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8ft 11.79in (273.8cm)
zas said on 15/Oct/06
Hey Arjun, what do you think about the videos of zhang juncai an xi shun? For me is very clear. Zhang is the real world's tallest man. He is 242 cm.
Highman said on 15/Oct/06
I looked and cannot find the photo...darn it. Now "Tallest Man in the World" returns thousands of answers and it was on some kids personal I cannot find it.

How tall is Zhang then? Has that been announced?
Highman said on 15/Oct/06
Julio... those were some really cool videos.... I think Zhang and Xi Shun are often confused but they obviously are totally different in the face... Both seem to be in the same height range... indeed Zhang actually seems taller but who knows....

The Sultan Kosen video is cool too. How tall does he claim to be in the video? I hear "Guinness" but wonder what they are really discussing... Any translation?
JT said on 15/Oct/06
Not sure if this video of Sun Ming Ming (7'8"??) has been posted yet. (Click Here)
julio said on 15/Oct/06
can you post the photo of ajaz next to Radhouane please ?
julio said on 15/Oct/06

I think that Zhang is a little larger than Xi shun, these video shows it
Click Here

Click Here

I think that Zhang measures between 2,37m and 2,42m. other applicants with the title of the largest man:
- Alexander Sizonenko (7ft 11) but it little to be held right, if he could it he could be larger than xi shun.

- Ghulam Shabbir claims to reach 8ft 4 inches (2,55m) but it reaches approximately 7ft 2 or 7ft 3inches
- according to an article feng jun wang would have grows of 10cm since its operation east would reach 8ft 4 inches (255cm)
- Sultan video kosen:

Click Here
Highman said on 15/Oct/06
Any pictures of this Leevi kid from Finland?
Highman said on 15/Oct/06
You have to believe Guinness Xi Shun is the tallest. My darkhorse would be Ahmed Ajaz. I actually saw a photo of Ajaz next to Radhouane Charbib the previous tallest man in the world and Ajaz seemed several inches taller... I guess they both showed up at a fair in Pakistan and were not aware of each other... Charbib looked confused in the photo. Guinness won't recognize Ajaz because of Ahmed has a bum leg that is shorter than the other...

Lastly, if any of these others were taller they would get measured. I agree Stadnik is about 7-4.... what a joke and Vikas Uppal from India, if he was the tallest he literally would be forced to be measured since the Indians love beating world records....

There is a kid from the Mayo clinic and others around the 7-8 mark so I could see the record moving again.......lots bunched in at the 7-7 to 7-9 range.
Arjun said on 15/Oct/06
JT, Sun Ming Ming is 23 now. And he has had his tumor removed, so he won't grow in height or get any soft tissue enlargement now. And he has improved some in stamina, but is still quite a long way from being drafted from the NBA.
Supes78, I think Xi Shun may really be the tallest living person now. Leonid Stadnik, looks to be in the 7'4" to 7'7" range. In one of his photos, he is about 9.5-10" taller than a doorframe in his house IN SHOES(the door is upto his mouth), and standard doors are usually no more than 6'9". So 6'9" + 10" = 7'7" in shoes, so about 7'5" barefoot (he has huge shoes which have to be giving around two inches). Zhang Jun-cai is nearly but not quite 7'9", not 7'11.5" as listed in some places, as several other articles list him as being shorter than Xi Shun by a few mm, he is'nt growing any more as he's in his late 30's. Wang Feng-Jun is also no more than 7'9"(probably less), and is'nt growing any more either as he's had his tumor removed. Mounir Fourar does'nt look anywhere near 8 ft (he looks just 16 odd inches taller than two average guys in one photo) so is probably around 7'3" or so. Vikas Uppal , as I've explained in my earlier post, is 7'8" max (there's no way the shortest guy in the pic of him is any taller than 5'3", and Uppal looks barely taller compared to him as 7'7" Manute Bol looks compared to 5'3" Muggsy Bogues) so he's probably around 7'6" - 7'7" as well. And there's a giant in Finland , Leevi, who's only 17 and claims to be 8'4" as well, sounds dubious to me. Only one guy may be taller than Xi Shun IMHO - that is Sultan Kosen, who has supposedly been measured to be 7'11 1/4" and may grow another 2 inches!!!
supes78 said on 14/Oct/06
So, who really is the tallest living person right now? I've heard conflicting reports.
sf said on 14/Oct/06
I've read that Wadlow was actually only about 8'8", but wore lifts to come close to the magical 9 feet height.

That's sarcasm.
highman said on 13/Oct/06
Wadlow was a statistically deviation .... we have had what 6 billion people living in the last 3 generations? May 2 or 3 within a half foot of Wadlow and none within 3 inches??? Do the math.
Arjun said on 13/Oct/06
Highman and others:-
Go to this page and scroll down to one photo of Vikas Uppal standing in the middle of a line with some 5 guys around him.
Click Here

See the difference between the second tallest guy in the pic (to Uppal's right) and the shortest guy (to Uppal's left). It is around 7.5 - 8" at best - according to me - the shortest guy is just a tad below the second tallest guys earlobes, and top of head to bottom of ear is usually 6.5, MAX 7" for average-sized guys. Taking this difference as x inches, put the image in any photo editor and see how many times this difference is Uppal taller than the tallest and shortest guys respectively. You will see that Uppal is well under 3x inches taller than the second tallest guy and well under 4x inches taller than the shortest guy. I find Uppal to be about 2.67x taller than the second tallest guy (and therefore 3.67x taller than the shortest guy), so if you take x as 8 inches, then he is 8 * 2.67 = around 21 inches or 1'9" taller than the second tallest guy, and 21 + 8 = around 29 inches or 2'5" taller than the shortest guy.
Now, that shortest guy, trust me, is NOWHERE near 6 foot, that I can tell just by looking at him. I'd say he's about 5'1" to 5'3" at BEST, there are a lot of guys around this height in India. And none of the other guys look very tall either, the tallest is probably 5'10" or so, and the rest all around 5'6 1/2" to 5'8" - the average Indian male height. The guys who take photos of supposedly 8 ft giants never put 6'6" guys next to them - they always put shorties to make the giant look even taller than he is, to make him look as tall as he is billed as.
So if the shortest guy is 5'1" - 5'2", then that makes Uppal 7'6" - 7'7", if he's 5'3" (Muggsy Bogues's height) then Uppal is MAX 7'8". For those who think that I'm underestimating the differences or that it is too large to calculate, scroll below on this very page to the picture of Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues. The difference between them is about the same or barely 1" less than the difference between Uppal and that shortest guy, and we KNOW FOR A FACT THAT MANUTE WAS 2'4", NO MORE AND NO LESS, TALLER THAN MUGGSY.
Arjun said on 12/Oct/06
The second pic of Wadlow is amazing, the guy next to him isn't a dwarf, he's surely about 5'5" or so, there is an ACTUAL 3 1/2 feet (40 +) inches difference. Anyone who thinks that Wadlow was'nt 8'11" even after looking at this and a few other pics of Wadlow towards the end of his life is either blind or delusional. We often exaggerate that "so and so was barely upto the big man's waist" for various tall people next to short guys, this guy is truly, no joke, below Wadlow's waist. His legs were literally longer than an average man's total height. Just by looking at this one pic, you can tell that Vikas Uppal, Leonid Stadnik, Ajaz Ahmed etc. are nowhere near 8 feet, let alone the 8 feet 3 or 4 or whatever they claim. They are all around 7'4" to 7'8"! None of them tower over average or slightly under average people by even close to what Wadlow did!
None of them would even reach Wadlow's chin!
JT said on 12/Oct/06
Here are a few more photos of Wadlow that some of you may not have seen before. (Click Here), (Click Here)

