How tall is Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Gattaca, Batman & Robin, Dangerous Liaisons, Mad Dog and Glory, Beautiful Girls, The Truth about Cats and Dogs, Paycheck and Nymphomaniac. In Time Magazine (22/9/03), she mentioned her tall stature, saying "I'm like 5ft 11." She may in fact be rounding down her height by a fraction, as she once said on Howard Stern she was "Five Eleven and a bit"

Uma Thurman is Tall
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Average Guess (36 Votes)
5ft 11.34in (181.2cm)
Ella said on 6/Feb/18
She must have been around 138 lbs in Kill Bill. I don't think she looked underweight, but very slim. What do you think her weight was back then? (133 would make her underweight, so I doubt her weight was that low.)

I'm the same height, and I look thinner than she did in KB, when my weight is
Don Julio said on 18/Jan/18
Legit 181 cm woman
MaryAnne said on 16/Jan/18
rob can you add her to female models list she started as a model
Uma Thurman began modeling at the age of 15, signing with Click Models and appearing in Glamour magazine and British Vogue
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/18
If this height is correct then in this photo Travolta is looking a strong 6ft1/weak 6ft2, Sam Jackson a solid 6ft3 and Willis leaning back not standing as tall as the rest looks almost 6ft1, standing properly he'd look the same as John

Click Here

crazy stuff...makes me wonder if Quentin insisted on the guys wearing lifts in order to look much taller than Uma
MaryAnne said on 25/Nov/17
Leg length is 1,08. Leggy blonde
Gladstone Screwer said on 6/Nov/17
I remember Uma in Dangerous Liaisons. She got her knockers out and they wer superb. Five eleven seems right.💦🌽
robson said on 29/Oct/17
I met her once, I was exactly as she is as I'm 5'11.5 while I was wearing inch shoes so you can say I was 184 cm, while he was wearing little heels I think about 5-6cm so it makes her 178-179cm barefoot. Still very tall as a woman
an anonymous peach said on 28/Oct/17
I think she would edge out Sigourney Weaver
Nona said on 20/Oct/17
Uma is her listed height and has lost all the extra fat around her mid section. I'm going with 181 cms and 140 lbs for her
ANDY said on 6/Oct/17
Nobody Can Deny The Fact That Uma Thurman Is Six Feet Tall.
MisterManletMick said on 20/Sep/17
in Gattaca she looked almost the same height as Ethan Hawke who is a little over 5 ft 10 so 5 ft 11 seems about right.
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/17
She looks really tall for a woman and a person in general. Always holds a weak posture however, as she hunches a little. I believe she is above 5 11
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
She may in fact be rounding down her height by a fraction, as she once said on Howard Stern she was "Five Eleven and a bit"

5'11.4 confirmed.
even said on 5/Jul/17
its impossible for her to be under 5 foot 11
Slim 182 cm said on 4/Jul/17
5 ft 11.5.
even said on 28/Jun/17
five eleven she said so herself
5'11.25 at noon said on 23/Jun/17
Rob ever wonder how come some women got to be this tall I've a 8 year old niece Who's already 4'7.
I guess miss Thurman might have peaked at 5'11 1/3 in her younger years .
Sader said on 19/Jun/17
Who is taller, Uma Thurman or Sigourney Weaver?
S.J.H said on 19/Jun/17
I still don't see her over 180cm. Maybe she measure morning at 5'11.25
Jp said on 15/Mar/17
Rob dont you think she was 6 foot at her peak ? Because in kill vol.2 daryl hannah os wearing two inch heels and she was barefoot. But she was still a bit taller than hannah.
Jp said on 6/Feb/17
i think she is 6 foot
Theo J said on 31/Jan/17
Worked with her on set of Merchant Ivory film The Golden Bowl in 1999, and I was 6'1, and she seemed almost as tall. 5'11.5 is spot on.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Dec/16
Wasn't Uma just FANTASTIC playing a wronged wife and mother in 'Nymphomaniac'? It was a completely new direction for her and I looked on in open-mouthed amazement at how good she was!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Dec/16
Ha ha! I can confidently tell my boyfriend now that I am right with my 5ft11! He swore she was 5ft10 and wouldn't back down!
Ner-ner-ner-ner-ner and Christmas raspberries to you Jim!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Dec/16
Rob, she claimed to be "5ft 11 and a bit" on Stern

around 7.20 Click Here
Editor Rob: yes Rampage, I will add that part to the end of the description, it makes sense for her to drop 'the bit' at times.
Jp said on 13/Sep/16
Very tall, but she is NOT 6 ft ! Because in the pictures with Tarantino (who is 6 ft 1) she looks like 4 or 5 cm
Rollo Tomasi said on 4/Mar/16
Thought she was taller...
Mark said on 16/Feb/16
Allie, at least Uma is closer to the 6ft mark than Taylor. If Taylor was indeed anything near 5ft10 or 6ft (she's actually claimed that she's 6ft4 with heels..), then she would easily tower over Karlie Kloss in heels. However, even in her chunky platform heels, Taylor is still towered by Karlie Kloss (in flats).
S.J.H said on 14/Feb/16
Uma is the same height as topher grace who get underestimate at 5'10.5
Allie said on 11/Jan/16
It's weird how sometimes her height was inflated to 6'0! Then again, I've seen people describe Taylor Swift as 6'0!
LoganNoll1996 said on 28/Dec/15
I remember calling her 5'8" at one point. Of course this was when I thought Clooney was a 5'8-5'9 guy as he looked similar in height to 5'8-5'9 Chris O'Donnell. A strong 5'11 for sure if Carradine was around 5'10 in his later years. I doubt she's a full inch shorter than Travolta though.

