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Peak: 6ft 1.42in (186.5cm)
Current: 6ft 0.74in (184.8cm)
James said on 25/Jun/09
Okay maybe 186-187cm in the 80's?
Hugh 190cm said on 25/Jun/09
They measured him at 6ft1.5 when promoting Die Another Day and he weighed 210lbs aswell. His Official site has him down as 187cm. A strong 6ft1 at least and maybe a weak 6ft2.
Hugh 190cm said on 25/Jun/09
I'm going with 185cm minimum and 187.5cm max.
Lenad said on 24/Jun/09
I'm going to go with 184cm min and 186cm max. Never been shorter than 184cm neither more than 186cm
vittorio said on 24/Jun/09
eon production mesured the right height of every bond and of pierce,and he is 184cm at the age of
Hugh 191cm said on 24/Jun/09
Although pierce did look 6ft2ish in mamma mia his singing almost brought me to tears it was so bad.
Hugh 190cm said on 24/Jun/09
Brosnan looking 1.5 inch shorter than Garity I don't understand. Maybe Garity wore lifts.
James said on 23/Jun/09
Sorry Hugh I am with Andrew on this one and when those pics were taken Cleese probably wasn't even a full 6'5 more like 6'4.5. And yeah there is 5 inches between them or at least 4.5.

The only thing I will say though is that in those pics Cleese does look closer to the camera in some caps.
andrew said on 23/Jun/09
Hugh, you keep saying the same, that he didn't lose but 1 cm till his late 50's, which is rubbish. No evidences of course. Caps of him and 6'5" Cleese:

Click Here Cleese is 5" taller than Pierce.

Rob, please downgrade Pierce to 184 cm current height. I think the photos with Troy Garity, Moore and Cleese are enough evidences.
Anonymous said on 23/Jun/09
And no less than 187cm.
James said on 22/Jun/09
Yeah Hugh for sure in the 80's Brosnan was 187cm
Hugh 191cm said on 22/Jun/09
Okay near 6ft2 in the 80's and 90's.
Hugh 190cm said on 22/Jun/09
I'd be very suprised if pierce is under 6ft1. Okay howabout a really strong 6ft1 like 186-187cm now and a weak 6ft2 187-188cm peak?
James said on 20/Jun/09
Well maybe 5 or 4.5 inches between him and Cleese
Ejel Khan said on 20/Jun/09
Guys, if you live in London, go to the Eye. Measure yourself against the waxwork .... I did, snd he's 184cm .... tops!
andrew said on 20/Jun/09
Hugh, my father is 5'11" now, at the age of 53. Everyone losts height by age, it's nonsense that someone's height is the same at the ages of 55 and 20.
James, Pierce was 5" shorter than Cleese. I'll make some videocaps of them and upload them too.
Lenad said on 20/Jun/09
To be fair he didnt look that much shorter than john Cleese
James said on 19/Jun/09
In Hughs defense Pierce was never dwarfed by John Cleese. Towered maybe but not dwarfed.
Hugh 190cm said on 19/Jun/09
I actually now think this guy has lost no height.
Hugh 190cm said on 19/Jun/09
How tall is your dad andrew?
andrew said on 18/Jun/09
Okay, Hugh, I believe 6'1"~184-185 cm today can be a reasonable compromise. Maybe, in the '80s, he really was 6'1.5", but lost a cm, and keeps calling himself as being 6'2", as a really good day when 20. My father, still claims himself to be 6', but we won't tell him, that it's not right anymore...
Hugh 190cm said on 18/Jun/09
Anything less than 6ft1 is ridiculous.
Hugh 190cm said on 18/Jun/09
Looked every bit of 6ft2 in evelyn. Saw it the other night.
Ejel Khan said on 18/Jun/09
There is a waxwork of Brosnan at the London Eye. I stood next to it. I'm 5'9". I estimated he was 3" taller than me.
Hugh 190cm said on 18/Jun/09
His son looks about an inch taller him so he'd be almost 6ft3 i'd imagine. Okay I'll admit that in butterfly on wheels gerard butler was a bit taller than pierce.
James said on 18/Jun/09
Some over average height guys like Pierce Brosnan wear lifts becasue they wan't to look very tall like 6'4.
andrew said on 18/Jun/09
Okay Hugh, it's not so difficult. If there is already a link to the image, you have to make a 'tiny url' of it first, on You have to give the link, then name the tinyurl, and then copy the renamed url in your post.

If you need to upload a pic first, use imageshack, where you can upload any pictures from your hard drive.

Just a notice: I'm a keen upholder of discussion, but I have to say that Pierce's red carpet photos are not the best evidences, as he usually wears lifts then.
Hugh 190cm said on 17/Jun/09
Andrew, could you show me how to post pics on this site because I've got heaps of evidence to back my claims.
andrew said on 16/Jun/09
No Hugh, it won't work if you keep repeating your usual post: we'll keep repeating our posts with evidences. Please pull back.
James said on 16/Jun/09
Moore hasn't lost much height.
Hugh 190cm said on 16/Jun/09
Moore is 6ft. Brosnan is 6ft1.75.
Barack Obama said on 15/Jun/09
Hugh, Do you think that every bonds are 6'2??

