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6ft 2.83in (190.1cm)
Shane said on 30/Jun/17
@Canson: thanks. And I'd say he can hit 6'2" 5/8-3/4 at least depending on what hed been doing that day and how much he compresses. Everyone is different in that regard. One thing I was thinking is an afternoon or evening measurement doesn't have to be a low. For example, if a guy just got up from a long nap or laying around just before measurement.
Canson said on 29/Jun/17
@Shane: I agree with you. And not real I shouldn't say. I would just say morning height for him. Russ would easily hit 6'3" or maybe 6'2 7/8 out of bed. I always enjoy discussing with you as well!
Shane said on 28/Jun/17
@Canson: From what I understand, morning measurements are the custom now (since 09). They want to make sure they have something consistent from year to year and for each player and that provides that. As for real measurements, they are all real if it's barefoot. If a person measures it is undeniably real. We can disagree on when is the best time but we can't say any is invalid because they are absolutely real and a person is that tall if they measure it. Always enjoy our discussions.
Canson said on 26/Jun/17
@Shane: not sure how late but was afternoon so I'd say if not at his lowest he's within 1/8 or less of it.
Canson said on 26/Jun/17
@Shane: yea 2008 and 09 were afternoon and morning respectively and others prob vary. Only reason I know is 2009 we saw Blake griffin's video of 630 am and saw steph currys 630am tweet and 930am draft report card. 2008 tho I saw an article that The poster Sportsheight posted on Steph Currys page that said about the 3 UNC stars (Green Lawson Ellington) measuring 1/2" higher the next year 09 vs 08 because they were at different times. One was 3/4" more. I believe some of the measurements just not all even in the morning (remember we had the discussion on Wade and you saw the same thing) as was the case with AI has a 6'0" barefoot when Larry brown has said he's 5'10/5'11 as have most who meet him. Westbrook I wholeheartedly agree with. 6'2.25 looks precise and may even be full 189. As for morning/afternoon I disagree. I go with what I measure for the majority of the day but typically 6'4 1/2 will be my go to since I'm a small hair over 6'5" out of bed and like 6'4.25-3/8 at night (closer to the latter). But also has to do with people you associate with for example my father is 6'4" or maybe 6'3 7/8 or 3/4 today but still only about 1/2" taller than he is and friends that are 6'5.25 (he claims 6'5 even tho the 1/4" is at night for him), 6'6 friend and 6'7" friend so I have just always stuck with 6'4". I mean at the end of the day, it's just a number and is really just psychological. People will form their own opinion based on how they claim or adjust you based on how they claim or see you. I personally in my 30s see no benefit claiming 6'5 that I don't get at 6'4" and I prefer 6'4 honestly if I had to really choose between the two numbers (If I could actually select my height). I'd go with being maybe 6'3 7/8 at my lowest like my Dad's height today. I've never gotten it tho people who claim shoes etc or lie. I can see if a pro college or high school athlete but outside of that it's nothing. I respect your view tho because you see that as your true height and it really isn't that much off. If you get to 6'1.25 normally I'd prob give you 6'1 but if you said 6'2 I'd figure it's simply a roundup not a lie
Shane said on 25/Jun/17
@Canson: any measurement is a real measurement. The early morning measurements are just as real, just different. In fact, I believe the morning measurements are more appropriate (as you know). Great point on Westbrook, though. If he indeed got measured late in day in 2008 (are you sure?) that would explain why he looks 6'4" or 6'5" to others as he would be around 6'3" barefoot earlier in day (if he was indeed measured late and from what I've understood he was).
Canson said on 31/May/17
Too many people are saying he grew because he makes the Damian Lillards and other guys shorter. It's because they received morning measurements and likely aren't as tall as advertised. Russ had he gotten the same would be 6'3" barefoot and 6'4" in shoes but he instead in 2008 receiced a real measurement not an eye opener. Put into perspective, He's exact with Jarrett jack and looks 3" shorter than Caron butler. Both of their measurements are near accurate as Caron has been 6'5" since high school and even when he played pro was about 2cm taller than I am Jack about 2" 5-6cm so shorter than I am. Jack at 6'2 and change and Caron as a good 6'5 make Russ what rob has him listed 6'2.25 at most 189cm. Just means the other guys aren't as tall as they are listed on their pre drafts
Jeffery Lord said on 27/May/17
Then why is Westbrook a bit taller than most guys listed at 6'4? (Ex: Wade, Jrue Holiday, OJ Mayo, John Wall)

