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6ft 2.04in (188.1cm)
Mario Nariano said on 19/Oct/05
Napier is two and half inches taller than Connery.
A nice picture of Connery and F Murray Abraham
lars said on 18/Oct/05
ok....sean connery is no where near 6'3...probably exaggerated his height in the whole bond craze..Watch the 1964 Hitchcock film 'marnie'...connery's father in the film is played by alan napier from the original batman series. napier is 6'5...and he completely towers over connery in the film.
Yao is 7-7 said on 2/Oct/05

seems that site is saying they mistakenly said 6-2 1/2 with shoes, when they meant without. Interestingly enough they have that Dalton is 6-1 now as he meant 6-2 with shoes.

They have Lazenby and Connery at 6-2.5
Mario Nariano said on 30/Sep/05
I think that I have posted a lot proofs that Connery was for sure 6 ft 2.5 at his peak, check this page.

Just compare him to his co-mr universe candidates who are all over 6 ft and Connery is one of the tallest.

I'm not insulting Bogart, he is also one of my favourite actors but there is still poeple who insist that he was only 5 ft 4, wich is stupid.
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/05
Connery was no taller then 6-1.5 at his peak. I would be shocked If he was ever really over that .
Gotxo said on 29/Sep/05
Interesting comments Mario, specially that of James Caan.
He always has been listed as 6' even, but nowadays he looks more like 5'9",
an excessive shrinkage, even if he has been unlucky with osteoporosis/spine problems. Was he ever that tall, i doubt it. Did Wayne used raisers? I ignore it, but in the searchers he towered his co-star at 6'1" (sorry crappy memmory,can't remember that lad's name).
Mario Nariano said on 28/Sep/05
Ow c'mon Viper, if Wayne was 6 ft 1 as your are saying then James Caan would have been 5 ft 8 at his peak and Robert Mitchum 5 ft 10. John Wayne was for 100 % sure at his peak 6 ft 4 and Pedro Armendariz was for sure in the 6 ft 1 range. But we have also Robert Shaw (5 ft 11 range), Charles Gray (6 ft 3 range) and other bond actors to compare them to Connery.

This are my Bond heights
Sean Connery 6 ft 2.5
Goerge Lazenby 6 ft 2.5 ( I have watched some more of Lazenby and I think that Yao was right about Lazenby's height)
Timothy Dalton 6 ft 2 (Sometimes he looks taller than 6 ft 2)
Roger Moore 6 ft 1 ( He really looks this to me compared with Kotto, Lee and Lonsdale)
Pierce Brosnan 6 ft 1 ( This what he looks in his most movie's, but sometimes he can look 186/7)
Viper452 said on 23/Sep/05
IMDB is the worst site to go by when comparing listed heights. Also its been widely known that John Wayne was in the 6-1 range anyway, and wore boots with lifts to get to 6-4. Connery looked in the 6-1 range to me, could look a little taller to some people.
Mr. Klaus said on 23/Sep/05
Nop I disagree with you Viper.
In From Russia With love he looks 1.5/2 inches taller than Pedro Armendariz, IMDB has him at 6 ft 1 and Pedro looked 2 to 3 inches shorter in his movie with John Wayne (6 ft 4).

In You Only Live Twice Connery looks 8 to 10 inches taller than Avarage japanese guy.

I also know that some bond girls wored lifts because of the height difference between Connery and the girls, and a lot of Bond girls were ex-models1
Viper652 said on 19/Sep/05
I think in all of his Bond movies he looked in the 6-1 range. Tall, but not over that.`
Kodak said on 18/Sep/05
Tip for Mr. Klaus; If you take a picture of the TV screen use the close-up mode
(it's the one with the flower). Then you might have almost a 100 % gaurantee that you're picture is clearer. I pressume you did take it with a Kodak easy share CX7525? Good luck!!
Yao is 7-7 said on 17/Sep/05
No, Connery said that in 1996 on Leno, it was right after The Rock debuted.

