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Peak: 6ft 1.42in (186.5cm)
Current: 6ft 0.74in (184.8cm)
Corvette said on 26/Nov/08
Peak 6'1.25, now 6'1.
Hugh said on 24/Nov/08
For 188cm peak, 187cm now.
Hugh said on 23/Nov/08
This is how I would've originally gone by.

Peak 6ft2, now 6ft1.5 OR He has lost no height and is still 6ft1.75 (187.5cm).
anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
6 foot 1 or taller. He looks really tall and teri hatcher is 165cm.
Hugh said on 21/Nov/08
I think a strong 187cm peak maybe.
Hugh said on 20/Nov/08
6ft1-2 is Pierce's height. Same catagory as Colin Firth, Kevin Costner, Gerard Butler, Jeff Bridges, Dave Schwimmer etc.
Hugh said on 20/Nov/08
Nowadays he under 6ft2 but I think he could've been 188cm when he was younger. I think these days he's a solid 6ft1.5.
Hugh said on 18/Nov/08
Well, Brosnan looking half an inch taller than Colin Firth (6ft1.5) is still unexplainible.
Hugh said on 18/Nov/08
Actually I think there quite close in height. Maybe 2cm apart. I think Brosnan is 187cm and Butler is 185-186cm.
Nicole said on 18/Nov/08
I think Butler is a strong 183cm.And Pierce was a strong 186cm peak.Lost 1cm and is yet at 185cm.
Hugh said on 17/Nov/08
I would rule out anything under 6ft1 for this guy.
Hugh said on 17/Nov/08
Brosnan was taller than Butler.
Ed(1) said on 17/Nov/08
I'd peg him at 6ft0.5 tops, and pushing 6ft2 if he's wearing the cowboy boots he wears frequently in a lot of his films! Brosnan and Gerard Butler(6ft1.25) looked to be almost evenly matched in Shattered, and Pierce was wearing his usual cowboy boots to Butler's normal heeled dress shoes. He could be 6ft1, but that seems a little high to me!
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
He looks 6 foot 1.
Hugh said on 5/Nov/08
No near the beach.
Hugh said on 4/Nov/08
He appeared close to 6ft2 when I met him in Malibu. He was in sandels like me.
marlon said on 1/Nov/08
He was the same height as 6ft 1 an half jonathan ross when he was interviewed a couple of years back.
RisingForce said on 31/Oct/08
Glenn, how tall did he look in person?
RisingForce said on 28/Oct/08
Looks 6'0" to 6'0.5" with Glenn but he could be taller.
Daii said on 26/Oct/08
I think he is 6'1, no more, no less. 185 cms for Brosnan judging by everything he's been in. Close to 6'2 in shoes.
Ben said on 25/Oct/08
You can't really judge his height at all. Just look at photos of him, he can look anything from 6 to even 6-3. Judging from his age, 6-1 seems pretty accurate these
days, even though this would mean that Colin Firth is only abou 6 or a bit taller.
Hugh said on 23/Oct/08
You can't really judge from two pictures. Throughout the whole movie Pierce was taller and in most of the premiere pics. Maybe Colin was standing closer to the camera or Pierce was slouching. Pierce doesn't look big boned at all. I always got the impression he was slim.
Lenad said on 23/Oct/08
He was never 6 ft 2 I bet any money he was at best 6 ft 1.
Hugh said on 22/Oct/08
James what do you mean when you say Pierce is big bonded? At the premiere of Mamma Mia and in the film Pierce looked taller than Colin. I don't think Hugh Grant is over 5ft11. A soild 5ft11 but no more. 6ft1 flat I can see for Colin or at the very most 186cm.
anonymous said on 22/Oct/08
He was towering over terry hatcher in tommorrow never dies and halle berry in die another day. He was also much taller than salma hayek in after the sunset. He was taller than woody harelson by a few inches. I would say 6 foot 1 at most. Although he looks really tall in some movies.
Hugh said on 20/Oct/08
6ft1.5 now and 6ft2 at his peak or 6ft1.25 and 6ft1.75 at his peak and Colin Firth gets downgraded to 6ft1 flat.
Lenad said on 18/Oct/08
I think he is 6'0 1/2 barefoot making him close to 6'2 in shoes.
Dave said on 18/Oct/08
I am surprised he is as tall as that. When Goldeneye came out a film critic thought it was unrealistic because he was beating up people much bigger than him. perhaps trolls were hired to play the baddies.
Lenad said on 17/Oct/08
"6ft2 on a good day". Well Pierce my good friend, If you made a movie with Halle Berry then I'm sure you would be having some good days. But lets get serious, you look no taller than 6'1 barefoot. Nothing against you but your not 6'2.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
I think he is 5'11.75 (182cm) in shoes is about 6'1
Hugh said on 17/Oct/08
Pictures can be deceiving.
Hugh said on 16/Oct/08
You guys are entitled to your opinions. But, to me this guy is closer to 6ft2.
nicole said on 16/Oct/08
Interesting perspective thinks Pierce is not over 183cm here.
Hugh said on 13/Oct/08
In the top picture he looks 6ft2.
Original said on 12/Oct/08
He's 6'1".
no taller, no shorter.
Hugh said on 10/Oct/08
Lol to 5ft11 and 5ft10. Pierce is 6ft1.5-6ft2.
anon said on 7/Oct/08
I sttod not 10 feet from pierce brosnan in hyde park,london in 2007 (i did not want to run up to him and say "hello pierce!") and, being 5'8" myslef he was not much taller than me. i'd say he is no more than 5'11" tops. maybe 5'10".
nicole said on 5/Oct/08
