How tall was Richard Kiel

Richard Kiel's Height

7ft 1 ½ (217.2 cm)

American actor, best remembered for playing Jaws in Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me and for roles in films like The Longest Yard, Silver Streak, Pale Rider, Happy Gilmore and Tangled. He talks about his height with CBN, saying "I am actually 7 foot and and one-half inches tall. I say Seven two because it's easier. Unlike some tall skinny guys I am really "big" weighing around 350 pounds". In 2012 he said "Seven-One and Three quarters".
People sometimes confuse me with Ted Cassidy, the big man who played Lurch in 'The Addams Family.' Ted is a good actor but he plays different roles than I do. He's 60 pounds lighter and 6 inches shorter than I am. My private life isn't limited by my size. And I don't like to think there are physical limitations to the roles I can play. Some directors emphasize my height by having me stand on platforms in some scenes.

How tall is Richard Kiel
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Average Guess (63 Votes)
7ft 1.61in (217.5cm)
Dan Anderson said on 16/Sep/23
I was curious about this who was bigger Andre or him. Andre was bigger boned but height wise I think if Andre was 6 ft 11 like some people say Richard was close to 7 foot three when he was young at least. There was a couple other pics but this was the young one. Let you be the judge.
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5'7 and a fraction said on 8/Jun/23
Very honest claim. It's definitely easier to round up sometimes rather than saying "i am xxx height and a half".
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Sep/22
What a giant Richard was!

Those revolting braces he wore in Bond made him look positively scary, but then, that was the whole idea.

7ft1.5. 😬
Darksol64 said on 15/May/22
@ Tech

That's really cool man! I'm just shy of 6'2 myself and I'd love to see someone 7ft+ in person just to see how intimidating it is to be towered like that.

Would of loved to meet Richard before he died. So many people say he's friendly and seems like such a cool guy. Plus I think people in the giant range are fun to be around. Who doesn't want a huge, powerful ally/friend?

Anyway, I absolutely 100% believe Kiel's claim and will give him a rock-solid 7'1.5. He looked like a total towering BADASS in the his acting career, especially bond movies.
Tech noir said on 15/May/22
Near 7-2 definitely. An absolute gentleman. Met him once. I’m 6-3.5 and was like wtf?!! Tall guys tend to be very gentle.
ChaosControl1 said on 22/Jan/22
I wouldn’t think 7’1.75 should be impossible. He’d have had an inch on peak Khali
Toby Barrett said on 22/Jan/22
7'2 peak defo
Robbe said on 16/Aug/21
Richard would have looked like this next to a finnish worker Reino Rutanen (1900-1964) Click Here
ChaosControl said on 2/Aug/21
Rob if you put this dude next to the Dutch Giant who’s look taller, you’ve got both at 7’1.5
Canson said on 31/Jul/21
Wasn’t he listed 7’1” before?
Editor Rob
I am not sure, but he's been on this mark for a very long time
Ian Vector said on 13/May/21
I’d say 7’ 2.5”, but that’s just my guess.
the_cowboy said on 22/Mar/21
Giant guy, made 6' 1" Roger Moore look real short in comparison (although I mean he is already a foot taller than him). Probably the tallest guy in the entire franchise.
slim 6'1 said on 20/Jan/21
I reckon 217cm big dude
Tall Sam said on 10/Jul/20
No side by side shots but an interesting juxtaposition of Kiel walking the same part of the Letterman stage as Andre. As you'd expect, one gets the impression that Kiel is a bit taller but far less bulky than Andre.
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Davy Stout said on 7/Jul/20
He was supposed to be the Hulk in the tv series shot a few scenes but was replaced for Lou Ferrigno apparently the shows directors daughter said he looked too skinny compared to the comic book Hulk and the Director agreed , any pictures with him next to Andre the Giant ?
Emre Karasan said on 28/Apr/20
What really amazes me is his structure.
It is so rare to be that tall and be muscular.
He had muscular, square broad shoulders (I don't think he was overall muscular) but still his shoulder to waist ratio was extremely impressive.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 6/Feb/20
In the comments above you've wrote seven foot and and one half inches tall. Did you mean seven foot one and half? Or seven foot and one half inch tall
Editor Rob
That was how the original quote was written down.

I believe it was an error and he said 7 foot one and one half inch.

It makes sense then why he's saying he rounds to 7ft 2, plus the other occasion claimed 7ft 1 and 3/4.
Ian C. said on 19/Jun/19
Richard Kiel sometimes stood on boxes to make him seem taller? So did Alan Ladd and Humphrey Bogart.

And his private life wasn't limited by his size? Or his face, apparently. Benefits of being successful in show business, obviously.

I do agree that it is something of an outrage that people confused him with that little poser Ted Cassidy.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/May/19
@ Ian C - Re: Your comment from 25th March, 2014.

Very funny! Do you remember seeing Bob Dylan play at Live Aid? He, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood were left till last. It wasn't difficult to work out what they'd been doing all day - they could hardly sing!

