How tall is Polly Walker

Polly Walker's Height

5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm)

English actress known for roles in tv series like Rome and Caprica. In film she can be seen in John Carter, Patriot Games and Sliver. Her agency listed her as 5ft 7.

How tall is Polly Walker
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5ft 6.43in (168.7cm)
Nik said on 6/Jan/20
She does look about 5'6.5"!
Nik said on 14/Dec/19
This girl has bags of height!
Alexiosk said on 12/Mar/14
Gorgeous woman, though the listed picture is not one of her better captures. Listing seems accurate, she has wavered at 5'6" and 5'7" over the years but in between is probably best.
mick said on 25/May/08
5'8 If you are under 6ft then it doesnt matter how much u exaggerate your will never be tall.
Shawn Jones said on 25/Mar/08
Yeah, I kind of figured Ed, but thanks anyways ;)

As for Vince's height. If I'm going to go off this pic strictly alone, if Glenn is 5'8, so is Vince. Not 5'8.5. Subtract Vince's hair, and Glenn is taller, although add the fact Vince has a more generous lean going on than Glenn. Pretty much bang on the exact same height are the both of you Glenn.

Oh yeah, and Vince used to be a pretty boy. Now he looks like ****.
glenn said on 27/Feb/08
thanks for the correction ed.
Lmeister said on 12/Jan/08
Mick has lost a great deal of height because of his bad condition. That guy can barely tour. I respect him a lot eventhough don't like their music. I'd give him 5ft9 peak nowadays does look 5ft6. Keep on rockin' Mick!!!
Shawn Jones said on 11/Jan/08
Fair enough, but he's definately the shortest looking 5'9er I've ever seen. Hey Glenn, Mick Mars is only 5'6 huh? That's too bad, I remember him saying in "The Dirt" he lost over 3 inches from his teenage height due to his spine condition.
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/08
Shawn youre looking at pictures of him, I walked by him several times to try to get a good look at his height, and he is taller than I outright, not much mind you but he is, and I am 5'9, barely, but I am. What I am sayihg is, if he stands up straight as he can, he is over 5'9. maybe 5'9 1/4-1/2 in the morning.
glenn said on 21/Dec/07
i agree he does look the height you claim in those pics shawn.doesnt mean he is.or maybe he did could be right.hard to say.
Shawn Jones said on 20/Dec/07
Rob, I don't know why you deleted my posts, there was nothing wrong with them. I was saying, Ed, there is no way Vince is near 5'10. Never was. He's not even 5'9" now, he's Glenn's height of 5'8 here, I'll take Glenn's word he was 5'9" in his prime. Check out these pics with the band, he looks dwarfed by 6'1 Nikki and 6'2 Tommy, with similar footwear. Definately no bigger than 5'8, maybe even 5'7.5

Click Here
Click Here
glenn said on 12/Dec/07
what dude?
Dinosaur said on 10/Dec/07
don't trust this dude with anything...on principles, he's a inch shorter than he says...
glenn said on 3/Dec/07
dubrow a good 6ft? try 6-4. rest in peace my brother.
Rummerman said on 20/Sep/07
Vince was once knocked out outside The Rainbow by Quiet Riot man Kevin Dubrow. Dubrow is a lot taller though - a good 6 ft.?
Mike said on 20/Jul/07
Vicne is getting skinnier, not bigger. he went to Rehab in March. look at some pics from his current solo tour. he looks to have lost quite abit of weight and sounding good.

