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6ft 2.03in (188cm)
James said on 27/Apr/17
He was 71 or 72 when his last film "The League of Gentlemen" was filmed in 2002.
RichardSpain said on 25/Apr/17
My resume;

Connery was 189cm in peak to his fifty years old.

From the age of fifty years old to ...maybe ¿¿¿sixty-five ??? years old his height was 188cm not less.

Since his 65 years old, he lost a bit of height.

The problem he retired of the cinema when he was around seventy years old , and we couldn't control his height. But in my opinion today 184 cm to Connery is ok.Not more.
Johan said on 22/Apr/17
Back in 2012 he already looked 6'0.5" next to 6'2" Andy Murray ( measured). So I agree with James for once, now 5 years later and at 87 years old its pretty certain that he is 6' or maybe even less because of poor posture.

He is retired so no real point giving a current height.
Willes188 said on 20/Apr/17
He looked 6ft 1.5-6ft 2 in 1989 next to Harrison Ford. In his younger days he looked a solid 6ft 2

6'2.25 is still up for debate in his prime
Thomas Veil said on 20/Apr/17
6'2 easy for 007
berta said on 19/Apr/17
i personally think that this average guess listings is not 100 procent what people believe. Its many guys on this site that always write stuff like" he had 4 inches lifts on" and vote a guy like connery at 6 foot.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Apr/17
6'2" without shoes. Actually, 6'2.25" without shoes is also arguable. That's me just saying it neutral.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 19/Apr/17
6'2" without shoes.
mister_lennon said on 17/Apr/17
6'2 without shoes.
James said on 16/Apr/17
He was 6'2" with shoes.
mister_lennon said on 15/Apr/17
188-189 peak. Not less.
James said on 13/Apr/17
Connery was 187 cm at his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/17
Still looked 188cm in the 80's-90's.
berta said on 12/Apr/17
rob in all honeslty of you had listing like 6 foot 2 and 1/5 on this site then i think connery would have been listed that. may have been to short for 1/4 LISTING but i still think he was not 188,0 tall in the afternoon but more 188,4 rangea strong 188 guy. people on the site seems to think he was barely 188. to name a few movie where he could look shorter is indiana jones. he mad ford look almost 185 aorund 184,5 maybe. and highlander he didnt rally look almost 10 cm taller than the main guy. and in that cosnter movie he looked half inch taller. other than that he looked really tall. hm also with nicolas cage it looked like he was barely 188 and cage maybe 184. hm its a lot of movies he actually did look at best 188 but the question is when did he start to loose height . he is well built and have big bones just look at his hands so i think he didnt loose more than 1-3 mm until he was around 60-64 years old.
190 cm said on 10/Apr/17
Maximum of 185 cm for him when he was young.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/17
Could look a 6ft3 guy in Dr. No
Richard said on 5/Apr/17
Remember the sets in "Dr No" were smaller than they would be in real life so Connery would look taller.
Editor Rob: sometimes that is true...I also am getting my house remodelled, with smaller doorways and lower ceilings so in future videos I look Big Rob²
Headlights said on 4/Apr/17
Having just watched his early Bond movies I'd have to go with a peak/young height of 6' 1.5" or 6' 2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/17
He could've been 187-188cm in the 90's
DirectorKrennic said on 4/Apr/17
Time for Peak 188 cm and current 184 cm.
RichardSpain said on 3/Apr/17
I think Sean never was 190 cm, in my opinion 188 cm or 189cm in peak is possible. When he was Dr Henry Jones in Indiana Jones and the last crusade, maybe his height was 187cm and Harrison 183cm. Today Connery 184 cm is posible, he is 86 years old.
James said on 3/Apr/17
Connery is actually six foot now.
mister_lennon said on 3/Apr/17
Yes. Thath is what i said. 4 or 5 years ago, he looked the same or a little bit taller than jim carrey.
S.J.H said on 1/Apr/17
4 years ago he look at least same height as jim carrey. Now is a myth if he have lost more height or not.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/17
He can look barely 6ft today when walking around or standing loosely but I'm convinced he'd still clear that mark if measured. Possibly a just under 6ft1 though. He's lost roughly 1½in from his peak.

I think he woke up at 6ft3 and dropped to 6ft2-2¼ at his low
Sam said on 20/Mar/17
Hmm, I think seeing him with 6'6" Alan Napier in Marnie, I wouldn't try to argue anything over 189 cm at his full peak, Napier looks pretty much a strong 4 inches taller. Other evidence that the listing is correct, was that Connery clearly edged by nearly a couple inches by 6'3.5" Donald Sutherland in The Great Train Robbery and no taller than the even 6'2" Michael Caine in The Man Who Would Be King.
Adijos said on 19/Mar/17
Peak - 6'2.75"
Now - 6'1.5"
James said on 19/Mar/17
He was 6'1.5" as a young man.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/17
I think in his prime he easily hit a solid 190cm out of bed (maybe even 190.5cm which is actually 6ft3 on the nose).
Willes188 said on 18/Mar/17
190cm is not hard to believe at all, he probably measured it in the morning (prime)
berta said on 17/Mar/17
i think connery can look 184 range today but who knows if he is 185 when he stands tall. under 6 foot 2 is hard to believe at peak. and anything over 189 is also to mutch
James said on 15/Mar/17
Connery is six foot now.
mister_lennon said on 15/Mar/17
He hasnt lost so much heigth . He owned jim carrey some years ago.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Mar/17
Still looking 6ft2 in these

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: that's a few years ago I'd say now.
Shredder said on 9/Mar/17
I've been watching old films with him , He really did look 6'2 at the lowest. I believe the over 6'2 measurement.
mister_lennon said on 7/Mar/17
Hackman was 6'2. Connery was a strong 6'2.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Mar/17
Wow, a very strong resemblance to his mother. Click Here She looks so masculine it's tough to see her as female there. Connery said she was "hard as nails", he obviously takes after her!
James said on 6/Mar/17
Hackman was 6'1". Connery was 6'1.5".
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
@Rampage: definitely thanks as well! Agreed too! Hackman to me still looks every bit of 6'2 in Heist and even in enemy of the state when he is standing straight looks as tall as Smith or taller. In Heist he looked almost even with the way has Delroy Lindo. Possible both have lost height today but lindo looked a 192-193 guy prime imho maybe even your height a full 6'4.
mister_lennon said on 5/Mar/17
Hackman was 6'2. As connery.
James said on 4/Mar/17
Hackman was 6'1".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/17
@Canson: I appreciate that thanks and likewise, you clearly have sharp eye for this. There are far too many trolls on here who just refuse to let up.

