely about 5" there. And Brosnan never looks as short as 5'11" in pics, that's ridiculous. 6'1" seems spot on to me.
Arjun said on 28/Feb/07
Actually he does look 6'1" in the new pic, scratch my old 6'0.5". Glenn is just about level with the middle of his eyes - 5 inches on a man with a normal 9.5" or so head.
Arjun said on 28/Feb/07
MaxB, Connery's shoulders may be higher than Brosnan's, but just because someone's shoulders are higher does'nt make them taller. Brosnan has a longer neck and more sloping shoulders than Connery (just like me, I often stand 2 inches taller than guys whose shoulders are exactly level with mine) They look about the same at the top of their heads in that pic.
Gonzalo said on 28/Feb/07
He looks tall in the new pic, over 6`1. And he is very handsome in that one.
Mike said on 28/Feb/07
Pierce does seem to have good posture near Glenn, actually in the new pic even though Pierce is closer to the camera he still looks a solid 6'1, those 5'11 claims are ridicolous
glenn said on 24/Feb/07
all 3 are irish.
andrew said on 24/Feb/07
Just look at his posture... He is standing so straight (especially in taller people's company) in most of his photos, that it makes him nearly an inch taller, and looks 6'2".
Anonomoose said on 23/Feb/07
He's Irish. Now also an American Citizen.

I can't see how in photos (taken the same time as the ones with Glenn) where he's clearly taller than 5'10 Byrne by more than 3 inches makes him a little under 6'1. If he's nearer in height to 6'4 Neeson than 5'10 Byrne he's taller than 6'1. That's simple math.
Viper said on 23/Feb/07
I wonder If Brett still swears by his 6-2 claim.
Misha said on 22/Feb/07
A little under six-one sounds absolutely spot-on (to me, anyway), and he is great guy, like so many of these Brits - I know it's a sweeping generalization
that I'm probably going to get crucified for, but British actors really seem to have less ego than a lot of American actors - they are focused on acting, not on being celebrities.
Anonomoose said on 22/Feb/07
Misha at the same 2006 AFI event Brosnan and Connery both stood shoulder to shoulder with Harrison Ford (photos are up here and on Connery's page). Brosnan stood taller next to Ford than Connery did. Connery of course has lost some height over recent years though he's still probably over 6'1. There are also other photos at the 2002 BAFTA event for Bond that shows Brosnan is taller than Moore (significantly by then) -- while standing right next to him on stage and standing next to other people at the same event.

Of course looking at photos, let alone just one photo to make height determinations is flawed because we often can't see the entire body posture, the surface they're standing on etc and sometimes the angle of the photo skewed the image.

Judging height to any degree of accuracy unless it's done by your Dr is flawed period. Especially when you're talking about an inch or even in some cases 1/2 an inch -- even when you stand eye to eye with someone -- and much harder when you're not.

Looking at the photos of Liam, Pierce and Gabriel with Glenn at the same event. Gabriel appears to be about 2 inches taller than Glenn and Glenn spots him at 5'10. With Glenn standing next to Liam some suppose that Liam is 6'4 and maybe more. Glenn says Pierce is 6'1 and maybe a little less. But in the photos of Liam, Pierce and Gabriel together Pierce is clearly closer to Liam's height than he is to Gabriel's (and it looks closer by more than an inch) while 6'1 would put him smack in the middle of 5'10 and 6'4. So just from these event photos I'd say Pierce is 6-1 1'2 but that's providing that the heights for Gabriel and Liam are accurate here.
glenn said on 22/Feb/07
yes,it was a screening and then a party, more the correct term.premieres bring crowds.this was private.he appeared a little under 6-1.great guy.
G-unit said on 22/Feb/07
He did look 6'2 in the bond movies.
misha said on 22/Feb/07
Gordon's interesting triptych of photos he recently posted highlights the principle of depth perception. Sean Connery is an inch or perhaps even two inches taller than Roger Moore, yet Pierce Brosnan, the same height as Moore, appears as tall as Connery in a their photo together. Here's why: when an extreme close-up of multiple subejcts is taken and they are standing staggered front-to-back, the brain must adjust or errors of judgment will occur. Even though their eye levels appear equal in this photo, Connery is about an inch taller than Pierce, (perhaps more) because while Brosnan is about four feet from the camera's lens, Sean is almost two feet behind him, thus stunting his true height by and inch or two. This depth of field effect is even more pronounced in this particular photo because the camera's eye is shooting slightly upward. If Connery were ten feet behind Pierce in this photo, he would look about 5'2" if the viewer made no mental adjustments based on depth perception. Read Rob & Glenn's informative essays detailing this phenomenon. In closing, to emphasize how tricky photos can be even when "everything is right" look at the one directly above my post, where someone is reaching across Glenn to grasp Brosnan's arm. Even though they are standing six feet from the camera and side by side, there is no more than three to four inches' difference between Glenn's height and Brosnan's. Glenn is 5'8" - if the photo is truly accurate, then Pierce is struggling to make six feet, and that's with shoes on. It's an intricate and deceptive business judging heights based on photos alone. The brain adjusts much more accurately to this type of thing with live sightings.
Mike said on 21/Feb/07
Glenn, when you saw Brosnan, how tall was he?
Was he wearing lifts or normal shoes?
MaxB said on 21/Feb/07
Gordon, if you take a perpective into account on the first photo you provided Connery is tall as least as Brosnan, if not taller (to me he acually looks taller - just look at their shoulders).
Glenn said on 9/Feb/07
Woody is 5-11.or thats what he looks like in person.5-9 maybe in his late teens.5-9 now is complete utter bulls***.5-10 is the minium for Woody.
Anthony said on 9/Feb/07
He was at least two inches shorter than 6'2 Joe Don Baker in "Goldeneye".
Arjun said on 9/Feb/07
Looks 6'0 1/2" with Glenn in the new pic. Glenn is just above his eyes and Brosnan's looking straight ahead , not up. Eye level to top of head is 5 inches. So 5 - 1/2 = 4.5"
Dave said on 8/Feb/07
I just watched and own a copy of After The Sun Set and brosnan doesnt loom much taller than Woody Herlson. Heralson is only 5' 9'! So I believe that sense After The SunSet is a recent movie that Pierce Brosnan is now only 6 ft tops.
Robert said on 4/Feb/07
I don't know. Even if Brosnan and Connery are about the same height in this picture, it still would not make sense. Since Connery is taller than Moore, he should be logically taller than Brosnan as well, because Brosnan is not taller than Moore in this picture.
Gonzalo said on 2/Feb/07
I am not sure Brosnam looks taller than Connery. He is closer to the camera. Anyway, Connery is over 70 so I guess he must have shrunk a bit. Both seem to be now around 6`1
Robert said on 1/Feb/07
I doubt that Brosnan is 186cm, because I saw him on TV besides a German showmaster who is stated as 193cm, and I remember that Brosnan appeared tiny against him.
So, I would say that he is no more than 5-11.
dmeyer said on 30/Jan/07
in person looked near 6'1
brother_h said on 30/Jan/07
u dont hav to be a brain surgeon to see that Pierce Brosnan's is 6'0, he may hav shrunken, i mean he does hav greys and most men who reach 35-36 wuld lose an inch in height sum lose height at 42.
glenn is below pierce bronsnans eyes, thats 4 inches
Anthony said on 29/Jan/07
Hmm, he does look close to 6'2 in the second pic.
AAAA said on 29/Jan/07
He is kinda leaning here, so its hard to tell. if he has the typical 4.5-5 inches between his middle eyes and top of head, I can see 6'1.25-6'1.75. I still find the original pic hilarious. The looks are priceless, That random arm mixes with Glenns hand and looks mutated, and Pierce's expression makes me the blanked out guy behind Glenn just grabbed Pierce's a$$
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/07
To me Brosnan is in the range of 5-11.5 to 6-0 barefoot
Mr Mayfair said on 3/Jan/07
Spot on Anthony, Pierce is 6ft & 1/2in. Offically listed in the "trade" as 6ft 1in.
Anthony said on 1/Jan/07
For some reason, Brosnan never came across as that tall to me, at least not in the same range as Connery, Moore, Lazenby & Dalton, all of whom appeared to be in the 6'1-6'2 range, at least to me (not sure about the Dalton lift rumors). I always had him pegged as 6'0.5 (184 cm), no taller, no shorter. He's definitely tall (for sure taller than Craig, who I personally now think is 5'10 max), but I don't see hima s a full 6'1 IMO, and certainly not 6'2.
184-186cm said on 31/Dec/06
Although I have never met brosnan but like to add that i got 2 cousins who are legit 5'8.5 inches and they come to a similar eye level of mine as glenn comes to that of brosnan. And as I have mentioned I just touch 185cm so i think brosnan is 184-185, might just be 186cm - so basically my height!
tomking said on 19/Dec/06
I think 1.85m is correct,end of mission.
Glenn, what do you think about Julian MC Mahons height?
Really great photos from your side and good legitimate statements.
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/06
Brosnan did not wear cowboy boots in Remington Steele. He's not Lee Horsley. Steele's usual attire was suits and dress shoes.
Little Joe said on 4/Dec/06
Look here. If there is the same diference in Glenn-Stallone comparison as here,
and Sly is stated there 5'10-5'11 (with lifts) than Brosnan is no more than 6'0
on this picture here and wearing no lifts.
Little Joe said on 4/Dec/06
Common' even in this picture he looks 185cm at best. To tell you the truth in Remington Steele he did look aroun 6'2, but he also weared cowboy boots. Hence he was around 6'1 back then without shoes. Since he's 53 now, he's probably 2cm shorter which is 183cm-184cm.
Mario said on 22/Nov/06
Anonymous, the Cubby pictures aren't good to compare and there are more pictures in which Dalton looks to have 0,5-1 inch over Brosnan, and I will not begin over the Connery-Brosnan pictures.

