How tall is Sam Neill

Sam Neill's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

Northern Ireland born New Zealand actor best known for films such as Jurassic Park, Dead Calm, The Piano, Event Horizon and Escape Plan. On twitter he once mentioned he was "A tiny 6 ft tall . Miniscule". In this convention photo I had 1/4 inch more sneaker than him.

How tall is Sam Neill
5ft 8 Rob and Sam @ LFCC 2018

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Average Guess (74 Votes)
5ft 11.72in (182.2cm)
slim 6'1 said on 22/Jan/21
I still think solid 6’ is possible
slim 6'1 said on 8/Jan/21
Like 182.8-182.9 peak
Genau said on 6/Jan/21
Peak 5ft11 7/8 current 5ft11 1/2
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
Very tall since his generation of 6’ equaled to 6’1.5 today
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Dec/20
Solid 6’ for peak
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 20/Dec/20
This is a very good listing for him. He always seems above average, but not stand out tall.
FriedChicken said on 19/Dec/20
I give him 6'0 peak and maybe 5'11 1/2 today.
Slim 6'1" said on 18/Dec/20
Solid 6’ is possible
Kale - 186.5 said on 20/Oct/20
Mr Neil visited my workplace in 2018.

I'm 186.5-186.7 on a good day and about 189-190 in my work boots.

We shook hands and chatted for a moment, and from our brief interaction I'd have guessed him to be around 182 in shoes.

He would have been 71 at the time, so some height loss is expected.

I think he could well have been 183 in his youth.
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Oct/20
Peak and current
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Oct/20
183cm peak
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Sep/20
🍻🎁🎂🎉 Happy Birthday Sam! 🎉🎂🎁🍻

Many Happy Returns to Sam Neill, who celebrates his 73rd Birthday today. He's in so many splendid films, my favourite being 'In The Mouth of Madness'. 'Omen III', 'Event Horizon' and 'Possession' are all high quality horrors as well.

5ft11.75. 😁👍🍰

Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
seen peaky blinders but never jurassic park
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
he'll edge out alexander siddig, dont forget hes an old man

182.8-182.9 good enough to be 6'

dont forget in his generation 6' was like 6'1.5" today
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
182,8cm prime is possible
Jkiller said on 25/Jun/20
Always looked close to 6'0, 5'11.75 is probably very accurate.
berta said on 16/Jun/20
peak legit 183 and today 181,5-182 i have a hard time believe he only lost 0,5 cm when he is over 70 years. he have done good to only lot 1 cm or fraction more at this age.
Jam Cherry said on 6/Jun/20
182 cm fits him well though he might be 6 footer back in the day
Nik Ashton said on 20/May/20
@ SAM CHERRY - I can see where you are coming from!
James B 172c, said on 15/Feb/20
6ft prime
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/20
If he’s exactly 5ft11½ today give or take minuscule decimal, then he was at least 6ft in his prime
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Nov/19
Whoah! You've even met Sam! That is amazing! 😁👍 XXX
Toby Frank said on 8/Nov/19
You have Sam Neil shorter than Laurence Fishburne on here but in Event Horizon Neil was an inch taller than Fishburne in many scenes. I think Neil's height is about right though I would say 6 foot. Fishburne I have always thought no taller than 5ft 10.5. As with most actors he rounds that up to 6ft.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Oct/19
I'll rule out 5'11 1/2 and 6'0 peak.
SHORTY said on 6/Sep/19
Rob, if he's 5'11.75" at 70, wouldn't that mean that his peak height was very likely 6' even or possibly a fraction over that?
Editor Rob
Well he's not quite 11.75 today, but may have only lost 1/4-1/3rd inch.
Big T said on 9/Aug/19
I just watched an extended TV segment where Sam was with 179cm former All Black Justin Marshall and consistently looked SHORTER than Marshall

Coincidentally I (also 179cm) just saw Marshall in the flesh the other day.

