How tall is Richard Madden

Richard Madden's Height

5ft 9 ¼ (175.9 cm)

British actor best known for his portrayal of Robb Stark on the hit HBO Series Game of Thrones. In film he appears in Cinderella and Bastille Day. In this photo, I have an inch sneaker, Richard converse so about 0.4 inch less than me.

How tall is Richard Madden
5ft 8 Rob and Richard

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Average Guess (60 Votes)
5ft 8.83in (174.8cm)
Nik said on 17/Mar/18
To be honest Richard Madden looks sub 5'9" to me!
mike said on 15/Mar/18
@rob, do you tell people you're 5'9 or 5'8.25?
Editor Rob
If anybody ever asked me in the past - and we are talking a handful of occasions since launching this site - I would just say 5ft 8, or 173cm...but strangely, many Brits aren't as clued up on metric as feet/inches.

Even Jenny is very unaware when I mention an actor is 170cm, she's no clue what that is 'Feet and inches Rob!' she tells me 😂

She falls into the category of somebody who would never look up the height of an actor on a search engine. 😮
Bobby said on 1/Mar/18
@Rob, why don't you just claim 174cm? You're clearly a legit 174cm guy. More 5'8.25 than anything else really.
Editor Rob
I would claim it if I was nearer to it than 173cm, which I'm much closer to being.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/18
Rob you look more 5'8.5 than 5'8
Editor Rob: at age 41 I would class myself as around 5ft 8.25, here is most recent video showing afternoon height using both facing/backwards barefoot measurement:

but believe me, I do think I can measure slightly taller lately compared to say early 30's...but we are talking 1/8th inch though, more a slight postural improvement.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 10/Dec/17
Looks 5'8.75"
Cameron said on 10/Dec/17
Even with the footwear disadvantage I'm still struggling to see anything more than a weak 5'9". Maybe 5'9" flat but no more.
MAD SAM said on 1/Dec/17
The Disney Prince isn’t all that tall 😱
Bobby said on 25/Nov/17
His eye level is higher than Rob's, so you know this guy has to be taller than Rob, but since Rob has a quarter inch more footwear, Rob looks taller. This is a tough case to solve, 5'9 flat?
Editor Rob: a possibility, at the lowest 5ft 9.
Sacred said on 7/Nov/17
177 cm for him
2toes said on 5/Nov/17
No more than 175 cms, your extra 1/4 of an inch is too generous.
Slim 6' said on 4/Oct/17
Rob, he's more of a weak 5'9" than a strong one.
Dwayne said on 7/Sep/17
He looks your height here robb, even if we factor in his 0.4" disadvantage. wouldn't you say he's more like 174 (5'8.5")?
Mateyboy said on 1/Sep/17
Rob would you class this guy as being average height?
Editor Rob: yes, within average range today.
Mateyboy said on 26/Aug/17
Wow this dude is short I thought he would have been about 6"0 but I think 5"9 is closer to the truth No thing above 5"9 for Madden Rob?
geez_napoleon said on 7/Aug/17
another what the frak type listing. but for proof see pictures of him elsewhere
Epiphany said on 26/Jun/17
Rob, the pic speaks for itself: even with the 0.4 inch shoes difference, the max he can look is 175. I mean, he's not even crouched and he's exactly as tall as you in the pic
gomad said on 20/Jun/17
you look like cousins and twins in height
Pierre said on 2/Jun/17
He has a smaller head than Rob.His hairs give him more height than Rob's hairs imo.With same shoes=around the same height as Rob imo=strong 5"8'(~173.3).
World Citizen said on 29/May/17
He looks no more than 5 ft 8.75 here.
delancey said on 29/Apr/17
Your listings are 99% spot on Rob but I still don't see 176 cm here, even with the shoe difference.
I'd go with 5'8.5.
Editor Rob: the worst I'd give him is 175, I just wouldn't have guessed under that.
James said on 19/Apr/17
Biggest lie ever. He claims 5'11" but ive met the guy and he was only slightly taller than me (I'm 5'7.75"). I'd say 5'8.5" on a brilliant day.
Rory said on 1/Apr/17
Doesnt look any taller than Rob in the photo tbh. Less footwear so maybe looks 5'8.5 but hard to see 5'9 let alone 5'9.25.
I'mike said on 25/Mar/17
In that photo Rob and Richard look exactly the same height to me, so given Rob's footwear advantage that would make Richard no more than 5'8.5. To be 5'9.25 he would have to have at least three quarters of an inch over Rob in that photo but he just doesn't!
Patrick 5foot9othing said on 8/Mar/17
Same eyelevel. Same top-of-the-head level.
So giving him a centimeter in case of footwork is okay. I won´t judge him on his tv apprearences anymore, since you met him.
Donald Mc said on 10/Feb/17
Solid 5'9.25". he looks between 5'8.5" and 5'9" because Rob have extra inch than Richard.
Editor Rob: not an extra inch, I'm in an inch sneaker, he is in converse sneaker so about 0.4 inch difference.