To me Brosnan still looks 6'1.
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/06
Connery is more square shouldered with a shorter neck so it's hard to tell by just matching up shoulders. At the AFI Connery Awards last summer there are photos of Connery and Brosnan with Harrison Ford and Brosnan seems to stand as tall or taller next to Ford than Connery does.
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/06
its not good for comparison, but connery looks taller(going by the shoulders) in that pic
Glenn said on 20/Nov/06
Thank you anonymous for the 4 Bonds pic.
andrew said on 20/Nov/06
Anonymus, thanks for the last photo of yours, I like the two best Bonds together!
Viper652 said on 20/Nov/06
Dalton has had the lift rumour around him as well.
Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
Thats interesting andrew.I once saw a pic with 4 bonds at a photo shoot.can anyone pull that up?
andrew said on 19/Nov/06
I've got a serious question. Why does 6'2" Timothy Dalton always look 2" taller than Pierce?
Viper652 said on 17/Nov/06
Im 100 percent sure Brosnan was worn lifts.
Becki said on 16/Nov/06
I rode with him in an elevator in 1990. I am 5'10, and was wearing about 2" heels, and I was taller then him! There no way he is 6'1!!
Little Joe said on 12/Nov/06
Then Woody is around 6'0. No way, man. Shore he looks much taller than Serena but
he is wearing 1 inch heel (at least 1 inch) and she has 3 inches heels. It sounds
true but no way. There's absolutely no way I'll change my mind. He is around 184 cm, and that's it. How do you explain the Roger moore photo?
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/06
Brosnan is a known lift wearer! I would say 5'11 to 5'11.5 barefoot. He is the same height as the now 5'11 Roger Moore, who is 80 years old next year (Moore's peak height was 6')
Little Joe said on 31/Oct/06
Hey, people...come on...Brosnan is no way 187cm. He is definetly arround 6.0 i.e. 184cm. Just look at him besides Salma Hayek in After The Sunset. She is 152cm. It's so stated here. Brosnan looks aprox. 10cm taller than her.
mike said on 25/Oct/06
Hi, Ive only just started commenting on this sight, I wanted to add something about Brosnan. I have several friends who are " aspiring actors" whove made the move to Hollywood in an attempt to find fame and fortune. Last year two of them met Brosnan at a Charity dinner, and got his autograph for me ( as Im an avid Bond fan) on a Bond poster they were carrying around. When they spoke to me afterwards, and informed me of what they had got for me, I asked them what he was like and all the rest of it. According to them, hes very 'Salt and Pepper' grey, very friendly and approachable, and very tall. I do believe their words were " jesus hes a much bigger guy then I thought hed be, hes no Russel crowe, I was shocked to see he was a good 2-3 inches taller then us mate ". This comming from two 6'0" Aussie guys who arent exactly slight in build. I think they had photos too, could always ask them for some.
Glenn said on 25/Oct/06
Its a weird pic.and I might be on a higher level.while 6-1.5 sounds a little high to me,Ill go for 6ft.5.
ralph said on 24/Oct/06
He looks 5'11.5" beside Glenn!!!
TJ said on 12/Oct/06
I've met him and he was absolutely not 5'9. 6ft minimum and probably taller than that.
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
5'9 dont make sens for brosnan maybe that wasnt him he looked 6'1 wearing normal sneakers when i met him it like sayng stallone is 5'4
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/06
5'9 dont make sens for brosnan maybe that wasnt him he looked 6'1 wearing normal sneakers when i met him
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
0 percent chance hes 5-9. They would have never hired him as Bond being that short.
andrew said on 12/Oct/06
Guys, you are funny. I'm 5'11" and even I've been thought to be 6'1" at least by a friend near my height. People simply can't figure exactly.
Gotxo said on 12/Oct/06
That's hilarious the guy never has looked under 6'.
John said on 12/Oct/06
I got into a lift at the Royal Palace hotel New York which was occupied by Brosnan returning from the gym in shorts. I am 6ft and was struck by how tiny he was, maybe 5 nine at best. He must wear lifts when acting or out in public.
As an aside, the 15 year old girl who also entered the lift blurted out "JAMES BOND" and a few moments later "Oh my God you've got legs like a chicken". Although very rude, she was quite right and I had to supress a smile.
redpublican said on 6/Oct/06
I met Brosnan on a beach about a year ago, I'm almost exactly 6'0 barefoot (my job reqires an extensive medical every year so I'm pretty confident of that)and the guy was at least an inch taller than me, though not much more, I'd say 6'1.5 without shoes is a fairly decent estimate!
Brett said on 17/Sep/06
you guys would just continue arguing and arguing,however it doesnt seem to effect the outcome of his stated height on this sight... wonder why? you guys just must be wrong
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
I agree with you Stephen.
Stephen said on 13/Sep/06
I think Pierce's height is about 6'.05" without shoes. He was the shortest "Bond character" thus far.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Im surprised you still have Pierce at 6-1 1/2 Rob. He doesnt look that tall.
Editor Rob said on 12/Sep/06
In 1996 for Bond film they were wanting a stunt/photo double. The requirements were that the double must be "6ft 1, about 170lbs".

Back in 1982, Steele era he did get numerous 6ft 1 mentions in articles...
OhWhyNot said on 26/Aug/06
Ford is sligthly closer to the camera, that's why his head is noticeably larger.
Rut said on 25/Aug/06
no more than 186.
Val said on 24/Aug/06
NO WAY is he 187cm... Click Here on this photo he has good posture and ford is relaxed and he's more back from the camera(which makes him look taller) and the difference here is 3cm saying 2...So if ford is 182 now..then the ultimate maximum ford brosnan would be 185.I think 184
Brett said on 10/Jul/06
From memory Ford use to be 6'1" , and nowadays is closer to 6'0", I think 5'11" is pushing it.
piwo81 said on 6/Jul/06
Polish radio RMF FM mentioned heights of the bonds and they were as follows: Daniel Craig 180, Roger Moore 182, Timothy Dalton 185, Pierce Brosnan 186, Sean Connery 188. They omitted George Lazenby.
I don'r think Ford is 6' today, more like 5'11
OhWhyNot said on 1/Jul/06
It's closer to 2 inches difference than 2 cm. They're both at a slight angle (check out the shoulders) but look at the height disparity between eyes, noses, mouths. Brosnan's chin hits about where Fords top lip is. It's far more than an inch difference.

Click Here
tomking said on 23/Jun/06
It seems a difference of 2-3cm not more.So that gives for Pierce 185-186cm, when Harrison is yet 183cm.
piwo81 said on 21/Jun/06
looking tall next to Harrison Ford:
Click Here

Editor Rob
yes, I mentioned this on Ford page 10th jun
Viper652 said on 8/Jun/06
Thats the thing Ben, some people see Brosnan as pretty tall in person, while a huge amount of others see him at a lesser height. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is lifts.
MaxB said on 8/Jun/06
OK, maybe I specified too little difference between Greg and Pearce. It may have been 4 or 5 inches - maybe not on this one (but we can't see what they're standing on):
Click Here

My point was - isn't he tall enough not to wear so obvious and ugly footware to make him look taller?

It's funny to look at his thorso also - one moment you think that he's too narrow for his height (then he acually looks as a young male model), the next he looks strong build with broad shoulders. And in that movie he didn't have any muscle on him - his arms were almost anorexic, while his thorso wasn't.

Does anybody have a photo just before we walks into a pool with sharks? Where he's almost naked but still has his boots and socks on?
OhWhyNot said on 8/Jun/06
piwo81, that site is just a bunch of claims rounded up with their own conclusions. Conveniently they use the slanted 1996 sidewalk photo to show Brosnan and Moore as the same height and omit the 2002 4 Bonds photo which shows Brosnan as signifiantly taller than Moore, while using the same 2002 4 Bonds photo -- with Brosnan conveniently cropped out -- to show Moore's height next to Lazenby. Not exactly credible.

I see the links to most of the photos I recently posted now don't work. Sorry about that. Fotobank seems to have changed their links or diabled direct linking.
Ben said on 8/Jun/06
Hi, I would like to add my two cents on this matter. My father is in the movie screening industry here in Australia, Naturally Ive met many celebs as I am often invited to accompany my father at premieres in George street. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr Brosnan on a couple of occasions, most recently being about 1 and a half years ago. Firstly, Id just like to say, Pierce Brosnan is an undoubtedly tall fellow, I barely noticed the difference of height between him,my father and myself, and my height is 190cm, my father is roughly the same maybe a cm less due to his age ( 55 ). I play for an AFL feeder team ( under 21s) by the way. I have always considered him to be of my height, and friends who have asked me about him ( usually they ask about female celebs ive met) I always reply , that hes a really tall guy whoes exceedingly well mannered, and suprisingly grey haired. so I was naturally shocked to see the comments of this site, are people being serious?
piwo81 said on 6/Jun/06
According to this site Brosnan is 184 barefoot the same as his wax statue
Click Here
OhWhyNot said on 5/Jun/06
That photo of Harris and Brosnan is from 1995 and Harris was indeed over 6 feet at that time if he was still 6.05 by Potter.

Brosnan was far more than 3 inches taller than Kinnear in The Matador when wearing his boots (and Kinnear was wearing some chunky sneakers). It was closer to half a foot. (And why would he wear boots too large for his feet? He has big feet. Go visit the Toronto Shoe Museum and check out his shoes from The World Is Not Enough) In his socks (while Kinnear was in slippers) he was still at least 4 inches taller. Just as he was significantly taller than 5'7 slippered Hope Davis when dancing with her.

The only time Brosnan even comes near Kinnear's height in a photo is if he's doing the taller guy posing with the shorter guy body slouch, scrunch, bent knee pose as discussed below, or they're photographing them in way they want both their heads in the same frame and then it's Kinnear they're trying to make look taller. For a moment forget about thinking about heels, lifts in shoes (or socks!) just look at the length of legs and body, they're not near the same. Even siting down you can see how much bigger Brosnan is than Kinnear.