I struggle to see Sam much over 5’10” today in his 70s
berta said on 23/Jul/19
6 foot at peak and weak 182 today. I relly dont think a guy like sam neil was mutch shorter than Harriosn ford in the 80s. Maybe 0,5 cm
JustinH said on 30/Jun/19
Looks like a legit 6 footer in Jurassic Park. He was 45 back then so he’s probably lost some height since. 5’11.5” nowadays
Csimpson6ft said on 18/Jan/19
@Bobby yeah that's what I have him pegged at, I can't see him being taller than 5'11-11.25 range today.

He must have been near 6'0 in his prime, at least 5'11.75.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 9/Jan/19
Yeah, I always thought Sam looked like a weak 6 footer or a 5'11" range guy. He didn't look as tall as some of the other guys listed his height, good job nailing it on the coffin.
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Dec/18
Yes, I have just today seen 'Possession', and can believe 6ft for Sam. He gave a marvellous performance, which I'm sure set him up for many roles to come: 'Event Horizon' and 'In The Mouth of Madness' to name a mere two.

He looked particularly lean for this role, so he might have had to shed about 10 pounds, just to accentuate the bedlam that's going on in his life, but I have never, ever seen Sam looking even remotely plump!

Today he gets 6ft. The film hails from 1981 and there is only one box! 😉
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Dec/18
Earlier today, I ordered a copy of a film called 'Possession', starring Sam, which was banned in the 80's as a video nasty! It arrives tomorrow, and I am quaking in my size three-and-a-halfs with excited anticipation!

If THAT doesn't show Sam's optimum height, then nothing will!

I'll be back later....
Mickie said on 20/Dec/18
Is this guy really any taller than Travis Van Winkle? Personally, I don't see it. Although since he's older - maybe at one time he was a fraction taller than he is now.
Csimpson6ft said on 7/Dec/18
I thought he looked near 6'0 with Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm, but actually it's not impossible that he might have been just under.

In the pic above its difficult to estimate his height here because neither Rob and Sam are standing up straight, I would still say he's over 5'11 though, probably 5'11.5 or 5'11.25.
Film Fan said on 26/Nov/18
It’s pretty cool that you got to have your picture taken with him, Rob, but I think he could have been slightly taller in his younger years. Perhaps a full 6’ 0.
berta said on 23/Nov/18
6 foot peak and strong 181-weak 182 today. He alsot commented a couple years ago that he was taller than arnold who was 182 at the time.
SAM CHERRY said on 15/Nov/18
I would say a clean 6 footer at 182.5 cm
Editor Rob
Remember also visitor josh saw him too, Click Here, and he's in 178.5cm range.
Paleman said on 14/Nov/18
If he wasn't leaning he'd look pretty close to 6 feet.
jude said on 14/Nov/18
[Well Nimoy was I think a six footer, neill may have been close too in 90's (measuring 6 foot at about 10-11am is possible), I still would say over 5ft 11 today.]

Well maybe i've explained bad because i meant that when you met Nimoy at time he was over 70's and i remember you listed him at first at 5'11.5 or somethin so if he was a legit 6 footer at peak then he had lost a small amount since he was young and Sam Neill might be one of those person which has lost a similar amount...about Neill's height i think a peak of 182.0-182.5cm and 181.0-181,5 cm currently might be reasonable...5'11.75/182cm is perfect for him! A young Nimoy i guess was a good cm taller than a young Neill...
Editor Rob
Yes, Nimoy had lost some height, but not a huge amount, he was still somewhere in 5ft 11 range at early 70's. Neill I don't think would have lost more than 1cm by now.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 13/Nov/18
That's a 3" difference if ever I saw one..... Strong 5'11" flat nowadays for Mr. Neill, just under 6' prime. If you haven't seen 'Death in Brunswick' (1990) seek it out - It's a real hoot.!! In that movie, he did appear all of six foot...
jude said on 13/Nov/18
ude said on 9/Nov/18
Rob how tall he might be today at 71 years old? how many cms he might has lost since was young?
[Editor Rob: At age 70 I don't think he's lost much, how big a fraction is debatable, 1/4? 1/2?]