Uma Thurman's height is 5 feet 11.5 inches(she IS mistaken for 6 foot a lot after all)

John Travolta's height is 6 feet 0 inches.
Allie said on 3/Sep/15
Thanks for updating the picture Rob. :).
Sam said on 20/Aug/15
Rob, could you add these to her credits: Dangerous Liaisons, Mad Dog and Glory, Beautiful Girls and Nymphomaniac to her credits?
LoganNoll1996 said on 27/Jul/15
Why would Uma downgrade her height? 5'11 is tall for a woman but no one really makes a big deal about it. Usually it's very short women or men under 6 feet that exaggerate their height.
Sam said on 30/Jun/15
Rob, could you add these to her credits: Dangerous Liaisons, Mad Dog and Glory, Beautiful Girls and Nymphomaniac to her credits?
Is there anything more ravishing than her appearance in Liaisons or Baron Munchausen?...she was a very key figure in my, uh...puberty.
Mon said on 14/Jun/15
She is surely as tall as Travolta, in Pulp Fiction dance scene she alone was in bare feet. Final verdict: Uma looks to be a quarter inch under 6 foot.
Mon said on 10/Jun/15
Jewel. I think a lot of models are billed as taller because that gets them work, but if they move into films their agents may well think claiming 6 foot will cost them work. I was overestimating Tarentino by a half inch (though she is as tall as him with moderate high heels). Maybe she isn't quite the full two yards tall. But I am absolutely certain she is a stronger 5'11 than listed here.
Jewel said on 9/Jun/15
Rob do you ever get celebrities and their agents contacting you to lower their heights? Reason being, an awful lot of women have been moved from the 6ft group into the 5.11! It's a but funny:)
[Editor Rob: none I can remember!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/May/15
Affleck had 3in on her. That's why he's listed a fraction over 6ft2 and Thurman a fraction over 5ft11.
Judd said on 21/May/15
M, it she is 6' then Affleck has to be 6'3" because he had 3" on her...
I think she's closer to 5'11 than 6'...5'11-11.25" is better tran 5'11.75-6'0"...
M said on 19/May/15
She is for sure 6' tall (1.83m)
Mon said on 14/May/15
Women don't like being thought oversized, and very tall actresses especially have good reason for falsely claiming to be shorter than they are. Been watching Kill Bill. If she is as listed above David Carradine needs maybe an inch taken from his listed height. Throughout KB they seem to be shooting angles to hide her height relative to his, though she wears rock bottom shoes. In the extras docu Tarantino calls her gargantuan. Her head seems really big in shot with Carradine's, while her feet (you get to see a lot of her feet) look huge. IMO she is still six foot tall when she goes to bed in the evening. In the KB collection extras there is a deleted scene in which Carradine seems somewhat shorter than her.
Judd said on 9/May/15
James101 says on 23/Apr/15
Rob, what's the lowest she could be?
[Editor Rob: just over 5ft 11, generally she looks taller than just 5ft 11.]

IMO her low height is 180,5 cms, and probably wakes up at 182,5 cms...
5'11.25" is fair or even a very strong 5'11"...
shib said on 8/May/15
Must be 180 she almost as tall as john travolta
James101 said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, what's the lowest she could be?
[Editor Rob: just over 5ft 11, generally she looks taller than just 5ft 11.]
mrHeight said on 20/Feb/15
She is really 5'11. Definitely 5'11. She maybe can be 5'10.5, but 5'11 sounds better. Here there's a pic that will explain this better:

Click Here

While Travolta's peak height was 6'0.5 back then, he really looked about 4 centimeters taller than Thurman in that pic.
MasterX said on 1/Jan/15
Uma is like a weak 5'11. Shes a solid 5'10.5 girl. She looked 1.5 inches shorter than bryan greenberg who is 6'0
in the movie Prime
Fred said on 29/Nov/14
I just saw her on the Swedish talkshow "Skavlan". The host Fredrik Skavlan is 183 cm and when Uma stood next to him, there was a clear difference of at least 5-6 cm or 2 inches. Uma was wearing pumps with a 2 inch heel and Fredrik Skavlan dress shoes with a heel of appr. 1.25 inch. She is definitely not taller than 176-177 cm. Just search for Skavlan and Uma and you will probably agree.
Lee Whit said on 3/Oct/14
Just watched "be cool" equal to Travolta so has to be near 6'... or just under.
177cmGuy said on 11/Aug/14
Uma looked 5'11.25 next to 6'0 John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. At minimum she is 180cm. Anyone assuming 175cm is joking themselves.
Just said on 12/Apr/14
@MT Uma is taller than Nicole Kidman, so Uma can't be just 5'9. This listing is legit.
Anon said on 8/Mar/14
She doesn't stand much shorter than John Travolta in Pulp Fiction promo shots (she's not even standing straight compared to him). She can't be far from his 6'0+ measure.
MT said on 25/Jan/14
I just spotted Uma at a restaurant in NYC and there's no way she's 5'11". She's tall for a woman, but she's about 5'9", maybe 5'10" tops. Every celebrity lies about their height. And yes, she put on a little weight. She's still attractive, but she looks ordinary.
CL said on 29/Nov/13
I posted on here before that I sat next to Uma on a couple occasions at my favorite sushi bar. She always wore flats and was always consistently an inch taller than me. I stand 5'10" dead even and typically wear shoes with 1" heels. This height is dead on.
oneguy said on 19/Nov/13
She's 5'10''
nona said on 12/Nov/13
Uma is easily atleast 6 ft tall. Off late she has put on some weight and has fillled out her frame nicely. In the pic on this site she looks to be about 140 lbs but now she is closer to 160 lbs with nice shapely hips and a filled out chest
Silent d said on 3/Nov/13
Aerocobbler said on 29/Aug/13
She's 5'11.5. She's said so herself. Change this please.
Silent d said on 12/Aug/13
Quite tall next to colin firth and jefffrey dean morgan in the accidental husband. 181cm.
Askany said on 31/Jul/13
1.81m?? Really unlikely.
His brother Mipam is listed 1.90m on his model agency (Click Here).
And here (Click Here) there is a set of their pictures together. She has ~5cm heels, and still there are ~10cm difference between them.
Askany said on 30/Jul/13
1.81m?? Really unlikely.
His brother Mipam is listed 1.90m on his model agency (Click Here).
And here (Click Here) there is a set of their pictures together. She has ~5cm heels, and still there are ~10cm difference between them.
Been said on 18/Jul/13
Next to Jeremy Northampton in The Golden Bowl she is clearly taller in every scene and he is at least 6' tall
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
181cm. She is about the same height as elle macpherson who is listed as 183cm.
truth178cm said on 4/Jun/13
at least 5ft11.
D said on 26/May/13
Pardon me, but if we accept that John Travolta was 6' in his prime, how on earth can Uma be 5'11''? In "Pulp Fiction they are both barefoot in one scene (the dance) and he is clearly 3'' taller-at the very least.
Those who claim there was 1'' max are probably either drunk or simply have no idea what an inch actually looks like.
Dmeyer said on 12/Mar/13
Uma 181cm plus 1cm sleepers 182cm caradine looks max 182-183cm 1.7 in heels on so 5'10-10.5 by kill Bill time
Dmeyer said on 12/Mar/13
Looks too tall NeXT to caradine to be just 180cm 181cm is better thanks Rob , also 181cm is close enaugh 5'11 to claim it
Ace said on 27/Feb/13
I know this has been posted before, but it's hard to buy 5'11.25 in this photo: Click Here
And it's not like she is wearing any heels: Click Here
Zach said on 26/Feb/13
When I saw her as Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin, she looked very smoking hot and that's my favorite movie with her in it. Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze saying, "TONIGHT'S FORECAST: A FREEZE IS COMING!" I bet that was funny! Uma Thurman looked hot in Batman and Robin. Gotta have that!
Dmeyer said on 14/Feb/13
Rob i cant buy 5'11 flat for please upgreat her 5'11.25-11.5 maybe got measured 5'11.2-11.4 and just says 5'11
Dmeyer said on 14/Feb/13
Rob i cant buy 5'11 flat for please upgreat her 5'11.25-11.5 maybe got measured 5'11.2-11.4 and just says 5'11
[Editor Rob: yeah, I think it is believable for her to measure a little over that mark, I'll give her 181]
Dmeyer said on 14/Jan/13
Rob i met her she looked taller than flat 5'11 she was 2-2.5 in taller than travolta in 1 inch shoes like 6'3.5 shoes on , please upgreat her 5'11.25 as i think she could be 5'11.5 and rounds down
truth said on 5/Jan/13
181cm and smoking hot!
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/12
Rob, any comments on her and Elle Macpherson? Do you think she looks taller or shorter?
[Editor Rob: they could be very similar, one (Uma) rounding down to 5ft 11 a bit.]
Arch Stanton said on 11/Nov/12
Yeah Dmeyer I think you're right she can look 6'3" range in heels. I think 5'11.5".
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
180cm. I remember she claimed 6 foot but then said close to 6 foot.
MaskDeMasque said on 20/Oct/12
5'11. Very tall girl.
Dmeyer said on 3/Oct/12
IF she is. 5'11 travolta was never 6'0.25 , she said im Like. 5'11 not i am
Dmeyer said on 2/Oct/12
Rob she towerd me and travolta in person if she says im Like 5'11 it could mean 11.25-11.5-11.75 she did have 3.5-4 in type she apeared taller than Nicole Kidman and theron in heels travolta wearing 1 in shoes 8 years ago was easy 5-6cm shorter
Bobby said on 29/Sep/12
I was 6"1.5" for much of my life. Live long enough, and our height diminishes.
Now at age 62, I'm a mere 6'0". If she says 5'11", I'd say she's right. What difference does it make. She's obvious got a great figure and supermodel height for over 40 or any age. I would never throw her any woman like her out of bed.
Johnnyfive said on 16/Sep/12
5'11 is correct for her. I saw Pulp Fiction again for the 50th time and she consistently looks an inch shorter than 6'0 John Travolta in it, especially when they both dance barefoot, in that scene she even looks like an inch and a half shorter.
logan noll 1996 said on 9/Aug/12
5'11 sounds right.
Sam said on 25/Jan/12
She was not towered by Travolta but in Pulp Fiction they dance barefoot together and Travolta is taller than her by at least a solid inch.
SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
She was never towered by travolta. How do you know travolta wasn't wearing lifts? Anything under 180cm is ridiculous. I think 181cm is right on the money. Nearly a full six foot.
justathought said on 21/Jan/12
It's interesting to notice that all of those here who say they have seen her for real have a guess of 6 feet, max 1 inch less. Given her own statement, the 5'11 sounds fair
steven said on 17/Jan/12
she can't be rounded down her height. more i see her she look struggling to hit on 5'10.75 shes probably 5'10.5 and not more.
CL said on 11/Jan/12
she sat next to me at sushi bar in west LA. at one point, we were both standing, and she was about 1" taller (in flats). I'm 5'10" even and was wearing normal dress shoes. 5'11.5" sounds on the money.
Bakura said on 10/Jan/12
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 3/Jan/12
No way she's 182cm, she's 177-178cm at best. That's still pretty tall for a woman though, impressive.
the real truth said on 2/Jan/12
logan noll 1996 said on 30/Dec/11
Google lists her as 6 foot, but everyone - including Uma Thurman herself - knows she is 5 foot 11.
Me said on 28/Dec/11
She's actually 6 foot.
carnegie said on 11/Dec/11
she was a little bit taller tahn luke wilson 5ft11.5 seems good
Just Me said on 26/Nov/11
She was in Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson and she was the same height (from the trailer) as him or maybe taller with heels.
Tamas said on 11/Nov/11
Think she is 5´10.5"
LAN Jiao said on 23/Sep/11
shes probably 5ft11.25 not more. watch PAY CHECK in flats shes 1.5-2inch shorter than "6ft3" ben affleck!
dmeyer said on 4/Sep/11
in huge heels she looks like a 6 ft 2-2.5 guy will look in normal shoes i remember she was about 2 in taller than travolta when i met both , john was about 6 ft 1 shoes on she was 6 ft 3-3.5 shoes on 4 in type
Chameleon said on 28/Aug/11
Ye no way over 180cm
Legend said on 27/Aug/11
She's not over 5'11. That has to be said.
bob said on 21/Aug/11
i was in a bookstore today and she was there with her kids. definitely at least 6 feet, if not taller.
butcher said on 7/Aug/11
i found in my experance be it sports figures, models, actors or actresses they all round up and by more than a fraction, some even go as far as to add 2 to 3 inches unless it pertains to their weight then it's less,i'll bet if you are asked how tall you are you even round up, hahahahahaha, and thats the way it is august 7, 2011, butcher
butcher said on 7/Aug/11
i found in my experance be it sports figures, models, actors or actresses they all round up and by more than a fraction, some even go as far as to add 2 to 3 inches unless it pertains to their weight then it's less,i'll bet if you are asked how tall you are you even round up, hahahahahaha, and thats the way it is august 7, 2011, the butcher
Chameleon said on 18/Jul/11
Hey Matt1968gto, what? Im over 5'10 moron. and ye 5'10.5 is 179cm . w, wtf are you implying hahahahahahahaha. Wimp!
Matt1968gto said on 17/Jul/11
hEY Chameleon. You have never viewed the world from anything over 5 foot 10. I am 6 foot 5 and can say for sure she is 5 foot 10.5. Wimp!
Chameleon said on 10/Jul/11
No Im not buying anything over 180cm.
Andrei said on 10/Jul/11
She looked an inch shorter than Travolta in Pulp Fiction barefoot dancing scene. So she may be somewhere between 181-182.
Eli said on 8/Jul/11
Just saw & met her! She really is this (182cm) tall!! If not maybe even (183cm)... She was wearing really flat flip flops, i'm 5'8 (173cm) and she towered over me! we were standing right next to each other when disembarking the plane... Very beautiful lady and nice! : )
Chameleon said on 7/Jul/11
I think she might be 179cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
I agree with Chameleon on this one
Legend said on 5/Jul/11
She did make G look like a kid in her heels. I remember that picture from a million years ago LOL
Chameleon said on 26/Jun/11
No not over 180cm
udre said on 26/Jun/11
solid 6ft. saw a pic of her next to keanu reeves she was wearing high heels keanu is like 6ft.5 in that pic with a straight posture and she looked like 6ft 2
My name is Tom said on 19/Jun/11
so huge bit* from movies. Definitely over 180 cm but hard to measure any cm over height for anyone lol. Simply she´s taller than me and my friends or Mr. De Niro. Cheers Uma ^_^
Chameleon said on 18/Jun/11
She's not over 180cm
kevin said on 17/Jun/11
if uma is 6 feet tall. hw tall is her daughter
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/11
I believe she's 5ft11....
Zara said on 26/May/11
She was in line in front of me at JFK with her 2 kids... She was wearing flats and I can promise you she is 6 feet tall. She seemed very nice and down to earth, and her kids were adorable!
Legend said on 26/May/11
Uma Thurman is 179cm and as for Cruise, he's no more than 170cm max...
TruebloodFan said on 23/May/11
@Mr. Kaplan says on 30/Mar/11
Thurman and Weaver who are obviously very tall women are downgraded, while short guys like Cruise or Bieber are upgraded by users... how come?