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pierce with the similiar in height to Kinnear, Woody Harrelson (5'9/5'10) in After The Sunset -- wearing sandles and no socks(!).

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Brosnan at 2005 Wimbeldon with former tennis player 5'9 Mary Jo Fernandez
Click Here

Brosnan at the recent Lagerfeld party with 5'11+ model Eva Herzigova.
Click Here{e7352088-75b4-4eab-b652-bcc362144485}

Eva's wearing 4 inch plus blank me heels making her a minimum of 6'3
Click Here

For perspective, Brosnan with his 5 8 1/2 in wife (who we've seen next to each barefoot -- he's not wearing 2-3 inch lifts/shoes unless his wife is in 6 inch heels) and Lagerfeld.
Click Here

I think that unless almost everyone in show business and sports is lying about their height Brosnan is 6'1 - 6'2.
MaxB said on 4/Jun/06
Was about 3 inches taller than Greg Kinnear in Matador but while Greg wore regular shoes, Pierce wore ugly, chunky big-healed boots that actually appeared to large for his feet. There were scenes where Pierce took his boots off in Greg's house but they were mastered very nicely - I thought that I would be able to judge Pierce's height comparing him barefoot to Greg, but at the crucial moments smart camera angles made the comparisson impossible. And in later shots it is possible that Pierce had something in his black socks standing on the dark carpet (he was always turned to camera so even if he had filled socks, we were unable to tell that). I don't know how tall Pierce is but I really don't like that kind of fudging height - it was too obvious that Pierce's height in that movie was 'manufactured'.
Mario said on 4/Jun/06
In the Pic of Brosnan and Richard Harris, Brosnan looks a strong 6 ft 2 next to Richard Harris who was in his Harry Potter days at least 6 ft 0.5, if not 6 ft 1 which he was at his peak,
Brett said on 4/Jun/06
Desmond Llewelyn was 6'2" in his peak
piwo81 said on 3/Jun/06
Was old Desmond Llewelyn more then 5'11? look at their shoulders, waists:
Click Here
Pierce looking 6'3 next to other Bonds:
Click Here

piwo81 said on 2/Jun/06
with Richard Harris who was probably 5'11, that day could be even less
Click Here
Brett said on 2/Jun/06
Yeh so he seems shorter then expected in a couple of photos, but equally he looks taller then expected in just as many if not more. Dont jump to conclusions mate
Mario said on 1/Jun/06
Isn't it a valid arguement that when Brosnan doesn't [b]wear shoes[/b] he is barely taller than 5 ft 11.5 Famke Janssen?

I highly doubt that Famke Janssen is 6 ft 1.25.

And I like Brosnan's Bond movie's, but I just can't see him taller than 6 ft 1
Brett said on 1/Jun/06
another funny issue is, when every "OhWhyNot" puts up ups ( which show brosnan to be taller then moore, and 6'2") the others dont bother rebutting the pics and giving some arguement, but rather claim the same old crap that Moore is taller and Brosnans 183cm, or that he uses lifts, or some old rubbish. They have no arguement, its like they ignore the photos and just put through their stubborn old points. They just want Brosnan to be 180 or 183cm, thats simply it!
Brett said on 1/Jun/06
There is no way Moore is taller then Brosnan, come on guys lets be alittle rational. I know for a fact Brosnans atleast 6'2" and I wont budge one little bit on this, neither will i listen to others make guestimates based on random pictures. Im persistent as Ive met the man, however why are the others so persistent in claiming hes 6'0" when they have no encounter or solid evidence? Im 185cm tall, and he was noticably taller then myself, and everytime someone says hes 183cm , I honestly piss myself laughing, as they really dont know how far from the truth they are.
Larry said on 31/May/06
Brett, Rob - Good points about posture in photographs. I do the slouching thing without even thinking about it! :-) My wife photographed me (6'5"), my 6'3.5" son, & my 5'5" mother-in-law at the zoo in March. My son & I stood on each side and were both leaning in. It wasn't a "distant shot" and our heads might have been cropped otherwise, so I guess we both hunched down instictually? Anyway, she still looks like a gazelle photographed between two elephants! :-) My wife says I slump in almost every photo EVER taken of me, but I don't THINK about doing it consciously. Now, my late Dad took a photo of me with my son, my cousin, and his son AND everyone was standing straight. But (then again) everyone was 6'3" to 6'5" tall.
piwo81 said on 30/May/06
Brett, I have never claimed that Moore wears lifts. I like both Moore and Brosnan but I am pretty sure they are about the same pick height - Brosnan 183 and Moore- 184 cm. I also think that Brosnan looks sometimes 6'2" which is very surprising so I guess he wears lifts.
Mario said on 30/May/06
I have never heard comments about Roger Moore wearing lifts.
But there are a lot rumors that Brosnan does actually wear lifts and many people claim that he is in person no more than 6 ft. Of course a big percantage lies.

But look at Brosnan barefoot in Goldenye, he is barely taller than Famke Janssen...
Picture said on 30/May/06
A good question.
How can Brosnan be 6 ft 2 if Timothy Dalton is 6 ft 2?
Brett said on 30/May/06
Piwo ever thought its Moore wearing lifts, hes the oldest one after all. There are so many photos of Moore with Connery and Caine, and pretty much all of them Moore is noticably shorter. Piwo As if Im ever going to listen to you , Ive shaken Brosnans hand in person, I know hes 6'2", anyone who says hes 6'0" has clearly not met the man, or is much shorter then that height and thus would not be able to accurately gauge the height. Glenns pic with Brosnan is slightly strange as he looks to be around 6'1/2" in it, but as we know lots of pics are strange, for example if you go to Glenns pic with 6'3" Bernie Mac, youll see Bernie Mac struggling to look 6'0". Where as 99 percent of the time hes an honest 6'3". There are so many photos where people look shorter then they should be

Editor Rob
well, this is a true thing...

If there's 3, 4, 5+ inches, sometimes the taller person won't stand as straight for a photo as the shorter person. When you see pics of guys like Cool J, willy smith, Rock looking 6ft, sometimes you wonder about their postures. Some people just don't stand tall in many of their photographs...

An actor called Tamhoh Penikett (battlestar galactica) done bunch of pics with fans few days ago. Rarely did the guy ever stand 'tall', he was always hunkering his frame down a bit, so that his face was closer to the fans...a bit like what glenn does with lots of women ;-)
when I talked to the actor he really stood tall and was near enough what he claimed, 6ft 3.

When you're within an inch or two, its likelier for both to stand a bit better. In my case for instance, I just stand the same way, not stallone like, but normally with decent posture whether a guy is tall or short, I'll also wear 1 or 1.1 inch footwear, and rarely would I slouch, except maybe a bit with *Corey Haim*...he tried the old mckellen technique on me and maybe caught me a tad shorter than I wanted ;-)
Gotxo said on 29/May/06
Oh Why Not.
Good resarch work again, i understand your point, seems that she uses to wear the same sized heels or maybe is mandatory for his image (Not understandable since as Gonzalo has said she's cute, un bollo vamos).
But we can't conclude that's a fixed attatchment to her image and thence extract 3 1/2" from her height in every photo.
Gonzalo said on 29/May/06
The clearest thing about Ohwhynot pictures is that Halle Berry is much prettier than any or the Bonds. She is gorgeous
OhWhyNot said on 29/May/06
Gotxo, Halle is probably wearing her usual 3 1/2 to 4 inch heels.

Wearing high heels with Brosnan
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Without them she hits about Brosnan's chin
Click Here
Click Here

andrew said on 28/May/06
If Pierce were 6'2", then Troy Garity should be 6'4". Check it out in After the Sunset.
Gotxo said on 27/May/06
Sorry i forgot to add that Beryy in heels must be over 5'7" at the very minimum 5'8".
Gotxo said on 27/May/06
Oh Why Not:
Very good research, nice photos and hard to find ones. Especially those wich reunite various stars as Moore, Connery and Caine.
Moore looks about 4" taller than Berry in the closer shot and an inch more in the smaller pics, whe can't deduce Roger's height since we don't see the actress heels, but one thing is certain, Brosnan has a greater advantage on Berry.
I will venture that is a 4cm one, Moore can be less than 6' nowadays.
piwo81 said on 27/May/06
Moore shorter then Connery and Caine? Not in these pictures:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
It only shows that watching photos can be very misleading and Brosnan is 6' :)
piwo81 said on 27/May/06
He must be wearing lifts because he looks sometimes tall like 6'2 and sometimes only 6'
OhWhyNot said on 26/May/06
It would be nice if everyone lined up for us together on a flat even floor in barefeet but until then...

Brosnan with Caine in 1996. They're not side by side, it's at an angle but Caine is in front and Brosnan is still taller.
Click Here

Brosnan is also as tall or taller than Caine in their 1986 film Fourth Protocol. From this photo he's slightly in front and wearing boots (as opposed to Caine in shoes) but his legs are also astride and he looks easily 4-5 inches taller than 5'9 Joanna Cassidy (who's in heels).