On Moore page, you say he's 6'2;
On Dalton page, you say he's 6'2;

And here you say the same! But is obvious that them have different heights.
James said on 14/Jun/09
Pierce Brosnan wears some big lifts himself. Just look how tall he looks next to Liam Neeson, he looks like at least 6'2. Yet in other pics he looks only 184cm.
andrew said on 14/Jun/09
Hugh, you are just too funny. You believe that everyone (Dalton, Garity, true 6'2" guys) wears lifts but Pierce.
James said on 13/Jun/09
Hugh how do you explain Dalton looking taller than Pierce Brosnan?
Hugh 190cm said on 13/Jun/09
Okay can you explain how i can download pics onto this site. Sorry to be a nag seeming i've asked the question before.
andrew said on 12/Jun/09
Christopher Walken and Moore, photo from 1985 (A View to a Kill).
Walken, listed at 6', taller than Moore. So how could he be 6'2" then?

Click Here

(Btw, my father met Moore in 1967, and he stated he was 6'1", an inch taller than my father.)

As a matter of fact, I'm ok with Pierce's current height, as he really was 6'1" in the '80s, I'm just tired of Hugh's daily 6'2" post, with no reason or evidence. It's just tamping, saying that you believe this or that...
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
I think Pierce Brosnan now and a young Roger Moore now are equal in height. Both 187-188cm. Brosnan will probably drop a centimetere or 2 in the next 10 or so. He has very good posture and is very active aswell. Like Brosnan I'd Moore has gone through the same phase of having lost no height until much later. I bet you anything Moore was still close to 6ft2 when he did A View to a Kill in 1985.
andrew said on 12/Jun/09
Yes, at the age of 69 (Moore was born in 1927)... His peak was 6'1.5", no way was he that tall at nearly 70.

And how can Pierce be 2" shorter than Dalton? How do you explain that?

Hugh, you are simply ridicolus. Never an evidence, but blurb all the time. That towering over Kinnear - maybe you could confirm by a pic.
James said on 12/Jun/09
Andrew that pic was taken way back in 96. Back then Roger Moore might have still been close to his peak.
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
in sandels or 'normal' shoes he towered over Greg Kinnear by 4-5 inches.
andrew said on 12/Jun/09
Hugh: there were no sandals in Matador. They were boots.
Click Here - Like these.

Why keep on telling rubbish?

Click Here

Same height as Moore, 2" shorter than Dalton.
Hugh 190cm said on 11/Jun/09
He was wearing sandels in the matador. Pierce was taller than roger Moore by 4cm
andrew said on 11/Jun/09
6'2" in boots in Matador... and looks 6" everywhere else... On the photos with 68 years old Moore and 6'2" Dalton- a tad shorter than Moore, 2" shorter than Dalton; shorter than Federer (who is 6'1"); 5" shorter than John Cleese (6'5"). On some red carpet events, there are photos with his fully straight back, and possible lifts where he can look taller than that, and on some films too.
The aforementioned photos still need an explanation - why does he look sometimes really only 6'?
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Jun/09
Looks a solid 6ft2 in The Matador.
James said on 9/Jun/09
Tory Garity is actually listed on this site as 6'1.5 (187cm) which is a weak 6'2. Weird cause Brosnan looks like 5'11.5 in comparison in those pics.
Hugh 190cm said on 9/Jun/09
Mhouillon, thank you. At least someone agrees with my estimates.
MHouillon said on 9/Jun/09
Yup. In the 6'2-range. Weak 6'2.
Original said on 8/Jun/09
Brosnan is 6'1.25", 6'0.5" in night. 6'0.75"/6'1". End of, for me.
Hugh 190cm said on 8/Jun/09
I say 6ft1.75 because he was taller than Colin Firth marginally and was barely an inch shorter than 6ft3 Stellan Skarsgaard.
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
Maybe 6ft1.75 in the 80's and 90's?
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
Pierce to me has always been a weak 6ft2 guy.
TELLEM said on 6/Jun/09
apparently he hasn't James. i'm sure hugh isn't that stupid to throw out that silly estimate without looking at glenn's measurements, right hugh?
andrew said on 6/Jun/09
Simple: Glenn is 5'7", Brosnan is 183-184 cm tops. Uses lifts on several occasions.
Oh and another evidence: 2" shorter than 6'2" Troy Garity in 'After the Sunset'.

Click Here
Hugh 190cm said on 5/Jun/09
That seems fair James. But doesn't that mean Glenn lied to Rob? Glenn was listed as 5ft8 at one stage.
James said on 5/Jun/09
But Hugh have you not see Robs measurment proof that glenn is slightly under 5'7?
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Jun/09
I doubt Glenn is 5ft6.5. More 5ft7-8.
James said on 3/Jun/09
Yeah but in that pic glenns like 5'6.5 probably? Depending on his footware?
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
I see pierce at just under the 6ft2 mark in glenns pic.
James said on 2/Jun/09
Really hugh? Its very hard to guage in glenns old pic though.
Hugh 190cm said on 2/Jun/09
Up straight he's a weak 6ft2.
Hugh 190cm said on 2/Jun/09
I don't buy less than 6ft1.
James said on 29/May/09
Pierce Brosnan is probably a minimum of 6ft 1/2 today.
Hugh 190cm said on 29/May/09
Federer is closer to the camera.
sarah said on 29/May/09
Hey Hugh. Look on Google search photos with Roger Federer and Pierce Brosnan, Roger ist 6ft1.25inch and is more than an inch taller than Pierce. So all the questions for me are answered.Pierce is not more than 6ft without shoes.
andrew said on 28/May/09
Hugh: I do have a life. I rarely visit this website, once in 3-4 days. But as I can see you can't help posting your daily comment, saying the same.