Sorry, i explained it false. The doctor stretched him and after that he was 1cm longer. And the next two days when i meassured him he was taller then 188cm with 189cm at early morning. Urs was never meassured at morning over 188cm.
nicole said on 4/Oct/08
Sorry, i explain it totally wrong. My brother was before he met the doctor at early morning 188cm and never more. And after the chirospecialist stretch him is he taller 1cm. And the result is he is new 189cm when he stands up at morning. The most measurement of the doctor before was never over 188cm at early morning!We both were very surprised when i measured him the last two mornings two at 189cm.But my brother was happy.
Hugh said on 4/Oct/08
Isn't it the other way around 189cm morning thenn 188cm. I'm 191cm morning and 190cm for the rest of the day.
nicole said on 3/Oct/08
Hey Hugh and James,my brother was at the chiropratics tuesday at five pm cause his pain in his shoulder. And after that he was 1cm taller but also his morning height the next day was higher.Normal he was at morning full 188cm and now 189cm. It`s not a joke because i meassured him two times.Unbelievable.
Lenad said on 2/Oct/08
Pierce looks no more than a flat 6 ft 1.
Hugh said on 2/Oct/08
In fairness, I suppose I was rounding up a tad. He looks 6ft1ish in one pic. But in another he looks closer to 6ft2.
Hugh said on 30/Sep/08
In the first pic he looked 6ft2 and in the second pic 6ft1.5.
Hugh said on 29/Sep/08
He must be at least 6ft1.5.
Hugh said on 24/Sep/08
I don't know how to download pictures onto this site.
Hugh said on 22/Sep/08
But in fact Colin is not taller. Pierce is taller.
Hugh said on 21/Sep/08
Actually, I studied those pics very carefully once again. Colin is 1-2cm shorter than Pierce. No more than that.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
Okay Colin and Pierce are the exact same height. Both 187cm. Colin is no taller, Pierce is no shorter.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
James, Pierce's posture is unreal. He walks like robot. His back is so straight. He has lost no height whatsoever. So yeah he won't do any major shrinking for a good while. As for Colin. He is 6ft1 tops.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
I disagree.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
I think Pierce is taller than Colin but only by 1-2cm or half an inch at very most. It could be that Pierce is 6ft1.75 and Colin is 6ft1.25 or Pierce is 6ft2 and Colin is 6ft1.5. And also James you arre probably right. Pierce will eventually shrink a bit more.
Hugh said on 20/Sep/08
So James you're saying that Colin Firth is taller than Pierce.
Lenad said on 19/Sep/08
Estimate 6'1 for this guy.
Hugh said on 17/Sep/08
Yeah, Pierce is for sure taller than Colin.
Hugh said on 17/Sep/08
Thank you Nicole. But 181.5cm is a bit extreme for Colin. I think Pierce is 187cm and Colin is 186cm.
ssambae said on 17/Sep/08
i bet hugh grant is 5-11.5
nicole said on 17/Sep/08
I don`t think Colin is 6ft 1.5inch. He looks for me only at best 6ft. I haven`t seen photos of him taller than Pierce. I see Pierce at 184cm max. barefoot and Colin 181.5cm not more.Pierce looks always in photos or in the film mamma mia taller than Colin.
Hugh said on 13/Sep/08
Looks 6ft2ish next to Firth.
Hugh said on 13/Sep/08
He doesn't need to wear lifts. He doesn't look as lean as he used to be. Believe me there wasn't a single scene in Mamma Mia where he looked shorter then Colin Firth.
Hugh said on 11/Sep/08
Possibly James. He still looks it at times. But that really depends if Colin Firth is the 6ft1.5 he claims to be.
Ejel Khan said on 10/Sep/08
I stood beside his wax work at the London Eye. I'm 5'9" the wax work was approximately 4 ins taller than me, making him 6'1"!
Hugh said on 8/Sep/08
After watching Mamma Mia for the fourth time I feel he's near the 6ft2 mark. 6ft1.75?
Hugh said on 5/Sep/08
A tall guy no doubt.
Hugh said on 4/Sep/08
This guy looks a strong 187cm.
Hugh said on 4/Sep/08
That's ridiculous. Pierce is well over 6ft. he's 6ft1.75.
Consumer said on 4/Sep/08
I saw today with Gina Davis in Remington Stelle. Both were same tall. So he is smaller than 6 ft !!!
Hugh said on 4/Sep/08
John Cleese hasn't lost much height. He was definitely a legit 6ft5 at his peak. He might be closer to 6ft4 now. like 194/195cm.
Hugh said on 4/Sep/08
Sorry about that. Keyboard not working properly today.
nicole said on 1/Sep/08
Found this photo with his wife then with his stepson chris who is from his first wife cassandra harris.Pierce loooks not so tall in this photo but maybe Chris is over 6ft3inch easy??
Hugh said on 31/Aug/08
Oh Yeah, there was only about 3 inches MAX between those two. Well spotted James. Gosh, I never thought of that.
Hugh said on 31/Aug/08
Fair enough. But its understandable for him swearing because some people were being unkind to him at times.
Hugh said on 29/Aug/08
No, To be honest he was in sandels. BTW, Rob why is Glenn not allowed post here any longer? don't worry I won't keep asking you about him.
Hugh said on 28/Aug/08
Hey Rob, What ever happened to Good Ol' Glenn.

