How tall is Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger's Height

5ft 4 (162.6 cm)

American Actress best known for starring in films such as Bridget Jones, Jerry Maguire, Chicago, Cold Mountain, One True Thing, Cinderella Man, Nurse Betty, and Appaloosa. There is one article that reported when a german couple where commenting about her height and apperance, Renee retorted back in German, "No, I'm not. I'm 5 foot 3 inches and always dress this way in the morning.". In 2000, the NY Daily News mentioned her as weighing "106-pound[s]"

How tall is Renee Zellweger
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Average Guess (29 Votes)
5ft 3.78in (162cm)
Futy Adore said on 3/Oct/21
She's the height of Julianne Moore.The real height.
5'3"(1,61 m)
Aj06 said on 26/May/21
pretty average for a usa female I will give her a 5'3 3/4 next to 6'1 1/2 jim carrey.
Leesheff85 said on 28/Apr/21
She looks nothing under 5ft 4. Not much shorter than weak 5ft 6 Kenny chesney
Czar said on 22/Aug/20
She’s way shorter than cruise “jerry maguire”, i say 5’3.
Jtm said on 13/Feb/20
a lot shorter than joaquin phoenix even with heels. I don't want to compare her with pitt for obvious reasons. this will probably be my last time posting here since I could care less about her and you could list her 5'4 as long as you want but it isn't accurate.
Nik said on 3/Feb/20
Last night I was watching the BAFTA Film Awards with my Mum and she said that Renee looked tall! I am delighted to give Renee Zellweger her 70th comment!
Jtm said on 31/Oct/19
If she is truly over 5'3 then why doesn't she get a lot of criticism for being too tall for Judy Garland?
Biffy said on 12/May/19
Have you seen her with 5'2" Kate garraway she looks shorter than Kate Kate says feels like a giant next to her!!
Nik said on 1/May/19
Her 5'3" claim is interesting!
Nik said on 20/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - I know and there are 6 of 'em too! Thanks for that! Also I can tell you that Moon Goodblood's name contains 6 o's but no other vowel!
What you have said doesn't surprise me one iota, looking at the picture above it is clear that Renee has aged very well and it is also clear that she looks solid average in height, she appears to pull off 5'4" very well!
We now know that height lying is really rife in society and many people are not very up on the subject too, there is no way that Renee is 5'5" so someone has got it wrong.
Being much smaller than Liv Tyler does not shed that much light on how tall someone is, that someone may not be tall but there is a good chance that they could be average range, which is exactly what Renee Zellweger is!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/19
@ Nik - Well observed! Loads of 'e's and no other vowels - how very unusual. I remember when this picture was taken, and if this isn't the very picture, and I'd put money on it that it is even though I'm not a betting person, then it's one that's identical and she hasn't aged a jot!

I read that Renée was 5ft5 at the time 'Bridget Jones's Diary' came out, and I didn't doubt it. Well, things like 'that' - 😯lying😱 - didn't occur to me! Then I read that she's 5ft4 and couldn't get over it, and now the average is saying even less...

Well, I'm not going lower than 5ft4. She DOES look tiny standing with Liv Tyler in cult hit movie 'Empire Records', but so would a person of 65"!
Nik said on 18/Mar/19
⭐️ Apart from the six e's there are no other vowels in her name! ⭐️
Nik said on 15/Mar/19
I find her comment above interesting! There are a staggering 6 e's in her name from 14 letters!
Nik said on 18/Jun/18
5'3" is too low!
Jtm said on 6/Feb/18
There's no real evidence she's over 5'3 flat. Go watch one true thing. Streep is hunched over and still clearly taller. no tricky camera angles, the ground is even, and streep isn't wearing any kind of footwear.
Peter175 said on 1/Sep/17
Rob, quite a high listing. She says 5'3" and looks 5'3" with 5'7.5 tom cruise.