Btw, there's no big difference between the true 6'1", and the 6'1.5" you say all the time. :)
JOSH said on 28/May/09
I say 6ft an half as his lowest. Depending on footwear he could look 6ft 2.
A few years back on the jonathan ross show ross maybe looked just slightly taller and he has claimed 6ft 1 an half.
Hugh 190cm said on 28/May/09
6ft3 in normal lifts and 6ft4ish in the biggest lifts.
James said on 27/May/09
The most pierce Brosnan could reach in average sized lifts is 6'2.5. In his biggest lifts maybe 6'4?
Barack Obama said on 26/May/09
I believe 6'1.5 after breakfast!
Hugh 190cm said on 26/May/09
If his lifts were fooling me I'd would think Pierce was 6ft3 or 6ft4.
James said on 25/May/09
andrew come on give Hugh a break he's only stating his opinion.

Hugh seriously are you Pierce Brosnans lifts aren't fooling you?
Hugh 190cm said on 25/May/09
Maybe you should get a life. You disagree with everyone's comments.
andrew said on 24/May/09
I mean that you tend to consider some obvious facts in quite a proper way.... Or you just simply affirm things you don't even check.

Oh and btw: yes, it's pretty strange that whenever I come to see this thread you put out the last 5-10 posts saying the same all the time (Pierce at 6'1.7567643"). Get a life.
Hugh 190cm said on 24/May/09
'Hugh is everything ok with you?'

What do you mean andrew?
andrew said on 24/May/09
2" shorter than Troy Garity in After the Sunset. Hugh, is everything ok with you?
Hugh 190cm said on 23/May/09
Yes James. I Stand by my decision. He has lost no height. Why he leads an active lifestyle, he's very fit for his age and has brilliant posture. He also has appeared taller than 6ft1.5 guys like Colin Firth, Troy Garity and Terry O'Quinn. If I were to say 6ft2 I'd be kicked off the site. But what I see is a strong 187cm guy. Lowest 6ft1.5.
James said on 23/May/09
Surerly not 6'1.75 nowadays Hugh?
Hugh 190cm said on 23/May/09
I buy 6ft1.75.
Lenad said on 23/May/09
Rob thinks 6ft1.5 max
Hugh 190cm said on 22/May/09
Anything below 6ft1 is silly. 186cm minimum and probably closer to 6ft2.
Hugh 190cm said on 22/May/09
Not a chance.
James said on 21/May/09
Could be heading towards 184cm nowadays?
Hugh 190cm said on 21/May/09
6ft1.5-6ft2 currently. Basically he's lost no height. He was taller than 187cm Colin Firth by a hair.
Hugh 190cm said on 21/May/09
187.5cm MAX nowadays.
Hugh 190cm said on 21/May/09
Still looks almost 6ft2 to me.
James said on 20/May/09
He still looks 6'1.
andrew said on 20/May/09
Hugh: 6'1.5" when he was 20, after breakfast. Now 6'0.5"-6'1" tops.
Hugh 190cm said on 20/May/09
When you say near 6ft2 what do you mean? do you mean the height he is listed at now or like 6ft1.5 or even 6ft1.75 which is what I think.
James said on 19/May/09
Rob do you think 186cm is probably the max he could be nowadays?

Editor Rob
anywhere from 6ft 1-1.5 he could be I think.
Hugh 190cm said on 19/May/09
Rob I think this guy might be a weak 6ft2. What do you think?

Editor Rob
I think he could have been near 6ft 2, well after breakfast.
Marcelo C. said on 19/May/09
Really, guys, on the top of Eiffel Tower, P.B. could be taller than "Predator", and so on.......... .
Hugh 190cm said on 19/May/09
In a pair of giant elevator shoes he could probably be 6ft4.
James said on 18/May/09
Sure he could reach 6'4 in his biggest elevator shoes.
andrew said on 18/May/09
John Cleese was 5" taller than him in DAD. The top of Brosnan's head was by the eyeline of Cleese.

