How tall was Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

President of Iraq from 1979 until 2003. In an interview with Saddam's suit tailor, he mentioned: "Saddam Hussein, President - Trousers 54, Jacket 56, Outside leg 112cm, Height 1.86m, Shirt XL, Shoe 45.".

Saddam Hussein 1979

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Average Guess (46 Votes)
6ft 0.57in (184.3cm)
5'11james said on 21/Sep/23
A true sociopath.

Abdul-DK said on 9/Nov/22
He was the worst human being that ever have lived. !!!
New-One said on 28/Sep/22
I don't think that he was 6'0.5", but he was a bit taller than that - around 6'0.75". And in shoes, he'd be around 6'1.75".
Chaos's Throwaway said on 22/Apr/22
Arch Stanton said on 2/May/21
Kavi Singh Gill said on 2/Sep/19
Rob, would you consider adding Osama Bin Laden? He was described as between 6'4" and 6'6" though a lot of his close friends said that he was only a bit over 6ft.
Editor Rob
It's hard to give an estimate on Osama, I was never that sure!

10 years ago today they got him, though if you believe the conspiracy theorist types he's still alive in Iran! Difficult to tell, but from what I saw of him I would highly doubt 6'5-6'6, maybe 6'4, I think that was what the special ops got.

Wouldn’t surprised if they claimed he was taller to make him sound more imposing/threatening
AlanHussein said on 3/Aug/21
ERRATUM around 40 years before his great back pain (cause : air cooler to close of him during he was sitting in bis buro) he was around 5'11'’1/2 Maybe 6" 184cm No more at him peak at 25yo he maybee reach 1m86 just after long sleeping jump out bed . But see bim with Jean Marie Lepen 1m75 5’9’’ 8n 1990 ..... he is 2 inch Taller no more. No for Uday , he was 1m92 6’3’’ tall man like my cousin (Latif Yahia stand just one incb and dusts smaller than Uday 1m89 6'2’’ he compensate with shoes ) for very tall men like Uday its easy to gain one inch just with intervertebral disks for young persons only....a great afternoon of sleeping ..your taller for 2/3 bours....... imqgine in more a good boots pair..... you can see a 6’5’ 1m96 Uday a day and be sure loool true 1m98 6’6’’ like Little Klitschko brother its very very rare
Arch Stanton said on 2/May/21
Kavi Singh Gill said on 2/Sep/19
Rob, would you consider adding Osama Bin Laden? He was described as between 6'4" and 6'6" though a lot of his close friends said that he was only a bit over 6ft.
Editor Rob
It's hard to give an estimate on Osama, I was never that sure!