Editor Padraig, I think that second picture warrants a serious downgrade of Wadlow to 8'10.5". See how Wadlow got the cameraman to tilt the photo to make Wadlow appear taller than he really is?
Danimal said on 12/Oct/06
It actually wasn't the last pic, or one of them taken before his death. He had lost 62 pounds from an ilness towards the end, going from 491 to 439 pounds and I have pics of him at the end and he was VERY thin. Much thinner than that pic of him, I believe that he was 8'7" or 8'8" in that pic.
Big Show said on 11/Oct/06
Nice pics JT. The first pic was actually the first pic I ever saw of Robert in the Guinness Book of Records. I believe it was one of the last pictures taken of him and probably the only one where he's close to his 8'11.1 peak height.
The second pic was taken in 1930 where a 14-year old Robert was 7'5. The guy next to him is 5'10.
Danimal said on 11/Oct/06
Look at Wadlow's shoe size in that first pic JT provided!
JT said on 10/Oct/06
Here are a few pictures of Wadlow that I haven
Nippu said on 10/Oct/06
Yep! I think there is no 8 footer in the world right now. stadnik is maybe 7
highman said on 9/Oct/06
clearly Vaino Myllyrinne was a legit 8 footer... no silly hats or clown sized shoes to create his height.... he was a giant. I believe we have yet to see an 8 footer living.
Nippu said on 9/Oct/06
Myllyrinne was 222cm (7
highman said on 7/Oct/06
Does anyone have anything on Vikas Uppal?
Nippu said on 5/Oct/06
Here is video of Vaino Myllyrinne and also his homepage with lot of pics. He was measured 247cm(8
mask said on 5/Oct/06
And this is the site of another giant Aleksandr Sizonenko a russian who played basketball in the 80's and now lives in Russia like a poor man:
Click Here
his height is given at around 240 cm or 7'10" but possibly he could have been closer to 8'2" when he was young you have to click on the photos to enlarge and then there is a biography written in russian that I am not able to translate but if you look at the photos you can see he could reach the ring without jumping so maybe he was more 248 cm as many sources say
tall guy said on 4/Oct/06
JT, i did remember that even pituitary giants dont keep on growing forever, its common sense, but given the fact that he was still growing at age 22 that means
he will continue to grow until his body can not tolerate anymore
and collapse.
he was the one and only case in the history i terms of extremity
other pituitary giants dont start grow when their were infant
and didnt grew at a speed wadlow have indicated. other pituitary giant have
showned sign of acromegaly in their late teens to early 20's and the growth
gradually slowed down and stopped, but wadlow showed you that not did he not
stop, he actually he started grew faster again when he was supposed to have show sign of transition from gigantism to acromegaly, his case was/is very strange and there should be a study done for that.
yeah a normal person would have stopped growing at their early 20's and
wadlow was 22 at the time and was growing at a rate of almost 4 inches
per year, what does that tells you ?? is he normal??
his case was completely different as there wasnt any sign of transition from gigantism to acromegaly and given the speed of his growth which is why i say he might possibly grew to 10 feet.
he was already an exception cant you see ?? by his continue growth throughout
adulthood until he died, that showing no sign of stop growing.
at that rate, he would easily reached 9 foot 6 mark at age 24 and thats still
very ver young, so what makes you think he would never gotten the 10 foot mark ?? but if he was 10 feet tall i do think theres a greater chance of him ending
up in a wheel chair
as for health issues, i dont think he was in trouble health before he died
actually he was normal just like you and the difference is he has no sense on
his feet as his body grew to fast for his nerve system to catch up with
and this reason was why he ended up injured his feet without knowing whats going on. and by the time they discovered that it was all too late.
had he not suffered this injury he definately would have lived quite a few more
years and reach the 10 foot mark.
JT said on 3/Oct/06
Tall Guy, remember that even with pituitary giants, they don't keep growing length-wise forever. I'm no expert, but I believe they'll stop growing height-wise in their early 20s as a normal person would. Wadlow was already 22 at his death. If the pituitary gland remains hyperactive, then the bones start to thicken rather than lengthen. Andre the Giant and Big Show are good examples. I'm sure Wadlow would have surpassed the 9 foot mark by several inches though, given his rate of growth at age 22. He could have been the exception to the rule and kept growing a few more years. Who knows.

IIRC, Wadlow had to wear both leg and ankle braces for support, which is why I believe he would have had more health issues the taller he got.
tall guy said on 2/Oct/06
he definately would have lived quite a few more years had he not suffered from that ankle injury, and he actually started to grew faster again since turning 3 inch per year, so lets say if he can live at least 4 years more, dont you think he would have easily gotten the 10 foot mark ?

he was perfectly healthy during his lifetime as the story told about him in his main web page has mentioned and its just he had little sensation on his feet
other than that there isnt any evidence of him having trouble with health.
it was the infection from the blister that kills him not pituitary gigantism
theres not a single sign of him having problem with bone also
as you know see the picture of him taken with his dad
he was able to stand straight without the aid
what would makes you think if he would have all of sudden suffer spinal curvature had he grew taller ??

noticed how he was STILL able to walk without a stick despite being 9 feet tall
and walk fast even though his gesture was really awkward
had he grew to 10 feet tall i would think he can still walk but he would be
much more awkward and in a slower motion with aid of a stick.
mask said on 29/Sep/06
hey guys this is a photo of Gheorghe Muresan taken from a 1996 magazine:
Click Here
you can see that he is in shoes and comes up to the 7'7-8" mark approximately
because I have the impression looking at the photo that he doesn't stand up straight at 100% but is also true y that with shoes on he comes up to 7'7" and so I'd say that maybe in 1996 he wasn't a full 231 cm maybe 228 or even less but I am not sure!
highman said on 28/Sep/06
Ok... so this Igor Vovkovinskiy came out of nowhere yet he has been working at the Mayo Clinic!! Can we assume that he has been measured a legit 7-8?? Not far of from Xi Shun
Danimal said on 27/Sep/06
Well, Robert ALMOST proved everyone wrong!!!
Jason said on 26/Sep/06
I remember reading somewhere that humans aren't physiologically capable (due to limitations placed by the organs I think it was) of getting up above 9 foot no matter what.
mask said on 26/Sep/06
Hey guys this is another giant from Ukraine:
Click Here
Igor Vovkovinskiy 23 years old 7'8"
Anshelm said on 25/Sep/06
There seems to be some confusion on Wadlow's runners-up. Here are the 8' (2.44) or more guys recognized by Guinness (last seen in the 1992 edition). I've used the initial heights; Guinnes later upgraded two of them.

272 cm/8'11" Robert Wadlow (1918
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
That video is great, Wadlow is playing basketball!!! Just remember, this dude would have 2 feet on Shaq.
Bendy said on 25/Sep/06
RE: Clifford Thompson, I dont agree with Julio who says he was 7'2, I agree with bigshow at about 7'5.

Click Here

I edited the picture from the link, and if we assume thats a 7 foot door, I reckon he would be about 7'4-7'5" taking in to account the dodgy footwear.

Regarding Wadlow, My guess is if he lived for a couple more years he MAY have reached about 9'3-9'6" Thats if his body would have lasted that long, what with the immense strain on the heart to pump the blood around. I reckon if the foot infection hadnt have killed him, he would have had about 1yr more max, his body was already failing by his death, He couldnt stand or walk without the aid of braces and cane.

Interesting short film about him...

Click Here

JT said on 25/Sep/06
Tall Guy, I doubt Wadlow would have reached 10 feet but he certainly was likely to break the 9 foot mark by several inches given his recent rate of growth (Click Here). I'm just guessing but had he kept living, I bet he'd really start suffering from serious spinal curvature and other bone deformities, including bowing of the legs, the taller he got. He probably would have ended up in a wheelchair too. You can see from this video how much trouble he had moving around. (Click Here) Look how awkward his gait is when he exits the elevator. He'll probably remain the tallest man in our lifetimes, since anyone with a pituitary tumor can have the condition treated fairly easily now with surgery or medications.
highman said on 24/Sep/06
So there really have been very few 8 footers in the history of earth... most probably... and really maybe none medically verified above 8 foot 2inches other than Wadlow??? So Wadlow is numerically an astonishing deviation from the norm....
tall guy said on 24/Sep/06
the question always hidden deep beneath in my mind, just how tall would he have eventually gotten had he lived longer ?? for those who say he definately will die sooner even had he not suffer those injuries was clearly mistaken, he showed no sign of troubling health prior to his ankle brace injuries and had he not suffer that injuries and lived a few more years, i do think he have a good chance of reaching the 10 foot mark if not exceeding it, remember, this guy was growing at a rate of 3 inches per year before he died and showed no indication of ending to his growth......
so the question should be what might be his eventual height ??
my guess would be around 10 feet tall
julio said on 23/Sep/06
I do not think that it is reached 7'5, it appears smaller ( 7'2) on the photographs :
Click Here

Click Here
Big Show said on 23/Sep/06
Clifford Thompson was 7'5.
julio said on 23/Sep/06

Clifford Thomspon is other claimant for the title of the tallest man in the world after the death of Robert Wadlow, Cliff billed as 8 feet 7 inches (2,62m) in circus.
photo : Click Here

I think that his height is very exagerate and it was to reach approximately 7 feet 2 inches

what think about it ?
sorry for my bad english
Big Show said on 22/Sep/06
Kennet pz, Fredrick Kempster was believed to be only 7'8. He was a circus giant and they're always billed taller than they are.