Click Here

Caine, Moore & Connery in 2003 - Caine and Connery are both taller than Moore
Click Here

Connery and Brosnan in 2004. Brosnan is in front but I think it shows Brosnan is not currently shorter than Connery (Brosnan looks taller even with the angle but hard to tell)
Click Here

Brosnan and Moore at the same event with Halle Berry -- the 2002 Die Another Day premiere (later the same day that the BAFTA photo of the 4 Bonds was taken). Brosnan looks to stand a couple of inches taller next to Halle than Roger.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mario said on 26/May/06
Sorry I can't see it, the picture is to dark. Still in the other pictures they look the same height, and almost everyone seems to agree that Moore was the same height as Brosnan or even taller back then in 96' (this is not the only picture of that time)

The famous picture of Caine and Brosnan doesn't say nothing to me.
Mario said on 25/May/06
Brett, Brosnan just like Dalton is closer to the camera.
There many better Pictures like the famous picture that i posted sometime ago. They look in the same height 90% of the other pictures.
Joey said on 25/May/06
No way he's 6ft1.5!!! If Salma Hayek is 5ft2 and she's acting beside him in After The Sunset, he is around 6ft. There's no way he's 10 inches taller than her. And he's aprox 3inches taller than this guy in the picture. Think about it.
OhWhyNot said on 25/May/06
Rob, unless you zoomed through the DVD's Deleted Scenes you were bound to miss Cibrian.
Brett said on 24/May/06
Im not judging his height based on that, Ive met him, he is 6'2", and hes taller then moore,its pointless using the slanted pavement pic everytime to try prove Moore is taller. So in this pic ( ive put up many a time you can see Moore is shorter)

Click Here
tomking said on 24/May/06
I think 6`1`` is correct or 185/186cm yet. And earlier in Remington Steel 187cm.To Brett: I understand you, he looks really tall beside Peter Coyote and his wife keely.
piwo81 said on 23/May/06
if he is 6'2 then Dalton and Lazenby are now 6'4, Moore 6'2.5, John Cleese 6'6. He is 6' !!!!!
Clark said on 22/May/06
I saw Brosnan at the People's choice Awards and he only looked 5'11 in his dress shoes.
Brett said on 21/May/06
Atleast now there are some rational people believing he is actually 6'2". In those shot OHWhyNot put up, hes clearly taller then 6'1" Eddie Cibran and as tall if not taller then Peter Coyote, as well as being substantially taller then Carly simon (in heels), and his wife in those shots barely comes up to his chin level. Its nice to see someone whoes actually done their homework and is not simply on here to downgrade. What did you think of those pics Rob?

[Editor Rob: shows you how forgettable that cibrian appearance was, I can't even remember that! Maybe I zoomed through that movie too fast...]
Glenn said on 21/May/06
Craig didnt want to take the photo at 1st.then when he agreed,and I got the photo back,his friend or maybe security,cut us out the photo.when I see them again,Ill try the photo having someone I know,take it.then tell the pieces of garbage off and to stay in his country.Ill do it too.
piwo81 said on 21/May/06
Another photo Click Here shows that Brosnan is no taller then older Moore. Taking into account that Moore (58 years old then) was the same height as 184cm Christopher Walken in "A View to a Kill" from 1985 and was almost always listed 6'1 and is at least 1 inch shorter than 6'2 Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby, which proves this photo Click Here older Moore is for sure no more than 184 cm. Because there are few photos of Brosnan and older Moore together and Brosnan is always the same height or slightly shorter he can't be 188, 187, 186 and even 185 cm but max 183 - 184. So editor, please downgrade.
J-Dog said on 20/May/06
Timothy Dalton isn't 6'0" he is 6'2". that article is pretty flawed that was posted in the British tabloids in 1992.
J-Dog said on 20/May/06
Glenn what happen with Daniel Craig let us know our number 1 bro'! I think that Pierce looks at least 6'2". Sometimes when I see him in photos he looks like a 189cm guy.
OhWhyNot said on 20/May/06
The poster was made to a standard 6 ft scale. Just like the Bond action figures are all made to scale and are 12 inches or 18 inches whether they're of Connery, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan or probably in the future Daniel Craig.

It's been mentioned before but that photo with Moore, Dalton and Brosnan is taken on a rather slanted sidewalk (look at the tiles on the ground and the slanted gate behind them) which you don't see when just looking at the close up.


Just to add more grist to the mill:

Brosnan with Carly Simon at the 2000 GQ Awards. She's a listed 5'10 1/2 and looks to be wearing at least 2 - 2 1/2 inch heels.


Click Here
Click Here

Brosnan with listed 6'3 Peter Coyote in 2003

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Brosnan with listed 6 '1 Eddie Cibran in After The Sunset. They're both wearing sneakers.

Click Here

And lastly barefooted & sandled -- with his reportedly 5 8 1/2 inch former model wife Keely.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

piwo81 said on 19/May/06
I don't agree with that 187cm. Here is a photo of Brosnan, Moore and Dalton. Click Here Brosnan is the same height as Moore. Moore is there in his older years so he is probbably 6' or a bit under. I also remember an advertisment of "Golfen Eye" with Brosnan's photo in 1:1 scale. I don't know if this kind of judgment can be accurate but this photo was relatively short - about 180 cm.
Azarea said on 8/May/06
Respect man.
Glenn said on 8/May/06
Thats security trying to pull him to his car.he was incredibly nice.I asked another photo request for a friend a second after that pic was taken and he still ignored security and asked where my friend was and walked over to take the pic.a class act.
Azarea said on 7/May/06
Big guy, But less than 187,something wierd about him, i think with every pound he gains, he grows a bit, didnt seem that big in mrs. doubtfire.By the way,
Glenn:Who's arm is that draging him away from you, and u trying to keep him for the picture?
TheJerk said on 26/Apr/06
One inch shorter than the height you have given him here 6-0.5 is right. Relook at the evidence Rob.
Jacks said on 26/Apr/06
Scratch that. Bros is closer to the camera. 6ft MAX --- 5'11 and 1/2 more likely!!
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/06
Last year 2005, Pierce boarded a plane going from LAX to Okland and sat directly behind me with his surprisingly chunky wife. I am exactly 6' 1" with a 1 inch heel. Piece also had on 1" heels and was exactly my height but no more. He appeared to be thin about 185 lbs and hair graying but looked pretty much the same. The only memorable comment I heard from him was when he asked his wife who made the cover of vanity fair. Not something I would normally ask my wife.
tomking said on 23/Apr/06
To Rob: Karen (the photograph) is 5-11.And Pierce was 2inch taller she tells me.Karens height is without shoes 5-11. Also between me (near188cm)and karen is a difference of 3inches.
Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
Daniel Craig is 5-11.ever met him? I did.and he's an a**hole.
Viper652 said on 21/Apr/06
I honestly thought Pierce looked more like 6-1 in the Matador.
Brett said on 18/Apr/06
Typical response, neither of you took into the account the shot with Cantona is taken from a low level ( below the eyelevel of the short autograph guy), while the other shot is taken from a higher level ( above the autograph guys eye level). When you take photos from beneath someone, you always get distorted gaps. As for the image of the Autograph guy and Beckham, compared to him and Brosnan, get real, there is a notable difference between where he comes up to next to Brosnan and Beckham. Rob there are some seriously biased people on here. Theres one with him and Lazenby too ( and while Lazenby is more upright in his shot, then Brosnan is, there is little to no difference in where the autographer comes up to each of them, although Lazenbys shot is taken from a lower angle aswell). Have a look

Click Here

Editor Rob
I just threw that page to see what others might think...the guy is several inches shorter than Richard Wilson who nowadays is maybe 5ft 9...hard to say that autograph guys actual height, but if you went by the boxer pic you'd think he was 5ft 8!
J.J.F said on 17/Apr/06
Beckham and Brosnan seem more similar in height in relation to the autograph guy than Brosnan and Cantona... take into account Cantona isn't standing particularly straight.
tomking said on 14/Apr/06
Her name is karen. She was working from 1990 - 2002 as a free photograph for a wallpaper.She studies for doctor title also.She saw Pierce Brosnan when he was in Switzerland for the film Goldeneye.In her freetime she is traveling a lot. And once she meets Sean Connery when they were making the film with him an Caterine Zeta-Jones.(By the way she is absolutly not James Bond Fan)
To Rob: Sorry, my english is not so good.
tomking said on 12/Apr/06
I asked once again the photograph, and she tells me that Pierce Brosnan is for sure without shoes 185cm. 183cm is absolutly not correct she said.

Editor Rob
sorry, asked who???
Brett said on 11/Apr/06
That has been said 10 times before J.J.F, the poor guy just cant believe that 'wimpy' old Pierce is actually taller then him haha. This whole page is like a giant circle, just with new people every few months, bringing up the same old pictures/stories. Seriously how many bitter people are there out there?
J.J.F said on 9/Apr/06
Okay, correct me if this doesn't make sense:

In GoldenEye Brosnan is clearly no more than an inch taller than Famke Janssen in the casino scene, I think we can all agree on that.

Now, with her being 5'11" -- if she was wearing the heels you see her walk away with (if!), that would put her at about 6'2" with heels.
That would put brosnan at about 6'2" as him being an inch taller in that scene would have him at 6'3" with shoes.
Now fast forward to the pool/sauna struggle scene. Brosnan appears no more than 1/2 inch taller than Janssen. We presume they are (surely) both barefoot. No way would they have gotten a 5'11" woman to wear shoes in a barefoot scene with the male lead.
So the 6'2" for Brosnan goes right out of the window here.

I conclude that Janssen wasn't wearing the heels during the casino scene, more likely flat soles like Brosnan. Which puts him at around 6'

It's not very scientific, but you get my gist...
Maverick said on 9/Apr/06
PB is most likely 180/181cm barefoot and in shoes 183/184cm!...
Brett said on 9/Apr/06
are you sure he wasnt 175cm hahaha maybe 170cm
Glenn said on 8/Apr/06
Thanks Tomking! I do it for all of you!
Maverick said on 8/Apr/06
One of my tenants, a doctor, is a huge Bond Fan. He did meet Brosnan a few years ago in London and said he was surprised by his height and looked much smaller than he appeared on screen! he said he was the same height as him (he is 180cm)
Brett said on 7/Apr/06
Its not so much 'hostility', its more frustration i feel toward the the 6'0" brosnan camp ( haha i like the name), as noone from this exclusive camp has seen Brosnan in person. Im persistent, because I know what I saw, and If hadnt seen him in person, trust me I wouldnt still be bothering to argue. You are all entitle to your own opinions, but the snap shots just dont always tell the truth entirely, there are many shots with Glenn that have some celebs looking suprisingly shorter then they should be, and a few celebs we have both met, we both had different height estimates for. But when you do MEET a celeb, it is difficult to sit back and watch people ( who have not met the person) speculate over someones height, as you know what you saw, and that what they are claiming, is way off your own encounter, and then ofcourse they claim that your sighting was incorrect, you did not judge the persons height correctly, your not as tall as you think, or ofcourse the celeb had lifts in his shoes.
Trust me, it is all abit frustrating to hear.