10 years ago today they got him, though if you believe the conspiracy theorist types he's still alive in Iran! Difficult to tell, but from what I saw of him I would highly doubt 6'5-6'6, maybe 6'4, I think that was what the special ops got.
Sinclair said on 12/Mar/21
Rob, how tall would you say Iranian leader Ali Khamenei is?
Editor Rob
could have shrunk 2 inches by now, looked over 5ft 9 in the past
Canson said on 22/Jun/20
1.86m? In Shoes perhaps. More like 183 or 184 based on some pics
AlanHussein said on 21/Jun/20
SADDAM in his Prime was 5'11"1/2 men..(1m82) he suffer or back (column issues) 2 times.... in late of nineties he was 5'10" (1m78) .my Fathers cousin ( 1m91 6'3"1/2) was his friend.. Udai tall SAME TALL OF MY COUSIN. and Kusai 1m75 (5'9")..... tailors datas 1m86 is reach just for members lenght . ( Saddam was Longiligne.. )... R.I.P
Jam Cherry said on 14/Jun/20
I would say He’s about 185 cm
Aman 5'11" said on 13/May/20
His son Uday Hussein is listed at 6'6" on Google, but he honestly looks no more than 6'3"
Alnajjar said on 4/Mar/20
There were 2 saddam the real one was shorter than alternative
191 cm Jason said on 10/Feb/20
Always thought he was a 5'6'-5'8' guy judging by his face but to be fair I never looked up many pictures of this guy until now and he does look kind of tall.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 28/Jan/20
I found a video with Ali and Hussein together: Click Here
As I said, this video is from 1990. I really don't see Hussein as short as 184 cm. Rob, what would you say about this video?
Editor Rob
I think Saddam could look under 6ft 1 there, I would rule out 186cm barefoot for sure.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 21/Jan/20
Well, in 1990 Saddam Hussein met Muhammad Ali. I recently saw their photos together and it was hard for me to see 2 inches between them. At that time Saddam was 53 years old and Ali 48, so they both couldn't lose anything noticeable yet. Besides, their footwear could have been similar. Finally, I think 184 cm looks a little low for him. Rob, do you think that next to Ali he could look like 6'1" or at least 6'0.75"?
khaled taban said on 31/Dec/19
@Emad , he is 6'1".
Emad said on 30/Nov/19
Rob can you add Saudi prince Bin Salman?? His height looks similar to Trump's
Kavi Singh Gill said on 2/Sep/19
Rob, would you consider adding Osama Bin Laden? He was described as between 6'4" and 6'6" though a lot of his close friends said that he was only a bit over 6ft.
Editor Rob
It's hard to give an estimate on Osama, I was never that sure!
181.2cm at 16 said on 20/Jul/19
Im iraqi i live in baghdad when i go for shopping or something like that the people is not tall im 181 cm always males are shorter than me but in the same time we had a guys who are more than 200 cm but always the iraqis male are from 180 to 190 cm the woman are from 145 to 173 sometime i say 180cm woman or 175cm tall i could say iraqis are 170cm the average
181.2cm at 16 said on 20/Jul/19
Im iraqi my father was saw his son oday
He told me oday was 189 cm tall my father is 177 cm
pov said on 6/Jul/19
I have to agree with @Itar. I think he was 186cm bang on.
Amjad said on 28/Jun/19
The length of Saddam Hussein is 178, not 184
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/19
Wow, wasn't expecting this...
Itar said on 17/Jan/19
My grandfather served under him from 1988-1992. He’s 184cm himself, he said saddam was slightly taller than him. He met saddam and his family a few times. I believe he was actually around 186cm, his son uday was around 197cm.
khaled taban said on 22/Nov/18
I am sure that he was a little above 6'1" at his peak , My guess would be 6'1.25"/186cm .
Batistataker said on 6/Nov/18
6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm), his nose is so blunt btw
Halloween1111 said on 9/Oct/18
Is there a chance of you adding Uday Hussein? He claims 6'6.
Editor Rob
I think unlikely.
Darkpower72 said on 1/Jul/18
He’d always tower over most people so I doubt he’d be under 6’1”. Maybe his morning height was 186cm and he’d dip down to 184cm-184.5cm.
daril said on 3/Jun/18
@Rob : considering only his stature and proportion, how do you think Ibn Saud (1875-1957) tall was ?
William Shakespeare (the explorer !) describe him as "a man standing well over 6 feet". Arab sources claims he was 6feet 6, I dont believe it, very exagereted.

But when we saw his pictures, it's noticeable that he was taller than his fellow countryman, even taller than bristih explorers.

But he never met up anyone whose height is known for sure except roosevelt, few months before his death

Here you can see them :