Leno asked him how tall he was, Connery said:

"I'm 6-2, well ok actually 6-1 and a half."

he would have been 65 at that time.

This is a GREAT info source on Brosnan as well, because when Connery stood next to leno that night he TOWERED over him, just about a year and a half or so later Brosnan was on Leno right when Tomorrow Never Dies came out...........

There was EXACTLY ONE INCH difference as Brosnan was exactly and inch taller. Connery looked at least 3 and a half inches taller than Leno.

Viper652 said on 16/Sep/05
Connery looked no taller to me then in the 6-1 range in all of his movies to be honest. The Bond taliors say he was 6-1.5 at his peak, and Connery even said he was 6-1.5 at his peak. I would take their say over inflating measurements in a bodybuilding contest, or an inflated image Connery tried to keep when he played Bond.
Mario Nariano said on 16/Sep/05
Sean Connery himself has said a lot of different things
At the time he played Bond he said that he was 6 ft 2 and he as also said in numerous inteviews that he is 6 ft 2.
Connery has been measured at 6 ft 2.4 and in in some inteviews he says 6 ft 2.5 .
When Connery answers is height in cms he says 189cm.
According to you he has sayd on Jay Leno that he 6 ft 1.5, I don't know if it is true but it's possible, he looks those days around that height and it's from an interview of 2003 when Connery was 73 years old.

Connery is taller than Michael Caine and you can't use the excuse that he wores lifts because in the movie that they have together Connery wored sandals!
Mario Nariano said on 14/Sep/05
In this picture you can see a lot of guy's of the mr Universe tall competetion. All those guy's are 6 ft +. The guy next to connery (number 25) is at least 6 ft and Connery looks a lot taller than him, more than 2 inches in my opinion.
Mr. Klaus said on 13/Sep/05
Connery was in 2003 an inch taller than Laurence Fishburne who is 184 cm wich means that Connery was in 2003 186/ 187 cm. This would also mean that Connery has never shrunk! The avarage male begins losing height when he reach his 50s, some even in ther 40s (Like my dad). I don't would be surprised if Connery wasnt at 189 cm in 1987. I still think that Connery was the tallest Bond and Lazenby and Dalton close to him.

Maybe moore is standing on something Yao.
Mario Nariano said on 4/Sep/05
Viper452, in wich of his early movie´s does he look around 6 ft 1?
Marnie, The Hill, Shalako?
Viper652 said on 4/Sep/05
Connery looks in the 6-1 range in his early movies to me
Mario Nariano said on 3/Sep/05
Well I don´t know exactly, maybe we can find some pictures op his Body Building contest in wich he got measured. 6 ft2.4 (not 6 ft2.5) sounds pretty accurate. To me Connery really looked that height (6 ft 2.4) in his early movie´s.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 2/Sep/05
Actually the way I understand the bodybuilding contest strated off measuring with shoes in the 50s and 60s then in the 70's simply asked contestants how tall they were.

Just think they listed Arnold at 6'2 3/4" barefoot.......are we REALLY supposed to believe these hgihts?
Mario Nariano said on 1/Sep/05
It is also strange that Connery was woring his shoes when he got measured for the Mr. Universe contest. Height is really important for that kind of contests, and they try to be the most accurate that they can.

I don´t know if I can trust that site.
Mario Nariano said on 1/Sep/05
I see a an inch of difference between Costner and Connery. But we have still the other actors. and it is possible that Connery wasn´t at his full height in 1987, the most men start losing height at her 50s.
Yao- is 7-7 said on 31/Aug/05
Well a website claims his 189cm height was officially measured with shoes in 1953 in a bodybuildind contest.

Is it so wrong of Connery to say 6-23 when he was 6-1.5?

I think not.

Also just watch The Untouchables, I just did to check this.

Kevin Costner claims he is 6-1, in the film Connery is clearly exactly half an inch taller.

