How tall was Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan's Height

6ft 3 ¾ (192.4 cm)

American actor, best remembered for roles in films such as Crossfire, The Set-Up, Flying Leathernecks, The Naked Spur, Bad Day at Black Rock, On Dangerous Ground, Billy Budd, The Dirty Dozen and The Wild Bunch. In the 1999 book Stars in Marine Corps, he was described as "6ft 4", although has also been called 6ft 3. In the film The Set-Up his character's weight was given as 194 pounds. In a 1948 news article it mentioned "Bob is the tallest actor on the screen, 6 foot 3 and ¾", another saying "6 feet 3 ½, topping Greg Peck, Gary Cooper and John Wayne".

Robert Ryan in Marine Raiders

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6ft 3.23in (191.1cm)
194cm Leprechaun said on 26/Aug/23
He was listed at 6'3".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jan/23
stiggles said on 25/Dec/22
Ryan was 6ft 2.
Wayne was 6ft 1

lol come on now
stiggles said on 25/Dec/22
Ryan was 6ft 2.
Wayne was 6ft 1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/20
Him and Wayne looked eye to eye in Flying Leathernecks
Ian C. said on 28/May/19
You're not allowed to swear in your posts on this site, but sometimes this can be a protocol that inhibits the expression of a legitimate response to a prior post.

Like for instance: Charlie E, below, says, "for myself, living in Canada, I have to go weeks before I see a man over 5 ft 10." What? As a Canadian myself, I have no idea why anyone here would say such a thing. Are Canadians mostly short, or shorter than Americans? Not a chance.

Canadians are not short. Dumb? Well okay (depending on whom you ask), but not short.
Tall Sam said on 4/Mar/19
Ryan was more or less a head taller than Spencer Tracy, closer to 8-9 inches height difference than 4 inches, some shots can make Tracy closer at times. 5'11" is really kind of outlandish for Ryan at any rate. He was pretty close to even height with John Wayne and might've edged Steve Allen.
Charlie E said on 1/Mar/19
t seems like every male actor in Hollywood is between 6 ft to 6 ft 4 but for myself living in Canada, I have to go weeks before I see a man over 5 ft 10 sometimes months. There's no doubt that Robert Ryan was tall. He looked tall but when you look at his male costars from the 50s many of them were around 5ft 7.5 ft 7 would have been the average height for most adult male actors in the 1950s era. Robert Ryan looked at most 2 to 3 inches taller than most average male actors. In Bad Day at Black Rock, Robert Ryan is side by side with Spencer Tracy. Spencer Tracey was labeled at a 5 ft 8 man for several years but seeing him in Bad day at Black Rock Spencer looking nothing like 5 ft 8 not even close. He was 1 inch taller than Annie Francis both in flat shoes. I had an aged Spencer Tracey between 5 ft 5 to 5 ft 6 at the very most. Spencer Tracey in his youth looked shorter than average so by 1955 he would have lost height. Robert Ryan had 4 inches on Spencer Tracy's head was at Ryan's eyebrows. Robert Ryan was more like 5 ft 10 to 5 ft 11 and in the 1650s that was noticeably tall for a man especially when the average male was between 5 ft 5 to 5 ft 7. There is absolutely no way Robert Ryan was ever 6 ft 3 3/4. 5 ft 11 at most for Robert Ryan.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/18
Lowest maybe 6ft3½....also applied to Eastwood and Wayne
Tall Sam said on 19/Mar/18
I'd give the very slight edge to Ryan but in Flying Leathernecks, Wayne and Ryan appear very similar height. I never saw Ryan look as low as Wayne did back in The Big Trail. To old comment by undoubtedly troll-ish James, not boring actor at all, even if he always was a little shy of being a true star and always kind of straddled between leading man and character actor. He's a lot more interesting to watch even in lesser material than a bigger star like Gary Cooper to me.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 26/Feb/18
Rob, who would you give the slight edge to, John Wayne of Robert Ryan?

I've seen pictures of them. It varies, and I'm thinking about tossing a coin for the two of them.