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

By his posture, I think he was at least 6ft1 maybe 6ft2, how about you ?
Editor Rob
It would seem likely he could be over 6ft though 6ft 5-6 is an exaggeration.
DG said on 13/Apr/18
He was a legit 6’1. 186cm. I’m half Iraqi and my Grandad met him in 1976 at a Arab charity summit in Baghdad. My Grandfather’s old drivers licence states 184cm, I’d say probably today he’s 182cm (shrunk a bit), but he’s always told me he was suprised how tall Saddam was, and that he was slightly taller than himself. Bare in mind the average Iraqi is around 5’7/5’8 and this is only in developed areas, 6’1 in iraq is equivalent to a european 6’3.
Tunman said on 13/Apr/18
Rob,I think it's definitely time for a real downgrade.I must say that he really looks too far from a genuine 186 barefeet.He seems 6'flat tops with Chirac and I could buy 183 with Le Pen also but no more.There are 99% chances he was measured in shoes by his tailor.
Editor Rob
It could be either a shoe height the more I looked at him just now, I think 184 is closer.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
A huge guy I definitely think he was 186 cm
Sudad said on 18/Jul/17
Rob how tall do you think uday husssein saddams double claimed uday is 195cm and he does look 195cm
Editor Rob
sorry, I'm not really sure.
Born2Win said on 10/Jul/17
How tall would you say George Galloway is Rob? Quite famous in Scotland and met Sadam once I think
Editor Rob
George did claim to be 5ft 8.
even said on 5/Jul/17
he was 6 foot 1
ok said on 8/Apr/17
5"11 imo but 6"1 in whatever he wore
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/17
No, I think he was 6ft2 range in shoes
Rent said on 1/Jan/17
And happy new year everybody :-) !
Rent said on 1/Jan/17
Yeah Rob, I could be agree with 186cm with shoes, so 6' max barefoot. Anyway, neither you or I will not have the opportunity to verify that. ^^
Rent said on 30/Dec/16
I said 6'2.5" for Chirac, but I see you give him 6'1.5". Before his 60's and with good posture, I think he was more like the first option. When I compared Hussein with him, it was from a video in 1974, both was young or close. Anyway, if Chirac was really 187cm at peak, it's another solid proof than Hussein wasn't more than 5'11".
Editor Rob
I think it is believable the 186 measurement for Saddam...but, it may well have been in shoes.
Rent said on 30/Dec/16
Rob, there is a youtube video's (Click Here) with Saddam Hussein and Jean-Marie Le Pen (who claimed 5'9.5" for his young days), looks at 40sec, they are face to face and we can see max 2inches between them. And with 6'2.5" Jacques Chirac, no way he's just 3cm shorter. I would say 5'11.5" max for Hussein, still very tall for his times and for an Irakian...
DetroitMichigan said on 22/Dec/16
Nothing more than 6ft near french president Jacques Chirac. I guess something like 6'3 6'4 for Uday Hussein
Chase Witherspoon said on 9/Dec/16
Sans the jingoist/patriotic sentiments, this dictator dude sure did look 185 range...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/16
@MJKoP: Hard to pinpoint exactly but I wouldn't say less than 6ft4 and likely nearer 6ft5. 6ft6 could have been his frame that gave that illusion
MJKoP said on 5/Dec/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/16
Bin Laden's height is pretty apparent in photos

He was unquestionably in the "very tall" range, but it's almost impossible to tell the difference between 6'4" and 6'6" if you don't know who he's surrounded by.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/16
Bin Laden's height is pretty apparent in photos
Ali said on 2/Dec/16
Saddam Hussein was about 1.5 to 2 inches smaller that 6'2 max Muhammed Ali. Saddam Hussain was 6 ft peak.
Jordan87 said on 1/Dec/16

I think Bin Laden was Measured when a 6 FOOT TALL SOLDIER laid beside him( Not a 6'4" SOldier) and Bin Laden was roughly 4" taller. That's the story I read.

Also the Seal who claimed to have Killed Bin Laden, said Bin Laden was clearly taller than any of the seals since he was amazed how tall and Skinny Bin Laden was when he arose to flee for his AK-47. That was right before two shots were pumped into that Ratty piece of Crap's forehead.

Whats Strange is apparently people who were close to Bin Laden said he was " Just above 6 feet tall" and the FBI grossly over exaggerated his height. Not sure how reliable those sources are b/c Osama looked like a tall man. Same build as Abe Lincoln and many assume Bin Laden has the same disease as Honest Abe ( Marfan Syndrome).

The were also Journalists that said Bin Laden wasn't particularly tall, but very Skinny.

I still don't believe that the man was " Just Above 6 feet". Seeing him in Short Clips, and in a few pictures there are of him standing in rooms here and there he looked like he could have been 6'4.
MJKoP said on 30/Nov/16
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/16
Yeah they roughly measured Bin Laden at his compound upon death, one of the team who was a measured 6'4 lay down beside him and they said "roughly the same height". He could look 6'4.5, 6'6 always seemed a stretch.

He was in horrendous physical health before he was killed. In his younger, healthy days close to 200cm wouldn't surprise me one bit. I guess it's a bit hard to gauge because of how infrequently he was photographed, especially in close proximity to anyone whose height was well-established.

And lying down next to someone is a rather inaccurate method of comparing heights. The margin of error could be pretty significant.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/16
If Bin Laden gets a page eventually, I'd start him at 6ft5 because he could look that. A bit under it is likely though
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/16
Yeah they roughly measured Bin Laden at his compound upon death, one of the team who was a measured 6'4 lay down beside him and they said "roughly the same height". He could look 6'4.5, 6'6 always seemed a stretch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Nov/16
Rob, which of these for Iraq's most infamous?