In his mid 50's when Connery made this film he would not have shrunk any at that point.
Mario Nariano said on 31/Aug/05
Connery looks those days an inch taller than Laurence Fishburne who is little under the 6 ft 1 mark, so I suppose that he is those days this height. In every interview wich comes of the 60-70-80 and sometimes 90s he says 6 ft 2 and when he answers in CM´s he says 189cm.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 30/Aug/05
On Jay Leno Conenry said "I am 6-1 and a half". Was he liying when he said that? He said he was that tall. I really believe we have pinpointed his height as being this.
Mario Nariano said on 30/Aug/05
I see that you have chanced Connery
Yao is 7-7 said on 29/Aug/05
I was referring to DALTON. I believe you lost track of the convo here.

Also DiCaprio is not 6-1, I can't believe you think that.
Mario Nariano said on 27/Aug/05
Connery has never wore lifts, we have seen Connery in sandals in movie´s like In the name of Father and the Man who would be a king. We have seen Connery barefoot in Finding Forester, Some James Bond movie´s and he didn´t look shorter than 6 ft 2. The only Bond actor from witch we know for sure that he wore lifts in some scenes in Goldeneye is Pierce Brosnan. There is also poeple who claim that Lazenby, Moore and Dalton wore lifts when they played Bond, but i don´t think that they wore lifts.
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Aug/05
From jamesbond newsgroup 1996, "I was lucky enough to stand next to him at an airport in the Bahamas and I would say around 6'0" or so."
Yao Is 7-7 said on 24/Aug/05
If they are the same height, that means Lazenby and Dalton (same height now I mean), Dalton is 6-2 1/2.
Mario Nariano said on 23/Aug/05
I have meeted 4 bond actors, Connery, Moore, Dalton and Lazenby.
I saw Connery 5 years ago in Spain when he lived in Mallorca, he was at that time for sure 6 ft 2 or maybe a little taller.

I have meeted Moore two times, and i think that celebheights has the right height. The first time when I saw moore was at the Die Another premiere and he looked about the height as i´m, and i´m 183 cm.

I saw Lazenby and Dalton also at the Die Another Day premiere and they looked about the same height, i would say that they are days 186- 187 cm. I have to say that Lazenby shoes looked kinda rare,maybe it were elavator shoes. At the time Lazenby was choosed as bond, the wanted to make him into the new connery, they gived him then 2 inch elavator shoes to look 6 ft 2 barefoot. I don´t know if it is true but i don´t would be surprised if Lazenby was only 6 ft 1 at his peak.
Alana said on 14/Aug/05
From Russia With Love was on the other day and Connery seems to be a good 3 inches taller than Robert Shaw who is usually listed at 5'11.

In most films from his early days, Connery appears to be around the 1.88cm - 1.89cm mark if his shoes are taken out of the equation.
Mr. Klaus said on 12/Aug/05
At the time Diamonds Are Forever came out Connery was promted as 6 ft 2, not 6 ft 3 as what Yao Ming 7 "7 says. There is also a brief moment in wich you can see James Bond driving license in DAF wich states his height as 6 ft 2. In Thunderball you see Connery barefoot.
Viper452 said on 11/Aug/05
As was stated by another guy, Connery wore bigger shoes then normal to look 6-3, the height they promoted him at. Thats why he might look a littler taller then others around the same or just below his height. Richard Harris is 6-1, so Connery with a half inch more on his shoes will look an inch taller at least then Harris.
Mr. Klaus said on 10/Aug/05
Viper, you have said that three times in the Connery page. You can better rent/ buy some Connery movie's of the 60s or 70s, compare then Connery to his co-stars and then take a conclusion. In Robin and Marian (1976), Connery is 1.5 inch taller than Richard Harris.
Viper652 said on 10/Aug/05
Connery was 6-1.5 barefoot, 6-2.5 with shoes on
Mr. Klaus said on 9/Aug/05
In the Goerge Lazenby page I have posted a photo of the second in wich Desmond is full Straight and Lazenby also. Both guy's have a similiar height. But we can not base or facts in one scene, I don't have watched so much lazenby's movie's. But he looks to me a maximum of 1.89 CM in his Bond movie.