Editor Rob
Glenn is gone, no longer allowed to post here.
Paulina said on 28/Aug/08
I work as a extra in a picture with Pierce and he defentitly look taller than 186cm. He was wearing boots but he look like 190cm
Hugh said on 27/Aug/08
Hi James, Great to hear from you again. He looked about a 1cm taller than Colin in Mamma Mia and no more than an inch shorter than Stellan whose 6ft3 according to this site. However Firth could be shorter than 6ft1.5.
Hugh said on 26/Aug/08
In lifts Pierce is about 6ft3-6ft3.5.
Hugh said on 26/Aug/08
He's probably 6ft2 on a good day.
Leo said on 6/Aug/08
In The Matador, he looks a solid 6ft 2. In Die Another Day he did look 6ft 2 as well but in After The Sunset, he looked closer to 6ft 1 compared to Woody Harrelson. There looked to be 3 inches in difference.
Hugh said on 25/Jul/08
Brosnan is 6ft1.75, Firth is 6ft1.5 and Skarsgaard is 6ft3.25.
Corvette said on 24/Jul/08
Rob watch Mamma Mia, OK?? ;)
Hugh said on 17/Jul/08
Watched mamma mia and i totally agree with corvette. Brosnan is taller than Firth. But that means that either Firth is 6ft1 tops or Brosnan is 6ft2 at least. What do you think Rob?

Editor Rob
not seen it.
Hugh said on 17/Jul/08
then that means brosnan is at least 6ft2.
Corvette said on 15/Jul/08
He's taller than Colin Firth 0.5 centimeter or 1centimeter, but I never saw Colin Firth over 6'1. No more than 187cm. Maybe 6'1.5=186,67cm
Valeri said on 15/Jul/08
Measured as 6
Justin said on 10/Jul/08
I stood next to him today in the Starett Lehigh building in NYC at 9:30 AM . I am 5'10. He is definitely over 6 feet. I would say between 6'1 and 6'2 - closer to 6'2
Hugh said on 4/Jul/08
i think Pierce was 188cm at his peak. Today he's 186-187cm.
Lenad said on 28/Jun/08
I think Pierce is establishing his height in shoes when he says he is 6'2.
Viper said on 18/Jun/08
Brosnan looks 6-0 with 6-1 Fed.
John said on 17/Jun/08
Really, Federer is closer to the camera, but he's taller than Brosnan, 0.5cm or 1cm. Pierce no more than 186.5cm at his peak.
Hugh said on 17/Jun/08
I think that Brosnan is 187cm out of bed and 186cm before bed.
Hugh said on 17/Jun/08
Federar is closer to the camera.
Lenad said on 17/Jun/08
He wishes he was 6'2.
John said on 10/Jun/08
I believe he's 186 peak height.

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Hugh said on 5/Jun/08
rahulkghosh says on 5/jun/08

If he is listed at 185cm, it's very highly unlikely he's taller.

Have you met the guy? No is the answer. I have and I can tell you he is nearing 6ft2. 186cm at least.
rahulkghosh said on 5/Jun/08
If he is listed at 185 cm, it's very highly unlikely he's taller. Guys are almost always rounded up, especially if they are under 6'2.
Robert P. said on 4/Jun/08
186 tops, now 185.
rahulkghosh said on 3/Jun/08
I can't believe you're all fooled by Pierce's two cm lifts in the picture. He is likely 184 cm. Especially if his listing is at 185 cm...
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/08
6'0 now, peak was about 6'0.5
Hugh said on 2/Jun/08
Judging by recent pictures Brosnan looks to be just under 6ft2.
rahulkghosh said on 2/Jun/08
I give Pierce 185 tops.

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Marcelo C. said on 30/May/08
Hugh: with all respect..., what
MarkyMark said on 30/May/08
So bad he's not Bond anymore, he was the best James bond with Sean Connery. He really has the James Bond's touch ! Daniel Craig is the worst Bond that we could have...
Hugh said on 23/May/08
At least 186cm to my eyes.
Marcelo C. said on 22/May/08
Measured as 6
pjama said on 13/May/08
I think 6'0 is fairly accurate. All things considerd if you really want to find out how tall he really is. find out what his medical records say.
Dracula said on 5/May/08
He looks @ least 4 inchs shorter than John Cleese who is 6' 4" .5.About 185 cm at best for Brosnan.
Hugh said on 4/May/08
Brosnan is taller than Federer.
Hugh said on 2/May/08
Brosnan is a tall guy. I think he's in the 6ft1.5-6ft2 range.
007 said on 1/May/08
I agree, he's 6'1.5, but not 187cm. Approximate(186.67cm).
Viper said on 30/Apr/08
"He's exactly 6'1.25. Actually, he's shorter than tennis player Roger Federer."