A) 189cm/187cm
B) 188.5cm/186.5cm
C) 188cm/186cm
D) 187.5cm/185.5cm
E) 187cm/185cm
Editor Rob
I think anywhere in C-E range could be likely.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 29/Nov/16
MJKoP said on 16/Nov/16
bin Laden was listed on the FBI's most wanted list as 6'5" - 6'6"


He was probably more like 6'4", but yeah he was a very tall extremist.
Nik said on 29/Nov/16
Rob, do you think many celebrities go on this site ?
Editor Rob
Nik, I'm sure a very tiny proportion of visitors are actors or famous people.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 28/Nov/16
Terrible dude but very tall and handsome
Editor Rob
Saddam was certainly shorter than Ali when they met, it is possible he was only 185cm, although rather tall for an Iraqi.
MJKoP said on 16/Nov/16
bin Laden was listed on the FBI's most wanted list as 6'5" - 6'6"
Orlando said on 26/Jul/16
Concerning population height one should consider the mode (value that appears most often in a set of data) instead of mean or average.
joe### said on 3/Feb/16
Bin laden 6´5
Andrew M said on 30/Jan/16
Anytime I've heard about his height, it's always 6' 4". I believe BBC journalist John Simpson said this too, and he had the misfortune to have met him. Reputedly Bin Laden ordered people to kill Simpson and his colleague(s), but those people refused, leaving Bin Laden in a very distressed state. Needless to say, this was before Bin Laden became the boss, so to speak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jan/16
Rob, how tall do you think Osama Bin Laden was?

He's generally been described from 6ft4 up to 6ft7. He was very very skinny (emaciated more like) and generally towered over everyone he was pictured with. My guess is 6ft5 range at least anywhere. He looked huge
Editor Rob
I would rule anything like 6ft 5 above, but 6ft 4-5 is possible. Not a great deal to compare though.
OhBeOne said on 5/Oct/15
Are you sure about that, Rob ? His tailor is certainly wrong on this one.

Look at these photos/videos with French ex-President Chirac (189cm at his highest stature), The Frenchman seems to tower him, no way there is only a 3 cm-difference between them.
Saddam Husssein seems at least 3 inches smaller than Chirac :
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (just watch the beginning)

Next 5'7.5 Rumsfeld, doesn't seem to have a 6 inches difference :
Click Here
Click Here
More like 4 inch-difference imho.
Would downgrade him to 1m80-81.
It's true that he looks tall, he had a very good posture, and maybe in some pictures he wore heels to look taller, he was a megalomaniac dictator, after all !
Editor Rob
it's always conceivable he was standing in shoes when the tailor was measuring him...I mean a tailor measurement with a cloth tape might not be fully accurate.
fsd said on 10/Jan/15
In iraq and most gulf counrtries average for younger generation is 5'6ft or near a flat 5'7ft . 5'8ft&above is considred decent and above average. 5'10 can be considred tallish anything above 5'11ft is considred tall .
MD said on 31/Dec/14
From everything I've seen 175cm would still be quite a bit above average, even for the younger generation in Iraq. So, while I guess you could call it normal, in no way is 175cm a nation-wide average for Iraq.
Sarmad said on 28/Dec/14
Im iraqi and im 175cm which is in iraq normal and 180,185 is not so tall
andrei hofmann said on 16/Aug/14
Milk and yogurt and cycling and walking an stretches for tall growth
height said on 24/Mar/14
yes most iraqis are short but lots of them is tall to almost like the us
Ben said on 7/Mar/14

I hope you are kidding. I've been to Iraq as well, and met Iraqis abroad, and they are some of the smallest people I've ever encountered.

I'm not that tall either. I'm about 5ft 11in (180 cm), and they were much shorter than me.

Saddam Hussein is a rare exception.

Iraqi men are today maybe 5ft 7in today. Certainly not 5ft 10in (177) --- not even close.

