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6ft 2.01in (188cm)
clint said on 3/Nov/07
Connery looked over 6ft in all of the james bond films. He now looks about 6ft and half.
tubbs said on 11/Oct/07
I hear DeVito is being touted as the next 007.
Mr Mayfair said on 5/Oct/07
6.2 now is about right and impressive for his age...he does have very long legs, broad shoulders but otherwise quite skinny. Officially 6.3 when younger. I first met him during the filming of the Russia House and he towered over everyone on set. Always seemed 3-4 inches up on my 5.11, athough we both weighed around 190lbs. He was the tallest Bond, funny how they have shrunk over time = 6.3, 6.2, 6.1, 6.2, 6.0, 5.9. Perhaps Tom Cruise will get the part in the end!
Jordan said on 5/Aug/07
I think a PEak of 6'2 is the most probable. I am still trying to find my fathers pic with him, in which I mentioned beleow that he looks about 6'1 from 2 years ago.
Mr. Anonymous said on 26/Jul/07
Mr. Anonymous
Does anybody see what I see? Sean Connery is listed at 6'2" and he is in a picture standing beside Jack Lord who is listed 6'1.5" in "Dr.No". Sean is clearly a solid 3inches taller than Jack seen here. Either Jack is closer to
being 5'11" or Sean is 6'4".....and I don't think he's that tall. Which listing
is truly more accurate? Any thoughts anyone?
dmeyer said on 25/Jul/07
188.5 to 189 cm peak 188 early career and 185 186 now
Jordan said on 25/Jul/07
DAmit Im going to try to get my fathers pics with COnnery. I know he has them I will try to scan them in an send them to Rob.

Anyway my father is offically 5'11.5 and Connery Looked and inch and a half taller and the pic was from 2 years ago.
George H. said on 18/Jul/07
Connery with Michael Caine in the early seventies Click Here
Taylor said on 9/Jul/07
I met Connery back in 1997. I'm 6'2.5 he was about a quarter of an inch shorter. He's propably 6'2.25.
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 8/Jul/07
in the bond actors pictures in 2002 connery has the same height of moore,lazemby at least 6'0.5
Mario said on 25/Jun/07
I always have the feeling during watching Indiana Jones, that they tried to make ford look taller than Connery in some scenes. Perhaps they though that it was wrong the father being taller than the hero.

Viper, everyone has is own opinion, but people tend to underestimate Connery’s posture, and there just isn’t a cm of difference between guy’s like Costner and Ford. In this case we are even talking about a 57-59 years old Connery.
Gonzalo said on 25/Jun/07
Yes, Crys, in your imagination it must be. Connery had minimum an inch on Ford
crys said on 24/Jun/07
in indiana jones 3 is a bit shorter than harrison ford
Viper said on 23/Jun/07
I think that 6-2.4 measurement was in shoes, and it might not even be a real legit measurement. I agee with Mario that "Yao is 7-7" didnt have too much credibility though. Anyone who thinks Yao Ming is 7-7 and writes paragraphs after paragraphs about it is not credible with me.
Gonzalo said on 22/Jun/07
1`86 is what Connery looks now. So 1`88 in his heyday sounds feasible. But no mre than that. He was a couple of inches shorter than Donald Sutherland
Adam Brimacombe said on 21/Jun/07
Yeah actually i read the 6ft 2.4 thing after posting this. was found in his bodybuilding days yeah? So 189 for him then? Thats more than an inch of what i said. I guess he does look to have an advantage over Moore.
Mario said on 21/Jun/07
That site has been made by a guy who was for while here. Yao-7-7. 0% credibility.

By the way Adam Brimacombe, Lazenby comfirmed to Editor Rob himself that Connery was taller than him.

Have you seen Connery with 6 ft 1 Gert Frobe and Pedro Armendariz?

And I can't find a good picture of him with Jack Lord (Feliz Leither in Dr. No), but he did have a considerable advantage on him.

6 ft 2.4 as we was measured at his 20s is right. He has to much advantage on 6 ft 1 guy's to be any less than that.
Adam Brimacombe said on 21/Jun/07
Yeah thats 186cm barfoot aswell. Becasue of Sean's slender build when he wears shoes with his dinner suit it makes him look so much taller which is why i can understand why people think he looks 6"3 ish. When You look at Roger Moore in the same light you can't make him to be anymore than 185cm. Does anyone know what Daniel Craig's height barefoot is? I belive he is 5"10 but ive seen him listed as 5"11 and even 6"0 before which i can't see.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Yeah 186cm looks right for Connery even at his peak.
Adam Brimacombe said on 20/Jun/07
According to a website called the world is not enough all actors who played James Bond are as followed in height without shoes, Sean Connery (186cm), Roger Moore (185cm), George Lazenby (188cm), Timothy Dalton (188cm), Pierce Brosnan (185cm) and Daniel Craig (180cm). I agree with most of these and i find it interesting that the taller of the bonds played the role the least number of times i.e Dalton and Lazenby at 6"2! Ian Flemmings apparent ideal height for JamesBond was apparently 6"0 but on his official site it is 6"1 for sumreason and the most sucessful Bond's where that tall almost exactly. Its starnge how the new Bond is under 6ft but in my opinion he did a great job like the others. I disagree with Rumours that Connery's peak was even close to 6"3! I watched his first bond film the other day and he was the trimmist of all his bond films and barefoot on that beach he looked no more than 6"2 if that, especially barefoot which we all go by in height now don't we. Connery was measured at about 6'1 1/2" (186cm) for the Dr No film and he would of already reached his peak by then.
Sam said on 13/Jun/07
6'3 should be his peak height. Today a solid 6'2 or a little over. Now into his 70s he still looks quite tall.
Ed Kline said on 7/Jun/07
my father claimed he was 6'1 and 3/8th of an inch when he was younger. He met connery in the late 60's when my dad was 28, and he told me they were very close in height, but that Connery seemed just a bit taller ( about a half inch he reckoned). My father was nowhere nearly as compulsive about his height as I am, but he was in general a stickler for accuracy. I measured my father shortly before he died at 62, and he was 6' and 1/2 of an inch, so I believe he was the height he claimed when younger, thereby making Connery around 6' 2 inches tall. My dad also met Elvis, and said he was about an inch taller than Elvis making Elvis around 6' and maybe a 1/4??
Josh said on 3/Jun/07
He has always looked 6'1 to me.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/07
190 pounds looks right I think.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/07
his height is given as "about 6'2"
Halb said on 19/Apr/07
There is a Bond film, Never Say Never Again, where a woman size him up and gives approximations of his height and weight, anyone remember his height, I think she gives his weight as 190.
Tom Brown said on 26/Mar/07
Desmond Llewelyn looked noticeably taller than Connery in the Bond films they were in together. Llewelyn was 6'2" it is said, although he'd lost a lot of stature by the 1990s.
Julia said on 12/Mar/07
I met Connery when he lived in Spain. He is around 190cm.
Viper said on 10/Mar/07
I cant see Arnold being as tall as Connery now.
Roger Field said on 10/Mar/07
I trained at Edward Bolton's gym in London where Sean Connery trained, in 1964, and I remember the white painted lockers back where the shower was. There was a sleeveless undervest in the locker with Sean's name on it. I tried it on when Sean wasn't there and I was surprised that it said medium size (not large or extra large) on the label. Mr. Bolton's assistant gave me two dumbell weights, about 30 lbs each with black painted plates, telling me that they belonged to Sean Connery and that he didn't need them because he lived in Spain. My mother kept them on her balcony for years and finally threw them out which annoyed me no end. Sean trained at Edward Bolton's when he was in London. I trained with Schwarzenegger four years later in Munich and they were both about 6'2." Roger Field
Jordan said on 3/Mar/07
I Agree Viper, Connery wasnt skinny , he has pretty wide shoulders and was an all around big guy.
tomking said on 1/Mar/07
Hey Glenn. Never met Mr. Connery? What is your opinion?
Viper said on 27/Feb/07
Connery was far from skinny.
Anthony said on 26/Feb/07
In "Diamonds Are Forever", Connery stands next to 6'3 Jimmy White in some scenes. White does not even have a full inch on him. Connery was probably 6'2.5-6'2.25 at his peak.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/07
Costner is 6`1 and Connery was probably 6`2 at his peak. They were very simlar in height in The untouchables. Connery had an inch on Costner at the most in that movie.
Connery skinny body type? I guess I will have to look up for the word skinny in the dictionary
Ball-A-Hallic said on 14/Feb/07
in untouchables he seemed an inch maybe and inch and a half taller than elliot ness(kevin costner) who i tihnk is a solid 5'11 so i tihn khe is like 6'0.5 and 6'1.5 at his peak
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/07
I would say that Sean Connery is an honest 6'.At his peak, he might be closer to 6-1, in case he has shrunk.
Sometimes he was listed at 6-3, but I don't think that he ever was that tall. It also should not be neglected that his skinny body type made him appear taller, when playing 007.
Gonzalo said on 2/Feb/07
For the record, I was ironic in my comment of January 22nd. I hope you noticed
Jordan said on 1/Feb/07
S.J you are right.
S.J said on 30/Jan/07
Connery Tallet then Cage :?????: NO WAY connery Looks Like he is 3 or 2 inches taller then Cage
Viper said on 23/Jan/07
Connery is still 6-1 today.
Mario said on 22/Jan/07
¿Connery and Cage the same height?