In the Dalton page I have posted that Timothy Dalton is clearly two inches taller than Billy Zane in Gleopatra (and both guys wore sandals). Are you gonna say that Dalton wore flesh-coloured lifts in his sandals? Perhaps why is Dalton as tall as Benicio Del Toro in License to kill? 6 ft + 2 inches of his heals would be 6 ft 2, right? Benicio is a strong 6 ft 2 + 1 inch of his shoes would be 6 ft 3? Robert Davi looks in every scene in License to Kill taller than Dalton and Del Toro, he looks 6 ft 2 in his most recent photo's, but in License to Kill he doesn't look shorter than 6 ft 3, I also renember also a movie in wich Davi looks 2 inches taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think that Davi is the one who wore lifts.

It's also a fact that Connery has been measured without shoes, so Connery was in his 20s 1.89 CM, and I suppose that he was still that height at the time he played Bond.
McFan said on 8/Aug/05
He was an inch taller than Kevin Costner in "The Untouchables."
Mr. Klaus said on 28/Jul/05
Ehm I would say that Connery is slighty taller than Llewelyn, a cm or Two.
And Dalton ins't two inches shorter than Edwards in Hawks, I rent that movie last night and Dalton has such a bad posture in that movie, he isn't fully straight and that makes him shorter than Edward but when he is full straight he is as tall as that Edward guy. Ah and about the scene in License to kill in wich Dalton looks shorter than Davi, Dalton is barefoot and Davi has his shoes on. And Brosnan did not suddenly grown when he become Bond, in the most of his 80s movie's he looks the same height as what he looks in Goldeneye.

"Roger Moore - He was 6'0" in height barefoot, when he was cast as Bond in 1972 at age 44. Through making A View To A Kill, his last Bond film in 1984-5 at age 56-57, he was still 6 feet even barefoot. When he played Bond they gave him 2 inch heeled shoes, rather than one inch heeled shoes."

Yaphet Kotto was 3 inches taller than Moore in Live and let die, This story would make sense if Kotto also wore lifts.
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/05
Er, Klaus - "because Desmond Llewelyn, Charles Gray and other bond actors are listed as 6 ft 2 and Connery is taller than those guys."

Look at any Q scene and you'll see Connery is just ever so slightly shorter than Llewelyn!
Dalton is 2" shorter than Ant Edwards in Hawks so that part about him wearing lifts in all movies except that one is spot on.
Brosnan - how can ANYBODY not see that he suddenly 'grew' after becoming Bond? He has worn elevator shoes in every film since Goldeneye. Watch 'Live Wire', 'The long good friday' - any pre-95 film with Brosnan and tell me with a straight face he is 6'1"!!
Viper652 said on 27/Jul/05
That guys story sounds bang on to me. Especially If you read that long story on the Brosnan page on how Lazenby was 4 inches taller then Pierce when they shook hands. Both storys give the exact same heights for all the others
Gotxo said on 26/Jul/05
Dunno if that might help or not but...
Among other things Ian Fleming gave his literary son his own features: A very similar hedonic personality, the same eye color hair cut & color (when young) and yes...also his height.
Wich in books always was stated as 6'0"
We can compare him next to Bon..Ahem..Connery i mean, in some photos.
To me Connery looks near 2" taller in almost of them:
Except in this last one, but Ian is closer to the objective and connery uses a lower profile shoe:

He coul be very well 187-188cm when young, what do you think?