Mason maybe you are just really short...?
mason said on 2/Aug/13
I've been to iraq, they average 177 cm. They're not 5ft5.
and 186 is not exceptionally tall there.
wiltonstilts said on 19/Apr/13
Him and Osama Bin laden both exceptionally tall. By the way I didn't see osama bin laden's height on here. I believe he was a 6 foot 5 man.
Shaun said on 6/Dec/11
Legit 186cm, did look a clear 6'2" in shoes.
MooseMan said on 1/Sep/11
@ MD

When I said "considered", I meant more like the way I considered myself, rather than how people viewed me. I FELT on the shorter side when I went there. MOST people my height and under were old men, women, and children. But the vast majority of men were taller (not all, but the MAJORITY). Not by much. I noticed many many 5'10/5'lls there.
We certainly do not have tall people (6'3 and above) as common as Europe does where it's very typical to see that. And like you said it's understandable since Iraq is still developing and what not.
MD said on 1/Sep/11

I don't think Arabs are unsuaully short, but they definitely aren't the same average heights as Europeans, which is totally understandable when you consider many Arab nations are still developing. I'd say you're a bit off the mark to say you'd be considered short in Iraq.

The last measure of Iraqis was done in 1999 to 2000 on ages 18-44 -- in fact, it was only done in Baghdad, which would probably lead to higher averages -- and the average height was found to be only 5'5" (which ranks them among the shorter nations in the Arab world). I'd say at the very most you could add on 2" for the younger generation, but the point still stands that your experiences, if even true, certainly aren't normal, and under no circumstance would you be considered "short" in Iraq at 5'8".

Iraqi's have had height potential stunted, first, because of Saddam's uneven rule which didn't benefit the entire country, and then because of the most recent war. I'd expect in a decade or two if things go well, and more and more Iraqi's are lifted out of poverty, that the average cold very well rise to 5'7"-5'8". Even then, though, you'd be on the upper side of average.
george555 said on 31/Aug/11
if you can look at the picture of Donald Rumsfeld with Saddam, you can see he's well over 6'0; i'd say Hussein is about 6'2
MooseMan said on 29/Aug/11
Arabs are not generally short. I am Iraqi and I'm considered short at 5'8. I am the shortest male of my entire family. When i visited Iraq I took a picture with cousins that I only came up to their shoulders. They are a whole head and neck taller than me. That would put them at the 6'6 range, give or take a few inches. I had a boss at a previous job who was an Arab from Palestine who was 6'3 (his father was about an inch taller than me though). Also, at the local Arabic mosque, I cannot see over anyone during pray when we all stand next to each other. I feel shorter in an Arabic community than I do when I am around Americans.
Iraqi said on 5/Aug/11
Iraqis are Mixed as any people around the world . If you saw the Dolaimi girl with blue eyes and light hair color That does not mean shes Aryan at all. Semites have every thing in their genes . I am from the south my self and My family roots are very known originally from the Arabic peninsula and we all have green , blue and hazel eye color . Also Iraqis height varies as any people around the world too
james said on 27/Jul/11
5ft5 as an average iraqi height is complete bull ****
I've visited iraq on many business trips and i'd say on average, people in baghdad are around 5ft8, 5ft9.
I also noticed northern iraqis are much taller, especially in areas such as dohuk, i'd say on average 2 inches taller than the people in baghdad.
by the way, iraqis aren't all arabs, just cause most speak arabic doesn't mean they're arabs, take the dolaimis for instance, they call themselves arabs but are infact aryan. i was amazed when i visited a house of a dolaimi that his little daughters were blue eyed and blond haired and his whole family was well over average human height.
I'd say iraqis are pretty tall for most middle eastern people but decades of sanctions and malnutrition is holding them down. I think if Iraq takes advantage of its oil, its tourism and manufacturing sectors and becomes a rich nation, the average iraqi height would jump to 5ft11 in no time.
btw, comparing saddam and bin laden is not a very intelligent tactic, since saddam and most iraqis are of mixed races while bin laden is just arabic.
Thomas said on 4/Jun/11
Bin laden was 6'4-6'5. The man was taller than most men, whatever race they may be. Just because he was an evil **** doesn't mean his height is to be downgraded.
He was tall, rich, powerful, and many of his people saw him as an impressive figure finacially, physically, spiritually, and academically.
Most Arabs are average height. They are not a "short" race.
Whatever, Bin Laden at least 6'4", more likely 6'5".
Matt said on 9/May/11
Shaun says on 5/May/11
Rob watch the video at the top of Click Here . It claims a SEAL officer laid down by the side of Osama bin Laden's corpse to gauge his height. The US military claims he was 6 ft 4 (193cm) based on comparison. He was approaching 60 though, might have been 194-195 range in his prime. Can you please start a page for Osama bin Laden then? Surely that's evidence. You have pages for some really minor celebrities on here, the world's most wanted terorrist must surely get a page!!!