Give me a break!
Mike said on 16/Jan/07
I would say that Sean was no more than 6-1 in his peak, even a little less, and he still is, because he barely shrunk.
Robert said on 2/Jan/07
He really could be around 6'1" at his peak, and maybe he still is,if he has not shrunk.
I saw his wax figur at Madame Thussauds, and it was about 3" taller than me.
So at least 6'1".I don't know,if this was really his height, because I noticed that very often those wax figures do not represent actual heights. I discovered that for example at Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Gonzalo said on 28/Dec/06
Yes, Gotxo, I was born in San Sebastian though I have almost all my life in Madrid. I didn´t think I mention it on this site. The same with you, no? Vasco but you live in Madrid?
Yes I was talking about Cinemaldi and that other visit Connery did to Cataluña, when he attended the football game of FC Barcelona (the famous pic with Ronaldinho) and I also saw a pic of Connery next to Pasqual Maragall and Connery towered over him. Ronaldinho is 5`11 and Maragall was easy 5`11 at his peak but now he looks around 5`10. Connery looked 6`1 next to both of them
Glenn said on 28/Dec/06
If you bump into Connery in the street,or inside a play or event,he poses with you.if your at a hotel,in front of his house,outside an event,he is near impossible.
Gotxo said on 28/Dec/06
Thnx for your comments! :)
I suppose you are talking about "Cinemaldi" of San Sebastian (wheren't you from there?) Sorry i missed this year's one :( .
I'm the same opinion as you anyway, Connery still looks a legit tall man, over 6' i mean. I will try to find graphical support for that.
I coincide with you too that Harrison Ford might be like 6" 0.5' and Costner slightly over 6'1" or at least he looked taller than Ford compared to Connery (Last Crusade) in the Untouchables (Both films are nearly the same age 1987-1989, so i won't accept miracolous shrinkings. :P
Anthony said on 27/Dec/06
He always looked at least 6'2. I think 189 might be more accurate. I love Connery, the coolest actor ever to grace the screen.
Gonzalo said on 27/Dec/06
Well, Gotxo, good to see you again. I thought you have left the building, like Frank2. It is good to have you back. We all witnessed in Spain last year that Connery is still very tall, not less than 6`1
Gotxo said on 27/Dec/06
Yep, he was among the largest actors in every shot, being the tallest in a lot of ocassions, 6'2" is right for him i guess.
Nowadays he must be smaller of course, but maybe he's still 6'1"
Gonzalo said on 27/Dec/06
No pic with Connery, Glenn? He definitely looks tall to me, even now in his seventies. Tall and big
Jordan said on 26/Dec/06
Glenn, I heard he has pretty wide shoulders for an older man, is this tru?
Glenn said on 25/Dec/06
Looked at least 6-2 every time I saw him.
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/06
Connery is officially 6'2'' and has never looked anything else in my opinion. Of course there have always been bigger men around but he is a genuinely big man.
Jordan said on 21/Dec/06
Yeah No problem Gonzalo
Gonzalo said on 19/Dec/06
I disagree with Mario: Connery was clearly taller than Harrison Ford but barely taller than Costner. From I have seen, Costner must be one inch taller than Ford. I see Connery at 1`87-88, Costner 1`8`5-86 and Ford 1`83-84.
Please, this is Connery page. Arnie`s got his own. Save those Arnold`s pics for his page.
Mario said on 19/Dec/06
Connery is/ was easy 3-4 cm taller than Ford and Costner. Don’t forget that they tried for some scenes in Indiana Jones to make Ford look taller than what he really was, and Connery is definitely in the same range as Caine who isn’t any shorter than 188cm.
And respect my opinion about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height, which is practically the same as Editor Rob’s opinion and of lot of others.
Viper said on 19/Dec/06
JJF, do you think Arnold was always just 6-0 at best?
J.J.F said on 17/Dec/06
yawn... Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Bernard Shaw, Michael Caine, and quite a few others - next to all the previous Connery was a solid 1.86m on film, but quite clearly no more than that. He's a well built Jock though, bless him. Will miss him on the silver screen...

And lol Mario - don't even get me started on the Black-enegger - Arnie's delusional two inch growth spurt came about when he got lucky in Tinseltown... also, I've never seen a Bodybuilder state his true height. Ever :)
Jason said on 15/Dec/06
Bodybuilders don't even weigh-in at contests let alone have their height measured. One IFBB contest I remember where they actually did weigh-in, under the list of competitors' weights it said to subtract 5lbs for clothes and shoes!
Viper said on 14/Dec/06
JJF, Im not sure the 6-1 1/2 measured height for Arnold is accurate either.
Mario said on 14/Dec/06
“Still not convinced - he never looks/looked more than a solid 1.86m near any of his co-stars.”

It’s obvious that there isn’t one cm of difference between him and 185cm Gert Fróbe or Walken or that he’s at least 5-6 cm taller than 183cm Jack Lord. And I can give more examples.

“Don't be fooled by bodybuilding's 'official heights'”

I’m not, as I have said, in my eyes he can look 188 to 190cm in his early movie’s and the 6 ft 2.4 listening sounds right based on what he looks next to others.

“Arnie still thinks he's six two thanks to that lot...”

That’s just an rounded up height, in reality he was 186-187cm when he was younger, and Connery’s height isn’t rounded up or down.
J.J.F said on 14/Dec/06
Still not convinced - he never looks/looked more than a solid 1.86m near any of his co-stars.
Don't be fooled by bodybuilding's 'official heights', they are far from accurate. Arnie still thinks he's six two thanks to that lot...
Mario said on 14/Dec/06
J.J.F, an inch shorter than Llewelyn? WTF? In From Russia Llewelyn is closer to the camera + Connery is sloughing (but look at there eyes), In Goldfinger Connery is sloughing the whole time when Q is explaining him something, and in Thunderbal and You Only Live Twice Connery is again sloughing, but in the face to face moments (one of two seconds) they look identical in height. Still we don’t even now what Llewelyn height was, only that he was a tall man.

“Mario, people get measured with shoes all the time.”

You can only enter in the tall man division if your are 183cm+. If you are 182cm, you go to the short man division, so just see how important one cm is in those contest, and in the army they want to do everything fast.

My doctor has always asked to remove my shoes when was going to measure me.

6 ft 2 Lazenby also did reveal to Editor Rob, that Connery was taller than him.
Viper said on 13/Dec/06
Mario, people get measured with shoes all the time. Hell, just look at the Elvis page where it says the Army measured him in boots.
Jordan said on 13/Dec/06
I would give him 6'2 in his prime. Possobly taller but mario is right he was in the "Tall Mans Division" and i could belive a legit 6'2.4 in his prime days.
J.J.F said on 13/Dec/06
Well, actually he didn't. Throughout the 60's he looked consistently 1/2" to 1" shorter than at the time 6'2" Desmond Llewelyn - in From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You only live Twice.
I'd peg him at 1.86, dont think he's lost much.
Mario said on 13/Dec/06
I can't find now the picture[s]of his body building days, but there are pictures in which he's easy 2 inches taller than some guy's who are for sure 6 feet +.

Why do I know this? Because Connery was in the tall man devision, and you must be at least 6 feet to be there.

Also who the hell is going to measure somebody in shoes? 6 ft 2.4. sounds right since he always looks 188-190cm in his older movie's.

End of story.
Viper said on 13/Dec/06
I dont think that supposed 6-2.4 measurment is very accurate. Also possible it was an in shoes height. A lot of evidence supports that Connery was margially under 6-2 then over it.
dave said on 11/Dec/06
Sean Connery by my assessment is about 61' 1/4 inches now-a-days. in his prime id go with the information up top that says he was 6foot 2.4 inches. Those bodybuilding measurements are probably accurate as they were used in contests. He has often be described as 6 3' and with the right foot wear he would have been. Makes sense to me.
Viper652 said on 7/Dec/06
Gert did not look 6-1 in Goldfinger, even If you never saw him appear next to Sean I thought.
Anthony said on 7/Dec/06
Good pic, Jordan.