Why the extra inch? Wouldn't have gone above 5'3.5 for her
Editor Rob
last time I looked at her, I didn't see her as just 5ft 3, though I can appreciate 5ft 3.5 might be a good shout for her.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Dec/16
Re: my Christmas Eve mistake.
It can be hard to write sometimes with cats walking over you! 🐈🐈🐈
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Dec/16
I thought she was adorable as 'Nurse Betty' and also in 'Chicago'! It's obvious she was popular in the 'Bridget Jones' films or there would never have been a third one - which I have yet to see!
There was a fabulous supernatural thriller with Renee and Bradley Cooper called 'Case 39'! If you like that sort of thing, then this film really hits the spot!
I am surprised that Renee is written up as 5ft4! I have only ever read that she's 5ft5, so I will go with a compromise!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Dec/16
I thought she was adorable as 'Nurse Beytu
Lin said on 30/Aug/16
I was walking behind Renee a few years ago and was amazed to see that she had almost 2 inches on me. I'm 5'3". So this makes her 5'5" or 5'4.5". She has a petite build which makes her seem smaller or shorter but I got real close to her and saw that she was still taller than me in her flat shoes. She just got out of a yoga class. Definitely not 5'3". She is not short but the taller side of the short range. 5'5" for sure.
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/15
Rob can you add Cold Mountain, One True Thing, Cinderella Man, Nurse Betty, and Appaloosa? Mmm I was thinking 5 ft 3 and change in One True Thing.
George said on 22/Oct/14
Hi Rob, could you please take a look at Doyle Bramhall II her new boyfriend? He's Eric Claptons guitar player and was going out with Sheryl Crow. I've seen pictures of him with Keith Richards and they look virtually the same height and he's shorter than Eric by the looks of it. Could please take a look and guess a range for him? I'd be very grateful! Thanks
Chris said on 22/Oct/14
She doesn't look under 5'4 to me. And yes, she looks totally unrecognizable as of late. But still beautiful
april said on 21/Oct/14
Hello Rob, why did u list her as 5'4 if even she said herself that she's 5'3? anways, she looks completely unrecognizable as of late. btw, really love ur site!
Editor Rob
I don't know how reliable the quote was, I suppose you are relying on whoever heard it remembering it was five three and not 5ft 4 or even 5.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Feb/14
Rob can you add Nurse Betty and Cold Mountain, she won Best Supporting Actress for Cold. Reminded me a lot of Doris Day in that film actually.
jtm said on 14/Feb/14
look at her at the cinderalla man premiere. no way in a million years she is taller than 5'3.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/14
Nah, when they walk side by side Nicole easily has 6.5 inches on her!!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/14
Difficult to see 6.5 inches between her and Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain. But Nicole's one of the few women who actually make Renee look dark skinned LOL.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/13
Doesn't really look under 5 ft 4 in Chicago. In fact she can look 5'5" next to Catherine Zeta.
jtm said on 9/Jun/13
look at her next to olivia munn. they don't look the same height.
Assumption said on 8/Jun/13
I think she is 5'4. In movies, she had to be measured twice in Chicago and Me Myself and Irene. She once had a short husband, you remember Kenny Chesney, right? We thought he was 5'8 but he's fairly 5'6. I believed she downgraded herself an inch cause of him. She didn't want people to think her husband was small on average and she was just plain average. I think she believed whatever her driver license said, and I don't think she even cares about height. In Chicago, she looks short cause she's skinny like Natalie Portman skinny, but in Bridget Jones, she looks a bit tall. I rememebered her saying she didn't have a driver license until she was 18 or 19 cause she didn't have a car; or maybe she doesn't know that she'd grown an inch in college or something. she couldn't care about height. height ain't got nothing to do with success.
Hazel said on 30/Apr/13
She's definitely 5 foot 3. I remembered seeing her around with Gloria Cooper (bradley cooper's mom) and she looks short - heck she could have been shorter than 5 foot 3 but the way she dressed made her look short. She also wore sneaker and she's still looked short. Anyway, she's a great actress and I wished I had the galls to walk up to her and ask her for an autograph, not her driver license so I can see her definite height. For all I know, she's probably is shrinking.
Tempest said on 11/Mar/13
I know they don't mean much. I'm only trying to give as much proof as possible.
Tempest said on 7/Mar/13
In Me, Myself and Irene her fake driver's license says 5'3" as well.
Tempest said on 5/Mar/13
5'3". She said 5'3" and looks 5'3" but you say 5'4"?
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jan/13
She can looks a bit taller than this actually. Way too skinny though.
marla singer said on 8/Oct/12
She's 5'4" definitely
ana said on 3/Aug/12
One inch shorter
Sean73 said on 1/Dec/11
I`d say a strong 5-3.25 midday.And a killer little body too!
kookierx said on 11/Mar/11
nope at 5-4