The late Richard gets 7ft1.5.
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Apr/19
Kiel and 6'5.5" Fess Parker... Click Here

W/ 5'11" Lee Majors... Click Here

W/ 5'10" Darren McGavin... Click Here

Just for fun, Majors and 6'5" Rock Hudson (1962)... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Majors and Big Show... Click Here
tree said on 29/May/18
With Roger Moore Click Here
Jordan87 said on 22/May/18
I read somewhere he weighed 316 pounds when he filmed The Spy who loved me, I cannot find that link but I remember seeing it a few years ago. He was thinner in SPy who Loved me than he was in Moonraker. I could see 350 pounds by Moonraker and onward.
got said on 11/May/18
(Gretz) Andre took a photo with Wilt chamberlain who was about 2 inches taller.
Gretz said on 1/May/18
I know his condition deteriorated quite a bit by happy Gilmore,i think his peak height is correct but by than he was no more than 6'11".It just goes to show these giants lose height from 2-4 inches depending on their current condition.i would have loved to see Kiel and prime andre together(i`m sure they could have met at some point)but a pic would have been out of the question Andre was under strict orders not to have a man taller than him in a pic with him.i think andre was buzzed and with the foot ware advantage could look wilt in the eye so he agreed to that photo.
176cm guy said on 26/Mar/18
Hey Rob, do you think proportionally (let's say both are the same height) a person with Acromegaly's ideal weight is heavier than a average guy's ideal weight?
Editor Rob
Yes, I'd expect their weight to be a bit more due to the nature of the condition and excessive bone formation.
Logan said on 2/Feb/18
7'2" at his peak
Danimal said on 10/Dec/17
In this 2014 interview shortly before his death he claimed to be 7'1.75": Click Here

In 1985 on David Letterman he claimed to be 7'2": Click Here
VicLions said on 18/Nov/17
I feel Richard Kiel is indeed 7ft1.75 at his peak. By the time he wrote his autobiography it was 2002, he was over 60 years old and already suffered from that bad car accident, so by this time he might have slight shrunk down to 7ft1.5. At his peak I feel he was 7ft1.75-7ft2. I saw a picture of him and 7ft3 William Engesser in 1963, and they were both in the Nutty Professor together, and Engesser was no more than 1 inch taller than Kiel. My friend met Kiel in 1988 at a comic con. My friend was 19 at the time and played Amateur Tackle Football at 6ft7 305 pounds. Meh shook Mr. Kiel' s hand and my friend told me that Kiel made him feel like a Kindergarten kid. When Kiel passed away in 2014, my same friend asked, "How tall was Richard Kiel"? I said, "around 7ft2". My friend then said, nah, he outta be at least 7ft4. Kiel is honest about his height, and when he was in his late 30s he definitely looked more than a foot taller than 6ft1 Roger Moore, and more than 2 feet taller than his wife. Kiel was humble, generous, and soft spoken. A gentle giant indeed. May he RIP!!
even said on 20/Jul/17
7'1.5" , just as he said , i love truthful people .
Logan said on 29/May/17
I think he is 7,2 maybe 7,3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/17
I think he was around 7ft2-7ft3...more that than 7ft1-7ft2
berta said on 12/Apr/17
he was probably measured at both thoose number i wonder if aguy like him was around 7 foot 3 out of bed. i can belive he lost 4 cm during the day
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Apr/17
It's sad to find out that an actor is no longer with us when you go to his page.
This guy was legendary as a Bond villian - he sticks out in my mind and I'm not big on Bond films at all!
I give him 7ft1.5
Adijos said on 19/Mar/17
7ft 2in - 218 cm
S.J.H said on 25/Jan/17
I ever thought he wasn't over 7 foot 0.5
James B said on 20/Dec/16
WOW 7ft1.5 I thought he wasn't over 7feet
josh jeffords said on 10/Oct/16
Ive seen him interviewed he is or was really cool but 7ft he didnt look after the 80s
He may have crouched and hunched to try to be shorter but he probably shrunk.
He was in a number of movies as a big guy not a giant and looked more 6 8.
Probably the biggest he ever looked was the Bonds he was in he was gigantic in them.
He was a good actor and was quite funny nice to see a giant with a soft side.
Strong 5ft9 said on 10/Aug/16
Hey Rob, would you also add his 7'1 3/4 claim from tim's comment that he gave out?
Editor Rob
yes, I've added that to the top.
mrtguy said on 27/Jun/16
he looked 7'2'' when he played jaws
Ian C. said on 25/Jun/16
Whenever Kiel appeared on talk shows he seemed socially normal. He was friendly and funny and relaxed. Think what an achievement social affability would be for anyone that tall and ugly. Being seven feet tall would be a far worse handicap than being, say, four foot ten. Danny DeVito can walk around without frightening anybody, and in fact is quite a pleasant looking little guy, but Kiel must have caused alarm wherever he went.
Max said on 30/Nov/15
He rounded his height up for professional reasons. If he rounded it down then by deduction the shorter actors who fudge their height would be shown up. Nobody over 6'2" needs to claim a 1/2" or fudge their height up. I am 6' 5 1/2" and just claim 6'5". I did not know about morning/evening height until I visited this site. I measured 6' 6 1/4" once, just out off bed and 6' 5 5/8" at bed time that day, as an experiment. My tall friends all round down because they get so tired of being asked their height and just want to be left alone on the subject. You would not ask a fat person what they weigh, people are the way they are.
I judge people by 2 things ( 1 ) Are they nice or a jerk ( 2 ) Do they smell bad, I don't hang with stinky people.
Hypado said on 19/Sep/15
Richard Kiel height: 7ft 1.5in (217 cm)