Sam, Frobe occasionally looked even shorter because he was hefty and also had bad posture. When he straightened up and stood with Connery he only looked an inch or so shorter.
sam said on 7/Dec/06
I think Frobe was more than 1.5 inches shorter than Connery, more like 3 inches shorter.
Anthony said on 21/Nov/06
Nor would I, but going from the movie, I'd estimate Frobe to be at least 185. Whatever he truly was, Connery was taller.
Viper652 said on 7/Nov/06
6-1 1/2 peak height looks the most consistent for Connery I think.
Ray said on 7/Nov/06
Saw Sean in Diamonds are forever. He's standing beside Jimmy Dean who plays Willard Whyte in the movie. Dean is listed as 6 ft 3 ". Connery looks at least an inch shorter... possibly 2. I'd say Sean was 6' 1" or more probably 6'1.5", barefoot, in his prime.
Viper652 said on 7/Nov/06
Supposedly Arnold was measured at nothing more than 6-1 1/2.
dmeyer said on 6/Nov/06
thanks padriag because i dont htink craig is a full 5'11
Mario said on 6/Nov/06
Hello Padraig, I know you think that Craig is 179cm, but i
Roger Field said on 3/Nov/06
Ed, I meant barefoot
Ed said on 25/Oct/06
Roger Field, are you saying Connery and Scwarzenegger were about 6ft2 barefoot, or was that a with shoes estimate?
roger field said on 19/Sep/06
My high school sports teacher Neil McColville told me to lift weights at Edward Bolton's gym in London which I did in 1964. Sean Connery trained there. He certainly was 6'2" exactly, I would say. I first met Sean in 1963 in London after the opening of "From Russia With Love" when I was pushed into his car by the crowd! He is very polite. I trained with Schwarzenegger in 1968 in Munich, so I trained both with Bond and Terminator! Both are pretty much the same height. Roger Field
George H said on 14/Jun/06
David: Connery was one of the few in body building who was genuinely tall. In my opinion he had the ideal body builder's look. No matter how muscular a man gets, if he's short to me he'll always be a small guy :)
David said on 13/Jun/06
Having stood right next to Connery at an airport magazine stand (1987), I was surprised that he was a little taller than myself (6ft 1.5in). I always assumed he was about 5ft 11in. He is definitely 6ft 2in. Being that he is 75 years old now, he may have shrunk an inch in recent years.
Ed said on 12/Jun/06
Connery looked easily an inch taller than Ford in The Last Crusade, and that was 17 years ago. If Ford was around 6ft1 in his boots, maybe a little more, than Connery was about 6ft2 plus in his dress shoes in the film. My Guess was Connery was probably 6ft1.75 in his hey day, and now about 6ft0.75, maybe 6ft1. He's always been a taller guy in all his movies.
Viper652 said on 12/Jun/06
Yep, the reason he might look below 6-1 at times is when his posture isnt the best. Makes sense.
height looker said on 12/Jun/06
i just came back from attending sean connery's AFI lifetime achievement award ceremony.Barefoot i'm 6 foot 1/4.With dress shoes around 6 foot 1. i deliberatley stood in back of sean to compare are height and i would say he maybe had a 1/4 of an inch on me if he is lucky. i would say he is 6'1 or 6'1 1/2 no more. He walks with a noticeable hunch though.
George H said on 12/Jun/06
Connery is still a big guy. To suggest he's now below the 6ft mark is ridiculous. Each time he was in the news in the past 2 years or so he was easily the biggest man in the company present. That either means he socializes with midgets or that he hasn't lost much height and is still at least 6'1".
andrew said on 12/Jun/06
Ronaldinho is 178 cm (5'10"):
Click Here

So 6'1" for Connery today is right.
Gonzalo said on 12/Jun/06
Connery still looks very big. He is clearly taller than Ford in those pics. As Gotxo said, he is no less than 6`1 these days
Gotxo said on 12/Jun/06
I agree, big shrunkment is possible in some cases but generaly it's an small issue. As i said i can see ford still on 6' mark, prolly he wasn't a full 6'1" (maybe an exact 185cm?). People use it in excess to match weird theories, i'm tired of that too.
Viper652 said on 11/Jun/06
I dont think Harrison has shrunken much at all, maybe a half an inch. This shrinking stuff is blown out of proportion for most.
Mario said on 11/Jun/06
Sweet, new pics from which we can assume Connery's current height.
186/187 cm is my guess for his current height.
Gotxo said on 11/Jun/06
Wow thanks Rob, this demonstrates that pics with Ronaldinho where OK and the guy is not any less than 5'11" and Connery bigger. The last one is the less slanted in my opinion, if Harrison is still 6', Connery is no less than 6'1".
Mario said on 6/Jun/06
He was in 2003 a 1-1.5 taller than 6 ft 0.5 Laurence Fishburne, and the pictures with Ronaldinho really suggest that he is still over the 6 ft 1 mark.

He also looks slighty taller than Michael Caine (those days), who is an inch taller than Christian Bale, who is my opinion a legitimate 6 footer.
Gotxo said on 4/Jun/06
I Agree i can't be too repetitive but i can see that even on young people as one of my friends. He's a manual bad sloucher fudge as much as 6cm when does it. So it's a sustainable opinion, he could still be 6'1".
Viper652 said on 4/Jun/06
I dont think Connery has shrunk much at all. Hes still about 6-1 today, he just hunches over sometimes and doesnt have the posture like he use to.
The Guv'nor said on 3/Jun/06
Nope, still not having this. Ive got a DVD at home of footballer Paul Gascoigne and there is a part in it where he meets Connery at Glasgow Rangers Ibrox stadium circa 99/00. Gazza is listed at between 5'8" and 5'10" and Connery TOWERS over him. Gazzas first comment is 'ya taller than I thought like'!! To which Connery cooly replies 'always'!! He was 6'3" im tellin ya, you're all short men obsessed with bringing people down, let him be!!
Gotxo said on 3/Jun/06
sorry i mean he must be little smaller.
Gotxo said on 2/Jun/06
I agree, i can't see ronaldinho under 180cm, i belive Frank but i think Connery might be little taller now. I think he was in the six two range when young and now forcefully must be shorter but...
Picture said on 2/Jun/06
So Ronaldinho is 175 cm and the avarage spaniard is 170 cm?
Glenn said on 2/Jun/06
Not 6ft in early 90s.
Frank2 said on 1/Jun/06
I agree. He was probably 6'1.5" back during the Bond movies. But now he's no more than 6'.
Viper652 said on 1/Jun/06
Connery was about 6-1 1/2 peak height. Looked it in the Bond movies. The 6-3 claim is absolutely ridiculous.
Frank2 said on 31/May/06
I've seen Sean and he's no way 6'1". Not now. And he was never, ever 6'3". That's nonsense.
Picture said on 31/May/06
He is taller than Caine.
The Guv'nor said on 30/May/06
I think these are out. It seems everyone is intent on making people shorter on this site?? Im convinced Connery was a sure 6'3" in his peak, he was a beast of a guy. Even now, judging by the Ronaldinho pics below, I still don't see how he is under 6'2". Ronaldinho is listed just under 6ft and Connery looks a good 4.5 inches taller than him. Even in the pic with that Fishburne guy, look at the footwear. It is clear the other fella has bigger heels on ANDhe has a bit of an afro!! If you imagine their skull lines Connery is easily 2 inches bigger than him and that would put him at 6'2" irrelevant of his footwear. the guy is old, give him his height back!!! 6'3" at peak(The REAL Bond!!) and 6'2" now, no debate!
Gonzalo said on 18/Apr/06
Connery was 6`2 and doesn´t look much shorter these days. I remember his movie with Donald Sutherland and he was more than an inch shorter. I think a couple of inches.
J.J.F said on 15/Apr/06
Klaus, back in the 50's things were done a little differently. And at any rate, bodybuilding stats are never reliable, if you're into it you should know that.
Mr. Klaus said on 15/Apr/06
Doctors never measure Bodybuilders with shoes on.
They height is right or the height is wrong, I think right.

PS: Connery was at that time an unknown.
J.J.F said on 15/Apr/06
Gotxo, Ronaldinho is indeed 1.80m but he has a shoe disadvantage standing on the grass with football boots, studs sink right in, so he is almost at barefoot height in those pics. Fishburne has shoes on, obviously.

Connery was certainly never 1.89m barefoot - thats a 'shoes on measurement' taken for his bodybuilding stats probably. Would equate to about 1.87m barefoot when he was young. Looks 2cm taller than Nic Cage in all their shots together.
2-3cm is a normal kind of height loss after age of 60...
Gotxo said on 13/Apr/06
Good points on Connery beside Daniela Bianchi.

Ok, i know that Fishburne's height is still up to debate, but if you take a look to the pictures with Ronaldinho, the brazilian one is compartively smaller than Fishburne (Using Connery as a bridge), and Ronaldinho has never been listed any less than 180cm, and he looks really it.