no. Weaver is(was) legit 180cm. Thurman is also 180, not 182. Cruise is strong 171-2, only the press downgrades this guy. Bieber probably isn't even 5ft4.
runt said on 22/May/11
She killed G, but now we no G could "vary"
PatB said on 12/May/11
She's been photographed at Cannes on the red carpet next to Robert DeNiro. She appears to be a full foot taller than him. I imagine she's wearing heels under her long gown.
Chameleon said on 2/May/11
I dont think she's over 180cm.
ulrike said on 23/Apr/11
im 6 ft saw her one time she has my same height
Sam said on 21/Apr/11
Agreed that she's about an inch shorter than John Travolta in Pulp Fiction
Chameleon said on 17/Apr/11
Agree with LARc.
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 15/Apr/11
I believe she isn't over 180cm or 5'11 flat, let's be realistic, when she dated Gary Oldman (who is 5'9) she was in flats all the time, but still looked only a small fraction taller than him.
Mr. Kaplan said on 30/Mar/11
Thurman and Weaver who are obviously very tall women are downgraded, while short guys like Cruise or Bieber are upgraded by users... how come?
Legend said on 29/Mar/11
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she was really 5'10, she could be.
Jed said on 5/Mar/11
She's more than an inch shorter than John T in pulp fiction when they're both barefoot dancing.
rocky said on 18/Feb/11
she's 6'0 feet.
half inch shorter than me
Attack 6 said on 14/Feb/11
I can't distinguish a 1/2 like you all can BUT myself and my wife bumped into her in a store in NYC. She was wearing flats and towered over my 5'10" wife who wore sneakers... I'd say over 6'
Yo said on 12/Feb/11
definetely 5.11 barefoot: in Pulp Fiction, she wears no heels and is towered by 6ft Travolta
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 16/Jan/11
I agree with Rampage(-_-_-)Clover.