Click Here

Here's a link to him.
kenneth pz said on 21/Sep/06
hes a giant amount all the gaints in world.. no1 could beat this big boy wadlow 272cm huge flame.. most giant who gets reveal and apear in news are around 7ft6(229cm)~7ft9(238cm)is common.. but who will reach wadlow 8ft11?? not even a 5inches(12cm) near his height..not even 8ft2don koehler,bernard coyne near him.. but thats an american giant name fredrick kempster was 256cm when he died.. that was the 16cm nearest to wadlows height.. fredrick was the 2nd world ever tallest men below wadlow..
Big Show said on 20/Sep/06
Indeed that pic confirms it all LMAO.

I would leave my name out as well if I came up with such a statement. But I reckon you're just joking around. I've never heard of a 7'6.5 listing for Manute Bol. He's always been listed as 7'7.
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/06
ill answer that question anonymous this picture confirms 7'6.5"

Click Here

he is only 2'3.5" inches taller then mugsy
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/06
hahahah jason I am just curious where is you evidence that manute is only 7'6.5" opposed to 7'7"?
Jason said on 19/Sep/06
I've read Khan's height referred to as being 7'7'' before. Actually he might not even be quite that mark because he would have been listed as the tallest man residing in the US which went to Manute Bol (7'6 1/2''). I think Calvin Lane is more 7'4''-7'5'' than 7'6''. He's also described as 7'5''.
Big Show said on 18/Sep/06
The article on Alexander Sizonenko states that he's 7'10.5 in a lying position. This doesn't count imo. You're always taller when you're lying down. If he were standing up and was still healthy he would probably be 7'9 or 7'9.5 and therefore shorter than the current record holder, 7'8.95 Xi Shun.
I'm also somewhat suspicious on Alexander. They say his wife is 5'8.5 (according to the ruler next to the pic she indeed is this height. But it also states that Alexander is 7'10.5 (and the same article says that Alexander is 7'6 in a standing position) so that ruler is false. That means this woman is closer to 5'5. Isn't there anyone that can find some info on his basketball days. Perhaps his old team has a height listing for him as well.
Wrestling lover said on 17/Sep/06
Alot of people beleive that over the past 2000 years average height of a full grown man has chande drastically.But It actually didnt.The average height of a Roman soildier(size of a average Roman man) was 5ft 7inches.It is now 5'10"tall.
JT said on 17/Sep/06
Editor Rob, I think Wadlow needs a serious downgrade to 8'10 3/4" (Click Here)
Bendy said on 17/Sep/06
Good find on Aurangzeb Khan Tad, I did calculate him to be roughly 7'6"-7'7", Regarding Wang Feng-Jun, I found a picture of him with whom I believe is now the tallest woman in the world, Yao Defen.

Click Here

About 5yrs ago Yao Defen challenged Sandy Allen as worlds tallest woman, but when measured by guinness she was 1/2" shorter than sandy allen (Sandy should be removed from guinness as she can no longer stand also her spine is curved and some people believe if she was to stand up she would be about 7'3" due to curve in her spine), So if we go on the basis she is 7'6-7'7" (although there are claims she is 7'8", Then judging by the picture posted Wang Feng-Jun could very well be in the 7'10"+ range but its hard to say as with other pictures of the 2 of them he is either same size or slightly shorter, so either she has grown or he has shrunk...

Also regarding Alexander Sizonenko, I found a website stating that he is 229.6cm (7'6") standing and 240cm (7'10") lying down.

Click Here

If you translate it, like I did you will understand it better...
As for Sultan Kosen, I havent found too much infomation on him so i cannot comment.


JT said on 17/Sep/06
Tad, 7'7" is a pretty good call for Khan. Here's Khan and 7'6" Calvin Lane next to the same guy (Click Here)
(Click Here). If you re-size and compare the photos, Kahn looks an inch or two taller than Lane. Kahn sure isn't 8 feet, as claimed on his website.
Tad said on 17/Sep/06
Hey Bendy, Hey Mask, take a look Click Here
7'6" Yao ming with the former Mayor of Houston Lee Brown, and Aurangzeb khan with the same person in Click Here in the pictures section. Yao has a good posture but Khan slouching a bit. maybe 7'7" for khan?
Tad said on 16/Sep/06
Wadlow was 8'11" without doubt. The tallest man ever. But, who is the tallest living man?. Xi shun was measured by guinness 7ft 8.95 inc. But i'm not sure he is the tallest man. could be the chinese Wan feng hun, he was measured 8ft 0.5 inc. by the doctors before his surgery 4 years ago; maybe the russian Alexander Sizonenko, german doctors measured him 7ft 11 inc. , and don't forget Sultan Kosen.
JT said on 16/Sep/06
Wadlow grew three inches in the the last year of his life (Click Here). It's reasonable to assume that he would have grown another inch to reach 9 feet tall had he not died at 22.
Jason said on 16/Sep/06
7'4''? I knew Viktor Zabolotny was nowhere near that 7'10'' stuff. 222cm (his basketball listing on your link) is actually 7'3 1/2''.
mask said on 15/Sep/06
But he is actually 7'4" he was a basketball player look at this any:
Click Here
he played basketball and now works in the traveling circus because of he comes from a poor family and he need money to help his parents and himself too
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/06
what about viktor zabolotny?. He claims 7'10''
highman said on 12/Sep/06
Amazing that there appears to be ZERO photos of John F. Carroll out there... how do you all know so much about him though?
Dan J. said on 11/Sep/06
I've been looking through NFL guides for the past year and I have yet to find any proof that any players named Daniel Bosoms (re: the 6'11" safety) or Bob Bobinghanger (7'7") played pro football. If anyone has proof (ie: photos, etc...) let me know. From all indications, Richard Sligh, the Oakland Raider reserve defensive tackle of the late 1960's was the tallest at 7-foot even.
TheMan said on 11/Sep/06
Yeah like bigshow said highman. Umm maybe they didnt add him becuase it wasnt standing height i don't know. Probably never got a chance to find out how tall he was stretching so that may of been a guess. Who knows he may have been over 9 foot even.
Danimal said on 9/Sep/06
He wasn't a boy when he died. He was in his early 20's and he was still growing at the time of his death.
keren said on 8/Sep/06
according to his height last mearsure at after his death 272cm was closer to 9ft tall.. he is a very huge boy.. lets say if he last mearsure which he stand a straight posture without abit hunches.. he could be a good 9ft(275cm)tall..
Big Show said on 30/Aug/06
Nice find Mask, never believed this kid being the 8'3 that he claimed to be. I think most people who claim to be over 8 feet tall are really somewhere around the 7'6 mark. It's the same as 50 years ago, when people of 7'5 claimed to be 8'6 or even taller.
Highman, I don't believe there are any pics of John F. Carroll. But John wasn't 8'9 in reality. This would be his height, if his spine was normal. But in reality he was only 7'10.5 (standing height).
Highman said on 29/Aug/06
I think the tallest are Xi Shun and Ajaz Ahmed.... Leonid doesn't look any taller than Georghe Mureasan (sp?)..... I don't think there is an 8 footer on the planet....
mask said on 29/Aug/06
Hey guys how are you?I hope you are all fine coming back to this Ring Kuot you remember the claimed 8'3" sudanese who wanted to become a basketball player like his uncle well his real name is Ring Ayeul and he lives in New York now but he is not 8'3" but 7'5" and tihs is the proof:
Click Here
Click Here
they are the same person and this is another case of exaggeration in height
greetings from Italy
Highman said on 29/Aug/06
I also have found nothing, I mean nothing on John F. Carroll in terms of photos. What gives?!!?? How could Guiness not have one yet quietly and consistently list him as the 2nd tallest human of all time? Anyone?
Jim said on 25/Aug/06
Robert was the tallest man known to medical records.
In ancient Palestine or Greece, men had a median stature of 5'4 (3 1/2 cubits)and if Wadlow had lived in those days, he'd have surely seemed twice as tall as a man, and probably would've been recorded as something like 8 cubits and a span ,(seemingly 12 ft tall). Ancient measurements were fairly vague probably rounded up to something like this:

5'3-5'6 = 3 cubits and a span
5'10-6'0 = 4 cubits
6'4-6'6 = 4 cubits and a span
6'8-6'10 = 5 cubits
7'0-7'2 = 5 cubits and a span
7'4-7'6 = 6 cubits
7'8-7'10 = 6 cubits and a span
8'0-8'2 = 7 cubits
8'4-8'6 = 7 cubits and a span
8'8-8'10= 8 cubits
9'0-9'2 = 8 cubits and a span
Danimal said on 25/Aug/06
BTW, this Ijaz Ahmed who claims he is 8'4" is also claiming he only ways 287 pounds. Do you know how thin that is? That like a 6'0" claiming he weighs 65 pounds.
Danimal said on 24/Aug/06
Are you claiming that you ARE Ijaz Ahmed???
Big Show said on 24/Aug/06
If Stadnik is still growing why is he still claiming to be 8'4. This height claims dates from 2 years back. He should be 8'7 or even taller by now if he's still growing.
To me it looks like 8'4 is the new magic number for Giants. There are at least 3 people in the world claiming to be this height.
Gotxo said on 24/Aug/06
Mask -Obviously they site is under construction so they can keep up with that's large guy growth :). Still growing at 35 is possible and reveals an hormonal disbalance.
mask said on 23/Aug/06
Hey guys the site Click Here is under construction!
mask said on 18/Aug/06
Ijaz you are this one:
Click Here
are you sure you are 8'4" tall? What's tha problem whit your right leg?
Ijaz Ahmed said on 18/Aug/06
Name : Ijaz Ahmed
Age : 26 Years Old
Height : 256 Cm (8
Larry said on 16/Aug/06
Gravity would only vary with huge variations in over-all mass, So, gravity would be close. But many other factors vary TREMENDOUSLY: rainfall, volcanic activity, the Earth's magnetism, temperature, sea levels, etc. Anything that effects the availability of food effects animal size. Like, Kodiak bears are SO large because of the abundance of salmon on their island. The buoyancy of water alows for greater mobile mass.
The Man - Yes and that animal was related to the rhinoserous, NOT elephants!
Massimo - Large sauropods are found that STRETCH the ASSUMED terrestrial size limit all the time! Superposidonosaurus stood 60 feet tall!
TheMan said on 15/Aug/06
The biggest ever land mammel Baluchitherium was said to have stood at around the shoulders 26foot and nearly 40 foot long. Some animals are obviously built to reach bigger sizes with no problems. But i wander seeing how much smaller things are now if the gravity was diffrent then somehow aswell.

Click Here

for a picture.
Massimo said on 15/Aug/06
Ultrasaurus stood at least 18 m tall and weighted at least 136 t.
Larry said on 15/Aug/06
Gotxo - Thanks man! :-) Some sauropods held their heads very erect, based on neck vertebrae. But they had relatively small heads & probably had a series/valve system kind of like giraffes. Brachiosaurs had longer front legs and strut-like bones in their cervial structures. Also, there is evidence they had very large hearts. But some sauropods DID hold their necks pretty much parellel to the ground. And there were "in between species". The tallest discovered biped (so far) is the 17 foot tall Giganotosaurus. T. rex stood about 16 feet tall.
I believe there ARE statistics showing tall subjects ARE more susceptable to some maladies (but less susceptible to others).
TheMan said on 14/Aug/06
Those guys who died young like scott clien. You don't just drop down dead in peak condition you do if you take steriods though so most of these bodybuilders are ridiclous with their steroid intake their just dead men walking. Yeah youre in amazing shape for a few years but i don't see the point when youre dead after. Its just sad they throw their lives away. Sorry bit off subject but i had to rant their lol.
Gotxo said on 14/Aug/06
Ah Larry get better!
We bet on you!
Gotxo said on 14/Aug/06
Great post friend! yeah, the stats show that people over 184cm have a greater chances to suffer of problems derivated of blood pressure, as say cataracts in
the eyes. Can't remeber the proportion, but it was much bigger when you past that height, and it is only slightly over 6'.
On that of giraffes and such, it is suppossed that long necked dinosaurs as diplodocus, brontosaurus...etc, wheren't able to raise their heads above their
shoulders height, because the lack of generating needed blood pressure.
They would faint if doing so, or if not they should have a car sized hear, wich implies a lot of overpresure problems in brain, lungs and other organs.
When the Spaniards conquered what is now argentina (XV century) we met there what for the century where giants (5'11" on average) and called them patagones
(Big Footed ones).
In other parts of south america where suppossed to duel some guys averaging near 2 meters. But that's controversial, i'll check it and post here.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 13/Aug/06
Big Show you are right about one thing they will never confirm Goliath`s real height because even if they did find his skeleton it would be hard to know for shure how tall he was because David cut his head off.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 13/Aug/06
Do any of you guys know who Giant Angus Macaskill was?He was possibly the strongest man who ever lived and was the tallest non Acromegalic giant in history. He once threw a 300lb fisherman over a ten foot pile of wood.You should go to and learn more about big Angus.And there was an ancient land known as Atlantis I am sure most of you guys are farmiliar with.These people were said to of averaged 10'0" or taller possibly 11'0".
ancient Aztec Guy said on 13/Aug/06
Danimal I was just kidding about Robert being 7'10".Hahahah
Big Show said on 11/Aug/06
What was actually the cause of death for both Scott Klein and Noah Steere? Heart faillure?
Akiharu Murase said on 8/Aug/06
I think so sad... tragic death at young... blond-haired guys.

1. Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 22, 1918 - July 15, 1940)
The tallest man ever lived.
2. Big Scott Klein (February 11, 1973 - May 22, 2003)
6' tall, 285lbs, 7% bodyfat, 55" chest, 32" waist, 22" arms (biceps), 30" thighs (quards), 19" calves and blond hair.
3. Noah Steere (1969 - May, 2003)
6'6" tall, 335lbs of muscle, 55" chest, 32" waist, 24" arms (biceps), 30" thighs (quards), 19" calves and blond hair.
Rest in Peace.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
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Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
Ancient Aztec guy, you're now stating that you believe that robert Wadlow was 8'11.1", but only a few days ago you said he was only 7'10"-7'11". Dude, you changed your mind by a foot??? That's a bit extreme.
TheMan said on 7/Aug/06
Onto Goliaths height i seriously doubt he was 9,9. I personally think there wasnt anyone taller than Wadlow. He was an extreme case of how tall humans can get and he could barly walk. I doubt Goliath was that tall for that reason. He might of been 7,6 or something even maybe 8 foot but nowhere near 9 foot.
Danimal said on 7/Aug/06
79 kg (174 pounds) ar 8'6'? That's scary. Manute Boll is 7'6 3/4" and he weighs 225 pounds and is as thin as a rake. Imagine him a foot taller and 50 pounds less? Wow.
Big Show said on 7/Aug/06
Aztec, Goliath's height will probably never be confirmed because he lived 3000 years ago. Unless they find a tomb with his skeleton inside, they might verify his height.
I don't put much trust in the Bible's claim (I don't believe that Moses split the Red Sea and Noach saved the world with his Arc either). It's far more spectacular to say Goliath is 9'9 than to say his real height, which probably was the 6'10 claim. 6'10 in that time was gigantic. The average male in that area would probably be only 4'10.

ancient Aztec Guy says on 5/Aug/06
Goliath`s height of over 9ft tall has never yet been confirmed.The Bible claims that he was 9`9``.There are some that say he was neither of those heights.Here are some heights others beleive he really was.9'0",7'9",7'2",and even 6'10".His brothers were shorter than him too.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 6/Aug/06
I really do beleive Robert Was 8'11.1".
Danimal said on 6/Aug/06
Who's Scott Klein and what does that have to do with the tallest men who ever lived?
Akiharu Murase said on 6/Aug/06
Big Scott Klein was 6' tall, weighed 285lbs, with 7% bodyfat, 55" chest, 32" waist, 30" thighs, 19" calves and blond hair, but he died only 30 years of age in 2003.
Rest in Peace.
Danimal said on 6/Aug/06
His wing span was 9'6" Viper. He probably would have hit that height if he didn't die. Again, could they have saved him today?
TheMan said on 5/Aug/06
I dont think anyone in history was taller than Wadlow probably never will as gigantism can be halted. And i doubt anyone will ever want to be near 9 foot. if Wadlow in the modern era had these kinds of problems then a person in a past era would have had it more difficult. The chances of anyone being taller than Wadlow is highley unlikely IMO they would probably need braces just to walk which then of course they woudlent have. To Danimals question yes Wadlow could of been saved but he never would of reached 8,11 not in this era. Anyone with gigantism can have it halted. Wadlow would of died even if he hadnt died there i think he would of died shortly anyway probably wouldent of got past 23. Hes height growth needed to be stopped to have him live.
Viper652 said on 5/Aug/06
Think of the standing reach this guy had at 8-11. If he had any athletic ability whatsoever he would have played in the NBA right away.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 5/Aug/06
HEY VIPER652!!!!!!I never onece said that Andre was 7'5".Just so you know;)
ancient Aztec Guy said on 5/Aug/06
Goliath`s height of over 9ft tall has never yet been confirmed.The Bible claims that he was 9`9``.There are some that say he was neither of those heights.Here are some heights others beleive he really was.9'0",7'9",7'2",and even 6'10".His brothers were shorter than him too.
Danimal said on 5/Aug/06
If Robert was alive today, could medical advancements have saved him?
Larry said on 4/Aug/06
Robert Wadlow was measured at 8'11.1" not long before his death (due to giantism).
Danimal said on 4/Aug/06
My first gf ever when I was in grade 3, suffered from scoliosis (sorry about the spelling) and she had an operation to straighten out her spine. After the operation, she was 9" taller!!!
Danimal said on 4/Aug/06
I believe that Robert would have grown to his arm span (alsmot 9'6" if he had not died.