Looks a Giant in I Dream Of Jeannie
George said on 7/Jul/15
Great actor you will be missed RIP.....
Brian said on 18/Jan/15
I saw him in person accidentally. My best friend and I were waiting at the gate for a flight so we wouldn't miss it. I was sitting down leaning forward staring at the carpet when I saw a shadow approaching on my right. My friend and I were the only ones there at the time and he was standing several feet away to my left so I knew it was somebody new showing up. So I looked up...and kept looking up as he passed by me and and it was Richard. I was so stunned that I couldn't speak because I was trying to say "hey I know you". But all I could manage was "hey". Mr Kiel looked down at me and nodded as he walked by. The funny part was the look on my friends face. He was actually standing and he's 6'6" flat footed. He was visibly more shocked than me because being 6'6" he wasn't used to looking up at anybody. His head was barely above Mr Kiel's shoulder. At that moment a gate attendant opened the door to let him board early and of course he was sitting in first class when my friend and I got on board.
Sam said on 6/Jan/15
Could you update his credits to continue with?: "and for roles in films like The Longest Yard, Silver Streak, Pale Rider, Happy Gilmore and Tangled."
Icehole73 said on 10/Oct/14
Every bit that size at his peak, no question. he has said it many times, 7'1.5" and rounded up for simplicity. I'm sure in different boots he could look 7'3ish. We will miss you Big Guy!!!! Thank you for entertaining us all these years and leaving a GIANT impression on the world.
Clay said on 12/Sep/14
RIP Mr. Larson, 74 is a great age to reach for a giant like Richard - and he got to live one hell of a life im sure.
truth178cm said on 11/Sep/14
RIP Richard
andy said on 11/Sep/14
If he says he is 7feet 1 and a half inches tall that's how tall he is people. Love it how people think they know better than the actual person themselves.. RIP Richard. You'll be missed.
Ian C. said on 25/Mar/14
So. . . a man who is seven foot and a half inch has actually exaggerated his height. Because it was easier to say, "seven foot two." I'm cool with that. I'm sure that Bob Dylan also found it easier to say "five foot nine" than "five foot five." Yeah. Listen, whatever is easiest to pronounce, I always say.
tim said on 23/Jan/13
he says 7 ft 1.75 in here Click Here
guyfrommars said on 20/Dec/11
He was wearing platform shoes and a huge built-up headpiece when he appeared as a 9-foot tall alien in The Twilight Zone.
Bon_ said on 15/Nov/11
did he say 'one half', as 7'0.5, Rob? are you sure of this?
Editor Rob
the quote was picked up from another site years ago, maybe commander bond.

I believe the 'and' and part should really read seven one and one half. Why else would he say he says seven two.

If it was 7ft and one half, saying 7ft 1 is easier...
Mamun said on 13/Nov/11
My friend Nippu , Kiel is huge but compared to Channa he would have been tiny !
I believe you can still see the picture of me and Kiel I had posted and you can tell the difference in size of Kiel's head and hands as compared to Channa ! Kiel told me in that he weighed 345 pounds and Alam Channa was weighed in a Abu Dhabi Hospital at 525 pounds ( 238 kg ) one week before that photo was taken . The Guinness Book has one listing of him saying he weighed more than 212 kg . I mean I my self weighed 102 kg in that photo . Can you really tell that ?


Nippu said on 11/Nov/11
Mamun, how do u compare size of mr Kiel and mr Channa. I don´t mean height but size. R. Kiel is huge even now when he´s with bad posture, hunched and old. He is still the man.
LG69 said on 6/Nov/11
7'1.5" 350 pounds for Richard, 7'0 500 pounds for Andre Roussimoff.
Jarod said on 2/Jul/11
Met Richard at the Chicago Wizard world comic book convention about 5 years ago, I was 16 and at the time probably around 6'4 - 6'5 (6'6.25'' currently.) and he had no problem wrapping his hands around my head like he was grabbing a coffee mug. I have the picture somewhere, if i can find it maybe the mods will help me put it up for everyone to see?
Nippu said on 10/Jun/11
Again supermun! You really travel a LOT=)
Fredrik Farhadian said on 18/Feb/11
I met Kiel ten years ago. He was sitting down the whole time, but shaking hands with him, I noticed how huge his paw was.
Very nice man by the way. Kind and gentle.
Mr. Kaplan said on 14/Jan/11