Without 4inch heels she's 2 inches shorter than Quentin Tarantino , and 1 inch taller than him in heels. So if Tarantino is 6'1 barefoot and 6'2 with shoes on, then Uma is 5'11 barefoot and 6'3 with heels on.
That makes sense.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/11
180cm Rob?
fuzzblaster said on 30/Dec/10
I saw her walking around NYC. She's at definitely 5'11" if not a 1/2" more.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/10
She could be six feet tall... But it's okay, I love tall women ^^
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/10
Is there any picture to prove that Kat is taller than Uma?
Robert said on 9/Dec/10
Kathryn Bigelow is taller than Uma
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/10
Could be 5"11 flat...
pigpen said on 1/Dec/10
Sasquatch is 6 foot tall
ted said on 26/Sep/07
Rob, i have seen listings for Uma at 5-10(in bigheadedpygmies or sth like that) and Jorge Garcia at 5-9.She said that she is 5-11;Why she claimed that she is shorter than in real life?Maybe because she is?And if Garcia is 5-11.25 ,they list him at 175cm???That's impossible;if he was 5-11 even a blind man would notice the difference,it is 6cm!I have never seen in my life a legit 5-11(as he listed here)put down at 5-9.Is it possible that they are so wrong or they are way shorter than we imagine?Rob?

[Editor Rob: There's 0% chance he is 5ft 9. People can estimate or list whatever they want though.]
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/07
who is this glenn.LOL,uma is simply towering over him
the truth voice said on 15/Sep/07
I`m not from USA, I´m Russian and i´ve meet uma once in LA, I´m 178cm, and she was shorter than me, liers!!!!!
glenn said on 9/Sep/07
when i wake.
ted said on 9/Sep/07
Glenn,you are 5-8 in the morning or in the night?
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
"Ted says on 22/Aug/07
I think Franco is right.Maybe we all lead on with her giant heels.But still 181-182 "

Thanks "father ted" hehehe :D yeah, she does look 181-182cm, not less than 181 not more than 182. ;)
asdasd said on 28/Aug/07
i believe her true barefoot height is 182cm. but in most of cases she looks taller. For example in this pic seem like 185 or 186
Josh said on 25/Aug/07
When she was on the view she said she was 5'11 1/2
Joanna said on 24/Aug/07
Who is this Glenn guy?? LOL. Uma is towering over him!
ted said on 22/Aug/07
I think Franco is right.Maybe we all lead on with her giant heels.But still 181-182
Franco said on 22/Aug/07
Uma Thurman is 181-182cm, infact she looks more 181 than 182 but of course with heels she's a giant and the overestimation begins.

she can be 190cm in heels that's for sure.

i dont find her gorgeous or even beautiful though,but thats my personal opinion. :) i prefer Jennifer Morrison and Drew Barrymore. hehe
Rider said on 19/Aug/07
she's got to be 6ft, but who cares? she's gorgeous!
ted said on 19/Aug/07
182cm for Uma is very precise.She is not over six feet.Actually she looks shorter than John Glover(181cm) in Batman and robin.Although i don't know if he wore lifts.
fp said on 19/Aug/07
Wow! she's a giant, she has to be 6'0+ because even if she has heels on it does'nt matter because if she stood up straight she could look right over the top of glenn's head. I've seen guys listed on this site as being 6'2+ that don't stand any taller than she is there. I think I saw a pic of glenn and the Rock and he was only a little taller than that.
Don said on 17/Aug/07
She's 6' & maybe a bit taller than that too. Misha & Anthony are right. She has to round down. If you're a 6 foot woman, you'll probably never get cast on anything other than sci-fi or on a friend's indie pic, meanwhile the Halle Berrys' & Scarlett Johanssons' can go out for any part.
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/07
my guess was 6'0
ethan hawke and her looked the same but yes, i agree with tall's comment
glenn said on 5/Aug/07
who is this anonymous moron?
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
im 5'11 and my sister 5'8 and we dont look that different in height measurements. She looks dressed up, so she probably wearing heels, that why she looks so tall. I say 6'' even. WHo is this fool, glen? just wondering...
Sonja said on 29/Jul/07
Was Uma wearing any high heels? If so, did anybody deduct the height of her heels to estimate her height?
joe said on 19/Jul/07
I saw those pics too. Elle slouches in many of the pics. In some pics, Elle is 2 inches taller, in some Uma is 2 inches tallet, in some they are the same. She is 100% at least 6 foot (Elle is 6 Feet) or a little taller.
Leung said on 8/Jul/07
Saw recent pictures of Thurman and Elle Macpherson and Thurman looked about 1.5 inches taller than Elle, so yeah Thurman could very well be a legit 6'
Anonymous Rex said on 7/Jul/07
looks taller than leo dicapprio's pic with glenn if she would straighten up.
Franco said on 6/Jul/07
Glenn in the picture = 0WNED :-D lol