Editor Rob
you are right about one thing...sometimes a person can look different offscreen than on.

I swear, I just watched last season red dwarf and that danny john guy (they all lined up at height chart at one point) looked always easy inch taller than charles. In reality, I thought when I talked to him he was barely my 173cm, maybe he shrank a cm! Strange though for sure...
tomking said on 7/Apr/06
To Glenn: Congratulation, You make it very good.
tomking said on 7/Apr/06
Absoult correct J.J.F. . What we need are facts not private things. I think the most of the actors give not the right height, when the people ask them.
In the case of Pierce Brosnan is 184cm/185cm not more true, as Glenn said.
J.J.F said on 6/Apr/06
Hmm... indeed, no need for Maverick, or anyone else, to bore us with details of their (undoubtably) fascinating professional life.
This is just a forum about famous people's HEIGHTS, guys, for god's sake don't take the opinions stated here so seriously.

And for the record, anything I say directed toward any one of you is just banter and should be taken with a large grain of salt - I really don't care enough about it all to intentionally offend you ;)

But Brett, what's with all the hostility toward the 6 foot Brosnan camp?! Why so annoyed that some of us don't believe that he is 6'2" despite him appearing so to you? We just need more proof than one man's word. As I said a lot of photo's don't have him exceeding 6'0.5", to be generous, so surely it's okay to be sceptical? You should vent yer agression on the rugga field mate (as I do - mainly center or wing), not here :)

Brett said on 5/Apr/06
Amazing how your directing the post at me and not at Maverick JJF, no doubt you never looked below my post and what he said, and why i bothered writing all that.
J.J.F said on 5/Apr/06
Brett, you're manical posts are too long to hold my interest, old chap :) Why post such a long rant, and what's all this needing to justify your 'success' and intellect (which I fear may be a tad overrated on your part, but that's merely one man's opinion:)

I bet Rob rolls his eyes every time he moderates the Pierce Brosnan page, it is becoming something of a saga!
I still won't believe the man is over 6' without footwear untill I either see him for myself or get a pic with him barefoot next to someone verified... too many pics of him looking 6' just don't add up. Plenty of celebs have the occasional ?? put on their height due to a dodgy photo, but Brosnan has looked 1.83 in about 50% of the pics I've seen of him standing next to others...

Glenn's snapshot is, to me, quite good evidence though that this guy doesn't exceed the 6'1" mark...
J-Dog said on 2/Apr/06
Brett I agree there is a segment of the visitors here who wish to use simply speculation and wishful thinking to somehow assume all celebrities need to be downgraded in height, even if nothing warrants this but simple desire. People have become far to obsessed and skeptic. Let's say a celebrity looks 6'3" and says he is, people will go as far as to say 6'2.75" it gets ridiculous.
Maverick said on 2/Apr/06
Brett, Jason's post (19 Jan) asked you if Pierce was in lifts, first you said you did not know!...then you changed your view and said he was not in lifts!! do you know??...did you get him to take his shoes off to check???
Some one can look tall...but it does not mean they are actually tall or a certain height!..E.g actors, could be in lifts, built up shoes, elavators!! e.g Brosnan, sly, Arnie, Pitt etc...
From what I have read on this site, you have probably posted the most from another other person and set a record! (you could have written a book with all that you have said on this site!) you are obsessed with this site!!...

As for meeting celebrities, I not that obsessed with them as you are!!...anyway as i work an average of 55 hours a week, don't have the time!! (work as a Project Manager) with my degree in Law and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA)... I think that is enough! as for my height I am 190cm - don't need lifts!!
I think you are very rude and arrogant! you need to stop ranting and raving like an old women and stop being hostile to anyone who disagrees with you!
You want me to stop posting on this site! why? because i disagree with you that brosnan is 5'11 and not 6'2!! see me as a threat? i said not you are NOT normal!
Yon need to get a REAL job that actually pays you! you have got a lot of free time on your hands - in meeting celebs and spending most of the day on this site!
You do have a darker side to your character! you are a 'hater' of people who disagree with you! do have issues!!...what secrets are you hiding from us?.....
Yes, I do have a good ability in reading someones character! I have been told many a times by people who know me!!

Brett said on 1/Apr/06
haha i never finished the end of my 5th recommendation ( was abit tired and submitted the post by mistake before i had finished it), but it was to do with Mavericks amazing ability to psycho-analysis me without meeting me, kind of like how hes able to pin point Celebrities heights so accurately with no encounter!
Gotxo said on 1/Apr/06
Thnx for asking my question, i truly belive that you're telling me what you honestly think. You have me made realize that you are sure of what you saw, wich was my only doubt. So question answered!
I can't see the guy less being less than 6'1", i can belive up to 187cm tops, 6'2" would be dubious and 189cm is real hard for me to belive.
Now i don't know what to think, but two eyewitness that i trust on (you and Glenn) at least had stablished a range of 183/184cm minimum & 188/189cm maximum, i don't think none of those limit values easily fit. Deninitely a tall guy, but how much?
Maverick said on 31/Mar/06
Rob, thanx for editing some parts of my last post!!.....
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
Your right though Gotxo.I agree 6-1 tops.sometimes he can look 6ft.thanks for the complimemt,I could do better I think.
Gotxo said on 31/Mar/06
I'm not pretending you are wrong, i'm stating that to me he looks 6'1".
Anyway 1" or 1/2" accuracy on a height is hard to be achived by observation.
I take as good ones 99% of your sightings, so i think brett is sincere, but i find hard to belive the guy 6'2" or over. I think you judged better, maybe Brosnan is only near Brett's height 185-186cm, when i meet people my height i tend to think on them taller. Is it the case Brett, or did you felt overcomed by his height?
BTW Glenn: I think you do a great job, keep posting. Think that in most of the cases you give a fine testimony (real funny histories too!).
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
Yeah, I could be wrong sometimes.Pierce appeared 6ft .5.
Gotxo said on 30/Mar/06
MD: That way to addressing people (cangaroo eater and such) is depicable, if you do not like other guys posture refute it in another way.
I find hard this guy being any less than 6'1", mebbe he's over but i'm not so sure.
Another point is that Glenn has met thousands of celebs and it might be hard for him to remember with accuracy all the details, so maybe he can deceit himself with photos taken in a bad angle/way sometimes. Anyway in most of ocassions he's able to add vivid details to his encounters descriptions, so i gues he has a good memmory and we can trust his opinion most of times.
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
If MD continues to make negative comments towards Brett,then he should be warned Rob.I dont like know it alls.
MD said on 29/Mar/06
Everybody is an internet toughguy. Go figure. To answer your question, Brett, I think he's a shade over 6 feet tall- maybe 6 foot and a half inch. Glenn's own picture shows him to be no more than 6'1". I think he looks taller most of the time because of his shoes (I know you disagree according to your infamous sighting). To prove my point, I'm actually going to give you evidence with pictures. I know that is a foreign concept to some.

Here is a picture of Pierce with some big heels.
Click Here

Here's another picture of Pierce in sneakers that looks as though there are lifts inside. Either that, or he has some serious edema in the ankles.
Click Here

Now this is not to say that Brosnan always wears lifts. There are obviously pictures of him in flats and sneakers on the web. However, his height fluctuates.

To end with, here's a picture of Pierce standing next to 6'2.5" Ted Danson. There's more than an inch difference between the two and Danson even has his head tilted. Pierce also appears to be a smidge closer to the camera. Can't determine whether the floor is even or not, though, but they are standing really close to each other.
Click Here
There are two facts in life: Women will lie about their weight, and men will lie about their height. I'm done. I can't keep writing rebuttals to a guy who eats kangaroos.
Gotxo said on 29/Mar/06
I think you're honest in telling what you saw, but i think Glenn is right this one. I think he's more your height about 6'1" to 186cm rahter than a full 6'2"
cause i recalled a tv news of the promo of Goldeneye in Spain and both the Prince Felipe and Brosnan posed togheter (i think i saw a photo in newspaper too) and i remember seeing a 10cm diff or a bit more (he's 197cm) a pitty i can't find photos of the event.
Couldn't it be Brosnan being your height and you thinking on him taller because he's an impressive guy or more broader than you? (just asking glad to hear your opinion)
Glenn said on 29/Mar/06
Exactly Brett.Im tired of the DVD crowds who never met these celebs.
Brett said on 29/Mar/06
Thanks Glenn! much appreciate the support, atleast you understand what Im talking about. Cheers mate
Glenn said on 29/Mar/06
Brett if these guys keep bothering you let me know.
Glenn said on 29/Mar/06
Brett is telling the truth cause I was at THE MARK hotel in the early 90s as is 6-1.pierce is, or is close to 6-1.
Brett said on 28/Mar/06
Me getting kicked from this site? haha laughable, I dont really care if you do not believe me, Rob does, he has been given all the details, and seeing Brosnans height is posted on here at 6'1.5", and it was once 6'1" on this site, and was lifted to 6'1.5" after Rob agreed with me that he is more near the 6'2" mark. As the beginning discussions of this site, have been removed, as only certain history is kept, you cannot see all the previous arguing i have done to prove my point. I put pictures with him and 6'4" Chris Lee, where he was barely shorter, pictures of him and 6'1"-6'2" Michael Caine, where Brosnan was taller then him, and many others. Ive been on this site since its beginnings, you guys are newbies, with no encounters, nothing. MD you havent even stated what height you claim Brosnan to be? haha your simply arguing with me because you dont like the way I conduct myself. Ive seen the Aidan Quinn pics, and sure it seems alittle odd, but there are photos with Brosnan where Aidan looks shorter, especially in the movie, but do you not understand, Ive met the man in person, I dont need to see photos. Seriously, why would you bother arguing with a real life encounter? are you that stubborn?
As Rob knows I am not a Brosnan Fan, I just defend all my sightings, and I do not like to see a person downgraded by people who simply have no idea.
As for Maverick, Moore was meant to be 6'2" in his prime, hes now under 6'1", 5'11" is a joke, I do believe thats why his height is listed 6'0.5" on this site, and Glenn I believe has seen him aswell, and claims him to be over 6ft aswell. Have a look at the Harrison Ford page on here Maverick, youll see a picture of him towering Glenn, and if you watch the old indiana Jones, youll see hes barely shorter then Connery.
What I find funny maverick, is how you ( whom has never met Brosnan in person), can claim to know the guys height better then I do, when ive shaken the mans hand, in the Mark Hotel New york, and then have the audacity to claim that Im from another planet. Why people bother arguing when they simply have no first hand experience I do not Know!
Dont worry Maverick, MD and CO. before you there was other members like Yao 7'7", Viper, and many more who said all the same things you did, carried on in the way you did, consequently Yao was Banned from here and Viper was silenced for a few weeks. Keep it up guys.
MD said on 28/Mar/06
Your insults only show your immaturity. You haven't made one cohesive sentence in this entire page of your blabberings. I'm suprised you are not Banned from the site considering that you insult anyone who disagrees with you and you rant like an old woman. I am actually now convinced that there is no way you met Brosnan. Thanks for proving my point, "mate"!
Picture said on 28/Mar/06
In 90% of the pictures he looks the same height as an aged Roger Moore, except for that one wich Brett has posted is far way.
Maverick said on 27/Mar/06
Brett, First, i do believe he was the best Bond from the whole group and probably was good enough for at least 2 or if not 3 more Bond films and it was a great shame he was replaced before his time. (still hoping the producers change their minds about Daniel Craig and kick him out after One movie and Brosnan is brought back!!)