Richard Kiel played a character named Jaws... he didn't play in Steven Spielberg's movie of the same name.
aarod said on 22/Jun/09
you think rchard keil had a big hand and ring? check out andre the giant's in this clip:

Click Here
aram x said on 20/Jun/09
Richard Kiel obviously has very bad posture. He's lost a good 2-3 inches as a result. On the other hand, Peter Mayhew has seemingly good posture in that pic.
JT said on 12/Jun/09
BendyUK says on 9/Jun/09
Supermun my barefoot height is 182cm, I was unaware of the Kiel & Andre picture I would love to see it. I do know of a picture with Andre & Kareem Abdul Jabbar which appeared in sports illustrated I believe but I have been searching for that picture for a long time and havent found it. Kareem was taller and I think he was barefoot in the photo also where Andre was in his shoes.

Are you sure that it was not Wilt Chamberlain in the pic? If that pic was in Sports Illustrated, here's a link to SI Vault, where all past issues can be viewed. Click Here
Nippu said on 11/Jun/09
This is not really my forum but i have met R.Kiel at person few yers back in Sweden. Richard stands about 6
Mamun said on 9/Jun/09
My friend BendyUK you really shouldn't have said that ! Now I am going to
put out a bounty of US $ 6 million to anyone who can capture that picture
of Andre & Kareem dead or alive ! You got me all crazy now !


BendyUK said on 9/Jun/09
Supermun my barefoot height is 182cm, I was unaware of the Kiel & Andre picture I would love to see it. I do know of a picture with Andre & Kareem Abdul Jabbar which appeared in sports illustrated I believe but I have been searching for that picture for a long time and havent found it. Kareem was taller and I think he was barefoot in the photo also where Andre was in his shoes.
Mamun said on 9/Jun/09
That's a fantastic picture there my friend BendyUk ! Hey BendyUK , how tall
are you barefoot ? And is there by any chance you could dig up that picture
of Kiel and Andre ? I heard from this site that such a picture do exists !

Kind regards

Big King said on 7/Jun/09
I guess it is very common that guys with a height of half inch range tend to round their height up to the next full inch.
BendyUK said on 6/Jun/09
A link to a pic I posted about 2yrs ago Richard Kiel & Peter Mayhew

Click Here
aram x said on 18/May/09
Sam, could we receive some proof of your height. I will only believe something if there is evidence to support it.
Sam Hollis said on 17/May/09
Jeremy, Big Show, I actually stand taller than you guys, I happen to be 7 ft. 4 in. tall. So you're not the tallest ones here. It is a pain to find clothes tailor made for me. I go to big and tall stores, hard to find in Rochester, Minnesota.
aram x said on 16/May/09
Richard Kiel has high broad-square shoulders which makes him look taller than he actually is. I wonder if there's any pic of him with Andre the Giant. Then we would have a very good comparison and scale for his height.
Anonymous said on 14/May/09
: Hello its le Boulet actor : GaryTiplady,s next wire art display goes on show at North Tyneside Council new offices "Quadrant" in Silver link, Cobalt Business Park. Starting January 2009
jf said on 12/May/09
todzilla says on 29/Dec/05
I have met Mr. Kiel on several occasions I believe he was never taller than 6'8" or 6'9". he now stands about 6'4 or so from being hunched over.

What are you smoking? 6'8" or 6'9"? My last boss was 6'8" and Kiel at his peak was way taller. There is a BIG difference between 7'1" and 6'9". 7'0" is exceedingly more rare. And to say he's only 6'4" today is asinine. Is that his hunched over height? I wouldn't call that his true height. If someone could theoretically give him unlimited pain meds and straighten his body out he would be way over 6'4" today.
Anonymous said on 9/May/09
I saw him on happy gilmore he really does look that tall.
Big Show said on 18/Apr/09
Big deal Jeremy, I was 6'8" when I walked in a freshman. So now you're at least as tall as me, who cares? I still outweigh you by 150 lbs.
Jeremy said on 16/Apr/09
In 1994, I first walked in to high school a 6'5" freshman, now i'm a 7'0.5" 290 lb. adult at 28.
Jeremy Lubbon height: 7 ft 0.5 in ( 215 cm )
JT said on 29/Mar/09
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Brian said on 17/Mar/09
I was 6'5" when Richard Kiel walked right by me about twenty years ago. He was towering and unbelievably broad.
Rusty said on 16/Mar/09
I though in the bond movies he was more like 6'10" or 6'11" not over 7'. Still a very tall man though.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/09
I am a 7 ft 3 actor

Getting his teeth into a new role
by Hannah Davies, The Journal

Hannah Davies speaks to giant Gary Tiplady on billionaires
Lawrence said on 9/Mar/09
Lineker was about 5'11''.Tiplady said on a UK TV show a few years ago,that he was 7'2''
miko said on 5/Mar/09
That guy (Tiplady) claims 7"3 and isn't even 6"10. Looks 6"8 tops. This guy would be towered over by a present day Kiel.