yep looks no less than 181cm
Juillet said on 5/Jul/07
she is 6'. i am a woman and am 6' and i've met her and we are eye to eye. we were both in flats.
tall said on 26/Jun/07
Here it is, guys, women who are six feet tall routinely downplay their height because we are tired of the comments from total strangers. In pictures we lean, bend at the knee, especially when we are taking pics with shorter men and most of them are shorter.
asdf said on 5/Jun/07
I agree that she is at least 6 feet, maybe even over. I remember watching the E True Hollywood Story about her and they said she was 6 feet at 13 when she first started modeling. I'm sure she grew a bit more since then.
Betty said on 27/May/07
In kill bill 2, when shes is fightin elle (daryl hannah) . Daryl is in 2 inch heels , mkaing her baout 6 feet. Uma is barefoot and still has an inch on her.
Shes more like 6 feet at least/
kiefer said on 22/May/07
She towered on me when I met her last year. I am round 5ft 6 and I only came up to her chin and she was only standing in barefeet.
xD said on 11/May/07
Glenn looks funny in this picture xD
rollabluntallitaftermath said on 3/May/07
Glenn is a stud.
E said on 28/Apr/07
check out her i m d b .com page...there is a photo of Ralph fiennes towering over her. He must be standing on a milk crate
Bob said on 9/Apr/07
lol, who the hell is this glenn guy?
Matt said on 4/Apr/07
Oh my god! She's actually slouching and still much taller then Glenn! With these heals, she looks about 6'2! I'd say her real height is 6'0.
Maria said on 31/Mar/07
Well at least people here in Iceland are VERY tall compared to chinese and japanese people:) I'm very tall (1.77cm) aand I almost never wear heals because of the height but like a lot of guys here are 1.80 and over so things are alright;P
5'11 guy said on 30/Mar/07
Whoever said that the average height in China and Japan is 5'4 is thick. I'm white british, and 5'11.5, which is about average here in the south-west. All the Beijing Chinese guys I've met are around my height, give or take an inch. Japanese and southern Chinese tend to be shorter, about 5'9 usually.
Tory said on 27/Mar/07
She is 183.... In Pulp Fiction Uma and Travolta are almost the same. Travolta was like 186-187 cm.
KT said on 26/Mar/07
No way is she playing the feminine card by saying she's 5'11" when she's 6'0".She is not 6 feet.

Watch Pulp Fiction people. There is this dance scene with her and Travolta. You see them take their shoes off, and stand next to each other barefoot. Travolta was distinctly taller. So if Uma is 6 feet, then Travolta is close to 6'2. Which would then make Samuel L. Jackson close to 6'5".

Understand now?

She's 5'11.5 people.
glenn said on 23/Mar/07
it was up since last summer.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Mar/07
Holy shit, how did I miss this pic?

She's a beanstalk. Fee-fi-fomuthafuckin'fum.
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
1.75 sneakers.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
Wow, she's really slouching bad and Glenn is standing pretty straight. There's a huge height difference here, even if you factor in the heels which may give her a 2 inch advantage over Glenn. She looks 6' to me. She plays the 5' 11" card because it feels more feminine to her.
Erika said on 21/Mar/07
Uma slouches much more than Glenn and I doubt she is in such heels, also 10 cm. heels give you like 8 cm - not more. Uma is clearly nothing less than 183 cm, nothing more also.
Joakim Ågren said on 21/Mar/07
I can see that the height difference on this picture between Glenn and Uma is 4.5"(11CM). Both are slouching but Uma slouches slightly more. I make a qualified guess that Glenn loses 1.25"(3CM) while Uma loses 1.5"(4CM). So if both where standing straight the height difference would be 4.75"(12CM). I asume Glenn is wearing regular sneakers which will give a Pivot point/height gain of 0.75"(2CM)making him 5'8.75"(175CM) so that makes Uma 6'1.5"(187CM). From the position of her hip and the way she leans forward and the way her upper torso is positioned I make a qualified guess that she is wearing 4"(10CM) heels with a rather steep angle and maybe only a 0.5"(1CM) platform. This will give her a Pivot point at 2.75"(7CM) above the ground giving her a height increase of 2.75"(7CM) so 187CM-7CM is 180CM or 5'10.75" and that is most likely her height. I will give her a full 5'11"(180.5CM) and that is also the heigh she herself has given so it is most likely true. 5'11.5" is a bit much I think!