What do you think?
Editor Rob
I think they both would measure within a small fraction, but it would be hard to say which would edge the other.
James said on 15/Nov/17
Robert Ryan was exactly 6'3".
movieguy said on 4/Oct/17
Never a really big star, too rugged looking for leading man roles, his reputation is probably stronger now than when he was alive thanks to the net and dvds/blurays. Looks tall in his films similar to John Wayne in that film they made. Must have been at least 6'3''.
Richard crow said on 24/Jul/17
Robert ryan was between 6-4 and 6-5.
Same as john wayne. But dont take the word of wifes and girlfriend and everyone else who knew him. This site is rediculous .trying to stamp heights on people by guessing. I am an artist and am very accurate with measurements. There is only a few I seriously question. Like Clint eastwood is the biggest one. He was never ever 6 feet 4. Met him in 1977 and he was a little under 6 feet 2. Probably 6-1.75 Ben affleck 6-1.5 jim carey the same. I found a website a few years ago which isnt around anymore but they had Exact heights of people. Arnold swarznegger in his prime was 6 feet 1.5 which his teamates verified. But if anyone will shrink its guys who lift giant amounts of weight for a living. But honestly I like clint Eastwood but thats about the worst exaggeration. I wish I still could find that website ( which is the first website to have the Rocks true height- untill then it was said to be 6-5 or 6-5.5 ) we now know it to be 6-4.5.
Honestly if some celebe were as tall as they claimed to be and just happened to shrink a half a foot ,their arms would be scraping the floor. Oh by the way - the most UNexaggersted and underated height has been Gary Cooper. James stewart was 6-3.5 in which he said his exact height was in a tv interview and he said he wanted to be tall so bad he thinks he must have willed his self to be growing up.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/17
He had about 2.5 inches on Burt Lancaster, 6'3.5 is arguable in that film, though he might have lost a bit of height by 1971, not long before his death in his early 60s. I think 6'4 on the nose peak is reasonable.
James said on 2/Feb/17
Ryan gave his height as 6'3" and 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/17
Rob, could 192cm be closer?

He was given 6ft3 and 6ft4
James said on 30/Dec/16
Ryan was 6'3". He was the most boring actor ever.
Tunman said on 26/Dec/15
Looked exactly 3.5" taller than Robert Mitchum so that mark seems fine.However with John wayne I wasn't able to tell who was taller.At one point I could have thought wayne was a smidgen taller but nothing is less sure.Anyways 6'3.5-4 is the range one could argue.Great actor,I feel the 50's and 60's delivered so many great films.Can't be compared with new ones based mainly on science fiction.
Sam said on 14/Nov/15
Here with John Wayne: Click Here
Click Here
w/ Katharine Hepburn: Click Here
w/ Robert Stack: Click Here
w/ Robert Mitchum: Click Here
w/ Burt Lancaster: Click Here
Makes a case for a stronger 6'4" than Wayne if not a STRONG 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/15
"Robert Ryan's height is 6ft 3¾in (192cm)"