and I think barefoot like 5-2" or 5-2.5"
Heightgirl said on 19/Jun/09
Renee looks 5f4 at the very least
happyf said on 2/May/09
I just saw Renee in NYC the other day. She appears quite small or petite in person as she is thin and small-boned. But I'm 5'3.5" and she was a good 1-1.5" taller than me so I would definitely put her at 5'5" minimum to 5'6" maximum. I was surprised she was taller than me as she seems a bit shorter from a distance. But I stood next to her and had to look up to her a tiny bit!
Mr. R said on 3/Apr/09
She is listed at 5-5 in the May 2001 issue of People.
5 ft 3.2 said on 19/Jan/09
Yeah, 5'3"-5'4" sounds about right.
Anonymous21 said on 2/Jan/09
Her face is small when she is fat for the movies. She can look anywhere from 5ft4 5ft6 with heels and that is as high as she can get.
leonari said on 11/Nov/08
never is Rene
anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
I bet u look nice natasha, not to freak u out or anything. Just saying. I'm not those freaky stalker dudes. In bridget jones diary she looks tall compared to 180cm hugh grant. She's up to his mouth. I would say she's 5 foot 5max no taller. in me, myself and irene she is shorter than jim carrey by 20cm. He is 187cm. Renne is 165cm max.
Natasha said on 6/Nov/08
I saw her in Bridgette Jones the other day and she is supposed to be "chubby" at 136 pounds. This of course freaked me out in a "Oh my God I weigh almost that much, am I fat?" way. I had to find out how tall she is. 136 on a 5'4" frame is still not "fat" but as I am 5'6" I feel much better!
kevin said on 11/Aug/08
you where good in bridget jones your acting was amazing and iam nearly the same height as you
Lara said on 20/Apr/08
Here's the pic I'm talking about: Click Here
Lara said on 20/Apr/08
Interesting pic of Renee with George Clooney. He's typically slouching a little, and I think she's wearing what looks to be a 3.5 inch heel at least. Counting heels, I'd say Clooney has 8 inches on her, factoring in a 1 inch deduction for his own shoes. So... if Clooney's 5'10.5", I'd say that Renee would be approximately 5'2". I'd be very surprised if she was more than that.
pam said on 10/Jan/08
i think she keeps saying she's 5'3 to justify her weight. when everyone was saying how she became too thin, she was always firing back with how because it was okay b/c she was so short. but i agree, she does not seem like a true 5'3. 5'4 sounds right.
ross said on 15/Aug/07
what about in "chicago" where she's being measured before entering prison and the height chart says 5ft 6? body double?
mortimer said on 7/Jul/07
always looks like she's in pain or on the toilet, even when she smiles. I always trip on how some women become stars. I think a downgrade to 5-3.5 because even though she can look anywhere from 5-3 to 5-5, the high side is much rarer than the low side
rollabluntcallitaftermath said on 20/May/07
If she says she's 5'3, why give her the extra inch? If she was really 5'4 I don't think she'd rob herself of an inch.
Janey said on 10/Apr/07
I think 5ft 5 in- 5ft 5.5 in ..........
Brad said on 3/Oct/06
She's 5' 4". Weird eyes.
Moira said on 2/Sep/06
Why would I be dreaming? I don't care how tall she is, just my opinion. Listen to what I am saying dingleberry.
Expert said on 24/Aug/06
5'4 seems correct to me as she was about 3 inches shorter than catherin in chicago
Brad said on 9/Aug/06
About 5' 3". I got into Vegas late and slept in a Kinko's/Starbuck's outlet parking lot in The Hughes Center off Flamingo. At 1 A.M. I went in and Mr. & Mrs. Chesney were sitting among the taxi gang. Chesney is a blue collar good guy & the Mrs. was soooo nice. What went wrong in that union?
leonari said on 4/Aug/06
NEVER 5'5". NEVER! Moira you are dreaming
Moira said on 3/Aug/06
In Chicago when she lines up to the wall. They say "66 inches tall" which happens to be five six, she was probably wearing heels so I will say 5'4" or 5'5" but I wonder why she would say she is 5'3" when she looks more than it?
Kat said on 21/Mar/06
On '101 Incredible Celebrity Slimdowns' on E!, it's said Renee's height is 5'5.
A said on 18/Mar/06
Rob, it's time to downgrade Renee to 5'3" b/c here she is with
Jennifer Connelly (5'6.5"). As you can see from the pic both are wearing sneakers and Renee is 3" or so shorter than Connelly.
Click Here

Editor Rob
yeah, posture might not be as good, I mean when connoly isn't as tall in the other pic the difference can swing
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/06
Hey Rob, how tall is Penelope Cruz? Here's a pic of Renee with Penelope. They look fairly the same height.
Pathy from Brazil said on 28/Jan/06
I love Renee!!! She's the best...but I tought that she was taller!
175cm16andgrowing said on 1/Jan/06
...5'2'' yes, 5'3'' maybe... Actually she appears to be smaller in height than Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
LOL, Renee Zellweger is 5'2". I will show her here with the petite 5'2" Sophia Coppola and Scarlett Johanssen:
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/05
Oh, most people who were really close to Portman said she didn't touch the 5' mark. I guess I take their word for that. I forgot. My 5'1" I guess is too high?
HK said on 23/Jul/05
Alright! Here we go...Natalie Portman has always been listed as 5'3", including her drivers license. Renee says she's 5'3" but looks 5'4" and is listed as 5'4". Renee's height in shoes is 5'4" and since Natalie P. is an inch shorter than her, 5'3" is Natalie's height in shoes (which almost all celebrities give and are listed at) thus making Natalie 5'2" (which would also explain all the comments on how tiny she is!)
Renee Zellweger- 5'3"
Natalie Portman- 5'2"
Gigy said on 21/Jun/05
On the pic where Natalie P. and Renee. Z stand next to eachother, Renee is clearly about an inch taller than Natalie! Of course Natalie could be wearing flats, but I doubt it, cos more often than not, women don´t wear flats to the Golden Globe Awards!
J. said on 20/May/05
If she said herself that she is 5'3", why would you put her an inch taller anyway? I doubt she would round down her height by an inch.

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