To me is clear that Connery was over 6'1" when young, don't care much about if he was 187cm or 189cm, both being possible is safe to say that he was around 6'2". 2 cm height can be lost during a day time span, it's an accuracy hard to pin down by observation only, unless you're very close the guy in question's height.
Picture said on 13/Apr/06
Wrong J.J.F
Peak height: 6 ft 2.5 (measured height, did look it)
Current height: 6 ft 1.5 (does look it)

Unless someone proofes that he wears lift, I can't see him shorter.
J.J.F said on 13/Apr/06
Except that Laurence Fishburne isn't six foot, more like 5'11", 5'11.5" to be generous. Connery was 1.87m when he was young, 1.85m now
Picture said on 12/Apr/06
Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne (6 foot)
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Sean Connery and Ronaldinho ( 5 ft 11.25)

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Sean Connery and Ursula Andress ( 5 foot 5 )
Picture said on 12/Apr/06
A better shot of Connery and Bianchi
Click Here
Gotxo said on 11/Apr/06
Yeah, the promo pics (or name it official ones) shows a Harrison Ford taller or at least as tall as Connery (as Ford plays the man role), but the shots at the set or with the crew of the film show otherwise. Thnx for the puntualization, i'll try to find some of these and post the link.

Mebbe Ford wasn't a legit 6'1" in his youth, but since 6'1" is 185,4 cm it depicts a reality of a smidgen over 185cm. So i can truly belive both 184cm or 185cm for Ford when young.Definetly 6' & change at least.

The picture of Connery with Bianchi shows a little judgement on images, do notice that the camera is on elevated position, if it was attached to a pole, then the camera would have a 45 degree angle with the floor.
Picture said on 11/Apr/06
There are some shots in the last Crusade in wich Connery looks 2 inches shorter than Ford. Spielberg wanted to make Ford taller than Connery from what I know but it seems that he forgot it for some shots. Connery looks an inch taller than Costner in The Untouchables by the way and 5 to 6 inches over Andy Garcia. Frank2 I Have seen that Pic of Connery and Daniala Bianchi without Bianchi. It seems that she is pasted on that pic. Bianchi was by the way listed 5 ft 10 in her model days. It seems that you look for pics in wich celebs looks shorter frank2.
Gonzalo said on 11/Apr/06
I think Moore was 6`1 in his heydays and he was an inch shorter than Connery. Connery hasn`t shrunk much; he still looks very big. He was clearly taller than other 6 footers, such as Harrison Ford or Nicholas Cage. Connery appeared on a film with 6`4 Donald Sutherland and he wasn`t much shorter
Frank2 said on 10/Apr/06
Ford is about 6'. I never saw him look 6'1" so that means Connery was about 6'1".
Gotxo said on 10/Apr/06
As i said i can belive 5'11" this days for Moore, but i can belive Glenn's sighting @ 6'1" 16 years ago, because a former Miss Spain who meet him when once in a shop enfatised he was very good looking and tall (she is 176cm, so no way Moore was only 4cm more in his matureness). That happened before she became Mss Spain on 1990.

And on Connery again, he had more than 1" on 184-185cm Harrison Ford on "The last crusade", that was a while ago (LOL). But the photos with Ronaldinho are quite recent, and to please the eclectict taste of our friend J.J.Sebastian whe could say (safely) that he has 2" on the culé (Barcelonist, Barçist).
Frank2 said on 10/Apr/06
Like I said, when I met Connery he was slouched like he had bad posture. But with Moore he was standing up straight. So Connery could be 6'1" but with Moore I feel he really has lost some serious inches over the years.
Gotxo said on 10/Apr/06
Yes, i agree with you, Connery nowadays is 6'1" or maybe even over a bit over.

J.J.F: Yes i know that the football shoes have thin soles, but they have also studs, though they get inserted a bit on the ground, the height advantage for Connery is not so big (Time to judge on the full body shot Connery Rondaldinho Rob). And Ronaldinho is officialy listed @ a belivable 181cm, so being conservative a 186cm nowadays is still posible for Sean.
Thus implies he was a bit taller when young (Or we shall belive he never shrunk, wich is possible but not very plausible)

I can belive that Moore is 180-181cm today, as he always was like 4cm shorter than Connery, but i can't belive that Sean was only 6'1" when young.
I think that he was downgraded by studios as currently does some modeling agencies. My reasons? Check some photos of Connery next to 184cm Harrison ford in "The last Crusade", it is not so evident in the film, but on fotos you can see the scottish having more than one inch advantage on the american.
Gonzalo said on 10/Apr/06
Frank2, Connery looks a couple of inches taller than Bay, so Connery is at least 6`1 nowadays, maybe a little bit over that
Glenn said on 10/Apr/06
funny both guy were taller when I met them in the early 90s.Connery looked 6-1 and so did Moore.they shrunk.
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
Sean with 5'11" Jay Leno: Click Here

With Kevin Costner: Click Here
In the film Sean appears about an inch taller. Costner is about 6'. He's listed as 6'1" but too many people who've seen him in person dispute it including me.

Another with Costner: Click Here

With 5'8" Daniela Bianchi: Click Here
Sean is wearing normal shoes with about an inch heel and Daniela is obviously barefoot. I see about a five inch difference.

Sean with Michael Bay who I've seen and appears to be my height or 5'11": Click Here
I have no idea what kind of shoes Sean is wearing.

Bay with Bruce Willis who some believe is only 5'10": Click Here

By the way, here's a shot from Armageddon showing the stars together: Click Here
Willis is only two inches shorter than Ben Afleck and is considerably taller than Owen Wilson.

Michael Bay in the middle with Ben Afleck on the left and some hulk on the right: Click Here

Here's 5'11' Alec Baldwyn with Bay and Afleck: Click Here

So I just don't know. Connery could have been 6'2" in his prime, but I'm leaning towards 6'1" which is how he was described in the original press info for Dr. No. Somehow like all actors, he just got taller as time went on.
J.J.F said on 9/Apr/06
Gotxo you have to account for the extremely thin soles in a football boot as the pic was taken on the pitch so the studs sink in - conney was in shoes and would have a 1 - 1.5" advantage in that pic!

So 6'1" would be right
J-Dog said on 9/Apr/06
Sangrehoven, how about a little respect? Firstly this site is technically 'British', secondly the majority of the world (for which is the majority on this 'World Wide Web') uses the metric system, which even though I myself am native to the Old English system have to respect. How about learning a bit about the Metric system before disregarding it, kids in 2nd grade do, so I am sure we all can as well.
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
I ran into Roger Moore buying an expensive Brioni sport coat at Bernini's in Beverly Hills about five years ago. At that time he was hardly any taller than me. And when I saw Sean at Fox he wasn't that much taller. I was with my assistant who's about 5'10" and he stopped with me to speak with Sean. I noticed that Connery wasn't more than an inch and a half taller than my assistant. Now, granted he was stooped abit and not standing up straight as an arrow. But in the case of Moore he was.
Gotxo said on 9/Apr/06
I cant agree with you in this one, i've sent Rob a full body pic of him beside Ronaldinho an he has about 2,5" to 3" inches on him, and Ronaldinho isn't any less than 180cm. That would put also, Roger Moore on a bare minimum of 5'11" and the guy never was under 6' (i give him a minimum of 184cm when young).
Sorry maybe he wasn't the giant you expected him to be.
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
I saw Sean at Fox Studio right before I retired which was about three years ago and he was hardly any taller than me. He was kind of slouched over a bit as he walked. I think he was about 6'1" in his prime, but has shrunk down to slightly over 5'11".
tomking said on 7/Apr/06
I think also that Connery was in the earlier bond near 188cm.
Yes Gonzalo. He looks and he is very tall for a man in his age.
Gonzalo said on 6/Apr/06
Connery is very tall but I don´t think he was 6`3 at his peak. I`m thinking about other 6`3 as James Stewart, Gregory Peck or Donald Sutherland and I don`t think Connery was as tall as these guys. I think Connery is 1`88 or 89 and the other guys are 1`91 or 92.
Gonzalo said on 6/Apr/06
Celebheights is British but www means world wide web. The whole world can participate and cm are as used as inches. We can use both, can´t we?
By the way, I think Connery is very big. He was 6`2 and he is still very tall. He is taller than most of his partners in the movies
bill said on 3/Apr/06
[Editor Rob: technically celebheights is british ;-)] yep and so are feet and inches :)
1"=2.54CM and 1CM=0.39" and remember when converting inches are in base 12
Sangrehoven said on 3/Apr/06
Why don't you people drop the damn "cm" usage when discussing celebrity heights. This is the U.S. Use our measuring sytem.

[Editor Rob: technically celebheights is british ;-)]
Ray said on 22/Mar/06
I saw Sean on Jay Leno. Sean said he was 6'1 and a half depending on the condition of his shoe leather. Considering he's 76 now I'd say he probably was 6'2" to 6'3" in his prime.
Tubbs said on 19/Mar/06
Was sad enough to stay up past 2am to watch Connery in The Anderson Tapes this morning. What I noticed about Sean was that he looked particuarly tall in this film, and throughout the movie he was described as tall, or as a big guy. I was waiting for someone to mention his height and then someone did. They described him as 6'3" tall. Now, if he were only 6'1.5 peak they would have rounded up by a half inch to describe him as 6'2 maybe, rounding up 1.5" is pushing it a little. Maybe when Sean was measured at 189cm, he was caught short, and really was the full 6'3", who knows, what I also noticed was that Walken looked 6'1", as there was a couple of inches between him and Sir Sean.