I think Hackman is a hard guy to pin down. He has looked both a weak and strong 6ft2 on different occasions. I think 6ft2 flat is fine for him overall though. Right between Caine and Connery
Canson said on 4/Mar/17
@Rampage: I'll admit it's possible I agree. I value your opinion a lot more than Willes and I always have liked and respected you as a poster as you present your points logically and respectfully! Plus you are around that height of 6'4" so much easier to tell that type of height. I do certainly agree on Hackman. He was a legit 6'2" prime and looks it in Heist still with Delroy lindo. At worst maybe he dipped to weak 6'2 but that's a big if
Guanzo said on 2/Mar/17
6'1'' no more
mister_lennon said on 22/Feb/17
Thanks, berta.
berta said on 21/Feb/17
mister_lennon i would say excactly the same on all them. the one who can be hard is dwayne johnson in your first post you thought 191-192 and now 190-191 and i am with you on that sometimes i bevlie he wwas just 6 foot 3 at peak but other times it looked like he could have been a littel over maybe not 6 foot 3 and a half but 1/4. And as you say ford and travolta was very close at their peaks. But ford was probably something like6 fot and 3/8 while travolta was 6 foot 1/4 with a chanse of being 6 foot flat on bad days. Thums up for your guesses!!!
Mark(5'9.25 said on 14/Feb/17
I would go by the strong 6'2" for Connery.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Feb/17
Dolph Lundgren: 6ft4½(194.3cm) peak; 6ft3(190.5cm) today
Dwayne Johnson: 6ft3½(191.8cm) peak; 6ft2¾(189.9cm) today
Harrison Ford: 6ft0¾(184.8cm) peak; 5ft11(180.3cm) today
John Travolta: 6ft0½(184.2cm) peak; 5ft11¾(182.2cm) today
Willes189 said on 13/Feb/17
I think that Connery deserves a place on the "Classic Hollywood Actors" page
mister_lennon said on 12/Feb/17
Berta , i think it:
Harrison ford: 183-184 peak and 178-179 now.
dolph lundgren:192-193 peak and 189-190 now.
the rock: 190-191 peak and 188-189 now.
john travolta: 183-184 peak and 182-183 now. Maybe 181.
peak ford and peak travolta were very similar. Both solid 6 guys.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/17
Berta, I think Ford was near 6ft1 up until the mid-80's. Minimum 6ft0¾ anyway. Looked 6ft1 in Star Wars and The Conversation. Obviously he began to lose height quite early. Dolph had to be at least 6ft4 in the 80's and I don't doubt the listed 6ft4¼. He was a monster of a guy and had inches over other tall guys. But like Ford, he's fallen victim to injuries and lost a fair bit. The Rock was possibly a bit over 6ft3 when he entered WWE. I can see an argument for 6ft3½ and in wrestling boots was his claimed 6ft5. Travolta was a bit over 6ft, possibly 6ft0½. In Fever he was no less than 6ft2 in those big dancing shoes and likely nearer 6ft3. Similar in Grease. He was super skinny, had the Elvis hairdo and just looked much taller than he probably was. In the 90's when he made his comeback, he was heavier but probably still about same height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/17
Connery still looked every inch of 6ft2 w/h Costner, Ford and Cage. May have dropped a centimetre by then and was 188cm in the 80's-90's. By early 2000's he was starting to look 187cm. As of recently maybe 184-185cm range. I think he can still clear 6ft today when measured.
James said on 11/Feb/17
Connery was never measured as 6'2.4" except with shoes.
mister_lennon said on 11/Feb/17
my estimates about them are:
harrison ford peak: 183-184
harrison ford now: 178-179.
dolph lundgren peak:192-193
dolph lundgren now: 189-190
dwayne johnson peak: 191-192
Dwayne johnson now: 188-189
John travolta peak: 183-184
john travolta now: 182-183
travota and ford were very similar in their peaks.
but very agree with your estimates.
berta said on 10/Feb/17
mister_lennon i think your estimate is very good. caine litte l under 188 connery possible little over but chanse with not being and costner 186. well maybe not 187 that is to mutch but 186 is what he have looked up till 3 years back!!!! Mister_ lennon what is your estimates on Harrison ford, dolph lundgren(peak) dwayne johnson (peak) and john travolta? To me the numbers are. 184, 193 (cant really been taller if he is 189-190 now that is 4 cm loss before 60), dwayne 191 and now 189 and john travolta 183 ore little over.
berta said on 10/Feb/17
he looked like he still was 6 foot 2 with cage at over 60 there is evidence he could have been little over. but with lambert at 179 he really didnt look more than around 187 and same goes with kevin costner. if he was 185 then sean looked little under 6 foot 2. even if we still have ford at 185 connery looked only about 3-3,5 cm taller and that makes him about 188. the quastion is had he lost 1/4 at the age of 60 ish ore nothing. if he had lost that then 6 foot 2 1/4 is better listing otherwise the listing is good.i think shose 2 are the alternatives to list him on.strong 189 is to mutch and 187 is to short
mister_lennon said on 9/Feb/17
i was talking about caine in my last post.
mister_lennon said on 9/Feb/17
A strong 6'1, yeah. But he also said that he was 6'2 or almost in other chances, so, this isnt a valid proof.
Wiles189 said on 8/Feb/17
Stop trolling, Connery was 6'2.4 (189cm) in his youth, that's what he measured
James said on 8/Feb/17
Caine himself said his peak height was 6'1".
mister_lennon said on 8/Feb/17
These are the real heigths:
connery: 6'2(188-189)
Caine:6'1 3/4 (187-188)
Costner:6'1 1/4(186-187)
Wiles189 said on 7/Feb/17
Connery 6'3.5

Caine 6'5 (prime)

Costner 5'7 maybe 5'8 on a good day
Anonymous1 said on 7/Feb/17
..a guy like Wayne Rogers, of MASH, was 6'3......always looked taller than most guys he was with. Connery was a big, tall, solid guy. But I don't believe he could ever stand next to a guy like Rogers, or any other 6'3 guy, and be even remotely on par with him (or her). 6'1.5 to 6'2...max, out of bed inclusive.
James said on 7/Feb/17
Their real heights were:

Sean Connery 6'1.5"
Michael Caine 6'1"
Kevin Costner 6'0"
mister_lennon said on 7/Feb/17
Totally agree with rampage. Pretty good estimations.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/17
Sean Connery - 6ft2¼(189cm)
Michael Caine - 6ft1¾(187cm)
Kevin Costner - 6ft1¼(186cm)

I stand by that.
mister_lennon said on 5/Feb/17
Costner looked 6'1 in almost all his movies. Taller than many 6 guys and the same tall than 6'1-6'2 guys.