Bin Laden is not a celebrity....
Shaun said on 5/May/11
Rob watch the video at the top of Click Here . It claims a SEAL officer laid down by the side of Osama bin Laden's corpse to gauge his height. The US military claims he was 6 ft 4 (193cm) based on comparison. He was approaching 60 though, might have been 194-195 range in his prime. Can you please start a page for Osama bin Laden then? Surely that's evidence. You have pages for some really minor celebrities on here, the world's most wanted terorrist must surely get a page!!!
Cranberries said on 3/May/11
Middle-Eastern people are, genetically, not as tall as many Europeans or Africans. My family is German and comes from poverty, and I only ate around 1200-1600 calories each day growing up (picky eater), and all the men are 6'2"++++, including me (6'3.5").
avi said on 2/May/11
No more than 6'1. probably a measurement in shoes. Bin Laden is probably 6'4 or 6'3 because there others around him in videos who are close to his height (2-s inches tops)
Viper said on 2/May/11
I doubt he was ever 6-2
Shaun said on 2/May/11
He looked a strong 6'1", probably 6'2" as a young man. Very tall for an Iraqi, but a lot of Arabs are very tall. Iranians too, Look at Dariuys Danesh for instance who is half Iranian. One of his sons was a legit 6'6", apparently 6'8" but that was a little extreme. Osama Bin Laden was around 195cm it would seem which is extremely tall for the middle east.
ahmed said on 27/Apr/11
middle eastern people are generally short because of nutritional and health problems. genetically speaking they are just as tall as europeans or black people.
IloveIraq said on 8/Mar/11
Saddam Hussein was a strong 6'2"
Klaus said on 4/Mar/11
SolidSnake, the arabs are a nation of tall people, like the persians.
But in Iran, their president is very small, unlike the rest of persian population:
Click Here
SolidSnake said on 3/Mar/11
Osama Bin Laden is 6'4 or something isnt he? The Iraqi leaders are well above average heights
Annon said on 12/Nov/10
He is probably closer to 6'5" after the hanging.
Doug said on 15/Jun/09
Uday Hussein did look 6ft5.5-6'6" certainly.
Sam said on 23/Mar/09
I think Saddam is even taller.My uncle was a good friend of him since their college days.He said he was really tall,but I don't know how tall exactly.Anyway I know this is out of topic but Saddam isn't as bad as America is making him to be.There's a lot of misinformation and lies in the news we hear.
spence said on 23/Dec/08
his son Uday Hussein was claim at 6ft6.5 but looks a solid 6ft5.5. Saddam does look 6ft1.
adam said on 18/Nov/08
Osama is exactly 6-4 and 3/4. He always looked very tall to me so a couple of days ago I asked him about his height. He said that he wasn`t quite sure so we went back to back and he was exactly 2
Brimio said on 5/Apr/08
Brandon, you're an idiot too because Osama can't be almost a foot taller than Shakur cuz that would make him look 6'11" tall. Osama is 6'4 1/2". Try to find sources.
Seldon said on 29/Mar/08
I always thought Saddam was 5'11" in height. In pictures of the two together, Saddam's notoriously sadistic elder son Uday looked up to seven inches taller than his father. If Uday really was 6'6", as is often claimed, a revaluation of Saddam's height may be in order.
Brandon said on 27/Mar/08
Brimio, your an idiot. That video is obviously fake. Osama is almost a foot taller than Tupac.
Brimio said on 12/Mar/08
Hey Rob, why won't you open a new chapter about Osama bin Laden's height? I already showed you a video where Osama is never 6'4"-6'6" like the FBI described him as being so tall.
Brimio said on 6/Mar/08
Take a look on this video (Click Here). It would be good to create a new page about Osama bin Laden on celebHeights because Osama is never 6'4" and anything above!!! Saddam could be 6'2".
Rano said on 4/Mar/08
Saddam seems to be 6'2". Osama bin Laden is 6'4" at his peak and surely not over.
glenn said on 22/Feb/08
almost had him.almost.
Marty J said on 22/Feb/08
What? Didn't Glenn or Rob get a picture with him?!?!?
Statorus said on 6/Feb/08
Saddam Hussein: 6' 2"
Uday Hussein: 6' 7"
Osama bin Laden: 6' 4"
George W. Bush: 6'
Adolf Hitler: 5' 9"