[Editor Rob: she'd have slightly higher pivot, with a longer foot, not much but a little but I doubt glenn is in 3/4 inch shoes???]
Astrid said on 15/Mar/07
Think of the 4 inch rule... If Glenn's 5'8", he comes up to her eyebrows as it is.... which would make Uma AT LEAST 6 foot (probably taller, check out the slouch on her in this pic). Was she wearing heels Glenn?
Josh said on 14/Mar/07
I saw Uma on Regis & Kelly and she said she was 5 11 1/2.
Misha said on 14/Mar/07
People who think Uma is rounding up need to realize that she is so tall she is
in danger of losing roles. Look at her in sandals towering over David Carradine as they walk through the streets in a Kill Bill scene. 6'0" barefoot is an obvious minimum for her - she's slouching tremendously with Glenn and could easily be taller than six even.
Jordan said on 13/Mar/07
Dam she looks a good 5'11.5 maybe even 6'0.
dmeyer said on 13/Mar/07
i see 10 cm with a big sloush so 14 15 cm taller g;enn is about 5'9 in shoes so 6'3 in heels so 6 ft barefeet
Viktoria said on 13/Mar/07
this is not 8 cm, it is like 12-13 cm....And is she was not leaning, the difference would be around 15 cm. I think Uma is in heels. Her height barefoot must be around 183 cm. or 6 ft.
tacky said on 13/Mar/07
She's about 5'11'', but she leaning down to you, but now I wonder about her foot wear.In this picture she taller than you about 8 cm.
dmeyer said on 11/Mar/07
i think uma and famke are 5'11.75 to 6 ft and they claim 5'11 to get more roles
MJ said on 11/Mar/07
Friend of mine who worked with her said she easily clears six foot, dwarfing almost all of the men on set. Apparently downplays height for vanity reasons.
AL said on 2/Mar/07
Uma is a touch under 6feet tall as i met mher a few years back in LA,
I also haft to say she fancied me a bit. You could tell she was dying yo give me a snog.
Lilabeth said on 17/Feb/07
I take a guess at 6", im 5"11 but when i'm stood with someone 5"8 i don't look that much taller, she must be wearing heels. I think she's slouching because being a tall woman can sometimes be embarrasing at times because everyone comments, i think she looks great.
Shaunelle said on 13/Feb/07
She's def. 6'0. But when I see her in movies with actors, I wonder why she looks so average height? I am a little over 6' myself, and I'd say I am very tall for a girl. :P
Jordan said on 9/Feb/07
Easy 5'11
Anthony said on 7/Feb/07
There's no way she's 5'10. It doesn't make sense for her to round up. Most tall actresses would find themselves in the position to round own (like Geena Davis). I think Uma is at least 6'.
Glenn said on 6/Feb/07
You ever meet her malcom? 5-10 is ridiculous.5-11.5 minimum.
malcom said on 5/Feb/07
i dont think so. it is evident she is a tall woman. No doubt about it, and she is over the average, but looking his films i dont think she is more than 1,78. All actors and actress add one or two centimenters to their heights, but she said she was 5,11", maybe 5,10" seems to be right.
Glenn said on 5/Feb/07
I agree TNT.she gives the illussion of 6-1 in sneakers,so she is 6ft.
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/07
she looked 6'2.5 in heels
E-- said on 28/Jan/07
Why do you all say she's very, very tall! I mean i'm that tall too, and I've never thought of myself as very, very tall! Also when I talk to people and they ask about my height, their not like going all crazy because I'm almost 6'o''. Please.. If you're over 6'o'' then you can say that you're very, very tall if you're a woman, which I am =)
Bibis said on 14/Jan/07
gosh i didnt now all about "morning height" and stuff
Matt said on 13/Jan/07
Jeez, she's slouching, she looks like 8-9 inches taller then Glenn! She must be huge in heals! She is definitely like 6'0. She's tall- for a man even!
G-MANN said on 13/Jan/07
In that picture with Glenn she's definetely stooping (you can see her bending at the waist), but then she may wearing heels
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/07
Uma was dancing with John Travolta, not Tarantino.
Glenn said on 13/Jan/07
Big heels that gave the illussion of 6-3.
Robert said on 12/Jan/07
Dmeyer, it is not a lie to claim your morning height, because that is your original height
Danimal said on 12/Jan/07
Alex, I think he meant she looked looked 6'0" with sneakers, not in them. 6'0" barefoot, not 5'11" plus sneakers. 6'0" plus sneakers. Right Glenn?
Anni said on 12/Jan/07
I have seen many movies with Uma and I think her height is very close to 6 ft (183 cm.) - no way she is 180 or shorter. I remember that moment in Pulp Fiction where Uma dances with Tarantino barefoot - there was almost no difference between them!
16and5'7'' said on 12/Jan/07
Holly crap Glenn!!! she has 5-6 inches on you and she's leaning!!!! does she have sneakers or heels on?? also just to put it out there my oldest sister is also 5'11''-5'11.5'' lol
Alex said on 11/Jan/07
Glenn, if she was 6'0 in sneakers then 5'11 seems most accurate then.
Glenn said on 8/Jan/07
Thats the movie set I was at where she looked 6ft in sneakers.
carla said on 7/Jan/07
haven't you guys seen 'My super ex- girlfriend"? She's way tall. Plus my mom met Uma and they went out for coffee:) my mom is 5"5 half an inch taller than me
Glenn said on 4/Jan/07
She was wearing heels.but Ive seen her look 6ft in sneakers too.
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
Forgot to ask in the previous post, how much height do you lose from out of bed to night, Rob?

[Editor Rob: half an inch.]
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
Yea, thats what I normally tell people, 6'0.5. Or I'll say in between 6'0 and 6'1.
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
Rob, I'm like that too. I can be 6'1 flat for like 10 minutes or something but I'll drop to 6'0.75 then 6'0.5 by an hour or so after I am up. By the early afternoon I could be down to 6'0.25 then by night 6'0. I am 6'0.25 for most of the day though I believe.

[Editor Rob: nobody would question you if you said 6ft 1/2 inch, they couldn't tell otherwise probably.]
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
She looks like a legit 6'0 with Glenn. What she wearing heels there or not? If she was then shes more 5'11.5 probably. She looks 6'0 in her movies though.
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/06
I'm 6'2" in the morning for a little bit and 6'1" the rest of the day.
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/06
you are right rob i am 181.7 to 182.3 cm in the morning for like 20 minute then 181 for a few hours and most of the day i am closer to 5'11 flat

[Editor Rob: yeah I have a whopping....10 minutes hovering near the 5ft 8.5 mark...rapidly descending to 173cm by afternoon and then a few more mm to go for 172.7 mark.

so you only really claim 5ft 11 anyway...or like a 'hair over' 5ft 11 and 1/8th to be nitpickity ;) ?]
Ines said on 24/Oct/06
The more I look at Uma on TV, the more I think she is like 185 cm...
dmeyer said on 26/Sep/06
when someone claim his morning height is it a lie ?