That would maake him 6-0 1/4, since roger is no taller than 6-1 1/4.
Leung said on 29/Apr/08
Brosnan does hold his own well against tall men, even against the likes of someone like Liam Neeson. I think Brosnan is comfortably in the 6
007 said on 29/Apr/08
He's exactly 6'1.25. Actually, he's shorter than tennis player Roger Federer.
Hugh said on 29/Apr/08
If you compare him with other 6ft2 guys like John cusack or Clive Owen or even Joe Don Baker you'd be suprised.
Hugh said on 29/Apr/08
He still looks 187cm.
nicole said on 29/Apr/08
Thank you, Hugh.I say it to my brother, who said always little sister even today:-).
Hugh said on 28/Apr/08
Nicole 5ft8 is quite tall for a woman.
hon said on 26/Apr/08
I recently saw Pierce in Hawaii and he does not look 6'1". 5'11" tops.
nicole said on 24/Apr/08
I`m 5ft8inch barefeet in the morning.I`m not so a big girl and all men around me are tall.Friend 6ft1.5inch and my brother 6ft2inch and his two good friends are both 6ft4inch.
He Ray, you are good looking when you have from two bonds one half of both:-) and that`s really interesting.
Hugh said on 24/Apr/08
He looks around the same height as Colin Firth if not taller. So 6ft2 is possible.
Hugh said on 24/Apr/08
I normally claim I'm 6ft3 barefeet in the morning, 6ft2.5 barefeet by night.
Ray said on 23/Apr/08
Funny you should say that Nicole, people say I look like a cross between Sean Connery and George Lazenby. I won't claim 6'2" on a good day though....quite happy with 6'1
nicole said on 22/Apr/08
Ray, good height for playing James Bond and please don`t say on a good day 6ft2inch :-).
Ray said on 22/Apr/08
I'm 6'1" barefeet, afternoon height.
Hugh said on 18/Apr/08
Ray, how tall are you?
Ray said on 18/Apr/08
I'd say he was that height in the '80's. He's under 6'1" these days.
Hugh said on 17/Apr/08
Listen Pierce IS a tall guy. He's 6ft1-6ft2. Nvermind that 6ft bull.
nicole said on 15/Apr/08
Erika, for Pierce 6ft or under that is really short.Maybe he is shrunking a bit? The problem with him on screen or photos, he looks tall 6ft.0,5in for sure.But you saw him.
Original said on 12/Apr/08
He's 6'1".
Erika said on 12/Apr/08
After reading more of the comments, i have to comment again. Anyone who met Pierce and said that he was tall, seriously people, he was wearing shoes with lifts. I was shocked how short he was. I'm a pretty tall for a girl (5'9 barefoot), and in the crowd scenes of Butterfly on a Wheel, when he was wearing sneakers, he is seriously 6' at best. He walked right past me and in the shoes I was wearing (not ridiculous heels by any means) I was taller. He seems like he should be taller, but he is surprisingly short.
Erika said on 12/Apr/08
I was on set with Pierce Brosnan and I was seriously the same height as him. there is no way in hell he's 6'2". I would give him 6' tops if i was being generous, and he was wearing thick-soled shoes.
samurai said on 7/Apr/08
Okay, Pierce is Not 182cm I agree too.
But I still have not change my opinion(not 182 But 183-184cm).
"Die Another Day" Captive exchange scene.
Bond and Zao across on the bridge.
then Pirece taller than Rick about 2 inches.
otherwise Rick and Toby Stephens offciall profile heights is no way.
Alessandro said on 6/Apr/08
Wnen I see Brosnan before, He looks like about 6 and 6'1/2 yes.
I'm 5'10.
John said on 5/Apr/08
In the 80's he looked a good 185-186cm. :)
Hugh said on 4/Apr/08
In the 80's he looked a good 187-188cm.
Hugh said on 4/Apr/08
In that case Dennis Leary should be downgraded to 6ft1 Max.
nicole said on 3/Apr/08
For me he looks 6ft1inch here and peak height 6ft 1.5inch.Hey, Hugh you are a big guy. When you met Evander Holyfield, is he a nice person?
Hugh said on 1/Apr/08
I personally don't think he's under 186cm. 188cm peak. I'm 189cm going to bed and 190-191cm getting up. But 182cm is crazy.
glenn said on 1/Apr/08
thank you john.
John said on 31/Mar/08
Glenn, on this time, i believe you.
Silver said on 31/Mar/08
Famke Jannsen wore heals in the movie goldeneye. I think 185/186cm looks correct. maybe 184cm before going to bed
Ray said on 31/Mar/08
BTW, Tailors never measure your height. They might ask you what height you are but never measure it. They're only interested in individual measurements, (e.g inside leg etc.). Brosnan definitely not 6'2". He has been between 6' and 6'1" since the '80's. I would bet money on it.
duncanlafayette said on 30/Mar/08
When will you Americans discard that embarrassing system of feet and inches, and go metric once and for all??
John said on 30/Mar/08
For me, 185cm and 188cm is impossible, 187cm is possible, but unlikely. I agree 186cm.
ACG said on 30/Mar/08
always seemed a solid 6'2 even when next to john cleese.
Hugh said on 30/Mar/08
No samuari, I just KNOW he's a tall guy.
John said on 30/Mar/08
Brosnan utilize tall shoes on interview with Jonathan Ross. He's problabe 6'1.25
andrew said on 30/Mar/08
You guys always quote those Bond tailors. Where do you have your sources from? I even heared that all these quotes don't even exist.
samurai said on 29/Mar/08
Hey Mr.Hugh, You just wish Pierce Brosnan is tall guy if possible, do you?
He is 6 feet,in general way in Japan.
Hugh said on 29/Mar/08
The Bond Tailors measured him in 2000 and claimed 187cm barefooted.
Hugh said on 29/Mar/08
Brosnan is nearing 6ft2. On Johnathan Ross he was the same height or marginally
taller than Ross.
Miguel said on 29/Mar/08
You just WISH Pierce is taller guy if possible, do you?
anyway,he WAS 6feet.
No more opposition.
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
I think 186cm is his current height and his peak is 6ft2.
John said on 28/Mar/08
186cm. I believe his peak height.
Greame said on 28/Mar/08
183-184cm i believe. because Famke Jenssen official height 5'11,180cm
So you"GOLDEN EYE"scean..
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
No! 182cm IS Crazy.
Junior said on 27/Mar/08
Pierce Brosnan forever maintain good posture! He lost 0,5cm.
sammy said on 27/Mar/08
Check the "USA TODAY "site. Pierce's profile height 6 ft(182-183).
no no no...188!!? NO WAY! that's crazy!
Hugh said on 27/Mar/08
186cm now, 188cm peak. He certainly hasn't lost that much height. 182cm is pure crap. It's sounds crazy.
Bush said on 26/Mar/08
182! 188! No way. 6'0.5(184cm) - 6'1.25(186cm)
Hugh said on 26/Mar/08
182cm! Thats Bull. More like 187-188cm.
Buettner said on 25/Mar/08
6'2 = Marketing.
Ray said on 25/Mar/08
In the tailor of panama he was the same height as Brendan Gleeson who I saw in Dublin and was about 5'11". So around 6' for Pierce. No taller
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/08
In Japanese TV program, Pierce said "I'm 182 cm height".
I'm sure about it. It's a certain fact.