So he might belong to the Leonard Nimoy's club...At the end however you will confirm the 5'11.75/182cm peak height?
Editor Rob
Well Nimoy was I think a six footer, neill may have been close too in 90's (measuring 6 foot at about 10-11am is possible), I still would say over 5ft 11 today.
Yoland said on 12/Nov/18
Good luck guessing his height, everybody! Other than measuring him personally; there's no way of nailing exactly how tall he is. As he certainly belongs in the trickiest height range (nothing under 5'11" and nothing over 6'0)
TheBat said on 11/Nov/18
I agree with the 5'11.75" listing. I'd say 6'0" for his peak height.
Zampo said on 10/Nov/18
181-181.5 cm is where I feel he would typically measure today. A range, where I think Rob would typically list as 5'11.5.
Animus said on 9/Nov/18
He is not standing too well, so it's hard to gauge his current height from Rob's photo, but I have no doubt that he was 182-183cm in his prime. The closest whole number to his height in the metric system is probably still 182cm.
jude said on 9/Nov/18
Rob how tall he might be today at 71 years old? how many cms he might has lost since was young?
Editor Rob
At age 70 I don't think he's lost much, how big a fraction is debatable, 1/4? 1/2?
Rising - 174 cm said on 8/Nov/18
I forgot I also remember this guy from Attack Force Z with a young Mel Gibson. I wouldn't have guessed a 3" difference or close to it from the film even with Mel in flat boots and I'd have probably guessed about 5'11" for Sam just from that, but it's not a particularly good film for comparing height. I'd think the top of his head would be maybe 5'10.75" range or at least 5'10.5" if Rob is 5'8 1/8", but that's not considering Sam's 1/4" less footwear. I don't know how much height that stance drops compared to Rob's posture, though. Rob estimating Sam has only lost about 1/4" by 70 is a perfect example of how much height loss varies.
josh b said on 8/Nov/18
Click Here
I met Sam at the same convention, as one of my favourite actors from one of my favourite film franchise is really was great :) Think he's lost a little by now though.
Jordan87 said on 7/Nov/18
Maybe 5'11 if he takes his head straight.
Andrea said on 7/Nov/18
Even accounting for his footwear disadvantage, he doesn't look much over 180 here...
Editor Rob
That photo was not so long after meeting capaldi. I don't think Sam barefoot is much different than Peter. Whether he has lost much more than a few mm I doubt, physically he is still in good shape, as is Capaldi (who looks older than Sam up close, but a few years younger....)
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Nov/18
@Rob: Great pic, always liked this guy in films including Escape Plan recently. He is 70-71 so how likely is 6'0" peak?
berta said on 7/Nov/18
interesting he is pretty tall still. if he is 5`11 1/2 today, then i really think 6 foot was his peak. We can all agree that 182 was the shortest possbile he was at peak and tallest possible 1/8 over 6 foot.
Zampo said on 7/Nov/18
In person (not including footwear), I assume he seemed a solid 5'11 or so?
Redwing said on 6/Nov/18
Hey rob, with capaldi are you saying Neil is still 182 cm to this very day?
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 is likely today
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Nov/18
@ viper - I remember that 'Omen III - The Final Conflict' was going round the cinemas in Spring/early Summer of 1982, when I was hanging out with Buttons, the President of the Hell's Angels England, who was very kind to me and protective. I was never a biker, but I knew a few, and got to know Buttons before I had the foggiest idea who he was! He offered to take me to see it, but I declined!

Back in the early 80's, Sam simply MUST have been 6ft!