Could look from 6ft3 up to 6ft4. More on the latter though.
Sam said on 10/Jul/15
Here's his biography that states in college, Ryan was 6'4" and 190 pounds.
Click Here
Also another biography mentions a quote from Ryan "The men stars wouldn't have me in a picture with them. I towered over so many of them." This book also mentions that Robert Ryan's father was an inch taller than him and that he had a 6'8" uncle.
Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jun/15
Seeing Ryan next to Marvin in one scene I really believe the full 6'4" for Ryan now, stood his best he had between 2 and 3 inches on Marvin who had to have been more 6'1.5.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jun/15
Really looks the full 6'4 with Lancaster in The Professionals, but doens';t look it here with Marvin and Strode haha! Click Here Interesting photo, probably not the best for judging though .
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/15
Rob can you mention in the film The Set-Up his character is described as 194 pounds? Towers everybody in that film.
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/15
Looks tall in Crossfire! There's a chance of 6'3.5.
Sam said on 20/Apr/15
No, I doubt 6'2". Lowest I'd go really is 6'3.25", looked really similar range to Wayne in Flying Leathernecks.
Barker said on 27/Dec/14
Robert was 6' 2" .
Sam said on 8/Dec/14
Would have been interesting to have been there when Robert Ryan asked John Wayne to step outside to fight him after Wayne did some heavy-handed political baiting at the expense of left winger Ryan. Wayne declined and kept more quiet after that. The two guys looked pretty similar in height there.
wishbone said on 3/Dec/14
Although I don't often agree with sportscaster Jim Rome,especially because he butchers pro bowling so much,Jim and I have seen The Set Up. Ryan should have won an Oscar for that movie as a boxer who looked butchered and beaten,but Ryan's role fit him perfectly. He was 8-2 as an amateur boxer at Dartmouth and in the Marine Corps. What Rome and I like about The Set Up is the harsh realism about boxers being manipulated to throw fights. Ryan's Stoker Thompson Set Up character looked like he would be a borderline contender when he was younger,but notice as you watch The Set Up how scarred his face was. (That's commonplace with boxers.) He refuses to go down,no matter how badly he's beaten to a "fruit juicy pulp." The secret making The Set Up what it is is it was shot in real time. The Set Up is a severely underrated movie,but if you can find The Set Up on TCM or at Disc Replay,it packs a deadly "rabbit punch." (In boxing lingo,"rabbit punch" is a hit to the kidneys.It's grounds for disqualification.)
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/14
@Jake Agreed, fantastic actor, BTW I recommend Lonelyhearts if you've not seen it, he stole the show.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 27/Nov/14
He's one of my all-time favourite actors. There's something about him. Just unflincing, often candid naturalism to his performances. Just watched him in Bad Day at Black Rock which was marvellous. I think 6ft 4in is legit/very, very tall. Rob, can you add THE PROFESSIONALS to the top? I'm sure that's one you've seen as you seem to be a bit of a movie buff.
Gonzalo said on 6/Nov/14
Great actor. Looks very handsome in the above pic. Not under 1´90 and most likely 1`92-93
Sam said on 23/Sep/14
Yeah, considering Wayne is listed at 6'3.75", it's possible Ryan was just a shade under 6'4" since they were quite similar. It's acceptable to list him as 6'4" range because that's what he was.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Jul/14
Amazing, yeah. Definitely underrated as an actor. I've been getting into him a lot of late.
Sam said on 21/Jul/14
Wasn't he great, Arch? Really quite edgy not afraid to play dark characters, more so than most any top-line character actor of his generation, although I also respect the more leading man-ish Kirk Douglas's willingness to go starkly unsympathetic. Like I said Hayden was taller but they both had that lanky but strapping build IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/14
I dunno, I thought Sterling gave a taller impression and generally looked 6'4.5-6'5.5". I see Ryan as around that 192-3 range.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/14
Rob can you add those films Sam mentioned and add a photograph? I'd also add Lonelyhearts, he was terrific in that.
Sam said on 18/Jul/14
He was a legit 6'4" IMO, he also physically reminded me proportionately of the taller Sterling Hayden. Rob, could you add "best known for Crossfire, The Set-Up, Flying Leathernecks, The Naked Spur, Bad Day at Black Rock, On Dangerous Ground, Billy Budd, The Dirty Dozen and The Wild Bunch"?
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jun/14
Seeing him with Monty Clift in Lonelyhearts it's difficult to see him under 6'4" Difference looked a good 7 inches.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/14
Rob can you see him under 6'4" at all, like 6'3.5? There's a scene in Bad Day at Black Rock where he's stood on a railway line and the shot reminded of Gary Cooper in They Came to Cordura. Very similar proportions. Ryan did have really lanky legs though, typical of a skinny 6'4 guy though didn't he?
Editor Rob
some 6ft 4 guys will fall in the 6ft 3.5 zone, but not as many would say 6ft 3.5...there isn't that many on here, maybe Matthew Modine and Chevy Chase spring to mind though.
Brad said on 24/Apr/14
Easy 6' 4". Incredible actor.
Robbie said on 5/Apr/14
Robert Ryan was 6'3". What a dull actor though.
Gonzalo said on 21/Feb/14
He towered over Ward Bond in the excellent film "On dangerous ground". Bond was at least 1`85, so 1`93 for Ryan seems accurate.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/14
Agreed on Peck, Cobb and Mitchum, Cobb especially was a fantastic actor.
Bruno said on 3/Jun/13
Yes Ryan was a fine actor, usually portrayed characters the polar opposite to himself. Wayne starred in a lot of movies and yes there was some turkeys, but his good movies were real good. He had presence.
Gail said on 10/Apr/13
Saw most of Ryan's and Wayne's pics. Ryan any day of the week.
Bruno said on 17/Mar/13
Jake, have a look at The Searchers, The Shootist, True Grit, Liberty Valance, Red River shall I go on. Much better my a**e.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 11/Nov/11
Yeah he was a legitimate 6' 4" and a much better actor than his one-time, fellow 6' 4" co-star John Wayne.
guyfrommars said on 2/Aug/11
He looked a little taller than 6'3" James Stewart in Naked Spur, so I think 6'4" is correct for him.
john d. said on 8/Mar/11
in the film, "flying leathernecks" both ryan and wayne appear to be about the same height. 6'4" is about right
thebad7 said on 24/Feb/11
I would have loved to have seen this man in the ring when he was a boxer as a youngster--solidly built with wrecking balls for hands. 6'4" sounds right. I own many of his films, and one I viewed recently was 1971's LAWMAN. He looks about 3" taller than 6'1" billed Burt Lancaster.