Hugh, why not 6'4"? That one hasn't been mentioned!
James said on 17/May/09
Well Pierce wasn't really dwarfed by John Cleese.
Hugh 190cm said on 17/May/09
In a pair of normal heeled shoes he would probably be closer to 6ft3.
Marcelo C. said on 16/May/09
Dear Hugh: O.k.; then, considering your opinion, "Brioni
Hugh 190cm said on 16/May/09
Yeah In fairness to james I only see about 4inches between him and Glenn. But in the picture above I see about 6ft2. I think he's 6ft1.75.
James said on 16/May/09
Alright next to Glenn in the below pic he looks about 184cm. Not saying he is in reality though.
Hugh 190cm said on 16/May/09
Marcelo c. What are you talking about? In my opinion Pierce is closer to 6ft2. 6ft is just stupid for brosnan.
Marcelo C. said on 13/May/09
Dear Hugh: O.k.. So, "the moon is rounded but, if you want to see it square, let it be."
James said on 13/May/09
Funny in the bottom pic only looks 5'11.5.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/May/09
He's 6ft1.75.
Marcelo C. said on 13/May/09
Obviously, Pierce is tall. But let
Lenad said on 12/May/09
To me Pierce is 6'1 MAYBE 6'1 1/4
Barack Obama said on 9/May/09
Hugh is Anonymous. I believe 6'1.25 is right.
Nick said on 9/May/09
I'd say 6ft 1 ish is about right. My father is 1m73cm and I'm a shade over 6ft 1ins. The height difference is identical to mine. Definately a true 6ft 1ins compared to Robbie Williams
Anonymous said on 8/May/09
Rob, I insist that you upgrade this guy by half an inch. Throughout the entire movie, Mamma Mia he looked marginally taller than 6ft1.5 listed Colin Firth and no more than 1-1.5 inches shorter than Stellan Skarsgard (listed 6ft3).
Anonymous said on 6/May/09
Seemed very close to 6ft2 to me. I buy 6ft1.75.
Anonymous said on 3/May/09
For the moment I'm going to leave height to the side.

Pierce Brosnan was in 1986 I'd say about 170lbs and 6ft1.5-6ft2.
In 1988-1994 Brosnan did look noticeably heavier in films like Ms. Doubtfire, Live Wire and The Heist, around 190-195lbs hence why he looked more like 6ft1 flat. When He made his first Bond Film Goldeneye he was probably on a fitness regime in order to stay in top physical condition to look his best so I'd say 165-170lbs. Likewise in Tomorrow Never Dies. In Goldeneye he was a good 3 inches taller than 5ft11ish Sean Bean and a good 2 inches taller than Famke Jansen (182cm). When he made World is not Enough he was in his mid forties so probably put on some weight like most average men do at that age. I'd guess at that time he weighed in at a modest 185lbs. Finally Die Another Day in 2002. At this point Mr. Brosnan is touching 50 and looks to be at his heaviest which is 210lbs. Although he did tower Toby Stevens he did look more imposing. Aswell when you see pictures of Brosnan on the beach with his famoly he doesn't fail to expose his large gut to the whole world. Put regardless of that he has excellent posture and his very fit for his age. He's no mr. muscle but can lose weight when he wants to. Personally I still put Brosnan at 6ft1.75. I'd say the height that Rob has Pierce at now will be his height in say another 10-20 years. So currently Brosnan is still almost 6ft2. Approx. 187-188cm.
derek d said on 28/Apr/09
andrew says on 16/Mar/09
I believe he wears lifts on several occasions: just compare his height to his wife's. It's not always the same, and such red carpet occasions women tend to wear heels...