Editor Rob
I'm sure he went from saying 6ft 2 on a good day, which IS proven - see official site - to saying 182cm on a japanese tv program...
Anonommose said on 24/Mar/08
Brosnan is about 3 inches taller than Sean Bean who I doubt is even 5'11. This is really evident in the end scene in Goldeneye when his villain holds a gun on Bond in close range and has to keep looking up to talk eye to eye.
samurai said on 23/Mar/08
Let's compare.
Sean Bean, 180 cm.
Pierce and Sean B, two guys heights are very very close.
Pierce taller than Sean about one inch.
Original said on 21/Mar/08
He's 6'0.5" to 6'1.25".
No Shorter, no taller.
for me 6'1" and finish.
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/08
I always pegged him at 5'11.5 to 6'0 so i am not surprise with the 182cm quote
Viper said on 19/Mar/08
. "As I said, I still stick to my sighting, but I suppose there is a chance he was packing a lifted sole."

So you FINALLY admitted that he could have had a small lift in his shoes.
Paul C. said on 19/Mar/08
187? 188? No way.On photo with Federer on Getty Images. Federer is a legit 185. Federer is taller than Brosnan. In picture Brosnan (54) appearance 6'0.5, he lost 1cm. His peak between 6'1-6'1.25.
samurai said on 19/Mar/08
I saw R.Yuen, he shorter than (180cm)me.
I guess shorter about 1inch, and his height about 177-178 i think.
Pierce taller than Yuen about 2inch at least.
therefore Pierce is about 182-183 centimeter.
Hugh said on 19/Mar/08
182cm! Thats ridiculous. 186-187cm now and 188cm peak.
Brad said on 18/Mar/08
"Pierce Brosnan is 6'0 1/2" (1.84m) in height barefoot. This barefoot height has been verified by Eon whom measured him and the Wax Museum whom also measured him." For me he's problable 186cm at his peak, legit 185cm.
Hugh said on 18/Mar/08
188cm peak then. 187cm nowadays. He hasn't lost much height.
samurai said on 18/Mar/08
185...??No way!
He said "I'm 182cm"in Japanese TV program.
Rick Yuen's officially height 185 No way too!lol
Rick is about 177cm i remember.
Shawn said on 16/Mar/08
Well, take a look at both the pic.Glenn almost reached Brosnan's eye.He must be some 4 - 4.5 inches taller than Glenn.6ft precisely in my aspect.Coz in an interview I've heard Pierce told about his own height (i.e 6ft).So I doubt about the extra listed two inches.He's surely 6ft or hardly 6ft and an half inch but definetely not more than that!!!!
Brett said on 11/Mar/08
Yep Rob, ditched the old country, and adopted one of "controlled" chaos haha. As I said, I still stick to my sighting, but I suppose there is a chance he was packing a lifted sole.

It would probably be a smart option to list his "peak" height at 6'2" and his current height at what ever Celebheights current "market price" is...
Yaspaa said on 9/Mar/08
Clark,I think I may just agree.
Hugh said on 9/Mar/08
Fine maybe not a legit 6ft2. But close to it. How about 187cm.
Clark said on 5/Mar/08
6'3" will ferrell towered over him on SNL---I think more like 6'.05" at the best
Bob said on 29/Feb/08
Sorry Hugh, but he's no a legit 6' 2. Legit 6'1 or 6'1.25
Hugh said on 29/Feb/08
Brosnan is a legit 188cm guy. He is almost as tall as Sean Connery who is a genuine 6ft2-6ft3 no less. Roger Moore is 6ft1-6ft2. Lazenby and Dalton are 6ft2. Daniel Craig isf he stands up straight is 5ft11 (180cm).
Bob said on 20/Feb/08
Define height of this guy is very difficulty. He's tall. No less than 6'1 and no more than 6'1.25, perhaps 6'1.25 in his peak, but actually he's approximate 6'0.5-6'1, + exactly:(184.5 m-185.0 m). Habitually he's utilize tall shoes. The peak height between 6'1-6'1.25. 6'1.25 is questionable.
Lebensdorf said on 9/Feb/08
Here it is again, the official verdict from EON's tailors (EON being the company which produces the James Bond films): Brosnan -- 6'1'' (185); Dalton -- 6'2'' (188); Moore -- 6'1'' (185); Lazenby -- 6'1.5'' (187); Connery -- 6'1.5'' (187). I hope this clears things up once and for all.