Also from what i have seen in interviews and read about him - he is one of the nicest people in the business!
But this site is about celebheights and we here to discuss his height!....
Usually when an actor claims to be 6'1 it usually means (in reality) they are 5'11...e.g Harrison Ford
The picture of the 3 bonds with Brosnan standing next to Moore, they are exactly the same height!....Moore at his peak was probably 6' almost 80, has lost some height - now probably 5'11 ...Dalton is at least 2 inches taller in that picture!

All heights are inflated....Usually by 2 or 3 inches!....The 3 things you can't trust about actors is their height, weight and age!
In the picture you provided proves clearly he wears lifts!! is looking taller than usual!....In different pictures...his height varies...sometimes he looks 5'11 or 6'1 ....its all about the footwear...lifts!!....nearly all actors wear them!! (especially those under 6'!)
The picture with Mick Jagger at the Savoy Hotel in 2002 shows his real height of 5'11....he probably forgot to wear them that day!!....PB is 5'11, Case closed! again...Brett what planet do you live on?? have got issues!!...

andrew said on 27/Mar/06
6'2" Dalton looks 2 inches taller than Brosnan on that shot.
MD said on 27/Mar/06
It's hilarious. You say pictures aren't reliable for this entire page and then you use the one picture where Brosnan is obviously closer to the camera than Moore, which gives the false impression of his height. Do you honestly think Pierce has a head size almost twice the size of Moore? And why do you take it so personally about other people showing "stupid random pictures" where Brosnan looks shorter than the height you say you met him at? You should not get emotional about disbelievers about your encounter with the man. I have seen a lot of celebrities and can disagree with quite a few of the heights listed on this site, but I would not get upset if people disagreed with me. This is simply a discussion. You can not bully people into agreeing with you and your anger only makes you more suspect. I hope, for your part, that you are somehow related to or working for Brosnan because I would not see any other reason to take all this talk personally.

Brett said on 27/Mar/06
Moore is standing dead upright, I really dont think the guy is under 6'0" even nowadays though. Brosnan and Dalton look the tallest in that shot
andrew said on 27/Mar/06
On this pic Moore leans back , he is not standing straight at all. But on other pics his height is the same as Brosnans. I believe that Brosnan is about 6'1", and Moore is 5'11" to 6' today and wears one or two inch lifts.
Brett said on 25/Mar/06
Maverick, you have nothign but some stupid random pictures, no encounter, just a hater no doubt! Heres a picture thats been put on here with Brosnan and Moore, and Moores alot shorter. To be honest, at 70 plus years of age, theres much more chance that moore wears lifts nowadays. I am all for getting the correct heights for actors ( if you check the Arnie page, I clearly think he wears lifts, after seeing him in a photo with a friend of mine) , and people claiming Brosnan to be only 5'11" or 6'0" just makes me more determined to prove my point.
Maverick chew on this mate

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Glenn said on 23/Mar/06
I agree the Bernie pic was strange,thats all.but I dont remember 6-3.I remember shorter.
Maverick said on 23/Mar/06
In the picture at gettyimages, Brosnan is with the 6' Amitabh Bachchan and they are exactly the same height!!....They are too many different sightings of him at different heights!!...which does suggest lifts!..He is also pictured standing next to the 6' Roger Moore and again they are the same height!...and that picture with Mick Jagger shows clearly he is smaller than his listed height of 6'1...he has added two inches to his height!! .....(probably in boots he is 6'1!).....the only way people will believe he is 6'1 or 6'2 ....if he is willing to be measured barefoot on camera, to prove to everyone he is 6'1 or 6'2!!
It is a plain that he and his agent have inflated his height!...That is nothing new in Hollywood!!..its common practice!...what planet do you live on Brett??.
tomking said on 23/Mar/06
Brett, I think you are right. All of us lost from early morning till evening 1,5 cm sometimes 2cm.So when Pierce is at morning 188cm, he is in the evening near 186cm.In my case is it like this.
Brett said on 22/Mar/06
Haha not all,certainly not Maverick the Genius, I mean you would know he has a slim lean build because youve met him right, hes actually not that lean anymore, he was pretty solid when i saw him, he looked near 90kg. Glenn and I have both met Michael Bolton, Glenn thought he was atleast 5'11", I saw him as barely 5'10", and I saw him in sandals, at the hotel I stayed in, and I was barefooted, so you often get discrepancies sitings. MAverick have you seen Glenns pic with 6'3" Bernie Mac, he looks under 6'0" in it, so I assume you now believe him to be this short. Do you realise, in order for a 5'11" man to appear 6'2" plus to me on the day we met, he would have to have had a 4 inch heel on hahaha. I saw his shoes, they were not even covered by his navy jeans that he was wearing, they were a low slung black dress shoe. You cannot fit any sole or lift into something that small, and before you say you can, just think for a second where ones foot would go if you attempted to do so. The only day Id stop believing he not 6'2", is the day I next see him, and he proves me wrong, as I saw him for long enough, and well enough and close enough to work out that he was definitely taller then me. And last time i checked 186cm is not 5'10", so he really cannot be this short. As for Bernie Mac, hes bigger then Ashton Kutcher, hes always looked big, so one strange pic is not enough to bring the guy down.
andrew said on 22/Mar/06
And, the best fact is that he said in the '80s, that he was 6'1".
Maverick said on 22/Mar/06
Brosnan is probably 5'11 or 5'11.5 max!.....the rest is lifts and shoes with good size heels!....he does not appear/look like a huge guy of 6'2 in photos or on the screen!!...Glenn as said 6'!!...He has a slim/lean build and hence can appear to some as taller than 5'11/6'!!...If he was a legit 6'2, he would get listed as 6'3 to 6'4!...His height is inflated, he can fool some people, but not all!!....
Brett said on 22/Mar/06
Maverick, I have met Brosnan , can you not read, I saw his shoes, and what he was wearing, welcome to this site, if you had read what we have written for the past 6 months youd see that. Im 186cm tall and hew was around an inch taller then me. So I know it is not feasible for the guy to be 5'11", Ive seen him, its quite easy to tell when a guy is 3 odd inches taller then he should be, Brosnans just tall. I'm not prepared to listen to anyone about this guy unless they have actually met him. I have met many guys that height like Diedrich Bader, Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, and they were all within half an inch of each other and Brosnan, would be nice to hear from someone whoes not just cutting and pasting pictures off the net, and has actually seen the guy!
Maverick said on 20/Mar/06
In that picture, at the Savoy Hotel in 2002, Both Brosnan and Jagger are right next to each other!!!...Brett: what a strange comment to make - that the ground is uneven?? a large well built world famous hotel?? They are both, probably wearing low heeled dress shoes!! (being a black tie event!)..and it looks like Brosnan is slighlty taller!...
It is obvious that Brosnan is around 5-11 in height!!....and with the different sightings of him at different heights would suggest that he wears lifts and built up shoes!!...his height is inflated, like the rest of the Hollywood crowd!!
Shakeel said on 18/Mar/06
check out, page 51 out of 61, image number: 5146225 of Pierce Brosnan at: The 2002 Evening Standard Film Awards at the Savoy Hotel on 4th February 2002 in London

Brosnan is standing next to Mick Jagger - whose height varies/listed from 5'8 to 5'10.....They are both about the same height!!...remember this is a formal occassion, and both are dressed formally, in suits and probably in dress shoes!!...(although you can not see their feet/shoes)....its a good picture for those who argue that he is only 5-11!!
Brett said on 10/Mar/06
I agree, hes always looked 6'2" or more
Viper652 said on 9/Mar/06
Dalton truly looks 6-2 in over 99 percent of the pics and movies Ive seen himin. The only pic where he doesnt look 6-2 is the one with Anthony Edwards from Hawks,but thats the only one.
Brett said on 8/Mar/06
yeh well thats why it makes no sense that the sight Height Detective found, claims that he is 6'0"
Picture said on 7/Mar/06
Everyone who thinks that Dalton is 6 ft makes me laugh. I have seen the guy performing "His Dark Materials" and he is huge. I would be surprised if the other Bonds are taller.
Brett said on 6/Mar/06
That sight claims Dalton to be the shortest at 6'0", which is strange, unless he has serious heel help, I dont know anyone whoes met Dalton, so can't really comment on his height.
Height Detective said on 6/Mar/06
but the photos are real
Mario said on 5/Mar/06
That article is for fun Height Detective...
Height Detective said on 5/Mar/06
Read and look the photos

MD said on 2/Mar/06
Brett, I see what you are saying. Maybe he is 6'2" or 5'11". I don't know. I remember his Remington Steele days and he never appeared to be enormous next to 5'4"-5" co-star Stephanie Zimbalist. I, personally, didn't see a 10 inch difference.

