How tall is Robin Lord Taylor

Robin Lord Taylor's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Oswald Cobblepot on TV series Gotham. In film he has appeared in Another Earth and Cold Comes the Night. I met Robin at a Starfury Convention, I had a 1/4 inch more sneaker than him that day.

How tall is Robin Lord Taylor
5ft 8 Rob and Robin @ The Ultimates, 2016

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Average Guess (53 Votes)
5ft 5.88in (167.3cm)
Cooper Chance said on 26/May/21
Honestly seems like a 5'5".5 to me
Slim 6'1" said on 22/Dec/20
Around 5’6”
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jun/20
@ JohnMoore-162cm - Do you think Rob has naff posture?
JohnMoore-162cm said on 26/Jun/20
@Nik Ashton - He's at most 5ft6
The hamburger said on 30/Mar/20
He looks enough shorter than you Rob. I wouldn't guess over 166 cm for him.
TheBat said on 24/Feb/20
Honest 5'6"
Sonnecker said on 17/Feb/20
Rob, do you exclude a quarter or half an inch more? At first sight, he looks a strong 5'6"....
Editor Rob
barefoot I would expect him to measure around that 5ft 6 mark, but I didn't think he would be much over it really
Nik Ashton said on 20/Apr/19
He’s at least 5’6”!
lee168cm said on 8/Feb/18
Definitely looks five six not a quarter inch shorter since Rob has the footwear advantage and is slightly over 5'8" barefoot himself
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Jan/18
@ Shredder - You seem to have many opportunities to meet celebrities! That must really make for an interesting life for you! Does this have something to do with your line of work or do you go out of your way to meet them? Do tell!

(Robin from Gotham can have 5ft5.75, which is quite tall compared to my measly height!)
The Shredder said on 26/Jan/18
He looks about 5'5 1/2 , but has less footwear so around 5'5 3/4 is the lowest , but I think he is 5'5 3/4 over the full 5'6.
Jordan87 said on 25/Jan/18
Sub 5'6, Maybe 5'5-1/2 to 5'5- 3/4" something like that. He Doesn't look quite the full 5'6 with Rob.
MAD SAM said on 22/Jan/18
167 cm exactly
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 16/Jan/18
Shredder would edge this guy out.
Jake94 (5'9 said on 10/Jan/18
Looks like a 2.5" difference. So a weak 5'6" no more.
Jacob said on 10/Jan/18
You and him look a lot alike
The Shredder said on 10/Jan/18
he really looks more 5'5.5 here , but Rob has more fottwear
Editor Rob
barefoot he's got to be closer to 5ft 6 than 5.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 9/Jan/18
I stick with my 167.0 guess. A quarter inch downgrade is necessary.
Bobby said on 9/Jan/18
That's the biggest 2 inches I've ever seen.
mrtguy said on 5/Jan/18
Rob has a big head it must be at least 10.5"
Editor Rob
the only time it would be that big is if I was wearing the bigger beard like Here and you included that in the measurement ;)
Nik said on 5/Jan/18
@ The Shredder

That's a real shame! There's always another time!
The Shredder said on 5/Jan/18
I can't meet him , I had to cancel because of Money.
Editor Rob
that's a shame, but the cost of meeting actors at these events is ridiculous.

I can't recommend any these days.
The Shredder said on 4/Jan/18
Take away his hair and he'd look 5'5.5 or so , add 1/4 do to shoes and you get 5'5.75 , 5'6 isn't impossible though.

I might meet him over the weekend.
MJKoP said on 4/Jan/18
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/18
You dwarfed him, Rob
Editor Rob: he's only a couple of inches smaller, although I think he would certainly dwarf my acting abilities by a considerable margin!

Well, I saw that vid where you read the 'my friends say I look 5-9' "private message" and those looks of shock, amusement, and bewilderment(in that very order, iirc) all seemed as though you were genuinely reacting for the first time! :O XD :/
Editor Rob
yeah, I didn't need to act for that 😉

I wonder though, maybe our old friend's resolution is to accept his never know...the words 'I'm 5'8' may never pass through his mouth or keyboard ever again.
Kimowalh said on 4/Jan/18
5'5.5 - 5'5.75".
Nik said on 4/Jan/18
5'5.5" - 5'5.75"!
The Shredder said on 3/Jan/18
Rob , I know I'm super late , but Happy New Years and I like your New Stadiometer.
Editor Rob
yes happy new years to you!
The Shredder said on 2/Jan/18
You know what , I have a chance to see him this weekend if I go to the Comic Con near Me.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/18
You dwarfed him, Rob
Editor Rob
he's only a couple of inches smaller, although I think he would certainly dwarf my acting abilities by a considerable margin!
The Shredder said on 31/Dec/17
This comes down to how much hair he has? I can see 5'5.75 but not under because he has 1/4 less footwear
Editor Rob
in person, he had no less than half inch hair at his crown.
The Shredder said on 30/Dec/17
MJKoP said on 30/Dec/17
The caption below that photo should be "Rob 'n Lord Taylor". :D