These are the correct heights about these bad politicians. The mention from brother_h that Osama bin Laden is 6' 6" is nonsense.
John said on 20/Jan/08
Living in Manhattan at the moment... at least till I move out my parents' place. ;)
brother_h said on 20/Jan/08
no, leaders arent always small. osama bin laden is 6'6. well apparently.
glenn said on 19/Jan/08
thanks john! what part of the city are you from?
John said on 19/Jan/08
Hey Glenn, you're a New Yorker too? I figured you would be on the West Coast with all the pictures you get... anyway, from one 5'8" metalhead to another, good job with the site, I always enjoy coming here and seeing the new pictures you post.
glenn said on 18/Jan/08
some soldiers here in the bronx have their arms around him,pulling out of his bunker.photographed.thats impressive.these soldiers i heard were jobless when back.
John said on 17/Jan/08
LOL - I clicked on this name instinctively expecting to see a picture of Glenn standing next to the guy with his arm around his shoulder...
Rejn said on 17/Jan/08
6'2" could be right. I would give him a snitch under 6'2", so 187cm I think. His son, Uday looks 6'7" to me because he seems to be more than 4 inches taller than Saddam.
David said on 24/Oct/07
BBC Correspondent John Simpsons was on chatshow Tubridy Tonight 20/10/2007 and said Saddam was 5'9". He said Saddam had a trick of offering a lowly placed handshake to his guests during photo-ops which usually lead to the guest leaning downwards and thus increasing the percieved height of Saddam.
JayDee de Escocia said on 15/Sep/07
All the footage shows him to be a tall guy - unless he did what Stalin did and surrounded himself with wee guys (e.g. Krushchev, Beria) What does Saddam have to do with 9/11? (God rest the victims) - wasn't it Saudis and Egyptians who flew the planes into the Twin Towers? Subscribing to the anti-american jiahd call (1998) of OBL??
Jason said on 16/Aug/07
His tailor measured him at 6'1 1/4''. Doesn't get much more confirmed than that...
I Know It All said on 15/Aug/07
On the national news they said Saddam was 6'4", which may be true, he does look at least 6'2" or 6'3"!! So, that would make his sons over 6'6" to 6'8"! I believe he is closer to 6'3" or 6'4" than "6 FT 1.25 IN"! But, that's from the little I've seen of him on the news.!?
shikoku said on 27/Jun/07
i dont believe he was that tall he looked 1.80 at max to me...
Biteme said on 9/Jun/07
lol six feet under - what an evil dude, and it's truly pathetic that Iraq was far better off when he was in power...disgraceful situation. Glenn I wouldn't worry one bit, Iraq has never attacked the US or anything like that and frankly they'd have it pretty difficult...and the Iraq situation is nothing like 9/11
Glenn said on 15/Jan/07
Yeah.Im a little afraid of retaliation.doesnt worry me like the fears after 911.Im calm,but you never know.
Anthony said on 15/Jan/07
It's tough for me to believe as well. It's scary in a sense.
Glenn said on 15/Jan/07
Me too.a little creepy and surreal.
Viper said on 15/Jan/07
I cant beleive hes dead.
Glenn said on 14/Jan/07
They yoked that bum.and abused.good.
Alex said on 13/Jan/07
Might want to change 'Saddam Hussein's height IS' to Saddam Hussein's height WAS' xD
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/07
[Editor Rob: maybe change him to -6 0']

that was utterly genious!!! hahah go rob!
blueboy said on 31/Dec/06
Can we list Saddam as 6'6" as recent events are bound to have made him taller

Editor Rob
maybe change him to -6 0'
Jordy said on 30/Dec/06
That's pretty odd. World leaders are usually not so big.