He doesn't have a full head on 5"9 ex England footballer Gary Lineker.
Brad said on 5/Mar/09
Yeah, stop liveing whatever that is. Lifeing?
Gary Tiplady said on 5/Mar/09
Stop liveing in the past and come and support the new jaws Click Here
Chaz said on 25/Feb/09
I think we can close the case on kiel,he realy was all of the 7'1.5'' he clamed.
Big Show said on 18/Feb/09
Looking at those pics JT, I guess Kiel could be a full head taller than Larry Hagman. Next to Weathers he indeed looks all of his 7'1.5"
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/09
Are you crazy?In that tv-show "My Hero" Kiel towers over that 6ft 1in guy.Probably because of camera angles he doesnt look for foot taller than him as he is supposed to be.Looks pretty huge anyway,definetely 7ft 1.5in.
JT said on 16/Feb/09
Thanks for the video, Big Show.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
In some scenes, he looked under 7
Big Show said on 14/Feb/09
Click Here

Here's the episode "My hero?" from the tv-show "I dream of Jeannie" from 1965. It guest stars Richard Kiel. Larry Hagman is listed as 6'1, but Kiel doesn't look to be a full head taller than him. I don't see 12.5" difference here.
aram x said on 6/Feb/09
Yeah I am not surprised Richard Kiel was 7,1 1/2 he claimed to be. He probably has lost an inch or two from aging though.
T.J. said on 3/Feb/09
He towered over every one in Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.
Jaws was always my favorite villian
Clay said on 30/Jan/09
I can believe Andre at 7'0.5-7'1ish.
Halb said on 20/Jan/09
So Kiel is 6'10ish?:D
Mamun said on 10/Jan/09
I would gladly pay 13 million dollars for that picture aaron ! I mean it !


aaron said on 8/Jan/09
there's a photos floating around that ive seen before of richard kiel and andre the giant shaking hands and standing next to each other. They look to be the same height.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/09
this guy is unbelievably tall! At least 7'1 and more likely 7'2
Jeff74 said on 2/Jan/09
Im 6'5". I saw Richard at a convention. I felt like a dwarf. He's A giant guy. Definately the height he says he is.
Nippu said on 9/Dec/08
Kiel was about 7
Brah said on 8/Dec/08
Click Here
Click Here
Abraham said on 7/Dec/08
I think Kiel is like 6'5 or something.
Tony said on 27/Nov/08
Kiel Great actor and in happy gilmore

"I believe that jacket belongs to Mr Gilmore"

aram x said on 16/Nov/08
It's obvious he's definitely over 7 feet although not by much.
Chaz said on 2/Nov/08
Deano you are way out,at he's peak he was evey inch of 7'1''+ he add a good foot on Roger Moore,who ive met two times in 1985,and he add 2'' on me and I was 180cm at the time,Allso in the film the spy who loved me he drives a old Sherper van,LDV 200,and the height of the van is over 205cm he is taller than it by a goog 6''
deano said on 30/Oct/08
nah mate its just my opinion actually, sorry to make it look like i forced the 6ft 7 issue ,but its honestly my honst opinion you guys can think whatever you like.
aram x said on 26/Oct/08
Richard Kiel is/was definitely over 7 feet. If you think he is only 6,8" there definitely must be something wrong with you!
deano said on 23/Oct/08
I can now tell you that richard kiels real height could actually be 6 ft 6 or 7 or at max 8 but you seriously cant say hes 7 ft 2, I mean I saw guys on telly that easily look taller than him who are 6 ft 10 and thats someone in britain no doubt he is a big man, but if you saw him next to the guy who played fekish in 'james bond' film 'the spy who loved me' who was about to die due to jaws biting him there he only looked say 11 inches taller or 12 but that guy he killed wasnt very tall at all i'd say he was 5 ft 6 or 7 or even more likly to be smaller he even sounded like a small man when he was it against the piller before dieing, at the end of the day people every famous persons height is always a lie, atleast thats what I think.I mean hey I cant say hes 7 ft just by looking at him.
Ange said on 19/Oct/08
This sounds much better than the 6'10 I've seen tossed around on other sites. Namely the ones where you can compare your height to the heights of notable people.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/08
I am not sure if Kiel got surgery for his acromegaly because surprisingly he's still alive right now (although the his health I do not know).
Big King said on 6/Sep/08
Well, maybe Kiel is 7'2" out of bed but why should he lie by saying that he's 7'2"? It surprises me that Kiel is over 7' anyway. I always thought that he's around 7 feet.
chris said on 30/Aug/08
I've met somebody taller than Richard Kiel before...7,3" Shagari Alleyne althoug he isn't as massive as Kiel he's still pretty big weighing around 285 lbs.
Guru said on 12/Aug/08
Richard Kiel clearly has acromegaly...he looks more like an orge than giant as a result. I wonder if his height was due to a pituitary disorder or if he was just naturally that tall. And somehow after his growth has ceased (if his growth was natural), he developed acromegaly from a malign tumor?
Dr. Russell Talbot said on 10/Aug/08
I personally measured Richard Kiel in 1963. He was exactly 7' 1 3/4" barefoot.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/08
I could swear (not literally) that Richard assisted me in my bumbling drop of a ski pole at Grand Targhee back near New Year's 1987. I thanked him and reminded myself not to bug him. Much more coordinated than myself on the slopes! If it was him.
Michael LeBeau said on 20/Apr/08
Ricard and I worked together once in 1990. I performed a Gospel music concert and he was the speaker. He is a very nice man. I wish I could find a photo we took together. My friends wife who's 4'11 looked him in the belt buckle.I'm 6' tall and 225 pounds. Most people think I'm a big guy. I look like a child next to him. I wear a size 14 wedding ring. He took his off and it slid over mine! Richard's wife is only about 5'3.
Big Show said on 21/Mar/08
Click Here