There are also interesting accounts for some of those tallest men in history having experience a growth spurt later in life (in their 30's or later). Bizarre, isn't it?
Big Show said on 4/Aug/06
Schnappi, the case with John F. Caroll is that he was 'only' 7'10.5. He suffered from hard, 2-dimensional back bending (Kyphoscoliosis). Type this in Google Images, and you'll see some images of how someone with this condition looks like. Technically John F. Caroll was 7'10.5. If his back would have been normal he would have been 8'7.75, I repeat 'would have been'.
It's the same case as if a guy who doesn't have any legs could be 9 feet if he had legs. But he doesn't have legs so he's not 9 feet (can you follow me). If John F. Caroll stould next to Wadlow, he still would be dwarfed by him.
Danimal said on 4/Aug/06
Ancient Aztec Guy, you amaze me. You believe that Andre was AT LEAST 7'4", when the evidence proves otherwise, YET, you believe that Robert Wadlow was only 7'10", when it's been verified that the man was just shy of 9'0". Just amazing.
Schnappi said on 3/Aug/06
Last measured of John F.Caroll was on his 17th birthday, so maybe he grew taller but wasn't measured in later years? At that enormous height 5-7cm(2-3inch)difference isn't large. I think that he may grew to around 267-270cm(8'9-8'10)or even a bit taller. He may stopped growing about 17years with height of 8'7,75(263,5cm)howewer, of course. I didn't find no more information, no photos of him to may estimate his height. He possibly was a second tallest man in history and no information, no pics...very, very strange....
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
Aztec says Andre the Giant was 7-5 and Wadlow was only 7-10, LOL. Just looking at one picture of Wadlow will tell you he was close to 9-0.
Big Show said on 30/Jul/06
John F. Carrol was born in Buffalo, New York in 1932. He suffered from hard, 2-dimensional back bending (Kyphoscoliosis). He measured 7'10.75 while standing up but his height would have been 8'7.75 if he had a normally straight back (that's the reason why Guiness never confirmed him as the tallest man in the world, that title went to Don Koehler who was 8'2. He was born in Buffalo, New York.

Big Show said on 30/Jul/06
Ancient Aztec Guy, Robert Wadlow's height has been confirmed by doctor's, Guiness Book of Records, etc. The proof is undeniable. Robert is 8'11 and not 7'10 like you say. His height is not exagerated.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 29/Jul/06
Hey Big Show!Every source I found was claiming that Anna Swan and Captain Bates were supposed to be the exact same height.I don`t know why there are some sources saying they were 7`11`,7`11.5`,7`2.5,7`6`,7`5.5`,7`4` and even 8`1`.Every source I have found so far say there were the same height.It is never safe to say they were a certain height because every source says somethin different.HEH...HEH...HEH...HEH!
ancient Aztec Guy said on 29/Jul/06
I think Robert Wadlow`s height was greatly exagerrated.He was probobly more like 7`10`` or 7`11``
Jeremy said on 29/Jul/06
John F. Carroll is often listed as the second tallest person after Wadlow, but their doesn`t seem to be any information about him. Does anybody have any links to articles about him, or are their any pictures? He seems a bit of a mystery man.
Big Show said on 28/Jul/06
Ancient Aztec Guy, the couple you're referring to are Anna Swan & Captain Bates who were around 7'5.5 and 7'2.5, not the exact same height as Anna was taller. Here's a her website: Click Here
ancient Aztec Guy said on 26/Jul/06
Did any of you Fellers/Guys ever hear tell of the actress Reese Witherspoon.She played June Carter on the movie WALK THE LINE.She is pretty short.She stands 5`1``.Johnny Cash was 6`2``.Did anyone hear tell of the Kentucky Giant who stood over 7 1/2 feet tall.She got married to a female giantess in N.S. Canada.They were the exact same height.They had 2 or 3 children that died shortly after birth.All their children weighd over 20lbs at birth.If they had lived they may have been 9 or 10ft tall.
Jimmy Strouse said on 26/Jul/06
I agree. with an estimate 6.5 billion people in the world, it wouldn't surprise me if there were several men 8ft or more in stature but have not been verified by guinness book, or wish not to be.
TheMan said on 26/Jul/06
I guess it must be possible if you have really tall parents. But i think when it's random like to even reach 6,10 there must of been some overactive P glands somewhere along the lines maybe.
Anonymous said on 26/Jul/06
Viper652, there have been many people in the past who claimed to be over 8 feet tall, but where mostly considerably below the 8 foot mark. You use to have people like Jack Earle (claimed 8'6, real height 7'7.5), John Aasen (claimed 8'6, was measured at just over 7'), Jan van Albert (claimed 8'6, was 7'9), Loushkin (claimed 8'5, was 7'10.5), Al Tomaini (claimed 8'5, was 7'4).
Now we have people like Leonid Stadnik, who claims to be 8 feet 4, but is probably around 7'8. Aurangzeb Khan claims to be 8 feet, but is probably 7'6. Vikas Uppal, claims 8'3, but is probably only around 7' tall (he didn't look that tall next to a bunch of kids). These guys are all very tall, but put them next to other tall men and see if they still look the height they claim to be (somehow I doubt they will).
Xishun is the tallest man in the world according to Guiness. However it could very well be that there are people in the world who could be taller. Radhouane Charbib was the tallest man according to Guinness for many years, but wasn't the tallest because Xishun must've been taller back then aswell.
Jimmy Strouse said on 25/Jul/06
Yao Ming is a legit 7'6" and his parents are very tall aswell: His mom is 6'3", and his dad is 6'10". When Yao was a child, Doctors calculated that he would grow to be over seven feet tall. His height is certainly genetic, and not acromegalic. Therefore it is possible for people to achieve a height of 7 1/2 ft through normal genetics. Just look at the Masai, Dinka, Nuer, Anuak, and Tutsi tribes of Africa who often averaged between 6' and 6'5" for males within different clans, and they often produce men who greatly exceed 7ft in height, such as Manute Bol, or a guy like Mutombo.
TheMan said on 20/Jul/06
You guys are right there must be a limit to what people can grow to normally and it's nowhere near 7foot. It is amazing though how people do reach it through genitics that to me is a mystery, people like xi shun. IMO they must have had overactive piltary glands anyway. I don't belive you can reach 7,8 through genitics alone what do you guys think. I think it was still slightly overactive (P) glands it's got to be possible for the brain to make an error. But as we see this is not alot. Thats one theory i have for people being so tall without any reason eg short parents. It doesnt mean it's gigantism etc but could simply be the brain overestimating the height it should.
Larry said on 20/Jul/06
Big Show - Lucky guy. But THAT tall is VERY VERY rare to not be accompanied by acromegaly.
Jimmy Strouse said on 19/Jul/06
Good point Big Show. However, Larry is right that the majority of heights much over 7ft are generally pathological in nature, and usually attributed to some form of giantism, though it is sometimes simply genetics like Yao Ming or Manute Bol who are both about 7'7. Guinness Book 1990 listed 11 different people who have legitimately surpassed 8ft in height, and all of them had giantism.