[Editor Rob: at beginning and in the shop I think, yes he had walken by couple inch, from what I remember]
Picture said on 7/Mar/06
The bigger version:

A good one:
Height Detective said on 5/Mar/06 Connery and Moore
Tubbs said on 2/Mar/06
I also own the film, and yes it's hard to distinguish who is tallest of the two. I came to the conclusion the Connery was marginally taller than Caine, if Caine is 6'2", which he looks, then Connery was the 6'2.5" that has been mentioned on many occasions.
Mario said on 1/Mar/06
Caine & Connery in The Man who would be King

on rewatching the movie again: It almost impossible to say who is taller. I depends a lot on the angle.
They wear in a lot of scenes milatary boots wich makes them even taller. Plummer looks quitte short next to Connery and Caine.
Gotxo said on 19/Feb/06
I don't think that asking a simple pic is an obsessive trend. Scharzenegger depicts a modern culture icon, but people tend to identify his fictional powers with the real man. We deal here with more things that height: The semiotic of the media, the power of advertisement, urban legends and modern day miths as cinema. 188cm is a good height, but you don't get superpowers once you reach it, the public loves to forget that the aforementioned machinery is what really gave power to Arnie (as it did with Reagan). Let's break a myth, lets we remember that no matter wich it is his height he could have went out with the success of the box office & public.
Mario said on 16/Feb/06
When Connery has gived his height in feet, he has sayd 6 ft 2. When he has gived his height in metrics he has sayd 189 cm. To me he always has looked 188 to 190 cm. It's difficult to give an exact or see the difference of 1/2 cm, if he has looked shorter in an occasion it's because his posture. He seems to be an honest guy, or gives at least that impresion. I don't have any reason to think that he his lying.

Things that I hate are post like those ones.


Connery wore bigger shoes then normal to look 6-3, the height they promoted him at. Thats why he might look a littler taller then others around the same or just below his height. Richard Harris is 6-1, so Connery with a half inch more on his shoes will look an inch taller at least then Harris.
brett said on 15/Feb/06
I dont have the pic, my close friend has it in his picture frame, and he would think of me as a nut if I asked to scan it onto the site, so that people can use it to speculate connerys height. I dont really want to look like an obsessive compulsive infront of my friends mate.
Gotxo said on 15/Feb/06
Sorry Mario, i can understand many of your points, but some of your post amazes me. We all tend to round up or down, that's a natural trend and it's totally ok. But you don't have to strive with such a rancid system as imperials being dutch and a times you don't seem to master your own one (metrics). You've more a fixed idea (Connery 188-189cm, wich is very feasible though) rather to trying demonstrate it in a logic way your tone is more the breed of advertising than suspicion or even wildguessing. Where's our Mario?
Mario said on 15/Feb/06
I'm Half Dutch and Half Spanish, I live in Holland (Rob can probably see it from my IP) but I'm every year a least two month's in Spain, I'm ussualy in Madrid, where most of my family lives.
Gotxo said on 15/Feb/06
Where are you from? You said you lived in Spain (Marbella?) and wrote that Harrison Ford was 185 metres, unforgivable since we use here metrics not imperials. Now you say that a 181cm player is tall compared to Spaniards. Have you gone farther that the next corner's bar and it's sangria? You seem to have learned nothing from it's culture.
BTW the Barça has always showed a trend to have more foreigner stars than other clubs, thence the average of the team is taller than most others.
Anyway in a club like the Athletic of Bilbao, wich count wich no foreigner amongst their players a 181cm guy is no tall (neither small) by any standars.
Mario said on 15/Feb/06
Ronaldino always looks tall compared to spaniards, and even before he was in Barcelona he was listed as 181cm. We have also pics of Connery wich Laurence Fishburne.
Gotxo said on 15/Feb/06
If you have any photo with Connery, why don't you scan & send it to rob?
It's terrible hard that Connery only be 6" it should mean that Ronaldino is only 175cm or less...That should be very hard to conceal in a Club like Barça as they are tall players.
Brett said on 14/Feb/06
Mario, once again I dont need to refer to second hand info, I have a shot with Connery and my best friend to use as reference. But as per all photos, it may be inaccurate , and a bad photo, as he barely looks over 6'0"-6'0.5" in it. So ill give you the benefit of the doubt, unlike you did to me with Brosnan. In his youth he does look 6'2" ill give you that, but I dont think so anymore.
Mario said on 14/Feb/06
Sean Connery & Jack Lord (6 ft in my opinion)
Connery isn't full straight, but I think that he is atleast 2 inches taller tham Lord.

Connery & Joseph Wiseman
I have seen Wiseman described from 6 ft 1 to 6 ft 5, and as tall ehm...

The tailers have never mentioned something about the heights of the Bond actors btw, but in the Inside Dr No documantary. They let see this.

Mario said on 14/Feb/06
Guy Hamilton The director of Goldfinger sayd to Connery, when Llewelyn is talking go with your face down just like you aren't interested in what Q is telling you.

Lewis Gilbert the director of You Only Live Twice sayd to Connery, go with your head down as much as you can. Gilbert wanted this because Connery was head bigger than the Japanese guy's in Yolt. This are Gilbert words. Maybe this is the reason why so much poeple says that Connery was sleepwalking in Yolt.

Buy The 007 special editions DVD' Brett. watch the Audio commentarý's and maybe you will find something out.

6 ft 2.4 sounds pretty accurate to me.
Viper652 said on 14/Feb/06
Damn, even Brett knows Connery was 6-1.5 peak height.
Viper652 said on 14/Feb/06
No Mario, but you said Vin Diesel was 6-1, LOL
Brett said on 13/Feb/06
Where do you get 6'2.4" hahaha you sure its not 6'2.395" ? Connery sleepwalking? wow Ive never heard more nonsense in my life.

[Editor Rob: I think the 189cm was reference to his bodybuilding height...

I know that they used to have divisions 6ft+ tall man. Just as a side-note
In the days of Arnie etc suddenly when they changed the height divisions a lot of guys who previously were 6ft suddenly became 5ft 11.5 to go into smaller competitive division]
J.J.F said on 13/Feb/06
"He was at 6 ft 2.4 one of the tallest Mr Universe candidates."

Lol, I can't believe there are still people who believe bodybuilding contest measurements.
Yeah, Connery was 6'2.4", Arnie was 6'2" and my John-Thomas is 14 inches and tied in dreads.
Mario said on 13/Feb/06
Viper, have I have ever said that Connery is 6 ft 4.4?
Mr. Klaus said on 13/Feb/06
He was at 6 ft 2.4 one of the tallest Mr Universe candidates. Compare Connery to the other Mr Universe guys of 1953 I believe..... and the 6 ft 2.4 for Mr. Connery seems right.

Connery was always sleepwalking when he was talking with Q and the movie Yolt the director wanted that he looked shorter
Viper652 said on 13/Feb/06
Mario, you exagerrate everyones height above 2 inches :)
Brett said on 12/Feb/06
Those pics with Llewelyn and Connery, are actually in Llews favour, he does look like he has the edge over Sean.I suppose in the 60s Llew probably was a good 6'2", he looked alot more upright back then. One can see how he changed between 1967 and 77, he definitely looks closer to 6-6'1 in the 70s-90s , and a sure 6'2" in the 60s and prior to that. But I think this proves Connery was not really more then 6'2" ever, as he does look shorter then Llewelyn, more then likely his peak height was 6'1.5 or 6'1.75"
Big Show said on 12/Feb/06
I've seen another picture with Ronaldinho, where Sean Connery is kicking the ball away. Sean is wearing normal shoes, while Ronaldinho is wearing his football shoes. Football shoes, do give you like 1/2 an inch of extra height. Sean has got to be at least 6'2, or else Ronaldinho, sure as hell isn't 5'11.

[Editor Rob: if the grass is soft his studs may sink in a bit...]
Mario said on 11/Feb/06
Viper, you see every Celeb 2 inches shorter than is real height.
Those shoths with Ronaldinho proof that he is still close to 6 ft 2.
Viper652 said on 10/Feb/06
JR, I just watched Dalton in the Living Daylights, and he certaintly looks a solid 6-2 in that film. Not sure how you think he only looks 5-9 or 5-10 in some shots. But Connery, has never looked taller then the 6-1 range to me, in any film.
Tubbs said on 10/Feb/06
Sean has a good 2.5", 3" on Ronadlinho, goes to show that he is much nearer the 6'1.5 than 6'0, which is what some people have been suggesting.
Mario said on 9/Feb/06
In Finding Forrester in the scenes in wich he wears socks and Rob Brown (who wears shoes) they look the same height. In the scenes that Both wear normal shoes (in the end) Connery looks an inch taller than Rob Brown.