I doubt he wears lifts, his wife probably just wears different size heels.
RandomLeftCoastGuy said on 27/Apr/09
Well, he sure shrank a lot when I saw him. 5'9" exactly. I saw him visiting a newsstand in Malibu. No doubt he left his lifts at home. I doubt he was ever near 6' except in some publicist's fantasy.
ikbtops said on 27/Apr/09
Pierce Brosnan Makes Robert Wadlow look like Emmanuel Lewis!
Lenad said on 23/Apr/09
Now Hugh has to exagerate and say Brosnan is very near 6ft2
ikbtops said on 21/Apr/09
He's changed considerably since his cousin Balky days...
Seriously though- Hugh is right on.
Akirum said on 20/Apr/09
I think Brosnan is a strong 6 ft 1 1/2, and the Bond tailors may have rounded his height down to 6 ft 1 instead of rounding up. Pierece weighed a trim 164 lbs in 1995 while filming Goldeneye.
Hugh 190cm said on 13/Apr/09
Brosnan is a strong 6ft1.5.
Hugh 190cm said on 11/Apr/09
Brosnan hasn't really lost height. 6ft1.75 it is.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
Interestingly Brosnan's parents were shortish. His mother is tiny with slitty eyes and Brosnan described his father you he met briefly as medium height with 2 "flinty eyes". Hardly surprising then Brosnan has that squinty eyed look going on then. Brosnan was expecting to see a very tall father but was very surprised how short he was apparently (given that Pierce was 6ft by 11 of course).
Hugh 190cm said on 11/Apr/09
Okay I've changed my mind. Brosnan was/is 6ft1.75. He has lost height at all and will remain 187cm-188cm for another ten years then he will begin shrinking slowly.
Hugh 190cm said on 8/Apr/09
Okay Moore was not quite the full 6ft2. 187cm-188cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Apr/09
Sean Connery 189cm, Brosnan 188cm, Moore 188cm, Lazenby 188-9cm, Dalton 189cm.
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/09
According to the James Bond film tailors in London, at 6' 1.75", Dalton is the tallest of all the Bond actors. The tailors who have fitted and measured each of the 5 Bonds over the years claim the following heights for each of the other Bond actors: Sean Connery 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, George Lazenby 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, Roger Moore 6' 1.25" without shoes and Pierce Brosnan 6' 1.25" without shoes.
Anonymous said on 6/Apr/09
Always said to be 186 cms.
RisingForce said on 27/Mar/09
Brosnan isn't 6'2" and I doubt he ever was. He looks 6-0.5 max in the top picture and no more than 6-0 in the bottom picture.
Hugh 190cm said on 24/Mar/09
Yes andrew.
andrew said on 23/Mar/09
So Hugh, you mean that in more than 20 years, Brosnan shrunk a quarter of an inch (which is around 6 mm)? Such an audacious assertion!
\\\\\\\\-_-_-(Hugh) said on 22/Mar/09
No peak he was 6ft2. Proof: Watch Remington Steele where he's taller than pretty much all the cast. Today is 6ft1.5-6ft1.75.
Proof: Watch Mamma Mia where he is taller than 187cm Colin Firth.
Original said on 21/Mar/09
He's look 6'1.25" in goldneye.
Today he's 6'.05".
Doug said on 21/Mar/09
Oh I gotcha. What other Pitt wears munster lifts.
Hugh1 said on 17/Mar/09
When I say Pitt I mean Brad Pitt.
Hugh1 said on 17/Mar/09
Doug has a very good point. A tall guy like Brosnan doesn't need lifts. If he was shorter and in the same mould as say Pitt it's understandable.
Doug said on 17/Mar/09
Has to be said that Brosnan frequently pulls off 6'2" compared to legit 6'4" guys. Brosnan was only two inches shorter than Liam Neeson and seemd less than two inches shorter than 6'4" Lawrence Makoare. Again another example of Brosnan seeing to be 6'2" in relation to a 6'4" guy. Brosnan was indeed taller than Clinton. Brosnan does not strike me as the sort of man who would care less about lifts sorry. Why would a legit 6'1.5" guy need to wear lifts?
andrew said on 16/Mar/09
I believe he wears lifts on several occasions: just compare his height to his wife's. It's not always the same, and such red carpet occasions women tend to wear heels... A few links:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 16/Mar/09
Brosnan was taller than 6ft1 listed Bill Clinton.
Yaspaa said on 3/Mar/09
I'm with yoyo.
andrew said on 1/Mar/09
Hugh, what's the point repeating the same all the time? You had 16 posts saying the same in February. /Rob is it ok in your opinion?/