But I can say, without a doubt, that personal encounters with celebrities and height gauging is extremely subjective. I've stood next to people who I thought were relatively the same height as me and then looked at a picture and I was a lot taller. Sometimes, impressions can be deceiving. I lived in NYC and saw a good deal of celebrities, and the one thing I've noticed is that they are very smart. They know that the impression of grandeur is very important. I remember walking past Alec Baldwin and he seemed to be quite tall, but he was walking very close to the top of the sidewalk (NYC sidewalks slant down at a ridiculous angle. You could practically look a foot taller than someone if you walk up near the top of the sidewalk.) For that reason, I couldn't tell you exactly how tall he was without talking out of my buttcrack. Remember, actors get paid to pretend they are people that they are not, so they are experts at molding a certain image of themselves.

Editor Rob
the further a celebrity is from your own height, it might become harder to judge, as is the further the distance - many people seeing someone 10 feet away might think the star is smaller than they are when they're 8 inches away...
Mario said on 1/Mar/06
I believe that Barbara Broccoli (producer of Bond movies) wasn't happy with Brosnan's weights/physiques. She says that weighted to much with 200 lbs. This could be one of the easons that they fired him.
Brett said on 1/Mar/06
I can tell you, with encounters , you always get varying opinions, I mean from my encounter I am Sure Brosnan is 6'2" but glenn thought he was 6'1" max, while when I met Michael Bolton I thought he was barely 5'10", while Glenn thought he was easily 5'11", I Just dont think 6'0" for Brosnan is feasible at all, sorry guys, and neither does Rob, as over the 1000 odd pics the mans in, he always looks 6'1 or 6'2", he claims to be 6'2" aswell. I can say one other thing, on the day I saw him, I was suprised as to how solid he was, I always thought him to be a slender man, but as he has aged he has put on weight, I would have pegged him at a good 85-90kg , that was the most suprising thing out of the whole experience. I think he use to weigh as low as 170lbs in his youth though.
J.J.F said on 1/Mar/06
Well, untill I see Brosso barefoot next to a definite 6' celeb/fan and he's clearlyu taller, I won't believe for a minute that he's 6'1.5" - I mean c'mon if he lies about his age then I'd say it's almost a given that he's fibbing about his height and weight.
Lol, I know weights/physiques, and that guy is by no means close to 200 lbs.
ron said on 28/Feb/06
regardless of heels?!?!?, what r u insane, believe me, when it comes to premiers and celebrities in the street,it all comes down to footwear baby.
J-Dog. said on 28/Feb/06
The downgraders are at it again, ego in one hand angst in another, hahaha.
Anonymous said on 28/Feb/06
"It just doesn't make sense how someone who is listed at 6'1.5" could look shorter or even the same height as a 5'11er, regardless of heels. Can anyone explain this?"

I can, MD.
Brosnan is 6' tall. It's quite straightforward really. I'm wondering how much evidence Rob requires to down/upgrade a celeb. With certain others he has done it almost on a whim, but Brosnan seems to stick.
Other than that, good site Rob :D
Tubbs said on 27/Feb/06
Why is everyone out to downgrade Pierce, the only person who comments on here to have met him is Brett, and he said himself that Pierce was 6'2". He was on that new Davina McCall chat show last week, and Davina at 5'7" plus heels must have been atleast 5'9.5, 5'10", anyway when Davina greeted Pierce he seemed to be atleast 4 inches taller than her. The re is too much evidenceto to suggest he is atleast 6'1, maybe taller.
andrew said on 27/Feb/06
As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any authentic photos about Brosnan, which could prove that he is much more than 6 feet. Only Brett states he is 6-2, but maybe they were not on the same surface or so.
Please Rob put on a correct value!
zenski said on 26/Feb/06
Rob please downgrade Bronsnan.Here is a facts that he is no more then 183 cm.
plese dont ignore this
Joe said on 26/Feb/06
what happened to the guy in the background?

Editor Rob
he was beaming out of there! nah, since his face was clearly visible best not to show him
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/06
theres pics on a james bond website( of brosnan at a recent princes trust event. in one hes standing next to prince charles. its not a good pic, but brosnan is a few inches taller than charles
Brett said on 16/Feb/06
Picture, 5'11 is laughable, so must insight for someone with no encounter. I actually saw Brosnan in a magazine yesterday next to Burt Bacarach, now I dont know how tall Burt is, but he was like barely up to Brosnans mouth level. I always thought Burt to be atleast 5'8", showing Brosnan to be way over 6ft tall, all of these under 6ft claims are stupid. Daniel Craigs 5'11" and in shots next to Brosnan, hes several inches shorter.
Picture said on 15/Feb/06
How do you know that Famke is wearing heels? Izabella Scorpuco is 5 ft 7, she wears heels, Famke probably doesn’t wear nothing, they ussualy doe this with tall leadies. I watched last night Goldeneye for the first time, I was surprised that Brosnan was the same height as Janssen in the sauna scene when they are both barefoot. I’m starting to think that Brosnan closer to the 5 ft 11 mark. Janssen is 5 ft 11 she doesn’t have any reason to lie about her height.

The director of Goldeneye is also an idiot, Brosnan should have standed on a box when he was kissing Janssen. It’s disturbing when Bond looks short.
Brett said on 14/Feb/06
I wouldnt know how tall Famke is, she could be 6'0" , maybe more, just like Geena Davis, good luck finding out the truth, because tall women like that would rather die then reveal their true height. Mario, your opinion on Brosnan is based on movies and pics, and its ever changing anyhow. This 6'1.5 is the lowest I think possible for his height dispite the pic. Plus I mean you guys obviously havent seen the Bernie Mac pic, where he looks 5'11" next to Glenn, and hes meant to be like near 6'3ish, and hes always appeared this tall, was as tall or taller then Ashton Kutcher in their last movie together. So I do think you guys are too judgemental, your overly sure of yourselves considering you have had no personal encounters.
Famke is heels, and Pierce ( no doubt in 5 inch lifts in your opinions):
Mario said on 14/Feb/06
Yeah but this pic is even at Brosnan favour Brett.
And Brett do you think that Famke is 6 ft 1.25? I give her max 6 ft.
Brett said on 14/Feb/06
J.J.F so you think that when I saw Brosnan he had 3 inch heels on? and that hes really 6'0" and with a 3 inch heel he can look 6'2" ( ie 2inches higher then a regular 1 inch heel) ?
Because I seriously dont, sure that pic with Glenn doesnt add up, but there are many of his pics that dont. You realise you cannot have a low slung shoe with a lifted sole in it, you would look like you were standing on the shoe itself. A lift has to be a high top shoe which will be concealed by ones pants, and thus high enough for ones foot and a sole to fit comfortably inside.
I recently saw a pic of me and my cousin ( hes 172cm) at a birthday, and somehow he looks within 2 inches of my height ( im 186cm), and then in another pic hes barely up to my nose, so I think pics often dont do justice.
andrew said on 14/Feb/06
In the '80s he stated he was 6'1", now he has lost a cm or so. I believe Glenn who said that Brosnan was 6 feet. Several films and photos prove it.
Picture said on 14/Feb/06
Brosnan isn't even an inch taller than Janssen Mario, I would say a cm or so.
J.J.F said on 13/Feb/06
I agree, Mario.
Does anyone seriously believe that a 5'11" (and maybe even taller, though she wouldn't want to admit it) actress would be asked to stand on her toes or wear shoes in a barefoot scene with a male lead?? Or are you telling me Brosnan willingly BENT DOWN during those scenes in GoldenEye??

C'mon, Rob, that 1.87m is a discredit to an otherwise common-sense and (mostly) accurate site.

[And just for the record - I have no personal grudge against Brosso - though I find his 007 portrayal completely OVERhyped and overrated, what I do object to is that he (and plenty of other actors) get away with fibbing about age and stature...]
Josh said on 13/Feb/06
Why is he listed 6-5.5 he clearly looks 6-0 in that pic with glenn , i think 6-0 is about right.
Mario said on 13/Feb/06
Damm from all the 6 ft 2 talk about Brosnan, I was starting to believe that he was that.

Watch those pics.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
I can Tell you guys one thing, Famke unlike Jane Seymour or Akiko Wakabayashi doesn't need to stand on a box to kiss Bond, hahaha.

Funny that Brosnan at the begining is taller than Janssen, and that when they are both barefoot mr Brosnan is max an inch taller.

If someone wants a pic of a scene in wich you can compare Bond's height with an actor, just ask, I own all the 20 official Bond's.
Brett said on 13/Feb/06
Andrew, you cant see the feet or shoes in that photo you put up, no doubt Damon in the middle is on higher ground in that shot. That shot I put up is pretty accurate. Id be interested if all you guys happened to see Brosnan in person, and he looked 6'2" ( just as he did in my case) would you simply say " ah hes wearing lifts"?
Brett said on 13/Feb/06
Yeh like Glenns arm is over the guy whoes somehow got his arm on Brosnan and is pulling him along. Quite a wierd scenario indeed
Joson said on 13/Feb/06
haha this is a really weird picture. glenn looks to be holding pb by the arm, like a tagalong/female friend. and then there is that picture of the man w/o a face in the back. lol*** paparazzi took this picture
Brett said on 11/Feb/06
You have seen that pic with them standing together, and Brosnans noticably taller, whats the point in continuing?
J.J.F said on 10/Feb/06
Just watched 'The Fourth Protocol'. If Brosnan is 6'2" then I'm the tooth-fairy. Looked slighty shorter than Michael Caine, granted it wasn't easy to tell, but definitely not the same height or more.
I stand by my 6'0.5" for Brosso.