J.J.F No way that Connery is same height as Laurence Fishburne or that he is only an inch taller than Ronaldinho. That doesn't make sense!

Gotxo, I'm happy to hear that. ;)
J.J.F said on 8/Feb/06
Connery was 1.87m on the dot in the 60's, I think thats quite obvious to most who are decent at judging heights. Probably 1.84-5 now
Gotxo said on 7/Feb/06
Very good job Rob, Ronaldinho is listed at 181cm at Barça. Connery is still over six feet (as the top some give him nowadays). He still looks the 187cm you guessed for fim currently. Was he 189cm as Mario remarked once and again...feasible.
BTW: Rob, i know you're overload with this site tasks, but you still owe the Glenn-Roger Moore pic yet, no new ideas at his page a pic as interesting as this could shed a lot of light (If he has shrunk in a standard way)

[Editor Rob: I've not seen the Moore pic with Glenn but in March I'm sure it will appear, at least I hope!]
Mario said on 2/Feb/06
Natalie Wood said this about Connery.
JR said on 2/Feb/06
Sean Connery is 6'2. Lazenby, Moore, and Brosnan seem to be the same. Timothy Dalton is more questionable. He is allegedly 6'2, but he doesn't look that way when you see his full profile. Dalton never looks much taller than 5'9 or 5'10. They must have stood him up on a box during close ups.
Picture said on 24/Jan/06
Connery looks the same height as Lazenby, based on what they both look next to Llewelyn.

rip Q.
Mario said on 23/Jan/06
Sean Connery and Desmond Llewelyn in Thunderball (1965)

Sean Connery and Desmond Llewelyn in You Only Live Twice (1967)

Roger Moore and Desmond Llewelyn in The Spy who Loved Me (77)
Roger Moore and Desmond Llewelyn in Moonraker (79)
Roger Moore and Desmond Llewelyn in A view to a Kill (85)

George Lazenby and Desmond Llewelyn in On her Majesty
tomking said on 8/Jan/06
A girlfriend of me saw him, when he played with catherine zeta-jones. She is photograph, and she tells me he was the same height like me - 6ft 1.5.
cendrin rovini said on 1/Jan/06
I remember Andreas "Bernd" Türck (German scandalous presenter) saying that Sean is 190cm. But I thing he shrunk a lot, looks not that tall anymore.
Zach said on 4/Dec/05
I remember in a documentary a few years ago (late 90s) Paul Gascoigne, a legit 5'10, met Seen Connery in a football stadium probably Ranger's ground and Gazza commented 'you're taller than I thought' to which Connery replied, 'yes...always' lol. He did seem to have a few inches on Gazza.
Mario Nariano said on 26/Nov/05
In the Documantary Inside Diamonds are Forever they talk some about Sean Connerys height. The actor who plays Peter Franks says that he just like Connery 6 ft 2 tall. Lana Wood who is 5 ft 2 tall says that she standed on a box in her scenes with Connery and that he is gigantic.

You can find this documantary in the Diamonds are Forever dvd.
gotxo said on 23/Nov/05
In Connery's discharge i must say that people who live of their image trend to do those kind of tricks unconsciously (as showing one side of the face instead the other for pics), presently if they have been taller in the past.
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
Yeh probably 1-1.5inches max,from that pic, probably closer to one inch because the one photo, Connery is standing on one leg ( no doubt purposely as your taller on one leg then 2).
Mario Nariano said on 20/Nov/05
Rob, how much taller do you think that Connery is over Laurence Fishburne?
You have probably seen the pictures that he has Fishburne in gettyimages.

[Editor Rob: yes, there's 2 pics worth guess would be close to 1.5]
Brett said on 20/Nov/05
I have to retract my comment about him being 6'1.5" I think now hes not much over 6'0" as a friend of mine whoes around 5'7"-5'8" had a recent photo with him and his girlfriend next to connery, and Connerys eye level are not above my friends head, while Mine are by an couple inches, and im 6'1" so I think connery is 6ft nowadays. And I have met Brosnan, Eric Banan and Hugh Jackman amongst others, and they were all the same size to the nearest half inch, and were taller then myself by atleast an inch or so.
Dave said on 17/Nov/05
Check out Diamonds Are Forever. Connery is exactly half an inch shorter than the 6'3'' Jimmy Dean.
Brett said on 14/Nov/05
Hes still a good 6'1.5" in that movie Finding forrester, he was slightly taller then Rob Brown, whoes atleast 6'1", so no doubting hes 6'1.5" still
Mario Nariano said on 13/Nov/05
Roger Moore never looked shorter than Bernard Lee (M). He looked similiar in height as Desmond Llewelyn, but of course Llewelyn wasn't as tall as what he was in The Connery era.
Gotxo said on 13/Nov/05
Yeah Moore looks quite tall in his first bond movie, but in every next one he looks smaller, smaller than M, smaller than Q...Any magic help?
Seb said on 12/Nov/05
Then why does Moore look two inches shorter than Michael Caine and Sean Connery in a 1983 photograph? It's in Caine's autobiography "What's It All About?" if you want to check it out.
Dave said on 12/Nov/05
Moore definitely looks a strong 6'2'' in his early Bond films. He is only slightly shorter than the 6'3'' Yaphet Kotto in Live and Let Die for example.

By the end of his Bond career he looks like he may have gone down to about 6'1''. He still looks no shorter than 6'.
Seb said on 12/Nov/05
Roger Moore, Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner were never more than 6 foot even at their peak. Connery was 6'1.5 at his peak.
Mario Nariano said on 11/Nov/05
Some poeple lose there first cm even when they are in there 30s. There is also poeple who barely shrunks (think of Chris Lee). From what I know the avarage man lose 6 cm when he is in his 80s. Height lost is for everyone different, also for celebs. Moore definetly looked 6 ft 2 when he was in his 30s and early 40s.

Whe must also renember that Connery co-starred Costner, Ford, Cage and other 6 ft or 6 ft 1 guy's when he was close to his 60s or in his 60s. When I watch The Untouchables I can't see him any shorter than 6 ft 2 and he was 57 years old! Then we have the 60s movie's in wich he looks 189/190 cm + The measurement of 189 cm of Mr Universe. Definetly 189 cm his heyday.
Scott said on 11/Nov/05
There is a lot of talk about connery being 6'1.5" tall, but there's no denying that he's had at least an inch on several co-stars and other actors who are supposedly 6'1": Roger Moore, Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Shane West and on and on. Either all these guys are lying (which is definitely possible for some of them) or Connery is 6'2".
sam said on 11/Nov/05
The first picture posted by Gramps is interesting because Victor Garber and Sean Connery look around the same size (peak height for both allegedly 6'2"), but Alfred Molina looks about an inch taller than those two and Alan Alda looks about an inch shorter than Garber and Connery. This is odd, since all these men are supposed to be 6'2" (yeah, Garber is 6'1" according to this site). I'm wondering if the standing positions of these guys is to the disadvantage of Alda, who I've seen in person recently and who still looks about 6'2".
Gotxo said on 11/Nov/05
Sorry Mario, that's inconsistant.
First he shrunks 4cm 'fore his 80s when connery is totally OK(about his 60s). Then he keeps very well his height past this age.
Isn't easier to say he has mantained both an excellent posture in his backbone and a lot of his former height. To me he was a legit 6'1. no more
Mario Nariano said on 11/Nov/05
I have only seen good pictures of Moore and Connery of the 80s and 90s. Maybe Moore has lost more height, not everyone lose the same height... Moore doesn't look any shorter than 6 ft 0.5 nowedays and he is in his 80s, when the avarage male is close to his 80s he ussualy has lost 6 cm and if Moore was 185 cm at his peak, he has losed only 1 cm in height! In fact he looked close to 188 cm in his first Bond movie's and in The Saint series.
Gotxo said on 11/Nov/05
Lol, Ford is clearly smaller than his fictional Dad.
And yes, they do not take to much work to conceal that in some scenes, but when they are camera close ups, they try to do so in some manner or another.
To me connery was 6'2" when young, easy to see when compared to 6' -6'1" actors.
He was also taller than moore mario, so he could not be 6'2", and don't come with shrunkment as he wasn't much older than a couple of years than Sean.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/05
I believe that Scott Clenn was 6 ft at his peak.
The Indiana Jones movie makes me always think, in the end there is a scene in wich Ford is looking down to Connery, I don't know what too think was Ford standing on a Box?