[Editor Rob: its the maximum they stand, so not lying. But how many people see you at your peak...

there's not a chance in hell I can claim 174cm, because I only touch that mark for 10 minutes...and within a few hours I'm heading towards 5ft 8 flat, and always 5ft 8 flat beside any celeb]

mous said on 21/Sep/06
wow she looks amazing. glenn how recent is this picture? you are so lucky man - i'd never have the gall to come up to celebrities to ask for a picture
Jonathan said on 18/Sep/06
Why complain over how tall celebrities are? If Uma says she is a little over 5'11" then that is her height or if The Rock says he is a little over 6'4" tall then that is their heights. Oh by the way, 5'11 1/2" tall is basically 6ft tall. As for who is taller uma thurman or saffron burrows?" The only way we will actually know is when there is a full body shot of the two ladies standing next to each other.
kene said on 15/Sep/06
she must be in heels.. met her twice. she looks more like 180range..
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Big heels to a movie premiere.
Derek said on 12/Sep/06
Looks around 6'1"-6'2" in heels. I'm sure she's wearing heels with Glenn. Probably slightly under 6' barefoot.
dmeyer said on 12/Sep/06
even bending she looks 5 to 6 inches taller
dmeyer said on 12/Sep/06
i met her we were close in height 182 maybe 183
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/06
wath kind of heels she waz wearing
Editor Rob said on 12/Sep/06
Here is Glenn's picture with Uma.
Chris said on 6/Sep/06
My friend met Uma when Uma visited Stockholm. My friend who´s working as a massue gave Uma some massage. She said she was very nice and they talked for about an hour. She said she was very tall at about 182 cm.

[Editor Rob: back around time of Truth about dogs and cats, she also described herself as "5ft 10", although clearly rounding down a bit]
anonymous said on 3/Sep/06
I am a woman just under 5'10" an I stood right next to her both of us in flat shoes and she appeared to be just about my height.
dmeyer said on 1/Sep/06
mear leterman she look 183 184 cm i personaly think she is 6 i met her or aleast 5'11.75"
mike said on 31/Aug/06
letterman looked taller in that you tube clip, but with women/girls let's say a woman is 5'11, and a guy is let's say 6'1 or 6'2 and with decent to big size heels the woman can be just as tall as that guy, look at glenn with shakira and shania twain pics..... i bet barefoot he would tower over them easily but in the pics on this webiste he doesnt because they wear large heels and arent really close to glenn's 5'8
Glenn said on 15/Aug/06
She seems 5-11.5 to me.Rob has this pic and should be submitting soon.

[Editor Rob: maybe give it a week, I'll get up some music guys first this week]
erika said on 14/Aug/06
i watched her on the howard stern show after her and ethan broke up and howard asked how tall she was and she said she was 5'10" and a tad...
dmeyer said on 10/Aug/06
i met her on be cool she looked 2 inches taller than travolta she was with 3 .5 to 4 inches heels looked about 6 ft 3.5 to 64 in hells so around 6 barfeet
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/06
Glenn said somewhere that Uma is 6'1- 6'3 in heels. If he saw her at an event wearing a long dress then she must have been wearing at least 3-4" heels. That makes her anywhere from 5'10-6' barefoot. But I don't think Uma downplays her height. Hollywood is a male-dominated business. If anything she would add inches because it makes it easier to believe that her male co-stars are as tall as they say they are.
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
Photo coming!
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/06
wtf, uma was on letterman and they were practically the same height. someone watch the clip of them when uma was on to promote my super ex-gf movie. they actually stood on the same platform (as some may not know, the area where the guest sits and letterman's desk is actually raised)
she wasn't even wearing high-heels, but flat soled shoes, and she was his height. either she is over 6', or letterman has shrunk, or maybe both. but lets get to the bottom of this matter

dectectives, disperse!

[Editor Rob: link]
tony said on 27/Jun/06
i saw a picture of uma and quentin and both look the same heigh quentin is listed at 6'2 uma was wearing 4 inch heels so that would make her 5'10
Angelica said on 19/Jun/06
Her feet are not big, they are in proportion with the rest of her statuesque body. It would be ridiculous for somebody who's just about 6 feet tall, to wear the same shoe size as somebody who's 5'2.
Ella said on 1/Jun/06
Yeah. She is definetly around 6 feet. I'm 5 feet tall and she was seriously a foot taller then me when I met her. She is beautiful but very. very tall!
dmeyer said on 28/May/06
she is closer to 6 feet like 5'11.75"
Aims said on 19/May/06
Yeah I heard she is very insecure about her height. :(
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/06
In one movie with Robert De Niro she diidn't appear to tower over him. She wasn't wearing big heeels. Both were barefoot in one scene and she was 1 or max 2 inches taller than he was.since robert de niro is 5'9,she shouldn't be taller than 5'11. But also the height comparisons in Kill Bill,Pulp Fiction are sensible. I come to the point that he was taller than 5'9 once in time but now maybe 5'8 or 5'9.
pretcico said on 9/Mar/06
The average British woman is just under 5'4", average man 5'9" (Click Here) The average height of a Japanese woman is 5'! Strange but true. I am the same height as Uma, not a giant by any means, and I very, very rarely meet a woman the same height/taller than me.
No_name said on 26/Feb/06
5' 4" is average only in japan/china/phillipines/pygm etc,sorry

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