Even LeBron has said Westbrook is underlisted and on the court is more like 6'4 or 6'5.
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@KH: yes it is but not all of these listed ones are accurate like his. He looks it on the court and in person according to someone who met him
KH said on 21/Apr/17
This listing is correct because its his barefoot combine listing.
SMH said on 13/Apr/17
Looks taller than this. 190
185cmAriel said on 10/Apr/17
recently just looked at the photos of him and ronaldo and another photo of him and chris brown i think might be 190 cm at worst
Don't know what to claim(5'11) said on 5/Apr/17
6'2.25"-6'2.5" is a solid listing. Curry looked barely 6'2 with Obama and Westbrook is slightly taller than Curry.
Gwynbleidd said on 3/Apr/17
Russell is a very, very solid 6' 2.5" - around 189.5 cm. A strong height for how Russ plays.
Canson said on 1/Apr/17
@SJH: Russ is a solid 6'2" worst case. He's not lower than 188. The other guys I agree on like Rose being 185 range maybe 185.5 tops and Curry 186.5ish
Canson said on 23/Mar/17
@Ebrahim: that is exactly what Russ is. I have a 6'3 friend who met him and he was only 1/2-1" shorter than he was

Rose and curry are shorter than him however noticeably for rose about 2cm for curry. Curry had a morning measurement which is why they don't line up (he tweeted 630am). Rose I believe afternoon but boosted a hair and is closer to 6'1"
Ebrahim said on 22/Mar/17
From what I've seen, Westbrook rose and curry seem to be almost the same height, the difference is just miniscule.
I say he is 6'2.25 spot on.
S.J.H said on 9/Mar/17

Honestly Willy Hernangomez look no taller than 6'8.75 max since he tilt down his head with westbrook. Westbrook is only 187cm
Johnson said on 9/Mar/17
Well there could be 15 cm between Hernangomez and Westbrook...
Johnson said on 8/Mar/17
Willy Hernangomez listed 2.11 and he looks only 13 cm taller than Westbrook

Any explanation? How tall is Willy?
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S.J.H said on 27/Feb/17

I think back John Wall is only solid 187cm makes me wonder how could russell westbrook can even be 6'2.25 although sometimes westbrook and wall only look 1/4 than 1/2 , i'm going with 6'1.5 for westbrook which is few mm shine of 187cm that make much sense on wall's comparison
Canson said on 25/Feb/17
This is a guy in pics next to a reliably measured 6'3" guy that has met him that looks at most 189cm. That's what he is no more than maybe 6'2.5 and can see the 6'2.25. It's just shedding light on to the "right sizing" of players based on the Position they play. Yes he will look 6'3-6'4 next to a guy like John wall who is really only 186-187cm and listed as 6'2.75. That's the NBA for you
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17
Click Here looks like james harden is no way over 6'3
Nik said on 23/Feb/17
@A 171cm male

As another 171cm male I would say that we look very small compared to another person when that other person is about 6'2" or over. However the 6'2"+ brigade still probably makes up less than 10% of the population so although we are a little bit small for our gender we are only made to look really small by a low percentage of people.
James said on 21/Feb/17
@A 171cm male What kind of trolling is this? haha
A 171cm male said on 19/Feb/17
Russ looks tall to me
Canson said on 10/Feb/17
Russ is correct 189cm 6'2.25
Curry received morning measurement more like 186.5-187 6'1.5ish. Russ has him by 2cm
west said on 2/Feb/17
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right with curry and curry is 6'2