By the way, I stood next to Brosnan in a New York coffee shop. He looked like a guy who could pass for 6'2'' easily, but I know he isn't.
mimi said on 9/Feb/08
he is 6'2.5
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 6/Feb/08
he is currently 6'1 tall he was the shortest bond actor after daniel craig 178 cms
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/08
looks 6'1" tops
Codename 10 said on 24/Jan/08
He's 6'1 region.
tom15 said on 7/Jan/08
im 5,9 at the moment, and when i stand next to my uncle, who says he is 6,3, the top of my head is just below the tip of his nose. his head looks similar shape to brosnans, so it appears from these photos that i would stand above brosnans eyebrows if glenn is 5,8. the distance from the brow to below the nose on brosnan and my uncle is a good 3 inches. this would put brosnan at around 6 foot tall and in my opinion nothing much over.
Ed said on 5/Jan/08
I just saw The Tailor of Panama, and Brosnan had a good 1.5-2 inches on Geofferey Rush(5ft11.5). Maybe Rush is a little shorter at say 5ft11, putting Brosnan at 6ft0.5-6ft1. But if he is 5ft11.5, then Brosnan was at least 6ft1.25 just like Rob has him at.

Maybe I was wrong all along! With the cowboy boots he always wears he'd be 6ft2.75 at least, and that would make sense why he only looked a bit shorter than the 6ft4 Liam Neeson. Not to mention, Neeson could have possibly shrunk a little coupled with his terrible posture. If this is the case he still has 0.5 in or so on Butler barefoot, putting him at 6ft0.75-6ft1.
Steve said on 4/Jan/08
at least 6 foot 1,saw him in portobello road,im 5 foot 10 maybe 5 foot 11 in the morning.
He was really nice,happy to chat but spent to much time on the phone.
my guess 6 foot 1 and a half.
andrew said on 1/Jan/08
Good pics, Anonomoose. Have you guys realized, how straight Brosnan always stands on photos? Even his feet are pulled close, to look even taller, and has sometimes freaking straight posture. Has a weird shoe on the Liam photo, too.
I think he was 6'1" in his youth and now closer to 6 feet.
Ed said on 30/Dec/07
Anonommose, did you notice Brosnan wears cowboy boots with a good 1.5in maybe more heel, in Shattered(aka Butterfly on a Wheel)? I do agree he looked taller than Butler, but Butler looked to be wearing typical heeled casual shoes, not boots. I still would say 6ft0.5 barefoot for both of them maybe 6ft0.75. 6ft1.5 maybe a bit more for Butler with his shoes on, and 6ft2 for Brosnan while wearing his cowboy boots.
Thommy said on 29/Dec/07
According to the James Bond film tailors in London, at 6' 2" he is the tallest of all the Bond actors. The tailors who have fitted and measured each of the 5 Bonds over the years claim the following heights for each of the other Bond actors: Sean Connery 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, George Lazenby 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, Roger Moore 6' 1" without shoes and Pierce Brosnan 6' 1" without shoes.

Guess this is true...!!! The Tailor don't have to lie
Original said on 25/Dec/07
He's 6'1.5"
Anonomoose said on 22/Dec/07
Brosnan looks taller in Butterfly On A Wheel than Butler. You can see that in face to face scenes and also when they're separately and together with Maria Bello. (who wears very high heels to stay in the frame with either)

A shot of them standing face to face from the trailer:
Click Here

There are no "James Bond tailors in London". Lindy Hemming was the costume designer and Brioni did the suits and neither of them are giving out any actors weight. Nor would a tailor ever need to weigh an actor. They're measured.

Pierce with Liam Neeson and Gabriel Byrne in October 2007. Liam slouches but Pierce is still far closer in height to Liam than he is to 5'10 Byrne who he looks to have 4 plus inches on (maybe Byrne is shorter than 5'10) or 5'9 Michael Flatley.

Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/07
funkysmell, you can see that Ross is taller at least by an inch.
On Butterfly on a Wheel, Brosnan is also a little bit shorter than Gerard Butler who is listed as 6'1.25 too.
I think that in the present Brosnan might be about 6'0.5. When he was younger maybe he was 6'1.5... 6'2
Anonymous said on 15/Dec/07
Brosnan is at least 6'1.5". I wonder when it was when he claimed that he was 195 lbs. According the the James Bond tailors in London, he was the lightest Bond ever at 164 lbs. in Goldeneye, but then the heaviest Bond ever at 211 lbs. in Die Another Day (they also listed his height at 6'1", but I don't believe that!).
Brett said on 7/Dec/07
Its been a while, and Im now living in the states, but I still stand by Brosnan being atleast 6'2" when I saw him, and his shoes looked normal. But then again I'd never have been able to tell if he had any lifted sole in his shoe. He really does look like a big guy though.

Editor Rob
a name from the past eh, ditched the good life down under then?
funkysmell said on 27/Nov/07
Interesting, same height or slightly shorter than Jonathan Ross(6ft 1.5inch)