Here's a good pic of Dick van Dyke (who Rob has at 6'0.5) and Richard Kiel. Kiel looks like a foot taller than Dick, but I'm not too sure about Kiel's footwear though. I can't make out if they're white sport shoes or white cowboy boots.
Tom said on 16/Jan/08
Met him 2 years ago. Hard to tell his height he was sit all time long and had a cane to walk, but huge guy, the biggest head i ever saw in my life, his hands too are really big.
Very nice guy, he stayed until all peoples who wanted autographs had one. Roger Moore, the bond girl and the other guy left after about 5 minutes and him he stayed about 30-45 minutes. The staff organisators told him to leave but he didn't want, they didn't argue long time!
By movies I saw with him, like Longest Yard, I'm pretty sure he used to be near 7'2"
By the way,Kiel has a big head but Roger Moore has such big glasses, he's probably blind to use glasses like that
Jason said on 5/Jan/08
I agree he could seem 7'1'' easy back in the day, but I don't think he was quite that. There was a recent times pic of him with Peter Mayhew (who Rob has at a mere 6'8'' today - oh, changed to 6'9'', just looking now), and they were around the same height. Mayhew appeared taller, actually. Kiel's (and Mayhew) shrunk a lot, but can't have shrunk 5''.
Viper said on 5/Jan/08
I still think hes around 7-1 mark.
Alex said on 4/Jan/08
This guy is like 65, hes obviously lost an inch or 2 in height
ER. said on 3/Jan/08
In a fairly recent interview (2-3 years ago) on a Norwegian T.V.-show, he told the interviewer he was 7-5, actually. I even remember how they got into the subject: the interviewer told Kiel always get's a lot of comments about his heigh (the interviewer was tall, too), and that he coulden't even imagine how it must be for him. And then the interviewer went ".....I'm 6-6, so how tall are you?" Kiel: "Well, I'm seven-five, so....". He is clearly not 7-5, but I find it strange that a guy THAT tall would say he was taller though. Guess even he doesn't know his real height, lol.
Viper said on 3/Jan/08
He looked an easy 7-1 or 7-2 in the twilight zone episode "To serve man". He was supposed to be playing a 9-0 alien. He also had to duck under a door way at the end.
height estimater said on 1/Jan/08
Ive always believed this guy was around the 6 ft 11 mark as I know someone who is 6 ft 10.. he could push 7 ft 1 in shoes..
Marcelo C. said on 5/Oct/07
Huge, enormous no matter the angle you´re looking at him from. Remember the scenes where he´s next to Moore (6´1" or so), who seems to look 5´9" if compared.
Poker Portal said on 30/May/07
I give Tiplady 6'10" at the most. Just look at the picture with Lennox Lewis, only 4 or 5 inches difference.

Editor Rob
Tiplady did post here once, just his kind of bio I think.
Slig said on 16/Apr/07
Tiplady looks about 6´7-6´9 tops but not even close to 7 feet.
the new Geordie jaws said on 1/Mar/07
Gary Tiplady

Left school where he went onto catering college and after that gained vast amounts of experience working in some of the best hotels in the north east .he also worked at the world famous Gleneagles hotel in Scotland, which he gained vast and varied cooking skills.

He cooked for, and met royalty, showbiz stars and sports celebrities along with political leaders.

Whilst participating in his profession he started to teach himself the art of lard modelling