Also, in THE PROFESSIONALS, there are scenes in which he stands next to Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, and Woody Strode. He is noticeably taller than Marvin and Lancaster, but next to Strode he looks about the same, and Strode himself was measured at 6'4".

Anonymous said on 13/Dec/10
WTR, I believe you. And Im a fan of your fathers. Thank you for your comment.
WTR said on 7/Dec/10
Just so you all can go do something else, my father was 6'4" tall. By the time he died, at 63, he'd probably started to shrink a little bit. It happens with age. And Wayne was an inch shorter, politics or no.
adam said on 12/Feb/09
Yes. Around 6-4 peak. Later he dropped down by about an inch. And he was a good man and most likely taller than Wayne!
Gonzalo said on 11/Feb/09
Ryan is one of my favourites. He appeared in some great movies and always gave great performances. I also remember him in films made by some of the best directors ever: Berlin express (Jacques tourneur), The woman on the beach (Jean Renoir) and Clash by night (Fritz Lang).
In height, he looked minimum 1`90 and I think he probably was around 1`93
adam said on 22/Jan/09
Ed T, I saw The Professionals and in the film Ryan looked to be around 6-3. He was taller than Marvin and clearly taller than Lancaster. I heard that Ryan was somewhat sick during the filming and possibly even depressed. Certainly, in my opinion, Ryan was miscast in the film. The film was mainly Marvin`s and Lancaster`s show.

Most of his films in the 50s are very underground. So it is very difficult to get in touch with all Ryan`s work. Im trying to get a chance to get those film noirs of his in the near future. Hope you and I both will get lucky!

Talker, very interesting. That would most definitely put Ryan in a solid 6-4 range.
talker said on 5/Jan/09
In Flying Letahernecks he looks taller than Wayne.
Ed T. said on 7/Dec/08
Adam, I haven't seen that many of Ryan's films either and will try to get more of his films in the near future. Your correct, he did seem to be not only a great actor but also a man of very high integrity.

Have a Merry Christmas if I don't speak to you before then.
adam said on 6/Dec/08
Ed, my friend, unfortunately I haven`t seen so many yet. I`ll have to get a lot more of his films. I`ve seen Wild Bunch, Dirty Dozen, Crossfire and The Racket. Crossfire is a magnificent film, yes.

I`ll have to check those films you mentioned soon. It`s Christmas time and all.