Viper652 said on 24/Jul/05
I wouldnt go by that movie comparing him to Caine. Connory was 6-1.5 at his peak, and has lost a half inch at his age. It makes perfect sense really.
Mr. Klaus said on 18/Jul/05
James, you have read that in the James Bond tailorship, but how can Connery be 6'1 and a half if he is taller than 6 ft 2 Michael Caine?
James said on 17/Jul/05
Sean Connery was NEVER the tallest Bond, his real height without shoes was 6'1 and a half, the same as George Lazenby. Timothy Dalton, at 6'2, was the tallest Bond.
Mr. Klaus said on 12/Jul/05
J.J.F, Connery was 6'2.5 at his peak. Connery was slighty taller than Michael Caine in 1975, and Connery wore sandals in that movie! And I have another proofe, Connery is only one inch shorter than Steven Seagal, Seagal was Connery Martial Intructor in Never say Never again and was only one inch taller than Sir Connery. Watch more Connery movie's of the 60s en 70s and you will be convinced that he was this height.
J.J.F said on 11/Jul/05
"Sean was indeed 6'3" and tallest of the Bonds" er...

you must indeed beleive everything you read, JJ. connery was never more than 6'1.5"
And no, men dont typically lose 3", more like 1.5", maybe 2" in some cases.
I'd say Connery was lucky, he didnt lose much more than 0.5 inch.
Danjo said on 5/Jul/05
When you look at how short Moore was next to Christopher Lee (6'4") It seems that his reported height of 6'1" was exagerated a great deal. Connery, in one of his earliest interviews had him at 6'2" tall.
JJ said on 7/Jun/05
Sean was indeed 6'3" and tallest of the Bonds. Entirely possible he is now only 6.1" - men generally lose up to 3" in height between ages of 55 and 80 and Sean is now nearly 75 years old. The late James Stewart (at peak 6'5") once said on Parkinson Show that he had lost 4" - "but thankfully only off my height"
Gotxo said on 2/Jun/05
That 189cm measurement it's supposedly correct because it was for a bodybuilding contest and they are presumably measured by medical staff. Said this i don't belive it all. Many sport stars are rounded up even a pair of inches to be more attractive for teams, Arnold Schwarzenegger also cheated (pecata minuta) ;).
Mr Luis said on 18/May/05
I was talking about his height at his peak.
That site says that Connery was 6'1 1/4 at his peak and that moore was 6'1 at his peak. The Problem is that Connery was always 2 inches taller than Moore!
Sing said on 17/May/05
No way is Connery 1.90m Mr Luis. 1.86m or 6'1" max.
the giant said on 16/May/05
Connery is 6' - 6'1" without shoes, Roger Moore is no more than 5'11", probably more like 5'10" without shoes.
Mr Luis said on 6/May/05
That can be true, that site says also that Moore was 6'1 at his peak. Connery was always two inches taller than Moore.

Connery was also a little taller than the 6'2 Q, and Moore was shorter than Desmond Llewelyn. I'm talking about the Bond movies of the 70, in the 80 Bond movies, Moore was exact the same height as Desmond LLewelyn.

Moore was 1,84 cm at is peak and Connery 1,89/ 1,90 cm.
Viper652 said on 5/May/05
The James Bond Tailors say he was 6-1 and a half at his peak.
JUSTMATT said on 5/May/05
I think he is 6.2 because I saw him near an italian introducer who is for sure 6.2 and they were the same height
sam said on 5/May/05
I believe based on his films, he was slightly over 6'2" as a young man, probably about an inch shorter these days.
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/05
My Grandfather (who was 6 feet at that time) meeted im 1980, and he sayd that he was really tall,(something of 6.3 he sayd), but maybe he has shrunks
JJ said on 27/Mar/05
You guys got it right last time with the 6'1 1/2 so why change it based on a dodgy measurement from the 50's?
Connery is about 6'1 these days, no more.
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/05
I think Mr Connery is more like 6'. I saw him a few years ago at a local theatre and he seemed a lot shorter than my six four(6'4').

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