With no formal training in the arts, Gary Crafted his original work in lard and margarine made in the many hotel kitchens that he worked as a very popular top chef, his work graced the tables of many grand company banquets and has been feature on many television shows. Documentaries and far-reaching local news He has now turned his hand at sculpting with galvanised wire mesh
Brad said on 1/Dec/06
Hard to judge now. He shows up at the Ray Courts show and has a terrible curve to his back.
JT said on 23/Nov/06
Nice picture, Bendy. I've never seen Kiel next to anyone taller than him. Kiel looks around 2 inches shorter. If Kiel could/would straighten up, he'd probably be about as tall as Mayhew. His shoulders are definitely at a higher level. Kiel looks like he has no neck. His spine is probably curved forward in the cervical region.
Jim said on 10/Oct/06
Having examined the photos of Kiel standing next to Carl Weathers(6'1") and Van Dyke(6'0.5"), Kiel certainly was a solid 7'1" in his day and I have every reason to believe he was the 7 ft 1 1/2 ins he has claimed.
Cantstop25 said on 4/Oct/06
if Kiel was a wrestler he would probably be listed here as 6'11", I really dont think he was taller then a young andre looking at all of these pics. thouhg Im not dissing kiel, im supporting Andre. I believe the height listed here is very accurate.
JW said on 28/Sep/06
JT. Those are interesting photos. Chuck Connors was one of the few actors who didn't exaggerate his height, which makes him a good standard for judging the heights of other actors. I always considered Fess Parker to be a legitimate 6'5" although he may have been slightly smaller than Connors. I have never found a height reference for Walter Burke, the little man in the photo between Kiel and Parker. He seemed to be about 5 feet tall or less. There is no way that Richard Kiel could be 8.5" taller than Chuck Connors or Fess Parker. Dick Van Dyke must be somewhat under 6 feet because there is considerably more than 4.5" difference between him and Fess Parker, based on the two photos with Richard Kiel. The photo of Kiel, Parker, and Burke doesn't show their feet so there is no way of knowing what kind of shoes they were wearing. Richard Kiel may have wore elevated shoes occasionally to appear more menacing. Fess Parker is leaning over in the photo so his full height is not apparent.
JT said on 25/Sep/06
JW, Editor Rob has Carl Weathers at 6'1" (Click Here) and Dick Van Dyke at 6'0.5" (Click Here). Kiel definitely looks close to 7'2" in these photos, as he does in the photos with Roger Moore. However, Editor Rob has Fess Parker at 6'5" and Kiel looks at most 7 inches taller than this guy(Click Here). I still can't see Kiel being any shorter than 7'0" though.
JW said on 19/Sep/06
Richard Kiel was on an episode of "The Rifleman" and appeared to be no more than 4 or 5 inches taller than Chuck Connors who was 6'5". Richard Kiel was probably only about 6'10".
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/06

Gary Tiplady the giant 7ft 3 in actor from Newcastle at the moment just came back from Sweden doing a million pound film commercial for Tic Tac mints as george the yeti
He has stared in the very popular French film called “Le Boulet” as the caricature “Le Meg” in which he has golden metal teeth I played the second lead roll. In the film
He also stared in a British Film called “Baby Juice Express” which is a comedy spoof take off, of the popular UK film “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”
I have also done varied television work which is quite impressive.he had parts in East Enders,Moll flanders ,the 10th Kingdom , BBC Granada documentaries. I have appeared in News paper and magazines and received great media exposure as a result.
Amongst other things I have not long done a photo shoot in a London Park with a very well known photographer. If you were in Australia you would see my face plastered all over the place. It was to do with the Australian wool industry.

A few weeks ago I was being photographed again at a local stately home, the result of which the photos are to be found in a very high class German Magazine.

I am registered with an agency in the USA called featuring myself Gary Tiplady. If you click on this web site you can see my credits thus far.

e said on 25/Aug/06
It is true that Gary Tiplady is at 7ft 3ins and is a Jaws looklike actor cos I knew him well.
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/06
message for ck Gary Tiplady is a actor in his own right
ck said on 9/Aug/06
On an interesting side note there is a guy called Gary Tiplady who claims to be 7'3" and is a Jaws (Richard Kiel) lookalike from the Bond Films.

Doesn't really look the full 7'3"??

Click Here
Jason said on 10/Jun/06
Looking at more pics of Kiel, I reckon he was 7'1'' max. Maybe the 7'1 1/2'' and 7'1 3/4'' were more morning measurements? Someone that tall would lose a little more height during the day. In terms of amount, not proportionately. He's no more than 6'11'' today, probably under.
ForensicNYC said on 9/Jun/06
A young Richard "Jaws" Kiel...
Click Here
With 3'11" Michael Dunn (Dr. Loveless) of the WILD WILD WEST...
Click Here
With 5'3" Barbara Eden, I DREAM OF JEANNIE...
Click Here
Bad Hangover after a wild party...
Click Here
He rightly belongs to THE SEVEN FEET CLUB.
Alex said on 6/Jun/06
He says 7'0.5 then he says he says 7'2 since its easier. So hes boosting himself up 1.5 inches. He must have meant hes 7'1.5 and saying 7'2. He does look 7'1ish.
Paul said on 3/Jun/06
He attends all the 'autographicas', usually with Blanche Ravalec. There was one in a hotel near Heathrow airport on 3 and 4 June. I will try and make the one later this year and judge him for myself as with the autographicas you get to meet the guest signers in person. He was definitely at least 7ft back in the Bond movies.
Anshelm said on 28/May/06
Shoes on with barefoot Barbara Bach (5'7"/170 cm is what I remember hearing for her), cirka 1977:
Click Here
Cr@zyHor$e said on 7/May/06
Click Here