Giants exhibited in sideshows have always been exaggerated as part of tradition. One of the most famous giants was the Icelandic Johann Petursson who was 7'7 360 lbs, but claimed to be 8'8 and nearly 500lbs.
Viper652 said on 19/Jul/06
Only 7-9? I thought there were a couple of guys over 8-0 worldwide. There is a young basketball player that is trying to make it in the NBA that is that height, or 7-8
Big Show said on 19/Jul/06
Larry, the tallest man in the world today is Xishun Bao from Asia. He's 7'8.95 and has no acromegaly.
Larry said on 15/Jul/06
mask - Probably correct. The height of EXHIBITED giants is NOTORIOUS for being exaggerated (often by a foot or more). Wadlow was measured several times & was 8'11.1" tall at his peak. No human has ever been measured as taller or AS tall. Anecdotal stories tend to be pretty useless. In fact, I believe the 2nd tallest man ever officially measured was several inches shorter. He was a pituitary giant, as well. There appears to be an upper limit on NORMAL (non-pituitary) of just over 7'. Notice that most people over 7' at least have some acromegalic features (if not the full-blown condition).
Jimmy Strouse said on 14/Jul/06
After thinking about it, If Wadlow was 8'11.1 barefoot, he then must have been a staggering Nine-foot-One inches tall in his shoes. (assuming 2 inch heals for shoes his size) Therefore, using NBA standards, Wadlow was the first proven man in history to equal and exceed 9 feet.
mask said on 14/Jul/06
Hey guys now I give you the list of the real heights of circus giants and some others who were exhibited:
John Aasen claimed height 8'0" real height 7'0"
Martin van Buren Bates 7'11.5" 7'2.5"
Feodor Machnow 9'3.5" 7'9.7"
Jan van Albert 9'3.5" 7'8.25"
Jack Earle 8'7" 7'7.5"
Aurelio Tomaini 8'4.5" 7'4"
Henry Hite 8'2" 7'6.75"
Rigardus Rijnhout 9'1.5" 7'8"
Max Palmer 8'2" 7'7"
Clifford Thompson 8'8" 7'5"
Willie Camper 8'6" 7'2"
Baptiste Hugo 8'10" 7'6.5"

This is all I could find I hope it's enough to you guys(all the sources are quite reliables)
Big Show said on 12/Jul/06
The sun doesn't do much research before they put an article in their papers. Barty Crouch isn't 6'7, he's 6'5.5 (197 cm) and Leonid Stadnik only claims he's 8'4 but refuses to be measured. An Asian guy is the world's most tallest man at just a shade under 7'9. This kid who's now 7'5.5, could be the world's most tallest man in the future if he hits 7'9.
choppa said on 11/Jul/06
I think that :
Aurangzeb Khan is 7'4" (claimed 8"
Leonid stadnyk is 7'6" ( claimed 8'4")
Ijaz ahmed is 7'7" (claimed 8'4")
Mounir fourar is 7'3" (claimed 8")
Vikas uppal is 7'8" ( claimed 8'3")

sorry i don't speak very well english
Bendy said on 11/Jul/06
Interesting Article

Click Here
Big Show said on 11/Jul/06
Great evidence on Aurangzeb there, Bendy. I've seen pictures of this guy on his site, and I doubted that he was 8 feet tall. Calvin Lane looks taller compared to Maury Povich than this Khan dude, but he's slouching a bit, so that has to count for a couple of inches as well. In the end I think they're both around the same height.
Bendy said on 8/Jul/06
Hmmm Aurangzeb Khan is very tall 7'6" minimum I think, but doubt 8ft, take a look at the evidence.

Aurangzeb Khan with Maury Povich
Click Here

Maury Povich with the legit 7'6" Calvin Lane
Click Here

Calvin Lane with 7'-7'1" Shaq
Click Here

As I said at least 7'6" but I do doubt 8ft, He looks to be around the same size as Calvin Lane, I would imagine about 7'6"-7'7"
mask said on 3/Jul/06
hey rob take a look:
Click Here
Viper652 said on 28/Jun/06
In that Wadlow picture I assume the ceiling in the house is 9-0. Doesnt look to much shorter from it.
supes78 said on 27/Jun/06
Wow. That is a crazy height difference between Wadlow and his brother in that pic. You're right, Stadnik doesn't seem to dwarf anyone to than extreme in any of the pics I've seen. I don't think Stadnik looks over 8 foot, which would still qualify him to be the tallest living man. I wonder why he'd claim 8'4" but not want to be officially measured due to publicity. It sounds like a pretty flimsy excuse for a guy who supposedly is very poor and could probably use all the exposure he can get.
Jason said on 26/Jun/06
Leonid Stadnik looks substantially taller than even 7'4'' but he wouldn't be 8'0'' or over.
Viper652 said on 26/Jun/06
He should have taken up basketball. He would have been listed at 9-0 in the NBA.
Big Show said on 25/Jun/06
Mr. Stadnik's height has been discussed on this site many times. The general concensus is that he's nowhere near 8'4. Probably closer to 7'4. Personaly I think he's somewhere between 7'6 and 7'10.

Here's a pic of a young Robert Wadlow with his brother.

Click Here

This pic was taken in 1936 and according to Robert's growth chart he was 8'4 back then. See how he towers over his brother (who was of average height, so probably 5'7 - 5'8). The difference is at least 3.5 heads, in not 1 pic Stadnik even comes close in towering over a normal human being. He's mostly two heads taller than a normal human being. Thus indicating he's probably only 7,5 feet.
supes78 said on 23/Jun/06
There's a guy from the Ukraine named Leonid Stadnik who claims to be 8'4" tall! But Guinness refuses to acknowledge his claim stating;

"Leonid Stadnik refuses to be measured by us. We have been told that it is because he doesn't want to court publicity
Big Show said on 19/Jun/06
Guiness Book of Records has very strict rules as to measuring people's height. They measure them 3 times a day barefoot. Now I don't know if they've done it this way back in 1940, but according to Guiness there's irrefutable evidence of him being 8'11.1.
This Hussain Bisad guy, claimed he was the tallest man at 7'9, but when Guinness measured him he was only a smidge over 7'7. Maybe he's 7'9 in the morning, but on a average basis he's 7'7 and change during the day.
supes78 said on 18/Jun/06
Yeah, there's no doubt that Wadlow was measured barefoot by his doctors. It's silly to think that doctor's would do it any other way and the Guinness Book of World Records wouldn't have accepted it otehrwise.
Viper652 said on 13/Jun/06
They were not going to measure this dude NBA style with his shoes on, that would have been ridiculous.
Big Show said on 12/Jun/06
I don't believe they measured him with his shoes on. The height looks to be pretty accurate. Robert looks huge in his pics, far taller than any other man ever recorded. And remember one thing, in most of his pics Robert wasn't yet the 8 ft 11.1 he eventually reached. In most of his pics he's 8 ft 4 to 8 ft 9. Knowing this, you can just tell that this Leonid Stadnik is nowhere near 8 ft 4.
Jimmy Strouse said on 4/Jun/06
One of the greater mysteries surrounding Wadlow's height is whether his measurement of 8 ft 11.1 on June 27th 1940, included his shoes or not.

I feel that his actual tallest barefoot stature was 8 ft 9, but the Doctors that measured him included his shoes.
Cr@zyHor$e said on 2/Jun/06
RE; Dinas request for a documentary about giants, here is one about Robert Wadlow. Hope this helps

Click Here
Almost 40 and no girlfriend said on 31/May/06
Yes, Wadlow was nearly 9 feet tall, the tallest officially recorded in modern history. Nowadays people with his condition luckily can get surgery, so they don't grow to 9 feet.

I am pretty certain, though, that there have people in human history who were taller, but left no photograph or the world didn't know about them.
Piggyoops said on 30/May/06
I am originally from Alton Illinois where wadlow was born and grew up..he is buried in the Oakwood cemetery where my brother is also buried and his grave is huge..there is a bronze state in upper alton reserved for wadlow,,he is the most famous celebrity alton one has forgotten him..standing by the statue you get the feeling how tall he really was!!..and , i can't remember where,,but there is a building who has his clothes and shoes on display..unbelievable!!
mask said on 29/May/06
Click Here

This is Mounir Fourar who is believed to be the tallest man at 8'0" or 244 cm if you click under the photo you can see other pictures of this man

Then if you want to see other giants go to Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
this is Azad Khan Massoud who claims 8'3" but is more likely 7'10"
Dina said on 18/May/06
I'm a stock footage researcher for a kids show. One of the episodes we're working on is going to be about giants so we're looking for someone who we can interview and, I'm looking for any films/documentaries about giants. Do you guys know of any?
30 something and no girlfriend said on 27/Apr/06
anonymous, in the second photo he doesn't look taller than greener though in the first he looks taller that's because the sidewalk is sloped i think. i don't think hussain can grab the title from Xi Shun, I don't think he is 7-8.95 yet. He's probably 7-7 without shoes.
Viper652 said on 23/Apr/06
In that article that guy Chris says he only has size 17 feet at 7-6? That is extremely small feet at that height.
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/06
Hey Rob what about this Hussain Bisad:
Click Here
he was measured by Guinness at just over 7'7" years ago but now next to Chris
Greener the tallest man in England since 1967 at just over 7'6" he looks all his claimed 7'9" and it's enough to list him as the tallest living man(but he has gigantism and we all know there are at least 10 people around the world who are taller than he is)what you think Rob?
mask said on 2/Apr/06
Hey Rob here you are some photos of 8-footers:
Click Here