also stick with your usual name thanks 😹😹
delancey said on 28/Jan/17
Even with the footwear difference I think 176 is a stretch. Comfortable 174/174.
Evan said on 16/Jan/17
From his recent walk to some fashion show with Nick Jonas, Jonas at 1,70 is at least 5 cm taller than Madden... Madden is at Jonas' eyebrows...
Robin said on 1/Jan/17
Rob's substantially larger hard makes Richard appear taller but they're about the same height actually. 5'8 for Richard in this picture no more.
Victor Surratt said on 30/Dec/16
I think 1.76 is reasonable if Rob in the picture have an inch sneake, like he say.
Kyle said on 23/Dec/16
5'8.5" judging from the photo. Can't really believe it, he was listed 5'11" on google and seemed that on GOT. I guessi shouldnt really be surprised since i thought Jon Snow was 5'10"
TJE said on 19/Dec/16
Madden had 13 cm on Dustin Hoffman in Medici, but I reckon he's no longer 5'5 now.
Sully said on 11/Dec/16
Hi Rob , you and Richard Madden look exactly the same height , even your eye level and shoulder level is the same as his .You are about 5'8.125" and taking into account the 0.4" shoe advantage you have , he looks around 5'8.525" in this picture.From seeing him on Game of thrones i still think 5'8.5" is too low , but he could well be a 5'8.75"-5'9" guy.What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: Sully, I still think he is somewhere around 5ft 9 range, I did feel he had an edge on me there.
Puma said on 5/Dec/16
I can see strong 173, max 174 a guy in this photo.
MrQ said on 28/Nov/16
Bwah he's max 174 cm no more.
eee said on 5/Nov/16
first off, i think rob is standing slightly in front of the guy so if they were standing the same distance from the camera, i think rob will actually look shorter about .25 inch. am i right?
Editor Rob: we are as close to being same distance as possible side by side (my hip is touching his), although I think it is likely the cameraman from what I remember is slightly closer to my side than bang on the middle.
Patrick 5foot9 said on 7/Oct/16
Guessed on this photo, he´s nothing more than 5foot9. Maybe wake up 5foot9.5
Dani said on 27/Sep/16
Hey Rob, i played a small role, as a background actor, in the tv show Madden is portraing in Italy. I saw him i person and he looked at least 4-5cm more than me. I assure you i am a strong 176. Almost 178 in the morning and just above 176 in the evening. How can be possibile he looked a 5f11"?
Editor Rob: that's certainly surprising, based on what I saw of him up close!
Truth said on 13/Sep/16
Min: 173.5 cm
Real height: 173.75 cm
Maximum: 174.25 cm

In this photo i'd say a good solid 174 to him.
Roger said on 10/Sep/16
I'm really not seeing over an inch here. Taking into account the footwear advantage he looks 173.4 at a first glance. I suppose with the camera angle he could just about edge out 175 but I don't see where the extra cm comes from.