Nikki says in new interview Crue should start working on album towards end of this year, so hopefully everything pans out with that.
glenn said on 15/Jul/07
again,in his prime,he was 5-9.i saw him in sandals when i was 5-7 alot in 1991.he was 2 inches taller than me.he shrunk to 5-8 with his weight.
antron said on 15/Jul/07
Vince really looks like hell in this picture; also he looks 5'8 and change
Albi said on 14/Jul/07
Look at the photo of the 4 Motley Crue members on i.m.d.b (from Vince Neil's profile). This guy is no more than 172! Probably even less. But 174 is ridiculous.
Brad said on 12/Jul/07
No inside on them. I know somebody who works at The Firm and Vince is dangerous to book due to his drinking problems through the years. If you didn't own yer songs yer pretty much in trouble if you didn't invest. Cribs is a funny show since a lot of the houses, cars, bling, etc. is fronted money for a lot of these people. Anytime these lead singers go out solo, they tend to get the best players at cheap cost. I saw Vince not long ago in his tat shop on the strip in Vegas. He looked burnt. I saw MC at The Hard Rock Hotel do a show in their club a few years ago. It was balls to the wall sound but Vince had a temper tantrum and the show was dead after about 20 minutes. Looked like 4 Rambo guys dressed in Special Forces gear & face paint.
Mike said on 11/Jul/07
Ya, saw him on cribs. he lives in Vegas. not sure if he still has a hosue in LA?? youd be surprised how many 80s rockers dont live in LA anymore. Bobby blotzer(ratt) and rikki rocket(poison) live in houston now.

his band is good. hes got the guys from slaughter in it.

Brad, do you have inside track on the crue?? by your posts it would seem so. if so, whats next for them!
glenn said on 11/Jul/07
he has a place in vegas for at least 5 years.his solo stuff was great and yes,his boys are great.
Brad said on 10/Jul/07
He always has good players with him solo. I think he lives in Vegas now.
Mike said on 10/Jul/07
Brad, Vince may have been like that, but hes actually went to Rehab this past March according to Tommy in an interview. so far the 2007 reviews of Crue in europe/vince solo have been good. Cant wait till crue tour again so we can see vince in top form altho that probably wnot be awhile. maybe 09
Brad said on 8/Jul/07
A lot of promoters won't touch him due to videos making the rounds of him staggering drunk onstage. A lot of these guys got in BIG tax/marriage/investment trouble and do these solo tours on orders from Uncle Sam or accountants instead of kicking back at their mansions.Most sold their publishing years ago. If you saw the dumps some of these guys play, you'd be amazed. One Crue tour according to Nikki was to save Vince's house. Vince basically was ordered to not screw up the Aerosmith-Crue tour. Rappers are notorious for losing money on tours.
glenn said on 8/Jul/07
rappers cant write songs though.
Viper said on 8/Jul/07
"These glam/hard rock clowns are ridiculous almost as bad as bling bling rappers."

Not sure about the rappers, but these guys probably have the best job on the planet. Doing something that you love, while making more money than any of us during our lifetimes. Plus hanging out with supermodel type women. I dont know, I think a lot of us would give up our normal jobs for that kind of fun. Being a rock star has to be the best job on the planet, followed by a career in pro sports. The rock star life has the edge because of the injury factor in sports.
Viper said on 7/Jul/07
About a year go, he did a comeback tour tv show where he lost a good amount of weight with a trainer.
glenn said on 7/Jul/07
last september.mars appears and probably was 5-9.he was 5-6 as far back as 1985 he claimed i think in that book.this was after a he is probably tired.crue was to work on a cd 2 years it might not come out, nikki i believe said cause of that lawsuit with tommy sure itll be out in late 2008 is my guess.itll be awhile.
Mike said on 6/Jul/07
When is this from? a couple days ago? Do you know how tall Mick Mars is? also wondering if u know if Motley Crue will do a new CD?

btw. vince looks buzzed!! lol
Danimal said on 6/Jul/07
The man is pushing 200 pounds today. WOW, what a difference a decade makes.
Lmeister said on 6/Jul/07
He is a fat douche bag and so is Jani Lane. These glam/hard rock clowns are ridiculous almost as bad as bling bling rappers. Like Franco said he often wears boots. Ive seen an episode of Criss Angel with Vince in which he looked 5'8''ish...
Franco said on 6/Jul/07
lol this guy gained weight!

i remember him with boots looking no more than 175cm

i think he's more of a 172-173cm than 174cm or more.
glenn said on 5/Jul/07
he had sneakers on.he wears sneakers alot.he was 5-9 in his prime.for sure.always the nicest member of the crue.

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