Click Here
dmeyer said on 22/Nov/07
i dont know if that can help, i stood next to him he had runing sneakers ,but he was 20 feet away he did seem taller than me by 1 to 2 in
AAAA said on 19/Nov/07
Looks like a recent photo.
Neeeson has his classic stoop. Click Here
I think neeson is on his way to be the next eastwood
riaz said on 17/Nov/07
Brosnan is 6'1. i'm super sure.
glenn said on 14/Nov/07
yeah im a very rude guy.
mojo said on 12/Nov/07
are you grabbing pierce..thats kinda rude.......neway he looks prett tall in his movies ie james bond and thomas crown......maybe check out how tall that chick is in thomas crown affair,,thatll help prob
ManofG said on 7/Nov/07
Why are we bothering to work if he's less than 6'2", he's very close to that height, and he totally towers over Glenn. Weight-wise, 180 is not his peak weight, over the years he's put on weight, especially between projects. I'd say he weighs over 200lbs.
ted said on 26/Oct/07
Who steals my name?I am now ted T
ted said on 22/Oct/07
Moore, 6.1' Connery young 6.2' Dalton 6.2' Craig 5.11 and maybe change' Brosnan 6.1' and change.
Paul said on 16/Oct/07
lol the guy in the backgrounds even taller!
glenn said on 16/Oct/07
very much a gentleman.
joe said on 15/Oct/07
I would say just under 6'2, 187.5cm. What was Pierce like when you met him Glenn? He seems like a nice guy in interviews and he's very charitable.
Mr Mayfair said on 5/Oct/07
Eh? He's grown! Still under six one...although claimed 6.3 for Remington Steele - which was a fib. The 195lb weight claim is just silly. During Do another Die (whatever) he was contracted at 168 and came in at 166. His normal weight is around 175, maybe a peak of 180, not that big a bloke.
Marcelo C. said on 5/Oct/07
Definitely, the guy is tall. I´d say 6´1" or 6´2".
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
weI wont agree on derek's estimates. craig is 5'10 at least I'd say. As for brosnan saying 6'2 on a good day,well I kind of think and he looks it too with taller guys that hes 6'1 on a good day. 6'0.5 is my estimate. Seems short for Pierce? maybe,but I just see him as that and he really seems that with Glenn.on the lower shot at least. he's definitely not almsot as tall as Clive Owen or say Cusack.
Mike said on 1/Oct/07
I stood next to him at the Goldeneye premiere and I was shoulder to shoulder with him in normal shoes.I am 6'1"
derek said on 23/Sep/07
I don't know why people always peg this bond as being only 6' or even 5'11? I mean look at him he always looks close to 6'2 all the time.... Def one of the taller Bond actors.

(in my opinion the most accurate list)

craig - 5'9.5 - 5'10
brosnan - 6'1.75 - 6'2
dalton - 6'2
moore - 6'1 - 6'1.5
connery - 6'1.5 - 6'2
D.B said on 20/Sep/07
no more than 6'2, no less than 6'1.25.
John said on 2/Sep/07
I've seen this guy in person. I'm 6'1", and he's TINY! Sorry, no way he's 6 1
Glenn said on 1/Aug/07
Thank you Franco.your a decent looking guy yourself.
Franco said on 30/Jul/07
lol what a mess i did, i mustve misinterpreted what you said....
i thought you were saying to me ...."NO OFFENCE FRANCO BUT PHOTOS CAN BE DECEIVING".....i probably didnt see a bunch of words or i read what i wanted to read.

turned out you were just saying that you wasn't offended by what i was saying which is good Glenn. ;) and yes i still think your best picture is Beyonce one hehe. you looked ace there, you're also looking much better than before that's for sure. keep up the good work.
Franco said on 30/Jul/07
Glenn says on 30/Jul/07
No offence taken can be decieving.**

none taken Glenn, i'm just posting my thoughts and i hope you didnt take my words like any offense or anything for i never meant it so. if you did then i apologize :)

well of course pix can be deceiving that's the thing that i think of 1st before considering or studying an actor height. hehe
Brosnan is a bit of a tough one to pin down because in some of the BOND scenes he can look 190cm even (massive lift or something) then in "mrs doubtfire" swimming pool scene he is barefoot he looks below 185cm like 183cm.

well one thing i do know is that the way scenes are shot can make you appear tall or short, and same goes with camera shots, just need to find an average from all the things we saw.

i still think Brosnan is no less than 183cm and no more than 185cm (today), possibly 186cm in the past.
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
No offence taken can be decieving.
antron said on 29/Jul/07
He indeed looks around 6'1" in the pictures with Glenn
Josh said on 28/Jul/07
He looks 6'0 maybe a bit over like 6'0.5
Franco said on 26/Jul/07
well moving or not moving, in the 2nd picture which is actually when Glenn was a bit younger (and probably no possible height loss), Brosnan looks as short as 183-184cm but in the 1st picture he's as tall as 187 (and leaning too) so if he stood straight maybe even 188cm.


1. either Brosnan had lifts in the 1st picture (which is 90% highly likely)

2. Glenn lost more than normal height that day (too much spine compression that day because of tiredness or too much standing or any other reason).

3. Brosnan is standing on a bit of a higher ground than Glenn

either way, i blame Brosnan for this and i am fairly sure he wore lifts in the 1st picture.

about Glenn loss of 1cm or so height, i think regardless of shoes, once he reached a certain weight probably the body compressed a tiny bit more than normal.
the best picture for me honestly is the BEYONCE one, Glenn looks tall almost 178cm guy and he had normal shoes no boots or anything. hehe so definetely something is up with him too (no offense). :-)
it is totally normal, we all lose height one day, i lose 4cm a day in a matter of 5-6 hours so nothing to marvel about. :)
Anonomoose said on 25/Jul/07
I think Glenn has said that in the earlier picture Brosnan was moving when the photo was taken; you can see Brosnan's handler trying to pull him away. That's what probably accounts for the difference in the pics.

In the trailer for Brosnan and Butler's film Shattered it looks like Brosnan has the height advantage, particularly in face to face scenes.