Connery was a solid 6'2 guy at peak. Maybe almost 6'3 out of bed. He looked it in every movie. The untouchables is a great movie and connery was still 6'2 at that time.maybeca weak 6'2 at that time because he had lost some fraction.

caine was a strong 6'1 guy at peak. Meybe 6'2 out of bed. And connery had 1 inch or close on him.
Wiles189 said on 5/Feb/17
Connery 6'2.25

Caine 6'1.75-6'2
James said on 5/Feb/17
Costner never looked 6'1" in any film. He was six foot.

Connery's peak height was 6'1.5", but he was 6'1" in that stupid film "The Untouchables".
Mr S said on 4/Feb/17
If Connery was 6'2" then Michael Caine was 6'1.5" as there was a slight, but noticeable height difference between them. My guess would be 6'1.75" for Caine and 6'2.25" for Connery. I still wouldn't rule out 6.2.5" but would rule out anything under 6'2" flat.
mister_lennon said on 4/Feb/17
Connery was 6'2 and costner 6'1.
And every people wear lifts, in james' mind.
James said on 3/Feb/17
Connery was 6'1.5" and Costner was six foot. Costner wore lifts in films though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jan/17
Canson, I think he could have been 189cm
mister_lennon said on 30/Jan/17
caine was a strong 6'1 peak. he looked evey bit of it. and connery had almost 1 inch on him. clearly, sean was a strong 6'2 peak.
costner was 6'1 peak. maybe a weak one, but 6'1.he lloked it in the untouchables next to connery and andy garcia and robert deniro.
Wiles189 said on 30/Jan/17
Lol calm down
Canson said on 30/Jan/17
@Christian: I definitely agree he was not 6'2.5. Willes189 always inflates people's heights. James however could be accurate or connery could've been a guy who was 187cm (6'2.5 out of bed/6'1.75 at night) or 1/4" shorter like James had prime. Diff from 6'2 to 6'1.5 isn't much not to mention the variance from morning until night where a guy could measure 6'1 7/8 an hour out of bed and call himself 6'2 when he's really 6'1.5.
James said on 29/Jan/17
Caine himself said he was 6'1" at his peak. Anything over six foot would be considered tall, especially 40 years ago.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Jan/17
Connery was a genuine 6ft2 (188cm) guy at his peak, not 6ft1.5 or 6ft2.5 like James or Willes has stated.
James said on 29/Jan/17
Costner was six foot in "The Untouchables", although he was well known for wearing lifts.
Johan said on 29/Jan/17
My father once met Michael Caine on a ferry from England in the 70's and he said he was a tall man. How tall he never said but my father was a solid 183 cm in his prime. So he wasn't a flat 6'1" thats for sure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jan/17
Caine: weak 6ft2
Connery: strong 6ft2
James said on 28/Jan/17
Willes189 should be banned for abusing Canson.

Over the years? I've only been on this site since last March.

Connery was only half an inch taller than Caine.
Aza said on 28/Jan/17
If we are saying that Costner was probably almost 6'1 in the untouchables and Connery was still taller then for his peak I do not think 6'2 is unreasonable at all?
Willes189 said on 27/Jan/17
Sorry for my immature posts, i wasn't sober... anyways let's just try to keep it cool, i will not mock anyone just because they have a different opinion then myself from now on. But that doesn't mean that James is right, he has said some very offensive and questionable things over the years
mister_lennon said on 27/Jan/17
Caine was a strong 6'1 peak. Connery had almost an inch on him. So, he was a strong 6'2 guy peak.
Willes189 said on 27/Jan/17
Rob, ban these two lunatics!
Willes189 said on 27/Jan/17
I'm actually 20 yo, currently in university & 188-189cm tall. Buti don't know why Rob are letting you old middle aged overweight creeps rant like this without consequences.

By the way, i'm not jealous of anyone, it would be quite the opposite if you ever saw me in person buddy.

Oh, and you aren't perfect Canson, Rob called you out on your "stick to one name rule"

Go back to your basement and cry about your uncomfortable, awkwardly tall (and overweight) body
Canson said on 24/Jan/17
@Willes189: I can see a picture of you in my head as a nerdy 17 year old kid who hasn't reached his full potential and is envious and jealous of everyone for their height. You are the most ignorant insecure delusional troll on this site and all you do is denigrate the opinions of others who do not agree with you. Funny part is that it's always when someone else feels someone "isn't" as tall as they are listed or as you Willes189 would like them to be. Never the other way around. Funny how you claim every person like Kobe Bryant Howard Stern Charles Barkley etc are taller than Rob has them listed and that they "downplay their height" then you walk around and insult people. How about maybe the guys you claim are a certain height aren't. Oh and your "father" hacking your name and going off on rants? That's an original one lol. Because you do the same thing. No Why don't you take your trolling elsewhere and stop criticizing James because of his opinion. Thank You.
anonymous1 said on 23/Jan/17
...According to a site which shall remain nameless (but, you may guess), under the "trivia" section for Timothy Dalton, this is what I found; "According to the James Bond film tailors in London, at 6' 2" he is the tallest of all the Bond actors. The tailors who have fitted and measured each of the 5 Bonds over the years claim the following heights for each of the other Bond actors: Sean Connery 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, George Lazenby 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, Roger Moore 6' 1" without shoes and Pierce Brosnan 6' 1" without shoes". Make of it what you wish, but if it's a legit quote, who would know better than his tailors.
Editor Rob: the trivia was lifted from an old site that made no mention of where the info came from.

based on the site it came from, I would be highly sceptical as to whether somebody had contacted all of these tailors.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 23/Jan/17
He really pulls of the 188 cm/189 cm in peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/17
He's most likely 184cm today but a strong 188cm/weak 189cm peak
Johan said on 22/Jan/17
Connery was a legit 6'2" in his prime.