Click Here

(8'4" Leonid Stadnik)

Click Here
(nearly 8'0" Sultan Kosen)

Click Here
(nearly 8'0" Jun.cai Zhang)

I've always been fascinated by giants
Akiharu Murase said on 27/Mar/06
Claim height

John F. Carroll
born: 1932
died: 1969
height: 8'7.75 (claim: 8'9 - 9'3)
last measured: about 17 years of age (in 1949)
weight: more than 500lbs
race type: white male with blond hair and blue eyes, with gigantism (like
Wadrow's tyoe)

Akiharu Murase said on 22/Mar/06
born: 1989
height: 8'4" (6'11" in 2003)
shoe size: 60 (European size)
nationality: Finland

Igor Ladan
born: 1982
height: 7'9"
nationality: Ukraine / USA

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Link said on 20/Mar/06
As a side note, in a few thousand years im pretty sure 8'11 will be easily beaten.
They reckon a mans average height in 50-100 years time will be 6'2" if current medicines and nutritions keep going. and 6'6"+ in 200 years time, making most of todays "tall people" rather average lol.
some tribes in brazil have males averaged out at 6'6"-6'8"
Link said on 20/Mar/06
As someone who takes Advanced level Biology in college (England) I can safely say people do NOT grow when they're dead, its impossible for anything much to happen, the mitochondria use there last supplies of oxygenthe myocin has stored, and after that the body starts decomposing, bones need calcium to get bigger, matter doesnt appear from nowhere (Also taking A level physics and chemistry too), bones need something to get bigger, and nothing transports round the body when youre dead, he died the height he was when he was alive and stayed that height
Akiharu Murase said on 19/Mar/06
born: 1989
height: 8'4" (6'11" in 2003)
shoe size: 60 (European size)
mask said on 29/Jan/06
Colin, one more pleasure if you want.Could you please give me the complete list of these giants whose height's not that they claimed.Thank you.
ColinG said on 28/Jan/06
Me again!
I've been trying to find the picture I referred to. I didn't, but I found an even better one. Go to this website:
Then go to Gallery 3, and select the last picture. As I said, Lloyd was not a tall man, so look at this picture, then look at pictures of Wadlow. I'm certain Aasen was no more than 7 feet and maybe a couple of inches. Unfortunately film books and articles always accept the claimed height uncritically.
ColinG said on 28/Jan/06
I've seen the picture of Aasen with Mary Brian, Mask, and it certainly makes him look huge. However the Guinness Book of Records stated that he was seven feet tall! Guinness "dumbed down" many years ago, and now give little information, but they used to devote several pages to giants. In an American edition I have, they give a list of individuals for whom eaggerated claims were made, and these are some of the names:
John Aasen (1890-1937) Claimed 8 feet 9 True height 7 feet
Jan Van Albert (1897-?) 9 ft 3+ 7 ft 8+
Jack Earle (1906-1952) 8 ft 7 7 ft 7+
Al Tomaini (1912-1962) 8 ft 4+ 7 ft 6+
Henry Hite (Mullens) (1915-?) 8 ft 2 7 ft 6+
Max Palmer (1928-1984) 8 ft + 7 ft 7
Eddie Carmel (1938-1972) 9 ft + 7 ft 7
I picked out these individuals because, except for Van Albert, they appeared in films. There is a picture (I can't remember where I found it) of John Aasen carrying Harold Lloyd in his arms, taken when they appeared in "Why Worry" (1923). Now, Harold Lloyd was not a big man, and comparing him with Aasen makes it clear that the giant was nowhere remotely near his claimed height. Look at pictures of Wadlow - he absolutely towers over everybody in his vicinity, and yet he was only a couple of inches taller than Aasen was supposed to be.
There is a good website called "Giants and Girls" which offers scores of pictures of giants, mainly from films, and gives useful opportunities to compare them with ordinary people.
Akiharu Murase said on 27/Jan/06
Gustav Edman and V
mask said on 27/Jan/06
About giants ColinG this is a picture of John Aasen, billed at 8'9", in front of mary brian(5'2") in a 1927 movie scene.I read the story of John Aasen,of norwegian extraction, who is sad to have had a 8'0"(244 cm) father and a 7'3"(220 cm) mother but to me he is not more than 7'9":
What you say?
ColinG said on 25/Jan/06
I have always been fascinated by giants, and have compiled a list of every one in history I could trace with a CLAIMED height of 7 feet seven or more. It's pretty safe to say that a height is not authenticated unless it has been checked by the Guinness people, and they certainly don't acknowledge the alleged height of Leonid Stadnik. I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but there is a documentary film about Wadlow - I saw it on TV a few years ago. The poor guy could walk only with effort. He had to swing each leg forward to take a step, as if he were on stilts. Obviously the stuff about the Roman Emperor Maximin being able to race and fight was nonsense, not to mention the unlikely height claimed. By the way, Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, wrote a story about Maximin. Aren't I a mine of information?
I had never heard of this Gustav Edman of Sweden, though I shall now add him to my list! However, I strongly doubt that he was really over 8 feet tall.
I myself saw a genuine giant in a stage show called, I think, "You Won't Believe It", round the year 1950 (I'm that old!). This was Jan Van Albert, a Dutchman who was 7 feet 8 plus, though he was billed as 9 feet 3, which seems to be a favourite height for claims. At the time, I believed it!
Dave said on 15/Jan/06
This Leonid seems really to be 8 ft 4 tall. And he still grows. On the picture he stands next to his mum.,0.jpg

Akiharu Murase said on 14/Jan/06
A boy ten feet tall:
If he reach 10' tall, he dies only 17 years of age.

Anyway, too tall man would die so young.

Why was Robert Persing Wadlos's movement so slow?
Robert Pershing Wadlow weighed 490 pounds, but his legs were not strong enough for his weight.
I think Leonid Stadnik's movement was slower than Robert Pershing Wadlow's. Because Leonid Stadnik has big upperbody and too skinny legs.


No 7-footers in NFL currently.
In the near future, 7-footers probably will disappear from NBA.
7-foot players of the blond verge to the crisis of extermination.

Jonathan Ogden, offensive lineman from the Baltimore Ravens. He measures in at 6'9"
Brennan Curtin of the Green Bay Packers is listed at 6'9
Close behind is 2004 rookie Robert Gallery at 6'7 3/4"
Randy Moss is another tall NFL player at 6'6
Daniel Bosoms free safety for the Chicago Bears, with the height of 6'11"
Richard Sligh, drafted by Oakland in 1967. He stood 7-foot even
the tallest football player ever was bob bobinghanger who played in 1944 was the tallest ever
bob bobinghanger was 7'7
Akihru Murase said on 6/Jan/06
Robert Pershing Wadlow's life span

height: 8'11.1" (normal: about 6')
weight: 490lbs (normal: about 162lbs)
age: died only 22 years of age
started to walk: only 10 months (normal: about 22 months)
age of 8: 6' tall and weighed 169lbs
age of 9: 6'1" tall and weighed 180lbs
age of 10: 6'6" tall and weighed 220lbs (normal: 4'8" and 90lbs)
age of 13: 7'4" tall and weighed 270lbs
age of 14: 7'5" tall and weighed 301lbs
age of 16: 7'10" tall and weighed 374lbs

A boy ten feet tall:
If he would reach 10' tall, he dies only 17 years of age.

If Robert Pershing Wadlow slipping today the time when he become the player of NBA (Basketball player) or NFL (American football player)?
Akihru Murase said on 5/Jan/06
Robert Pershing Wadlow was a young blond man.

Former Soviet Union, Finland and Asia area

Approaching to Robert's height:
Sun Ming Ming (China), Pavel Podkolzin (Russia, 20), Lenid Stadnik (Ukraine, 34), Martynas Andriuskevicius (Lithuania, 19), Harri Keskitalo (Finland, 15), feng (China, 16), or others? 34-year-old man can't reach 8'11" (until death).