Come with good arguments Viper. ;)
rr said on 11/Nov/05
he does look 2-3 inches taller than valerie leone in never say never again. Valierie leone is listed as 5'11" in the imdb website. She was barefoot in once scene with SC, not sure if he was also barefoot
Gramps said on 10/Nov/05
Here's a strange picture: Connery looks shorter than the 6'1" Victor Garber, but taller than the 6'2" Alan Alda!
Here he looks a bit taller than Harrison Ford:
He's clearly taller than Roger Moore here:
Maybe 2" taller than the 5'11" Scott Glenn:
Bottom line: I think Connery was close to 6'2 in the '50s and '60s, but has maybe shrunk an inch or so in later life.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/05
Nope, to say hes over 6-1.5 is crazy.
Mario Nariano said on 10/Nov/05
Ehm... I think that you and the others who think that he is under the 6 ft 2 mark are delisional, I think that there is here enough proofe that Connery was 6 ft 2.5. You keep saying without arguments that he is 6 ft 1.5.
Viper652 said on 9/Nov/05
Paste, there is no way Connery was only 5-11 at his peak. Thats delusional. Its also delusional for the people who think hes over 6-1.5 as well.
Paste said on 9/Nov/05
Sean Connery was probably 5 ft 11 or maybe close to 6 ft but not quite at his peak. I readed that he wored flesh coloured lifts when he was barefoot too look 6 ft 2 or 6 ft 3. He hasn't lost so much height, he is probably still 5 ft 11.
Dave said on 29/Oct/05
In You Only Live Twice Connerry is wearing socks and is the same height as a sandal wearing 6'2'' Charles Gray. He is definitely a tad over 6'2'' barefoot.
Mario Nariano said on 28/Oct/05
I believe that they are accurate measuring guy's for the Mr Universe events. Connery was in the tall man devision as we all know, the man next to him in the famous picture is at least 6 ft tall. If the guy next to Connery isn't 6 ft tall he don't would be in the tall man devision. Do you get it? So Connery is two inches taller than a guy who is at least 6 ft tall, so Connery is for sure not shorter than 6 ft 2. He has been measured at 6 ft 2.4 (not 6 ft 2.5) and that was Connerys height.
Viper652 said on 28/Oct/05
Its not a fact at all. 99.999 percent of all Bodybuilders heights are fudged anyway.
Mario Nariano said on 27/Oct/05
Nope it's a fact that it was without shoes on, sorry viper you can't chance facts. It's sounds also ridicolous who is gonna measure a guy with shoes on? If you compare Connery to the other candidates for Mr Universe you can see that he more than 2 inches taller than the guy next to him who is for 6 ft 0.5, renember that Connery was in the tall man devision.
Viper652 said on 27/Oct/05
That 6-2.4 measurment was with shoes. Hes 6-1.5 barefoot.
Mario Nariano said on 27/Oct/05
Yes sometimes Connery looks 6 ft 3, but he has been measured at 6 ft 2.4 so that must be is correct height.
d said on 24/Oct/05
he seems 1m91 near his son jason
Viper652 said on 23/Oct/05
Connery still looks 6-1 to me at his age. But I do agree, his peak height was 6-1.5. He never looked taller then that.
Mario Nariano said on 23/Oct/05
He looks nopewdays to me 186/187 cm in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and finding Forrester. Connery is also an inch taller than Lauren Fishburne who is 184 cm.
Peak height: 189cm
Current height: 187cm
John said on 23/Oct/05
Connery was 6'1 1/2" at his peak, as the Bond tailors said, and about 6'0" now. Just watch "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" - that was filmed in 2002 when he was 72, and he doesn't look that tall anymore.
Gotxo said on 22/Oct/05
Another list with the supposedly correct Bonds heigths (very conservative). To me it sounds reasonable. Wadda you think guys ?
Dave said on 22/Oct/05
It seems to be clear that Connery was 6'2 1/2'' at his peak and he is probably around 6'1'' now.
Mario Nariano said on 21/Oct/05
Connery is in fact the one who is an half inch taller.
Mario Nariano said on 19/Oct/05
Napier is two and half inches taller than Connery.
A nice picture of Connery and F Murray Abraham
lars said on 18/Oct/05
ok....sean connery is no where near 6'3...probably exaggerated his height in the whole bond craze..Watch the 1964 Hitchcock film 'marnie'...connery's father in the film is played by alan napier from the original batman series. napier is 6'5...and he completely towers over connery in the film.
Yao is 7-7 said on 2/Oct/05

seems that site is saying they mistakenly said 6-2 1/2 with shoes, when they meant without. Interestingly enough they have that Dalton is 6-1 now as he meant 6-2 with shoes.

They have Lazenby and Connery at 6-2.5
Mario Nariano said on 30/Sep/05
I think that I have posted a lot proofs that Connery was for sure 6 ft 2.5 at his peak, check this page.

Just compare him to his co-mr universe candidates who are all over 6 ft and Connery is one of the tallest.

I'm not insulting Bogart, he is also one of my favourite actors but there is still poeple who insist that he was only 5 ft 4, wich is stupid.
Gotxo said on 30/Sep/05
Mario, i've never pretended Caan to be an shrimp. I only told that he only was
more belivably 5'10" when young. For god's shake, IMB still has he @ near 6' when it's noticeable that he's more than 4" shorter than Duhamel (190cm) in "Las Vegas"!
And i should never insult Bogart, he's my favourite anti-hero (as in real life when he treasoned his pro-comunist star-friends, the very bastard!). He was about 5'8", when the american male in '20s was 5'8" (6'1" -Buster Crabbe/Flash Gordon should be converted near 6'3" nowadays).

To the Point: Connery is obviously over 6'1" way to 6'3" (compare him to Richard Gere in "First Knigh" 4" taller). But you keep saying that 6'2.5" withouth proofs or reasonament.
Viper652 said on 29/Sep/05
Connery was no taller then 6-1.5 at his peak. I would be shocked If he was ever really over that .
Mario Nariano said on 29/Sep/05
James Caan looks 5 ft 10 compared to 6 ft 4 John Wayne and Robert Mitchum (6 ft 1) in El Dorado. the 6 ft comments about John Wayne are as stupid as 5 ft 4 comments on Humprey Bogart and Mel Gibson.

[Editor Rob: I do think Caan in his 30's was close to 179cm. He does look to have lost some height though...]
Gotxo said on 29/Sep/05
Interesting comments Mario, specially that of James Caan.
He always has been listed as 6' even, but nowadays he looks more like 5'9",
an excessive shrinkage, even if he has been unlucky with osteoporosis/spine problems. Was he ever that tall, i doubt it. Did Wayne used raisers? I ignore it, but in the searchers he towered his co-star at 6'1" (sorry crappy memmory,can't remember that lad's name).
Mario Nariano said on 28/Sep/05
Ow c'mon Viper, if Wayne was 6 ft 1 as your are saying then James Caan would have been 5 ft 8 at his peak and Robert Mitchum 5 ft 10. John Wayne was for 100 % sure at his peak 6 ft 4 and Pedro Armendariz was for sure in the 6 ft 1 range. But we have also Robert Shaw (5 ft 11 range), Charles Gray (6 ft 3 range) and other bond actors to compare them to Connery.

This are my Bond heights
Sean Connery 6 ft 2.5
Goerge Lazenby 6 ft 2.5 ( I have watched some more of Lazenby and I think that Yao was right about Lazenby's height)
Timothy Dalton 6 ft 2 (Sometimes he looks taller than 6 ft 2)
Roger Moore 6 ft 1 ( He really looks this to me compared with Kotto, Lee and Lonsdale)
Pierce Brosnan 6 ft 1 ( This what he looks in his most movie's, but sometimes he can look 186/7)
Viper452 said on 23/Sep/05
IMDB is the worst site to go by when comparing listed heights. Also its been widely known that John Wayne was in the 6-1 range anyway, and wore boots with lifts to get to 6-4. Connery looked in the 6-1 range to me, could look a little taller to some people.
Mr. Klaus said on 23/Sep/05
Nop I disagree with you Viper.
In From Russia With love he looks 1.5/2 inches taller than Pedro Armendariz, IMDB has him at 6 ft 1 and Pedro looked 2 to 3 inches shorter in his movie with John Wayne (6 ft 4).

In You Only Live Twice Connery looks 8 to 10 inches taller than Avarage japanese guy.

I also know that some bond girls wored lifts because of the height difference between Connery and the girls, and a lot of Bond girls were ex-models1
Viper652 said on 19/Sep/05
I think in all of his Bond movies he looked in the 6-1 range. Tall, but not over that.`
Kodak said on 18/Sep/05
Tip for Mr. Klaus; If you take a picture of the TV screen use the close-up mode
(it's the one with the flower). Then you might have almost a 100 % gaurantee that you're picture is clearer. I pressume you did take it with a Kodak easy share CX7525? Good luck!!
Gotxo said on 17/Sep/05
I've to say that Connery was listed 6'1" on IMDB for a lot of years.Now he's listed either 6'2" & 6'2 1/2". To me that 6'1" listing sounds to that modelling stuff EugenesicButNotTooTall. If moore was only 6' even and listed 6'1" that should be a proof. My sister is 5'8" and has photos with Connery's wax statue and told me it was near 6'3" (it's a representation on his old age, yet bald).
He was clearly taller than costner too on the untochables. I think he was 6'2" even, no more. Forget that extra tip, a bodybuilding is in accuracy as belivably as IMDB for stars :P. BTW any idea of how tall is michael par
Yao is 7-7 said on 17/Sep/05
No, Connery said that in 1996 on Leno, it was right after The Rock debuted.