He was a fraction off 6'1" at 82 years old .

Kevin Costner was a legit 185 cm guy - 6'0.75"-6'1".
Willes189 said on 21/Jan/17
He got measured at 6'2.4 and could easily have been 6'2.75-6'3 (morning)

It's a common fact that Connery was 189cm, if you went out on the street and asked 100 James Bond fans who the tallest Bond actor is/was, 99% of them would say Connery

I can see a picture of James in my head right now, he is the typical insecure lonely middle aged man with 50 pounds extra body fat.
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jan/17
One Summer, when I was playing loud music right into the wee, small hours and drinking more than was good for me, I read a funny story about Sean Connery doing much the same thing while reading my Dad's 'Daily Express'!
One thing I must say is that my Dad lives in a detached house, so there were no neighbours banging on the door complaining! Not so for Sean though! He was rude to them and swore at them, taking no notice of their gripes whatsoever! I found that extremely funny, although it obviously isn't, but it was to me at the time as I was doing much the same myself! Boy, did I appreciate the fact that no one could hear the noisy racket coming from our residence!
Anyway, Sean has always struck me as a dashing 6ft plus! On the whole, I am not into 'James Bond' films, but if I had to opt for my favourite Bond, it would be Sean. I thought he was great in the Hitchcock film 'Marnie', which I saw when I was 9 years old and it terrified the life out of me and my equally young friend, Rosemary!
I will go along with 6ft2 for him, though I guess he's a bit shorter now! I've never seen a film with Mr Connery in it and not been impressed. He's one of our 'Golden Greats' and I hope, for the sake of his health, that he has quit the drinking lifestyle now!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/17
Connery was still 6ft2 in the 80's
James said on 21/Jan/17
Connery was 6'1.5" at his peak. He had lost half an inch by the 1980s.

Costner never looked any more than six foot.
Csimpson 6ft said on 20/Jan/17
Why are there 44 6ft 2 votes for Sean? Theres no way hes still that tall today hes in his 80s so he cant be no more than 6ft now
Editor Rob: Connor, he's been retired from films and so just kept at a peak height.
mister_lennon said on 20/Jan/17
Connery was 6'2 at peak. A strong 6'2. 188-189. To post that he was only 6'1 is just ridiculous. He always looked every bit of a 6'2 guy, never 6'1. And he is taller than many 6'1 guys.
Clearly, he was 6'2.
costner was 6'1 peak. He looked every bit of it too.
Anonymous1 said on 19/Jan/17
...I don't have the time or patience to try and track it down, online, but I know I read on some site devoted to Bond or his suits, that tailors had Connery at 6'1.5. Could that mean he was 6'2 out of bed? Sure. Could he have been measured while still in bed? Who knows. lol.
James said on 19/Jan/17
What false accusations?
James said on 19/Jan/17
Connery was no more than 6'1" by the 1980s.

Costner was six foot.
Willes189 said on 19/Jan/17
One does not simply disrespect celebrities all the time like James does. I think people like him are bad for this site. Spreading hate and false accusations all the time is something i'm sure makes no one happy.
mister_lennon said on 19/Jan/17
Connery was 6'2 peak and a strong 6 now.
Only 6'1 for him is just trolling.
And he is a great actor with many different roles.
James said on 18/Jan/17
Connery played the same character in every film. He was 6'1.5" at his peak, and 6'1" in later years.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/17
If Costner was 186cm then you could argue Sean looked 189cm
Willes189 said on 18/Jan/17
188.5-189 peak
mister_lennon said on 18/Jan/17
Connery is a great actor. And he proveed it in many films. And he was a strong 6'2. He looked it and he was it.
6'1 for him is just a joke. He always looked way taller than him.

Dalton was a weak 6'2, yes.
James said on 17/Jan/17
Connery was 6'1.5" at his peak, and 6'1" by the 1980s.

He was an average actor who only became famous in middle-age because Cubby Broccoli cast him as James Bond. The way he treated Broccoli - to whom he owed his entire career - was shockingly bad.
Martin said on 17/Jan/17
189cm was most probably in shoes, and 187cm was measured barefoot.
AlexMahone said on 17/Jan/17
OK James/Tom etc. Connery was 6'1 or 6'1.5" or what?

"No idea how he ever became famous though." You have no idea height and movies as well.

Connery was peak 189cm, now he shrunk a lot...
James said on 16/Jan/17
Dalton was the tallest Bond at 6'2". Connery was 6'1.5".

No idea how he ever became famous though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/17
Peak: 188.8cm
Today 184.6cm
mister_lennon said on 16/Jan/17
Connery was easily a strong 6'2 peak.188-189. He was it and he looks it
Martin said on 16/Jan/17
I agree with James. Connery was 6'1.5" at his peak. This was also confirmed by his tailor.
berta said on 16/Jan/17
peak at worst 188 and at best 189 i think he was 188,5 these days maybe 184. he still looks tall these days dont think he is under 184.
James said on 15/Jan/17
No he wasn't. Connery was 6'1.5" at his peak.
mister_lennon said on 15/Jan/17
Costner was 6'1 peak and connery 6'2 peak.
Willes189 said on 15/Jan/17
Connery was 188.5-189cm in his prime, this is a common fact
Mark(5'9.25") said on 14/Jan/17
Connery was 6'2.25"
James said on 14/Jan/17
Costner was six foot and Connery was 6'1".
Mark(5'9.25") said on 13/Jan/17
Similar to Ben Affleck and and Joel Kinnaman.
mister_lennon said on 13/Jan/17
No less than 188 peak. Maybe 189.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/17
Same zone as Affleck peak
Mark(5'9.25 said on 12/Jan/17
6'1.5" peak is too much low let alone just 6'1" flat. He was an inch taller than young Kevin Costner. Connery would have been similar to Will Poulter.
Csimpson 6ft said on 6/Jan/17
Rob is 6ft 0-0.5 possible for Connery today?
Editor Rob: Connor, he might be down to 6ft now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/16
He still looked 186-187cm range 10-15 years ago so somehow it's doubtful he was that low peak.
Jordan87 said on 15/Dec/16
I cant find the Quote but didn't Connery himself say he was 6'1.5" once on a Show? I could be wrong but I remember seeing it years ago, thought I cant find it now. I could be mistaken.
Editor Rob: I would love to have this surface one day.
AlexMahone said on 8/Dec/16
No James, he wore lifts. You didn't know that? Shame. :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/16
Rob, how tall do you think Charles Gray was?