Editor Rob
it can be repetitive a bit, but with a lot of actors it is going to be like that, covering the same ground...
Bill said on 28/Feb/09
6'2 peak isn't possibly.
Rusty said on 28/Feb/09
I live in Hollywood so I frequently see alot of celebrities. Im 6'3" and I walked past him on the street, id say hes 6'1".
_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 27/Feb/09
6ft2 peak possibly.
_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 27/Feb/09
Brosnan said on 25/Feb/09
He's equal to Rick Yune actually. Peak 6'1.
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 22/Feb/09
Anything less than 6ft1 is ridiculous.
Bill said on 21/Feb/09
If ever there were an actor that I could say "That guy is exactly as tall as me," it's Brosnan. 6ft 0.5-0.75 if I ever saw one.
yoyo said on 21/Feb/09
Brosnan is 6ft0.5, i bet it. 6ft1 in 80s 90s..
\\\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 20/Feb/09
When they promoted Die another Day he came up as 188cm and 211 pounds. I'm presuming he was measured at that. Sure 6ft2 does look a little high. But peak 188cm is possible. I personally think Brosnan is still a solid 6ft1.5 guy.
Rusty said on 20/Feb/09
His height is 6'1.5". They had a list of the heights of the Bond actors at EON studios where they measured the actors barfoot and it said that he was this height back in 1995, so maybe a little less now.
\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 18/Feb/09
I think 6ft1.75 to be fair. Maybe 188cm is a little too high.
\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 18/Feb/09
I think 6ft1.75 or 6ft2 was his peak and now is a solid 187cm.
Rusty said on 18/Feb/09
I dont think Pierce ever wore lifts. He just doesnt seem like the kind of guy who has issues with his height, like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise do. Usually people over 6 foot don't feel a need to wear lifts. But I think he certainly looked a strong 6'1" and half at prime and now is most likely six and a half or 6'1" now.
Doug said on 15/Feb/09
Neeson is a legit 6'4", 6'4.5" peak height always towers above most actors. If Brosnan was only two inches shorter you can be rest assured Brosnan is over 6'1". He is 6'1.5" (187cm) and both I Hugh and many others agree on. End of discussion.
\\\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 14/Feb/09
He looked taller than Colin Firth by half an inch.
\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 14/Feb/09
He's 6ft1.5. End of discussion.
roger said on 14/Feb/09
Met him after the premiere for tomorow never dies.He was slightly taller than me, i`m 5ft11.5inch so 6ft0.5inch for him is absolutely correct.Very symphatic guy.
asthon said on 14/Feb/09
No, no. He was the same height like me thats 6ft0.5inch when i met him at the wale campaign.
Bill said on 13/Feb/09
Stellan looked about 2-2.5 inches taller than Pierce! He's 6'1.5 peak, not 6'1.75 or 6'2.
\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 13/Feb/09
Absolutel James. 6ft1 flat may not be quite as unrealistic but it's still more than likely that Pierce is over 6ft1. 187cm is my estimatio for him. 188cm peak.
Hugh said on 13/Feb/09
yoyo. how pathetic of you to think that Pierce was only 6ft1 at his peak when he was clearly taller than that and still is taller than that. 6ft is bull.
sandra said on 12/Feb/09
Met him at the film premiere for tomorow never dies.He was the same height as me,6ft05.inch.
Hugh said on 12/Feb/09
Stellan looked about 1-1.5 inches taller than Pierce.
Doug said on 11/Feb/09
Looks 6'1.5". Brosnan is 187cm.
Hugh said on 10/Feb/09
6ft1 at the bare minimum. I personally think he's 6ft1.5 legit myself. 6ft2 in his prime isn't impossible either.
Rusty said on 10/Feb/09
I dont get why there is such debate on his height. Some people claim he is barely over 6'. Others say hes 6'1" or 6'2". I dont think he looks 6'2" in my opionion, but he is definitely a legit 6'1".
Hugh said on 8/Feb/09
I thought Pierce could look 6ft2 at times in Goldeneye.
brian said on 7/Feb/09
Was working on the filmset for goldeneye the first james bond film for Pierce.He was then strong 6ft0.5inch tall. And sometimes he takes lifts and insoles for looking taller.That`s way he is looking all the time different in height, Hugh and James and to all who think he is more than 6ft0.5inch.
Hugh said on 6/Feb/09
I think Brosnan could still be 187cm. He looked like he could've been 6ft2 when he was younger.
Hugh said on 6/Feb/09
Well for me 185cm is more unlikely than 188cm.
Hugh said on 5/Feb/09
Yeah James.
Hugh said on 1/Feb/09
In lifts I'd say Brosnan is 6ft3-6ft3.5.
Hugh said on 31/Jan/09
I think he's still 6ft1 to 6ft2. A solid 6ft1.5. Possibly 6ft2 in his prime.
Amber said on 31/Jan/09
Met him also in hawaii.Work in the filmindustrie.Worked with him on the set for Noble House in 1987/1988.Then he was a strong 6ft1.5inch.So he lost since about 1inch.I`m 6ft.
Hugh said on 30/Jan/09
6ft1.75-6ft2 peak.
ethan said on 29/Jan/09
Sorry, for your illusions but he isn`t that tall. But a very good actor.
Hugh said on 29/Jan/09
Pierce is 6ft1.5.
ethan said on 29/Jan/09
Was on the filmset Mamma Mia as a supernumerary.Was surprised,pierce was same height as me 6ft0.5inch and he was very friendly.Cool guy.
jason said on 29/Jan/09
Met Pierce last year in hawaii.He was barefoot and the same height as me 6ft0.5inch and nothing taller.
Hugh said on 23/Jan/09
In order of height for the Bonds.

Sean Connery.
Timothy Dalton.
George Lazenby.
Pierce Brosnan.
Roger Moore.
Daniel Craig.
Hugh said on 23/Jan/09
I don't know James. Maybe it is. Anyway Old man, I disagree with your estimates. Brosnan was 3 inches taller than 180cm Sean Bean in Goldeneye, about 1.5 inches taller than Famke Jansen in heels and marginally taller than Colin Firth in Mamma Mia.
old man said on 23/Jan/09
Hugh, my son your estimates are right with shoes on.Trust me i saw them barefoot.Trust me and old man.God bless america.God bless scotia and the whole world.
Rusty said on 23/Jan/09
Yeah what I find interesting is that he has been the lightest and heaviest person to play james bond.
Hugh said on 22/Jan/09
6ft1.75 barefoot.
old man said on 22/Jan/09
Pierce is 6ft0.5inch barefeet height and peak height.Roger was the same and is now still 5ft11.5inch.Timothy has the same peak height like Sean barefeet exactly 6ft 1.5inch.George Lazenby was 6ft1.25inch barefeet height and slightly smaller than Sean.I know them all.For them height is not so important.
Hugh said on 19/Jan/09
James, I think Pierce has always been listed as this height.
Rusty said on 18/Jan/09
Yeah the Die Another Day commentary said he was 6'2" and 211 pounds, so he really has put on alot of weight.
Hugh said on 18/Jan/09
James, that sounds very interesting. It's hard to picture but I'm sure it's quite possible. Rusty to answer your question. Men tend to get lazier as they get older and do less excercise and don't really bother to keep active and fit. Since Pierce is now over 50, he doesn't seem to really care that much.
Rusty said on 18/Jan/09
Howd he gain so much weight then, cuz that would be a 45 pound gain.
Hugh said on 16/Jan/09
Which is about right. Brosnan was bone thin when GoldenEye was made. Now I'd say he's about 210lbs.
Rusty said on 14/Jan/09
I was watching Goldeneye with the audio commentary and it said that at the time it was filmed (1995), he was 6'2" and 165 pounds.
Hugh said on 13/Jan/09
He can. How tall would you say Pierce was at peak in the morning James?
Hugh said on 11/Jan/09
Murray looks 6ft2ish at times. I'd say 6ft1.5-6ft2 peak and say a solid 6ft1.
Hugh said on 11/Jan/09
Yeah, I hate when people claim they're three inches taller than they are.
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
Apparently he claimed in an interview that he and Harold Ramis were 'both around 6'4'
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
B.B said on 8/Jan/09
6'1.25 = 186,055 cm
6'1.5 = 186,69 cm
6'1.75 = 187,325 cm