Leno asked him how tall he was, Connery said:

"I'm 6-2, well ok actually 6-1 and a half."

he would have been 65 at that time.

This is a GREAT info source on Brosnan as well, because when Connery stood next to leno that night he TOWERED over him, just about a year and a half or so later Brosnan was on Leno right when Tomorrow Never Dies came out...........

There was EXACTLY ONE INCH difference as Brosnan was exactly and inch taller. Connery looked at least 3 and a half inches taller than Leno.

Mario Nariano said on 17/Sep/05
When did Connery say "I was 6 ft 1.5 at my peak"? according to Yao a 73 years old connery said on Jay Leno in 2003 that he was 6 ft 1.5.

As I have posted he before watch this picture
All those guy's are barefoot, have an exelent posture and they are all 6 ft + and Connery is more than 2 inches taller than they guy next to him who must be at least 6 ft.

Viper give a least names of some his early movie's and give some examples in wich he looks in the 6 ft 1 range. In his 60s movie's he looked a little under the 6 ft 3 mark and thet 6 ft 2.4 measurement makes sense to me.

[Editor Rob: I'm thinking the 189cm in his 30's might be close to the truth. I just don't think that would be a measurement in shoes, do you? I do think he's lost a bit of height though.]
Viper652 said on 16/Sep/05
Connery looked no taller to me then in the 6-1 range in all of his movies to be honest. The Bond taliors say he was 6-1.5 at his peak, and Connery even said he was 6-1.5 at his peak. I would take their say over inflating measurements in a bodybuilding contest, or an inflated image Connery tried to keep when he played Bond.
Mario Nariano said on 16/Sep/05
Sean Connery himself has said a lot of different things
At the time he played Bond he said that he was 6 ft 2 and he as also said in numerous inteviews that he is 6 ft 2.
Connery has been measured at 6 ft 2.4 and in in some inteviews he says 6 ft 2.5 .
When Connery answers is height in cms he says 189cm.
According to you he has sayd on Jay Leno that he 6 ft 1.5, I don't know if it is true but it's possible, he looks those days around that height and it's from an interview of 2003 when Connery was 73 years old.

Connery is taller than Michael Caine and you can't use the excuse that he wores lifts because in the movie that they have together Connery wored sandals!
Mario Nariano said on 14/Sep/05
In this picture you can see a lot of guy's of the mr Universe tall competetion. All those guy's are 6 ft +. The guy next to connery (number 25) is at least 6 ft and Connery looks a lot taller than him, more than 2 inches in my opinion.
Mr. Klaus said on 13/Sep/05
Connery was in 2003 an inch taller than Laurence Fishburne who is 184 cm wich means that Connery was in 2003 186/ 187 cm. This would also mean that Connery has never shrunk! The avarage male begins losing height when he reach his 50s, some even in ther 40s (Like my dad). I don't would be surprised if Connery wasnt at 189 cm in 1987. I still think that Connery was the tallest Bond and Lazenby and Dalton close to him.

Maybe moore is standing on something Yao.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 12/Sep/05
I'm sorry but I;m not buying the 6-2.5 or 6-3 height at all.

I'm thinking for sure 6-1.5 peak 6-1 now is indeed correct.

Just look at this:

Looking at this image and going 6-0.5 MAX (see dalton's page on here to get Moor'es hsiehgt - Moore himself says "about 6 feet 1 when he started Bond, about 6-0 when he quit Bond" - which is 1985)

I am certainly going 6-1.5 for connery, especially since he looks half an inch taller than Costner in The Untouchables, and NO I am not buying at ALL that Connery had shrunk by his mid 50's, it just would not make since unless he was in terrible shape. This also shows all "the I have met Connery numerous times and even TODAT (as in 2005) he is CLEARLY at LEASt 6-2" comments are totally bogus.

BTW, this doesn't give incite on Caine, other than he's clearly over 6 feet tall as an old man.
Mario Nariano said on 4/Sep/05
Viper452, in wich of his early movie´s does he look around 6 ft 1?
Marnie, The Hill, Shalako?
Viper652 said on 4/Sep/05
Connery looks in the 6-1 range in his early movies to me
Mario Nariano said on 3/Sep/05
Well I don´t know exactly, maybe we can find some pictures op his Body Building contest in wich he got measured. 6 ft2.4 (not 6 ft2.5) sounds pretty accurate. To me Connery really looked that height (6 ft 2.4) in his early movie´s.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 2/Sep/05
Actually the way I understand the bodybuilding contest strated off measuring with shoes in the 50s and 60s then in the 70's simply asked contestants how tall they were.

Just think they listed Arnold at 6'2 3/4" barefoot.......are we REALLY supposed to believe these hgihts?
Mario Nariano said on 1/Sep/05
It is also strange that Connery was woring his shoes when he got measured for the Mr. Universe contest. Height is really important for that kind of contests, and they try to be the most accurate that they can.

I don´t know if I can trust that site.
Mario Nariano said on 1/Sep/05
I see a an inch of difference between Costner and Connery. But we have still the other actors. and it is possible that Connery wasn´t at his full height in 1987, the most men start losing height at her 50s.
Yao- is 7-7 said on 31/Aug/05
Well a website claims his 189cm height was officially measured with shoes in 1953 in a bodybuildind contest.

Is it so wrong of Connery to say 6-23 when he was 6-1.5?

I think not.

Also just watch The Untouchables, I just did to check this.

Kevin Costner claims he is 6-1, in the film Connery is clearly exactly half an inch taller.

In his mid 50's when Connery made this film he would not have shrunk any at that point.
Mario Nariano said on 31/Aug/05
Connery looks those days an inch taller than Laurence Fishburne who is little under the 6 ft 1 mark, so I suppose that he is those days this height. In every interview wich comes of the 60-70-80 and sometimes 90s he says 6 ft 2 and when he answers in CM´s he says 189cm.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 30/Aug/05
On Jay Leno Conenry said "I am 6-1 and a half". Was he liying when he said that? He said he was that tall. I really believe we have pinpointed his height as being this.
Mario Nariano said on 30/Aug/05
I see that you have chanced Connery
Yao is 7-7 said on 29/Aug/05
I was referring to DALTON. I believe you lost track of the convo here.

Also DiCaprio is not 6-1, I can't believe you think that.
Mario Nariano said on 27/Aug/05
Connery has never wore lifts, we have seen Connery in sandals in movie´s like In the name of Father and the Man who would be a king. We have seen Connery barefoot in Finding Forester, Some James Bond movie´s and he didn´t look shorter than 6 ft 2. The only Bond actor from witch we know for sure that he wore lifts in some scenes in Goldeneye is Pierce Brosnan. There is also poeple who claim that Lazenby, Moore and Dalton wore lifts when they played Bond, but i don´t think that they wore lifts.
CelebHeights Editor said on 25/Aug/05
From jamesbond newsgroup 1996, "I was lucky enough to stand next to him at an airport in the Bahamas and I would say around 6'0" or so."
Yao Is 7-7 said on 24/Aug/05
If they are the same height, that means Lazenby and Dalton (same height now I mean), Dalton is 6-2 1/2.
Mario Nariano said on 23/Aug/05
I have meeted 4 bond actors, Connery, Moore, Dalton and Lazenby.
I saw Connery 5 years ago in Spain when he lived in Mallorca, he was at that time for sure 6 ft 2 or maybe a little taller.

I have meeted Moore two times, and i think that celebheights has the right height. The first time when I saw moore was at the Die Another premiere and he looked about the height as i´m, and i´m 183 cm.

I saw Lazenby and Dalton also at the Die Another Day premiere and they looked about the same height, i would say that they are days 186- 187 cm. I have to say that Lazenby shoes looked kinda rare,maybe it were elavator shoes. At the time Lazenby was choosed as bond, the wanted to make him into the new connery, they gived him then 2 inch elavator shoes to look 6 ft 2 barefoot. I don´t know if it is true but i don´t would be surprised if Lazenby was only 6 ft 1 at his peak.
Alana said on 14/Aug/05
From Russia With Love was on the other day and Connery seems to be a good 3 inches taller than Robert Shaw who is usually listed at 5'11.

In most films from his early days, Connery appears to be around the 1.88cm - 1.89cm mark if his shoes are taken out of the equation.

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