Today, Sam gets 5ft11.75. Not much height loss at all!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Nov/18
5'11.75" peak, same as Capaldi.
berta said on 3/Nov/18
Rob wouldnt 6 foot be better listing really? In jurrassic park he looked like a classic 6 foot guy. In event horizon he didnt look shorter than back thenlegit laurence fishbourne. Looked taller than Jorge Garcia in every scene in alcatraz. IN photo with billy zane who is 184,5 guy he looked taller. ( i dont think he is but still its hard to believe he is 2-2,5 cm shorter) IN dead calm they looked the same height. The guy is over 70 years old and still looks at worst 181. Sometimes even now could pull of 6 foot. I Think legit 6 foot peak and 5 foot 11 1/2 ore at wors 181 today.
Editor Rob
He's not much different than Capaldi, you can see Brief handshake, though I think Sam has 1/4 inch less shoe.
viper said on 24/Aug/18
He looked a strong 6-0 in that Omen movie
Tall Sam said on 21/Aug/18
Rewatching Jurassic Park, it might be favorable angles but Neill can come as a strong six footer near Jeff Goldblum, maybe 3.5 inches apart but probably a more noticeable discrepancy in reality.
MAD SAM said on 1/Jul/18
Stop downgrading his height guys he’s a legit 6 footer
CDS said on 22/Mar/18
He's your classic 5'11" (6' in shoes) guy imho...
Jug said on 4/Feb/18
I'd say a strong 5'11 at peak. I think Cubby Broccoli said he wanted Bond to be at least 6 feet and Neill didn't quite make the cut.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 11/Jan/18
Peak height: 6’ 182
Current height: 5’11” 180.

Do this one mate. It’s clearly the best listing.
Slim 185 said on 26/Nov/17
berta said on 24/Nov/17
rob i really think 6 foot peak and 181,5 today maybe 181. He didnt even look short next to jeff goldblum and similar height to billy zane who is strong 184 cm guy maybe weak 185 guy. 181 is to small 6 foot peak is right
This guy is correct.
berta said on 24/Nov/17
rob i really think 6 foot peak and 181,5 today maybe 181. He didnt even look short next to jeff goldblum and similar height to billy zane who is strong 184 cm guy maybe weak 185 guy. 181 is to small 6 foot peak is right
Slim 185 said on 19/Nov/17
He’s definitely the full 6’.
Stuart said on 17/Nov/17
As listed.
Slim 185 said on 16/Nov/17
Sorry but he actually claimed to be six feet tall in that link to his Twitter Page.
Slim 185 said on 16/Nov/17
Even in peaky Blinders, he still edged/almost towered Murphy and leaned over to talk to him.

Btw add this to the top of the page: Click Here
Nik said on 12/Nov/17
@ Slim 185

Like the 🍀!
Slim 185 said on 11/Nov/17
Rampage 🍀, I suggest you watch “Peaky Blinders”.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/17
I think 6ft on the nose peak is arguable in his 30's with almost 6ft1 out of bed. Today still looks to be clearing 5ft11 with ease…
Slim 185 said on 9/Nov/17
Needs an upgrade to 6’.
Slim 184 said on 6/Nov/17
He is underlisted a tad bit imho.
Slim 184 said on 3/Nov/17
Definitely 183 Cm, needs an upgrade.
JJAK said on 23/Oct/17
Irish zealander.. damn I was sure he was welsh..
Did appear high average in the 90s by 2000s he seems well under this.
Actually seemed a solid inch under similar listed larry fish possible footwear adv.
Also seemed still above average barefoot id guess 5 11 in event horizon.
Seems plausible for a peak height as listed but hes over 60 gravity catches up to us all..
Slim 6' said on 21/Oct/17
Ok the 1970's this guy would've had no problem stretching to 183.5 CM.
Slim 6' said on 4/Oct/17
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover, Editor Rob:

Do you guys agree this guy was easily 183-184 range in his youth? I'm surprised that rob has underlisted him.
I'm so sure because proportion wise he appears similar to me.
Slim said on 28/Sep/17
Needs the full 6' upgrade, what do you think RampageClover?
Slim said on 28/Sep/17
@Rob, do you think Sam could measure 6'0.5" in his youth?

berta said on 27/Sep/17
talish guy at peak i would say 6 foot he looked 4 inches under jeff goldblum
Oh trust me Berta, when you edge weak 5'11s that wear medium to large footwear and while the 6 footer(myself) wears small footwear, you do feel tall.
berta said on 27/Sep/17
talish guy at peak i would say 6 foot he looked 4 inches under jeff goldblum
Slim said on 11/Sep/17
Peak and current please.
Slim183 said on 30/Aug/17
I'd say 6'0.25" glory days
5'11.5" today.
Slim said on 28/Aug/17
Richardspain said on 27/Aug/17
Sam Neill's height is somewhere between 182-183'5 in peak.

Nowadays a strong 180/ 181cm barefoot
He's got good genes like freeman, I'd say he's only lost 0.75.
Richardspain said on 27/Aug/17
Sam Neill's height is somewhere between 182-183'5 in peak.

Nowadays a strong 180/ 181cm barefoot
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
184 is a stretch, he can pull of 183 though, I'll have to see more of him though. great underrated actor.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/17
184.9cm out of bed
Tarinator 6'0.5 said on 21/Jul/17
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he is 6 feet tall.
even said on 21/Jul/17
hes head has touched the 6 foot mark at least one time in his entire life .
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
183 peak, 182 now.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
182 cm. add him to peaky blinders page please, don't forget the credits as well!
Jake said on 23/Jan/17
I believe this guy is now somewhere in the 5ft 11 - 5ft 11.75 range. However, my dad once told me that he actually met Sam Neill at an event that he attended (not sure what the event was called). This was probably when Sam Neill was in his 40's. My dad was in his early to mid 20's I believe. My dad told me his maximum height was in the 184-185cm range. My dad told me that him and Sam Neill stood at exactly the same height. Granted, Sam Neill's footwear could the decider hear but I believe that you should definitely consider including a peak height of 6'0" here Rob.
Jackytt said on 10/Jan/17
Still looks tall, he's this height, yes. Don't think he had lost any height.
HonestSlovene said on 20/Nov/16
Looked tall-ish in Jurassic Park (1993). No less than this listing for peak height and could very well have been 183 cm / 6'0"-6'0.25" but now given the fact that he is almost 70 y.o. he has probably lost a noticeable and decent amount of height (at least 1 in). Would say 182 cm/5'11.75" peak and 180 cm / 5'11" now.
In his own words ;-) said on 19/Oct/16
Click Here
Redwing said on 14/Oct/16
Yeah I think Joe Joe is right he looked like he was abit smaller than hart.
joe joe said on 8/Oct/16
Looked closer to 180 next to Miranda Hart on the Grahm norton show last night. Do you think he could have lost more height Rob
joe joe said on 8/Oct/16
Look closer to 180 next to Miranda Hart on the Grahm norton show last night
joe joe said on 8/Oct/16
Look closer to 180 next to Miranda Hart on the Grahm norton show last night
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
He doesn't look to loss any height even at a year shine of age 70. In 2014 United Passions and 2015 The Daughter still look the same in his early 80s work The Final Conflict
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/16
Rob, is the full 6ft is arguable in his 20's-30's?
Editor Rob: it can be argued.
Leo said on 22/Jun/16
This guy was 6'0 tall
berta said on 16/Jun/16
i looked at jurrassic park yesterday. He does in some way look tall. More tall than short. I Think he could be 183. Mot shortetr than this listing
Judd said on 1/Jun/16
[Editor Rob: maybe C]

In that case 6'0/183 cms would be a better listing!
Actually rob I think he was a strong 5'11.75"/182 cms guy so D is the better answer (also considering his current listing).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/16
Rob, which of these is most likely his peak?