I've heard both 6ft1 and 6ft2 for him. Looked close to Connery...
Editor Rob: really anywhere amongst that range could be possible
James said on 2/Nov/16
Charles Gray was 6'1", not 6'2".
AlexMahone said on 29/Oct/16
Calm down? Please, don't get to tell me what to do. If you have a downgrader behavior, ok, fine this is your fault. You have one so called proof to downgrade the prime Connery that Gray was only 185cm. I listed many Connery movies what I know, in these Connery looked taller than 6'1". Do you saw these films? I don't want to find pictures from these movies to compare because useless. You have a conviction that Connery is max. 185cm. I repeat myself, this is fine. But not true.
Flint said on 27/Oct/16
AlexMahone, you have no more proof than I have, just the listed heights of actors, and Charles Gray is listed at 6'1, so thanks for reinforcing my argument with that one. You should calm down, we're debating a cm for goodness sake!
AlexMahone said on 26/Oct/16
Dear Flint! I repeat myself. If you have no proofs to radically downgrade some actors this is a crass stupidity. Charles Gray was at least 188cm. In Diamonds are forever he had the same height than Connery. In The Molly Maguires Connery was 3-4 cm taller than Richard Harris. (If you are right Harris was only 5'11"....) In The Hill he was taller than 6'1" Jack Watson, in Murder on the Orient Express he was taller than Anthony Perkins (Perkins was at least as tall as Yves Montand), in Meteor he was taller than 188cm prime Martin Landau and in the A Bridge Too Far he and Gene Hackman were the tallest in the cast. So, yes Connery was prime at least 6'2".
Flint said on 26/Oct/16
Rampage, I did talk about The Man Who Would Be King (but called it TMWWBK), see my previous comment. Connery might have touched 6'2 straight out of bed, but I put him at 6'1 1/2 and Cane at 6'1. I used to work in for a very small company where only a couple of the men were under 6'0, four were 6'4 and the rest were around 6'0, apart from one guy who was 6'2 1/2. This one guy looked way closer to the 6'4 men than the 6'0s, and I don't see Connery as being that close to 6'4 actors. He's closer to the 6'0s from what I have observed.
Rory said on 25/Oct/16
I've never seen Connery have as much as near an inch on Caine, the difference between them is usually negligible, I'd have thought Caine 187.5 and Connery 188/188.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/16
187cm for Connery puts Caine at 185cm which Rob agrees is too low for his peak. Watch The Man Who Would Be King. Connery has no hair and is wearing sandels yet still edges Caine who is in his military uniform, helmet and all.
Flint said on 16/Oct/16
AlexMahone, calling someone's view crass stupidity is not giving due respect. Given that films are all about illusion and the look of actors is always being manipulated by the filmmakers, PR, agents etc... it's almost certain that not everything is as it seems. What I actually said was I don't think Connery was the full 6'2. I'd say 6'1 1/2' and Cane looks a bit shorter when they stand to attention in TMWWBK so 6'1 for him. If you read Cane's auto biog from 1992, you'll see pictures with Roger Moore, who looks an inch or so shorter, so 6'0. I've seen almost every Hammer film, some of them many times, and Christopher Lee must be 6'4, and he had 4 inches on Moore. Back to Connery: in the early films Desmond Llewelyn stoops but still looks at least as tall as Connery and taller at times. He was 6'2 but lost a lot as he aged. Charles Gray was 6'1, but actually looks taller than Connery in You Only Live Twice. And 6'3 Jimmy Dean looks much bigger in DAF. I could go on to make comparisons with numerous British comedy actors in Hell Drivers, or actors in The Hill, or Marnie... have you seen those?
S.J.H said on 14/Oct/16
80 plus of age he never loss any height yet. Good example of a very healthy old actor unlike most actor easily lost 1/4-1/2" height in their 50s 60s
Mark said on 11/Oct/16
188/189 with 188 cm at the absolute worse. Nothing under 6'2" and likely an honest 6'2.5"
AlexMahone said on 11/Oct/16
Sure James/Alex/Tom, sure...Any proof? I think you were his dresser or something like that...
Rory said on 10/Oct/16
@James, prove it.
James said on 8/Oct/16
Connery wore lifts in later films.
AlexMahone said on 7/Oct/16
180cm for Harrison Ford and 185 for Connery and Caine in their prime? With all due respect Flint but this is crass stupidity. Please tell me what 188cm actors much bigger than Connery was in his prime? Oh yes in "The Rock" Brendan Kelly was bigger but two thing: Connery was there 66 years old and Kelly is 6'3.5" aka 192cm. Or David Morse but Morse is a genuine 6'4" guy. Agreed with Rampage he was 188/189cm in The Presidio for example.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/16
188/189cm in The Presiduo and The Untouchables.
Editor Rob: now that's a genuine vote!
Flint said on 1/Oct/16
I'm not sure he was the full 6'2. He always looked taller and bigger than 5'11 actors, and a tad more than 6 footers, but 6'2 plus actors usually look noticeably bigger. I'd say he woke up close but finished the day at 6'1 in his prime. Roger Moore was never more than 6 flat, Michael Cane was 6'1 max and Harrison Ford probably 5'11 in reality.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Sep/16
He still 6ft2 up until the 90's
josh jeffords said on 5/Sep/16
Just watched Untouchable easily noticeable height advantage on costner, kevin having a sizable hair advantage.
He was also tall next to the NCIS guy in the 80s in a low budget flick doubt he had lifts in either.
Likely he is much shorter now still looked tall in Leage of extras.
Johan said on 29/Aug/16
In the pic from one year ago he was 82 yrs old I meant to say. (Andy murray back in 2012 win)