Adolf Hitler - 5'9" - However Not bad at the time.
Napoleon - 5'6.5"
Josef Stalin - 5'6.5"
Vladimir Putin - 5'7"

But some are quite tall

Abraham Lincoln - 6'4"
Osama Bin Laden - 6'5"
George Herbert Walker Bush - 6'2"
Glenn said on 20/Oct/06
Laugh,but a couple soilders I dont know, that live near me,have the photo with.and I hear those soldiers are having financial hardships.
Paul said on 11/Oct/06
Uday was 195cm according to Saddam's escaped double - Mikaelef Ramadan.
Gonzalo said on 29/Sep/06
I saw once on TV Sadam next to Chirac and it surprised me to see that Chirac was a couple of inches taller. I thought Sadam was 6`2 but now I think he is no more than 6`1.
SH said on 12/Jul/06
Uday is tall, but he does not look 6'8'' or even 6'6''. I would say he is 6'4'' based on pictures of him with Saddam, Galloway and random pics of him living it up at his infamous parties.
D.J. said on 29/Jun/06
Click Here - this site has Uday at just under 2 meters, which would make him slightly over 6'6".

Click Here - this site has him at 6'8".

I'm not sure about 6'8" but he looks no less than 6'6 1/2"- 6'7".
Dave said on 22/Jun/06
once again photos are poor indicator of one's height. I know everyone on this board enjoys assessing celeb heights based on pictures with other celebs of known height. This is still very inaccurate.
Jason said on 22/Jun/06
Hmmm ... Uday looks ~ 6'4 1/2'' to me on the basis Saddam is 6'1 1/4''.
ForensicNYC said on 31/May/06
6'1" Saddam Hussein with 7'4" Michael Moore...(cough..cough)
Click Here
With 5'10" Dan Rather...
Click Here
ForensicNYC said on 31/May/06
5'7" Donald Rumsfeld shakes hands with 6'1" Saddam Hussein...
(image lifted from video and tilted in favour of Saddy, the real vertical is the dark line in the middle..)
Click Here
Paul said on 24/Apr/06
Also don't forget Frank2 that genuine photo shots of Saddam only in his white yfront pants were shown last May in a UK paper and that caused quite a stir and some people were getting their knickers in a twist over it.
Dubya launched an investigation into the revealing of the pants and how security became elastic but they never go to the bottom of it.
Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
I dont have Sadam,but soilder in the bronx by me does.Osama is supposedly 6-4 or 6-6.may they all die a horrible death.
Gotxo said on 22/Apr/06
Indeed what did you intended posting that scumb Frank?
Laughing of the guy maybe will make us to forget that he even mass murdered his own people.
The killer is tall, once described as 190cm on a "El pais" (spanish newspaper) but this was an imprecise cite like a guessing, as it's a milestone in metrics like saying "he's tall, and dangerous" i will venture he was a lil taller than 186cm in the 6'2" neighbourhood.
If you wanna harm depicalbe people as him support the intenational penal tribunal.
Frank2 said on 21/Apr/06
Saddam with Bugs Bunny: Click Here
Bugs was around 2'3". Daffy wore lifts!

Saddam with Elvis: Click Here
As I've said repeatedly, Elvis was under six feet so figure it out.

Saddam's next career: Click Here

Saddam with Arafat: Click Here
Bonesmugglers? Hmmmm.....some say Arafat died of AIDS.....Oh well!

Big Jim said on 21/Apr/06
Remember his tailor may have measured him with his shoes and to the top of his hair. My daughter’s deceased Oma met Hitler in her youth. She swore the guy was two meters tall. Dictators usually like to appear larger than life (just like celebrities).
Gonzalo said on 6/Mar/06
I´ve had a great laugh with Tubbs comment. Very funny, man, very funny. You`ve made my day. That doesn´t mean that I don´t appreciate Glenn pics, which are very helpful.
Congratulations Tubbs
Tubbs said on 12/Jan/06
Are there any pictures of Glenn with Saddam, or with Bin Laden, just to use as an estimate?

Editor Rob
unless Glenn was undercover in ;) The tailor's word is enough...if anything you'd think the tailor would boost his height
uhdbvsch said on 11/Jan/06
yeah Osama Bin Laden is 6-5 with cowboy boots + lifts
TheMan said on 10/Jan/06
Yeah Osamas about 6,5 or something read the same thing.
Jason said on 10/Jan/06
Osama Bin Laden's height was given by the FBI as ''6'4'' - 6'6''. Looks between 6'4'' and 6'5'' from what I've seen of him.
Tubbs said on 8/Jan/06
Maybe the 6'3 was one of his lookalikes, he used to have quite a few apparently for occasions where he may get assasinated. 6'1.25 does seem about right though, he's always come across as a big guy.
dutch guy said on 7/Jan/06
so notorious leaders are not always small (e.g. hitler, stalin, napoleon)

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