I'd say 174 based on this picture.
the smart one said on 9/Sep/16
a more specific measurement would probably be 175.8 cm.
Aza said on 7/Sep/16
Rob you both look pretty close in pic above
dpp said on 3/Sep/16
he look have same height as rob in this pic ,but he have smaller head than ,so he shorter than about 1-1.5 cmin pics,without shoes disadvantage he must around 5ft 8.5 as you.
Pierre said on 28/Aug/16
His eyes are around the same height as Rob's eyes but his forehead is certainly not as tall as Rob's forehead,he has a smaller head as Rob .If he were in same shoes as Rob he would be max the same height as Rob imo,i see him just under,about 5"7.75'/5"8'
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 27/Aug/16
@c-mo i agree with you. My brother is rob's height or 5'7.75 at worst and when i stand next to him, my eyes are at above his eyebrows.
c-mo said on 24/Aug/16
I am 176cm (night) and that is not how I look next to a man of robs height . this guy looks 2cm shorter than me so 174cm at night
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25in) said on 20/Aug/16
Richard does not look 176cm. You might have overestimated him Rob.
El Fulte said on 15/Aug/16
Johan said on 12/Aug/16
From this pic 5'8.5" I would have said. He doesn't seem to be standing very well though. Might have dropped more in posture than Rob did.
The Expert said on 12/Aug/16
He is 5'8. I think no way for 5'9...
Balrog said on 9/Aug/16
It's been a long time since I last posted in the page. It's nice to see you have met great celebrities Rob, big fan of GOT. Richard looks barely taller than you, with the footwear disadvantage I'd put him at near 5'9''. He's standing relaxed, but very similar to you.
Editor Rob: it's a slow and steady addition over the years, I only do a few events a year now but long-term I hope to keep adding to the site.
TJE said on 5/Aug/16
Rob, if 5'9 is arguable then would you consider downgrading Alfie Allen, Kit Harington, Michael McElhatton, Sofie Turner, Oona Chaplin, Michelle Fairley, and others by a cm or two?

He's definitely more than 2 inches taller than Kit, Alfie, and Oona and edges out McElhatton.
Editor Rob: that's why I can't see him below 5ft 9, he looked too tall against other cast I met.

Now I doubt he's a lift wearer, as I mention he turned up at this event in normal converse...
Lex said on 3/Aug/16

Don't you think he should be downgraded to 5'8.75" (175 cm)? Based on all the comments below, it appears that almost everyone agrees that he is only half-inch taller than you, which would put him in the weak 5'9" territory. You both look the same height in the picture, and if you are to take into account the difference in shoes, that would mean he's only half-inch taller than you at most. Since you're 5'8.25", he'd be 5'8.75".
Editor Rob: 5ft 9 is arguable, I still felt he was a bit taller than me before looking at his sneakers.
Joe said on 2/Aug/16
You look the exact same height as him 😡? You need to downgrade him by a whole inch and half!
Lex said on 2/Aug/16
Rob, do you think there's a possibility that he may only be 5'8.75"? You both look the same height in that picture. Now, taking into accounting your footwear advantage, he would be around 1 cm taller, which would put him at about 5'8.75". What do you think?
Ahmed said on 2/Aug/16
Hi Rob , you and Richard look exactly the same height with your 0.4"(1 cm ) shoe advantage , you are 173 cm (5ft8) , so if you add the centimeter to him he would be 174 cm , maybe 175 cm max.I really think 176 is too much .Please ellaborate
Editor Rob: either he is 176 or around 174-5...which means he either managed to drop a cm more than me or I guessed him too high.
alxr37 said on 1/Aug/16
I doubt he's taller than 5'8 and 3/4 I don't know he can be 5'9.25 when you guys look the same height. I know he's wearing converse but still..
Axl said on 1/Aug/16
He looks around the 175 cm / 5' 9'' area at most.