Editor Rob
wait...Michael Caine and Brosnan had scenes together in that film...when was this, I really must have fallen asleep in the last part!
Viper652 said on 2/Feb/06
That cant be true Mcfly, Brett says he is 6-2!!!
Mario said on 2/Feb/06
Yeah McFly. You seem to forget that poeple can also watch that movie. There aren't closeups of the shoes but this pic could give an idea.
Brett said on 1/Feb/06
Ive met Kinnear, hes small, I figured about 5'9", and Ive seen Brosnan who I thought was 6'2", neither had lifts on , I think Greg just forgot his.
andrew said on 31/Jan/06
In the film 'Matador' he really looks 6'1" next to Greg Kinnear, but Brosnan wears quite suspicious, thick-heeled boots. It makes him 6 feet tall.
J.J.F said on 24/Jan/06
I think Glenn's pic this pretty much shows Brosnan is closer to 6' than 6'2
What's he still doing on 1m87 Rob??
Jason said on 20/Jan/06
Arnold'd be in elevator shoes I'd say, though ... where as Pierce left his at home on this occasion.
Brett said on 19/Jan/06
I said that his shoes were low heeled, and low slung, and it is not possible to put a 2inch sole inside them, thats why I said he could have a 1 or 2cm sole in there, but I mean that was just speculation as surely you dont bother over 1cm. You can only put a 2 or 3 inch sole in a shoe that can house it, and I have seen lifts before in all shapes and sizes. As Brosnan was in Jeans on the day ( and a sports jacket ) the jeans sat on top of the shoes, and didnt conceal any part of the shoe. In order to fit a 2-3 inch heel in them, hes feet would be sitting up where the tongue of the shoe is, and that would look blatantly obvious.
One other thing me and Glenn both met Michael Bolton, I saw him acouple weeks ago when I was overseas, and I pegged him at around or just under 5'10" maybe 177cm, Glenn pegged him at 5'11", and Glenn pegged Brosnan at 6'0". Now I didnt think Bolton was big at all, but Brosnan however was really big and quite solid ( not like in the 90s when he was wirey). So while Glenn says Brosnan and Bolton are only an inch apart, my Brain cannot comprehend this as to me they were on opposite sides of the height and size spectrum. Another thing, Brosnan was meeting some elderly lady in the lobby of the hotel when I saw him, and noone was there at all, so I do not think he would have had any reason to wear lifts ( I mean how does anyone know he ever has worn lifts, to me he just seemed to big a guy to bother, where as Bolton I could see might where them, especially if he were in the company of that Neanderthal Geena Davis).
starwars23 said on 19/Jan/06
arnold and pierce are the exact same positioning in front of glenn, and comparing the two arnold looks quite taller.
Brett said on 18/Jan/06
Andrew it was in the Mark Hotel in upper Manhattan, about 2 years ago.
andrew said on 17/Jan/06
Brett, I scrolled down. I read the whole novel about your meeting with Brosnan, except the fact when exactly and where exactly it happened.
Jason said on 17/Jan/06
Why didn't my comment get through? I was just asking Brett about how he could be so certain Brosnan was in lifts and noting he himself admitted he wasn't certain earlier on in this drawn out debate ... there wasn't an insult in sight! :)

Seriously though Rob, I'm almost as perplexed as to why you keep backing this guy up as I am about him insisting Brosnan is 6'2''.

Editor Rob
the comment is there, remember comments get added as I check them so sometimes take a while...
Jason said on 17/Jan/06
How can you be so sure Pierce wasn't in lifts, Brett? I mean, early on in this debate you yourself admitted you didn't know for sure he wasn't wearing them and it just looked like he wasn't ... then you changed your view to being positive he wasn't wearing them.
J.J.F said on 17/Jan/06
"I mean while your at it why dont you say that Hugh Jackman is only 5'10" now, because Glenn met LL cool J and says hes only 5'11", and Jackman was shorter in those pics then cool J, so that must make him only 5'10"."

And yet again, you forget about lifts/elevator shoes - as I have also said time and time again - you CANNOT see the difference between an expensive, well designed elevator shoe and a normal shoe if you see a guy (like Brett's encounter with Brosnan) for a few moments. Just accept that, if nothing else.
I can easily believe Brosso was 6'2" when Brett saw him. Just like he has been on many other photo's...
Brett said on 17/Jan/06
Yeh viper, Im trying to inflate him, what ever floats your boat mate. Andrew if you bother to scroll down this page, youll read where I met him... yet another know it all.
Viper652 said on 17/Jan/06
"Yes I have a height complex because Im trying to make sure a guy gets his height listed properly, and prevent a flock of vultures from bringing him down"

Your trying to inflate Pierce's height for some reaon.

Editor Rob
I think he's just trying to be fair and accurate in what he saw...that Pierce looked 6ft 2 when he saw him, that's all
Viper652 said on 17/Jan/06
Connery was measured at 6-1.5 by the Bond tailors, your right Mario.
Brett said on 16/Jan/06
Ive also seen him in the flesh and I say hes not 6'0", Ive shaken hands with the man, how much more " in the flesh" do you want pal? should I have jumped him then and there and ripped off his shoes too?
andrew said on 16/Jan/06
Pierce is 52 years old. I can imagine that he has shrunk some cm-s in the past few years. When did you meat him, Brett? Was it an event where many photographers could pop up? In that case he may have worn lifts as well.
Mario said on 16/Jan/06
Guy's like Viper only want to believe what they want to believe. They take a picture in wich the celeb looks short, and they take a conclusion. In the other pictures in wich he looks taller, they ussualy say that he wears lifts.

In The Connery Page, Viper has 14 times said that Connery is 6 ft 1.5. Then you come with comments as that Connery did wear lifts when he co-starred a 6 ft 2 or that he did wear shoes when he was measured. Sorry but if that is the truth I'm Sean Connery.
Viper652 said on 16/Jan/06
Umm Brett, Glenn just said Brosnan was 6-0. Hes seen him in the flesh.
CoolJ said on 16/Jan/06
Not looking 6'1.5 with Glenny boy..
J.J.F said on 15/Jan/06
"Glenn says on 15/Jan/06
pierce looked 6 even."

Now I can rest in pierce. Oh, I meant in peace.

Anyhow, Brett - Glenn is leaning in and is by no means standing as straight as Brosnan. 10-11cm difference, no more.
Viper652 said on 15/Jan/06
Brett, most people's heights are inflated. Im just trying to tell the truth. Im right most of the time BTW. Your the one with a height complex actually.
Jason said on 15/Jan/06
Thanks, Glenn. Well ... I think that pretty much seals the deal.
Glenn said on 15/Jan/06
pierce looked 6 even.
Brett said on 14/Jan/06
haha yeh but how can you ask someone to take off their shoes, they would think you were insane.
Brett said on 14/Jan/06
Yeh but I highly doubt he is what he says, he wouldnt be so insistent on putting everyones height down if he were satisfied about his height. I must admit that the picture is alittle suprising, but after just measuring the distance from my eyes to the top of the middle of my head, it is 14, so I dont know how you get 11cm? as my head is not big at all. People dont understand that the eyes are in the middle of the head, what is also quite sad is that everyone is just waiting for the chance to put the guy down, any possiblity they get. One picture that doesnt add up is all it takes for you guys, but I would be interested to hear how tall Glenn thought Pierce was, but being 5'8" he would have a harder time pin pointing his height, as his height varies somewhat from Brosnans, where as being 6'1" myself, I was instantly able to tell that Brosnan was more than 6'1" ( as thats my height) and that he was on the 6'2" mark ( at the time I thought more).
Viper652 said on 13/Jan/06
You know, I would beleive Brett had he told Pierce to take his shoes off, and taken a picture with him. If he then looks 6-2 in his barefeet, then I would beleive him.
Mario said on 13/Jan/06
Funny that poeple take so fast conclusions. In the past I always thinked that Brosnan was 6 ft 1, but watching more of him makes me think that he could be closer to 6 ft 2!

@Brett, yeah a 6 ft 2 guy (wich isn't even that tall) with an height complex, hmmmm.
Jason said on 13/Jan/06
Yet another time Pierce left the lifts at home. Of course, people will say it's the ground there, too...
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/06
J.J.F said on 13/Jan/06
If Glenn sayz Brosso' is 6'2", then I'll believe he's 6'2". Glenn be da man, lol. (So wassit gonna be Glenn? BTW, you look like my cousin Ben)
Jason said on 13/Jan/06
lol ... I was wondering where you'd been all this time, Brett.

It's actually only 4 1/2'' (11cm) from the top of a person's head to the middle of their eyes ... on average. How do you gather Brosnan isn't standing up?

Hmmm. Hey Glenn ... how tall do you think Pierce was, mate?

Editor Rob
its just one pic, I've no idea what Glenn thinks but I can see Brosnan still being tall
Picture said on 13/Jan/06
Brosnan has head of 30 cm brett!?!?
No way probbaly 24 or 25 cm is. Wich makes him 12 cm or so taller than Glenn
Viper652 said on 12/Jan/06
I guess he forgot to wear his lifts, right Brett??
dmeyer said on 12/Jan/06
he looks 6' in tha pic
J.J.F said on 12/Jan/06
Yeah, Glenn is slightly further back too - Brosnan really looks a max of 1.84m there, even if they both stand up straight.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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