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5ft 7.58in (171.7cm)
Natalie said on 30/Jan/06
Emma is taller than Dan. Charlotte: when you say Emma has never been particularly tall, why does that matter? It is the past...haven't you known people who have been really short and then all of the sudden they grow and they are really tall? I think that is what will happen to Emma. Also, there is no way she is shorter than Dan, she is less than 5'5", and that Dan is 5'6". Another thing to consider is the height gap between Rupert and Emma is shrinking (wheras Emma continues to grow inches on Dan.) Here is what I think (Emma will grow to be taller than Rupert.):
Rupert....5'8" will be 5'8.5"
Dan...5'4"-5'5" will be 5'4" to 5'5"
Emma...5'6"-5'7" will be at least 5'9"
ds said on 30/Jan/06
I'm 172 cm, and I really want Rupert to be 172cm so I don't have to tower over him when we get married :(. And I'm closing in on 173cm...
Charlotte said on 29/Jan/06
Emma Watson is slightly less than 5'5" and Daniel is 5'5.5" and quite obviously taller than her.I don't see how people view him as shorter than her.Logically,Emma will grow to 5'6"(and no more,if your not lying to yourself and believing she's tall) and ,most likely,no taller.She's never been a particularly tall girl.Rupert will grow to about 5'9",perhaps.The height on this site is correct,compared to Dan and Emma,167 cm and 164 respectively.Neither will be taller than Rupert,both have rather short legs,IMHO.
moh said on 22/Jan/06
I dont think emma is taller than dan.emma is about 5.5while dan is 5.6
anonymous said on 14/Jan/06
Dan's shoes didn't have big soles at the premiere. Emma is WAY taller than 5' 5" Katie, whose heels were bigger than Emma's were, and Emma was taller. Dan looks about the same height as Emma and Rupert was taller. Emma looks to be about 5' 6" now. Dan is about 5' 6" too, and Rupert is 5' 7" or 5' 8".
Katie said on 8/Jan/06
Krista: You say, "she's not that much taller when you subtract the height of her heels." First of all Emma rarely wears heels, she is most often in flats. At the London premiere she was basically barefoot and her mini heels at the NY premiere were only centimeters tall. However, Dan wears shoes with quite large soles that often times have larger soles than Emma's shoes. In most pictures Emma is still taller than Dan by at least an inch, making her app. 2-3 inches taller than him when they are both barefoot. I agree with Karee. Rupert and Dan are most likely done growing (especially Dan) and Emma will grow to be at least 5'9", probably 5'10". Emma will be taller than Rupert.
Karee said on 8/Jan/06
Krista I agree with you mostly, however I think Dan is more in the 5'4" to 5'5" range. I don't think he will grow much more. Emma will be around 5'9" I think. She doesn't show any signs of slowing growth. Emma will be taller than Rupert. There is no doubt in my mind that she will not reach 5'9".
Krista said on 8/Jan/06
Dan is 5' 5.5" not 5' 4.5". In May he said he was 1/2" taller than Emma Watson, meaning he was 5' 5.5" and she was 5' 5". Now Emma looks 5' 6" and she's not that much taller when you subtract the height of her heels. Rupert is about 5' 7" now.
Dan will be 5' 6". He's like 1 cm away from it anyway, and people who are expecting a miraculous late growth spurt fail to remember that his parents are short.
Emma will be somewhere between 5' 7" and 5' 9", probably more in the 5' 7"-5' 8" range. Especially being almost 16, she's not got much time left.
Rupert is 5' 7" and will probably be 5' 8".
Karee said on 8/Jan/06
Cassie: I mainly agree with what you are saying. I notice that the height gap between Rupert and Emma Watson is closing and the height gap between Dan and Emma is increasing. Emma is getting even taller than Dan. I think Rupert and Dan are done growing, but Emma is going to grow quite a bit taller. Here are my predictions:
Rupert: 5'7.5" will grow to be 5'8"
Dan: 5'4.5" will not grow more
Emma: 5'6" will grow to be around 5'9"
Cassie said on 6/Jan/06
I really doubt Rupert is still growing. He's not showing any signs of it. He's bee that height since 2003, when they filmed the 3rd Harry Potter movie. Notice how the height gap between him and Emma Watson is closing? Daniel Radcliffe is also probably done growing, and Emma's growth is slowing down, too.
Here are my predictions:
Emma- now 166 cm (5' 5.5"), future: 169-170 cm (5' 7")
Dan- now 166-167 cm(5' 5.5"), future: 168 cm (5' 6")
Rupert- now 170 cm (5' 7"), future: 172 cm (5' 7.75")
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
No Way Rupert is miles taller i saw him on a program with davina mcCall and Rupert was slightly taller eventhough Davina had 2 or 3 inches of heel on
summa said on 2/Jan/06
i always thought he was 5 ft 10 but i looked at a few pics of him and yeah he is definetly not 5 ft 10 maybe 5 ft 8
hes definetly taller than me and im 5 ft 7
but i think he will stop growing at about 5 ft 9 and and when hes in his 20's will be kinda short compared to other men his age
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/06
he'll probably grow an inch or so and be 5'8"-5'9.5". He definitely won't be 6'2" or something.
Katie said on 1/Jan/06
Do you guys think Rupert is still growing?
Kelsey said on 1/Jan/06
Do any of you think that Rupert's height is a problem? In the books, Ron is really tall and lanky. Rupert doesn't seem to be either of those things.
Maycee said on 1/Jan/06
Wow, Wicked Kid, could you please calm down. What makes you right and everyone else wrong? People can have their opinions. How come at the end of your comment you said that, "So er, let's see...Dan's wearing 4" lifts now is he?"? Why would he be doing that? In pictures he is clearly a couple inches shorter than Emma and is wearing dress shoes while Emma is wearing flats. Explain this please. Also, don't be so rude about things when you may not be right. I believe what Karee said. Emma is taller than Dan and almost as tall as Rupert. That is just my opinion though and if you can prove me wrong then do it.
Cassie said on 30/Dec/05
No way. Rupert is short. At least for being 17, he is.
If Emma and Daniel are 5' 5"-5' 6", and Katie is 5' 5" even, then Rupert can't be taller than 5' 7". Especially since Emma's shoes are about as tall as his are... both are 1" tall and Katie's are 1.5".