Rob, how tall would you say Richard is just before bed?
Johno said on 31/Jul/16
Can't understand why he looks within 4-inches and nothing more than 5-inches shorter than Idris Elba when he clearly is Rob's height?
Roy said on 31/Jul/16
Looks like Rob is just a bit taller. With the shoe advantage I think Madden is more 5'8.5 or no more then a flat 5'9.
Lolly said on 30/Jul/16
You can see he's clearly like 5'8" with his converse shoes.
NX said on 30/Jul/16
Rob he looks half an inch, an inch at most shorter than you. I think 5'7 and a half would be a fair listing.
CD said on 30/Jul/16
The quarter inch really is unnecessary, 5ft 9 is a good estimate for him.
6ftBen said on 29/Jul/16
Here's a question Rob, who do you think chooses the height lie? the agent or the actor and do you think actors actually care? We know Tom Cruise does but is it an epidemic of effete thespians who are touchy about their image or is it just the way the biz works?
Editor Rob: an actor knows what's on his own resume...mostly. But an agent might actually put a different height than what the actor claims, it is a possibility.
Greg said on 29/Jul/16
Looks spot on - an inch taller than Rob
Nightwish said on 29/Jul/16
174 max in this picture, surely?!
lelman said on 29/Jul/16
You actually look fractionally taller, with a 0.5in shoe advantage surely that would put him at 5'9" flat tops? You're being pretty generous with both his and Alfie Allen's listings based on the pictures.
Pierre said on 29/Jul/16
He has higher hairs and a shorter forehead than Rob imo.Considering the shoes he's about 5"7.5' or 5"7.75' imo
Editor Rob: I have more sneaker than him, 0.4 inch worth, which is about a cm.
delancey said on 29/Jul/16
Interesting, it may just be the photo Rob but factoring in your shoe differences I see 175 max. Might even be closer to my height (174.5 day, 174 flat at night)?
Eric said on 28/Jul/16
max 174 in this pic, with footware disadvantage no more than 175
Dan said on 28/Jul/16
Rob you look the same height as him, maybe even a few millimeters taller! How come? If you really are 173 he should be 173 as well, 174 max.
Editor Rob: I do feel he was a bit taller talking to him just before this snap, but you can lose or gain a fraction with camera, posture, position.
mrtguy said on 28/Jul/16
Rob you look 178 cm in this pic
John Baptist said on 28/Jul/16
Rob is there any chance he dropped to 5'9 Flat ?
Editor Rob: yes there is a chance.
Charizard said on 28/Jul/16
Looks your height 173-174cm
TJE said on 27/Jul/16
If he's downgraded at some point, a lot of other actors will need to be downgraded as well, especially Kit Harington and Alfie Allen since he's clearly more than 2 inches taller than them.
184guy said on 27/Jul/16
More like 5'8.75
Crane said on 27/Jul/16
Rob Paul height is 174 cm.
littlesue said on 27/Jul/16
Looks more 5ft 8.5 compared to you Rob
Johno said on 27/Jul/16
Alternatively, he could average exactly at Rob's height.
Lynn said on 27/Jul/16
You are on a box Rob, ain't you?
Editor Rob: I'd look a lot taller if I did!
Guts said on 27/Jul/16
175cm Max maybe even 174.5cm

Never thought he was a shortish guy on Game Of Thrones always bought his 1.8m listed height. Just goes to show the difference of heights on and off screen
The Man said on 27/Jul/16
Weak 5'9"
TJE said on 26/Jul/16
Well, if he looked similar to Gemma-who's like 174.2- with a cm less footwear then that puts him at 5'9 flat; maybe a little more than if this was done at night.