6'2 1/4
joe### said on 26/Jan/17
Ronaldo is not in so bad a posture so does not
S.J.H said on 26/Jan/17
Westbrook look at most 4cm taller than cristiano ronaldo look at top of head minus ronaldo hair and cap not looking eye level and 10cm is way off. lol, but look carefully on the video ronaldo look to drop a fraction posture there so the listing 6'2.25 and 6'1 seem strong listing
Johnson said on 26/Jan/17
@Canson Another player proving wrong the draft height... that of Cristiano Ronaldo is 6 foot tall... Do you really believe it?
joe### said on 25/Jan/17
26 seconds Westbrook to upgrade
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6 foot 17 yrs still growing said on 23/Jan/17
I thought he was at least 6 ft 3 next to ronaldo ..solid 2 inch difference
GP said on 23/Jan/17
He has claimed 6'3" before. I read it somewhere when a reporter was claiming that Durant was 7" and he was asking his teammates during OKC years and Westbrook said that he was 6'3" and Durant was 6'10". I would bet that he was measured at 6'2.5" and either it was typing error since they made a similar error with Blake Griffin, who was measured at 6'8.75" but was listed at 6'8.5" (which is more accurate).
SportsHeight said on 23/Jan/17
Rob, how much do you think Westbrook weighs in the photos posted below and in other recent pics?
Editor Rob: not sure he looks much over 200 pounds.
Johnson said on 23/Jan/17
@S.J.H are you kidding? The picture suggests 10 cm of difference between them Ronaldo and him, the problem is the pic is really bad I saw the whole video...and there it was a difference of 5 cm minimum
Westbrook is 6'3... look at him with measured without shoes Oladipo
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/17
Ronaldo looks closer to 6ft in that photo!
S.J.H said on 21/Jan/17
The picture look like westbrook is 189cm and ronaldo is 185.5cm
Johnson said on 21/Jan/17
For Westbrook and Ronaldo is better to watch the whole video. The difference is not that big as it looks in that picture
A 171cm male said on 20/Jan/17
Nba exaggerates height so much looks like 6'2" possible flat. ..
Duhon said on 20/Jan/17
Westbrook and Ronaldo Click Here
Moody said on 19/Jan/17
There is much more than an inch and a quarter between him and Ronaldo.
Johnson said on 18/Jan/17
I don't know about tall people, but once I am 2 hours after waking up I am the same height until before bed. I only change the days when I sleep more than 10 hours and if I don't go out that I am slightly taller than my everyday height for most part in the day like 0.5 cm...
joe### said on 18/Jan/17
Anthony davis was measured 6'8 and then 6'9.25, I think westbrook look a little than this listing here
Moke said on 18/Jan/17
So he's been measured 189cm at draft camp, that is- in the morning. Makes him 6'2 during the day. Nothing wrong with that. Same with Ronaldo. Makes sense.
Johnson said on 18/Jan/17
Similar to measured Oladipo 6'3.25. Westbrook looks a legit 6'3

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S.J.H said on 18/Jan/17
Positive side is stephen curry claiming 6'3 but was no taller than 6'2 yet westbrook claim the same but look 6'2.5 most of time compare to curry
SportsHeight said on 17/Jan/17
Thanks Rob! I've been wondering if he had any growth since his draft measurement. Seems rather unlikely, considering he was 19-and-a-half at the time. He does sometimes look a little taller, though that could be for any number of reasons. Good to have him on the site.
Editor Rob: I am certain he claims 6ft 3, but can't find where he said it. I could see an argument for 6ft 2.5 range, he doesn't have a big head for his height.
joe### said on 17/Jan/17
I saw 2 swollen taller than cr7
If this 6'2.25, cristiano ronaldo is maximum 6'0
Jam said on 17/Jan/17
My favorite player. Ridiculous he's averaging a triple double at this height
Johnson said on 17/Jan/17
We like this addition.
I think he grew up since his draft. He claimed 6'3. He looks 2 inches taller than Cristiano Ronaldo. Oladipo was measured 6'3.25 barefoot and he edges Westbrook no more than 1 cm
S.J.H said on 17/Jan/17
Westbrook look alot like 6'2.5 especially on jimmy fallon show

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