Here he is standing in front of a UK door, (6'5"-6'6"), And he seems to have bad posture, That pic is from 2005 so he's 66 yrs old which is old for an acromegalic giant, its hard to say how tall he is in that picture, but I doubt hes at the 7'0 mark, But in the bond movies and older pics he definately did seem 7'1"

Cr@zyHor$e said on 7/May/06
Here he is standing in front of a UK door, (6'5"-6'6"), And he seems to have bad posture, That pic is from 2005 so he's 66 yrs old which is old for an acromegalic giant, its hard to say how tall he is in that picture, but I doubt hes at the 7'0 mark, But in the bond movies and older pics he definately did seem 7'1"
Picture said on 21/Apr/06
I will be honest.
I cant see the difference between 7 ' 1 and 7 ' 2.
JT said on 21/Apr/06
He's always looked a good 7'1" to me. Sing, Shaq may be as tall or very nearly as tall as Kiel, but he just wouldn't look as big on film. Because of his acromegaly, Kiel has a giant head, huge hands, and a very wide frame that makes him appear imposing (like Andre and Big Show). I think he weighed around 350 lbs. when he did the James Bond films.
Sing said on 10/Apr/06
well Jason if Shaq were in that movie, you don't think he would look just as big? No way is Kiel taller than Shaq, there is just no way. Acromegaly or not. 7 feet Max without shoes.
Jason said on 10/Apr/06
I dunno, Sing. You know I normally don't believe a lot of this stuff, but Kiel really did look the 7'1 1/2'' he claims to me in the James Bond movies.
sing said on 9/Apr/06
RICHARD KIEL IS NOT 7 FEET 1.5 WITHOUT SHOES ON. EDITOR ROB, YOU ARE SLIPPING A BIT. If you take what actors/athlete say they are, then all the heights would be wrong. I believe he's 7-1 with shoes on, without shoes, he's probably right around 6-11 or 7 feet mark, same height as Shaq.
Alex said on 6/Feb/06
This guy looks to be a solid 7'1.
katie said on 29/Jan/06
iI the description of the movie "Eegah!" it says "...giant actor Richard Kiel..." I just thought that was funny.
Gramps said on 30/Dec/05
I think Rob has Kiel right at 7'1.5" (or so!). Take a look:
Don't know how tall Gene Rayburn was, but Kiel sure looks a lot bigger than 6'9".
But here with Elvis he doesn't look that tall (although the distance and angle are not good):
With Barbara Eden:
With Eden and 6'+ Larry Hagman:
Looking every bit of 7 feet hunched over with 6'1" Roger Moore:
Another with Moore:
todzilla said on 29/Dec/05
I have met Mr. Kiel on several occasions near his home in oakhurst california, and due to the degenerative skeletal disease he is inflicted with with it is really hard to tell how tall he is with any accuracy. his frame is very wide and deep due to this and his skull is very large, even too big for his large body. he walks with great difficulty and is hunched over and usually in discomfort because of his disease. I believe he was never taller than 6'8" or 6'9". he now stands about 6'4 or so from being hunched over. yes his daughter is really hot, and he is one of the most genuinly nice guys you will ever meet.
Bam Bam said on 17/Oct/05
I am a personal friend of Richard Kiel I can tell you that he is everybit of 7'1". The funny thing is his wife is 5'1" ish about the same height as my mom. He does have to wear leg braces and it is difficult for him to get around. His oldest son has his shoulders and his mom's height but a little taller. Good for football he made for a great lineman. His daughter won miss preteen USA back in the late 80's. His height in respect to tall for nowadays is tall but not weird. In the 70's he was tall! Thats why they used him in the Longest Yard, Canonball Run, and he is best known for being "Jaws" in James bond. I do have to say he is one nice guy as well as his whole family. They are normal by all respects other than he doesn't need a ladder to chage a light bulb...
weggy said on 27/Jun/05
Some great pics of Kiel stood back to back with Barbara Bach on Barbara Bach website.Barbara at 5'6'' barefoot stands a fraction above elbow height to Kiel,putting him I reckon about 7'1.
cantstop25 said on 2/Jun/05
O yeah and bob just basically confirmed that Kiel is 7'1.5"

"In photos of Kiel, he is no taller than 7' in shoes. Not even close to 7'2". 6'8" comes up to above his eyebrows where the 4" mark should be and thats how he measures out to 7'."

first of all if the dude he is next is actually 6'8" he actually would be above 7'1.5" you said with shoes well then you have to remember the oter man is wearing shoes as well. plus the way of measuring the heights up to the eyebrows is 4.5" inches so that would add up to 7'1.5", however in kiels case due to the size of his head it is much more then 4.5" so youre really saying that kiel is 7'1.5"+.

O and by the way who was the 6'8" guy?
cantstop25 said on 2/Jun/05
OMG Bob not everybody in the world has the same size head. Like the wanderer said kiel has an enormous head much larger then someone like Orlando bloom.

Kiel is 7'1.5" that is what he meant to say.

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