Click Here
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 8/Jul/07
Franco you absolutely right.
Franco said on 7/Jul/07
i've always had a suspect glenn mustve lost at least 1 or 2cm of height judging also from the latest pictures around, gaining weight sometimes can be followed by a loss of height even if just 1cm or so.

im not talking from these pictures though because Brosnan in the 1st pic couldve been wearing some mild lifts considering his age.

but i dont exclude Glenn loss of 1 or 2 cm either.

regardless Brosnan mostly looked in the 185cm area, no less.

Editor Rob
he said in a big batch of pics he's worn superstar type shoes, those give almost 1 inch on the nose. So could be shifting 1/4, or 1/3 inch to the celeb in some Damon.

I could go from wearing 1 inch nike 180's to 1.41 inch nike turbo shox and this is 1cm difference in footwear.
Scott said on 31/May/07
wow! If I didn't know any better, judging from the two photos with Glenn, I'd say Glenn's the one who's lost a good inch, not Brosnan! hahah! Just look at the top photo, he seems to have become an inch stubbier.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
How could he be taller than Jeff Bridges when he looks 1 or 2 cms shorter than him in "the Mirror has to faces."? He must be 6'1 even, and Bridges must be 6'1.25-6'1.5.
Franco said on 1/May/07
he looks about 6'0.5 even
the shredder said on 27/Apr/07
WOW . You were 240lbs in the Stiller photo ??? ... Your feet must weight a lot . LOL ... I was once 202lbs and did not look it !!!
dmeyer said on 26/Apr/07
in the pic with hedlund i am 280 pounds i might send it to you email rob later
Jason said on 26/Apr/07
I saw another guy on here claiming to be 6'0'' 260lbs and not that big a guy...
Arjun said on 26/Apr/07
Dmeyer, are you really 280 or almost 130 kg???? You must have some really heavy bones :)

Editor Rob
maybe he meant 180...or he should buy a proper set of working scales :)
dmeyer said on 22/Apr/07
you right rob he dosnt look under 186 even nowadays probably lost 1 cm since in mid 50s

Editor Rob
I know he had some back injury in 90's, although I don't know exactly what, it is true though in 82-83 in newspaper did get 6ft 1 mentions back then...
dmeyer said on 22/Apr/07
maybe was 187 and lost 1 cm so 185.5 to 186 cm
TheJerk said on 22/Apr/07
Really Dmeyer? You and I are very similar in height, but you do not look 280 or even more than 220, really, in the Ben Stiller pic. I have a hard time believing that Brosnan lost any height due to weight gain. He's 6-1 IMO. Mayhaps a smidge under as Glenn suggests.
dmeyer said on 22/Apr/07
a was 5'11.75 morning and i am 280 pounds and i was that height when i was 220 i dont think weight would make you loose height you might not stand as straight sometimes also if you are 350 to 400 pounds that might do it for example jorge garcia has a hard time to stand staight
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
Brosnan is not 6-2 in his barefeet. No way. Maybe in lifts but most evidence has him at 6-0 1/2.
Scarlet said on 21/Apr/07
He is in his 50s and weighs 230 pounds now. When he was young and tall he was 160 pounds. 70 pounds and age must have taken him down to 6'1 or little less.
Sam said on 20/Apr/07
Brosnan cannot be less than 6'2. He was about the same height as Connery who I know is not below 6'2. He could be 189cm. Those 5'11-6'0 listings are ridiculous. He claimed that he was 6' at the age of 11!
Sam said on 19/Apr/07
6'2 at least. I've seen this guy tower over other 6'0+ guys. He is quite a tall man. I met him Last year in Los Angelos I'm 6'3 and He was about 1 inch shorter. Upsize him to a full 188cm. Super nice guy!
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/07
why is butler listed as 6ft1.5 if brosnan is taller than him and he's only 6ft1.25? rob????

Editor Rob
its on a sidewalk, I wouldn't say you could tell if the pavement didn't have a slant from building to gutter of 1-2 degree
Anonomoose said on 30/Mar/07
It wasn't just Brett it was also Ben from Australia as well as a bunch of photos (plenty with him in sandals, socks, barefoot) and films over the years that also put him over 6'1.

From yesterday with Gerard Butler (listed at 6 1.75 on this site) -- both are wearing boots and Brosnan looks taller - though it's hard to be sure on a sidewalk.

Click Here
Click Here
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
I can buy 6-0 for Brosnan as well. Hes either 6-0 or 6-1, but deffinitly no 6-2 that Brett swore by.
fehzan said on 26/Mar/07
i do not understand any of this arguing about pierces height, now i used to work in museum in bradford and back in summer 1999 he came to do the opening, i stood next to him, now i am exactly 183 cm which is 6 ft and i was looking at him eye to eye exactly so i would say he is definetly 6 ft and hes a very slim guy. now most people say he looks 6ft 2 because i noticed he walks with a very straight back, and i have tried this and people have also thpought i was 6ft 2 although i waqs wearing my nike air max trainers
Arjun said on 6/Mar/07
Matt, his eyeline is roughly level with Glenn's head, so yeah, a solid 6'1" here even leaning.
Matt said on 5/Mar/07
This current picture puts Brosnan at atleast 6'1", considering his leaning, and his eyeline is definitely above Glens head. Id say this guy is definitely closer to 6'2" then 6'1", especially when looking at the new shots of him and Liam Neeson. Hes really always looked tall, however there have been a few anomalies to suggest lifts, I think these occurences could be due to certain camera angles, and slants in the pavement height
dmeyer said on 1/Mar/07
if he was taller than famke in bond it means he is tall because she was taller than me about 6 ft

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