Now as of 2016 he is 86 yrs old. So like I said Im sure he has lost even more. He looks very frail now as well.
Johan said on 29/Aug/16
A year ago at 82 years old he looked 184cm, 6'0.5 next to Andy Murray. He looks close to an inch shorter than Cooper there but we can't see the ground or anything. 6ft flat wouldn't surprise me though he is at an age now where he will start to lose alot .
Z187 said on 28/Aug/16
He must have shrunk nearly as much as Moore... either that or he quite wasn't as tall as he tended to look on screen sometimes.......
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/16
Maybe 184-185cm today but really not worth giving him a current height. 189cm peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/16
I don't believe he wore lifts.
Ryan Allen said on 15/Aug/16
Rob are you telling me that Connery with his advanced age hasn't lost at least half an inch in height? I know you, and all the other Scottish people Worship him as as God! But come on rob he is still human lol!
Editor Rob: since he retired from acting and is more out of the limelight I have left him as his peak height, but he's lost at least an inch by now.
James said on 5/Aug/16
Connery wore lifts in many films.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jul/16
Always jumping to conclusions, James.
grizz said on 29/Jul/16
Why the hell would a guy,clearly at least 2 inches taller than the tallest guy in the crew, wear lifts? Never before, but just decided to do that in his 60s? For gods sake, troll comments aren't even provocative anymore.
James said on 24/Jul/16
Connery was wearing lifts in "The Rock".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jul/16
189cm looked believable in The Rock
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@Rampage: i like your estimate. I agree the "Original" and "only" true Bond is 6'2. 188 or 189 prime
James B said on 23/Jul/16
Arch- I think it's more of a case of Nicolas Cage looking 5'11-6'0 in the rock
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jul/16
I'd put Moore & Brosnan both somewhere in 186-187cm zone, Dalton and Lazenby at 188cm on the dot and Connery at 189cm.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jul/16
Connery actually looks 6'2.5 in The Rock with Nicolas Cage!
Johan said on 4/Jun/16
Ian C. said on 28/May/16
Connery was known to get into fistfights, even after he became a star. He famously got into a fight with Johnny Stompanato, Lana Turner's large, strong, vicious criminal boyfriend. One time, he took offense with a drunken (as usual) Lee Marvin, and was only dissuaded from beating Marvin up when he was reminded that Marvin was making a movie, and that hurting him would derail its production. Keep in mind that Marvin was also tall and strong, and a former combat marine.

He was also known for bad mouthing Steven Seagal and getting his wrist broken.
James B said on 2/Jun/16
Obviously Connery can't beat up pat roach
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jun/16
I think with the exception of Craig, all the Bond actors in their prime lined up without shoes wouldn't be that far apart. No more than 1in. I do think Connery is the tallest to date at just over 6ft2.
Aswin MK said on 30/May/16
If you want to get a more clear reference on Connery's height, please watch the scene from his movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman", he has a scene with Indian Actor, Naseeruddin Shah (Who is a minimum 5 foot 8-8.5), easily towers over him by 5+ inches with minimum footwear advantage. If he is only 6 foot 2, must be the tallest 6 foot 2 guy I've seen so far.
Aswin MK said on 30/May/16
@Rob: Quite funny, I think I saw an article long time back saying that Sean Connery was and is still the tallest actor to play James Bond in films. (He was supposed to be 6 foot 2.25 to 2.5 depending on the cast who were working with him).
I know Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton were around 1.88m (6 foot 2 inches), but it was clearly stated by several James Bond directors and fans that Sean Connery was easily the tallest and best among the Bonds.

Maybe you can compare pics of genuine 6 foot 2 actors with Sean Connery during 80s and 90s to check this fact. If you can google for pictures of Sean Connery with Roger Moore, Sean Connery is easily 0.5 inches taller than Roger Moore even with a bald head (This was a 50-year old Connery, mind you. He would have lost an inch by the time the photos were taken). This makes me suspect that Mr.Connery was a minimum 6 foot 2.5 at his peak.

Just my two cents, you are the height expert, I leave it for you to judge.
Ian C. said on 28/May/16
Connery was known to get into fistfights, even after he became a star. He famously got into a fight with Johnny Stompanato, Lana Turner's large, strong, vicious criminal boyfriend. One time, he took offense with a drunken (as usual) Lee Marvin, and was only dissuaded from beating Marvin up when he was reminded that Marvin was making a movie, and that hurting him would derail its production. Keep in mind that Marvin was also tall and strong, and a former combat marine.
James B said on 26/May/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/16
@James B: BMI is a rubbish measure

Of course that's why the NHS still use it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/16
@James B: BMI is a rubbish measure
James B said on 24/May/16
The problem is my most people discard bmi
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/May/16
If he was still 188cm (or 187cm at worst which is also possible) in the 90's, then 189cm peak is fair
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/16
@movieguy: I would respectfully disagree with the notion that people were healthier and fitter in those days. They didn't know smoking could give you cancer or that alcohol was the cause of most road accidents. Many relatives on my both sides of my family died of lung cancer/and pancreatis, not one of them made it past 55.
movieguy said on 23/May/16
Watched Goldfinger last night and was surprised how lean Connery looked, I always remembered him a big built guy. Although I realise he was a body builder at one point his physique looked much more natural than that of the gym enhanced Daniel Craig. When you watch older films you can see how much leaner people were in those days. Americans and British people were certainly not overweight back then. I think that the population in general was actually fitter years ago despite our modern day health foods and gym memberships.
James B said on 18/May/16
I don't dislike Sean Connery at all but to me he is quite intimidating.