I'd pay to see this lol.
EM said on 30/Dec/17
Looks at least 2.5" shorter than Rob here - probably just over that even. Now, I think Rob is more 5' 8 1/8" to 5' 8 1/4" range than a flat 5'8", and Rob also had a .25" footwear advantage. So I think realistically, we can say 5'5.75" would be an excellent guess for Robin's height.
MJKoP said on 30/Dec/17
The caption below that photo should be "Rob 'n Lord Taylor". :D
The Shredder said on 30/Dec/17
Anything under 5'5.5 is pure BS and downgrading . 5'6 isn't a bad listing but I still don't think he hits that . I think 5'5.75 is much better , but that's just Me I guess.
Editor Rob
5ft 5.75-6, you could argue anywhere in there...I wouldn't argue outwith that range from standing talking to him..
Powerhouse said on 30/Dec/17
This is exactly how I thought he would look next to Rob, he is a strong 5’5 range guy. I stand by my prediction, he is under 5’6, not by much but he is under it.
Peter175 said on 29/Dec/17
An adequate 5'6 in this picture for sure
satchy said on 29/Dec/17
looks like a dwarft but a decent actor
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 29/Dec/17
Iirc Rob's said the 5'6 mark on his head is slightly below where his hair starts. If Robin had equal shoe he'd probably hit that mark with his skull (and his hair doesn't look all that thick). 5'6 seems accurate enough
Slothee said on 29/Dec/17
Bang in 5’6”! Prolly falls 1/8 inch under at his absolute low or so.
Andrea said on 29/Dec/17
I thought you had run out of photos with celebrities for a moment, Rob... 😅
Considering your footwear advantage, 5'6 range seems quite believable, based on this photo. At worst a fraction under...
Sam said on 29/Dec/17
Are you closer to the camera here, Rob? Also, didn't you (or Jenny) get a shot with him before?

Based on this shot alone, I'd say he'd perhaps fall short of the 5'5" mark, you seem to have a 3 inch advantage.
Editor Rob
not posted on here, Jenny has never got a photo with him. Considering our shoulder blades and backsides are on the same plane, I think that's as close as ideal as you can get.
Shredder said on 29/Dec/17
This needs mugshot.
5'10 lad said on 29/Dec/17
I see a minimum of a 2.5 inch difference above. Less the 1/4 inch footwear advantage that Rob has makes it 2.25 inch difference. Assuming Rob is around 5’8.25 that puts Robin dead on 5’6. Although I suspect he is a weak 5’6, this ties in with the average guess.
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/17
He looks 5.4 in Gotham,danny de vito was more shorter when they cast him.
KISW*K said on 28/Dec/17
You have a big head for a small body rob lol
Editor Rob
for 5ft 8 about 9 inch is more average, so just half inch bigger than the 5ft 8 average.
In person Robin is a nice guy, I got the chance to stand here a minute talking because the photographer was changing something on the camera. I'd guess Robin barefoot would measure right around 5ft 6.
The Shredder said on 28/Dec/17
The more I look , he looks more 5'5.25 , 5'5.5 here , I'll give him 5'5.75 , not the full 5'6!
Shredder said on 28/Dec/17
Still looks at least 5'5 1/2 with less footwear , 5'5.75 , 5'6 is good.
lastango said on 7/Dec/17
How much does he weigh to you Rob ?
Editor Rob
Robin Lord taylor's weight is 138-139 pounds.
Slim 181.5 cm said on 5/Jul/17
😂 more like 167
Powerhouse said on 26/May/17
Needs a downgrade big time, now that we see how Rob looks like next to Corey Michael Smith, Robin is certainly closer to 5'5 then 5'6.
Shredder said on 16/May/17
Good point , I doubt this guy is over 5'5 still.
Shredder said on 11/May/17
This guy looks a weak 5'5. I give him 5'4.75
Bobby said on 11/Apr/17
He gives the impression of being tall on Gotham, I'm surprised he's this small... I thought he was nearer 5'9 range.
MsKitty said on 1/Mar/16
Well they certainly do a good job of making him look tiny. He is taller than I thought. I came here thinking I'd find that he's 5'3" or something. They made him look a lot smaller than B.D. Wong, who plays Hugo Strange, and who is listed here at 5'4.5". So cool the tricks they use to create these size differences.
Marc said on 10/Aug/15
For the penguin that pretty tall :P
Key said on 18/May/15
In the show Gotham, Ben Mckenzie looks 3-4 inches taller than Robin Taylor. But off the show, there looks like there is only 1.5 inch difference. Everything looks different on tv with all those fancy camera angles.
MD said on 12/Apr/15
With 5'8" Ben McKenzie, though, it looks like McKenzie is being pulled up and thus has better posture and maybe a very slight footwear advantage:

Click Here
chloe said on 31/Dec/14
Looks a strong 5'6.
Mike said on 6/Dec/14
Rob, how tall do you think the one who plays Bruce Wayne is? 5ft 1?
Editor Rob
at the start he looked like around 5ft, but then he'll be growing a bit so as of today I don't know.
Mr. R said on 30/Nov/14
This seems right. He is just fantastic in Gotham.
Sam said on 26/Nov/14
He was on an episode of Law & Order: SVU and stood for a line-up. Taylor looked to hit the 5'6" mark exactly, I would think he'd measure a little higher in shoes if 5'6" barefoot.
Phil said on 17/Nov/14
@Ray: Yeah, I don't know why they insist on making Robin look taller (from the clips I've seen anyway) rather than shorter (like Penguin's character) on Gotham, but eh, TV/Hollywood logic I guess.
MD said on 12/Nov/14
They must make Ben McKenzie look taller on the show, because he looked more than two inches taller to me. Taylor might look shorter to me, though, because when you see full body pictures of him, he's quite a bit wider than you'd imagine. He's not a skinny guy, though, they make him look thinner with his black suits, and such.
mark said on 11/Nov/14
He is only an inch taller than Burgess Meredith.
mike said on 6/Nov/14
Wow! thought he was taller than this. be his skinny frame makes him look taller than he is i guess.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Nov/14
I'm sure I will Chris, think of all the babies we'll produce together. LOL this guy is a funny one.
Ray said on 3/Nov/14
Then again though, to add to my post, if we were able to transform 5'5"-5'7" actors into 3ft tall characters (the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies say hello), then anything is possible I think.
Sam said on 3/Nov/14
Arch, there's a fair share of women (and guys) that find him "hot" according to online comments, I guess there's a share of people attracted to goth-y type attributes rather than conventional handsomeness.
vinne said on 2/Nov/14
looks 5'8 to me
Ray said on 1/Nov/14
@mr. rashid: I've watched a couple of clips of Gotham, and I conclude that Robin was chosen because he has proven his ability to play the role and embody the character pretty darn well. Plus, while not 5'0" short (although does Penguin have a set height? It ranges from 4'10"-5'2"), he IS still quite short at 5'6" though, which brings me to my next point. Since Robin is 5'6", they can easily (but don't for various reasons) at least make him LOOK like he's below 5'3" with the right tricks. I know it's weird to reference old comedians in this post, but Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the Three Stooges used all types of camera/perspective tricks (such as having women wear high heels, angling, etc.) to make themselves look shorter than they really were to appear more as the diminutive antiheroes that we know and love them as. The same techniques (and beyond with today's technology) could be applied to make Robin LOOK around Penguin's height, which again given he's 5'6" shouldn't be too hard frankly. Now if Robin Lord Taylor was around 6 feet tall, THEN camera tricks would probably do little good to make him more physically believable as the Penguin. Personally though, if there is a problem I have with Robin as Penguin, it's that he's too 'handsome' to portray the character, but of course, this is focusing on the life before Batman, so that can easily change as Gotham progresses.
Chris said on 1/Nov/14
Ok Arch if he isn't your type. You will find a great husband someday regardless, i'm sure of it.
Phil said on 31/Oct/14
@mr.rashid: Nobody made a big deal when 5'5"-5'5.5" or so Burgess Meredith played Penguin in the late 1960s (when the average height was 1-1.5 inches shorter than today's) Batman series, so I don't see why we should question 5'6" Robin playing Penguin.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Oct/14
Er, no Chris.. He looks like a young Snape from Harry Potter. Weirdly hot would be somebody like Dita von Teese but to each his own!
Chris said on 30/Oct/14
He's weirdly hot.

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