A) 185.5cm/183.5cm
B) 185cm/183cm
C) 184.5cm/182.5cm
D) 184cm/182cm
E) 183.5cm/181.5cm
Editor Rob: maybe C
Sam said on 6/Oct/15
Im sure , he was 6ft tall
Rampage(-_- 🍀-_-)Clover said on 22/Aug/15
Rob, maybe 181cm today❓
sii said on 13/Feb/15
guys i dont mind peak
peak means with shoes ?
[Editor Rob: still barefoot but just means they are likely to have lost some height.]
Mike said on 4/Jan/15
Peak: 182-183 cm
Today: 180-181 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
"Sam Neill's height is 5ft 11.25in (181cm)"
"Peak height was 6ft 0in (183cm)"
kev said on 29/Sep/14
182 cm peak
180 cm today
Realist said on 29/Jul/14
He is a tall man. No doubt about it. Easy 6'0.
iyolo said on 12/Jul/14
He looked at least 15 cm taller than Tim Roth as Joao Havelange (but he may have wore lifts,because Havelange was a swimmer-so usually they are tall),Tim Roth was always slouching ( He plays Sepp Blatter,listed as 1.70)
Hypado said on 28/Jun/14
182cm for Sam Neill
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 21/Jun/14
This guy looked 6 ft at his prime, I'd say 5'11 today 180-190 lbs. Premier Props listed the costume he wore in "The Vow Bill" 2012 movie. Size 10 shoe, 34 waist pants, 16" neck: Click Here
Joseff said on 12/Jun/14
Well rob, you wrote 1,82 as peak height and i completely agree with you.
But if you will bet money on his current (2014) height what will you choose?
I'm interested about his height and I know that soon will be presented a movie with him and Brosnan, and I'm curious to see they one next to the other...
[Editor Rob: last movie I watched with him was probably Daybreakers, he could look nearer 5ft 11 at times there]
joseff said on 11/Jun/14
Rob he could 5ft 11in or 1,80mt today at 67?
[Editor Rob: man I feel old realising Sam's this age now...yeah he could be nearer to that mark soon.]
joseff said on 7/Jun/14
rob you hit the mark! At peak he was a legit 1,82mt or 5ft 11.75in:

Click Here

in 1993-1994 he was more than 4in smaller than a tall guy like Jeff Goldblum (6 f 4in)!
mike said on 3/Jun/14
Is full 6 ft possible for his peak Rob? also, what did you originally have him at? I remember seeing 5ft 11.25 and 5ft 11.5.
[Editor Rob: he's been at 11.75 or 6ft before]
Lenad said on 22/May/14
solid 182cm. Wish I was that height
Sam said on 3/Apr/14
With his looks, voice and persona often seeming somewhere between classy, reserved and tormented, Neill reminds a bit of James Mason, although Neill never got as many great films under his belt as Mason IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
He actually looks a bit like Jackman in The Piano with a voice like Pierce Brosnan!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Isn't he actually Irish born? Northern Irish? Daniel Day Lewis gets called Irish not British!
[Editor Rob: Norther Irish, Welsh, Scots, English...all Brits still I hope!]
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Rob can you add The Piano? Actually gives a 6'1" impression in that film.
berta said on 14/Feb/14
He is a couple of cm taller than jorde garcia ( 182) in most of the photos of them together and he is 66 years old now. He must be 183 still. He never looked taller than that at peak but he doesnt look shorter now either. I think 183 peak and 182 now maybe still 183 beacuse i saw a recent photo of him and bily zane (184) and sam looked the same ore taller. But Jorge garcia cant be 182 he is probably 180 because he looks shorter in everfy photo of them together.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/13
I suppose 183cm in his 20s-30s does seem reasonable as he still looks 182cm in his late 60s. But, he's a lot shorter than I would've initially thought. Many of those Aussie and Kiwi actors are known for being very tall. If I hadn't seen Jurassic Park, I would've guessed Neill as being 6ft3+
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/13
That could be on the ball, Jake. He doesn't look to have lost much.
Back in 1997 he looked 6ft for definite if Goldblum was 6ft4-6ft5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/13
Looked 4in max shorter than Jeff Goldblum in The Lost World and 2in taller than Laura Dern.