Never really cared for John wayne but he seemed quite ahead of his time when he was alive.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/16
Arch, I've seen that clip before. I don't think he's being rude. He winks at both of them as if to say "I'm only joking, relax"...I certainly would not call that aggressive behaviour! Wayne was just a bully...
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/16
Lonsdale does look 185 with Roger Moore Click Here !
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/16
@Rampage I'd thought Michael Lonsdale 6 ft 1 but in The Name of the Rose Connery makes him look nearer 6 ft! If Lonsdale was 6 ft 1 Connery does actually look 6'2.5-75 in comparison haha!
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/16
@Rampage I know you've said some negative comments about John Wayne but what do you think of Connery Click Here ?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
Could pull off 6ft3 beside Alan Napier in Marnie
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/16
@James B: He got into some fights I a lot of action stars. You're gonna get those guys who want to see if you're a badass real life...
berta said on 18/Apr/16
Peak : a Little over 6 foot 2
Tom said on 17/Apr/16
Were the sets smaller in the other Bond films or just Dr No?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/16
Out of bed: 190-191cm
Before bed: 188-189cm
James B said on 6/Apr/16
An imposing man in his prime in my opinion. Wouldn't want to get on his bad side put it that way since I reckon he's got quite a temper on him and was well built.
berta said on 6/Apr/16
i have a feeling that he was slighly over this when he was Young probably 189
James B said on 5/Apr/16
Yeah I think he still looked close enough to 6'2 compared to 6ft Harrison ford in last crusde
Z187 said on 5/Apr/16
The main reason he looked taller in Dr No is due the fashion styling then excentuating his weirdly, out of proportion, long legs... It often looks as if his trouser band is probably around nipple level... Although somehow he makes it look stylish!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/16
James, I don't think he was quite 6ft3 either except after a good night sleep. But somewhere in 6ft2-2½ is quite possible, IMO. You can easily pass for 6ft3 at that height. Even in his late 50's he edged out Kevin Kline and Michael Caine (both 6ft1½-2) at the Oscars and fellow 6ft2er Julian Glover in Indiana Jones Last Crusade. He may not have lost anything by then and maintained his height into the 90's. I look at Ben Affleck, John Cusack or Lance Reddick...Connery in his 30's would have been level with those guys.
James B said on 28/Mar/16
Yeah I struggled to see 6'3 in diamonds are forever and if anything he could pull of 6'3 in Dr No
Anonymous1 said on 25/Mar/16
Bond tailors had him at 6'1.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/16
Arch, in those hotel scenes I thought he could look proportionally like a guy near 6ft3. But then again I take your point that he didn't look over 6ft2 w/h Jimmy Dean (who was no less than 6ft3). He looks a clear 6ft2½ in Dr. No and Goldfinger. He had at least 1in on Gert Frobe, Joseph Wiseman and Jack Lord (all 6ft1 range guys).

The 6ft2 listing is fine for Connery but if I had to choose between 6ft1¾ and 6ft2¼, I'd go with the latter. I'd also opt to give Caine the former.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Mar/16
DId he look 6 ft 3 in Diamonds Are Forever Rampage? I didn't see it. From what I recall he looked a good 4 cm shorter than Jimmy Dean in it who was 6 ft 3 himself. He looked 187 with him I thought.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
Sean Connery - 6ft2½(189cm)
Richard Harris - 6ft1¼(186cm)
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 19/Mar/16
That's funny. They actually built a set to make someone look taller. I'd buy it if I'd see it.
James said on 18/Mar/16
Richard Harris was 6'0". Connery was 6'1.5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/16
6ft3 in Hunt For Red October. A good 3in over Baldwin
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/16
Looked over 200lbs in Never Say Never Again and 6ft2 flat. But in Diamonds Are Forever, near 6ft3
James B said on 13/Mar/16
Interesting Tom they built things in Dr no to make him seem taller.

6'2 in my opinion is tall but not as impressive as how a legit 6'4 guy can look for instance.
James B said on 13/Mar/16
I'd guess 203 pounds in Never in never say never again would you agree?

He looked much skinner than pat roach in that film though
AlexMahone said on 11/Mar/16
No Tom, Connerry was much taller than Richard Harris in the "The Molly Maguires". And Harris was about 185cm and not 183. See more movies, please.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/16
Looked 6ft2¼-6ft2½ range in Marnie
Tom said on 7/Mar/16
All the sets and furniture in "Dr No" were built smaller than they would be in reality, so Connery would look taller.

Connery was 170 lbs in "Dr No", but much fatter in "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Never say Never Again".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/16
Yeah he hung around 6ft2 for many years I think. He still looked it well into the 90s. Thats why I think near 189cm peak is a very reasonable. He looked 6ft2 range next to guys like Kevin Costner, Nicolas Cage, Alec Baldwin and Laurence Fishburne.

BTW, I think he was about 190lbs in Dr. No which is quite trim for 6ft2. He was well over 200lbs in DAF and NSN.
James B said on 1/Mar/16
Rampage- I think Connery only weighed 170 range in Dr No which could be why he gave the illusion of looking taller than he was. I saw that movie quite recently he struck me as looking 'strong tall' in that movie. From what I remember in never say never again (haven't seen that movie for a while) he didn't look that tall maybe because he was heavier in that film? I don't think Connery was really any shorter than his peak in never say never again.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/16
@James B: Agreed. He was on the stronger side of 6ft2 and people don't quite understand how tall that really is especially 50 years ago. In Dr. No and Goldfinger he stood out height-wise and looked very imposing. 6ft2 in the 50's-60's was more or less equivalent of what 6ft4 is today. It still is an impressive height..just so many guys who are 6ft (sometimes even less) are claiming it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/16
@James B: Agreed. He was on the stronger side of 6ft2 and people don't quite understand how tall that really is especially 50 years. In Dr. No and Goldfinger he stood out height-wise and looked very imposing. 6ft2 in the 50's-60's was more or less equivalent of what 6ft4 is today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/16
Rob, which range is most suitable for a prime Connery?

Editor Rob: I think I'd stick with B just now
James B said on 18/Feb/16
I think Connery was a legit 6'2 peak like 188-189cm. Could have actually hanged onto 6'2.25 in the afternoon on a good day.
Tom said on 15/Feb/16
Connery was slightly taller than Richard Harris, who was six foot.
Mr S said on 2/Feb/16
@Rob. Do you think 6'2.5" peak might be possible for Connery?
I remember you used to have an old bodybuilding measurement of 6'2.4" included on this site. Also in the man who would be king there was a scene where Connery and Michael Caine are standing side by side on a flat floor in similar footwear, Connery seemed slightly taller.Looking at his films Connery seemed to be 6'2" range well into his 60's so a slightly higher peak seems possible.
Editor Rob: someone mentioned the measurement, but I couldn't find the source so removed the mention. From watching early films I think he was around 6ft 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jan/16
Connery was built like a 6ft2+ guy. If he was 188cm it was at the very end of the day and I do think he would have brushed 6ft3 out of bed. He was consistently taller than strong 6ft1 guys like Gert Frobe, Richard Harris and Kevin Costner.
Colin Dowson said on 20/Jan/16
Connery can't be 6ft 2 if Jimmy Dean is an inch he is clearly 2in taller in Diamonds Are Forever,so Connery is either 6ft 1 or Dean 6ft 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jan/16
Might be the shoes giving him a boost.