With this and him with other celebs, I'd say 9.25 is a good estimate for Richard. Although Rob has observed that he's tucked somewhere between 175-176; he can pass for 177 in some pics with celebs.

Also seems to be a pleasant fellow but look more average in person; a short beard wouldn't hurt him.
Pitts said on 26/Jul/16
You two look bang-on the same height in that picture. I literally see no difference at all in that picture. Now, if you are to take into account your 1 cm shoe advantage, then he is exactly 1 cm taller than you. 174-175 cm would be his height. I don't see 176 cm for him.
Andrea said on 26/Jul/16
Yeah, it is quite "clear" he isn't over 174 in the picture... Maybe the fact he's got a small(er) head fooled you into believing he's slightly taller when he really isn't (or at least it looks like that)! That or a couple of cms went lost, again...
Editor Rob: it is always possible I thought he was a fraction taller, but overall he can look a decent 5ft 9 with other people.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 26/Jul/16
Looks same height as Rob in this picture looking at the top of their heads.
Shoulderheight is also equal.
Judging by this pic and adding the footweardisadvantage he´s 174-174,5cm 5´8.5"-5´8.75".
Andrea said on 26/Jul/16
So, again, some height got lost in the photo?
Editor Rob: it is either that or I guessed him a cm too high...
Peter175 said on 25/Jul/16
Even factoring out the height gain from your shoes, how on earth is he 5'9 in that picture? I know he's looked generally 176-177 but hes legit tiny in this picture. looks strong 171-172
Johno said on 25/Jul/16
5'8.75 average.
Richard said on 25/Jul/16
Rob, I'm very confused. In that picture you both are EXACTLY the same height. And, if we are to take into account footwear, then he is at the very most 0.4 inches taller than you. If you are 5'8.25", then Richard is at most 5'8.75". So, why is his height overstated by half an inch?
Ras said on 25/Jul/16
Looks 5'7.5
height man said on 25/Jul/16
well you are the height authority here, but you are the very same height as him in the picture
so take the 0.4, let's make it 0.5 inch to round up and you have him at 5'8.5
you can put 5'9 if you are unsure about it, but i don't see the 3cm difference between you two
Aaron Zamora said on 25/Jul/16
You 2 look around the same height. This guy is 5'8.5 at best Rob and I'm sure that others agree as well.
Leonardo said on 25/Jul/16
5'9 flat (175cm), in the photo is shorter of course
172.4cm guy said on 25/Jul/16
Wow, interesting picture. It doesn't even look like Robb Stark! Even with the slight shoe disadvantage, are you sure about the height being 176cm and not 175cm?
HB said on 25/Jul/16
The King in the North! Even taking your advantage into account you appear around the same height, if not a tad taller, Rob.
Peter 179cm said on 25/Jul/16
Rob you look exactly the same height, did he drop some posture in the pic?? Because even considering footwear, i can't see anything over 174 for this guy...Maybe 176 in sneakers?
Editor Rob: the closer someone is, it actually can be trickier at times - I thought he was a fraction taller than me plus 0.4 inch less sneaker and so nearer 5ft 9...
John S. said on 25/Jul/16
Looks the same as Rob. I'd say 5'8.5"
GP said on 25/Jul/16
Rob, did you mean to put 8 instead of 9 as his listed height? There is no way he is 176 unless you are wearing boots with 1.5" heel.
Andrea said on 25/Jul/16
Great picture, again, Rob!
But honestly? You guys look very similar (if anything, you do look a hair taller)... Add 1 cm for less footwear and he looks more 174 range than anywhere over 5'9!
And, even if i didn't look that much at him, i thought 5'9.5 was quite a good guess, so i'm a bit suprised he looks so short with you!
Editor Rob: I did feel Richard was a bit taller, probably very similar to the girl I measured just over 5ft 8.5 (Gemma in youtube video), so add on shoes and probably right around 5ft 9...5ft 9.25 is the most I'd guess.
Sam said on 25/Jul/16
I always had the impression for this guy being a weak 5'9, and this photo proves it. Heck even Rob looks a bit taller and yes I have noted Rob having the advantage in shoe but still think if he was over 5'9 would have to look taller than Rob.
TJE said on 25/Jul/16
He must be slouching here
white said on 25/Jul/16
where's the background? what the hell?
Editor Rob: it's just an off-white photo backdrop.
Peter175 said on 21/Apr/16
He's been downgrade on google from his old listed 5'11 height. That said I believe he is a full 5'10 or very close to it.
Patrick 5foot9 said on 13/Feb/16
Rob, why are there so many actors, important actors of game of thrones, you didnt met so far? Do they think, the are to good for meeting fans? Like Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke?
lelman said on 28/Dec/15
I'm not saying thats how tall he is. Just what I thought he looked in the early seasons of GoT.
Deidre said on 26/Dec/15
All you have to do is look at how short Madden's arms and legs are to know he is nowhere near 5'11''. That heavy armour, high heeled boots (GOT) and the illusion that TV and movies make by using platform sets to convince people that an actor appears much taller than he really is. I've seen both Kit Harrington and Richard Madden in personal appearances and they are short So, why the big lies. It's their acting talents that count NOT their height.
littlesue said on 8/Dec/15
Well both of them only around 5ft 7 Lelman so how can be be 5 11 to 6ft??
lelman said on 5/Dec/15
Would have guessed him at about 5'11" - 6'0" based on GoT. Looked more than 2 inches taller than Kit Harrington and Alfie Allen.
Alexa said on 3/Feb/15
Rob, how can you explain this picture: Click Here