Forever young - Rest in Peace, young white giant.
1. Robert Pershing Wadlow (1918 - 1940): He was 8'11.1" tall and weighed 490lbs, but he died only 22 years of age.
2. Jason Collier (1977 - 2005): He was 7' tall and weighed 260lbs, but he died only 28 years of age.
3. Gustav Edman (1881 - 1912): He was 8'1" tall and weighed 530lbs, but he died only 31 years of age.
4. V
Flemish said on 4/Jan/06
I've said it and I'll say it again. Stop imagining how tall he could have gotten. He could have grown to be 9'1" and then he would have died anyway. Can't possibly grow taller.
TheMan said on 31/Dec/05
I wonder if he would have actually of stoped growing i think at some point he might of because he's body wouldent be able to grow any further. Or he would of just died at some point due to being to tall he was not natutuarlly sopposed to be that tall so no human was ever meant to be 8,11. It was a desease so i soppose it would of killed him in proabably another few years anyway. What does amaze me is that in some cases some poeple have got to like 7,5 natuatually i don't understand how that is possible without it being a desease were just not meant to be that tall It's completley out of sinc.

[Editor Rob: I don't know how much internal organs would be able to cope above 9ft...]
Viper652 said on 31/Dec/05
I wonder If he would have gone over the 9-0 mark If he had lived longer.You know 8-11 is so accurate, because you would think they would exaggerate his height at 9-0 for all its worth.
Akihru Murase said on 31/Dec/05
It is a pity that the tallest man should have died so young.
His height gets near to 9 feet, his lifetime becomes extremely short.
Gramps said on 13/Dec/05
Wadlow was notorious for wearing 24" lifts in his orthopedic shoes. My dad measured Wadlow at the NFL Combine in 1938 and Wadlow was only 6'2.5" barefoot. Even then Wadlow tried standing on his tiptoes to measure taller! Dad said he was a real animal on the gridiron, though, clotheslining running backs at every opportunity. He obviously never made it in the NFL - - even though he was only a bit over 6 feet, they couldn't find any spikes in size 28! Just kidding, guys!
Viper652 said on 13/Dec/05
I bet Wadlow's height would measure around 8-11.2 at the NFL combine:) He looks all of it in a picture in my guiness world record book.
Cobra said on 10/Dec/05
Muahhhahahaha the man is 8ft11 or 8ft9 or whatever, and you say he wears lifts!
Really funny.
PRINCE said on 10/Dec/05
Flemish said on 29/Nov/05
There's a certain height that no man can surpass. It's been calculated but I forgot what is was exactly. I believe something like 276 cm. It is fyscically impossible to grow taller than that without imploding. Our vains, our intestins, our body as a whole can't take more pressure than that.
Bird said on 24/Nov/05
flucuating: I'm 191.5cm in the morning and 189.5 at night generally. When people ask I say I am 190-191 (6'3)
Gramps said on 23/Nov/05
I loved your "lifts" comment, starwars! Just like an anorexic, he probably saw himself as a munchkin!
starwars23 said on 22/Nov/05
he was really only 8'9" but he wore lifts to make him look 8'11" (jk)

I was browsking through and stumbled on this guy by the name of feng

he is listed at 8'4" and only 16! he might break the record.

p.s. how do we know that stadnyk is not 8'4" you cant just say it, you need to back it up with evidence.
phil said on 18/Nov/05
i think that robert wadlow was tonk i saw some pictures of him and he made the people next to him look like mini me ive got a big dad myself his name is lenny mclean and is 6"7
Christian said on 7/Nov/05
Stadnik 8 ft 4 in is a fake. Xi Shun is the tallest and he
MD said on 16/Oct/05
It is not ridiculous. It is proven fact for almost everyone, and you may be one of the few in the exception.
Joel said on 15/Oct/05
This stuff about your height fluctuating throughout the day is rediculous. I'm 5'7 1/4" all day.
height proportions said on 2/Oct/05
the comment that casper UK made about height was slightly incorrect but i did get his point... 6'6" to 8' is a lot less different than 5' standing next to a 7'6"er... although the distance in feet, 2'6" is the same, convert the heights into inches, then divide the lesser height by the greater height u are comparing it to and that will give you the percentage smaller you are... this means that as big of a deal the NBA makes over someone being 7' over a guy who is 6'11", the bigger difference percentage wise would be a guy who is 6' over a guy who is 5'11"...
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/05
I've read that his height is actually 8'11.1, but I doubt a height could be that precise.
On days during which I sit in front of the computer or on the couch alot, my night height is slightly higher. On days during which I am outside standing alot, my night height is slightly lower. On days when I lift heavy objects alot, my night height is even lower. Morning heights are also difficult to determine precisely: you can't even wait 2 minutes after you get up and measure yourself, cuz you'd already have shrunk a little. In the first few minutes when I get up, my height literally shrinks by the minute! So in order to measure Wadlow's morning height to 0.1 inch precision, they'd have to get him to a measuring device within like 10 seconds after he gets out of bed! Maybe they measured him while he was still lying down on bed, but then he only need to stretch a little to be 8'11.2 instead of 8'11.1.
Sing said on 2/Aug/05
Well Anonymous, obviously this "Leonid Stadnik of the Ukraine, 8'4 and still growing despite being 30-something years old" is not the world's tallest man. So all the media hype about this guy is BS. 8-4, give me a break, I would be surprised if he's even 7-4!

It's certainly no tall tale - we've found a herdsman, living in Inner Mongolia, who measures a whopping 7 ft 8.95 in (2 m 36.1 cm)... taller than Radhouane Charbib who, for the last six years, has held the title of world's tallest living man. Unlike most giants, Xi Shun, who was born in 1951, has grown to this remarkable height naturally, and not as a result of a medical condition. His growth was normal until the age of 16, after which an inexplicable growth spurt saw him reach his record height in just seven years!
Sing said on 12/Jul/05
Like I said, he was still growing when he died so it's very possible that at some point after he died, he became 9 feet tall but we will never know. Speaking of heights of people from the past, there was a Roman emperor, Maximus Thrax, who was 8-6 and supposedly could run and take on 8 men at a time in fighting. This guy would've dominated the NBA for sure! Peter the Great, an emperor from Russia, was 6-9, at a time when the average male height was much shorter. Also, supposedly, there was this Chinese guy in ancient China who was 12 feet tall, but obviously no solid evidence exists to verify his height.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 29/Jun/05
I heard Sun Ming Ming was 7'91/2 wit out shoes so probally if he does get drafted n measured wit shoes on he'll b like 7'111/2 probally so they could list him at 8'0 4 the team roster I would but i've heard from friends that waldrow was like 9'1 when he died not 8'11 but i think der bulls***in
CoolJ said on 27/Jun/05
Actually, he was 8'11 1/10"
Bill said on 27/Jun/05
Robert could have had surgery when he was young, but his parents decided it would be too dangerous, which it was. and people could still reach this height in countries with poor medical services or when religious or philosophy prohibit medical intervention.
Sing said on 26/Jun/05
Wadlow won't be able to play basketball because he can't run, jump, or do anything athletic for that matter. Nowadays people with such growth disorders are operated on to check their growth, Gheorge Muresan for instance, so they will never reach 8-11. It's also interesting to note that when Wadlow died at just 22 years of age, he was still growing even in death! So this guy's giantism was completely out of control!

If this Leonid guy doesn't get surgery, he will keep growing until death, so how tall he will be depends on how long he lives!

8-footers won't take over basketball unless they are by natural growth. Sun Ming Ming, a recent NBA prospect from China, is 7-9 barefeet and still growing, so he will be the closet an NBA player has ever gotten to 8 feet, if he gets drafted that is. My guess is he will be bypassed this year and drafted high next year.
cantstop25 said on 24/Jun/05
"RW was 5'6 when he was just 5 years old"

that is crazy!
to bad he never hit 9'
CasperUK said on 30/May/05
Wadlow would have been too tall for the NBA, I mean the tallest guys are 7'6 ish so to have an extra 1.5ft on them would be crazy, not to mention downright dangerous if he did fall (he weighed 490lbs), he'd need a huge amount of time to heel. Imagine, 8'11 Wadlow next to 6'6 Jordan!!! That would be like a 5 foot tall woman next to a 7'5 man playing basketball and the little woman winning!! Crazy. (I made the first post as 'Anonymous')
Viper452 said on 12/May/05
It would be great If Leonid played some basketball and made the NBA. Someday 8 footers will take the court. Could you imagine Robert Wadlow in the NBA????
Anonymous said on 11/May/05
Suprised more people havent commented on this. RW was 5'6 when he was just 5 years old! He was a definate 8'11 and still growing. Tallest man today is Leonid Stadnik of the Ukraine, 8'4 and still growing despite being 30-something years old. Most probably will beat Wadlow in the height stakes but unlike Wadlow, will never enjoy the fame and success unfortunately.

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