Ok, I agree he's 186,69, but not 187 cm.
Hugh said on 8/Jan/09
I think Neeson is a solid 6ft4 unlike other fools like Bill Murray who claim to be 6ft4 lol. 6ft4.5 peak and 6ft4 now. neeson is around the same age as Brosnan. Neeson's bad posture can make him appear say 6ft3ish but when he stands with better posture he is 6ft4.
Hugh said on 8/Jan/09
I dunno James he still looks a solid 6ft1.5 man to me. Like when I said those guys are legit 6ft1-2 I didn't mean they were the exact same height. I could be a centimetre or two apart.

Kevin Costner 186cm
Pierce Brosnan 187cm
Colin Firth 187cm (maybe 186cm)
Gerard Butler 186cm
Billy Zane 186cm
David Boreanaz 186-187cm
Daniel Baldwin 187-188cm
Nick said on 7/Jan/09
Hugh, I would say 6ft1.75 is a peak height for Pierce and I would be very surprised if he has lost much at all. He has remained slim and has really good posture. I dont think he has ever wore creative footwear but he is a smart operator and always gets a good position in a photo.
B.B said on 7/Jan/09
If Rick Yune height = 6' 0 or 6'1, Pierce was no more than 6'1.25.
Hugh said on 7/Jan/09
In my opinion Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Costner, Gerard Butler, Colin Firth, Billy Zane, David Boreanaz and say Daniel Baldwin are legit 6ft1/6ft2 guys.
Hugh said on 7/Jan/09
So Nick how tall would you say Pierce was when he was younger?
Nick said on 6/Jan/09
I think Linebacker and Hugh have a really good point. I think Pierce has lost very little height, if any. Still a solid 6ft1.5 or maybe even 6ft1.75.
Hugh said on 6/Jan/09
linebacker40 you have hit the nail on the head. That's what I've been saying from the start. 6ft1.5 it is. Rob please upgrade him. Or at least give him a peak height. These days 185cm and 188cm is impossible. in between is perfect. Perhaps 6ft2 in his prime.
linebacker40 said on 6/Jan/09
Pierce is rangy. He can sometimes look as low as 6'0.5" to a high as 6'2". I see him as a solid 6'1.5"
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
His head isn't that big, is it?
Hugh said on 3/Jan/09
Intense camera angles. I've seen how it works. Brosnan looked taller than Dennis Leary the other night in the Thomas Crown Affair.
Hugh said on 3/Jan/09
I think he was at least 187cm in his prime. 187.5cm to be precise.
Nick said on 2/Jan/09
Pierce is between 6'1 and 6'2, his stepston Chris has been mentioned as 6'3. In MJ's pic it looks like Chris has on some loaded heels which would give him 6ft 4 plus.
Hugh said on 24/Dec/08
Pierce appears to be 6ft2 in all the bond films with 3 inches on Sean Bean, Toby Stephens and 2 inches on Johnathan Pryce. He looked at least 6ft2 in The Matador.
Hugh said on 24/Dec/08
I see about two inches there. His stepson looks to be about 6ft4.
MJ said on 23/Dec/08
He really doesn't look tall in this photo: Click Here

It is mostly anecdotal. I know the guy on the far right is his stepson, but if Pierce was a true 6'2" he'd be making a better show of things. On an anecdotal level, his limbs don't look particularly long.