"Sam Neill height: 6ft 0in (183cm)"

"Jeff Goldblum height: 6ft 4.5in (194cm)"

"Laura Dern height: 5ft 10.25in (178cm)"
Scott 5'11 said on 19/Feb/13
He looked around 6'0 in Jurassic park, he was a lot shorter than jeff
Goldblum though
Conti said on 16/Feb/13
I would say he's 5'10 today,because in Jurassic Park he looked like he was 6'0 in his timberland boots.He's always been 5'11 until he shrunk an inch.He's 5'10 now days.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/12
Not today, Jake. Fellow Aussie actor Bryan Brown has about 2in on him. Unless Brown is like 6ft2 then Neill can't be taller than 5ft11. He's 65 aswell so 0.5in loss is quite possible.
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 25/Jul/12
5ft11.75- 6ft (182 cm- 183 cm) range is probable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jul/12
I think he may have been 6ft(183cm) at
peak. But in recent years he's looking closer
to 5ft11 flat. 181cm today
LMP said on 16/Oct/11
I saw Sam Neill walking along the waterfront today in Vancouver and thought that he looked really tall. I am 5'10" and he is definitely taller than I am.
PatB said on 25/Sep/11
Neill in fact played James Bond - sort of. He played Sidney Reilly the "Ace of Spies". The character James Bond was partly based on Reilly.

Sam Neill is just about as tall as a real spy should be. Connery was much too tall and handsome. Spies are supposed to be inconspicous. In the sixties Connery made a stunning first impression. If you had been in a room with him then you would certainly have remembered him, which is all wrong for a spy. Spies should be medium sized rather gray and unremarkable looking men.

Sam Neill is also a bit too tall and much too handsome to have been a spy.
jmac67 said on 25/Aug/11
Neill would have been a good Bond. BTW only 3 bonds were English. Moore, Dalton and Craig. Connery is a Scot, Brosnan is Irish and the very first Bond was an American. Actor Barry Nelson played Bond in an American TV version of Casino Royale from 1954.
db said on 18/Aug/11
I saw him last weekend in Vancouver walking with a friend. Really seemed 6"1 the shortest 6"0. I am 5"6 and he was for sure a head taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/11
6"0(183cm) peak, 5"11.25(181cm) today
mike said on 1/May/11
5ft11 in his early years, now maybe a weak 5ft10.5
naren said on 4/Mar/11
guys i met sam neill last week he was at servo i work and he is definately more than 6 feet 3 inches
RICHARD said on 19/Feb/11
barely taller than Daryl Hannah in Memoirs of the Invisible Man,and Chevy Chase dwarfed him,too.5'11 tops
Misha said on 5/Feb/11
Wyatt, why do you imply Neill is not British? He was born in Northern Ireland and educated in New Zealand. But you're certainly right about George Lazenby. And I agree, Neill would have been a wonderful Bond, and is certainly taller than Daniel Craig, much closer in fact than anyone else to the original Bond height as envisioned by Ian Fleming (six feet even).
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/11
he is about 3" shorter than B.Brown.Brown cannot be over 6'1"-6'1.25",so Neill has to be shorter than 6'.I think he is 5'10.5" and Brown is strong 6'1"(1.86m).
Wyatt said on 14/Jan/11
@Billijo Maynard, I disagree. James Bond must be British (or be from the British isles). The only bond I can think of that wasn't British was George Lazenby (who was awful).
James said on 21/Nov/10
5'11 flat is a possibilty today.
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
6ft in Jurassic Park.
RICHARD said on 27/Apr/09
Goldblum is 6'4 so 6' for Sam seems fair enough.
Lenad said on 10/Apr/09
I think that indicates Goldblum is 6'4 min James. Neil is 181cm min in my eyes. He looks tallish while Goldblum is really tall.
Lenad said on 22/Mar/09
I personally think 182-183cm.
Andrea said on 25/Feb/09
I met this delightful actor on a movie set eight years ago and I would guess he's at least 5'11.5''
Hugh said on 12/Jan/09
Times change, James. Cubby Brocelli died in '96 and since his daughter took over things have changed. Daniel Craig's a joke anyway.
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
At peak it's a possibility. But then again producers didn't choose him for James Bond because he wasn't tall enough. James what would say is the minimum height for an actor to play bond?
RICHARD said on 15/Oct/08
He always looks 5'11/6' in all his films. I don't see how people ask for a downgrade when he clearly looks 182 cm
Hugh said on 12/Oct/08
I have a vague memory of seeing that picture James. He looked about an inch taller than Diana who in heels would have been 5ft11.5.
RICHARD said on 10/Oct/08
A website lists him at 6'(1.83 m),yet this place lists him at 5'11 so he's one of these two. He's actually above-average in height.
RICHARD said on 28/Sep/08
Looked 5'11 in The Mouth of Madness. Don't forget he wasn't much taller than Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm and was 1 inch shorter than Billy Zane in that movie,too.
Korben said on 8/May/08
I think a solid 6ft looks it in merlin
Early said on 7/Mar/08
Passed him today on Waterloo Bridge. I thought 5'11, but it was a quick glance.
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/07
Connery looks to have about 2" on Sam Neill in The Hunt For Red October. I say that he is 6'.