The 5' 8"-5' 10" heights are laughable. That would mean Daniel is 5' 8.5" and Emma is 5' 8" when they are really around 5' 5.5".
Amanda said on 27/Dec/05
ACTUAL HEIGHTS AS OF NOVEMBER 2005! (What they said!)
Emma- about 5' 5"- 165 or 166 cm
Rupert- 5' 7"- 170 cm
Dan- 5' 5.5"- 167 cm
Katie- 5' 5"- 165 cm

And from premiere pics, these heights are correct. =)
Wicked Kid said on 25/Dec/05
This is so hilariuos I can't help but quote it(sorry for the waste of comment space Rob!):

"karee says on 11/Dec/05
I think that Emma Watson will grow to be taller than Rupert. She already is taller than Dan and shows no signs of stopping.
Emma- 5'7.5"
Rupert- 5'8"
Dan- 5'4"
That is there current heights. Emma and Rupert are still growing and Dan is done."

So er,let's see...Dan's wearing 4" lifts now is he?
KASEY said on 23/Dec/05
I am 5' 8" and when I met Rupert he was more than just half an inch shorter than me. He looked like he was 5' 6.5", 5' 7" tops.
Stephenie said on 15/Dec/05
Rupert is OLDER than Dan and Emma! And his growth slowed a lot since the filming of the third movie. Daniel wasn't growing much to begin with. Dan himself said he's 5' 5.5". And from pic of Rupert next to the 5' 10" Tom Felton and the 6' 3" Phelps brothers, he is clearly no taller than 5' 6.5"-5' 7". Emma is a little over 5' 5" because she's slightly taller than Katie Leung, who is 5' 5" even. I think Emma will be about 5' 6"-5' 7" and the boys seem to be about done with their growth.
Kaitlin said on 15/Dec/05
Dan is just about 5' 6" now, Emma is 5' 5.25" and Rupert is an even 5' 7". His hair makes him look half an inch taller than he really is. Although in some photos Emma looks as tall as or taller than Daniel (guys' hair makes them look taller sometimes), so Emma might have grown an inch since she last measured herself. As far as growing you can never tell. I was 5' 5" at Emma's age (15/16) and now I am 18 and 5' 8.5", almost 5' 9" so Emma might grow more. Dan's parents are short so I think he's about done, and Rupert's growth seems to have slowed as well.
karee said on 11/Dec/05
I think that Emma Watson will grow to be taller than Rupert. She already is taller than Dan and shows no signs of stopping.
Emma- 5'7.5"
Rupert- 5'8"
Dan- 5'4"
That is there current heights. Emma and Rupert are still growing and Dan is done.
Serene said on 2/Dec/05
Erm,Jeff. Rupert Grint doesn't have his own official website. He is really about 5'7.5" tall, like what Rob estimated.
Jeff said on 1/Dec/05
His Official site lists him as 5'10"

[Editor Rob: you mean this site? That's a fan site]
Serene said on 27/Nov/05
Well, for many sites, it says that he is 5'7" mostly. Only a few sites says him ,he is 5'8" or 5"10"

But Rob listed Rupert as 5'7.5" tall, erm, that is a fair estimate. Since he is slighty taller than Daniel about 2 inches, Daniel is 5'5.5" tall.
anonymous said on 26/Nov/05
I've seem him listed as 5'8 and even 5'10 in some places. But I think your estimate is probably fairly accuate. Although I could see him being as tall as 5'8. But he definately isn't any taller than that.
Danny said on 26/Nov/05
IS he currently 171 or that was the past Rob?

[Editor Rob: with this guy, his posture can make him sometimes look even shorter, but I think now he's no shorter than that and is soon 5ft 8, I think]
MD said on 26/Nov/05
That looks about right. He's really not that much taller than Daniel Radcliffe, though noticeably taller.

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