Robert Ryan was a good man with wise thoughts. He didn`t get along with John Wayne and I completely understand that. I see that you are a fan of his, Ed T. You seem to be quite a smart fellow, hope you share the same thoughts as mr. Ryan. See you around, Ed!
Ed T. said on 2/Dec/08
Adam, what are your favorite Robert Ryan movies? From the Ryan movies of I have seen I would list "Crossfire", "On Dangerous Ground", "Bad Day at Black Rock" and "The Professionals" . From what I have read, his character "Hans Ehrengard" in the "Professionals" is probably similar to Ryan's real life personality.
adam said on 14/Aug/08
Yep, late maybe closer 6-3 but in his prime I believe a solid 6-4. Watch his film noir movies. Great stuff by a great actor.
Ed T. said on 12/Aug/08
One of the best ever actors. Probably a shade under 6'4" peak ( maybe 6'3.5"). Looked closer to 6'3" in his later films, such as "The Professionals" and "The Dirty Dozen".
Frank2 said on 11/Aug/08
No doubt, on both counts.
adam said on 11/Aug/08
A magnificent actor. And a solid 6-4.
talker said on 11/Mar/08
i just saw a1950 movie "born to be bad" with J.Fontaine.Ryan and Mel Ferrer.Ryan looks clearly at least 3cm taller than Ferrer there, and they stand next to each other.Ferrer i always thought was 6'3" but he wasnt looking from him next to Ryan unless Ryan was at least a full 6'4",actually thats what he looks like.Ferrer looks maybe a little more than 6'2",he looks clearly an inch taller than Fonda in "War and Peace".I'll have to accept what Frank J says,if Ryan was 1.92m which is possible,then Ferrer must have been 1.89m.
Brad said on 28/Feb/08
6'4 and was an amazing actor
Gene C said on 26/Oct/07
Now here is a guy I would say was a solid 6'3" without lifts (calling Duke!). Yes, a fine, fine, under-appreciated acting talent. In 2 films with Duke they seem equal, but it is pretty established Duke was "Wayne conscious" (his expression) and tended to use special foot wear.
Robert.R said on 15/Jan/07
I did not realise he was that tall because he never seemed to tower over anybody in the films I saw. Then again the actors I saw him with were the likes of James Stewart and Rock Hudson. I think height played a big part in getting leading roles in those days. I wonder how Alan Ladd and Audey Murphy did so well.
Kerry said on 5/Nov/06
Robert Ryan was taller than Wayne and Stewart. He was definitely 6'4".
Frank J said on 14/Aug/06
I wrote Ryan's biography, and his sons stated that he was between 6'3" and 6'4". In fact, as a person ages, they shrink in height, so that maybe in his earlier years he was closer to 6'4", but later he was closer to 6'3". I myself was 5'11 and 1/2 inches several years ago and I am now 5'10", but my case may be more extreme than others. My book, entitled Robert Ryan: A Biography And Critical Filmography is reviewed on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Editor Rob
thanks, interesting tidbit of information there
Brad said on 12/Aug/06
6' 3" and was an amazing actor.
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/06
I've just read in a mini-biography he was 6'4'' and 190lbs when young.
Anonymous said on 5/Aug/06
I'd say at least 6'3''. Possibly an inch taller. A brilliant actor who could explode from a state of suppressed rage like no other. He often played right wing reactionaries but was fairly liberal in real life I understand.
CC-Tron said on 5/Jun/06
6'2 has also been mentioned for Ryan. In Leathernecks he was wearing boots so barefoot he very well could have been 6'2 or possibly 6'3. In my combat boots, I'm close to 6'4. I'm 6'2.25. 6'4 is pushing it though. If he were that tall he'd be just under 6'6 with boots. He didn't look that tall. Since he been measured from 6'2 to 6'4, I'd go with middle height 6'3.
Frank2 said on 30/May/06
Ryan could have been 6'4".
Larry said on 29/May/06
Watched FLYING LEATHERNECKS just todat on TCM. Ryan & Wayne are about the same height in most scenes. But the ground is very uneven, so sometimes one or the other would look SLIGHTLY taller. In THE NAKED SPUR he looked 1" taller than Jimmy Stewart. I'd say Mr. Ryan was at least 6'3.5" tall and he was ectomorphic, not really skinny. Great actor IMHO! :-)
Gonzalo said on 12/May/06
It depended on the shot. It is true that, by the end of the movie, when they both meet at their headquarters (or whatever it is called) Wayne looked clearly taller. However I had seen pics of the two together and Ryan was taller.
Ryan was as tall as Donald Sutherland in Dirty dozen. I think he was at least 6`3. I also remember him in a film with Ward Bond, called On dangerous ground, and Ryan seemed to have at least three inches on Bond
CC-Tron said on 10/May/06
He was shorter than John Wayne. Wayne seemed to have two inches Ryan in "Flying Leathernecks" (they were wearing boots in that movie). I'd put him no taller than 6'3. I think he was 6'2 though. His slim build made him appear taller than he was and Ryan was definitely on the slim side. I'm 6'2" and people make that mistake with me all the time. Also most of the actors he starred with were 6 feet or shorter (mostly shorter).
Gonzalo said on 8/May/06
Robert Ryan was very tall, at least 6`3. He did a film with Rock Hudson and he was an inch shorter. He appeared in a film with John Wayne and it was hard to tell who was taller. In some shots Wayne was taller, but I also remember seing pics of both of them together and Ryan seemed taller. Mysteries
Frank2 said on 24/Apr/06
Ryan was one of my favorite actors. He could do just about anything. His role of Claggart, the brutal Master of Arms aboard a British navel warship in the classic film Billy Budd is chilling. The film is a bona fide masterpiece.
sam said on 24/Apr/06
He definitely looked to be 6'4"ish.
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
Ryan was at the very least 6'3". He towered over just about everyone he appeared with.

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