I mean, if Sam Claflin is 1.80m, than Madden is no taller than 1.73m in this picture. Anyway, it practically confirms that madden 100% isn't taller than 1.75. So why not 5'9?
[Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 9 at times, other times I think can pull off looking above the mark.]
Samantha said on 30/Oct/14
Wow, his height is listed elsewhere at 5'11! I knew he didn't look near that (says Harry Lloyd is, and he's much taller in pictures) but I didn't know he was that far from 1.80.. He is so handsome so why do I really prefer tall men so much? Love when a guy is over 6'3.. (I'm 5'3) My grandpa was 6'8, I always wonder if that's where the height worship thing comes in..?

King Robb is still my favorite though! Those eyes and cheekbones, wow.
Realist said on 29/Oct/14
Who says Prince Charming needs to be 6'3. Times are changing, Cinderella (Lilly James) is 5'7. And this guy is only about 2.25-2.5 inches taller than her. In 1800s when the tale was written, i think a 5'6-7 guy could have easily passed as Prince Charming and Cinderella would have been 5'1-2. As for Richard 5'9.5 currently seems fine, but i would not rule out 5'9.25 though.
TJE said on 6/Aug/14
Strach that. He's actually dropping a good inch, but Jenna's footwear is not as thick as I had originally though.

Click Here

I think 5'9.5 is spot on.
TJE said on 21/Jul/14
Has a good 4 inches on Jenna in the pic, and she has at least 2.5 inches more footwear. And he's not even standing straight; I believe he's dropping about 0.5 inches here. Could be 5'10, but he isn't lower than listed.
Games of Heights said on 1/Feb/14
If Sam Claflin is 1.80 then Richard is not more than 1.73 tops.
Click Here and usually Richard wears heels shoes when on red carpet...
spike said on 26/Dec/13
He looks a solid 2-2.5 inches shorter than Sam Claflin who's listed on this site at 5'11, with a number of users arguing he's a weak 5'11 to 5'10 . I think a round 5'9 for Richard is more accurate, maybe even a hair under without sneakers on.
Patrick 1.75.5m said on 9/Dec/13
No Chance, for 1.75.8m evening-height, Rob?
Sam said on 14/May/13
Accurate height. He's about 2 inches taller than Kit Harington.

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