P.S.- You know that Sam Neill was considered to play James Bond in 1987 for The Living Daylights. Back then producer Cubby Broccoli said that James Bond had to be at least 6'.
blink 198 said on 30/Nov/07
back in early 1980s he looks good at 6ft1..
Franco said on 30/Apr/07
at the time movies were shot in 4:3 fullscreen this made actors look even taller.

again he looks indeed as tall as 6'2 in that movie when he probably was 6'1, the camera added 1 inch prolly to the already tall thing.

i watched a mini movie he made called THE TRIANGLE and although looking tallish i would give him more than 5'11.5 barefooted.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/07
He does look enormous in 'Possession' (a favourite film, although not one that I'd recommend to most people,) but I think that has more to do with the height of his co-stars (Adjani is about 5'3", and the fellow playing Heinrich was probably 5'7") and possibly the camera-angle in that first shot of Neill and Adjani together (which makes the height difference look even greater than it is)
Franco said on 24/Mar/07
i watched a movie he made in 1981 called POSSESSION (superb movie!)...
he looks tall like 6'2 but his shoes are very suspect. i'd say he is 6'0 without shoes at the time, today he is 5'11 1/2
tubbs said on 4/Dec/06
barely taller than Darryl Hannah in The Memoirs of An Invisible Man, Chevy also towered over him in that movie too. 5'11 tops.
Stephen said on 13/Sep/06
Sean Connery towered over him in Red October.
MHouillon said on 23/Jul/06
Sam Neill is a 5'11.5 maximum. Rob, time to downgrade him !
ForensicNYC said on 27/May/06
Sam Neill with young 5'10" Nicole Kidman...
Click Here
With 6'0" Australian actor Bryan Brown...
Click Here
With 6'1" actor Jack Davenport...
Click Here
Sam Neill (in red) beside 6'3" Patrick Warburton of MIB 3...
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 19/May/06
6 feet sounds reasonable for him. He was a couple of inches shorter than William Hurt in Until the end of the world
Frank2 said on 18/May/06
Sam is slightly taller than me and I'm 5'11" so I'd put him at about 5'11.5".
yoto said on 27/Feb/06
5'11'' rob downgrade.

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