Make of it what you will.
Hugh said on 23/Dec/08
I'd say Dalton and Brosnan are quite close in height barefeet. Dalton might be say 0.5cm taller.
Hugh said on 21/Dec/08
James is right. Dalton could be wearing some creative footwear.
cb said on 17/Dec/08
Maybe hugh, but this doesn't explain the difference between Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton. If Brosnan is the Height listed on this site, than Dalton must be at least 190cm. There is a good difference of 4-5cm.
Hugh said on 14/Dec/08
Actually I think Moore could be a little over 6ft.
cb said on 14/Dec/08
pierce brosnan is nothing taller than 1,84cm. Photoevidence: get a look on him near Roger Moore 6" and Timothy Dalton 1,87 cm. Pierce doesn't look taller than Moore, 1" AT MOST. But definitely shorter than timothy dalton. There are plenty of those pics. Here's one of them.
Click Here
Hugh said on 14/Dec/08
The full 6ft2 maybe not these days. But between 6ft1 and 6ft2. like 187cm is spot on.
DMEYER said on 14/Dec/08
he walked by me it was too fast to judge accuratly he was tall than me at 5 ft 11 but he is defenetly not 6 ft 2 but 6 ft 1 yes he had runing shoes
Hugh said on 13/Dec/08
I'd say Pierce and Jeff are about the same height these days. Both 6ft1.5.
Lenad said on 12/Dec/08
Nah Ray I think Jeff Bridges was a solid 6'1 or a little more in his youth. Maybe he lost nothing.
cb said on 12/Dec/08
hey Hugh; i just found that pic with Brosnan and Moore 1,83 on this page. I think there is really no difference in height or Brosnan is slightly taller.But compared to Timothy Dalton (1,87cm on this page) Brosnan does not look that tall. Just take a look and tell me what you think. Click Here
Click Here
Hugh said on 12/Dec/08
Ray, you want everyone to be shorter.
Ray said on 12/Dec/08
In the film Stay Hungry, Bridges (in sneakers) had an inch on Arnie (who was barefoot). I'd say Bridges was max 6'1" in his youth. It makes sense cos he's marginally taller than Brosnan who is about 6' 0.5" (184 cm). Not sure about lifts though. Also Cleese at 196 cm is not realistic. That's nearly 6'5.5". If he was that tall he would be skimming his head off the door lintel. He was a good inch away from it in Fawlty Towers. I'd say 6'4 and a bit for him back then and about 6'4 now. That would account for the 3" diff with Brosnan.
Hugh said on 11/Dec/08
How about Dave Schwimmer? How do you think he'd turn out next to Pierce?
cb said on 11/Dec/08
Sorry to disagree Hugh, but is that really only 3 inches ?Click Here
Hugh said on 11/Dec/08
Actually cb, Brosnan actually looked a lot taller next to Cleese. No more than 3 inches. I think brosnan is 187cm.
Nicole said on 11/Dec/08
Very good question, Jeff look taller then Pierce.Maybe Jeff is still near to 6ft2inch and Pierce is strong 185cm at the moment.
cb said on 10/Dec/08
well, Brosnan is a tall dude and looks tall. But if compare him with John Cleese(1,96)you'll see that there is a difference of at least 12 cm. Besides, take a look of pics with him and Roger Moore listed here 1,83cm/ 6". Pierce doesn't look one inch taller than him. My guess, Brosnan's height is 1,84cm MAX and most probably 183 cm. (don't forget: PB is a lift wearer)
Hugh said on 10/Dec/08
Sorry James to ask another stupid question but who do you think would be taller, Jeff Bridges or Brosnan?
Hugh said on 10/Dec/08
I'm not sure. He can look 6ft2 at times!
Hugh said on 10/Dec/08
6ft2 on a good day barefoot.
Lenad said on 10/Dec/08
6ft2 on a good day in shoes I reckon.
Corvette said on 9/Dec/08
No more than 6'1.25
Hugh said on 9/Dec/08
No it is not. This guy could easliy be 187cm. Infact I wouldn't rule out a 188cm for his peak and 187cm now. I really wouldn't. But then again Lenad would be entirely against it. And I do not want to start another argument.
Lenad said on 8/Dec/08
This guy has been 6'1 tops from the start! Maybe 186cm on a good day but anything more is out of the queastion.
Hugh said on 8/Dec/08
No less than 6ft1. Probably 187-188cm.
Patrice said on 7/Dec/08
Who is 'Hugh'?
Hugh said on 6/Dec/08
It's not. Just Checked.
spence said on 6/Dec/08
weir pics above. He can look 5ft11.5 to 6ft1 beside Glenn..
Hugh said on 30/Nov/08
And for some odd reason his page on this site has disappeared. hmmmmm.
Nicole said on 29/Nov/08
Thank you, Hugh. Fight in light contact not full contact,it`s better.Are you watching boxfights in TV? Do you like it?
Hugh said on 29/Nov/08
Hope you enjoy it, Nicole.
Hugh said on 29/Nov/08
Wow, Nicole you must be one tough girl. Anyway Holyfield looked 6ft2 to me but it could've been the footwear. He might be less.
Nicole said on 29/Nov/08
Hey Hugh, i go to the fight Holyfield vs. Valuev in Zurich Switzerland on 20.December 08.Hope i can take a picture with Evander.You saw him in the past?.I`m also boxing but a lot of men thinks that`s not so good for girls.
Hugh said on 28/Nov/08
Looks 6ft2 in Goldeneye, The Matador and Die ANother Die.
Hugh said on 28/Nov/08
Rob I think you should have a height comparing page you know where we can discuss whose taller than who??? Just an idea it's your site. Your the editor.
Hugh said on 28/Nov/08
Here's how I see it. You may see it as me answering my own question. I was just asking for your opinion. It's just those are a few guys who look to be close in height. I think Costner is about half an inch shorter than Brosnan. Same for Reeves. I think COnnery still has an edge on Firth seeming he had an edge on Jim Carrey (6ft1.5). I'm sorry if those questions sound ridiculous. They were just on my mind. That's all. Thanks for answering them James.
Lenad said on 27/Nov/08
I'm sorry but 187cm if not more at his peak is overdoing it for this guy. 186cm tops more likely
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
Okay James here are a couple of questions that I would like answered.

Who would be taller Pierce Brosnan or Kevin Costner?
Who would be taller Sean Connery or Colin Firth?
Who would be taller Keanu Reeves or Pierce Brosnan?
Who would be taller Shawn and Marlon Wayans or Pierce Brosnan?

They may sound a bit random.
Hugh said on 26/Nov/08
I think 6ft1.75 peak, 6ft1.25 now.

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