Maybe 6ft1 range for Wiseman?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/16
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (this one was many years later)

Rob, how tall do you think Joseph Wiseman a.k.a Dr. No was?
Editor Rob: might be a bit smaller than Sean.
sebs said on 8/Jan/16
Connery was pushing 6'2.5 6'3 in Dr.No, easily cleared 6 foot.
Z187 said on 7/Jan/16
Connery was shorter than (6ft ) wiseman in
Z188 said on 7/Jan/16
When sean met england FCs bobby moore, they looked basically the same height.... question is, how tall was bobby moore??
OddMan said on 3/Jan/16
His height seems to fluctuate quite a bit, probably one of those guys that shrink a lot during the day (it is not the same with everyone, some only lose like one cm, but others almost four(!), I have read in an anthropology book). 189cm out of bed is possible and I'd even say it's possible he'd dripped under 187cm during a long day.

Not a guy to wear lifts, IMO.
Willes190 said on 2/Jan/16
Peak 189cm
Now 185cm
James B said on 25/Dec/15
Looked tall in Dr no
Willes190 said on 6/Dec/15
Wow, Rob maybe add that
nembokid said on 3/Dec/15
In this page Click Here The director Lumet says that Connery is six feet four!
Mike T said on 28/Nov/15
I am 6'1", exercise a lot and have stayed the same for a long time. Sat next to Connery in a Sydney restaurant, by accident, when he was promoting one of his films("Never say never again"). Leaving at the same time, he seemed the same height but not as solid as on film. Later, in 2001, working in Tokyo, Moore was guest of honour at a dinner. Like some has said, a decent fellow. He was an inch orcso below my eye level and far slighter than on film. To all this - so what? Both gave much pleasure and enjoyment with their performances, hurt no one and made their way successfully in a tough game. That's the important thing about them.
Yah said on 21/Nov/15
I've always pictured him as a short man like 5 8 or something.
movieguy said on 21/Nov/15
To my eyes always looked the way a 6'2'' guy is supposed to look. Has he lost height with age, I guess it's likely. Retired at right time.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Nov/15
6ft2-3 in the 50's-70's
6ft2 flat in the late 80's-90's
6ft1-2 in the 00's
6ft1 flat today, a fraction shy at worst.

I think he still clears 6ft when measured.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Nov/15
6ft2-3 in the 50's-70's
6ft2 flat in the late 70's-90's
6ft1-2 in the 00's
6ft1 flat today, a fraction shy at worst.

I think he still clears 6ft when measured.
Darren510 said on 21/Oct/15
Agree with 6'2.25 peak for Connery. Still looked around 6'2 up until he retired, but he was probably 6'1.5
Spencer said on 19/Oct/15
188-89 peak I think, but I don't think he was 6 foot 3. His frame is pretty thin which I think makes him look taller. In Goldfinger he looks a solid 6'2. 6'2.5 tops
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 18/Oct/15
Recently watched 'From Russia With Love' which is a terrific installment in the Bond series. In it, he appeared at the very least 6ft 2in, and often seemed taller. He looked strikingly tall. Exciting film, both him and Robert Shaw were terrific, and the sequence in the train towards the end was so tense!
Spencer said on 18/Oct/15
I don't think over 6 foot 2 at peak.
Willes190 said on 16/Oct/15
Rob, how about a 6'2.25 peak for Connery?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Oct/15
Click Here

This was taken just a week ago at the US Open. It's an obscure angle but Connery looks to edging Bradley Cooper. He has both hair and angle disadvantage.
SJH said on 26/Sep/15
Still 6'2 haven't lost a cm yet. But losing posture
Larry said on 22/Sep/15
Not really, he could only play Scots even when playing Soviets or Arabs.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Sep/15
@Larry: He was a brilliant actor.
Larry said on 18/Sep/15
Connery was 6'1 1/2" at his peak. Awful actor though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/15
Sean Connery - 6ft2½(189cm)
Timothy Dalton - 6ft2(188cm)
George Lazenby - 6ft2(188cm)
Pierce Brosnan - 6ft1½(187cm)
Roger Moore - 6ft1¼(186cm)
Daniel Craig - 5ft10½(179cm)
Braden said on 31/Aug/15
After a Bond Marathon Binge, here's my take on the heights of Bond:

Connery - 6'2"
Lazenby - 6'1.5"
Moore - 6'1.5"
Dalton - 6'2"
Brosnan - 6'2"
Craig - 5'10"

Connery, Dalton, and Brosnan are a 3-way tie for tallest Bond.
Dave said on 29/Aug/15
He was 6ft and 1/5(187) in his prime. roger was 6ft 1.25(186) and pierce is 6ft 1(185). And the tallest bond was lazenby his height was 6ft 2(188). connery was slightly shorter. they almost had similar height
Judd ISR said on 28/Aug/15
6' is unbelievable if Carrey is 6'1.25-1.5"...they looked very close one to each other....I think 6'0.75" for his current height is good!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/15
Connery still looked at least 6ft2 in the 80's-90's. I'm beginning to think he could have at his best, maxed out at 6ft2½(189cm) and woken up at 6ft3. He still looks about 6ft1 range today at 85 (in a few days). He's definitely not in the same boat as contemporary Clint Eastwood...
Mike said on 9/Aug/15
Around 6ft 2 in his prime and closer 6ft range now...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/15
Agreed, WAF...
WAF said on 6/Aug/15
Since most men lose about an inch of height around age 60, and since Kevin Costner was legitimately 6'1" in 1987 when they made "The Untouchables" and Connery was 57 years old, I think Connery should be upgraded based in part on this picture: Click Here

Connery looks an inch taller than Costner and consistently did so in the movie and in the press after the release of the movie. In the metric system I think the nearest whole number to his height would be 189 cm. Because it seems others have had the same idea, I think it's fair to upgrade him to at least 6'2.25".

It should at the very least be noted that his range in his prime was 6'2"-6'2.5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/15
Could look near 6ft3 in the first 3 Bond movies...
Rory said on 26/Jul/15
Yh but when you think he was about 184-185cm at 82 yrs old that's how you know a 186-187 peak is nonsense. Solid 6'2 in his prime.
qartt said on 13/Jul/15
I do not know why the link does not work, google Sean Connery and Cary Grant if you want the evidence.
qartt said on 9/Jul/15
Connery with Cary Grant, perhaps connery rounded up to get 6'2 slightly

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